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0.0. NIMITIIII, Editor and Proprietor.
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TIM Contend' Geld-Seeker le his tarns.
But I dent belies the bath will make hen lye... He entered it as • lad of Mtmn, ;made D a rule never . spend over half .' he sent back whet she dethred without • •• It was."
'tow it" i and had always acted so as to secure the' hie salary, and, in consequence, alweys Led 'word of reply, written or verbal. But the] "me she loved thether since?" ; tim.
•• Even if they should not, the principle; confidence and respect of every member nt j mon .
moneylaid up in the bank, inrostth in good eircumstalco some. to stian him
_lie had'
___•• No. Site has received three or four • And I will den it—ef I try tiff ea..",
.prob you act is wrong." . j tho firm His expectations in life as far a, cloche, or accumulating by means of each loved Adm. wits , a most earneet thethm[ advantageous o le o , b e t rejected them all rye =Genie' P
.. Th a t for th e principle," snapping hie business matters wore eoncented did not go 'benne. operotions .he could enter ieto and in all his dreams of hie ham. life, h., •• Du you obj e ct t om , reefing h er again ?" • I give it up !' shouted the eng em t o ,
thumb and linger. " When • man gets five beyond th is house . A b reec h i n cin c i n . , without interfering with hie regular duties image h a d men beautifully tam
d e g . Th e ; o N o . You committed a greviuu n err. tween his teeth, which chattered like stesed
hundred d o llars in hie grasp, it takes • natti had been for none time under eon,. clerk. ' Ills ultimate intention was to blow was • heavy our, mid mideent hi.' But you linen won it wee wrong , a n d re- badger's--• take the money' . •
largo amount of principle to get the money temptation, and it was understood that ho commence business himself, as loon aa he heart for life. Soon aft,. lie left the East, paired the injury to the b ea t of your ability. The •Vertnotiter very coolly pocketed the
I out again. My principle is to hold on to was to have an thereat in it, and It we. to had saved ;shout five thousand dollars, no. mil removed to a Western city ' Non ble to do wrong, emu mit for more then thin All me leo-spot, and es he turned away, remark
, all I can get." be under his charge. His disappointment less a good connection no some well eatab- ; Ten yeah elapeed, and then Wheeler ' li able I The conversation between the two young and mortification were, therefore, extreme. limbed house offered before that time. To- 'canto back for the first time mince he had' mot." but few sincerely re- ea
I • We shit meek ecqueintad with your
I men was interrupted at this point, and they He knew that the came .signed for his ward. this object be hat' already accumu: ; gone away. On the little sum I.e had saved "Are y on mei n; 't o inform Adeline Le- smart folks dam. Mein T u ., b o a we
, separated to attend to the various duties discharge was not the real one, for business lated nearly two thousand dollar.. Al- from hie earnings, be had commenced a tore I cos her, of all th a t you h are j us t sometimes • take the March out of , msjop
1 that were required of them. had never been more active; and had he though he bad lost, in no unsueceselul ad- small business in a Per off western tom e — leaned." our way—and p'rape you wont try it ea an
[ " I hopo you've thought better of it, and possessed a doubt on UM subject, it would venture, the five hundred dollars obtained Gradually this grew into importance, and , " Th a t line already b een d om .," stt angers min I reek'n you went.' be coo
-1 intend returning the fire hundred dollars have been removed by the fact that a few ! through the teller's error,. yet the thought now it became nee ..... yto visit the East " It, b ee f.. tinned, and, putting on • broth grin of=
you drew out of the bank in mistake," said weeks after he tell his old place, another of restitution name into log mind. Ho felt in order to purchase a stock of goods.— "yes." . • Im 1111 l r, Le left the empany to their
Warm, when lie had an opportunity to:clerk was engaged. that liardiner's misfortune lay at hie door, Hitgerto he had supplied himself either to "will e m me n. ,..? , bolt
speak again with Wheeler alone. This reaction upon the young man's er- that he had injured him beyond all hope of Cineinnntti or Pittsburg. In the old place " I w ill ask hee her, if you fe-ho it"
.•• Yoe'. very much mistaken," was the roe, although he wee ignorant of the fact full rational.. But his strong love of he found everything ehengeal• Scarcely • o This °man, I will ea ll a t your house," Ellasmestm.
