The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, May 04, 1849, Image 1

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I, E. gglpsTE 40, Editor gag freprirtsr.
- _ __ _
(11 % , ... - anxiou to aseertale whether I would mak•
'1 ) 1 11l alatA1 1 : 11 rIP, il. JII -'\ ni - *cti - -i- ...q.._,,:.;...
4:::,L> .
. I .J .. Mr Galloway ! oh, do not, jut vet t
. -..,. -... ~., to, a subject," exclaimed the really ashamed
girl .1 am dependent tepee you, but mire
ly you are not sealers to get rid of me 1-
-, What can 111, Pam 6. to me. or I to Wm.
4 I I am very happy where I am."
Ag. ,z1,11:-.L
a - I.lml4,youare now old enough to fore.
---- --- - v.
amazement, you an my
tBl NUM BER il,
i ev o st i lyomfati r ier platted you in my oherge,
f your interests ; you bore
_. - I be. • gad girl, and very attentive to your
Ad gentle-have p o tiet tce D on ' t worry 1 ,thiiii„ it re ,. oe y think bat that -as he land that their love was mutual, yet they I Frank elamimil the blushing, happj maid lam, very dornestit and very quiet. I
„6,14. . poke add „land Mott like to talk genet a husband, yea
y.t." min lor .11 nI. about her so ',melt -; prmeeded, his changing face, Melling aye. had never told th e 'wee' cegeision to e i t h er , I t his hoar, Premed upon herglowm g lir an.r.. Seat .11 lour
girls are Maid, sod
Attu.. y sh. Inminess ; leave thin. 10 smite. and all seemed changed IHut1 Hut they knew it-felt it-in thought and kis les innumerable ;
vt heat, are very thatiktegto any tried old
, come about in their own way. I will coax ''
That's true, for nee-I am now poor; soul-wordm were u.lest Time glided on, ruse from the oaf., meat to the foot of the
her hefore Imig to got and walk on the Bat- but you-you are a priceless femme- they met almost daily-it was but • too- staire In the hall and called his sister, and Ilnud.." , like e l."; •nwill pick oat •
nal one. NOV while you have been @toady
, trey sotne a ft ernoon, and ask h. if I may worth • man's life-yes. • do.. live.. 1 mcot perhaps, but it w. long enough, to then returned to the side of Isabelle and g
CLlAlliall 111, t i r o t
willet and accompany us lam a m young - the wile wi th ' is before me; be happy upon, until they met again. Where kimel sway her tears : at your books, I havo not been negketful
sshe grant it, w i ts , ii to ll h er Low but t ip 1 oar, you , I W.. without an object. was 31r. Galloway .11 this time Y Was he Margar e t and Augusta Loth came J... lof your future interests. I have •teadily
[Continued] IMAM you think of her-and how anxious Now, Great Hod! with you before one- blind ? N o ! h o t h e never dreamed, that e t th e w ly gm hem had , looked out for a husband, for the daughter
The air was bracing, and in vig.trating, you are to tab with her-that I will.- with your image graven ou my heart-with th t , mt i o t y ee b e i thought of aoght elan than damned that they had been up mire, and lef My toll friend Oelen-such an one as he
and tilled Frank with happiness and hope Now, brothe rest contented until that op- the beat h o p e o f my .iat e nce centred in h or l oc k s , m e nev er amqt or saw Isabel, fwebella remark e d it by mying •.• 31y dear lambed. ..31d it.....ffinmiatedand•Fl..-
Vrahk walkml up and down the various port
Y.. what can I not do or be for your sake? with her lover-h had mese visited the Augusta, ile. have you h eel this 1. 6 10.1 of. I have selected 4 husband, for you.
walks upon the B a tt er y, en d tio,oght deep-
Frank persaed the good advice of his l em a clerk for your sake; give me but brume of 3lr Galloway-his elaurhter Au- . time, you inert. Im. waiting'" il •••• ( ....'d 6 . °1..."
ly upon his phsifloor avd prospect.. liver Y sister, attended to his business. and she, t i me. e nd I t rill r i m g o h e • merchant ' gust. wae not blind, although heel nee orl .. liammen," replied kugusta, its . such ' "Sir Balloway IDo not feign in AM
thing nbout him gave to ens flea • rlreory fit, „ oe„wiiir girl, ~,,,,iiiirig all egorion re
I have youth, I have mercantile knowledge, made leer a confident of her love lo Frak. levee yon haven't even remeinhel cd the I way-or use my father'a name in comm.
••••"" "( " 4 •• "'" ki ".g. ''''''' r " r f t a b °lin in hin Manny" Wimk• named in I hut splint , I have made friend• who have Aug.. knew all about it as well a. tleugh , in exigence site% it so Fr
1 Rd , tern nig. sue!. a aubjelet. Ido not wish too
P rndueilt .."•.• Be looked at his own s- thi e mann , „ hen ono morning Itgegoret it. For honor,-1 need. r will mi. among she had. She bad ber motives in keeping ' ' never mind. I'm * .leightfally goo Ivnatut el ;marry."
mal posit.n He had lived in the world, asked Frank if fie was engaged the next ef- nay fellos-onm. the political arena; with it • secret front Are parent. It NM ° her this day at the idea of mother e i.I of I teeth .. Of co 're° all young girl. so, that, bag
rome 19 your, in a state preparing for an te ftmon towards motd.two. y our l o v e . • rewa r d, I would wi n Mei n , • funny matter, • mart of think... was ' and you. together Fee.k. but 0 ~,,, e Rolle l you d a 104 know who he I.? wait until yen
existence he the world, where he imuld be •. No" re died Frank. " " what do yon Ron there. Wealth-it would come; I really charming. She had an imaginary do your things and let's start, for if my Pe ,um law 7"
a use to bitesdf, waken name, and oequire won t r•
work and toil night and day matter of her own on hand. It was
•is out, and should each me in t hi. abetting f • I maim to a. no man, with tiny snob
3 fortune. Heretofore Ire It. merdy . •klereli this; there is • young lady mon- sch em a neerg, them e ll o ut y or yew,s ag a to, feiend of Franks, whom he had ietrodueed 'businene, lie would murder me am a 1.,,, id 'understanding -for sham Mr. Galloway,
dreamed of such results but he felt c mil- i og i n s p en d th e ntt orteton with me, and wo 'mak. Mona, for on, and then travel. Why : to the neighborhood of Mrs. A- 'w youog example or the Maimed fate of lose meavito pia. one en the. marker-tor tnarry me. or
dent the, would all v... a b ou t i n r „,,i,0,1 to tw i te o walk ot,, th e Bat- we would go to the world'. end tour er . protere, and who always happened, to es- meteors.
