The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, October 11, 1849, Image 1

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    D. C. lIEVPSTE ID. Editor owl Proprietor.
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will a mil t I
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eta 11.1111.1 •14 1 .111
will built s. a .1. f•
Ymart:ohm.' h 1.1
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rhumb whi. -tons '..
bl.ll achi:.l.l2. I 1...•
eclipsed by a mew It •!: s
the al rho tna,•a 1 -
feet in eir. etc—, I
and Weig,14 1,4. I'n Vii,'.., p
A lat.ic ince I. • .0
it is some need a• ,
the city stretches u Lubhe
levant, and antn.b.
or t o fort in Lei g h,
ehurehee, each with Rte
pear-shaped. midsm emit .1 ly a tr.
awl a mks., will, the c ' • •
They aro paint •.I s v.,
often all ight hue sol a-, a
gle, of gold. As no,
2,001.1 domes in alto
the nun is shining mum tin
Abant nitte•teittl... „ a „,,,,„
burnt by the Russians, when they mace, gm t,,,, an d, than.: ..e,
a ire net, in ..... ~,,,,, ~h Min nit llreo I IrQ &dit,
teal it in IOU!.
wet N:.11111,1rl him. A 111 4 1.111, 111• 1 11111111• „ p oi, , - ,alt hi., .
Laggurly J, m.
A Wire IN TlOll . lll E l'tny tall toe. h.!' L . ' l.'s'. a" ~al tt [ anti -al of it, weight at a awl
my dear, what is the cense of the, wants °•• '1""'• "s •" • Thera wet aMk ring in a' Live, it it
-Oh, each a disgraco !" he :a•lti tiles hail seemed in pr, kr n• i h ,,,,„ to , ` r thin k• reasonably ittiLracol. at Ina : Mal I
What—What is it. toy dear e not u' hors paid him a "dk• sals , "*. , ‘ „,l
. i„ „ii people n canto ant in timatiruilig in
keep me hi euspense." and kit him in privide, ten.. imki.en ,„„, ,t,„ 5 ,,, t , ~, a i r , tonst mallent and Aelf.Cllllllll, l lll. MO!
Why, I ,0„, ~.•,:
, „ ! oi ,st 7;, a. or , E tio or .L. min t l, went It• toe front ninth with
tees, auppnaing it myself. Certainly it MI Mr. l". 1 "•ords. "'" pima: , the 111/ ..1l techugs tlautt . to math \ such
leaked mme like Mrs. than Mr " • Nlll l ll4 •ver his mind reentrol In the utbject • , , . •
INI .1 1.01111 , ..0. O• 11.11.
I. that all t Whet harm ten there lie 11, "" One Pu.° the ram!, jar a..a, wiailareti to,ar " hatalting,” and the we hear d in nil
lit a wife's amain., h e , paw soma, ding that in Odell the Ilanall vagra out e hie . , a 'rhea. his
Lan. the thing i tse lf th i s the part, lob Sir • ' K t mind perceiving the owe. Ilia heal , . bow In the afternoon, three effeur of the
contents! each a disgrace !" ward, and a hint toot no of the ah rie an , a leading members called upon rr-Edwards
" What ! has any Ono dared in write me that another affair a the kind was likely to ryrcesiou a m n p g i e d for an vsplanation of his surge conduct.
a with humiliation. . Ile net them with the uttunsionipeaurc
k " e o ter it, " no ll , mast 'to he read by my wig Y" amnc off feet re a greet w " : " .iikle;° ' Wl.'"
At Itutath, the filet ,isitor appeared. Ile and when they masted the soles of their
Aside anti sentiment* language. Hut the' hiu° bantling i n th e the „Mon w a s a •IrtrA old former, using a temple 1.1 1 1/11111, lie amwermi by b.iiingetu to walk
contents! the eantents!" ho Istldremell , and "if rat MHOS from am viguga. Ile came with Ilia xitL 1 ". 1 . 0 . ...• There
Here the wife bathed her face in her l'arsuO iu'Lleur °, spare magg.., t ied bought a loud of wood, whith Wier found the entire result , . are the two
Immikereltlef anti eignmeneeti mobbing aloud, , his man tlaew out while he came lit to shake loud+ of wt..), of the donaikamit.
while the husband eagerly mnght up the The broth, tanked eurpriscd. hand+ with the minister, NIA inquire after "Here," said lie, after he I. chimed the
letter and commenced reading the ep imi e "Or, at least," added the minister, with hi s health doer, •• are poultry and fresh ta ts enough
that had Loan the of nearly break. a mottling smile, and 111,111111 1 01111 twinkle ..i• oa h„,a,rm,othu,c with ata „ a a alarge
Mg his witUs heart. It ens a kill from in kit " lot I °' ""4°./.1."4 that ' l. to drive deck k' ne w here ansiant . kder t that I don t look,l and
the printer Mr nine year'saubecription ! one hu intmala
breakfaat-uric " "'al re"' winee," the farmer, as he mitered the •pekles, and preserves, nuts, Ns-Cutter,
Sandy Hill Herald.
parlor of Mr. Edwards night-vain. wove, and fifty WNW things
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rats. orrinnh Iti.r
vzo, is ext. ~Itiely
qbe . 4 ll,_4ttr,o'se lenvo-crat.
