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    iniPpOseiri the abundance and varietyof fruit, ,
world. Elyria is .surpass - by no country in the 1
1 1 ,
- . , • ,
\ In this village alone are produced nine Vs,'
\tidies of. the . fig,i . nnd fifteen kinds of grapes. -
The vineyards' are very extensive, , sorrietimes,
covering hmadreds of acres along the itioun.-
.tain - sides. Thegrapes continue two months
and are perhaps the inoSt, useful fruit of the
country. • -Fromgrapes' the people manufac
ture not only wi t es, vinegar and raisins, but
but by boilingd ywn the juice they make a
beautiful sirup %tibia answers the purpose of
both molasses tuft! sugar. *. -11, • • 1 .. • ,
: - You'ask me if -I preach in' Arabic. No . I
haen't got So far as that, yet. I can talk a
little'bkis to Preaching that's out of the
question. for, the- p rese nt. You can' have no
idea of what klanguage I have got to deal,
with.. It is rongh and stern as the very
mountains. • 'An F‘nglisli Missionary who' is.
studying' the A able has learned six, other
r • ,
languages, and.affs they can all be learned
in half the time ;squired for the Arabic. The
idioins, of the A hie are very difficult' but it
is thepronunciaion that presents the grand,
. obstacle. Let 'e give, you an example or
two.' A few divirs-ago' I asked soma of the
' people if they. ii;il . ever seen lightning here
in the s..urnmest . l, "oyes;' said they, "we
have some in te village,. -- do you wish to
see* one T' "Y. ' 3," said I, wondering what
sort. of a .thin they ; would. bring, "if it
- wouldifeinake You too • much trouble." -In
iiixiutfifteen minutes they came back. bring- • , Ant i- R epublican
ing a Itirge'..wodden plow. ' They proceeded Passmiaro Williamson, has escatied • from
to ezp'lain to m'a its use. Llistened with all Moyamensing,l and is, again at liberty ; but
beedn4agreturned gravi Y, and many thanks.
I had. used the ord berk which means plow. . the decisions of Judge Kane and his broth
, ren,in .relation to hisicase, haVenotyet been
rescinded. Th m
eY' still 'ime . their • place
The wnrd fur lightning is spelled . in the same 'upon the records of the.courts n which they
way, with 'the 1 , xcepti t i n of the last letter, i were pronenn l ced, and have nne preeed
which has a peculiar. sound, very - much like ents to guide rud'ufitieuee li future &Cis.
that re d uced b water flowi
efris i., ef Ameriean "Judge in e -ery !State .of
py ng from an in
verted bottle. 'A so
s 1 failed to get this sound,
brought.. hefoit
the union. asuten as similar
• aseal shall', he
e then): But, wheel English
. the people of
I, itirse: mistook my meaning. Judge, under the Tii ors, or th .Stuarts, ever
A while ago-on of - the' younger missionaries pronoenced a decisio iniore ar itrarY and un
was preaching on the
. sUbjeet of Love. He - 1 friendly . to Freedoto, than th se that Men
calling . theipseve - .4 Alneriemis, - and Iltepubli
mica thOword nelzeb, which* Means to blow,
cans,.have recently delivered i the iPennsyl
whereas be Ouit• to have .grven a stronger
vania Courts ?I Whit.precedents njore clan
twist 'to the h, in which case it -- would have i gerotia to persOnal lib'ertv were ever email
meant to loVe. l',What he intended to say was fished Jefiries, Or Scrtir.,, gs, than those
- thia: "We ought to love ourselves, we ought, which Judge bane, oad his IBrotlier' Rhoda
manthi, have L 'lntely s. .1, up l'i • Magna Charta 1
to love one another—we ought 'to love our
of Rights %item surely never I
- friends—we ough t also to love our eneniies..,, and the Petition
more outraged br thOse judicial scOurges of ;
What he did say will be apparent bY:substi- the - British - outraged
. / . he Fe . 4 ral and
' , luting the wor ,
to blow, -for to lore. - For- Pennsylvania I,Cons(aution have , been by I
~ eigners are alw ays liable to such mistakes in i their American iinitatoes. 1 . !
The deei s ions : of JOdge Kim, and his toad
learning the Arabic, but.riotwithstanding the .
1 , , tutors, -in thekWilliarnsun Om,. have estab
maky-difficultieS in acquiring it, it is - a notee-
.. -
. f i shed pr i nc i p l e, atoll precedents which, in all
_dignified language, and the more . I study it future eases Of the kind,' will place American
the morel lieliiit to a d m ire-. I l o ng..f o r the citizens COTpl' ety at the nierey of the Fed
. time to tome - vi Then I shall be so far inasteeof eral Governin it and the Fedtral "Judiciary. 1
the langu a ge --4 40 be able fully and freely to - - Northern St a l may still indeed contimie to
give expre;sint to their dislike of Slavery in
communicate, with this interesting, people.— i i 1 - € .„, l ; hith .„ n 4 merits,
' itOi3
They possess g,.. natural abilities,. some of i 5i1:,,,.., andie preeletirii every
not a ft • itive, that'eoinel -within their
_Ahern. have fine : minds, but they arc for the 1 borders. entit led ". to his
.treedoin.; but no
most part dep'. rably 'ignorant of the great I Northern citizen must heneeforwardltire to
. inform any skive that such is the law, or ,at
earl 'for which hod gave their being
no ptoperipercep ;
tiOns of their obligations to having
tempt to aid ihi ni in escaeting from illeg,:ii
9iraldom. ' If Nerthern citiz ens hosiever will
•,_ their looker, no true knewledge of the tiny interfere in s l iit'h business, ' d involve Agin
of- eternal 'lifel • We
.have preach ing eta i selv` in cases, in which on of the partieS .is
_ 'public meeting i fer religiousinstruction i .l n our Ia- slave-oWneti and •the -matter in litigation a;
nest not think hereafter of hiving:
house every. Sabbath. , Sometime, one of the 1 `lave, t 1 1.%!."
