The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, November 15, 1849, Image 2

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    Tele November Mealier.
We have huts Weer apace le.devel• le cleft.:
- returns tine week.
ttg sot in noel. The Democrats It.. only
L. J bolt of the grate ticket, eta: limn J.-.
DEAIOCRAT. Chatfield. Choi and Wallet, and p.osbly ram.
others on their ticket, although the serai o oleos
N. amber laf 18411 i. 1•11 1o trader it impowildo to len with corteraly till
after tho official vela et in. Tho Prate Turaday
To Advertleen. evening say* that Judger/ewes received the high-
This - paper Imo c tartest tormilation of any ens i gg, vwe so,
in No •. , ..rn Iron, end ON. 1 . 1111.1, larger
Thge . , g , g , 0 therefore claims oh. popular emote heDenmerstie.
wlll of emares consult their own Moreno Th. catmint...teethe 'Legislators is pretty earlo
be eelecting it as such mahout. Ily Democratic. TM Whip Mahn teromajority la
Senate ad a the De 1130.11111111 4 mpi • only in lb.
ST The California news whieh we print tn•da • ' th ° - •
eh. Im given 1110 latter a mammy no met
will be found of the highest ititcreet. and especial-
I y that part to the organim Mit of e Stole 'l 7 'l. 0-1-- N.
Itickinmn Well done New
government slid the adoptioit of it Comittiouno.
whigh, Judging from present eppearotirce. will be 1
for room liberal and Democratic thou that of any Now olochou nee for member. .1
Iwglslattne. el Much the whip have email
Nwomen. Una glorious !amore io particular, l7tMloltY i t emh leettelo-0 great lm e o mpeeee
is the article winch excludes slevery from the Ter- rth lam I°.' Ihe vote
ritery. or State, (ureter. Massac .—Noeleeloost of Gamm« by the
• people, there being three enadidstes in the field.
ST T. P. hr. 4ml. vrameleaeed front Manatee .11. Itegislature.henever, meting. se usual, ahho'
ode" w satunk7 law, nn oollilelmoce in by a largely reduced majority, nbtelt will et n mee
the cum of 910. AM. I Briggs Governor. Stell so cleetiore for Congtme in
A GM.. or Inowniat.—Wo are disposed to , Colbry'• Dietnet.
give credit le whom credit n do, and therefore heA•geoe.—Deneactstie as itenal..twithriand.
wirer out gratification ritt lemming that a lbw of I na this whig and free mil eouhtiou. Derry, Demo
the more indigent and needy bill-holden of the I. elected Governor. aid bah branches alb* Leg-1
guequebann• County Dank are likely, at some islature are of kindral nand s.
time not very remote. to ermiite not nit , . for i ICiaroorm.—Desirocratio G 0000 nor and Logisla.
noun held by then.. Au wiwgiimetit, we learn ; r ,„ ro (or .. .„ o „ rrri.
from • reliable mime, of certain real estate in I tel nor.
Tleg• county. PI if., valued at averardiourand ,
dale., Lou been made by the Directors to C. le '"'""""" 6°.•.er std 3 eat a;
the I members of Corm' , at... 1. fore, alter a hard ,
fought commit whirls the wings struggled for the
tore and the dale( hill-holden to whom we have n.n the ;
referred, including wide**, infirm pennons and . '"' the ht Or
young ladies, who were hone fide how.. or "P"' ' '''"" "'wen° . by °'
nom. at the time of the failure We commend very kw yet
tide demotioo
do all in their power n 11, 1 ,1
non the part a the Director, who weni . thc ileclioo of Gen Q tttttt la, Democrat,
diapered t
!i re , f . (: overnor. l'ungreraional -District. unheard front.
the will; m og. and think the politic will do the [Arra--1•I,. Democrats bare elected all four
If all nennut lea paiA _neleve the ,„„„ n.r or of the, ember, of Congran, what.,.. gain of 1.
those • how eireitmeloncer reader their lorries nowt Wiesecwor. Mere Te.—Th. telegradt
painful. We hem no one of them who really , the Wootton of Ilayn.ohil, mirli,g.) to Confrere from
cane within Yoe pale prescribed chore. will uteri. this dietria. (Doubtful.) If so it lb • whit gain.
I. '" whi. " " "'"` i " g g" " "` " ' " 1 The Awe. Co. 'lank essindle.
ehu ''''' ''''' "'" " T
" ""he (..ilon,m, .mt n mark% on
has gi,en to render the property ,10,111'd for
s:tl.feet of
thetr roller, ovatlittile. l'onni, Donk, (non tho Ilartprlitirg keystone, steed
—And in thus tipploodpng 110. lendable ilp epopon
an the port of the Direct., perhotie xe toophi, pet
polite, to eity • non, ni eon...mho pp , of Vr: Wllitho on Iron. poet, no tonal the To. 0 -
w "" """'' wa undenteml," *n4 ' i r ' " gl ,. 71,7
newt, ood swhe d." ..". " I Y "'"" tiled LTD% . thonwudw of Jullerw, and
I le property in 1,1.11311 end render orpheuble.!,,,,, „„ l lle. coarse Ana far has been very kid, genciette. the lieu-felon. twit llno swindl, moil 110 W WO
and pranwitorthy. I hate the Sunineliniina county bank talon, by
winch t h e .111111111 M IS again emitted an of
STA. Tactecara —The I/cameral pmwro of ii.. w. Thm ban , which has been far year.,
sugac.n. circums t ances.. wo understand faed, of
this Stag em bcCirotag hopeleesly. about an Ave ego, and
the V" t ae• oar parry rho, loge memat of which manage. heel emceed
ghee of State Tr, Lomat Among those ...tad id at gelling to. circulation '
Ile doubt , pigpen.-
are Rickard Van, of nbilad. [pion; Jahn Swot. I tory to its fader, are now mad to be worth ranking
Yam. of Weamemthed i•mh We•detntl'6 ' "lint long wdl the
I T: Ple e tm "d rrta n Tel;
non Wu, D. Iloas, Dupl. nomel \\'a click
rained by a •et n 1 an r What will they
a t tom i those hiemben. el the legislature, who have
',rac aoa ket, ef Northamploo. and Jacob tallith, bee* acme c hatter and re.rhung bank.. 11,
@motion, sad at the mine time, refusing to inor.
