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    She Nudependent pepublitais.
Pardoned.—Mary E. Vandermark, convicted
last November Term of larceny, and sentenced to
fifteen months' imprisonment, has been pardoned
I , r the Governor.
:rcw Enrollment Lazo.—Thu new enrollment
ILIW Is of sufficient Importance to claim an Insertion
in our columns, and we giro It room to-day.—
The proctantation of Prestuent Lincoln issued in ac
cordance with section thirteenth of this law, Is dat
ed the 11th of March.
I '6a( Oar Farms 1111d.--Statisttes just issued
~r the Department of 'Agriculture, show that while
the farms of the loyal States, in 1e43 produced
crop:, worth 5W4,764,322, those of 1564 yielded no
ill. than $1,561,543,690. This is certainly a satis
factory Increase, and aftemarkable one, considering
the ciriumatances.
The • Long Day.—Mr. Editor :—We have seen
in the Republican lately, when the New Year comes
in on Sunday, and also when the dark day occurred.
We wish now to knew when the long day occurred.
History somewhere speaks of a day much longer
than usual. Now what we wish to know Is, trivn
this long day was, and ?Ow It was, and Idiot made U.
Auburn, Pa.., March, J. B. B.
The Ladies' std Society of West flarford hare
furnlAbed since last report, one forty-four gallon
barrel of salter kraut, and one keg do., also three
pair of flannel shirts, four pair of drawers, one pair
ut wcks, and one pair cd mittens.
The Society gratelltily acknowledge the receipt of
twenty dollars from Ml6B Sarah M. Walker.
MS, TYLER BREwSTER, Secretary anti Tract-surer.
11Arlon!, March 10th, IAOS.
Rotes to be Obaerred.—ln order to seem , . a
rood and interesting newapaper at borne, an obligu
!lon rests upon its patrons to a certain extenti as
s ell as upon those immediately concerned in its
publication. An exchange lays down these obliga
t,ins in the following terse maxims, which may be
said to cover the whole ground :
Ist. Subscribe and pay for it,
2.1. Get your neighbors In take It.
.11. Send printing and advertising to the office.
.ttli Help make the paper interesting by sending
1,,eal items to the editor.
11-ry .1711th to the Polnf.—A week or two ago,
the proprietors of a certain weekly newspa
,, r of the Copperhead stripe, published in Eastern
Peni.tylvania, called to solicit advertising of a well
Saran firm healing In agricultural implements, on
Nlqrkct street., above Eleventh, Philadelphia, when
.:1 uyay ensued something as follows:
~lCat tia. cr.—" An advertisement P Let me see a
of thy taper." (Looks over a copy of the—.l
v, thee prints a Southern paper."
Ton —"Ob, no, bir Oar paper is pnblibhed
Nt cacrtawr.—" Well, I ere from the articles thee
.I'4i:4le. that thee is in favor of the Southeri, pro.
Thrry is where titer ought to 00 for patsaloge.
Exit editor with something iu hi. ear
.Yew (Sue setura.—Married Trorneo Inreresbii.
in the late case of Basinger vs. Stover, cai : ried up
from Bucks county to the Supreme Court of the
State, a new point has been decided as to the rights
of married women. Judge Agnew, :who rendered
th• opinion, sa3 re.
The question In this case was " whether a married
, ieman who has no separate estate or known means
payment of her own can re-purchase from a pur
'.e•or nt sheriff's sale the prop•rty which bad been
•odd as her husband's, who continued in debt, by
,•inng a mortgage for the whole purchase money,all
b remains unpaid."
Agnew discusses this question at considera
cites numerous authorities, and decides
t!, negative. Re says, in conclusion
•• t‘'s adheic to the settled doctrine that it is only
a 'tun the property acquired after marrial,se, has been
for with her own ssparate estate, clearly and
established, it is hers ttbe wifc'sk, and
;.r.geeted from her husband's creditors.
" To suffer a wife to purchase on credit, is to open
a wide door for fraud. Its effect is to throw upon
!ht. creditors the burden of proving whose funds al
war:- enter into the payment. For, starting
with tide Colluded on her credit, she must stand up
...a until the husband's means shall be shown to
r into the purchase. The judgment is aftirm•
ittestructfre itz F'ssrsitef—The vast body of ice
c•:h which the cold weather of the past winter had
Y.: tie. the river, began to move at this place on
Thursday last. It had previously broken below the
anll:oke dam, and while the river was said to be
maniac clear above Pittston and below Nanticoke,
a, have been almost surrounded here by a sea of
Soon after the river started, the ice dammed
'up_ below, throwing nearly the entire current over
•LctKlingston fiats, while the vast both of tee occn
: the bed of the river. The water is still run
over the road and the flats to the depth of
41-.1 or ten feet, with a current so rapid that it is
-e>noted the bed of the road IS much washed, All
*.arel between here and Kincston and the Lacka
%Ns.. and Bloomsburg depot, is of course inter•
lin Thursday afternoon, soon after the water be
,:an fo run nyer the road, a young man driving a
tt :,!onging to Jacob Rice, who Pees hack of
Kingston mountain,) ventured to cross, when
his horses getting in beyond their depth, plunged
:.i..! drowned. He jumped from the wagon Into the
mater, and was saved by the assistance of some by
s•snders The horses and wagon were swept down
la, current and soon disappeared.
The Wilkv-Barre Gas Company's Works bare
been so entirely flooded that the town has been in
darkness for a couple of nights.
It is utterly impossible at present to make any
estimate of the damages, as the water Is still very
leh. The canal must have suffered so seriously as
to require a loz,g, time to put it in repair—perhaps
half the Summer. The bank in one place between
the tneyii and the gas works, is entirely swept out,
and we understand the aqueduct ut Mill Creek is
destroy ed. We have also beard that J. M. Liollen
bark's dam at Mill Creek was washed away.
The ice is still in the bed of the river and along
Lgank. presenting a Feriae we should think vent
..vaillar to those encountered be Sir John Franklin,
K rne and other erplon•re nt the eretic regions.
—ll3lkas-airre Cuban, Stara 15th,
Great Bend iteme.—There Is not much of inter
-' occurring here at present. Neerly everybody
the oil fever very had, and we do not hear much
but " Found oil yet"" •' How deep did you haw. to
• " Wua it at the Eu.eond or third sandstone °"
I • I- enenAly found near the third sandstone strata
I ',eard a man say yesterday that a company, 1...a1
ui Binghamton (of which Tracy IL Morgan. Cash.
of the Broome County Bunk, and Judas 13400 m
an Ci , ectors) had offered him one-eighth part of all
may wand,' be it oil or mineral, if be would give
theca a lease of leave to bore on his farm for ninety
::no 3 man There are three wells in process ot
r • • 1 ,11 1 two mile*. from hare.
rummy and it is generally believed, that
tie are to Mire a National Bank, to be called the
t(r . Ni , tional Bank or Great Bend, with a capital
' , X , It is an institution much needed in this
Th, trains on the Erie and the Scranton roads are
• ..ost of the time behind time, which occasions a
Jest deal of trouble about our papers and mails.
Thy 1,, was gohag out of the over yesterday.
A lea days up - , I walked over and took a look at
the new roundouse in process of erection by the
onpany of WI Scranton road_ It is built with a
Rionv fotuidation and brick walls There are ten
•c' - axes. When completed, it will be a nice build-
The Buffalo express going west, due here about r.
0 clock, p. m., March 14th, when four and one-half
I , L. 'r from this stollen, ran off the track and
^magled two or three cam There were several so
, er,,y wounded, who were taken back to Buque
..,na. One man had his kg broken, and one lady
.• pretty cecil cot up about the face. Most of tLe
1' , ... ,, u25ert. went on, on the nelt train. The train
"as going at the rate of about forty miles an hour.
r.,.use was a broken nul, the trackmen
11,1 out We. 3. 6. Y.