1 ,--, - their personal and joridical rights respected
- missionaries seines and preaches - for us ;at . -- . • • 1
in American Courts and hylAmerican Jiidg•
other, out teacher Khaled, whe'is the 1.,. By the • ierpetrttion; indeed of burglary,
enly tiatlye protestant prof es ses of religion or robbery, 'A- murder thetwould not ferfeit
here, lectures to the people. We vsnally . the privilege f being tried iby- their peers.-
-have 4l
If on their tr r i I f 4. any Of those crimes, their
an audience of about twenty people.--
i rights sits , ns Might some' chance_ of
In . the afternoon we hire a 'bible class. l y e i as t - have,.. u, me'
.i• consideration - But that ei telling a tnan
tyst_that by the :blessing. of
our brief i that he may I Jefre . e, ard,assisting hint tq he
. residence . here ; may: result in gond ; that it I c ome so, 18 - CII: i .itch ntrocieuS character that no
will at leaLt Ir.,,rnove some of the prejudice I rights, no,prili-ileges, no reverence fer lbw; or
- Which has heretofore existed against the mis-.',..iusiiee, -must. be any more suffered to stand
between the e.rpetrator and condign i ptiiiish,
sionaries, in theaninds 'of the. people of this 1
- .)I , meat l _All . uture cases of this class Must
village: -'.During . the summer I have been al
I be tried in ti le presiding Judges ,
Federal Courts, and,.fromthe
„sort of Superinendsnt of common schools.— d ec i s i ons ofap peal
dg -es, any
- . I have now the oversight of seven schools in on the part of our citizens nerthern to any . of ,
four different - places. We have so few mission- , the courts oft their respective States, I will be
1 utterly- in va n. _NO State Court will again
. arses, that every one that comes, has to fie to
• 1 • . presume to rant - relief to a Northern citizen
werk as soon us he arrives without waiting , w h o nr i. iv 1„,,.a to a. p arty
the misfortune be
to learn.thelin - ..gname. The first laber irll' I, tea casein which Southerner is plaintiff; told
. posed upon me was c' preaching in English . .---- I a Shave the subjt•Of of contention. • _ln all Such .
The next was t he writing of the annual letter 1 coxes the Freeman
. may ',expect pini i shrnent,
hut not.justic*. • ',i ii must be prepay 4
of the missionl, (an extract from which you
theverit of k t obe'at corpus ' converted bite an
probably saw lin - the Herald,) and the next instrutnent . fer hi; oppression,' thew i in all
'was the care of the schools. lam very glad other cases it is an instrunient of liberty.—
that I am,able, to give some aasistanee to the He mint be prepared to- produce: the patties
, brethren who have borne the burden and heat with whi'm e hit.'s no connection and Over
u it whem he :has no control, at a suit - of a: litigant
of the . day so long, and I hope that I shall
• whe has suffered no wrong, and who . his no
soon belible t o more
do_ - , ' - - , .
legal rig', tto ca ll On him to down., Nay, he
. ,1 . Altair, Sept. 25. . must be-prepared to hear his truthful ansaer
. . • *
• In conseque l nce of various duties and inter- to the writ which Comprises this unreasonable
ruptions my letter, has been;left. fur several • and • tin,eonsl iI 11 6421: demapd,. proaouneed
evasive,: fra 'dulent, and a contempt of Curt,
lays unfinished. *.I came here yester d ayfiom
. .ipentento which, for having
. Aitzehalta, (it ride ofs hours over the moun- I—t° li s t en t, the . -
--- I told the trill - consigns him to a dungeon. du
tains,) to attend a meeting of the missions- I E i ng . . so th e merican Jeffries' pl6sure, -and
' ries. We bnve met to receive . Dr. Ander-.lfo bear
. patiently the -punishment which, in
' Jon whpfarrisled here a few days ago. ' de fi ance of law-, find reason and justice, bbali
Our 'meeting will . Probably continue: a' be e"n`"tviert'Y ' '
inflicted on him = ~
1 ' Such willbe the efre., , t, of the recent ' decis
week, and before we get 'through I 'think- it ions of j uc i ge. Kt,,n' e :end -Company- in the
will be decided where lam to be stationed Pennsylvanian Courts, on the right and fiber-'
after this year, and where those who - lare to ties of Ame lean leitizens. In all cases elm!:
come- will be'stationed: - 4 - * • * - lag to the ‘,"illinMson - case . those ddeiSions,
• Dr. Anderson andße2;. Mr.,Thomson, (of rant' •1,
, I b eregar d e d as pre,cedents
.. 1 set asi e wi I
tr li.• v---L ‘, d where -er hev are so regarded; the
- 'lltaxbury.e&ass., l tun d eputation sent :
out by N ' o '- h i -J. ' • - •' -
Irt ern, flan 1 211 be completely divested
. - the 13.olird lah'.summer , bare both visited us. , ,of his privileges, land exp .
oked naked and de
A. W., Thoson has already returned to irdenceless Ito the envenomed shafts of power
• .
.• ' AMeriea. - - * i . 4 '. . - Magna Chatta arid'
l hope I will see him the n • t extime h egoes I the Bill of Rights-=there Federal and State
- tottston. - - .Duringthe summer I have via- COnstitutios—there Anglo-Saxon and Amer
ll icon libetyi, will , be 'alike trampled ] in the
Red Mt.'He on,-the River Jordon, Casa-. dust. MO may call theinselve4 'Whigs or
- - -i
• reic Phillip, and:Dan.; have seen Mt. Carmel, Democrtitai Hard Sheila, or • Soft!! Shells,
• 1,- - - •
' .M.t.:Tabor . and the Sea Galilee]of : Sacred Kmkw-NOthings or Republicans, btit.,' While
- I. . .
names, linked / with many hallOWed .a s soc i a .• those. Pennsylvanian decisions mainfain, their
.- p - •- ' , - : ' . place in nu law books as legal presents,
.- tions. •', l c .-
Amer*n itizene willhold their freedOm by'
• I do•not intend to write such a long letter le more prtearimis terinre than that hY which
- , -
.1 again if Ica h e l p - it, but when Ibegin I have i the E n
. Isl man ' s of the ,seventeenth4,ce' ntury
~ ,
• -so Much to . y that..l never know - when to I was pee.
,re to him. •- : - • • !,' I •
~ • 1
stop. There. are a thousaa ' things respect. I, B ut chance hive Ameritainal - Of gti- I
rid 'ofl ii those_lfireeedenta,, es . long as:.•tbe :
. :nig this interesting country; the Scenery.
-redral;.• l dO I - 1 !•re appointed I bv - the Gov.
