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    priest by the Dahe of York, ace .Ibe Is.
moments of the king, an thus described :
" The dukes ordeal Were oberd i and
evan the physicia. withdoen. The Inch
door was then opened, sad Father Huddle
.. entered. A cloak had bees thrown crew
his eared restente, and his shave. crown
was etenomala by • Sowing wig. 'Sir,' said
the duke, 'this good men ond mord your
'Mb. He now remes to save your mal .
1 ' i I C harles
o ad . d
I :
s e s ilt f e t o 11:::.d: went : asked
o at 376 . . t r:ol . u d i g k : it .
I: : i s h :i ... 1 : p p
rh a r w .. .:t d l "
biter :.r ...
. I ' .
, absolution and administered extreme one
than had been expeeted. He knelt by the
T o lD It 0, „ forth the Prometheus vigor of the soul,' return to her hotel, he would be with her a. huestered gorges. and solemn rocks, even bride at the first fountain flowing towards lof the paa i r lee, the whole had of Snakes
• An. aktraia l e cive the Leer s• *eloper •aturele ' saiel
_ speak too highly ot the generous and ezdtcd - speedily . resible ,nvere • aro named after the murdered.- California ; and there h ie. That weer dallied onwards. Itlehirt
Vim l'aigreet's Fleet Thought' 00 WC,/ Sentiments of the here. heart The lady received them essage, and Ai- ; Each new name commemorates a death.- spring send. its ivy rill to Green River, I round the hi 11.... which Bill Moon bed ch ee k, if I hm ~,,, ,j,;wh.t0,,,,.", The heth
Is Acetic,. Bo th e character %hick Obi drams ohall rectal her coact.. to take her back again ; But freth recruits take the pieces of the', which, lower down, to call. the Colorado of passed, they soon reached the heel plain.; wei b eeeghe ie. ch ., ice te at ly throve to
a',*°' rise and kneel before it. The priest bad.
Flynt my own deor bind 4 Worry, tee 1... a , asointe, depends entirely urn the :' drama- In the residence of her parents. .. If 1 . periehed ; and the muster - roll a fearless the West, and empties its waters tutu the I and obtained • sight of the fueure,
unto the Wein, tie pet-noose-the moors thotnoclves If not a eu tli c ient ennsequenee," she said, wanderer. always remains full ! So sweet I pearl-producing gulf."
wee 11• 11 °P.8 aff • I. • aces h.... that ''
him lie still and smeared him that God would
When the son of Freedom thine. upon the I'm, then, wo i „,,,,,,,,, oor ... hoot .. h ... 1,,,,,
°to induce Oov Houston to neglect all in exhibrating gas of mountain ether I I AI the instant, the hovers etarted. Tor' doubtless had beardoneraled fur the pres• ' • ." a
ries . sure brew; , • I accept the humiliation of the moat and
' would not tapirs the homili•tion of the
Th .... ....„... r .,.., ay ..... ) , .... 0 ., the theatre .4 the futuro holm ithly mid other huoineos to attend to me, 1 ism not , At lira eight. the etoperdlods rock Motifs I both, . the mune time, discovered *meal ent "erre., end the flutter of the en.
The king found so much dieletilty
roommate top, r.ohly, if we permit no Means for ens...lg worthy of being his wife. As husband and strikes us as utterly Its arid dark-looking objects in the south, towards garment. no the wind proved that the vie. eedy
And though I there rosy wander, yet I will isot , our, to and the :Mahan. lit of soir ultimate wife we never meet again." ' Waste.. loch., its towering peaks &boast that extraordinary hate, which has since rim was borne in the abhorrent rider's lap. , i ty ~;.11o wi n g 0 . 1. ,...d. that ft. .... .
mom to hope, . period..., to ten.nit. unemplo, ed. but hold ' All attempt% to conciliate and win her seem to interpose an eternal barrier egainet
• 'received the neme of e Jacob'. Tower." The Eloshone woman uttered • • Pimmng 'sm. to open the door and to prow. • glen
Of Go re more treed., Stowe, earth and 5e,...g . , .... , flat. .... .
WWII Pl,lll lea, tin. eve e , Oallea t.; WI 11 . 1 La k', ',noel rod ess, and • Ivor. the wee or Y lido of en. gro turn ni pm ; ivir rat thought wag oflndian a ye • and 'a ?um.. ?Wm." r , vr V° of water. Thls rite ended, the monk bold
1i k ' •If ' I d - tl t• I • i t' WI t- I TI • fl Hut II the led I i ed '-'
he.. M.
W•• n li th e d o d m , mode. of love Mori. shoe i , We mac he e.;11 , ;1 Ihe PI ...los • f are when- on" the eonseffeenet , String to the rpti. it, sneer , in hie rode wean. of reed, with his nearer approach of the ru,oving forms dial- to a rate which rapidly di...haled the dim 1 . 1 , .....ig e wee . the peeiteut, ... rya
lesser the . . rug ~I,[ 0,01 re , n• ' a ear labor end the and ..... rtifiell beyond all coneeption, Cne. wife and children, may dare attempt tot led all operetta.. They s e pmed to 'lnure betwixt them and their object. The. . h i . t o fix hie net thoughts upon t h e . m r.
, Goings of tie Redeemer, and withdrew.--
, mem .r• of t ooter', h a lading t. iloite, to II mon. lett Tennessee, and adopted the scale yonder Cylope. well guarded, as it ben herd of elk, leisercly grating itschase extend. 1101110, to toe oirection 01
The whole ceremony bad occupied about,
nme th e toed.' Bme. and W0i1.. , ... , of no. mot. pier, lit Id ra ioe, if we 1.-0 threliell lire 4 ie. T.' ii or ; is, . w hol e nations of barbarian.? Absurd ,short , wild sage of the sterile plain. The ' the spiral-shaped bufte, now known as "Ja
• mom nom, toe world ignorer it ad the exalted
; ---- , and via mare as much a ram may appear in ; emigrant. were ignorant of the macular bet, "cob's Tower, ' end as the fro. neared it. , t h e ,„„ leeethee of ore beer; and, lion.g
With • hoart well-pledged to loie ;I. to Amermo I
nntont, ri t.. ... charge. Ever' our high i•-• Pro. me Dems.stis Pees. I idea, it has been oreloievcd by mooltitaides, ; that the prairie Indians frequently assume the felon itras not more thato one hundred that true, th e „..... who ma ~....