Jury Met, .tprft Term, 1.803..—The following
i - 4 - n list of grand and trnverae jurors drawn for the
term of Court commencing April 3d, ISSS:
Auburn—Calvin Oay.Jno. KlmbalL
' D. %V . McCain, Middletown—N e I s o n
. Horace Guile. , Camp, Micheal Whalon.
imenaed Enrollment Bfft.—The following Art ;
n wa t er _wilo arn B. Montrose—G. R. latbro ji
Of Cotarress Is published for the Information and j ....." -
-do. New Milford—Wm. T.
, tti
guldtm et of all concerned:
WAR DEPAIITIMiT, ' Brooklyn—JUN. C. ldor-! al
sew or m ley ilf. .
, gen.
Penman Messner GE-NER&L'S °Trion, i ciprorti—John Riventrarg T. Ward.
wasniaoToti, D. C , March Sal, 1865 ' Choconnt—M. Stanley. iSpringvillc—llcury N.
.in Ad, to amind Cl, heron( Acts heretetfore paset.l t• ! Dimock—lithilip Burdick_ Sherman.
pro , •ide for the E.nrolling neui 'killing out the Nation- ' Forest La e —j . yul e .- Susquehanna Depot —( l. otllforvw, antilufroUier prirpoNnt. lin, INutc Fesssnden. , Curtis.
•••4 * 4 4
Tiarmonv—Jacob 'Storer. :Silver Lake—Win. Chi.
SECTION 13, And be ii, meant That where ' Lathrop"—Jobn ft . Aney. • chester, Jos. S. Gage. i
any revised enrollment In any C o 11 :4T.315i01110 or draft I
dtetitirt hat been obtained or made, prior to any . Little Mintdotral---..10hn Thomson—C. Wrigtiter.
actual drawing of name , . from the Enrollment lists, 1 Taat l !itan' urns,.-Ist Week.
for quo's of such district may be adinsted and rip- . Apolaeon—Johnl Jones, .I.r.ltin . nip—Warren Robert
i.rt toned to each revised Enrollment Instead of be- I Al.„,..t—N. P. &dell, W. son.
'LlhertY g bar yi e l m ar es D eh . a Ad m..
In t ; applied to or based upon the Enrollment as it 1 , — Si — one. ,
may hare stood before the revision.
Sac. 19. And be it fartArrenactol, That hemttar all '1
Widpwater—lra 'Foster, NME,
Joel 1 Grifilli. I Lennx—Ambrou. Brood
imsons mustered into the military or naval service,
Clifford—Thos. D. Atkin-. age, Thos. Plummer.
whether at volunteers, substitutes, representativos, or .
,),„ Geo. B ronnell. wi i . L a meep..-_,yed et u a h Saf
otherwise, shall be emitted to the State and to the i boo; Lott.
Ward, township, precinct, or other erirolltuent eub- Hi meek _ hi. K. Tingley. 'Montrose—Amon Nichols.
district ' there Inch P ereens hekr Og hY a c t u al rie-ii- Frooklin—L. D. cote, • Middletown--Samuel F.
deuce, 1 . .1 such persons have an actual residence with- y eet i er i ek u rea . s ame ., Willi ams.
in the I tilted States . ,) and where inch persons were or el Halsey. ;New Milford--Geo. liar
snail be enrolled, (if liable to enrollment ; ) and it is Fonst Lake—J. Strange. i .* rison, Js. 0. Wellman.
hereby made the duty of the Provost Marshal Gen- Greet Bllnd Boro—J. B. Rush—Amos Bunnell.
end to make such rules and glee such Instructions Fintntin, Susquehanna Depot—E.
to the w-vhnd provost E6rB / 1 /5 - h enrd'ef eltr u l imee t t Gibson--J. E. Whitney, B. Benedict, David A.
mdstcritl officers as °ban be necessar y for the Almanzer Walker. ; Lyons.
I.ltutui enforcement 01 the provisions of this sec- Harm ony—soul Chase. ISpringville—Daulel Mc
ts.ii, to the end that fair and just credit shall be gio.
I Harford—Austin Darrow, Cane, William Wallace,
en to eyery section of the conntry-: Pewit/ad, That I
i Chandler FAwards. ' Amos S. Button.l
In at , call for troops hereafter no county, town, 1 Ku
n _ ne w eet
lieerie gnte ,
newt...nip, ward, precinct, or election district shall ,
113, credit except for men actually fornish.-d on _
5 , 11,1 roil or the preceding call by said county, town,
town,,,p., w e e& precinct, or election district, and
inn.ter e a into the military or naval s erv i ce o,h4he
quota th ereo f. , .
.- i'
ea- IS. dad be ft furthers:midi, That. 111 COM,
t p x tZt
,quotes hereafter, credit shall be even to the
States, districts, and sub-districts for all men
furnished from them, respectively, and-not hereto
fore credited, during the present rebellion, for any
period of service not less than than three mouths,
ealenlating . the 'limber of days for which such set ,
Cleo - was famished, and reducingthe same to years
Prmided, That such credits shall not be entitled to
the call for additional troop. made by the President
on fife twenty-first day of December, eighteen hun
dred and sixtv-four.
See. 16. And be it further chafed, That persons
who have been, or may hereafter be drafted, under
the provision of the several Acts to which this is
an amendment, for the term of one Oar, and who
have actually furnished, or may actually furnish,
acceptable substitutes (not liable to draft) for the
term of three years, shall be Exempt from military
duty during the time for which such substitutes
shall not be liable to draft, not. exceeding the time
for which such substitutes shall have been mustered
Into the service, anything in the Act of February
twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, to
the contrary notwithstanding. '
Sec. 17. Add be it further enacted, That any re
cruiting agent, substitute broker, or other person,
who for pay oeproflt, shall enlist,or mused to be en
listed, as a volunteer or substitute, en insane person
or convict, or person under' indictment for a felony,
or who is held to bail to answer for a felony, or per
son in a condition of intbrication, or a deserter
from the military or naval Service, or any minor be
tween the ages of sixteen and eighteen years, a ith
out the consent of his patents or guardian, or any
minor under the age of sixteen years, knowing him,
In either case before mentioned, to be each, or who
shall defraud or Illegally deprived any volunteer or
substitute of any portion of the State, local, or Uni
ted States bounty, to which he may be Entitled,
shall upon conviction In any Court of competent
jurbdlction, be fined not exceeding one thousand
dollars, nor less than two hundred dollars, or Im
prisoned not exceeding two years and nor less
than three months, or both, in the discretion of
the Court aforesaid
Sec. 18. And be I further enacted, That any Officer
who shall muster Into the military or naval service
of the United States any deserterfrom said Berrie°,
nr insane person, or person in a condition of intov•
icrition, or any minor between the ages of sixteen
and eighteen years, without the conaent of par•
eats or guardian, or any minor ender the age of
sixteen years, knowing hint to be such shall upon the conviction of any C,onrt-liartial, be dishonorably
dischanred from the service of the United States.
Sec. 19. .4 nd be U farther reacted, That in every
case where a substitute is furnished to take the
place of an enrolled or dratted man, and it In shown
by evidence that shall be satisfactory to the Secre
tary of War, that such substitute was, at the time of
his enrollment, known by the party furritshing hint
to be non-composmentis, or in a condition of intox
ication, or under conviction or indictment for any
offence of the grade of felony at the common law, or
to have been guilty of a precious act of desertion
unsatisfied by pardon or punishment, or by reason
of any existing infirmity, or ailment, physically in
capable of performing the ordinary duties of a sol
dier in actual service In the muks,or minor between
the ages of sixteen and eighteen years, without the
consent of his parents or guardian, or a minor under
the age of sixteen years, it shall be the doty 01 the
Provost Marshal General, on advice of the fact to
report the same to the Provost Marshal of the prop
er district ; and if such person so enlisted and lump.
able shall have been since the passage of this Act s
mustered Into the service as a substitute for a per
liable to draft, and not actually drafted, the
name of the person so liable who furnished such
substitute shall be again placed on the list and he
shall be subject to draft thereafter, as though no
such substitute had been furnished by him; and it
such F llbStilUlC so enlisted, and incapable as afore
said, shall bade been, since the passage of this Act,
mustered into the service as a substitute for a per
sou actually drafted, then It shall be the duty of the
Provost Marshal General to direct the Provost Mar
shal of this district, immediately to notify the per
who furnished such substitnte that he is held to
servire in the place of such substitute, and he shall
stand in the same reputation and be subject to the
same liability as before furnishing of such substi
Srr ttO. Aad h., it forth,,' cawing, That In case any
substitute shall dent rt from the army, and it shall
appear by evidence satisfactory to the Secretary of
War, that the party furnishing such substitute shall
have. In any tray, directly or indirectly, aided or
abetted such desertion, or to have been privy to any
intention on the part of such substitute to desert,
then tr, s tacb per-on shall he immediately placed In the
army, and shall serve for the period for which he
was liable to draft, such service to commence at the
date of the desertion of the substitute.