Lehigh. To which we heg th the porn. into their charier., ouch proarion. re l
of Am Dg, of nasquehamm. linendag ,
disparagement to others nen*, jet v, e arc quite Are net such men am
of the interest. of
confident that awl one of theta is lo net emoldird , tbr_ltr•ltt•;.,•• nice halide
for the ghee of Stele Treasurer then Cul. noted, „ yr ,th • n t t . ',.„ th t et
„ „ „ teig; tile . ea m fl
Daring the popular ad ..... itstrabons o f t hat I tgert. others hat use the meant. thee placed 111 their I
nu nil by Cul. Snowden anlit A. Cloth r, lie hano.
art olTito r, or •• tVhat cninstanceo. nher the hthis of etre.
acted • ...Pima. It in o e hat e had and ther e n the togas
Chief Clerk and we are aerated that toil, throw „thth „„ m
the lot
, thataknowl the efficient von they te- Igislemre, al, a few aril,. and unprincipled
calved front h im hat capacity, and bear ample row mules hem the democratic patty, in coalescing
twathony to big itstung and fidelity ...Wirer 1. grant and re n ew charter., without making th e
atockl.olders todividnelly thle, or providing env
The Scala& rallissisi I adequate remedy for the acenty of the mum,
The lain Carbondale 3thrual ra log) while met. f , :_tt 0 W .. ...g, , Tr . " ., ..Th th ,f7ad m . i t .: 1Tt m 0 r ea . , ,,, , ,,, ... ,
mentlng npon the Bank eeplorion and month `,, „ t fithth
th „ ,th
here, eel.: I ad, a comae there thy death, by makingi
We have at our life that II„
t h e ere l the stockholder,. inth, ideally Imble and by pro.
• may to the lo ..... v. .. •norcoi the pal,. idog mine violable 'vendee, that there wall not
of adv.., the con ..... mine. where be hank. eumgh ia the COM ttttttt oty Ito not the
healed. But ulcer ilw y can be managed ...sorb tendeney ever been, ender the loose ejstsin wlovh
arm eels prevent fraud and resenlot e are done ' lune prevailed, to au unuccerary increase, not to
w id, thee ,. jj,h,...
no thing the 11,.. outeette the real busmne wan. of the ernianain
tem of nuking—there n us for snore euray for ty, but to promote @peculatin and tall
the public against lure by their mi....5nag...." ricked interest th hat helm. set of nwii. who
Titg• the e at ` e... 1 t . oty "d t ' o n' torn " ii k titja r6 ird ' it=
talkto a may ••••• — a . •te " nay Habil fat all thetr debt. , If they aro shag
Yam eyes Um , " Them . • ...die the 'lath.' to treat theineelv., whet right have, they to ash
ill Pg.'s... the Democracy have lot, proclaim.' the . renumeity to tram them?
men ge into
in to make meetly. cad
edi and, Yth ••Yi tale. em " to ah l a r re MI the gates in ea. of niece, la it ..-
. fro the pane against Intswe We 010.111 k• j„ roil Amore, went of AIL in.
there ard the coulry the le th r UIII w hat math. or extra, agent and wild geculetum, that
to, s the wlig party, se • parry, m nlanou to elm the: Jess 7 onliz . ozn , zenity
na• wnh i t r y, who, if the qatio• were pnepesedad to Ifint
to have no flanks than to lithe them charmed ,
upon the Wu, o f tad magate•Ymea elan manhole., estreciiinery es M, the federalises
which the twig ef The Banks of this Sta•e are rho r. renY At , " altaatthavea
Wad N.M.. , A the' h.' r ct hnk•
at ae! ' ,. ' tnt.17,7=.1,717ra . few mai
ita neck walatam• as h en
w ) ~Dint token. or rollL n,ln very te a have
fraud. med wind'. that, there new are. nut it rally managed to defeat every ellbenve measure
114•11 net Amid le MVO st we have only to refer • akaitmreottmtni. t. ..Wo ill mtrun:tt,:themong
hapey when
the united mune permed by Its Itepreantatives to:of t.
..m ed
our Mato Lerida.. a Vaunt. They h t .. throe where hey mire peeped) , berng, and mime
been the *hempen. g the proud flanking in long aproach upon the elemocrary, with which
Spam, and • sound me with dmprration. every ,Il i teY htta it" ante.. .Y.nefiter I
es twit important meager.
attempted the Democracy to suet this " maturity
le the public" of which the tttt speak., and,
fly Nu, baM ,
for which hse werifensegy calla Thie fact is . mthth,th eh
Ib ea
Meatham an ls ekamith that. ' The Why. all Taylor man, thee demons. easeenaing the Ash
know it, the met N them admit it with shame , Iti ;„„thth
ud many heehaw dm the in this canny, once „th, Ate „„„
the When of the Beek here, le oderanly declare t been riddled into rep. Vigiula, Mage, North
that he had weed the whin ticket we the lag lane Catalina, Tenures., Keolneky.Gime..
we y , T h. eau
N ram, oyi tha the be...a1.. ' Smith is an et the elbowa wittte. be deee .l
the Amman, to mdmr...".Y. th e peataatta Ilmr the boa*
*Whim* amid re me* *ea 1.100 majority in " The cabinet. cod the cables emus, hem ,
the e. r"6"ff sTet d r74l t eeti " effirete P rletr '" Wl:tt
pan Pd.& Wkly N..... in ... ea. ' rmine, there wee the mut. of the Ce eee.
W the Bad,* aide, pally. printing—with the eating., there was the pureed
I g filling the die. th. wigh their M
Cosesan—Tire svelte Mon neat Illood
W ay this
ere..nd tha more important *Meet of • Ogg.
• k. 17 Nedata am."' .tat.t in support ei the deigp of the Cabinet.
the Capital. the nonmetals will had • , The mill ere eeeollh. 'PM I
4 :,"7" 1eR
heydn rev- VTi.:II4:4I A .Aar ZZ'"" t by
au tea-- majority of Maly la the Hee.. Hew Is it thel
ling the women f Dunn.. ememaree, eed the more trinmphant elegem of Geo. Tull., ear.
Necktie( Ng the ways of whiggery. will also give tying with it alone. dm fell. Rem Ye& Meg.
te the Detheerge gleam g that lardy. nee 1.2.....1•0•4•11 td? weemeil
apeskee. ere are Wendy *Ste a males el Ned 7',;;
Didtkba Im Nl a ee.n by the I seethes be Weld: me, sad their peaty and Walt
pooh mini alias an Had. Hewed C.W. et, 'enigma ham diertheted thethotty• Thiry bow
ott.e.; Hee. lakb NeLmee, at Niallasd t a. divided .
