The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, November 29, 1849, Image 1

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    " Okikur - Strstaterrge."
I. S. 11111M11111, Editor aid Proprietor.
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Chiming with ,hot within the hoar,
The veal of rase hi eherr.
There's Weary in her every form
Teo the ingoiring eye—
In giant menntnina--aneooe rant
Ad in the evening Ay.
h..'. wit, sweet music m the I
Mods by the etirring 1
And ha the tine ineeets . Sup
Mme to as en the tweese.
Thers'stsnly In the Manning men,
Woth geode ef golden belt.
AS in tho fervid aeon—.W eh
"Il.w besattaful It night !"
There's music on the ripping Worm,
As grid. rah sparkling gles.
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noisy sad so free.
Thsrs's beautria the wood gAh
Streskong tM clouded Ay ;
Aad la thee. thousand vaned folds
'at Imp the Arm w high.
Thom'. munein the thunder's vase.
A. threnah the air it peals;
bud in the mound of pottering rain,
While earth Ile influence feel.
'There's beauty all around—above;
Neture so wondrous fair
In all her round of venous form—
There's beauty every whore.
Mao a borne on every brio,
And heard m gory owe
Of naiksr•—•warniyeheenng math
Ballard ha heart naiads, w et ,
Oh ! then, spurn...l the 111$111,•001
That rule. a III,.;. of earth,
But elaneh em year I, n. och van,
From breatbai forth.
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Th. Geed. Craft of Leber!
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Far yea the Indus au the plain
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,The arordsaan's fire is larhong ;
For yea opal. ib• oak'. trey bark
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Th. nem gem no neding,
Fee yea the duk-eyed Florentine
Her Wheel Amin i review
lee yea the Ihney (Ymt herd roma.
Ho rugged Aline, lodge.;
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Wheeiee the need of tratopled nght
Bought tooling men together.
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Defied the masl.eith OHM.,
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Thy mop. Now neck, me living
In rem, and hearty German,
AMI MannArkin lay and G i fford'.
And rho ram pod on use of Sherman ;
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The and of &haw. lenehe•
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Of Foie loatbern breeches.
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H. Immure.
ju5t ......-- a .- •- -- ''''' She had tureml out • third or A.M.
cup a tea fur 31r. M. and was in the Ter
Stich was Jasper C—, the Nadler , who/mon ;" m th e san t e time ',an the door under some hedge by the wayeide, like a ' part fads, and in part semisoft-and ttttt ild em of b ea m, ,i t ~„ h ' ;,,, ~ , h . „ od g
made his appearance at the h o use a Mn , .cl p u n., th e striking wire, upon which I veteran soldier in the • battles of life," he went, that there war flan seed of a choice hea y„,„ a '.- aajo h io • g • - .. ...d-- to. - . - ; ;; ;, - i - th. ...
M—, at the time and under the dr.., its musical tones all. the room. marched a p to the emergency, and with: kind, yust in from New Holland ; and one ,L, a ,, , one. two. ohcee. co .,
sloe. 'lrmo,
• stance s already named. / •It does sound well," said the woman commendable good humor, paid oian, who seemed . know something of ge- me I. had nau the cup , 1/ 1„ ufg „,
He had made known his errand, and had •Good !" whispered the pedler to himself ; • Yes, yes•-• eel( truly--but ie it alive ?•• t ormolu. and •whom logic wee about equal , eu dd o ,,, ee if .t that i nen r eo a „'„,:;„--;„
• . received • denial. Moat pedlars would 1 • Han% there recently been some im- at the same time half sporting it wish his ' to whet he knew of the flee of the earth ,' b e d „tr o d his ... Jab. „." • . • h',. - k t ,:,•4 - 1 ;
ham retired. He took a seat. There was movements in clock-makin g +. asked th e foot. • Yes, and alive 'tie, surely. I thought /declared that as it had co me s e . thousands . t ee Storied the fable •at the nen thee I.
of mile. , it wm. therefore, Proh.thlY • 'or/ glance of a kindled eye shot amiss et hie
I it wee dead ; hernyou yomg ex, rouse up."
• Madam, cm I lien you a clock to-la seeming rudenen in sod oing, espeeially es, woman.
day ?" inquired a pedler, as he wee met at the woman bed given no such invitation ; , • " Better and better," thought the pedlar The calf yawned. I long or tall kind
; wile.
the door by th e woman of the house o but the monitor of his doing it divested it of: - 4 ' Made," sea be, rousing from his ' " Well, it don breathe, upon my eoul," I • Glealemen !" mid the miler, who had . .
/ tramient reverie, and responding to her in- paid the pe dl er; yonder old cart don't 'wand. the ineromingenthmiamm with the; . '''''''' P "id he , in a sharp and se.
