The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, October 25, 1849, Image 1

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    0. G. HElesn: tn. Editor nut! Propticlor,
J,• I,
'flte le..
Asa t lir ttt
vmd.til 1., 1. IA ;I.
mn ~
'rl, ~::i.. ,n,
Tao lice of Leal_ in
bert \ 1!1. , x ..
who sat t • 1111 •
use, t 711
. •
.• II ato 3lt
llorbert el.l
a t tm, a.; 110
iVh, g i• . ! ...II
4a%t tnti.l r••rks ! ~tll
I f
, t t .
ant I. r.l It t
yet In) fatht r ant• t
thine, that I ratt, r
it witl u--1 . 1.1 at.
"lams cle~.t
guillg. make, R., ft r,
nun e)ing."
Still it , fre c it
lath. rs ea, f al.. I I r .
than we are. A•. le • slo I ••••
learn. sitoply •-.• tli••t
averythille rot ar • •.;•• •t• •I t • st •
not see elt•Jrly the ros.•
ral't foel t•V IL it tretil
log hit bead...col I itt lo •lit :.•
father tire .or'y t' • •
use of all
t thins. • T 1 irn
lir fte.,e,
we *lt it .1 ••I'.rt.~i
You arc young t tor:
sahl in • serious t 1110." I I,llllti
as) -Ai do for all tho .odd tnnr ...
know what is et for a., and ti we .1 ,it ..
mintble in ONO ire. 'hall 1 , 1111,1) 1, 1 ,111,.. • „ •
I ant not afraid," r e s t ...led Herbert. elm. sant •• will be Lotter pre.Nor the le oi lift, I.lh sr r , p o mi r or w... 71.. r I, co d O r . -.moot hut i.
'losing the Ismk over which he 11.1 hen nos ia o ,Intant 17. r ~;•0. • nii.7111...- ; „ .1111.1111iiiill• 111
nri p "B ra.thOdlY f l, l . half •en tir. in the Then tooke nom.' ready at . nee, for Imo I. Idiot's termed us e 'noir) f. 117... t he % hid, i n d of nor, atoldi'm, ,orruptiel. raputle
vain attempt t.We • lesson on his min alio.' the e a• 1 cart n week." cur." t Hell I wash,. it..l. There' remor m.i re „ „,c, l e , ot I 11111 i
memory: and taking Some marble.froni his; I will be read, sir." the peer nese, were ma 1101: aII./ .0 ..thee Leo. ; al. of cynic may sm il e s ti t ,. l os t imeono.
picket, ouninenced arnesing himself with and then Withdrew. the saw nee es on self, to g ether with a ju. ' there in. - perliade, mono *germ of seekue ever little In
*him from the teacher's observed.. I In a 'soh: the e.g.:my of eskineecs venile who woe in the habit. alter
...... ki r .% morion, destined I rise to the pill; its the rause
William said ne m.o. but tnrned to hie started, and Mr. .‘11 ,, , with them e ear• the apples Wore roamed. of plaL , tic . - „„d„ Litman glor . oh the rem
Wain with an earnest attend.. The dif-
sir—when bad h e , e s • b ;‘, taken the ad. propulsion of the light fantestic toe, start- o f r e nown. It is not 0 c0:10 ge ...1... The bitter 'oil ...... ities p. , litieal Fwd.
fertioce In the eharaetcr of the tw o boys, is clan of his parents met blend., and .toted in ionsensy. and the aced lay directly we ore to look for si cat ad c . ~d sliew—i and faedons Cauada, oft. leading to vi
tas glidelY lintimted in tilt Wet emcee.- up in hi e m e m o ry what they wished him to past tho Ite.toted Inoue. * We pessed it, Th e p u vior of nomkitel ease his romp.- oleace.ll6.l, mea-ion, tu civil war.
