The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, March 08, 1849, Image 1

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U. Edlller mad,Proprkor.
w~Pwms ek ~~u mar L. I~~xx P~~e ~•`r.~eir ~~~.u-
voterfncnd—c hatch, thou en
11lowun I hear irolll he.. to p trt—
Oh, do wr part to 111 , , no more
rota wu mcet nn 11, Li% lII ' S Ow,
Thy lovely wettse—wrar • fat —fuer
As unlit n th. it Mama, are,
Shall wait ate go, am tow 1 Aro ,
To goodwmy path alai sheer way
• rhe lee that I,i, e luau. tI. face
lah dl greet me Ile the lam ly place,
When ...macs Arc Inercane around
Like etettlag eilackuve o'er tie. puma&
Thy op.rkl.lig drooonde ,
Herb. ihur brow nod althorn lbor.
Sholl• r Joy • !boohoo room
And chum. :may Ow thick. et wloom.
Thy saver left, en ter., t, vet eleztr,
Shull full hYe neuee on my ear
Tn tKuttlatt thy tend tmol hurph to rest
The rattitttt t entteet
'hod now I hal n loath adieu
This ti pleasant an more to view
Theo do Ili% hiars—l moon /1111.1 moo
In &Nina lunch , and realms unknown
h:. I. II
/a a e.l.ll) , colnlrer riglll. iu the ‘iiitt..r
I.r 1.1./ I, re a,-11111.1.2.1 iiaa
Itlrper el.andwr r.f n .14 1..
,11" the er.,keol t, at the I: I.l'
OM. EIS! 1 i.wt, the e t a. it
were, of the town, and the how, of altieh
I speak:lad bowl therill•awe A n: on • .1
the nhl colonial govern re ora, hr., IA 3,,
..f its former ntagniliennee, now :dm a.t of
fauetl by the ra‘aaea of (hilt awl ongleet.
Itaras a dad; awl tewpeattiour
mnur.t.lly throt,ll the
streets and nnnml the tall b0tt , ..1 of the
N.lrtli 1:ml," and the few p t.,,engeri who
wre abroad wrapped their torieen, Geld
er almitt them. am! Its rrr ie r I to oeek odler
from wading Within 11.... rs Ihe
aspect 01 014111. Wl3 omre eherrfol.
eld-lashioned weal lire Intruml In iehtly
the health ; the !wiry tolds th •
eurtabis exeholed ..vory .th ...NI air
and the Imo 11 4...evenienees of vont.rt am!
loatiry were di.nrdrite.l thrksigh the apart
ment. The e onpany. e
and three female I, lends, drawn
up to the eheerfal 1,1., :pp 11011010 u. 301-
fortaltio ns p..s.aiblp. The ...otie of otirlllloo/-
in;; here n 11.! 0 A nvi,lll3lr, gine r
Ilulger. bid .11 , 1 re,- 5n.1.1,1, the d b
fore. ll' bad b.rinell‘ been en,,,, , 11,12...
ly in toil, bit ineetio,.. in, re, or.,
nmare.l , n, am! .154 a •lin.lo
"glO wer Ids ellar.. ter, he had m from the nolld, and , 111 al .m.
by 11111.t . 1f in this 14r4e I, ,n-e.
neighbors, had .Z.1.1-.1 our g •i , :es to ware',
with the ...Apse, 113 W. the ett...rmil. The
room in u 'doh we welt: had boon the apart
ment of the docoined, and woo fined up wi II
mach tale, and oven !,,airy, but all the
rest of th.• }muse won bale 0101 nafuroish..l
and moo SAO by di,. tici.,hb no to be hann
t.4l. Th.. ewpse '1,19 143,1 a r..on j 0•1 nu 0, 9 010 t emibl hear n
noise or di-tin bam bete ..h..”1.1
Itufreshments had
,„t ,
had nothing to do hot t • molut • nitruily.••
comfortable, and amuse ea mud
meriting should rele,tee WI from our duty
The time dew ley yen,inickly in r h a .,„
ant chat, and v.iltUt, during a hill th,
atom, lieurd the netAliburing clock
tho ateeple nf the North l'hitech strike do
hour of twelve, HO were all sorirriitod at th
Intim°. of the 11,mr.
o Iris now tho n.n.lotonon of
When ehon.livitnis 0r0..0nl In II atoelf bre tan
Out coninnion to Ow
saki I; eau% S.llllO of you ladies tell a
genuine, old-fashio ne d, terrific ghst-story
for our edification I Surely, )Its dLdtn
tone, you must know one; you alwats have
plenty of interesting ;dories."
Yhe lady addressed thought a moment in
• ellen., and then replied, I eon tell tint :I'
ghost-otory, and what is more, vouch for it,
reality, for the incident happened to IT, •
self. It was • gond many years osp , .
It is as distinctly imprinted cm toy teentive '
as if it teak plane yestenlay." A shoot.
story, told by one of the actors in it, could
not fail to be interesting; so we drev our
chain maser to the fire, assumed a listen
leg attitude, and the lady began.
° You mast knew, in the first place, that
we, monied at • very early age, and al
year or two after, loft my online place, and
went witlf my husband to live in the into-',
oda of Vermont. Tbs. &entry was little;
settled at that thee, being mostly covered,
with unbroken forestr. I felt the change;
of @bastion very strongly. I had Hoed all'
my life in the midst of a large oily, our
remoded by • namerooe family of *others
and MM.. Ns had gone loin moiety a
red &M, and had been in the habit of see.
WI omit Poltiet and mining in ell the
massmeente en the day. My premed sni
dests was in the midst nf dense &reek, the
neat Neighbor lived two mile. of and the
newest town was so the Ckonseetiont, more
then toe mike from oar hem. ' The home
Mood to ma swum of Me Motrinp, not
more than a inunired yard. from the woods,
m stormy MOM, winds
M, the
= h ie mintenfid and esd tones. In Vio
lin. Me deep snow eel of age sommookoden
with the mhos paste of the mashy, ma
sometimes we did net see a skiers for
air all oilictioie ffl elliocrato
mmush. Tot this lonely ..pot I had removed,: galas , me II nhdlt , t "dual '' ) ./to tud'
'error having alwara Lei
armootronted le the in the tOUID The won/eu ,reanted •1re4141.:
noise and bo , tle of a city,gad it was not fully and olrompe.ltlteligl.t., 01. i, It went oat
'strange that it shonfol ,olicglooley tome. 'raring ""I.; lie direfight '"". tl'e "P"
fine day i n autumn, i n th e m on th y ,t posite room 1 100 tortot 0 Wood howlm!
