The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, January 25, 1849, Image 1

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to - OYr reader. aal new .01..11.e:rm.:traced 2d Wrdlla. Cto twoo, or ,h o k„. non,
for the aeoeliontetorY on oar firm pogo thou thr I Poker vs Upham •cm het for MP lottle and ilerelooil to b• ni sot sr tini and trriev.ti at the
WM , of its nothor, Moir Clam , flicliords for Pia •, Cone it e Deft. defection of Selintor lloonton, x ho hnsteen placed
Tbs. Nicholson, triage,. of Jule If se. oo John in a tiosition to deal Ilan this dead!, blow bl that
The Inauguration. 'L. Hod,. o'er of R. II 1t,.,, dee'd lerrLer for lvry net of hs own woe to pare ham and Tye '
ft „. pny the • 111 p CF.: end Wl' talon for ; Droll.", and, L -• poor! ar It sontoon - ou th• poluarlly ay.
Goremor is grophioally ,e.11,,kr yr. •vposa'o. rs,r',ar'e 'o
in another Mum., Ca. •• .!or.r F.- ••• C' - 0 . ..e. r. 11, an... armor. Tesoe re a whirl, trill
pealed hret. Th.- y, • .. 01, ' • .•C • • .01V:' el..- or- PDT 101calley end 111d.. t .`. return to th.. onto,' )et
somas, nova that he hoe beru .loo' rl Ayr o- v.., for G.". h'y. Inrayarl of pior In, the ealoguard ot
•by tho will of the p 0r...a, • an. _lr r vr.oor-.1 to .Iceeph Warn+. of, there or 3 proepoot that, by Cr, marlivlnvor cf the
Ire MUM dar, i..` .• .1. - ' o :Pr Iv • R•:, • • •1.. 1: Golum. n • ory 00-00 p .-t of th. torniory rod..lavas free le
foto d ova., its opprop..rto I, ...I o 0.0.0 ° IS froohyl. P6,-to t,. ME. op rh• nary booorno ,It. p r
but very little ea, 1,,. , .. , rer r..,. of n e rd, a .h vow... It le arryady pool end
iogly come.. - 01.0 •a•- • p 1! n. 13,4 ; P. Int•o. 110 r. •hot n•r, yyaleT.sair moot b. dir oh .1, and
oar) x . .•o . , 1 l• -a .1 V. v.., T•I 1yn.11..-
,•.•v .. • p coon moo, from the and
:,.. 10.. .• F 1 vead t F.J.reyip .
1 , 1,1 T. N, •r • —ll,
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pr,..trood.. ,
aliansent :a : a. I •
h. so ea,' .a., of ,'-an.. • oilaus
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nght—certnudy no s I g grk
always itnprmed Can Der 1 1 ,,,,.. I,re , k.n
pawnr—np.rol Poona c.a. n. 1 n
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h. wt. rutt.bug blt-uuttt h • aa. p
Pt... In hat adartus, p.ot ••
e•:1 •gur •ts tram, tte• olt • ttn Joh.
.I.laeltad•v • %A. but Ae Et, ~
i. d mi....! by I.+ s , "
-e.dted aud prn 01 , ”.
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nes' ere st na see Ist 1;• erntk sid • sts ,IZ! xdxp, PI •t,j srs
Enes•." tt• ''" '` s. Ss. • ss s•isse n ti.• stes neuel;
hoops before ho stsde ;. ; ; -,tre d , :o
C,ussid dm! CNN N., fr..l-- th. 3.
Congresr—Tbe Slooe Qurmiloiv.
The tale or of '4.. l' 3,3, : 3 33, .3.3 3 3._ 1, 3 3 " C
Washingh+33, h • 3 , r, 3 3.
en during the pr. nto an., The n
We. eiei.l f:re, .tl,l ne e 1 re
correctly, .t w.,1 1, , t tl r
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end ebeothtl hat( inog oft. r tool
the o'epells" to fool tone no. thl to 7 tt
defies; Mc Dl meow., t , z , .rof 111 t :1,
eamphoit nowltfar 1x Til,
of Tnyl , ,'
Sollrrn pn t r t i I,
iron n• nnt II no nt.l. Ivo on, n'n,n,
deed, ol la r., ~ r rf •t n: ,w.. n.l,
for llonwon. ftt t.t• • tt
how orteetlt ; to al., ~ • •
platform nottt - r
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unifitrmly vot•tt vit,t tito P
Mt.," ft. UZIDCLM 11 ,
fulttro. wonott , r 11,:t ,
ha, bttu metmvien I
Oilth `t 1.,
held for tilt Imq:tom or . t.
trt ton”..a. It, .1,11
...II en dt ft tot tittn,
r ", ~ 1•, r~. If,~
.I. L„ •.t 1: ~.. I. i.
Id. • ',amnia and d 11.. !In n:111 f e, n.l n.n t'n. idar, do• prnalty of &nth,
ent.rr. tI I , nnorlannimin . 1%, a ••• T•Ile d nirriipos non to
dent in re: Ilia te..lm, of haw., t de P 9 , d 1 t'' 3 " , d 1 33 t0. r R. 0,13 4 1, 11 ,04 -
morcemot naavtklantlyliiroaans. o aiitharn raeorfl li,, ohm of Inn *canon, by &migrating
men, nnd Ilia addraaa men- ba nial to rln• n roof tha rot committee on tilakeubjem.
otloo tin 01 0, 00 . 3 . 31. 3 Mi:10. 0 ..d.b rn Tbt in thr unreturned bills of
sonornto and of • AN tlic, ad! prcr- thr m the h,tida of the Igoverne, I
buy be of haat la, id, -Cr • monbe-, who We-n WOO mill fun:, r d but not &quad f.