tel bye Frank, be a good boy, ;to give the refusal of rue, to any purchaser.
b„,. h ome I thoreht you would like to be
time. Il e ~ ,i,i,,,1 ~ time ha.l f e y after sour down, and the e . l am t o see • [Mould be all. every Thing Toor wished, and cort Misa Augusta. on the days when Frank yon may kiss um for once, Po% get jealous. who nits your views."
tome nov He wished that be wan a Icon
I Isabella riveted her fa. with Ler Lands,
.ears 1 . 1.1er-.4 age tree, with man-l e nt „ e e o t . To ., go need but one reward-one smile of appro. wished to be with Isabel. She walked with I.l' .
ye of my purpose; one faint hope that M an i Frank willingly from acted , whenever he .. To be ewe I will, fora guardian atig..l she had spi. a bul ilt crushed, and • tense
.46, and in besmear. Ile ; tol be 1, "is it I.tthell a ?"
would love me when I had shown what I moue, and ..mod neither to appro. or,. you aro of the happiness of both lon and •of her demob. position, the nee... of,
Lis eye. me ,laeel, for o Lid, he wish d ..IVIIO el-e, dear brother mine" eonld do for your sake. T would have no , disapprove or the measures, taken to insure self, then take that and keep it, G. 31 bless • mum 11111111111 k " tats her loge bee spirit ,
such thogos. What was that rlt was Mild, .. 11 e s =he I. tw rdynor asking me ?" wish , nn hope that was not a part of your their being alone in their welt Frank's you." " Isabella-pu have not mated dm oase
et uglo, and unarraned-et the th met- .. pi „ft h e i ntrwotet u „,„„, re ,t as- b pp . inerm - I know, dear Isabella all of , Sister had lent solontl, but Tealtitlla w. a .. Now Ise "
rued ~r t hi, sir will not b e Li lay. When you hasp heard me througle
that be had. an object , that frals.4l.• 0,-
with what I lime ....I feel assured, 3011
don, scam that object-rested in Lie hos no. ener.f. But ;ter history-Nkrgaret has tr.ld ma it. I fe epee. visitor. her, and she was • cons
li-ton the . andly of 3lr. Galloway have would he your gime-live but ibr You. litlent of both
tankFra and ha. , 'The next day French Graham lett New . sill regard the emitter in a very different,
It eyes for her, le. desired to be, what a few e no -char d o i e ~. . . .. ~ e •
- ' " - "-n•• "ea, t". . "II . are an oriffian. Those with when; you live 11 o f
abou year after the day the y o rk f or Ri c h on d, a f ew .l as , a g eeNg ,j, and moM kindly Manner. Mr. PM l• •
yenta oily, could brine ab mt. Ile bad town in ge of the sister of lb.. .a . who are prod wealthy and f.hionable; they / Frank had first •eon Isabella alone a t leis Margaret got letter front bur brtsther,
as I n wealthy men, • very extensive broker
ar fe on Lis Am er , a ll t1,,,t, regarded oets . bomekeeper during Lie ebsenee.- ettnno t l ove y ou ,_ nay ' , ra m p th e eery • niothers house, area he managed to meet elming one for Isabel:a Ogden. It was In Wail street, he knew your father, before
„ le a ned Isbella. She was the ward too, of V... rich The flintily 3111 6 out of t own some weeks: ground ym tread on . They her and
returning from sehool.- dated at Rielutrd, mid i n formed her that you wi r° b a tn - in form , mr . P.. 1 .• •
and respected. f as hi ou dd e )g r u s it,,e or.
~,,,,e,,, . harked hrothoy I Lave oh- .dher ob•eetr to lore'. Dear Imhel, may.d Ile ace med agitated, and b o th g ide a s k e d ho woo In roil the ~,,,,, , o „ roi ,, u for o " e amiderable town amenity by the failure of
Ile even h. not aecess In the IMO, Ills tamed tits imitati w from the family . . 4 0 00, nand noose thou. I f s Wil ••t 11 "Wh • t the matter ? '
.g. ft, 0 ye a , . ins an 1, • Yr. in th e x„,,, h , E,„ 1 ,„ . 31 ,„ lon , o hi.„ o „ your halter. Ile h. often conversed with
sister had never be. aMml thew and it
. . spent] the tint° they are away as t 6 Con, you n o t 6 angry ? But I have offeaulcd llk intoned them. .. That he v. as k i k voyog,, 1110, ie len:re/me to) ourself I bates from
tort likely he "Dotal Lai nvited now - pa• ion g f Miss Omlen "
limo to time, given him an account of the
you •-I see yoe look lead IDo not mean obliged in the prosecution a ~,,•• business _
Berme Frank finirhed Lir walk on to the 1
rapid pro rem you have made in your studs
.." ar" • bi.'"?.'d. shrike sister. and 'any here: Ilut you are weepino? What which 6 had utdertaken for Ids emploeert
ell , Plea ,
litttery that meort , g _th e „ en A, A i , A .,, on Deft, ~,,,,. weight, in gold -Sis I really be- a Sill • feel I anis ' Dear Isabel f will try to proceed to Itiehmon.l Vlrgiela• mithio . 111 k t , I , e ies, and that sore a thing. He thinks
the other Lida of cite rte, r, s tweak:re west g i., g,, - ,,,,,,„...i .we yo „ , w h y ~,., will meet .;, .). - .
- i ' t d • from th n . 51..e1.1 go lo Europe., I tr ' it ' n ' • ° our store , '' ' , I ' r t . ' very Mgt& of you-Ile wished to see you
n 1 pware v., and never say a won wo at's, in ete e
. we be word ll a that Would liaereat the
of Jersey Cay-and he had made up hos „ 5 ,.„ ,i ~ ..