ClevehlsdolComesheat I Hee. David T. Dth
wry, ef Oh* .g Her David Wand. and Jo cad orate et aleditlesime— die veimierry of Oa*
wid e ', th ... {Wags Ime hem to break &eve
and ie pia* OM Clumempot le dm atlitelde of •
(11•10 MIS will be eseerfel settled the mealsal Agm g os
Ithe, sr whether etty ef them win le et aunt ••
j a emblem IJ Comm eels age. to UM Village well Kew
I. die N.Y. Or Deatesests hes • old. & day, and the nerd* *II /*idea dram a law
auwahor et tier peinioe hither. We tom that time
V Wee* II *Med *at the Ithmegmel.Tegto
kinteeek Is viithdog daily Dip Waves Tsai* •*. odd* ee nee
Dais. eel brig the Isjasetha to , Hero*
ark end Pktam. d dad the eaterrise ytait
F. 61 ig NM Monte.."
New I" , iilh—Nor Whig, ea the lelegniph merle
- .
. . .. _
. , •
~..... 4 ,.„ 1n cai i l b rn i a. '' 'top. The old minmste. me ih. i•Lvaget goldm;late remover. Out 11 Jury lad nalidieiin •. We Mimeo of San Antonio, sites -' has brought the startling intelligent* of
, . ....... ... met-agspt idavvim . ono, steam. they.. 4, waived by the politica is Alt lac iffilhe talliv•lntallk i #o Coast. 3lpuntains, fill miles tho Istalfda. haaiarteten taken by the
Ws need dim im•MdMii , w ....1. . f. "'"': ; thee work up the dry Yams al 'manner ld be prescribed by law. I nut}, of ius a webbing of considernble' Frendb . It is the same old quarrel broken
liilYlog o• 1 .110 0 ......" .....1..... d'''' w. ". i 1 omli yob to write named. 'After iontivfit. Ste. IV. Tlie free exercise and enjoy"- ' richness has geen discovered. At the last out again. The story, as I hare heard it,
. n om. loth, ...holt. of ohm. ovo7 Suing ..... O t is, soil if my knoly want none to got aleug at. w ith of relioous repression and worship , accounts, a number of people were working ' is thin : The Island Government placed •
in th e Iste ........... • igl °e.g. ° h ome , let nte know it, and I will poreham •rat,
drat without discrimination or prelmence, shell there. with fair ...COOSA, and traders am be- heavy duty on inflow wilt:ilea sod, as
Teo blionnag letters hum sae of our leuminhaa.
..I send it by mail. 'forever be allowed in this State to all man- ginning to send their teams in that three- wines and liquor., which eonntltute the -
Bey., /am 0 . . , Eat, of nankin, to ies bra
, If you. or any char rocod, sli.i.l thitm o f n d ; and no p e r.. shall b e rendered in- Con. Gold in said to exist in small mum- 'drat expertetions from Fran. to the l'l.-
the, Wm. G, ° ~, °. r' kli°4 f.•'''." 0 . ''''' in g here, my edviete is by .11 means to cone by competent to be • Witnees on amount of lilies near the Menton of Carmel, only four , cafe. The commander of the Preach Mai
I.MMorleti-geweideg ...leg. `ger • large Pee r ' the Isthmus I wee • gentleman to-soy whocame his opinions on matter. o f religion. belief ; miles from thin town, and, in rect. there in it Llonolula demanded that it should be le
a th• other new. Irm in type; but late sn were by that mute, and arrived to two month. inn New bet the liberty of conscience hereby neared every geological indication of it. That Fen vukmi, end, . the refusal, opened his gnus
than reception . wo 0 . 1 0 ° heow./' °1.i.1..i. y„,k, 11,.. ny0 1,,,1,„u a ~,„a eeet jo urn ey. shall not be se ennatrued es to Menne acts Francisco itself is buil t on it placer, I rem on the tort, Odell finally) ielded. Ile th en
pouing editorials, 61. c., to
. K., r them place W.. yea iiialaehlodly Zoe tr. know my opium. a licontiumness, or justify practices assns -' well nnti - ned. To my Certain ki n tielbaw, occur hod it and took posacsaion of the
win pekoe Mein by ”yiug that the +rotes nod ~,,,„L „,,,,,, g ..,,,,,,,.,.., ~,,,, I „.,,, glee ~t,u.r. nistent with tho peace or safety of 'this b.. ) 11 hove piLked $4 and 'ss in a f e w I•ou., Inland. An careens came here in sixteen
hi. company went the overland route through Mi.- ~... i
10e. the;
e,,,0n., ;,,
~,,, ht., whete
.. Slate
front clay dug :lir feet bel ive die surface, hours from Fan Francineo—l3o mil.—
semi and the Mans:
• :coney em. i....,,,, „„, ,;„ „„ r .. r ,„ „e her,. . Frd. Vs• The priyilego of the writ of ha - .i,,l,i ng a we ll Th e it t ore i l l Mr. 'Uni s on, with the newts What the mdse. of d our
, . ; ; ,
list 1...... Ca..., ...o.e, 19. .. .ieo me '.',era, iiii.iiei )• . "00. . • , ‘. ..• •
,• .
~ , r , , , eyelet, in cents °I rebellion or invasion, I. ..f t. Custom-House ts something more hot n.•butly knows
Den, Aroihr, ,1,,,1 Parndy
. The convention here has been in SeNtion
I have at last reached the much talked of .. Oh. Tloo lion. tor, is •
what we .o f eit,..l, anti rouble, l'... h ir r ..k1...°) . eclair. ire agle'lleam. ' limn a i ke.
