The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, December 06, 1849, Image 1

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    "Wu attmontrat."
O. B. IC P TE4D. Editor mod Proprietor.
TRIM ****** Jot.. rim r aaaaa ye, root
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pt,rr Jin . :ontinn. pap arrows,. are paid,
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deet tri•pral.le len."
__ NUMBER 49. , 10,..111.•:1 office . 1 0 17.
. . W t LTA a 0 Flans t 9., Drainers
_ .. _ .
i„ im s h e h o d 1,..1 and
th erm build. 0,901 idelized modln, hod been erto-lly dark- ki.dlY i''' l'i" ""dc ""c• 3" "'rm. feces with mamma and be dressed for a ride ' - wretchedly iong ond mean seemed the lam , Josrett 111. isre..,,, h e E
ing their neon almve I). rin the %mei eneol and saddened by the harahoess and It wo., st ,m e th en w o re Isabel found the - No, too, cried the peo , eree'cloild .1 don't ,Iva miles, anti h0w...,,,• r i, I spo t o t ig down : vote. 1'.. 0 0, tut Dial kft t ffiee Isn.
_ _ .
- . wh,„ 0 0 ~,.n „ ,,in g we i g h,. a ~,,,,,,, its injustice a • step-mother; and now, thee , "IToctmoitY ch."elv I. " I ''''''' lII° P"r`. want le ride-rd rather stay -with my the cart ia,--,ter. at Iwo'. , I left Illy bat, j•wti, .
bloc nro not Lraa ,_. n t e
, awl manner of her father's b r i o f e . Airs pretty new anemia, Mod hear her sing 'gage at the hotel and ran oval- to my sue- • and loft t in 18...)
feel distraction and desolat on hod tae on-re bitternes. and sharp pain in the
II Leaf from Ike Book of Life. ken fr o m the light and spirit of Isabel All- thought that those clear children, for she Allstno was. aa I have said, tall, hot would a b ou t "little 8e0.,„.ep," thorn house alone. I entered unbent ' ti eon on Went, Demoera4
- ~,,, one d oor a nd noble purpose took comer ared little for herself. must be subjected not lo.ty" been ./.erveld.Y "., rerit"P. , e" - „ No, my dear, you mum. go with your kooeking, noel w e nt directly to our methe r 's I .4-29 . ..„., l e f t ~,f,.., i n in 3,5
av .1011911 TIM 11101.199110 ,
'OO. possession a her noted She wotold to the '• iron rulei' aan unloving and alien cept for the cab one delicacy : of her figure sister," said Mrs Alhtoo, strivieg to set little pri, ate parlor-the raano of the house.' 30 0 1 , 01 l R,,,,a, wi,..,n-el
. -
As Nature...les on for, opleen ot hla• .. tiH 'the dear ,lire of her mother in the heart She was graceful and gentle in her move- th e huh: f e ll o w deaf?, Isabel advanced hold I opened Inc door aa,v really, s. , as 1035. nosh, to a twrions divisit
Or Oats the bowl a ono. to noing ont, o household-she would console and ea, pa aa , soon resnlutely calmed down the ..."--.."- "h".... 1 ) . 1..00.41 i" 1 . ... et to take him. but be buried his face 'in his' to 9110pli. 0 00 , ,\ [ tie fins 0.„„,.. I D,„,,,,,i,. p.„.. and le
As whisperieg sephyr ellanoto to op - oons towers, f or h er p m , father - oho 191,11114 love jet tumult of No-ling.. sloe week' fain keep buts erS l"'el`, willow .""'t winning "utile. Mep-mother's lap, told screamed, "Do a• thought the no , rn woo erupt. : ten on In tl ' li•you It Pours Democrat,
and a sort M earnest sadness in the cares- way ; I kve this tnanll/112 best-I wOO% go it orgain I sow •sonte ono •..-ottealed 011 0'1(1,3, 9 .,•1 ler'. on, in 185.
Or dow-drom eteonisea 00111111. 04) snore. ' on , tenderly her peep brother mid si.- her trouble from the ehiklren tel there
o g u i e yona yam', be goo, .° All round thee the' , ter, and bind up their bruked hearts, so- still remained a blessed uneeMainty. Yet siom of he soft, Itors.-I e) es which Isabel t o Lido w i t h yo„ !.. fantiliat, chit...covered sofa It 9901.1 Alfred Fe n ‘ets li t-too t ••,,,, D e me t er.
Like Nymphs Mooed lore. • countless nun early crushed by nflbetion-she would ha she slept little that night, but folded Eddie, reeognized at tome or o spell of deep power Pule tor death, !cabal turned hurriedle asleep their. I went odds lop anti looked in 10 Ft
died in 1848.
Faun Pietyre's toddy throng were el , ,terttoc. 'a mother to the babe. In had alatoot felt her babe, closer and clover to her Incest, -dm spell "'II . ' '''l e"t ht .n.. , th. 1,,,,, r 0 mod passed flqnn the room She abomst d o wn urn Ids bee- Ilk My tatotl, whnt a, II NI F .1111N99.0.9,,,hig., 0 0 0 0,
01 hi t li g h t „oat woe id . her thoughtlul and unsnotept Ude father.
And noun could see the& and of rehire i e ors the boo.m which had been its first ?voile,- and wept over him, flew through the bowie and garden, In the Amite . It ans al. 0101 Will.. save a too of his offices• ee e ..kee of th
Aught but venison:spoon,. Thy da,dreanto then. plat,. grow e.. 1 ,1 against 111 Illtio cheek. heav) with her tNs She lo oked about ttr , ...Y•i“.. , nul oltd not arbor, to the grave of boor mother. There small red mind in either cheek . One hand and elected in 1848 by It smolt r
en , .w.lo• o'er the anti hard n o th a t to its " waseo 'floe next morning, whic't was Tuesda Imok unsuited to -ledge All -1, .... "It , .itlo aloe flung herself upon the turf, and clasp.] lay half-buried ito his dell.. el.. mond etude.'
