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List: /Mil—lt Is said that " the wind goeth
where It listeth ;" hut, if so, It listeth not to go In
at the doors of such as nee Clay's Patent Weather
Strip. Whereof the Win Will consult Ilseleton, "ye
artist," of Montrose.
Denedier.—Thens will he a donation visit, on
afternoon, Fvoreary Ist, for the benefit
d ltev. D. Worrell, Mg residence, near the Ball
Church. All are respectfully invited to attend.
Orvirr el the Committee.
Donation.—The friends of Rev. A. 0. Warren are
invited to make him a donation visit at liankerson's
, Meshoppen, on the afternoon and evening of
J at ey .20th, 1%5. There will he an Oyster Sapper
lon the occasion. fir Order of Commiitoe.
Ilentation.—The friends of Rev. L F. Porter will
lake hint u donation visit, at his house, In Brook
pi, 8n the afternoon and evening of Thursday, Feh
r:l:try 2d, 1565. A general Invitation Is extended to
rtr Order of ramekin/v...
arrterritirral Reports.--We are under oblige
- lons to George esq., our calcient Repre
sentative in the State Legislature, for a copy of the
" 11.• port of the Transactions. of the Pennsylvania
State Agricultural Society for the years 1.561.—.2
:I," as well as for other shotlar favors.
Vbfunterra Wtrutted—To fill the quota for New
iilford Born' ; for , which the most liberal bounties
sill be naid.
Apply Immediately to
D. C. An4wr .
.losika Moss-
New Milford, Jun'y
.irrt Important Fact.—lt is a fact not generally
- nown that the War Department will discharge sot
who have aged and Infirm parents deiwudent
, n then) for support, or whose families are in very
ndicent eiretimstatteca. Persons in.erested to
are the necessary , papers made out by applying to
it Burns, Senator Turrell's office, Montrose. See
d rertisement. 13 w.)
.teknorefedenent.—The Ladles' Ald Society of
leriord recently gAV 0 an Oyster Supper for the hen
'tit of sick and wounded soldierb, of which the pro-
Stile were eighty-one dollars and fitly eight cents,
.itleA the necessary expenses. The Society would
iso unitcfally acknowledge the receipt of ten
nliars from the hand of Mk,. Sarith M. Walker. g
liartord, Jan'y ISM], 11415.
Elk Lake Soldkrgr alet.—The ladies of the Sol
i .lal Society prepared an Oyster supper on the
vening of the Rh of December, at Stevens's
lk Lake, for the purpose of raring funds to aid our
k and wounded - soldiers. They would acknowl-
Age the receipt of el:4 1 / 1 y 8s e dollars, and would
ordially thank the friends of Elk Lake and vicinity
or their good attendance.
Ibb Mesci E. iOrNG, &rretarti
Brow• on liorxmatreartion.—The speech of Hon.
1. A. Grote at the Court House on Monday evening
net was worthy the tame or the dist inguiatred speak
•r. It evinced deep study of the subject, and was
. ceived by the large and appreciative audience an
it Grow's eloquent deliverances arc always received
the voters or Susquehanna County. We are un-
Ne, at this time to give even an abstract of IL
.innercr to J. B. 11.—Mr. Edi or:—Your cor.
•sp.ndent, J. B. 8., in the last .k , pub/icaa, says
hat "last Sunday was the-first day of the week,
on'h, end year," and inquires When such a coin
idence occurred betore and will again occur. Such
• coo,, ldr•nce occurred in lead, and will again oe.
•ur in lb% It occurs four tones every tweill3.
ight years in regular periods of six, five, air, and
Neves years each. It has occurred ten times since
he commencement of the present century, and will
re tines more—if time lasts b() long—ere lon close,
Auburn, Jan'y 33th, ItifiS. W. B.
P;Vfiill of Sheep Raising.--Vr. Editor saw
n sour at lane a piece beaded " Sheep va, Doga,"
'vb.,: an a ecount of twenty four cheep and the pro
ta thereof. I will admit that It was pretty well
;one. but think that I can beat It. I started the
inter of 1564 with thirty-one aba.p; all ma,. thro'
i . e., and np to the that of September I had Fold
thy, lbs. of wool at SI per pound, making $120,50,
trd M4I worth of sheep, and had the same number,
't left: The &Ilea amounting to 1t . —* . .":0,50.
E. W. Bras's, Greenfield,
Lucerne County, Penn's.
January 14th, IMS
ackaorledparat.—Elitor of RepuNienn ; —DEAD.
in —With your pervoisi.ion, I wish, through the
(Alum of your excellent paper, to express my
•ear:telt gratitude to my numerous and gencroun
ri,nds within the bound* of my charge for their
kindness and liberality, evinced et our recent dona
tion visits. We received at Forest Lake, December
221, trim Towne's and Taylor Hollow classes, forty
live dollars; et Jesaup, January 10th, eighty-five dol.
ars, at Montrose, January 12th, one hundred and
Lirty-five dollars; making in all two hundred and
• irty-five dollars. May heaven reward ynur genet ,
A. a Ea
The Enrollment enrollment in many towns
ie by far too huge, and the draft will be unmerciful
• nless corrections are made. The following class es
honld be stricken off:
Dead men.
Men in the service.
Non residents.
Those who have served two yearn.
All dratted in 186^„ who paid lk" , 00.
Those under '..a) yaws of age.
Those over 45.
Those having manifst.
Many are enrolled twice or more, and some are
not enrolled at all. These ought to be corm•ted.
The mail—.l :Veer Quofa to he .losioned
' ennorarrtnla--Ilajor J. bodze, Provost Marshal
'eneral 01 Pennsylvnela, has lv , aed sir,tosre so
..ouncig that by directions reedy-d from Proust
.niatal General Pry, the district quotas assigned by
under the call
of December 19th, 1E64, and an
•lounced 1 ,, the district Provost Marshals of the
tale, by letters from Major Dodge, dated December
are repseded, sad that new quotas will be es
. Whiled for the ditlereuttlistricts by January I 3l st,
ip to which time corrected enrollments will be !I
-t leml. They should be forwarded immediately. II
az heretofore been the cusbnu tar the Provost
larshal General of the State to assign the district
!notes, and the district Provost Marshals and en
tweet boards assigned the quotas of their enteelte
The Preedmtn.—Mize Antoinette L. itheridge,
-he has been for more than a year te*liing the
madmen in the vicinity of Beaufort, \. ;C., erode
• n appeal for the dcititute under her charge. Pro
ieioto• they have in plenty, but they are in pressing
11V1 dof clothing. Let our housekeepera take an
ther look at their half-worn possessions, from baby
clothing upward, for tenth Fez •R--and briog, all that
can be spared to the Aid Roctuft on Thuraday nett.
Society will convene hereafter at I o'clockt
It is well known that our each lump; are kept
Aridly to their proper channel, that of giving relief
10 suffering aoldiera, either in the of ma
terial, or through theme engaged to nurses and mut
ter it
Of the latter, Mot. iVootton,when t George
town, 2i11.4t Jane E. Bentley, now at Fo rest Mon
roe, Mite Duda , at Chattanooga, and, his week,
Mire Ellen Mitchell, at Washington. harp received
. from na sums, more or lees, for the supply of-the
immedlute wunts of the sick under their trure.
All honor to women engaged in suo bleFied
_sf 1
in an .
Draft...issProenst Marabal General F has writ
ten a letter to Gor. Miller, of Minnesota, • plaining
e recent call tor 1'4 1 0,000 men. Ile say lit was nut
rrpected that the call of July 18th, 1E414,( for 300.000
m.o. would put that number in the semi e, hecuu-e
the act of Congress ender which the cal was made
directed that all etdistments made in the nave from
De commencement of the rebellion untd he 11th of iihruary, 1404. should be credited upon he quotas;
d thene with other equitable claims 'for enlist
eats not previonily ert-dtbxl, reduced tLat call,and
.ndertd nooessary the one of December 111th, 1004,
or 300,000. The object, therefore, of tlis last mill,
sto put 000,000 men in the service Geo Fry adds
tat whether the inc', tall enlisted for 0 e, two, OT
three yearn, they will be counted as ree its in fill
ing the quoin, and the ear...aa or ervdit to which coy
[,,,utity may be entitled on account of thll g Ito gao
ta with three years men, will be estimatt to the us
shriiment of future quotes. The deFigu tie go,.
crewcut in to secure the 800,000 men ealltd for by
the President, and the enlistment of flied for three
? - ears. will be of uo benefit on this calL t
Truth Stranger thou Melton.— a Doyley.-
.wu Democrat prints the annexed et ge history,
.d rottchtlt for its truth : A f•-sr yt , ago there
•us living lu a northertFecuudy In Pe sylvania a
K.., family. The mothertwas fond of r ding. One
1.3 i, peddler came clung with books to ell, which
he wanted, but was unable to buy, fo 'she had no
tutee. He asked her it she had _nothink to give In
• eleinge. for them. and she said nothing but her
...ken. He said be would take one of , them, end
bargain was struck fora fine-looklug 1 the bor—
e peddler dressed him up nicely an took tam
Tessa rolled round, and the chi was not
eyyd from. He had become almost as ne dead.—
',non a very few months a gentleman I clog at the
. .auty.sent of this same county one night dreatneda
n•ani. He dreamed that somebody had died and left
6 '4+ , 7 of six or seven thousand doffars to the
user of the little boy given away for, the books,
d °to Kits now doing business In thigi ..etOwn
•. the. laming he told the brother of b , dream,
• • laughed, and- odd that he knew tio am who .