And while I thousht a 1.e......."... hpa .1..4 0... sponsibilities os en, tot and Well.. t Mil he- A WEDDING annually, for more thank d o zen year. - the shine and shapes of the various animal% ! yard. ahead. His Inca. seemed Imp.. room h e d ta,,,,,,ea„keweei th eir ... let . a te
each other by whim.. and elgoilleant
patriot . .. deuth, log, I se, i' regardleoo to the gr.,,t so do of IN me l itre l ie r/E 10 ,4 1 gonTli es . Loog before Captain Fremont and his par- , alld ill
•Irange tneremorphons take the , We, for rho strucittre was of ennoble"
'table height, and it. irreguiar sides I.ked glances. The ol.r
at leng th thrown
la. thought of others who van still Mow emeel „, exam,' , „.. „ ff . r . ~., ~. r ... .... I, filled the In .... th of fame with the rumor unwary traveller by Carpels°.
faith. w "la w° ll ° °I • b.°. R.... °°°. I open,rend the crowd again filled the sham
e ales thought of Wsehtnsten.wlowe feroour mind , h"... I'. "1 . .... n od ' Dr. 1 .. 1 ' . 1 '', 4 " ' T, e Rc• loy Mounted. are bot the north- 4 L'..i'"xl'l .its, 6. 1 " r " re " ' 4. h.ek...d As Millie. gradually deepened over the ma p
th. IL. -dream o time the dot ot di.... or men- ~,,, ~,,c a „,, , „.;„„„ - of the greet An. boys and gide bad made [cute in the Band l earth and sky , the youth and maiden de. the savages tura netonished when they be- • ber of death.
"It wa. now lute in th e evenincr The
Of Freedom, to weep o'er rite foe n or nvero 0',..- ki...1 el all lo . o r mI, geniallep and do A „ ~ .„_, hot ..„b hwo „ 1 ,.;„ wh i oh 0 .. c lothe South Pass. For neither r.ks, vivo ' seceded
their stomp. Supper was mon , held Moore 'cep from Lin ate. , and still
their honks. n 05.... ..f Oldi‘i dt hide ""- 'ie°l' 'll'''''''''' tl e Ego., and hise..ts the gl•ree. And erg. or seas, cat .. the march a the army , dapatehed, and all prepared for the nuptial eupporting the weigh? of aie burden, het king seemed much relieved by whet had
„, . „ co , , i.„..t In the
r„ot, „ mt.. ,
or thi. o f American pioneer.. The perils, pries- ',ceremony. Emma'. father, ailaptist non- Ito amend the eltrsonlinery barn. He 11.4 r01ie,. . b..
d l i i de. , :tetted ..l ;o h . ;; . d f ,• oo , zhea, l oo , :t h „ ,
Tun the lua car wing Goa rom:n,cr. I toe ' mitt. el tin. orderiog eel our ow n d,otiov, and ..not rangy, bob .1.1., .it ie, in the bosom thdts, and hardeldpe of them avant-guards , 'ter, officiated as chaplain. It may readily' diseovered • narrow and dilhoult crevice, :
But hens to seek soother loud. iih, re rum.. , as , ~h eelV a , N ., "i .'" luev''''"e riser ' ..1 . • very sone. d rne nature off,•r to the eye of freedom were suffictent to dismay the be oronceivsd that fmr luxuries had been that enabled him to climb to the very "P ' ham too, and Northumberland, sons of th e
now held sw ty, ~ t Fortune, o ell lo e• 1.0 le eppy 01.41 el not.
,any growler s.- ..... .ry than the hoar, heights ..."'t her°le heart.. lad wet. powerlees to, provided for ohe occasion. Such earesinns 'of the maple.. Most of the Snakes, not-
a" entreaties of their ( "W. bon's .on of Eleanor Gwynn, and the Duke
Dacha of Cleveland, the Duke of Sty AI-
Where reng , ...wedollt lo lho hods, , . ". car Miserable, and our itieliloi . , covered sit, ho ~„,. „„,,, 11 . ,, t h y 01 ,,,,,,,,„i„,, , .. god i . chill the ardor, or check the program of • I are common amore g pioneer parties Some nithetanditig
son of the Duch.. of Puree
the morsh, •hato.• mot hie, and h doled with anow. In pop .. people. who have expunged the wordefear ideMous buffalo Marrow was handed round, ; leader, drew b
Mraid to attempt tLe •, A m oh ..a .
B. doer sad e ver to many hear. mat nom MP, .
think Whitish t I A A t what etaese then will vet her apprehension, these leottur are commonly **d ""*" fr " *. iha ""b8I"Y of their end supplied the place of supr-coMed cake. d
-mtge.". "Mi..' Btg Haar/ permed ' mouth. Charles blessed theta ill, but poke
A. here the Cud .. h'mared-the sear.. finch tows.? At what god will ymi arrive ? „,„,... d . „...... w . 010g ...... ; land's I.guage. Brave firm pioneer., . There were no torches or torch - be cars not • moment. Clinging to his ride, he err i with neettlisr tender.. to Richmond.-
hie fen, Choose - • ' deserved • ritre reward. Tie first flash But the name moon
rhi. i, the remote view and correct onl made an exeellent •ed his way ~i , oho frowning cliff, and by te 1 0., f oo , o . hiek el„,,Ad have too, th ere oe.