Noren t ho r think it en,,, told rdund the house with r, dottl.leol funlt
me tootwoo go iltg, to take Ins us. and was a fees 10l heel.. I hit taint and via k
go err to the next town for some t,ecessar, —my .tre,.g , l) gore wa3 I let;,, too olo.or
articles, mid he ore afraid that he should Mr. Ilelget in Itisg arc-cot foe. ,tuuol in the
not be able to get home that. night So . 1 V -wet. tieelld , Pule, loos 'do t ,oo dng
' away Inc went, and left me alone in the wi blos,ol, anal Lis attire.; ell-toile,' by a
house, wtrh the eseeptioul r;f toy mfant chiilrl ghastly-grin We turned and run frauti-
I hod brougitt a block woman with one from eon) /1 stairs, tumbling over or h other
home, but the rhange of situation did not in our ha.,
, agree with Icor She had been taken dl and Ju-twe were running nut rof tbe house
bad dial about a fortnight before the time we Heard Mr Huh:, behind us We r.
lof which I speak. fin account of the tiff, op the strtet all the faster, the women
ettllc of procuring servant., I had not loe, at:reaming at the top of their voices. The
elol , o ge , soothe, 0 ena t , a up,,ly inn and Inthleth at last woke up, a watch
so I woo entirely alone. matt, who had be. peat , ably slumbering
...per I -sr be the kitchen fire iol a Ateltmed tutor , The , totocti dtar),
-me till et la-t dropped asleep in wrathful at beim, disturbed flew his imp.
choir I was awakened fry theshoji' arrested oar farther progrcs, with his ho-ok.
..oand of the tall, odtl-fa-,ltiltoed clock, stfi- "dot' what the divil wed yeas be doh,'
'dog the be,,, of ten. Tho eanolle,,,hod win per-wives here, the night?" inquired he,
, burned low in its socket, andsthe expiring ie a decided brouge
embers diffused a faint glow through the lid, pm theta que.dioon brought me to any
room.i jtunped tap, rubbed my eyes, and sea,c-t. I polled -onto totomey front any
prepared to go to bed I took the loght wooket mottold the soon of Erin to mottle hack
anol mar leering the 1.00, when s on,-Ln,ly with us end he , hoottlol be n, ll paid lr-r his
r knocked at the tont drle deer of the IN also tees We went Leek [swords the hoot-e,
I wawaJittle startled that any one should and there near the done, no toned 310.
knock at the thaw at that time of night. hut Idtelger I,ing estate-4Q amp landing on the
presently I thought that my husband hoof grouted. ,
ehangell 1,1,, mint and returned home o'ter IVe rakteol hint up and carried him loa.k
all. I went andopened the door, bur no- into dm 1111Ilie, mod tea Innt tote Led; nod
I body wet there. I slant the door, rather then I despateln For tor aph -Liao lie
[surprised, and sat down by the fire. moron retained, bringing one whom he tensed
understand my story °lowly, ynott front his shimlters. The ph, skim] took red.
°must Ito ,w the arrangement of the room in iris lancet and bled the patient, and Itav
',Melt I was 110 ..n4, side wan the door int, aolotinistoded the u-nal le.:dies, I had
into the rim, o t the opp eite the Ntlidaction oaf lova-to,g hint say that he
-tole the ol errs Lading tot tire pollees, etc. thought it proloaLlo,io a few oltt.s Mr. hel
-1 ha the third si.fe for the r , ~,,,, was the fire- ger would recover, oral he as well as em r
place, wool .111 the fourth, the door of a Lel- Ile aolvi,ol us tot reinaiot with him, honey
room ill which Hoek Charlotte load slept. or, that night anal jive hill, 11, trim., 11.111
and who, F have Said, she died a fort- Inn, to time T pato! the Toto..iciott, noel the
,d , Lt .re 11d.,11-oor was a little 0 wit
Motm E.. 000000 Or 1 1 ltunal."-•It is
well kn ath that Sheriff Ilillown ban for
mute tune hod in his heed.. the South/taw
Lin Alithraeitto Furnace, Menlo* ilbc
St" of Medrael Welt and Co. Lost
day or. role time fixed upon for lb* sale,
and real. the way bidder. Rocked Is - One
all pas I. o f Ite State (and out OM too) to
pet. , me such a eplendid Meney.glokieg
asp ..lis:.loont was distressing. IV nu 1-
...I , old , n teetletnan tem Tormenreso
- and Mr Dotted teem Reading, for the gam
of $1.)•_":01. Theis is but one Stack os
tle• premiss, and that "not es good ••
oce.." If the Iron business had been ro
il:v.l I, this •• British Free Trade tariff of
The strait of Carp/ince, ;them one mile InLruttitLit AnystLi:n. 1 , Pi as the federalists would have um be.
trick mot eight or ten fathems deep. cOll- lice., there would, scarcely one been so
itultrond to l'aitiOrmtn.
nects the San Pablo .d Seise. Lays , many coompetihns foe thin Foresee. If it
a., 5 t ,...1... r WOO' II , • ....nn.... ood .edit.. ..m. r
Around these bays smaller valley sacpn into . „ . ~ oras a hosing etibeern the bidders would not
the hot tiering country, and soome t.l the 1 ,7 w ' • `"`• ,' ••• ww ," ' w• • •••• •• t to ' "•I have been so pkt 13 . - Passau elrg..
streams have a thew Lunch nadgation, . - ",V i n • . ••• ,, , • :1,. * :::: ., ....*
~, , ,g , ,,
~, .obi. 0, N . eirher a Balk nor Sub- Treasury.--
which serves to c . var produce too the bay
Mimions nnd large ram. were establisled have clawed...ell hllO O „Volt eth. r ace..- Dunne o debate to the House of Reprrom
at the I.estl or navigation en them streams '''"" '•••••••kr loin I "' • • • Ik "" I Ihin d " . Wit '," f " dat e" i "'', 74 ,' mr.o.d.rrr
hich are favorable sites Ow tewrtrmwailkm. l ' " I ' “ r '. ••••° ",' I ! • ° i• w I • I '' ". "I ••°*wW ' °° " °l°9* °"°° 3°. ""' ir l w. B"T"'n
g,.., „ lg.