Artlid haw law WO amoungotAnom • A &It
dips afterward the brothersecelved notice-try - tgall
that he had b.on left a legacy of seven thousand
dollars, and it was by the little boy Who had-been
taken away by the peddler., He bad settled In the
West and done well, and had tiled, or been killed in
the army, alter making& wiltin favor of his brother..
Let those who study the "philosophy of dreaming,"
turn thts matter over in their brains. • •
Sealers' Jfd In fitraqudtattat
Editor !—The following Report was origitially.pre
pared for the Executive Committee of the W. P.
Brain of the U. 8. hanitary Commission at Phila..
delphbr. At our request, it has been given ns for
publication, If we may find room in your paper.
which has always been ready to receive any article
of real value to the community at large; and such
we hare thought the Peeotupanytng Mt might be, fa
cilitating communication between Societies engaged
In a common work. Respectfully
WoODUOULLNE, Diatoex P. Buse co.,
litb Mo. r,r4th. ist:4
My Nu Mr:. frier:—rhoictri , tn Pffr S
Sanitary annmi.sGm :-1 am happy In making my
Annual Report, under a renewed sense of the good
nese of our Heavenly Father In blenlng our elforts
In behalf of the Sanitary Commission; causing Aid
Societies 'to hare their rise as pure mountain rills
from the-patriotic hearts of our self-saeriticing people,
their supplies wending through the noble stream of
the Sanitary Corumleslon. to Mir suffering soldier,.
The Sus q uehanna County O'ntocil, and the interest
lug addresses of one friends, Di. J. Parrish and party,
have had a stimulating influente. The delay in re
relying reports, must be ourlapology for not send
ing at an earlier period the summary for voter ap
proval. There are twenty-seven townships in our
county: one year since we bad twenty-three Aid So
eMties, which have Increased tO thirty-six : with the
prospect of others enlisting in the good cause.
fiAnAll M. WALKEIt,
A tot-kite Manager 14r Savielianna erninty,
Tr. P 4 r S. Sanitary C+ n .nasseio e.
List or Soldiers' aid Sock:lca In Swig. Co.
APOLACON. —Little Meadows; Mies Mary Barney,
President; Mot. Actin°. L. Bearelsles, Coe, Searetarv.
Auntisi.—Anburn, lE. Springhill I". 0 1 Mrs. D.
Cooley, President; Mrs. C. M. Taylor, Cor. Seen•-
tary'. Anharn—Wtst Auburn; !Mrs J. C. Laeey,
President; Mrs. A. Lae,..y,.Cor, Seeretar.v.
Anauvr.—Ararat : Mrs. M. 11.1yler, President.
BtunGew.vran.—MoniroAe ; Meg. T. N. Bullard,
President; Miss. E. C. Bind:mini Cur, Seesetary
Mrs. H. J. Wehb, Treasurer. Bridgewater—East
Bridgewater; Mrs. E W. Hawloy, President; Miss
S. M Stevens, Car. Secretary.
BOOKLY.N.-140010 1.11 ; D. L. Cor. Sc e
retary. Brooklyn—Universalist ; Mrs. L. F. Porter
Pre.-Ident ; S Kent, Cor. Secretory,
Curroun.—Clitlord Corner.; Mrs. P. 11. Gardlu
er, President; Miss A. M. Well.. Cor. Sreretery .•
Mrs. P. K Steven., Trerasnrer. Clifford— Dondair •
Syirrster Johnson, President; Mrs. Email],
Car. S. cretury.
CltecoNo - r. - -Frlendsville; Mrs Griffis, Presid,nt
Miss Foster, Cor. likeretary ; Miss M. 11rninera,
Trea.urer. Choconut—St. R. 111,,ther
M. President. Clocklunt--rtiendsville anti For
est L,ke ; Miss M. I). Lett, Cor. Sucrelary ; Mrs. E
S. Hotiford, Trt-azurre.
DislocK.—l)imock; Mrs. Lyman Blakcslev. Prcel.
dent;': Miss F. Woodruff; Cot. Secnetury : Mw. Ma
son 'Flnglcy, Treasurer. Dirnock—Elk Lakv: Mrs.
Deni.on Thomas, Pre , 4l ,, wt ; Miss M, E. Yom o:.
Cor. Secretary; II Stevens,. Treasurer. Dm,-
ock--Ront h Donock; Mrs. G. Mnkesles. president
Miss N. Newton, Cor. Secretary; Mrs, 11. P. Attica,
FRANK , IN.-1 - r..onville; Mrs, O. M. flan, Presi
dent. Frank!in—Brookdale. I'. 0.; Mr-, Nt. Pier.
son, Pn.sident Miss Jennie Lane, Car. Secret/vs:
Frisk, Treasurer,
FORE.T LAE!: --Forest Lske; Miss M. Wrizht,
President. Fort Lake—Taylor follow. IF. Lake
P. 0.) Carrie Vail, Pride❑ 6; Maria A Cor.
Ginsn:N. —Gibson ; Flom P. Barrows, Cor
GISUAT Br. , 3l.—Grrat Bend ; Mrs. lifeCresiT, Pres
Went; Mrs. P. 1). B. Mak', Cor. Secretary; Mrs
Curt{6, Treantrer.
HARFORD —lll , trOrd ; M PreQtdent ;
Wets (or. Se:el-et:try; 111.6 C. Joiktmon,
Treasurer. Ilarfuril—West ligrcurd
,Mrs. Alvin
Sterne, President; Mrs: Tyler lire tract., Cor. Secre
EiERRICF--Herrick olley P. 0.1 _Ml's. Porno,.
Prreidrnt .Irnole Dart, Cor. flecrilary. Her
rick—Uniondale; [Herrick P. o.] Mre.. M. A. Ar
nold, President : Mrs. D. D. heynold, Cor. Secre
JACKSON.--Jcickiton ; Mrs. .1. Bingham, Preshknt
Mr'. S Ft Foster, Cur. Sectary i - Mrs. J. M. Slay
mac, Trtlasun.r.
JES. , r.—East Avsop; rFairdale P. 0.1 Mrs. M
President; Mi,r, V. Chatfield, Cur. Seer,
Lary ; Mrs. Whitlock : Trensnrer.
LEhtra.—Lenox; Mrs. L. F. C. Oakley, President;
Lenox.—Glenwood; Miss Sarah Hartley, Prebi
dent : Mrs. C. Conrad, Treasurer.
I.lllilTT.—l,lv,viile Centre; D. Stanford,
President; Mrs. M. „A, Stnith, Cor. Secretary: Mrs.
Cowles, Treasurer
LATIIROP.—Lathrop; Mrs. J It G. Baker, Rec.
Mthot,r.trosr - ti.—
Nnw NiLLYORD.—New Milford; Mrs. FJlen Whit•
lock, President.
Tinsn.—Enah ; Mrs. J. L. Sherwood, President :
Mrs. L. }Jewell, Cor. Bee retsry; Mra. N 1; ranger,
Treasurer. Eddy--Mrs. C. Fargo, Prealdenr: Mrs,
4. France, Cur. geeretnry.
Spun:GC - MLR. —.Spo ; Aire . Albert Root,
President; Mi. M. H. Smith, Cor. Secretary: Miss
B. la, Menctrani. Trasurer. Lynn—Mrs. E. M.
Knapp, President: Mrs. E. M Plutlipa, ('or Secre
tary; Mrs. 0, Fish, Treasurer,
It is earnestly' hoped that the blanks opprt4te a
few of the townships may soon be tilled with the
names of Societies in successful operation.
In the original Report the name, of Vice.Prasi
dents, cte., were given, as also brief accounts of
what had been accomplished by the different Socie
The Dnrat..„ 4 .-lA i ste qir Cowainy and Oro/ditto Qao
icm. —Atter all that has been written offici a lly and
non-officially on the subject of quotas In connection
with the pending draft,. we find that a large portion
of our citizens arc 141,1 in about as numb doubt as
ever bow to read the law. And we question wheth
er the multiplication of official circulars has done
much more hi many eases than to add to the bewild
ertueht of the noxious inquirer.
