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SILEI I !'nR k MiILiI4:a THAN" te)DDER.!.
- ',Notwithstatiding inuch that,' ha; been 'wrii,- ;
ten, during a few ye i irs . past, especially in the
• agricultural jkaarnals, on the 'true principles
of •wititer protection and feeding of domestic
• aninidis, there isStill-e great amount of wet
ly ignorance, on t(ns subject. ~
List:Winter iviiAtanced 'upon the ilsrm of
a triad who possessed a fair Share of intelli s
geneekipon general Matters, and we were not
a little - surprised to r find ' hintisti II clinging to
the Old opinion; that his stock WinterCd b:et.-
. ter,when exposed to , cold, than if warmly'
housed. lie kept no account of the amount
of food consumed, but .his : observation had
*gilt - liiin—and 'truly—that his sheep, :for
instanee,.. consumed - more, food in a cold
Winter than in ono'ot moderate temperature;
and he, reasoned' that if they ate more it 'in
dicat better health, and_a faster growth of
fleSh and 'Wool, and, of coitrse a greater pOlit.
' FollOWinectut this! opinion, he kept a flock of
sheepln an open field,exposed to black winds
' 'and petting storms: In this field lie had,plac
- ed a number of small stacks of hay, to tine
after another of fehichthey had free access,
and upon Which they made rapid inroads.--
"_ Their only shelter was afforded by the lee
ward Sid4of these*hay stacki, end by the
stonewalls that sureounded.the field; togeth
er with a grove upon the northern side that
served to break off the wind from that dime
tion„but from entering.,whieli they were Pre
vented by the intervening: fence. '-,lle :was
quite4sure they ate bettor 'when thus exposed
than if housed and allowed a warm sheltee,a
round nod under the barn, His other stock
1 , Were!treated in a !eimilar manner, 'lnstead
of warm: sheds or stables they fed and slept
in a cold open, yard. _Ho said it kept them
iu better I heart,' and gave them a sharper 1
appetite=s-as to 6'9 latter he was doubtless
corre!e,t. -'i ; '' -. .. .
. Ile't he, likethoesantMfothers, : had drawn
lei ednelusion from -alifie. theory, Which . a
, few nareftal experiMentell'ohld have 'correct
ed. 'rife. should' have- - considered
. that „. 'the
ifrofitableness - of keeping- animals depends
not upon the abSolbte amount of food they
consume, but upon the greater Or'`-less pro
, duet Of flesh, wool,! &c., - obtained from a giv
en amount Of nutriMent. Had "he weighed
his animals in 'the Fall and divided, them,
keepi l ug (Mein clo4e, warm sheds or stalls;
and the other part in, the colder situation; he
...would have found that the pristeeted animals,
while;consuming less, food, gained more in .
Weight than, the others, and M
in ay or . June
Would ' his s ve been ;in superior health • and
heart!".. In the case referred to, it was found
necessary to give the sheep a doSe of tar, by
applying it
,upon therr • nosea,in the Spring ;
to operate as a tonic; and to counteract the
.' running at the :nese,' produced ' by, colds,
whi.h.sheep ' catch' as well as men.
TliCre is a. prineiple or two involved in_
feediae.and nutrition, which, if well under.
stood by all who have the, care of animals,
would render their labor doubly profitable.
The feud coeiumedby animals serves . a doubly'
, or trble purpose: i. It supplies the waste of
the dystern prodOged, by the natural wear of '
the,Varions organs', and keeps up respiration
:and the, resulting, aeat. What is left, after
thestknds are . served, goes to increase the
fles11;or weight,' t• . - ' • •..
The wear. depends upon the amount of ex- '
ereise cal:en; lienee the more quiet animals
:arc kept ..after allowing just.eneugh etereise •
to preserve the Orieins in 'a liealthy state, the
-less wil be the a - Msttint of food required to
supply the waste:l
The h,frat of the body results from . the' the
consumption of carbonaceous rood, especially
the lily and starchy portions. The uniondbf
the' earbon, in a taljlow candle or oil lamp with
the',4arrOunding stir, producing the heat and'
the q.lipb., has an exact counterpart 'in the
lung;' and blood o r ! . ' the animal, where' the air
"drain in at respi ation unites with the oily
or tipsy s matter inlthe blood, and gives heat"
tothe ssestem. • . -
Oil aflivarm day not much heat is'rentored' -
freni the surface ' - oaf the'body, andthe animal ,
breatlal less rapialy and fully, and less fat
is ecansumed to supply - wasted heat. If the 1
sau4eeount, of day .food is consumed and
disk j :sted as on a, jeeld day, there will be a i
law: surplus to ioe stored away as fat. As
a matter, of course, the colder the weather
the.liess surplus Et,, or profit, will be obtain
•ed from the food .I • - , •
... Another point nstially overlooked is this :
In the coarser substaneesuch as bay and
stra'w=•-eonstimed by animals, there is but a
smil I proportion bf oilysor carbonaceous mat
ter " mid - to get at this , it: is necesessary to
1 ' -
digest' a prodigious quantity of food. This ,
OV 'rtn*es - the digestive organs, and results in J
mo t e or less debility. ' -
, o have hereian explanation why a-smal
ler quantity of meal, which supplies oil and
starch, (both of Whiebare rich in carbon,and
thet 1 ellief heat-proi/uchrs element,) will ' keep
r 3
an Minna! in so much better health. - - _
. Theprinciples ' above Indicated, which are
.fully Ostabliihed by both scientific theory and ,
oft-repented ex'periment, lead to the
eofelusiOn that,i.for all_ kinds of animals,
whether kept - as ;stock s or for fiatening, it is •
must profitable to furnish- warm shelter.-4
We repeat : a flock Of sheep,' or a drove of
cult' le s will, without 'doubts - eat much less food
and gain much More in weight, if kept pear
ly 4'4 Summer heat during Winter, than . if i
Left expose d to our inclement weathers. 1
Iprott.'S S. S. Prentiss."
Pntnn tit's Afaga:tine, "was 'a born orator."—
Stieli was not the testimony of the late Al
exander K. Mi.-Flung, whose intimacy. with
Prentiss during-the most glorious part.
of his life, gate him- peculiar adVantages for
forriiiig a correct judgement. McClung used
to" i sax that he hi id known' in his time,but two
"Korn (rators, r men who talked eloquently
alWays. becausethey couldn't help it—be
use,c they were perpetually inspired and
nOcdeil no preparation; one of, them was
,r2l Marshall, of Kentucky, and the, other,
Tom Corwin, cif Ohio. All the' rest he had
-e#er met, including Prentiss, the most -elo
quent of all, bad to prepare themselves care
,end labbriously beforehand. Prentiss,
4 said, sometitnes failed Marshall and Cot
an Eagle.
li".Tbo Lackawanna Railroad Conipa!;y
hay&purchased two new. Locomotives, The
P#Astield,' The Seymour and a - few
davi'ago obierved a beautiful new Pas
sOilger ear,' in*led foi the same road. Their
COal and Fr e, =stare in. process Of con
struction at JeSsup, the present terminus of
the line. Quite - a number have already been
Manufactured, nd more will be constructed
as they are needed by the increase of busi
;:tss. This road is under eicellent manage
ent, and with the success Which is promii:
forl r .by present' indications, the stock must
prove ..a very profitable Inrestment.--Scran
: vEr"i A *inn of the teited 'States "
' farnishei the Aiondon Tema with a very,dik
_ilified and - tru al enswei, to . the .. linitUlt• -+ ,
.1)011- this co l ' ta7 recently wade in the - col- 'li - INEW c r oopg, .
t rf
litrit/S-Pf that i urxtal. _ la " - regard La the ra' - ; Mons Warranted 'rwo Mouths.
Kired 4 ,invitsinte ice "the Emerald Isle; the i LSO; l'per Leather And Findings, :Boots and
iii*Aktiti :-- r.% Ireland the kaly.imilon ! Shoes, Fir. and Caps, Groceries and rrovistons,
r 7l.r attempt _ .09. 1 4 pin: AlCilia_lffin.tatinTa. a rly e l l l E Vebe in my line' •
son in 1847:4 Ameriewships, which were tip -
tie F - 41" ‘ Pe/144 Dried 4 PP I e- n 1 Iteeaw al
. _ rou at t i tze Red Flag Store.
ed with' j into. *tit its then stafriog ;
.... - RENRY MeRiNNEY.
poiCidation? -.. t- -, - -- - ...,- • - -,-., I met pend D epot , Nor. 8,186 t. ''-- . 44wici -
- , , • - •,:z' - I - •,
I. ' 1,
long ligl4 with Wild Beasts.
