The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, December 20, 1849, Image 1

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0. p, 1141lior pa Pr/pricier.
(young man finely, "yen hs.vow
; ebild to me, and 1 dabs her now .
"I will retest. the pretehe gee," was
the dithethrel reply. .1 did not anthipete
tide; it was not pert of the metre. Can
.you tell what one ea minarably, wreinthetily
poor as you, it to do with that dainty, J.-
. I.te, hum.°s child? You are Imo doe
. 'disuse. Mar the waged, with an mom{
of bitter word
- z - ' -:
, ...-
' ' are l
t " e a r l Y e j ,
. Ma* m : !Il i: : ee !a * : l l s t:i . "7 :::e:ii h ht
withoute" et : h lair
did in . r o b :1 . 1:6 7 r: ai l d tn o hli e:::: '1'1 :1 ". .1
1 1
--- - - .."'-- ' "-- -- popoo - i mo hbo' !fuldinTria Y :r * Me Eni erou *'" eth d e t e h .. "fl'if 'l.l'
with her black 'dropped the content. of the I when she told me that her lone was like Still she dill not stir, th ough the pulse beat I nerd°. hurried into the weeds and pe tte d I he , aegp ,..,,„ t .. t h e th .e.
loth. and torn garment. streaming ,round' gehlet. lied it not been ilea lier band
mine.liar for many weeks she has alight. ; faintly in her delicate wrote Agate of th.m with restless dope.
The proud man premed the fair meters
cd menot even men her recently i wine stood on a mall dtand, near by--eome; Effie loved him yet-oh joy !--but Effie her. Then she aro w and lifted up, in I trembled so violently and that eke grew so r ! ' °°° . " ••i d 6° metier hthlihnll•
. ~.S h p : l ii ttd id , y . e t t eli degrading Th e ~,,e nh„ wen . 0 . e dd en , . en tire, lof this poured between berths-and .- •". •°rl ill. ooa aooini not Pr obo/d9 In. - j threatening grandeur her clenched h.d. deathly pallid, he wee k] h., ~,,,,- , ,,a of
with a ealne smile.
m, •••,.. 1111,1".
, could not bet believe that sito loved an ter . few anxious mom ante she pa • faint 'ob, unutterable agony !
zrz r t f li . et it w iza . Litti t i t i . po .,..l ,moser. and looked up . the excited-woman
at g e l d, ki w - ou r at=
Tell ne, ye wined wind.. 'still . ever, but that some fatal misunder- sigh, then breathed gently aid unclosed her , -
Thal mend my pathway roar. ' statuling esieled Tell me, d o you know eyea. 1 Marl. re.
liblitne In empiattly power, new gap, and eke pleased her hand to her min' " 11.1..k.111 I.° home I. b... . " 1.. .. 'ad ,
Do ye ite r knew maw epot
, ought a this ? end if you de not, will you The face of her lover bent above her- It was th e crisis of the fever ! raging uncontrolled-wrething end con- se if to strengthen eon. purge., that i m . ; with dignithd terthrness.
Where men. weep no eras '
Come lane and {dement doll, be so very, very kind, as to learn forme the his deep eye+ were looking with enutterable . Profound silence the marble man. , nulling their fair tenement! One moment mediately the thouebt of the
to the "It is • home that ill befits the denim
some veiny ie the wee, !reasons of this change Y" ; tendernees upon bee Ision of Men Linn , she woo a hateful fury, debeeed by anger neeromaneer fleshed over I . Ho New i ll' 11..1 . 1 Lin e." ... . b.. .....i.fl .14
Where free f n s end and pant, • Mrs Linn listened with a soll smile, and ' " Cleveland, le ft y o u-d o I rest here?" In one of the lower apartments, wit his and malice, grinding her teeth and Leming' quite faint . the thought and 1..41 " ' "... . .... 0 that .1. daffy
The weary seal may rem'
when . minced hie eyes earnestly to hear she l itt e red wolf, end w i t h • bli s sful sm il e r e . buried i n the eons which were her/sell; the next she was terribly, touch- • egaihat the wall, still watching eh. mace child will not lire very long under nuth
The loud wind •oftened fa a e hewe rime, . , . .
.. .
... .
And Waited far ear 0. a msweted-.• No!" the aeswer to Lie, she smiled still eve r .,,...ed 1 ,,.,. heed d onor on bi n bottom, over a their, knelt Cleveland f moron, ingly beautiful, . eng n ith en d . orrow and room. When th e nedltter grew mere calm gentle care." And • Nash of dad triumph
me then might deep,
' mere,
When, halo. meedyet kindly, gently, pityingly . half cleeped him with her en., and cloned waiting in intense anxiety for the messenger regret, et this blighting of her Seat strong she went to her daughter and kissed I nc . ! ......i .. Us. 1...W0 Bend leek mew.
, isle play,
' "Con it be that a non of ',me expert- her eye= again . ' who .boat bear the fatal or joyful tidings, lore, agitated her. Then the dark eyes cheek. ; Cleveland looked weedily, ie those Ws
Keenest thou emir termed met, .nee and knowledge of lih would trot his " I did o u t thi n k I s h oe ki es , nes tl e ' mov i ng no t, ... ee ry breathing in his sus- were thrown upward, in an intemityYea ere a little feverith this morning, "Th." smPlmst.
seem island far away. • happinene to a mere child's" she said, with here gain - yet a you love mo Mill-you pence. agony, their long lashes trembling on the I fear," she said kindly. "I hare a preaemeintent that the will Ike
Where weary loan any find a hi e d o f gen tl e ...pri m , o ElEe 1.." but have come to inn to tell me Low entirely I In De chamber aim.. th e Bich girl l ay, contraeted brows; then her burning lips " No, mother , I fe e l hott er -.l ma m „ 0 11.0 longer even in my humble beam, than neg..