I Morel-11u Las done so, is gill pleased.
amin flat will offend if you will furgise me and should bo .1.....• 4 " •l ' l '''" • I t. " • • • reader , in the details of the even. a the •, •
tnierl . 16eo thittgs-first, that he was se. .. yy 1 , s
• • n a•' - '' `". have any manmom nr te;str I" Frank had become so earnest, so isbaclla eaid f
ah a woa Augusta asked .
year, s;bich hdlowtsi t 6 de atter° a Fran- '"" "'" well b. " - ""•'"" 1 4°41).- y ° ‘
•'''/ ...
I , Ito 1.." , is iin , talk foolish to Ise twill never forgive ye, I I I- r i . I lI I I t I IL I him t. When 6 ould positively go away -,: r i piehe . fro. rho uow p ed store .. we are very lovely-very young-very amiable
.. ror, an eel. so lune ,e, la ee ,
al;o1 that 6 I el. .1 Isabelk i /mi. ?Is, th„ w ig „ o , rah , t,
t•lented-naterally, .d Very ac
erb. w.. lire surprised, Wen • little an- fr o m New Yolk ?"
ly .11 . to eve a Inlet . of --yrr y
eLol that 31r I lad. mas would steed in the
romplished. He i. also aware that you ere
Frank Ner•t to tool that night be a mato erg •; ens felt awkw ar d in m new p a w ~,,, .. Tlm day after to-morrow in the aunt . , k t ° , '""." -.
1 l l ' l ' '.." - a
tor. a the eke mala...'
to‘ " " i
''''''' '' ' ' ''''ll' n 1
I " " r "' e ar."'" Ili.. P"••..Led h. s here rag lilt:shed crimson, and bent her eyes upon ; her, It° " l l ' ••• ° •".' l k "'"" k V°°l '. ' t.:etTr ' n ' it p ilace arid w/dch clange d t 6 ee l s very very pour, that he overlook,. Now to the
be cab iyated, en 6 could not ma h. down
lasspoint. lilr Item hue men, whom he wish
.., bows •ri, tu ne ., w ae t o b e hi+ for her hie° trotters which were beating time you tam young ladies oblego env sister by ',... w „,,, k 1,,,, ...,4 cum, ot 1 4 ,... 4 h.
Tl,irdlly order to strudel.) ehartse• with babel What, &oh Men ill 10. ere ? epee the earpet, but as Frak grew more emending tomorrow e our linuett instead of
.°,:....?' to Yee marled, . sumo young lady, win
: a gli the gem tienon, it syn, mcessory to •
11 Frank leid been eent by his ern- '
16 3 brood end ponder over every trifling doquent, and knelt by her . o
at, took her going to school ?" It was a hold rem..., , ,
. ere re Ihe „doh
Fief.,, A . rrente.. ie : is situated precisely as you . are. . ile bee
got ahead in t. a ,rld, make tar `wry
to me for you. This see:. aleen,t
an' thin, . I Imugh it ti.oll, 'timid, hand in Ids, al. looked rap into hor face Ilia ester Margaret must be very milieus ti ebe l oorth
or E ,,,,, pe, I T . .., 0r ..., o ,
ow ,
in Ir
riseo, what ho felt wa the 01111Wa
. . . 12.1 rearm of age, ba.travdled in torope, in
or a freer, for good or evil, a serious ettach- s o imploringly - oho said nothing, but to set the two , beautiful girl., to make such.
Gathersy's estimatien- .14 extensive incr. ,„„ nt.
, arrangement. for the tirm. Previte. to his feel, ret.neg only a few weeks rule. I
hant., .11 then, to mfr llis demos, mean. Lu.ked upon him kindly, and I whn at tut, • demand 1 % het • ..y tr. Fame t. I leaving Rid. ~,,, nil he had. se we have pre- think 4;11 1 , 0 ,a.”.a with lie. . 4,,,t
while, !timing himsdf i t th e path of-at ,J - !regrew more importunate, an pieced one. apectablo , fashionable gills to play h0e , ter,,,,,... y
t stated, written a letter to Isabella 1 " you . testis soon he will fall in love with pm,
co \rran iv arm armit4l her waist, as be finished speak. because her brother was going await .-- '
elin the regard, of I-a' Iles la et ery way , ,
h under erase 10 his sister. The fair girl re• , at that hno matter, his governor will Ix
„ r ran. was at, his elrii lime at pr.dgely ing end bowed his bead op. her lai,--she, Funk P..... 1 f0r....r. , ,A.,0" ';''-' , ra' e a t o it. 11,. ugh the same channel by ev-
P' r-ihk• ' I ' rr° .."'" I ' r "" w " .° u " '"°". foto' 0 . 4.1..e1e, the brew It which Ili; gilder faltered for • moment, ran her fingers ea . Isaimila• th•Y "I 'a...". tha neigh' '•. '.. I. i ;
eeeo before
.he rewired! Ain. Ito mum marry yob if the father
or fixed in 31r. Frank mind, thon 6s• t
• i say. the word Now bah. Ito these are the
rlosired 1.6 .e, with her friend and her- the Lilt. his et iding hair and said- horhmtd au,. bon,. a Mr. Galloway, end ' L ' 'T.'" ' .•.. - .
' ' l oiter fr o m hem unormong he of his ear,' if .1 fled forbid, my Mar •ounf lady
about t r i r yi"g I '' °° ' ' ° l'., r ; ° " i°° , l '''' ° T . r• li t . the Ilmt - Iv r oral feat Lie t .• Fra. don't- ou Inlet not talk me. Frank was apprombi g interdided ground 1 ., , royo Tt.t .
. 4..0. at et 3. 3 . . •
l ' ° "' " " r ' ~e , . r° -""' I " It " t 6 pi. in . tbe . 7.erler • h:enoneneed * a
we are v. ' s. younginow take away you; Then Isabel found her voice, arid fixing hor
e n . r . r o l r r i t ee ' d h.„. * o Otte from , that 1 should attempt to form 'our urine.