TIM decant mum 7 .... z . ~.
e olden ilt:i.ol ' I roteoles ;" now that the voit-e whioh had while laabel eat at lonakfa-t. a ith the rind,- the glow of loorpiness ii.fht log .1' hit. fee , the mound, and pressed her poor, wounded whielo ohm* preserved thaw fr-aute. nod. ,It st e t sv.-The Thationorr
D4""''''''''''''''''""" II its had stoat law, .I 1 en, a letter was bloated in.. directed to mod toparboitig Irons his hue dark me., top- •
heart spinet it. and wept aloud
rust rolls tear earth and goo, .104 one. foto. d lons le. it to its ors snu em that hand -heir slender actl all it fool stab • if., a selotleman o.f that
From ray . ..tiled at,.0.1 when w ~
aims. boors thy solo r fatten-II and grow , . atilt for ever- ""d• ti. her. II .." from father. at S- I n . p oure d t o nil far ~,o nger a n d baedmmer - They have all lett me!" slut cried ;I , grew, nod how di- was en.) blue home out Wednesday. infinatita,
we and MIA rot, whlet first shone none in awaking abet trembled as she read, and at last grew the. tool am robbed of all lo n e. oil odufort ; lam! vein, even the ontalleot lAs I stood there,' that b.:stomas weal I probably
liknoto knew. In thoughtles• ennocet . .
the ;lora el love's heaven-had suddenly pale and leaned her head on her hand. Aa Isabel fat that h er f a tt, er wou 1..4 en-, lonely and deanlate Oh; mother, her:" i locort-wre, with mile: grief, ao) tears ' awa - I I T
y t mit t to next o ay. I.e
Playful glee, thou atutdered an where laselsta - •
she ha 4 hared. that letter coma n tirely ~.eti..fied w ith th e teeept tu n vt hich his While etas she lay, sorrowing with all ' fell . fam I.°o hi 9 rev thot he mold,. rood a a titool natto.e. after her boo
Carling watorsceaseler roll, and nthnn'tntg dot limed and no mot in death. .
After thi.. if won, indeed, benutofttl to laid and dignified an e of the wile had nod front bio eloldren ; but Imaliol the bitterness of a now bereavement. ebe halt-ram, d himself, looking op 991111 0, b 121911. ',IV., 9•019 I, her sister to come
Hollow anowerostste`rwrove, there entachea I e
.„. g . I,,fi e l j. h er h ome There she s..en,l approaching •,•,, in, of her father. There .." c":.m . ` ato3 dis.ettslototiou , h , ot MO.. W. startled by a deep sigh. and lo..king up, tiered oxides -but. Just then. dear ai,,th e r ~it, h.„,.. d o -i n , th e ni g ht, ...!
Pame-whita Idly from Its watery i 101119,00
• exhibited ; or ecer ofter
live many lives in one She superintend- wts 110 natural embarras beheld Mrs Allot.° stanoling at her side came in, a ..I we ell embraced one welt am. toad o 4,001 Om leisbantra pl.
Twins of wild-dower'. .el rid prfol by :Santee t° - . . I 1 I 1 I I , .
~..„ .
happy vim:lnstance for Isabel
,ed MI doinemte offal, and benseho I ar- t tore woo . appu ogy mad ,• , t tta n
.. , . 1,,,,,,,th th.,,,,,1ng to her feet, eaeatitainlf. oed thoooked God „a a ,1,,, , a a 11.,,1111,! 110'1 it .bappotood that lle lot
Maud Theo coupon/tattoo totaled sten,
roneements with admirable rettraue and the lit ,t intimation litho family of an 1001,t. ill Io r end. ur. , nail p05,, , 011, that the next ..11,,„ , the,. u, ~.r„g e. , I. ~,,t arc„ I bis m1..0....
~, ....m . 1,.,..,,,..
.k, i 1,,,,k0d
Ou granite reek, a . ..grown wall noway
jotlgoneod. Her father not, nn..e.l on) of . o great. moment to ,hero ; our'. things ,Illy woo° 110 S , old'atio ;as -.^..i.g t. spat saered flout officious mod untrekome frod thee. Ids rye nos so !night nod 1... p:eted his 1,1,i-test, stouter than .1
ChM.' ..h • ... h.. ' wh. " . " " .. ..1 . Ins accustomed eandert, and her heel', were to , in Inc way-to tt in dm , toes, r - owl too 1110
oin, to her Intn• doh! duties eh- Intro •ndle so glad-. hire the old vell,•- I to 1 nen, home ,hotly after midniel
' Blandly float awe - airy ~,,, non itien'a
,i., , ,
~, ,
y, ,
d . u „,l 1,„ wr ,,0,. ,•• c e ,.iii n \\ - e, glom w h,,,,, I h a ,. 4,11,...1 her time awl attiattkoo ; Ow: pre- - .llk forbear. I entreat !" es-.aimed courage ag tie ; but he ....1.1,1.1. ',rated a- i••,.. his ~ • atoolter, lie tuoilres-
Th."..".. d r" 1 """ .. "'""'"` . °"' ""'''''' „ well taught. and montrolltd 11111 on the now koomoo n. only two jeam, and a WIIOIIII Vl'ldill, tony nok word ttlo -t• 51,-, nit h one Mrs Allston, with a 9114 len g tah of tears ea t) , and eaughetl slightl% -ban 0101 11 011110111 dt-too. !deg either of the
The (0 , " , ob 1 , -. 1r " .....2. -"' baby she 4avished need of her ottention and you luny hat .3 heard 1110 9,11•011. 19 • 10•1/10 W l o.° ~ .rY title "r ab - P - u."'he.' l'a . l o .7"Yed " fray do mot speak does In n tul-you oh. "ugh'r It olio ae upon my heort Id,. r. ~f the ht .1 , Indio. as he was ;
Saul. 0, awklunag, coronet Change . Whate, lefing ear, She teat Hon 1. her own loot WOlll9ll, the only one 1 hare ever sprit whom her hmort ...joist her la l,l•I' .i.'ll a.° lit , nut kmow me. 1 seek to lone ;art to he knell ' 11. Le 11190 -cored -what Iris
Name ow boatel,* here. thy darklngt shad. •
-she ,Ire roil and barbell and lea Inn, and I eoltaillera" fullY competent to fill pew tenni-tool, thotooh ene0 „,,,,,,,, onteg ~, 'ism loved ioy you-this is all •my sie " . " Whea I de,-emlaol from my elonotober Intl) ad 0..., blatant') conjoired i
A sombre oeght have th at round lo,htea hee.s. esr; lea him with her in all .er finfits toad dear titather's p 1.,. ot•We me to .to ~ t o.hty ono. no. , ... 2.b00t the `....t. Isabel wan softened by those tears. and th it evet.ine, atto-r I.tyiey neid....ruy travel- ' Oniek n. t ,. ...tte1.t. I o viz-Aldo
Nor left one Wong gleam o.ltnel The motto,. And she ........a ri,...1v hose a stra.tle i ., g te weddi n g too Senor- hout, -led, All-ton load Leers 000,1 to ge redstnormu tone hulf.artieulate rip ,logy fad loom dress, I f mood a gen boo pt. a moatt...-. tn..' .• .mmeneett 1). lab An, tit
Smite In glow., blushes wont, f ten ton,. t on e . t .i, t o oth. E. 1.1,.. bee,.... pan t • .. 0 9 . -1,19 • MOOlllll4 11,1. 9•0/ Will 110 01111 N'•11 in with ht. eltoldtee t" , kit 'h . r-"r" °I . thew tho pposi.mate keliog which s'.e hod exhi• sitting' by Nlc,,,,i' ..i 1, , n,-,,,ii, t,, !i,,,, ,-, ~,,„,, , u ,
11' I-I, , - ,,,i,,.. 0.,., 0 i on,.