The Hie for which he nem,
just. left her studies, Mr Herded, end of am tours." sleeping The nurse, playeinian and motlmr quivered, and •hcr small Land premed her wee the reply. the earn of her affectionate mother, That
Wbere wools ***** hr.,
And friendship never dim! course the for of love pro mode we. an- The young men reviled to Ler l o t. mu, were
no d g m/ t er m amend h e , b e n w ee t e d, th robbing bosom ; then the attitude of that - I will rill the stand here, where you ' II.° 1 . .k .5.. ...a5ed (...• David As new.-
'm t . lea. wasse , reillogle perpetual flew, ~,,to.l, roong girt, rennet know themselven leer with fervent kiss. on the sweet brow end pale, d still she lay no the white superb C.ll was eloquent of des
F r ! can drink when you are thirsty," continued menace are .t healthy for meth delicate
Stopped for a while, .driaereered-o Sze' en d nro f„,, ar i o bly g u tt e r e d by th e fi r st at. that bad green el, pale and spiritual. She pilot.; the breath jitst trembled on her Hell the night the excited woman gore the lady, and
ag ing e y th e m ad, e l m t e e s sh e mat... let the l. deeth of per Sowere,
; te mi on , they receive. In flo w.. h er eon - 'loved him yet-he knew it now-yet like • pallid lips. herself up to this uncontrolled out of room, te marking- your meth. and your Isp-dog to
And tin ems.. mese,
That MI6 web hely fen duct no w i s b u t a (mink reprice-some sharp dagger mine the remembrance of the The mother sat with ber head drooped her emotions. Whet dreadful thoughts ..Cleveladd will Inn hen. noon , I 5n0! ,,,,,.. , Effie looked up with a startled and NM-
Dow keg epee the earth, ot h er admirer ba n app e ared a nd you are past mane - it asap that which had taken on her band, winching the Nee of her child suggested themselves during that time, who Tiny sweet girl blushed, a n d on th e d oor I Bed look, taming . white as a thy, as she
Aide. he algid'. embreee, , forgotten . I on ly regret thnt your nobl e the breath from the young lips of Id. Effie. and forgive Iter ! but as else looked upon shall may? ? That shed/deur. her davit. closed after her parent, ere the W e ns &d o n,
;met her mother a gate.
Tell .0,i.. thy round
• acrd true love wee given no artlessly t o What. shook, he do t He wee false to her, that sweat but deathly fare, there wee a ter fur falling ill, for fretting well, is true- Cleveland ent ere d sled called it Lack evil, 1 Per • moment the betrayed and &eons
/lt mw set men sons mom,
Where miserable 1111111 each a 0161.1. But it would not be manl ) - if it wee but tor a moment, end she kn e w bop e in her heart, which she Jere hot at- but whether darker tl ghts of yet making Ile sat it moment or two, e00re ,..„„ 1 fired woman stood motionken grown., ne
wt.. end • hewer lot ' to let a Seim, I.gitl make yon unhappy." it-eye, and another knew it and rejoiced knowledge to herself, that the crisis might that recovery impossible. brooded in her pleasantly. e' !ler and more pale, bee a, dark.. die-
Behind a cloud the mem watolrew 111 Yln,
„1 Cleveland bit his lips with toortifiention in it. Oh, ho w h e longed to hove this not he favorable! Deeper emotion s then blethened soul, the et mita that followed -So you small...tit well are sou, des, meaded and lsn ' lip s par en
ted; li ne n 1....a..S
Aad • via. oweeldeut sad, feln/1111de•-.1N0 ! ,"
.. g..y.
Gobs i t b e p om ad e h e led, mystery cleared away, for he felt there Wag I.IIOSO calk lup by the eitunaion alter child, only witoeDed to. We know that Mich °St ? I heard your mother any . you must' her hands over her mouth, as if to rep..
Tell me my secret moth , heen such a very eimpleten ? • mystery ! Ile waited' on:lonely for the agitated ber, though her km wan pole and things have transpired, end Isabel Linn drink thin Leverage ; on, on y ou ere neo n ' ll .. thrilling scream which burst forth, the
Oh! tell ma Ilepa and rant, . o But f would to., hav e a worn-nut see- fair creature he sustained, to gain etrength man. Slue feared-indeed ; she knew, that was wilful, passionate, unprincipled, uneon. enough to tea. new, I w e ll g i ve ie a toj sunk Bowl down to the floor.
le them no renew phase,
love So you think there is no MIA .to tell him all- the men she loved must. know all, for his trulled-nbe loved her daughter'. alfinneed, the ear Aries and w ,. a n d h er i. e .. , "My mother .'•' murmured Effie, kneel.
perm sew., war and death ,
• thing in life se earner, Um, ...hanging Suddenly the young g i r l pressed bee bands stern look and the incoherent ravings of and bated that daughter. nrose and took the silver eup in Id. hand mg beadle her, m abe saw • mimes torrent
Ie there to her s y snot,
Where mortals may Is. blew, love I" be asked bitterly. upon ber tetnples! Effie convinced her of this. I Inmpletely exhaueted, I.bel at length Hu said this playfully, and the int alid mei. ;of blood gent from the lip. of thelnagellis
Whore sort - may find a halm, i "How ren/d I think an ?" she asked, it.' "I feel sueb agony here !" elle exclaimed ; Very, very fallible and slender, therefore, threw herself on th e bed and fell into a 'led brightly cent ; but fetelly-thwerted woman.