prompt reply "I intend no such thing. No that it was such remtion, !sobered his feel-' money, end ardent, desire to accumulsto • thmillim mentenattme met him .he milked, said Wheeler. Inform Adeline of my wish ' The city of Dammam we l e d celled i n
emirs corrected oat of bank. This is the loge very much. We say ignorant of the su ffi cient sum of money to justify hint in ' theme the streets, and in the business to see her, end tell her that since the un- Gm. chap. ',v. 2, a. the birth lees of
;role , a n d We as' good on one side ae an- fans, atilt a Smught of what ho had done commencing business for itinmelf, roan in portion of the city, only here and there did happy hour she turned from me, I have not Aiwa.. Steward, Elinor ; and h ho w
other. The banks make the rule; and let would ommeionally crosa his mind, and stir opposition to the honest impulse. Then he observe the "signs" of other times.— cemed to think and pray fur Lee." therefore hare been one of the earliest shies
[ them abide by it. Didn't this very teller a latent mapieion of mime connection be- came a warm debate in his mind between Gardineft[the once unfortunate bank teller, "That evening Wheeler call. as lie pro- in the world, and is one of the very few than
mak t a militate of fifty dollar. last winter tweet the over-paid check, mid his loss of selfishness and just principle., which went had become • prosperous merchant, and o ned to do. After gen t ling up his mme, have mietaitted • ileurighing eakstowito 41
e nd refuge to correct it? I know • good ' favor in the eyes of his old eeployere.— on severel dim, during which thee, he wag was considered to be worth fifty or misty 'b p e sat amid. % the appearance of ado:, all iges. It le situated inle, lbeggnef ify i
ninny instance. of the same kind. Now I'll The effect of tub was to awaken a tooling much disturbed. Te restore the five him- thmeand daises. Tide Net lie horned with AJelitio or her th a n for neatly five millets a and N lat. /13 , 27', lu the north-meg eta
turn the tables . Lim, and he'll understand' of regret for having kept the money, which dyed dollars, wee to put off at least a year 'pleasure. ..ii few moment. oh suspense and the loved extensive and remarkably level plain, whieb
; how he feels." became; at length, . distinct. an impression beyond the time when he expected to get Wheeler slid not ask for Adeline. Ile one of many roars entered, termini on the is open mimed beyond the reach of rid.,
You're wrong, depend upon it, you're' as to trouble him into business, the period he eu mxinusly emild not treat
wrong," answered Watson. " The teller " Tile money neuter did ine any good,. wished to arrive; and his heart stink at the one; for not yet hail her beautiful item pale, yet in her eyes woe the light of otho i 111111 l Ming, the nearest of which—thou of
refuged to correct the mistakes because he that's certain !" This acknowledgment— the thought Then mono the question foiled from his memory. Ones truly loved, times Wheeler stepped quithly ionised t wo to the meth-west—ere not quite
did not know them to be snob But you murmured to himself, one day, when think - whether the money, if restored, shoidd go and neuter proved unworthy of his iitire s to meet her ; and die remised hie veranda two sidles front the city. Those him
know that you have received five hundred ing mue the matter, marked the progress of to Gardiner or the bank This woe soon best abalone, be hail not bean able to for- hand, and returned its warn. prrosure. While rise to the river Barrady, and to min.
I dollars, not your due, and that the lone will repentance.l m um, h ome , on th e side of th e C ornier , get her. Yet, Inning L eer , re j ecte d with- they yet stood, mutely posing at oath other, tiv lets, which afford the city a most liberal
Call open the individual who comniitted the About a year after Wheeler had left his against whom the wrong bad been done, and out o reason, ho had never fat inclined to the uncle retired!, and they were left alone. mpply et water, soil render its district, me
'error.' ' old place, the merchant in whose employ- who had been so groat. sufferer in conm- ask for one, nor to a renewal of the old re- What passed between them we will not re- of the milt pleasant and fertile of Western
"You need not talk to our, Watson, I meat ho woe, raid to him one day, on cum- thence. lotion.. Fur all he had Mined to the eon. rest Enough 'bat two weeks afterward., Asia
' know what lam about. I just wanted five ing in from the bank, where he had been to It was nearly two weeks before the mind trary alio had become, years before, the Adeline was ~.Cho way to a new home in The district, within a circumference of
[ hundred dollar., and the money has come attend to some business of Wheeler came to a lull and fair decision. bride of another. the West. ' nom twenty to twenty-five miles, is thickly
in the nick of time. ' "I'm enrry to lug. bad news about Oar- It was in favor of justice After deciding., After remaining in the city a few Jays, ,
I Wheeler was in earnest, a. hie conduct diner, the first tel Fer in our hank." he acted quickly, Five Landes dollars and making sumo pureliams. he prepared so waiting the starch out of Men." chards, it, the midst of which stande the
Proved. Ito kept the money, notwithstsind- : e Ah! What it it . e" inquired Wheeler. worth of stuck was mold, and the money sent to leave for that West. ON the day previ- Th e f o ll o win g o c o ld se e m sketch" i, noun itself. It thus appear. as in a vast
rig several persons, who came to know the' "Ile has been detected in several (else to Oar diner in a letter, to which, oft:nurse, ea to lain intended departure, while pea- given in the lost Flag ,l' thr (.'aloe. , wood ; end its alum. inntir .