ernmeiK,' and thelGovto.ninmiit •
the climate, 'the Production, the mode of cul;. ,
that' ' . I : f '
s too lit 1
tivation,theipeople, their, rOigion language, ' the slivi, a nd
Bf 1 •
._. i i ,- 4 L : ' ': ' , re. t,tose. arbitrar y, and
dress, manners and customs, Sm . :Sic.; which I uncoristitu ionali dei4 inns 6221 b '' ' • d '
e / expunge i
. Idespair 'Ofleier giving- you inv . very lull l' from snit law,li t ioks, - the; Fix eras :Govern:
. -
.. . Idea Of, unless I write a book, Whip ofentirsO I :be ade nide 1 • . •
went tuns _ 01 pcndei tof the Steve
11nrietn . interition'ef doin . .' ' ~... ' . P )74. e i r h '::l th e 'V "e4frrai Ju 4 iciarlY m” de. hide:
ft , pendent° the. American Govetnmept.i Rith
. Te 4 i '
.... , a j attended the semi-annual "
exam;- er of
- nation of lbeatudents in the 1111$14011 ' se . mina- Fern Cit 6 ito eweetiliwaY the - Odlotis -Pre
ry at'this:place:
_,Tlsi.ettidents are all Arabs, 1 (*dents . ; et without effeci
;, '-og one Of them
and apmilto-,intilligent as do the students 1 t ', 1 7 1 ,7 3! I felA i not . hPPPi to 4" -so -4firevi ' .164 '
.; ; ;
'- of initAelifies in Aineriti.• it. 'w
- 1 -.Mei. • ' . • • ' ' .••
• ' • ' . ' '
as very 1
gratifying Ito see with' what , amenity and i • k- TI
- • ' • ii
. ptoniptneastbey would dethonstfite (in Are- '. is 111110,1 t
•• • bic) On the'hlack.board'the difficult problems IWI wes_ L II
, . I
• in' Algebra end Geometry.: . The 'examination 1 Janua ry i
--; ~ - • t
her from
. 14 Aritliniettc, Grammit.itil l :Rbetetic ' was I
I .Perna ylv
.. •-: *leo riv , r''sittisfiletorr . . . 2 . 1 1140i - Wire also ex
• tn Peter GI
• -
• •
:trained in the : able, of whiith,as.theyi.stuily
it through all ilitir threeyearas., cottie,Oey
possess piobabry• a better knoWledge.puip (1m
thilniajoriti of our college students 'atbenne..
.The exercises closedl With deelaniatits and
the reading of 4 . io' mpbsitions. Tu•night ii the
" Feast of t4`. - Cross;t.
,whick . Is - cili . 3broit- .1
ed every. year by flu) 4 Greek Chu •, all 1
over the rountiains in the different tillages, 1
we see the boulfires blaXing in hobo of tiN" .
occasiun. Ye+rday of e-• the Sh/klis.Or.
- Chiefs residing• here., was l married, anVor ten
days past the Arabs bar heen . celebrailing the
event by firiigigun%, singing, - shoutity, and
by various cres in the open sir, aecompa
• 1 0 . ..-.
nied by . thei ' eculiar sort of instntmental
musie. • ;"* - •*- - • - . 4 ^' 4 ...
1 '.' •1 - .' :. .SarrEmpri, 27. -.
• I have kePt liny letter open fur a fiir days
I that . I might lie' able to tell you the rk.s-ult ;of
the Missions•lmeeting which we haie been
holding for th week past in this . place. 1
' have been . stii inned '
at Tripoli. I shill iitiw
:I c.
return to A tizehslta, and in about three
weeks we sha Iprobably g:o down telßeirut,
and I hope in lioV. •weshall Tglpoli..--
I.There has beeni great rejoicing at 13e4ut this
week 'in
.eonstiuenco of the . takitlg,', l , of the
Malakoff and Bedan •fowers in Sehoiopol: .
i• From here we can distinctly seoßt.he 6ve-
I . ning, the sky roe.kets; and other ills of
1 at Beirut.
.• .-
i .-
-Afrectiunatelv J. tortticzci'.Uross.
1 • t!
L e Deninmaic Nationiti Commitua l
1. kiwi to inept lit the National-1o.:
ngton Oity., on Toesday, ttle f3tit - infi
ext. it is conipOsed of
each Skate, and. Abe 0741,91
is non, .fains*CninfobelliTust^l
Irkitrodar„Novm!m!ir 99, IM,.
.. - ..
' ' . - 1 4 113 / 1111 P - . il li g• , i
• To clay is. Thanksgiveng -day: . We are to'
be thankful.av the—through disease. or ixov
ert; ,: or suffering through .ottior's fault, or
our •own, may render us insensible of the
Value of tho.boon. We shall-also give' thainks
that' we are at . p.eace.- . -"althoUgh. sect is iear
ringagainst sect; party againsi. party, race '
against race; and brother againit brother in
our midst:* - We shall- thank the .Lord that
Ours is . a land of .Liberty , -although a 'Wilt
iattooti may here be imprisoned without a
crime,ii litorniick driven from his pastel-ate
to save his libeity if not his lite,..and sem'
Millions whom ` naturalists class. among hu
man beings are Slaves to•our. freeborn ljem-.
ocrats. • NVe shall give thanki fur Abe . light
of the goipeHlthough Most of us areleur.
rounded IT -ut . thick clouds of selfishness,
bigotry and pride, that that light cannot!pen
etrate to us. t'ye rhall give thanks for a 1
plentiful ar.vest—although one farmer i will i
• tell you that the blight or the insect hai de- '
stroycd .111 s wheat,tmother that the old rains
spoiled his corn; and, another that the rot
seized up - on his potatoes. Front 10. our
i - -
surroundings let the good ho sifted front the
evil, 'and, fur this one -day foNettingk. the
•evil, we will ;try to he ,Airtnkful for the
, good. • • ., 1
' The day wilt b:!. observed in divers wayst.
Some will go to church and sing hymns Of
i thankizgiving. and some will stay at honie
I and give, tliankti silently: Some will obServe
the day by fasting, but most by feasting—
many will be Merry, some sad,. ! ,' i
lu the early days of our hiitory, when the
stern old Puritan.; of New Rig: and establish .
ed gays of thanksgiving,' for pre.serOttiOn
from the savage men and -beasts of the
derness and frhm the perils 'of hunger and
cold through another year 7 and fir
en s smiles uphn their . eflisrts,to plant aichriS
tian community in a heathen land, thetie was
deep signiticanCe in tip oceasiors. Now, with
Many the day-passes almost witiput thoe_
for anything ekcept the good things that are
to crowd the table at the. thanksgiving, din-
Uer. We WoUld: that the day mig ht be ob
''served more tit the spirit of our fathers. .
-Agricultural Society.
tve have r'eeently given place 16 several
;communiottiOtis . , - ; - felketing somewhat severe
ly on the ManageMent „of the Susquehanna
:County Agrieultural Society._ Without de
-Iciditig on the merits of the matter in 4ontro- ;
are witlmg to lay any . soggttstrons
;for the improVement 'of the usefulnesSlof the
ISoCiety, or oltts manner of operation, lbefore
lour evaders. g The Society has, we believe,
'dope good, mid it i quite possible that .it
:might bo,so Managed as to - du muchl more.
if those farmers who are disstitisfied with its
'management and who still, take an interest in
succe is t ,Would join the SoCielyand
conte Active. knembers, they
` could probably
I! shape Us couFse as better to suit their
, .1 . •
I own views. .l.Stich : a society is no • place for
mOnopoly or favoritism, and if, as some of
our cOrrespondents suggest, anything Of the
i f kind exits, it behooves the complainants to
ferret out. tlie cyil to its origin, and apply a
' corrective.
Court Proceedings.
i On motion of William Jessup .Esq.,. C. yi ud•
still.Riehard4on was adniiited an 'attorney to
praetiee in the several Courts-of Su sqiiehanna
COunty. . , .
