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Our parson is one of the kind who give the
people the worth of their money, so he gets
up pretty lextensive Sermons . fur such hot
days. LaSt Sunday I sat till he got to llthlv,
and. by that, time I was as dry as a contrib;
'tion-box 7 4!O I stepped out to get a drink at
the pump.', ' The meeting-liouse is on the cor
ner, and the horses were hitched along on both
. sides. I
As I went out, I saw something wagon foot
among theln:lgs; most of them had their care
back, and
. were showing their teeth and Stamp,'
ing in anything but a religious mood:
.. When
I got my fluid down I stopped to investigate
the • disturhance among the horses,, and as I
. knew lier#-Latin, sat..down on the steps to
take notes. 11 : All outside the rails and birthing
posts in aitiv4 gutter, each beating a tattoo
with a qua mtette of iron hoofs, which lat first
thought would be more profitable for * the
blacksmithliand farrier, than for the owner;
but as the Owners were - mostly rich, it was
none of my business.
The . little Black reached his head over to
: the little Chestnut and whispered something;
When the Chestnut' oved the meeting to be
organized Ilyr calling the big Bay to the .. chair.
This motion was -carried, and the chairman
1' -
roceeded do state the object-Oftha meeting,
as follows :,1 .
Fellow-hordes:—We have now - organized
ourselves into a.. Convention for the purpose
of4leaceabli discussing our grievances, in se
cordan with the rep ublican character of our
inalienable.! rights.. ,We are- bropght from
our 'stables nd pastures, every Sunday, to be
tied up here, upon a pavemeut of villainous
boulders, eitposed to the. heat of a
tiler sun and the bites of merciless flies.—
Many of usi have not a stitch of fly-net to our ',
..backs, andlill of us, have been more or less' .
incapacitated from ,pretecting- ourselves bv '
'having ourtoils clipped, to gratify an ttoseeni 7
ly fashion, Thich neither our masters nortnis
tresses seem disposed to honor at this time,
in their. otAvard continuations; Besides,', tir
check-reins lire left hitched so tight that ire
cannot bite a fly fromotir shoulders, or ease
. e
our aching 'ittscles a single minute. In view
of these abu es,. + feel that our condition calls
loudly for r , dress, and hope thim Convention
will devise, °me - means of relief.
The Blac k then nominated the 'Chestnut 4:s
Secretary, i 'hich was agreed to:
The ores 1 Color moved a Committee of
three to pre. nt a platform for the consider; .
ation of theineeting. Carried, and the Chair
appointed the Cream, the Black' and the Roan
said .committee..
While this committee was consulting to
gether, the Chair called for an, expression of
opinion froni: the , different' members of the
,1 , „
convention, sn a -requested ' . t nat each one bring
in a resolution embodying 'his sentimems ;
Ilercupon the following were °tiered :
By the Pifaeon's Yellow Mare : Resolved,
That the rnfi , -eiful man is nrreiful to his beast. '
Adopted. ' 1
7- By Old .;White : Resolved, _'That every
horse shown be provi ded with a fly-net.—
This was amended .by the Sorrel, so, as .to
rtail, ' and OA said fly-net should
. be *c6n
,:tructeci so as to protect the flanks and legs,'
as, well as the back and oars,' and in this form
the.resoliittOn was adopted. ,
. Ely the, Bpht:til Black : Resolved, That it
is an abridgement: of Our own natural rights
to 'curtail ni at one end and tie up the other,
while the'flibs are suffered to suck our-blood.
Carried With much unanimity.
By the Back Pony: .Reso . lved, thaViliege
flies bite. like 11-11 1 Objected to by the
Pezieon's.Yillow Mare. (The Pony. had beep
brought Up h: a livery' stable;Where his mor
als had brill. sadly neglected.) The little
Sorrel said!, the "Puny was right. The 4,14 - 1
Dun . thought the language was too strong
for the•; ph ice, hu.tH would vote fur it any
other thnel,l ,l. but Sunday. The big Gray
moved to strike ou,t all after Resolved, and
.insert-' that Ithesillies have a. faculty of caus
ing the menlibers of this Convention, and our
race - gener4ly, much pain and annoyance.'
