The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, May 10, 1849, Image 1

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0. 0. 0011PST640, Editor awl Proprietor.
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Yearly ...en °Man..,
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duet on favorable tms•
before, he had been in her society an hour mend is relieved. Mr. Pam bas made his 1..... 10 ratthranYl and h ad been ...gad changed ; there was moms misurZwienMin •
lin some extents. ornaunte, by which he about the time you went away, bet that
11 will be so really ; and my brother will le
rewarded for his cons...lcy with • heart
the really felt a sort of pity that a young declarations , and I have refused him , and , aaa
urge intro 01 money for was cleared- up and they have ever mom print...and invaluable Now, good night
!man who had wealth, rich relations, and re- told hint the reason; that I loved. kV( I,
his own amount. emu alone or some , been intimate . lt was your am r who was
111 • le
apectable oonnexion, should be mach a per- adored Frank, and he prorated to keep it ( Concluded nest wen )
foot imbecile both in body and mind II hen secret " /hours with the partners of the Ann, and , anxious that Isabella should cools and'
when he left de pavan offsee, and Meek • mend the not o Pber days with your moth.
he had retired, the laughing Augusta who "Isabel be will go . and tell my father
buds with his old ch um lar. Cl ar k ; that f a r " A True Woman.
had penetrated the design of her worthy .veer word about tt 'I
, ii. p .... 0 1.3..i . .. W e il . Ben., 1 .. at •• 5,,,,,,,,,,,,, h. Joss, . ...„, m we ll nem . catkins° did not seem surprised when / " Stranger, it's singular that nothing of ; I remember meeting this ...oh in the
Frank told him " that he should return tolof this was ever mentioned to me in We let. ~..... or . 1 ./ .....,Orrn .1..... toner
, ease new I did tear that the rich lover, first as last lam sorry I did not tell him
Anal/Mem immethately-bed made • con- ' ten from home-however, it wee very kind ,a. yes. ago; it nit.
emdited to rani
' endorsed by my Pe, aod hie pops might six months ago "
,• I .. d , to Heave n you m t g , for I b ay .. nexion as the Junior partner in the red old in my sister. I suppose she thought it t o papers, and I know nut to whom it lie
I injure the future hopes of my friend Frank
longs; but it is most exeellently done, full of
Dutch house of Lang to Co., that was 400 ewooli worry me, You spoke of theold man
But my stare ' if you 110er dream ( f loving, sad presentiment- •
I' w er w old th i e n a eo pro mm , :t f alLtan o d ld ing . ,..a p n i d oy e . n . l . y ,q lan o d . ol . d . w n e l m , an living with you. Who do interest, and I Only wish the preempt of it
or marrying such a horrid fool, end each an •NM cr wind Augusta, all will be ri e tt.
i wee a little more fashionable
~,u go ul yd u e n . e r vo ue t bt os tee e . i mi .e nr .o b l i om m o nr b t o h i o d r a e l that
, F . re d n e k al 's . l ,; l o at „ le a t n t d er th in a f t onn in s w m a e y , , th l a s t ha li
b. " Not a word an mad about Intel, though ; . Why, Mr. Galloway and his wife My I A Young lady of nec mental endowments
I . Ft i n s k be di . d:k about
e.., A nate Mr. Clark wifa's father and eiotlier , to be sure" and extraordinary pen.. attention, bad
der of your dam " his . Its t larch non - only two menthe
well, and 7.114 Csrn.stO.. "IYhy, how is that-he was unfortunate , five suitors equally •Saidllolollo 1,10/10atten-
The history of the young Peen nay lint more "
the history of two thirds of the rich men's 'll,O two friends worn meted in their owe .tentione Unable to decide to which to be.
sons in the city of New York. He was the roma that eveningl h h l a s d fa "" ith n in ilY th "' s ferini a ne w s h g ic o h ne h" "y . . "gi r md tool"
generally, b e, be, I "To be enre he wee-he lost ell htsprop- 'stow her band. sbe . gsve them notice to call
j. satre , „ 1 „„ la . b . " . not..„. me{ Prof Clark, liked Ounsy particularly-ha arty-bat it did not make much &krona. upon her at a tortes. hour on a stated day
son of a decent, but ordinary, and reeve, e lire u lia
g" b " " ere '''''''" "- --- -a.! made u his mind that she was quite 1 I bad made money, and got into a heavy and cad , state his eh., in the Mem.. of 1
table tradesman, doing • emelt business - hie dimes.] When she received his or-
_ fe
is 1.... h . le,
as wider the eye. of , business under my own °nee Ilia house the others At the appointed time, the
The senior Pete " poco a peco"-a , puree! di•rs to rotor down into the parlor, she nom- ".
'a handsome property-and finally got down plied
... I h ,., 0 mr . Galloway 3 ... t . t . of , l ber . father He informed Frank that he had, in town, and fureiture, and his country lovere arrived. Four of them were eoufi
mto Wall street among the broker., and violet exeitement He charged her with i me. arrangements to introduce her to Mr. I residence, were sold at sleben, I boa I t dent of sucems, but the fifth had a dowdeast
f '
the clergyman the next day, when , them at a bargain, sent Augusta to bring boob, and embed when he beheld the object
was now among those worthies, and carried duplicity and deceddion and love for Frank 11 . 4 k
... the old gentleman, Mr. Galloway, went matters about for • reconether. Iler of hie admiration .