. VI * Excensive'boil shall not be re- , 'tut Ly far the most magnificent dine.- a Ilinll I tl, and ban retorted in Committee of
i Dorado.- We wined In, r r . or shootinet.afromdo , i net. e from de • ham .. kr task. mom , mete . enrol se we
glair., tier c.canive ti nes ju,ronell, n•Lr cry is diet I °emit ly 111,1110. 1,011 the rancho the Whole nearly user-fourths of a State
l here, on die r, cuing or tho 2511, of Atm., aftor amino". ,I, you et ill n o th v 0 o are.. damp
i shall cruel and uousuel punishment be in- of C.d. Pm..., on th e Mariposa, Inver. Constant ion. It is believed that another
1 • tong, tedmue slid wear) (nuns y, hat blone.,l with
" o " ° ''' 0 ' ''''''''''''' .‘"l ° °' the
j"".". I."'
flirted, nor shall witnesses ho unreasonably 'lt is tilting lens 11., a vein of gold in the week will clone their labors. A vote will
'excellent loon!. I theik IHi t, t.11,,ed better Se ne wolf L., to .1.. p. no. ...i. d onl 1.... as.
'd .t. ' • I
0,,,,, l. Ann, odil rock—a b din floc mine, the tiret which then be tdken on the Constitution, and af
health than I bate slum 1 kit r• ime, boon. ....torn It >WI nil,,llid thiok to 00, ,
Sve VII. No pers.,u shell be held to an- ' has been found in California. Brlo•ther it ter its adoption, on election will Ito held for
I shall not ...min to tleiwien t h e homer in l i . ro, I wain to Kota for .nor Mine", awl i° g.e ewer for a capital or lawmen crime, (ex- was limt detected b.'pro to of Sunattians Legislature end State officers. There le,
, ( roe knee tot , m tonna will not ed ..... of it ; mail yo.
)'on &rect, what to toil e; along , if anything. for -or eept in ease, or impeachment, and in ream 'or by the company wh ich Cdl F.
organised ; as )et, no prominent candidate for Goner
v. ill only my that w• loses usseied twoutydive nettle. . of militia. when in actual meld.; and the lard Spring, and which has since been work- , nor, tho Senatorship tiling consid.ed a
hundred umbra over . e m u . b r
, i re t ere d be „,,,,,, w „ re e „ „„ d ,,,,,„, . i .,.. , 0 try 11 . .. k. W e laud anti naval forces in time of war, or ,in in the spine lorality, is a disputed point, mere desirable place. Among the condi
which this State ay . keep with the non- 'though I bell, vo Ike credit its lee to the dates apoken of for the latter, are T. But
, besets and India. o n ly, &entitle of umber mei lune to dig below too rod and !Mon!, m a d 6,1 , 11110
'Neater, except isi the huge sum., and on 11,0 ' gol ,, 00 the 0 1 0 Y ...° 0 tom." 1 0. B °^ l ° P 1... scum of Congress irtnno of peace; end in lotto r. At an). rate, the gold is there, and or King, Col Fremont, Dr. Clwin, and R.
1 ... ter peon., of whi c h m i n none, fall. wive , n am very nob. Mk , ' men. n0r.... I hovel"... cases of petit larceny under the rev's- I i t , extraordkary• elmndenc e . I new sonic Semple. - Col. Weller, I.eeo his removal
to dMeromm m o new !Dora. Weiler,. ti e . of the Legislature unless on ;moment-' p ..' e n Men Were ,n, Col Fremont's from the Boundary Conttnialtion, in null v
:lire ' Went "" co th ll e ata " .7, d' i. ol o .l .e ."' ;:i ' s " l t :1;:i l o ' d ' " fr ' 7i. ' ;717.0 .7 40. 1 . ” .0.00..." look, but oil °l.° ,vent or indictment of ) a Grand Jury, and 1 ' p
. it ' s_e "" si. " ,n, ' the stone is a retlish tpitirts, led of electioneering for such an Alm, but
1 wen o f now , en d I '
have worked '' iti ' col, do Dell ~,i , . Ttil roe Wife mid eirls ,hat 1 ' in any trial in any CuuM whatever, the par- tl ' l ' lell ' with rich mi. if g. 1.1, and for nor- Imo made himself too unpopular by Ili.
c,... ..,,,h. foil ton ,-five foot de, p, which I Man, ~, lon , 1,0 . ,Ley ore g0 ,,,, 0g " 1 ".41 —,, ty accused shall be allowed to uprose sod cooing the specimeon brought front North- course at Fm Diego, to have much <thence
presume Itaslald an re fer eoeleries. I two ....• otiold reliove my wool . a gro. J. , ii, T. 0 d e lved in person and with 011111.14 os in eiv Carolina and Georgia Monte stones pick •' or sureties •
Lave maity Aleith.hoe hire. mitl , a actions. No permit shall be aut..;ect to be ml op tot the tor n 1 the yotrtz et rant m, with- . .lin mg Om psinciplen already decided by
leo ram ea. May, except a few eold Jena in tholontlier o o
e ,,,,, m e nou „,, ~,,,,ni „ hue ., ~,...thv i o roitel..., vein i'el•liaili• oh , " 1 tido , iiiiii• itte hie Ina in jeopardy fee theni. offence: out rarticiddr select i..i., slaw .1, z. ~eg o hl the Colo cotton tire the following:
by, .ten',peel
I • d.ere—not we hoe. arneed how through it.and emelt moo! tin , iiiY
led In entllbenln 2
00 n, • ,,, the .41,,,.“ b e d b e d... e .,,,,. oe k nes nod romele, and tell U, , nn I Imre .. ~... n ,,, 1. ,,, 1 cot., to bat a wit.. nettiost himself; that the e, ii, l itn l h e .. t i . e .- oi l Y e owe ., th an i
~ . , or n „,,,,.,„ e n w on e n d do, 0,0. Sa faro., II foe, nor ho deprived of life, libel ty ' r property I a mild. The tl•i koc•... en the .-arrice in .d
in our company, save te ono likinenet , glen,
ion, 1:01, s . without duo proems of law ;no shall pri- km, .I.ltuill‘ aid...log .it .I. scoots mid
who hoe been unwell roe three ...lied.. able to ik e ns,.
y , i t ry„. ~,,b,„, „r ,I„, 10,,,‘„ ,f„„ 0 . . u i veto impel ty he taken for public use with- i -how kg lar4er rat ti. :es of p.. 1.1
. 1. dip
be shout all the nom. is mow gd....g. and I II•ok
. cnn just enmpeneation 1 tl..‘nwal el in only eked, fitP, so that the
will be able to work in a few de, s
d'.'''' l"'''''.°°"'' "'''''' ''''' '''''''''''''° "° goo,° Sue VIM Every citizen may freely nonecan im nk it wit! lithe m ee
The p 1.,. very healthy—mile. 411 licer of tai hen two wm I. a g o,. eeyno•• ea. nide...Unto lon, . • . . .• -.0 '' • . i - l'.. .
