The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, March 29, 1849, Image 2

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ton the Legineern fer the cempletmof thowerk." ~Bre In the am% theams. 1 den it entinely. W.. amid like id Mow what 1 o:walled. and now when there le an abundance'
.. faernietel,” fonneth ! A hale barrnom worn. By the HM.Mng papers we are smoked that could iod u e e ere y amen.. mem b er to me ot specie in the country, and 3 g . 4 re e t
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um in Tuakhanneek, which mold net owner mom geld • minted ..d a thomputable I,l•Prei h. jem agaimil-Witel we Mtn he ha. got menthe oute congress has authorized the e •
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enough to officer it decency with.. rim the mom on between Mega Painter, (Democrat) yect-or when his desammie canstithente became ' dollars the effort ooght to be, by the me- The Steamer Ceoada li:e arrival with Bo an PI glair; but still the question of MlSR
awenant than otherertes The Bresikettlß and
nano. of gentlemen whet know Whim of %Whin cod Prow,(WIIM.) of the Canal Board. which or- oppmed to it-or what public obit. ge had to pos. sap, of • proper law, te gat rid of small ~....
..„., h.... receded ...„....., „ it, the bayonet,
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,up „ n • d ., dl ... en .„...., d , „, to .p oe n e g the *mated wt of a modution 4 the Home vellum foe mote. which mold inkier huu to , place himself in Ooteltif every deter:loton, maimed of entt The relations of
. Bardinia and Atoll&
THE DE 1 „.....„,,,,,,,,.., a n . e „m een , ee d hthematioa relative to the mate of the pubhc Mime mieh an iecomenent Detammed at the mg . hent upon the Hate iie Its sett wnrk . • mr•nt.t ° then. nenel Inah ' eh..." h. " : : had funkier difficulties lil th e goomM eon
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„„ my ,..., „ mmio n tme h as ellielleettil with their Mice, Ike. The reedution, mounemement od the vein. to keep the people Pointy. The idea often advanced, that 7). . - . . fusion, *Web prevails from the foot of Ole
• - 1 . . . he „.. , r,,,,,,, J. AR..., It mem, Bret fell into Mr. Painter'. hands, who. so app.. of the proceeduip ef the. memento... • while other states do wrong we must follow The P ehn " l " we 1." th e eer ' n ""' •••. be Alps . the Made...ea.
MORT PA . • &memo lb kg re
and altogether the elem.. of
e r. ~,...., L a kin 1,... .. .
Propel, .. o me nt e ...... the skew. of Mr. Power, pe.eeeded to draft a re- 'upon eh the impertain eahjeem.of lemmation, and I their example, has no more foundatiop in ' Nod 'a we ''' . we r -hhe `qr . . , From Turin all is in a distracted
megmredwy, resc;s, teh tale. 1
_.... 0 , ~.5.......• a 0,..... pen, Mora be mahout... to Mr. Pow, (Mr. Leong. , that we intend to feral, wee d. m wend political eisonomy, than the conduct Another .••••••1 etidooimi oat titan. Pl.. I.hilat, Genoese... ripe toe• ••• ... pd bu d .
m eet , in the English mines near Maneh.ter, in • ,• ,„,„..,0,.
-- --- -- - -=-- -•-- ~.- , ,,e , „; d „,, Mn. go ne the will my no apemen to otrettie health bent, too poor to allow nun to dm moo innaneee, the duty Mould prove ao unplem. of an individual who does wrong
numb ado about I , t „ ... et , theme bar .mod donee yet,) at the earliest armor- ' not one.-Herwrimm Keystone. hie neighbor time, has in mood morels :„ he
12 r--- were it ilied• ' &wader were geared) ever more rife in It
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The t ont Weereong Wire (on mime.. me l '..., mein: amity, for inspection , ermanimenetimr dreppoval, Provide for taking the relief hands out of ')•Ii" God e • vcileineot •••tiooHOMMINIeII.' sly than at this moment. e•
Morn, by the •e, ~ comet,. what perm. to be „ Refired, That we aanseily can ape. Me. ...sad ben suit the temper and Waled that The Nevus Bruce Gael.., tirculation, and pm • law prohibiting eil The cholera, although it re-appears in
.0 , ii .,„,,,„, o f n ra. m , n m e ine ee tte , held at Te ,,,, one tem ...mi nt men 5m..... en mi ty f omm i, m e . p o w., hoverer, fanned , l'hen'Neh•ll6`...eo bared •• th e b...llW b•oile from r.eiving or furring mit Oil foe- ••••• 1•••il.le• .1 T •t h t• o fr o . o l m . . b i• dr •rt , w d , d: . v . i , d . ed i e .
i 4 , 1 . , 1 1 1 7n t :t . . 1 in A t l l l li a ge t t n h ' it e ca fre p m ite V l agree i i n "' th. t k he .
that many latch victories as the Austri-
North ranch email. mid deeply ...meted in the sign small note., brokers from dealing i n ly on the wsne.
Tankhice bee the et ' meg' 0 1 the I Ith ,nor • far ;minty. to nm. the boll am before the traria.- he me le the transaction Nome theta or nolopony .
Th . t .„. e t . foe the sample non Mme North Branch Canel.l - a eimpletwn df th at wont expo... ...elf in the hi. I them, your public •fficers front recciviom shout 14 . 000 , eelteem , about DOOO have ; me woo et oda., ...Id. an. lond bring
the lorniim • wadh- 4 ) - e.'" °•• • • „ e „ „he y..„ h e . m . 0.., „ e t „ newt ... wermle loomed, became intensely captious, an
- the Magyars to the gates of Vienna.
de's center donne the p. to *Patio. of the Lap ' io kw eats-hiking . constou do mhe will Incur I thmoy refined Coen re read, or Ater read the re- , Nwlal M.N.. own. , ; them, making it an indictable offeon, to be projed fgt.].
telatore. ngoino what has 1,...n noel ...emu.. it b, the ., .„........„„ me. r ...„ t whet ., ~ p,,,.„, reete , , "Tie Nmh Bomb Centil MI km spin b ee . returned to your courts b 3 sheriffs, constr.- . m mean 0.-The proposal of Sir Peel fort '
The Bombay Telegraph says another
, voted down in th e i 1..... Much „ we „m a the , bled and r .nd J......."d ...,..ii, th . e . renT:l d y ,_ of . Inik , grievance! Inc taken I ...d ee , „Mike w i t h th e gab., bas „.
