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    inch Congress—ad Bession.l Mr. chap..n was opposed 40 the
----- -- - - - Ille wished to leave the matter to the 01u-
IVASULNOTON, Jan. 29, 1849. j itutherities of Washington and,
g —Mr., Dunglass, Nom the select ' Georgetown.
otilensittee of ...en, to whom had been re-) After further opposition trete -Means,'
cenunitted a bill admitting California and Ilarraleon and others. the queesiest was then
New Mexico as Staten reported a bill. (It t taken on its referfensec•nd deeided in the
is understood to provide for the creation of negative—yeas 71, nays 117-
two States, and leaves the Texan boundaryl A deflate then took piece on the subject
<lactation to the Courts) It was ordered to of Slaverv—after which,
be printed. I The House went into a committee of the
Mr. Banton called up the bill known as , whole on the naval appropriation bill ;
the Aspinwall Railroad hill, for a railroad j fore any decision wan made the
across the isthmus of Penmen !rose and the House adjourned.
Mr. Douglass submitted a substitute for , ___—
the bill, redoing the annual appropriation
to s^_so,oo0 --limiting the aet of ineorrra- !
lion to 10 years—and reser, log the right
to regulate charges of trieght and passen
, Mr. Webster enggested that the gentle
man had better move to emend the to iginal
bill in/O.° respects, instead of offering a!
enbstitute for the whole.
Mr. lienton expressed his partiality . for I I
the substitute. )
Mr. Cameron though opposed to the
original bill, might favor the substitute. '
The substitute was then ordered to be;
printed, and the matter iolormally passed
over. Adjourned.
Mean—Mr. Embryo au,kol leave ttr
offer a resolution—that the House, at 1
o'clock to-day, in vontinittee of the whole,
proceed to the consideration of the Home
bill to reduce the W. of rstage on MINS.
papers and letters to a uniform rate, and to
correct the abuse of the franking privilege.
• .
Objection being mode, a anspension u.
the rules was moved, and tim gnewion was
decided in the affirmative—yeas 1.21, nays
The repletion was now the 110118 e.
. . .
Mr. Cobb, of Georgia, rained a point of
order, erltioh being settled, ho rooted that
the resolution be amended by moking the
bill the arterial order of to-morrow. This
was rejeeted.-yeas TO, nay. 115.
The question wan take n the adoption
of the resolution, and /Melded in the nog--
tive—ayea 90, noes 91—not two-thinla.
The Mouse cos .1,11 itself into a eopumit
tee of the Wh .le, on the Slate ..f the
Union, and took up the hill for the support
of the Military Arattenty.
Mr. Beale addressed the ebeenitiee on
the %Nye queetion.
Mr. PoHoek offered an anienilnica. appr , -
printing $l4OO tor the nilary a prof., r.
of mining at West Point. This was de
bated. and onalla rejeeteil.
The bill was laid aside to be 'ported to
the lionise.
The committee took nil the bill+ making'
appropriations for Itevobormary and other
peasions, altod a bill for Naval peasi ;
and when the committee roce. thele bills
were Passed, and the House atlintrned.
S. AT a. —The Viee- President pr. s • 1,1
a petition, ins for a Telegraph nres.
the Atlantic. It excited minable, tilde at
tention, anal was referred to the commit tee
on commerce.
Mr. Cameron or Pa. presented petitions
for the ilrilition of the Alam trade in the
District of Celumbia, and or slavery through
out the Country; also against itn extension.
Laid en the tahle.
Mr Douglogo of 111., from the "elect
m!trce 011 the sobjeet, reported m Lill 14 r
the ontological of California 110 a State t Wet
also providing fog the ontological of Net
Mexien, alien she shall have mei - panto! a
nufficient popoulation. The bill Wan oilier
ed to he printed
Mr. Niles of Coon. moved to take up the
bill etolicaoion Mr. NVkitoe'g pn.jret tin
the bundling if a rail! oat' to the l'o.
After an tel to-in hi
Nileo, 3lr. Foote of 44 41 Mr R II
of Ark, the enteklototioil t1....4.09
Wes roltpoiteklultil It, "Et
The hill for ecotone tine a Ritilroad
11.111111 the lothritus of Yaoama IRA, take
M r . Il . ug l s c s of 111 ., offered a calostitottcl
reducing the am mnt appropriatcd, and lim
king the control for a term 10 yeas;
prmerilting remain toll rates
Tim Molina approptintim; WI on which,
Mr Bell made a lengthy 'peed., cloned the
proceedings or the Senate.
Mores.—Mr. Thompson nt K'., report
ed • resolution to NV, Of 111111611 g 10,000
copies nt Mr. King's report respecting the
Panama Railr
The House in committee recanted the
enntideration the Naval Appropriation
Mr. Brown of Penn. moved to strike not
the Brat section of the hill, and upon this
motion proceeded to make a speech, respect
ing Slavery in the new Territories.
Menem flank of Ind. and Lincoln of
II rose and signified their desire to make
an explanation, but the Speaker refused to
yield the Boor, and proceeded. '
Mr. Strong of Pa., followed in opposition
to the Mail Steamer service.