hi. WO hare remmhai to need lbrther, illus- , l e m m , b e mi g ht have filled the surve}or's going On V . lll - 1 1 11t .). std... trouble. ex- i ons from the fishing Ima ; and ninny or event isot to Wive abste.l with tit." nor is
trade.. To their teacher it ors esldent, ram at more then double the wages paid Septa r- 111.'n hat louder thumping of oar Cho illusteiouti charmers that me, il.l there, et the present moment, ant prospect
i• ••"•••••• P •ni ' l••• in ••"dnet, him as • 'lain carrier . linked we cannot ,Wearts • . humiliated the world hose by the aid oliof dimiantem accomnuulation. The
- their habits and manners. V 'ilin.reciled toll haw Idol' a position ... us e lidoess TI o • em .„:„,, p erm ,' MT pretty much an some hhoohlo meson Dr liersehel, who , 'earl of ',girlies too ante doll) mere threat
leis lessons corned-, while Herbert never might have hold. hail he ii..proved all the malt even', -a do, though I think nu drank' w i t h m e of a O, ,a ,her, sing taaar ,h, „ 1 1,, „,„1 t ee oar
banned aMA well, lion wad always pal.- opportunities afforded him in south. Rut a little o ilton our usual ellowanee W.I. and Nithied 'mother w. 51.1 to the ..1. 1 existing ils•titittions aml Teintaata little
heal at ''''h,T l— ah,• or. , • I .11 .'f.r by tho he perceived the tun of learning Soo late. milk punch—s drink in them nathrught-of was a lifer boy In be army ; Cer. I hope is diem:rouble of iseneuful end proe
way. Withada DOOKO were all well taken Children and cannot possibly know Tesimmeee ,toys, w hi c h even boys were al., galena the very sun of solace, was a poor lemons atlntiol•inition 0111. affair, but
are 11•11.Th'• were torn, en well as parents. pantie.. and lowed to Imbibe with se little ithrinity as. recover, and •
I. anted to rea•by 'uterine his • iff to oil uppearenev, aceuleu
disfie.ed end I.rok. external!, and inter. teachers, what is best for them. Men who we woohl now give them • cup of milk •itio g ,. total, . g e ld er b rot h, s„ .er ,d, th e ii ef , md it
m m g ... m u ms _
Ily re . in active conte s t with the world, know , About twelve .''leek.''leek at night , in capital I mooed. of our revolution, ad the nem. of , hie. In tias view of our position. any
Thai Th they began lila. The one ehrffienti a
that the more Laotian their knowledge is ,apkine, we started far ban. The milk, gbeemen, Franklin and may others, may course that may prima, to efface esmtitit
Tile ' - ,thint - trazt ' TiLe A ao:crat.
u,. , .a t
TI ..
.11: • It i
.1I11\11:1i:q.„ 1'.1..1111 11. IN T , 1,19.
Idi : I j 1
I liiii/T..T11
~~.. i ~..i . a:
t I
II •.• .
br a I
r. lintl rat It. r
i IS , i , lopet, of tho hurl of
.irtint:llitt 6,, , Itlt'ati,ot i.o•A,r or.
yt , I pi ; its ittter,..t
I,t ,ho
r ,ttz etltKatimi,
:ttiol lea+4 Ralf I la, turt ur it ill g :u'llu un 1,66,1 0 N.rt ,
it b. 11, t ~t li, i utt,t.t.eitlys 1 , , I tint
11. rt 1,11 aecu-
It tH s ho It intone
II 11,- 4,11 o•Lit., 1.,111-. it i.. ni. '1“1"'
' " • j'.
A.•. , on. As I
Ist 11 nll 41 I
I 1 • I.• I 11 1 . .. • ~/
. it.
1 4 I, : 1 4 4 41::1 ll_
pk , •II •.111 .11 J, • ~1 , 1 11' 111 , •
N,t,t,. it
I 'll t I••
Tr ...... pla 4.1 teOrnielt
1.1 tril : • I
1.113 lii•tilletiol, .11
6 1. 1 ' 01 . 1: t he poor'
Important from Canada.
' '
oth, mleautages th-m these leaving
aor owtoial intereste
61111 Illiterate time° irritations •
Hi of ranrour and recrimination,
boy e hitherto disllguicti our social
.%Irca.l3, sigoiciptaino. lie
e la en fill—the herbin
it h. hoped, ol lusting oblivion
;r.ngth mthe new VI Ion)
:inning all ehmses, tweeds and
...2 I. gnat to part it, the country. Changing a aubor
.,, o I o. • ..1- .•.111.1.• roB 'lamb' I, an independent. condition. wo
1.- h. imhbo drh-m • would take our station among the nations
‘1 ,.. 11 , 110 I • i 6 ml, r indepewl. of the earth.
a I, , 1.. ‘Bl . , 81 w,ibl 18.4. noy e hob , . now, no voice hi tha a ff air. of Colo. Colo. , 1..1 t..e Coma, inv. do tto share in its honors
i.!,..1 p. rit• emoluments. England is our Parcel
. —•• r WI " 4 1101, a itir we have no equelity, bat
l'o. ..1 0 1 .111, t l.e pl. drrt , .11Mart1+ whom we stand in the shop!. r01a
..1. 1 1 8 e halo. th.• -i, .111..• min,." 11101,1.11. !It olodience. ]tutee OitiSen• Of
1- I rbtai mould 3 'mid but ae..-II I nited Stales the public service of the
tre r 11111 . 1 "Id them om adraidoue. ui 1818 ould be telt to lar,—a bold for
lor Ti• h. iur : high iillll worablo elistinetion on which we
•11. odd o ',old our I....tiaity alight enter on tares of
4' IPI mu eatuiry It' pc, rynality.