Aed not a... in other honk where worth is lee ~,r i „g vi . i „,,,„ it „ 1 ,,,, t „ ),,,,, h „,,, iti
~,_ . ; . . Vof
hroht gold
„tine, is you..
lamp, and tho ..... reoplendent candle. utmost earn tone , t at last ...tied in gain- ; went'"
• lame. on a rode and sweeping generalization. A The eldest and beat tottered
elide every ocher.- for the attainment of 0 i„.,,,. „„ rA „ y h...A.,Ay deteete tl. The incllents a tho following More, re- I The nano had intense natiollai Bignilicanee. tog the dizzy aummit• lle. tt , alTallinll I ohild was sin exile end • wanderer. Ili*
From , h ,....., , ..,,,„ , „„,,,„„. „., r. „. e s ne.111., honor god dlsti•Jetimi invitee. pow ~:ear and ehararteristm divisionere--" lated to the anther by one of the actor. in It was •• symbol worthy of the rofoundeet spectacle mot his me. ,ere, barite; de- ' name waa not oueo mentioned by big fah
„woo to „„ a „„ portitipatidn end hay mg once I....dyed, pre- Fir., there i 3 the main ensterh Hoge, „, its thrilling econes, present •• lirieh.t ,iv-!..hitly; fur, if emigration is alto pivvd of spared a eluding the purauit of the So-
And seer other mode could show sr woos . deor
,I .J, yorirselvey for the issue, and 4,11,0 s out Roo .. 3 ,...„.... [were ., ri . inw 00 w,...; id piebtre a the dangers to which the oar-' American progress, holy matrimony is the shoe.. Wan 0114e•Voring to murder the -
es bete: ,•" PI". "it' a Tint "I . de'.".r . '" 'I a' thr • hundred miles aloe I d ' • host adventurers were ueuslly exposed : main - spring of emigratton Henee, II Wed. , beautiful Emote. Being toproeided with
And name aOn lavisly, 1 semler'd . romp..„ , .
,„ ~ .
,_ .
My home with homes at ohms , hut now to ••••• oo '
.1 too. boo' e•e' mmo "''''' 't tuft' ''' from the Sierra de log Minibres. in New
' " raaam ‘ On the evening of the 4th of July, ItOdl, ding among emigranto, in the Gate a roc w0.p0., obi. he hal bat in his Lusty
raw, ho , Waldo W hot hope inopives pew b'o. 31exico, to the blue iee of the Artie Ocean two &mill. of emigrants night . seen ten- Rocky Mountains, and on the Fourth o . f ffight, the it
fiend was choking his cap
It en the haven of my hopes, nod Ima ... a yo. s ons o Pursue it arid it s' Al be reed ited „ e , ho„. furt he r, to A .. 0.... sett of led for the night at ° the Pacific Spring," .f tile, was in itself sublime tiye to loath . Ono boomed brought Henry
The dem, MOP. HOW I liiWO •celli,ll eta ben. , What ardent mist, is stritegling •wit hitt t- k e fr ' n ' • • on the main trail from Missouri to Oregon The oongratulations of friends were within striking distance. He could not take
to erect. gen pole. Then agate there . the ,
it siren le• 1 0,1 .' 1 D" o. o ^Vire for tolldle or Caws& range, trhieh btkes the and 1 pper California. They had left In- warmly over, when • dozen l o re.. en t ere d time to cook his rifle. A ;tingle blow from,
, n.... ho. , . 0 .... ~..
ro , .
_ 0
„........ I
„. so t, , 1.1 Aey e W,,01.1, o 11.. k war brows „ 0 „,,, „ r .. N „,.. A; ,.... , h . 1 ., Aih0 ., A „ . .. 4 dependence, the common point of departure the encampment Their appearance earl- the heavy iron bareell went crashing thro'
~,;„ ‘;„; ,,,,,,,, 0; ,„„,;-• „,„
0w _,,,, o w ith L woo .I, wo o ow 1,1,,..1y frobla ? lio fol. ~...o ho. ~.,,.. 0 . 0 na . of p 0 . H ... ..., and then one thou". miles behind them, led no alarm, as they were nearly toot h e d, do bon. of the sillalle• aka. mad sent hint
thoo g hts on. om .• nim.• • I 0 in the trait. of W''''''' •'ut ''''°'''''' ndled •• the Vermillion Sea," away into the eompany with a much more numerous and entirely deetitute of weapons. They 'to mottle Lin final account et • her where,
My togori le on ato no- wood. roe I. ~..I is r. od. ..,..I. frdit. the b ~,,d .r stoozhtml millio", snows Of Itos.ian America. Lastly, •
them band llut diseension. had occurred, as said, that they were "Italy, and offered for tho court is witness as well as judge
race..pialf you. fill of f ime, and note •Teutly . 0 . must always happen in the absence of goy- barter • peculiar sort of bread, composed of Henry et find millpond- that Lie young
And 1 wooldort by every ons as., lo ...should 1,„ ,..
,i ,
iif hum,ii,
~,,.. . .1 ;0 eriast range, low, but etrong-teoe
rt.'• r I '' I force, d dryd of thewildeon-Baweran d bride war • corp.. He praised her pale
I, ... ier that balfies the surges of the Pacif- " r "" •or " a " "'. P q w " °f°° ' so . ree • - •
Fm Owl .. good-,be world,.. h,d..-all lee, s A, rido's your leor e ? Co,COO wealth i,. , the voluntary organioatlon split into fag-'hoppers, hoppers, in about equal quentitieo, pounded, hps to his own. They were Covered with
‘ ono'' , d.- bring outill ietion to tour car's ing natures" if %. '„charm .... ..„„ 0 . .„ 0 ... masts', which latter, however, continued to'lrrlowi, and parched together. Serb an ar- I white foam, and - felt chill and fealty. Here ,
But to ule la" OP from the firs.. the ......1 „soli the . 11 ,,,„ „„ r o.i p , t i 0 .. 1 .0,„. , Pio., he- ~I, • •-- • " ro ll onwards, like the broken pieces of a • tide of food would, 14 eon,. find . civil-161os opts were DIU.Od. Oh! what a ho c - I
amp. ' eporn of this "messing trifurcated group, ...