..,..., a°
5.c1,...,.. b. n „ ,„„„,,,h,,,,, m,...„ ~,,i,,,, „., ..,,„ t i,.. deil thin titivation to Mr. Runt, MU
pre ems ,mo u th ~,,,, ridges
r „,...., , ,,, of Lo: MI, of 0 're toontine., he M. mom,. `tote: d Ultra financial scheme for the ma
te,/ m g oowotr , m o t o pi on foe n na ii, 0 !Alden, sate-keeping, and disbursement of
hint clothed with wild oats, end mere er
des •• 1 , w 1 , I r , • •, ‘ central ',idle t. trent the Missimi lo , ilk, the pith. rethnue, la to take place of the
A 11 • 1 t. 11 . .101 ...1 oil ear stimmo .. .p.
preacherg its eortle rn shores from 8,111,110 to the Po. itie the... 1., 0 Itielt no tm. I ealepetelent Tremery r Mr. HMIS re
it assumes, though in a state of nature, a ';'"","' ' rni " o ' o " 001, t " s " ot "'''''"'' '''''''' pike I' ' Io " "low . I " lbi°° www7 "'" be rot
cultivted aml beautiful appearance M 01.1 .°", '....."' e"... 1 ". mi °tow. lit 0 4 trade with 1''..1 and ..ifilY, diii,biaccd Itilbeo , the
onto ocean it in cont . .Flll ti 0.1.18,111511 herds Crane Ile, .t0t0..4..s that one I &rutin. o t .gear} of either a bong or Sub-Treasery."
the road stool he at St Louis, amt oho ,0. ..1 ht. 0-"emb.".
by • Pl.itiii".."... -
or e attic and bands of horses are s attered
no or low hills and partly isolated Odom, " r " S "" F 0 w " 0'0", 011,i1 pro, i-i.,t .. f or her of the side party, who this day ma
i.. suffidently mgnine...t that •an early a
w 1..., blue ,gbt.,
01.c1ug......4 n ow t„,„ . ..„1 . ,„,.„.,,,,,, t . ; 110 high. o) to 1., -time, the finativial department of this Stet.,
e lode to multi.. v. th.ot tin,. may be ion,
bre .I 1 terminating bills indicate the
• I Y
o ,„,„ g h t „ r re d r „.,i, t e ,,,,,,h,.... ' ,L o h fort will be made to repeal the Independent
tieighberhoed of the bay '
T. 1 ,0 5.„,„.„,,,, h., ennn ,,,,,,, d with en exp .. roads, ce 11111 l en r .ail, Ulla such Olt, tar- T. emery Lill.-.V Y. Glebe.
of the river Pawned by the jeuctioe of ki "t" .. " " "" 3 b " "" ''irY to 111111,11 tr,?./..lictirr ll l Taylor seems to be des
k, hi truth, a !heal anti neat thorroughlare tined to I
the Saeromeoto and S. J m. 0., which n. more co...o°mm/. on Sunder
Mr. Benton dem...Araks fawn olhetal o non nn soy et h er day i n the week. ff.
enter the Francis.. bay in the same lull
some), noil I, polio, the remobility or the coughs the great battle of Buena Vista os
Wide, towel,. as the .0101 of the Tagus at
•.,,. . , 111 l , s et, roe wen el lee imit-r.1.011 II t• II r, 001 pot ot eseelleut spirit. kiln, promontr.ry,„ king itt a few‘mil, Ato a height, li,h m A delta or (med.-live miles in utelewsking, the adaptation of the inter- that day, and during his tour to the mg
moll ...1 it fast I began h, feel fright- happ) to 1 rei . trio" ofono ad.motttre-this of two, toe three theitswel feet. Betweee IC 1 divide d i lnto :.:nuts by deco Cho u- .
seed. tr.r I ...dd fi nd no 11110 woo could restor ati tit Ili thtlil,:vl L. lite., with which the mountairts tatty be premed ffetedays. at Louisville, New Albany, and
111,11. t. pitirit .1 14 the 141 a jt,,- tt h„ •• t, „•,„ mile tit Is connects the bay with the Valley
have 1tee'....1 at the .1 .or, nor met! I ac- .. Slim...sing pet he I t s Lone re th e re st, of toroml. in the 11.1 i rimeut ~.„-t. , 1 five „ „.11,, ~., • • • i at three differ.. !mots, and the edema., , m e ,,,,,i. •
• Joaquin and Sacramento, into t le, ror the too, shoe. or. itllolllll.l of the .
. . -., ) I nlr glo ...t. stnr, now, Mr.J. , londone;:-.siod long front the ma too tiro Imy. Famitte mouths nt• whia the tide flows 1111d1 whit f" t '' b .',. ' kris ''' l '''',“ °Thri ' ''' u "' krt '
e • , Ilto I , meat n'inat Amery in Ad d bed,. t.l. or All the stories or ghasts .,, . i p ~ • •
lei" we 111101,011.11,1 tn. serene)-Idea -...1 apo t _
0. 0, •• L , die it that awful intently- thr .00 , 110 1111.. g..te.'' the bay opens to the en t er th e b a y t oge th er . one r i ver . ' " Jlidgo Ily.IM, •IL a prominent mid lead
erl witches wee I had ever hooted rain. , into
cettter the pr.,eeeds of !mini° lands in Or , .
Ilan lemoit take . . ay all 3 our Jeri, too 1 bilot old lett, esteoding 111 1121,11 dirk 4211,11 Such i s the hay, and the proxim to coon
s a 4
t c Demons( Alebaina, ha d 'wowed •
my Lend. noel Itendreds et iumgiroary 11. , r r0r.. n„iA. i, -
.. n ., ale,itt 3.• nibs, having a total lon.ith of try tool shores ot the ha of 'tan Francisco 'W"...'d tufty per cent. id i n- I
hest.. I 1114 , 0,. Oil 10V mind. however, thet. .. Ilt Of," repo of Mr. J....ston e .. I 1111.1 e than 71t. 1I•111 t. coast ot abutit h
, 7 -, it . i ,„ no „„. 0 i ,,,,,,,Y ng ,', , the „,.,,,. ..1,,,,..k.„.. ell other public hilidil 110 MA ".‘ . '.l. l ' l "fili'l"ltc. to I.°l , Ch.M.°.