• hook to the stock E
had grown up in idleires ' a d : ' a7;6 he T w he es ' f ' a? I 'V ' lr r r a I r'e"t'n need
oTg i oblawnymfig"den°"imim." allowing
s .: down town. He wished Frank to call atifather could not st a nd dist, it lowered that " Gentlemen," mid she " you bave hon.
milliar with all the vieee of a greet city ; s on. ,1 remonstrated,an i d .o be r - gged -- h - e;•, - f - er bur' the Broadway House, and see 'Mr . and Dlr..' terrible pride of bin-he has been • more cored me with your proposele of marraige I
could drink, play billiard,. smoke ci,pro on n sale, to listen to reason, and he guided , Clark eller the fun woe over Frank mid feeling m um
hintaelf sauce Bet you E c ru! I ht.. ae yet, neither refeseil nor accepted I
, knew all the unmentionable hoe., .in tow. liv Ids ailv no It was all in vain . Isabella ; he mem, come and coo os-G umy will lee delig any of you, I now dean., that mob of pout
Ere • month had passed, Frank bad part- 'to me you Do you know, I thi n k that you will state your clams to ley band, in order
Id make a night of it equal to any M. a, Limo lodged that the VllllOlll of wealt h,' e . et h ed It Mb Ida family and wee mice more cross- and lesbel-"
` too i i
may know upon what , grounds I may
about town . At In he graduat3d at Co- comfort respectability,
lumbia College-he was educated ' Foot had charms, but, that oho h r oo l d t d t r oo h - 3 - yr.: 1 i ii nfLhe a Atla . eitie to ._ his futdre hum. in etch •
" ll.h, Richard, I will ace you again I be justified in bestonine it
aerate married her Richard, must be on my way to toy sista'. Good ' A aliments) es fellows.
horses, fast drinking, card playino, and • ill l'em-her heart wail Mr. Graham's
nights," badileatroyed bin consittuom in •• Isabella I .hall now leave you, bat le- r imd wee quite comfortable and happy in the bye, new." And Ile.Graham went up to "If you marry me you shall live in a
the ht taat her faller did not murder her the miartmente whech Mr. Coleman had se- splendid house, havo servants and eaOT/0/1"..
yureel hie mental faculti., corruptml Lie lore 1 g o. I have a solemn duty to perform . I hu ll,
or her ., me only left them „ to toote d - for ~. at your command, and enjoy all the lute,
tweet, and deems eil every 'vestige. dal' v II Sour brier, when he was dying,
rue he halPhoesessed peril.. in elid•111. d .•etreoreltnary prophetic spirit, formawi:rber shift for themselves." and Dlr Clark wm "Il e is a splendid fellow," thought Rich- ins of fashionable life. lam rich."
aide to shift for both, as ao he wrote Mr ald Clark, alter 'Frank had lelt him Ilow , B spoke next
or days of Infancy . Al 22 the licentious i. ily what 11.2 occurred . Ile forerm t h a t
3 osang profligate was sent abroad 10,0 if yon would love whi re nothing bet poverty Gal t low ed ay u i n n o a . lt i ter, which that gentleman he has borne up lignite's all, and not er I "My rival lies said very truly that he is
breathed an unkind word of her and Isabel , rich, and be offers you a strong inducement ;
health, could be restored, by Pam s or fon- existed , and refuse e husband, with wealth r° urn i
•Inn method aid, end to asttrtani if in dare and position. Ile made me pledge, that I , how she has suffered. And after years of but I nor of noble dement. My grandfather
VlLterall vi.argotic he retgrna a man in the prime or was a duke, and although not wealthy, I am
cities, any new pleasure mold be procured vi meld provedd your falling in love with ob- '
Ton years after the closing events of the life e Yeare split in Europe, where he, an ,of a family with whom an alliance would be
by a men who had the moans 'I 'Lin o°' ... tint, and poverty God known how I
the young man of wealth, position and lash ,_.
tried to d . so . But you deheivod me . I """,
... lovely .... g in s m ., ra m p..., has made a splendid commercial considered an linear, by the wealtineet heir.
n that the worldly wide Mr ig All ov 13 had il, eche moo bee. wee like an uosoiled
the cityof Nov York eae in a state of u,,- position and acquired& fortune I meet go, goose or the lend."