And a lox ,' a low, s weet tone, a n d turning those large, -and before her supporter could prevent were the hopes nhe entertained of now sue- muttering slember. It was late the next ' " Very Wlll, Sir Torment" she respo n d. 1 The blood.ves.l whist) bunt proved h-
F '" th • H " ..' l '''' -6 ' 1. " . '" ''''''''''" dark, passionate e 3 en slooly to, she le.r. the .prang from him ond stood in the moiling ..1 tempent of varying pensions- day when the awoko. She nprungfrora her 'ed, •• you will fail to tease me thew- lam ' lelt the phrin 6 o, ormaily 0n0.. 0 .0a, woo
f in.. -
waved new tondo nines, end ta i lirier, d- bent forward se farther and made no oth- Contra ef the npartment love, anger, sorrow, mortification, revenge much and hantened to the mirror It gave happy ,„ he cid o f i t. n„,, ) , !f r aa th „ o n t , unable to save
d er; and ere the meriting
" I. 's '^ n""^" ." er reply. Ile; eyes were now wide open and brils -every feeling by turns burnt in her
Intel: Ivr restores !Pale and haggard ; her some bitter potion in it left bi ..ur :Emu- . breke, she was eed.
-- . Her comp:mkt. knew not u hat to say - liant, and her cheeks were red and enema. son, P , were blood-ntvmed , stamed, her oyes heavy- I lames," ' ' i •• Forgive-forgive," she faintly whisper-
Ile was Casein:oml by that eloquent race, het, and her forehead pale. After a long, weary watch, the sleep ..h t nom webe actually two oh three wrinkles! " 16evertlaeleas,"I shall feed it to son ., ed , some hours before the expired.
1 yet his heart stet still true to another "Mother-mother-mother !" she moan- the inn alid was broken. She unclosed het on that beautiful km! I pets." ' i And Effie and Cleveland beard her, and
"Yes!" slut said, earnestly, after a while, ed, clasping her hands piteously, "do not eye.; inn . inet.t. the decor was bending "It well never do to indulge in this," i .And laughing, ho °ninths! II e contents! re.../ is. "hi Lends.
o -. know that there i. a love, wide!. is hard. be s. creel! See ! how you lure him away over her. she murmured. "I look ten years older of the cup onto the china dinh. iei en, h I Her death was an seciolomt--so people
It a I , .ve, it is so much of a worship, then'!, Iron ern! AIL mother, you look like n "She will live, madam," ho raid, after • than I did yeaterdey " 'tide thin'ld el Stmts.-ea.. by falling, and retelling
, gt .. ethe of the golden wsrblors, . , , ,
- liee- hut it. 1, not the s h r inki ng i nee u f a beautiful mrpcnt goiehatiting him ! I see moment of Bust.... • Fe she washed her complexion in as 'and the net into the porcelain plate of lit- la n 5.... .. r .
sr 11.1,1111110111/1 .1 1 1-ill.
- ' trifling, timid child. It is the passim., y... great eye s burning dawn into his. I •• Ah, L eaven be przi.4.!" said the many soothing creams as Henry the Third Su Fiedele. Then he fled it again from ;
I When the 'Ott fern of Isabel Linn was
en nor.: ii i devotion. the oil.' idolatry, the blaming af. told you I would die, mother, if you took "nun.; and mownselimg Mrs Linn, nhe , was once in the habit of doing , and applied t h e h b e h ee an d ... we d a pad a, n of the !shrouded fur the moan, bitterly, bitterly
Wee. and weeks hail pepped awn) In fontino ol Oiler, stronger, more bully &owl- hlin front etc-end leek !" preening her whispered, •• There is a young gentlemen rose-balm to her wounded lips, and gall. plat a. in the onnservatory, and set the gob- EM/wept over it. She hod already fore
vein had the lover striven to ascertain the oped natures. It is the lore that mimes at haul. 00 his heart--" there is molt • pain down Maim in • dreadful fret to bear free. toed op her dishevelled hair in • Preneh let bath with a gay hew gotten the great edse her mother enedlntas
eau. in the change of liffink manner. Sr the time when the heam knows itself and here that I•m dying! Dying-dj mg! our dear young lady-shell I send word twist; then throwing herself again on the -- . td spinet bery and Citreeland ehoddered
find he pleaded to know when by chance others-when its thoughts are matured, and mother ! and you killed me!" , that Mine is better, and will get well?" . bed, brooded an hour aver her dark thole, m ****** vt.-Min LAST. and wept too, for Effie's sake,
be met her ; then his wounded pride and its impulses strengthened, its gifts milli.- Clevelmid ' , budder. at the unnaturally The mother seethed and changed count°. 1 before the rang for her breakfast and her •• Fie, dean ....„,;„, ,„, ".".? ~,,,,. Th. life or howl had been • mothee,l t
Affection kept him silent ; 110111 at length lie tad , its affection deepened into ethady, far. brilliant eyes that were fixed upon him with nanee. dressingsmaid. 1 for she worshipped rink. and was rewarded
not you d on e entire tendidenee in whet
accordin I She . buried with f nee.