On 'motion of B.'S. Bentley Esq.,' Albert
Bushnell w:4 admitted to, practice in the see
et;Al Courts 'nfSasquehannsi County.
Common4 - ealth vs. Samuel Brotzmitn.—lii•
diettnent for' nuisance in 'high'„:.ay.. Verdict,
guilty.'- Sentenced to pay a fine of One dol,
lar with costs of proiceution, and stand com
mitted tillsentenee is contplied witk
Commonwealth vs. WilliaM Houghton.— .
Indictment tor keeping a tippling hot;3e. Ju
find the defendant guilt - y.l . Sentenced to.
pay. a fine of thirty dollars,- pay the! costa' of
ptvaecution, and stand committed i till this
sentence be complied witli-4and defundant
directed to inter into a r(Togilit.auctl to keep
the peace &e. for one Year, in $200.1
Thin bialy has been for some time
Pitst ntTopeka,, It is eomposed 'cif delegates
elected by the bona fide residents of; the Ter.
„.„. •
ntory:- greater part. of the dekgates are
earnest Fre..e. State men, but there ire . some
Managing' pOlitietans in the Conven'tion who
re endeaOring to give a partismi bearing
to .
its action by' inducing it to endOrse the
doctrine of popular sovereignty, hoping there
by to strengthen the National Demberacy in .
the Territory. The attempt will 'probably
fail, as it it strongly . kipposed by able men:
Anotherplan proposed ; now that there is
strong probability ;that _Kansas vrill be a.
ree States is the union of Kansas and Ne
braska, ostensibly-to ensure freedom to Kon
a:ls, really to give two Free Statel Senators
to that region -instead of four.
: I
t The people of Kansas now spealc ;hopefully
I ,of the prospect of its becoming * Free State.
The outrages of .the Misouri deltperadoes
have , rettet.:ed in favor or freedom.
New York Elffetion.
• -Tile Tribune - gives th' aggregate vote, on
;B,4retary ',F)f State as' folitiws: Snell T Head ,
ley;-Aznerican, 140,001,; Preston *Ring, Re
publican, 4115,902 ; I. T. Hatch, 'Soft, 90,
518 ;. Aaron Ward, Hard,j 58,394. i Headley
over Kin 10,039. Jointi Dem. dyer - Hew:l 7
14, 2,9111 The average 'American Plnrality
over the Republican smitefon the whole ticket
is Consideiablv leas than 10s • 000 '
jam" The new and handsome briok block,
built by Messrs. M. S. Wilson, Bentley and
Read, Abel Turrel, and Alfred Baldwin, 9u
or near the site i where the stores o,f *tag
gent:en were - destroyed
.by.,, t 4e; As fast
*dewing towtwds, eumpletion. The new
_buildiegt9uW all built united and uniform,
and-they irill add much to,the apfearanee of
the_ towni and by their material render it less
4eble to be destro i yed ,fire in future.
(Mal Conunissitm
- korraoss,. Nov'. 190,,1855.
~ 1
MEssita Rici*andFnaztga.—.l - wits present
rt r
at the trieetiniOf the publican State Ci*
mittee at llatirisburg when Itir. Nicholson -
Was nominatedifuiCa al COmmissiener.
.: •
Judge * Jcesutiwaa peatedly urged dill
fovea 'members of 1 e : Committee,• in my
presence,to acCept the famnination afterwards
given to Mr. llsTeholson; :but he uniformity
refused to;be cc cindidate, and it is my belief
that he did nut desirti : eind 'would not under
alty circumstances hive: , aecepted the no:ni:
Ittation: • V i ews truly, -
For, Independent' Republican.
. : . The lAgriniturallieeietr
. Alms& • F,prroaa :—As your paper has - 1)1: 7 '
come the medium through which "Justice,"
and some other citizens of tte CountY, have
expressed their.views in telation to the Fair,
I propose turning over the leaf and offering
a t'w words i i ut the same subject.
It is a factivrtich cannot be disguised, that
a large portiOn of the citizens "of our COunty
are.n ] pleased with the general man.
agetnent and leour4 of pohey pursued by the
Society. It is becoming no i re apparent eve
ry year that .he citizens Of Bridgewattr, and
those, living Within a few Miles of the place
of holding,thi: Fair, are, - with few exceptions,
the only per Apes benefited by• itthat..• is, it'
the awarding', of Premituns, and the Newsp
aper puffing that follows, are to be taken into
the account. i if not, it had better be dispemy
cd With.
, .1 '
- Those Who reside so -near that it res'uires l
but little"" tithe or expense to eXhibit their
productions Will frequently rush in with thei lj
Cows and Oiccn, Pigs and Poultry, Pumpkin.. l
and Potatoe;, trownllread and Sour Croutl
Land perhapsione person thus situated will rel
i •
I cove - premiums at a single Exhit
'bit:on. Sueb, at least, 'ha4 been , the ease;
when it eouy not be doubted that there word
hundreds of Men present from the mere dist
tnnt parts of the CumtY, who could product!
as fine specimens, (and some -much better.)
but for the ixpense• and trouble of driving to
l ,
and. from thc place. of holding the Fair. Thi
taken in pont:C - 911dt with' tha fatigue of tl:
animals; wohld t b3verbalance both the Premi
unts and the honors'. Fcr this reason 6(.3'
take no inte6st in the.affairs-uf the - Soci e ty!
any farther itian to)nake them an occasiona l '
e • 1
visit. An d ; t hen, after i traveling a distancl:
of twenty or thirty : rnile, if they are desir , :us
of seeing ulna there is to be seen, they mu 4
pa tt y thesh illing; and if they happen to ble
called 'out, ,e._ leave on business befere finish
ing their examination, and wish to retarn+
they must - Pay again; while the Members+
the only persons entitled 'to recieve preminfr ! s
, , ,! •
1 -:-for tue ut ; rge sum of fifty cents, can go Ot l t
l and in withltheirll:milies,(ineliidingof course
! young meniof tWenty-five years, And perha p s
half a dozen of thei'r neighbors children in the
I bargain.)' I .I
- I .
To a bp l tander it will Sometimes pay wt.ll
to see.what; unwearied. pains all be taken by
some of the member s to get their animals ih
- •
to the yard; by one by-path ;or if they ate
likely 16 bd seen by those who have no riglit
to look 1114.11 them, they are inimediately
surrounded by thole who wear the Bail,g i i.,
-and rushed through the Gate, Which clo4s
- upon them and
_conceals t !lent ' fi•oin view. '
k this clltie tbr*the benefit oi* . the . citizens
of the County generally, or for the few 'W lo
expect to r'pceive i-rerniunisl" In short, 't e !
Whole •systiqn seems • to have been. borrowed
from those] showmen who have so long 'n
rested , our country. The motto
.is ."-ke p
.your monkeys out of sight' until the-shiilingS
- !
arc gathertld'in." There is however this dif
ference.- ThoSe who' exhibit wild anim a l Is.
furnish their own cages; while'lhose w-ho ex
hibit the . lonzsvie animals, take from. th e
County annually $lOO, which is raised by' a
direct tax for. State purposes, and retained in
the Treasury foie the benefit of the Society ] .