Let no see if we tan eliminate from the official In
terpretation of the several statutes u few compre
hensible facts. The call for troops, issued on the
14th of December was rendered nett:wary hats by the
failure of the drutt of July lan, than by the expres,
proviso which Congress made In the het authorizing
that call, that all the enlistments for the navy dur
ing the first three years of the rebellion for up to
February, 1561,1 should be credited to their respect
ive district.. Hence, In all tt , e Larger roast cities, as
well as in the more important river towns of the
West, researches Into the naval recruiting records
took the place in' a very great measure of fervent
real in the loudness of ,rodioz men to the front It
was only equitable, of course that the <Mien et dis•
tt etc. where recruiting for the navy had taken place,
bLould in this way protect the rnselvis own haling
to bear more than their due share of the common
burden. Brit the result never:lick:vs essentially fail
ed to supply either the trumhers or the quality of
men wanted by the War Detscrturent. The call now
made l designed la put 300,e(.0 •"ell in to Oa
that lonic been mn veer of their quoho •
will bare curb (-eat en (r.-, shown on the records) up
to the 14th of December, credited to the Jul) draft.
Volunteers enlisted since Dm-veil/her 19th will be
credited on the draft now pending. By thin system
of crediting; the Provost Slarshal doubtless expects
that each district, will be able 1.11 get its dues. But
iu any case, the aggregate returns now sought for
will not count further back than the date of the call.
In other words, the Provost slartitul will declare the
call tilled when the lists on the since the rint i of De
cember show that .710,000 men Lure been molded to
the Berne,.
Tut mode in which the different terms of seroice
fire to be arranoed, o so us to do justice to distriets
that have sent larger Inoprotiont of three and - two
yenne Teen:alto, is made tolerably plain by the official
circulars. It has caused come misapprehension to
find that the numbers to be turnhhell under the
present call are not likely to be at all near In pro
portion to the populations of different States or dis
tricts. But the change is rendered necessary, aim
ply from the fact that loe.tlitics where three years'
men have been the majority In making up the quota.
could not, without great injustice, be put on an
tonality with those that hate tent 14rge majorities
of one year's men. The law distinctly proviocs that
the deficiency of liwri service, as well as the defic
leney. in the nunOcra frompariicalur districts, shall
be taken into acedunt In determining quotas.
The time for giving the credit to tackdistrict as
to the class in which the recruit enlists, Is when. he
Is muttered into the service. So that, whether
particular IbtaiitytenelA a certain umber of one.'
two, or three yearn' men, it Is put on permanent tc
cord at once in the War Oilier, and if the volunteer
or conscript become rick, eh tens or dies within a
week of his utopian...v., the credit due to his district
is net thereby affected. All that ban to be done halo
add up the gross number of yrors Which is repreten
ted in the returns from f , pirate districts, and the
result put in proportion with the local enrollment,
and the gross establiabes something like an
equitable distribution Of slit burdens, which the drat
There is one point, however, on which we think
it passible that General Fry's interpretation of the
law may be open o question—not as to its technical
correetness, but .as to the equity of the dctialoth—
letates, tnkrus, and districts, if we do not tulsuppre
bend him, that they bare been In arrow on the can
of July when theca!! of December was announced,
have their fault Ignored altogether. They start with
a clean record on the 19:11 day t of December, 16C4,as
if they bad het pace wine h eir duty equally with
those who tad their quota promptly and honora
bly. This ,seems to us to partake more or less of a
certain sectional injustice. But we do not care to
press the point, provldd the pending draft Is
made to answer: the practical purpose of bringing
30;1,000 healthy and vig the oro men Sato the field. The
sooner that end reachedeoonerme shall reach
the-point where drafting will he no longeria necemb
ty. —N. Y. Times.,
Demotion frjealg of the rev. J. R.
Wane propose, tnitlitug him a' donation I Wt. at the
Lecture „Room of the Haptlgt L'iturc,h; is 3 1°11trtme.
on the Ma: day a Jaintarp Mst., afternoon
and evening. -, RetreabmWa-M•thalaftetalon from
ProPlO4ro. = 4 4 6 3. the tvc4.4.ip%simatalepil
#11•Inlaktio:01001 ' •
ll*4.4ingerkas aisti*ft Mrforg Qf the' anima
&MU.* by Horan , Greekp.,--Tbia work will be
minted on tine paper, and Lined In two large douts
lc-column octavo volumed of 418 pages each, illus
trated , by Mane, DLagrarna of Battle-fields. Sieges,
Naval Actions. Tierra of places of historic
- (obtained from'official reports In the War and Nave
Departments, ate.,) tocether_with s largeounther of
fine steel plate Portraits of proialnent Generals and
other Ihatinardshcd Persons connected with th.
.Wnr, both North and South. The work when com
pleted will contain upwards of one hundred Maps
and Diatrotms of Battle- fields, end can not fail In
take the (first rank as a Standard History of the
Volnnui 1., covering the period for 17711 to ISM,
trill present a more coinprehenalce exhibit of the
muses and Incitements of the Rebellion. tracing the
inflect:mei of Slavery In molding. the opinions of the
tr.ople. arid In shaping the destinies of our country.
than any similar work. ft will also contain seventy
Portrafie On ateo, elaa, , ltled-and arranged in appro
printe pimps, besides other illustrations of much
Interest. This volume has'airead, been published,
and is read y for delivery to sub,cribers.
Volume I will be published as soon as pmetieshb
after the close of the W'ir, acd in all respecta will be
folly equal to volume I. It will contain a raluabb
copper plate Map of the Seat at War, about ii by tat
inches, engraved ex pressiv for this work, presenting
in one view the whole field of Military operations—
its Rivers, Railroads, Rattio•Fiteds, principal Mili
tary routes traversed by the large armies, Me
We some time sine.' received the first volume from
3. R. Morse, eeq., or New Milford, and an examina
tion of Its contents satisfies nal that its merits are
folly equal to what the reputation of Its dialing-um
ed author had led us to expect. We are informed
that Esquire Morse has since given np his twee)
for the work, eveent to deliver the second volume to
the subscribers he has obtained.
Mr Wm. R. Sllabse Is agent for this work, roatho
rlzed to pmcure subscribers for the same, In the fol.
lowlnc - townships of Susquehanna County : Brook
lyn, Bridt , ewater, Great Bend, Harmony,
Oakland, Thomson, Raiford, Gibson, Lenox, Cliff
ord, Herrick, Ararat, and New Milford,
Grvat SUretSl4. —The donation visit Inst week
In the Methodist Church of thls place, to the Rev.
A. fi..Schoonmaker, was a near perfeet In Its sr
ranzement and design as fi could be. It was ow
gt,od fortnne to he pmsent on the occasion, and
rarely bave we been permitted to enjoy an evening
so pleamntly. The members of the Chnrch and the
Committee of Arranzements are certainly entitled
to gm. , Praise for the srdnous labors bestowed on
the affair. Doubtless they felt amply repaid Ire ob.
serving the happiness of their guests on the occa
On entering the Church In which the visit WS
elven, we were agmeahly surprised at witnessing
the excellent tante displayed In ornamenting the
building for the occasion. Festoons of evergreen
graced the whole front of the galleries, relieved by
wreaths of the same material, which In beauty were
worth of ornamenting the victorious brows - of the
"bravest of the brave," while over all end above all
In stately grandeur Sorted the barmer of the free,
with Its starry folds. Fair women and brave men
were there also to lend interest to the scene; and
the cheerful mine and warm pressure of the hand
which each received front the estimable pastor, ir
acknowledgment of the Ir kindness, Increased, If
possible, the pleasure of all present.
All through the centre of the building, erected nu
a platform covering the crate, was a long table,load•
tat with the delicacies of the sca.-nt: ; and as we trotii
.sl up o n its endless variety of creature comforts thus
spread out before us, ti-tons of similar banquets nt
the "Astor," "St. Nicholas," and "Continental,"
passed before our mind. What Enchanter's ward,
thought we, has thus ereatell aneh a feast, or
brought forth from the rough realities of We such a
scene of beauty and loveliness ? Need we say that
we were proud of our little town, and felt like elm]
lenging " ail creation and the rent of mankind "
to surpass it In enterprise ?