ceas e d t o speak to bier except in the moot vent. intent° power - when the spirit and • Roue of rep rallab and feverish nearly-he I"I will go myself , and tell him this hap. I From that time forward, for eovend day., ray 1 &hem me, it ft only ....they that fi 7' .. - 6 --
formal way. Hut he suffered almost an the beauty, and the geniis' of life are at the Amid.. DM.. wild look and burning py news," she maid ; and kissing her datigh.' lhe haughty, cold and indifferent manner ofeurgesree__. ....m eg .....hy , ~,,,, I pomp, lord that was the end of ell. No, set
much es the ;be endured the neeny of sin,- 1 inflilll of their glen ft to 11•1141111-il if , loon - Le Effte wit' delirinua! . ter's forehead she hurried from the nom. 1 Isabel was changed for one of gentle...e I
hoop from
y., (or yo. ow ° harp ' liwoo „ yet the end ; nor yet tome n ...Amy; for
pen. a..' Jar we sre of h., .idling de. I hope-it is lit ...4, .:dl !It is fearfulin .IMt he world not smunteet help yet- he 'lt was a great effort fur her to appear and euevity, . least before Cloveknd, who I••I de trust you, Cl e vehmi; bet it is so lathe' watt • mother-mother to the pure,
meaner. .She saw that he 'offered; and madly deep and strong ! It does all, dorm . withed to heat than her review li f er tl,e eaten an she entered the room where Cleve. came entry day, as Elft ° grew stronger, to strange, alien lee wer e to have/weep mar- the angel-like and lovelz o wife of the gilled
the noble, patinnt, heart-weary girl would ell, menus a all t.. its own intensity ! It . hole ..I tits .3 1 ler) T.
_;0 young girl.tie !and Vite,Anj . lfttge,ljr, . imit d k my. ,Av r.'.lidliVik, liii,d. sometime readies it, her, - t - he . "" ""•.'s tu s worn.. en *Leaned, i rtcr . :,‘,..,P" .1 " .... " I t a ir a .....
Lava revealed all lo him Pa. are =eke, but 'bare not-it shrinks not-it eit. all . moue e .t.... • I. --. . • •-- -op - - •• ... . .
and . 1 . g .. • step . sell nie set, tAtiverano. or x man. n.reies * er . ith 1,:a71: "*" "" 11.1"
'et led Mee ehanged-ber large eyes were mono forgotten Ins position Inwards her. mmetimen w 'lemma dear woe witteb not t o " aMe hood..
that the duty to her moth, r seemed .....e '''
So she only hoped that he 1111,14 forget her .
tni„. i„.„, p ar! !„ r f„ rirar d nn 0,, pan s a d ; tronbled and teisler and ! deeding ! - When .Lemur , o. sprang op , brought e faint hue of happiness to the Th e lovers sat in • little rylven temple
nn a h e i mp , But e ns °n od no t i o nk u p. and hid falr.o,ft imods no Ito .1.0. h evils or " Illy nen Cleveleteldi•• not buoy en eold- " Tell inetrettly, Wes. Liria-eli, ehe° ll-01 th e invnliff halm' aeon took the which th e , ma ts, b mse of kin. 1.;,,,, h .,'
on ~,, p ,„,,,, ~,,, ~, ~,,,,,. 11,„,. wind, „, , i .. ,1„. ~,,,0 h e r,,,, h er , ~d pre std n .poi ly upon me ; for sweet merey's sake speak lis she dying?' lover It. her bonddr mt o day , end tumbled emu. to be erect.' in the aentro of the
m ode i hot h e r,. Ili nod at length dm warm kiss mom his forehead torn Dewy am hitter hoh ! I did not • . The minis ih past -the physician pro- IterMil horore him, confessing with peniten. ~,nuda, It was a t es , a l y 8 . 0 .. b0r ~...
i Tien fidding ch.,. hotels mutely over her nom , to be cold to you-believe me, I did 11011/.01-14 llt. out of danger" ' tial sorrow that she had been the mem ofl tentoon They Rupp.. they
avd hint nrworot herwere entirely,
l e t h e still i ni t , Aat the I.,,nse of Hrs, tow an, the dropped her hold, while a rrini- ...I I and . hm. Imw you loth . deep., Tie b.ver clasped his hands fervently Effie 's ill nem. hut that the had no id so th o t, i
mono-but Isabel, coining kernel/ In sum-
L i„„ 11, e e ., h n .,i e iii,y ; e tt ra , t o il I n.) ii i 1 1.1,1 t lotrned oft het rlt , eb , where the kg 01., ci me l ai ,d, my heart was b ree ki ng ! .. Ana now. dear ene," tatid the lady, . mere a • 1111.1 was really . interested-I m oo
the young wept. to ter, heard the oa
th,. ,w en At ti r o. h e imagine , ) that the long lashes treteild din dropping confusion hkwlr , th.wly broo king ! lint nhe leek me with the . mile ..f aft angel. .. nnw that this that her own wild love bli n d e d h er , b e t eh., one "Mi e n. e t . I. gentlemen,
en d
p . u.od
~,,,h„, ;„,.,, o f Ni t cal' n l onen t to her 'flow, wat n tininetit's Alen.. while do so, deareet-she meepelled me ! 1 plead mmielY in o‘er, we can again rite. a ' .... the sate the ...g , end had made ...n o li sten ° m a id s tie doorway, which woo or