' l s With this they can buy Canvass and - rear
their. Tents, and vitt' it they eon atso bily
materials for constructing high ,walls. And
here let it.ibe distinctly understtiod, I am tot
opposed tri the County Fair, nor am I oppOs
ed to their . reel - eying. the $lOO, annually-
Rut : when they have received , l it; I am in ! fa :
vor o f having:toe . members pay the balatlee
and let the Exhibition be free to all others
or let the place of holding it be changed - an
nually Until every . ToWnship hai'had iti it
i .1 . .
turn. i - . . i
Zetter to Judge Wilmot '
The outrageous, disgi*ec.fid; and
unwarranted' attack upon Judge Wilmot 14
E. B. Ch, Se in the 1a.4 •MontrOsel Democrat
has called] out the following letter to ft.lie
Judge frohi the members of the bar in I
county :
Montrose, Nov. 19, 1855.! I
HON. 'IDAvm Witat 'l-•beizr Sir :
hare .seen with feelings of deep regret, in Ithe
MontroiciDeMocrat of the 15th inst. a most
grossly libellous article upon you
We are ourselves witnesses of its falsity in
many particulars, and we intend this tote-_as
anespression of onr,confldence both in you
as a _man and iri your entire integrity ais a
Judge. our praCtice before you since You
have beet upon'the Bench, we have never
known*ase in which we supposed you Were
influenced in the. least by any political
• I
With assurances. of our high regard,
WM. Jessup,
11,S. Bentley, •
W. , Jett;Op.
F. , Fritser
A. Bushnell.
Iy F. Fitch, -
A. 11.1rnzier,
F. A. case,
C. J. Richardson.
LP. finds;
The Thirty.F:ourtb Congress
Penes ttoVashington Decemlri 3d, 1:
I.. 4 iyeSta r tesT failed, to elect Senators, a
last session . of their Legislatures, othe
the sestf are all filled.
In t he Senate there are 32 rCzular,
and bungles Democrats, sad 25 o . pp(
of sliitdet4 In •the. House there is a
antilklntinistration majority, composed
ly of RI üblicaqa mod. Know-Nothing...4.
GWe have nt ws O.oM Europe one Ivieli le
[ter, by the ar ival,lat New york ottifesteam-,
[ship, Pielhe.‘i
.Thei LOndottlrinies:L.ontinues
tits warlike artits,trikitiest the United States,
lend has mansOd lin orentoitri eitrsuOnary
lexcitement ini'Englan4, po that it was rumor.
ed that an sictuartiipture hid taken place he.
' , tweet; the twb ou tries, and that the Amer-
bOut to leave. Thelatter
ett by Mr. Buchanan himf
lied &eta withdrew from
If the Russian troops there
to Nicholideft . andi he fil
-1 mimed.. The liners of.
I had left. there to tnake.a
Ihcrson. The fort and town'
till occupied by 15,000 all'
allied gun-boats . have been
-e a reconnaissance. Gen.'
alias been appointed , coin
ish: forces in the Crimea.—
that the rtnsians-rneditnte)i.
allied positions at and
bird Paronare telegraph
to General . Simpson, and
, ha, troops slept on their
-owing to this cause . that
inn minister *as
• .
report is contradt 1
self. • When the a
Odessa, the most.
,were tnarched lac
gitive inhabitants
t be" fleet st - ,Kliibu
of Ki mrn Were s,
lied tft spa. The
up the 11,eg , t? ma
eral Codringtion. ‘.
man der of th . h. Bri ,
A belief prtnai!edl
an attack upon th:
bout sevastoPol!
ed the intbrtnatiOi;
fur Many nights
arms It was al:,
the advarice Gf th 4 allied — troops was counter
manded, and! the forces reealled:to their for- .
flier poSitionk... the Allies are repairing and
arming Sev4titpol, mid keep up a desultory
fire against the mirth side of tlie harbor. An
article in:thei-Lonilou Times says that the
main body gf botri armies of the Allies will
at once go hod winter and that the
operation; fir Ihcj eipulsion of the Russians
from the Criplen larehibandoned for the sea•
son. At thcsatile tune that the allied fleet
it the Sea of Avill destroyed
itinagina, it; madti suceessfid- demonstration
against The ~b,j, of the expedi
tion was not only to 'deprive- the RosSian
troops of shiter O ;during, the winter, but also
to procure 'lnaiei-ials for housing .- the allied
forces at Ca ie Sti. Paul and Yenikals. .They
destroyed afni carried off larg e quantities -of
building rriateri:ds. and found_ about seventy
disabled gqns . . tFrotit the Rieltic fl,.et {the
news is that! some English ships had etTeeted
reconnoissances in the Gulf of Pernau. ; A
number of Russian coasting-.ships had been
burned, and; a siealiter had bombarded :the
batteries o f Gatphr-Carlebv. A trifling! en
rragetnent h4d occurred at dernalhem between
a tew RusAan s)leliers and .someEllglist(me
rines from the - corvettes Art-her and •llespe
rate, whichlresuited-in the retreat of the Rus
o siims,. •and the idetnoliti(,n of the Custom
House by the victors, &Lycral of the-ships
had cutlet ed 114 storms.. s The Engli-h
which rectintly ronbered one hundred itrid.
four vessek,AS tow . reduced to fifty, while
only two Drench ships remain. Theyeninin
' der of the , t i gna6.on is withdrawing fromNar
0 -•
• .)-en to Kiel. • •
: — •
is in England
When' the. 'Pacific left, the most ex
traordinari excitement prevailed throughout
England, timouriting to almost a panie, ou t4O
subject of =war with the United States.
.; The London in a series of malieious
editorials, 'r•titittld the-subject, which exagger ,
ated by tit profrincial presq, speedily obtain . :
ed such dimenrals that extras were issued
announcing thati the American Minister , :had
General astoa,hment and regret wele: ex
cited by Jhi aMannicement, and energetic
swere mule against the government
forcing the comitry into a. dangerons
Our Liverpool agent telegraphed to Mr.
Buchamin; whj, flromptly and courteously
_sent hits the - following explic.t
Lo.Noox, F
." It is lot
tjeratitalt!il 11
gpvens nl9 it, an'
s 11.A1 -a rvf!“ri."
Notts ii tst:tn~
c! that the American NjitiNter
passvorts crow the.l3l:itish
1 - there is no foundation
ink tlai, denial, nu unewl
n the public mind.