• •
P r " ... . the I "' 1 i" . '" 1., ' wh ' ' " " h ''' l. '''''. 1J The ealSatt on the N. Y. 11. E. Raihood.
eel ot the iv at. •
' mentioned In' ne e en report, lui week,sraebetween
.. I net m-lin , 4 to the belief th o the whe!,, ~,,, ~w , ,.. a ~,,,, J.,,,,,, train.,
... 1. ..
....‘,..... I.
ill ''. "4.." d ..""'''....'.' mnger and try Ight tram as we then mated It wet
then wen't, thr het& of union. it het Illff became
apparent that a considerable mejtty eimembe • Z::::r th d 0 b : ,... th ::: . ::::„ .4 .^. .... 4 ... .7 „ 1...:b h :
dam the gave Stain on ollanrn ann. °^" kft Lonecbero before his time, and no On beano
der any °Settlement.. which will he likely to mine. 6.
dam of the met ober. of the Csmwstion weep..., ~.....7. ..._ ,__. : __,_ ._.-.. „ . .
ly noted in lIIT - caurse of the debate of Monday 1 k... ..... 4l, b ' ln e
1 :;` ,. ....... „... .. I ,
evening t end t h e cwwW , Wo Phw nnl n n rhall ly onnotated et bon gramoo is WAWA
not mesh .Nadi nii innit" n t Inn b i r P. I. hone On oboes tor in typo, wo Win
many of the dove Mateo to She restriction of Man.; 0. ..... nb. .. 6.1...0.4
a.... 0.....„nite
Z .. . It v ill p. ..
,h........ 1 "...... thed on dloodo . L . ,
.ftenet h. og b.... . 1 .....44 4 Is mid Sts .d t Ilte .im als .
well on Inro the Miranda nen of the cane, whin ;;;;, — ,7.....7:1....
nnelligsnt mind con &odd the ultimate sooner of t
~- -u ....i_
the restrkaive prloyalplel It -MS and an dully 1 awn... . ILImo
then*, As we bare often odd Istire, Sunni i annonno notation In anonos " r L nls. lint
yet be hood In Ste boas 4 need, *Gold nth ..: boo. Won. , 1 1 dm indatol. owd•ndened ley
%,,,,,, '
. ..,e,... rowmnd armory 1.11, 0 6..di.... , the llonalo, Crmarekshooor to nanny Übe
Mao ors Inwood! depts.* dm soils 4 dine. Ina between the United Awn mad Meoloodo she
ro, Air b..& 4: it. illodoo NA laver— Oro of Ao loot Ha A. H. Iknish downood. A
.ad who will Anse. St Ohl& Am u& owl onlito Imo , ; oo , ANA ogriotthoot.
!GOT. Johnston slid the Bills of Last %Pular 'for the members of their men body. It I. lotion. Factitious dletinetione eon have no
!Sew Road Law.
roe and dams). is the heart. of the fanatical die. . The Ileathera Cenveation.
unwienn The , .1.0.1 .bore. hr,. Ta. Waah *l" ' • " . " 9 " . "‘ " the N. Y., W. boo^ 1, . n w 00... dto 111/kk. , it renewing ' We horn t i t ., ,-,,,,,. Johoetno b oo no t t i, ot . y e ll for the people that ihej hate . metre residence where they are not eustaina by
th,. vest erten ouch . delewable wene. There a. i Everting P. writ.. follows. ',tract from the p.,...„3,..eL‘rva of than., w [npr,,,nd nog. vetoed the Lills which ire officio in their put at presenter the Ili ten law, pal such are the sudden transitions of
, but into ...tit cloud he to the Mateo, and 0 Nothing can exceed the chagrin which the I who,. to road town harrow... were emened.. retained by Hon. Shook of the loon of the might he left without a quorum, or be filled wealth among the dd.., that the rich man
let no h o p e th i n min- roars hat... 'Wan , of the to untle Loth polo.] pestics lid to On. T . ...e10pe of Soo, ii.r.d.H.Nrek and' Intel session, anti whieb passed into the with i hoe holdout.
- of yeah relay is the team man of to-day, and
- we
et the tow a , e,,,,,,.f .thefegshottro. are hand; ot Gov. Johnston whey the executive -The Bth - section of the Gth artiele of the' the porynan of today, the ~job of
. ..,:. ~,,oe,stsu,i th at w wer.i. ether o . .re nice devolved on limn by the provi-itins constitution declares "No member of the row.
, tare property is n o t ~,yd b
not about pvtinalueg fo to be extended to of the constitutinn. The n o w •nd dia.:Senate 0i1,,,
Muse of Representat is es shell be legal enactment. to particular donee, Old
vow; honest cause pursued by the whips and appointed by the Governor to any iiffier du- 1 wealth is unguarded by immemorial Iwist, i.e.Sae. IDe it ducted by the &nat. and their candidate duri ng the recent canvass, ring the term for which shall hare been leg., an enlightened seri wiD teach '
: H ouse o f R oprosoot da,, of the c 0.., has involved his excellency in a dilemma,
~ elected," Had the flamers of the minslitu-; the riot. to hold in eeeeeeeee firs rights of
i I wealth f Penney/rani. i.e Genera/ As. l and in order to esti ieate himmlf, he Imam thin anticipatt d that any member of the leg- 'the poor, for their condition may he ebony&
I,',enthly tort, and it is hereby mulcted by the' me aro correctly informed, taken a position ' islature would so far forget him duty mid lin themselves or their ofhpring.