the t0n0...1 Is tuoc..e p..-e of the en - '
The respect Mid . thie vary .. .nom* ea .. by up h. report and wermuned it to the Home mAm 'r
of thes aal. we prefer that it rennet. I
reed on the left bank of the river theism,
Whether, how "err, the .....r had my ea.; Mr T.D. will be teemed M. meth. article. report. Mr. Power meanwhile haying written etre m it. mem., we.,
„it mom,. hot !...n 11 . ti 01 the nehmeee, and small deal. the mile amerces oy storm. out it la h not
imettee except . Can. oe .. ... r e' rww•ho ., Tel he preferred ember to 'they the elletli.ll.lllo el the RM. hitter, eplenette. and intenerly angry ,cc Mond On nosed Ir. .well et. currency, no eat, ineluding the market women instead of .0 fo_p o t:l t a . r to as a ra t ity anpposed it would be. hetet., the tinny of the Punjaub make
.no e l, v .lr o :P!!...iii!,evieh•et.eive ;Lord Gough and the Sikh fore., nod.,
niA;.•t . on banks they know nothing abot, :',..."'''' F.
although one 'keg do know, Mlill that at. line p ..,..... m h .... ...„. te . for e . h. ~.. t h e , we k nee men to print for e long thee .• • ' . ! dwl •w d h ir ,„ .• • , : . ,: o wi t r gt ott.ri:he bill., beim compelled to receive rags and torn . "
oof the gentlest.. II id , ...'i •••••• ." h. ' s. ' .. r .... "' „roomers am cemented, at les...Deem et the ran which kale forwarded to dim dminguithed body!
,7on ' ty fa t. 0nt117..... There ran abmida'ree..eof ew. ..‘ • .R • .• Ln ! •• • ••1• 1 , ,B•jah Shwere Singh. It cop a Amgen
d meant hstanding the red.. and
nor aches . aoe ~ pieced 111 the Ilia of , me. ... „
m0m.. .,
,h.....„, ,
....... ~,..... h.... , , I t ad inh :4; .o p ,h lenty of change in diver or gold P.'e whit& the British bare to deplore lie
e with them. any stricken
, y condition of the people. • I • r 'in
Vice I',, ....I. t. he the Preee" .l 'D. NI .r... 1) .." i meeting, in Tunkhanoweek , will be wen and sp. other m a rem, and rated the owner back 1/110 1 MM.' the coon s ed
m li .%i hrlime. eeee the Pim ed, n • P ilea. 0(93 office. and 2500 men killed eat
mn .I us .... Tiotoradit I oe' that he b. ' . •••'.• phooled. Mr. Taman ie • nom of the mend Dr. their b.& Here the Instead . n .
'l .• the me P ee ' ZlTlP"ollreol.Pilfe*eha m en / i e
her th em . f being compelled to r ell.. nth- ,
• sum is expected to he realized. wounded-4 guns captured and 4sr lia
enh Branch Canon eat states in their email note Systole, if Inc Ti,,, arguments on the writ of error in •
Av. , vr• ••••i• '''''' h et••• • "' h °l or, ant er ' n hee ' d mocrom to be foetid v.stg fee faverite Whig rat , and mikes Mr. Power hm • peculiar pewterer All eet , et h er. tat e e !„„ ',„,..,.. „ eht he,
adopt t p ' II gg ted they will be
i the ease of Smith O'Brien and others, it • ' regimental colors taken by . the nasty
of 1 ant , ire wrrnmee , if ro b.l it" . 1.•• ti ne, me
elm against his pony med the moullkt Imo. for t h re m. hen he erill let ti rem, by common et se dear • prime m that of boning • moll note - h°
" li' lli 're ."-
" l A tbe red . bef J .
I h i • 10 The struggle terminated no vietom, Int
1 cannoned to oowus or have a con•tant ; ee" ...I'm ° h t. Hilo °et. 000 . was d' old b the fi ht of the Bee
lad. odi to iv , ~,v ii••• ,, ••••: at.' d t •° " 1 " .. rand the moony. He w.II rem be intinodated, with Mr. Penner in sane one of a report that the , emumer Peteet.MY lellieded nlew ....• NgHt .4 II PI
, Th. odm
m. 0. .. „ th . , Peed upon them fore pecie became epode, Joli, Six of the State prisoners eonined c d , d b., ad0,••••,..d the mt,m.t, m me,
nit coo. , ~,, ue h it, for °the' . te ' l ' '••••.' Bettered or bunted onte wo fwd. •fi ham. Hoene will except at K il t and Chimed • have been lib
'Po at, we content it te o t t ry mope:tom nom., flat „ h... „ mod,
. ! th e whole thaw upon this mubjeet, and them can. I like h'.7 other .......livf• rev sit.. • . warmly satisfactory explained of two Brit
; there is a demand for ii -Ye
loy rimer of the Lord Identen t
IBIMAMP. than we intended , and loupe. indeed, than ea uM. A Bei Ox -Thortarbendale Democrahemet not be a shadow of &OM but that it . the semi- The condition of the whole country
••-• hat core of Dragoons-a Mice whieb
Ttlon4 ~ n+ , an. , d , ho"'" , " .": " , ar" a eubject many deserved. We have no aeon LA.° , • mmioNd. ho We Heed. Woe. em meet of thive.foortM of the people el the State. 1 The Ilene ILetter. . ,ie I len the ebothending host eo weak and alket•
n this week be Mr. Matthe. awful in the s e ers. The papers f rom toe t d t h t • W e d bleb
4a m non:: "e ii . hi en• r at e w " a '''' tw '' ' we ' to onaginfy the tome. mw • • born war Mee W the -7-17e1gIrt ' upl=ef 4500 lb, .It wm mon d ht , The conmercial community repodime the idee . r, his inaugural affilreas, Gen Taylor „unties of Tipperary, Limerick, and indeed a. m .' ilk.. " ... d w r aMi„,,,, '
from i'd • h d „„ d "..
bill hose reel... 'oat , w . " 1. r . fee 'hr . " • P w ' Tunkhenneek rnerting • chaeacter end • prom. Me %beset, near M00t..." , banes mother Moe of onmal Wes, the mind eme e h e t .„, ~, , ,t ie
of Mr. Polk's celebra- lan porta of the country are filled. with 1 gist , „A - o a t h - t i t e tem e a - 'M oe „ f f. - 1 0 ,4 0 . ----
its acti...or rather . r......n00ne, MP fillilld 111 1111
....0.. ...............,.. ......,.........,
Cr The on was toned by Mr. Latham Gardner Janke do not desire atone , and the labonote maws fe d " K ane Letter ;" which the Whigs have shocking &Who of robberies, muniers,deathl o y I;i dd , h f or . tto vjetoru Met i tlett w
reported proceedutre ' eardinel h e in the Demons. need, it le no / ...., et . ~.. ',twee,. &tett Gem ma the greistoot rarer Met cent k re- i an d starmti ~,, . P egiln.