Mr Vinton offered a resolation to stop;
the debate on the Nary BM in ten minutes
leer it should be taken up in Committee of
the Whole. Carried. Yeas 74—Moys OS.
Adjourned. 1
8 .—Mr. Clayton moulted a me
morial from naiad*lphia, for a cheep is
the tariff
Mr. Dix presented • memorial from New I
York .diet that mason, might be adopt-
ad to promote teeepenuee In the Army and
Nen, by the nbolition of spirit rations;
mod also arming Ilogglos la the Nary.
Mr. Juneau Davis reported • reeelation
rmommearling an alporsprifttioli of 114000
ter the surrey of a railway route from Ap
horism:to Ordifornia, via Banta Fe. whisk
day mode
theorise of the day for Wades.-
The Swale prooureded to the owarkro-
Num of the 'pedal ardor of the day, being
the Isthmus rail s w r at
Mr. Clayton • hi favor the bill.
ildr. Mobster °dowel io its support Woo.
Mr. hamar Dade opposed the reason.
The bill was thee peetpated, and the
Mreaft west Wow Menthe maim
ifolwaroh Imported s WI to
min* ob• introtkookoo 4 Shwas for oalo
Dr bits Is A* Dietrlet , of Ooliaabia, mod
moved Oa rofingeo to thoocommittoor of the
whoirt. m l fist It too priosoa
Wootworob opipeoloi roferomee.
Re soli It was so good bill on amid Mk.
p ant s. howl the lel
woad forsoorrat
Titeasnsv, Feb 1
flccarw—Mr Stanton, from the finance
committee, reported in favor of coining noel
dollar gold pieces. and double eagles, ($.202)
Mr. Pearce offered a joint resolution to I
extend the period for receiving proposals'
for printing the debutes and proceedings of '
'the next ermgress until the let of March.
Ile allmind to the many complaints etude
!in relation to the manner in which the de
-1 bates were at present printed, and he de
sired an extension of the time, in order to
'see whether a bettor plan could not be I
adopted. .The resolution wan adopted. •1
The hill for the relief or the captor. of
I the frigate Philadelphill, destroyed in the
harbor of Tripoli, after being amended an
as to provide flw the relief of the widow of
Commodore Decatur and his heirs, wan
After the transaelion of some labium°,
tat," business, the Senate adjourned.
ißouse.—The House met. and after filet
, usual preliininaries, Mr. Dixon submitted a
, resolution instructing the Committee on
Manufactures to inquire whether a system
int bounties had not been entabliehed by a
foreign nation upon goods manufactured in
the same, and whether it was not expedient
to adopt some counteracting measure. The
resolution was read for the information of
' members, but laid aside without being con
The House then tonic up the bill altering
the time of holding the U. S. Distrik
I Coierts in Western Virginia; and for in
ereasing the salaries of certain District
'Judges. h dinronnon of tho merits of the
hill washml et, length he Messrs. Vinton :
Konfenan. Aolunun and Jones. iif Tennia
•cii The latter nr.0.,1 to lay the hill npini
the tattle, whiel.
The lion s° then went lido a Committee
the Whole. Mr Ituerooll in the Chair,
and tok up tie Nave Dill. Several en
important nmendmeota were relived.
Mr Schenek defended the prevent regu
lotions as to the spirit rations.
Mr. King, of Georgie, tensed to leave it
dineretionnry with the Secretory of the No
vi to (minim" , or abolish the present prac
tice. 9r. It ielcnell.
lie. 13.-odes t iieellt the mk,rt:tik , ty on
to who nun to he. he Secretory t Noe,
under the new riodilent, rendered
'm it to det.ide ho 0.. diiipose ..r the aint•ocl
lIIPI t.
Mr. Rockwell' motion wan adopted, and
Mr. King's reic ed. Other amendments
were considered, int without action upon
them, the Cum lift., rose and reported
Conflicting motions were then made to
take up various meamwer, but finally a mo
ll. to adjourn prevailed.
Grog. 7'uyior en route Per the Capital—
Mr.. Clay in company with the Presi
dent sleet.
ORLEANS, Jan 30.
Gen. Taylor left plantain. to-day, on
1222 ft il of a steamer for Viekshnra, his
inst. stiippieg llpeloo the rissic up the tit,
22. Fri Vichsherg he will proems' to
N . 212-10 Ti Ile g
11 - 2 12,142 granby the . 2.0,h of I'.
31r. ('hay :r amps Ith areal Ts3l.2r.
Tee ftovr appears t 2 Lave entirely feces
-01.1 hi- 11...012.
Ciielera boa entirely disappeared
trent nor midst, and an the weather is la
able, n' recurrence of the epidemic is' , 6.2, 1
~,kiptcd. I Wel .te.3:ereerlm 1 3.
The Ilia fever is however raging. , o
re I
Jre:it nominee are'repaling to engage Ot.
i•h g 0.1.1 mithillg ex pisliti-es
errhune, 3 .1
fi note. 8
h 2ilic made, holders awaiting the news 1 Y„1:14
by the Canada. Freights ate advancing. V..., rt.