At this tle POny. fliirly kicked one leg over
the shaft t and bit a splinter fr onithe
He said : _
Charman i the horse last np is an nld
fogy ; I go i'or willing things by their right
names. '.This - standing tied up here _in such
'weather bt uan. outrage, which - no Christian
horse should 'endurel. Master is in there on
.his soft cull, hions. hearing, aboUt Shadrall,
the frieryfurnace that 'did not burn
, while - we stand here in a fiery
"does nearly take the hair off,and
'- by flies to -boot! I protest
them a wh i
fuimace tha,
are tormen,
sutistitute, and
previous question on mt resolu-
against Du
call for the
Thl4 . wa I seconded by the Bwbtail Black,
Little Sorte' and Dapple Gray; and the res
olution - carried a large majority. •
The Cream announced that the Cory,,mittee•
on a PlatfOrm was ready to report, and pre
sented thelfollowing
.1.4. Since horses are deprived of their
natural defences, they should. - be effectually
secuted,against Se.
z, while confined in
harness. l l
2d. No good Chnstian.will leave his horse
tied in the sun, Upon, when
there is . shade and soft grotind within fifty
rods. I .1
3d. No i ity lout' should harness his hor'se
o ride .half a mile to church, because his
wife's pettilcoats are so long that she cannot
keep themllout of the dirt.
4th. The man who keeps a check-rein hitch
ed up, ,171' le the horse is milting by the
house, oug it to go to the place weread of.
sth. Th provisions of the Golden Rule
should be onstrued so as to apply to horses
a`s well as en. I . .
This Oa form was- adopted by 'a unani
mous neig , and the, Secretary was ordered
to furnish ,eopFtid every horse congregation
'n the city ,for ratition, with a request that
he subje I be upon next' Sunday.
Just th n the peple began to come out of
the church. The little black tossed his head'
•uid gave he Chmtut, a wicked leer. The
'ellow M re*hint icd f r her colt, the Pony
4iamped• is bit sulkily, but all were SO glad
o get m i re& that they moved of at the word,
:nd I goes this convention. like many others,
• ill end o,;ly in tal . However, if no reform
s effected 'n a shor time, I shall look for fur
, ..,
...• • ..I' , ii SCIOTA.
novelty in ladies' d i ressis now b e ing exhibit
ed at . the. :rystal Palace in New York; in the
**shape of apatent' Pettiwat Lifter. It is.
thus . dese bed : There are thur pullies . at
melted to the. waist, underneath the dress,
o'er whit i; are rove liiiall curds, the end.; of
Which are rattaehed, with diaper' pins, several
lyc to the ait„rear, and ,sidt of the skirt, at.
abort the height of the knee. The. other
ends term nate in loops which are ,led into.
the pockets on either side. If a lady wishes
to to u pstairs, she pulls loop N0..1, in the
right pochet,and instantly the dress rises in
i scest
front, like the dropeurtain in a theatre, so
that the' is'inade with perfect grace.
N0.,2 in ,the le ft hand : pocket, elevatca tbc
rear in a I , ke manner,- and all pulled at once,
lifts the shirt knee ; high •, ' ,
nessyr t 1
ogrA4vietbsirnm tare Western Plains say I passing t
that the us Inditius -are againgathering in great as
force end ,k.agsr foci battle. - Yor. t‘r
- -.--. 1 ... - - -
-. ~- --- . .- - . --
I: .. i. diuWoirthe dit ....:,
~ • Scortheyi in ihiti l- ". DOCior,r gives a c ations_ chapter upon 1 cats , of his -
chapter in ! w14.-ir hunter and natural history .
are agreeably!. niingled
-,together.. nu - . wig
evidently: chose obserVer of the habits
poor puss, MO took - much delight in" i the t
whims,: frolic-410nd peculiarities ot his favors
ites. • ProOfs of the domestication and strong
attachmenti of ithe cat might -he adduced ad
nauseam.lll l -story - of iM. &mini - and his
favorite cat m, y be .be recoilected as a 01 • 51 1
en point : . 1
"This animal," he writes, "vas tny . princi-;
pal amusement for several yeare: how viv-,,
idly was the eXpreAsion of her attachment de-,
picted . upon tier countenance! i how - man y
times haveh6e tender caresses trad e me for.
get ,my troithles, - and consoled me in my rnis
fortuneS!.. IMy beautifulandinteresting corn:
- panionaf leng,tla perished i- - after several days
of sufferitdr, during:Which - I never furrok
her, her, e- es, coustaritly.fixed on me, were
at lengths . t ! tinguishad, and her loss.has rent.
my heart Witt grief.",.. .