if I 411.14h1 hear the k no,bing again, I would, w in te l, w e rent w i t h ,„,,,i, 1 .1,,,, 5 ,„,._ "di e . i t .„, ~,, id e a, b y wre i t .„„, ~,,i,...,- but,' t Hui: :ea to itself ~.masted with the "I . ' l " 4 l A " l g .t I. Wa"Y the executes urging the propriety mold necessity of • law
co :Dols the led-ro moon mod s a en.' woun d poi Imps it may Lire .... as u. II as lair I le- Olg I. do-, too, t' .r seps ete lo ~.. .e oil h ~„..,. L... tics.. ;1,1,-,„ . • , ' ,
„„. 1 „,.„, i „ g „„, ~„„,,,,,,thg , .„1 l b,. to prevent . the farther immigration of Waves
..... to. I li..finte,l. .r ' o ' was 4lniet, and ,„, „,1,,.„ 1 „,„ h„.„
I ' lon the ...Id mi.,
'l' " 'r'it'''. tun or.' eniled Son Pahl. , nod taro n,. and Liglay nodes to. the 1 ight l''''' r '''''' ''''' ' '''' ''' ' • " mt. "lone Stale s either for trade or Nade
-1 could hew. uorthiroo , low the heather ea t' in.
i practicable, mod that otter par. ot it shall
. 'sod. The Alabama Journot a .tba
^ '.. I helmet. I bit on w h ine the I:llfirhitil f .tool,m 11 11,n Witt 10. the Slew imp5...1.41 and left, sestet.
a Ineadth of ten to. fifteen,
h is abl written and 0 ere "Y
own hew, A 01.1 time the kneekine w ...
e macatlasnitted ow othet aim constitteted, "Itie ' Y , . • . ••• m ..1
-." R. • '' ,o rope: 0" the d oer Well -the l " I* • ...... ° ooo . o i .... to , ' "" 00 ., the Ley o ° deep commit for the largest slaps midi bold I ''
pealed, 4owir 1.1.1 di-dinetly, and a third „,„„,;:,,,„„ ,„,,,, „
..„..„. 0 „.„
„,,,,,,,„ "i't , "" i"t.i' ll. Id"' "I• deep ""I. r. lYit , "hens imitable fir ~,,,,,o ona oAtb, oot, ;Ho prop.. further, that When rho rail- 1. .. 1 ". WhY . 11 ." 1 . 111 . W. 1 . 11 . 1 1.°V. Of ....
11111 e the 113111111101 tho r 4 .mly "F"'"''d. I ..,,,, t h ere I 1.,.1, - ,1„ " I " 1 coltl . 1101.1,11.1110:11Ael rang. s ,of menet.... Is- aid Male aIP ' I •". • '
spo.rote IMt 111, 1.1.1,1111,1•011 try roc cu twat... ' '
way or a suflitic.t putt or it, is completed yrudage if its execution was practicable..
is sl win ....tolle •to .1 wished et I hooked •
, • ,
rc .„,,,, n .„, 1 , 1 0b ,., w ,,„ ~ 0 ~,,,,,,1 , 1 r ,,,,,,,,-„, heels, a !deb ha., he hola character .P the The head of the hay is about forty „, g „ s und lit tor use, the tie...route. shun grata. itiors The Pan discovered acmes the
e as e t,.,) " I '''''. I ''' r '' ' ol ''''' ' a ' ''' 6. "'''' - , ttiet I, longer. - it to such ilttll%l.lllUl4 Or I.,llllollltitit, „II eon- mountains of California, by Capt. Lawson,
I ..... out shot 11P• tt 10.1111111 Irle. 1111.1 1 • • . •.., . , „ ,
. 1 . ntlo. 1 .10,1111111111 titl e It 1. , KO , eM1111,111.19 othet s gra, ell, ced e rl•lll4 tO tllO heioa .t ,o xi.. wit, tho o,aao ,alts)"or the Fon Imesl. " " i '! "g k ° k t""P." perm... has been pronounced by• • meting in Orepieli
than sant .•••I tilt • l'ii• .1•• a eir 't 0110
cue' II w 11 0 1 ., - . den e mei yield hendied le.-hued. its j o . • J u
pen . Roe cut.. mails, I/111111110M Oi W41%111141 freight, at such and
i o n Californa emigrants from Me Coital in ..i,.'d There e ... , rot 1,,111111 • ref'
• cud ~„„ ~„„, 1 •1 „ :,„„„.
.„„ 1 .., i, „„,. .urtace. and idol to 11.1 1111'01,1,1 4 110 :11111ear• 1,1,1511111.11111 Kite. WI may be agreed upon 1 State-, to, ono of the "finest in the
1110, 1.11..1 t'le ‘.11,111 ,11,1111 011101r.114 thretigh
Minter of nut sit la California a liortrnmal. nod that matter.. stations MIRA be cstaln world." They ny they found the AWNS
thin^ eas the, wl io•li e .1141 km to ro olm.;•,1 it. e Pie. th, (tootles the elms., utootil
he. I.h ,e L, srth • tall trees To n, em ~,,, 7, . . ' ' l' 1.0,10 OI; W 111111, 1 . 1 no the thole rise al. act In L. 1„111111, Ikl tide •I ' P
,se sato ea derma • .
11.1.c.1 on the le, 01 the rem'. for its pro- and deocent to and frt. the mountains vary
, ~
~ 00 . „
, i,..., 1
~., , ,, , , ..4 .,..._ . b
~.1 . .tr 1,11.1...nunta1d.• nottiol. I matted pl-
~ .