On the '4th of iNoveinber, 1855, Arvine
CNA, ef,-Jersey Bhorei was exploring the
',route' fOr a neW road o the Settlement of the
"F lug and AssOciatieln," a new
colony. ear . the s4.of. the himetis Ple Bull
settlers t, in rotter . county. - Milieu .eVen
ing d, on, he icomrnenced *racing, . his
steps, 't. lest his way, in a dense forest at
least et t'' miles f6mi a settlement. Au old
man, ti ed with Walking; he 'sat down on a
. log to ,re at a moment and Coeteraplate his
.situathn.; His attention was stiddettlY ar
rmted by a rustling in . the .huihes elqse by,
and On looking around, he saw ii huge bear
coming towards hint. To . draw VI) his trusty
rifle and shoot, WO the work of la moment.
• .Bruin gave a fearful roar, *which awoke the
echoes Of the ghxuby solitude, and then was
still. .)Feariag that he' was 'only. wounded,
, Clark 'hastily re 7 hiaded' his rifle With two
1 balls, the laas in his 'pouch, and hitscharged
them into the body or the bear, when he cau
tiOnslyi apprOached and found that he was
, dead, fHe describes • thd bear's roar, - as he
r .
i received Ilia 6.athiwound,lasterrific,and ea . l
, 4
cuiateo to make the stoutest h eart qua il with
fear...l .
A dark .night was Settling,' down. on - him--;-
he had no. bullets-4--,was fi4r in the wilderness, -
withott food or shelter. flie,tad .no match
es a fire4-and, io add - to hiS further
diScornfort, it conitneficed mining. What
was,to be done,? TO rentain thefe, , was ex
ceedingly dabgerOus. He! continued to grope
his way through' the laurels. hoping to find- a
path that might lead Loa hunter's habitation,
bittle(vain. The bowling of a pack of wolves
greeted his car. lie soon became exhausted,
and fiiu n.that Ite'Would have to remain there
fur the n gilt, Coming to an aged hemlock,
he state .hiinself at the r o ot. : Could he but
obtain e fire, he would be comparatively saf4.
The 464 was made by Collecting some dry
tnateriala, and, loading his gun 'with powder,
firing ;the charge into a dry.eotton handker- '
chief. 1 It was a Edlure !
.A. 4 the gun was
diseharged, another bear, apparently within
twentY feet of hiM, gas-c a hideous rtiar, that
made ~ C lark's hair stand -ix} end. Bruin was
terribly - flightened by thel discharge' Of the
guti,and hastily scampered off, muchk to the
relief Of Clark. -"\--
Here he remained, not daing to fitll asleep.
About two o'elbek in the orning, tai add to
n /
thelterrors of his. situation, the yell 'sofa pan
ther Was heard. ] :.The beast approached--
came. nearer, every few Minutes uttering a
screech that froXe thehlood in his !veins!—
As a last resort fp defend hiMself from the
1 .savage animal, ho .re goaded his gun, putting
in some tlifee-cent pieces-and steel pens, (for
he had twilling elSe,) which he hoped might
'do some execution. The animal 'came so
near that the glare of his eyes resembled two .
balls Of fire ! •iTitere Clark remained, with
out daring to move—with thd lieu' eyes of
- the panther fixed ; upon hirit..-Ati this dread-;
ful siiitation,.expeeting every' nlOtnent to Le
torn iii pieees, 'hc, remained until the break
of d, whsn he was relieved from danger by
the ft "
teal disappearing. Hungry, weary,
-a #" teal
and excited, he lift for the settleMent, 'where
he arrived about pooti,:and related his thrill
ing adventure. - A party proceeded to ttio
placelwhere.the bear was .shot, and .brought
in hisc carcass, which provedAd .he A very
- i
large pue. It WakdrOsed hod fonkarded to
'New ilurk} It was'3' - riveral.'days before Clark
fairy CeeoVered Erna the fatigue, the fear,
and excit*ent of that night, which will nev
er be retnlved from his mind. ' i!'
.- 3 .. .
' . 1 .
-! - '
A siFixent.thxr 11EASox.—A•ladi walking,.
a few day's since, tit one of the Wharves in
New=l"Orl, asked la sailor whom; she met,
why - a, ship wa:.i called "she."; The son bf
Neptune replied ;that it'was "becatise the rig.
ging ICbst,more than the hull." I 2:,
TtIlL15111:11 ETF.4 TIIURSDAT mon.lima, AT llovntosr,
•PA., Ar $1.!,50 PER ANNVM, is-ADVANCE.
j Rates of Advertising.
One square (111 lines or less) one !week,:
One square • two'weeks; 0,75
One .4quare " . three weeks, 1,00
One 4quare " one'rnonth,l 1,25
One iquare ti two rnonth4 2,25
One pare it months , onths, - 3,tko
One quare l tt -•,anthr
,ac :quart .-: six . months, ......-- 5,00
One #quare .i '- . one _r • 8,00
For two or ore squares, inse rt, by the year, a
deduction from tie above prices is made. Yearly ad
vertiters will ha 1 - e the privilege of altering or chang•
ing:their aclierti:ements Without additional charge.
BUsiness ea t, not exceeding five lines, inserted
at Vi,oo per ann rn. . _
. . • .111:iob WOrlii• *-
This office is applied with a good assortinent of
Jobbin g materials, arid all kinds of Job Work,!such
as Cards, Posters, Pamphlets, &c:, will be done neat
ly arid
4 ,
Shawl 41c Dream Goods Einporlutn,
fen vas Fst.t. OF 1865,
'ff Dania: would inform his friends and the Pub
.k....12. lie, that he- has in:min Store, and is receiving
a full assortment of Fall and Winter Goods, including
a great variety of Rich Fall Prints in new Stylas, 'Plain
and Panay Delaney,` and Plain and Fancy Mohair
Cloths ; Plain and pAd Merinoes, laramettass, De
bagrlfas and Poplins; Dark Rich Gingham, in , Fall
Styl ‘; Black Brocade, Plain and fancy Silks, Wool
Br he, Cashmere, Crape, and Silk Shawls ; Rich Rib
bo ,
Bonnets and flowers : Ladies , Cloths and ; Vel
vets for Cloaks and Mantillas, Broad , cloths, CasSime
res,J&c. - with a large assortment of Staple and Fancy
Goods as usual, including Hardware,- Crockery, Iron
and Steel, Paints, Oils, Boots and Shoes,Hats, Clocini,
Butralo Robes, Carpetings, &c., with a new assort
merie-Of Stoves and Trimmings of the best quality, be
inglinade to order expressly for his custom Trade, and
will all be sold at the loweat figurb, or a; little lower
for Cash 'Produce, or approved credit. !
B. Wool Socks wanted, for. Which the highest
itinue to be paid. Flour and Salt con
td. - • I
l, Oct. 4, 1855. i : ' , .
in a great hurry I Why, vrhat's the
to*? 0. nothing, only Bullard over
-*ostoffice has jnst received by Railroad
Expn...4.s, as np* lot of Books and iStaticmery,- - and I
want some 14eforc they .are gone.. Yea, Mats eio:
Conte on4,2Pre has got Mary Lyndon, The Hidden
Path, My BOndage and Freedom (F. Dougiass,) Ber
thd and LilliV, Hood's Choice Works in sett of four
vols. Ac. be:, Young Folks' Glee Book, A variety of
popurnr Song BOoks, and a! large addition to his stock
of Writing Papei, Envelopes and Ittbss.-alftif the best
quality, and cheap for theist:any, et Abe Postotlice,
t door north of L. Searle's '
ontrose, Sept 19, 1855. A. N. BULLARD.
1 .F.; .' COANDLERI ' •
'AS ti good ass4rtment of FAL AND MY
' TAR C.: 0 ODA which will be sold as cheap as
v in • this market. I Plaids, Detains, nuatnettas and
Si e lis'of variety of Oddities and styles—Ginghams,
Tints and Shawls, /3rowti • and Bleached Nusrms,
mforters, carpet Bags and Overshoes, Crockery
d Glass Ware, Looking Glasses,'Window Gifu and .