TM h. remhomi I. ad.... fella..
' reason mhese or others elmld do ea If thy we - 'lbetrif . Mem -Dm. robin. no Many tins. pronounced' an infamous: , o , ee a _ . ~. Id trium p h
took • • new position and Geed a eaten
. 1 -,.. ...... Co rps SuMen.k.• BilL lin honor of in lamination. Thriagh mu-
Sadlyßevalue, Ilia wo de h , roloy moot unt , h• I . e „.., e r inn ing i n e meg i e m o th e o f th e moo , LT 11. B. A. Blum., American charge de Cot ViEllleelTe-Aheretl $3 Mho on the ettmelewi'ulle." the . Kane swindfr," Se. it e has passed both Houses of Pullen, t,
Sadly open... of the come. pur...ted to Mr Lone. . •• ••• ters of the field, our laurel. sat drenched
, m a 0. ' 1,, h o • ;• „1. I iii,liiii I Mete to proeore itil enedenth to the peas Bonk capital in the State.; MINN. WM. , and noon [i.e.., an ' , MO"' Bonk of Coimbra. N. I bare heen put in cantle- 19 tt•I• from the inaugural, and the italic , carrel ha .3 all assent, . 01 " .goin to be I with blood, and it la the universa opinion
appreprootten he hoe nu ri....1 ,he thatike end sup- , m e , not we , or t h e D emme , o f m u ,k nee .., toe fit on the thh January Ile was formerß front tan. They .. .. „ tame the ranee ....,, words are the same as used by Mr. Polk : , the how of the land. . i that two more such would be oar
pm of it. •••••••••o•ents. • ,If they soh end.. Mr. Little's come sung the ' I Line. , ••••4, mid had several news moment. ahh , t , th ........ „. p ..„, yetat „ tem i o lt „ t o t , my „ hay yo .men d FRANCK. -The French government eon- •
; virtual ruin. No attempt Is made by the
By ob.. se, copped we „„,„ ~,,,,,nari werneetle Wthe' "king the me.. mom , that &sum in Congress t endon to hn appointor.. Counterfeit bille of the demount.. of $lO on the stick constitutional me.ures to Congress, ; tinues to gather atrength. and the. i • evi. English pre. to dieguisa the fact that the
Minh lit IS imilisimp to mon wit o the, no, and ; du .. ~,, wood, the Whi m .. g m e miew . I toy Pemident Polk. , .Merchanee Beek of Wilkie, ham been pot into las may he necesaary nod peer., to e „ e „idetotly • growing disposition on the part of ' no.. free India is one of the noel dine
," ~..,',..^ ."'.."' reeer'e• ell . 4 Mr L•th..e•ew . noes; if the, ran applaud his deliberate mpooltion icirculatiou in Warrington. The All, bear little re-, encouragement and protection to Ike greet 1 the nation to crush any attempt at public ~,,,d , d t du ...„,..,
alllPPery Leatehetton.
Once the open, of the emend meet. The me- , ti, ...„„.., ii „.......„ .. „ , ,
„ wroth.. to the genume.-N. Y. Tretwoor. , intermits p . l . ofrinittere, commerce and 1 d.."ra7.7.P^^ th e " el. . 11N , P e r, IN°. • f Lord Gough b. been promptly super..
mond to .. o.ooliiiod,.. a itdollt adorn of another ~teet. Th e t .;,...... r y e. „. a r eoy .„:„ „
ey , We mom whentaly behove that some rad. coo- _
-- 1 one. teit° 9 o " l/ vire noon the°enhiv t han they ded in the command by Sir Charles Napier,
doomed cheap meet be effected. by w h ic h the LT The Apnl mother of («dry'. excellent • , have been during the met 3 ear.
emotnictien. who wee to have Proceeded to the soma of
Mil nom. them, and will yet make thentrielve• . . _ . .
ad ... tete . , too. , „ m . 0 .. . . _
We regret the meow,. , tent ...mele Its to dd. , he ., . the , te „. lemmative power man or amogeo • H • R M tot.-The It ' d thattheFrench G
h been remit.. De mum.. stmts.. sera
o f int.- e I is assert° t ore.- hoetilities on the 200 ult
fee aoh um Mende m W, moo,. loot . !
a., half We •8 1 . 4 the WM& em in termed M . aro splendid, end its aniel„ full of • lively amides.' telling mill or Jared K. Pratt & Son, ill Mora ll r resolved to Withdraw the troops The frightful wee d, o f • b.
an entimant • m
With thi or n 0...... of Ile Loth . . ......r.e on thn oc• , The Borah Branch Canal. 7 Ma seeremiaes.dappliancer of ameisied weal th ,th log men... .• ...../. 1 , Harrisburg, whia hm been lying idle for 1 from the Island of Otaheite. has taken place . our ernist off Harwich.
Witt, o mild r. m. o of m.. ,me and The boll foe the nonpleoon of the Plamh Breech and the odd. Medea who some. -- n . eoweyears. was Darted on Monday lost, The marriage of Gen. Cavaignae with The barque Floridian, of 500 tons bertha.,
• deo 1,e..... that we hate ho LI. to ~ ittior.' '. , name email note bill) has ague undermine halls awn the bemonme le o- ) ,„! •tt 8....1i,r0, wi,dow ‘'l . '„ h t t h . ..." . "t ee... , E. D. Whitmore, ni.ter, from Antwerp for
In plant tool , h. ti.. ~.11 ~,. w, ..ra.r. I. and then death and • remorection. On Weds...lay lam o lAtI At the mum.- ...enema Mel Ohlliter of t h at 'Mlle, im talten 0.., Teat,
ywepeety or N em , K . D .