, authority of the game, That ft ... and after I wholly indefensible, and at mar with th e '4olf-respect an to appoint himself to an im- The rich and the poor are equally de.
.1 the passage of this net, tiro super , hots of; letter anti spirit of the constitution. ft is : portent office, by has own rote, they would, I pendent on each other, for the comfort. and
the township of Lenx, in the county nt !always thus that one wr o ng begetsmealier, on doubt, Laneguarded ngainst it.—lti. I kraut ies of civilise./ life—separate them
I'Susquehanna, are authorized alai required, al d that the commission of one olkore, hi- t land the interests of both perish—the capi
voicing guilt, leada to the pertietrali. of •. The Geo eeeee 'a Inaugural. i tat of the rich is valueless without Die as.
it bet ire the hint hay ot Apni, in each teat!
Ito dieid o s.t.l I ~,,,,ii , into a eon, ttient mo'ond to ovoid the 0.n.0..s of the: Felt:NUB AND F. t.Lonr.Cirtnee ;—The instance if the capital of labor. v
. ! numb. of toed di.Nriot., nil to exceed for_ first, kind,. se end confide , re a the y , ol.le Ilan-, The omit danger..., because the most
!tee , . in such, manner a. to . n.sign to each ilia. Among the bills In r, F .,,,,i n n of lloi., ing e.tat upon ow the Exectit its lone, b.,. il bidi.oue enemies a the Republic, are din.
i 'filet a fair prop.. i, et the public roads, lilies , . ivone i , ..0rr , .. , ing e ~e re”y te ot the government, nod thi• line berib e ri t ail, : who prowl among the hone s t, onsueperting
eerding to tire amount of road tax a.sces- I make a railreed ,s r,, Erb , . in thi s Stot e , to t o oupp,,rt the Constitution bar log been , cilia., whispering iosinuations ageinst
ed In the respe c ti ve district. and to furnish the Ohio State line. Tide mod, if con- administered, I should ba take t o th e na. , men, whose every intereet is connected with
0, 0 road ma s t er i,, or e`, district with the . Idlocted, mould lorm o link in M 0 conic.- i red trust reposed iir tie, and unworthy the the welfare of the country. Each men
I h 000 d ot ,„ o r hi, ,f,,,.i,. t. n ,„l , list o f t I e plated line of railroada fit ni Cleveland - , in , confidence manifested, did I not deep], feel should be rebuked, es ilettarro. to the well
, in xobles therein. X kell or with thy amount , Ohio, to the sumo of Now York and Hoe : the responsikilitv of my poeitirm, and dimly, being of arreicty, as samifieinf at Ilseiplarine
, of tar to be „paid 1,3,A 11. ! ',I. It is understood that, Gov. Johnston resolve to mei it you support. of party, truth, honor, patriotism, Mad as
it , ~.a ge o p cave thin road his sumer t when a member , Profoundly sensibl e , b o w e r, o f to , own tearing asunder the confidence which hold.
St if 3. Fr. m c I after the
: Od a ne t, rho ipoilit...l 0, tete . f F.I; I I.INN- "f the Per ate. When it was preieoted to weakness, and lolly einecitius amt with o ut, on together no one pc. plc.
hip too', at t , 0 i lean .., f..r t , wt s' ip Gov Shunt; he now, or ti , tight he eaw, the encourngemei t and essiolauce of the i In the diselarge if eny official dud., I
eel, J..[ by 1. 11 1, . t... per it for toad the I it vas r alculated to ti,jui e the win.' people, the Chief Ma, i.tra to is nonlilo .1.11 tr., bear in mind the oath of fidelity
ist, in wfoh r. ad ihstt ice in said town- melee of Philadelphia and the public wixks properly to discharge the high donee if his to the t'., stitution, end shall endeavor,
nlii• ; and the I -.I I ma.te, s sr, cloote,j s' all ad Preosilvanie as ..ell or, ill all pr, ha. (nation, and if wend a the' sithetauce ..1! with tor utmost ability, In perform tba 0.-
1.1,1, , 111, 1. r „Li` near: Poor hied hility, In 'he ellhfelikti.° °I Pvllolor ; one, he"...- tin vol IX) shadow , art ,1- trust ...mntitted to my charge That
' turiher, Ibia ih ease .d . .rrurul of neglect stock to the Pe t it Ovnrin railri nil, arid , e- of Executive wtthoutY. i wad" int !Nati; ; I Anil ere hi juil,ment whet, milli anxious
. to clot •ohl mint nia•li t-, the vol. river, Mod, it net prevent, its complciii n Ho, i„,.„b or t i t , lotto], .t tho t . h ,,,, a tho r o t. ,r o d., ,i,l.t. must be aodicitati d, for human
of t i, e: oo ht h it . o .i t -, t , i s hi , oat . t ri, t o op- 11.clef,t, lola it ever a t ,' ll' ho had lived, ' rielil and id the same spii it. w i kin , , r ti i .d ' tittelltgi 11l e i. incapable of itarehing neer
„Lttot, the aoate i ~,. i t 0 . 0 .„,. y s h o rt „„„ ir there i. ni, I I asonable doubt Le would law i n t o exto l,. o tie f,,,, i n , it n ,j, ~s „. ~n rl tine tau,, and the linter that o generous
, rr „,,, nn , „,,,,. ,„,..„ line . 0 . ~,,,i . .., returned it. at the present session, Mid, his . ..try, to me in some', ling and de.. 1 t , feie. 0000 no Y...f Pm , will xemdoPooY
shall fill such 5r......e. IN appointment, un- veto. fending divot e 1 harnat intentions. will ...lain me ; and lif.