Now , thy tended eye, the •.egh me , h.. t•e• le , eee,l ns ,l t sot 011, f. t, t le iothat. a ,izatl, tilt. evenit., T.- o •a. 1 , 3.0'. illn dear child moth , : lood this Saldocth "'mtot.... , I m'col bigot oleo, aidsplea ..i,o. That -,1 ongeo, 1-, t•. ..• .1.--.,,a0e nonnoter The
Tntatied bro.. , air 1a11a" , .." , le"h"'ll h .- ' , . '0 la . thiel lo in. lea ntellt r ..en irltalol. t,_.. I tr., 17, • loi .... ;. eh ', L e , le shoe: to- isltalll say, Inc w.. md r,'., them nen, •' Dear I.lll.sid her Met..motto., Lel. 0014 vour fatlt,-. \ I role be.t, to..s. Me oit 'ion a d nif... hones-et-. on
Some 'nth , . •.....^ ' ”.' V ...• ''''''' ". aren...e.leott bet pit, he Ebb' tol owl on ward. Mr- .\11.,..,0 ft. m tl,t, fir-t, it not "l I .., e". , an, I 5'... 1 ''' l ' ''' ''''' "t" - wtll eon hear gate hi-eery, an I thee 1,01., tat frtend lam II e onp.talta loc hall non& ;
Thy plummet loon and a;satoo AI none 000, hi, . TI„• el a al wa... 1 ,,..., ,0c0t..1 ) fon lof hi- tha t Interne. , and affth. , of a thougloter. P ' , - - r 01 toe . tod of ..", P , I• '. '-‘'. ''' yin- jhaler ~bather I •01000110•11110991111110,:t110 .. I will 1011. pain your 'tract by 0100 Mee tnt . to l s ottg to.port lor nu, bo th ,
The cold, raid 0 seal I. too , , roiled 110, ••••••••-• • ••• ~,0 0. ," 0 . l • t• 0• 9 tan.eht t 1,0.0 the reap et mot e •t••ideration 11 to the tvi - e .\L-noon mod t:.° 1".". 1 r , '" , ' ' I" h. P." radditon ultielo I now boar toward, vato '0" en tow great . or , , a+ 0.. wet. heel that doubt kot that 1,. letd. f ~,li-1,
Soul-thrs roocd tho- ans." atoll,. f ."...." ' Than .b e n s, t, nom •ri apt cod relt•lltatts ta- to' atom both, r 1 , :o.o. at lt:tost, I shall el- IL, on. dom . t'otarlo.- - caid 'l' t A1i ,,,,, 1 . Isalo.lhoored her head in ts. , ent. and Hits me o,eious - IVe. the trensto . • of 111.0 Its'. el los in oeiptram•.. Its wif,
• Pointy of h. art woo 011119-,•0 to n0....d .t :Ira eth he etelle,l w al from her. tor[ boon al me e'..ltlreto. it it. 1). not. tvo I Itm lotslo . nod ; a . , thcl. t . , t. ` '' 101- -, - All -tots sea ho ...Win the
t , but Is- and touch love. e. sin. , 211 , 1 V. -, . I. •,... •. . -
• .
Tango. of rohonny thou in olst not hat lea of 110 1.111. ‘1•0.• 'l'S' '
'4l r.vr
Thought to find re. other. 01.11. th.• Intd
Of. Iltyuelf. Ton It I it ...I nlr Ix ....I
nod Iwo. shy ru
Of ri ff . Sporn rternahl to thee I
Cum .latentmy gotme rah Serlo.l. .1
New front heartlem world' • nom., eh
Commune oft ty.llt Thee ho tt In tt n
Romantic dell. lvyt •
Silver, inklllhn 0ft....1
111, urentL lo•-tle21n1..t..1
THE srEv-movILI:
.. . .
Tux ..f N - .4,.1 .4 moo ,, r mei el nin. in th,tr food. I hen.. 11, w iti. I.c. itn e... 1 1 hot .. r e ' , lmo:, t"r l-onet on.. o" , 1.4 , ., ""og 4 ..4 , wee min ; foe Is 1.. otny man . nese me. o n ...-.....-,.... ......• ~ ... . . , , ..