Mill. ty fn the completeet of Me Nor. Bourn, iv...called up, ordered to be trenecnbed few a thud s- - - of in fashionable circle. of l'aris. glad,, ~ . i Ilulburt &Co chartered by a German
hm ploo.-01, .1. inent...l t1e....-..entraln. d no . ....Atm by a one of iqes 43, nays I), and finall, !Hamlin rOSSeMPOS II private fortune, Innen is 0„,„,p.r.y t , ~,,, ..ig,..) 0, ... w h o ll y
neeremit for II Itig proteml. e, and it0...1. them hs- , reported lot the following awe. The kw name., estimated et 3 millions (ranee lost .the 2Sth ultimo, and bewilder b re-
Mee to fteolam...l dorm„ e m the Dower.... nohee to the •yee are all the Deemer. who voted 1 The teottlinental news will be read with late, all on temrd perished except three in
creed f.or o holt ee boor 1...e.t.d.., et.oel Minute for n. , more than ordinary interest, and IP in fart a a 1
oivionais, who were miraculously reacued
I n( the bi g h t importanm.
elimlder no shoulder 11, the inter. moth.. we I' E4.-Mesmo, Illaker , Ball , Buldle, Cori, Car- from death.
me Dethl Duman Emery W. Bram , Fenton Perhmis the most striking feature is the
ondermand them to reputhote the nubs alu.n holeb. , . , . • . •
tereter. Puller, Gllespie. Grittlnger. Itenorey, Her I march of the Imperial Guards a Russia
rye , sale L., Ihuth eMneno 11, Loll, ..corn , nim. MO.. Ilene, Hower , I.aum, Little J 'teem St. Petersham
~..• o!, and to 1e... fo, or ot go, tin or. rag. Wk.., li'Lmighte, Martin. Otto, Prett, Bomber Thee° men ro u Hering 52000 strong,
moiety ...tune. the o 'deo Won, -thou • luelo. : rt. Ripley, Rutheribol. Rymen. Sheep, R. IL
:Meth, Sw, Steel Btorell Meartewelder heat not quitted the Capitol eine° 1831,
thiy ne. d booll, le • tidd , se tere e some ist hoe „m 00... teel ,
. y. Tho m ,
__,, „....,
and they brive plliPeetled through Wilma to
been tour.: manly °weed It, the Deitnerme pm, , Nae .__,..... mett „ e r t „,..; • . 7l - I w ht, th , „ „
the frontier, and will no doubt lake nuch •
under the tradership e 1 the I. ..... toed Shook, end , Comm, Elliott D. Ream Fanwld, Dome nonillion an to be able to keep in cheek the
~..„, te Gordon, Grove. !tampion. Ileolinge, Kink, Kelle
...' h.. d '' . a '''• a " flan ' .. a ''''' " P. '. 1.,.1. lambent, Leuleach. Long. Hoo k bomb dieaffected Pule on the 'Prussian frontier.
the elem.. no. , roe.. ei We Weld. 01 S'' . St. ' e . krealnomt. WCarviey, M'Collech, Hugh Witte. support the Imperialists in the Mongarim
So oust ereol, us fan, am the Demeter., en fano , Marx. Meek, Mellor, Marmon. Bye, Nieddesen struggle, md antiume such an attitude as
of this 1. dolity r......., that we do not believe a, Pearce. Pmer. Redick. Robb y Roberts. &km hall plainly indicate the intention of the
over. aker, John lim,th. Smiler, Tem.,
Democrat ea n be foiled in th e • hale broad Coin- . w 0.. .„
1 Wk.. %%Ilium Zerby awl Packer Carr t•• control as moll tie poarible any IliP
monwt al. .p.-hape a r Modal ra, no et Wyo. , tn ,... t ,„._ 4e, petition to revive the seem rellicheo tee
ming) whoa not toe uneoutpotimme uoli acute. ends The „„ , „ moo., Me. ~,____.... [moonily ore red du ri ng: he 1.1 3 ear A
but very few henna Wings Why, then, Motild., note ee the h .., „ et ... „ the, „` wwwwee „,..
o er me. Itoseion note hint appevd, in uhich the '
we ho eapeted to elimee . .....teradie 4 )'" th e erect be the follesong eel, after which 0,. mlueet Coe declares hie motet:. of •dhereing
-cm,. of 1.111, hire. ien., who Me esidenenl„..„,„ „mom,Bendy tol he treat,- of 1810, and any attempt
th e mot commonme...enew by leuth^ll h.! Toe-3 We. Baker. gee,
.Be Bull, CMI, to infringe them, he shall deem a run.
yaw to pt •t down, IT end weri, on elm., every. Cerny, Deihl, Dourno. Emmy H. 8. Ream W. 1 belli
~ .
oreaman dot toff eke prroria ...... , Irae yard *rah' Evans Feelers, Pother. Feick. Fuller, Demme, Gil-
Ile tenure ee Mimi- no.m. ~. !loam of 1
„ N y . P.T , „t l : ,, CU
, ilit o f o, Merzf m. H 1 M1L.....
the Ileuse will prone: We are .attuned wyeed , on, Pratt. R obb Rineherty, Ropey. Rutherferd,
memos or e ape.. itt our Wynining friends. and • Hyman, &hemmer. Shame R. R. Smut. naively . '
vet be1ie,. ,,,,,,,,,,„...,1,,, boor hilly and Steel, Morkwell, thoteman, Swanewelder, Tog
dirpsdmtatrl, benne they adopted coed' a mode.! 'NT U - 7 . TN.. N. 'Llano, Wetdee. and Wa
tson of euders. meet. We are into oiling to believe: N eve -m,.. 0 . 0. ~, 0. ~...,
they have an tor end no moth oh it-generated. Vet , Ilkonmen, liming., Kirk, Irnibenen. Lem, 31 ,
we are belled Pi I 1,,,.. it if se le.heie then rem-1011nm, Ml•ensey, Iffeedkeb, Mann Meek.
. MM... Myrna Nickles., Pram, Peeler, Redick,
Nam. ' Meath. roomier, Waken, William. and Pecker,
Their ..........1 roeelutoon noes as foil., Speaker -14.