• which he had stopped. all impropriety. It was taken hesitatingly
I " No," replied the woman civilly, yet de- and with en appearann of weariness ; quiry, • you asked me shoat improvements? yewn_" most stolid entisfeetion, and who thought it!‘i . li:Xbete n d ' i . at the am ti me andamed
'and still more in hie favor, he lid that 0 yes, di vers improvements . Clocks are • Indeed," said the woman, her man. quite time to make • stalk, • gentlemen, m c ,, / m. m e d ear h uehaa n d ' t , ;;; yea hear
eidedly, • we want no Holt article "
I• I have several fine clocks, madam," , which is not always done by pedlers , he made now-a-deys in great perfectioe, and nein relming into a veritable smile, • in- one dollar per spoonful for this fieneed- oo I t ' ' -
said the pedler. civilly removed his hat 'very cheap-but-I wee about making • ' deed, I thought myself, at the instant, that your only chance, don't expect ever to offer , . s o, • se a t h. .... p .,,,,,,,i a, • h,,
what? What is the Meaning of all thle r
/ " Very likely," mid the woman, "but ,
Minutes p eem d_ oe th e y t wee te d min- proposition in reference to that clock-but" the creature wail dead. It he. been ailing flaxseed here again ; last chance , gentlemen
/re want none-at the same time retreat- utes to the pedler-during which he sat in he wan cut short in the eery .ntenee- for : morn than • week, and my husband said ' -who'll-" : No, I don't want to beer any explematio.
mg • few pans from the door. • rile.* pondering upon the course most •• I can save you all trouble of that sort," only yesterday, that he believed it would : Ile was cut short by the advanee of a you have „bd. ' , "
I .. May I aek," inquired the pedler, ad- likely to ensure sumess,.the woman, mean- said the woman, "I may take none of your , die ; and he aid•nt touch care bow soon it clever, and even staid looking man, who . imd„,i,,,, - nd W;
wincing wi th in the door • little, but eau- while, employing herself in bruebing the clocks." / did die. It looks a little better, I tli.' :said, •• I'll take a spoottful " • only iwar . me-one litsatr-o Pt olhel7f : L f ...
Mouldy and civilly, ay the w o m en entreat e d hearth, ...ming the chairs, with other op- , . There again," thought the pedler, "all / Better ! the pedler could hare melted a •• And I"-" and 1"--•• and I," said half 0,,,,,,,, •
•-• may I ask, madam, whether you have mations indittated liy the very expensive aback I" ind now how to retrieve lost marble. But there. was no escaping from / solotten voices all to
a dock 1" houselodd term-• paling thing.. rights.', ground, he was quite M a loss But a see- Ibis dilemma. So with se good • grme us, " One M • tint., rfa1...0 mid am ,At the same time ' hie wife rime, and ap
, • Norio: seid he miug from his Oak.-
TI. woman east, I will not say an indig- At length Jasper P---ventue. . say, ' and thought came . Ms aid. The language , was possible, be inquired, • What price do. red.., •• serve you 0, and juM an fast as acoo „ ai m. „ o w ' 1.,.4 b e , h eed aft ,„;
Ma shoulder, and mpplicated his calm and
tient look at the clock-man-but a look ••• Madam, with your leave, I'll show you one ,of the woman was peculiar-.;,1 may take I you put upon the calf?" . I nn-the sootter.l get through the bet•
I e '''' inly not kited; at the same time say-
~,f my clocke." none." •• Only ten dollars," replied the woman.' ter."
Ilia 'a the • Have you per. bled that sink ?' he
I hi. n i
terai to her emtisnation.
, ing with some anoint -" . want none a - ri, u ...), Mow se many as you please," ' • Madam!" the pedlar resented, and .tb 1 The pedler doted ' • Ten dell ran !" he I And so . wont on,
i your eloeka, sir.' said the woman, but we want none-flac o ns little snore sentence, " I was going, fairly exclaimed with serial. "Hen del - 'flame.. and pocketing the dollars, till at ri „ „ a i r ,
• Husband ! may be r. a... . 1 .•
I The pedler took • seat. t I already told you?" 'lto put this clink to you on mob terms that I tars! who ever heard of such a price fur • I lest he had the pl • -and o prof.. :
The scene which we have thus briefly , She had, indeed, so told hint ; but, nee- ,you may, or any other woman In the wide / ealfjuet gasping" plemore it war --1 . 11 ...."Y in hi. ord.,' , she replied. • Itut bow me you judge tal
described occurred, some years Mice, in they ertheless. the pedler had done better than' world might take it." I • You ere committed," diyly observed wallet the 75th dollar for the 7511, Moon- ' Lear.