In concluding our notive we ought to say that
while gluing the lull lured of praise to all the mem
bers of the committee, espeeial mention should be
sonde of the Atlases. Sweet. Ilawley, and Sherman,
and of Mrs. Webster, and Messrs. Lewis, Kirby, and
King. to whom especially the credit of getting nit
the affair is due. In a peeuniary point, the visit was
also a great success, Inasmuch an the Iwnelhiary re
reiced nearly 5140; which, considering all the cir.
cum alanees, was a en :der amount than the most
atinguine friend, of Mr. Schonnmal7cr expected lam
m realize,
Suserschanius County ap - fewitsrral Kawirtv.—
The Susquehanna County Agricultural Society ten t
at the Coutt House, January lith. IStr., for
arenas' Sleeting. Hort. R. Parke being absent, Wil
liam IT. J”ssnp was called to the chair. Minutes of
the last meeting, being rend, were al - pi-cwt. - AL
It being stated that the elation of oftleerg for th
ensniow year was next in order, on motion, the chap.
appointed . committee of flee, to report names of
gentlemen to the meeting for flint purpose, who, of
ler retiring for consultation, mad , reports us follows;
For President, flan. B. Parke. ,4 Ildmot It ; Vier
Prt sidents, H. S. Birchen', of Jessup, 11. B. Jones,
of liarford ; Secretary, C. B. Acre, of Slontrose:
Corrcwonding Secretary, C. L. Brown, of .Monoro,,e;
Trrasnrer, A. Lathrop, of Montrose; .F.:Teenttre
COuitnit tee, James K Carmalt of afontmst..;;
'on motion made and seconded, were unatimoualy
A. Lathrop, Treasurer, made report as follows:
A. Lathrop in account with Susquehanna County
Agricultural Society, 1' 0 3 , 4
latt. 14, To Balanee as Audited Sl2G,cfl
Jan. Itl, To Cash of G. V. Bentley, Life Bern-
.... 10 00
Jan 19, " L. F Fitch, Life Member 10,00
Feb 9, " Henry Drinker, Ott
51 .) . 10 , " C Loziev 400,00
N. Shounaker, Life Mein-
MAY 13, •' from Mcmnrrp ens 611, of
tickf.ti 701,45
Nta) " IL•nt of 6,unfi I,r 8161 w 4.00
" County Appropriutiou.... 100.00
Jan. IS, By Canda paid W. J. Sheralin, Poilce St,so
o V. Bentley, on Contract 229,00
" W. Cornatoelt., Claim.. 271.08
F. B. Cllandler't bill. . .1.80
" C. A Frink". ... 4.72
•• 1.. L Stone•, Gate Tender. 1.0
" H. II Frazier'. 1111 a.... 4n,so
" Ks_ Com. P.:10.. Acct • 0:2 :2
" Baldwin 6: Allen). deems❑t 7.711
C L Br.orn, S;c.r. Lary .. 1010
•' W. L. Yost, Aaal.,tant 1.50
" Prennloini ,
Balan-•e an hand . .
" A. J. Gcrritaon•s toll 11,00
Jan. 17, To Balance on hand $757,90
The undersigned, Executive Committee of the Sas
imellanns County - Agri , ultural Society, have this day
examined the Treasurer's Account and tied correct as
Join K. TAIS.BELL, f'"""dt4e
A motion , raa made and atoonled, that
section be amended. to read in , followa: "It
then be the duty of the F...t-cutive Cotutuittte to fur.
t/e Trea.sorer with Tickeff., di.i• with the
IBA of hartzes, eaeept for Llo-Ntemherehip and oth
core, and keep a correct account of the same," which.
after di-,•us.4on,wue
The, report of Eleeuhtie Committee was post noned
until tin April mcelin4.
Oa motion, the Executive Committee were direct
ed to promil , 4 inner on the Fair Ground. for the
judges app.lnted to examine stock di-. competing'
for premiums.
Bills sier, presented by N Shoemaker nod J. S.
Tarhen, am tattling' to fuxty-eigtht dollars, which
or,re ordered to be paid
On its being stated that A_ J Gerrltson bad re.
lased to pnblish the address deliserrd by lion. B
Parke, at the FAIT of Van}, (tic hoeing been requested
tiy the society to Cornish copies fur publicattun,) it
la , solas4, That the patronage of tbesocietAhe with
held trona said Gerritaon's parr.
Adjourned to meet at the Court House on Tura
day evening of the second week of April Court.
C. M. titatu, S-erriary.
Our talicn profs.
ROGEEtS—At the residence of hie parents, Ifrb.
bens and Fanny Rozers, in Brooklyn, on the Bth
day ot Jan. inst., Edwin Rqzers, late irst •Lleut enant
of Co. ❑, 4th Rez't PA. Reserves, In the 30th year ul
his age.
Llebtertant Rogers was the first volunteer !warn
Brooklyn township in Aprll. Itoll On the 21 of
Nov. following he was discharged on aceoent nI
phlldsis pninsonalls which be had contracted In the
service. During his protracted illness he never
murmured but was :ilways cheerio!. and pat tent Au
ardent patriot and brave soldier, lie was also a de
voted soldier or the cross. For hint death hind no
terror, and hr. tell wleep In the hope of u blessed
Immortality beyond the grave. IL
JOHNSON—At Newhern, N. C.. Sept. 13th, Ruin
of yellow feser, Limit. Allen B. Johnson, aced :9l
years, eldest son of Thomas and Eliza Johnson, of
Bridgewater. Sussj. Co.
TO many outside the home circle has this item,
previously published in substance, caused painful
emotion. To the large circle of former classmatAls,
and those associated with him ea teachers, it, has
brought recollections of his student-life whirl, gave
promise of a future of tespeciabillty and usefulness.
The church, of which he became ri member to 1852,
and from which he was honorably dismissed six
years later upon his removal from Montrose, lament
his early decease, but "not as those without hope."
He entis.ted, July, 1801, at Gardner, as a pri
vate in the 39th 111., and proceeded at once to Chl-
Cage., when the rt.,4linent remained In camp until
the following November, when it left for St Louts.
A month afterward it was ordered to Cumberland,
bid About that time be was made 24 Lieutenant
of Co A, and, two weeks later, its let Lit:taco:mt.
He was engaged in but one regular battle, that of
Winchester, Va., in March 1662. He was with the
troops who evacuated liarrison's Landing In July
of ltesame year, though be bad not shared the saf
ferines and honors of the heroes of the seven days'
tratties, hating been sent there -with the rtinforee
ments. Jit the lone marches to which be was sub
iettedAteltoffered inuctiffrou(prpconrc, fatigne,.and
went olinneislons; but bls . rt.dt,b, with the eiteep
litigi'orttrtienth which be Plitenr toispltri at Et
kleiN,Liel been uafolinlricycel until he wee ettack-.
thlit IQ/di as that tiano;tltolnii spite.
adce Neirtxlc)maknOt lies:ph:olM tholierrible.
dt..V , IIIIV It niterwatd,betAme. -., •
In Feb , 1942, he came home no i shod tuilongt=:
ten dso n e"vering• hie whole abseueelrom duty—end
then he left his Mende for the !ant time, lie riser,
not nit the Oeld of battle, hat in the honored grace
he shares with so many taltbfuL toktlettt of, the
Union that , we trust, is, to be pre4ercea the neer'.
ROSE—.At the house of Ills father, in Bridgewater,
fins,i. Co., on the 19th inst., Wm. ft Rose, 'of Com
pany D, 50th Regt. P. S, aged shout Al years.
Ile enlisted In Pdarth,..lEl6l: and passed With hie
gallant regiment through all the battles of the Wit.
ticrnese, Spottaylvania, Cold Barber, and the battle
in front of Petersburg, and was among the very few
of hie company that soaped either death or Impris
onment. Be was bokevcr slightly wounded In the
arm, but in throe weeks Wll4 able to Mum to duty.
Shortly after returning to the front, he was attack
..d with typhoid fever, but by the skilful attention of
his phyeleian the fever was soon checked and he be
,an rapidly to improve.
I'revietts to the explosion of Grant's mine, and the
ars:mit upon the rebel works, he was ordered to re
turn to his command, before he had sufficiently re.
:mined his strength to successfully endure the ex.
posuro and fatigue of that bloody contest. lie was
soon attacked with chronic diarrhea, accompanied
by a derangetnent of the liver, that baffled the chill
of Ilia inedleal attend:ode, and he gradually sank into
nhe anus of deat h. lie lied bean permitted to return
home on furlough, and was attended In his last 'li
nens by Dr. Munch. 1)18 former gallant emoutinder,
who had shared wills him the sacrifices and . dangeri
of the battlefield.