.:".;Toting'""." '''' 'l' •37-t-i,": Isom- e o n versation with her-Mon "her him sister :inn and let - me go and dud Margaret ; you eft'. tendorlY .I'.. Branii ..""" h ' u n • °" in i r thella was mottled in the manheartsfelt Ir ° .' b . ' . i. d y: °°• " . .2" l :, ''' "l ‘ r . "Y rr r g ,'"
i't," n ' . ° °t r . . t r r i • o / r it 7 e • "). 71 , .°° "I':! HS 16 parlor It on t 6 fit. time 6 had 04/glit not to leave said what yoa h ave _ii : a quiet careless
. ..ny, • .. Tell Meggy the: h . g000 .... 4 1 ,,...,,,, 4 1,,,.. and ~...,....y I p . i T yy ;.../ . ....71 , 1 ,
.. .7 ; .:
‘4,1 1.1.......:
.. I .leld aid Li, itr, * that telleri:oll7" . "::
' ..y.). I ts.e• :done with Isabella the first tir ed
Las pieved nee and madame weep; if 1 kr-, Bum. and .c. ndi eon nna,„^re her r .. n. in every line. But, e the expiration le • tio „ kb o g 0 .4 oft:wo.„ err .... to. to
~ •Le had . ver neer her save in the street; give voe. yo n will not talk to me any more:go to s" h"ot to - morrow. .`... 11.... " 3 " •
Frank era. det•ined in Swope .
you WhY,,,r•"•k,' whorl ', l ' ° ” n :'" r w l ,,, - ,• •• •• w indeed. be s vented. I. .M. •aloter it-at least until we are older." until then." you for life.
. :looser than ha exerted-the usual letter N lal all It' that I. tb ftl
''"'" "'P m.° it tow Jaya i''" -,?" "'. ' :33 . 3111.11.1fiE1n1t7 i 1f,11; 1 , otairlirk lien.- Trunk rose, but be kept hold of halo rn Tie net morning. • few mime.. before ~..... t ,..
0b.0 .....,1 0 ... 0 ~,,. t 0... how . .ow 1 mie am, is e • mr,
to yonr absence ?”
ty Si e ,con largo for her lee ; 111elielt lillle baud, raised it to his lips-it ones, tt o'clock, Frank was sealtd in the I
P!' "" "'I did not come with its secuatomed regularity. to-morrow month, I scud you to under
No sir ; I rim now ready to take Inc place
~ , , o oe, p . . . . . . . . ,
hint p
sirossemed the ellen. so; sweet, and Raabe kloaell el or an , his own home, and looking at a muo aura. .• , stand the matter fully. 1 ••hall ask rem'
ill the LIE. e "
and Frank felt that there was something p o . t ki , ot ... b . . 4 L
o'a folly ;le Toe d w. mon. Iler fete syn. answer to her last request, Frank parted Ho thought the miebject exceedingly goad'
but be never doubted for a inomerit i ..... * "" • .) ....* .... ** P eel
'nes • 1,4,1,1. oe• /11, ll Ild .110 hr. .It, " Ali ; I like tied TI ere is to thing 111 ft .
, tutu treat him ktudly or respectfully .
~, , ;• A pnl, b , ey skin almost ...I nee t her a. ti arranged her tangled ringlet* ft om de, looking-and wondered if Bell would coin-' „ obel i_
or a
_, ~ 1e.. ,
o _
_ e __,„
_ hoog y
Thom s li V It MI 'WI - at& Wu, ;
b " in° "• 1.. to " ... " 1 n• 4 " ". " 1" - '''. 1 • 11l • lane 1.1 •ee It racer her fee and neck and answered, "No dear- , eide with him in his opinion-for it was hi. k,
.... , 7...... 1 7 . . b... ...
... • " y .",c; •' w cast moil you an amtain whether you like
Be toth . 4ord Oi.•11 r. mli Ili,. Elm•••• Wog to-day-hut eononettee isonetri ow 'la rkhair ' ." • " inn -, •." .
non "-. him f or not then it will he rime enough to
of thel, llama. ear .te ay. her win. " fork and shoulders, affording a est Isabel, I will never es y any thing mor e own likeness, and intenged for bur . ' fie' ".`
lam ItiMP onagers ,wearing on this side of , i , , i . „.•, ~ I II b . a
lewd. ins, us though hml not been
that can Satre. you," and as he said, this, door bell rang end Frank answered i t .- oue next-melee
, the A the ie. evhi, In were ereideelly to d0..1•.'" ' "•'" '.'
.k.'ii;'...:.: . ..: ' • '
.. Frank walked tn bor nide, end . he he pier t d eme am timidly and respectfully , 'there were two young erls at the dd.%
olro , ~._
..,.... ‘,.__......____
_ O , tune, reeetve I.ter a. your acknowledged
The next morning Frank did eoeliniellee,
...A i•do II repressive fentotres of 16 about the white neck •d the sweet or and they aokml if I. sister waa . home. -• r 3 • ' y ? ~ h • l ' . i ,: - 7, -.. , eiritor . Mat hese you get fo eay a u ar?
k d F "V . "' •• •• ..' i r • ...• •" •••• ••• What eat II objection Onn you make to my
PcserittArts or X tee --,t l'illp md in , and war a.m. t 6 out. 4 tor •6 kre Messrs • h „,,,,,, hii
oh ,
0,.... ,
end tool-
girl, and placed Idr Him upon horn-it was' Frank mid h° Iniliavrd she weer, inid " -t e • ' concerted Frank le.t in t 6 spring or the ai
~, lo' -
glue of the regime.. i., Mexico, *then the Awe. andlio. .
-le, rat liar paised bef•r•;
ell her et es aleando, aid. happiness 'mon only n element Before the startled girl , them into the parlor while he went and
.i n i - , .. )..0 .
It was sleet the el we of the follow. !. l'
' Pr' l l ;eueue had relieved leer Lands from leer
roll was being coll.], retust'd to sewer ht 6 again saw Isaltella 11,plen, though
° .? Itia , o wn ,He looked at leer small delicately mall say awed, word, Margaret entered the ' ermined. II? found
• Margaret, a I .• : ..„ hit to ,. 1.. 1 . 4 ,.. 1 . R: kkkon y ~ she wok , r . t k
..„..... m c
Gm name of- Ehmeter Mead " The officer mind seer Lela olive 1, l e , P `‘,loo. She fraileed.moneb, her ready teeth, her law+ ' room-seemed tomprised tor • moment, as : went down slaws and did , meek Flank to gee .