Sec. 21. And be it further enachrd, That, In addi
tion to the other lawful penalties of the crime of de
sertion from the military or naval service, all per
sons who have deserted the military or naval service
of the tailed States, who shall not return to said
service, or report themselves to a provost marshal
within sixty days after the proclamation hereinafter
mentioned, shall he deemed and taken to have vol
untarily relinquished and forfeited their rights of
citirmship and rights to become citizens ; and sueh
deserters shall be forever, incapable of holding arc
office of trust or prollt under the United States, or
of exercising any rights of citizens thereof, and all
persons who shall hereafter desert the military or
naval service, and persons who being duly enrolled,
shall depart the jurisdiction of the district in which
he is enrolled, or go beyond the limits of the United
states, with Intent to avoid any draft into the mili
tary or naval service, dilly ordered, shall be liable to
the penalties of this section. And the President is
hereby authorized and required forthwith, on the
passage of this act, to issue his proclamation setting
forth the provisions of this section, in which pro
clamation the President is requested to notify all
deserters returning within sixty days as aforesaid
that they shall be paidoned on condition of return
ing to their regiments and companies to serve in
such regiments and companies, or to such other or
canizations as they may be assigned to, until they
shall have served for a period of time equal to their
original term of enlistment,
Sec. 2d. And he it further cnadoi, That the third
section of the act entitled "An act further to regu
late and provide (or the enrollingand calling nut the
national forces, and for other purposes." approved
July fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, he and
the same is hereby, revealed
Sec. And Le it furarr enacted, That any per
son enrolled in any sol.diatriet may,after notice of a
dealt, and before the same shall have taken plae , i,
cause to be mustered Into the service of the United
States suer number of recruits, not subject to draft,
as they may deem expedient, which recruits 'hail
stand to the credit of the persons thus causing them
to be mastered in, and shall be taken as substitutes
lor such persons, or so many of them as may be
drafted, to the extent of the number of such recruits,
and in the order designated by the principals, at the
time such recruits are thus as aforesaid mustered in.
Sec. 24. And be it furar, enorted. That section of the act approved February twenty-fourth,
eichteen hundred and sixty tour, entitled "An act
for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and
for other - purposes," be, and the Fame is hereby,
' amended by inserting after the words "any civil
magistrate," the worlds, "any person authorized by
law to administer oaths."
SEC. 25. And be it further marled, That the Sec
retary of War is hereby anthorized to detail one or
more of the employees of the War Department for
the purpose of administering the oaths required by
law in the settlement of officers' sceounta for cloth
ing, camp, and garrison equipage, quarterma.ster's
stores, and ordnance, which oaths shall be adminise
tlred without expense to the parties taking them,
and shall be as binding upon the persons taking the
same, and if falsely taken, shall subject them to the
same penalties as if the saute were sAministered by a
macadrate or justice of the peace.
Sec. 26. And be ii further enacted, That "acting
assistant surgeons, contract surgeons, and surgeons
and commissioners on the curetting board, while in
the military service of the United States, Shall here
after he exempt from all liability to he draftefl
the provisions of this act, and the acts to Which this
is an amendment
SEc. 21. And he it further evaded, That this act
shall take effect from and after Its p,m,kyd,
That nothing herein contained shall operate to post
pone the wending drall, or interfere with the quotas
assigned therefor.
Approved March 3d, lbfs'a. James B. Far,
Proecied algal General.
_ Sections from one to twelve inclusive do not re
' late to this Bureau and therefore are omitted.
cptriat gotittp,
Wofice!—The Annual Meeting of "The Odd Fd
lowa Association,. Will be held at Odd Fellows
11511 on Friday, trenbv, thew, 4th of April neat, at
7 o'clock,p, A gener4l uttendence requested.
Larca IbtA, 164,0 r. Q. F. Lisaxi...kliaidesi.
Mims Peer* of IPlsrr—lt Is related by "one
that was there," that during the advance of fiber
man's Army through the Caroli•as a shell thrown
from one of our batteries, " explo ded short," the
pieces Hying thick and fast about the cars of on r ad
vance skirmish line and hitting many of our brave
boys, though much to their surprise, doing them no
Injury, but rather affording them much pleasure.—
Reason why? Come to examine the shell, it bad
been made of paper and filled with curious, beantl-
110 sun pictures of the soldiers' triends,—photo
graphs, ambrotypes, ty,hotypcs, opaltypes ,
rte., all made at " Lyonss New Art Gallery,' Mon
trose, Pa., over B. R. Lyons & Co's store, where
more of the same sort can be obtained. Call and
see what beauties in the Art line the Artist has In
store tor you and see what pleasant, spacious rooms
he has for your comfort. Never mind the weather,
better pictures taken when the rain fella than when
the sun shines. Old pictures copied and enlarged,
Oil paintings and cottage organs for sale, and
many other beauties for the cottage walls. Call and
see. •
Our e f Mu peroto.
BUNNEL—Died, Feb 4th, 1415, in Fort Schuyler,
of wounds received in taking Fort Fisher James Si.
Gunnel, aged 3.5 years, of noinpany E, 203, P. V.
James M. Bonnet was a resident of Rush, Susque
hanna Co.,_ Pa., and In September lan volunteered
to defend his country against treason and rebellion;
and bade adieu to an affectionate wife, an only , son,
and many warm friends in the hope of returning to
greet them again but alas! be has fallen! and his
once happy borne is made desolate.
In all the relations of life he was a true man. As
a soldier be was not only brave but possessed that
moral Integrity that gives real value to character.
Ills Bible was his counselor and companion in the
camp, and his frequent letters to his family gave
evidence that be had committed all his interests Into
the hands 01 his Maker, and the bemired ones rest
in the hope that they shall meet him again on the
at her shore.
Weep not for thy husband, he will be hero no more;
He lo happier far on that beautiful shore;
There he's tuning his ha r p with the seraphs ou high,
And singing sweet songs n his home In the sky.
Mourn not for thy husband, be has gone to his home,
All his sufferings are over, and silent his groan;
His glori fi ed spirit looks down from the skies,
dud whi9pers "To bright worlds let your owr.
thoughts arise."
Weep not for thy hubband; a bright angel he's now,
A ministering spirit to the dear oueo below;
Descending to guard thy rest, now st even,
And bring thee sweat dreams of love, hope and
MERCILLIOTT—ROSE—At Sliver Lake, Susque
hanna Co , Pa., at the residence or Mrs. Anna Rose,
on Saturday evening, March. Ilth, 1913, by Rev.
Georg° Comfort, Mr. Warren P. :Mere'Mott and Miss
Mary Isabella Rose, both of Marlonville, Forest Co.,
ToWF.II--SAINTER—On the evening .1 March
l2tb, by Rev. J. 11. Peters, ,at the residence of the
bride's patents, In Philadelphia, Mr. Charles M.
Tower, of Lenox, Einsq. Co., to Miss Mary E. Fainter,
of the above named city.
MICHAEL—PICKERI —ln rilbson, March Mb,
by Eld R. G. Lamb, Mr. Ihrid S. Michael, of Clifford,
and Miss Sarah Ann Pickering' of liaison.
AVERS—VAUGHN—In Montroso, 11th inst.,
by Roe. J. R. Stout, Mr. Ashman C. Ayres and
Niaa Lydiu A. Vaughn, both of Bridgewater.