Evvything that a skillful physician and sytuptt
thlzing soldier eould do for a former comrade was
done for him by Dr. Dimock, added to the nowearied
attentions of lured ones at home. But all proved
Dealh had marked him as its victim, and on the
17th Blgued his bonotahledbwharge, and permitted
Mtn to take no the PALM AND CHOWN of the faithful
soldier of Christ. Dpriug his conflnetnebt at the
hospital at. City Point, he sought and obtained the
forgiveness of his sine, and during lilt entire sleknesa
his mind was calmly a loud upon Clod. To him death
was Mbar:nod of his terrors, and he gave to hie pa.
rents and attendants the most e.lisfactory aissurlace
of his preparat kin far death.. illustrating In his last
hours that "Jesus can make a dying bed •oft as
downy pillow,. nee."
The community will deeply sympathize with the
Wrrowing and bereft family; and the loyal and Pa
triotic Will most devoutly pray that grace divine
nay sustain tint' comfort, and prepare them for a
lialpy re-union with their son and bnalber, in that
Land undisturbed by secession and war.
A. ii..,Scnooissusaen.
Moutraw, January 1564.
II EN It —M' DONALD-1n Great Bend, Jan. 19th,
by Rkl.. M. Hannah, Mr. John Henry and Miss
Alienate McDonald, both of Great Bend.
(The Printer was remembered.)
WYANT—NrDONALD—At the Fame time and
place, by the name, Mr. Charles Wyant and \i isa
Ellen McDonald, both of Great Bend.
(The Printer was reineutbervd4
I.RM(iN—Qt ICK—Tn Sprincville, on New Year's
Ere, be Rev. J. W. Thsyner, Mr. Miner Lemon, of
Auburn, and Mist Nancy L. Quick, ul
11116F.Ni kKER—C.I.BTLE—in Rnsh, Jan. 15th,
15G1, he E d. H. li. (lr-ay, Mr. (Rome U. S. t3hoe
maker, of litc , h, ziacci , Co. Pa., and Mine Nettle
Utstle, of the same place.
BURNS—LYONS—In Merrick, Jan. Ifltle, by Rev.
J. T Ellis , at the bride' e mother's, Mr. Granville
Berns, of Clifford, and Miss Mary M. Lyon, of Her
rick,. •
MI I, I.F. R— DE Go' Dee. 31st, by R. CLI fford,
Fat -I 1 Mr. Nathan S. Miller and Miss .1.1111, Reuel,
both of Ru,W , Sasq. Cu , Pa.
haulm county, Pa., Jan. let, 18135, be Rev.A.Brooka,
Mr Milton Clinch and MissStrharine P. Porrowelitt
611.I.ETT—DENN Y —At t he pantonage In Gibson,
no the itth nit., by Rev. R. - Ingalls.. Mr. Willard
Gillett and Atlas C. A. Denny, both of Gibson, Pa.
12RETT--431LUSPIE—At the sante place, on
the 1:• n 11.4., by Rae R Illgllll6, Mr. Wallace Bar
rett, of Jacbaoti, (one of Siticridand's hravea,l and
AI, Amanda Gillisple, of Now Milford.
'yr- Anneuuternents of Dealer are peallabed vrithoat charree—
Ole tams Notices must be paid focus th e rates t ball art a word,
Verna dye cents a Ilea. Attaly In
GOODRICH—In Brooklyn, Dee. thil, Eli B. C.Kiod
rich, aged 69 yearn.
VAII.F.S—In New Milford, Jan. 16th; of spotted
fever, Rosa Y., younzest child of Ralph J. and
iliebe E. Valles, and 6 yearn and 10 months.
" Asl.-ep In Jenny! blessed sleep,
From which none ever wake to weep."
MUCH ARO —lo Sprlneville,Jonuary4th,lB6s, Mrs.
Mi•ituda Prichard, aged 71 ri.h.ra and -4 months.
The dereas,,i we. a native of Waterbury, Conn.
Year tifilf a cenfury ago, with her husband, both then
in the yet"- of early life, the subject of this notice
left the home of her childhood, and made Springville
the home of her fui are early d aye. The early pioneers
LA our country duo. tee the grateful nunembrauce of
the pO-neat generation. by their energy and perm
,-ctiug toll, they hare changed our country from an
unbroken wildernt cs and but thinly Inhabited Into
our of the noble agricultural tkeetluott of Mir State;
:aid not only no, hut the first settlers of this region,
bringing with them a love of freedOm and knowledge,
and a nfzt, regard for n.litrion, have by their in
allelic, and effortsplanted the germ of our present
nonorable and laudable, social, intellectual and mor
al institutions. Let us of this day not forget the sac
rifices and hardships and privations cheerfully borne
try n former generation, in working out the benign
results we now enjoy. The deem, , ed faithfully did
her duty to the varied walks of lit, As a wile, she
was a true help-meet to her eiimpunion., us a mother,
tall of stf,etton and car-, as a nel,fhbor, kind and
sympathizing, t 3 a Christian, ready to help forward
the came of benevolence. In her departure she will
be greatly tutssed In her housel.old circle, bat the
remembrance of her worth will flourish as an ever
green in the heart of her friends, while they tarry
on the neither chore of "earth's dark streams."
WILLIAMS - At the rciilence of B. L. Canfield,
la,Friend.ville borough, Pa , Jan. Bth, Is4l, of brain
foterr-Biti•rett 11., tn,:y child of G L. and 1f..1.
ag:•d xic year, Dille months and twenty
$l - .2 "1
Calmly fell ilossilent moonlight
r hill and dthi, and y,t
With loud, mournful hearts We lingered
Itv the , ouch of Everrtt.
Ife was ii3ing, gonna rverell,
lie was pasidnd. like a siiih,
ir,do a wurid ot lore arid beauty,
To a fairer world uu higu. 8. A. B
Beaufort, S,inth Carolina, on the
inth of November, I'4l, after a .hurt illness, Stillman
?nth r, late of this eon nty, ae,d .19
Sir. F olivr was a bathe of the land of !he Pilgrims,
near 11 cm, ut h, and brought with him to this
vielnit) in early manhood, the genuine principles
ant character of his stock. Deeply imbued with true
stalliMeilli.S, with a good self acquired
eduu•wn, though plain mid unassuming lu bia In
iercourse, he w oreasloually known as a candid
and reusible writer fur the Preen. liver two years
he sent to litton Head and POT& Royal as a
'Superintendent of Plantations worked by Freedmen
un ser th, Jo-pits' of a h...e•tulent a , sociation and
the sanction of Government; and lately was employ. ,
rd as a missionary te.keuer of the colored people.
tear Beaufort, in which he wan joined by his worthy
compuni.,n, who attended him during Lin Last illness.
As a scrupu.onsly honest man, a sincere friend and
fag tie• writer or tu - r. verily b •I lever) a tens Ghriatian,
ilia tors ...Übe deeply regretted by those who beat
t•'ucw him. Coin.
JENKIVS—TO Th.MSOI.I, October 12th, 19341, of
consumption, B. F. Jenkins, aged 33 yt-ars.
MILLE:It—At flarford our the 17th inst., Mary,
daughter ot Rev. A. Miller.
New York Wholesale Prices Ourrent of Produce.
Reported PI, the LTnrrcrpe itztnferromr . by J4jSrAti
r;AItP ENT EIL Coe. MercLant..92, h 25 Wtk.sbitztaort 81, New.
York, to whmm sklymcnts may be tr.ttle. I , 9o.thintl, of the met
v 9133 9111 he tuirancett et , the tt,lpt of th 3 cond., If d , rdred, sad
qtrck rtlttrt mute for the balance. Foil elscctious ands weekly
fine of htutrze try toattto those makthz sklztrocut9
th. - -elrtvr., tom. PD./ " 4 1 , 1 70 1 4.. V Th. ro ell .e
•, •. I (1 , a, 10 ,
steamy , bush. 3•9. t 0 9 9'. t3ortt. 1 87 99 190
I. ou eo , ltnes, P tnrret, • trt 0 7 73
goiter. In W. 11, 51(4 ItI;Irillongt, o(4olfiJ
tirklus. " 69 .` dry. VS. :RR 24
i n m il, .4 4,4 4 rneen, 120.
• rbeenc, 44•044, tU 4d ..11, Lard. coul 644 51 (4 :4
•• mrataull, " 14 44 14' Bald. f 11.14. 1)144, lyma 1100
D ne d A s r 1.14 . 4, 112 prlam, P4l o 0 44 11 .141
, :A ?Olt. " 00 63, O•'0
• ••,• 00 44 SG 01.