"'''' la Y rn " " I " -wint °l•nr,tiiin g lirr ; 71;b:d el,` ...Orel), While she le:iened
the call. N • answer. .. b. El,- found that talking e,r Isabella lelee,ll .. Ford ehongi „, , 0 ,,,,. 0. no g p,,,,,,,, I „ t h rmg h e h e ea„..mething q ueer, the. ~.. with her. Presently ol a r ,..,....d
r u ' father &aired, could 6 Imve lived to be •i 7
creep -word that 6 nttered. When he
etieser Mead on Ilio. arot;11:' said tho in- Frank tll 1 e than Roy t eieg she she rtuld the soft inel ear ref Iter v. iee, Om low. oh ep 'revel all parties by saying, "Are you ready Angthht. to show her some lordo-1
" or ••• I witness other perfection. She erns a yonno 1 .1 4 gogoheg • „ 0 ~,,,,,
di g ..., offieial. ••1/6,, B ea d i s h ere '•- talk about. S., Ake a thittittl sister, slit. terms or whieh penetrated his heart Frank to start for the Battery?" young elephants-that Ategosta hall peen root ... , oho replied, tut n 'you
but hart never dim *. "") "*" °I the wort-lo 4. are very kind, very mmtl--vanes always Lava
..31y name is ,imply Elm 311.11.'' Tl.e Nike. , of n'' n•her rasnin than I•.°. At lan. , felt 6 was in the err e• the rentale deity, Of course they were, and in •• few mo- .... BBY Dr"' 1'.°1°..,.., Funk ill roo t ers' , o f.. mi d e fil e t ee , omldi s p oe ili on , I
..... I
om.obt [ will
.. Rbeneser" was repeated again ill a to. Frank deli:mite:a to see ber a.m. ALA who. ever after, most be the idol of this , nom. afterward. the young trio were run- covered the .. nn.” mw . I : I . „ 'She fed received an cams:dime rarely am r ,,,,. ' . 0 , 0 , F f r p r .' on .. ho do
like a small northwester. .. Captain," T roth o'eleek that day he took his stabd in th e
~pallid,. adore' ~,, . He petard himsdf hy!terin down among the trees that fi ne the ' them, and went down into the par o h. . , As
Tailed by 0.1.
nt . by.
~... she .....
hg ... e , w
. (wile . front hies 'kindly and do .
the tempera
'. you call me F..- Pg . ... ...a.ed Ili'la gr" . . 'i her side, and every feature of hi. own ex- I.;Yer a walk. Isabella won silent-she did entered Udell. ilernri. •
• "".
. 't
••• r e d neh " l.• ° " n th ' r " .l " . ' "" d "• . • star 'desire for our ask. no 'lon as be
re Your naine is 1..,... yt ek ,i t „ m i d you , ~,0 , wog o, ,, hei , he ., out , 1 ,
, 1 1, 1..61 an..l ?ter:mile ronntenaree told in
wan e langna as 'te t Say a word. Frank didn't seem to:reek. ..Sbe did not want him to . go
o n i :a2 ii , d
few day. after she had graduated from Mes. 4 ,....., . 1 4,, ..7....., love ko man g le all
',spend it porn were eallea Pa e r e e ee a er his sister, nd drank in Mon 1 toe and boat . olatltly .if I.e Itnol epoken. what pas- ' liana that, for he rattled on with his varied ..ccidents might
Read ?" He was taken to the gnard.houve, I 3 . °g .." Ito 1. 1 ° 4 .41 ' 1.•• • k " '''"'' "'' Ping. his rune mind. It was love's own len- powers ~l. ennverapainn, I n eL e ll e Ha rme d other things ; but k:sTo'd'rd to or A. " 1..1 . •k• w. " '" • l' ri "''' l °I r'''' icing will o well I certainly she rev .
b r I ' lles . .l • ... * " . .* f *' ...* * r g n•nlinn • M ' 11 " 11. "Y - to h int , hot themontent fie duce , isho ..y
Re a r,,,. cot/teen, 4, arid din ived of his War- hope of an a her lathe iew, for ...1.1 Mai „,„4,..
plainly written there; bet the soling I mid drank in every Word/ for into leis con. then, with hie arms • nut her ,
.ier "that ha desired to I.ave lier come down 4 . t0 .. t . i
... 1. ..
...-Leiroll Courier. i" laic E 'g k•l '' ' 6 " '''' "'"•• !'"• ' ~, IL I ' ''' girl led l e .t t e r horoed to red I.,ye'y eersati.o. Frank mottinned to throw a thou• f resting upon his lenenen, only moving . 1 . 1 . t.
tan, into the parl a• " She emnplied, tied I' .. ,' y y will , dig
_ lda burin, to rem% sehuol girls I in
, 113 01-writittir • she slid not feel at all alarm I sort,' romieseenees of his peg fire, his pre., 02.u.i ki.....P. b a r liPt , at‘'..." inn
ii , , found no rote Inn ber guanlien nod netethm ”“ " I° ' ''''' "•••• ". " •"'
PLATING THE ll e IL -We were a 1161011 that She lir - 001d not permit h. Frank t eh. '
11% t.., Continued.)
rd, nea , le otherwise would have done ; and le. vltuati ,t, and his future proverb% and I Goo. Im•red ...Y. ki• ' 4l k " `" ''' '.4.1 gentlemen She nap ferinally intro- ....