DUNMORE—In Mnntrose, inst., after a few
days' illness, Mr. John F. Dunmore, to the 04 year
of his age
SEAMANS—KiIIed, at Scranton, on the Delaware
and Lackawanna Railroad, March 13th, 156.1, Cheater
Seamans, of Brooklyn, Sung Co., Ya , aged 16 years.
STANTON—In Abington, Lucerne Co., on the
10th inst., Alma J , only daughter of George 11. and
Mary F. Stanton, aged three years and ten months.
CASWELL—In Fore•,,t Lake, Feb. 25th, Olire,
daughter of Asa and Jane Caswell, aged nineteen
CASWELL--in Forest Lake, on the sth inst., Mr
Asa in the sixty.thlvd year of his age.
Love's dearest ties by death are broken,
And 7outh and Abe In graves must lie,
But through Christ, 0 blest word that's spoken,
Each one may dwell with God on high.
BURMAN Marv, NI ife of Thomas Burman,
di e d in Ararat, Susq. Pa.. of congestion of the
longs, aged sixty two ream. She was a member of
the Congregational church at Ararat for a number of
years. She was a firm and useful member of the
church, a kind and afftietlonate wit. and mother.
She wax sick only one week. Her reason remained
to the last She died her friends re
signation and composure of mind. S'Lle said when
dying "I am going to glorx." "Precious in the
sight of the Lord Is Its death of his saints." N. P. S.
Ararat, Feb. ga.
JEVVERS.—In Hayford, February 2Sth„ 1.'45
Mrs. Ereline, wife of Sehm Jettips, aged 69 years
10 months and 23 days,
My mother. sweet mother, they say thou art dead,
And Sleeping to-sight in a narrow• damp bed ;
Rut only the soul's tattered dress thou'et laid down,
For the beautiful robe and the glorious crown.
But Mother, thy children are bowed down with grief,
Our dear aged Father i. crushed by the blow ;
Turn come. on the pinions of love, mother, come
And cheer with thy presence his desolate home.
I.llarlcr Vr,rpor6.
New York Wholesale Prices Gamut of Produce.
Frepbro‘l for the Isomer:roe re ItZ1,1111.1,5" by JOSIAH
CAP-PESTER.. Coin. Merchant, No. EV Wash tn•too St.„ Sera
York. to u•bomr,tdpoleote may to made. Two-taros of the market
value out Is advanced . the lecelr, of the goods II deslred, son.l
Quick return mate for Abe talance. Full dim-Sons and • weekly
Market resort trot free of Cu., by ruull to those nuking sl6lherienui
13 Aern.l. PUMP 5.1 53 0$ 60 Rye, 9t 0, $ 150 (3111
Impure, 0 *1 do Ye Outs, 7 1 1 ,1 CI 111
Pam, aouhrrl.i. 0.4.3 ta 3!1 Dorn." 1 1.6 i 0 IAO
01 ,a I I.a/ Potatoes, "P barrel, 8 orl 43 to
Stole, to tote. 1.• S. 31 4 49 Union." 41 irt
•• ark:rm.' . XI 4 14 Hider, dry, 16 IL, 24
10 roll, " Si re V •Yeen. 7 /2 a 10
rh•.l, Lard, coor. besl..P 1 21
110 "
14 4
Beef. me's, bbl., IS 00 0903 ° 00
Dried A " 14 a porno. " lett SC 5.•
1 . 4444, •. 1A 00 V Port. fay, oo 75
" Plutna. 1 . 7 6. via., • • 77 10 F 4 11. 51/
•• CherileS, 54 . 4 11 llsrue.....acll, V. 5 24 4 11A
ILA,;.l...rrlimr•• 40 4 r.r. Shoulder, 19 4 50
il..cotayrae - 40 lisaou. 7 So 4 74
ea fie9L, drama 5. , (4 , 0 3,1 I °try. Vri
" 13 :o•,.:l3lctens. Uve, •• Orr :a
Flour. wheat. 11. Ml_ 90 , 44 14 to rotten, •• 11 4 V
" 000 6 1. Horeb, 1 6 1,15 210
torn M e -4.1. 1 0 hued., 400 4 4VS mucks Vqr
11. k -why. Floor" 4 91. IA 471 • • 10V, Seed. to C. It.
Flax. P 0 10 de Se Tlocortlyseed.ll. lures:: 4 00
FlMittn. live ree.,.. ,3 Mat •• 4114 5 ,51
Peer Bidet Te n 10 4 1 1 Nilo, i 5.. 14 60 15
Mtatau. Ia atrca.4,f oln 0 1: IS remehed, •• 10 41 a
veut. -l0 ci Wool, tay..ashed. (3 BD
Perk. &erred, 7 11 10 A rq, no. kr bary..l, 5 irb Go 6ar
V. kw.. 1 , ...eel, or !X 111.1 e St.,. 7 —t9
Editor of IttpUhtiC..
DLA• .—WAL roof perm :ton I .lAh to say is the readers
of your ptpet that I will send. by return mall. to 141 who with It
(free) a Reclpe with lull dlrectioru for scalONo oatd flair; a tUrtplo
Veretable Balm that will eteetually remove. to too days. Pimples
DI. t.thes. Tot. Freaks. Itoporttlo of the hkin. :rating the
.str,e.oft, clear. smooth au! Bear.tlfoL
I will alto mall Noe to those Latin; Bald bead, or Rare Foes.
ellople directions aud inform:dim the eon enable 10000 te t dirt a
full malt of Loomis.% Rol, Wldekorr_ or a Moustar_ho. to Den
that lib?) dart.
Ail opplbsttiout thatigered by return mail telt/tout charge.
Respectfully roue.
THUS. F. PM A N. ChCl9l.l.
131 . 016 , 41, New Tort.
rebel:cry 07th. 1:43.-000
To Consumptives.
lE te al , t. In • few weekt by • very ~mule remedy. Who , baying
hod,. d meeral ran telth t -ere tuns sift<lloll. nod toot .trr...11
tleteee it}eahutoption—b aoxbrat to mate tovaro to b. folio...tut
oet the =met of cure.
all who drake It, he all I Pend a copy of the 6reacritelna ord.
..1, urge , with the f2rl - 00 ,, a for rrrparina and uang the Bathe
uoa , urc Cure P., Cot:3,1210o, Asalana. Brom
011.01, to. Tbe only nntnrt i the idSre,loas IL "MOIL,. M. Peo
n l
roolva itntro
re m.,maltse.aid •pre..d
re:fledF . . to It win con thou oothb c. wet tory pro^o a hleasing.
Fartler wirlitua the peaverVai a , 1.1 plesse width,
11.0 r Er , Attir A WILSON. Wllllsenetturg.
&lop Coutty. New York.
February 27th. ISth.-em—bride.
Ls the nest in the World
The only Ra•mleeq, True, & Reliable Dye Known.
Tblerplendld 11. Ir Dye I. Perfect--cbango Re& Rusty.or G
Bair. tastaatly to • GIAIS.F. T BLACK or NATURAL BROWN.
without Injuring the halr or r ,,, lng the skin. lesOng lßs halr. oll
and beautiful; Lerman. fresh anallty, frequently reaming Its yr.
Ice color. aztlyeetlfles the 11101.1 e of had dyes. The genuine 1.
ensped VITLLIA3I A. BATCHELOR. al others are mere haft.
Inas. and should be .voided. Also Batchelor*. NEW TOILET
CREAM for Drys:apex Rea. Bold Si .it DrualEtA &c. Pad
n..-61 Kan. 1 , -.• ir /srna.• 11A14-1•
onderrlped will promptly attend] to all dents tot r e.ous. Bark Pat and Wendy , that tray be motroded
del.§ carefully prepared and promptly forwarded to the De.