chosen a. the most proper pert 111 to ve, lire 1 , 0 ~ , while paper-I god when too late annual excitement; one of th ose great events , home and toll my wile about th is," and he , C stated brie Amine Mum,-
had occurred whic h mark an era in the his- • left the Astor. When Mr. Grew. reaehed 1 "I am a gentlemen and have now • rope
the future happiness ..f le. !meanie] wind I 111111 ' 0 name written there . Ile node me
For three months after Lis introilm lion promise that I would endeavor to marry tory of • nation. The first ma steamer hod his private parlor he carefully looked the , lotion that older erne euvy. Next year
arrived in these watera, from melee e the blue door, mated himself at a window overlook- 1 1 shall run for Congress, and I have no
B ear
young Pon, whose nano. woo i ' 222110, y O. ill on who had respectabilit
followed tho pewit maid 1 . ote s re o ealth I l ion e tried faithlully to preform
an d
Atlantic. Two armed the sane day, The ing Broadway, and undttated long upon the doubt of success By marrying me your
mein tip for all places At the Cheat o. il.. trust -have I not deer Isabella," Sirius cone up the river, and souse of the 'new features that seemed to be impressing name will be handed down to posterity'
left her Male she lay ebremt of theme!, es into hie return destiny. At leak D twisted bin mouMaehe with the air of
opera, and at home, ho was her evnip.lo,l .Oh vim have, but I cannot indeed, I r a°
ristleT r a . rden, and came mhore in an oar as if it heel mem °mecca. with his thee., me exquisite, and said
lk loved her, if the sentiment whieh e odd cannot loco Mr. Pem "
x. bat , and were !initil at the foot ot Bet- ho drew Hem hie bosom a miniature, and "Angelic. creature! 'roomy seal I think
mit., th e heart and 112.1. of a ility.ii tirg " T. 11.1, No., father delivered to MO t his
libertine, could be called by so holy a name •,:d, d letter to be pl.. in your h oo d. b„ ter Piece Om of them proceeded up took the guard Minch oemered it from off you bare already made up your mind in my
e„,i I GIL ' erneli to Morris etreet, gated fora few Ills neck. It was mode of the long, black, favor. You know how ineffably I aim ad
-Inri she despised him That was do too; l ii rt nit 1.111 rgene)
oho h o d k oroo d to dote , h i m Hot 10. ,.. 0 , 0 i0 . f ,,,, 0 .. y day It
o hrfu arisen,
the" - last
brick bon., as though it was' say hair of the (niched of the likeness . -I mired. Who is tim most Maltimabie dress.
pride hail beet, aroused , the thought el frost reposed Inc me by my mood, who too a familiar ecot, and reminded him of old As lie gaged open them, he murmured to er in town ? Who rides on the guest bones?
times but he did not enter. After which himself- " 01, Isabel ' Ion,: tears have we Who frequents the moat fashionable pleireit
l '""' runny j " i "' of her b "" r ` ° " l ' l ,5. • d ` '"lo" the letter to-night, ra°° ' he continued .as tar as the Amor House. boon eepanited, and this is uhf I him. had- i Who is a With. Pilau or 11. ore" ? /tu
ne/ragas/4 The wealth of the Pon faun
ly wee immense Their menage. were very nle Ger I vital l iv all Mr rem to v
""" it, meal 41- morrow "mr"i"irr.rrir° me entered it, anil i deliberately wrote upon the mare err own wretched meminvt, be remind nor aye D, but p en honor, rm too mock.
pleasant to ride in, their hotists wtro lux I, i t Hese is tho Jitter y is from yew Bmkef 11° mwelawime " t ww eww "m" nail "' of thy l '""`Y nod 1 " .-11 ""' ' Whl-' 1 l ''' In°l ' n ° l"' It " '
residence whA-what &num could have persuaded 1 When It came to E's time to srak, there
eritintly and erikeedulle furnished, too and te th er, • s,, .l Mr. Galloway left the nowlyf m , es. 1.- • • - c - • ' '• ' • did gi v e'..... .yrl follow "di mu , ' 'lhtantgrag?
' r 4 ".""'" "-' ' ' ' ' ' ' '' ' o„ '' ' " '''''""`" '' e e Ile told that hand.. man, Robert B. sworn to, armed a world-why leu ipm oo
mend Peteno about Lis busier, " the would per • ml it respectfully to her lips, broke the
Coleman, who seemed an old acquaintance, the he to it all by your mei mace winch has harassed
reply, "how can 1 amid his Inv mg mien- m al , klitlt doe. by the side of a chair ill
210112 to me, (1119 ' You k [toe hoar I.k the no (VI of the 1211.10 W , and read every that his servant would be there with be . ended . miserably Can a to , that you ''Well,'' said the beauty, "what s. D.nk
luggage . soon se the steamer woe made did indeed love me, .11 that some =forte- I Mr. IC ?"
taunted - yet I hate him " o id AN hoe she pad finished and fully fast to the duck , and that he wanted the nate impulse, ur intstaken matte meld I "A 1.." wee the reply. "1 yield to a 1.....
' 1,110"+n lied wheal-amore honest me end( rtioo.l it, she plated it in her bosom,
handsomest sips:tickets the house could have mode you do-what years of misery gentlemen. They have the advantage of
ni son e respects than her Akio], She had ,rived her hands upwards , ivad in • low bo.h,h rto both of us have been the result I dare, me an every reagent." And he took up his
become-4,143 in he ro mith the Iri ,o 1 ~I'ittoorillid areent repeated •' Father, )Dor i
"All right-it shall lie atmieded to. Do nut hope-mid 3m my mother-with her- hat to leave .