rah'. pub'
feet, urged him to do what we, right. Hue entries." there was no signature. Ile then felt more ing along_
the sheet, lie cam suddutily on A lot of idlers stood aeon the cod of a buildings, intluding an e •usive citadel,
it proved of no benefit to him, for he lost it "It can't be possible ! I hare alway s comfortable in nand; eepecially as Gardin- AMR. Burton. The lady started, pmd v i e r which, ran out int o the Hudson river,: and a vast number of me quell, with their
: nll, and Arm hundred dollars besides itt an believed Idol to be a very honest man." er immediately chimed with the pending of- slightly, and than went lotrritily on. Her i n me . th e mall towns near Albany, • few I domes and minarets, give it a fine mow
, adventure made in one of his employees '. So have I. In fact the eircumetencee fee, and came into a business, that, while face was thin and wore a look of suffering days eg . n, miming themselves sell hurling' anee + e viewed from the neighbornfg hill.;
; ships, Wore the year wan out. ere much as to show the existence of strung it gave him • comrortable living fur the ' and resignation. She turned very pale at o ms into the broad .a 1.1.111, each vieing but on approaching over the level plain, the
' About this time the firm in: who. .car- temptation." present, promised well for the future. when she saw him. with the other in the endeavor to pitch e , donations by whleh it is environed shroud
vice lie way, slincovered that asy atm of "Him melt tom he taken from the bank?" A. few month. ether thi s, his I.ld employ- Wheeler wee deeply agitated by this ap. i n i th ilo at the f er ther e et distance front the it entirely from Mew. Its finest building
' peculation had been going on in their Web- "Only five hundred dollar. have been era were waited upon by the mere.nt whom parition. Ile did not hence the city on the s h ore , when s tall, coo l ed befit Vermonter,' is • grand mom., of the Corinth.° order,
llisliment, but were tillable to trace the discovered; and that, he says, I. the full lie was serving as a clerk. next slay, lot he lied intended . It me ini- direct from the Green Bib., suddenly made ; said to have been built as • cathedral chussh
Wrong to any particular clerk moth the amount al.trected from the fonts of the ''l wish, sail the latter. "to ask you one possible for bi t e to go now until he bad ob. his appearance in their midst, nid for •whil, by the Emperor Herseliun It Was &dim.
, lergo number employml. Whole Viet. , of it...kitties,. and I am disposed to believe or two munitions about Wheeler. I have tained an interview with Adeline, who bad ra mie. • quiet observer of their move- I led to St. John, of Damascus, and be still
fine and coldly goods, disarmer. triusteri- , him" thought for come ti me , o f off e ring him en • not, as be learned, given her vow* to soother. mm th e called the mosque of St. Jam the Baptist
ously, and on varom occasions the cash "What could have possessed him to do interest inmy busies.. But before doing After lying smoke nearly all-night, think-, Ile wm • brewny, stronig-looking Yankee, by the Turks, who believe that in die latter
proved to he unaerountably short. Under so?" . en, it seemed but right that I should• see ing over the hest mime to pursue; he ft- 'and wee very decently and. The efforts days than descend thereon, and from its
them eircumstoncm a council of the firm "Very peculiar circumstances. Dv has you, mid ask the reason why yen, did mi t rally oonolud.l to we her uncle, and plaily 'of th e littl e i!art y b e d been ealtibited over emmit require the dhoti,. of all hie fol-
I was called, and the Matter taken up mei- a large family, and ilie expenses have been retain him to your empl o y men t It could', ask the reemn why Adeline hod years be- en d over eosin, when the ...anger quietly, am.. to the 51..1eug faith.