I Jlurnat ot Safttrci . Ay rjuru
•ditiuu, dated two o'clock, A.
remains Upi
ink in a sits:ond
" We. iive. ri
from baidon;l,
c ,ii eii: s e y d in : g i t i e n l L grii se p r h i i o e u i s ne it s ik s t a i g li e
genet?, %%hid' w t can voueh for, as the infor- ,
elation&Mies • .1 qn a source. which ekelitles
the possibility. of it doubt. The i eountry is on
.the eve of a wal with the ,United slates.! -mi
les* Puhilc opinion is brought to ilperitte int
t mediatelY on lier•MajeSty.'s Ministers. .Al'
I active inti,4elialige of diplomatic notes hat: ta
i, ken placq this week between Earl Clarendon
1 and the . A merican Itinkter.. The anise as-
I- signed bY . Miniaters : iiir the appearance of our
sntps at . permulla, was the report. t hat 1' ,us.
sian privateers -were fitting out in the port ofl
NOV York, but the that is denied; and-it is
'welt-knovti iha l it is a in, re pretext, for! the
real cause .referrto attars in .the M4sqiieto
„ , - 1 , v
" The i?iinstm4..T lo
. usiness never , .ae a into
ment's uneasiness, never (welsh:A an angry
void &tint the povcrinnent -at 'Washington,'
nd neve r r causo a solitary complaint against
Ir. Ciampton.l The lidos q ueto question is
ne which impqrds the peaceful relationsl . be.
wren Grea t Britain and the United States,—
11. has Imam fir -nine time the source of diplo
made disquietbetween the two cOuntriesand
now tends to Oovoke an ripen rupture. i 'T,,
quarrel about t would be madness." .
This, rirrick, t must he remembered, lwas
written I,2fOre the receipt of 'lllr. Btichanan's
• 1 - :1'
:despatkli, quoted above.- •
• '1 % - [
„ ! -.--.,.,
RAILROAD.-,-W heir wei • read of ohstruciions
being placed on railroads in other localities,-
we . csaigratulatisiourselves that there. Were
no fiends capahle of such cold-blooded malig
pity, to be finind in this- region ; but ',it! ap.
pears that we Were miktaken.: On'Saturday
night last an :Tempt mOst inhuman and re
vt;-lting Was . made. at" wholesale destructhin;
not only .ofprttpert,y but.of life. . A ouniber
of yoUng.ladies and -gentleinen were I return
ing fit - an - toga Centre on '.hand-car frtim a
paityl, about 1'.2 O'clock, a little before-the
.., l i
tone blithe i . express, which usually' ' i el la
rivespti Owego at 12:- 13n.
.m. About tv;-o
and a half milFs west of oWrego„ at 'a Place
where there are no, houses. near. the track,
they ran against a:formidable olistraction so
plaCed "n- the track that any train must have.
Inevitably been thrown oft.. 1116 hand-car'
was fortunately -.going slow.' After this ob
struction wari•cmoved,. they ran upon anoth 7
er! Ad another !! and ambtherl!! These
obstruCtions einisisted of large ties and a bar i
of track • iron, fttiy of Which was suite suffi
t 0 throw 'the *train off the track. - At
one of these.-.ostruetions :the .hand-ear: was
running at slick speed that -when it struck
some of they iturg ladies were, thrown from
their Seats with conSliderahle :Violence. This
is'net the only attempt lately made to do
injury on the New' York. nnd'Erie railroad.
Early tin the t ranie:day a hard, knotty Piece
of ,world' wiai fixed about. the middle! of a
freight; train that h ad
, ..stood over night i east
I of the 01,Ve.oldepot. • The wood- was butted
again4the ties, and - when - the - Cara started a'
number of the brakes - were destroyed.--- -
010 , 0 Ttauri,Nov; 14.
. .. . .
Rir.The Wswilington Globe; which 1* the
ofSciar record of the proi„ . .eedinas Of congress,
will be pUbliihed deity during the'approach
ing-lie:isinit, at the rate of $lO pier annum, the
eongressionsi quarto. - edition and appendix,
being *B. tor the session, • - . •
Warlike .Charaeter ef- the ;Amerieatuk ,
E ' • has' -
Theplhstnere lecttirmo
at Manchtstorlon the Eastetlt . war. _Orhis
oplaiunitiluating that matter,.;,*e
prise, to: speak; but there iS liingl4o.enititk
dropped' meidentaily, in the priigrO:sa.of,h . i.i
discourse,ilibieh Is worth noticing.: 2111 u.
ding to int:Ali:mid spirit antreapaGditios of
the leading nations the noble Lord •
" RusKia Proper m'it'a warlike ic.patjnn—
and the Riussians themselves: have not the
turn.for war. I anytOt now Speaking of the
;Cossacks and the Tartars, people. who
'horseback, and may be included in her' dts
'Minions; :but the inhabitants of the solid ern
plreif Russia are very "averse - ti, military
seiv . :ce, and I think, if 101 l to themselves, by
Weir. vaisent. .the Emperor :would *not'
gam a single milittirivolunteer atnongtheni,
ifsthe system of enlistment were tin! saute as
in• England. 'But la- - nation to be military
need not be warlike in its own native tenden
cies. you were me ; w'hic'h Waa the
`molt: warlike -natiOn in the world, I fibula
say the United States America. They
have many theusand ' miles of frontier,. and
Ithey have nextlto no army $ all; but. they
,havi3-a. large- i)op,alation, item:touted, to the
use (if artn4, and ;ready to
,Olunteer in any
military• expedition ; and. whin :the invasion,
of Mexico was prOjeeted, which was Mther
buccaneering - sortlof an expedition,, they ad.
Nertised. fOr men, alo an army 2 0,000 were
forthcoming in ifortnight. -:That'is what, I
call a warlike lotion. But •it advertised in
Ittr,tia you wdidd find no Such eagerness ;
the popiflation there are rresSed into, the ser
vire, put in, -chai n s is necessary, such soldiers
.we. have had to ',deal with atS'evtoopol—
very serious fi)e.s. to encounter, obedient and
docile 1.9 tlitlr ofii.!ers, endowed with -great
passive couragis, and ready to die at anv time
at the post which' is assigned to them."
How a Slave 'tried to Escape and Cenbrut,
The :Loutiville Courici tells this'stery with
a refill - •
. . .
• Ben; thn, slave; property belonging • to one I
el Our citizens, nnale his escape from jailscv- I
era! weeks ago. i He was captured and yes
terday returned to the,cit V. account of
his adventures in search of freedoM, and that
of his' captors au search of the fugitive, par
take somewhat of romance. Ito says that he
eressed the river at the saw milk and.immet
(Mitery leek the line 'of the Jefferson
road. In .the peighberhoed Of- Vienna,. some,
Hoosiers discovered and . iminediately .
gave chase. Tht.'y „after a long run, succeeded
in capturiag -hint, but he eseaped froth, them
soon. At a subsequent pried he was again
seep mid had to undergo anetherehase: Be
ing mounted on ti stolen horse, his plirsuera
coon feund that he, would distance them:---,
.Acolrdingly they fired.killing the herse.
daunted, he kept ahead, and dogs were set
upon him ;
,but .he baffled all pursuit until
wearied, e t oWn. Being again taken, .he ; es
caped a second 'time,
.and fee• a long time
perplexed the Iloosiers, Until entirely pros
trated by'llnitgqr and expo Surf% ho was flea t;'
ly 'taken. OfficUr Kirkpatrick, (ruin thus .city,
was 'sent to bring him home: 'lke expressed,
the greates joy, at seeing. act old -friend, Mad
was particelarly furious against.the Floo-iers,
who Were not such AbelitiinVeitk as he imag
ined. _ The fac. ts, since Indiana purged.her
-self of Knew-Nethingisin,' - runaway slaves
have no chance of escaping throitglk that State.