"RePnil , o. Thot 0 ................... m the Lego - I Throe Of SIC be anon that Menorah note append-
Mew NlN'Tledte .”.1.1".P...."' f"r the e ' w• O e- I me in the bill mewed i•easpe• to ion T eem. of
nos the work and r the prom , . ef opperition
le the ...timer smolt not. am yoerdiento the km , per nil; tot) , it mandil eemed ...Who. 1
Oaten.' of their neatiments oimt a mere piny Ihuneersto out of the 33 who am friendly to the 1
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iteratively uninipernittt, ender any nrcunimancZo rote for this Bald to,
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Net 4 MI unpirolleh•d noneenne. WILIO Banks. no
... .
would take thin Imo et 9 per net !mei, ho the , iymommd _ 7 . _
_7 ., • M . :
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pirdefte of mueng Pio 01l olio' Would a mope , . nr. .... ° „ . ..........7 . ...., .
rand. ealeeet OPP iii the State e We answer no. .
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_ ...t
The hls&lpltte and l'ittebrg Banks, hat nig „ tmo „,'"O „ _
.......,7 • 74 t . N immo the r g
threedimike id the Book meth.] m the State. sod
„moo . ..e. o . 7 „ N amor t. .......
hey non
itiebslielf usury. oil • ...t •e " r e 'l4. l 0 • he. " , wiceendel, ie very cluenonable. We nook. we
rend... hat ,• al. ..1, ref...l to ton. I. the lean. „, e , het t ..„ ._, _ „
. auy touch rowlinomi. Whet thet, • Weeld an, t „..„
~,.. .- . 7 . .„: „. 7 . . .._. . . by we
ef the mood enmity Mold' We tell you nay t 0 ......
~. d. 2, 7
_..._._, !....., ....., .
thaw win do better not their 1001101 1111•111.1 lo th „ dt ' , ..
I . „ 0t0. e y .7 . 7 .... .7 - _ , ..7,7 --.....-
oat that 10, and run the „keit worth, mind. The wo „ ...„
„, „ ,om
Man, therefore, if taken st 1.11, most be Wketa by
~, apeman% of the Governor. Womb hie hien& in
moo ef Me Iwwess ...N..... . rr ' e r •trewe the Home, and the fooloh. suleidel °widen of mine
inehlutiens in the State • thew. would Wm the pre- „.„,...„,
0r00.„.„,.. „ .
mibed lane Milieus id mall not, frerhefiededide .. th ht . E ., h ,„7.7 -. . - „T„,......„ o ___,
that amerint.) met them afloat t finally fail.. to , d
om ,
D.m.m erne.7 .., ,
' 1..4 Ne.••hie decoy-leeein• the " 1" a th." are
MI little MM.. :II any way, thaTM ma
country no the out. amount , er compelled tol e .. .
It mom, and may ultimately with Ile
get rel of thew wornness re p et enormous dm ' e - ewe
total &ent.
mamba And nll of this one W,oronog friend. en. ; _
willies to pronounce eremerrereely onanpatool.".l -
I. the name of memo and comet eery, OW mold
they molder important!
We are Mink to my we have es warpothy with 1
ooh • monstrons scheme to plunder the messes he
the benefit of • bow greedy rapteliew who &Me
to make forlornly helm. ent of an operation ef
this Mud, and we profoondly desire that In never
may have. PM Deemeney towhee era to beware
of onethiplying Barth capital se any oremisit, but 1
reporialty to mist an Minims to do it in the hem&
.1 the mon mien mid ...Mm institutiem hi the
Suite. We consider it it, " miimportater molter,'
Ml me of peer monteet to the pope, DM aka • I
whew. thouW In defenit4 i awl mod MI he the I
erased. of that mparestatlye,shothl week •
neesen zany, that ho ezested bum es the M
om, to penmen Its &kat. We we ma want
Ikkodent the Noah Been Coma or it ••• poen
My hen new Ntele-Meemed, dead.. Me m*
eseenata as • mann sf Mae rainy na Foam
.on ialleind bads, bat ten A ma seamy, we
wend nem • deed then en X Mad. nod
L. earl.•••• 1 weals maims Is &Mr
mom( 414•041•41 w•d• Ihr y•••• i• emoh ••
•• 4•11•••• actions Emeemary, IMPIONISIF
Us, asoll ••1•411 Imeigiss ..Moll dowel, on Ns
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114. l• NMI/ 1•01••••01 mi Mona.
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The resat sessaree e( the Dettaierstie As at
dl4l country upon the swami el' thaw eseutsat
Lkuttiento who waist loath the Whites the masa
aete, Bonk, sad ladisidisal IYYWy gaestistr. hem
Neagh' the shah Whig patty be its het ist their
Mina. la U.I. sautes then ass ere less gum
thus whir iodate ma. Itatiewly waning sir the
Meese Ora M.. Little. beldam ma issisimite roar,
of Whip vibe de eat ham. so Was eitMnl ef •
pans who, tardy ahem los he W hanhis put
we haws Islas in ths math. It I. as we tappet
' ; bat is it ast nary .. uptiva•al eamillmatt Os
I.: WMI Was ems • Whig Imam se no say
Igbal I. • Deamast rho II me dhaalka ham
hie pettssighteasei hi testy 7 Taub • pair hot
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Mt goo* boo toomoll I. toMy. *Mit
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• 111.0ownor Ihmiggim mt Now hew be
am You somilmiell ligire
__...-. ...deg who mambo. , our 1eg...-. , Banal Neitem ~ some .... was started on Monday last,
hallo hoot the hemonolg Mille and of the ...tonal ... , , ' and la now turning out very flue boiler'
rr Las seen the policy of the lea ding' plate .— Er.
At the commencement of the Foment rains ore
Manta., of the democratic party, for years, , hoped, rather than expected, that the rewrite... ' And that, too, chile that. "odious, infa
' to lessen the circulation of bank oohs of
nee' of he peeps could "."' firm ii ' " W". " the smeller denomination and to infuse a moue, British Free Trade Tariff is on the
the pohlie Interco. The experienee of the pan
a larger amount of specie into the ordinary statute books of the Nation!
is """' did iii.i Si."Y ‘ iii ' t ' i "S "' SW " " . ii " i 1 business transections of the reentry. The , The I . 4aptttad , a MI W 1...,
~eh result. The necharler of the bank of the,
r ricty of this course, to • certain extent, I
Vatted Males au load, awl the eueSeethets dto.
