The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, October 04, 1849, Image 1

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S. P. 1131111T6L1, kite and Proprietor.
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4 Itemelmateemose of Irealleralllson.
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--...... i /Lis a reftarkalge fa. in the Whim of
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.Lll. l cr Li l l to our country and polities/ • partite; aid , entr
which should be ensently hone in and
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....„ 1,-,,-, ,by the people. that there as net bens
' . single dance in the federal any obtain
. log the alleendeleer, list 111 .11111niebeme
, their pnwer. Ins.. of aernethtg aturma
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, rto ~ weyo en,mite, hsemeeltiffesm elhophave le
'll.,:lo'hh•itYfinadell'if blip optal l"'. 4l l6" e t h h4l": ep.lan""'
- - , ---- - - -- - -- - . _ _ ___.- 'tubed in injury to the teepila mid are
-_ _ _
' reaehed under the constitution.
IiONTROSI IS I i bIBER 40. 'been indimisnoly burled
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______ _ , . ra- ex, th e et meta. t hy ea ~..
through all its devious windings nd
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.• I wonder Being real, is wine 3" said] tor am. from the bedside, and !Mrs. Jones! flamed Coostmlestoner, would become la.]. and lay as an heti- 1 they will, most indubitalily, fail in Gl° at•
he, turning from the window at which he; eaclaimed In our eagerness to tiecure'the election of ; bus upon the treasury. Democratic Canal, tempt t We have not time now, to erase dm pet ..
- - , had seated himself, and taking up the demi- , " Well, I tamer !" our renpective eo unty ticket., the Demo. ; Boards have made them what they are, and, " What are tau other ininciples of the ' 1 3'
a Irriet reference . ammo of the
jolt.: age.. The cork less removed anal Then emus • grave eilence , in which one, racy of Northern Pennsylvenia min not for• ;it is to a ...omen of men n0...t0g th e. act? First, there is the lainuiple that • change of lthmee• front the dor of SIMI sides
his nose applied to the mouth of the ' huge looked at the other doubtingly. ;get that they are also celled open to elect 'mine principles in the board, that we must' fixed ad valorem duty ehall prevail and be' Adam. to the den of ffeehary_Tayl o a n d
bottle. - Good day," said t h e doctor, sod went a Canal Comana4.mer to serve the ensuing look for haprovement in their toroductive. lin force ay all doles. For one, r a t e wit-' Wtn• F. J.dittsten, and will new. et..
_ 0n...
'much.. Yes, br a wine ; lot 111 rat tes not down stain. . ; three years. We address the Demon... , .110. aid for •• final release from Dion bur. , ling to abide by that pi kelpie There 0rC!.. 1 ."Y
hh e lo-dsrlter night-on Eltropu Paie : , to brag of." And the cork was re. , "8n you have been drinking my wine, it of Northern Pennsylvania more particular- demotes uses which Whig extracqgander, certain vague notions atinat .to the etili. . 1 ". nee" , Perform... of federalism, no-
The pentium 111111101 M AVIS 110 IMMO; 'placed. ,seems," laughed Mr. Smith, as mum as the ly, becanso we know that the eye. of our I has fastened upon us. •
The rert le in her hello, ,ty and necessity of specific duties and 'di.. der the guhe of antimasoary. Their no
up Hertford eenventiene and is op-
JOal, then • knock . the door. Me e l.. with the nteassob•punip had retired . .brethrtm, in other portion et the State, are' Democrat. of Northam Penney..., el m criminations. whirl. lam purnuaded arise d." deri•W th e wee of 1 812. k Ihnewl
ro poreo „ or ow ,„ ~,,,,poeing the enppliee and appropriation to
, ... 1 .I.°o' d °' ennt ' m P "' in "' ' rdh ""' 'Jones opened it, and the Mormkeeper's lad . " I only took a little toll," said Hr . 'fix. up. the north as the anchor of their ) Whig * of your state bone hoped t o lore ' from a want of a right onderstanding on', OP bl. c hg ht * "Wee. for elto ...eq , ha
fee gutter,. war. of stiffening roan;
the batiks of lb . errantry,
In atee fierce thunder-peel depart ; 'appeared. ;Jones, back into whom pile face the color , hopes : bemuse wo know that it is this ace.: you into their embrace, by presenti ng f or 'the eubject. We have led the ea noloreto • eniug
While the red reaper gathers •lean, o Mr. Smith pay, Ones let him have ,en beginning to come, and through when ; then to which the Whigs fondly look for , your support Thom M. Fuller of Luserne :'Prilleilde.leneth O.
Aed Made the independent Mart the jug of entitle.. wine he left hare " , &Went rarely.. nerves ea. again towing those sweeping change. which ars to glee . -what elm. has he upon your 'import,' eempromes mt. woe peered ; mid there has; wl•tel.. 1 1 ••• "stole." end wild. who
•• Antinionial wine!" exclaimed Mr. Janos„ from from the brain a healthy influence. " Re[, them suceese in the c ,ntest nod annihilate' other than that lie In a Whig tool that he I been no difficulty in administering the du.; W.? ne,...]