• Old Dominion ;" but in what particular ;he feared He had gained one point, and / The woman listened. She rotted her hard the woman. 1 ful af flmseed taken from an al mak in ,
perceive --and he was
3. 31 ens • man aim Yd. alb read.
section . are no et liberty . say The • what his emmience had taught 11..0 an to her forbead-ehe loniuted-sho seemed I.•len I am committed-out-gencraled, the out-room of 31r. 3I to the I . 011 Do- ' , „di readily
I house at whistbit occurred wee a well-look- important one-he had permission to shoe : inclined to ask a question, and at length ' combo." ). , minion," ie part pay for a cl•ok, but which , ,;„, 1 i„ his nature; and tel.,/ reason .„
• leg habitation ; old, indeed, but kept in his clocks. In • short time, therefore, he she did inquire- • Isn't it his?" asked th e women i s ome of the purchasers would have it had ;len-mimed to speak , Ile
disposed to lis -
, clever repair. It was owned and occupied was again entering the door, bearing in his .. How do you sell your clocks?" • Fair !" repeated the Ream • fair as come direct from New Holland.
'ton and judge with candor.
by a f a rmer o f some consid,rati,at in those' hands • handsome looking clock-brim Had the pedler ventured to raise his the day itself-, right-ail rmht ; ten dollars • SeventY-fiee do 1. , * for the Maned" At
r e wile's s a im' s req ,o h e remand hie i n,.
Pedlar " mrd.O - gy. doll.m - m. - , She drew her sle ds to his side. She t
Parts, hut singular and very aet in his vray. wheels. mahogany case, gilded at rarious eyes. they would have resembled stars of -never mind, turn it to account, I dere 'mid the
I Like mime ode rs, in - other 0n... he bad
_points, and waltal a pretty landacape, pain-. the Bret magnitude; but he was too politic say." , enty-five that will do " , plain.. Flint sloe spoke of the calf, and a
; imbibed strong antipathies val.., Yankee- tad un • glass in front, below the face. For- to betray hie son. of th . vantage he was ; This half-way controversy about the calf And .w the pedler's voiee was again the ten dollars allowed her for N.
door and all its in Ile fairly ha- tunately--so the pedler thought - the men. gaining, and therefore rather coolly remark- was thus summarily settled, and a few other ' heard, end . • pommel. higher key -• . y„. „„„i lee , h a ,,,,,,,, „i d . h. , this
did rhe a la
seig f •
,redlee , a d d, ,dtho dd l. t happened to bc unoeeopied, and there, .1, - iro. seem se Medea, madam, . matters add..d, the deck was pad for -. • Gentlemen, " mid . " I've • st il l more on ly y r d or d u y yew wished io d a d . .
'AI,! hint added,' said M, H., his
• diep.seto tat Ids species with civility, to the centre, the clock Was duly installed. purchase • clock. that lamat a lose how But the !miller did not feel to boast, as remarkable article to diem. of-only one,
Ile had .t at all Mims been m fortunate as It wan wound up, end soon began it+ duty to reply. But if you will take one, I'll put they say. Ile won vatiquished, and yet the 1 and only one can have it ;ma the quntion / 0 1,0„ h e ,;,,,,,, „e;„ to wan he ,. lot ,
to d , so. lit several indeed , he' -dick, clia, click. , , it pretty much at your own price." victor. He had made a bona
/ fide solo of a' is. who will be the fort... purchaser.- had natter lost tw • I eal • thanper
two .•• y tee rou
lir one of t h ose &tem able pollen. Yon
;Intl] dismissed with tome severity these Sin-' Tho Pollee resumed Ids met . ' - You will?" said Me, her montenanee dock where all Nth.. failed ; and though i Gentle-men, this cuff is for min"
crane turrolkants. who had offered Men cent- ' I said he 1.1 mined ...thing. So be relaxing into a sort of smile, mingled with 1 for the premed he couldn't also* the shiners' The welkin rung. • A ealf for pale ?" k„,„ oy wishes.'
/ meanies far sale wide n hie redeem - thought; but despite of all that he had a spice of incredulity, •• That's not. a eon. 1 for his hatpin, be hoped in some way to ; said half • Amon. - Peon walk or-who ' ll I . I did.. b us .. ; e tt d h u t Inc th e pv
Even his dog seemed to know when one done, the woman seemed ae unmoved as •mon way with you pedlere." ' bring up &mermen and return to tell • buy I Who wants• calf?"' portunity of getting rid of articles Mim
e drove up, and snarled and mewled with math. foam-ate .4 not the slightest •• 0 no," said he, •• . live by our trade,' fair story to Its .lately valueless bus. I should never have
i .. You'd better e, II yottreelf," m
more than ordinary spirit. to the evidem notice of him or his dock. This was strange. and must make a trifle at least' now •and 1 The blood freshened hie cheeks a good : e.g.-looking stripling, addressing the i ~,,„„„i i to l ime „ o d e ouc h a „ e a. !