E.:hardly been questioned by any Sten'. ' The March number of the Merchant's
graceful menet of frequent occurrence throughout
,gent man of any party. Magazine. a Whig periodica, than frank
tie wekly same., were not caleulated to lull ap. 7 - The excesses into which our hanks hav e, ly speaks of this favorite Democratic coati
tin benne. of danger at the prey 01 won... null; gone on former°clarions, have Wren ad-' twits ;
we fait it -or nory is....nein me th rin nththithd I milted and regretted by all sound thinking eT o whet end, and for what purpose
Cm Ili supperl of the enemas of the people. and I n ee of every party, and you can hardly
me to sive seal to the *edema, inilmneea of te- !meet an intelligent obis who will not tell i t hat.
should we get rid of the Sub-Treasury
thee far, with all ice faults ne
mated wealth and the unpenunities of there ink - , you he is in favor of . 11 reasonable and ju- -
trial., done its deity feithfu:ly. The coon
Alt .. c.v. enwheve oed th• ....ea. , de- dirious bank reetrietions. Yet, when the try hr parse d thmagh ao oimapemed war,
atneetiat a the Meal MM. el the ...5 We i whip obtain power, how inconsistent is ' involving on immense expenditure of treas.
s cooted them te wand Moulder to duelder as are' their conduct with their professions? Thel" ere. oit hout wavering; and with similar
tree i. the nom. of mond deneeralle meanly,, l not only vote down almost every Metrietiott ' mon d e ... i n th e movements of our moue
s., t s eoese te that eocoutuents and to the wedd. , that is proposed, but, as if to sh o w their tery affairs, we have with perfect regularity
that they were honest spen ant,. in their pmfm. 1 abhorrence of every thing d eme , ea ti, they and calmness preserved ourselves through
mop. 'at once set themselves to work to create per i od of great apnaa l a t i ye ea , i 1 ea .,
In the oreansaatim of the lion. the, acted nub. soma necessity and devise some new system In my judgment, had we been deprived of
unanimity mid dee., and fen • onto peeneed to to justify thcambres in forcing upon the' the oon , rollira o i n f o a„ o „ oo ~f t it le pow,.
de et. la relate.. to matter. of the higheet Mie , country • new emission or small notes , be- • a m i ld mem , 0 7,. ; ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, g .„,„ mould 1
mtmm , %o r a t , o,m ms ...t en d e d men, it ca ree
fore they bees even presented a plan to re; have been exlibited which like the mania
m Sesame to le as, in the
nos we melt . lieve the people from the present rags... of 183 G, retold have terminated it. gen-
a.. I eral and disgraceful bankruptcy. The opt
eho art hem. to be fainted lode end. Om lair !defaced and stinking relief issue.
L etee rk. e .... ef . a ., d .e fere .t
i. a .... t ch t. aan t :t . e , r. It . is
Th pait e dt t t e l m and s.lfar l m t iys..thde:s.oetsesi•sere„.ires buffs, o t t he hat oet h nx ; t , :hem.
of,..i.ts.ei,:btri , :niLy.p.ttr . glt.,.,
er h r case in th e meieny of he pear . Ile' been the prolific cause of the many wrong • cheek expansion The importeli?n of twee- 1
t aww the wea l...a , t g a . m bt. pm o.„ ...I by ha they have indicted on the .onnunity. It . ty m i ll i n „ a „ i ~,,,,„,.„, ~,o 0n ,,.„ of oar
ithensme wand, men who were load in their pm ' wan I. aback th in roil that Cite great the' breadstuff., would have inflated the eurren. 1
t • at. , tamm , aa,ayaia then ..., o , k. messily° measure, the independent trexx.
stablished the Iscneficul efftcts cy to such an extent, had tits bank... at
h . b ' tl I cm, we theuld either'
mr of beak Worm, ham been made to Welly their I ores .",'' •
, ~ of which have be. felt and aektmodedged L:.: Lir tent ,
t„ pe ' r e„ ' ,7,, t ,,,, 0 5 00 t 5 , or neve '
mro dee1"...... .lad is. all ' ' I."' " -."
by every intelligent and unprejudiced finan- returned to Unrope il .Islsle t. . ,
= iiiii t iir r' a _ iiii 7th r lir ,' ihr : "Y"'". °"1"
of in the country. Under this „,tene specie we Pirfaeted. The Sult•Trea-art '
'''''"'" ithn ''''"' i '''''''''''‘ thr i " I' : '77a the banks know that they must keep them- hoot dame th „. aimt „f f,„„,„ „... reimodiee
"' "En '" 4l the ""e from """" '''Y -. co ral
selves in reediness to meet the el.nat!tts to .at,,,, prime:
the Fame they Mom thus wantonly and erafisny . , , .
no th em f ur spec ie le pay the impost
so n- pi u ,„, it. pepalvtjn, one home market,
th...' that
iiithnithd n th .' duce I' rho indnthi F" nrin " ewe our increlia!s e.i5h1...1, theme, lea-t,
lias whew. ha.. ever been earned, by the ahnoot
went, or thin their paper will Mato over mho mere moderate ie t h e i r ottare e s ti ons , to
:ewe friend or who vote. aided by a few mach- .. ... • ..