Three menthe Ida moutheand nine monthfmen arenoteetttled to
bounty, hat If dba/41ed or they OA In the serst,e . .. they sr their vela
ties are entitled to pension. Perseus In the natal eerviee ant en
titled to peaskum under filename rulee and regull2lnne as arethe
land forcer. tlOnmalationed oflooe tee entitled Co pens:lon WA/A
to bounty. •
It la 4 10,[t not generally known that the War Department will to
case 0 , long protraarateLet_inne of nentMer nr wk.e he ha. awed
a•td .ndrtu parents dependenton him tor support. or a family In
dentltuß Citellll.4.l=-a dhabAnte each solders item the &maim_
Appla.aanne edttb Sant promptly made out and the nee wary proof
tiled. Infortnadan on all csameved with genreranent
claims fres. MI Iceteraa•aing nform.ftion promoly answered
The Madre, of soldiers who die after enlistmcnt and before be.
Inn mustered im are ereitled to Pewlm th 4 tame as If such addles
tad oleo lo the wrelee
N. Lt,
'De Latch suing iNrity! two
L B ailL.N=3 4 6l.lii .
licelmik /en. Sid. 18tOrlto
Tar, Wild Cherry, & Naptha
The Most Summed Maim in wet
For Colds Coughs, Hoarseness, Asthma, Influenza,
Bareness of m. Breast. Bronchitis, WhooP
ing Cough, Croup, Spitting of Blood. In
flammation of the Lungs, and of Dis
eases of the Throat, and Lunsta.
For the Relief of Consumptives in
Every Silage.
hays sold large ortantlttes of DR. ICDAVA.R.D'S
COUGH SYRUP, and ket. , Y It to eve universal all.
J. H. McCuntE Albany , N. Y.
I. C. CEILPHAN, Newburgh, "
G. W. Fenton, Newburgh, "
ERR, Manz & Co., Honesdale, Pa.
NOBLE, Curt , & Co., Sterling,
HAYDEN Rhos , "
CgitUfl 'ANTALL, Easton,
DTorr & Co., Philadelphia, "
C. B. VANED:ESL, Trenton, N. J.
W. T Muunan, M. D., Newark "
L. D. MARS "
F.)rTICIT, sod by Idembants generally.
March 5:/lb. IBas. owed
Mercantile Appraisement.
POP NTI, TA K E NOME: That In purnuenre of the several
AC. or Assembly or thin Commonwealth, to provide rvveoue to uteri
tie demands upon the treason end for other purposes. the wider.
strned, A tiprels, of Merchant. Tuxes for bald nom y. hen prepared
en s , Merchs t antruilue lu raid county. 0114 i pls..' rerh Merrhaut
In that dens which to hint appeara posited tight, acconEKE to the
Acts°, Assrmbly, to wit:
•nnr.. CLAM. WOrtnnet. CLASS.
ar4—vought. 14 Heai.Watrousalfaser,pamse. 1
1 rim 14 Lathrop. Tyler & alley. 9
/k & West. 1 4 Baldwin. & Allen. 9
•aittoan. 11 W. J. & S. H. Mulford.
White. 13 Outtenbery anetabaum& Co— 1
.4.1"..1.0.33. James B. DeWitt. I
C. Donley. 14 Wilson, OrionsAi Warner, 4
OnOnlittnn. J. Lyons & Not, 3
K. S. lent & Son. 19 F. B. Chandler.
1 3 41:1 ' 1r Itu n nl U" St Co.
D. A. & A. Tlmaorth. a
EL T. Ashley. 3
1. 11. !Buda. 1 4 A he! Purell. P. M. 47h Class, a
enotummT. Geo. 1.. Stone & Co„, 1
Thomas O'Donnell, 14 L. C. Keeler. 3
11. lackey. 14 Boyd & Webster, 3
...TIM.. I. PI Bollard, 3
11. W. Johnmn, 1 4 •F.B.Weelts &Co, 3
.10110 Halsted, 14 H. D. Tiernan, 3
J. N. Raker, 14 4 Lan don. 4
ntrort. ' Z Cobh, 4
William II Thayer, 14 W I & T. W. Tinker. 4
A & A 31 11 m, 1 4 Kirby Jr Bacon. 4
W. A. Kelloz/r. 14 Hears Cobb. 4
oemoter.l •, N. Stoddard, 4
Thomas Arnold. 19 Eduard Hine, 4
Church a Phil/hey, /." B. Thatcher, 1
Phlnhe • .4 .'e.. 11 6. H. Sayre & Brothers, 4
Wm. Mllier. 14 7 N. now.d. 4
E. P. Chambers. 14 Jerembah Etheridge, 4
6•411.316. 4. H. Smith, 4
.1. L. Merriman. @ Son. 19 Patrick a Rogers, 4
/.16 , 11Dent/..1.n..
.1. Cashman, 4
BoBolan& Platt, In saw unman.
BleMannos 1 St Inter, 14 11. linretts. p. m. 4th elm, 1
H. T. Glidden. 14 R. L. Staphht & Co,p. to. 4 c. 1
"Zooms @ Raz.. 1 4 -I. Dickerman.h.
James E. FllMmuld. 14 Wm. r. Ward & Son, 4
014.0•0 06240. lle.ra• Hayden, 3
1.. S. Isenhelto A Co, 1 1 11. Garrett, 1
T. D. Estahrook, p. to. 4 es. II Whitlock a Hall. I
6. IL Daymn. 19 Wm. &. T. Hayden, 4
Henry S.
McKinney. 12 1 Sinn & Brother.. 4
11 P. her.. 1 4 D. 11.4440. 4
Nmarre %team.", 14 tram
.A rolstro. 14 Kramer & Wheelock, a
Oft., & Preston, 14 E. W. Duna, 4
11 N Lang.'s, 14 Srlinoninin.
WAller 14 II .1: She rman & CO. ....
Wlllmm C. N1(1..04, It Amos 4 4 Mums. 1
meson Minot AI leT, a
I . P . Howley. p 0. 401 ., 914 m. 9 Ira Scott , 4
4.., S. Ingalls. p tn. 4th ems.. 9 lushly Strath. 4
D. NI. smiler, p m. 411. dam 11 J, V. Sh o dm. p. m. 40 dam, 4
V, H. & II 11 'Bennett, 12 nngunannlif • 01:1•01 . .
D E Holmes.. 11l irnot & Falkent.7. I
N E. Kenos - di% II Walter Bads% 0
nstraorry. flhatrobermarsientsaMit Co, 0
1. S. Leon, & Soo, 11,0,0. Vedder & Co. 1
Wi 'HIM Trvnialn &C,...., I. 7 0 ,,,,,,11,11.
Braodt A Schlazer, 14 .7 V, AI.H. rook.
arlron Conklin, 14 I
HeOnalt & Ftweenty. 0
rmanrci. Nom Batley, 1
13. Wm. BolkM. 3
14 F D. Lynna 3
IBen. M. MellOttald. /
1 4 Henry Leap{ O3. 412 t elms, 3
19 Thomas Inahnota. A
14 4rolth & Oridley, a
.. 14 13 , A. Lyons, 1
er Porno, Ir, 14 41 NV Foot. 0
T & A ,e,. 14 4. Etrvant, 3
r', Etiouots. 14 L. S. Pr.,
, •F Itoset• •ants, 14 Ferhes.ll TIE.Y, 1
ron.S. lospph Allen, 4
W Moo, & P. ster, 1 4 II Sheridan, 4
.Thant.rry, 14
r o om , HetruhrinalM, 4
Jams. 1 Putter. 14 l'nontss Alrana, 4
J - Inann. • ?Week 4
Ira me! Martin. 1 1 11 F. & C. R. Smith, 4
J. la Itmenk rano, 14 bowls Proem.. 4
I.IIMIII - 1. Wm. Howarth. 4
It Isenson. Ir . 11 .Isms Molts 4
Mot &linicot. 11 Hem-4e .1"44*9.6:' 4
LATIMOr. n ,. rTtlarra. 4
E. A. T. Bell. 13 It, ram), 4
Lam Sherman, IC Hrs. Catherine Prem.. 4
O. lwertnnn. 14 Miles rremr• n. 4
Lena. manors. D. F. Stalls.. 4
E. B. Beardslee, 14' Thana. Fremhar, 4
L. 0500. Joirm Cleaner. I
Osterland & Faint, 11' sow= rata.