ItaiL , ;„ Groceriei of all-kinds and ht a low figure, Flu
id and candlils, Ire. •
* good stock—also, .Cloths and Cassimeres. Je 4ns,
estings,'&.e. : , will be sold at very. small profits. I
1 . /TO VES .A.N.I) P/PR,
A few Coo leg and Parlor Stoves, for wood or Coal,
srll be sold Iw to close them out. ' -
I . I * W.A Arrii.i);
o .. ain tir j in 'alias, 'White Bell" 80 4; Cif good ones,)
11014 OldiCbpper or Pewter by ' •
11M , 17,'554 ' , , I'. B. 42.19.2rDLNR.
i •
Bb , 'lNEss ati„Ft.btg,.
' , T. B. Orchard, X 111). .: "
HYSIcLAN AND BURGEON, ;lagoon, nuance-
JL - ltenacounty, Pa. Residence at thePcistokgeo.
Hail 411: Lam%
SINET MAILERS, bare recently opened a ware-
V room In New Milford, Pa., ark will keep coil.
stantly on band all kinds of Cabinet-Ware alatiMeady•
made Coffihs., Funerals attended with _ tor without a
hearse. Artu4-room - rn nearly opposite J.' Diekerrnan'a
Store. I
New Milford, May 15, 1855. 1 20-17
A. &"Ph Baldwin,-
Tru t rMk,ghfae.on tpasernCfTee
Hotel, Mohtrose,
C. N. Sinuiloftd, ,
B6°T.kli.D MOE MAHER. :Slop finst door east
of 04d Fellows' Ball, TurrOke tit 4 Montrose.
W. Singleto4 I-
AN now be found at his new stand, 011 Owego st.
two doors west of Searle 's lintel,!wherc he ef
feCtsiaqy ;repairs wick_ dispatch, Watches, * Clocks,
J e welry, Cons, and every description Of liachincry.'
Wheel cutting ; Gun and Watch rnateriats supplied
to the trade.
• - Dr. H. ,
COTRGEON DENTIST, Montrose, Pa., at Searle's
1.....7910te1, Mondays and Tuesdays iof each week.
. - Henry S. Knapp,
,r ONTROSE, PA., with Rosr,-Woodru? Cqr
111_ ter; Wholesale Grocers and Conunission Mir
eh:nits, I. 173 Washington street, between Court.
andt and Dey streets, ll'ew York. ;
• 'L Caleb - Weeks'. • . -
P , .0 flag& Trimmer. Shop nt hip dwelling house,
early Oppesite HenryDrinkrre. fil:prztrose,
? Miller & Fowler,
ilt.:and:Salicitorn in Chaneiny " Office No. 44 Clarke
street, Chicago, 111. • '
. .
. „
Pacific Rotel:
t .
REENWICH STREET, (near Ihradwriy,) New
kir York. Salisbury A: Co:,lPrOprietors. In the
vicinity of the principal steamboat Jatulings..
. -
Thomas ingstrozo.l
TIT:AIi:ER IN DRY VOODS, Cvroceries, Clothing,
Crnekery, Bootsind Shoes, *c.; Susquehanna
Depot, Pa. • . '• •
• Bentley & - •
.Lle._ AGENTS, Montrose, Pa.,
U. F. nrxii.Ev. • • ' . f.l L. F. FITCI/.
John Groves;
ASIIIO\ ABLE TAILOR. Shop' under Searle's
-Hoed, Maine street, "bin/rope,
. ; • ' D. D. Hinds;
.I_2 in the rear of Wilson's Store,! ..iffintrose, Pet
, . - 1
• '' J. Colsten, i : -)
TIEAVER. IN STOVES; Tin, copper, and Skeet
.113, Iroti 'Ware, Lodersville , Great near '
reat Benti, ,De
Deeeniber 1.
_., .
----- I, " ' t
L.P. Hinds;.• ,
4 TTDRNET AT LAW, SrusqloAatina,Pa. Office
t.l.:.oni'Maine street, one door east of Lenlieini's.
Fraiier & Case, 1 -
- .Ill: Office on Turnpike street, ene loot: Enst 6
Post's Sore, ..Vrmtrorsr, Pa.
Albert Chamberlli,
A TTORNEY AT LAW and-Justice of the Peace;
ovk.r L. L. rck & Co's Store, Jtontrose.':
IL 'Teem+
r, •
2 :Herns, for the State of New York, will attend
to all-btisiness entrusted to biro withlpromptnees and
fidelity. Office On Public Square, occupied by Hon.
W ut ..Jc,Ss up.
Abel Turceil,
Paints, Oils, Dye-stuffs, Groce.iies, Dry Goods,
Hardwatr, Stoneware, Glassware, Clocks, Watches,
Jewelry] Silver Spoons, Spectacles, Instru
inents,-`Trusses,• Surgical InAinunentS, Liquors, Per
fumery,',,Mirrors, Stationery, Brushes, Shoes, Yankee
Notions -
B. R. Lyons . & Co.,
, .
W it/ r L y %SAI.E l.
e A xr, N )c D .
ware, Lanesboro, :Pa. - ..
- -:-,
. , • . 77 .,,,....;.- -
i - P. B. Chandler,: - - •
• 1 -
- TIEALER LN DRY GOODS, Ready Made nothing,
1 i• qroeeries, Books and.
_Stationery, etc.,:', Public
trenui, Mon lose, Pa.
' r •
' '
•, ,
• •;., -Pa trick &
Owego street,, Pa. •
- I. L. Post & Co., - • •
nEALF.Rs IX DRY . GOODS', Groceriea, Crockery,
31.5 Ilardware,-Leather, Flonr, ete.", corner of Turn
pike street and Public Avenue, Montrose, Pa.
J. Lyons & Son.,
DE!'IEALERS IN DRY GOODS, Groceries, Hanbcare,
t'i•ockery, Tinware,•Grrceries,Books, etc.; ali s t . ,
carry the Book Binding business--Pnblie Avennce,
Monti:on% Pa. . .
Bentley do Read,
TIRALERS IN DRY . GOODS, Drugs, Medicines,
.I_l Paints, Oils, Groceries, hardware, Crockery,
Iron, .Clocks, Watches, - Jewelry, Silver Spoons, Per:
ornery, kc.—Foot of Public Avenue , Montrose.
Sayre, Bentley & Perkins,
1! !kinds of Casting' s Storeis, Agricultural Imple•
men* etc. Office at Sayres - Storp, Public Avenue;
Manufactory at the Eagle- Foundry, Foot of Cherry
street; Ifostrose, Pa.
William & William H. Jessup,
A im RNEYS AT LAW, Montrose, Pa. Prac-
Itiee in Susquehanna, Bradford, Wayne, Wyo.
miniand'Luzerne counties.
. William.W. Smith & Co.;
CABINET MAKERS.. They keep constantly on
band a good assortment of all kinds of Cabinet
Furniture. Shop and Ware Booins at the foot of
Maine street, Arontroie, Pa.
Rockwell, Wintonl& Co.,
1 1 ,ANUFACTLIRERS and ~ D EALERS in, Straps
III; Goods, Hats,. Of f s, Fuivt, Umbrellas, Par*
sols;ilatona, k.. dv., No. 20 Cotirtlancit street, /Veit
(np stairs.)
a. si.noccatit.. ; Ir. A. winns.
X. C. Tyler; - ' '
lICTERESTED with I. L. HUNT,lmporter-of and
Dealer in-Hardware and Cutler; Caniagegprings,
Ike., iCo. 215 Pearl street, Nees Yi;rk, - arhere his Tiler
eantUe friends, in thbr and other counties, are kindly
incited, and earnestly solicited to all and purehaie.
Gir rd FIrC kusuranOe Company,
145 Chisiniti St., Philadelphia.
;$ OO •
To;tlie Citizens of .Susquehanna Cotinty:- -
A !PPLICATIONS will be received by us for ann.-
Lll. nual or perpetual insurancesin this Oranyany,
upon: the most favorable terms. Any perm wishing
to ; have his pivperty insured will be satistied, we
think, by calling oh us, that he 'cannot get insured
in a' dater company, nor upon more 'favorable terms
than in this. • BENTLEY 1: FlTCll,,Agents.