~...! their real name and limed to hi their
his chin falling. and a pike. Inehrtly drat say anything about it. Don't for the 1 liberal sentiment It it for this that we "wee born en a neighboring hill." What ' the of the ..... on On to iodide. ',." """ ernd them so " 1 "." the or fie
overepreadinglas ran. , world." broach the subject at this time-not that' are. qualifieations. ether than be in • law -' " It wen neeeseary firet to neceitain the ''". "we " .11 .1.•"1. 1 ". th ed th ey ithendoe
" Yes sir," said the lad, taking op the v I won't, on one' condition, said Mr.. we doubt the fenlty of the party, or the' per totally unacquainted with the calve of ' , sloe of th e gout. , and Dien to imp.. th e
demijohn to which Mrs. Junes pointed out Smith , who. words wen...rot:ly m,hermit, firm.. "I a :dog. member or it... that lirraetical labor o ; well versed in neh mat• I du. ere , . th em: end Dom th e comm.. , al'nu.: u n der '''', l "". ill""" and .seamed
with her Amer. and departing without ob •.0 Jarringly was he convulsed with laughter . Jwe would warn all 1.• hen. of the mach'. t en an w r it, "'replevin. and legal spnuolu-iment of the act to this day, the ad on/ir m or .the. ... et t h e t i me to wenn we sow
~ . ...74ixibe effect his appearance had pro- " What ia that 1" • nations of the enemy, contrived to entangle *ions but totally ignorant of both the the-' Prnedide 1 . b." ...... 11 3' io °Pm. - ' 4l o d° ' II ' ) worn .."...... t" Lek
. You must become s tetotaller." divide col doleot us ory and practice neeemary to • correct roan-' thaw Compare the dallrence spesilm and whip , with ...any More aliases as wield
"Antimonial nee!" feU again, but hook-' "Can't do that," jr eplied Mr. Jon. We all Mow the 'importance of haring' mem., a our canal. and railrosols. Can '
•e 'to the
prop„roor„. The
~, 0 too , * do _ I MIS between the hien& of Wolfs. nubs
the ad vellum bylitelll 01 &Mi.. tilld I' "," Per, .
.„ 1 „,,,,,,..i,,,,,;„ Ob., II : 1.,- i, justly maid. T he thyme ." °f the d.r eeerethe W.% to
ily from the quivering lips of lik. donee- " Than I en% promise." . our publie works faithfully and honestly you be lutell from your faith by
:•• Send for the &tier, Kitty, quick ! 011! "Give me a day . two to make up my managed. We know that to make 66111 a bribe. Whig partisans may
How dreadfully sick I feel. Send for the nand."
you' ( do e i m p ° . an men d may on articles end by the power of the bank, they serienal
pay, wisdom derived from experience, and 'but we ore satisfied that the second Tues.:Awe". de. Paid *hell ho than the reel W°l74•;,th°,l'6, them to °l* " kith " "d
, Doctor, or I'll be • dead 0... in half an' ; " Very well And or. good by ; the see 18).Wet, the mainspring of all etionss in Ime day ;
of October will 2nd you true to your. 'mane (lithe article mud; the specific 1. 1 in - ° '".'"'"F '" l '"i .." of ,eareteetetiree.
; hour !" .is nearly down, end it will ha night beton( siness, min form component part. in their, selves and your prinelplee, •oa that
.. A...nisi elite 1 Dreadful " exclaim- I can get home." minmenient. To these must be &dried, will proveyour willingness, in John A. Gam.' Peel. enotioel in nine C.f. r ,, r ex-'a "ri°6,.', i n the 5 ,. en t e. ,.,Th.... ,red-
Oh Go d : wt., x ill the rem, rie
b e , repeal the o a ts taxes and to charter the
ed Mr, Jones now es pole and frightened , And Mr. Smith shook hands with Mr. honesty and a dee. to male them meet ble's triunmitant. elect., to redeuen the ' e th !.. (end it i s en erth lo , o , io , a . ..ys'""•• 4 ' t. "'"' 4 "• ° . •• • " -- ' - g ~.,.. w ith •
And went ervol 10 proud rams,
. her husband• "Do you feel very sick Y" and Mrs. Junes, and hurriedly refired, try- their legitimate end, the acermmodatiou of , F. na l B eer d, a n d the St.- Way ne Co. ' . t ;: n gg . e r a t t i :
k itr o l . f . t , : ,l 7 i i
0 y h f1n , , N 11: 4 , 1 , 1 1 i 1i , , , ,(0 . . yen." : 11. Bra taros they did was to
ands ,o „11 comet ttttt ma behtn the eke,
And piked...nun, land lire l ll 011, ye.... sick as death r . And the log. buttn in , to leave the hotoriu in a, the public only. Past...pejo. admoo- , Herald,
POrtti and actermintion of Gen. Jackson
when rowdy weal moo 0,1 0 1, on mom e ppeara nee o f Mr. Jones by no men. belied grace and dignified manner. Long before inliee us that in the hand* of firm anti un- - been levied. Now it is polled ly well known : rotten United States bank, whieh the form
that the Mocha .4. ie worth at host
Thor, plebeian epoch. Moe. 'moo.' id. his word.. .. Send fur the Doctor 1...1 y,, iffr , done e hod mark up Ms 'valid to join the yielding Democrats, alone, have our pub. (From the Harrisburg Kemal...)
~,,,, got eroment. They literally sold themes'.
.cod nu. shaft with ore come own. 'or it mar he too lets " tetotallers, the May a his takilig t•al was war. been win t h e ought arid what th • Tin ffidlelenne Wink.. nein.. twice es nook •s the coffee a st . 11„,,,,i, g „ ho 4-• sepal end driven from the federal
ami the state to this corrupt Instillation,
thaw Defile. a LaPorte. . or Cuba, yet both pay the name duty.
Alta mutter kennel with nee deed
• 3irs. Jones ran first hi one way and that . all over town, and tor the next two or three, were intended to be. IVo know thee o ur, ,
--- - -.-- - °°•• to another, and finally had preemie, of ' menthe he had his own time of it. After' opponent. will cavil et this position. We As there is much said, at this time, about toe hoe no "ore& to the vane. but I. Sr'
;liiiiar a':, `,14, i's ' mind enough to tell Jane, her single dome.- . that it became an old store. I know that they will Petch or e- , Porte, the advantage of specific duties over those bitrarily levied on ell art hetes of m aped& and eonneeneed a series of new end Mee.