th e sa d win,. the kelt t , 1 1 41 , 4 , m .. I n th, ear len.. her-„I a t o .1. , fool, .. m a tall it 14,-. l i it... 1 1... y of so"g very ....I),und hook and Enol4. hod 1,,, e d. a hen the lir, lea; NI Ilits of Inv sm then went to root her car, win
the d,..1 1 of V.lllllll. the .. re In no dol. , on d, , i 4 „ ••: '1 her.• .n..,...,..1.1... ll', Id no -.1. t. en, ,of calm and manlk tool, 'lime h .th a 4 1 4 eidod to` , tor towdo. H. , . AII- ...What 4." exclaimed Isabel; " wore you had i f .. I.v, and he e m it , to me in tl e . 0n ...,..ment all article. pit kr
1,,,,1 e . rt ,od 1,,,10v,11 0 ife o' .1 ..I.:e %11. v.,, 1 .1, ...t . p . 0 ,- t 141,14 4v..,1 th e .4-1 p 4 ~ii .. 4. e........., , .. , hot expv ..rd a stein 'don fen. eik• 1 With. deiwi ots e-leo. w Ludt w y t. loot a widow when )on monied him !" lonelier, awl de...iati, oi to, II:, end l os t at e can heal olong the tr
m an y s Lice ma. sta.! ne. .1. 11110111 ,heII ' t. ,re.a .. 1t.......... . ' ...dem , -th. re ... t v --lee. 0. I. 11.• elotehed I.y an hni.v..ive Ow htd ftilldwllY vnlllvtde I mul ohe Id4Y- °WM no, de.. Why did you tarp ',. otioee to glee we .....te.wt and °num,- t i nned ano ment afterwards ,
was in ...Mod en th a t d o , ; t or she eh-. ,•1. tom and ;4 v er. ti. r e r .. p . at, .1 .Imai, al oath. never, cover to call the on- ell with loth .'4ll and , line 4 fling me at last that he needed my Lee, !cello. ° bent MOM, !" ea
h a d anon s o early to lA, r.,., bool eonlo ......1 he el o hl t ... von, wht li .n 1,21,41.11. Om.' n, h. we -tenon e. r•• brother .. .. )I, All All 'II , cress. sat Judge All. t., P.- ' .. I heard en-rat lean, I beard that you e‘ en to love oi noy poot, et noted h e art- old h o ly in a. fever of debght 1
bus to many by tier goo does, geotto..-•. t..• -di r... 111 4. nor II I. r Isl,'Oe ff . r. VI k. -. 1 ... to I.! I le. p all . ; e Mr. Alkom." big pnittily ea . tetolerly 1111.1 the 1.4 rf .r- were i n d eep mourning" - then I hit that i.t I wing him .41 hi, I went, - I Loosed they sent In
and the Lean, 0 , her thmieless it , •hhe ..•eerem 1.. 1,44 1,1 4 , t 1.,.. a nt ee, a. lis ,411.1 Le -lifth.tetol, re-perthil. Rodin Mat
....,. ..11 , . ,,, ing ..0.11 1, ...1. 1 .1. ,1 .. That, was i.e my mother." replied 11., hlight lope for hapi4nins evr, more. Hut p e r. ho telegraph. hut WA the
Lad been deeltoing for • long Om, mid e - Atiol. k.,.. .p.tte 4., .1. till ::.r i.d.. the lot room. a4tl al 4.1.1 would he call her Is- was io Vito of her feat s nod Pre- Allston, with a tetiveting lio ; • yet, until -It. if in losing, huh-in 1., e.,mitt, bk NV, ever heard ot sci.ding en mob
she .m e.,••1 a'. b."' deed . k " .l. nit at I.' . sootiest- Inc, old ...led orottol--aid there' 4 1,1 ...i4 tooltiti, Ind inwantly resolved iodic, nod t'w children wore hell bend. - now, I have not been out of mourning for I have brought eithappiness to those near cal of Cott -_
no many years. I have seen newt. 401 . - C. lino. awl olutheno.ol the light. of the. ,
no dillieult, Poo alm•oot inti..,..ible it war f o immin• r Ode tits.. ans t le• holmed mow thm hers. if m tOldress the y o u.% trite of themselves with deligh t --
those who hu•ed her to p....pare their heort • hi... .1 no -.11..1'111 onootioo. h, tn.,. wan.. .r I ..her The next 11111 l ning, a. she came in from r „ w , b a b e l " lion, 1 mo, indeed, toimrahle :" Tor SAN OW lell 1.1.001111 -
fo, that fearful breareoneet, that. innmem- i 0,.. w hi,l t h a l..h ro .k a. the ' tonehed the Its. jo g 1;4.. moue, little Eddie, w h o Duly er walk, he aring nimio in the parlor, let- 'f he warot-,.carted girl drew nearer t.. " Oh, d . not my ao-do not say s o :" no the native population dint'
rabic ton 0 1-i m .04, .. , like h e r lip, alt. they had ....1....t...0l on , to perceive that nom,- bel t entered. end het. her stn her' her step-mother, who, after a trial paum, es"lsioncol !salmi - l'ou loo" eer .t a il ° or the preimbility i.. tlytt by flu
Mrs Allston lest four thildnot-I.akl. l a .' 5i...e4 them t i,i,,, nas non , g , ... ma troti bl e b rew i tt ,, phi, ing and singing the • - Mat 9iteen, - with' eont i nne d- hearts. Have pot not ..11 all, the chit. next ten er fifteen year., mat
Ow eldest, an intellect nal, ...or.- hearted Tioo. p 1 ....4, . ~,,,,e.r t h a t b er ,aved ..... to I'. 111111111111 ; and, hiding his face too I% ~,, . ,lone at her side, nod Funk throb., "My father, who wee a law3er of 5- - 4ren ere drawn toward yon-even little Ed. edit ho I ~,,, ol no the I slooda.