easily. fully up to his income About two years not haie heen for want of ability or rattan- fore, broken the engagement into which the picked up Lalf a brink which lay near him,' The city is aurroundesi by an old wall of
-I am sifraid.".aid one during tub in- ago, he emirlm over-paid to some one, five 6. to Waimea" hied entered. Upon this resolution be sse- and, gluing it a jerk, it fell into the water sun-dried brick, eirengthee of sill towers;
terview, that the young sear, hi whom wet h un d re d d o lle n , which th o Institution ro- " No. Pow young .11011 have his ability," ted• Th o sad. re'.iv" hi.. wl'hail li nli • lung thy beyond the line which had an, but this wall has fallen to dee., nod the
have reposes! en nmeh roofislence, is not in- [ gun. bite tOcmake good. It was aleduc- was replied." ',reedit, Hot, not repute. by this, yet been reached by the foremost of the town hr so greatly extended beyond its
e „ ; e th,„,e, 'ammo in the matter." ted •
from his eatery, at the rate of one hon. •• Then you had a rest eel for dispemiter Wheole. Mine /pone° to the object of his crow d. At the concluthon of this feat a limits, that the number of home Without•
•• You don't mean Wheeli.r ?" inquired trod and tweuty five dollars a quarter. In with hie service. beyond this!" ' visit. loud •• bravo!" wont up from half a dozen 'dm wall greatly exceed. that within. The
•• I'll tell you something, if ?...II 1.1..' , a second member of the house, exhibiting the meantime, Jebt became the unevoida• -We certainly bad " •[ •• Ten years ask sir," mid lie calmly. voices around hire. , house. in the city have flat rook while
Ise not to nay anything about it, mid a „jerked Burp ism . La c eunmquenee, and under its harramment, •• slay Ibe permitted to inquire Mat it " yoor niece , to wham I was engaged in It was a cold, clear Jay in October, and those in the ...bulbs have domes. Demme
young man named Wheeler, to n fellow clerk , ~ Ide
j e .; es isessrered. end goaded by the thought th at the bank oas ?" n.wri•F°. brohe imr coldmet. with inn. with- the *a oen, determined .t to be outdone,' on is mid to contain five hundred man
named Watson. •• Impossible." : wae unjust in laying the entire b u rd en of "y es . Arid ' , o d or th e circumstances, 0.. .signing any reason. I tithed none, mowed their attempte, but the a ny 1 shuns entitled to be called palm.; and the
•• I'm no hand at keeping ..rote," re -1 .. g o I wou ld h ave sail yesterday Rut the error open hint, when he was so little we cannot withhold a annelid answer. YOU and to this day hove remained ignorant of t e r, without saying • • syllable to any one, ' general solendor of its home s in much ex.
turned Watson, " I nt you'd better mit tell ' I heard some th i ng this morning th at has able to hear it. lie yielded to the tempta• know thud Gardiner, the paying teller in the her motives. that I now feel 'a
with to continued to pitch the pebbles far M. the' .ltd in the Mist. But little of this is the
me." a lt oge th e r changed my °pinton of him," lion, and made five hallo entries in the —Bank, lest his pinn by abetracting know them. Will you do me the juatice to airs..., whi c h mimed to annul one of them,. 'hie in the etre.; which in general pre
" Oh, yes, I will. But you mum% say •• What ie it .1" book, each for ono hundred dollars. This Mc bemired dollars, to snake good hie own give me the information I seek ?" in • green *kat, the apparent leader of gents well.of mud or eun-dried brick, Mich
any thing about it. You know I had •• o y ou remember the adventure upon is his account of the matter, and I believe In., in consequence of Nosing over-paid " Certainly." replied the uncle. Wpm de- she gang, wo eclared he wouldn't Le boa- 1 fill the narrow streets with dust in dry
check for my quarter's salary to-day ?" whi ch iie less se ' , eerily ~,,
and pity him." that am on a heek V ..i. to learn whot i n fi othme d Ad e line, I ten by a " teller right strait out us' the woods , weather, and render them perfect quagmires
•• Yes." e.•• What course will the bank pureue r - Yes. And I hare pitied him very se. no reason why you should fit be Rath- no how;" and elitlieg up Lo the stranger, ho' when it rains. Tbe henna themelys• are
•• It was for three h un d re d d o n e , Now 1 .. Where do vou think a large part of the inquired Wheeler, in an changed • voice moth He was rather • hard rage. The lied." determined to make Liam quaintance. !built with the mine materials, although
look hero." And. an Wheeler spoke, he , 0 , oe w hi e h M b o ught the goo& sent out that Ine emplou'er looked at him curiously. scoundrel who took the money, if known, " Speak, ghee. I .." prepared tn hoar." •• Wh e re d o me from, neighbor ?" I stone might be wily obtained from the
opened • drawer of the desk at which he 1, 0 •••,,, ei ~.. ' •• Gardiner h. been removed from Lie should meet with the exemation of an bon. "You remembet Gardiner, the teller in logeked the other. adjoining mountains. The'
wan writing, took out a small parcel of Lank'' •• 11,. saved it from hit salary, I pro- place, and hie sem i l ies released. The Di- eat melt " tho--Bank ?" said time utmle. -, Me ? Wed , I hails from Vermouth*. scarcely any windows, and only low
bill., and commenced counting them over none.. rector., under the circumstance., voted to •• We ere sorry toe ay that Wheeler wee A deep minim] insitaremered the n oon, friend. , mean looking doors ; but them often with
whole amount was eight hundred ,bit- " I believed the some, Ilitt now I lear lot the lose fall upon the bank. But while the man who drew the check." face el Wheeleeand his eea remained for •• Ithiet been in the. parts long, I reek- 'duct to large interior arm pseud with
lan. that on one s o the cheeks we gave him fur they pitied the young man, they could not •• Wheeler?" • SM. moments mat up. tlO floor, When on f" marble, refreshed by gushilig fountains, and
" There is whet I received for my cheek, a quarto?. lary the teller overpaid Lim retain him in so responsible a situation . :. Yea. On • • cheek of three busted he looked 51 Lin countenance was cm- •• W e l— nu , Not Wreak], y e p r , b u t „ o surrounded by apartment. ornamouted am
said ho, in a tone and with a the one he had ocethied." dollars received rear his quarter's
nu ary, potted , and Mown, sorter." ' , furnished ie the best and riche... oriental
ulna.• g lance et es- 1 five hundred .„Ilan."