ml the ni .ti wit.: ;,• iI, sti ii Ti'h Pliilarklikiatis Lain e ilt.e.Nrrrd in At the o. n.srncement of an adwi,„.. tat tie end of M. tern, of ear, nice, it shall be
1 :,,,,,... 3 ~ „i i ~, nil tweet • eliall tin. 11,0 rneafflion., end we; oeiatly the Pennsvl- GA it line In. o v a
r net.m with lie Eseet....Y fot , ore to hear. the Paid. °I my a...Pm
;;„ ;„ n; 1, 0.1 ;„ , ii,, „. „„„„. i „, I, p ee _ ~..i. rade. ad 10 to tat if the bill live, tri indtrato the prineiples wide?, will State happier .. 01 .... Pf"•P't"at , Owe I
we d i„ 1...',1,,, , I N ,,te, .., 11 e time ami should 1 , 0 , ino . law, it would do hem • gov.rn his r. wth il., rind tlw nows.. te s 1,0
. f. nod tun, I aired ask no prouder in.nrir
;Jac, 1 , i ,1101.1. to e • l'. .ti ..e.d roads: sw ion. tojoiy, nor. exceedingly anxious to may dini, .• .Full the Lou. lit ot the , tnt... ' tow "iv , too Pave
0 , 1 , 1 n o n , i „ ,
.. n ,„ .„ ~t;„I, u.-le, ta or er . Love that tot. st &meet.... and ro ' , Unity The anmnd on a,.g.. d e li ; et, i l at th i . , p en .' With a firm ',Hance that the God 01 ea.
fo• ea t, nd. ,IS di , ~,' ' l . -r,,1, adtmtueut,,,,,,, o f t i,„ ,„.„,,;;,„„. - the ~.earn lug of 1.1 e prosout ....At of the Logi..lature,. thou. will I res. tin our happy couelry a• the
idol' be as no hi o . rho tw o not ._ pn,tv r,” n 1 pliol to It lids Gov Johnston h es ~,,, ~,,,.,1,.,10,„ „„ t .,,,,,i ty ot ..,,,,,,, n , home o f lb. ',ph, unit viii 1,4 lii. nap.
ter me thin's mop., t t'..• sail sop,. i. dor hileil Ili wr , old I, oxiveise a power Ilia, 0 a itli tl is usage, .twit on (los o„ a- pow t.. en ansione endeavor In promote
• s i . lie non pled. il arc rot especially en a bill sk it it a ill si l o , i„ vo t er i n 0 1,.,, ~,,, ~,„1 their intoeste, and perpetuate their civil
he hod suattoned ? Whet( er he had made ti as e t t i„, ~,) li e ; „,in., a nt 0,„11,, „, „,. Imil reli,ione institulinto., I eider on the
prntni, s to the Philadiltdonns during thri at toy 1,t,„,i0 Ili fal l , on an d ~,,,' di-.barer a the ditties of the Executive
election campaign, that it should not bet.. pun and ~ , ,,I.r.let Wow Dopartiewnt a the State
a low, and to thy, whir of Erie ilia it At WI 111,,, .nod under all vie . tsustune,...,, • ‘VNI F JOHNSTON.
sly Ulll, We kil , W not Foch no. urso. 1t....- 1 the highest oldloa;j.,„ ..t rho pohlw ....1% nut., JA :IL ./.I 16, If 49.
iv. x woold be in inflect keeping with eel il i. 11 o iamb lees, e am] .le yore I,t a.ur le- t 1.1,111,..., w ir..... ob. hua...e,
1.1..'.,..i, llf• end oonsiNe, e.. 'I he ;away. !whit. an in-, , tio, 'I 10,t th, 50.4.11 to- Ti ,„ u . , ~,,..n ner r ; d e ,...„. ; „.„ d ;; ,:q
- ... , .i. evei r thing behire . elewi.r., nod ill „.. i i , t i „,„ ~i,, ~. r,,,„ „,„„ , „„„. „ - •
cl 1...1 , :nee, will I u:
Front Niurrielnirg
w,9 lstlmor.r. d lo•ot .y n,ll br ri
11. n. rd..' 1,, tl
md Ole t n
~, , ,: z ,:,:,:
~.,,,,,, 1.,7.1:!:::
the tlth.• ar offine .th n gettr•
• raltottantr tteott nia tin
e.. not thn I, I, *et n gather.,
1,-,tt tl rnotoont ofortIr&O
Finel./coyote, ot'plont,
nornton.oo Soo oty 11,1,1 otoroso
r our, Mono on Montloy roonotz. Jon', the
tolluvranr rt,ro elortell op °Motor for rho rooter.
of I. Golation
.1..1,, lilal pude acll
.n:.l.n. wfhlhrry
. Mfn.