Detober, l8:i5. 4llrrilt
- - 7 - , ' WANTED! - r
r .
1 4 . ,. Nrit tbot7 . 2rudieLt of Oats-3000 Bushals of
I t Buckwb ? will
-000 Bushels each of Ith.
Corit---2000 a shels"of Dried it_ppki—nie hundred
Do* good liicol Socks. Also &ans. Perk, Poultry,
Butter, lard, Beeswax, Flax-Seed, kc., for which I
will pay the highest market prices in Goods, or on ac.
milt. • t 0. G. ITEMISTEAD.
EAS—Both Green an. Black-4 Yerigeneral as
tertment, amt of superic+' flavor, at win' ea ranging
froth 31 cents,- 041. - 0. 0. HEMPSTEAD. •
• A
Strayeii I .
From the premises of the ii i ubseriber in Ararat
toWnship, on or about the 24th day of &Timber last,
on white-faced brown Heifer, a years old, and seven
CalSes, 6of them brown and Vred. Whoever will
restore them to the owner, or give infonnationiihere
,th 4 may be round, shall be suitably rewarded.
Amu 9et. 12 1856.. Dd VIII AVERY.
Whtilesak and Seidl dealers, in Thar,' Salt, Pork,
Moll, Grain, Feed and Candles.' Cash paid for Oats
arid Rye..
On Chestnut Street,—tast end. of Lyons k Chan.
dlers Store, Montrose Pa-
I 4614gb
' • -
Dr. J. B.
rosi TUX ISEULT AND cviz OY rz*ttas.
It stands pre-eminent fir Its
curative powers in all r the• (Hs
eues for which it is ft-chimera
(led, usually called-
Of these are - Prolaprus i Uteri,
or falling of the womb; fluor-
A/brar, or whites; Chr is In
fianiatirm andUle Sion of
the 'Womb ; faci Hem-
orrha."sve, or Footling
Supprossedandirrers ar fen.
struation, Lc with all their accompanying. evils,
(Cancer excepted ) ) no matter how severe or of how
long Standing..
This. medicine has never been introduced
tv puffs, and misrepresentations' nor is it . 1
that its present popularity shall be . smu s ine,
medium but its merits andthe approbation of
I feel it a duty incumbent upon myself tO declare
publicly the 'great blessing Dr. Ilarchisrsl Uterine
Cath*on has proved to me. For two Years my
health was miserable • I was most unable, t) walk.—
Physicians pronounce d my case filling of the. Womb,
extensive ulceration, commencing with fluor ailing.
The pain; irritation, prostration, &c., rentleml life
burden: • In this miserable condition, Dr..P:t P. New
land reedit:mended Dr. Marchisi's Uterine C tholicon.
After taking four bottles I find myself in perftt health.
Gmtitude for my restoration makes me at ently de
sire that all my sex, alike , unftYrturiate, tray l find sure
relief from this inestimable medicine.
• • • E.L11.41111771 A. IVEW.L.d4rI). ,
No. 19 'Wost st. Utica, T
The - above statement I know to be true.
F. P. Nh; IFL AND„V.
• • • I would be glad to have a futil
ply, as the medicine is becoming very popu
think will continue, as it has given relief in
stance where properly taken. • ..
• . , • - • ML Vernn, Ind,
The Catholicon is doing good Set - rice 'ere. All
the patients that have, tried the medicine have been
benefited hut one—and that one nothing wt, II help.
Truly Yours, lat. LAIRD lIAZLETP, M. D.; _
New-Philadelphia;' Ohio.
. ....
I must say, from to or n experience , end personal
observations in my practice,, it has prot - mk to ,be the
best and; safest remedy for the difficulties fpr which it
recommended, viz • those of female weakness, such
as Prolapsus Uteri, Floor Allms, and all; irregular and
paiaful Menstruation, anal diseases of irlitetion of the
female organs. •D. Y FOOrE,I M. D,
.. 'Syntettite, N. Y..
The claims of this medicine to the, confidence of
the public are strengthened by the fact of I Its haYitig
reciered , the.approbation and liberal patronage of ma
ny prominent members of the Medical Faculty-in the
United States, some of whom have voluntarily given
letkrs of commendation, (sec -pamphlet,) , 1 sustaining
611 that is claimed for it as a curative agent; --- •
Pamphlets containing much useful information
touching the nature and symptoms of the: above dis
eases, together with testimonials from latliei of the
highest respectability, as certified by the most satis
faetorrauthority,lo all which the attention of ladiei•
and practioners is-respectfully invitett, can be had gra
tis at the store of ADEL TURRELL; Agent, Druggist,
Montrose, Pa.
Sold by molt or leading Druggist in the ad
joining Counties.
t 7 J. B. MARCHISI St Co., Proprietor., Central
Depot, :344 Broadway, S. Y. - •
r' HE subscriber would tender his thanks for the
1 liberal patronage bestowed upon him thus far
during the season, and at . the same time announce,
that he has jest received a new stock of Goods, mak
ing' his assortment very complete in all its various
braneltei,: , ;and would say further that for ready pay
and on short time to reliable customers, his goods
will be sold as low as they can be bought at any oth
er store in the county. Please call and eximine.
Gibgon; October 12, 1635
laddition to a very good assortment or New Pres.'
Goods, there still remains a quantity of Delains,
Poplins; 41.. c. Sc., of -the old stock, to be soil at bar
gains, without-reference' to cost; also, Winter Dm
ne.ts, • Trool, Brocha, and several other kinds of
Shawls at low prices, for sale by S, S. 1.
(21.GA115.,- - compared with the market price, can tie
0 found verb low at the store of
eIOOKING, Parlor, and other kinds of Stores and
Strke Pipe;Tor rale cheap as the cheapest by
•Butalo Robes, Sc. Sc., for
1_ .stilO: 1 1)i • • S. S. 1.
A .17 lands of Prod* at their _ Highest market
. irke r algo, any quantity of good_ Wool Socks
taken in ONehange for good; by ..
Gibson, October 12, 1855
Li. and Fancy Dry Goods, HGroceries', -ardware,
Hats, Ceps, Boots and Shoes, Wall Paper, Drags,
Dye Stuffs, and Oils, &c.;. which will be 1;o141 as cheap
as the cheapest for cash or approved credit by.
Irarford, June Ist, 1854. H. M. .TONES.
A LACK Grode -Rhine Silks of excellent quality
at_ 11. It.. JONES'. -
T:1 - .1ROCIIE and Cashmere shawls at rtl pricer, alio'
_I a few mantillas b-r- II. M. JONES.
EADY made clothing at low prices dq- .- "
.11. M. JONES. -
CAS" paid for Wool by 11..11. JONES
• Ifarfoni, June l l I st, 1845.
C Li
A7;11 iird for Wiry - Butter be t 1
- llt N. JONES.
good assortment of Boots andlShoes at •
--i -•- !
rIrEAS, gli s ilii - ix - ia - 60 - iii4i of fin cputiiiien mll at
. .5. lcra - prie'es by• • IH. AL JONES.
LADIES will find a great rariet. oil Bonnets and
Ribbons at I IL M. JONES.
AWNS, Chain, Berrege de Liines sindGingbains
1,4 at It M. JONES.
EMBROIDERING and .Window Draperies at
Harford, June Ist, 1855: H. M. JUNES;
FALL TRAim,.lB55l -
BEG lure to invite the attention of My old friends
and customers to the , VBRY L.AAGE STOCK
BOOTS& SHOES cee. &e.i.l am 'now receiving, and
while tendering thanks for past favOrs, 1 would re
spectfullj ask tbmit once niore to fiver me with' n
share of the patronage they have heretofore so liber
'ally honored me with. • J. 11. ;SUTPHIN_
Surnmenyville, Sept IS, 1855. •
GRAIN and P-
G OOD_ WOOL SOCKS wh n tcd at. I •
J. u.
Q UGARS, cheaper than they can be obtained elsc
►7 where at -J. A. t.TITIIIN."S.
lut undersigned has beemappointed v an agent 01
the gTATI: nercat. FIRE INSURANCE co., of
Harrisburg, Pa. Said Company ha a capital •of
$500,000! It is as safe and cheap a company as
any in the State and insures on the Stock or Mutual
plan. - . •
We, the undersigned, hereby state ithat w - e
done business with the above company, and we are
satisfied is both safe and cheap.j
_ln our eipe
rience we . have never known any assessrnents on a
premium note, - , .