Frank-whose name ea, Ilii hard Clirk- . 1.11.1 • ill , awe you men though on me 3 . 0 tn . to go to your room now Y '
eeparated from bee husband for pears 1 " Stop," said the lady, "and make your
" b " b." been fi re " " e ' l, " m "'" a • '‘' b " I '"''' d'a "" r. lived, ' m l b it ' I No," satd Mr. Graham, ^I Well get in- will be this suspenee no longer. A few statement no matter bow bumble may be
corneae, itig her to sthool 'I lo 3r iii, 111111 II 111 lIP if) misery and to death Oh tiled '
to a earns and drive .. the randenee moments eonviersatioo with m y sinter, will your claims." o
had mare, been to her htle r's h ar,o, vet l'oin I. '" h was the last words site mid , ~,,, mot he r ".. m . ,r
explain ate mystery . I'll go to her at ( "I am pap.-
he IoN ea her, led inn 'her tr. 4111PIIII k ..1 for many data ; We was very 41 At last tour (sister and her husband, DO Peak ono." I "Go on '
they were engs..itd Ile ass a clerk to the alit recovered, and • few wsArs afterwards ..... a yr .. morrie woo , oo into moot.
same employ as r m . amt b een , en d oss on the eve of the find of May, in • fashion. i
eho married - le t me
..., thee,.
I That evening Mr. Graham spent with his I .I am unknown in the world-"
her husband and children Not • I "Go en." v
Therapidly in the cenfidi. nee .(I the rank 01 , 1 0 01.30011 01 Broadway, 01.01.111111nd by I aea dy ~, y...
„ .s.-1./., y. boon gone we ed wee said in reference to Imbel, until ; " I have neither We Wt. or te......
The relation in which he stood to Itimuln the wield, and advt. of New York, the 1.. 1...... b..., , the childrou had gone to bed, and the hue- 'to deem fashionably. I work for my liven.
was something after the fashion rd Inv OP. 11 I. • alit dill [Rebell. Ogden became the wife „ *
Yea, Bob, Inger ; its ton years .•' but excused himself in • phuout manner,, , hood. It is hardly possible that Ivan make
language to or upon t. melee( 0 . 1 111111- of Pitarro l'tm They were to speed Weir "By the way, don't you remember young that they might be alone I you happj, for low offer you nom of the
ey, . sure as I get into bunco, ° s, and en. hoer) onion at the country residenee of th e pe..e. "Now Sie, come add set down by my side, inducements held out by my rival."
support you, I will ask your odal man for huh(•r of the husband " Remember him-to be sore I do-but, and tell mo all I want to know. I have! "lam to ju o djso of that ar ; G1..... 1 "
his consent; if he eays ~ (Which of eourse The newt tnofning we. the gat of May ~,,,. „ 0 . ~,,. , heard that 3fr . Pom is dead, and what our- j "Nothing. y, Ikm you, end . r lake •
1,,, will go all .1 b., t o .., , I know per. and the Metal couple, surrounded by Sups o N o u n ., ver y particular, only ho is prised me more, that for Ida year/ laabell., ....p. r .
aon Hawks, who premilte• in St. Th, 11134 . , of blends Mond 111.011 the burrimme deck of dettd.. ," my lea" as I toed to call her, has been , At t hi, Messrs A. B, 0 and D bor.
in AAA a A 0
Church lb will marry us, and ay,. l's s nognificent North River steamer, Justand exoleimed with ern
„ Dead: - Coe d Ood, is it poesible!" `acting the part of • daughter to my moth er , into a toed laugh,
.1 dont like it, he can lump it, thee. all r, lent ing ‘ lrom the landing at the foot of mitre-. So do we-I love yen to distise
. Finable ? lh has been boding about -whet done it all mean I" 1
" Nonseme-what Mould p you' got to Say now." to wn, ll ''' I " ' ar " 4 ''‘'' the I ' d b* " .l ,2L_P ii " 00 and every body impeded and sashed, - 31 y dear brother-why rho marria, rim -I take four papers ! ha! be! h.!" .
There Mno one else you love-young P.m .• And as for me, Dicky, all I ha, eto oar , Ill, • r, and her tromendom midi
..-- . ___ .t.. _.° I'm..
. ‘ , l ° I he would din for the last three years fie Peet is • matter she must explain to you in •• Silence" rid the lady, .ia ono month
will wary you, he hat a dear field . Ile i s to suit your own 001100111enee, we can get (Ter.,. earnmk Me ....... .lb e l looked up in the Toler all • Vagrant person, and Ido behave, that though Sou you all .ball hear my answer. You may
will be the happy man-now my dear Jade' along without Pa" group was no to a brig which had just , .
pre..ten, to' being mat to Bellevue one may regret it, yet when you know all the all withdraw •'
-we how easekev words will c. 0.. Iro n." Mr Clark loved Frank an if Le had 6., oi urem i • a e nd nes lying at anchor in the 1 e ight ;in the morning when they turned ciremastmeem, you will not blame her tool At the end of the month the fire suitors
Debella blushed; she felt guilty-ehe a brother . Ile was the son el a boiler in Di. rth Riser . Then wee • botia t I ff!again spewed Turning to reds itt sue.
felt that she had wronged Frank, in con- , one or rho upper %Verde but e prounum to carry p4llllollpre ashore; A ..k. early in
. pee tri o s 7 0 , Ithe loafers an t or their eds. to get their' g reatl y "
firod, be was a croaker-a corps e. The old I " Great God ! how she has euffered melon, the lady them answered .
seating to the visits of Mr. P e e, but what young mee k and Frauk preeUrol I.lan tie 01kt, ekorknag se the little boat paned flow mho must have suffered-loving you "Riches are nee produetive of happiest/
rmar man did not end touch better.'