~„k„,.. e r e „,, ere „,„ i„ t w,r,,,,„ e . Ti„. erete l „ et 0 .,,,,, 0 , wh , r .,, he w , , ,, , , ' h r . ° , ....., ,
tr b , i m e gt: .. and pulthsli Ins scntituents un I l hese me the particulars font given me.
being responsible for the abuse wl.en the discovery a . nth .tot. Still
et .....W. t..... r.... 1 .0 o .°d• I.' , b ''''r ''''' l ".. ril . o '''''''''''' .i.' 'l.' " ° ..° '''..°." of that eight ; and on law shall be ; assert ..... re estonidtine (acts hove just come -L.
I could have reasotiably beeo esp... d eminid. mu t notions, 0, bow,ver, wmtio of special nn, ........ . troroetre ,
or ehrid o the itte y
of ' • 1.. .
a. speeck , light.
:thst the lel misses w medo lip or all nations. col-, froin we, end 4ate conelielod te do by lino what
or of the moss. f, all criminal prose.- . A plot glut be. ant to examine the ; lace,
orw, eat. mud lemma.. What .. termed 1104 •• • ild Nod," never del, em: let hem altit..•. We , tins. or ;„,;; orreoete ;•,, r . no, the rr „ rh ' „;;;;,„; h ,,,,, 1 ; , 1 ;,,,,,, 11 , rci „,„ 1,,,', i ce,
Candact is exceedingly ,nro, TI,. ~,,,,,,, rearm-I,ln hale to ° lock ...moo did.. a w L..... us „„... lic r i e ,..„ ;„ „;,;„;,. :„ 6 ,3," ; ~,„i ~,,,-,I Ilse, I , i,. , d i , t .,.„., „I. In -, b., !,....
Ids a" 1 . 15 l""• ."'' .""'"'"." r"`'''... , `.'" . ' .."" hi' , '.."'s"'".'"'''''..""‘""" , •"'"' II it shall appear to the j.. y Oda. the inat• w ith a., ,i, , L., 1,,. .doh I , r 1.',1 , It t At
t). w idm di'.• lel.' ..... ""o' r " o^ 1,,°... . ,, ... ,,,, , Ito 0,/ ,o/ „.100, a . 0.., .. , 4.. 1.., L., .... ~ I, .I. . ~_ . .z. . -
from ant ler...Mote both ut th.• Slot
v.. 11 attended The people hate met it do Fee .' TWO SI, 11:1:1Vi
hie, and I ho, 111 illtbil
After we mooted the Sierra Nm innuntum•
or Ira through a ImMemimotry in dm
Th. r,r0,.. I will ~.trrrnbr, h, 2 . . 1 %STD! \n] , r Nlll% I EOM Illr. , II LS, hr.
would Holt...hove 1110 if I olemlil tell too oat .7• , . • •
nut ertheleos you din, go foll mita to mon the The memo. r EmpitAFett ornsed ot Nett York
to en ~, gly iniot exaggerate.' rITOT. of oL 1
from ~, , r r ^,‘ the 2111,
her in Cathforilm. I him, Cobham, Imo ale °ember Id. of
I 111111 very anaiono to hear from home, and ha el the highest utter, rt, Lore!.. non:mkt of IIN
m P
sent ones la the 00l ildiee--Iltut or, hi Seem. 11 1.1.10 N IN .J 1.11; Err.
to l'ity, or Fort Suitor—dime my arro 111, but I b...t00l rer ihnunend iontrainipet n
gM Ile !them Th.. day I Lave seal aglow I hem. It. Thureton, Delegate toCetigr. so Loot
wrote to Son Francisco to haven r by I"
nom Into onkel to me here of there were n.. then
for n,, In troth, I hate not heard a ontd hoot
w ,
of ih r
Lott e sie I left in April.
, dim turtai ix that cinch ',lob to the uroutera 2
I "1" ""'nc )d,, ' n " . " """"" of ('aldornin k tom a tko :ua
There in gold here, and I tImM great 161110.,
rr"" many I.rapl
4kt :Ms Jose on the lot ofhentroulter, hot motion.
ital. come of o hum took. 1110&11, exeeeduiglt fort,
not th tape„
whit others make but liule. It rt yore,. hard Itt
...4"nu.° god hvk '"g el I Pm., Aron,. zt—Miguel do
have become acutbnoted With lumina!, g. 1.1 lb. Faller ; J C3l 1100,
',illy rn, orthtsay rroos t to 3
,an ark Re „.
ounces per day. I honk that tomato, hut,. „„„
alonast soy person enp o ggske 810 per day Sono Ohospo—ll A 'lllll, 3.ll.Cabarru.
ground new is very hard mod dry, and many of the I mos.
44 10 , 0 . „„„ 4„,„, be Sada o walk'. her „„,„„ 0 .1 „ T lb 'Arkin, 1
soften the ground moot into!e the w,,tor inane Olen. I aa.„ j,„ _j l araa , h ooo mich,
it. We have dog hut hale yet,. we hat • had J. D. Hoppe, A. hen. E Moot x
good deal of oo foamy" to do, and a. there is no o
„. to.loo:"..:fl ,- ;1 1
gram in the mining country, no. lama hood too lake '
°or animals to a tench, Owl, node. olf. to ',nature.. „4,,,0b—.1 bit., It sempb., I. Ny 11,4-
We have dug about a t0...0h0( winch I wood roll a M.,3.411..,
"'Pk' Their" '°r‘""*"."rY I
you efrom P . "' 31el'arver, J. 310 . .oreer, .1 11..1 , 0,31, I: II
light down n the emalleet mote. 1 hare seen I
nom heavier than 31 ea.,lbut lime heard of mevertol, Non: Jdaquo. NI. Hollingsworth, S. Daley
plecve lei. I..**j dot
*'''igh"n*v*r*li****l* J 1 ;1 . I llgos l e
I wi l l new wire you some of the prices of tuber /' M ' n •
The faliewhoo was doe tow tor 1 resslent of On
and of hone, Thu century isnot afa 1111 l ng
" ' *".***.***l* ' l*.• **d.*P*r 'OlO. k". I11011EItT 6E111'1.1%2111 W.II.I:WINN, I
wlt Dent April to Deeember. All oregetationo Scattering,
therefore, except timber most dry and decay Tio' Mr.:Oa-nil& Woo eosolooltni bin 0,01 by 1 . 010
aloe yea are the proms hem et the mines. s „ p ,„ „ng Urn \'ollryn.