, tie, to run with all her might for the D.- , - ---- -- --- --- --- ---- -- - mammas and with these aided by the 00 , 0000rdro kind Mike, hiavever varionn and unequal .*lr e '' t Mh '". l . ° ° °I . lth rweethenle• 'thith
may he their val. I say rho, in theory, l ' thl r. " e nd.... "r the prose", eilen•
tor, .. tell hint that 31r. June. had ratan' THE DEMOCRAT. ---"1"-u6"0-'-!ugh°"('''''" gto the val. of the s ift- kind
which eventually d.-
, qt ., 0,,de00, to overthrow , t; A„ p . des which for the mike o f brevity, . mikes' end eee ,,,,,,,, g ~„ every nand principle e t , 1 0 o O P state glebe. and the bankruptcy of the
poienn by mistake. .
I la alerted Jane at ti speed outstripping '
entitled to the nreferenee. There is, 1 ed. • The t 9, ‘ " , t , ? 'berg " ilrent • or te.F " -
- - - ' propriatiou to meet extraordinary demands the &dealers. eyed., we think it an ep. justice, the ad holm-rite mode of taxation to
.- . that of a olin liiipin. Fortunately the Doe-! Whet Is In the Wiled I` ' urn: the board, occasioned by the repair of propriate time, to call the attention of the
Mr. Sushi: kept a drug Amp in the little , toe was in bin off., and he mime With all, Wc perceive that the Fe,leralistri of Elie b reeo h ee ~, oar „ neje ~,,,, in the power or;
00m... the
„ now ..
0...0 from the , zi:, one °W.A. to it : as the sale° of an
~..1 1 1 , : ii
~,...7 . :?l ; : e i o,l , tl , 3 ',...o f e; . ; :d n e t or :o ll , nb !. .l i l . ,..l : e ir e g . n.....sfeed .inced iiey:
e di age ~r ig..--. w hi c h „ u s siteat e a a lam ra p idit y • p ro pe r regard . the di g nit y I county, in this State. have pl.. iu no.- tem to prevent, is paraded in largo type ~°_, o
00 , ,
mod. by N Z Cloy. , ~, 1 reticle is • met. subject .. °pinkie, and , •••
I • , f his office would permit, armed with Mom- ; " ° nth - . as opinion. will ever very, caller I ttttt estly ' tan,' "
few mi. Irani,. It was Ms en- se & candidate for the Renate, John' under the head of plunder. The ordinary ." • F . '''
•s Love lo • been •lisodoned'
• ate of the United States, on this subect, a, or fraudulent] there ' llf I •"le eit will"ly
y, lere is sm. i i leo ty 1111
ro,„ to „At the 1,,,,,, pl., every W,lf - , 11 .. se
and a 11.. ontidoles. On ar- A . worbor, who ~
„,,,,,. ; . . demands to me , t ordinary cape "sea , are.
two, in miler to porch. such articles as : riving 51 the house 0 Mr. J.en, he found•lms 0.0 a the Wien.
e thwi ' ''• w ' luade touch of under the sm. head. An 'short lime before he resigned his Scat in preventing frauds. But with the home , "•`• ' • el " 0 feeder. whisk
do, .offeror „ pan o hod. ghoody pale, and h eave the Erie Obserrer to tell , km been g iven awe •to to. •
extraordinary appropriation or 21,200,m0 that body. Tide elweth was MffOni.d, ait mittation proponed by my fi iced from Wier. , Rut - I- . 3 , ....,..7-
were need. from timc to time in his lot.i.
lOUS. (1110 day, ho ilrave off towards 11,1 - r". 111 "8 tottll.l3, , What, for int.., could love mil.. neeeesery to meet pressing debts , unpaid i .
. 10 j ood, or ,. shoo ,
~ ,o ). ~,,,
od roo ,„„„ tii told. in the. work., Which
he time, as • km of valedect. to the'
„..,„r in !d o w ,„„,,, , ;„ w id, b . ,„, „,, other "Oh, 13.ctor ! I'm afraid it's all over • Converion, governed by other than the through the efforts of Whig Comnsissioner i , systent can be adopted with all practicable' er ° °*rirelr ...ride" "cod elnotolo.d , they
body from which he was 0b... to retire, commented the }. ate and Nbrth lksateh ex
vilest pi dieal motives, to plate such a man Power, is construed into a Democratic "con- ' meets% and will i. e l liable to those °hatless
„ owe. woe o d •,,' 11 ,,, 4 „,„ 9 „,,„ „„ „,„1,.. with 1110 !'' gimped the patient. ' ; • ..
ing the town, Ise called fiat at a grocer's " How aid it happen 1 what have you as John 11. Walker before the people for 'apirary to ember.. the Whig State Tress- Melt were an t under
and as lay ing down the general policy upon . only of fraud oh. are inevitable u0d5. 0 . 1 .7...... , ' .- Pl l , e contra.*
d gti is eventful and d t admin.
tali. 3" lurked th o Donor, eagerly. , Senator 3 With hie political reputation urer.' Such are noine of the immanent.' which he wished Itie political friends to any end every system
with the inquiry,..
.. 1 ..
.. , saf roue
•• 11.. pm any 4110111011 wine 3" , - 1 took, y mistake, neatly half • plot idol putrid with the rotten eal t•11./1 of the prodeceil to combat the truth; thei while unite . the edminie t tin of the gal morn - ' ". 'motion. 1 liege work it is true
Again: what has be. ..ille feet lo in , .. . were
. . , . ,•. t abandoned le • the ...wall &dad..-
.. How eon tttttt T . oskeil the gi veer , ° , ......nter wine „w on ,. u n i te d m et & 8.„,i, „f p.,„„„ h._ ,,, the Londe or the p,„„ norocy t h e ; 4 , 0 , " the °Melee(' rllO government omit new !- I Y 3 Mt
' • • • anent. It im D.. nave net, fee many Th ' I f which l teatime All Arses{ was made to finish the.