*mid she do 1 Even Frank would approve situation he hold . lie was gratified when the etern of the steamboat; oho thought ..y. b.,b a g I" I better than she did her own Levee-blood, Boned edibility of blood is the pewee& of
of her own.. if he knew it She li.tily ho heard from all quarter. dot Isabellehel for an instant of Frank, at the ems me- .. & nag ., datiom Fuse is geeing, and
he ruined himself in Harlem and married to a man who had not one soli. all rummage
°a. a
replied " neva," and left the per fee am I abandoned Frank, and wae to be man nd t....iiited she beard her own name shouted, •"Im Ball Road steak operations, and died of •F l lac y redmming quality " be that Ms but the md garb id se
OWO 0.1111 young Pom, whom he knew mil detested ale]," She gated for an instant at the re- 1 . 4 .. h .,.
Madams men do lire matters up rapidly. He had no donee. in m (keg bout-that *0h0... Pa...11r - - Holy Mary ! that's • new disease, for quality Y" . Yes his wealth, Sh-that we. • good anew is to be pitted. Have Mho, the
trouble to Mid out the names of the nue-
It. ie • trill% petty arrangement to them , all his empicione and opinions upon de it 01.0 F..k, he had same& BM 011 401 11 a broker to dii.d. Why, Goleta., New "No-he had not even that. It wee all, paper. for which
a spooniatke le cotton - an operation in the matter to Miguel. " It. • burning elle. her I )2.1 and eat down paralysed Theliand g o .k i. 1,,.. a ng, e h l' But, bells, who, show. Ho was • gambler- adm kard, you'eidenrito, and I have
ertainml that none of you, who Lave
.took mirk. Melt. them.. calculation, and • sin if tt, 1s eo, and flimsy, you should 0r...-. began playing-too deem , bimil„_ . „wa* i„,,.. a b.. ? Di e k Ch id k . I are Y- roue, and without brains to elm. in Mk; '''
boated of wealth. nobilitY. Amm' realm(
widows and mommenmt , but love u s ed I telk to In Suppose Frank hear s or on, no.• Ludy under erg , tee. the ....... e. wk., Disk, uld Mead, isoo past sw we say line In a yew after he Walk married, 110 dare marl eke prier_ : ma :Z . % r af 0i1.....4:
marriage! the union of . child for life, to that she is travelling all over town io mom - the little 'sot, it ton almost set ofd ght, in Romeo,. ',abandoned her . Ilk father refused hie aid, fhb is daahanaat. 1
another being-is • sort of plain, merry day pany with that young eon of • gar, cone and neer the I.ding W hat wen the feel- .. Bloom e y ~.., Fmk ir a poor ewi y.i o b . ri. rr o .mmeo.d forgin t hls ' ing e m . . who . % a mid
mateer-if the parties are equally mobbed fond him I tell you Frank 12 no Aitken hip el the young Gide is mile bun. to I dean n it ma noted else . Where did you father's name These forgeries were ot, act , abe im
-of constant occurrence. It is not Means and if he bean thot, there will Lo stowthing homer and her ficai: Pear Frank, the rieb ...., ft ,... ~,
then, that the DWI morning illr. Pon sod broke; get soma explanation from her G us• borer had succeeded in eking • combined .. •
I up, when disowned, and Ito escaped being mem ter • paw; bet sew the prhatr in
Mr Ga ll oway met-and, in an hour, they sy, and then I will write Frank " bride TOm poor lever had lost me, bet Aeg ...ou
By t h e steamer arrived is met to the Stake Prism Mt Red to Europa advance. TMehre d. I wit h y t he i. is hd t i bLass ,.. e
;For two yean he was dant, when he re. I give him my Mu wit
separated • the buena. was done. A eon• lt was in pursuance of the wishes ot her Immena Gm Men.
Met bad Wes slued to the agar that the lover, that Angst. asked " Isa" orb) she The ling Angeline, Capt , . Well and hearty, eto is the old man, old 'toned he found his father ruined , and then lion that be is one every way ealoulated to
Edwards, bee woman, and all my littk folks ; got sin of / ft mu, he fell into the meat low diegrareful' mike me happy "
.. ti. . in.
seed the one sisidii marry the ward of did not send Herren about bin busmen -- arrived the night presiding and amber d k w .. mined the eldest toot' after you, and habits, which deafly OSUMI Lb deathly. leas , Need we sett ..
de other. For the support ef the yaw& When she heard her reply, oho observed to in the North River. Freak was a panes- th..ig... 04 a n, y a b.i , 1„....„,..b.c., bat a i . e ., lived w i t h him a r t ., t h e fi r m gi mpm h tt .d v . diwppea.od quite
seeds Mr. Pan agreed to pleas his son in I her very mirlously. '' Ist , you me wrung, ger mh. from Amoh. l . o ( ma me suddenly, ead the Welly .a lte r was said
P re ' • wire article of mune Do you know her lyear of their marriage."