deal alaellea at an auccdute ones heard the 0, 0 i i i,,, i ni , p e t, e h. i„,,,,,„„p e g go e 0 w..., _
' his plan," when he returned 6 'horrid go B. -- - - Frank's' dog lent lanamirge a the face laomelecor, it era. 4 am, lont • a pleasant men
, due. In thin manner t- • •
other day, of a certain preacher whose call- 6 . , keeat,ed hi s „„„. „ s e , d :
• DOMOII.--Tlet Bueen
! W . ' •• -- --- - -''' r a "'" - • nn- '•-• volthl Not hour been linde . rlano.l be her rfoi.j tuition to halm], to feel that since eh e bad into basin.; then)... would be indepenona „
This in . the young lath. 31, Pent, of 1.1"'" Mss '"
in eon nal heat withal the henna of Ken
, alone nigh leis sister, 6 exclaimed -'• Mar
months. had he not chosen to act es 6 ins 'suet Frank-itartieulaily, sir:. the parlor then he would gene her ell Lim own loved ~o h„ „. y, L o 31 . •„, . , 5....1 pilau.. a list of Ore men of Idomton
Iy. e o you, . .. a , ...-- ...•
- tooky. 110 had preached in his W 1 ... gore t I ant half dead with love for your ter ,„too
P ae 41f all the
conversation mho wet hatereottsl in-w. • did, and mart,' her ton, in P i k .ik ' hi.. L „.„ t i etekt , i s we . del fund yy, ale are lazed on over 8100,000. h the
...r ears, and '4•nirm run "h." .....b. beautiful friend and I not bear it any I.- '. l b ' I. h ave I li . . h fllk : kt d h ft Sh . Mr. in should they ob. 1 ,.._ . ., L ... 1.4t.
~ ,, , : r 0t..4 .
0..,4, . /1,,,, .lase, ther e .. 110..0 are taxed on
1 oh. onge, or pest sue • part o a ran was o o erea er. st, .
eloquent., so notch needed to keep his hear- 1 g„ . I M., tell I,„ „r i,.. ,
het Oh how time pm. as they emu- ••
a• 8100,noto and Lees than $13421,000 ;28 who
moment, Miss Isabella, when I enuhl be did not know wkre. might hapn, but dm •
, i , . course, cure on the port i.i. imr guar unt,
and ~ .d.. ow..
en awake and MitOrrialled. Let hint pre.hl
. , Margaret Could head pre him, by toter aide and talk to you as I now . fe1..4 every gig feels and °
ppreciates ed and whispered 6 ea. others ears . 4 .n
ono, _, , o joint „_ ~ _
.;. _ . or e . n _ .
one err well now, 2 m•do oediffemeee. 1 ..7 or believe that sho had her brother .i .
; it,-the tender delight and pride of being, horn mg mend joy. ard prosperity e n n .-_ , ,,.., ! - L ,- 2 , _
_, : , , ._. : _. 7
_, 7 , _•••,•, ; A 00; 1., . es. . .
0 40,00 OW and kit. Chao $400.-
had got neel to hie. ••d ....d I. . 1 .1 4 .41; rightly. She guess.' what lore was-see ` „
Why .Mr II rebate • h there ' any-,inwardly assured, that one heart beats but the ant world ! They erne to kelp their, I . _ 7,.." ir ; ; ; ;:i kn . 0 . ;; ; 7:4. , ... f ., ; •:7 0 7 1. • ;; 7 4, 000. u A oce the hot of th e „g o „,
sod sleep they would to his great ammo
,. had never felt even it. first approaeh.; bit ', Lino .: ' ' • '
o eery attractive about a school t r
for herself alone. She may not. at the mo- love still secret, Lo th were to romsienntl.- •• '"
their mere...tine would albeit, of. At Tared on 0400,000 & under rion,Ao--
die was e girl of soma men., and as she be- -. Air ,
meat love in return, but she iaprood of 6,1 Mae ones to !•• the I
ii toot Munro. -
last Mr. Pan addressed Idnierlf direek; to
; Skumel Appleton, Nathan Appleton, Wm.
At Wt he hit neon an expedient to held •p•• her brother's features the ex- ' " Tor me y. are not a aclowil girl " l is a little, --just a shads graters] ;-if the Freak gavel. Miniature to ha, Mg stnenge, b ___
.kpoletnn, Hanle. O. 011 s, Jana Parker,
being 'mu up standing, as the saying it - „ memo o f ~,,u 1 ~,,„,.. A. replied ,„ ~ „
Indeed r why t em o reboot girl, but I object continues worthy. commands her tw. l as it may bo she had one bi leer tromen ed ' ...... 1.. 0,00.,
.., al 1 . ,i. ,.. 1. ir . :.l
..w., s
, Jonah Quincy, Jr, Eliphelet Baker. Tose
He procured a small tin whistle, which he , , r i ge. e ,d o l oo d „,„;;.
•ha If hieb who h. brought with her. and '' '.. ea ea.:SOOMM and none 11000.000-Jno,
how do you like those other plaees where era, tar grannie entinues to thereon , -".. •.. ...g. „. O g g t• ag ar , , e , aaaernplialod . ,
took with him into the pulpit., and after , „
M dear brother French lam grieved ' y have been 7 Do mu know I sh.ld 1 , gentle ity, Males her amiable sister , gen it to Frank. A hundred wi
th thenga1,,,,......,,a nt .,,,,,,,,, z . 0r k,,,,, i i,„ 1 ~ , linen Wm. Lamm., Thrum Wider.
salting Ids text and ° biasing away" until . 3 , I'V a r r '1 b beeturd now the must put worth. Turd on over 11600.000-Parr
ej ' y ert n 1 it i Yee
not to grie f
Ilk to travel all the rest of my life and i and love is not far helMsd, but .on step. •de " said , i • "Thanks. (Nerdy ; lint, Mr. Pen, lan ~ „,___.__; .„,....,... ;
NAM Abbot La sea
hi . /*eV were "iii" and "" * "" al e " - in o. with . one just now, red not with g o and Mit every place I over re or heard in, with all hie attribute.. When the broth- fee Whelk Water' upon being hen. • "I afraid lee overrate. my seeemplishments." .C. "...... w!..., __.... .
fortably doelngand noddingapprnal to neh • fklio „ woo , A. I . . my proud
g id . ..ji ~. ,
I for left hie deter with his lad -love r at the
n a.di r„„„l th° ..,g """ l 'L ' i '''''''T returned,
"O IL von play and - sing ?" ingin,olo; Joollthall 1•1011,141, mos,000;
other, he suddenly drew it forth and •
pm that I can Reh• 2, Mb... T/10,
. 0 . 00 :Jae D. , 1191-
„, Ig :r t .! though T love you:Truk ;-yet I see that 1 .. A o 4 „g y „in ,„ o „ r, now 1 mhoold ! mandon of the latter, be felt, uhe had - tin-. --• ".•• •••• t ' h••• " - I " O yet! shell I chow . 4 ' 411 ••••-•-••"•? in •n 1••"..- ''''' "."- she foals so much above us-or rather her', like to he your cninpanion, and see every. ' often done, alter a hard day's work . the "FAi.k.iiiill net sever thleh„er any ono Hums 1171' 000.
play and rlng-the piano I rm. and look, g•
lon woe awake and upon their fen,
euanlian does-that von could nut Merry thing with yon; I should I.k . every g counting room, sensate le had done his but en one Yee ate *ems° v ., i ..,„ to
Amanita to =banter at each oil., and t, - ... it would no , t z.n 0 ." . .,
thing tbrotigh your eyee, and von might in 'duty, •• it rould not be bettered," and that' " Tartrnly rt. Of whom eould I think .r_n" it
tt • . IJ.. if y. dean, and see... piny the .