I p
do Ore , 10 OS 41 31
8.8.8,8 8 8r tool, 37
Fatal Railroad Accident
Tids morning. as the ttain containing the
o%st:hole that le t thi.. city by areanth e t.,iog over the Providence road, the'
boiler of the locomotive exploded with a
tremendous noise, and a fragment of the
holler tore if the head of Lucius Cum
mings, the Engineer, and badly injured the
fireman. Tho passengers fortunately es
raped unhurt., The accident occurred as
the train was passing through Canton.
Railroad Aerident—Tow Men Killed.
The tit'''. from Philadelphia, that left
, 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, was thrown'
14 the track when near Lancaster. and the
engineer ands fireman, named Wolf, were
instantly killed. The train did not mach
here till 11 o'clock this ',morning. The pan
sengwrs escaped uninjured. The engioellf
is said to here been Wm. H. Murray. '
Tho steamship Valens sidled this after- •
noon, crowded with passengers for the Gold
Regions; via Charges. Severs! vestment
°Boers were anon tM passempws. As
she ass hauling out horn bat bomb. oas of
the hands oe board woo killed by the tail
ing of a block from aloft. le bit bir on
Gm Wad, mud.% death instantly. Rim ,
body was turbid mina% and gives in amp
of his friss&
Pittsburgh, Jae. 111.—Alleeway city
la the greatest Male of szeitasent in soave
gooses of be being disawensi that Ave
c r ambad ban robbed of deed bodies.—
IMO these of respectable per-
Leona . = bodies were nwevered and
aimed. Skeen' pernews have been
I Respestable pliveleisom and stadeate. Ow
ed with the silvans have beets eownitted.
Anima Si. Meow UmUtaltkOm
• Now YOSI, 11‘. 6.
The Steamer United Mame &dived i.
pout this make, after • boieleree• pr
asp et twentrseve• &semi wlish
she "mei honer an mama eesbost.
Me Way a heige moiler et s.
sod Si. mod rabobleestp
die asks l• dywastr.
or. al*, promised Ilanlt Not*
" Of the Coltity of KIBQUEHANNA, fir the year 1848. ,
Mgeat. TrortqNagitola.
Mr We tidily eere • period
UP. We lure eel 01.41
NO my*.
,11•01. of Pittianwth X I
t 1. ....t,',. d L 1 r t , ,. .... . d* " . ' I Balances or Colleclers , Accesnils . lbr years IS4O-411-411-411-47-4a.
c..t..ek5e.a..., War r..„.i..... 11.....
Dovierto.J.ahl., .
rasum.basilt. ." T ..- 0. . ~,
die b.tek, „
.. , . ,„, t4: d .
rzhasitt., ~.. ,i',. ~...,,,;,.;;;,,....
ru.t.ra.l.-7°,:t.-;..;:.. PM task L;o71:,
Fanner' haat, do , Hon y Carter,
en. Irk Sehaylluil an., do. , ti,, W. K e ll am .
llrani.. be., °4 CS Itieteeomb, I .I.Via puljunt,
/1.1111 ..... , pat , John Va.,
i•1i ' ..1 : 471 . ._ '. ' • ,t", X. VV.llilatit d
n ..... li Ir . Monroe, A. . Sii. Chitinberlia.
.Molar: . Prittwille, par N Dallom,
1 Monentrahein, 'I
J. K. Ade,e.
vil ynso., lix , 1 B. A. L'
a one,
1 S. Campbell,
Ili Johu Bedell,
Irk. , Baker 'll'tne,
7rhan.....a., II
ite.turZert, al. Santu, aml L. Avery, el Warner,
Roldanter X R. Shoemaker.
" =ll l o=Zltalt. A. V ,
ma, MaaMaiose,thu , J. U. Murphy,
itrliio.l ' jtrr t e [ U. "'""`!"••
r... .d z0. ', .., ki7h. i 8.. ""' t ' ler '
Do ot P......, do i a a..,
Far & Mauer. an'kerante, do Johu Shae jr.
I' '' .3l ''''''' • ''''''..• Raewell M kith,.
I‘...ltorliesten, .
Yr.. Creaah Cr., do Arc hibald Browning,
Do Malone, du' Heard sherer,
lon Mein. ttoJj a h m lam.,
Fort Fate.% Rome,ao
t, rha,.....,e,,,t44, an' J. L. Merriman,
7.liteary Keen . .., Watetin, to B. W. Clark,
"laawar rosary, „ ao Silas Chamberlin,
dni11. nteaoati, . Abel Shertuan.
. notternont 4 do . •
.1•• ~,,,,,,.. xi,w,11,,d.,,,, ,be Boyd Taylor.
. ...!.,
.J . a t a , .
.. e L a . r : l y ,
.1 e .
: d
. 0
lA A : 1:11 ,
a t . : e s :
p.: C m a t
hr utef t e r .
,:. , :ill7 . :tulatea. 3: K. S. ear.
Lr'ortontr ,
. 3. ., 0 Tiry...J. Rob: wan.