the brokerage Menem give bite • boas., I Freek dnet damns it fie k far away ceedink on the when be observed de b a b a ,' i s dad r i prank was affected womb, as his DM. MI. Mimi ef hi. de...L.4 in • f e w
knish ft used emu on uarma ie ease at working for you, dreaming of you all the Goo and fee of Gaon.. "801 me told-but where is ate ?" ' ter ati In the de of the sufferirme I yaw, by home . .•d ledestry. Mum eat
amides* de sum of fire hundred dollars • I while and thinking how happy all will be Ile felt hurt that eh* dould have Ws o Mn. p e . F. lof t= l et girl, her pekoe& gentleman, may a diMI Lot a meekly men,
year what We Heed. Mr. Galloway was • 'bye sod by.. And you, I tell you aka it New York about the time he we expected, .. No a h.l r
roldoel man-he sweepted the emirs., on is lea, Fniek will bear of It, and . will but supped elle was obliged to leave towel o gb. b... m eldi ng were ./.1.• m .. on
l ad last, the recital of hindeep devoted ion ,and asteetwellbe knew him. Young
Mtn d off a to himself. and her atleatire ', man, he peld the Mater. Is awe no meal
la. pan bound himself that hided Ogden awaken from Me dream, and-" and would soon be bark, With mob deft' midi., for the put six years-with your / aid dutiful aoudad to his nine mother ;I h. ebb?-Odd Felle
0111Wia Ilaartycoung PM. No dower was "Stop Augusts, I will not listen to this when he get eve shore, be berried to di ~...,, ~„ ,ha court listen no linger, and started up
Wed W 0 1110011..-all• WY to go ma of his Frank omen doubt my love Cr o aninaleot home in Morris etnett All of his lenity oD m Clerk c• I saying .It Is getting Me dater, I must bel " Ma" leld eit legeleliim litilw• Sirl " . 111 .
bud, ebb so mere property than she pm- if he does?" te em mil ma ete lma m . ew H i ll. . Win yes mess surprised - what Is the gob% think los that at, this how I will Ind I ebb et l.. work ilee eillleelem
NSW Ides In remind When Mx MM. •• You WS limey that fool Pent, I sup. ter Margaret seemed to avoid girds ithe it ai m., le
wili be a dike thee" " Tbelb ara. eehl
our maser up?" "I really dolt know, they go ka Amin r "Yak IV amt. eld.l
li wee set seesawed b. the donna* shot poem yet. have got to do it any way .'• chance to ne her did i .lase be mend .Notideg-nothing. Den my mother yell ebould aimed en her Mehdt Muse. , _ . ~ ,
__„, ..„
she we to beteg to Mr hushed the ebb •• What do you mean?" that sim should eseimpany bin flu bar owe nu n mid wish my e ater mid her h at- Beth looked st nob other, sad bed named, dm ' s rfte em Mae =l t =
and Imeseres depressed in love "Why, I overheard sty fattier say that roon he ...meted lease hire it ha 1e .,,,,, a sedernand the morel theogbi of eaak,l awns . Moe' TM WISINWIN ,
mW mil Imlay. GI ne, them wall ef no yes would de so, fee it lOU Mend he She could ma Woes Ids sweesk at whim oOhso ; yeer MOW resides MR Mid
asesest i ski us I. many him Mel weree.- bad a W.. ho. yOur .441..... it." they were dem Frank immememd,„. f em me the Obi WWI to Mania skeet: Isabelle, m
.. . 2 -
NI " A you Mel this? Your father , -Isabel." amt pal tom WI OW.. eyes ; wise a. wag gag .. as ,.. w ith her bus.
41Flatie a week de yams Pm was la- has • =hem Moe to me-he dull mho, there... OW Madhillamm Men feeds bug, um le ear mothee'll midden. lad,
tetrad h. the faMly d Mr. Gaßoway.t- it to mar' but she did her May, sod Ma llpd ell- 4 .. gladly eammed by her The old lady,
Labelle was i s with Ids at the very .
sly Ise meads that I told mi."- ay, to the maniege. Ihsek am ma weep gig ... tumu li t e , k i sm slio old ..yea, at 1. 1
OM eight et We seemat Moue eves Rabe Before elm weld triply the bell rang, and • -he Nerdy Mud his dine Whom she bed e b, /... hem a a ng i t hn je l a ab.
bed eel lewd huh The owned be. visitor was meowed-it win Mr. P. Paled Inland hor simple Mh. Mid her " • pa 1 . 611 so‘ b. loposatat, and so she eispg. /
Me de peer , lever, ado wee for away, Aguas loft the rem The visitor found' fond sister," and 141.1141.41 OM were "Stela 1 e h...m. rebel. y m ; raw what . 1
red the rid we, win tea pneeeet, was tool Imbed alese-es boar passed. when Mr. is married," as dough ho amen doubted ....a. a u Togia a. i mas.i r
vivid, Me shah. bra aht di eel heft* Ps. heft the Moe, aid Imbed rejoined the ftet-loft the home ti le at swerM -- VD.. ... ga..._,.. e a. at,
hanalf. end treated Mr. Pisa as a you iMr Mead. at Mehl.% said- Massa Se hit amplewn. They were glad 1 ra g a s pi '
lady dud tees sly sembism. in 644, , .. Well Gamy Its over now, and my te see him. Be bad Weeded Mika be- I .. T. bean they ... "D na , new'
Me Fames MOW.