I , ;drfin ,
inleq rr,rl,l by
U. I, \I
,I fr
~, n,. ,i,• Ti,',
d. I, n L9t up
p,s :Lt s rs c Th.
o o t!. , poo,on. A c.o.
he / . 4 ever Ile *Arm IJhoconte ean•
4 dale for the pou of h.s eep.ratiotJe, w • hope hie
r r inr. or itirgt Dna& ore rorreirrnan
Irbb or b 11 I a makkui a flaw 0111 of N, m 11. aro
is Cul [oa Invcer II utht. th , ,mkt
hs.‘ll., u-u.a., en.. -,.. ruul
c . a.m....kfT. ',le Id New Steve°
4 , • . 11 1.. r s Boos fol brusry lb 0,11
fr,...1 11,1 r IrorAr mart,
T. ir Th. trrlrrgb-rrarr—dri
st 1.4 r rt . —.rrrrl r: -v I:rt cravrrod. Th Irarlr
tll,lllll, Lll.l
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$lllOll,l $l, t , ii r
lorrn r H ith,e tinhrohtut.n4ly
pronoimeo. ono . co tho b ahtlnewsph•
Hors for pro, pnbialtkod an, coma,.ll .s
41 t`t•
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Dem. S n M 1.,. 0., Full,. Jrsorm
Ilrales • Per Tin %A • Ire. VII. r 513.11 t.ros, Vire
me. Clirirl. r IL. td, rreiltry. Rm.J
r. 11. CnrSe ~ II S 'lnanity . . 'Cr. nn'r
AVdllan, Cliss. 11% ron C.ll.
S.lis II SA% re• 11..141s I:r.
'onmon .1. Illarlirs,a. AI C. To.,
aur] 11.1 rd, T. P. St. Julia, Air lust awl
11J1E1 C 023111 It.r_
ro•iv.”.l bi 4 °Me.
Senat.,r L-day. in ...•1.1 t fix I.e
electi,n .
ilo. da, oi the
tm • in Ind., a r
iak . ev p:Neo tre on the nt
Fo.broar3, t0.i..11 is the litn,app , ted in the
rit it tee'tleeeetteet Wee lt l er the demate.
A' the ell et, tet aill he areeuseel by thit mete
of small eing, and give it a met lied re
buke ley ret nnn teed.; wig , efetheir eewn numb,
to the Seenate Aa another rearm for their
exertion, nee armlet oliverve, that it it great,
lelg the it , lieie al eennielestin of the Senate
tnext ear till eleleee el vlrol the retult o.
thit —llarrissnre, K,Ploo"e*
Executive LA genre has tarord Mr. Gleim
~ at. as St-de Lihralia, and Mr J..lnnton,
bi,.th , r t`... (I..ver•r•Cs, in A snag
little aria..tivinent tho
t,44l,4%ofaliq Icadera, and their mortal
di,gast of 41 , 4. a.l
T. N•insit Ito 'son —We saw aN 7 ltor
this week, fr 11r41...111er, one of our
I :neinbers, stating 'lint things looker' very
t'.e suLjnio or titts.N. ftra
Warm' r Ile writs ` that 'ho, is n fair
'guilt properitioner, or getting a
bill through op', pri..l inn the tolls at the
lloralek and end i•lliees as the
gualantoo- of the interest We like this
plan. and eon I , AI rillltt,ll why it should
n , a be adopie.l. Ihe Shoe, by nil moans,
"rofervnee to nornpauy is tho
feeling of our people on !lie jt
would lie butter all gsand—l.'wer tlls—
owl the In Ot for rhocinteregts of the Cum
in nurealth —Lucerne Democrat
o.i test,inn Anise of
Tiro deestberse deutvemelless. t h ee tP lieell ' e .' 01n. ee eeee..".ed kink.. and notercrou t hat a wmnanit th a t
The Cmvention of the douthern members was now to charge at Wards Island. Mr
lof Congrees met thb anoint at seven Mauer a once proceeded thither, .04 to his
cinch. About eighty member. in attend- , great joy. at:ermined that she was in reality
en ce A m dbm to admit report:. was, the wife of his brother, who was euppmed
made end negatived. yeas 31, nays 40. to be dead, and for whose murder ho aun-
TOG prom II greatly
annoyed by this un. der arrest. —N. Brenieg Pow.
mecum. seelusion.
I a M.. WITH • TlOall—A newel ex-
The uldress prepared by Mr. Callon. , Sih w hi t
' from the committee appointed for that par. 'Olden occurred in as ng on it. and nn ' I
pin, was long, and its reading was co.- , the Neck yesterday. width drew off attention
at helf.past nine. A eta ., j a h sha lfor a time from the ran.. Bent Driotbseit
now going on, in which Mem.. Canteen made•PronOneell in ae elegant sleigh
Denby. Foote, Clayton. Berries and other.' I with hie pet, tiger by hie side; not the till"'
haw them far participated • lotEn Ugh Gement', but a bona gds four-
An animated opproltioe leads by the Ine fide' awned to enjoy th.
lan nitro of the Seethe. members, but the sl
addreen will probably be adopted —net this, ler. mune br slap
evening, however , as as adiounted meeting id nneitenweett Delroltrob ha d
is already talked of. Illv ewe several them to keep hien of. After mien
is that no ionsiettion MN ea arrived ;Cie- lAind the a% D , l•ekaeh •liikk"l with hi.
night. }edging hem whit lag already lA. I dim at the Tremont House, sad taking
Mei ieto oneof the &penmen. invited gen
thee. walk in and be introduced ; brit
there inn few who seemed ageism to andl
at the epperisaity.—Bowen
Tun Onetaa* a Na Oataans teem
to bo etstioaary. The daubs ea the iltb
frau dm seldom ware S, at width eam.
tor the aoioata ba d d seed aranal dap.