F. M. Wit.ttaits., * . st. Jtagune, •
D. D. Wansna, -. F B..Cdasntart. • .
- - - . -
. .
Flour and Salt
By the load; barrel, sack, or fond,
_l•August 1, 1 1 3Z5.1 . 7. B. CIiA\ D LRR
Sash ami 1111nair.
%17 INDUS% Slsh of vario us aims conataz i ltly on hand
13linds furnished to ordfr f
.. &
J• Lypo.. s.
Stittlalo_Rllieai. • • . *
ACIIOICEIot iluffal9 Babes jast received and will
be *old at 4 lowArre by H. BURITT.
New Milford Nov. 186.5. • ' •
Shawls and Ha .
ALARGE and splendid, lot of Shahs and hats ex
pected to-Morrow at our store. '
100 CORDS W'OOD wanted fiyl
[Nov. 20.1 J. LTONCt SON:
Paints and 01b4
7MR Paint, Blake. Sire Proof P4tt:, Unseat and'
Loop Oil, Fluid and Phosgene Aoki tow I_)y
F. B. et I.4.NDLM
;tole 20th, 1855. -
Flour. • -
BY the 13arrel, Sack or pound '
F: n
Montrose,. dnno, i 2ot . lepr.
ant 'roduee of all kind.s u•anted at the
highest market prices at .T. R. SyTPITIN'S.
._ _, ..... TWO
.1 1 ! EARNED:
T •VATTEIirfiERGA BROW ; Monti take
It) • this method ofiidiising their old friends and
customers and the public at largt;.that thei have just
received and - o' ened the largest, prettiest and cheap.
eat stock ofit ADY. MADF. 'OLO'THIINIG ',Over - beet
and - o '
to this, Place, . bleb they Offee tit a stnallidtcean from
cost, therebv o, eringyureltesere the rare Opportuni.
ty of-ohtainingigooda at about two thirds; the usual .
A a largel assortment of Dry Coeds, Comprising
for I ' dies Wear, new styles Brocade , Stripe, . Plaid; .
Plait and changeable,Silks, Delaines, Ruslih, De Rage-
Re g
n tt
e delstitim of new and elegant desigua. -- AlLthe
latestst; les of ll.atileS Dress Comds, FrenSh Lewis,
Prima and Gh;tghame. . A handsome assortment of
Dress Trimmings, Endwohled Sleeves, Collars Cuffs,
etc. Saconet and•SwiSsßilgingsand Insertings,Glovei
ilits, flosiery,l Veils land Parasols. t .
Their imrttitent of Shawls is very largelembracing
every thing that is rich and fashionable brith foreign
and domestic. j
Their Bonnet Department is large and complete,.
embracing thii very-latest styles i with Trimmings to
match. 1
.., - .
An extensiite assortment of Irish linetts, -napkins
toweling, table
e,.. covers, curtains ke.
. t
We have also a supply of Shirts, tlentlfmen's Col
lars, Suspetidets, Gli,ves; Umbrellas. and mgood-many
other articie4, too ibuncrons to mention.' For bar.
gains the public is respeetfully invited tn . , call at• the
cheap store o r ,
corner of Cluisnut 4 Owego Streets, fonti doors east
of Post's store. . ' -
iy em
t i
i by any
the pub
The GreateislfMprovemerit of the Age ,
Jr; Williams' Double-Acting lall Valve •
rye •pH ntl Lift Pumps=l . .
N improyement above.all :tither pulnps or , ma-
1 chines fin -lifting, throwing, and earyyittg Water;
combining bdth aTentip and a Fire Engine. This
Pump,.patented iniFebruary, 1854, is tho whole - of it
No! bolts -nr screws about it tq rust, donse
tptently it wilt last ;a man's life time. Rican be tised
in erery ratiOtfof form---can draw-waier from 'an,'
situation, and carry it to any part of a It
is superior te; all other Punips For Distilleries, Paper
TannerieS, Frick Yards, Iron Worits and Man
ufileturitig establishments of all kinds. - I
All milers jimSthe addressed to .A.untsos Dimming,
Lochtrsville, Pa.; who has the sole right!, for Susque•
hatuia eountl 4 . •
ther sup
, tar, suul
I even , in-
IA TOODREFF St ELDRED have . constitntly on band ,
1 I a large and well selected astorthient- of tin
ware, Peels land, Chain for wells, pinups,
..,, tern
pumps, &c:, tlydr,atilic Morns, Japan - r:.: .7.. t, lead
pipes of all si' ,te., &c: Job worst dope with neat
ness and despatch ; all. orders promptlylattende(l to.-
. ,
kept constantly on hand, large assortment of stoves
of the.latest improved - and approved pittterns. Our
experience in the business enables'us . to. select those
that we Can' fafel. warrant to 'give entiro satisfaction,
Amongst out tnnnerons stock ran be fain(' the -_ -- . 1 -
'Flux:pm air tight ' Star of the West, Elevated
New World,"
. ! . Clinton, 1 [Oven
Atlas,.ll -. / - I" Cultivator, 1 44 ,
10i,pi X, 1 " Fire Fly. 1 tl -
, ..
Three States, I" Western Quee''
n, 44
Globe, I • I " . ' Premium. l '
• ! i
S. A; wocuntr vs. , • ELDRED. -
----- ' - -
1 ---4.• • •
• • - GOODS! GOODS . U
rirly-F. sul(),criber is receiving Lis Sp -1W- and Sum
-mer st( ck tirGoods, comprisinr. , , a ?great variety,
which' will 1 e sold' as low as any in this market.—
Please call anil examine. F. R. CIJANDLE/t.
- .
~, - -./1„..-1 I'S .4 NI) CA.P.S—A good as:sit:intent of the
latest style.l . i -. ~..
1:1::'..I I) It(1/..1 DI: CLOvir.vo-4.% good variety
of Spring add SiOnnr:.(r Clothing of the t.i ,, t (TT.
1)I: Y C(' rinS-.-- - -.A. general In'sollthent - •throuP( ll-
O r, t. .11_n, D.'IESS thIODSt. Semi -ist3ng of J..r, wrs,
Bo: ege I/el
° hies( French Pei:does. Pirsian r-(4.line,
i i
Prime() - vs,::Fartey P. ints,: Ladiesll\'o:l•it.g Cal-
LP's, In-ertipas,fEdgings, Plneti Silk Nt.intilT.(ssThi!(et
and 1741$1,:ayre 1i1u..(c1,, Para:T:l-, hosiery, Plo.t es, &c.
BOOTS i .11.11 Sil 01. W. - (...I.A ks—t7,l hlrg.l 81 , 011-
iiir , nt of oviory iit..ccii•Con and style. 1 ' A 150.% great
variety of }Taney Articles. Yankee Notions. kit. •
Crockery:, hardware, and OsoCeries ;td all kinds.—
Trif7 . , k-, a h.0r...1 let' ler sale elleap, 111001,.., , and 1- I '..a:
lotierv--Wall l'a Iner--41,:ei; 1 ner--41,:ei; ilt;ar of tile be- t quality..
- i .
tro,e, liiiy. ':, 1$: - ,Z;-. F. B. eIf...I.XIILEA. . : - }
. -
Tielir` . I.s Fiat. .o 1 Mtn i I - SI i'iges, „ .
Fil:rtst •J
ri lit - 000 TO :1ic..1 - I . nosE.
i.;;;TAGE. u - i111„,Ivc ! Kiikli'i(ollei(*e.iitg throunh COr-
C 7 Isettsv lie, I,iheity. itc., e - ,Nr - lorirling after the
arrival ( - ,1 c'lle,ltailTl.:i(os of ear3,totlt .o.t.s.t- and West,
reaeldig -J,lntiarse. at I P. It. I:4tirn;iip, leave
m:l:se - 4 oily
Ite (Sundays excepted) att2 P. .V., teach
ingl Kirklv s aof in time to take the Mail4rains of cars.
both East. , l l(e .l West, being the - nearest andOnost lea:
sibie mutt. to reach the New York lent Erie llailread.
This lint intersect; a tri-weekly A 4: for I)itnoelc.