• onureutteu to site mercantile community. ~,,,he fair and teadhaida „ am .. e
het. .k......te . . 4. r c0ed...M..1 Y b " . "" fiance all our city belie have been for some '
spent. ...alt ...I ..... , esiY ....TS 4 time, checked in their operations, and pre-' granola Phan/Oa.--t pledge made for
the tined a thee former °Pei.., and at eh..., vented from entering into such extravagan- I Gen. Taylor by Jno..J. Crittenden, of Ken
.n"thn"."l"""bn""""nn "n"n"
n" :
eie k “ have generally inked th eir **"".. rocky, at the ratification meeting at the
teem hmeholM ma id e in times of proeperity. This al. checked . „
ad obtain rawer and place. City Hall, in Washington, D. C ,t h e 1-th
' the operations, to some extent, of the sound
Mau after the , onmeneentent of the meent country bank., but notwithstanding we Ind l of June 18;d:
me... we have terdetwimdtthe g•••••tehe them- they have all been making such dividends i Mr. Crittenden said that lie (Mr. C )
hen ed ike H.. had • mettme ef memthetete is as ought to malady any reasonable set of, c bad seen a letter in General Taylor's hand
Maim to what room th e , ehoold moose en the men. If dividends, varying from Gto 12 ' , writing in which General Tejlor mid
MM.'S mbeeen Th. nth... woe Metd , t mum- per rent., averaging, perhaps, from Bto 9,1 c that he would proms be nom' because
trytOat, to prevent the introduction of th d.- I will not satisfy them, what will St Can they he was a Democrat—that both Democreis I
flared neeeh.or a eee . edeaei. cod M wwont do a safe business to themselves and the and Whigs stood by him at the battle of
unanimity et ethe r ,. far es praettedde,tanotape nommitalty, which will give them larger Monterey, shedding their blood together for'
thaw who had • mamma *Wet In view—tea of dividends? Certainly not. What adven- , their country, nil he would be the last out
mheAry bank endemism and atm. At dm tart can it he, then, to the banks, to ..the to deny to the lemothats • fair share of Mee
meeting. wench ems very ala s •ha watt othmittod small notes ? The only advantage, it en-' Atom."
mil he dem. emeed e me me t met e d tn esteem to ears to us, which • bank ean derive by: But this was before the Eleetion !
slight neehtleedoes The bill wmattentranbreMe , the Sena of small notes, is to increase ion ,
smoothy reported to the Hems by the huh awe- eirculation on • lea amount of epecie, and
mimeo, ea amendment to the bill emending Mel thereby increase i. profits, but estainly I
cithore St the Farmers' and Menbeates' bank ia, it will woos to every thinking men, that'
Phi1.. 0 1... , whet hed provionely p.m.a ob. Asa last in proportion as the circulation of •
ate. It conteured entom other them. • also Ibmth le ...meth and its era. lememd , i
making d o o m ic s os s , so l e s, ita ability to oedema its notes on demand'
liable to hts sets Midas ter dais redestoltam The 11. a...../..b.V . , ~
In with thie Nemo Milh wee pawed, mil meat bask I ...%'"erttl• ii...." ha.....n woe ,
et the deems. Th em It ere• Whet amended sad ... be . 4 " hdb..tfirt to Unith 084 with
'to do • mond bovines., and the etookbhl•
the dame. wain the weekheldes holiviiselly ,
~„,.., ere of width are emoted with caseate.'
Rata.Mihrir basses rre. ' Mike. "' iin and metals dividends. Such hanks. wo .1. - I
hem It was ma hash b. Ike Here, well beee it i hai .. 4 h . tomb , to limn the time 1
sweet by set legishalve pessediags, Sea/aka an, mono-,
, money at 2 per meth. fosexprivilege, whisk!
~.,_,..4 644. _6 4, _.,„„,,."4 .4 .n.,_.,„„... •••7 !fir 4 . 4. 1ta the., hi Ihadhlese, sail as lane a the I
---- """ ''''''''''' ...'"" ."......' seen veld Mod; by beaks which ere sot soma, would I
EIIIII 4. d 4 4d 4 ..... 44 " th. 4.4.4 144 " be • wicked flood en meemanity. ...The as- I
sets TM ammo et them redeems has ezeited , them mid aammaamm at imam a m i me .. ea
Erb miein sad easailatiost *west shots eel- 1 mattes Poe ha. - -....... &mama the rep-;
Seems, them ef Aese thaw th e lest .arse, ma w,. of on bo wa ---- .....
oda the timmmtsmostet the Irmo me, Inn Twe h mtmetamis ahimm , em to be etheie.
........... .......... " 1.4.. ia by retries a. bask. peralethea Minim
the Hem. sad mimed peed of seek maim ..a NI, ost h
off Ooeieve =a emeray for
Ile grease bolt soil hue bees Obeid Se ne item moon woosood „„..- , It im.s.s..
Ina ea iminewba CM they *mil be awe* the h s re ,.., .... 1 ........d=
lea Isylehl tethelernmitieti el the baeltsgeort th e e i. e y e t o h i , h
1 .....V.............................1eare55t ef yeas is their melts In meet the
MAI Aim le • mina elf saellnaal is She demo A...di spa the. h. eheep, fixedly:
......./... 1 ....1 I. •••• d 11. rub a It wawa te the laboring ipas and swell
ell partlas k le than he aselthadast-dbate gybe dears a milessegel xmry, set liable In
dram the soles see are nrossallit he the moo- beau. eiertMaes by huh hiMres This
age•ert ef the kW-abiril te We es air bee bees Ike mittleil Imlay of
the peps dry pet is elmbellsa. net sone say he a tlearlso oir a Not V=
II Is einem—that kis Wont and Impalas. weak sad
_lto Isswitial Whom Ty wie
lds. Welk grebe se, lima he wan to • gent oatlen 17 ell, wall the geseral seepae
ewer la u••••• rowa it is .• rose •t des et Om hubs is 1587. This metals
iii• plaitiellolf, WAs aka slam, raw INOSileity.lbs tin
On NM errs Wed%
deo Isoblesete. eshe abbe. h l a s* Ze .. lebtat the lay ima b••• • awl Maw,
etpolothiggeheesed hybaboe.baehs e.g. t oads. so = bin. hoe. Mali lei Me an
1 ......../. rheat te so webs Ihearammara soll•I Om& ill as wleisli
raglan lodwaiir, on is nub. r ma dim. illailembsiselhumffealq= "
The Hart:ford Courant, • whig peper,l
publishes tholetter of • correspondent. '• • !
dietingeished gentkman is Massachtmetts." I
'advesating Abbot Lawrence as Secretary
of the Tremor,. The writer makes the
followleg admiseion, which is important to;
matedheterers and .thorn advocating • '
high twit ...bowing what the sentiment
of the New England political aspirants for
places is • Southern Administration, is
°The fast ustquestimably is that Mr.
Lawrence however he limy ham favored
former Wife and the promotive system of ;
Ihmesr &ye, fit not . high tariff
Tbey have done their work ; they bare gir
l. se tles recasisite skill, end somentrated
: the capital a seeb . meow epee mane-
Antares, tbat the morotry am now breast'
competition with grange of dekko sot high
or Aar is needs{ far venom peposec—
Thom ht no AA tariff parry he die coun
try. The teldi party-thereat body of New!