girl of seventeen, net he onifol. 1.01 tire- r am il i .., ver A n d,. t1i....,0 0 , e o o a o, a el, et.- -or I ~., 10,,5-1 to or, vv..) bitterly and Ile, ' , Ott , . 10 OVO. 0, the me- r • 11 , . tomb- died while i was rp t ite young--aselmol-girl die, m y We- ? I love n ot t el et ea11..1 y. n of the oldest reddent phythis
oughly noble-looking ; Frank. • 1144 , hoe f u l m aw tlione , t ~,,, • .1 1 11 ot t il t ed 1., ir re a t L .A. i giv. .- Wit Isobel soon ree..itelled Ititn ioog Iron'. of he lona alreedy brought away fr. m home, already persuing with ar- by her lanno•-mwdol kon. th. I. so ~, expre. , ml the opinion that thi
of twelve ; Emma, • ° the beauty." • oldld o 4 res erve o f oothooer -,,,r .4. n oh; • d ot oo g n. ' ... li.n. to‘ admini.tari: Lf •oacehatine tow. leave. ood coo. W nett finished, Int. All- nor the study of mimic. He leer my moth- call yon here, ti nt I COO and w ill Inv, yo u , he re.din d within the next
seven, and Ed.lic, the baby, •• doli , ate itt- t4r, I.aliel, ha i.. th e p et' • . me, of It. r lotion fr... the sogar- C ow l before 1",, ' eve , suddenly dashed off in • merry wain.. er very tittle beobleo the house in whielt and we .hall be Oct e happy; and, he fi ~r, Month-IMM of the popolatin
font, only oh out • 'ear old. whole duty-art - ne e r th e e l..l.hen, the It wa., finally, 0 ith atoldeneil and anx- 'en .1 preaently Frank wae whit ling Ids pre.- she lived My only brother, Alfred, a no- help, . kindly affeetinned . on e to swat...l° neared sin, tloe rink of Cep,
lodge Allston Wes a man of natural 0.1 and heantifol children , whom O/I on. i 111. 1 Spirits the little aff,etionate family ,ty teeter ron.nd and round the room, to hi e boy, in whom our test her. wen yen - "AI,. .7 de. girl" reibed Mrs Ail- rbal of seventy 3,1” , and et
strong and quick feeling., but o ne wan had ....1- her might hare smiled opoot then o ken , hr, ke tip that morning ' Om. wild, ex h ilarating ode. When he toted, 1.8.1 entered college 01.1 y the )ear ston, with a sweet smile. '' Ido not cob y.., ,P 1 the reimant have died wit
ampireol • remarkable control over expres- I; earan :w With the hustle and bur. yof oecemary playing ceased, - 011, thank you, mother !" before father died. Then it WWI tot Ty to call ins toy a nom. of en much neer.. , ear. Ile Inie•io.viee esti"!
ohm • aliveness and mamma' mannPr ao. It b arr e tt e,' that il t i, third s ommee of oversell ns the week pissed rapidly and amid Emm., going up to lie. A110t , .,,. In mother, with the enrage of a true heroine news and dignity ;-..tily Ime me and r . it - her of dem. derail the past
mistaken for hauteur and insensibility . He hi, wi d n arl i mol, 4 o ol ge Aseto n a pe. m o ue 'thought S oturday evening, when the All- a moment the *lei...Mier'. anon were and the devotion of • martyr, resolved to fide in me-Inn mom my heart, and let me tlionsand, or more than one
s.. alone with M. wife when the died., tim e than e ver b e fore at th e city or s ...,_, :..00,0, oldt a few family friends, were await. ,about the waist, and her lip* pressed spitat remove neither of her ehiklren from their be to you as an dd. sloths,
• whole v.ptdation. A tnajorit
Isabel, *ear./ with long watching. had lain the coentry-mat, an 4 O m pia, wh o m ity 'in the arrieal of the Judge and hie fair the lips 0r the child. That name, and the mediae bet, by her own unassieted labor, 0 0 0 w .- 0 rants bort. sere among the v
dowel for • little reat, and was sleeping with most or his profesd, oa t d ut i es . Hot it was , bride _ glad emit:see which followed, e trnek the to keep me at Icy .thool and Alfred in erl- The evening had thole, and Mrs. Allston, preens population of the Isla,
the children-and the moth., es. in that rumored that tl o ore wen an none.' aura e . I There were not many make of festivity foreboding heart of Isabel. Her eyes in- legs. ' Isabel, and the children were aseenobled in eighty thoommi.
bon, tenderly eating foe them. would not lino in the town-one e rr( re., n o d in the Itto.domie drawing.ronm; there wee, voluntarily soogiot the face or Frank. and Shen"pened • large boarding hon. in , the pleannt family-parlor, awaiting the re. „
that they should be waked. The last cog op t '. io u lepenole. ref, the o tu n to of Imainme ' .nmewhat morn light, neaten.. and •• few ' she w. not disple•sed to remark the h.- 8- , tocipally for gentlemen of the turn of Judge Allston from his .4liee. Is. '''''.... 4. -Th. growth .
1..1 intl.& r of the confeelere
ille wan brief, bet terrible ; the spirit seem- an d the purseit. of nebiti,,o. It nee smd ! more flowers than u.. 1 Isabel, who Led acing of hi. brow and the ought curl of his bar s and, almost from the first, was Nome.- ' ithel wan hotline little Eddie oft hm knee
torn painfoily from its hum. tenomont that the thonghtful and digoified jitl,fe 11,4 ' never laid off mourning few her mother. lip fut. I remitted two years longer at school, e child had already re; entrollv begged wnnderfollY reldd• In 1 , 1 81
-the immortal rent its way Loll. from inn soonetimes b•en seen walking and thin* wore to night a plain Flack silk, with a rich ' But, the evening of the very next Jay. when • lucrative situation nes offered me, pardon for his nringhtitwoo, and wan a.. tall "w".!." 1 "'al, n'den'e n ,",;:,,
pimning mortality. Yet he. the buthand with a eertsin tall and .lender woman, i n lace cape, tool white rose-burls in her hair ; 1..1 on entering the parlor.
Fesok as a teacher of music. in the family el •' as ever or his Iming demot.•trut ions Ve..°l°"“" is t" 0 less °.,t7 w"-'•
end lover, preserved his calmness through deep ...ening, prob a bly a w idow. hot atilt Kenna was &morel in a light-Mee barege. alone ' with big
step-mother; sit• wealthy southern Menet.. I ported fame. eilis was, as wash, vented at the piano, ,
i n ~ t a t Y "P i !''',.. ' 1,51 1 , 111
all; sad when the lest pth.ful breath had young alga benotifid with her pet eittl + goathig about her wand. ling on • low ottoman , at her side es she my mod., teem deer Altred, and went with playing,VO, Ili IV and
Innt of t
in the ae to ..