Se. much, ter esehewing
AMERiCAN gARRIA6r:. AND flonsrs:—Ali .
who are iamiliar.with the suljeet. _know that
f'or years pasq the Euglish public and the
carriage, manufacturers, freely admit
that in light ticss,. durability and.styl,, tilt. best
American c:trriages far ..xcelanyihing rif the
kind prOdncedi in England.. : We tritve con,
vers,d With Emrlish rnantheturers Illicit' this
hUbit'eti thi7v freely admit- the tact, but
tl4ratte it to thicsuperiority Of our timber.—
dMibtl ;ss- one cause, bnt• w"e . cannot
shut our eyes to the mt that there is a degree,
of talent and taste atm mg- oar higher me.
el - fatties Wh;chiemmof be met with in Great
What has bitiff been cc:needle - a in regard to
American carriages equally applimble to'
American hairless it islighter„better made—,
neater and more highly finished 'than Any
other. In thi4'regard the French arc as fhr
behind us as the English, and - within a few
days a New York•firm-liaS shipped tit EnroPe
three sets of superbly faniihed harness *hick
will do 'credit Alike to (qu country and to
manukicturer.4—Nete York courier and
rarer. • • • -
• -
OZEMATION.---The - subfect of burning: the
ldle:: of the dead continues to excite remark:
The .N, Y. Post publishes a .strong plea for:.
the ri.§thi:of injy;perstai tti-'trakh
position of the body, and ally argues,
the question of the huthatiity of the custhm.•
The.. Philadelphia Sun also takes: the sanit!.
view, and in the course of an article on tl)6
subject, remarks : "Even. in this countrYtlir .
!tractive is not :altogether unknown, lt / iS said
that the lade of henry Lumens . President
a the first Congress, was thus deposed of,'
and, to this day,- in the 'flat' sections of Louis
inn; bordcring:ou The Ghlf cotst, where the
soil is too spongy -to permit the digging of
graves, nothing is more common,, and Chris
tian ministerS pionounee the bitriar'sereice
over the t)ames. . •1n the 'rise before ifs' the
hushand was merely carrying out the prinel,
ples •or his it faith; and the wishes 2 .0 f his
wife; a n al the interferenee
. of the populace:
seemsto itaVe been.entirely uncalled; fur."
The British Fleet--Nicar4tia Affairs.
• • ; WASIIISGTON Nuv. 'l6.
The ,Seeret.try of the: Navy withheld his
instriuz,tions to Commodore Paulding, :until
the arrival of the Paeifici. iin4 it is now tin-
'tlerstood that in eonsequence of official into!,
ligenee from . 'England, aksurivg our govern
ment that thr despatch of the DritiSh fleet to
the. West India station . t hasfrio reference to
Central Atneriran,matter, nor . ivy (,inject
hostile to the ,United . Ststes.;:oaly orie vessel
of t C fad, rou ;tvi 11 pr.!, ieeed to'Nic
aragna;-viz: the-flav, ship; the Potottiae, with
Commodore. raulding, .in eharge Of the gen
eral.,interets of. the Ueitea* , States. .that
quarter: . • :.:.;
Wells,' of Mason county, Ky.., has,a • twenty°,
acre field - Of corn, which, promises, from .what
kls been gathered, a yield of one hundred
eighty - 71)10 . AS (ears) per acre. But, the *fan
ny part of the' story is that he - did not intend,
to make such a crop; •
The first planting not'_ coming: up ,weil_or
looking prontisinv, he replanted between the
rows,'-and afterward, not being able tor.decide,
whieh . rows were best Or 'Which - to. plo4
es he, intended to do - vVith the' . first 'plinth ,
he let, both stand ; the preseAt great crop. is
the result.• It n eed lefts. to sq that the:land
is good.
,r, :
have heretofore given -en tine resting -aaeotints
of the, 1194 rnes..e.tge vent ini4l, the I;ittraPhie
wires in Ameriea.. .
,The 4, r i l thie queati
4: Wiiiiii*th'd,;i: l vireti* :teas the firit
cotitteetislsenteittie.'diittitek t! - Itfiss A Ale
G. , ElittiVorth, :daughter. - belft . m.- iie,nry - 'L.
El Isrirth,inow . Mrs. Smith, of Indiana- The
'lnenterlitt, or : co py. 01440.at4h0 ent4 of the
lint?, hits been depositeci with : the Connecticut .
Historical Soelity - foi.,priservatiori . , nod may ,
juAtly Ini regaideti as olte of the nto4;"vjilutt 7
ble poasecsions of that Or any similar lastlth
Ph. Sun.. ' - -
Railroad - JAW*.
'..Titta Perrone ;filled—An Entire Train
Blown of the' Track.
On _Metiday evening.the Express train on
thillartiiin Railroad, , Which . left. Albany at
4:1-2 u'ehietc,' reached copirke, wheit - about
inidwai'lietween there and . .lt'Oston 'Corners,
Watililoviii ufr the track by .a violent- gust of
wind and precipitated dOwn an embankment
some th;rtfive feet, perforating a complete .
somerset, , _ owiliAing the cars -and killing':
tai' perso several
s instantly • and injuring eral
The Cu duct
.' , ,r,11r. White, as
. scion as the
ace id e tit Odetirred, sent the engine; which fur
tunatety h4d not been throw n otr,._ t,.. Miller.
Loafer saihe ears, and the killed and injured '
were'phi . - ther o in and 'brought
.to the Ott
Where': the. arrived, at • About 5.1-2 - uteloef t :
. ..: . , • .• •
this inpriii g. ~ . -.. ,
The killed are Mr.' Rat . hbene, a_paperman-
Whit-timer at Bieiton Corners, and:--r Gu f yloril,
a. brakein. i n len Che . train; . ... . -.
An aceent of this kind his never before
occurred i i this coulitry. -, '- . - --'
. The Sup rintendent, - Mr. - Nettingharnistart
ed this in rning iminediatelf,ter*:lo*ef
• I
disaster. The cause sif the .:aecident;,:iarfar
as we hear it ; was .entirely beyond , •thiketi•
trot of hu lan agency. •" ' • : ..---:-
ng it up Pretty Steep.