Tbs sew of mask «. eb• sth, e.lue4
did omens weld mealy 'Mt tbe NI%
Ind eadieeed them plaid eamite.
eulL .d th, Jelioyo ot.
the) ore required to do cedar the olt.tiog
Ft, -I The said mad toasters arete•
retired 111, nod lax then r‘ -peet
di,ltt.•ts yr 11,1 ..nt, .0.11 ay may be
Aft. , tht.) klopl' fr, mthy
.1, bus n„t lat. r ..n tliu tio,t dap
h ext.', pt tthar.,idulde rupair, tr
ne 11 , anti the,
shall•ammal 6, , mouth r.f.latmary nl
4,•.a, ni• et t wit, t' e said supt rvisr-,
at M 111110 :‘1 t Itudt7 tt I ) saikl
mver‘i-tax, tool ...W. 11 I II 1,1,,1C
andany fuillre on 0 e ,an t,l mod
road ntastor o. s ec We or to. wet t oat their
tnx , ..s as al., e c uel. 0.111 subject those
itegi cling to a fine r dollars, to be re
-0,4 red n- no,el fi. [lnal amotiot are
1.3 law reenvolable, holore a jl.l 1., id th
st a Ault f 1 ,.• 0!...r tr. r
ti.e towngliir, ntaplaiHt made b 2 the
super, is to said s tnrista..
St G 'rim tactile, (any r. ad di,-
[lief. shall n t he rerptiied to go out of their
koqpeetive distriet4 i, r the cf ma
iitg cr,tog ri road in said tow it
ship List in ey of -v
of any bridgepo said tr.Avashii, the CSVVIITC
of ill ailing or rt building aliielt ...1.111 be
too heavy and Inardot.s..nto
tents of the di:4r', t t.
• which said blidge
dia., be sittinte, the° the
.ttiets ta.ale.t 111,,t.. shall aid in re' alb!.
Sreli Ti.o entni , ontatt..n 1.1 raid , tiret •
sh ill tod se, eil one d.,llstr p r day
and the sgal soperNi• .rs t be phi
for ta. ru
limit 11,e dal net, tear, f 1
s rend, col in and al•oat the Inv.i.tes ,
nr tl e • tnt roach. o, e
road t , (.. 1 , .1,1.11•111.iS 011.11`. ti,
tile 1.111,1•. t • f their r...e. IN • r. oil tax, be
the3t thc mid
n.s,er- .0.111 reek, o• to her compensation
t th, it re , rcti,r r n.I 1,,xe4
r.c 7 It 'lto &qv of On
in said townn'.ii., to
sepao au. boxf, .M 1 for
raeli .11.trLct .4.341
Lip It, dery sit tileir s, tes ti.erein ; 1 Int no
elector shall vie more than I all: per s ,n i.e
road mask r Whent election is elo,d, th e
officers thereof still] make return of the
del 'ion of Said road Ina.iers to tine dolt
said towship, aOhri , Italyenter said
ratan in the reeornlt aA amid t,nirnalip.
.The exi-tiena road law+, an far am
thee n. aopplient or altered by Ibis act, are
InerCtty repealed in the ernresalnl teyrnaltip
nf Let en:
Not at. CA.. maw gamma Itati—
or, frm Barka entity, enquired 3es
terday at the !glee of She Commi+vi ,ners of
Fmigrati , n, 1 . .4 a woman named Hauer. It
amissrs that a brother of Mr. Hauer, who
has reeptitly moved b. Burks entiLty, has'
iieeused o f Ira. iog maniere,' his wife,
awl is mow n on that ehafge Ile
atti .teil his anti prottsted that!
he had lost hit its in the streets of.
this oily, both 'wing, strangers, haring Jute
el rived term G , .rmany Mr. Thatcher, the eautteiims clerk. 0.1 nutting
Joie Lq Molina SNOW Jesathm's
Bag Ago °Yank, sod slot Is
.41 "WM soridelso."
• hl...ins on the Ittl, ins, , the firnt
per:. rut Ant has an) g....d in it, I.lnl iet,t ; t t 0... —dial tn. impo dim. to
, o
atter it ia tar
Itt.wledtendY noer ti rergenttithi't finer., .1 their ;Allot it Itn— that the pp.l ,r IT the I,l.mus • Panama that we
h, pt stmt Semto, Mr Senator 1.,k11.1t i..-; te i hen to 1.1. n , .1 nit he oh. :11,1 `1.1.11 e tollowing
d re '"'" 6 "" " .I " . ‘ e ‘' ". '"" 'n' I" 'die The Far,. ll, New °llea, on the tyr
toot. In ni the ter of moor, t.o his dot t, ..,„1
~,,,,e st in g hin t to return the 1411+ in Inn, The f. nit d, •s of C ^ i g rthe loth pi and arrn„d at ne
p.,.• anion, without toe signature:anti pod , nod si-doir. di hoed, tI •lii s ,nt, nod the fbc
her:n immediately
out tvect.. Thin •CS.,/,,,j0,, tile Senate ; men are twin eqnall) aril
pmeeetit .1 and
the Cl: en' roo hi ts t o in Heel'
pftllntlY teener d and now 'tint the right oh defending lite and 'then), nn doo, all, of
itoderdtat that the tioovernoni tekes the n i• C, poss. estng end protectinu Lome t n ,„ an and
i e l y Th e naan y,
gt. ond that ti a hig e did ~,,„ until) ! ty 11 , 1.1 111.111:Ili,. ale i: clef. anilde the stentotrro inomentatelywiem the stoical
let.. hit ponse•slon, end that loe has nothittuO th at all power is Inherent in the e..ple, rde,t up the o i ven a d.
t wall them. 11, it is 'odd, still 'lei- flee g. , ternmet.t. onnoleof t tri Che _ rrs
n ii t h e .0,
titer eit;to team, veto them. nor eon,. then, „ n th. ; n , reh o ter
t. be e r.11...1, lout t t oo el) keeparlyn as to ; eit law to, ron. to4i.ett es:alolt•lnnents , r ,„ ; „
„ f „ g.„ O h.