Orme & Brothers, 1 1 T &unhurt, 4
J. K. Kotansoo. 14 D. P. Phelan. 4
IIIDOLL7OIfIf. 1 Yonarsom.
John Dyer, 14 Chester Stoddard. 1
E. W. Lomb, 4
CLassificaiion of Venders of Merchandise.
~..0.. Icss than 5:. 000 00 Clem 14
" 63.000 00 .d ten than 510.100 00. Mho 13
" 10.040 03 ' " " 19.040 70 clam It
•• 1.5.000 01 " " " Moro 00 thee ?I
•• 40 M.. 0 '• •• •• ro OM melan B
Am? the Jude., of 'M. ronrt of rotnmon Pleas of saldromay will
h0..1 a Court ..I A pr.ul. a. the Court noose, In 316,7111 . r... In nod for
/aid ...pooh nn wednendar, Aril lithe 1464 at one Wektek. P. im , at
which Inne and plane any of the here/tants doseribod, defined. and
-1.....1 no
m foaid. or weer aaterda or attorney s, may appear and
•ppeal fro said Cameramen' it they think proper
a HOS N14)11/./L8. irfeematile Aporalsor.
Montrose. March 7. 1973.
t L...
HI ol
A V.
mn Miner.
M0r..1 4 .1c015. k Co,
K. T Tiffany.
•. S. .1 ahnnion.,
E. s Ulu& & Co.
U. S. 7-30!
To the People of Susquehanna County
TUE are actin.' as trenta for the lade of tilts popular and P A
T IZI OT IC LO t►lV , and Invite nthscrlpttans from
all ' , rho nal , tnon.y to Invest
Ourotder , llmadralnotno to over One Ifundmd Thousand Dollar..
($100,030,) and our daily de, are Ptrre and Incmalmr,
.111 probably , e •11.1.x..ed or by the
thortfort three &Idling to puttelyste to Ito ratrantozestolilda well
to soltocrlbe 101..bont delay.
wit. D. COOPER a CO., Banker..
Montyve, 31.vr.12 1. 11161.-2 w.
cir-uT THE BEST.
GRO'VE:I3. & /3.4U:MR'S
111111111111 SEWIIO MIMS
The other Ina
Shuttle or Look Stitch.
Their LOOK STITCH liazdtete la the
Pima WI on their Agent and lee ample of Ilantaino or Weak
and say tniormailog will be Lire with &ward
Werat.nrop. Feb. 1.130%. 194...0.
Tl4l4pel2llL r g WI Del handre4,
autagegan the ant. 1 have rariettes, and can ias soy =Jay
Orden mai te• Ira H 11. /RAUCH. laanwineiant Ils.
ecalenas (Mee, How ramy .0. W. LEw LH, Lifland( ; LVEN
DEK brialcza, Lio, anvil:haw' Co. pa. Ito orgen wen.
tel=la u tb. ' avw.
as atty.
RUTLAND stemma
Removed to the etreet bock of the Catbodc Church. I keep no
tstvelling Ahmed; and by eallleie at the Shop. It will enable all ene.
tom.. to ...he •.evloß allo per cent. 1. VADAIU.A.
Itantrose.Yeznuan 6/41863.4J
Delqlnqise I..ifet4
gri ITEMS thorough Inetitnetlon In all beatteluai of a ennui Engllet
11l Education. Book.ltorplng. Weil Engineering. Plano mad Guitar
Music Drawing and tainting, We French, Unman, Latin and
Greek Laartages.
- A nv;triatiae.—Full t bast Etrtneering Itatrwittente. worth
Cod; Laboratory, fitted up with thin ; tialances. Furnace. and all
Chemical and Philowaphlad Apy tits Lame Telesoop • ; LIM&
Yin of 14500 volumes of Standard Worka ; Mineral Cabinet; First
Buildings; Law Hata,
The °Mara of the (tabula, having atoms; Callitles therefor,
and knowing the constant demand for young men trained It win.,
lotoodu great Siloam, Manufacturing, Kallway mad catar enter.
prism, wiL ;take their
wins] to any la the Mated Slates. and from their eltnatban In the.
Midzil of rich busting country, claim pest superimity on the atom
a gt4fgo TIMM ht.lna ltlarch !I. Ortolan. rent inner
4 w. pd.] 0 EO. W. JONES, Ja, Principal.
T "IgE Co l oll 1 ( t U. " tsV i l m'r tu t' l b : . " In °tilt
at; H. Lathrop. et the Oho Intmerly occupied by tic for aettia.
meet, vebleh mess be dune with as little delay: vo t el i d L
Montrose, Feb. at h. 1:,,-.s.
HVIM/ sold'our Shop and quit the Carriage sal Illaclosmith
EC Log !avant., woo have oo hood almost everything wanted In
one line, which we propose to sell vane Low for nab. or note with approved eenority. on ate Y... time. The following ate few
al the many thongs we have for wile.:
Bent num. sawed rims, of is/1 alma. Including truck. pole bracer
and hotinda, Mot Mill* and pole:, hub. and bob block. oak neigh
knee, plank, ommtllng (.1 all kinds, Gan turned spokes oak
and hickory. bent cobble cull market eaten 'ode and mat4l biniCY
body and meat, 6 set lumber ailieela, I net hotly enuela, 4 coo
her geam 1 tot of gear. one horse, I morticing machine for manic
lot hubs with toll eel of to do, I paint mil l, pent. and ' , Manna'
trimly. 'nick benches md bench scree, clamp s and hand murema,
Malleable limn, scrimr, tons of Iron, I the
bendur, and blacken/ins tools of emucret every description, all of
which may be found at out old place of bunnem.
Moran" reb rtb,
A Chance to Make Money.
TMONTISOSE SALOON Is for bale, 8011,114 lad %IL—
A Alm, • Home sad Lot on Plank Road.
,t itiai n tri u roireri pA
y ee, s. Booka, and a vied variety or Notions
BI Gburrb Peolrotst. Masse Hymna, Diaries, Albums,
arid Good Books for Presmta, de., Ste. Joss opened Ind tarsals by
Montrose, Derember lb. lE4C—if
H 9 Ha HALL & CO ®
34 Conrt street, Binghamton, N.Y.,
have constantly on hand tam °taw& adapted to the F...
Tti•na, of that otr&uaaportailoo,
b' It
Ymkj . g b VETI. a co
Marbemtan. N.Y. December 1564.—iy
These medicines are trarrantoll if mord lIISCOTININZ to direction.
Try them and I t not ratrstsctory return one WI the medicine and
the monevirtll be reltaded. I have sold thouvala of bo Ulu, but
none have returned.
This machine la composed of Ottm and RoOtS, and causer an lin.
nacd!nto reaction In the sprain. and Is llama= to all. It ttaa bean
arrl to Use
In nwillyer of COM nod proved egyanal, Pull illrectlacs on ech
bottle. r
It to competed of eeptables, and to eattrelt barmiest. 'Price
larentytee ectda • toe.
Does 60:—We bees had ample opooltentty of tcltbt the Ott
tee of foot Caste fat many yowl, and God It u you recommend
B. and we Caul oe heinalOa fn recommending tt to the potatle.
L. W. lIIINGLIAIt, M.D boo Milford.
CALVIN C. NALMYY, M. D.. Alontwee.
Wm. H. rum. M. D., Willmsbarte.
Idemmtactured Bemtton, Pa. and for ale by
.11. BULLARD. teorarose.
W.O. WARD BON, New billiard
111A Feltpringelße.
Saiitoo. Dee. Mb.
H. H. pEtuaaps, formerly of Susquelmons Carroty, Pa, her
b Weafnillo. HU curbs County. SO. Ho has on band, led for
ado. a number at
etsbins to =Am will IMO portly:dor description of the
mormey, and • num of Lama by applying at Ina InnammtaMm
Urarralueosr lioviroso or srldrorrthe the mbscriber,
11. MUM.
Wearlak9lr =7*o 3 . rib. ea. um-is
and finlited In the bed
Oui of a
Super or Quality of
The Best Family Sewing Machine
But makes the Lock Stitch.