-w•iiiikth it ..1•4 i• lii• ••••• •Ii r i•ki “ ii•ii 1 °lf she loves me , who will peeving it • 1, time roma to .e every ding through he desired, end deserved, rest and quiet. I h.q. I rn, n... nt, • 11 .,_•1 ••••5 ' .. ...11' pi... 0 ith p me rd.; lam moo you slog''
beam nun, as Sus Sliok says, was to .
, will run away with wh o
anything." 'mint" 'So Frauk took hls war seam Gen. urea. le Iln. tint 1•••••• au Y e e r__ •• _, ••••• • I
••••• " ei tt " Y.... • imil "V•"•••• sew{- "Frank, that is not the way to talk, or i o Really, Mr. Graham-" from Broadway to %VMheas, turned round Hp
.. th• lets ••• h••• " .."...I_„te. l 'i g b d b, i a.,.g.„g ungu , ou i og in i a iu!
•••• 4 •••••d• Y• swi ?" ••id ' h. di- Ito win her ffione. Ido bat she feels .' Pont call me Mr . call m• Frank-you the corner, into the celebrated Cafe of Del- tnnelY Pledgod en to-day , In •••.•• by *
both lean neared Ina ,
thee Inhaler. as ha slow ly gaud amend on
darn that eau sena Ant en •ed net • •
prep! some interest in you, for she is ideate a- • are my eistees friend; there can be no Mr minim and Brother, which stood then bog Mtla, _ ~,t ; w hs . .g o ....„ o g.s., n e , p„. i
L b •• „ I "" ill , hed __ ...bit e' Wi n I king roe talk of you, a. only this morning, • propriety in it. Do fell me Frank." fora the great Ire of SB6. entered& le. Bd. MUM, think 1... Who- law rle••••
her him seat appear. her, took her/
••• n•eltern Yett. you In go to anp ron I „g o al „.. „Ig o . g o .. or i.., . f o nd brother t " Very well then- Frank be it- when ' of .• cafe au loll," lit • • duo rid until...Of* eater , WOO will bo WO b 0 &rive mo rw•. -. i, .. i
_. •
___... _,.„ ._,
41 .• , ....mi Icoge ph vin Lb* nail ye... „..„... r og r oa m m id , .() 1 ton he' we are alone though, now Mr. Fmk." la late hoer ern busily engaged ha coot:fan yen boson wine Ism aunt' *Wu . o _ ,, . • 17.7 0 .7=.777 . ;7 1
di wide •tad., on and coming like a nun '
. NMI', earn. dearest Fraalt-ay whets 4Wwwfwl. WWI .W
WY to brother , I should love bin so.' ": o No, Frank without the Mistsr." struetlng made; and banes for the ham
at but she wee nelly.mry. It
. • thanked
of benne with • pole in their eat l"- ...i. „id gg'„,prr
Y yours. Tat have my Ilret love-
Women, Triegrepb I ° Well, Fnnk-uw Frank that wee a redden. of Imbeds an Munn, wed ea
t• au 1 Aimial her fe" Plnleit ••• 1 the played sad
° Ten and no Inner. peer girl, the b.] very pretty Idea of your Ma about the ratter plane foe the ended sad loppinees, -, •• 1 7 himi -11 I'm m••• .. b . . 4 . 4 , .a.l u bi, ot ... 1 „.„ 0..4
Na..,.., peanut.. t o p...„0„.1. got no brother. ' I eyea-but I 'prefer my own eyes to look of Gbh grandfither, metre and eider . /
• tut oat wiab fie lion a morass. I WNW
Tee tea sensed, yen will bel lilk• ahe. bed I ben been long we
Mw Urn rotund, snit spans bon the " littLettet in wad. ne7 ny An fl through. I have no doubt you would he aaa Ma ani of badness deo% pay, Fran Mu • 11 " ter
„.. , altall be hal. sequinted." He hopped
hear waters that &Frau .. g„.„1„...... mu me ,se that lan nth sod talk 'piney pleasant newel. an a very good i eat It, wen hone to his motireee mattheas I. omen. et , net_ resew. 1 istbe---.: 6., Me, Ga.,.