daoolder, no.l...)mpatliitml eith linn in her Ch•vointel goon-,l mew the blushing. Inotiti- to the stets, and flier did not list.. ; I ehmmi. lll ~ together flehme--1 want great effort for ben child's Rake ie smother ; marble in the she of two sweet statues,
neglect ; ilea° lignin he 11,1.'11014 f 1..111. Ow lad IN. N 1.411, ,
• • ~ . i er ,,,,,,,, o b.. L e i Sin = re _ prase.' to the angels, anti thei heard me Ito talk of nit that hos happened Mime we , lee own feelings, and she th ou ght th e had !with their hands li c ked t oge th er over h ea d,
„.,,h.l h,.. ; ~,. to hi m 11 o l h e i m b oo l not-m.l! oriel: erne!! It is terrible to were senora...l be this unfortunate illness." eononered them-when Effie was well 1 , " Oh, Effie, Effie! I cannot tell you anv- '
knew •othing a if, lint that lio nor, a fa
oriten of lora; perhaps that she I o.•• 1 him: L. .1 ...i9...k. , i , . lookiive lor noseltisl. lose a• ... )mah. It so -do 1 ,t,d ' de ink nod quit er Mr Merolla t declined the sent she prof- eneegh they woeld beve 0 wmblittg-the • thing etteept that the reason in good. Do
N o , tot , b e colot.' no t thi n k th a t , li n t, lino, It ut a nery mg girl-41 , 1.i, splendid !chow your gaze? Oh, Ch.veland. I shall tered, with o cold, impatient air. eould milts now to me her two children wed not 'imitate, then-bewMte to-night-and
was sodtething IR, that alt. micil him a... loni, the onost dm ottalla ? It Toad shriek not, if you do not pity me nod kr- - Can I not he pennittad to look up o n one Amalie, 1 to-morrow we will be faraway on our Jour
. I.ride , l 1 Linn e is.t ros her wenn m .-lor while one would not 'make • sir. ! :oe, I ant al your feet-at your the peer nufferert-iny Wrier lie asked •• Cleveland pitied and forgave her; en d i ne y to n gonthoen ho me . moo. I tell
er •111 111.11 0
eympetity and gent low., Nof 1111111 w 1,11 fferifire or pule to explain the cant ..of rm ., . Cleveland !” i Imlnd did not flush nor frown, but re went e we y sen t, n m ar , NB of j oy t o talk ;'4O, 611 t it is for your IPRII safety and wel-1
not yet tr. to his J eir, o - r e w as 1 . e n ,. her e strangemonl, or primp, hail even no The delieious young girl was kneeling et' plied, with her everlasting beautiful entiled to Les betro th ed . Lout it; and the invalid.' fare , you will non yo r e . me. e
I.- 0 .
11. loved her with the intense feivm aunt a pride and 00 eanse. the other I.nd seen- his teat with lien pain lid" hi". .cat'.. " Ah• I ...eeeb know.-any "414..1" '.•ti, smiled mid blinibed, and seemed • great, "Leave my home, my loather, forever- I
...trod. proud, intellectual man ..f Minty Ikea pride*nd more, and now sat trembling, ntretched to Fins-her whole faro wan bell- . might-" I deal better. - be married secretly-gm to the South
will l o ve for the first tisno a woo, low, subdued before him. While he still thought lima with revel , and softened by its plead. 1 •• Hut the then not en me-I sill n e t manna v. conceal from nm , mother where I am? Oh !
g ift e d girl Hut this very love Mod, 11101 a war dropped dot. rim those long, jelly tog ttruttion. It would have toadied a I speak," interrupted the lower eagerly.! Cleveland Mag n a wa s threading his Cleveland, it is not pomible-it cannot I
seek the mother; lie had a faint 1,,,,,, ,i,,,, -, i a .k.„ ~I f e ll no Lis b an d Th e ve il en , heart of stone to have seen that burning. - Behove
me, I will be dinereed." , way through ono of the mineruble bj-ntreets be-"
th roug h h er h e m ight at least dineover th e completed. Ile sank Upon his knees and beoutiful , mournful taco ! If the mother i The lady ground her teeth secretly, but of his native oily. Though ha was n o t, • . "Speak, d.rew ! what elet see sumwet. 1 1 .
lIIMISe of this strange falsity on the lout of look the small hands from her bosom and had witnemed it, it might have smote her I ensiled wain. !rich man, he had a heart and • purse for .. I ,at have not by ambient committed
his affianced Sho was to soothing, an prewool thou to his own. Inert ! I "Come, then ; hut I will not answer fur' the Fettering ; and uow, with his fine, inlet- : you have nut-toll me, have you eomolitted
gentle, so beautiful, no elm-petit, that o n . . May I look for that love and devo' inn The lover'a breast hardly held its burst.. Y"a to ilm dott.," elle said. . locum' face beaming with kindness, be weals.. terrible crime?"