satielhetion ,a the mister As to prch.- The realer thought so. lie had encounter- then ; but we must sail if we don't make t deal more than usual. it mom be confeend, pedler „ , • Well, let that pass,' said the bueboutd,
• ing an article of airy a the detestalole fre- ed adverse circumstance. Let re had doub- much " ,as he Wiped the helpless •• p.m es" to " guile lamly• n'Y ......'. res P °4d e. th: his own good seen confessing that Me got,
ternity-tliat he would noverdo-no not l led emay • point of difficulty and perplesi- While the pedlar was thus renterkiug, , mount. It wad quite • lug, m they say ; pedler. • I lately felt • mod deal mere;e/ a large Price f o r w h at h e had Mahal of
1 , whatever were leis neemeitiet. And he woo ty, and forewarned and forearmed, had ea- the woman had approached near the clock, and, to tell the truth, Ike was right glad like • calf than Ido just now. But ru ..n I his ~...',...._0 0 , b. didn't wish t . b.
true to his mod. For more then once, it , pected to meet en ads occasion,
t opsper for the purpose, it would seem, of ex. when his wagon. with its added comm a of the coif first, and then think about s e e
t h„„ u h e peoe „,no nn a „ e m e ,,
happen. than amides had been offered just t refusal ; but . didWt well ktom .w gd usi.% it-tee pedler bolted with reference dying stock, and deed etook, watt fairly out - ' umnli Th. calf is for sale. Who bide ?; . 1 ,- 0 . ano a l ac .: an r e a.t he
'the ad,.
.at a time when lie needed them, and Whielk , along u ith Fuel, Meer indifference. Ile to • mealtime. And by the they of helping side of the yard in the public highway. •• Price t" nut one. t• . Well,' replies( Sim. 31., h cluck
' could not be obtained in th e r e titk d ell., I w oad
have tasked hiso its-and he Jul leub on thin decision, he opened the clock, die- :On emerging froht the premises of farmer '•• Twenty-Sve aollars," replied the
g •g ", mon: she avoided eke mention of the wink
I, lion in which he lire,)-hut he would not 1 them ; but eonnehow they seemed to toesake playlet its maehiaery , and cautiously rectum- MI be turned south toward V—n Court , ler. pettier, • allowed mo le mom my own prim.
even loog at them The man mi g ht remain I bin at the precise moment when he siege- mended it, by saying, °lt is a handsome Houee, situated some few miles distant.- " What breed ?" asked mother. I and I aimed in the whole to please you.
• ev en
the Isms° never ho swept, be- Nay needed their assistance. Moreover, in piece of furniture, you we, useful, and with He had now time to lay hie plans. In the' •• Well you ell see, en for that •.12 T . plasm !' said pl e . by. mi.'',
/• fore he would pare a hoe or • broom ; the very midst tot hie perplexity the women, your leave, it °mean just dm Mem for it." / intervd there were few dwellings, and eon, diet he short Am.." ! • Not to smelts your rather.
of a realer. who had taken • ...t .126 6 twkelt turned I Ellm bad hid • ... 6.. w. Ww mo- lir .6.k. 6.4 6-.. 6- ... to nu moon tor ' • V., s d-i. w. f h.., th.t," me. • i ~,,,, h .,.. ..,
The maimed. of Mr. 31—, moreover, rimmed him e n a w e a i m, o r p0,1;,1,,, wean, , i d..., p et ..., mmon•ein u my, or o n the ' any new adventure just in dint region. As , good-natured, Jolly wit of a fellow. "le . W el t and ~,,„,,,,
' hail
no small team it. ,, t r.i y /.6 p t iong th e ' un d er ordinary Le
el ie won't' word purchase. " What M thought the /we have already intimmed, however, the he Doha, or what is he ?"
" That's Mare litan I 11 .°• - he . . shod 1 • You placed yourself there,' leterruptia
, • You lame me in trying eireumatanees..
' prollieg fraternity. The , all .1,,,,,,,d h ere avoided as a breach of civility.) rose pedler , "does she expect me to gore her a / pettier was a man of large emerienee ; and
,the matter- those we mean 0 moductml or a sudden. end taking some necolle•work clock 3 No, he could not give the clock. i more than this , he had prated by it . &owe, bat whether Denham or Ind..-
,her he...,
this sort of trade iii those parts; and altho': which elm lied in her hand, Wended her way' That would deprive him 14 an anticipated !had acquired tact-he wes well fitted to !bow can I tell?" I• V. according to, your view aDA
several, prompted Lys ~,,, re limn or di. t h roug h so adjoining d o , into mime el.'', and now much desired triumph. Bat met- I cattle. lihnolf from difficulty, and th at , - Durham ..•• exclaimed •pr PI. n'S'7 . I ease,' said Mire. 31 • • Ind you stake um a
lad'. slopping . 1 1 , t MI , 3..... - gra Mum I could eater myself Ile be tempt
nary Mare of coldbletice . their selling part of the house It scented as if she in- ten now stood in such a position as to de- ,of the mom perplexing / kind.