With jewelled maidens
She may eel smile en overtly swain
With soft, bewitching eye
ghe catmint howl • fawn and uneu
That lavieh wealth hut brought her,
But, eh, she hw much fairer charme.
The mm end My ow het cheek
Together I.e to dwell;
Her loughiog blue eye. wreathe anotod
The bout a witching spell ;
Her mile is bright as morottnee glow
Upon dm dewy plain,
And listening to her vol. we dream
Pier ye, more ray mud tree,
The Illy", sup is ea. more pure
In purity
0(.11 d» wad dowers in the wood
. • •
Or by th e eryabel water,
Thera'. alma more pure or fair than ate,
.Fhe Farmer's poerfees daughter:
The Numbly hello whom oil adore,
On lowly pillow how
While forth open the dewy lawn
The merry maiden hire:
A with the lark'. otpnereg map.
aor own clear mice ow hefted—
Ye may nol which aweetem wog
The widen or the fiord.
Then bill nin inn of jewelled rair,—
The brightest Jewel )et
Ism the heart whore virtu, dwells
And innocence net !
The glow of health open her cheek,
The grace no role bath taught her.
The foam wventh that beauty twines,
I. for the Farmer's shinghier
From tLe Nual Erik
Be Strong and Bente— Min ße Firm and True!
Ile strong and brave—be finn and Irne—
In thole haw to do;
When freak and 'le, nn. with you, there
Moat be no nuernent for d. Flow!
If negged won the path ,1,11 tread.
And hope a deadnful ghninnz shed
Where. far before, OW good y.. k
l. hedged by many an Alen. peak,
Whdo frozen torrent@ rage betweeee,
And yearn., chewers eaten ow,
Oh, falter not—preee on anew,
For truth and nght be then end true !
If error trietalph fora day,
And x mug aeheeve tyranure may—
If noon:nem ode grew welb years,
When up in lonian Weed wed leans—
If all yaw efforts won to be
Moe www-nakee falling en the we. •
Which wove the darkening tale to
eked leave no whiteneen where they fell—
If heart grow reek, 1.1,110).'• grow 'dem,
And heintstene wise the weary honk—
If blear.eyed, Ileeponekney
Stoll came where 11110 W. MOM In be—
.lX oare t o ed who. Ileree tea,. eaeg !
Nal all the ane. of do nail
Their home.. the elegize nevelt !
Vole nea the high resolve,. nave mere,
Winch nerved to netele deeds Wore.
And wzke 01114 , h van Penn
Thy hang with na rapture Nell!
11ent tin amid the tharneehy het--
boned through the gleam elay cry
lumend well thy Orel. De Ilona,
And .take for truth arid right the unto.
Mangle night and 810/111. and Pea ..... °natl.
And threeteheng clueeele oak shake, doe eh
Ilnward end npward 'neaten.,
To /rata end eight
Kam lbw New liwit ewe
The Mich and Peer Lover
A thir Tnra Sroxr.
I r il
. .
11:0 Sollagtro. We ae,iildlevrathrre, olgrictneatirr, Mortinattr, ztra Sgiewriltitg
"1"1 Pa" " 14 ' " gigU ik" a° Y e t i rt. tthiaai r a . r igi i
.61... me to de" Aram Loam elan to se NUN we walk
A l a." 1. ' 411.4 6r Y " " 'VII. us ai'iiiiii - C boa &mu% .. up ...
NM mud ow ask ves If yea love
belt I know you do. .h.lek of her Wier- " 8 " 08 . 1 al ".
liar he 18 .8 To. . 81 1 ..... If 1._,J.21 /SW*. la thumb la shear who.. is
ith7 ..p 'bag Wald *rm. do hi .....,a lopi of relives liberty. but Ind weft
1 6 1 0 1 8 1 l 811 . I". V . .—"". 4 " "ma I° Ila a Wawa be b. Non 00 ...awl"'
ibis pm. Mt wil l tell .11 about the se- m ai. A ni ....
hem letter, whish led to her seurebtip, awl
.... /. Pm a... WMW fest The ——------17-4176 y N.. 80 .1 8 ": _ os t
loom will he Nodded. and my darlhik level betot.eiele Isthe 88 • Ma .
'lsa., whom I have lens repaid ea • eller, why of the Sabisib."
crudarad are iwl►
. .. ..
Childhood and Yana, NM 11t5 ., 201
dower. d flemeam , an bemired ..„. al
in their own bright (pear —lW L
y their
own sweet visions. Light u He air they
breathe, no memo no anxieties pow epos
them, save thew which me Ilk. the mill
dews of nodes that fall ea the linshing
dower., mid pees sway in the ant rays of
the awning an.
Childhood and Youth, Ile been, ewe
fade_ soon eons. to Unmet, by their nett
nem end beauty, the admiring eye. Remo
retain their fragrant* long after their love
liest hues are fled ; while others mere gaudy,
more strikingly brilliant, aspire en they
aloe, their bright pooh, anti we know them
no note for ever: no perfumes remain to
render their faded learn precione. How
necessary for the young to cultivate their
mind. while living among aunshin• and
flowers, and thrive ieetruetioa hem them.