•••• 411,4114, (41 !Izma keel. y m :3(4 „Y 1
B9r.b4frtte . k 5 40 " is 44
" 13lcktaariat" 12 44 ." 'I44A-na. '" .i. (1 14
Ems, fnde, 14 dancr, 43w D /Nary, " 9:: 64 3:
' Ruled. " Met dek'cleleze, Lye. " 1661 CO
Plow, ereut, Yeel_ een ye few r w k,,, v „, - • Y (d 26
• • rye - 9 1.1 a 0r.. , ' G.,ree, "" 1!06 13
floor 544-41. P hand, 9w 04 4411 tha44, " 12 en te
13acIradinat Figur " 600 CI .5 31, ClO‘nd ddad,, 0 14 dd 17
Flex, p m en es , e, rierweeT 5.... 0 beep 573 41 6f4
Pantbc., lira ge .fm.e. T. 7 ,4 KO i F:43 Seed. " e 70ee 190
Beef Pee, Vle •0 Le 1% raltow, 1 1 14, 16cit, 1 7
!data:, La cercals,P 1, 10 tid 111Wo A. n'innad. " 95 49 190
14ml, ,la 69 1% Wool. alza:seard." 6002 69
t.c7t7. Amused, "16 17, App cs. wnix; • 3
Wheat. bushel, 2 ears 2 a Maple SVta. e
Nor.-6 fell report or the Nev-Sort 31nrket can be seen on Va .
te. orj lime by calling at the Office In Btoolrose. 11,
the stove I ttlyen the low.: and blew:pekes wt.:6 ate goven.
at by qualltyendsentdttloa.. Monjartleirilthai strength incall , itted
above. can be (mod on the reaort la on; olhee,
Carriage Shop
u tru t meri ved.._ l „ 2 ,-.... of C4tll,
311,111616 a
otrtium f ,
,pig corm:
Office 139 South Fifth Street.
COpltal /1,000,000. 300,000, /twee, at $ each
President, ALEX. K. M•CLUP-E
T. 112 117D21(
A .
Mil IL 01/41.
i.., e% UM.
TlROompanyttlie SM. of lend, In tee, on illkgbeny River
immediately. opposite Oil City, and adjoining Laylonia, with 110
rods float nn the river, nt.d tx rode hunt cm Lays Ran. lton.. C.
F. Ittanatell, editor of the Oil City Roams, and agent for this
bnad. met:natty Company that It trill sell In lota for glOOOO. re
Irvine the oil dent, w net !0 worth $1tt...00 additional. Nuevo-
STU verge on w tat of mermen not slot ConfenT MY Ole nein
19 oun•E Lore t• nod Rd Company have tWO geed engines with
complete Onetime to at orate nroodlate y for 011. The tnrrftory
this immediate lomilry McAteer, foiled to porton profitably.
Oleo, rue hundred In lee annpfe, In the oriehmted Cherry
Roo district-, immediately adjatnlng Cherry Run Petroleum C.
rooy, w h,re stoTh I, now worth over 00 her share. The Company
now hat otfere, IlflocKorld lmulielentent, for 110114 Wediaon lease,
Without any cue to the earpondlomand oat !WC Ile irrOceltel to
go to the Compray. The Conte. and 81.Nlebotsa 00111pardiet IRO
Vat 4,
n tho,ooo, to ..Cl7ekttsallaNC%
hie. poonlano 1, ad. lt 'to Como., One 40 acres, In fee aim ,
pie, nu CherryT roe lino, I,lot. eloptlte Into Od Creek, and In the
li pr..tuett,e .ot of the °II TertlVT, mid 110 late to its
not 11. nn, eve arties&bis Ilestmouth Of Oh Creek.
and rot Deer two torellmot the celebrated Reed wodt, now prod.,
eine over tell harre:r let der.
faro. the lease of quo, tract. of land, Iwo On 011 Creek, rash pro
dnehtz nv r ten laurel.% ow' day, SOS ona,,on ielleghette RlfrK pa.
&ton, len tor t e. per day of hooey olt..wodh now 631 per buena.
Thu Compeer now nrsorcr I,Lreoloorl he of the aromatic( tbelest
named wvll. and oot•Lalf of Ito ...tnet two. Reteh of thews Meta
will he developed the ('otopoty irf slaking additionl went
and the tomcatted fittlere aro Low on Lend to do IL.
na . , •ffl. , f n.,n 4. proatcate the developtueat
Of Ll.eot Int!4 r. and [h.? balm entire confident
that , h,y yen- dtvlOtoadanla the capital mock.
r3r t be IttaAV ploll/pltY, ZS more lb= .u.-half
of IL. asocit 4111424:0-11.
0o1•-, I, ••1 , 1 ••• T. d at the ,Cm of the Company.
TT is tratiflinv n. tbolßl.o auccrera and victories of on,
A If
a:4.1 N..v v. foal con ,, mocuti y the DECLINE. of all Wads
of tuerul.a.U.,e.
dttiteqhci.9, iose4b4qtr, & ea.
Eve, rawly 11111 Viillll/ ¢ 0 ..,1, 1 1 10. ay:o,n p.aby take
plo.surc SO 00110 , 0,,1L., to tun.nrons Merida and cndomea
lat 16e} 143,4.40-4
Large and Elegant Stock of Goods
generally krpt by thew for the
Pall and Winter Trade
Decline of Prices,
eve tbsrelbre pretr.“.l to suit MI ',want of, and can manna extra
s u it to MI bums of
Dry Goon..
Fancy and :Millinery Goods,
In arbleh , t•lnt to v far the host and 1r od complete
any to well., et, It enearanden tdi Rae of
P.m-C=l .4 Domenic
EIRESS G+3012,6 V
with as Elezhios I` , l,snattii. Sombailnea, (m tai Cloths, Le.
vita.. AlTimms. Lister& all wci , loi pan maim 1)
La., ann YiaiCs %And/ gnats, int., and in
I'rteii, flu una. Dentre.., etetek.. le, named. of
ell color. attut posh Uel.
ror iloasFle.p47g.
stele and (Muth: Woolen. rrocbe. ShetLad irool, sod Cashmere.
allot best tostettob sort of the West sine. ebLs. clo3ittbr Cole
teas!. Mood...bobs r. ots..rproof eiotbs soda bag. yule.
ty of closints trarontess for =ch.
ttils Ilea me srmild eereel.ll9 C.ll the attentkei or MIMS s 10
Ota mom rurni o•ud prices, which defy competition.
Hoop Si(
2300 p Skirt*
Hoop Skirts,
Ladieet. Vines, mai Chihli en . , en. of all shapes CO' Mlle; Of
the Pen y 4.11117.4 steel ma make.
of the tool Frouch mute, •epeetor to any others out.
Woolen Goods
In EfoodA, N0bt.1.2, S-ontagr, at_ az, as a verf lam line
rlt. fullittry tt. :c.v.. ever, our Meek In thli branth of trod,
I.+l nellair gadded to rat
abd every one to mut et
l'unthi. and Boyle Clothing
either in et-Me, irsl . tv of ,embt, or make. am noatlaue making up
rs,mao "f I / rc ,r.. 1 rmgmatally draw tte at•mation
of all Mai :n Int h ti their elestlft made to =la. to
Full Satisfaction in Style & Make
GI . . T.a a call awl mamba Gar goads.
/dor Vast_ Seri. 9E. 1844.
Re4l Estate Agency.!
THE yrit4,91,17. c-11.s.eZ nen ed sesrtnerzhip end opened za of.
Dr p. —Lam, old rental of real estate In the Con
ny of , 11.01, . .haft try to make. It for the Intentea
I • , :no4le ~• !.., I, 1.1,1 , 1,nne..11 , ..ii. dr rent real estate, to tez
can :• es - N.114110 to all ehow count
bolt; . N,. .s \r, tram whence name moat of the
;eruue u- pll, I:..'e m t •I: UT. H lade b externeve4
alool.thec urfr weld wiliere the costteneendenet.
ed tow 11, ,WlL:arta-131 , c. ice have
Several Farms on Hand,
it. , bower pare of the porclura
money enn rlin 1 ru I. rat of VeCat. parable In InelolltocnU.
N.b. 'nodit F0r...0 Lake, 151 Inaproved. good
etta..oitto toot, none, ot !I ,alered, end will ntogtort hobo an
. .rri,lt.ot to r.ertrog" gettoOLL god intoltonloo d
twee to.rt 4.llnek 'looney no month for • wriest"? ream
Nn. I and n, I , nr. kiln. ILI psonsil Ipj 100 acne trot
tonere:. •r 0 olintot. ton dwelling bnuter, two barns, l'onveolent
to mot lii of torn-.;a, Ih.jli Well nutted fine dales potroonato,—
part of the onrets.oe limner may ?rondo for G ante•Orynn.
No. 4.-091 erre. ill lan J In lOnotok. 120 Unproved, von watered
and leaved. c'" . 1 • 1. 0 . 1 .1,1111‘• how, 2 tisenej °reload., need sheet.
at dont, •tnot -It.o to ten, the whale farm fbr 130.2 p e ar.