' ;omen, had made a visit to the plane, de- tended tot carry her plan and purpose of wand prompt 'and decisive action. The I From an occasional inquiry of a puling; plows, don't you know the value of the, ed h oa a e a e p, t hat Ia „ .. „ ay a .
, termined not to leave the game , marked indifference to the ne pi. Oda ; ' pedler, therefore, met the emergency like • I traveler, he aecertained that the murt was 'creature you • selling.-even a bigger Mu- , so pr,,,d and ;e n yo . a whole o
Tdlth., had non of down. , and the pedler would hem given up 41 hope tactician. " Made," staid be, • I ask no lin session et V—n Court House • and Iris' plot. might see with half an eye that he's/ . trechady k , id me Jul
• Well, th en, hueband. you moiled than
the h ., ell , a , en L eo , t o e d, Th e. a emcees but for one circumstance, Nate' money for the Bork. lam willing to take I plan a operations was predicated upon Durham ; look M ili• white sitote-hebtt
vicg;„;„ homer wee pp c „„e atf o„.„ t h e i r , • trivial one.) and yet it left • hook to hang such articles in paynsent as Jou have to thie wet.. intelligence. lie thought that handsome as • • picture "
, if it proved so, he might make • demonstem , , ' cask or old flaxseed out in-'
" Hmd.." r eined .. 1 . 6 .r• ". I , flaxseed l' he exelainted, hi* voice ab
i ',thaw. In general 18, wg. e i e d_L et h e • • hope on As the door elosml, the pedler , spare, and at your own mien"
weld L e gton py so d to mon ., ea pm a i. • noticed thee the women more than halt/turn- ' The woman fairly started. The matter lion to some profit. , wonder wh i l es you see beauty." • solutely mounding over the whole home, as
ly if urged by • trmeling merchant .ed mild, tdtd did-fie was quite sere of it wore a new ph... On reaching the ample green, on which •• Well." mid another, ...Yee mi. for a ~a mu e the wed mom. .to ma
• I mss just as I say, madam; mid the the Court House stood, he was eatielled that beauty-what's his name, Mr. Pettier 1"
pued., when he had peremptorily refused , - ate did cm , • moment."' Om.. al the
feee..flasseed !-did you nell tbstlexoseit
And .se
ll h.. hccome, that on ' , ion ,' clock And that look wee voluntary. It paler, observing her apparent surprise.- !the eourt was in session. Accordingly, he •• Well," mill the pedier, • I don't know e t , it the.. pataime et
: meas.. ee tole, he had urged hie wife amt her off gt-it betrayed °enmity-lase, • Just what you hen to epare, and at, your I drew up at outs little dimmer from the:exactly what to eall him. I gm s we'll call; ,lam y:eau m ,„ ge.. , „ a ., is the „.._
ever i i , hi e e l., to pooc h., en) , .fli. pollee dido't quite despair. . own prke." front door, unhitched his hoe., and made him Dromeo." ,
lb e l hire
of your unemmted excitement ? What,
I de, especially not a dock lam not mr- , But his hope s were ere lemma. on Gm ' But w h at . you ask for the leek r I ready. Shortly sitter , th e noon adjourn. homes, Pm gmo mid • ..i.• m ...1 hen I done to nits this awful Mere?
sin that in terms he cad forbidden bee -' ebb. The women mem.. have eo die- " Fifteen dollars-the small sum of fif- , The throng, . goodly numbers , issued from
/ • Done ?' said . . Done 9 net Im
position to return ;et least she did'at make' teen &Item" i the building; /and It so happen. that May ! 'ant, yes , whet a midst. - funny ; „ ad ! _ tea . ;„ tae . th .,, .
But Me knew hie wishes ; aid being a good
woman she intended to act scoordingly, lier apmetmee '4,, and with • good deal of The woman took • mat For • few min- I were in greet good humor-a cause having; enough," amid the pedler . •• ,P0..... (Pm' I. And pray what did you get for ri.
Toel,r m m rel.n the miler thought the,. she did not et. Me seemed to be abstracted and lost. Ont. been deolded the right way to please i Damen, Romeo-who'll bid ?
ay We am speaki n g o. r •
I "Phere woe nearly • implel of k,' replied
bad gone toe neighboring tom, n li me , intend to return. Wheiber this was her' Hut at length nebsteting to the subject, she; the populeee ; and of th is end of mode/ A. now sin case of the gemmed, the! mco/ rii/. , a , ...
/am . ~. at...
mike diet.* to transact , some b.inees ; ' 'emanate I cannot se -mt. probably elm:said, .. On the ter. you prop., I will !there wee • an abundance, with a emonteida- 'mime of Hoene° went the nun., till there : r „, i ,..