, t m . I
been panted oat on th e still air of midnied.. At l en gth, an "111 family fth,nd came At Itqlgth, rather late in the melting, a half reclined . a sine.. 4 leaning his the Asbtons to Georgia. There I remain- then glaneing impatietely not of the wit.- et ...nod over '"',. '...
ha laid the dear head he bad been euppoort- to !mind, end in'ormed her, with out nine,. eartia, • was heard 'g up the aveime, head agaittet her knee, while her soft white ed, year after year, over toiling cheerfully ,dow lo th the tfiathering dot ktose. !flair' ....... 1: 1 . :!!7,r, 67 , 1 :4
Ing geloet a his Invent, ...Sy down . the &limey or e ke...1...tir0, of th e prevelotd and anon slier Judg e Allmon entered the' Bogen WeVe threading his wavy , lusurimt, in the blessed hope of returning North, with , sat down the baby-boy , and ping up to Lee r ; 1 : i . e .a. c .. . , . ,1 tr : , ..... 1 . v . ,, :, 1 : .1 . .FLI
lab w -kimed the cold, damp forehead aod rumor.; thus giving her the first i n kling of drawing.roont, with a tall and slender lady hair. Wad 4 giving one martini glance' the melee of restoring my beloved mother. said •
PIM up s of the love of his path. nod then • care or affairs, which mom have a seri- leaning no his arm. S'orinking from the' at the two. who were chatting plcaeantly to her former social posithon, and of freeing' .. Will you play the ''Old .4.l.ckair'
'and ea value 1. eritmated el
eamee.leg . attendant, teen.
In and 0. bearing nn her elm welfare and happi- ,atro 14 lght, nna with her head mobatly and &malady together, craned the rano, her Mom toil and mu for the remainder or" for
me r , 11,
.t.,.ul tonage itt . 1047 woo
*eagle Itie room, where•lone. and In dark- nesit her firet intimetion that dm might ; homed, Mr.. Allston entered more as a tint- seated hemelf at • table, and tab up • her Jays, This nee the ono constant die' nlf pm will sing with me," replied Pe- The °SP.."' n ".maces n'e
woe ov e r thirle no million..
WM, lie wrestled with of wirl of ow. w soon be ailed ern to resign her ph. to 'ed and ill-area guent. then ae the newly . book. Presently. Frank rime. and ewe air. of my heart- the one great purpose of cilia, with • smile.
-wept Hae milt two of hih mtllnleh, and • conger-e strp. n, other 1 Thie .
gi bed Arunninled mistress a that elegant mansion. and 111.0011 by Inc skim. She looked up aid 'my life. I thought not of pleasure-I amid; The two Legan with voices notnewhet ' ) bid $,,,1.. e) . 1 ,1 110 ,,, e P.,'" . . b " e
bewratod its heart with all the vain regret. been her secret feu ;to caned against Isobel advaneed immediately le be present- mannered. with e slightly re-proechful not fr.r distinction, or admired., or love. , tremolo., hut they sang on till they came ; ',''''''."" 'e n. "1 ,
stover me 1...he10t...a and sn
nod wild reproashes of brewed aliwtion. rho neeeseity of thit, menifohl disenemge- ed , offered her hand alone, but th. cordial- . smile, "Et ta Brute." The boy eollored,ll thought only of her, ;my patient, aelf-en- te the ',, up-
Bet with WO enntinll a ....ins ...... no. manta-hen labored oncomplainingly, and ly ; made some polite inquiries commening , and moon after left, the room. !milli.% tenths," 1 ~I've
sod wanner! he, day to day, ' lff;k7" 6 ''..14 " wahine".
reeky std on
; and then he led hie penned without c easio o g for patience cod the j.ourney, and then proceeded to maim. Thus the days wnett•On; babel feeling Here label thew near, and laid her hand wad e h oc , ....h o c_ son., and his opinion., on .
ehOtben into the silent chamber other* lay strength. , the bride In removing her bonnet and shawl her ~,,, ores wrealed one alter another in that 'of her step-etnther, who prowled It deaervion; la respect. Henri.
, hero tile,. both 1.0. k. down.
their weber, Woody and In the garments Pole end . 1111 listened Isabel, while her , She then called Emma, who had advanced ; from the fond and Jealous hold of her heart; I part yas she onntinued- Ceellin me and wound her arm about l ' h end wicked l' r. ' . "- of
of the gran. There too he wee relm- settees friend went on, warming momently shyly. eying the enemy ukonee. She e;•' sorrowing in secret over her loss, and still, "Brother Alfred, Immediately en leaving,
label' al ta d Labs le aned h ~cad ...AM, is a sin ee m a n
koblieg the hiring inahel in his arm , and with h e r auhieet : emmemting severely tua, tended her hand, in a half-diffident, man-lpressing her mother' a holiest legacy, bar seller. emenemeed the moldy of the law. ~ ;,"., '.' ho l de ,... d b . we " . every pe a
of owe and eh.
crobing We ragewete eateries of , the heartless machination of " the widow," nee; but Mrs. Allston. alarming It in both . child, dear little Eddie, close, and - closer to ' I shall ever fear that he mined himself n",l'''' At th , ~, . , hey w and despims It." Ws hope,
and look . He ems never seen to who, though only a poor tmode-teaeher , had of hen, bent iloown and kissed her, smiling, her breael. .t6o closely end steeled ton intensely. Hit intend i 4. - h ill!. --r f ~,.."..,“ ~,,,0„„ re ad this erthde, NMI
*NW WlElibelkel each MI ern the .. set hermit, with her enquettish era , toe s - ' as she did so, no th e lomlinessof that fem. I One afternoon , when the hour came for, Dee
was delicate, like his father's ; ,r.....'"".; ni:h,L;ll.; heist PT', 0, 1.,..:Z how ,in
vulgar it is t
nod ohm bet severed op hip Ilt es and oh- ' scam • man of the wealth end elation and' The blood shot rap to the very brow of the their daily ride, We mimed the Odd Mee and, snot a year or two, his health, norfl.,-"'...•,06 fa ... em l b,.. - ,: " H.. en d -- .,r - t. .., Ilttleit benello• them, soda
bed slood. i ram of Judge Allston. Isobel watt silent ; ' ebild, as sle turned quickly .4 walked to , 1 herlathing through parlor, vigorous, began to fall. Mother loony 1.,.. 4 6,,,, , mu
etthen.ft, w h o n a h .,„ , ,,,en.n0 sevuld emote •n
Kn. Allston wee ant laid in the stiletto; bat ohs writhed at the thought of her lath- a distant window-seat, where the sat, and ,'ltitehen and bell, and wiling through the ' wrote to me that she was w: ms about ,
titsonednight maea.. mottle.. in regard to a ainllll
Aura-yard, hat wan heeled, at her own in, with intellect and knowledge of the looked out opon the preen. It was a: poke, she sought Mm.. Allaton's obembe, him I though elm added, peeler her of I ii ,..., ~........... „ ... .., es to hear him tater an oath.
maw* WWIo an win.. sl the end of titti;kl. terming the dope of a vain, de...nonlight nigh, and ehe meld see the er.lhost whew. , w she 1... kW at the door. See for tbe belated ow ends kw tamale... Z.. '-'.. Mim 70 . 0 ; ,0, do. le • low-ioed Immto
olden. Ille said Woods, not mete that N. ~,,,•••. When her %Miter had left,' b. and the gleaming of the white tomb. I she beard the mead of singles rid WO- Ily fistful. Tat I wee showed, and hut.