Ah ,,,,,, „mi n , u g . ,, U.,. I W., it for,
... Th. . mum. he rem.. instantly."' roe-. h Lis okaal honesty in re g ard to en a I nd improvement. prosper. ilt the .1.1 , eatUUes nen t the greatest aut..
entimunial wine" , '0:11.1 the Dorto n ; and do. the si c k man . r the re-charter of [hat sac, mad institution, rat the Whigs they wither and become • by-')'care, litid the highest respect for Air. 'of of revenue
been brawn, such 00 wool- • I".' °re" ilde could he • ewentilthelted, eh*
" Yes, I It tie •an • jest fit for that, and throat went on end a • 1 01 .11. flexible, In., still deubteil by many, very 0101„, ot word and reproach to us. ; Clay's views on this arid many other sub- ens, linens, silks, cotton& neratede, and few hopeful pet Of federalism end anthumeery,
nut moult ele, which I will sell at a dell." 'die rubber tube, and pm. ! pump ! pump! late own tmlitkal frit...l-SWIM or the.. We main repeat that in the bonds nfljects n tttttt eeted with the policy of the amok the bank a the U. State f '
other. have JII been timer' on the ad ealio- . , "i •.. 1 . 1 ,• "Miele
, , • ; nth it many a tee state inane.. one-
Yen well ~ „ 0 ~,o o g 0,, , ,,, , ,, „,,, . „ mi t th e D octor ., hoed et „,,, „th e , a n d . members of the very Convention that nom. 13, m,el ats, skim, are our iniblia work.] me. We have long since regarded, what ' o ' . Pthlelid. ale thew 1 .. been tin dtffi- ..
Mr. Smith I The result was very pelpelde About a . in axed him-it ie... m 'Ac sllfialtery what thi'v ehould be. And why 3 lip the • °A ii , 0 ,,,, 0per , , ,... 1 , 1;000, oro ,, he mg a euspeeminet of meele peyote.. and •
• • he termed his Amerimin system, which emus . g eneral destruction of Individual and Mite
whoa. that .is the bent mod.. t huller..
T d„,„; ; ; 0,„ „„ b r „„,b • ~, from th e pint of 1,1141ii1l fin., ntiongly meelling i ,f , than on ever possessed by al, putt, ieal t 11.100 Or cendidatee for office, Democrat.• . credit. The Ante, under then eireentate•
mug,. mot Lille I. And then Mr. S m ith ni , e, e'ime Up. after wheat the histrument . body hot • Whig V..liventioo of lit to coon - ore m ad e ,' by th e (me sti oi „, as . ai m , h oe - . patheniled PetWeerfon. • hank of M. frni.i that ir we adopt a fixed rate ad ra,,,nr .
drove o ff to atte..•l to other iniAtiels - ... withdrawn , ty, inn. the woo. to nopport such it nom- em 1 aro they capable Y The µpinkly.' Moire, dist, iliution of the proceeds. of the wherever it can be dm, the rr•eue will ''..• we" booed to awed.. th e work oo the
rh,.-e ••• Paid the Doetor, • I or:, in tttt ! Yst he will be so ...•,•: 0, I i pr. • he 0114,1 Id to few, Crawls {Len a the ill.
Awing the Co •gs .be doli •• ou {Lot d ,v, . - '..; . . , g .
by .
..1 p • . • . 0 is,
; m.o. Ino belies. thourgli lira, semi „ pah/re loads, 411111 a enc./ system o in- . - Elie nod North
which a . ... to
.1 ut "iii .1 0 N ow l et ,„,, e n , you an no . i elected, the s cry man W:10 SO !MVO Lem nothing but self mei hearing . MO 11111 tr, as , „root ta pe rs : as ono
0 . , . ,, . ,
wool , joatice .41 fr.& male. to specific 1111- r . 0 • • weer.. le .rani.
was te 1100 ro 111011! 1•110 lived halr a nire
0 ,,,,, ,„,, on 0,, icl ..." .1. a mo t e.. dose a . , time alai *fah', detente. hi ttt widi it hi , - made . not. eay for the prakicel tri.rkilig 0 . i
d. .d i t I . 0 ~.. 0 ". , 0 .. m. „, p .„l tit . .„„..... , ~,,..Iplet ttttt , anti the latter lea remained af
from letit •Uder. Benne
„.„, lat db ., ~,,,,, or i i,,,, or „ t h ee „ a . mixed 01 , on d p eere d : ter.. we dare not imitate, tied with el i- man-the man %hose dons toil kings daily not " )• " 0 e" prorkr 0 emery.. m e e j„1„„„, ~, „ or ro „,„„, h ow „, he . 1 .„ 0 „ , t ter an expenditure or $2.500,000, uulliiimbs
errand, 31r. Smith stv
111... would be eshonleil to repeat Yee, expel.. to lan seta, aud en whose s kill of the people .d kinkrupt the o.ntry an every body known. the effo r t t o g ot i n led and eurrodoetit. °rot Mere.
hi. particular 1 ,, ~,l i' '.m, y,,,„, m, p lot
to Inky the place rd what kad been .
John It Walker w ill Ir e voter' kr tool el.- and jtadgmeht they can confidently rely., for o time, Lint ee one sr.. tendency ; roods of n finer nslity and higher val.,' That these results aro directly referable
Jones happened net to be in, but Min reumved.
den u o pkooo , „.,„„, , o „,1 h e ,d,„,. -D i you feel better now r M o ni e d th e , fed lq nu. MOO !We wish then , joy up. N.,t en our .ippuntitite They ard c.intent. •
cou ld 1, 0 t ., o h nnora ti mn nn , mi., 0 ear-' under lbe I. er rate a ditty re , . I t i: the co . lduet a Wu tudota eta...sane,
led w i ll , 1 ,,,„.. ~.„ „,,„„•„ „ r o , A, 1, Doctor, an he pat holdim the pur s e of i1 a ,, , .. I. oaths - and when fin ir imees with sea,chiolg the broker and law shops,..rept the elective IrSOCllitll4 end ultimately • quired for {Loco of a barer value T he, onk• wl tg •pinny, no man of intelligenee
•• , honorable untie f A esnaor dare den . A. to ea t
„,,,, 0,1,„,, ~,,,i,,,4 tut, ld, a „ ~, it .1,..k •tuit ands..... t•enni••,, with "professional "ome to the griodet”..e, end their monk', mid when succeed ain finding a 2.401 e . . .
of . ... g man N ew H stors l t tpit d tr! . _ . . . y ph e
to endanger the existence our tree 1.1.1. ,/ li '
hi m th a t 11., , a 11..., dotal 1m0 .... alit l e ion .)e, his pale fare, that was coveted with heal th em op to the po ll .• we shell tulle ,indidatr, trust to wealth, iraligite and..r. I% ondbory, i and the h enere m„ ,„ e , , clan. 01 ttn• Malign of th e g 1.1...... f,”..