^• ' ti, n tl, to , d t h e 1,„,„., J ,,,, „„„ ~
at, ,,, _mini I, et stle,,e. Um water, crowned I, v a mas u. danger ul s:cedieg from her teitit,,- toetion and still ert, tent that Ilf the bct•
,' giadual and easy. In the opinion of the
dilf •1, .11. ft to it •it u.d app :tram, 11, . • t . ~,,,,,, „ r ,6 loft} ~,, , r ,.„„, w id..i, i., .i.. 11,6 vial ttlation to the Union and mooing l ow . dements whi c l. Wollll/ liko [JO formed meeting, a most ioractical road can be made,
to.l Ilya weut out .0..r.i, a .1 .111 rOIIII4
OW dim fi t ter . I the wsui .. no me .1 i.' •
Such "tec h ject as ll is is ...why the age with they little labor, through this pun;
. " ' '` ' the home The to ster, Wa.... SMO ....Ivo a I riilll these", Mak. 411 C 01151.11,110111.1.1111- Bch into an itel,_penth O. Repl.l4lll. 11.111,s
.... halt oveupted 1., the true '•- .fonds - that git es it With, It mould have done and this route, they say, sill rave of las
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~,,,,,,,, 1
~,,,, that oo th .„ mark f ar vessels coloring the bay. Behind, sigmens and immediate eteps wde taken toy
tliet =Tweed, : I Lea 01i..., I ...ti e d I saw - . , , the ragged po nk el .11ma c t Botta., nearly , our government to irteor Ratite her mere itrtailLlCVen to the It any, wiIONO roads to ling benefit. lo rattle. travelling to sad
.....thieg nt Meg ie the d .... :eel ,w „I woods thr o ugh fear et the ow, en d wee;
Limit led high, o.,:iii,) merlooks the sui. elos .ly in the compaeL a l •td to ewend to the it diAatit and comptred provinces were f Oregon and California, and freer the
tho to es I sineloheed . ~. ~1,, ~1 t h,, ,i,„,, t elected to a ereed 1.1...1 the home
rounding vettotry of the hay aid Sae Jon- her ' the iii et et the Udell. We are nut among the first and most stupendous ot rnite.l States, as it hes proved to them.
I went it • • • j • I . am. • nt t.0..111 and on...tootle tone
1 • • 1 .t. • ...Led at 111 child -..-.- '''." , ' ,l ~, f '. ..
~, f ~, . h i .. , •• . th. /rail. The immediate shore or the bay de- , e i hre ,i, ils „, h ere w „„lii t o w ,. „ma, with - the: works. - Tliey weer 1,1 sidered a.O veto of thanks, in the form of . tlwee
I 1.. lIN estal• .` • . •
• , epilog no la, tootolle. attol,;•"' • '“ r •••=, . • *“ • • '..""... . lives. boom ire preximate and tpionsite rda-. out, Poll i ' alOWlellgO, • ar.d reflection upon the country ladr eOl/1,11. rpd 011,11 it 11/211e011111 e- Aetna," was presented to Capt. Lawson.
hi, ,i,,,„ , 1 ,
~ , 0 , , .
~, I ,
~,,,,,,,, on ., 1........ It ...ho w eith the heat • pont ..t tho f
tea ith the int .et ial city by a lewd nod
1.11 to too 1304. the mine or emigre omit. facts iti the
„ease The respect of a 10- " . . I . At Chicano, bliaig... City Little Felix
. .. • . t
.4,..1. r. tool these 1,..1.1. O. i 11:11110 II ,11,1 l
1, '.. 1,11 the •411 .-s o d ~, i , 11,. I 111. ~ , b.. ,
~ ~..,,, ~, ... I it,
~,,,,,,..„ I C0M11te1.,1,11., or toppoaite coed ) It pre. • pubfie en the shim. Aor the Pacific has hem substantial login., no matter whet usigla „ mitt
trt. Roo,.
and mitorou i tio. Lit .„
ovor . 0.......1 :e tee I odther tit 11. inn..., .t .'°:. ","..,':
at _'
~" ',",,,","
~ ...;
..I n „, wools it varied eharaeter of romp .1 aid bra-' long agitating fertile and tunbitions Ind., b" lb" d"....'. I" die Ptcsitid mtil ff..- one o t il ' litet and thirty-ti ht. thouaand bunts
.„ 4 tln. litil , I. .c I:• It that es en it '' . " ' .'" '" ''" ..'" "
''o,k, ",',. hem ' . ken hills. rollTg and 1111•1111.11ttlg lilllll, I.lld l Blld but 1.. r the absorpti. nof those merit,- ing rehab,. of lite eastern with the western i i .,., . t „ i .g a ,
, i h.l, alluvial shore.. baekiti by fertile and ries Ity emu oast and trent •to 0e United ii i d." l ""r w " l ''" li. " W ' " w " ••••I° " wk !' 't ‘ '''
Lake 'v li7 . 11 " v""
v i sigh
it. e ill for a time, IL. meth! never allow it mu ` e. , • • •I w° • kw www• "' • I hwtk• thee, W‘Mnlvtl 'engem, seitable for towns, , Hinges, . States, the Calittarliall lici ' ml,lie mould ere is el the lit ht. importance ; mid 0 eh the ,W g ° P.,",.;, ° . • ," „:, et. w ° l' wn I° """ t " ii
t.. I. win n thitog .... holy nod i........t. e. " I. 'l' " . • a .... 1 " w Ih " d ""r "I"" " i '"" mageitude of the proposition may astound r '''"
• , end tams, mit h mhiett it is Lei to to be! this have been pr. chained.
„,„‘„ ~,,, ~.„,, 1 ~,,,,,-„, ~,,, ,„ ed ., „, meet afterward. The h..n. , •, I , onilt , 111 „ .1
,1,, ,, ,,, , A, I.w miu,i.,l 6,t,,..., 1.nd..... ,
o.olllt. 111101010, lICI ere of these who beliew EquhlishiagA Government for Mans
. It mast he runtothered that l'alifer. • that but it, utolethaki. go, hewever thst, vdrar -110. citizen, of California, nape.
• toio.l 10, the II fiellVPII float I hat al wd,... •° ,.." .,, •• : - ,.. 0 . ", r ,. ': . • . 1 , i i " , " b " . , , .. • ,1 1 . ° , I t , ••: 1 `," 1 1 . , , ;• •• ,,.... . ra t init. 4 ot breadth, with eeemio owl ..pen, Mk a nut he o . 1
ulatPai elm ... a' tlaell
lte.tte.l the dead walnut mith hitoln.•,, tool .'.., '•,
set " :
„„„„ i ....sols of dole, lowlers the t ou t et th e ..... en - o h . , „ , tie . „.;, r • ,:•; g th ,,, it.,,,.",,:, who{ . k0.3".01 ~ O, ~,,,OS and enterio.c or the • rhos, nog the inconveniences corking with
or i', 1,..., .1., 1 , ' ,.: ' •I, '•
if it 1,1.1 re ..,Ile her L01..14 that was hau•diu J r wr '?.' ,• •, ,••• * duet,.•' •••° , "°,. . l taro. et,died the southern arm or the hay ' t • •'%tnerican rei:IIO Al 1111111 echo 10•111 to 110 t. 11 . go, 4 rllllll2lll, aro Willing meetings to
. • the banner 11.. f separate rude nee war ,
~,,, b
...„ it
~,,,,,, hoer
no r0n „,, , ,,.. to ininr , ea tee to the: notes. in and lea lir. • . .
tell 00111:01 id ~,mss lan Dtil to ioureeive appoint dclegates too genera/ eotoreetioa.