, Tonkhanaock, 'Wyoming, and Wilkes- -
bane, whi -L leaves 3lOntroz-e at 7 A. 131. every .S.ltin
. dav, Wet - lite:4l4 and - Also, ailing to Friends
ville, tz(raysville, &e. -
, j - • I,
Uood teeing and finglerfrtGi „ r
earrolges arc provi
ded, and ttre proprietors will spare n,h- pains to ae
eimnollatle the publie. -W. K. 1L .
April ti t l$L4-. -.._ . 31011GAN?.st WEST.
1. - .
I . Look fitere: ?.
POCK!;T- KNIVES. A good as,imi.ftient or the best
- kinds in 'market. Also Table Knives and Forks.
SPOONS.' Silver,-Silver Plated, German Silver, Alba.,
to, :tad Illitattia-tvarc spoons. - Also ilver, Silver
Kited, and. Gqrman Silver Butter
SIKINGS, Bows, and all the fixtureS,.Vi
Wins, AciordeOns, Flutes, Tuning Foiks, Instruction
Books, tt:c.
• cLuni• LAMPS, Fluid, Camplienei Candles, Lamp
Oil, Ac... f d •
,FAMILY GROCERIES. A full assoitment, new sand
good: ! .
DRUGS- & PATENT MEDICINE :4. A first rate as
sortmenti and ; genuine. , •
PAINTS & OILS. A. generalassortment, and Of good
quality. f 1
• . JEWELRY. A.s.plendid variety otthe neat j est pat
'terns: 1
" FANCY GOODS. -Nearly every thitg intthishrtinch.
PERFUMERY. A - choice varietyi ( New supplies
receivetltnearty every week.l 4
In :r;hori, nearly every thing persoruf want, atnl cheap
at the variptv:store of TURRELL.
Montrose, - June 14. 1855; o -
;.- Niw Goods.
rirlfEigabsOriber is its constant t:receipt of 'New
Goinis,. in his- line of httsine,Ss, nearif eiery
week. The public will find his assortment No:1, and
his articles new anti of good quality.; The stock con
sists as nstial ftf Drugs, Medicines , paiuls, Oils, Dye
Stuffs, Qroclrics, Fancy hoods, Tr:leetrY, Perfume
ry, tfe. I more at the lower end of the. burnfdistriet.
IleintioSe June 1855. TURItELL.
BENTLEY; & -READ, have justrecieved a largo
and well seleVted Stock, of Dry Opals, Groceries,
Croekery, Ilardwarc, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
Dyestullk, Booty& Slioes, - Tempoorii, Rats & Caps,
.Watcho, JeWelry, Silver Spoons, &k.., whicq they of
fer on the most favorable terms. •
'Montrose, Pct. 1, 18 . 454. : ;. •
Loss and Square Shawls, De Lahles,' Figured and
Plain, tb great quantity of parametlaS, and other Dresti
Goods, ;for -sale cheap by -
Paints.. ,-
frnsh supply of White Lead Blake's Fire
Proof 114ntn, Eng. Venetian, Yellow Ohre, Patent,
Cb‘ v e & Parts Green, Linseed Oils, raw and boiled,
for !by I• : BENTLEY it BEAD.
riFreneh Window Paw
Freneh WindOw Blasi of carious sips, and Patty,
always ion hind at , . ' BENTLEY-ft...BEAD'S:,
AYar.s thir.RITY PEeronst & Hoothind's
Gertna# Biltrs, To wrisand's Sasapattna, Vaugn's Lith
onhiptte, all; of Dr. Jaynes celebratkd Medicines, Pe
trolennt or noclr Oil, 3fugani Linfinient,` Bang's TH.
copberpns, end Lyon'.B Katbarnui ; also, Dr. Phi'
Brand4th's, iToughts, , Moffhtts, *noway's, GriTen
berg, ffnvertign alin , Brnnets ...P)ant Ront
cOnsbintli on hand, nniLlor.sule
Clocks,. Ilinbrellas, - Carpet • Trunks, tone
Ware, ISoda; •and Comtinin Craecor's, Codfish, Nails,
India Ilubbcr, School Books, it., just received, and
for sale right, by lIEXTLEY & READ
NEW. .
W. Moir , has just reek ved iklot of New Ooods,
*all *Pea, ouch • rus Deland; Do. Doges, Para•
mithuk Ataypncaa , (Doghtuos, Mutinous,• .Prints and
Shaw*. In.act a general itosOrtnyukt, of Dry Dikods,
whiehl will he sohl . kilF. • ' . -
. . ,
I_ ..:j . Fa mily , P 116.• ' • -
'DEM best in town can be had...I.I•YONO & Sa.
L Any.farnily noviing cnn Ilavet them on trial';' if
.tiny do not - answer the purpnae, do charge.
AfottiTritc Sept.. 18. ' i - .
PUMPS! rtrivirs:;
i New Goo&.1
Neve Jewelrir. •
aplended s ittra entjust arrived at •
got - amt., Nov. I, 1854.1 ' 1111tREWS
1. ,
Great Attriction • -
:,;'. COUAW.,.:ST6An't •
. , . ..
T HE stOscitber woubStafialo filMounce Ito his cps
- towers and the public generally that- ha tas-re-.•
wired & large. assortment- of BOOTS.A.NDs d o k
which he intends selling for 'Ready Pay twenty p er I
cent. cheaper than can be bought is this minket, (the.]
Genuine. Boot -and_. Shoe Store down Torte or th e
Rare Chance for Bargains, up town, not "excepted,)
"Ouch Stoah"'nuty be found`the first door, East of the
Odd Fellows' Hall, Turnpike street; first floor. Al
though not quite so commodious,as Some "steaks."
yet it snswers our purpose very Well for the present.
?either can we promise our Mistomers• that
,our ."es
tablishment". will not be `.'surpassed" by Any . in the
country soon, but we trill promiie our customers that
we will sell Boots and Shoes 'to' auk in quality and
price. Our stock - embraces a"general - variety of hew
and elegant styles of Ladies' and ' Gentlemen's weer,.
among which are LadiO' Silk Fox Gai ..., Colored
Gaiters, Enameled Gaiters, Black and lro used Kos
sutklloota, Enameled Boots old Eitain led Buskins,
• Kid Buskins; Polkas, calf-face Boots d Buskins,
Misses Kid Boots, Jenny Lind Gaiters .Genti Con
grew, Patent Le they, Enameled" and nekskin Gait
ers, 'Patent Leat er' Oxford Ties, Toilet Slips, Frene.h
Calf Hoots, Thick Boots, Enameled Calf and Cowhide
Brogans, Borte.P tent Leather Monterey : R. Eip : Boeta,
dc.", Youths ' ] t tereys , aml Kip Ties, Children'sTay:.
, for Ties, Paridoea Roue Boots, &c. Siikßoot Laces,
all colors. ,
- Work made - to order, and repairing done neatly.—
Please call and examine.
Yonrsi In the Bont and Shoe trade,
Montrose, May 1, I. Q. M. SIMMONS
- Notice to 'the Public.. -• •
TrATING just returnedfrota New York I wish to
.L.l. call the attention of my'old .enstomers,..and of
tho pitblic in general;,to my. - •
which being - bought with cash ;at the lowest prices,
and wishing . to sell prihcipally for the same, I -will of
fer them at greatly reduced - prices. .
Coeheco Prints, warranted Fist colors, for 'only / 8
cents a yard. Good Brown Sugar, 18 pounds for one
dollar. • Boonton Nisi's, acknowledged by all to be
the best Nail in use, $5,56 per keg. Hats and Caps,
Boots and shoek Buffalo Robes of' all prices, all. wool
De Laines,, Cashmeres; Parainettas 7 Dross Silk, Silk
Velvet, 3louslin De Laines,llshilling per yard,
Satin Bonnets • - and. Moleskin Hats,' Broehe Shawls,
Double Long shawls, Thibet do.; isellinm t' at inconceiv
ably low prices. I can safely..warrantPerfect sati4-
faclion to all who will give me a , •
Lanesbora,•Apr: 5, 1854. -S.: A. LYONS..
CLOCKS—good timekeepers, only one dollar.
tancsboio, Apr. 5.
r8;8;77A - NTED-160111-litits, -for whichthel'higltcat
price will bc:taid. . S. A.. LYONS.
Lanesboro, Apr. 5.