Teen an.l• L.l/1 Et/e from OJm•u Comte, sad dot toltes from
tf nntrneo, Two thin', of the pnralu• money tan ronabl fora sed.
lee of to tr., 00 , 0.4 I.f tm , tl nod mortgage
No net-- of land in Itridgetraxer township tis miles tram
\loran.. , Ocrer I 0111,0.1, a reel new dwelling boom, barn,
faro It, elnalo, a rood grafted orceard, well vaned One half of
the Curthae , mOn , 7 cat remit for a tdonher Of years, Seared epos
the p, , 121.11
Na.ll —.looo. In 13rIllnerale, two male, from Morn
Moe . ISJ a.ann itt.;,ror. 41. rad new dwelling boom, barn. and tar
ard. Ontottard .11 the put Wass money down. end the bateau In I.
!La. 4. end 5 vn.i,
Nn. tllua'u In t",orneblp or Falai Lae. foar oaths fresio
linntroar. Lt ot, the house. MS scree. Own . 100
•toontee t l, a ooerd tiwe,lo. 4 ouee. two hanis end abeds..good oreh
sr& ewe odd in doorl mooing order; sod eider will. diming hl
water. milk house..te- _Taws: Ons4ielf ed the purdheas money
down, the valance Ina -r nrn,r,n.
No. 8,-..214 tones of land In if orriek township, 190 acres fawns.
no, gond daefllrto Lot, too tarn., ompat boom, One stab/tag.
wed wain.< and n*..lcr , cmg.nt Imym-.llet.t, onteenlent
to seborthp end -n on. and esti be enAnnentlentti div id ed and MO
liool.ooforale 1 cravat Ono-half dear% balwoe instanmeoto.
the nwn 4;10 of Jowls, revert miles from Mont
one, nn•, ace , ... fortgAve Implored, a good hot Dare.
a grafted ntoll'ord, and 'sugar very der gar hash. convainlent to C
Schooia. and Sidi., U.r parcbsse coonoy down, the
balance one b• rift! 0 font 'gnat turnenta.
No. In.-alt ,v In li. lownlilp of New Milford, ento.llOlog IGO
aeont—LOnattrta Inwr. V.d ; two man hoot the Ilorougt or Neer
ob •ot olgltty rodo frnw tho Lankswein sod Wedoto
Aall [Se ; I ~,, ,, • rect .1111 rprn tn find buildings,. end • fine
bearing nether]._', none of atter trot noon the premien gartatir for
It, of tele, ton tot.,•— anal Noise In the innnedlete vielsdly
and threvdirdsent entiertes 010 In awn rapes. lOn eonhobothe
font] von tte tool If toe otatitaser oltuald not want the whole.
t ern. rem....thiv.
No 11.—0 , 3.. - cr•• theTill•ge of SuAquAltanna peen.
Inth E•l- nn,l ny. nt of the aami fano.
t vlll.ltt fr om •blck to a Avant In Me TD;ogs. WW II:aro tts
coo., ono trot,. to Aare the care, Thre are steed 'MOO taNmaon
0. Iry On e Lon •,11, 1.-files • quALIIII Ito
•ea and w 1,4 o le of LI. illige; colid 41,•115••
Do..m five. ard fay, ^Alerel• Won OD thifarro sen
of , Of P•iut, m1r.,•r.4 • pint nil I Iffifood t•tnlng cadtfi M0d1 , 3.1
orchards: No No It, loan 10 pa/pelmet train, Imre the depot ally:
Parr W 01•31,1•1•• tu, to nuke money Um farm holm Memel
deliratdoLe .Le co..e. part cf tbo f‘lste.
A. cqueiammor, . . • • . zmbe.
AMlrem ' CILA MBERI•L'e k WNW,
Jar.oar., 18. 186 t —cf llontroir.ltvsznelums Co..
I T;
• 2 , 04L4111)F4L4.13.1.A.,:. -• • ,
Has 'Established an Agentyin Montrosa,l4a.
This is the oklestingurance Co. in tAa U. States.
LtitiE;2l UYltifi ' • •
. .
sitbose or stlygotdOoniiiinytq %Ler
elsowtiere, cad Its Director. aretzomtbs Inn ft: bawl's!!
pi„.8.,..17 4.13.. TM= 0. 40141.0, Predgens.
B. STROUD, 41= 1 . 4.
Hantroze.A.o 0.04247 015ce ha 14011030.11f1ek8
rz=i i v it a c so ,ns
• . PEW fllllOl4.
vorium4urris WASH= lant
extend hun ez,
Stu for Om puTimat (Man pry wows. Orxe699.
AN.* . Red , 19nD 9nd are. Rom mid WOK HIM. Cap,
m Gamma Finding Sian pm+ kw! y Camplal by M. B. Wll.
W 9 migmethelly gads IbipanuMAMl 211. • •
B. W..Wi45677.
MCm (4 l O ) r ittwalt MM. V. it, muslin-
Cast, Pahl For Buckwheat
TE alwerlber e'en far de a few choke Baildhkg Lou In
Great Bend Yaw,. la den Maxbalty la th e ateaWcaks
of the D. L. n'. R. It. Go. now In mom. They ere bad eat
earmaMot dupe and ars of lama ate.and can ter_purebaard ai
Üboral mu and on nary termer terMa. E. Plattleti..
Great Beta Detembcr U. 1864-IL
IVZ=ZI•M1300•.• lwa • atoll estietir ousta..
SIDLES. Ceeeeb re-lbulel. Village Hyman Marten Albums.
and 000 A Book . Ult Pdt.eete. &c. Just opencd and Ay tale by
Wootnme..noeetuber 1664.-1(
Dry Goods and Clothing.
Lwpt fa Nat at kora:ma, 401.1111Astad cheap. Callsadsat
11.% 91 lA4 I. R. MIA Nlll.lOl.
'; Be Ha RILL & 00 1
34 Court street, Binghamton, N. V.,
have amdaatly cm laud l eMackofgoab°C°Fle4tol 4 ru4
Tann, of User ceellola.
.4 C.
lierthantamil/ be supplisd et Nev 'fart lo
li bbing mien
n. Mita; co
finitiodon. B. Y December HU, y
(I TITERS erinsteritly an band. sag ?OKKALE by the KIDO
or otherwise. by it ellittlNAN
11.rornhor IPSIIO
110 *TA ;4 g 0 g 141
Thetamed!does are warranted If tl , l 6 daccordlue to direction.
Trf them end If not mtl.amory return me half tto raedicaua and
tna ro,ney will be refbuded. I have gold %bourse& of bottles, but
note here Montt&
'nth menden Is composed or Gam and Baste. 111114 e9rne an em.
mcd , ste reaction In the gram, and Is Mum es. to all. It Insi boo.
used Is the
In 11 number of cloes..d proved 111'005.1. Full dlrectio.. CUL
bottle.. 1 . 01. 50 U...
It Is sesapseed of 'eatables. sod Is RAMIS' tsfraless. Pdo ,
tweol.3.flic =ls • tot. •
:rata Q7.:—Webwra WM ample opporttmKyof 'Maur the ,1r
tun or yOor Cerate for may prink hid fluff lc .13 yam rtroMmord
et. and we baton no herb talon In 'etymon...dine v to the public
W BINGRAV - ,11. L. Fu.llllfuid.
CALVIN C. HaI...VIT. IL. tl.. Wdetrate.
Wm. R. elltß. * Intattorre.
Itarmartztad byL 8,41, Smarm, P.. .od for Oak by
I. N. BULLARD. ...rm..
W. AND a SON. New 1111 ford.
Lc A SCOTT, SprlagyMe.
Scranton. Das Nth. Mei —tf
TIM enh.riben =tithe their bualnees at the Old Stand ob
e Mae Meet Where thee Wired ee 1.111 their patrothge Pin We
, Me. Meet. nub treatment as le I cr.. to call &gal, We
lave be/towed pvticular vitiation to fitting up our
r= Ler room s to and OMga ad rj ta:
Sareatni ear ILA of edibles
Wrist Bed Belli ma be fiutton
ho p s. °isl a, e
es Him and
Clam,teak. Mp s
form hot or mold. Pickled Tang.. Lob or. Sardines, de,—lnerew
averylblas the market &SW&
In the tray of drinks. wekeec i verythles except aplrlftrone or al.
whelk betwee Oar malt are of the beat finality aml
ererrentett pate. n.
Also Domestic nes. ~ ldet. Bareaparll la, Soda
Water, Small Beer. &e. Ice Create to surname. .
We have secured the sera*. of a 11” Islam Skaek and arairant
werythbas prepared to nit the Matt illyeralled Wes.
Web* as hand the lemma deck of Cmatemeeere ever broeeht
Imo the County. We dm eareleh. whoteeale er ntall sayehlm
in this heaths& may tetanal An an* SS cheap as an be batted
Tobacco and Cigars
Obeying 15 ,, d motto:Tobacco of every brload,and elsarsof, ov
et" , quality. from •" =1 grab"to Meanest. Caroled Harms.