• let 1111.14L 0 g Oil abi k nth It of twenty lei:val.
1111 , . 111 It III': lie 11t grew 4.1, e Rhin 111, '''' i . g ".1". it "P .. "" n 11 !" , " n ' S b y ''' • ' Meng out mould rally under it and lung% to that „, „,,
l i l t ll knock'„.. u al, e ... mem . eto .po o w. eattilithm for Governor. They ray it is the
• Iddt ••d tt" ' ....• 1 )." ht•t•re. (sett". Ir.": doe Ilion • abo that them ate thrmsatel- -•• • •
i kopek !" and saw the do. r ..f the flaunted . Thu....-. . 1 ...... , ..t... , ...1. ...... . 0 ... two i., , h....:. 1......,,..,,i ~.,:t. high. The , al- Irr o • ' - ' . - 01101, under the retortion of the stripes Ind duty us well as the privilege of all good
inters there of all nat.., every da3.
, h stet ~-thut the rota of China is ..I.e.t. g Awe t itineos, when thrown upon their
,1 , 0111 open MS h4"r.." you may e n... e wont 111.401,1. .111.11 les is °pool, ..idol silk :moue of oak, Il • ".- •
nertesing in ounther and streugth, alai 11, 11
• • my
1 1
cart I west to L e d mid slept s mud- r - r
Hero Ales. Joloo.stone stopped talsolg, 1
... c1,. . , m.... 1,,.
gb. .
~.. re.. rein 111111.'1 [Minh, 1111• I after the spring i„, „,,,ki„g f „
„, , o. ,
~ .
re., , , ,
.. 1 . 1 111
. 11 c 3 ,1 1111. 0 t r „ ...1 6 1 . .., , 5 ., t u rat1e wl . ich:::. ii . e . .- 0 i ..., r . e . ...torees , ,.t . e d a n tl n ept such
0 1=
l f i e . :
arid liptened intently, us if she ewe tr,itm in )
with his cheer ' l;:ll . o.... e'fr.'•eivinnyntlgelletl reins covered with toms. Takeo in eon- . h , no e .
. tinnon ,.... ono fro ' 0 "" no to: opal er ua
amt . l .1
. • d d gr • d'gt r 11. , 1„....Lt'07;!,.'"a lb. u.1,;.77...,..4 ~lii
catch some distant I toution with the ...u . y of Sem Juan, with i. h .T e of t h e n ,4,1 re i e ., ; also, that the w : •°•0 7 '" '`', l "" o •7, "•• '" • I
•• I certainly heat d le" nt length she said. all the 1101111d01114 and terrors of the Itle- w id e !, w r oe .. n ...m emo ,. p 1.., it is fifty- re i l „. , m a " 0. , 00 2,,, i nw , 00 . 000 0 iti , there to ...ery necesso) fear a owe. coin -Lest sub-err. ...Teo the haereata 4.Fl * the territory.
i•• I bon it now-1 certainly heard tt noise ' edi "I ni g ht five miles hong and one to twenty brood, m ot - n' o t o
w . , d . ' . " 00, _ . : A0 „ . .. in0 , , 'nun prom the Old States 'f lie people of Oregon were compelled to
as of ome tet nt ;ring in the timth chant- " Next dm my bumbled returned home., opplillg into, smaller valltqs among the hills and Union TOving „...
.2 ~... 'L..,. , 1, , ,...; now, that whemer untlettal,... the travel natal to thoatto ‘ o mote of prawn' ai
her. "
yeses . ge i n an d aes if ssysi.i i , i s awl I related I • hund.ll the eirenumanees A t th e h en ,' „f t h e h op i t i n ~,My mil.. dri ven b
vba,... . b. 7z . .. f. .: ho ;:z n . , r o `c d ' o ' b
nerves to Cslilortria eith a node, may ride g , n o v s e .. 1 ~,, te rt, until he G nem] USIVOIIIIIIOII.
most of lite thMance, hut that he mill be I , iI el them with one.
'there." •of my Irish,. Ile 10 , a41111 hte 1. 01 , the• be,
and about the same at the southern Y
told not roteet th.m. now hate the p . • too ~, „ neat ,- •.
"I 1 Igt d to. cert . ) outs II t .
1 it - A V
A AIOVEL DVS eller •ePLICAtton.-A
Sa saying she arose, took • eatalk in her •Sto I bed thew.. Rettig out to investigate e nd, where the iota h. h,..iitifally fertile, Union more Intensely ti an do the bitterest
1inn01.10,,, Went ...r.... th. ."Y to the • the cause of the sounds, end nid that he mvered in summer with four orfive var.. ni . i t . r ote }, enemiei. This method et tient flin g s ore entire- portion of the Old Bay State is anon' t
eigh....ring apartment. Presently eh. thengla that few men would bare bend an'tiole . wild clover several kit high. In 1 . ., too !ouch s.l Qui/Loa-to for a long ten. r i y to he ewes" no nho moon on . inonn .;3 .
Thew .
‘ 1 ,"e"...,". o °. •.• m°••• 1 l'Y the titillation ito the. otineteenth .litury
shrieked end ran hack into the room when bra. as I was . And sure enough, on the ma plane it is overgrown with wild mum- • rho person. applyi, resids M Beaton Com
runt power. Ot .IICCIII.I ..,
t felt haus en- •
g Ma regard the I Inn . a Wm , nxthott. ner, u portion of the town ot Monet e, with he Mee pen as +nth, and very next night, my husband sod I were UM, growing ton Or twelve feet high in
I eke ' • thusiasm . behove that they have feund hi ghway Ir in the Missis ii•pi to the Pacific • •
said, in a very excited tone, :sitting . the peeler when sudden... --e . almost impenetrable fkidth t h mog h which . , . , , •• • •• • n.ftto.•, situate on the southwesters eerier
•• Oh ouch a A ht se. I 1111Ve Seen ' man servaut • gr..nt strapping 88. eame mails sir mad l'
, g . The . „ .