. place wtt h lows his pdoot will. sod a tr-et the ...en. lined h rho . Colo l
g 0 p 1111 P . , . .
re ball, under the impetus of their orig- hod purchasers Preaently these hide.. ,ror, that so much youth and barely should,
- - - - , the .4.1 bliod ...... niter ask thi• loon, and it „; ho ..„ i . mow, then II me t propettom. These two families, di". • savers were joined bun oil greater num- perish by such a death!
oilseed. melee
,‘.14;.. -- ' : 7,`", - 17 , -hall be grouted. Pre d e e, i. to t h e Iv,. in Io„g , h. rho
tif hi,
„irthot, 1,,, aostedi With the obstinacy and riotous spa- ' her , all in the same warlike conditions, But • few minutes of gentle Fees.. tol
4. of the Ete th. owl brio,'" 100 tie...ton it of their comrade, had determined to ail-' with the enteeplion of one. This was' • that Werra and lotting bosom, of whieli she •
nee remarkeldv mntradliotinguish.o.l' 4.. m.
SA LuTAToll I' ADDRESS, .1..n0, v... gol•to, Y tod• front .Afti,•'s and nil „ t h ce ,„,„,',...,„„ e ce . ; ,,,, e , e g kin the ~,,_ • tune' , alone'; and being provided with ex. hare, giant-limbed herbaria, in @epee{ eery , WNS 4./e queen end idol, served to at-ani- ,
Of the Amphirlyan Uhler? horkll of i -tone, col I•,..irkli , g gems It "' l'li" I' I mob, of .....gsa phy ; and s
not the totality celleot t• tens , and many home mules and
; different from his comrades. A profusion mato her aiming form. Her eyes atone oat 1
' fill your hoards Bid rid• Perno le. her - r on en se, . t'• rest their soiniols by (rape,. of matted hair hang around his broad shout- , again bko the jewel of night after • parsing
wrotaktla Academy, ~t r•• est •urva he daguerrrotyped on it reale • . -
eaof . i ' l , l her i i 1,1 ,, e1 mores • .servi,s of their ders, and a bristling hoard cover'. the low.' cloud, end • sweet murmur rippled in the
Del det the Quo 'el', Exh,hat. .4 re Nh.l' . ..... .'' I ' . 0. , ,
.„' . ‘ . orthesentlV lerge. the pieture weethl sett'en. change. ,
" .Lee w
Z, i' n 'g enabk,l . re a a ht. filee Hie body was etc..' eehe elm. hen' ow the Pook f t " ltttiiNlil
dirty. by L R0n..., of Deuhklen. .1,11 :,re. F '''''' r * '''`.' y r . ''''' *' II ' '' I '. I .•'oh do a odd On theyeastern dement, we v r i TY;; I- y .. .. . .. -," part of „ ... _ • ' ,
p.n.,. the shims f,_ pe oy.• and eve •Vto ro dP .. fee-resehileg river. Intone.. like ''.* " "*"`"* T '' •YDe tI b bad • d adf II
which mngles ire water. sn d eer man, an d me teem.. countenance, ower - tore , aye •re u
~.1.1..1 1tut.....•0v o•.n : .dlro ie e h;:fh Amer ,,, 0 ,. 0, ,,y. oh the wh. ,,,, h,, ,,,,,
0n.. . with the western mean-and hence called reemed absolutely frightful, from the strong dream."
I ..... a AND Grovetruse - er... .1 l'h, doll. , ot lb.' ‘ l l.' m 1•"... I"' ''.l mem., node irrairieo. There is the cool "
retry , ,
the Pacific Spring," tame ten 111.• *wooer obliquity of Ids little grey eyes. He was , I borte won would bear more of Henry
In yer „„ a ~,. ,r ~ „„:,. ......,h '. r.- ad.] ho st N a ‘ , ....1er'.. s ~,,, c 0 .„. h0 . ; p.,,,„,,,. ; .„, 1 . 0 .. tn. toe remainder of the band. Thus they obvionely • white-man turned oavage. The end Emote, must take • trip to the fon. '
long establiyhothat tlor, and like Le sion- ..... o o Coed•'. on., ..1 n all' iN ea,.4 ..,,, , h . 1 .,, . 1 , 0 w , t ,. moo 1 ,,,,,,,, ~,,,,,,,,,,, Were iri no danger (timing surprised',retch looked on the emigrants with a ein. ' tains of ,
Feather Thver , or wait for our next I
6 ,..., of 1 ,.,,,, i„g, we, t i„. „, „„ 1 ,, , „ , „ ~„ ~, „ „ ~, ~ , nor I 1. , 0, , I , ~ „ , •
~.1 c •T, won',
en ,. n,,, ,, ,.,, , , , , ahhhiow
with thw
~ ,ht, Sierra Nevada by the permitter , fall of an. I Water expression , boding "al tortune, Until , story of "The World's Mint Gpld Mime'
Ampineryon Cl a ii„i ge i., ..., ~, „,,,„
,„.. , d :.. . d o. -• • a .1 -I a led in . 4 the ,,.„, th ,„,,,,, ..,,,:, „„, ..,.....
~., tze .or e , d p =. r : „.„. .... „„ teee ,
, 0 .