' arl . ale r i l4E3 Mel
Onr stock ofOroccries can't be neat in this taut Of the
for quality and Irnmem of price. not oicentlng IllnalkamtoT.Ve
will furnish Flour. Salt. Soar Molnerre. Cod.% Tft-rub.etteen
Salsa. tito. and ererytnina in Met line of the beet malltiml.
my quantity ?tom ohs pound to a ton.
Our endeavor .111 be to please all mho may fkrin na arltb Mel,
pattomme.pledgtmonreelyes to deal aid to the de/WY
One Price System I
Ileatraea. December et1.1814.-D.
Toys for the Holidays !
A Very Large ArtoortmenVot
Childrens' 'Toys,
which .0 barite the attention of throe intereeled. raii and et
amino, andtrno teill be eeryapt to buy. & 11ACON.
Montrose Nuember W. ISM.
OYSTERS in 'tnost ever shape. 45 good
&Mi.( nod volt nig Wows ims as coss tobooed any.
Whore. Gemulte PhitsualstOL ale.. Mee demotic Wine. candy
and oma. 411 bf be hid mB=4lBlll the Mantras 10.400 n.
To The Farmers. • .
CaU wad sea erte / want la Moro ikUttio dad yau Moat
boAnia or wading yaw PeaUsy, Gasaa. Flalamed and Bate to a
pod rupundbla Comiabakat Haw la nal Tart. or* thaa 1 as
ra lla Kuzma H. u.Dopmoss.
garam, December My ISM
.• k • - • am"
- • • • •• OusePa.
Soldier's hank Bonnty*Back PaJ
LIMMUM AGM Cur ins °mats
ritiFilMatoi pump 'tuna*
od a= °chum . osier notrighl. OMal
J. 71. Mi:ll — Ml4l
moattow4cassitua.4t. . .
44 1 t
Pennsllvaila State Norma4chooli
11;9ttattoevti te;vd.awite maw ataantsmai tr.
e•mbr.7.lB6S, as • (ATM NOMIAJI SCHOOL. Old WA&
V "d Iv such In t•Pptemtel 111•3.
C it•cond School You will commons on
. .
Momlay, September sth, MUM •
PM' P. A. Allen, thr the ma. els yeas In dam eg sly Ellailf
Cooly (PO Nasal Bch ha ban elected Pr7 O,, V .
Prank Cosby. mealy of th e serns Inentstlon, has lass
to to Protheondds of booster lux/ Literature. Peet It •
Intl E th an thrMloth the outs as s ontianatt3/ Oda*
sable. parades a snake/ coalesce! of /Mem peas es es all&
co, of testltca; ant a thorough annalsanee grim their aleren.'
el cents aoudad from Ina sennealan IMO County teaßelseht Cc.
try ...aka of PClltily luta; u well am hi otber Stan) WWI Pte.
Crothj+ . s hie 'pedal department, hash equal, and yerialsilli
aden of • ars sale casedhl experience ea • teseher of Mall
various ranches it
sre swathe lan of the Ether Mils
Competent and thorough thas proaded.fothb gam
deb. doom at the &bosh_ L
The bolldlag le to be Milted erns/daft sad MOW aft/Maw
to r e the srat assamth tads, togethet with en essemas cella**.
lon of mnsa. charts. and walls of reference. Estella & Chendend ,
and Psllanyhkel apparatus sill 14 ba reselltnea at the sgenV
the saccl. To hero pace sith th e tageoreteents an eIIOW 0
rneaslorn std be crated, Gar wid th a rattoth=dasel lb!,
healer end ligbier enthlas has already beat
001 Mettle/ lab/three taw or ugniemeeta sus.
Than ace% the loth of firdastaa botktays.
Zr I. datable{ t kneads sheath enter at thswawa= et
stems sod for a period of net left than thirteen vests.
sithence. pee tern. Sa.oo. No ears charges ler the tathdaElls gil
hbaber inaberrullegi. Tent book., tented it rbuonable rake •
act I estotandal musk at usslten• wars Boenbag In the tall.
43 On pa val.
Mao geld b dtnated sixteen mike from Tthy, Ps, telth=
slate conmoudeatlon. Pa father particulars Wass the i
tat, a Wanes& Tog. County, r...
Rasta,. Padden% Bard of Ina*
atandthd, A Onst 111. MLA/
Shawls, Balmoral Skirts, i3loal[•
jugs, Hoods, Miklos, ace. dr4;
Domestic Goods, Prints,Flanasels,COoths,
CasSimeres, Jeans, &0.,
BE° leave to nil the attentlati of Inlllol-LAJORMSI
to their ezteodee aseartztent of
Millinery and Fancy Goods!
Yankee Notions,
Car pets, Oil Oloths,&c., &c.
Wl2lBl thry are prepared to sett id reweicaila gang. Tbstritaitte
1• unneuelly Lane, comprlting the Latest tad Eldest 000 data thl
market, purchased at lb • late Suellen Palm at Pawn mock helm
the marlin pram, and Wl co said with • small adrzeue—
cmyrns, OAS
ART awn"
Mao a Complete Llue of
so. to cx.n Shad. Bleck Otto . IIMIUTIL"
Illatimmtao.Dcenater 26. MI.
K ZX' TUE LARGEST ARD Mar sosormissr or
to be roam lathe coutAry.stri mart of It waoptOdallitt
Previous to She late Adranee la
wed, maks thew to
Sell Goods much Below Present Bathe,
we have eorataittly as hoot
_by tit. Barrel. Fine halt by the hock rad NW Bane!. Turn
yasoa Salt for Packing tint, Flora. hole Leather. DIM
al* Nall Hods, Tow Co*, wad I..lllBteel
Canine Bolt.. Plaster,
Dry Goods H a m and ooeries i Boots and Shoes,
De ti, D , == . ltorr az ,Z i o u V ry lV 3v red i tal d ars, B4, Palasa,
dmins. Grindstones, Ineelbarroser. remind Lit.
BMW° Robes, Pocket and Table antler s ,
Plated Spoons, Roman, Tar, Re.
Wo ern belows few of ewe pees= pekes, entleci to in dumps
ef the maiket, 1o:
SC try brrel
toe pee i.d. tarn Segrl to
l e&
And ererrildnd not =crannied to the wane raopertb=.
Anse aslt Is for people to ciLLI tad lee for themeless, ei Igo POI
Laddlan tbst se cm meet theft cram ?wake eneetatmets.
&a/fp:vine. Pt., net. 21.
The Pride of the Went Pant•
ily SONVillfg Machine
Great Dead Villnce, Pa.,
THIS is tear kind of machine, dmple , datable. easy la op ►
rate will make shoot' 00n witches per minute, seta a smog
team. sad etah te run by a were
Iffew =theme an. wanted to any neighborhood ID Dal 07MI.
or pletwe let the rube ener km. by later or otherwles. sad be wilt
se on band" with the =chimes; or ma at hiaredden*, sod ND
, hem work P. D. CABE. Mont.
Omit good Vlllate, Pa.. Oct. IL Ml.—Amos
th HaRBT
ic. asood.
I =dentinal. LJOIMED 1.011:247 arras amour.
r cu llßNT*lnil gireprompt atramtlen to all elelaus intro s 4 * e. Chymem
LOW. enformattan TANN
Nontrom November I. 1864...1v L T. TITO&
;01131 SATITIM
vari to It SIN elegsac. area .4n.
L ed DES OLOA b—lbe taloa Wow Tort sills.
Prtthey ova 1. N. a.nftr•V
bileabam. M.w II .1/Lei fif
A ulna siAlris to pmebaa any onto OM ranteel artleles
rrirl rtirrnrelyes nuked Ly talon g or.thp.phlasram ado
.hop In p.yrea Youwhy. or on B. UU. bett
Morel llontrose.
Flax Wheels. Wool Wheels, Clock
Reels and Wheel-Reads,
Wholesale and Retail.
Best Wheels and Heads that CM polidhlyp!ln . m .a.
Llclerran.Ltedllproyeriy wed.
Montrose, Jannvy I. Ws.
N. 11.--Repalrtre done on etod =Lk!. C. U. O.
11. 171e11.A.111r Rc CO. O
Commission Nerchanta, in
Beef, ffintton, Poultry, and Cal~ei,
408, 404, 405, MO 4005
New Tort. •
EMU DOUBT.' J. 0. W124114101/1 I N. S. gain
. . . - .
. .
- .
s SSW MILL. MEM graltim.. s slaildi
• - - `.ll-I=tlll/.
141.1131 v.. q"."1".""'
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