I,:i.setir. g , b 055...,, . mer e the urn ' summed that Le Lad departed. Bo tide,, take the look , bls sprinkling of • somewhat higher grade. , was even • eontrOVeray who should hero, . Three a ,, n .,, . bush; !• h . „ a ...,
denitm. however, as it may, the roller was giving' That was the decision which the pedler :Al this critical moment the pedler stepped ; him. • !• Yes, it Molt he that-it must km.'
'lt meat was
Shortly at. I.i s depadtme, which was up, and h. actually risen, and wee in pro- had been looking for with all imaginable upon lie an, a. in qui. • emit way beg- I I' 11l kto any. • square...
,n ed
The whole truth was now Wore him -
earl: . the pedler or whom we have nude, geese tented the clock, with • vide to de- ' desire, and now no time wee to,be Imt- , ged to announce to the gentlemen, that he ; the pumhefter. The money was paid,
ny. Ile understood the length and breadth a
intention drove up, with the In a dis e ,s. port it onee neore to his wagon, when the / and none, indeed, was Lot . I had some few articles on sole, which be I lotore Romeo was let down on the terra .
• the matter. IF wife h d of
Ilia seme was t a mm a
•' in of • dock. Whether he wee appro.
I g I door ci•enked , and the wow. main entered./ • Follow me," said the woman, rising, would be happy to show them km"' Idol oat ° P enni ' n wan sow g one keen and pramina miller ; but ehe weeks.*
'he as inclined to pease -end, mr- 1.. lending the way .an outer room ,, The crowd gathered round, and th e . through with , and th e lint resat v. that !
;of Me absence of the had of th e manor has S , , , P
a dupe th an himitell Slowly maim bin
I not transpired • .t . was not ignorant of. "Fob am lwatta - aat.wHl more l'aa ,
. the where ens Mending • cask with ;out • 1 uir nem thick'. a. faster, .. WhM you i the if fell like • Sounder
~1 ,Y„ mid Ate his pocket, . hook Meese • en
; ' ' II had i d 1.1 t's lir pme, . fat.. that Me woe bushel of Basted, which else said had been , gat t • What you got F . •
, the task before hon. erece re I ,' i " (i . dim Y" han'ag of Y nn et " .l .. / % Bl r. t I r.whieh h. to w aad hill
ample information from several of the pro. *bout t o mo r d eooe reoet h-h e h o ped • 1 there time out of mind. Her husband had t Remonding to t
willdn., deuteron dm !oleo." said the pedier . • mine, pC o
oroo t „ 8 .. did
.; l and lath
. N ot , o f th e mi l e ., o ar th e t pramted, •
einunteutletion Of the risk-or •t .salt 1 a often wished/it out of the way, eed pow the, mend. the pedier. • eels and ..1.- Me preeenee of the. •
mmonful a whet Was Hee fltasord.
I when they made the experinomt ; and, word as to its good appearance. But he Pedlar might take it. Posed front, Hid, .• that, if the gentlemen R..., however, couldia fi n d hie kg.. thane her mem. !
' moreover , they bed imediand bi• Moiler ill mistook. She did, indeed, speak-a word, " All right," mix the male., .. and M pleased, be would take the liberty to exhibit s / th ey say ; and th e pedlar had to implant' ,
Husband F Paid she , • whM does thin
'br Iwo only. h o wev e r ; but for the life of what pr.?" •• •specimen of flaxseed. He had paid •• land ntl •apologia, for his want of manners.- _
; " Never mind," said be -" 11l try my , hint, the pedlar couldn't decide whether the, • Three dollars," mid the woman- it large min for tt, and not having n meat /
... I
' is. been • little ailing "he believed, ....,• „,
_ t , ,_
b " t h (whom...end.. him ' ' mm. . mm "r• "'II it ..... tit. , I
tband, and if Jasper C. fails it will bee the ' drift was for or Taut hiss. • I wish Mr. , was double the price of Wean fresh sad. 'quantity : he motakl sell only • moonful of , /ait • penon o
~ p
'am wt. of • feel than yorself. Yen mild
/ )1. wee at hon.' odd th e woman, • lie-" / • Agreed," mid the pedler, hie mid' it to an Individual. In this way . scald; said he looked better.
/ eery 11. time.'
said • bushel of flaxseed for then della. end
• And/Jasper C. was in truth no ordinary lam p..... 1 i ntoning over the loss be most sustain on l ain them all a chance • bet mark it, gen- / •No wonder if be do. ail • Ade," sa'
I on dollar for • spoeuffid of N. Th.
steal up, .
eme t o , a a y 04,0 , Whether from' •• What was Me gong to add r The, this bade; hut lees or no lon , be was glad. amen, if you Phan, Mid be, •• I selkooly la ms whit was belpipg him to .
etwhat it means
New Hampshire, Haseachumetts, er V t . I pedlar would hen given almost the pr.
rent, he namely been himeelf, m I n .111 of • sleek to hays had his doubts mole .
those Stator his guru. bed lived- but in I "He"-did Me meals that her hesband • rd..
to sell • Meek.