, o r. o his deo. toll on the use bride. wheto hie I
it avoid. f CAMMos on ........ in5...1.1.41..tamt6. XII LAST BIRIDAT Of CII/ILIA 11.
noes upon the m age. 1,, ...hi , . • yoo 'le - •lo°' ' ••• -•• .."'' `" ' r '' "' ' '`" ot"'"!• - • • 'h eel.. la the whrte tielle el eaterseta dean
hare been . kind a en lay,. oes by pow l oo" "i• ' ' •
• I h e 0 „...1 „ ...ii. • moral Oafs. whose lofty brows do battle' But floe forward movement of so died.- ; iced
At tire moment, lilmon. rettogn him. ruin Aims., N 111.... w wile*
attendance. our ed....tent ie tetelleetusl ..te1,..1 ; hut nor .., a ht tt .i ~ to . r 1 , e i , j. s hem a al; the donde Here, too, is the great I t lee • dlt in Bill Moore-the mt.
party was honardous in the extreme. , end "r e. '" •" - , • " Hi. pals. had midom promoted a py
improvement. nth ...a A CII •I l It rt ,I fidas We oom•li . 6 ,,,,, i. „i th it . www 4,,,„,„. t i e , of sky- In an, they numbered only a dozen gee . , dare of my bro th er ! ' , e tree or more scandalous ernpearapee than on
We, so, sedan[ ", are deeply . sihi., ... ~....... v. , time , te•r eon cc ea" ch.. , ply. i ng .,, et p e t,,,, tors ni y etro t„.., hd,.„l en.; four of the. w e r e moo n e hli t th ert , r Immediately the outlaw
g *** * '''' the evening of Suuday, the L. of Febru
the long and eunticee.ding indelgenee, ..1 'I, svet.tht of rolling • ears eat e'er .I. st ro n the nreconcerted siZnai 1 and the '
Y mighty plains of send and sell, and rivers.; and the rest ere. of opposite flex. in tO..1". 1 1 . • . ..- 'try , 1085. Some grave person, who had
the many merko of favr'r and inure..., Ito logimot oil,, il. win hen, nor Duey n tol. Ihnt oend no trilinte to the sea. He. the equal proportions Their energy, rodeo. I . I dof Indians eprang like so many I gone thither, after the f.bion of that age,
o d' do I •d Idn'hthe in'
b en t... u p on us, and th e I ns t i r i e.i. to the end mod of the roma Sie to Sod' mirage or the desert revels ie the %Oen- . and tr ..eve.-. in spire of the bent-. son , r ** yar" 'ea* a r i :O t t ° ' 1 ° .'' t o pay th e ir duty to th eir goyereinn, and
al o lch we have alto honor of belonging, and Otir
' tined 1, mi. tido WI.. imothimte while .1,,,,f apt that ilb m ion ; an d g i gen ti e e p ee ., savages that hovered around their granto. The letter. o men and women .' 1 who had eeptweeg the , .„„ egth e l ay . hi .i
halo In express our strong pod Item t-felt ap. let 'tin op.. ttd y our grasp Ned mil. to ,„,, .1,,, the feeedateps, and imitate the vraTo had carried them safely thus fee, half I rati e st o ccl . : ith the bravery of desperados court would wear a decent aspect, were I
••t' n of these, as well as to awe a 4.1 its . i tite'ourg radido. e f ! ooli, for in
proms to onedions of the bewildered traveller from ; isnce of their route of two thousand Ta . ii. • ...e a " , wan ,r g reat ;.' .*; struck with astonishment and horror. The
eentinuc of your lorbearance, that I nove I
e 1...., . than the at tuintnetot of On, w. scheme d ay li g ht ill d e d e phi. va t uetheen mil s, mile and would probably have borne them • loon spa. they were al overpowered, tie, great gallery of Whitehall, en admirable
le the wamo n of my Society, eddre. yoii te 111Nee W .V 11; the ate ties car nn I...MN] elivity is the h ome o f th e Ap ac h e s th e , to the settlements of the Sentiment°, bad with cords of bark, and lu7 helpless on the ;
, relic of the magnificence of the Tudor., was
Aware that it is to the "rapport and en- mie d. W lien e i,•wed iii eomparioon, all u te h a , t h e brae w a g e . are n., th e gee. . .. not • ...ley intervened, as unexpected as 'l,l,.:rodo:lotattrltir:Lt.t.rntr:i leis(
mon th.; w ith ree di e r...l g e t able..., The I
eouragentent, or an itelliget, and elilight • oilod odo Indio 'low. tob"oght• ,01 l'o l'h'ir
seed mointless horde. of ferocious Dgger. l it was impeoesihlo to foresee or rout. : king eat there chatting and toying with;
Utah. nominal
into pieces all ate rifle ' s . 0
seed ...inky, in a great IneiNtire, that . ve.l,lfl aitie e 1.. e ..; N. 111; F v thin to th „ e „ wo. we eee the ye „„i ge ; we lt et l n the meantime, the little band, not , three women, whom char. were the boast,'
we may 1,, , .k for twee. in 'ow nits,[ elt•• old II ail, r. - , ...-ra too, and Philo swo d la, reel Nraite , a ith no mowing pinned., li. Ti- s td the Mir odinil donor. oft- could find, and pre seed to depart, lean)
,end whose vices were rho disgrace of th ree
tinetion, as a literary Assoc:lotion, two coll.! I; t'• t t r u'utu" - s ti,'" e..
r' . 4 . and ht th"ir tonic heath, liristling on high, or utterly I paired to be in the happiest mood, e.kod, II the males bet b p ound and earrvin with
.nations. Barbers Palmer, Duehess oil
We Iliperiellee other than the tu •ot li•Lit 11,1 •• `.'" roll uncle ',let °Mete Ni INS through lost from the view in the deep azure of the • • to I females. The ik - fl g
their frugal supper over a fire o r o b u m& t em t le e
s i i l e a c . ei n .