• pleesore in bearing %knees to the lanai-like , bargakim (s e e 31r. Fuller's letter in 41- faun.. We. therefore. do ne t present his tot from New York. ( Mr. Wright.) both ..dololhdrotl".. o hen lhe pro de, indignant
hie way, and eo, Wong it out, be said to e deth". PerePireti.•
v A Hat.," is. the f e i n t r eply. •• D o : docility with which they Aithify, nn
- l it tttttt t ) to elect lam, relying wpm : view• as entitled to th e weight. a o u theriM, well know 'him But if the item wee laid; at. their eundnet, derided at the ballot-hex
Mrs. Junes
.• I wish you would take care of thin un. 3. th ink all denmen pent!" and, spanicl-like, lick the 11.1 that Late, the benefit lie may d• rive front the expeyi• . 11l ihr0 , , ,,, , , , ,,,. o
„ wood, , Oho „ or , oilltakerito.thero could be oi, motive for WOO'!" Worn , lb. elt. opted to lent the
GI I come bank " : •• Ice, I think en. The antiiinte I have, ...deed them once.. those with whom he is associated,' from , h t h en b . nu. an effort, ra n d the fraud. inn in present ,' 1 "r""" "" if it hed not been held. and "d
-ue y emanate. at •am the out- pod oon the militter ewer 14 the ata
01, 0 „,,,,„iy," r ,,,,k e ,i 3.. J,,,,,,..ifiveit sou wilt neutralize il ie e lf. . the Th. i. Hut mid bittern. in theme r e - . carry him 'through. Availability ix of f orm would have no place: In England, se,
...op IL
em ~Y 1 " : ', o 0 .. "
eenclusions of a mind which had b
Once ma. 0.14 who h eer , rea d t h e um., refit nude by i s •t in Inern on their unnenoWen ASS tin
" with the greatest ilk t tire." drug. an Mr as it L. paned into the eye- ~,o rk o , an d we copy, fi n , on nh „.. h0w 1... wor t h a c , Whigs than utility.
, and power and the dispensation of power, keg directed to the subject, and . the n . Mr. Hume, &Scottish member in th e liouee,•""thl ° Perlwww• But tell the trimpa in
Anil go tile dentij.i. 0,1 llt ill the la- he" " 'plied in other . 1 .,..r.
1.). 1 juo y they may be al , . of ~,,,,w,,,,0, must p ,„ 0 , 0, they „ 0 „, „. i the slate, that would have muttered under
" I feel a. weak en a rag." said the mid place are matters nearer the Whig' opinhme of •• man who bas long be. re. '
die care. ' ; „
Riving rap specific „hoe. and the reed „,_ ; their nwarilly banner( could not hays 5ee
~,,,„, I ~., o „ ro I ..1,1 o „ t h ear my ters, whore the Whigs have 111.10 exhumed
heart than • mime. mbeinietration of We I gor g e d b y the nianuf.turere of this rioun.
Sumo hours afterwaide 3lr .lour" can wei g ht What. • powerful effect it , certain 'woes of the Bald( of the Uer.d ' one or • proper use of t. ether. Having •.. the public nand SOOLUrS to be inele.a mined then . The spirit at the fret.. of
in, and among the first thingn that ea railed , , o try, as the champion of their intern. We . o r h.,1 0 • '' . • the . care• arous ed. 2'h I ked
his attention wan the strati. demijohn hod '.. 18W. and given them vitality end hono r no fixed innciple, save probably the one g • variety of meet& dull. mid al e •e" "'w o o • ey 0. , to
•• What in this r was his nature' lug.- " Don't Morka of it, in 1110110 111 , whatever the eue.sarel also present them, on ace.. a tle. fern ' variety of . earorme duties to lase on •
' "t e r n " the Inw".lWe see. now, that *Mk Burden is on the 'l. •" . "' F I)• ,_ •b • • t ' oo go ,t. meat of governmeas to PIM their inti
m! •• Comp.we you... ff•here is new no don. , .
ticket for the Amembly in this city, t% lk \l . .