NI I . Whit met, madam?" inquired the;-not a thimbleful more."
10. spoonful wan individmi ; one I.p.nful 1" It ' s • lung voyage. '•
I "Thed, in/teed," said another, .. he looks, ,
• How so t' asked Mrs. M.
T h e story watt non MAI. He n one w
/ "price im inmaind a framer , who t ' tho' like as if he'd been very ma-sick-I darn .
.....h. ,..
trio had . 6 , day p.OO
(the limits of which one they happened tan' could decide for him.,, So the pedlar' " Well," mid the won., befitting fair- , mesh a Otani m o de, I soy he wee "
the illeamal. He lad lidt tint
be, at the vise time he II t opmed hietwiabod to halm.,
rs while hie better opinion, Ily to emit at she good bargain eke we ma- / •On dollar gent... uonful,". "II needs something to HI," mid the s hared
-•--•- • - - _ .
has Oral.,
How To Sell ~ A
ayr on this mandao• apbeee, he never
amid quite &metal... Sho had all the rot
nod aheeadem of the C,odlleh State, and
all the hanlnew and {.penetrability of the .
Granite State—and I may add, all the do
termination of a Green Mountain bo
If there woe only
_a nook or angle where
those States eould unite, that mould be the
realm -4—tio very al
'et 1'
ai sharpest pins
ease—where merger O. had Ida heeled%
Ihst however three matters may he, be was ,
• Yeakee—sad see of stniighthst
sre"—• Imes, ebarp:siglinh reedy-glued
mit of geese two er time awl evenly.—
Rs was • great testieise sI seilleg—se
metier whet was the @nide se
he *meld allay. cell ; awl be del I.
nothing more than to hiker ,_banl spoon •
brasher pedbr, sad to compere sots wish
hie st Ihi eel of their mare. veer.—
Geserally, Jasper lout shoe mere &dare I
Niue hi • ghee doe thee any brother
paw who smelled is the "OIJ
lee" lb had some sonikleser. dumbest
sad he had • right to it. And, besides,
his pereord appearwee was In his tam;
het what was er mar messimmiLie was
irsii-messed. No wee Islam 014416
seer{ sad saidsse ineayed lets wimp
ehish he had soessioe Se mall.
II! seemed, though wearier, in orrealowb
sprits. 8 I circumstances hod never.
. „ •
,Ire'd during the doy to put him in rad Inv.
i I ,-• mor. Anil for moms reason his wife kinked.
it i it ti-** -\
1....,1 _ll ,
1141, - , IHl,J*cr lit* 'La thought , more then ordinarily intern
, ring; .he was droned With more tame.—
The min was neat and tidy; the Nth&
----_,--- 4
shone more brilliently, and the table hod •
Letter bill of fare ; In short. Mrs. M. hail
exerted herself to give leer hueband se bind!
and welcome • revs arose as she well could.
'And she had evidently sneeoeded. Ilis
md pleased. while she herself was ens-
NUM BER 48. sunny t . thesr . ful and enviable.
2.trlgn, Itathrnahanr, eilrgrzltturr, :tai, avr, &ar SitEr'siat.
, Judging from hot mamma. ..ha that aho ;
mown to intimate that her husband aroalld
evaa lam matonary—man holifarent!
lw could not oppear—enore set and dote-
Bind tram impowible. But potting the
eenstruodoe upon her words eons &ramble
to hie prevent Interest., he natured to np•
ply what she had- raikd to say. Too, In
deed," said - ha if Mr. N. wont at hone, I
duo say ho wetiliret lees mob a bomb •• I
. saki gin Ms."
boriretor the pedlar hod inewookon
lured • ward of *Num& power the
world over lbw* I" the word mood
no unit the mimeo'. eitentios—nol for
the hat tine she billy kokelstilm
Awl so it Mopes*, that, al this Marl
mamma In the bistery at that el.*, sad
le the propelling. el the pallor I. rebates
to • .ab el It, it sue* owe twq IhrtS hit
to .Is. It. *nos were sees Pale* at-
tnetbe. h .....d—seal for • nese*
them Ins Plows, bet it ma woo I=
led by the tratile. ebbs* It
SA* pettily
Tie ow** 4. paler we roe bobs
s=allast b sem his Minot to *sr
phogii i s i vd Adis b. woe& 1
dais is
irsi—beNw, I Myatt Gas lb sima•
king, and even lotoriatii in the thought,
ae hem her Waimea Inia himself he ekes
ell at luirtkill in?miteteltlog, we've
got a coat you my taint"
A what r asked the pedlar, • told
nimbler telletrieg hard en ibe aseeneiatioa.,
" A eat eir,".repeated the Immo, "you
said rat tread lake anything r• hod to
4 1' -
`ll6l. 0.• imam mew.
myMEM, m wen m be led; ••• mir-1
0 pe, dl IM mm. Mai b. ..Wig miss
Ty my et are M meld ; um it to
eimem I Ilm• ley."