• Among the admirers of the sleek-and gen
tle cat maybe tileptiOtied Mohanimed, Itous::
sestu i f etraeh, Johni , ,rat, Cowper, and we know
'not hoWiniiity otter. iilustrioustiaines. Mad
ame Helvetius lad a 'favorite art, which, at.
the death of her mistress, wandered about
her chareber, nt wing most piteously ; and
after the bt,dy w s consigned to the grave, it
was found strete led:upon the tomb. lifeless,
having lexrired runt excess of grief. The
Earl of I Soitthatt pion--compailion of Essex
in the flital linsur eetiolt-.--having been confin
t-d so - mei time in he l'otver, was:one day . kur
pris'ed". by 4 viAd frOtn'. his pet Oat, which is
said to have ren:het its masted hy descend
ing theimney 'of his'apartment. - -
'rite lulukving xietidi)te of comtitied attach
nent and sagacity, rivals any thing that has
been told Ot .hu dog, and plaet# pour pussy _
in a mOch nore - favorable light !thait current
opinion! iwoild allow i In thtjistitittner• of
• - -- II"71--- , .
1800. aTiltYsitcian of Lyons was l t repested to
. . ,
inquirei Mu) a' muider'that had been commit
ted on it *Jinlati of that city. lie according
ly went • to , the residence of
,tlat deceased,
where he foutal her extended fireless on. the
floor,.Welftting in her blood. 4 large white
eat wa4 inutited. on the cornice of the cup
board, at the further . 'end of the apartment,
where i•he t eemed to have taken 'refuge. Ile
sA, motionless, wish - his - eyes fixed on - the
corpsc,andi his attitude andlooks expressed
'horror land atiriobt: The follAWing morning
.1 - 0 • i I
the animal was totind inptecisely the-same
state; ditdwhen•the - room • Was filled with the
officers of Ostice, he still remained, apparent
ly, tranSfixeil to' the spot.' 4s soon, howev
er;as the suspected parties were brought in, '
'his eyes glitred with increased fury:.his hair
bristled, and he darted precipitately from,the
room. The
. . e otiiitenances of the assassins
were disc( n,'-erted, and they' now, for the.first
time dui•ing the Whole course of the horrid
transaction,yelt theiratrocious andaCity for
sake them.'
1 t
WC tmigllt instance cases in which the-rea
soning. pro p • . ss, was'evidently exhibited: but i
let the 10114 wing, related by Dr._Sniellie, in'
whieh,ing4ity orperforinance was teombin
with-sagaCiq-, suffice: . . • , ,
"A cat frequented a closet,: the: . door of
which was rastuedi by a eommoh iron latch;
a witidoW as :situated near theldoort when
the; duu'r was dim the cat gave herself no un
easiness, foil so ste4 as she wasltired . , of her
~ • i ,
MI ti 1)e P) 0/ ',, - slip mounted- on the MI, of the
'window. all 1.i . " it h. her paws deiterotisly lift;
l i
ed the latch and Came - mit. - This practice
she. continued l for! years." • Many "instances
of the kind tare. on recordi and We personally
know of 04, in whieh- a eat, having been neg
lected. at the rermlar dinUer hoar, which was
L • • r ,
usually acepmpanicd by time ringing of a bell, I
'would agitdte the bell wire. 'The sagacity of
the feline - rim is-sirs clearly evinced in the:fel-
ioviing anecdote, i:liat we cannot help repeat
ing it!., l: t' ' ' •
4 - Mr.' TiWeicafin, thef , amous Saxon dent
lst, had a ro t ►luabld tortoiSe-shelluat, that. for
days di Dialling but mban. Guessing the
cause, he !Joked, into its Itnoutb, and seeing a
devayed tojoh, stain relieved it of itN pain.—
tollowmg day there were at least ten
cats at Ins iloor—the dayi after, twenty ; and
they went' lon increasinglet such a rate that
he was:Obliged to - keep . trt ' bull-dog to drive
them away!.; But noth4r Would help them.
A eat, that Thad " the toiithaehe would cs - cae
any ni4b t• of miles it t o him. . It- would
'come dew!! .the Chiinney;leren, and not leave
the room till he 'had tak)lti its torahout.. .It
grew ouchla pis/men at ']List, that he was nev
er free ' ft-(itn one• Of these feline patients.—
IloWeyer, itieing one mOrning very nervous,
:he aceidenlally;broke the% jaw of 'an ()Id tab
by. The uewsi of this
,spread like wild-fire.