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tyon I Ilr tl
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1. , . • 11,, tlael
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'Dv came. Itt
-.1.1,1_11t hee•elt,
:tip] tet.4;
,IrG .1: i 51, 1 ,. ••1
i All 1 1,11 , 1 i
‘,lll r. I
I,;' Ar:ti r.•11,,11
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: :,,1
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s tot hte,
1101 thr
but i t t ololy eli:1 11:t. in
_ mai: aild :any,
I-11.1' , I,IW ,tki xt,
0 ~ ,„i,•• T 6,141
hurry t!y 1)1.4 til." it Ult. 11tii
that. pi/611y .1..11_1) 1 , 1v.w.t1
R tar , Cato
-• M n ,.t 0 1 ,. s.
a pair tl,at t. , make but atingle,
on w , tient .1,114 tea.
%ire n 11l ill
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Vul 0,1.1) I• 11
1 I m x 1 t
It k I I L
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tl II I. I ,
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I.timan I
owl]) .k•
V 1.14 111,1,11 S
.t...e11, ri1.,1 11, 11
loled , ol Ot hi. rat, il
~ni,•a • ln Ids II I!, II
tral indoperich. , 11511 I.
Iv It wmll.l uilli
ion, 1,1.011 gdail. VII II
Iv t t
1 LI .11t I
va Ire
otster t
trt. Ile Itti
it their rclnti
It t' o tttr.lor
I or re
t •h. d..
is Im
1 . 1.1,11
11 4 .P 1 till, 1,111
it tl twit , two tt , r .1
Lila. l was ...I
tot- ,tt curttott
Lich oti,ltit.f. 111 , I
—the fat gill
tett, t•ttb, gtoli
atst: won't 'toll o I xtiet dt.tet
a burst nf laughter, we luenthlen...; ...nil Jutlly botnre him, and lie fed:, the
awaiting the nwful ealunlirA . of every inniiient'n work to b ud
" There s!.e. Li, jin go : - I exelniitintl. :on to I lie .. ainta With and purl-
She didn't d.. it. hough—for r tut jtint ty. man thus ti
rtniing nu the I..ninl of 11... nln• Ind, love to awl hie tellqw en. lons
41 Lot C.r :w4l t; II ha.-k- .ry not tells uohly law the ..r
Lead orwo tool rent in the air, , it Lnnmuirr. Every 4,4 inn living
li; and [...Wog like a lout display- tle to the truth.
for no In/411/ rtlV,i/ig SWIM in his el.nvY Lebo
in the %nom field. Woad N. 41 /VS..
w Lily itl3 hire Ills 1,1
tit. ,allLt.l . Imemot atoi
1 1 .111 , 1111, Tilt - , 1 , 011
11,,L-ed it each °tl , ,‘ltlk aCI
lake, ,diat
• p.t.t.col IS itil Vi.
Tell theta, tl,at
)1 , I 11, , ,ter trmtln or his
aircet a:ty mad a itlinut ttritil•
11 awl parties are hole
tra, the fettlings tI),•
It. t owl I, f..r
lonol met .11.141 nan,. nn,
elle) i nntr, s`lll HIV it/ her balk
mill I nxereint , every tratl
n in, and virtue in4ril:ed ni) nI by )nu
1.•••• kind and futherly tut.] ing Thn.e
trove mu.ll t., a gas`.im
will .tromp ot nmLii roue gb.ry—an.l tin n mill
Zook bunk them, du', and mith yl , Il np
Illit !.et in my ill.
liv %,1111
an ir
,t1 , 1...rt. I 1,111 lomniii me
nt alid I will avinol
.13 to ant I"
(.1.1 ev.l.ll,tA*-
t hut I i , •t•
it.t..- eau°. io ~,/t Ls
i. or to Ow wind .w,
~t tuto.r rtrpr..3
al.•1 I.v 1.1111.. 1.1/1
11:In tMIII,
il.• 1 . 1.11 t. 11.1 1, 10 111t111
1' II 111,
n , in
ntni pnrin- nlnt
kl nn.r.• 'link 0.1111 :11,4
,1 , 10111 •'I, 11 11,!i 11 111,1111)1
Pat Girl's Jump;
I " tI
- I
I r I
it.. 1.111 LII11111:41::
\ 1,1:1 1:1111
I:: : 1111(.11 Wl' :1111 k •1111:
1 1•:1 . :11: 1I 11: .1:::
I.:lb.:11: 1
1,1 .1 a sill
1111 4 11,11 4111 , 1 I , llllllll'
-.llllt Ili.• iti la 1
log, AM! tl,l WU , 11.1.