I " And he kept it ?" •.. "Oh dear I " fell from the lips ol- ' Gerdiner pad him by mistake eight bun- " Yet," he replied, " I remember Gar- • ri a — m . I ', ma w taste.
"Eight liondred dollars !" remarked .. tee. car , in • tone of dietroge, that me Why re deed, and ha i
dept the money " diner very well, for I have muse. I under- • yea,' continued limo green ....,, reelcm The thinly Arabefrom the desert roved
Watson, evincing surprise. " Then he is net honest." simply grounded in his heart than theme- •• Aml for this you diecharged Lint from stand it all now. Ad eli ne wets told that I testily, and nixing a big billet of woul, b e i Damao. With rapture, and are never thud
"Yen" "Of course he is not. ' The act was just chants dreamed. I your house?" nejnetly withheld from the bank fi ve hue- twirled it over his head, and it la n d e d s e v. ,of expatiating on the frosbnots and verdure
" I thought your cheek milled for mas dishoneet as stealing." feel
ly" I don't envy the ings of him who' ° Yea; as coon as we were apprised of dmd dollars received in mistake f" : oral rods from the shorn, in the miter. [of its orchards, the variety and tieheeth of
three hundred dollars. " But are yr certain of this?" received the temporary benefit from that the feet, which was nearly s year after it on- The uncle bowed gravely. 1 • You've a little strength in your Inns, I i*fruits, and, more than all. its numerous
.So did I. But it some the teller tin't .. y o b. Phillips told me so this morning." I poor clerk's error, when he conics to Lear' mined." "And for this she rejected me?" ' tosighluor.• stemete, and the of ita rills and
differently." Phillip. inn • clerk in the establishment, of the and ommesponee that has followed," • Did you tell him the rem," "She ditiTiod I t say with gird, 's um ,. . i . um .ki ne , i s L i mn fli p ,„ , Ftmn . fountain.. There is a media. that Ma
" Then he overpaid your cheek the bun- and the real delinquent in the matter under, mid Wheeler's employer, as . turned from "No Wo didn't care .do that." cause." I ger. I. mar t.wn, mor'n • month ' homm4 awning to the oily A.... 1 it with
dnid dollars." investigation. Ile haul become apprised of , the young man. " Ile's not an boom man," said the " Perhapaiso," said Wheeler. - Yet may ago, I dour them aru kimekele rite strut great
en terat" from 11 .• ...debt g•hbie•
"He did, and no Manske," replied Who. the an a Wheeler, and tightly judged thee, Mow the words stunned the ears that merchant on learning this, "and, of mum not • man repent a wroug mt ?" tbru • board, nionie a ninth 'nalr thick r. 11111 i thrned away, refining to approach,
War. "Ain't I lucky? No errors recrected to give a hint of it to bid employer., would heard them ! [ not worthy se:confidence. On far from con- " Oh, ye, Hut aro will Vilgo or the u Gaw—has !' shouted Isis bearer., th o with the remark that then, was Mt me
oat of bank, you know." be to turn their attention from him, and For days and weeks little else but the reeling myself with Lim in business I shall spedity of his repentance le. is elhrte to man in the green jacket laintliinti loud es t paredim designed for man, and be wan de.