P'e me 30 mike north of dacnmaste o ' l,l folk. am officers were elected hy the ton
for haulm( ntmehamlase free that .` city" hither 'I „„,„„:
Wanutereehange from 15 to 20 cents per rootlet
Board le 811 per—eingle men, :l ~0. la- ta a .a v _a•„ n teeny
now is 52 eta per glum. Ikvf, fresh, bet., 37' . Nee., ,/ an, aunt x, „„."g—.l I: 1 , 0, bob
30 cm per mould. Ilmon, I:3 cis per lb. Po oak nor
1. 11l 3sooto
Pork. 50 et.. per lb , Fluor, 23 Me per lb. A snail R „, , o ,„ _y, Ito.. p„„„.,, •
bowl that held. menu memo or coght opus, lobe our nt-er..1,,0x-1 I s I 100 roy
ondlt.pons, Dilly more taring at the top, rant 97 Porto..
A wooden bowl of the same else for noshing .s, t
I mom from 9,110 93, end wash.grodlea, that ot 'tic d") " , "e^olPletc ot2 3 mbalt"no
I lonr would cost frown three le Aye dollars, and ' dn .' .ot Ol "`"
randy sake hoe at trim testy Is w only Werenk lo do, copiabotion of the Eloited
Mull la wor th t poy l,„ D on ., et to , 0„, , Staten An medal,. Wato extended to Ow tlergy
staleratee $l3 per lb Molasses $1 pm galleon, al- °Pe" thcemuttel trek Pm/ ern ottd
domgh at the only lan. lad it wile at 75 eta per that la", hr . 1 . 4 been
phew. dey• by Padre 9+ 1111111 l and IL,. S.ll. 10olley.
Labor of all Wedges very high. Twelve dollars The members from the Southern Distroets were Opals leonaptooleoe• of therm...,
1111 l instructed to me in favor of a Territorial form of. ; M00r..,,, Oct. 1, 1849.
91,11, 12 mike from We place. is worth sO ctn. per
itommunent, bet crpreved Moor v to illessra. ("reeky arid illeElroth
feel, dbleglre ( tp y o p „
.„„ ebode the deeivion ow,. Convention. IN Thum- This country seems fated in regard to
. detletellem lever tidied. ,„„ o n oo th n . pp,o,op„, wins the mast day the Stlo, doe work wallet/1111110 need loy the op. gold and golden emikeinent. It was sup-
Ir fogootei„ „manic,,.l„llol "n o ., posed 001 long since that the limits of lir
ml the Conototeloon placers had been settled and that the Slots
11 . 1 •••• dm.. I wont m ke•rf....l wtfo! Ave Cum, Nen.. P •
edrorene, t •
ester, Nevada was the great storehouse of the
„„" 4" "" 4 " V "" ° "'""" I. .f.". cantle, L• I:soqrs. Redrogows, Teal, Eolurrnrim, ' precious metal. Mom my arrival however,
5e...0 lees. kite 10 of story Don, Ilailrek. letenuck, Ilappe, Vallejo, Walk- diseoveries have been made which almost!
month fee die WIN. am 1 deal amid . letter by er n Sh9der, Sherwood, Loppineolt, Moore: induce us to believe that the whole eoun
every ens. into M•ar.a. The elute Committee made its Met rep. try, from flan 1/iego to Capo Ilendecino,
6 1. m roe.- !from the Nelda to the oat ridge of the;
ores Docr . Theams, dept. 14 1043.
' M.N. the etch selwre. Nevada, and heaven knows bow much fur-'
Dear Smiler—
Several amendments and eubstolothe 0' re ufttio to Sher eykseard, Lon 001111abllely .0•5011-
0•••C•••4 lll rw 1 ""` lth- the Meat printing the businem the conmention ed and spitted with this yellow greets. News,
Illy eponymy aro all well. Marys" has get to
••••1 Ilu 11th, WO. Illh am 12 th. A. 6 ee B l ranched San Francisco of a large placer
lath '
ad "
".11 U.** . 1 •Plogo O. "c.o. lo blob poled with little sls baring been found on TriniV River, a stream
••••• • •Wpre••••'son . W. mongols. end will prebehly restsne no cheap en which row in the Coast Range and amp
hare w ady ems., sad •Ms mar. M , ' , •[ escoml aad third helim) ant as let .vet tie. Into the Nelda offedte the head of
f . ?"" it 0." 1 Bawlee I. All men ere by nature free Neermewee 'rb• stay no. no..
h." k w"th ii " """. " il """" *.h " . I and independent, and hive 'aortal, inalina- cavilled by intelligent.' has the 1 ... 1X:1r:
.." ble rights, among which Mu these of enjoy. on the AMMieee Fork which
01,11104.16 lama I man NI aMaall. ammo =am ON deyen,g aml li
protectberty, mogul- the digger. were leaving in wereies Is,
year from thle fall, If my health emlitetes g p eoroe ty,' the Trinity placer, where me said to,
./ d. " ••• ••8• ' • PIN.I hrrh• d.Y . and pursuit% and obtaining lately and bop- lath out 11100 • day. It is best to moire I
Omit amc ptlmeles 1 greet la rte.., beret pine's. r the storise of gold-digging, even here, with
The Insal•lmmens hsth qv9 emihmmt• m far Sec. 11. All palliest power Is illherent4a grain of allowance, bet the main 'het lel
so I no. af. l In the People. Government is instituted Imre. I lately maw • letter from • merebant rims stlihaswilltit; for the protection, maturity and benefit of In Sacramento Oily to Ids partner 'itelien
fermhey a Menem malsillelt Adds( the people; and they have the right .1 au Frs.'s" in whieh he " Th•l• I.!
dm maw Aresserwea Waslimalthe gat 19111 ,Iin•B to Wier or IwlO4M, the woe whence- I good s.w. froa Trinity River ; gold is very
day .od Ward, nal an hard et beget al dial. Ile' sr the pub& good
la :mit require it. !plenty and provisions name. We AA
my Ore wee have hem se dm city. Mall sae. 111 . The t Trial by Jury make • great rein on the leads have sent
I wan Me nay maw alealeOf Ont. .Hh. a shall be isetuvd to • and read. ham I Mere"
go.l mot., ~1101 G.r j..-
titiaLlc t tad, the pm q• shall 1, acquitt. , l; I.
n: , l the j.tiy 11,1: t- n
mint. the law alitl tho het
i, 1X Th • people shall lu.c C.., light t
fly to aq.seinhle t ,t 1
o,el, to ectc.ult bpi it
tit, ttt.od, to instruct their nitre
entathe., and to petitiom...the Legislature'
for retlre+s of grievaneem
S,c C %II laws or a gocetalnature
shall bat, a uniform operation
SI.C. XI. The milder) subertli
mite tho civil power. No e Lh army I
shall be kept up by the 14tate in time or
all,l in time of mar no appropriat
tor a starling army ettall be for a longer I
time than ten years.'