tie N. ill. \ Sor the a loabla ...gawky of
ot oe ....e mai 1..,. It 0..111,1 Cowan howl I rest Britain Ica fraught with
1,. r • cd our io•tit . 1" en. ...liweetwo •t. lIP alone. Tho relief to the
it , from tho largo azgendittar•
• eatiocer, 411.1 88 . 81.ty the %hit nee , nor in the military occupation of the cone
..d .1 toot'. iJr ill thr rein. 81 )rnnaal of t.fio many aur a . o f
1/1:111) Oi 1.111 I 1,111. 1. A1i0., alai tl,u Ullitell Stolle, which ro
tor — " that r ann. the contiguity of mutual
-". , • o f b o ho.o .I d ard fish Cle,— e bent"! of the larger
.1.• •" 1 . 1, , :l• wi• ow• ) I t the been n• 1:. prosperity of
th. 4• r i.. c nod. r. 81 l'at.a.l3 notil.l create, are ennsioleretione
/ad , .8 --• I.l' 5 v in , v 1., 111 c eland, of inany of her ablest
•- • • ""r I'• ' ' t , o r our incorporation with
a.• .o!..•• 1 's • w hell .1. umal .• I . 1.48.1 ate.a desirablo consomme.
I. Ti al 1.1 t- ,i„,. •
o) ' B . l Tol I la. hilt,l StStkS thee anne:•-
' I, "I" , • a C
of .d.:lda presents many important,
t ,lB thr El niv. T he withdraxal of sn rum.
11 1 81.1 i a nation bone I lair beater., by wits..
in lima of nor thu Mon ensa sod growing
of the Lokes would be
' -the ability to dispense with the
. but ha lb:Equal 'revenue ortoblial.
...lit .Al.l 11...ier of =my hundred wiles
d.l la,gl neeessi ~,, Ia their hilmig• fro*
..or Custoin.—the unrestricted use of the
- nutilind LigL•ay fro.
v. 0e....t la tint cern.. ernt•ldetts
or ilo• of which the neat sub
iol Alcuta wool." undoubtedly be
".flow Coloas•i, Wo
rJm• dart water pow, nu
04,1 ally
ti. 411 l'.del/o it Li I,
ia 11
~~r it i., i.. .... ~.
I I • If II II
ono t lot
111 .11111
.... . . ...... .. - Jaye dins kid
- aim' shoe ' , nil' •'i '', in iii ' iii , , i''''. I ' ii" '...'ore yeti our lire° and convieliona on a
"id , e 1.' 14 itieii. id 'l lo• 1'''' ..... " 111.1nt...10111 , 1ifell—involviog • change.
elilelraniil of hi' . le.'il , In in !;flier i"l''' . able l/O !, cooleinplatid by many of as with
—time i'i.iiiiiiiiiiiii'v Ili her liiii'liliY PI. - t 0ii..1 ii...lieg.. end emotion., we all helloes
wara to onnrives 011 the coni. ion t., to: itirt guide; one of which it la Wan
that we ~hall defray the attendant repo ii- '„„ t 4„,,, to loooido fur, and I .„, cniii .
Iliture, betoken intenti o ninnards out promot.
country, aphid which It is areal, n. in tic wo thorn .46,...,4 yon oisboot tooto.
not to pros idci. din °trending cons ietiowidi„, i ,
„ t „,. t iog ..
y_io the . h i t or oh :;74;„
the of its tweeasity, and a high mine 01 ~,,,i truth—in oho intents ooloiy . of
ao r o
the dui, 00 01011 to iiiir ....ell. lt dill) ' ...wintry—sad oar dusk shit k its
which we eat neither illwegarti or post- ~‘,..., and wittier. I f to yoot p 0dn0 ... 4
Vine. hid" lln to elit.thin the , id o,.. t r.ii - ;and reason our object and alto et this Oats dation: end niier'ver tie'd'illidtvhii 100 1, i. deemed laudaleln and rigid, we salt an
eventevitc with Great Delwin,lS grateful, o bli t i o • of m g..
di,..i 4 „,. ; ..,d from all,
iihondily nit the part of Canada, duald nithout diatinditni of origin. pally or crawl,
mark every proceeding 'de earned and cordial co-operand. in
The propoved uni o n mold render Van. - ouch lawful, prudentand judicious annum,
Jo a field for Almelo an capital, into whleh o„ may loot enduesum in
n .
no. . e
i 1 nold.l niter as freely fur tha prosecution ,l oot i oy.