Not a .single. cat ever came : to him -after
wards.- ". • L
. -
inosphericl phenomenon i was witnessed by I t
many of onr.eitzens tint; mot fling soon after 1
sunrise: be lake was seemingly lifted up so
a.,tu be :Ploinly visible; ;MI the intervening ;
spat.oi, in4luding the House of Refuge, Lake I
Vices, aedwere entirelY . 'OA. ,si A i,t, o f. Th u
strects•rurrting north appeared to ascend to
wiiras the ;shore and t,4rininate . d in the wat: r.
i • •
nut overinall a mile diStant.':. This curious
spectacle:l4,ms witnessediby Many citizeits, es
ttecilly in the western part of ;he city, where
the vieWl lwas uninterrupted bY intervening.
building:l. I .- . " [ •
[ In sonic parts of the ivorld.mirage is very
[ commOn,[!tuthnot in our locality. It is account
ed fur' pllos.cphieslly this : pay : the rays of
I ight . prite.ding from- t he sd dace are refracted
down war: ; by meeting.slraia of attnosphere of
a differen density, and• present to the
• eye of the speCtator 'object:l, that in a normal
state, won't be hidden 'by] intervening high-.
lands or Iv the earth's spite icily. Manysu
peptitiorif, sued :IS". The F ying Dutchman',"
ae., are tije result of this phenomenon.
. . ' , .I?ockister Union.
. •
AN s- -.7 1 } :1 ie editor of the American
estimates that one physician
!1.4.f0r. every i 700 in4bitatits. This
i e over ?o,ocKp in the nation. It is ,
?that the average life of . a physician
et thirty- yearA after he enters his
. ...Hence it Gdow; liy computation,
li'ab te by death alone, is - one thousand
,a year. . But stoic are lost by
buisness than by death ; and this
i .
be estitnated without exaggeration
I.We have, then, an actual, loss of
ii,C:ans annually, which must be made
i . n, the increase of pOpitlat ion in the,
:ites is about 700,000 it-year, which
an increase of 1000 pbysiciatis to
tTlierq are,-.111,;r,-1, ire; - at re
-11 ent v-(ltreelt,lndre,l new physichnis
iteattates yearly.:; To meet this,
:lilly 1.400 graduates from the schools,
It 3004 . oreigners, In4ing iii all 1700,
g an actual deficieney . 46oo a year,
plied 4 . ,iiregular practitioners.
. Porsze
Medici! t
is: require
probsyle .
is not oV..
that the
change ti
loss 'nigh;
at 3.000,
4000 phy
up. • 'lig
it requir,,
supply_ •
quired t
it, the I;i'
welave 1
and allow
i i
and leari
to be su
NDON' PO STOFFICE.7- corpesporni
tnam'i Noiyhly says that it; a pod.-
shnien, i,he office its London is the
le world. The Postmaster donerat
tail are at. the head' of- an army Of
ent of p t l
al establii
fie 4 in Li
and -his:
over 20,1
i • 1
rrsons ; and sueh is t.te -con
k or ItilNinesA, that in tills office is
ihout one fourth o r the postal buil
se kingdos 4 Tice namher of letters
,brough it io a par, i 4 Oche times as
I the number passing through New
1 ,1 nearly as: great as; thee entire num,
perfor .
koer in the .thaiteti States.. 'the tainhei of
letters reeekved for delivery in London, in .
the year' 11454, was 103,377,729., sad the
number sent' out, 95,635,106. This gives
tuts! .of !ove r r 200,000,000 letter* in,h single ,
year. Ili average , weight of the evening
.mail is fiurrOen tuns.
T. It Orchard, X. D.. 77
henna county, Pa. Residence at the Poistoffice.
Hall it Lamb,
fIABINET MAKERS, hare recently opened a ware-
Ili room in New Milford, Pa., and wfli keep con
stantly on hand,all kinds of Cabinet-ware ; ale° Ready
made Collins. i,Funerals attended with or' without a
hearse. Wareiroorn neatly .oppoltite .1. Biekerman's
Store. - • •
New Milford ; Stay 13, 1935.
• A. tt E. Bald** 1
£.I Trunks, Whips, /te.; in the -pasement Of Searle's.
Rotel, Montrose, Pa. _
;. C. IL thnunoris, -
DOOT ANIY ; SMOE MAKER. shop first door east
or Odd Vlloßa'.liall , Turnpi4 at., Nordrose.
. .
RW. ,Singleto# . • .1
( - lAN now hi found at his new Stand on Owego st.
V two door west of Searle's Motel, where he cf
feetually repairs with. dispatelt, , ;Watchem Clock;
Jewelry, Guns.) and every description of Machinery.
Wheel cutting ; Gun and Watch irnatcilials ! supplied
to., the trade. I- - : ' I.