.. , e e l i ke lanes. On booth al o
•,. 1 .. their pmmised land, ap t on i n Sell they are to w ind, o „ k w , alluded , ~,,,,„„, „I 11,,,
..f the state of Manaehnetts. Tim ROW
' eady if owl. there ia thereet their own 6, h i e t e „,i ,„, , ,„ „Ja c , „.„. o , t . 0 ,
leen.. at upright let hie Coffin, and seemed running in, its w hit e p t i, , she e t, and cried the matintalnat n fertile, wooded, sr weer - 1 r „ , d'art m , , _, ~ ' " , "... '. 1.1 field Republican says, their care 4 patellar ;
l as 11 trying to speak to me.' o out. ' to i w ith gmmen o „,1 ...,,,,a , r ,„„ 0, lEmptnt ee untoomor. ni • revemmon the ago; end unit meriting the cloture con- . hi, and n i,,,„ nt n on . oh i o ?id , of ..
7 Yon want to frighten US, Mrs. John.. " •011, Lord! we're haunted! we're haunt-, th e west it i s p ee t gete d from the c hilli ng i n . i and a sword. Out of die. materials, na- , sidernti. of the Anuckro Peel•lc , r ... 8 er taloa se orate them from ell Intercom. .wills
stone," wild I. "Find, you t e ll an awful ad! Charlotte's ghost has come to hemp , finance of the north-weet winds by thel ll. P"P• 1 •°•.• 1. ..1ee° ii" 4 .Norm ...,' representative. it, Conger., their fellow townsmen in Mt. Weshiegton
. the dafinr th ~,,, net, if et all, to spring.-
' story about • mysterious knocking and •• l' . comae:de lox gate. (wild-eat rid., 1 which and the Stele. They never erne ever to
' ' "'WI d • fl'h f I ' • ' This • •It may be asked, will they not panne Shia".The S erves (0) nett. " , t ,,.,
Men, to increase the enact , you come in ""d • )". ...". Y . " ".." c - separates it from the comes is • • &wick 1110. to Las in big toss- -rote, ••• •ro all t
Win Ones °swear
that for mayo. in the infancy of Nettle. that Mr. Fre . .
• I i I tb eel int etas tatt-getare.
and tell ne tw o . l am oo my t o ...T that 1 low ?' said my nuoband, •go back into the , greasy and timbered mountain, watered with, j. j ,.. ...... o , di. ... ie n o renjot k o hi n npee „ nnn o f ~...1 alpty e a. •
I don't believe • word of it .'" kitchen, and don't let ma bear •ny more ...111 streams, end wooded on bate ides ' ....4 . r "'" "• nee °' ••"-"*.. re".
.The question is • tiotrel on e . and it is us
...__. it th e Union will fall to California. Will I deformity. it is a pig with eight kgs, six .
each noneense.' with many varieties of trees nod hruungry,l
1 "Itie no time for aesting gen young „
Aare he protection of the Union and down •aed two up; two bodies., ur hied c e rtain how it will se WI.
man," repined she. Ood forbid that I M. want b•• 8 .8. 1 " rom"..hed eh... 1, W. ;Mg heavier forest@ uf pine and enure. int
' d • Meld lof Mel . f ro m db e k 18.9) . up ...U... Ludy . 31 Loot-A thrilling Medina
oe its brim e • pen on .
should spoil with eget. an awtel thing 00 , but goon eeturned, almost frightened to i ~,,n yi n goth o ~..,,,,, .k.__
pe Timber end •
' henbane . t has two Mile, tine head and three oyes, is related in the Dann (Ohio) Jenn&
~.,h . 8 .,..,..... g hap , .... ondoookni. , death. . shinglegne now obtainn from this noun- . ' o r. 'one in the centre of the forehead ;two no- On ti n t og day morning, the hears of MIS
would be questions force were
I ma. Mr . Ha g . s ilti ng me t I. hi..... 1 ... I wouldn't go link loto that mom, ifi pin; and ofte of the recently dissevered •
'Caton& Ise. rich, desirable, .ad powerful, ant throw menthe , and two ears. Weida, in Datoonaght le is the abeam.
and meth • look as b. pa me it will halm 1 you'd give me Ilk deters,' nid he ; it'l quioniirer mine. is os the eastern eide of ~__
sh. in. ~,. „,.., h . ....., -,_
_____,.. r ..,_____„,___ or b o a N o . lir. am; hi, m i... A gml.
at till my dying 'M y. Ba t if you don't be. haunted. There Ins • dreadful knocking, th e in.atain, nen Me Paeldo of Sin Jon. ~..",_ , nobe oo norooo o y 2L a nnto . onn " olo lltill:l onno • ... m . o. Z . ir m .....zi....r. ~,,,„,,,, r „., „, 4 ,„ ym.. ba b. mg.
liell me, go and look for menelf." , but oohed, wait at the door, and then I Raw , , Thio rune lerminales m the south in the "•• ••"' ••
1 for (Niteroi*. She. Wan no parallel ° Natebitoolun on the Red Rim, under the P"' 81 8
a ,
the grodle; he widish was Me babe.
I hastily .A.,,1 . ot .gi o, to , into the , Charlotte' s ghat open the door of the Iced - Ana Name point of Menem by. sad on h
oh , wk .., g ,.. ~h . p . th. tr.h.,
.... d " g . h ,...„ of c0h,,,,1 Whiting , The Mae fray treys; bet the Met
, room. Oh, Lord ! what willbestome of us ! , Me north dealings into • ridp of broken " was kft is the berelmobasse. Sean' pm*
room where the corm was dolt. The rat „
"prong. Before tide year ham rolled ...neat! of Tema-then route being entimir .
of the amain, followed M • link din.. i M y h mba` d koh Ph, at bite. seam
.„3 'c aw cb r n .....fin.0 ,443 2 an> %ilk . . mit,. eletill Mom • population suSisient to niseih A A tart d thought row , °l.'d to Ponninrin'insmi mine i, US
.. that Its wa. eo mesh sianntel, and Mow ' oo m o t hroe g ne en teeJ ro or were drives hock by the massive ban.
Jost Re I approached the door, I though. •• n„. thew
_ on , ot _ gg. - ~.......". ri. - .z.......... b " l"' - „_71,`,....."i and defeat her MS • "mobilo- a population I„, b e ...., .g,....,.... f o e Rene. W- Bo .
heard • step in the t he of the room, as "" "" :F.!‘," ... _. • . r. " '" r -- ----••••••-• '''' . than wbkh, the world with aB be eolonise,
party is to gouda or 300 to NO. . "••••• ••••• mid., spa Orme
nw mint. sod we genres (rine ht.) The ania er the Wan; a eeighbon'...llllll taw water emu bat
aloes eon.' to meet me. I mid nothing, •• • 0 tarot..