I.olartem• emta.l. ". El ah &al
de Nn. & linntret. Camel. J j a .„„ p h ,
1 a r ' d.ther ;het '. th, do o J. :Ir. Ilare d ha ii rd . ,
: 74 1 : 4:
. ; a :.a" U "' S ' t o a ..: " ": 1
a e , ' " '''
an ' j J ; . ' ' I P' :".. I H l B ir wi d d iZ n :
do Ateehnole• .4 itar„.lll. do Henry Pepper.
' .l ' , raVhnittrlO, T oi.e . " M. B. ( "Wet
de t . F. Sotathltrepote, ....1 G. wallhom..
,to .............. d„
. hirrmotile, i Jo
Jo ilcr Ana Vann, In.. o
an 11...., .hrhert... do
do MA.. VW,. .1
3 :4errrrZl3 : Arinny, : II :
do vrle Vor Sthre, Du... X •
de N0e1„... iii eh., do
. n ie rn Et. Image, .
Jedt..1.1.., 1 lira. Jo 1
dol. romolod.. eottety. ... do I
doroot,m , tlehoind amen.. i
.o...Jas mor d ° l'ounty, do '
d '' ' '
do,li dui rn d° '
Jo, lane 1.1.1..,
doa...t , Id.. Iharmo, do .
, en. do' P..e11. 5...., d° i
.1., aitlinar. Ilhanic h .
...i, an 1.r.d... mile. per
ii . o
de ii
J„ ~ or , rrlY
''''''' 33 ;.i.73'',...34 ) ,
, e orin lc rinady. do •
•• , • , .1„ i
t•dotral,..., Valley, d0r...w0e.. county, dal
Ihnhos d oelle,r, Vitt ,
1 ''''''''' I'l" ''' '' ''' 3: Ii•;',.!hfl:::"' :AI
.11whaang tinnia do
C... dn.,. 2 '.l3:.'"Y• %
...Mt, do
e h d, ni. Alt.., Thar. I nine, neroathdt a°
" Thend.h.. 1d..., alWniter doe, ' .1
l'omnovrini. Northah. Minn. county, Jo
cowl.. meatus, . Wayne ...i, ;If
A1Z71 . 117 '.. {i:: IV: 2 1H1:17p X
haw.. /runt, . White PIO,
hr.. eh... wow en . 4;F Wil•latnelhara, d°
• r..... ~. , . ..y, .i“.d.., 5h,...., do
Lem, 4110 i Ines chanty, .
New Jersey.
sundae..., tu ' r it 4' e r r " ph.:,l...arratteraeo. .4,.;
V.......... 1. Penh An, i. PIM... thwael
• Comte.V • per t'ardn„. „. „,,,,,,, P r.
i=;:1..1„:1... " 1a1.., . 1: : ::: : r.!;•••.;.• : X
fi ..zir
. .. , n ,.. 1 . 11• .. re1ean.
~. titrxt In . hiI;e.IIICZ
j 1,7 '' - . `,.;- .7:7""' 1.,;) 1'.... Is. Brunel,
Bonk orCoaases, (Into
o rl:=7="Tost. ban
of Northern Liberal,
bank of lvania, Pennsy
1/1.4 or Peon Tonal,
illoseurrelal bl or Pa .
rent .r t,l7=3:
Kensington Oas. Phew
fratarers . sold MaPPon•
lona Ma analog
Lana. PI .
Knuh.. hank, iced
VI astern a n
of •
Panic al,' Mem 13
IlLsols or Charter county, pall
Naga Kola.. enmity,
Pant co . Marna ttttt on, oa
!Paul, al lo Psi.. 1
Itook or
Monk ol North Nlontd. ,oo l'. • !!!.
. do , or d•
Ifs 11 Old y Not, of goo
/1113 , .1111 Earbsaisot DE.
moex re, New No., Pry
or ?rg " , ot:ry "
Loolg,Eutehero' Om.
von'. Chroool, City.
Dol. & Rod Canal Co ,
I,lton, Loather Eon
Ononotch. Nanhottao
Idnd ,
Idoollooloe lisog dodo,
ehonts,3loreboold.. Ea
Troloronove. Notional, Nor.
Rimer, YlooNY,llavooth
tn. " ltll7;2,llto ‘ td ! • * , '
Alto .y
lo.y 1...-Nondo.d-wit do.
!Mood, LOOO,
On of Ctnstral NI. V.,
Do of en, typt lake,
Do of t;Lrnamo•
lko 1;.: E 4114. Elu
Un al Lulu. EIie,UUQJ
Un ,Lovnlit•
tte=e. Roder,
or Ne..n.
1 1 ins
3.33 6nebbl., $ DB a 6 00
1114.11 n 3 25
4 . 43 1,3 pew 51.1,
" ' ra
6 "
ar Lit 3
10 1 .1.90.01331.1.1. 13 73
.10 Wen, 19 Mall .lO
len et, .1..0.30
New Vat rellle librkel. Feb. i.
AI molo:.
At , I I own an.l C0A.,...1 owl
Von.. Ow. the ronommtively nem.. of Oat
0..... I •P OA. AO to per
oorr .AI Ir.. to Ow ...I
roovon. an.l A.. for Vs. patmen 9111.4 Oil own.