~:, , ^%.,,,. , I T .. ,-
.-The Clio
A. w. throat 0,4 tone. bee how , if the, haled gew to bee own room, Sung hermit • stone whhin, and *be wondered mat, If 'we're " Come in I" mid a light, 41.114 , owed hew sm. es sathe beton my
• light from her owe window shone out to- 'lnto a chair, and covering her face with heel mother, lying there In her gram, Mew voles. Elm opened the door hastily, nad!ment bad starred. I had then been I A fond were who 0,,, 4k...a I. made Its appearanee in the
ward her gram; and that she half-believed ; hands. wept •• .h n had ant wept tiow W. I at. , Win wow... ...a .... troubled for there sat Stile holtoreasEdille, is his step. , be rem; bat I hareem mother and Al. Illrenitlys the other 111111 , .41 6 husband her. IWO s arriving at It. Leah
the hawed mike of her husband, and the Icon dark days of her enerow. Label hen her eldhketee we. - mother's la e . playing with low keg sabers hod °see la that Il eaMben they met ma log bottom a beast ineletwo- grew ebeest I 1 " * " 1-. "' h " 3° dd. "' °in
slinging of her danghter, and the laughter grown up with • deep, peroulinr prejudlee Freak was promoted by Me When with rieglemwhile all. MI Mrmerry seer end ea the staebona , mamma es Weir mpeostion. He Worm- "OW f•Will• . 11 . •Phiewi
l tali Atom v ielt.horg W• i
of her Andrea would soma to her, when she soca, stsp.o ie sh... , ro bed, fh,.•.••• mesh owner ride. lo 6Y mos slop- mesarr67o•6 "moo* assisiwa 1•• IS aim • ushipialime• it Ar i t ss eimis led end os=g his wro war atle..3oey
by, with her favorite lowers about her, and tog that the ebtldheed end girlhood of her weber, who Yoked werebingly, Omagh abed, emsewhat itterply, . yet mat sewn I feuded 9-. 'Tibet! Weer km wfte rd. Milt nudity's **Tea! ue4.1•1411.1114.0"".•
At 1111antrow fiA:eilnlarritt,
ton. tr , N 1 the wi1.1....t 1•Inv. I , • 1 , 1. paro him ..1.1 gra 02 , .i11v.' • .111.4 ~I hesitat. , l a monomt nod then sai.l„inol her man, l'olded ine. of the fl..wern he d,0,l .." , eat, that a plrinientit was neves:
In'autt eeeilia. " that your fa- , ITere 31r0 AllTtati paused. awl PUOI red is to dress he. injuries. We
..., 'O, Itl. a.l 1,...1, and afte.n...l he When 101.1...1 found otreog.l. a•,.. 0 .i... in aI Tv lo,c. -That ado r. lear 1'ee•.1..., is •T i fear
,v , „l I ~,,.. 1,.., h .1,..,.... 0 a l, ~, he. ...dr. ~. read thi• letter of her I u l.c.'s abut I a.. 0 ,, plate "'..", at.• Elul. , h ., huried."— ther ha. not 6120111 VI etIPIRPIIIi , PIiVO and her face with her hands, while Ilse tears herealttr to follow the advic,
...,,f 0 ., v , her c h.„.ka lip , a ..,1 t• .r.•i.....1 onterloorted intelligene„ - Whie . . it vontai ted The Ynunt. , nth' I .. ,I ‘ , 'd sterled end a"nte- confidential with you ea he should have slid elowly through her fingers. And she i • t— •• he sure you '
re lig,
with I.i. g•. , ..1 ~ia'a 1.t....0. the° 11,01. I,io wal receis , .I with blank ametement and what or..uhle , l , but said nothing hem, I heat!! from him this moroing. with we
not alone At length she continued :' ahead "
0..n0v in ...I on Le, ,balder, awl tall aTleep. tr..thled -tht , Te 'This we- first broken I.:. Ott M"lnleY , l'el" , t'‘'tT o l'lT'wi"g he , much aurptise, that he had t.,ld you very .. 1 have since felt that with Imo, Alfrell'o' -- -
~,,,, will ~,,.. ~, he r , T 1.....v rio.det...w. 0..1 the pa...i•...a. a. .I impetuonT littl , • EIIIIIIP. , elt-mo'her Trel the IlTu. , '• Te.i , eed int' , littler oncerning me and no. brit acopttin- last. doing kisn, the , hill of death entered , Stri DI on out Ustatt." us - 'I
I „..,,,,t hi T top, r„v ti•.,.... kt I h.• o, r.,. tr'... ezehutned, with-4,1.i .g Tyr. and hot Lend , tit , ' inntaek^lT'T a keY., nil!, all tame Ile raid that vou never seemed to into dour motle.en heart, f, she never mar —Among th. le..\ gentlemanly
hr.-1k of dto oh , lint le 6.11-w ‘,....1.1 b. gh•anung 'et!, •° I won't Imre a ...w m,,t1,. do' pril tle... 0 aml d_igno iv, of itan,•atte. au- ~'O l , hi, ~,„(•,,,,,,..,,,, ho ~,,,,id no! Ihoo „, o.„, titer , hot night, „ riiiiogii
....own. , ,
t.ic_ rii ini„niiiiinii,
iiiino in bi
100 lit Lave any In..ther hot Isabel titTlttY it wio , . yo;, I know loot sou molt ww, loitterly lor that only . .00 ~....I and a. for his Tofu, ea, nod bonnet
I, „,,,, i , ~,,.