Yto be erode thee. Fhb t• =prole. harm yself?" I boy, salon pretty dater Magnet ways Freon and get in aloep.dPel._,, o noe r",_.-- 1 :- , 21,...... , ; ...1.1.„ g. gua f ianthhi n , olt „fa
gi n New (unbind ... g. 4 r. If I don't loom soy wag. dr., you are-but your, or on, travelling ea [ team, t hat will lost an egg; girl 1 7mr ~... " •n g .. .'"'"'"'" hall go-I Ai eall at year elle. itormetreer,
die b. ir WOO. 's bathe le re nee Mir Augusto though both en nen 1 panne would eon a aonsidmible sem of ease undue te web • malt se tWarg em. the AY. KY herd Freak eon yes, do yes
mar Mash made Taylor t , 010.., kid, and seem to lore me wry umffitlm. I mosey. Whet euld be due about that,' sensandy nen nod nine of
i ttLeinad anal thi seon r sad we as talk nor th e onengeman
ail of wham were Demonau sad ea Rate *OM asked sile to Alit . their hoar. rd Ire as poor ae a drunk seen, and do his watehillnen and ermine - Ili °He, sense_ . yet It has int b«. bin I met Se sew." A
Gedorith ended . " Van w•II." telill•til Mt. 0 • 11 •=4„
bad border work to hap Ann the allies of sham your nun they sever cone bare- not now of say thing warmth. that be =a was be Mind lONIA the eight 1 In. m. 4 1 thr n . MO Irt ina .... a "... 4. „„ ou dg„ m o. p... g i g.=
Neese et brie and &Ord Taylor hem not same to roompany me to wheal aa they leap to me adore It wry be my humble'
lerini/-wese Pei ithiht "a " 4 lit•
ibar °I. In thee rear." For tbk they rued to do. WE You. Frank re sot tomb bettor et"? Or year paned replay away. All dm n„ bra. *ile I•____,lLlM mbst .4'be
rah Irina& the ant adieu d his ea. ",Pride, dhar abler; bet I'll show thaw amid th e loottr a girl ; bet her halimrea end et that nob& lank aed kraMdia, le A tete"? . ... d a" , --.. 1 -._ . ',monied to
bahati= a rdi•--
I lie soma se
nenenee, ad th em r• domino ma- that se en as peon utile, are, rod task daw n ' u menneed tent .del he as th eir ern beano 'ad elhailluen wen enthen t go Ilan is Ilka art • ma
here on to be the got nelpiente of by fa- as tomb ef 0•111.1.10. Ant- mowed wade be a raply-rthe Nun jet. I emesned, nee kronen* giegagg....g • "Ala link nit dee% know me.-Ineo the* he earbel libil
i nt .
t rAhrsi
be woo
goro.-IV N. OcrAte. - , 11147, broiler. babel!" is eery bled wen of amanatien ;ht In place ef ether lbr lih. Unbar the either heed„ as e• bleb het T •••'t lie. :on word, feinted at
a ~,_
TIMM —OlO i•••••• .0.10 ri•iv TTTTT • year rash
I••4••,•,netwo. l . ll ar•ir t..t.or the
Muria.* Co.. of four tore. or Ir.,
Tout, rloirrertioerr lobo group, or uteri squern, Ito
' 7;l Z . 11 . 1:117:11;% WORN pa., s„ r000lo.t..?; VOLUME VI,
Jose cm fairerstoln terms
Up. brothers up! nu:light begirt.
Along the egstern
To pramnee that th• night is pet.
And better alits ere nigh ;
A elation since nags o'er the Lille.
The vane). retch the sound—
Asithcedom is the stirring cry
That fills tlic world around!
It tore m e m s , :lo t zot . g h l e a thotol a Tllocom.
And all oirrell.ll from ote throne
Woth @lmmo and mrror reels:
All men 1,11 op 110 howls and hand. , Moro. forrlo •a mod more Poe.
And tom/ n!!!‘ oat 11, 0 common admoul
No 1110,13 wo ' ll bend the knee !
From mothy form, from fisher'. rot,
From plonghs that break the les,
From mm Mon, from • uolon,
From Nil,. chat Memo lila ma—
ths. moo, ofi.fis and otmhuer
Up, broil., op ! se, the thr le4let
Ow dd, has
When fro e dam rks IhU n loweest sheets
And goon!, Om poorest ham..
&jar,. awl pledge 11,01.trungtlinmg to •
he oetv horn heart owl etend.
To keep the boon mot porn it on
l'o all of ittllll3ll kool.
Reim,. that y.• 1.... bruit.. al
T 1..• woos: arr.l heat', Clllllll.
Whlch r amt. I,lmean 1111 t
Call 4'o
ar .111 erkt I. 1111,
fic.r ,nla.. 1. tr'k
.I , ,trtrlo the
A er7l d um... 10 • mir rag , ' '
The Magnetic Telgr-apli
.tiOl,lll , M tortilt mid t till r niter.
Ti., .1.•• pi, .. lot rttliltt nit,
FYI 11S 111 , ctl , •ar ruitl :1,1,, n.l
Ou tart..t. I, fr..i the slll,
N ;C:: . :4 7 U 1 5 .4 r= 1'' ,..17 ' 1:77;‘ ".
Auri yet llteer w.arlo ure out vkli f• It
In clues fur urur,
.Nast omega-ex heel
sty( p eter'. Ite,l
Celt eh. rk a reset! rwirw ;
They sa .et 011,11",1 the tierce weal'. re
The rett,ll W,1 . • SW. • ping hare
In Ow loar n 141,101 raw end wrath,
A. In ilt. , l,suro du,,
rwlr, n ith weal or
Tr, lhowand, I, away
But Nhter still tit In WI ti, Inuno
In • It 1,14' rlinrel
Ri.• 111. pin. thonglttn ii bon ti leo
Tl•••Chritti4.4t, lii, awl 11.••••1.
Of hilt. who ;hi I/I I/I/111/ • wed I, ire
fvrvcia. I t•I jou,.
Mal/11/1 $l./ 1 , 11, ..• 11.••••• .11 curd]
Wlll bught x. hin Ora
Nor ote7wanl t,t, tat,
The ataleat, of that hatable lu art
la known awl telt ta Itt,t, a.
The Rich end Poor Lover
. A Cler"Tnue STORY.
ITrtoo„ gincaltav, 2 )trAltizr. iitiegvnlSle72.
Eixow V.lO . e 88888 —lllll Cel
onshia (8. C.) Telegraph, of the lath, says:
We °crudely en* peculiar prialeire
. in having anew sd strawlioniee, both fresh
;at lb. soon ti... Far two wools poet tho
Arend owe ham bum laxeriatlyils Early
atrawberrlon sod yoatorday the WOW.
.now Amin ow Imo had Ms odour, rovered
the hemoatips awl the stank I. k. pro
white Ilan."
A Hui. grd oilman 11101111103 II .h
• 1144 of Ansidered oylna, Ilimprad IM
watery. I% ramie limbed efilDeld n.
Ire dm westiV tel ' WUt.' Fe,' de
lesd bew r
AV "lOW wStl.Li...' I ow
find is lbe 118.
Teri leas ahesM mew dim te be
le, blued by Wham bA..M =eke
alloesees he hie be el tie
vorlle web% NA don't p de
tst we thee y.s—sL. Iron m M
ean to Om*