OUNTItY -PR:ODlail:ialieTtiitTe:tcha
nge efor l
Goods, at-my More. A. LYONS.
;Lanesboro, April i 5.
. At the "Esehattge;!" Bri*)klytt.
T HE subscriber takes thisppporteXtv:OT thanking
1 his friends for their-verY . libertr:Oironage 'the
past season, mid of saying to them in addition, that,
lavia just received. fresh invOices of seasonable
ClGoods of various descriptions, he 13 still prepared to
supplyalmost any article u s.w;lly called for at a conn
-1 try store. Ills assent is now complete, and he
ing the largest in town, offers the greatest induce
ment to purchasers, either for Cash,'llarter, 'or Good
(xltort) Credit; Call and sae,' •
Ilreolilyn, August 20, 1555.
Ittediriaps and Drugs.
•l VIES , ' Cherry P;iet'Gra , /—acknowledketi to, be
i .0. the best Pt:lnv:nary Remedy extant—Pond's
, Extrart or Witch Ilaxcl—in exceedingly valuable
remedy for' divers ills—Dr. Baker's 'Compound—a
l grand specific fur Diarrhea, Dysentery, Cholerilior
has, &e.—Ayres' Jaynes, Phinney's and Wright's
Iferchant's(largling Oil, together with . fi
rariety of . Drugs in connnou use, kept constantly,on
band by . 0 G. BEMPSTEA - D. .
• Plrase Take Notice,
. That it ii - very desirable that the accounts and notes i
of the late firm of Smith & Hempstead should be set: I
i tied, anti that Teedily. .0. G. HEMPSTEAD. - i
i • Itrooklyn,Anz. ..It); 155.5.‘ . ' -
• 1 1 „," ACT ; by, the Inaii; :It, the market rates,
by . • 0. 0. HEMPSTEAD.
°•I`IIE.Iiii.:4IO7. market price paid for Hotter, Eggs,
lii r ril, - Farm Produce of ail kinds, :good Shingles,
i prim, Wool Socks, .tc., in Goods, by : . •
VI.OIIIIIIIN,G—Tho subscriber. has- on hand,
• awl is now manufacturing, a, small. stock - of
Ready-turtle Clothing, of good quality., and workman
' ship, which he ones at very low prices.
q p nal l ities ° ,let c A od il i v " on r 11:1 1 :( t 1
• 0. O.
CAPITAL, $200,000.
• .
Secured by Bond an& 3lorf Oor on llteßeal 174 late
Insures against loss b) . - Fire; of House?,Stores, and
other buildings, Goods, Wtires,. and
. .Mercandise; on
as favorable terms as any sitnilar.lnstitution. LoSses
promptli adjusted:and paid. -
Di rtizrons.—llon,. Horace Williston , Athens; Fran
cis Tyler,"dp.; George-A. Perkins do.; J. T. to.,Meyer,
;. C, N. Shiptuo,n '
C, F.Velles, Jr. do. • J. -E.
Canfield dd. ; Hon; John Laporte, - Towatida ; den. B.
Wakeman, ; Geo. M. Ilollenback,
barns; 3tichael Meylert,,Laporte, Pa.
Orrtenas.-11 - on. Ilorace,Williston, President.; C.
F. Wells; jr., V. Pres. and. Treas. ; - :T.. E. Canfield,
Ageui, 0.5.• 3fontrcise.;- Pa.- I 1532r0a
TIIE subscriber iicarrYing on the CHAIR MAK:
LNG USLYESS in all- its -various branches at
the Chair end Ware Shop it Harford, where Maylbe
found a greater variety df 'Windsor - and Roclimg .
Chairs than atatgy other establishment in the county;
alsO Flag and Cane Seats; Bureaus, tiedsteeds,Loung
es, Settees, Tables, Stands, 41r.c..&c...a11 of 'Which will
be sold at the lowest prices at retail, (or wholesale,
with short notice.) . All work warranted well made
and of good material. Short credits and-small profits
will be my.motto, ..For :demonstration of the Above
Facts; please call at my 'sliop,in Ilarford village.- - '
• • A. W GRpßwooD.r.l
'llarfOrd; October 12,1854. , 1.546M9'
PLOW SHOP. - .• -.
AT AND E. MOTT would . respectfolly inform-the
.01• public that they are manufacturing Blatehley'S
Celebrated Plows. They also' keep. constantly- on
hand, Sick Hill, Wayne County, and Idea 4Plotra,`
_Cultivators, Po g Cl arm, Neigh and Cutter Shoes,
Plow Points' of various patterns, - too numerous to
mention. We hope, by 4itriet attention to business,
to receive our share of public patronage. Mantifac
tory. D. Poses old stand. Foundry, M. •Mott, -- near
Searle's Mill.
'Repairing done.on.short notice. "
Btu:yr mgry.
Feb. 6
I 3OST 111{0TIIMIS.. having„ pnrchmed the above eonstantlYon bled' :Su;
igt7lne avid Fine. FlOur,',Corti'llfeal of superior guild
ity, also Chop ernd'Bian - at the lowest - Cash prices.—
ell#ol6l work. via he - done with despatch, and in all
eagesiearronted. • "r. • Haiti
Montrose. aft, 185:3. -• ' • • • •
rteop.Nalit Ilturt From.
. .
Don't be forgetful, friends, one and all—
Aged or youthful, great or stuall 7 L .;
.(If not too small,) -
- That at Odd `•.
Is the place to- call, , •
To.get your faces done tip tail,
_ W,` .11. DEAN&
Montrose, August 15; 1855.
Patent Rorie Rakes; ' •
von JAL) at tba Firaier'iVactianga by
' IV •- At. LATHROP k.OO
juna !O.
•••,- FARMS F4R SALE. , •
LTE subscriber All act as,ageut tbr buying and sal;
lug:Beal Estate—L,Fanus„ irouses,,and Lots--16.
cated Bssquehanin‘Ceimit,'-W : All who wish to
offer their 'property for sale entk give a mitnte'd4rip•
tion of toeli Farms
ear?, follows It- ' , Number of
arm!, how many improved and bOw . 'Tutored, hail&
ings, orehirde, grafted or common fruit; other fruit
trees; sfriethe u#3l 'point to this "0: - .1...&3 1 /,! R. R.
farms on the list,' 4l unsold._ By -calling-op the,
subscriber a 'minute description,
„price aid terms can
be given. "
.0 ron. Tutttplka + doorattistor./isk 8t •
Montrose, August 1 . 0,:1854. •. :A. BALDWIN,
- •
Mck*, Eggs, Butter; LW, Cheliet Flannetitr-in
awe quantity in exchinge.fer.oooa at Call
54outemet,'Ilact. 4, 18155, C, :3(017 1 , •
of the ks.'loddeolders
w .
odor Wilson CO: the - gigle roundry, are tw
peeparett t? °Were frana the ttade, suid , do wo r k h
their line;with skill and despatch.. They will kp
or . on Inind''.lleies, (bent kinds,) (a r c;
inch;) Cultivators, Straw Cuitirs, 'Corn 61,11,3. - ;
We invite particular attention .to the Pions:
we manufacture. :We manufacture and keep for 4.;.!
The -Celebrated Bliztehley Plate. t
We leave purchased the exclusive tight to manuflr
ture and sell in this county, Wayne; Wyorsilq. ar,,t
.11radford, l arnich's Patent Iron Beam Plop% 7 , 11 , 4
Plow is mule:entirely of iron t .excepting the itu).lf-,
It is celehrated for it's easy dmUghts" bong nr4 e - tEivi
easier, than any now in use, while its strength and 4 . , •
rubilityare greaten - • -
. .
• • •
of all kinds-manufactured tnd repaired. by fillieriite•
'ed machinests. . 1 •
Sierim Engine:, &eatin g Jar Stitpgle
.". •
• Among the Stoves, which we matmfacture, atfli,
reystorie. Cori king 51014, - • Ro fish
eat Queen do.,
• Premtunt. do.; and other kind:, a !i,:
ranged - for burning Good or Coal. Also,
.7.y.„; : ,, m.
later, Parlor Stove, .Cotta9e Parlor -.10., 5t,p14.,-
two4simt.,:do., and. a variety of other . .Palk w.
both wood and coal borne a. . •We keep :IN) 1, 4 „..