The fact of there being moreof these Machines sold THAN OP
For further particulars call upon the AimMt when the =lima
tty Ira of machines an on exhibition.
Puller. that have toed other ac called Standard Idaehlr.en have
For several rimserna It recommends Itself above gl othcn.
1. Beauty and excellence of stitch ; alike upno both ddes, work
ing equally well on ri ik, tin en, ',twice. and cotton gooth-seam
Ing, gathettu, bet:mime. felling. cording, and braiding.
S. Strength of seams that will not rip nor ravel.
5. The mod simple In contraction of say two-threaded machine
In use ; therefore lewt halide to get out of impair.
4. Sews without the we of • shuttle, thereby doing away with
moth qumbersome machinery, sad the trouble of regulating the
tension of the under thread.
5. 1412414 al • greater weed than n Wattle machine pasalbly ma.
These nisch iota with all the new Improvements, warranted and
delivered In Monirese, at Ifenufacturte: prices
The best of /thug Itgrammosa given. One on triune= In
use In lthntrose and vitally.
Motarcao, J.. 10.1645.-4!
U.B. 740 LOAN.
By authority of the Secretary of the Trosury, the unfleratoect
has aosansed the General Bnker:4l.ton Agency for the is of United
States Treasury Note', bearing seven and three tenths per cent. In.
terera, per annum, known as the
The. Note.... Waned ur.der date of August 10. 16610uad are pay
ehle three years hoar that time, In currency, or are irouvertrble eir
the option of the boider Into
11. S. 5-20 Six per cent.
These bonds em no. worth a preantom of nine per cent. Includ.
lag gold Interest from Nov., which makes the actual peon on th.
7,30 lean. at corrent rates. Including Interest. stout ten per and.
per antinm. besides Its exemption from S.ate and municipal tans
Om. whtch adds from one to three per cent. more according to Ito
rue levied ott other property. The Interest Is payable serniaram
ally by coupon 011110.1.1 to auto, cote. erhlch may be cut off and
told to any bank or tanker.
The Interred amounts to
Oue cent Der d.. 7 on • E note.
cents •• COO
Ten .4300 ••
41000 ••
Note or all the deoomituttlinis rimed trill he promptly foroLth
ed own receipt of sutecriptioa. This Le
wn.:rwrm7...m. , l
DOW offered by the Go vernment. and It la coutklently expected that
Its superior advantages will make u the
Leas than aNgtOro,ooo remain unsold. which will probably be din
veered of within the newt GO or 90 dap, when thenotes will undoubt
edly command a premium, as has unlformly tout the case on en
tug the enbautptloee le other Lama
In order that citizens of every town aced section of the country
ooy he lawded factlltin for tatlne the limn. the National Banta
•nd Private Bankers throughout the country have generally were
to receive subscriptions at par. 6obevtbera .11l select their crwt
agents, to whom they have confidence, and who only an to be re.
wonstble for the delivery of the totes for whlch they nodes or
brircatrrios Aozsr, £lllLvlelplila.
BubscripUose will be received by tbo
Firm Natlo=l Bank of Scranton. First National Bank of Pitasban.
Rest " " Honesdale.
Montrose, Feb. 27th, 1543.-amoe
ntemational fire Insurance Company
Office, 113 Broadway
" HAMILTON BRUCE, Vice-President.
OLIVER DRAKE, Acting Secretary.
STHOU D, Agent
Montrose. January 16.150.-1 y
;Il b flnd the eee.f ehl " l!.° " WWI b ' . " • " Ziltu.s on' twee named
the su t.e` at hb
shop In Sayre's Fourlly " . or on ' S. B . Sayre BrotheraMtheb
Store In Montrose.
Flax Wheels. Wool Wheels, Clock
Reels and Wheel-Heads!
Wholesale and Retail.
Bas Wheels and Heads that can posalhlyZr r l n l i Az u
w ad emti
tide warranted If properly used.
Montrose. January 1. nats.
N. B.—Repairing done on short notice. C. M. 0.
frthe Alt with liat tered r .' tbesZ and are l om atoll
litht rbollara, w Bridle. d'
and Marth, Whlps, ere, Sm. Mae Whiles, tomi utast,
call and see them.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Thankful for :may favors from a kind palalle, we hope to mall
their generova patronage In the fhtnre. We occupy the shop for.
lorry 7 W.
de,:;ill y L Coo
it. 0. MILIKER.
If ontroee, January 9, 1815 -3m.
Tribtint Aimsnac for 15 6 3,..
Om Grant • Spy.
Om. licelellaa's rromine.
The Pleket Slayer 4°15•
Waerlingtorio Vistas. (nadaraed by Eelarard Everetl.).... 040.
Agent to receive gobaerlptlong to the
Montrose, Jan. MI. 186 S.
TAKER wkwiledidcomta of Deeds. 1.?4_
stromeaks car any Ital. or 'Pennon,Pay C%-n.omtes and
Pennock Vanehers acknowledged before /dm d, cws mums tin
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Ismik of the COl4ll. Mee with 5. Cnnbro. Dn.
who Is a ed Plano" Borrow mow AMP ,
Irpma Bond, Voh. Mh 1/4..0
ai:Oall In South auburn locatella co4itl rumba maim
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Ayer's Sarsaparilla
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troth, paean So on on*
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•, , .I . rtas ta repalcd to cam Mb •
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mho rune from Birtonoos ma.
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round lathe Collating eacs: ,
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firlls,letter or danricorad a rta l". ad by
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Do not dlesol th is limb:table thealebtet Wealth MI bars bars
Imposed upon by exwableg pretendle•to be fanaparilla tens It
tree oot. when you bets teed Listes-theo. awl not WI Wes.
sail tot! know the Ames of Bareparilla. For mime feetteattosof
the deo taes It will cols we ref* you to Ayres Amebas • litesse.
wbieb rho west below owned lehli fentlab pstlito all wbo Cantor IS,
• rare Owroarno Pert; The the ems of thathlteeK Jthlethe.
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or Morbid InacUon of ;go 804114 Ylatelerey, Lox ef •
Wet DomPletW.. thopsy.Warms Goat, Nsoralgla.stallbra - Viszei
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punx•e. of: htforjhateli
A MI N I 1 :1 MONTaIk sod Iow :1 1 1 . =ses . in MAMA
Montrose, January '% 18610-era.
Real Estate Agency !
THZ understood have formed a parhowshW sad spurned ea if.
flee for the ;meets" sale. tad rental of reeleetalsts the
ty of flownebsans. Ps, mad In shall to Mike It for U. Went
of 01 who dedre either to welvaeote or nret real e it illo.=
us it call. We dodge to yin all thaw
both to Ns. York and Nem Jena, bow irtuwat Moe wet of the
peewee who buy lands to thla weedy. lar. Mode ill
sett:doted thwiwboattheecrtutty and miller* the Wittesi gg =
ed to la Ms whole ettaltton. We have
Seve Hand.
sultanlfer &hyingral Farms on
trorpotes. The Izmir past of Qui perebiell
money i outrun fora term of rms. minas Intnataltmente.
No. I,—Xel saes of bud In Forme Lake. the tIOPTOII4 POI
dwelling hove, etz harm well ototentel. au] VIII mewl 111=1 SD
to 65 cows. Co umlaut to mottlngs, school; and rtdishad. A
Large part of the purchase money an rumen for awake of pun.
No. 0.-115 iota of land to irnmtun. (11PaithllIeJ 134 'Nth UN'
proved, well watered, two dwelling house, two barn; Oatrunthat
to meeting, schoo4 and acre. Well Nuked for delve 4111192104-.
Pad of the purchase money ma tango for a auk. aflame.