emiseioesly Inc was deeply interested in ber, fr. my Lamina Inabel !" he asked. tug motion., iHe followed her with • a beating heart; ;on •• visit to bee t of the poor men he had at .• Oh ! Effio, thanyou do not eonfide in
and oeuld not pass a day out of her nettle- Her supet It head was on his shoulder- .. Oh, curse. on that beautiful dee e iv e r land Wendy entering the rick room, stood' some time empl , Teol, who was now nick. me, when I tell you that I Lath done oath
ty ;it was • bales to his suffering heart. L.A., nsurinui log words of tenderness fell curses mmy t ill ) self!" lie c oo:M I . 0 d i n , IT the hedeide, minemled by the met...As he turned a corner in the dirty stet,
.e ing wrong. You will net place yourself in
She saw all this and sated accordingly. from her lips-and then him hang, radicot, the bittern,. ,a . anger and renter.. Oh, his darling, beautiful, euffering Effie! j lady, in • plait., dark drew and thick veal, , oily keeping now, under Eire...ems a lit-
She saw Juni how far he was 11/ her pewee, smiling. ...ed. bewildered , she glided ' .• You curse me, Clev e lm s d 1" mdd th e Ile would have given • fortune, had he , glided before him without pet...lying him. I Ile darkened; yet in a few weeks you will'
and she had a hope. It was • longer smug. from the room awl left I' kneeling, en- poor girl in a reprmeliful voice, o k ap i., pnimeesed it, to press the wasted Arm to IHe watched her with inter°st wondering if, trust your hapien.s to me. If you cannot j
Rh to gain him from his disave•inted than trauced and dreaming lty her chair. hi. knees, and hiding lter wild , sad face. Isis breast, and eco • smile on th at pale, th
, e too was bent on • charitable errand,' eon.nt nom to give all to me, I ea.vt oa
ths had whitened, but she did not despair. "Como to-night. 7 elm said as else left qCurse you for my ew e m a d fully?- 0. cheek. Still and .1.1.0. and ex- for that the was elevnt mid fastidious Le, co. the gift at • more fling time. I have I
To her it was happiness to have hint come hie Deafest, look up. me ;m! lam be. quieitely lardy the lay-w mothelene end I saw, then% she was in this low pert of the , told you that 1 ha. done all of this for
and sit by her, if he only listened to item For a long while Cleveland knelt there, seething you to listen to me ! I love you s e pure, 'lkea rare statue, only more spirit., city. Her whole demeanor, despite the you. I have made menace. for your hap
words; for Effie wan out of her way., .d with his head drooped art Ilia lend. His tenderly-. dearly !" el, more transparent. plain dress, was eo haughty and grzoeful„ pine.. I would willingly tell you all now,
he was hers alone, if his mournful thought. heart beat so t iolently that ho could not . Ile took her up from the Boor, and .p. "Motor," the said, Iffintlyi lIS they an, that he at once was almost sure that the mily that I assure you it is better th. you
ditintill wander away eller the beloved false think calmly. When his pule. grew more ported Ler in bin arms, trying to soothe ber peed on her, "have I been very ill?" lady was Bre. Linn. 'thould not know. Effie, do you not believe
one. She stiffed all pangs of remorse-the eubdoed, he realized that he did not yet and make her comprehend him. .. Yee, my dear lady ; but you must not After preceding him for a short distance,' me?"
limed but for et. thing! to Phi the love of love the beautiful creature who had just ' "Is it indeed you, Cleveland? have you sneak 'now." she peened a moment, and than entered "I dp. I do! Hut my mother-my den,
Mr. Werefurt. loft him-but Inc thought that be might do come to take me from my dreadful mother? Sho moved her eyes slowly, till they fell, with a hesitating step a dingy Lou , se wltioh elate, body mother-my home-. leave ,
(Az single vote ft. Oliver Cromwell to
Ono morning ;Isabel Linn sat in a beau - so-and for her sake he wovild try. Of Ah she deceived you so terribly that it on her mother's face. , the young man et once reeellected was the them forever!"
r Idle Long Perliamem, Cherie. 13 **** to Ow
{lfni •pertment ...PT into Pm conserve. Effie, he thought with a curling hp-the my heart ! Let on sit down and MBE "You here, my dear m o th e r?" and as abode of • necrnmancer , and dealer in love "Do you love theta better th en me
ettaffold, revolution' 41 England,d
ze an made
tory. . The mom au dim yet froth and wen unworthy ? ; yet them was still a door- about it," ,her ryes; still wondered, tlmy rested on the and hate philters. Convinced that it wv j The bound girl Lunt iota lean.
pleasant; she was attired with studied lan. and gloom in his heart. It would They sat down on the sofa, and ho held". "1 her liver, wawa In ids o fiit. - ' Mrs. Lino, he el.. I. emtieetnro lacy era I " Dearest, boat beloved one," plead.; I Groat Britain free. Sour votes 6. the city
of New York, made Thome daemon Pre
earelemeess. and loeked very lovely. A yet take all the Newly and the skill of lea- her. tion, had advanced within sight ; a faint,' reed, but was at • lees. Ile pnweeded on ; Cleveland, "it 6 cruel, I knew, to tear you ._,;.,
of the 15;;;;.; tow
book was in her heed, which the laid aside bel Linn to complete the triumph which bed o Ihrk ! I bear the flowers in the mew, sweet smile when then from those large / his mission of mercy, and then wended his away' from them . It in natural that yore ~... es• one vote gave
the Tariff f 19.4. d '
shoed ius •e -, an 0•11 to. Made
With • Seth of joy as leTeland tottered ; sent, her, quivering,
bluthing. hap- emery langhittg and singing 6M.. peal ej-• and you, too. Cleveland I then, way to the residence a bin dear should Writ.. I hardly, myeelf; z the Tariff .I St th. One vote eve to
he them across the C h
oarpet, • and mat pv, to her °blether to aide ber tumult... 3 1, 0 ~,,,, ~, ~,,d will sn k emene ,,! e n .mother has remelted. Yee tare mine; bless 1 Effie we.
now . strong th at she came, this. the no.witY .... v.. tirt et. P et . 1 ......, mo a n moo • aith hf __,.... f_ ~
down upon a low seat beside bur luxurious Qs. in solitude. . happy-um heart is all In • nutter-my yew,
, fees you, mother," she alt.. whim; dawn every day and sat in the easy their, you ma p go; you must be mine to-night.
o __.