~, t e e p t",: r e , Cleveland, was there, no longer young, but
emotions of eleasore, at see cog so great a , the re 'ltt. "f ton'e'r I itr - e m". I e*Y eelestill rotor
Beneath the
and amidst jokes, laughter, and merges PS
n w altrel ' alm ' s ti el; Y. td u r l' il them own we I HI retaining sumo trace. of that superb;
degree of interest ewed ilt
our behalf, try ; then, gion in the laudable enterprise in brows of these, icy I.kes expand and fath- ; of forest song, and indulged' the while an " r Mr * y. ", sad voluptuous lovelinews whioh twenty
thins, to whose just and impartial verdict ' win'' , poi have embarked. Sitr ..... tot cv- „roleos caned. lawn, into whioli, no beam wh i le the horrors of
the brightest anticipations ge to " the prom- most Pit.... to bran; . . I years before overcame thi, hearts of all mem
we here long since learned to hoe Y cry nlistaele which may ~,,m , O y our pro- of son or stars shell find its way till the / ised lane before them. the boor were Increased by the ems dell& , Thew, to woe 0u pooh ..
et . pothoeeeth;
I dren °Rollin convulsively to the bowona of;
B e ...di then, th a t no agora 0,01 h e locos. Bear up against every gale of For- Moak of Hero ream the ruthless, About win., a youth and midden 1 their
moo J . , who. soft and folfantile features were,
wanting, on our part, not ugly tor, render ten" nloter , tinny nraeil you in Y."'' d."'". Illoorefect and warlike Crowe, while around' strolled from their camp, and ascended one ' ' ' lighted up with the vivacity of Franee.- I
our exercises entertaining, but the name Imoride a"l"as the dark ova of future li , e the wandering hunter, the braves of tribe.' of those all elevations, Akre overlook and The oawo seamed hopele., when a tl.ird IT
orten.ia Illancini, Deellell• of Idesarin,
A r aphictyon worthy your lestiog reg .', Perent no dimodeeemmodo to , I , ea , teer to ithout • name, Mini the frozen crust, Mb I command the celebrated "South Pass."- party arrived on the mournful theatre. The end nieces." the great Cardinal, aempleted
and, if fon... .101 ...Ho wpow es, and ,adveeees tower& the glitter hie Vol oat oloop on their anon-shoes, swift as the win- ' The view opened into indenribable gran- 6 '
rill ant light of rho full moon reecele•d • t h e ~g - p.
p. She had been early annoyed
snowed in oar endea r ed. O. intertst yin, we ' r ., p g .. 1 1,11, that limier the ampler-44 that gad nook deur and solemn desolation. Immerse lard! ...Pane "I' Indian" no h°rwharlt• ' from her native Italy to the court where her ,
the sole object of our display will he att•in- s. ] i "'firing w"rd " iturr"..."." Y^" Everywhere, also, re•ftered ay Intervale, I plain ° measure.. mountains extended Idam l .ll r
rapid 3' Waned e the ramp. TI" - Y unele was wire.. Ills power and her'
al, and we shall go off the stage matiodied toll' attdin to the acme of your highest car "tiro the mountain, and !Mooting above, wide a. the cimumferenr of sight. and the.". km', dad by • beautiful young female,: own attractions had drown • erowd of 4 '
and feel • redoubled iocentive t.• figure se- t . o ' l l ImPo s the lanin, the field of our picture premnts whole glittered in the red rays of evening, Ideals. sn • busk akin shirt, pantaloons. Nod e . e dg e ,. rotte d h./ . 0.4.14..1
tion•-• renewed spirit of conoclooi .... ellki, I those ear oordioary bullew-unigut, without se if sprinkled with a baptism of lamina/ .d mo re l...ins, aimed with moony tasteful. self, &d„g ..
eg his ma ll e, .. g ig h e , h ee d ;
did within us , which shall long 'Hoodoo the 1 Oen. itAM illorsTmAr. a paralleld o the topography .4 the world - geld. But the Soc. point in the glair,. golden orneolbnte, whom graceful egoro sit in 'oh,. No gift of nature or of Mime
dark hot. of weep life, and shine forth the , The New l'oek cluolloy Att. ghee the thane display flee outlines of old feudal ass- I perspective was the noble Pass itself-that upon her See steed with fairy-1i1t...a and seemed to b• wanting to her. lien bee;
bright day-atter of our existence through I follno log ititcre4ing pa•tienl•ors i f the his- deb, with turrets 111111 soh. glistening in great gate in the mountain well-. easy anal a. ' ‘,llra• beautiful with the rich broadly of the i,
tba drear maze of after time. But, if per. I tory or tide dioti, giddied i divided r the son; "thus eosins the shape of eolos- ,of ascent, that • railway might.. run with- „" Satthatom ', B .slornm I" s h oute d the' south, her understanding quiek, her man-1
ebanee, all our eff , ertecee plea. shall tail of 1 ••About the sear In2o- I. he was eleeld4 nil e.. 1 . surmounted by domes of blare out exearetion, to the eery key of its ge t - urram• giving may to • Ca" of 'rag"... I nine grateffil, her reek *relied, her p.....- I
their desired object, ir our every endear. fi ,ventor of Tennessee. He hehl the edflee bap., or cupolas of onowy marhle. The ; Go arch, ad so exceedingly broad, that all ableand lying off in all direction.. I lions immense; toot her ungovernable pas-
en Merit your approbation and °budn your s brief period utily, when he novgned his re- whole ..iota wears the of en- the ennive on the
; globe might
I deploy with- leaving their prisoners astonished at so sin- titian. had turned all these blembige into
Bet there was one of an ill
*Media prove abortive, we beg you to look spoombillues arid h.. ; and oh; eriore channel... as it Of. poet's wild dreaon ,in us ere., and " tither twinge( their mighty wh o rar,,, thtlilermtee., , . ; curses. She bad found the misery
sope ets with • lenient eye, and trust to the eivilm..l life nag.. dto nor PI O en wrot of had been maimed in the form of impel-holm- . him would touch ch. edge of he enormous te. am nal l ma gee not .ettnr• . ..t. mu 11.% , assorted marriage intolerable, hod Sea from
greeds.. working inlinenee of our blotto's the Almoesippi, and min ad d ted as a -on tole moos. ga I. Bill M 0,,... ri°°°,tinft." l ‘,l, fort° ,, of ,.... I her husband, had abandoned her reel wealth, .