" But you don't intend keeping tbe moo- whin guilt upon another, if hi. pecula. thought of Gardiner's dismissal from the i hardly deem it prudent to retain him about repair the injury he has erought." • May Lc yen don't believe it. termined that hie Amid not be In this
ey 1"
~_e t _fr - Toons were made the subject of the inveeti- ' bank wan in the mind of Wheeler . Most 'me even in his present rapacity " •• True. And now you m ill In rue the • Not ten th ,' immured the crewel world ; hut there is no himakel &nada
c Ir•lti a. sere. the obsek 0 " 0 "••• ' pane. as he had every reason to believe eineerely dill he repent of what, he had 1 And on this view he acted. From diet police to me Gardiner, and ask 11i111 if he. •Wo sine eery green, down here in York don for th is story. ,DllOlllllO. i. Meth sin
?eight hundred Uwe, and the teller bad 'tree stem to be t h e eeen. done, and with repentance came the wish I time, Wheeler' s situation was tendered so did not, more than too yearn ego. reeeivo, ; —w e aint ,' said the follow in the green; mikes le eiroumference , and its population
me but three Modred? Would he ' " Can tre mg., hi m r to make restitution . While in this state unplerant, that, in the course of a few , from an unknown hand, the aunt of five jacket • • oe'vo been about you /00.. is estimated by Mr. Buckingham at 1411,-
we mailed theerror ? Minded I le.' -Hs says Andrew Watson knows it to of mind, Gardiner came into the atm to : months, he gave it up, and sought another hundred dollars." , %rel, jut lent ;soli yore, m e w non a n . 000; of whom 00,000 are native Syrian
a poor rule that wont work both ways." 'bo the ems." ma his employer and lay before him alt' place. ' ••Then you restored the money?" and the Vermonter, it the most plaueible Arabs, 10,000 Turks, 15,000 Jews, and
Hew ...Id ho have made "eh • mi. I Watson being questioned, fully confine- !offer to go Into business which he had re- Again he had felt the re-action of his or- "I did. But see him. Put the WM. , manner; .up in aour caountry, we've a 25,000 Chriadienta Bet Dr. Richardson
take 1" ed the fact. Other evidence was added, es- coined In order to form then nneetith roe, without comprehending from whence' lion to him. Tim go to Om—Bank , ' any big river, coneideriti— lityun river does eel estimate 60 ChrbitiMi peptilatiOni
0 Rawly sough. The counter was lined tebgehtes the matter beyond • doubt. !he roust have • caital Of fi ve hundred dol. ' the effect proceeded. He did not know and ask the Cashier, if, amen vests ago, he e d, and may be y o u're hewn on it, at more than 12,000. Demme is the
with • . 11 ... of P.m. s wokittli with their It
do to retain him In our employ- tan ; but he had solo o cent, was of em. 1 how much he had loot in seeking to gain did not receive a letter from the West, env- Wal, I hot e a man clean mem that river ro
of many thousand pilgrim@
when I Lauded up mine. Yon 1tn...0w , ployment, and his 'family dependent for , Ova hundred dollar. dishonestly. aril% a remittance of five hundred dollars, Cot... day, anti h. came Mom fair and
~t ry i n ei or yP ree.dr .j. r .d fd...... y in d or bo lint .. ... re .V .
moot," said one of the ann.
hew ...Wok,' Mr. Y o— ___.__ , maket', hia,____"l* " No. Bet who would bare dreamed of their daily bread upon the bounty of • re- . T eo d e rly ettn o h d had whMl er been for to b. placed to the credit or fiee.litror, in square or • Cotimr side?'
IMO WO no IF." w 00.. . than emrro a a hint ?It is well we have cot lathe. year. t o ob eari tif t d end am- liquidation of the deficit remaining in his • Ha, ha As I, yelled his audit.. est Moraine stay before !be earamm do.
eboidd be mistakes sometimes. Now whet nal'ae ' two or three
yet car out our intention of establidi, " The offer it • Very good one," mid the d oo m * rums hay , wh om nommt i ma en ,. account?. 'Wel, mow, you may tuff, but I kin dos and mid mns , - .1' Whom mite eimmerdel
Lyme do you call ant r
ing a home in anolonatti. With him at , inerobant. "Hat can yen furnish the bap- braced ' , m y familhe a wallah en d b i g, " That would be ruination two fOlti," it eV,' , with religious obi.* loading thair bare,.
The sleek led to • a piece of paper th e bead of it, as was designed, we might ital?" ' ere .. H er name wee Ad e n. w e n.. A. said the uncle of Adeline. • n ulna I, said green-Jaekel. quickly. ',with the produced their own ometrim
tint lay on his desk. have .stained • heavy hoar." ' . "No," wee replied, " that it the dildeul- I her undo, with whom *be reeided, was a "And it ban been mule," resumed ' I kin take and heave you Miro. that I whieh ahe j gial•••• 1 •• the red, 1.1•111.1
" Ws • Agora three."
.take. Not 'the Ashton evidence nppeared a-ItY l c • man of some property, and he was living in 1N.1".1., .puking with ouch ...Mb.— river yonder, jam Dolmen amt abet. , beep In too mine MM., the %Mus of
llndia, received from Jidda, t port of
it % % Y e t enea do r te l ig h e a b a r r io "' n i b /.... Wheeler. Sa ll there was the feet of I " Hoe d. yee GAM a it r.. my'. of more d ew .. *b on wh ee l er ," " Hu[ do me the justice to prove the truth j ' Bet yr ton dollars of it.' .