Whi g m ay dr, i s r i g ht, r e gardlee. o f e.... lor t.... reasoning y watch Way are supper- nen/tone el rate uf iluty'for all mrthly: ; I ono. tr. the gram or traitonand num
..-- ,qunces In the mates and regard!. ad., teal, whirl) to our mind, is ...siva, and ' t ant willing, tope., to nth. to this' • ers- the spirit a the ran. qoaikri, an
•• Soinethilig that 31r Smith left." gar i" . W.... 4 °d nli"rwoe. 1
•• Mx Steal: Dein ij-- r 1 The wild 'light of Jane through the greet, , er, another of the same class of conrineed, State's beat intereetn. l great principle as laid anwi l in the col, .... thne ". l the ...e ra." had "thrown
we would meet resintfully solicit fur them I ~,,,
and the hurried movements of the Doeter,, champions of the monster, is .Ithig to go, In view of then kyle it becomes. * as.. tel „. . ; bu) . I rota 001 Shore e Iliac who •sup- t
, .pm 1014011 11 l 0 were. papery. .„,no out , un d o , th e e mak tarn ~, d„, .11.. to mite rowardo of them all. Th il ily
•• I wonder what . hale them r mid lk , del not fed to .U.M. , Ottentioo. IngeirY .to the Senate at the other end of the State. 1 Inowerete to er ll . l . °I. the lielthroe" g , robe , to , r i . l . • 1. , led at 11:0 hank ....dew of the -
•tiout 1 taking hold of the demijohn. elt .f..11°."d• and it 50 ". 1n.." noised . What sort of legislation is to be of by i ~ , . s having •
of the office of Canal Commissioner and we se t 1.1" . h o e to i eumerat r . ,,m logher degree of portadirro ern be seenred 'eel
reels heavy.' , flat Mr Julies had taken isamn. I h k ' b who • yet dI d d by i 'd I I d 1 1 lobserve'..dew "nd i • w e refer le Ile." teed
upon the ausroute minim. or Me but are eu e the epee out& , Mar n" der ito ot ier ene x term r
cellars to lade themselves from the el.
The cork was unheeitatingly removed, ' Mr. Smith,
having Stashed his bnainess. 1 "... thee ; e° leans 4 . -4 die thielltheti" oh board filled with honest, reliable Democrat& but uneuund, theorise of proteetion and abet th e .canal wee". "f protection dn.' .. • . •-•,-.
I not depend it n the form but on the a . ' tree" th ' l 'ffne"°" " f l ' e "' thre e"' e n d 1...8 -anff
anff the mouth of the vessel brought i e lin lancester , wee just stepping i n t o M e i the reader. There is no doubt some eon. Our public works in their conatruction Gest melda. duties :of Ms latter, wearer pleased. F ° . .I •I • 'thus d•d I lri
...a or Oho duty wl telt is levied . the l" P . 1") ' • ee el l ' °.kl ° ...few.
close ...el with th e ...Meg organ O ft ....MOO. whet. S min ea w up and said to eert of action hen. these old confede. us mdlione of dollars. Of thie large elan a, ~..
_,. oho., ale „„ pow.
Mr. Jones. lain and the store-k.per,•the woe •t•ndi•ir I rake who, after their Rip V. Winkle.. i
e Whig tohninktration of lout three men do. `" ..' • ; foreign rival article."
Atm.° as it nay seam, this caw pirty,
.• Wino, as [
lan e I!" fell from hit lips-14. , '',' , ration squandered nearly ons half, without .It Is true, if every yard of cloth was of -
;suddenly appear upon the sago potato.; dojo , . , , o , . ~ r . , • p t he I mar A enniespendent of the liendd de• by accident. is again . power, and bare the
" Bring me • g." .. Have you heard the news t" , og • single nue Ilf Improve... Or th e .me va ue, an d story satiety 0
• impudeoce to char te
; Los the voters I.k out! 'rendering a single dollar of the tulle &rising woo , a • f 0 .4 f I I ' Wits 4 visit that the Pope made. at tfis. , Le pee the demeweey,
"Oh. no, Mr. Joon. I wouldn't touch ' •• What news r I penes o g • a o , eyes ea ue, spa- le moues moon of their meldr mod le
his wine," mad at.. J.... ,•• Mr. Stoles lin taken poison." The friend. of the Ulliro4 States' link 'from the lines they found finished, available orge do ,„ wool ,' b o p . i . me I ' eta, la the U. H. frigate Contaltution :- ' tii, i
n Many • re- conduct. It is tree that Ley Lye
.. Bring me a g 1... Do you think I'm ••• What ?" •of Fenekeleeele "e in hilth he. with the I f "' Ithrithre• other al " 0° me " lb° 'lt ; het this is out re, end never can be.; B, ,n eller th e l ew . " f etherrntee e lied not nanetated Inner in the new. elude
ran to let • gallon or wine pa. Illy ono " P.n.!" Ferleraliet• of this State et the present day.' n ary "'', of 'gni' and en, e ffee le • the Constitution. tile bat
he 011 Atre and i„,bey I. . 0 .... 1 .... b ., ... wk . ,
',Moot ...tuts toll? No-no Bring' .. Who a Mr. Jeneff?" etephene goes to Congress from !ammeter... , • A Then would be enll te Is isti •
But these things ere matter. or notary • o d' eg ySS ue, j• et,l„,, hoe jd ; h e oh i pe the 1,. ) ,
,eed front tho dentotraey for tat pealtiou, who
me • glean" " VIA. And they ny he one. tiro:' ~ „„„ , „ • „ •i .toretty, .d It. is egaally SOtorinus Dote in ..acing oar taxes an real and pe en ' that hie iloilorPO the Bye, mid ht" Mayo, • d
- ht. it, tio doubt, more consonant lo les
-renmeemmomor m , l'ennnft , m-lim -iti 0 thet a anmelt toward. bitterest 1
The ghee, a half•pint tumbler, was pro-' •• Dreadful ! I must me h." And • • PI Pk, II . estate, for .te and county peep.. tu,ty, the King of Najd. wen mike', .4 in oe „;, en d r„,.)i np. " „„,,,, to h , woo ,.
Lea. and en , . 'Wed with th e exorable I wit.. waiting for further hibwaMin i den is nn the Whig Anambly ticket hero lon their cwt , On the pa
•' la " r eth•6 and,he the Name mount of talt upon emery • few minute. th. di . ..wished monarchs 0 , b , me , e ,„ the tb djed retoo „ boob I.
star-m..llde. a grape-jiace as ft tfy- Mr. Smith spike to hi. Lou., .d rode off -sad Walker is wheelie. fur the Senate , raft ed roads, wee after tlot peopk had again,
of land d v be Ili " .L ed the deck of ""' c . " 01. " 6 "". •od all its 61181.11 en end diehoeest , and to er -
fir's "t - which was poured down the throat ;at a gallop for the redden of his hind.. j r , Ed e emow ty I. 'Fie them un d er wise coil keel d em o - •thth end n " 1; r". without "‘ tn. ' were reeeived with eehgee of twenty-one - bj d d /
p• mu i a r. epee ant treasury, whew p a
of Mr. Jon. • Mrs. Jo. wt him at the don. leaks] . . . ' , credo management. But there le no need i peel " "leer." "Pr" the "ine .want ; gun each ; the yards were maimed, oho , „,..0,,, rh e I. ..i. b h.
i And y. wink Au is ~ Mx Fuller, l • 0 t m tore, t•II to go.