~„, .., ......................I . „.„ ...„, 0,...,1 n w,-i ~,, and I'll ~T, h, r Day after day went by on'! 1,1,1 pre- .! 'r ~...t:ly how he c...,1ci ei , .....0 a w.anan , b witiTul. she 0' .• 1. i-IT,I to file l, .. A• rt• Sad 1 , ., 'lv, PP PI ,
..iL, ... „I b,.ri.,,. bb/. 1, ...., b..b..e .1., th, v..r, 11, 'lon,' I .0..1 li3O 101 , 1 .... “ ...1 "”. "...”: '!."" ,- . '. 1.1.. ' ..”".. like me— poor and without station or high up sake. Yet sail, was that ni, it wish— the oeighbothood of Itirtghatt , to
- ' T t 1..• oh w, 1..1 , I 1.....,0 her 1,, r... ti'', oil', '..1 , .P . 1 El A '.'' .''' '...r ."1 .- ." . 'her• .'"Ugh .h...ft ".''' cone:, ti.o " ,ain were In 3 lose and car..--vaio the o.n. ward train of . ars. when they
, , ..e 11,,,.„ r I. t .1, ,ff 11, thin, when eh. e.. , ., ,, , 'l".s.' . 'Il• 1 ' 3,4 T!•''. ff.° , ulna , her. with ••:5.." replied leal.ol. e..1.1i, ;- on tim!stant, agoniLe.lpleadiag •; my soul with the. 1'..T1.1. •14.11. 11t1.1 UP! , OPPP , .I .1
11 , 1 11,1,1..• •'•. P. 11'1 ,l' PI I Pie'lt .... . I.Pli s - I'le. ,, Pg ~ .t1 hal , epr ,, a , •lll.l b , nk. c01d..., I ...her PUPA that. ~11, no young t:0000 ..I' life. ohm tailed and .1....,pe0l ,Ini. mil., II om Piersitoot. o.ltidet.h.
• 11 , ;, , ,, , „0 , ,, d u T. 0., .." ,aid I,abel •• I. whielt TO. found tt d'llten:t 10 re.. rrank „...1 .lel,l, en.1.,,,,al by WIWI, Tool.' pre!, It, MI I within a pm., she w,,,, 1.i.1 I.oide umbrella. " Thetel'' she In i:
ioi: r r 1..c.i0 . o o,!! hko Io; ~o, oug noon:, .till oolu.neol shy and di , tent. : , j p l !I ~1. the ,ert ,, and character amy fa- Catl er, amts er. near t , . „Ito-I. She died. onslo. in a voice that attra..l..
, I m .., i I 1.. a r e n ,. 01. •i, a o,y Leant...ll ~ , ,a " 0.0 bal.," e... , a.d.m.11y timid. 1 kTow hot what there ism him for and b. tme Ilutie—al.. in the wide woad: .tion 14..11 in the earn. "'11 ,,,,
1t...11.2 n• ,PP P 1411.1 selreely look al. the stra:rg, lathy.' : . 1,...,,,i..,1 w .. n . an i„ r 0r ,." oh. 1,..,,. open. doer Isabel, have 1, like ,lore Feel.* nos onol.r. I &hoar
~ , - N.., I ...,,,.. 1.: .. I, r . 1.1 o't believe who. 0 ,,, 0a10t. to nu •n‘h , n-. ilbasomed wev., " Al., Inabel,"'said Mrs. Allston, looking y ~, eried out with t'.1,1 ylsc.r•elbiig, hitt... boat down to her:moot." and e'
are. T' .• 1. 1 re, at all ; bat a t 0 . ,.., ezt,, Thl 1. , 00,000 10 . and tooolt 10 ,,, 5. -1 , . little ,op reproach:ldly, " I ~,, fancied your fa- cry of the 0,1,10,, 't h, mother,•nw.ilter '.' '' wailing crest loan till Ay,
: ,, ,d thiTa ol.a. will 0....1.1 toe nod I , at me, and Eil.he shrank ft Tn. those AT eat, inviting I 1., .., with. „ r ai, ri ,f . , ~, . rr.,..., r ....... 0t,......... ..-- .... i ,. 1 , , .., q 4 h.., ~,,..,•,,o, ,o, r, atm prtasett ITer ilys m o on/TT to‘, T i 11, A' s. . ,
elaop him et , 1..5. r . 1... r I.,eaot, and 1.00 Isobel .at down 011 the rustic seat toear her cheek. lIP. .. i. that all :We can put
T .. ~,,,,, t ., ..,,,,, tt0ir... , ... , Tr. a ... ~. 1',. , „ out „fr ,„, ~.1,...
_,,, ~1., , , - ...,..:1, . f 1,.. a 1.,. , with Tis 1., ~. ring pi. one ,ors quite tm, ~i . 3 1.1 ig.! head wit!. I...o•Twate 1........1 her , ',mother, who emaintied, inn for- "In all Ibis tln,"." laymen Coedia. '‘., ~...; ,n.,,.".1 send ,fi... l k h '
.• I 11.1.i.v. Ilex. :11114,1 , ..P. r. "mei. I, •IT am, ' a , I ..1..• It I.ot Into •ht rrli , . "I.T."'"'n. 'l'. AII , "" , I'l - ,cl,t tone, elli..f miss.... nod e, ~.Jar was the ,maylT/11 .. i Pl'' ,° PP' .4. , '' .'
..rti, ed. This we. a Lr. at exent in the •' Ye , Isalt. I• I !ores-ur father dearly friend ..f my mother, t',,,,,....r,,,,,,,...., .. „I halal to the hell rope that , ram
- " v "" r ''''"" k " ' '" "" ''''''' ' ''' ""' j " r
ri ''' ' ' '" l ' ""I ' II "''' ;;....„... t„ r 1 1 • , 1 , ' ,' . , Ii • h I II I .\1.,1 II I I jerkedo it. onee
, . __ -noel did not...TN', t Tong', P.lO hoe bin': on m tom only man .teve ere , my rot ter—, our fouler, se .e s . . m ears, am
11 Fllllll.l lIF r i
r 011 1,1,1
-- • I
“ .^ " 4. " '•^,
Deinerred Article
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