of public work. and priests enterprise, an -- -_L___--
into any ..f As prisons States. II would air Profanity and politoutio cover at.
equalise the vales of red Waage upon bath socials together.
th., v rot
at two the 0..4 to.w
~. wo1:1.1. uoohl
hl and the r, Low
or hitt:mote might Ito involved
of quarrel or the lame of the
ides of tho boundary, ;hereby ' e e lay
doubling at once the entire present value
of prop o
in Canada, whilst, by giving
stability to our institution., a nd introduc
ingprosporit), it would raise our public
corporate and pirate credit. It woultria
i crease our connueroo both with the United
States and foreign countries whilst it would
!. et necessarily diminish to anygreat catgut
our intercourec with Croat Britain, into whichr products would, fur the moat
port, ente ou r on the saps@ terms as et Ms
lent. It would render our rivers sad cam&
the hiehAe, for the immigration in, tad
cove,, loon th e Weer to the incalculable
I tit uf our cuntry. It would also in
. , heel ucc toattillathrte s into CIIIIINI• as rap
d ill :) •I V the y Iwo been introduced into the
h\ 3 t!...rn States; and to' Lower Canada
o elee'cren . , wlero water privileges and labor
' • and cheap, it would attract
'opts!, enhancing the value
rricultural produce, and
re employment to what in
aratively non-producing
reettlel the United States
respitel favour manufito-
\l 111111
I 1 b H ail
t et hd, inn,
the t,.11,44 , 414. In, noold oleo supply for them the
toot t bo. tin.' t stensi, market io the world, with
!l, .0 the the kik, t of • Postem floe.. a
wl.. natty:ll3 1i.4i:44.43 4 would forthwith be eom.
.1 1111,11- •,1.11, .14 talt , lean Capital, as &mien
I a state '. ; the goat lines now approaching eye
of the
fr • sod rs ay entcrprisa in general
, 'll.l to 00 , 1V41 and prosper
eel I' , I - •,11, n., • ••tir neighbors.
The of onr Butner would also be
t. to it i 3 olhossol by free eceess te the
on slew, market. where it bears a high
~ twoli .11 tilt' 1 , 11 , P•. hut is sohjoet to an °newtons* dully.
b ru t e saute tins, there is every reason to
.11i rot c... In hurt nor • hip builders, an well at
I, kr ho 42,44.1..5. as no the I /teat Lakes. would find
wale the eno. tol!intits,l market in all the ports of the
i•.t. 1.. t• A N an enotioeta ft cannot bedoubt
t to. Ant,. i• ..I hot that the shipping trade of the Uni
t. ho. punned led s most prattle increase. s
It I
he itt.l,4 h.. ohthitcst, that, with them, the pejo
! t
...I . nottett.4l in the construction of ship.
ts• 1. ,ti.i.11% duo fishing, while we pollute
los 44 hi. I; tin 1,1 ect ered with timber of ea.
to et
166 ,0 6,6,11113, which would be equally
.111.41,1•• as it 1.4 ;tow,Rinse, under the free
.1.1 s se•sels would sell as well
c ono , ' 11.6 :6,66.1 alter, annexation as bcfOre.
4.14,h. and re ~,,, wilco! State Our
! wed - /616, . Maul, direet responsibility to
• .n. 4. of es. p. . 1 I.• is a distinguishing feature.
t' • o tra t...t6:.1 1.6 .t.1..46,61teil tor ns3 stile at once
t: it c c. 1.1 it :6:661 spensive.
t 4, none,- I.t pi os. ht . war nd the slam. was
i,4", .r, tore would be one and
the It: a 611 20,1 , 3 hoar,. this country and the United
toll a Ili-agreements between the Uni
t, that ar- s, and her eltief if not only rival
ow .1 t 10. di:- • amnia, nations, would nut make the will' of
u..ecro. the sanguinary arena fur their Ca
to toit nt
~ 66ii..„ 66, under our existing relations must
cddettonteal , nee, swirl!) he the ease. '1 hat tack iv the
4.•1n the rpr imensiabh• osoolition of our state of do
L1P4.11 runt Ifritaile s ia known to
look. 1 , 111; alai how far it oney coo
to keep lortu!ent capitalist. from m
st stoo.oolot,ol the eooutotty ; ur wealthy
1,1111 owloouting a furtooloomed battle
r tlou hoottut 01 Oil 111..1,0. end their
'ob. it moo. do, 110 n. 13031111; o uur pert
aid. •
ti the 11„. a h
lieht trn.l, Jucu I,
111 , 1 t. 1 that
and t!.‘ 81,1,,
.'"' of ^.1.1.1%
1.. IL
•e.doul ,411 a
• rit w
9 &he .11i.11“
I ; I I
t I
. ,
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