MAO. OKA. On. k t'Alno et OA. PA WOOL.
to .47 .. All mO.l Mhow Asol lawM St , . AO W. ,
oftll M.
Will b. beld Y 01bobbby tb. bmporhomea Amiebbtlon
at Universal. do WM.., are Tbunday. 21 pod SI at
trb seal. Al raid Cwenveser Om C. C. 111 , 0me.1.
blind. Ire. J. T. tbableb 5111ned. Hoe Wart.
&now. Mb* WI Laromi .b.eneblialy bay./ le O-
Z. It. at 11.1., Iftemts., 015*
Is Fs%ldis. OR Ow ills WI .11n , SILtS Ass INs,..slik
Ilmfy Maki, malelimilarr at Woo. Suck, at ans.
NY. Is the WS irsu.bst age,
Mna dada wu • ember et the Presbyterian .
Church of Fraalin ; and dating . leg ad pew
fall Ohms neenifeeted anomal magnetos to the
all of hrr Reatealy Father. No replay ward
nuenser mead her lipa Wheadto felt de I
ced hate of death .p.. her, oho 4fteesed her
Way he he beralkaml bade am all a aeon.
final Mara, hoes eae propered to
ell is Ems et OM ■eida..., but de mkt It was
se her dare, de Mead It a Nal .d peerfal
tg, d. puma the cal Wain of dash. The ha
at ar band. epos bar lam a. Maly k$
seep Is the me the Bea r t►. woo alai
wan her lb.— 1.. d lltes real 4 hale
Nefao gratevelimarsecto.
onta r Ms Ms Main fr Nilo We &ma
W a. meows
WFoCWr o dO =
n rf ly
ow W l o)r S
rll. e
= a a
do so = Ar l W o i hr a n rffo lo
roo ri ort
r o P o . ,
do COS
logo Ohs M IMlrorlolfo, for VW repo. ft male, for• So.
IMOYMVIIIIINI•NA le Or balm* WIN Darr go
goo NIL
. SOP,
vol .
0. .0 = M0 2 .. g eft•
[Made and poddiaked in pursuance of . Ate of A.embly of 1501 April. le 10.)
Bralg sten
Door ,
H •rnek,
N Milford,
Say r La th
Apo aeon
Rndsl mice.
11) nine ,
Ft. l
at Bend,
II noon),
New Milford
tlilegr Lake.
Amount of Dop $9 llO 97
14fondwg Order of Rush
Abr. SirmuothaniiaUrly, Cr.
County lo-
E . 17 „ ,:e.c;7 4' •• 112 24i 711 r 2111,:,7•711.1
$ 11;1 . onlcrnrCourl
Wi1m.2,111.1411. 220 114 j.. 1/7.:1';
John Prot', Anil or
''''''''''' "' • '''' '' '",:".;:"!°.ag,..":
LIII 4. kt.treo•lt,
t 0. 0 ! 12 ,0,
. ,
a. l
%0....Aver...0f, /.: 7 1 1
!'";''' '''''''.- ';'''7::` ‘.... NI ,
flrnml .10n.r..
..,!. F 4. -- •
v....C0 Or, t •t. ~,
1;,7:7..',...:.'n'7''' ' vi . ~ 7 1
41 . ..... pal P., or,
1,1.1.1va11al •
.` 31il ..o!
.....1.411•1 ,I—. iito Fill
Jail, . 24.
Court 11......, an -.'
omm. n......r, I FA;
11 "' .. t''''' .. 71 V"' N.14,4 ".. .... 2""
acr 1 ,
1:.:7:411 , L,17t.,,. ,t.
"...non.. ,r.
.4.7.4 We P.m, 18
"L .1
WI. . M.
1 17 11.41•14,....4.1110w. Do
Jot. /..11ey, •• DO Ord,.
. 01
tressumos Yrreer. 21 47
Nilatemelat aHr TreniVe• Aeons.
TVLER, Treuir. CONTRA, Cr.
To 70l In Tr. .y. 1,1111 55,1ty oPlet of no.
To o. \WWI, 0401,7, Wel f
Ton yo't ••• ••I rvont•souoy or 14n ,
114 n.
sr••••'.1 f • 5 4.4,041.4g0r40re, Jo
Two.. nod r y
e- " T 777- 11.4•••111To. 214 47
t0r0.41.4m14. .116192" MICI3Tri nooe,, lib WO
41 14
I.moooont n0r04.1
n, SMr4r, plr
Statement of Tr
Me Ceentan
I Dr. H. TYLER. n
T rrr...W",l`
Toa.ramnewsulec voirs
ewers Aeet wins
k of reumPa.
Ivo CO.VTRA, Cr.
ny rook meat ft.
ti . .. as ea.
Treamm al sax at
Rtate tax fiw pre.
tom". M.Y. 6242
" eveel... alt.
inmoseer, ISM IC
Com . . ofTwoer. TT SI
of Cairn. Me ss
"boa'. Sit
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672 4.1 628 411
289 714 277 1 4 '
478 811 4:16 231
277 191, 240 671
333 93, 315 601
195 31' 178 201
229 07 217 07 1
413 43 318 019
403 71, 343 26
176 67 105 091
37593 347 37,
9, 1
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242 18 227 511
215 03 230 79i
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235 410 01
183 271 170 45
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917 29 178 OU
442 571 411 93
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962 78 216 .41
411 53 384 00
125 301 113 061
9710 93 88383 19
b6l/1 8593 31
Nreemouge to Coll
$ll6 137
ctore, all 15
. . •
NV1114,11.11 P 343 10
Amount due on Duplicates, z.IA3 31
--- $9717 3
New Daily Line of Stages
Between Montrose &Great Demi.