./ • l'4l 1, 411111
, L I
ti I it tt iti
.1. n
ti.l• rill 11, 1111
le III.)
A %I li
I i yii
I I Lt
11.. tl , I
.1..1.1, 11•11 , h.,. um
,41 lor
ty , ,tl the bed all , l st
1 •1, t • I
11 /I II
I.lllu II a: .1 tl,‘ ~
Icnite4 .1 ,11 :1111i lc vk 1.. j.ttlq..
- 11 , ra yls the .nn.i• eLni.nn inn
ii,.ed t 01111 b• !olioliods gar, 1110.1. him with
111411 1.1,11 ,101 l 1111. No nent....l . L.nn.r elirtAlo
We to too lout toile Linottooito, tool a:-i-t
ith [ought. r. 'floc chair tihoJ, told d..w00 hogs to reach the xl.i,x / loooitode t
:di came tog.iltor, with a VI aOl like a )utolog ample, awl A, all, to the kllllll. VI, 1110. pa lm
peal .4
"Twooty-twu roos . ! The moon •
Muth °°•l :neat rout about l'alifuroisa . estate! I've
Icnta the rest to , got onol'oo gardeu as good as
in t .1.1°.*".1 all w r v.; 0;.%.".3, I ' o4. tlie.o . o. got there—antl toy blond beeta—
oo too". ooh sound tor NT.. 33 "" `.° dtai . t. folk to one of your twenly.two Sod
°option at ouy. If Oh! such ottcoopto to DMWm Partington hooked Into
t am might have then haunt—but
wo sett all wood to ploqing the 'ponnomo,
and I now ...chided to situ the apprach- ° ° Y . - - •- •- -
lug tutor and wile a sample of aoulotioubu• ""•••tt 313 .. .. .. 3 blY In tun b"3 3
nollt.the sidewalk ni g ht, *smoking cigars
. . . _ . .
.. Now Jnn't 1.„0, r,, 0. . nr i.l, Iw x , ioaultiug ladiaa nho happen — l.o j 0 o by
and al. No do the thing." tbwr. .11.101.11 a lima an at rawly
. . . . . . .
I mimed the table odita Iran, and getting luuk hiw fidelity soul piano . .. to uttrual
00 it, mu runclading my veer]. that I had "hat ..i. • boy !At tob.g 10 .... k. ''' . I.le
written and committal to memory for the ..1....1yi....41 1 ..5.A. . iti. . i wii.nn in
day- w and hem the traintha el."young ideal lb. d•••••• P.........E Rod' —97 " .- ""'""
marred, but .1111 I contintatd 'term Tit/atria/A
NI 111W.Ii II
not tln• tutor, awl at thil roint niN a
en,t Mating ~,,.a were top m ill in,
lo e‘er 3 earn I I k up. , Tl ,Li.
h s,' th) I i
cit. I 1..111kt
1.1 ..1:111silig
.4.1.. tip •
ton.-11 afro..l
I t.. onv
1,,11,mi0g tt it
u 1 II RI
, , 1,1,1,.1
1.41,..,k. mm
ere. 111,,w , ap.lti. •
• In . ,
Flo Wo twi ,
glt.l I ',MI I
sill 3i11.1 OW
he tnidnizlit
:makelaillg II
The 51111, Of le.leurles.
.r. \ v Lp• b , kllll . L,n
kon planet in I lie ot..
as in map ,ty Irnsuk
IVt: are rill, .1 ailL
:nl,l Id, wg•L.ll th , n•antl , nn
,II 11.1
1.1 , 01111 t 1/I i-
NV° I 11. ,
tlo• tt.diritt I .to• tt
tip, rot. mu ttatell dmily 1,111,11.
.11,1 In tr.. 11111,1
I.llt, tlimtgli it trift, burn I
Sanut it Tune •ow.:-.Years -wl (e
aught wr know, it still exists—there will
a statute in vogue 141 Xew ilempahire , leg
'siting the annual eleetkin ef beg reeves
throughout the towns in that State. Thw
nth,. we, e 111.11liVO one le tone pieces,
though it was genteelly made opprobious.
and ilie t obnoxious individuals in the
f onts ooity IMO usually selected tg fill this
name]. Thorrow resided Ina small town
'above NnAns, and prided himself open the
oemoe... of his settle, the elennlinem of his
the symmetry of his fences, and the
hi, orchards—hut farmer T.
wo- nertotts matt, penurion• End atom
%% °Linz early one morning, he diatom,
kom he chamber window
Lane hml broken into • niee
‘oniag,jii,t below the Ileum:
And in hi+ u,ll eagitelife manner, be hur
I.i+ clothe+ inade the beet or
hiewev to • Squire bookakerp' (the
ill d • Squire ') whom by
kly eith his roeirerone Com-
• No d , kr said, burry up.