' i. dishomety isdhe minter of the Meek I "I know of no mo m., mi t . those mold oilmen, he bad delayed urging a. of what I bare said. To-morrow I will see , e.
- CHI yes."
Mda the eyes of bie employer. Ma wen' who do not think me really dieltowmt et =Mag e until be meld pt into hu t ment. yea.g.i.." ' forth an X ( upon a broken down-most bank) Ili. Metier ty of Damamas„ wb hls also
'Done ! said the Yankee ;and drewitiglMeeem. Th i is ham eontributod greatly
" J •c• "eh •••thar gg •c• Was eW a sT 1 eo ff os t ag h ao from m om on e oba i ' o t their m• i heart, sad who pity my misfortune, heir But be saw et. o young m.• after another, Spying this. Wheeler arose and retired. •be emeretillm braggers Minplaster. . the emporium of sauteed,. mamas trade
' tablimbuint. Their detorsehatim. A. me. Can I d e p e nd upon you for any aid? 'by fir less mpable and esperieneed than On the next day, when be gelled again up- , .ICW you swim, - feller r with the mots of [be Mediterranesn se the
" Thee the teller was not so mash lo I
lows detailed theinettor, and viewing it ea . " I'm afraid not," replied the merabant. lill west aid geld em the east. Demasem
Mum" b melt selected br goon of capital m part.. on the uncle of Molise, his retest. was' • Like a Ma,' said green-jacket—an ,Davi
to Worm him that they no . I bare need of mazy dollar it is posolble ne , or Imm...ti me goo. to o bi e b they ~e 7
, different. His hand wee warmly without feather maim the Vermonter ocia• km obtend Mme fel attmeorsi ....a t• memleild
. Git we The Meta. hby no mans • t....escecg aids, wan
_..,_ 1 lad the Mewled Tinder atautly by the nape tars The dee hare no M.
SC am services Nothing:for me to munmand. had formerly held a elork'x relation, whilellrmimg tho moment he rem io.
.1 blades
7 1.12 1 e il e a nes" „r ;MU. more astomded the mom moo I Gardiner wont away, laokino and and be me passed by MOM unacemotably• A " / ham mem beth Gantlets, and the' of the meek and the seat of his pontsjork• .Me long proverbish TIM re d.awi ptitatima i
" al " t. laka aeliTaMa gi n c ' Men did GM amamemmeet .fi. ii. hire' MM.. Whoa.. gig int , Mot mllmi he feeling of dimsawspeerot came over him I Cashier mid the mole, "and it l• all se you'd, him from his foothold, and with an all has, holterer• Ohio P.m mmill
the erne? Dameessees still eueel In the en of
mede. Ilk lagtgry Woo OW 0a... of Ima Md. hot be mu Pa.", affmtid 6 7 ' He mu no light la the Mare Anxiom to ' aay Gardi n er, haring done well In bud -; met , mtlmchuniol dart, g•cima the WI/ beta 9 4 • •-• -•-• •
" Imishilt. ....
twat • we. llou• claw Dot ho•
, "TAT, •••
nut beidgeas ••• •way I
I go o'er load and ors ;
roe wealth I brave the billow'. moll
Afar harm Wm sad thee
The etweel wane—the gathered crew
Un thy .mm ; I mod deport,
And loom them friendly elm
I nowt Wool., tdgir hy loving
To Wilmot • erotto oe.
What though from moo .n o d
plosouro hero
holden wildly on—
Ah. who but thee will .bed roar
To gbh* that I ion me,
Yet weep not, .weal, far I wal led
Beneath the blawng wan.
Nee fatal epee the Wady sal
Deface my leek is dons.
Deep 111 Leukemia" ore
Till hems-retansedcn.. the we.,
de and the deep.
Afeatiotie joyaonee more 1 lute
And Lare's firm pram*, keep.
Than shalt than kattw that true as steel
Wherever celled to ream.
No etherlalluance could I fail
Than that which thane from Inane.
Enke as • bird that cleave. rho air
On potions never reow,
An onward, upward merge I dare,
Nor pima, to look below.
And, ohbelieve, if advene fah.
SIMI! pierce nay faithful Weald,
It neer will OWII another nista
Nor find another oett.
Then d... sway the teen thet shade
Thaw id, expreeene eye.;
Thy fo
red roe. Ann not fade
Ere 1 okra the pine
• line noun. tom, he., and be
My light and leach. Mar,
Thal vnth confiding troet to thee
1.11 may ltun fer.
Th. venni. wane, the wind ni far,
The onreenner• dent Oil 1.10.
Therew no in the sir.
No eland upon the sky.
For gold I banish doubt and fee,
And tiorxrdhte of harm dwpel
I noret depart the hour is near—
Farewell se Me, farewell!