.. Frotty,kir wins that ; only • fine' very anxious. . • tor' going far back. What was do. by •• of defy on • yard of broad cloth, • yard of marine preeented ann. and the hand play. oro a b . •T i
3 the win es of Vic shople-mheded
," said Mr. Jones, snack., hie li -- - - 1 who h the Federal endidate for Canal; full Whig Board some twelve year. shies I erik, or d f g • a g r h . ri • to 1 Ti be' ' fed ;
•_,... ,• y oea or. • no. .. e t nee an ape. a •r. ie teg om.
t.—Om Wuts •H• rtrrr
atlysez.V.Zdallwrs II sot p. 1.111 t ote
•74 , 7r . t ; r;;A: • nt rt7a . VIEF
Oar w ...rt.., 'lr ., .
pas 11114.1a77,1nrvet.
• 300
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• ea lag... Oen.
orroi wo. neatly VOLUME VL
letrlir 2
Tit )281. LT
The elnigglee oler—the come i. gona
Th. beam Mal moved on , I a again
The eourdtr.. ell le am mo/a Lome,
Alllifillll l laa moll. o'er fi.ld. of gam.
Whde in the dud the hopolme AO,
And %%r ho blood, W tase embrace,
The dead upon Mod I,min r. be,
And modes of glory light ench face.
Ohl ertonblettg thrones stiso ugo;ot
Walt ;hops luau end deedlier hole ;
The won hatul mace bore the shoot.
And lode the dutuseutie lotuses grate.
Free thoughts oow rosier O. Olt 11.111111,
lti generoor • otl• forget to give
Whdo palued hoots to f.te tomogood,
th. red robber's h.nd to hoe
" It's • sham. 1 7 • "" reliar ." Cd 'ki l2s.linot
warmly, " foryou to do .o."
Gully took toll," mild tbo hinband,
leashing. "No burin In Moak I'.. sure.'
" Rather beery toll, it, stains me," re-
plied Pint Joan.
Mnution, Mr. Smith, having completed
nest of his hominess for that day, stopped
at • etoninere be wined two or tbne .r-
Wee pat ern While then mere in prima-
nohow, h• said to no knper d the ston,
i r lai you would let your led Tore
for me to Mr. Joan's. lIM •
=• women win then, *Mob 1
for tho purpose of whim bito as
thenia vim?
o Oh eartainly," replied the keep
er.. o Men Ten r and he ealiell hr Wblew
i 5..., lurks store-liermar nil t•
" Mem ever to Mr. JimilYs and ipit •
of odoirim Inn Mr. Smith IA thore s 7 l
fee Mr. Smith Is in • karry,
"Yea, dr,m nopeudeil tie. Ink sad sway
mixt dil
A: a *Us. he *mei rtmule
• esuisso assostkia. lAA& sot
Mbe wed st. soiSlibstss tbs
Ma with wil* ha bs4 Waimea It.
ioquiroll Mr. tluitb, is
"How Is he?'
aerie. vole.
" A little better, I thank you. The
Doctor has taken It .11 a at his etesamit..
WM yoa walk up 4
Mr. Smith ascended to the chamber:
where lay Mr. Jones, looking as white as • 1
sheet. The Doctor was otill by his aide.
j Ah, friend!" eaki the oak mart ,
feeble vole., as Mr. Smith took hie band,
that actimonial wised yours ben seedy
been the death et re."
What enthnonial wilier inquired Mr.
Smith, sot Inderettladimg what lib Mend
"Tim win/Ipm MI hem in the plies
wan " antimeasi wine."
It was sett" bell Ms Site ut loph
Mr. and Mts. Jews.
• Wiry. we! It mu ally Me* Min I
Ind bought Are the parimmi et maltin sail
menial wine."
Mr. Jesse ease an is beet.
Nel 140.7 -
" Me."
"'thy. V. key mid it Imp
be diet law
was wildly Ipo sem eissee si7
0111011 1•44."-
Mr. Jam wok% Irsash. The Doe;
We 1 10 'A . OTA:oiL , Arf, Itetme, ILC,iTtrasetatre. Atlvc, - ,4o,llantora, 36,anue, arzaV Otartr,Mitt2.
••• • yanl of maes or a m e g, without ... appnipto... —. _ __4.o iospeo,
Oinntnissiuser, is tusking florid promise. of 1 moo attinnyted to be done by a Angle Whig i .s .„'" - . th is. &pit eon , and vit. e in ddoo w y oyot7 p... of
17 ; 1 t i ...,, ir „ orr,
Hahne on the public worite, snd
willutterindlOomoar i tr i Lott i tir i lt i tht f i r
dm M"ImL W. """ 0 . ". I * * " th larv a bY
I Iliseilt terms of high witiefee
to"'"' so^m", upon j. " 4 " t " . " l° "°""" rocom e7 g e n bLid Mr. ° Fuller Zoe: to ho eles for take of ilhistretion ; hot what is . 0,;, " .
wanes. Somebody ought to ask him whelk- i okot .d .