No. 4.-191 acne of land In it 100 improved, well .armed
ant fenced, good new dwelling house a l beam! and deed.
cut timber upon It seledmt to fence the whole Wm fbr par;
Two and • half mile. from Dluseek Owner; and flu m from
mo Two thirds of the purchase money cm readin fOr • ger.
k' N o o f .7sM7 amm of °A.,. Bridg and
ewatetawmhth a M meld then
Montrom s imroved. a good nerw ' dwelling hOme, how, 11
Dirty-het she ds. a go od grafted orchard. mill watered. OW hen of
the purchase money cat remain for a ntunbelteireanholconot opts
N O A-- 103 win... Nude in addrewther. two Ewe, Dom Mon.
crow. 40 acres improved, goal tem dweller house, tame/id cath
od. One-third ofthe purchase money dawn. and the Wanes la I,
0. 11,14 and 6 Tun.
No. 7.—dltuale lu
the tommhip of Pored Lake. four edits from
Itoutrme. A dal Mtge— the boom. 164 mom. OVIr 140
" = " ar'r rollfr good running " = " ,and cider mill, roloig by
water, milk house, Ac. Terms : Onekalf of the purtheee Money
down, the balatme to en annual payment;
No. 8.-116 mew of land In Heald tosnehlp, 190 aerse . M
e r. d i food &mill i C . mliz,:w g oood o tem;
of home, line
, o o schoors :71% orretho ' es, and ash be coodutti l eivand and moth
uto two farm; Teem: One-half down. balance to turalimenta.
No. 9—Altuate to the tower/Lip of Jame, nom miles from Moat.
rose containing d sly acre; forty-eve Improved& good hmee, hon e
• crafted orchard. and a ury fine ergar bush. onmeolent too
Mama; and KM; Onobalf of the porehase money dud; the
,aburce can be paid to four equal payments
No. 10,—Fatnate In the township of Nem lelfted. OrdeSSMIAIIO
mom—Macro Improved ; two mem from the Batoast or New
Milford, and about - deny rods from the Lukewarm and Western
kall Read; well watered with springs ; good bulldog; and a Noe
earth; orelard—• grove of chestnut upon the prudes Natalie for
im or letterset, poles—a school house in the Immediate withal d
omM:rot ctrarohos within two mita. lOC acres Dom
term vr , Wld if the purchuer should not want th e ;
terms le.
No.ll germ adlcdelng the Village of learqueturtad Depot.
m the 91,9 T. k Erie Nell way. one of the moat coomloolot theme
e 7,1E7 from which to ..l l milk In the Olthge. Nrlll keep 111
ows. teams to work tha farm. There are about T 304 us=
aol oil the farm. 'Forth 400 each, bathes a puiltity of
t d...
aes word within • mile of the veep ; two good dwell as
m eve bow: and new mill, There's also on the farm a ere
paint race, and a paint DUI In podruntank order ; two Goo d
No less then ter parempr tease leave the dent .
m mtnertring ma• to make mosey the tom Is ow of th e mad
dedubl• In lie northern pert of the EWA
orteusiaLvi a gc.77
Jarman 18 11114.—tt Illzatroes 1188888888118 Co. vs.
Fire and Life Insurance I
131 ea civil
I FOMPABIZE. awl is Low Itz a=l/
DRESS C 3-0 0 DS,
Shawls, Balmoral Skirts, Cloak
lags, Hoods, Nutdas, dm &0.,
Domestic Goods, Prints, Flannels,Olotbs,
Oassimeres, Jeans, &0.,
11111 submit:ere continue their Menem at the old Btand an
Hale Aunt. where those who sire us their pettenese .111. vert
4nut. native sun trainmen se will sere them to call unix We
nave bestowed parloalsr attention to fittha op am
sod ewe foredsh.ll deared.privele rooms to LADIES and 0101-
11.101221, or for Luna alone= Genic= slow.
Amon caw f edibles can be fond Oyame,Cleane. END IBM
teak limed Beef. o ßeenteek. Mediae Chops. Melo= to
kewn hot °mild. Pickled Tongue. Lobster, audlnes,
mantling the market sdbrda.
In the way of dente, we 1%1
... rennin except spixitacens or el.
abode beverages. Our melt I eon In of the beet quality end
merrented pure. Alto Domestic Cider. dersepwille., mom
Water, Smell Beer, at. Ice Cream In summer.
We hove Bettered the eemiees of s Intends Cee and nava
verillehts wetland to sullen meet eilviabledtesiss.
We have on hand the Itt g eri Met of Confollonerysta .o 3
ado the County. We en tvmlh, el wheinole or
Le this line that may betiDed for, sad as neap mein be
Tobacco and Cigars !
Chewing &red anti ug Totem* of • minbned.end Clitenear
cry quality, from s" cent greh"to the dent favored Henna.
Our stock of Grocerrissesa% be Male pert of to. atior
for quality end lowness of prtee,_not *nestles Binithamton. •
erilffundsh Flour. Salt. Boger, Moleines. Cafes, Tesatsh,Obelie,
deign Yin end manilla* le that line of the best walitni. IS
eny quantity from one pond to • ton.
Our endeavor will be to plane ell who nay fens es 5110 thete
ostamagapiedging means to ninon deal and to Us ettisin
One Price System
s 1!
Monroe. Dentabsr
vabrable boaber and wood lot In Lathrop township, =ir e n
county, Pa., motabdam abmn SOO acres. with • good
Wore and Pun thereon, and about 100 acres Ingram. On MU prop.
*My. la tel geed marmlll and latb.mlll, capable of cutting 111=
4 lamber per year. Tee mormll f
iordthin two mutts at
sea; on a . h e D. L. VT. ItallA good nmi ram Umata%
whole y There la wood and Imam eualigttOn It to pay
for It Odes over.A tars ebance-wlll be told low. %MOO tatllla•
ALSO tbs Wm Imam u the vllbmptlnt Rotarta Warm." In
ohm% eiroming many, Pa- centalnlng Moot 400.01.111,114 WWI
.ma; Nichols.; Marian. lyb4 on th e Taakkaamalt imam ; Meal
40 acres of tat land; the MP= up rand-4.m dmirable
ALSO, • remade WO proeerty. one WA Rota bled .toll.
'Mks of Jones'. Lake, condatlng of • grldnalll and mem and
tabout M mos of land, wttb the water power. The gebinalll mow
o a good en tom budnocond la well adapted for marelmntwork.
ALSO. a valuable them on mils from VontomyomtatlVll= .
wo nose. Flay sera of chola; woad tend balms In
rola farm is well fenced with goxt atom watt. wan mimed. walla
aMO mats of coltivatlon ; fr astable of taming lamafatty be
UM cows-a very Mailable property.
ALISO. s hoots and lot In Ine - Il' eoegp of V Avaitagps
dm Public Nam. The letrontahis (n IaSITI Plead. une •
bun and e.Wee fell and Made tmat. ,
Tbo attention of those alsblng to mmMloa rad imitate Pt canal t•
them propertfea, u Mayan all good and dealmdals ttnastomds at
the plod sated for Mem. Where lertol wtu be clam. lm mak
price& and other Infbnnatton, on. or address DMITZI. BIM",
Planta, Luzern. CO, PL, V. V, ELAM AVM.
Ilentreee. hasquelnana Co., P1a,2102.151X4,181.1.-tt •
wn.2oN, 0R17718 & WARP= lurm entered tmo &
V, Fartnerdtp forth* wpm of relllog Dry Ormeralle
Crockery, Hardemer, Iron sad stool, Uwe. endebook
a. az th e Cienerelnadlng Wore yrrdamly ocrokaal WY.
sou & 800.
We revue:day 1011% the patronage of AY. =WM.
F. it. waarcia.
)(mire:al, Zanuary I,IBW.
Dry Goods and Clothing.
tin C at law Evan. azulwlll sold c 204). Callawbie.
tau. v. a. tin& NM=
Green and Ground Coffee.
SUGARS. &c.,
Awl nrantori sagl bl. ML Mt
AGAZIEIII. Beirepapag, SidglaUld Old j Uided. Ayoss idldsi a Jl2 . 14
ag. good &We h
TRRed. u O RON CAM rl it oprl
r crown • fl