NI I. No oohli, r sLnll, in time of
' peac, be quartet. d in any house uit hold
the consent of titu miner, nor itt thee id
war rxeopt hi the inatuterpreet 012.1 lc, I 11l .
S.. XIII As all met are to
political tights, representation ,liould
be apportioned according to population
t er.
din,V Nu person shall be imp kon
il ban dill action or im sue tv
final Tit:ores...unless in case 1.1 . frond: tel
persni shall be imprisoned for a militia
Igoe in time ot peace
tin XV. N. Lill Or attainder, ex post
facto law, or lawimpairing the obligations.
of contracts, shall ever be passed
SEV. XVI Foreigners who arc, or 1.1101
limy hereafter become, bona fit , residents:
I ef this State, shall enjoy the same light.,
iitrettpect m the possession, enjoy molt, add
mherital.t.e of property, as nal ive.born cit.
Sr.' XVII. 9r4er Sla,ry, nor ta
ro! notary Se: rttude, wile. or the Pao
i..lootoot of et tine shall no, he tolerated
be secure in persons, lot-, pepotz ant
effects, against unrnable seizures and,
searcher, shall not ho vitlatcl, and no war
rant shall issue but on probable cause, sup
ported by oath or damnation, particularly
dinuaribing the plum to be searched, and the!
persons or thing. to be seined
SE, XIX. 'Freonn against the State
shell colloid only in levying war against it,
. adhering to its mimics, or giving them aid
and comfort. No person shall he convicted
of treason, unless on the m Motion of two'
wit., toes to a me oven act, or c infessiun
in open court.
rs of thus C aut. Alan 11 as
sysnazeol as I,lln, a:
The nimithers bass• some sated theinseli es
day. • President .915.
'ro-d.,yNRt.I the Convention settled the ?inf
lows 141.410/1 by 141.1141.4 T all except Indio,
Negroes and descendants of Negroes. Ever) thing
yid .I no Is 111 Collimate. at t h e Whole.
irttiti. •• It
full. I tt . , II3.• eviwitse .4 . suit', tip
t tool it ftti.ll‘
I s,ltt it] r I , I n nt
tlw crunir . , he, rtr, dirappoioteol in oh
iirr mith, pl. jelly This di.eovery
hai madea peat ,oentiyu throughout thr
ruurr ; yet it it but the tirrt nuln)
N, tat IA pierettl in
taw part midi Odell
epr.lnve t , 1 , 1 t, real nrie. nft, ver)
-po ”fe,rtil t,..10 L.n t summit than lin,
bro., tin nr.ll ,vr In .Irl
r) i, „„,, „,,, only
.1 ` , ll :.”
n op: eltnr,ter. tittr •
. .
l'rettei, ~act,,,.,,
~:. ~,,,,, vilife,.
. r ,d 1 11. Sat 111, -Ale 50,.. eioy Entballenent,
ll .1 .s' -1111111 A. t t.I tilt II VI! AL' 11..0. i 1 i ~, 11..., ~ ~ ~ , ~ ..,., ~ ..,,,,,,,,,,,,„.
ieio I .t.. nre to•loo. .'.,11 t. , 1 I 71, -11.1111, t' • ••. 't t t it"' " l'•'•• d: Lt., rt ..... ••0) I' '''
• '` • • • 'Pitt it • ' ill H.' th tti'...,,,...“1 by
the-I'a , tile. vtt •4 i... z.v.',1,ar.1 wol al.nurd r ' bo , ~. u. ~.... 0 , ..e. , ~, b.. o , ~,, Y. nt benblt tool
tn de. le, 11 , I,k 11/ tF kt it.flrl'illt ,I' A ~t . o. li.- ootol tool. U. , ,',“' ...... all by
town rolled Vernon, ht tl e month •O rend,- itooen so, ow et uot noberoble,l....lottottoounotol.
cr 11,1, 1, 1-. si-i., I llttill sI I t 011,,, nut] 3 , ~„,
,3...,. , „ „L„
..rv. 1., be,.
o'dln'Y i soil l° Iw' `Vtilt , i..g "1".” T.... , oi.d vino,. to Itestmork. 1i... ~11l
ity hirer Malty pet •ons have Inwle Intl, !!'",:.,,..,
3,3.33, n p
fOrtllllC4 by lay) ing up lots st n lucky time r'" 2
and st.lli, then, still mote luckily. A ea , t. i s n L , ~ , (.„,,, _Th. it„„„.6.i„..
was told en° of a tou , ,, matt who last l'ull ' t in ni.pointe.l 1., the Lep-Aaiun', to review
b'.'r , ""e'l tttnn'Y ""“,,,, I° lutY hi , 10t ,, n1 , thwkeet ion 4 , 1' Ilse county kcal of Sullivan
from Sult , luirlt hlaodi to San Franei, ,, , _,„,,,,i,.,,i„,,,. Ii„„ Ai Sili„.. .I maul, J._
nod i' , wo , ou hit wry Lo ot° utlh 4 ' .. “.'"'''' dial, Irish awl john II 11rodheacl—ntet
Lt..'" in hid' .tt.ttttt•' Tl , '''' ", 1 . ."‘ , ',,,, 1,, , , 1. et k A.t, r t xatatitentiew we moiler
. tie..n who roue. ,pin the Paestum 1 , a ,, •Intel the too latter !Wall) decided upon it
,h'o'le to."'' ''''.,' '.”'r i'Y i''` ll3 r '.l" r. - , remo,al. anti fiv..l upon a I,,eati,lt at Mrs.
tins, A 1,,, "'i ' 1 ~ .ioc 5, "'l'" Inns-, r l'aireltibl's in tinny 'fire amount of dam
ft ., . Neu Vot It to fir ato out'. nt Y I.- in., asst,col to :\ Ir. 31e, lett, is $40110..-
the d •tonil i+ eon-oat) increasing. At Eno: Rubio. to —The approaching
best 7, - • Imo= a have loon imp Oel from ,peitiott of the Citentang Road to C 016111.0.