•i Dr. IL Smithi, ,
SURGEON DENTIST, MOntrmie, Pa., 'at' Searle's
0 Hotel, Mottdays and Tue: , days of cneh week.
lenry S. Knapp,
ONTROSt, PA.. with ;Roo, Wood rtilr 4' Car.
L ter, 'Wholesale Gmeers; and etimmitt,sion Mer
clants, No. np Washington street,. between Conrt
tut& and Day !streets, Ncio pork.
Caleb Weeks.
1.71 tinge Trinimer. Alen at his dwelling house',
early opposite Henry Drinker's. Montrose, Pa.
. • „
• Miller & Fowler,
lA, and Solicitors in Clutn*y. . Office No. 44 Clat•kg
s*ct, Chiraga. 111. ,
PacifiC Rotel,
IMENWIfiI STREET; (near Broadwiy,) New
'.jr York. Salisbury S Co., Proprietors: • Jo the
vicinity of the principal dtearphortt landings.:
; .
Vhomas • Ingstrum.
TAEALER T DRY GOOBS, Groceries, I ,Clothingr,
JLI Crcckeryi Boots and Shoes, &c., Sasirsrekamsa
Depot, Pa. ;
Bentley , • Fitch, 1 , -
John GrOves.•
VASHIONAIILE TAILOR. Shop utalei Searle 's
L' Hotel, Rattle street, Afelitrose, Pe.
• •
A D. D. Hindi; i .
IVERY , AND EXCHANGE srAntk. !Office in
11 in the rent' of Wilson's store, Montratoi Pa.
. 'J. Colsten, - ! •
DEALER Ib STOVES, Tin, Copper, and Sheet
11 Iron WarC,. Lodrrarillel 1 near Great Bend Depot.
December 4 • •
. .. r • t r . -
L. P. Hinds,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, :Fuariudianna, ila.DiEce!
on Maine street, one door least of Lenlieim's..
: az
, ....______,,,_
. Frier- ek Case, I 1
.t_IL Office on Turnpike stre .t., one: tiooi• East o
Pot's Store, ifontrosr, Prt.l I : i
Albert Chsimberlin,
A TTORNET AT LAW and ustice of the Peace ;1
4: 7 1. over I. L. Post A; Co'sjAo e„lfontrose.
-- i .
, .
Win. H. Setsup,. , • i
IT DREp.S..fBr the State nf Is, ew York', will attend;
to all business 'entrusted to Mini with promptness and
fidtlity. . Oflicl on Public &mar, occupied by Hon ~1
. .
Wm. Jessup.
Abel Turrell,
Paints, Oils, Dye-spas, Groceries, Pry Goodsi;
Hardware, Suineware, Glassware, Clocks,,Watclies,
Jewelry, Silver Spoo:Is, Spectacles, Mnsicid Instru
ments, Trusse4; Surwleal Instruments, Lignors, Per
fumery, Mirrors, Stationery, Brushes, Shwa, 'Yankee
Notions, &c. . •.!
B. R. Lyons it Co.,
Y Dry Gwis, Groceries, Salt, Flour, find Hard
rare, Laneatoro, Pa.
. , .
, . F. B. Chandler, 1 _
DE. ar tlift . f,Z i IIRY GOODS, Ready Mad Clothing,
k. Stationery, eta., Public
Avenue,Atiinfrose Pa.
, . 1 . ,
'll'atriCk & Diniock., - i -
Owego erect, ..1/ontroar, Pa. - .
L L. Post & Co.,
DE.AtERSIN DRY GOODS, Groceries,"Cmckery i
.11 - ardwai-e, Leather, Flour, etc., eo-ner of Turn.-
iiike street anti . Public Avenue, Montrose, Pa_.-
. .
. .-.. 1. J. Lyons & Son:,
DALERS] IN DRY GOODS, Groceries, Erardviart...,
. Crockett, Tinware, Groceries, Books, etc.; also,
carry on the Book Biliditig business—Public Arentee,
ifontroxf, 4 , I'a: i i
Beatley & Read,
IVA LERS: IN DRY GOODS, Drug'; 'f.tilieines,
I Paint, Dili, Groceries, Illitrflware, Crockery,
iron, Clocks, :Watches, Jevvelri, Silver Spoons, Per:
crv, &c.-HFoot of Public Silver,
') • •
Sayre, Bentley & Perkins, . •
_AI kinds Of Castings, Stores, Agricultaral
ments, sib. Office at Sarre's ,tore, Publie Avenue;
Manufactory lit the Eagle Foundry, Foot of Cherry
street, MontrOse, Pa.