$5.1111 !4 • I . 1.7 Moat Mee evz ,
r , io Sark nit. •Inv. nuf ow.
O. and sefqoasnotlMMA Ari•nr, Awl MM.. name
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.11.4rilir en .0 Low r., czertiou {Amalie their Yea plea
-1:V..471.41.1.;!:*". A. MORGAN k cll.
Wood Wanted.
APlt psl,l for 11,. If dellerred Ml+ semlb. 111 In per
toeunl ILe p. fur ne, Inn le.
I nue 10n5....1 up Et Me Ste. 1.1.
•.0-41 43 Puff. Ilesuluek Vadleer ..I.lbe
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Ono or tere g•nt W..l.le.ppeel wantee ebnp by nu
110. J., or luomb.
Wean.. run, I.lso I. 1,. POP? t
The fir., doer see., of hi S. Wiliorre• Starr.
T IIRLry natf4l aeolotofeot r..r lovuold into Pos
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tolo.l.l.moifflediesl.ll.4olool. Politioal and MO
fir7 PulrntogrenV:P:; ‘ tr . L IT:f * :Vo
of. now of Iso, Moo •1.11.4.-...mtla of motion,.
: Is tar, d• room ono,. "MM., Vortttla. Tior
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for t• I ? VI :obi no I Ousel Pon.. linfil AI.,
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Aehnote.l Patent nthloh ban repeat.ohy Innen of the 11.1 thooniwn In the Praukhe n.d inono.•• 1•••••1 Pet.
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iinol ronspo'nu thefts Pt... • 0 7 . 1 g,„
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&.l .W l'aree Leather. the.. BESTLILL k 1411.11).
ARDWARIII newt> hhtde. Town. Klett and
11 We. chop. • vat., nerht W... at POMP.
r be s
DINS 1101.1. and and PORK try the Iterrel
at Pth•rd,
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ALMANAPM. Vantfly.T.e.
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Wants. .11 Mod.. Ito Lon.. Mel MOP. 0..1E*
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ry anortoeloothoo. Comllterry, Msalwellet Whom
Saw* awl Am* wentleM the Dr, 0.1.6.
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p. orb. No* St mot, lb. /10,AMY i, Imo bon 4M
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Now Goods.
ine.,=1":414 1 2". 0 *=1""1"" " "1.
T*LA 1, WWI & N. O. ralle6LL
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mordalp Y IM
mi • peg... I. F. &Mao 114 Y 11.1. rofs. Womb Of
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At the °Alto &needy owpeAtry CIA V lAtelt NtA, Wet,
1111111007 , 11 Gold Pooh; t
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Omaha. to taaout.tare their 'madam Weld Pena awl
Dales Pea . Holden. Gold mat Myer Pea and Pen.11C..., ate.,
aappliell at the Intmt trode.priero.
vv.... (014 alma) 1189
R. VlT,lflt Na Leelthwas the welt/4th, Luso Wth
Illeetratiew—a fro cophni /we me... eh. toe wee
MINT 45009:1134.
A LPACCA.. Olnemaso, Ilena&lnlte, Da Lane, . a Ing e
comm. Gimp,.l..
U nIT~ au.l I'lukr. .yußa, 8.r.. TIYP'I•, Ifnr.. C.• P.. a•le.
LYONLYONS, thaulatal tn his frielair and ale ontille for e
antenna.. or the pinit daimon', would respootf
thoir attention the nem nail Owns One& he " la
Ting, ennalstinit la purl of
Crockery & Glass Ware,
11101101 Re
&TX .
Malls, Shorn, &c. &c." .
on 18
At Reduced Prices.
DT TIFFANY 1. non meek mu a Mr, auf lmull •••
ten dellttllaataVraltun ' a 11;=.
an d
Me nob. seamanly tonne Wm a tallbarompurallanaa
11;a1;tio On. 12, /SI,
11:11;=.27:"' '17,1T;%;”',r.",
I/ M " 174":.
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T 1 4
t4ovitTiv us sou
No Ilan should be Without.
D A. LOCKE. aolowtolle how .•li n o the
1. for the sale ly 11. IA county of
Collon'ti Patent Pocket Mitre,
t 1 Would Inform the oitlyerta /11 qtot t ut h a nn a th a t t tt t h e
Lova nano tl Pock. ntay befoutal a tan onarY omt the
tstruoan of Om Plak-1, MO, lattahl he a naittl•o• A
rum. flo• ono of thom• • nottMl want, la porta. tta can.
r ues.
They 11,1 .111 “ atth an nut•tle and Mod,
titres. lmlatton *Molt la win am.