IF den dm tie mmia Mi embimii
our bem is • ma pie. web • maws se
poem, MOWN" ibe bum Mem ley •
-'nr b oar ilia Os mem
TM mar mans 4 Met im•huemoy;
M bit MB Hpa, mil Om. immeat um m dii
Om et beimebs. maw es emb was
MA • Addy meib? Wbsi
meld b• Mib M wry
Thom me • • Mee er admired
Mi eke TIM
pear ime be me •Imgierml
ei bes um lib eosins emlima•
MO Os am" as • musari
le well aria wery-imbbays brae,
lefor• the tellissg wan dren g ff s, a
mid the pedlar. 1 Wow hgh—isos. :paler." it.'• a good while he's bee;
streA daermsd, rstkeen, you don't oh ee- swi he. eras hgooratot nto she et e .•11'.
! -Wen tM rehaser, with Due nu* t he "W. um us
A dollar for • spoonful of llassesd !"
onolalmed • un—ono of the old mottle.,
with • bog pendent spree to hb book—
;" 1 barn loon a long 1.. In Own put..
WS . I ono. board snob a pries for a spools
" A Mr prim dam say." said • man
lolsodlng by, "a lair prin, H It's de pus- !
Imo—obossairin•—thort, now. I sun Wok
ibo .. mi." I'd 0,41
ho dollars, If I oiroldan't get • woeful
Miami. Only for mg, sir—fir and."
" Pray, Ur. !hese rid imam, " i
Ms Ned Importer r
" Why I Mbar Old It was I imported
"lam Mao erwarrydld Memo I" salad
" Noo I.V. airs tbs. I sae say.
wbasber fna Ifkumen. er LIANA. or New
DM Oen imam wan suragb t rid
Oa Yu ssassil a balsam Isaias •• same
Ines =lad. leammlYdsly
"lissr nasal ! yes. I Ara sayfrt=
—dw atw t sad piens* Me NNW.
kWh had improved via Shwa Idete—fa,
saran., and moll satisfad with loin bargain. w ode hysbarod and wife loth oap
.m 1 martigno' of fooling, the holm axe
" * "7 d milk I ' M g i "' .4 to allow say proemial! dinar
him• I R into IMO were, and ru Import,
him aWe farther." • banes r 4 their eomposure.
Aeriordingly mime half a dean hands Mr.. M. proorarod a.ther apes Irr
nn idus Rama i o t a ; h,shand dt?Ia!orl thsa the matilar of tia!
wore soon maniples .
; the llosureo armor.. rMet sbositle'l, &sprits his of his uanal
! the politer rolled sip the bills, allowaste of Its, sopoololly alter a day
'sad safely dorwirmi them is Ms pocket: sash Wpm,
book, whisk en retswolae to Its wool plum,. Tisso,,meof was 11•Ished I.oh
W sell, Roe bemired ionar• I Geo Imo. harm Rat, both WI rsootored their eva -
&of dollars for a desk !—a aloolt pelf to: plushy, fief me owned at As 11111‘TO
Mr. M., ef 0.. bombed efifloaa— mew of Ao fey. The roller iblo't
Ras will or l eap* sm. Utak mahsillatioe he lb. is'.
Ne sine we now het b Re poilor le i had seal; b•• NE N. field tl so to
to-hkehieg bla Imam witielt few he left lose deserved mate *podia who eseiJ tarry
for Isse&-ateation, tem So holl awl aseklbi• f•elPit? •co•olt ealleaolts ; bee
mot ate resew sof ble espethesi lemon oh , .0... d=ll .16 burr
a chalk. The mialtrile, wbilsh WA hoes I .filer., IR* Mopes of a Moho! • f
soma thee Sbh=esorr he% Ma Opera; 6.-endM Oros dams, end • old:
MOM lioa So tlair malteds. p. pd w fwf Re sea Maas
. . . . •
Our Wry sieshrm vs moo mom MI A eau, 1111. mt.—A eammender, 4
Wee,. ta. brarieer et Nr. W. tb• 11n Tort T. miry Uwe Is n 311.. T.•
Al east belt pu. irromilakime ems- N.& In Caroni* Amon rwr
1.6 do loft mitikesiore• relit la geld dog and out a( • 1 1111.
,17 real ,k Ms sib illessepor-bablo. .11.1 i • epees WM bit .1 Nem