I mo. pow, to 011 forth greater exertion., by one of the lodien eldeltaine il.• ad The ronge throughnut is subject to thel in,. 1.., ( for web t h ey t e ee ,„ o , l ow k e d ma, and 110•1111 k wt. mereeime veteenty, • 1 and, after having astonished Rome utl I
ma" aa • emonniwence, more signal atieeeas aimed tie° habits, and OA W.W.11 la the tenet spelling storms. At sue% time. the , all they were lost in emotions of sublim nrdertri_ ,"Il "ram., dimel'am'ad with M. I Piedmont by her advatturee had hood oar:
ham. • attire of a roving ea of the snideness.- 'bonder rattles from ;reek to peek, riving [and in blended they and devout awn "' dr % *ii"" "land is
* 6 .. 1* lobed. in England. Her Sense was the fd :
Anophkamos med fellow students, permit He remaiacol in the forest a year or two, th e dig, an d rending the avoilanche; and reseed involuollußly Maar to mob other. The minute after, the friendly Semitonesvon. rebel of men of wit and pleuure,
um now to address ma. o hen he reamed to the smolt or civil. d the ligletening biases till the sir mewls like Then their two 4 11111 throbbed together reached the emu a mong outrage, and cut; who, for the mks of her smile@ sod her la-
The grand drama of life is about opening life, and commenced the practice of the lan • burl 'nu rea, °dheaven's canopy but a, as one, and tibelealital bas of their warm ' loom the nerds with which the apneas had hie , hie, endured her freq en
ut Ms of insolently
Mime as, in which, e• matient being., we lin Natchez. It was while lee wee in Nateh- vast sheet 14 fire; while the howling heal- 'life-pulse. became • chic and eheml en- been tied, band and foot. The lovely le. sod 111 humor. Hoehn. and Godolphin
beet • great, • monnueloes part to act. In le. that he set up flog boon. ahem for the rag sweeps onwards _with the fury of • I them, for they saw the woe of Datum'. der of the Snake. saplaieed, by sips, and sometimes forget the eaves of mate la bee
MI its varied and ever changing asenery it. I conquest of Texas force, that roan lmam force , alone ma resist. And yet , God send arced on the mate marble of ten mom few words of broken English, that the oompany. Barillion and Saint Elmwood
Imam and evildoing wee we most at . - I There was something of the wouantio, of thew mountains boast their italic es well i thommed rooks. What mattered Is, that 1 witiwwwwwkr of aim tri.tho ...• k. hriaallad, ,food I. her ars*lnd*" .. .... /Ma " far
Wpm Is this respect, with anot ing • tho wild and wonderful in Gen. Ilmatnn't as red inhabitants. Yee there, far ea the I both wore indigenous prod.. of the fu aed had that moraimgons, out, seder the, their long bo dges.. from •TM
le . The Almighty arbiter of the ebdication of the Etteetaive office of Ten- forustope of the buffalo and elk, aed high , frontier, add clothed in smoke-tinted leath- aster of bunting, when she ente informed Ileareleg of Vnualsa, Oh* wit of Wallet war.
Ines ordained that every ereatere nese.. It woo an ant thet lee men would ias the ilight of the harbinger bee, In .pits er„and eaerm-thre•ded hoessamm? That/
by • emends. of her fake bed ' s Wattle. to dal, employed tut latter sad ••••• he ,-
haft that prowl damp of Delay , oebibi. or woold have survived. It gr. the reeult of mew*. nature and near men, one (bon- I did not bar them from love and meddle, Garry of • white woman, daring the night, Bet he dimmed mind enquired etronger
till he an 'moral rated, @Meld hold some of that panda was tee; He, mod Angin-Ameriains have Memo their ' any more then from dew and @enables. lie front the Beath pat-• woman whom he admolants. red Might the is pllmAry
he de mighty maoffiltsery at Creations. had been married bat a lbw months when I mammas abode, where km birds dare to woe have above her, ad she was Maud- i had as the previous day, ea the Some[ in lama nod 1w usemebeep. Whil.
l o bus are hound by MN 'seeable his abdinetion took place. His wife was • build. •Avarke, miessehropy, roman.% lore fel beyond word. Hems their love wae ; Water liver, md rempisted as one be had Charles Illesed with Ids time whams, Her
asome, ',l -m• mum sat. lady Mr. , meleembility, • mare of de' disappolommt, sad, perehmeeterime, bane, youth's neaseelty-a. naturel as the mid limed bolero Ids sulk among the lodise.. tensie. Fresh page, • headsome be
Ada who dd It otherwise? Who minty of Rutherford or Haury-we kept poured thfr heterogamous people el tandem slo. of Mar Mem domes, re as Pm was' This latalifipese drove Henry Glinent dl. - , whose woad mittlennasessel mos dee delig ht
Rot mor v
olt d amdding asplratkens dr whsnd ma regaling temporarily with trepans sod heaters.
Woe melt sublime of lames at the eall of Hay. • traded ; sad, as well she was able, by iof Melaka, sad mem eamedell by end
tedill!m mked, meld for a moment en- her parents whilst Governor Houma ems at mileage.. Ad gm, shwas, MK OD in- " WhelajMm/ elnerab fm our wedding?' , gastare . Abe held therether that bin bed 'smer messes of ebb silelbse, poke, and
lbed peed bodependeneambleb go. Morfromborough, thee the mat of govern.' toxicatreg prove the charms of Mott will- whispered Heart'; a. Om peed lowa eel Med bed brow away Me dd. pointed est plume wadded moo. amines Mem A
m Ms anal agcy, fee a state of meet, attending to his oSeial denim One' wood life, not an Insane. has marred of their white mem. mate, Meld. o The Ts. I the mane they had tam and retreated party of meaty mertient ore seMed at
bled and peed. imell• (if I may so term day.the lady ordered leer terra'e and pro-' Ito voluntary abandoament, acmes than • elle Spline when. MOO the thekiligtlme he perms lima sad Mier Ma to at- ads mad • large table ea width rid
id) mbleb.„ mould I. "*.triarmre open th e to the met of the local govern... I transient return of the sate to .lodised and melody of muldbelk, ad the ringing me , tea AO eomplety. was Maned in mosetelne, lime Om Ms
lido of sth high nor ne ef his nun. A.m.' . the State House. abs ant a 1 soolatenjoymest. Yet this is the bloody rimed of ebildrest's mime.