=mmerstlonns—ile sal Mohr al
doles 140 w the lie hasp of
tio gormand, MOM"
I 00000000 Dons.—Tlho balm of Loa
Adhl twin la poorly, gibed Ws los for
.d wu nifood. H• Issuntly hind
• sull Is on of lb@ awl phut phew of
Loodo., sod pot up slip bt hop kilos,
Mos moil Aar mosilod by ob• haw of
Lord Aulloy." Witbia s ibw boos de
mob loam with, • polio. must dm um
*Os is bon*
. E uer: Wit br ri t i ou got s r. 6 ll:::
Mt. thoigart." We • loft 1
MB you, but moo au Iroa" •
Trio entranee of 10,000 llnssitins into
Aitstiian Transylennia onis evidences the
of the Cc., and who arson dly
will not consent to any clang.' in the ler
tii:trkts of Italy. unless nitlt the
entire C , 11.11.11f of .111 , 4 ria
Thearmistice 'i Makne will cense after
the and the king of Prussia
d. epees that he n ill an longer be haunt' by
The Danes am ready to resume hot.tili.
ties and are cncentrating largo rurees at .
KotMing. It is very doubtful however 1
whether the helligetenta will again tonne to
blows We c nod doubt but that the
Danishright too the Duehica will be main
tained ioviolate.•
litotsin Itasnfitsed to admit the Schlet
wig If olostein .'sack into her mats unless
under the Lettish flag.
The King of Premix opened the Cham
bers on the 26th ultimo. The Royal speech l
possesses no partieular feature.
The Anstnan war in Hungary hes pro
ceeded with variable narcoses in the South
of Hungary. The Osman population, fin
ding the iosurgents carrying destruction in
every spasms, called on the Russians who
now occupy Cronstadt and Ilermanstadt l
Several serious betties have tat. place ,
one in the neighborhood of Ones ladies
two days, with considerable slaughter, an d .
the Imperalists seemed to have had the ad
vintage. Reports have been Arcola ,
that in one engagement IM. had both his ,
I legs shot off, but the last report is that he ,
I had left Transylvania for Hungary ; elf the ,
insurgent troops amount to 140,000 men, ,
split up into many divisions, it isdilloult to i
I ascertain the actual pongee of the war„
'the termination of which seem. mill to be
. very remote. Whilst Austria is pushing on 1
, the war in Hungary, she le not anwiledild ~
' of Italian auxin. She has marched a body ,
lof troops into Fervara, and noised epee the ,
city, sod levied • fine open the Ahem of ,
200,000 Nandi, which dm handed mar to ,
the Pops. ,
i The revelation of Teseeny is complete. 1
The Repabbe bee bean proclaimed at Log
born, Florence, and a Central Italian Re- ,
public has been formed in union with the
Roam. The Orend Duke has protested
I against thi. smoletion, and has entreated
all the mowers, of &whops to ream to me
egoist tie new authority, 'AMA bodselans
to he • Mobiloa of the emesthatio•
to by el perils sd
mi .iy. last pre, eesselitedr i a
Tb. Aims 40ealso has hem shoed
ITlee Preeldeot of dm Espoldie of Rama.
The Pope, alter Mathis Winos ohdlem.
des sod mltelthes Frani bservestbse, bee
sem, li is sad, mete me apse& le Arse*
id It it solAdsetly mated that dm& is
*boat to mod • diMele•of10,000 mem in
aid la esetoeher his Holmes.
The least imallloseee from Day Metes
that the Rams Iffeletty bed emememdes
led to the Assembly, that eyelet Wen,.
thm of Aussie. SON aid Naples, la es
seemed. . Trues had sot desidod mist
part to iidoe.
Plasm* was resolved to towhee I.
Tammy a. Wader .1.11 war sod appose 1114
Mario iterrm iles. ht rem parbehis
list Mem, ea es 51011. lei AMMO IN'
W 48119.10,8, March 19, 1849.
The Senate assembled this awning, at
' the usual hour, Mn. Atchison in the chair.
After prayer. by the Her. Mr. Slicer, a res
olution offered by Mr Fools, direeting . the
printing of 5,00(1 copies of the latedeetsioa
of the Supreme Court,, retell°n to emi
grant paasengers, esn'up for considera
tion. A debate ensued, which ins partie
'paled in by M . Benton, Webster,
Foote, Badger, Seward, flerrien, Calhoun.
Bunter, Butler, end Dickinnon. Mr. Ben
ton ( - Tweed the resolution, and Mean.
Seward end Dickinson supported it on the
pretend that the information woe important
to the ;maple, and partietelarly to the New
York legislature, now in session.
The resolution was mended eoaa terra'
10,110 1 copier, and then adopted, by vote
'22 to 17.
tulimitted . rrti.lutieti di
a give ht virivil ' i7thr "l"gfrni
the Mhieral Lend i.fgee.P"aritle""'
The presiding officer laid before the Sen
ate • letter from the clerk of the House,
aneounring the duath, is this city, of Re
dolphus Dickinson, a member of the House
o.l Representatives during the Rat Congress
sod re-eleeted to the neat Congress, Rum
the State of Ohio.
11.. Chase pronounced an eulogy ups
the character of the deceased, and submit
ted the usual retwlutit. tondoling witd
I his family, and resolving to attend the fu
neral from the Snow of Representatires
Mr. Chase, in eulogy, stated that Mr.
Dirliin.n titan born in Mansehusetts sad
emigrated to Ohio, and we* elected by the
Legislates of that State, a member of the
Board of Public Work., then by the pee
pie of the' distriet ho resided in, to the tide
tieth Canvas., and re-elected to the nazi
by • largo majority. The eonlideoee of
his eonsattueats atm the best eubsgy of his
virtue. and abilities.
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Toe Mosso. T .—By a letter rw.
robed from cm brother, P. W. Cook, wire
was one that left Connell Biel last Sprig
for the Salt Lobe, awed Ammo Id, wines
while encamped on the Sweet Water Rim
at the South Pam (in eight of Fremostle
Peak,) we maim some illeneatioe whis►
maot be uointeresting to onr reader..
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