emelt 'tame leper! It this Le sn, It in o or ,„, ~o n nn 1,0
r Ihr
_ toter.
to 1 , 0t...t0
•41 der, lio tit. of ,Inty, f. ended on a dept.', ed of e, or me; t), to.• aa „,„, thou ten o n , „ era
quibble a nulf erfm, whirl, womb] he lett by rl t- j.olgonent ti peern, or the; he d. ten .,
derogatery to the non , iniserahte pettifern ' et the tl at .1 MM.'S r , rl/1,,t) p ..„ ere and from
c hnona
in the , tats. It exhibits n at„ II he taken or apt het in ,he over an ,„,, 2 0 n o n . i n
and enreanly spirit, and e,linr e gerd of the will,t the c.-! trait Inn representative.;';
whet , the , „ en
pbsinent prot !pima of c constitution. wine'. t het educatien should he promoted, and the
et, of them of 10 or 13 tons berth..
lie Int, solemnly sworn to .upient, This in ; Idestiog of 'well , et nal o utter° placed within F r , 4,1, j„ el .1, 0 , 60 per
e proetie.el of the rouble-deal-'th e th,.,,..,,.1,„1 11,,,„„„ , ,, andfr, ,
0. 7 .
• f whitt'n ri, hind n” for '... honn Ihen''''ltnl" the ju=ries -dm, that n Inch the le ele
nt to entin can contract
II h e , ..t o le . e . r , n ‘ t r • i t . l , , ,.o t o l , te! n i l; ;
t .1 ,. ...., ,i n 0 t, 0 d 0, pr d i va t
, t o o. g o . the
peel pay r then. 11.1.n0 611 the,et.,
. noend treold) dnring the wet season, rend
p ever, and the., sin 11 , 0111.3.1,1 mod, ity n- It it fl ....rated maxim that the 0,02... t tiee Rinses nand, „hi e +, i n hi g h .ry an d
' tn . rt. ''""''' `' e' e n ' ell
On' o ode , /."" . 1 tough Peek 11111119 run be tohtained at from
t' e•moo At Intl, vett thew. ins tot E ,
,„1. rho gleatest ntmher 1,111111, slit f. ot. the trip aerots the Intl.mus,
toetl ' 1 " 11 whi, It in 36 s one mote and 3(1 by
en mot It loelt whipt. Th,.‘ t g len `no', W . ." the ;An... The nodes entry 250 pound..
1.. L e emit, io i.e ,ork of lotenote r, nil mornhty, noel ene. tor- Settle r,t passengers, in their anxiety
ent,ne. It will nlnn by
j e t v I .' i . e the that Indite and mutest Veld deer
ly their tratfrpnrtation, 'wing well flees
the condition of the labontrog clo,nt n ~r prep. r for
Tauper=r r, paid s3o for a boat ar
rierl;t" i" 4 "-"IY " I ".‘ floe rit •r, while Mr Berrie, agent fur the
eitisen, n,rl totter rmit.., eo, act ten!, err, 4 .„1,„ n pr
and inenno - netoiret Iletnte I. r the re- „„ t h e ) an d 5 °theta en,,,n ,
paid only the
doetion of the end the r . " s ^ .' same maul. FroW l'anama to California
.rent rt of the tax-pat Ng and loortlten-
.f.mght id $5O per ten. Mr. If. reprepent.
" I ' 4 " ' hail at an tria r•C ' i " • most the l'hagrea liner an one ;of the molt beau-.
eertlia I aoppert.
tiful he has ever seen, with • quiek comet
An hodthted nation rentint command the not less than 8 f„, o f ...ter Wier...
full measure of its indepchtlenee, nor feel
the month and Cruet'.
the Entire blcsninga of itn institutions I The British steamer Tar loft Chairmen
, A ; V", ,, l V, ". , "''') ; he tin desire to groomer "" the 3011 t, with $10,000,000 in unary '
-- v° g"^"`" 'enev".'"". Or ', Mr Berri, represent• the countrs. ye.
ston nd ers refuge a
nml • compliant.° will, its will, rtiteantiftel, and say. that $lOO,OOO woad
make aro me
ran ring, road •ernati. .
that Ifeturen the tun, the interest-,d the
State will hn greatl,- i hot (h
Shenk lived. If, effrnfitfilion end the i
e,.,. Or 1111 ,, ofd. w-wld both I are been
',mewed Non, Indli hare to he
by jugglery of uniff ineifflffi fal•
ittenftif n lyllo fa, not what 11 ,. 1 . 0114 . , 'b.•
tab-feat.; of the State, or how tin effnat it ft
tiffn is dinregarded, so that the> eau
p wer and flaiffe.
• We understand that Mr Senator Crab!,
from the fits, trot rel3ins fully on the con
stitutional opinions of his earclient-5- in re
gard to the bill nat basins become a law,
has introduced • bill to repeal it. "'I inh in
now pending in the Senate Whet its fafe
will be,we reload tell. One thing, low--
ever, we do, km or, end that is, if Ofdernor
Johnston had performed the imperative
into imposed upon hint by the constitution
and his oath, ho would either hare approv
ed, or returned the bill with his older-,ions
Straightforward hosesty avoids f;,ftela
skulking frOm responsibility ae charm. ,
terbes oWe:et-false conduct in this mat
fer.—Harrisbarg Keystone
wkis D 1•11%. .r•' Spoils..