Pleare call sod ,oureelr
.11 4.11.1 , n,•..0re
Sinai pone. SNL 191.1.
Am VS. of VlK.wing,
Ff. 4;21217 12V: VA:l7 , t.:lnt!: 7:1:7i17:1;
own. to ire. 10. Wow. end mining it for I le
An Is wisely. to pot N. ontl ni llt howeenbiy. Ile 1.1 1 . •
t. mother.: Ilorinelll. nonin
notinly pUrtionwil Julio, the run orlon lont
rti r, .11. 1..1.4.0 In • rot., olorr,
Av nlPro In a.. nu rorloinire 60 .•
te (AM, Xsl re, nuil rtes. Gov? Port ulth.
' rhotenni:dant eau. foll to he ontiroly rolifortory: or
to iwohontir thr prod. lANr Imo , onytlting
it. ! rho that .16 ~,, e hr will he round ninnt Allouwohlo
Administrators' Notice.
it'14;17.74.1,°'=',V.1. , ....%,T::,t,=,, , r, *7-
. bnke Innnellinte v, nt nn I °tow havlor
nphot boatoto nor .nnt 11,n, linty r tt, n ,./
" = " I6, 1610 I : . ILLYI
LAW.I"" ;';`73V prre"AlZ, ;,,.
.7 " /:"L ' Zr: f ' N " l . :rl 7"
" 11'4 M. 14 IST k 1•11.
otln , to. : : r.. "r elr
and oor IS U. I , lKr & CO.
Railroad, Frei g ht and
her a( yetim vitami, In the nle en rennin In Ow New
Vora Inman , tt min I tone rale of nil appetite nine-
IN in mar nee. whin mll enable permforeatedletn lIM
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te=. '" rg . 7ent ". 4lrlraTrift b it= . nritt;7P.
inn, In Gent Demi. nr In Nen Vint if yreenntl.
RN InrrOttr
Onint Rend. Join Nth. lidn 11.1‘.7.1.`g4.
trYtatil7l• "' ln7Vlt:4l . :Zt:Vott::::::: . l
mould he esimmly
him 11.P.r pm.rmagsr... Am',
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~11.• glom' n:-.,
rayldialltbraille Pills,
mitmly far IGllbw YIn.R, 410,n mook fmrn
experlvte.., (..? gal. 111LOWIN.
110! FOR NEIV I;001K
Via N. York & Erie Railroad.
*. th;
111.0. he Ir &imagine I
Iva an•lertnl.l ter any 11.14 , thatent
the Camay. Ile W. Joel rerreaaa la ridltios to M. lama r
MM.. a large 'waft el
C•lmisserr.,lles,inell, Printo..4l
pace•, feather, Grectrir,
st greolly named paw, nod mill h• ool• al • Inns moll
Jror• U. MO.
Tacos mewl ileJlefae.—. Avrio la keel m• 11,54 befo
oling M the Peiesol Illedlrho. el the 6.o—lrecnown.l,
Ines Val
.1••=:=11=,r. "" 6 . 1115i7
A 1.11.pwirk44.1•0•1 1 10.4LIIIMI L.
law Pe r . Pap 40e d, ant nnoletted M lle
Nf eMepwl 44,1Rem1a mat.
Z . Y1111.0. Ar i nnAMlNlrecrowl m .11•-
.110111.11711110 LL. ••
~...71.04 $O.
At dm best wkr I. L. POST & Ce.
ha 17. lea.
I , ===Ariat iv ir.
TerOt Woke. .1.
Nowillg•• Ark
dt/A./L NA'
owns. it. I.
.1 r ZT..=r l ' , l trelre ' rliltettd d rrVrmot
terms. pont...Pod
%gm public no longed to WI and sm.
on 31,141 i. P. B. CHANDLIfiI k
Iron, Sled, Ainih,
C.F . %
?MIS k
Gents' Bas bn o- re
• , 4 I/ W und IANDLICH IC"
ty et twat mama tteut, ria •
/haat!. ro • titter., •Sabriels, Verting.,lloo
1.1) Sh• ding,Alpaceiso,
Thaw! Ci• • l'hi‘,M,Slinsele,DiM
AAP. Too , du n . Naga..Sole tt Up
pr r Letim..r.,.fiii•ad Nip
A rtry x , rsoilmeal of
ltuots R nbcem,
Mill 4
Now, Pi... 4, Tr., So
prr, Itrr, Rntwn,t,'2lio,i Yam Md.
on, nekine, Ran* Paper
Croel.,, Tobacco, F . ,x4, Oil and Ibibier
CIO Is, ore, 54.•,. Ill! Pagoda., ea., oh,
ti..•i1y0w.... win TT \
...•are rrleter . tood publialjit
Decors. sr
1.1 pis e Watt *lolle I 10.4 god*, arty
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ilaba. .5r 1 , 1 prty ilrry could; am. .14
I al., mplol,tand falr ploy,rth . eA L tstlM
3114.1. w. Nov. 0,
WErsttlt respeetfully Informs the etthtsus oirthlio
at he leo. purchased the Intermit of 111 e.
to 1.1, h. t . . wake
r.t.l.llohnont, footmen, eon..lon Ity Nem m thiptilfogo,
lt.‘ rtnof onitonnofornolortoly of rot lainfn non,.
e n o‘ tt ' trl n l " Tlft, " VOter 4 , iy
f,„ won , t o et. t ) not tit. Attn an of onfelt L . will
It tIl lowly ot no" low pone, ltrodat.. m e lt tit ,
mon tem..