.'The trilithphant Democracy of Georgia had'
h great meeting at Milledgeville afe eve-,
ning4 sinee--Gov. llurvrtl Cobbs in the eltair,
Alex. li, Stephens chief speaker—li l a&
s~lved t_ j o i elect 'twenty delegates to e Na-.
timed Pcinocrinie Convention nt i eet in
Cincini next May for - the .fiomination .of
candidates fair the Presideirel Viee-Pres .
iden (1. :1 In cant inuation; they
Itesohfed, That out delegates to Said conk
vetniun Ought, in our Opinion, to be instruct !
ed•by thi;se vrho shall appoint them to insist
()poll tulopticn of a platform of principles
as' the l4sis ()f a, national . organization, - - prior
to the Aornination of candidates, and that
said . platfortn among other thga
in, in
clude in 1.-utistance.the following propositions :
- 4 - Fir4l: The recognition and adoption of
.the pri4iples established ikti the- 'Kansas-Ne
braska -act.
" S.-c;)iod . : That neither . the. G
Missoeri an.
protniSeinor any other " AntiZlavery restrie
tiun shall 'hereafter be-extended over.any Ter.
ritOry of the United_
. . . .
hi . rd': ,The prompt and 'faithful - exet'u-
thin of the Fugitive, and it pernik .
nent - continuance-upon the statute book.
Resolved, That no . nian - ought - to be held
and Considered a member of the -National
Detnov i atio party, who, does not 'recognize,
apprOvd and adopt the foregoing proposition ;
and . that the Democratic •and Anti-Know:
*Nothing ,.
party of this State,,said
delegntiim, - ought not to affiliate or act in etiid
cotlyentiott with any delegates wbo shall - di,. - .
approvd and vote against the same. .. .
. .1-tat)ved, That if said propositions - shalt
not i n iqubstance be incorporated •in the plat.
form adopted by said muyention o .hitcrele g a.-
tiop frchn Georgia•onght,. - in the opinion of
this meeting, to withdraw from the convert.
ties, atid.tate no further part in the -nomina
tions or
. ..her . proceedings of the same; and
i that our instructed so to act.
"-S. {late," do you- bear, Messrs.-John
1 .Van lit ! 41, - . Peter Cooper & Co.'? - Should
1 the Ci vention venture,•to do anY•suchusec."
tionan - act as to fellowship and fraterniie
with you "Softs," then - . Georgia - Cuts it off
with aishilinor, and sets up President-making
on hert own h ook: .upon - the . truly Nation. I.
and ISmoerate platthrtn set forth above.-1-.
Hut '_,; no fear of any such rtipture.;-,
The siitve!)rtelor.4 lave only' to wk.:enough,
for tht , :v-.ltre ey..rtain to get all .. they. ask.. If
those they choose to have Aichision fir . Pre
sident With Kane for \` ice, and the right ; of a
slavehpliier to iL•ali chit roll of his chattels on
' Butik4 . .Hilll for their platform; let - • theta
jut say the word and it. is done. • There isn't
. going.l.l . ) he anything " section:ll' l 'in that Con..
ven; iob.—Trib Writ. .: : :: - .-, -; .
Reanblicati National OrgaSatitio;a•
ITo Oar Editor of the .Y. 7'ribuar. • 4. •
SI mi:—h must he evident tirevery one flat
a. naitonat organization of the itepabliian
"party deArible at. the. earliest day praiti. - .
cable.? Such an organization •is desirable to
eonCelitrate effrt, and give permaneney and:
'stability to the movement 'which seeks' to
cmithine the ei . Mrts of tikkise who are seeki4 -
to Prfavent . the extension Of Shivery. The
first step - toward suct;•eirt.OrgalliZation
dently. the tinlnationlif,a national Republican
ciittint tee: TO reach this object inithq
convenient ... Way , permit me 'to 'suggest that;
by cotiit.ion
. con-ent of the -presir and - all in
terested, the chairman' of each State commit.'
tee he considered. ex-ojrccio a . member'of :the -
National,committee for hie'State. - II there
any inure practivahle.or convenient plan that
this land What. ohjcetion' exists itii - adop:
tion 1 - :The State o.mtritiMintritittee of %id
. are about .to correspond with. those - of other
. tat ea,. in ace* brdin wi t h instractionsof their .
Slate c.onvention.of July , 13, with. - reference,
to the holding of a National convention ;:and
it reein, lo me that if the - plan those indicat
e 4 were'first adopted; it would gireatlrfacill-l•
ate mutters in . thisfrospect. Onto.'
This Republican Pres&
Theßepublican AssOciatiriii of Washington
City, being dsinius of procuring-m: speedily
as possible complete list of:all papers idvo:
eating or"favorable_to the itipubliean Paity,
for publicotion, arid 'for" the purpose -..f.for
warding them desirable political haformaticin
and documents frotwthis important point da
ring the next session of Congress and Presi.
dential campaign, earnestly request the editors
of all such, to mail.' us 'One number of their
p.tper addressed to "Acta for the .T'mn?e,"
Washington City .
Committee i.f Republican. Association.
hi blew of the irregular. . manner in Which
booth. Reeder aud ,W hitield , kayo been - elea•
ed to Congress from, Kapsl4B, the Journal of
Contmeree prop&ses tln'it i ffie house of ,Rep
resentatities should rejectibem both, and seed
the elmtion backlto the bona fide citizens of
the Territory. ...This is a fair lookintt proP
sitinti, hut in order; to.carry it: out, Congress,
would have to recognize as.valid the laws of
the Missotiri usurpers reswe:ting citizenship. `
or lab gate them :and appoint new judges
and ke a regtilar lawn definlig -the gualifi ,
n (o t
cation of citizens. .-Aajtiere ni no probaba ,
iv.' 0 . Vhitfield'ii adoillsion, this propositiPs
,th ' Journal of Cointrierce viill be liiillYw
turn out the' Administration iclietue:
..-N w.Yoni(EtAcyloa.—.llil4l.lbany Even
llA.ourlint.tlOa returns abowiixAhe electron
to t.., Senate ;)f, seventeen Itipublicanl4, eq.,
en'zlnerieans, and four , Det iperat... and to
AssOnbly of 48 DomneritsAßepubliour ,
'and 37 An:oriel:mt.- For =Soilinuiry of. 8*
the Journara return* Ovd. tlendleY , .Aron''
,114,10:, King, RipOt:livon, 102.4 1 gj
llateh,'So4, 69,813:'Ward;:llard, 47,058;
tar* Ahout3o feet .of the roof on tiny a ;
Part of willgcitik,Rni!naa 4
fell yesterday 'wqh . a . treinenduous crash"'.
The aceident: wati caused 'by deketiie
tirtuthttety toi one -was'hart 83 - it cattrted
juKt a* the nien hatli left, tor airmere—Serivk
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