Thin is tt e lb et section for many 3 ears
that l'ne federal party, under the misnomer
of whit', have hod • majority on joint idiot
in the legislature, and it in worthy nt re
' mark, that the only two important of teen
in their gift have bornTanellra out among
themeelves. MrtyCooper, • Tamar of the
Ile an,. has been, by btu Igoe ant mattege
ment, elected to the United Stat. Senate.
' How far the State Treasury oleo, 'Aka
has bean conferred on Mr. 801 l by his own
ranting ante, wan made to contribute to the
result, ran only be a m f cot)ectdre,
but it le very natural to presume that there
well • perfect understanding that if "
tickle me I'll liable you." Mr. Gear was
• little more fortunate than Mr. Ball, In pro
a•Hag hie elation, without voting fur him-
self He only declined to rote no as to les
sen tbe number nateesary to a choice ; but'
Mr. Ball, to wont his election to the charge
of the puldic funds, could not forage the
temptation, wheel no other !atonally* wee
left, of %tint for himself. It Is, we belles,
the Intl lantana be ourthlelory, of • men.
ber of • Loghastaro conferring an impor
tant odes or greet and prat apes himself
by his own vote !
Thes:?legh!laters arelnly very die.
Interested eiff-nerilteing They have
tot ea ple for thole lIIIINNISSOIS fee all
time I. sew. Iloosalbor ao entailer. It:
, matter what his shams. quaillestlesti. and
=Mite may to, moll eartaullke a bolo
rirters ". " fuer, it . est b nttr.ed!
levet:litre .1 this sal+ et, :8/al a settled a tiro Nall.
ti at the peaple will sustain apt The Wenhington Whig states that the
safe ntensures having in view the payment mo t eutenaier preparations Sr. on foot to
of the debt of the Stele, it shell he a eon- ' t ook° the TAYLOR inauguration ball worthy
ingot elan to !la., our finances in a COolli. the
n urine:
lint, to di/charge every pot:rm eblicatien, to 4 hundred and six!: bat
ihei "" l " eeeenhe l the honor tie Coe,-' ion; Ely feet I . tr - owl . and twenty fest bleb
winnweelth, aml ta•rae.etee unspotted its te the square, is to 100 relied fort
yon h • with,
motto, of VIRTUE, LIBERTY, ABP r oe t h e dancing toom on t h e or INDEPENDENCE " meet of the City Hall. The floor which is
The intent in , . of the people are pare. ^ea to be of the beet North Carolina pine, will
are ueill mile directed to advance the gen- i.e a. smooth a. . deee , end the ee g teit and
cool Pfe•Plceitt . . When. th e t eeete• they he' wells ho Oiled wi th white cotton cloth.
lien. • Ile"!le lall e ti"nalir feel" etei." o , The whole area will be without a coleus
desire in ti.n skit their eolllt, for the pub- to „h etteet the movements of t h e ... we ,
den ' en' ''. the y will willi "td e "r"" Ti,, phis of the pavilion will be eppwite
of judgment, and sustain kiln in his bite t „ the hove wee , d oor o f the
will Hog.
cool le. It to ol, pe the sortie genevos and .b..a which the pang tom
manly sentime the Caine constreetion of in n a niiiig
motive., the tame appro. iation of public o gh te e - t h e ll e h t ° , ll ' eet l h l o ß'' ,.‘th e ... oe T sh h e . ee t eeog ragic
conduct, which harp boon extended tooth - ' goer of the wen wing of the City Hell, ere
ere, let I.llllilllr positions, will shield the ad- to b s oetteette d i nto th e w., toomst . linit the
ministration about to ooinmence, from at
,„„ ettelee. sad t h e spa , w oe H ott pdt Maw.
least ettneerittol censure. An 11111 spirit la ; bee on the ee.e l,me w ill he seed ee the
•t work mnongst us, spinet who. malkin
:eupper esloon. The whole premises will is
•: 1 eh." en their brill:lends lighted with earehess and arc
h! that ih4rit which Create• a wrong when ette hk e tottote d w ith •pmeione stem, The
none exists—which in advance eondemns „ tom .. t o the dressing rear will be
the piddle servant, and labor. to 4 1 .11.'1 through the large enoth door of the west
eo nlidenee In the honesty of bin resigns— wing of the City Hall, thermos' the car
"kh• °^ , rl "e.dil• dn.', rider of the lest door to th e role rairoiray
11 ' 0 . 14 illy lb* •) that leads to the rand story. Tito ries
comet heart, and olds thou ye to pubir iof ticket. has been hod et tee dams sad
gase, as serbetutial troths. Itie the sere if O M n ipso pgying ',-
spirit which mold array in hostile position I pan .. i n in to b s . Ka
the Len Into which ocedety dividoe—thet nrp a an my t a . an n b n day.
would Owe seeks! rid labor, the rich end
the poor, at variant with eagle whew It
le the qtrit that animates the bosom of the
Uranus of eery sp.
In Zeroes there are noblemen sad ens
sets, pared sell social diethtetices, eras
, SA and ..slaked by law, sad resethred
by proprieties. In Ibis ....try_ .B are
opal mar low, the kw, and se politisiss. se
prey In est isestry, wadi drives Shaper
Is We fasdasitiersi Morels of err On
If y• with le be happy fere do, ge/i mei
obeyed ; If fee • week. pi Wield e; • wed
ding ; If fee • mmo4 bey • geed nig Ifflbr
' kdf • par, mum • budleame wilb—b•• lf
yet e•mbl eheepe be limy, ba *WM la
buleeklem bompesbe solreeo.
sad tato, aripairfar " TIN M.*
ram Dameerak."
Neel Wog Is daffkm ai 114. hien.
bomb. WI Clarkthi GHIA I. Dula