1..8 n• 2 " .. . .f Ch"ktiel 11 6 . 4 ( " 0 "e "" 4. * " ..1 " .. 1'.... " ... " . ' 1." th" ban. ' "... I m11". "" t2...•••• • - nod"' The Sea le or Ohio,. ow the 12t 6 ',lethal awl drat her am sprat hes* emer
hamar, and took bold of the door - handle it Steele* ea entlepoll et Innen commons,/ ner feseseer.......atay. 8 so pre-1 ..... • •- , ~.._ o .
to 9 in- re. bead, melted la mid named hp a me.
lo open the doer-but to my hor ro r it was Salle _ mew dm ere to the Dash Ilemnsle of Syn. ...,m. few am won whom e hnee tl ,3 'tartan, award • ream.... •••• • .
fami at SW inaidi and •Rleetly tamed. 11 .“ Mn. Janet... ad ha' dal. ..,..••••• • ,____ .. 7h• hem,._llB.• fat re by al rho and tam am "metered over la. sag ; stmetimg the e...a..., lad ramming ‘lO meet-t-tbe and ia bar arm and oak D
Blur lima Due ha Om- walla Xentest-eary mailmweindlt Mil
the door. wed Mid it to with all say widni , " an dd...4 wur i• ......1i....“ - A m.„,-; 7 - „,„ - ~......., '.,, „Jowl wilb ber geld, @be ma buy la* fuel l'oll' s .
~...oh m bu i , I, mi . ow A mm o, . am, preirdnea • Wile Ma anew she bad L . 0.n.0 Ida melee. aril bribe goatemoonte if ob. Must to •••• gb• .
the Wilma Previa. mgi b.. mm, ;
I mot emt it, and hardl , . me A.. the the sea, thevetltrt - -cub, a b.dd outline.
when !helot,. t ing w t.rep..atcd with Matt- It wai that Mr. 11..Igee• Ito theequll, the hor.l , ,rintr Immutably c , lnu
.li..tinetnes. and 3 nt.ane.nt actor 1 saw death had been %Tv stale., and it turned d..wit in a narrow lidgo of broken hills, ter
thc- door of the hod -romil slowly open, 11.11 out, that initead .11 really el 3 he had mia/jog in a pn.cipitons riot, againat
remain ajar I w..nt. again tho door and only into a. 1.11, 'ranee, and which the sea breaks hcavtly. On the north
e.nt. , I rnahl •Pe 11., h,. it hrd i. , 1ite.n..41 nr mn dreadfully. ern aid., th e p re ,,, a ty a bold
• 7'll'er,`;
:;';',:tiil.:',ll,lTlr, ,A•ilrJfil,:,', 1iu , 1.11 .kir.CL','',,.:
she lii this time tho morning hall' hills about five miles wide, between the 6a)' will. Withlintitlens gold in her gi asp she
dawned: and the sea, and honing the loon of San can do hor Ile...ante and want,. no alli
" A"." , :lswilonne , r. , Francisco on thy boy shore, near il , -, north- 'avccs
pro, h eh , so. a...inn., low and ~.„ c „,,„„6.,
But ten. wand Cali', mini We want ler
. Sheltered from the cold who]. and fogs to.pleserne the continent int. t with the.
to the see, and having a roil of roniarkabl , I'ld.. We uon her gold to pay national
Geogr.phlcal Memoir fertility. the Talley of St Joseph (San Jose) debts and calulitate tI o pal-on of cum
. to , CALIFORN IA is capable of producing in great perfection m.o. We naot Iv., that the IL nit.
"„„ " „
urrz.n. uauariA: malty fruits and grains which do 1111{ till ivy have no i inal, otol that t!. , notdr...rx et tl n.
—•0 CHAR LLY I.'IIEMIONT. 011 the coast in its immediate vicinity. old ucil.l Ina) 11 1 t lune t. n:e pr.i.hvey .ol
Without taking into consideration the es-: °fragmental), reptildt, a Lailt WI no broken
traordinary yields which bare ...theca . compact: . fulfilled. That e‘ery bona-fide
occurred, the fair average produot of who. Movie/in .w id, or who nu . , eel. Cali
is estimated at fifty hid, or fily for one foltie, nill stand to the death for the
sown. Tha mission establislunenith of Sawa Union, we duo ht in. t Arid...s is the Amer-
Clara arid San luer, int the north end of 11 . 1111 .11 01,11, the feelig inowdst his heart
the Valley, were tornierl), in the p. osperous Not .doe for the i . lawn., li jell& and life
days of the missidns, distinguished for the tummies tot' the fall.n laud, but for the glo
:anperiority of their wheat epit s. rio. I den. it,. If ullich he has lined to see
I The slops of allun ial lam) . wit, ..• .., tri•ntk, ! .!. ,- i . fl, nest.r.-ce. will Inc stand
1 t'rely around the eastern sl ore of thy b ty, tent 11uc ln.• t 0.., Ind unction.. I.) the
intersected by small strean.w.l w. offering nand..., of dn.-0 nn lm le. I no nuch sena
' some points which. g. landing and deep meat. lin rd lies the danger, and 0111
Toter, with advantageous posit loins bet wee. and ; ion, row eht .allll, 111 1 k to
the 1 , 03 and interior countr), indicate for it ton s r :Li —N. I'. San
((one nine )
Bay of San FrallCi...o and dependent
caaraly —The bay of San Francisco has
been eelebratrd, from the tinto of it, first
discos ery as ono of the finest in the writ Id,
awl is justly entitled tothat character even
1111 , 11 T the B.lllllli amere harbor.:
Bet tat, all the aemseory adtuntagesi
which belong to it—bottle and pieturesquel
10l violent country; mildness and salubrity
of climate; connexion with the great inte
loitaboy of the Sarraniento and San Joa
n ;h, Said resources for ship timber,
utain and cattle—when these advantages
aro taken into the amount, nith its geo
graphical position in the line of tromantni
eat bin uttli Asia, it ties into an importance
for iiom, Ilia, el a none harbor, and de
mmes a particular notice in atm nemiunt of
inatitinie Ito
is that of Lisbon ito climate is that
of souther.] Italy; settlements await for
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