Canton and are put up by Cl,e morn- Oat 1% 11.11 the Elie Railroad at Elmira, un
ter.. Nearly all the chairs in private into, the 15th of November, will form an impor
ilies are of Chinese mnnufacturc, and there tent step in the progress of the railmad.—
are two restaurantm in the town. kept by' l'h,• l'lttwomg Road will milord a through
Nong-mong and Whittle-tong, where very route to Itollalo and beyond: and after the
palatable chew-chow. curry tool tarts are , boot, 1.1 JIM igation, will obtain all the traf
.etetl op liv the Uskatiala. 01 the winter tomato., as Buffalo can be
Washiog . is still it , n doeen, nnol‘the con- renal ed by this route in six hours loom than
ma l uener Ler4c. tplantittem of soiled Seco the in wool route, Rlllll at 1011111 OXIIOIII.. On
are .ent h. nor n11111..104 to be verified the 1.4 4 Dec. rather the road will Ire open
.h'enamel to host Centro: brouht 2,111 to s „,l b y t h e sit„, two
d.meos, which w sea ,tot ah w - months additional branches will be completed, Ito.
l ago ; another flora the Sandwich island, sides that of the Uhemung road,
brought 100 ,looett, tool the practice is now n Nett bury, nn I lanes w d Owego.—N. Y.
hemming general Son ' , rancho, is in fact, Er, Post.
unto in ito A:tractor timn any ,
other port it; Ow u. ;rl.l Its trade with nil 0 . V...L4 —tin Wadeo ,
pnrts of the Nellie is rapidly increasing.. , day evening last, the passenger train from
The overland onigration in pouring into) Naw " Yaa* " me " in g thrown fi ' m
the couotry in a full tide. T. reports the track, two mile. above thin village, by
which reached horn of distress no the routes, reeving on to a plank, s whieh had lam
and the certainty that many of the een. I raced upon it, undoubtedly, by so
rent . woe , nee , oh , h ,„ rnee reaching the ieious individual ; and this morning, a for
rods above the Owego Depot, just before
'settlements, caused public movement in
ifetyaotreeof raising Milif:idtoonjrndnr:,..“ the
rrt7,o`torraeTew..ll, o :4lol:ti:',3
n ,„ eenteiheted teelriy. n „, l 14k 3 , nearly a Lot above the bed of the road,
on being ern , lied I , nonptb . gave can, resting upon c large stone, the design clearly
being to throw the train down the embank
bl.che to Maj. Conley and NO Kano of
N. Deint „, oent, r une , h e ll the "cot, to the at peril of the lives at the
assistance in their Dower. Several lam- i Saa".ll".. F.""""Y damage
deed park mak., under the charge of on„-/ dn. in either ease; though the meet see
cum° tenttmony. furninhed by bath, that
patent emcees, have been sent to Vallecitos,
at the edge aLthe }eat Desert, and to the .a" et.mmmtitycan"" characters
ai„k o f I l ee lt e lditi e h o , the Great elently depraved and malicious for the per-
Basin—the places where emigrants will 1" a "" or any description or moolril
'most require aid. Word has reached ne "1"1. malice or revenge may l'""l4*
! that many wag.e have ttopy.l at the Int: 'haat° Games.
, ter P 1.., unabieto Pa""d thath". h".i (larvae he Sr min mt... —Tile read
roam as on the Southern. The emit end will he open f oe h ue i a .n i n a week. 1...1 or no " al . 'Hata"... the 3 " 4 "" is completed-within flea miles of ebb plees,
rot,bee ni" .7 te d ole N st * ed rth ljbe f le " dia i ne le ,lrhilo h r ,. : r o w t o t ni%:ko gi tt a s t t t o h f i :t7Vlr 'd le, that It 'feri a %
1 " 411.1 " or the r"." "'d Mul."1".• " put en end to the esherbitent sod &hosed
the Oolnreao ermine% have streaky amt the, c l nrßea n,, packages of f,ight now steeled
companies on the Oils the lon of mayoral - t h at line.—Owego Gussets.
tbeselo enntinne in arrive ai Son Fran- acw - y• A young of Dodos ha• so
frnm the United States. When I rept.ll on oder of SSW per month to ad
loft there, two week. ago, 102. vessel. had no honk-keeper in a mercantile hon. in
arrived not of the 2:0 which sailed from San Fronehen. W. also learn that ...-
different ports in dm United States during rot youngeladino aro aim. leaning Boston
the Winter and Spring, sloe° then, they nre Ow California.
beginning to crowd in more rapidly. I mis I
thlo morning informed, though not on the , Fother Mathew left this city yo..
most reihthle authority, that 45 had wired torch] urlof..oun. ft.* el. &dal. i hlo s.lth
is two dayw Inatuirink • southern reoldimee 'doling the
arrival fro. the Sandwich Mande, winter.—lferiferd Courier, Ist inst.
AAPTLI , 111 A B 10TE ;
the boundarbe of the State ehall be those
hued Iyy Alexis, embracing the whole of
the intlrtior territory known as the Great
Basin ; no free Ideas shall be admitted
into too territory (pawmd bye 'email m
jority mid will p a
r“bably be reconeidered ;)
Stato eapital shall be established at
bhp inc .lose; inhabitants of Indian
blood not possess the right et suffrage,
~te, and will no doubt
I, oh tn , .,1 en e nd terting—the native
11hi rolloraet,,.me of the first
fi).ili)..) ~k
eo‘ ,,, tr) ) The right of mar
-li, .1 0,. It tt , p , )esseil heloro
• .•., niuttlac
!11, 1tim.1.1‘ , .1 to pa,s ne-
the Cot,itution iw niso and lib ,
i;11, owl it two or One very objectionable
nill Instil honor to
Th.. health of the emintry is improving,
ague and fet or having almost entirely
appeorod The intense heals aro over, and
the climate it mow mild and delightful.
II n fork r. 1,1.1. %V r lave no