Grindstond trimmings, .:Dog Churn
brella, and Shovel' and Tong! Stands. k..4lc . p:' w o .r.
done to order on short notice and
Dr Orders • for Stoves,. -AgficultralAtilpl,-L-:
are-solicited front, those is the trade, a n .
filled atTeasonable wholesale ririces. •
Montrose, March 4.
. ,
311):\G the great variety of Medicin% atTunen
1 - 1 Store, may be found all of -Dr, Jaine'i.
celebrated Family Medicines: Ayre's C6crry Pte.'
ral and Cathartic Piths ; Halsey'S Forest 1 ;4
Forest Pills; Ilootland's celebrated German Bitte r ,
Louden's series, of Fianily Medicines; - Mt•rcri , rt;
Gargling Oil, the greatest renredy for sprains i n L .,„.."
or beast over known.; Mathewiam'ainfallibl...llritt
dy i . and Horse Remedy; prick's Vennifego,
vaidety of other kinds; Track's Magnetic t - mmp t ,
the great remedy for burns, rheumatism, and all
flanunatory complaints; :Pond's Extract, a ii t . t
thing-far purposes as above Pint:nem : k
drewsi Pain Destroying Agent ; a good artielt w„,
crick's, Balsam and - Bone Liniment;. AtViCA.S.
dice Bitters, Canker Drops, Liniment, and it;•eat el
DEops.; Baker's Compound for-DYsentery :
ton's Pepsin, for Dyspepsia.;' ilelmbold's
&elm and Extract. of Sarsaparilla; Tatillr
Salves, the best jn market, Pills, lie., and an
41diess vanity of Patent Medicines,*altoatihe t
numerous to enumerate—but suffice it to say, t 1 ,4
thepublic will find nearly every thing in thi>,
the Drug and Fancy Store of. ABEL TUP,IIELL.
Montrose, July, 1855.
Tailoring Establishment -
. AT
JASHER & Co. would respectfully . annez-,. ! , t ,
their friends and the. public generally,
‘ tfLi.
keep constantly on,hand a full agsenthtent cfil4
Made Clothing, Blots and Shoes, Hats and
every thing else adeesiary for men and womett';:., ;
wotild particularly call the attention of er..-.!
Merchants to our large. stoek of the.
of our own manufabture, which rve offer at irilolv" ,
at prices that will - ,,aiffOrd great inducements to
and short-time customers. •
A large stock cif Cloths, Cas.simeres,
kept conFtantly J en hand, for persons desitou, Q n..„!,
ingclothing made to order': = -
orders pitnetitallr attended to. -
:Thankful for past: favtirs,•vie hope It - )
tinuance,of the same. . - J. ...ksHEll
Susquehanna Depot, Pa., May 12,;157,5
- Australia, California,' '
Or any place an. the. Glube 'cannot )r; . fi..
. ,
. greater .inducem Ca ts than - -
' • .. , :,_ - BEELER A: STODDARD'S 7-
WHICH is now filled - with a new aiel . ..-„1-1,;d
.f.T `assortment of articles in their line, er.:ime z '
a general.cari,etT of nen' and elegant et-des ct la:.
and , gentlemen s ireat, "among width me I::
CFrench;Silk Ltstipg and
..I'renille (iaite:.s r,i
1. - Enatneled rolkt:, - 4, Kid; Patelit Leather 'and Ens,,
jenny Linds,-Muskins and - ; • Gentletacti:s Fr. , '
and Philadelphia, oak tanned calf skili.aliii Lip 1 - ",,,,,
Morocco, Calf and Cowhide - Progans &c. .
calf and cowhide Boots and Brogans ; ell hi::
j-Misses and Children's wear: Alsti, a gervr,l. l . t. 7 .-.1
meat of Findings which consist in part of 1a5r. , .;..--;.1
1 Sparables, I imgarian nails,.tackS; thread; ma . I'
1 tlcs„shoe. tan - ng, awl,,-, rasps, sandstones, si,m.,iiziq
, &e. Also .oa • andiliendOck, tanned, calf r.r1.7 0
i:soleleather, Morocco skins and liiting.:.
Work made to order and. repairin g neadt to
. .. _ . - .KFELEII. &-.STiMb_ks.::l
Montlysp, April 6„ 1854.
Stearns and Fire•Pr4
• . - - Safe's. •
TIM subscribers have made arrang.ernev
nigh to persons who may be in Wain of t!:c.r;:': , .
above named invaluable Safes, at the sans:
Which they eaa be . obtained- at the tnanurder , '
-Having experienced the benefit of such
ring the late contlagra.tion.Ourscivelk
estly recommend 'to others having,valuaLl..l..ze
'papers,*the-preservingof Which would. be Va_r
importatice them, -not to - do nithouveLe. •
Prices range from in to tsoo,'arn3 we cz- , ... 1;14
to any one wishing to ptrehasei
style, Bize,_price,. de., and furnish tht , m
t!ce, with the internal
. arrangernenf snit
chaser. - • . I BENTLEY k EL.
• 3fontrose,lDecember lA, 1E451
ValnableLaudi Tot Sale.
Ir l oll SALE Ei* ONE BODY, about :Sit r
Land on the witers-of. Spring Brook, :
of theLackawruma river, in Luzerneßoct-,Fc..
about midway between the• thriving, tovt
ton and Pittston. These lands are "coyerti* . e...
wade timber, and beinkuituate in the me i nx , „
mitte#l region h PennsylVaniaknown to ci:
iron Ore—and believed to abound in coal. et.
also in'the 'immediate - vicinity of severiln:l -1
made and now in progress=- : bier to the- cria.i•:
opportunity for the investment of money test 4i.
occurs. For further inforMation apply to S.F.:
sack, Esq., Xo. Wall street New , Yorict::,::
substriber,ltt,3l,ontroce Susquehanna ceenm
attorney in fact of the owners.' '
Apit 6, 1 . 854. • HENRY DEIM.
I ff lL iliks4tsc r ibers are sow burning anal:,
consliindy on hand,, Lime' of o Ayer? .c.l
quality - at Ifontrt* Depot, and will
quantities at_ a fair price.. Persons wisl±;
quantity-can be SuPplied I.zzon a reasopablzw ,, ::
Superior ground Plaster Dili belept
liand.heradter. -• L.
H. 1/110W
Montrose Depot, April 3.
. . John 'Groves" 'Adrerifiscuirat
AS nature, who hirnishes the hirds . and k""
All extra coat forwinter,.has not made a k:le;
.vision for than, I have Concluded .to'nlizedt L: 4 !
sox -to attend - to that . department ; and thri,'
think proper to announce th at flit shiveritgr-='
pods, that need :new apparel, glorious orirce ,
fashionable- or Anfashionahle, can h 4 •,., :1 1,,i.r
supplied and their tastes suited, by calling ca ,
ray.. shop in Montrose. - fit
tICT. It 2tfAXEß,takes this A`
Id 116 frie and•eustotucre, that I,okj
'creamed thO practice of medicine, at litt , 7
,Xontiose 'where he may be - found at all
prams:4o4ll'y etnp,loyed. wnahrsiy to
deb Led to him;- that he will .deduct ticuanz7
,cent Cm all ac,ccrimts paid before the tint
(or if any poor like myself! will deduct fTly
.Montruse, - Feb; qa -
• ---•- vtiroo*.zash.
g&UM tuiii.n been apreirri
for an exteusite cash b lind and dtr cL d
1017 unprepared to 'furnish any arikles Ist-.
less rates than they bare usually biTn Rid „,
July qq,.' - $
Jhavjng Creams
s urticltt 10kicb vvery - : luau. should
. . .
Dakees Celebrated Ve
41. soverel,q - n remedy for Dyeentery, nolo! -
Cholera Infanturn 91. summer . e me e talair-. !-
vegetable, Ault has -never Wed in a single 01 :
Prodbeillg tbe-dPdre4 eked. For ale. ir.!e)
60 cents and 11. - ; BENTLEY ,t 0
Montrose . ~.A .mnst,ni 1865..
Itentoved. •
Dentist has taken room
Citaidlers ) stt.ine, h will be his
big Mends agA i n tek as " o w e . C. it
. V 0
11 / I Y - 29 ,1 85 6 . • - Resident 1011'
Paper, . 0
500 J
. Roltsjust opined, and some 14).5 . 0 ,1
• .7141760.01,;'
S. 11". SAYtE.