There'4 fixer o' In) orighbur's hogs got
iota to) Ingo apple orchard. and yo. 11
loory. ht. g.t0.1 jai, fur you; thay'ra
La woo, and n, onstako.'
• 11l 1)0 right straight along,' said tho
Sgoite, whotetneollerred the details of the
la r r.bli"g to this w.rt of seizure-00w
hale t•o the Img reeve, 81111 the other Walt to
the pests of the town—and within holt fol
tr he 1511.11...seeable t assassin.. of foes an
mals tals.twil so the noighbothooll
boost 1.1.
how, were tprieldy slaaghteer
the town : and were hang up
i the Squite's sterehouse..- Far
mer T. light..l up lie bruken thane, and
thee r. pail.' to big hard to see that nil CU
•ung at the pig pen he had no idea that
tiouhle Ilin treighbora—not
he— a h e r le : hr fermi that a board had
' he ride of the enclosure, sod
wept) !
endow, dtptire Lookshaep had
drersotl t and now he mot
alto appeared at the
id tlu Squire, • the militate
o tt , iettre, that one half
go to the official, and the
Ole poor Now Betty, who
}.rill the Ftpire's trifo,
etrle ! embod y'. like. t
to hear about it.'
!at Ate tbairliere, note
to the poor, Oboes
eer half, :14 wad Mier,
—att de,i s instr anti
Conti their tray
eirit's pork barrels.
AI 11-v.
kl il 1
I nt 1r t
t h
eds. Fanner Morrow or -
. oprang neer the WI.,
11. e backitlithan,
elate he C 11.1111..
%all!) 01 0 mk.
Inimer T. hall
• 'llle3'l.• mine ,S.lttire
I n, ; tile property'.
t no the stotlo.t.'
01. and threattmrd to
n. lo on tht. tint top
nli,tnkr, at
‘o•t I
rt I
.•: ihat glay
lIYIOI/ f , r ..ilktilar les
vp ward+ of
!—. borer ;can Union.
There ill e 111P11-Ira
111‘.11—W10 111111 NI their
hie and the
Ily educated, ex it hi
hie It wit It 11 , 11 et
. I
If. some eft... have
1 3ter.l
fl.g %, Levi, - mild nlt
I I iii 3
hill I lii 1.8
8 lir It
ir I ,
tt• aoft. ..e 1:, 3 ...for
I iv., ut it to
to aelt.a.l." Itore are
01 not 1..11..1. . die
huntla. at 10 , ligh ut the
ft Ito lent ft rrudrr, I.r
or a king. ••1..:
• itl. ftatom
toaron on the guru, rend
ll‘l.l We 01,l'e know ft
II her n hoiy *!.4 Thin
houlh belftboring
wit I, pulling hor h.ft end
lew morltanie Yea,"
parent, “Iter father
I keret him well, for be
110 ighbet MAI your
uweer len a warldeg."—
lad beet, present, you
a Wanee vonruriou er
n atietept In utter
elks to fOlllO rut. II
t When we bear men
gldly of
I I rr itnelt
told I ni
In, 1 el Ilt
rued te
the industrious
part Id the onnottunity, we feel plot like
tracing hack OH it penrolagy. We lave
11ao in NV vela 'toilsome, and you would
Ito roily kiwi at what we !corned. Tkot
itioet a istouratiu Moll .4 our scribaiweartee
in the grandson of a fiddler ;Awl proudest
nom., the deughter of a wash- woman.—
It hetrayn s lock of good sense to contlentit
look with I....tempt un en, I tootle I ers
son ; lowever poor Itoor ti c nay he.—
Thu wise ;mil good Aspt sod lava good
oss wlitret cc It is roun d.
A E•re Ate —I saw •
mourner at eventide pleading OW the grave
of ono dottiest to him on moth. Them
memory of joy. that weer peat camel mow&
log on hie mod.
1n this hour of his Nowt, the form of
Cheistienity caw by. Lk N and the smile
and Imogene of the great multitude, whirl.
no man ean number, aromol the thrnoto
there went dm epirim of the Just made per
fect ; there the spirit of ber he noottrensa.—
Their happiness was par., pvtenniornt Cud
perleet flee moutor awes natal the tear
from his eye. took courage and theoltediind.
All the days of my oppolutsw said
" will I wait till my eltetyp' sue" tlif.4
ha turn .d to the duties or Ette, tot totivir
sorrowing as atom who bay. no hop. •