;; , „ ....r .......•
ann,thele He wee more than 'usualy ead 1 ynd-by the young men arose and e na ;„ b„, ;g _..a oy ,,,,, hnn , m oan iamb 1 pored, oho wee so weak. ,in the Leek drawing-room-the pleasant nd, if ou will not feed .tisfied ith.., 0 r"!..t.r,r,t1T.,”.,11.7.....
tide I emigrant.,
e eat for manse time without s . pething, mopped out into the omthrththsl t" . .. 1 .° Ah ! they are mewling-is it not it
No one beard her but the Dio interested. roe that opened into the cons.ratory. yen than know the mow; though,' maitre
...,'; 77_'_..._7;_.. 4,
of a...a
while Isabel looked upoe him with tender his mingled feeling. •among the flowers.- ... at be fey °or „ n „ib e T i i I Hrs. Lion turned white.
r. ea t 5 you, j As he was now in the habit of doing, you, you would be happier in igtionnere.- „', ' .: . ..7....11......
There, close by the door , lying ,song the m ee t no d. ben, ur n ,,,, g..., yid.
-ca' "The rung lady must ethos talking," (Saraband entered the hall without ringing : Yet, rather than that you ehould mope. , '''''. l ' ."' .
* "." ' Do yen believe tit le I• h ' ld and l It -;-' C -- ' - r • ''''''-'") I't t d thed tor• ' the hell, and ring first in. the front ma of any mime, I will tell ton oll , "_„... t
tam In evb a t .01/ .., mg t °sem., pale stel a Was tle re- mether's mice is sweeter, but it is deceit. ..,...........,,P n n „ ... •
.„ a . n
its and eattetant love?" lot stilted and- ; kenthearted and devoted Effie. She had , tub. Ido not, use her; do you d t I "ln° "'•.° an * "'' d I ''' ''''''"" "°' "°"" sting - rain' " r "" K ' d . 1"°'°"1. "4" 1 * No,
"*." i"."
1 * 1*1.14Y
deed, raising his dark eyes intently to her seen ell th a t bad passed withinnnd when she j Now I remember, you told her 'you would to her betrothed, MI he was turning away ;. he saw the longed...woe b.f.., to hole , " tell mo nothing; I will trust to the wards
bee, heard that Imo, low. earnest Timid. of 1„,, p bp.., and it ads p , b ond mho; bat he took ft, held it • mon.. tenderly, look- !unperceived, upon the fair seeker. , yea have spoken. Heart and soul are els 1
Times bemitiful orbs of hire seemed to, Clereland's and saw bite sink upon the floor a 0 win d loin b.. thr ler, aed-are you, leg down Into thou loving, lanvtid eyes, She est by the open window, with her ready yours. and if you say so, to-night I
nth away In tender.. , en she looked into amid clasp her mother's band, the ntrong , h et .. , g nta . ei n l a . ne b 1... year's with mournful interest; then Darned away . held resting . bar pale hand. Ithe wore, will be yours"
a r e g In words. ' I purpose which had uphef
d her gave we
air' Mora she k anklet him mare hos
,;;„ and left the
ladyi the still placid ; • pale blue monoing.dreme-her Lair wee' And's. hid lwr bl.hing free Is blotto
" yen sad this morsieg," she said •. and she fell, insentible. among the and mamanta g b mi li nst i nm g. ',lnvitation of the to remain. I an' hank wearily ham bar forehesd,aed,som, trembling! and thafinod.
Maly "1 ...Id 80 11 thadd bluish that' Bon
led of than so lovely yet mi Ip , ~,,,,, L __ , , ,_•'__,! ~,_ , , After he fitrted Ike. Lion's tender i a slight Mud of anticipated pkestere,....l At thin, moue. Mre. Una *toed in the
thrarilidnen from your thee fem.." blighted as henna ' • '' s " .. , s " ..r " .. l ao : o r„"„,._":,.,. as Mile rthiabsal• She went to her thom, . thy, the on her thew, soft sleek. A. was temple. A soorshl smile was Du tier IV
. Toe may, Mbar , alevhs. IV h. ms- fen lover looked upon hew for • moment,l_,l . ,L• mm ,."" " H Z ..,_ __ ma . ' '''',_"'.•••, eleeed the thee, and pad hurriedly to and i said before, her horn was the rarest thing, and her eyes fished Aro.
, joilad slowly. motionkai. She had grows very thin Awe" "..". loll ". ". " ..-7 a° .'" ". fro. The mask Of ...Mini the thro wn I eat of hearth !-and now spirited.. yell .Be, may rimiest, loving little bird I. go- 1
Then tell me," aim odd, with a sweet' h.... her as; tram. of 66.4.mdforing I fhtl.ll,_bu,__trobbinlll66,lo6. ad bathiodlY ~ ae, .411 was toe. her I. Obed.. by waning, it Wu martbly le its kg te By they, la alp? I L shall hove to
male, beading toward/ him. ' were on her transparent teethes& and pale ... 1 1 " ..... „ paroxysm@ of m and dleappolet- loveliness I &stem too the -4w tessight. C.. Mr.