\ TM dark sync ef lb. female Habeas king had semplaleted that be did enet del
dr Ms
Red MO IMMONver Mmeteme Heaven merle to the mouths department, fe- , mean& lettere beadonde ham Men.- Ifamea's seal was le ber eye i but eke lighted mill the thee of jsiklaig WWI re- Bite well. He bed no weds.
sight elm broken i
Se man 1 There le Dem there can be mac forming her babel that dee bad
I Thek unburied bones Meade ea Oa dew- answered may ebb a smile e el • Huh. TOW , IRO Mama) pendia BIM milh • •apper eMS reel that
he NO. IS
TIM many manteetanme whine I behold mg wa. amide/ Ms Mention. H. cc- eft, an imenal by the roves, and pawed .. Ton remember pemiss," med a lest bona Hs feud his Me, whisk by rat Ott the dellowing melMill
mead me P 144 Wkle MI She edidgmee Mimi far summer thee be ems very malle by pbe welt. The widths? Mads mermer, limed m u. ••• sum* me, ea end leels, bid enamel dm general monk- benaloge4"
If Mglrlereembe the eyes beemeles sand I. stedebenfil Bebe emote mei leeele ugegepee WI" eßeie Bpi . Be- ibeffirsed Apr pleme, I. army May eel Agetutomteeogit tie tiny' ma/ no bweeeedem edge Lem Oillbelle
toz? ""'grrtr:itir.V."
G. NEIPSTEID, Editor sod Proprietor.
Tnav• —osee..
doll= ont V.w ontli Om rod of th.
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Or *row, •• 6 ...V, ' "' 2?",
Insara.“ Canis, or roar twep or i....
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F,P)6l.C4:ink, 2110:ZA, n,sttirnttatr?, Nstrletatimira., akcetnal, ant, fflaczrazatitgp
During the night Cheeks earnestly rest
°amended the Duehes of portsmouth and
her boy to the care of Jame.; • And do
not,' be goodnefurely added, • let poor Nob
; lv stares.' The queen mot moans fur her
.hence by Halifax. She sebl that she wan
too much disordered to resume her post by
i the couch, and implored pardon for any el.
; fence which she might unwittingly hare
giten. • She asks my pinion, ifoor woman '.'
cried Charles; '1 ask lfc,s with all my
heart.' •
t• The wonting light began to peep
through the windows of Whitehall; and
Charles desired the attendants to pullitside
he curtain., that he might hare one more
i look at the day. He reworked that it ens
time to wind up a clock which aloud year hid
bed. These little eireumstances were long
!remembered because they prored beyond
I dispute that when he declared himself •
Homan Catholic, he wee ii. full possession
of his Wedgies. He apologized to those
who had stood d him all night for the
trouble which be bad caused. He bad been
he said a moat uneonsionalde time dying;
but he hoped that they would excuse it.—
This was the last glmpse of that exquisite
urbanity, eo often found potent to ahem
away the resentment of a justly inconeed
nation. boo after dawndlie speech of the
dying man failed.
Before ten his mantles
voin. gene. Gnat etuntor• hod ye red
Go iltbo ohoolhboo Nthe hew orate...hog ser
vice. When the prayer for the king was
read, load groans and sobs showed how
deeply Ids people felt for him. At noon on
Friday, the math of February, he passed
away without a struggle." _
Cberbeter tbe enertit of Weave.
A good character is not secured in • day
It is the growth of years. The conataot
regard for troth—shunning of evil rooms
—the fear of uttering a profane or ludettent
word-associating with the upright soil vir
tnotm—just and honorable dealing— all go
to maim up the perfect man. The trims
thins that have been misted; the honor
that has been spurned where ttrict integri
ty would hen been nacrilleti ; the eon
mane and unwavering desire fir truth and
which are seen in tharlaily life,
help form and make up the subatantisl
character. It I. easy to be upright,
oonscientinua truthful and chi... for •
loofah, or a yap, oven ; but itt. only the
really good who pumas mach a course thrti•
• long life. Let none presume that they
ean at now step from depravity to vino. ;
from the gutter to the throne, Sterling
I character. are not so toad°. They Sr. of
slow growth. If you would pores. • vod
name, you most begin early to lives I& of
'Woe, and never swerve from the path of
duty. To he respected in age, and lamas
ed et death, you Coot live • life of wladom,
truth aod virtue.
NOTIMIO IS Late.—The drop that sin
gles with the food—tbdt rod dropped'
on the es*-shero—the word yoo tare spo
ken, will not he loot. Koch will Lan Its
influence and boo felt, till time als/1 be no
' more. Hare you over thought of the Afoot
that might be produced by • single word?
Drop It pleasantly ruing B grasp, and It
will make a dome happy, to rotor to thole
horse and prudes* tbi tame elfor , e •
bombed, primps. A bad word may arouse
the lodigoatioe of a whole neighborhood ;
It may scrod Illro wUdirs, to produce Co
asters Arts. As so word Is lost--bo
coreful how yore spook—roak rigidr
kindly. The indoors re rosy ea l t7t
lib of binders—by molds dmppod ammons
the young aml the old—lo larbelablo. It
will eot err wham pose bodies lie the in
het trill ho thlt, wlderand still wider
yer after per perm away. Who Oben,
old not curt bred( thr the welfare olden.
Iles.—iltdreet Otha Drench.
Horrinasa—lt depends in • greet inee
rte epee maim whether we ere happy
r ay way Yuma' Me Hie. - 14.
se do oee ow we Artwork mad de
nothing 'sr ne harden our tossolen
erra N eppeeelb es seer to true luipplerwe
ea is edema ')even deregoy if, oa the
*lbw heed, we Main the priest of viola
denesitselien• Mewhinh air tweeellewes
=bw• • merrier to tie ay,
e irardildesie to seinem