Montro,, nen. lfott.l.o.
NEWG o 04)
W ' 4?. 7 oge s ; r a:lolV.T:re 4."' "'""M"-
• • r.ll,..+Wite llnntrose. "Oki w.
mn•ixlx to t
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7 ."'
I 3 ..... 13333 rol e[nrotsnyvierot
[ rbw
AtiviArltimee n/fered [Allor.[A,
[ 10 to all per wort In furl her portkOlaff •41.
Ants Ipudd pultl) A LEARY,
mists an.l orevnv he
Inn 40.1.. y. fon... 'Ol by 111 • RUM.
."" I°"`7.
Dry Goods, including a splendid selection
of Cashmeres, Ablana 1k /Alines, silk
striped, plaid and fency Alpae
• ens. Cahargh clothe and
Gala Plaids, Prt nth 4.
English Grog- 1
hams, and a large. Va
riety nf Rich, and common
calicoes, Rich Plaid and :Vet,
Amore and Long Shalls. Donna Vet
rets, Satins, Ribbons, and Flowers, Gimps
am; Fringes, firoadcleths. Fan
cy Cassimeres, Satinet?, Flannels,
mn.l lork rtrrk or roe.. Arran,. 00. r, Hatton yam
ete. or.Aln, sr unarl a low of
Govern, elte,Fery, Ilaritrere, Iron
aod Meet, mails, Moe er. Clock/.
Mote and sihnes. Paiute tarot
a I*, Mrthentee, Mr'as. NForq
eir. .5,.. to whirh hr watild in
01. went no or..ur , Irose, OM, .Ir. "armee. 0146
rill 10...0.1011w floor., or .10r,, lb.. Orr do.a.p. ,
Fresh Arrival of New Goods.
Ire f no rm..• I n no w nnnk of In n es: I • I. In,W NW.
berr.l3ra, P. 1 ,1 na..tirin., Tenn.:rm. In. lentbrm, benne
4. ale. tee n
*11. . ‘ n 7.11, 1 " "' 1 1 1 . 11. * N71. T & IRSAO.
New Clock and Watch
In frnin the enire,
oul...ninrr burin Wei miorrioner Jo the *• inaOlonoo,
owl re ~,,, ...el one r: kw Not of
Orer.4l. in., in • , nyino that Or roe repo* row,
no.l onrl, e•Vi INAS rinno).o
An, r. in thr pi , of . otn.l rle nerd.. 0, r flow
lam ntr. r• he InfroJe awning I< oonMr, 06.1
smt •. on. that what 1...10.c. doll b..; .1111
Jentr: Int .r.t.rant , .l ',rite. Goad
Towle ....el.on, .1.1” , 111, mr , v ,, ,ttll ••.
kon4. hvortmeo., Coles
role. All nf vat.* trim,oll‘...• am t o
et. nee so •,..iits , a{ atjearlry a delm este
tor ,tl,
";17,;;;77.;7,:.17,11."'"'"'"`" "Ir.Z
Farms For Sale.
rr. rubor.Wm nem ral• lb* •••
ram,. vag.—...lmat 4 miles mod.
prmrtnewe Merenn. The laml lo aimed gas/.
lir mn I levier ...ermdarde ermrtlystlon: IlmfoommeMl/1
In, MI - m an n.MII” parehmate.
The nig 0.1111.-1•000 Imam. mos. pmilm
rale., elm, flirming Immmerg.. mnd
h'Jloo.Lrrw.eme.inn.4 4.1.1 with tb• lend Wor
Yr* t«rma ostrn Ww. YrMnlp
Genilemen I
'num ON/IVII.S. Ike wt.., b.** PT
Oft lea. evlimon al Nem.=
;i7..7==.117,1=1atp,...4..... •••••11
That be Mn eafl "*"..
J ot, dale An the Am*. sale, Int lee A
wet howler NAM
. All Ilaseerwha hovel.llberlo MA .14
Are 1.,/ AlAleo. gin pie*. FMK •lAAA Al met *Melt 1.
1.31 Atop or Wilke 1/11.01•41b001. kite IMO pm, gp
Maeln...ltle, 0.4"
New Waft ElNabllidwwity
la Went Mese Ike•Pq. ra•
Miatirilaa'="l:::"•° ass •Ogr a
Ow NlllMlrialiona,ylrMtry
maw W.
*ad owl=r4o.e, 1 . 1=.1=6 memo
0n0.... NOM 4641 Mods la Mama. 0018.
sal mow IN mgrs. 114.1alber II MO .f
, Nam. • dio 1 • sew Cho Peel
1.4 io Allis, Oar dereil. Ye N. V. 4011
a. NO Elrod.
*r Ike& Raw. 111, Mit
101MIMC min 0.11••• drim — llios Seven& Tem
=a .m. riumwerrt—