0 Call Mrs Lion, he mkt to th e ear
. Let me goal& to yin the mew of this lip., and meted form. in a moment he felti meet. Bbe tee her magethsent hair till it Mile the lover, ifith seeptiedlali heaaihi . fi1"."....P1." Om thsththlof this 11. 41 "
' *dom.," he said, , that he had wronged her-that the was " !.. • ' hung in disheielled moms Mend her , was feeding be. mud on this rare Ithathe 1 Mk lifted up_ her hoe, width the Pah
ithe held out her obligate Pair band, and sad had been very unhappy-and for what! . I. • .bon 1i m .... 1 • 41 .1 ...., ~• has
,h kW thughty form; she bin hen eothuheti lipe ' saw, th h the partially deed doer, M rs , ' mot. lathed of N.M.". soul steoll.___,with ~...h .
he „....1 it la balk his , as be pas rapid - ...ay He p m - ii, p a „p. I. pr,,, , If it' toe apartment, with • ISMS 11.1111 Walla budt. oil aim win stall.' with blood; dm! Uten .nine nal lithe, holding ettatothing eyes mat down. ithe lad ethsys m0n....
no not too Me. Ile took bee be his arms of Mirky . snatched of her jewels and lug that, wrapped in paper, in her hand. Mar hoe-, mot ,thr sth es she heard her think le that
0 1 loved poor daughter, Mrs. Linn-I , mid beer her lota the drawinvroont -took '• Vt. B thlibtho be ill," be Wei allowel soap ; she stamped law daimon - het till' eat sad Ail wen out stride, bat it was the c,dietinet sad Meth. lath elo . 11 ". . 11...!
Wes betrothed to ham ; I loved Intensely 'a abased-0d bottle of salts from the table Manlythey win blithered ; she tone the mulls aeon dub breath.fibs pawed et • stand Willer hung lb. Mt Jot there
gnat 11.-
end purely, end theoght sbe returned'it. -land sat dawn on the sofa, supporting her The ilthoht, meth pa
s toroth le, ad do hos her Iteasatifth mom, sad km whom Mood sow tholing drink to the in- ry apse "toad assitthate her If As
I belloviel the. voile words that trembled heed act his breat h sad ads' Imo bathe wood hors staismonell oat • ipsostith, bat. lola stalk owl Mess hem henortellls‘ valid, sat soaring mem of this from the up.
1111 her lips Mid the blush no her sheet, sob applying the Wu to Ur nestrik.- ponies tor with • mad how, (71theland- pesabothe, mild, dad than ! Pim thee* mot-glase pitehet kite a thew sup, she - I eathot *gab. Mrs. Lbw," said ale
Om/ 1111.•*. (11.1. e of ler., $ll2
ttria=sl2.l ' a
Vr•triglerni.:li MORI! ttrallf ••,..1111cusly VOLUME VI.
Par Go taversbior tem..
4l' 2,1111 -* tAr L 1 c;„ .t\. At is i - i, *,. era
wc4rrAr'a QN 31,TJT.n7e, Nemo, MtliPrirvitairm, tZTV:arz, NtrlV 9M9z°,2ZC•4
WHAT I WOULD' Do.—lr lavre poem
, sea of the moot valuable things it the world,
and was about to will them away, the fol
lowing would be soy plan of distribution;
I would will to the world truth and friend
ship, which are very mere
would giro an additional portion of
truth to lawyer., trader. and ...embolus.
I would give to physician. atilt mud /ear
would pita to printers their pay.
To gossipping Ironton short t. vein
To pony Women good wow, modesty..
ego Waists. and natural teeth.
To young sprouts or dandies, erunoon
.nse, little auk and hard labor.
• . .
To old maids, good tamper, osontli hoer,
nd good hnsbands.
To old bachelors loon ton whine. obild3on
nd vireo.
A mood hund r e d . ld of • poor fellow whn
had strut of dollars at the bar of
a eeriam groggery, and Wog uneasy fain{
and feeble, and out of change, asked the
landlerd to timid him for • glass of liquor.
No," was the surly reply ; never make
a prsetiee of doing suck thing."
allow tanked to a Fent/man
who wan p...t mg by, end whom ho had known
in better dos, Paying Sir, will you lead
me six-penee 9"
Certainly," ws• the reply.
The landlord with •laarity pissed CM do
' canter SIM glass boron, him ; he took •
!pretty good horn, and baving.swollowed it,
I replaced tl.e glass with evident mitisfsetion
he then turned to the Toll who
him the sixpence, and oaid ; Iles, sir. Is
Ithe olopenee I owe you; I make it a point.
degraded as I am, always to pay borrowed
money, before I psy my grog bill:"
Cos Root Vtaw.—llatakied might do
wttluut physicians, if they would Ammo
the lows of heath ; without lawyers, if Au
' would Imp Atli totursu withiutt soldier&
' if they would °boarsa tho hum of Cloiotio•-
ity ; and without proooltoro, If *soh would
take Duo of hie own soonintoot het tin,
Is DO dioposohou with the rompopor.
A. kugh le worth n isswina pm
in ssy assist." mid Obarles Lusb—owdl
t M Is, we. Then IMP wasweir rod
"shit, hes and wbss
ses • was Wyk. io "Ogee WNW, set ef
we swirls law Mho; snob be
the epee sway. Wbes pa list hits HO,
phei, - 11rst look Alp tbs Owe. sod ti en
got out the best my re san—bsl
Maury, yam oust not sonar." “Ilialoy
swum." •• 7rr Its ham of MIL" /n
will I whoa I bass ma% ss mash sO*l