,I;lEtoit - r7.7,7,'•Aap
rpm Ow eulamid. 11••••Ine .11Awe,.
The Over-Paid Cheek.
odd, of it boll ban ea the
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Ana moat mak to mom goal to wt.
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atrsod oorroot hie nioidtkaall slot
oodois =MON he lam Too how
Woo • hop hulk."
Lot bin tab WtOw wry 000 dote Ur.
, ----
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lhairrl woo Ns aossorod inky. Som.:
Wag good alos olosouslay of orooloolog o:-'
to Ty , Lii.olloacl =hat.
Glossa all;
Ida( • mod osoollost oshoossa aad
ovary wry amplest to take Sharp of bs.
&era Mosalor nodal taxa ram of • dm.
Won at s aboussod donors a rm. es Nose
Will woo knows that boo bed Ufa Ids obi
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od, what. bad lowa osaploysi. for tos
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*: aale ---- wlib s idar - The ---
' 1 ..1.... • f h . "W 1.... - lead ro the tar tho Doe be loved, be yet odrae ofe;ed mew purr ego, to make good ',
halo oier head from to desk gem the i &Wing .O
" Poor fallow I" said the weerobsea, ober 1 beedrated ; for he meld Boa think of rem. ' his ebertemiego at the Biel, but your re- ' yard* *et into tbe liedfwe thou tun 0ra1...."4 of lasi " Dm *"
Garden. had reeired—.• I pity him, bet I 1 ring bar from her Omani bon, into one, eitteeee had aerieipeeed him, and be snarl • leorilis shout meg through the ennui,
eau% risk ley money ;noes who hoe puma !au di inferior, or weenies le the &pose ; emu you th•rfeweb of gee bundroll illellers, / as he ihweedered kW *I water, mai anklet! /I ••• 41 .•• no./ MUM .1. 111. at
hineelf &bower, even thrush it wen ea.: wish wbieb ebe was fusr. as a ratan of the lase you node him toe the Pen lad swam of his wrsqualeee. awe liume•••• Ink hums le the Gm at
.lef 011.01..14.1",... I. kas a 'NMI While beellaling whether to ask hi. h. IP.. *WO thodeeired W . / en
. leek to the ohms sad David et Wow She oe if se Me.'
car to Ins . Ia bad oely en emb e d, for eeei wee eae mai. ma. , "I memo. moire it," woe the prompt I esesabled et eee epee. hW brew 117 i b is ••"••• 11 •11 110 . , ' , MA Ill'ififfie rile
h dollars So lavish bet be will lad h., e. id, ;,.......k, g ‘y g,„,; to reply of Wbeolar. -- I 'gables awl wrenestary pal both. 'Wee. of
lblis." we eeered lo lie.
M Mind' so rube that or ;al Yea hen I. e m eee , be ebeereet e e e gi u , A. i e ! " lbi! Ganileer will sot bellows if pull •ra take thee if 1.• 1.1".: quest MM. wig , ael J... . •.• obi
=OH kti. 11 •1 0 49. a lb Amt.
woUor eowerde hi. While 1er100'..a... sad Os Wearing Wei ad,
repidly lowly sawed to the legoire Of Maria,
while is the sem - Ale mu.. einereareeee. 1,. ," u m...
.._." And . _ I will sot he h.pp if I aoeopl. to the stoko•heider • Yes leek oe se Sr ad idberverk tett4teet a Weston.
herr a iren Oros yea he. we Aft% peeled •• She then to sho u t
Wieder MOM this, but aid reoildorg.—lded by the radio et Al his Wien aid lib .....i.i." sow. TN " 6....... r e i 4 =4 ,... b. I. yide—sed the ht. gm% spa si ha fie
If. lie Wink deed of sew , sod or- do eoemoiso. sea odd ragout lobe. km Meg als sown my Wit. IS WOO let ibie
• &MO desired Se seeeseulate,property. Is eetorooll. lodigeist et moth Ahltleseaeie, ,0011•• silo. Addles tarsal 1 . 41 . 41 " /I" the rows, dollar. ohm Momommilleeemee lue=o oeo.
• •
I Wel, I seinen ren erupt take no ten
'PlVyr; e It ro p ri ' ;ir lost the bet.'
• Not edsaetly. I didn't °agnate on
dune it the first rime—bet I tell yeti, I kin
den 11,—and again, hi *Ate of the loafer'. ; utemmt efforts to escape him, he skald bier
by the the seat of hi and
pitched him three yards farther Into the
Inver thin upon the firer trial 1
Apin the. bully returned, amid the shoat.
L ot hte melee, who enjoyed the sport lel.
Third time never fail.; said the Yankee,
---, inn off his emit I kin du it, I ten To.
[old on I' said the almost petrified vie