As they grow in inn, and enter twee the
active dellee of life, how desirable it I. that
they ehouldperform their part upon its
Ingle nags, n such • meaner as shall mil
der them imolai and reelected They will
soon be parents—soon have the are of
young mortal.; surrounded by them who
will look up to them for saimement mid lll
situation. Their minds must be militated,
if they wield be happy anti mike others so:
( their heart. store-houses of Intelligence,
from which should emanate all that me de
!light. Home tenet be the bright spot. -
earth meet know none which am equal it.
It must lie the resort of love, of ream of Jo).
tld li del r d'' ff nll' r= * ;tntot ofemd. ttiell 4
etudied : it is from this sacred tome the In
fant becomes grit nourished. How lbw'
brightriyes of the listening cherubs gleam
with the varied emotions of joy and gna',
at the recital of it. Inresting Merin I
Let truth be first stamped upon 'yeah,'
intellect', for great is the plasma derived
from this pure fountain of majorette!! The
moCher can gain much by 00enining with
I her dinar.; they can be calmed ad milled
M this way, better than in any other. Chil
ilren become weary of their playthings, and
are often irritable; their feelings mast he
soothed by their mother . ; this is her peed.
lin province: and as they grow in mere
she mart strengthen, her °forte. lions
must still be the elyeium of their souls. If
separated, much still depends upon the
mother; she must follow her children with
her letters and her veined. tier comma
°heti°na must be pooh as to keep alive the
flame of love, and draw their minds hash to
the wanes of their childhood, that, however
remote they may be—in whatenr siltation
they may be placed—in temptation, In sick
ness, in health ' in proeperity or advinsity—
like a charm, h ome and mother met opine*
upon them, and prom a salbrass to guide
them in all their demons way..
In alliction'e Money hour, when the
bright orb of day is shot from the weakened
eye—when the voice of wag is hushed, mad
tho rambling swum the lowers sae enr—
when the same monotwous sane ensure
from day to day, from month to month, and
not unfmtpuetly from year to year, it is
then the mind nooks relief : it weal. njoy
meet, foe it is an active principle which will
never. trk!e'siliferhieleir More lame the
spirit. Nothing can chain it; it will week
—t will nominate upon the by wear
ofjoy and grief; 141da and, shades par
over it. it Inning consolation from Me
own rewarees. The books studied, the la
wns imparted, among well digeeted, leis.
eellany, lyrics, poetry, history, Inn.. all mane
to comfort and relieve the aching mind.
Vernon. in distroen on overawe a thomend
nameless evil., by melting or riempeeleg;
moth a train of thoughts ooweonies pain sad
lifts the soul above earth. flow nommen
to enrich the mind in early life, o before the
evil days cone." it dies not with He body:
it rune parallel 'with G.A. It le a Hein,
undying principle. sod must he eariebed
hoc The more it knows of God, the mare
l it will be like him: and the bailee
for sublimer enjoymiets above. pe e red
that views Got in all his work., in nmy
tree, Anb and dower, "nimbi= lodes&
and hears him in the wind." With every
change, with every objeet, useelatee the
Deity. That soul Urea a life truly gnat,
and will rise high in a purer clime, wild
that bright eoestellation of tenanted b
inge who worship conthinelly Wore the
throne of God and the Lamb. Let the youth
attend to these things, and for a moms{
impend their anxiety for thewtward &deo.
nest of their persons; and reineether, a well
educated mind is • jewel far mere estimable
In the eyes of an Intelligent man, the the
meat beautiful eeterier, &defeat of gbh
trewure. It is the only soiree of enjoy
meet here, and will enhance their himpimes
Matelber and a brighter world.
. free ow.—Tbere Is no sorrow in the world
I °seer what we Meg aria
Evet7thing is smiling end beautiful amen
as. The forest is net drayed—tbe trete
and brooks are not trabill, end the it, I.
not elothod in ask-sloth. Nature throe/b
-oat the year I. dellothd, sad why should
man be sad f Blii heart ham not bra
sehoided right. hi. parkin has not boon
subdued; b. is shoveller too seibli, mai
therefore isionslde. We bow many 1..
.lieidnitis who are area sad stabbed ma they
ran be, when they are sot raids" leery
fur If they lees • sierra by way et
trade. they feel like Arming dies ; if •
debtor has hewed bramtrept, le takes fall
six moths to erre it. .sown hem their
brows. We are seirsinted with as. rim
worth et WA • robed amend dollar.
who safer unarratably is hie vied fee
far he shall die poor. Bo row. net whet
it is to rjoy • reamers peer el Wed.—
Another we bare or, who som a per his
tars without • aura, aid In ak". o 7
ieg sorest the Aaron Ihr idea their
d ay: I l e
re d rni l e
: ea t ri C ag end l l e si
plasers. Let der I d
le. Re burr briar
rob rather le lb* herb and kliadriess
tbirdr lips, sad all dm* fearliwil retro
. r od rah& All reel& ho lore It
won Ileavoids drip shot wa read ha
roe to read se le his bomege, and redo
with Melts wider thin 1061.111 wee*,
sad *riled stare uAs Ighniaellilit
Half aor ipi da latopory. Wive
yes IWO avoserao to oatoOlk try vbs. irif.
too don in la ~do babel ot war
brio= Wag Wamaliag, M may am "OW*
Iwo lon kkg Wat rots aisommi.