1 0 . of HO w is tree pf away-nine out of , His Holiness was numb Omitted with the
er it betokens a refoint in the old habits of . We know , the Whigs have juot now fallen t ,,,„, ~..d . d of ... bd .., . 6 " I ~,do e on d pr o po o ty Chet sy s synlini 0 n i si,
his party, or eetmonty in their designa to to lore with the doctrine oldies the Inge in- '
of boodle. a a latish doles • • le I hi. ~,.." 2 1 1_9: dmii " • "" r e g .. "1 !" to
erests of the Ample nimare that the Hoard lottro • 11. " ',,pretierneo ..o ,es Pole, •••• • • Captain 10-
jr. "6 ..... WM , P.' ..t..,1 1"1 ..... 1"." , " 1. " , " ,:: Cif Canal Cuminiaionussinisid leen a led. .... I i demi Ilion In b• lonised into two lilies
"....."'"..—• i"----- epos the """'• iof men ontertehting different politica opin- Tim simile duty taxes the commoner of , hi. H o lum. M i nn pained gibing the coati.
Nam, and put int. Alm by . 1 .41• 1 I ions" A roferento to Mr. Fake. letter' km prised snick. as Lisle asthooniismer ofientsni,,giving them his ble“ing , nod mode
Asonaphionien. will show lb. he is, at this time partieular• 1 ~,,_
of it .. 1 .,.....,_ .
.1, p., .. , God 1.. t h e i r ..,.. i i,,,,, Th.
Mr Oen. Tayhir ended. Its of a mory tree is "'"'" nd and int in
17 1 " 6.1 M "' Th. " 1 " I P IL "" ' Ily threw thot;Y:i7timation ...i on thisse"" m ' m Y .." g" _.__ P"... a •
Soli of s o rim as" then he Int new a not intended for mineral amilleation by •
looomoths Hi admired the mown very i those who have adopt. It. It answers least aide Sole., it, wham the mere weithiby I
. 0 .. .1 or Man scoalewaa . ..—Peter . Milhr . ,
mesh, looked all around it, nod examined I them an end In the ...par he Cana sr. permitted, eampusandy, to agape.— o f Oleripell mousy, vow, tne oopuew an d
it iii awry piwtholar. He bah stoped I:loomeleitioner, but is noworthy of thought i t y o tit, (he. es , t ot ... G a. v im . .
.emly bat of the PiteL)llller tett
on to It and puha ma the assails - bar,' In meneetion with the admiuMeetione at _ dt i&st , . pa E .,.. k 04 .. . 0
~_.l l/IMOIN,==
... Z . %
IMMI sway lim le/whoti f and the "goon Washington and Harrhansig h ma `""'
me mum as the sm. ey forty man an hone, adopted for the wow nu. that Mr. 7si• Iroh hawOloo I hued**, b• Id M. log
sio anio .ses enta ,iah ni of lbi lds . h isp . . %mk s.
0 .1 .6 .4 .
lii a!
Mama the ability or boosted. to goo. Mr was nominated, an sew.. of Its sop ean only hem we prepthee tit die miserM _
eon he thing he had pet is mothm, so mum , Imahhige7 — •• • dmo Walt P... 7 nth. On amok Whim, we sheehl make. WY
on be erne to es so. s pent of he road, , ri a i i lea. for the regent, manilas of h- ot o o d ddo to „a t ditto.; hot if t k od tahre_
.----; pear 14•55, lila Wass shil
-Ihe and the engin. were hod I. Snows 'ISM pain. The doeltine is • diusgments
who _ ,_,___,_. ,_
__,., .
.. ii
is dren
Gan Toiler hex hell gellie Muth. bar I.e , end obetad 'mom no Meow. to : this , ••••••••• ..r. :;:r ing :r om
' et war
_Chevoninenma mod jut *WM. the, swerve from the sopped John A. Gambia M.
• anmerry to 10--.4511 No M I In make ahem ins we 194 lir metyresl • amelimiii• 511141 Oka/ 1ma•454,.' awl
- WWI a midemalkim et • oat, el mitt..-- -
,1 1 54.5551e 1.4 "' mid" ' "-
rasp t Awn.
imm =
Mo 1 ,11 101.41Posai if 4, ..r PR A IM•walk• NW nigankilys et • oat, ablest awl I
won Ihr . W IN parsi megolore scoor +r IPAr an Ift ?eV. ilime WPM*
111.11101. 1 .911111 1 Mil logribti ma awl yvilisSall mai mei
bona K. as am be M got* rseitlx. Arm, Otr . ; ma . EM , *Wm l="10,•!.1011Thir K Mk*
serTee editor er en willow ow lie I
* bet roe Ow* Ned Miee um lee
Mieek et a limier irieo died wish... min
ler Ms war. Week et leg pp
ellee•iiii flossier UMW wee eel *no-
••••,.... • • 1.0.-• deb
demoomey of Arms Omni to whom hs was
iiiiinlood for his scot so . member.
'lmo instant • NPR nr.oy promloonim is
willing to oornondsr Jailysisol,
and eanneimes lo a bank. a Noma
lion, or to 0n... 000trioaaea to 11161Ig the
many for - the adronlatm of tho fom, lidos
, ohmm is ready to sabre., him and make •
distinguished man of him. It is thas tim►
moth MOP MI MOO. mid Johosiori have
bean =do govornorm--keystune.
Lona Erma.--We re hardly .oath
thn aoadlint• that *ono to as fro ommk.
or Lord Eight's estrardly condo* It is
Idabel that I.4as .54.. away from Mee,
trawl on shit to Nigistea, be leek viols
glamors ea board • Warite•••l 6 .—llatrerag
&wisdom of temps IN* drain eat
pnswt the sitisothaidpg mar the wharf.
We mama believe that If Lord
weld throw aside aad da badly.
seprelesiaL into the .NN of his pausal
odearearive. that thay week! teach • hair
of hi. head. Oesr•rilliie lushes the assallts
that it draatia.-IVaarefay Nera.
o v r i like lo we yomog womba..mis
o=ir& MP einrAte —kill
lad wiles thy Ills
WPM over. ekdoeit—icla
V , I. .
w p 4 fr
4.1011111 r t es &Wye or.",