William & William H. Jesinii,
A TTORN}YS AT LAW, 'Montrose, Pa.
tice in i•Su..iluchanna, Bradford, Wiyne, Wye
µling and Luierne counties.
William W. Smith & Co.,
fiAßlltr,T; MAKERS. They keep constantly on
lJ hand a 4rood u.ssofttnent of all kinds Of Cabinet
Furniture, Shop and Ware Moms at the foot of
Maine street, ~.ifc! n trose, Pa. : ,
ItOckwell, Winton & Co., i •
Goods,' flats, caps, Furs, - Umbrellas', Pizra
sots, Ribbons t ee. , cfe.;. N o: Courtlarnit street,
York, (up stags.)
- M. C. Tyler,
NTERESTED with I. L. RUNT, Importer
Dealer in' iardware and Cutlety, Carringe Springs,
Lc., No. 215'j'earl strew, New York, where his Mer
v.antile Mende, in this and other counties, are kindly
invited, and earnestly solicited to call and Purchase.
PA., A? $1,50 rta Jczictx. AnrAitcz.
Hates of Advertising.
One square (16 lines or less) one week, :
- _50,50
Ow! squnre .'!, , " : ' two weeks, ' ' 075
One square [ '
~ " 1 three weeks,; 1 00
One square 64,. one month, . 1,25
One square ;",, ' V' - two m0nth5,......2,25
One square ~ • three months, 3,00
One square 1 " - As months - , 1 - 500
One square •! " , ' one year, ..,, 8,00
For two or . more Squares, inverted by the year, a
deduction frOm the above prices is made. Yearly ad
vertisers will have the privilege of altering or chang
ing their adiertisements without additional charge.
Business cards, not exceeding five lines, Inserted
at $2,00 per annum.• •
• .:Job Work. ,
This office is supplied with a good awm3rtutent of
Jobbing maieriali, and all kinds of Job Work, such
as Cards, Posters, Pamphlets, ke.; will be done neat.
ly and promptly. • •-•
TAE undersigned bay.. ada. day associated under
the firm of Dickerman and Garnett, ror the 'Mr
pose or tranSacting the mercantile business at the old
stand ord. Dickerman jr. J. DICKERMAN Jr.
New /DlA:rd. Jolly .10, 1855.
ON • ,
aid after Monday, May Ith, 1855, the
Paiuiesger Train will depart than Seraritan - at
10.20 ' Due at'Great Bend at 1:20 v. ..Pont
nettingaritiribe Dunkirk Express West on the N. Y.
& N. ' R.! R. • Passengers taking this train will arrive
in Dunkirk at 11:15 r. x., and in New York at 11:15
Returadn_ Great Bend at .4 r. passe i ge due
at Scranton at 645 P. U." -
The }sleight Accommodation Train, with r
car attached, will leave Scranton at 1 11. • due at
Great Bend at 6 r. a., connecting with "the Mail
Train Went, and the : Night Express- 'Train . East.
yassengera taking this train and the Night &Press
West, will arrive is Dunkirk at 12 m., or •by taking
Mail Train West, will arrive at Dunkirk at 6:45 tr. m.
Returning, will.leave Great Bend at 7 A. a. ori ar
rival of Oineinnati Express East, : Due at Scrailon
12,10 r.j N. . •
Passengers for Wilkesbarre, Pittron, Cat bondale,
Philadelphia, (via the Catawissa, Williamsport4rd
Erie anr ( Reading Railroad, via Tamaqua ,) and at
on, and all intermediate places, will find first class
stage coaches in readiness at Scranton, on the arrival
of the -Passenger and Accommodation Trains to
vey theta to the above places. Those choosing
vale conveyances will find the hest of horses andi
riages of every description, at reasonable dm
ready toi order,
- - D. 11. POTTERER, Supetintinden
Superintendent's Office. •
Scranton, May 10, 1855.1
LEAVE Montrose for D. L. k W. R. R. at 611,
M. Express Freight Train to Scranton.
11 o'clo4.k A. M. for Mail Train to Great Bend.
3 P. M. for Express Freight to Great Bend, and
To{ Scranton. Leave Depot for Montrose!
arrival all the &Are trains at Station:
For seats apply at Searle'A Hotel, Montrose; F
August 29.
Subscriber is receiving his Spring and Sem
i mer stock of Gouda, 'comprising a great variety,.
which. will b 6 sold as low as any in this market.—
Plea.4e cidl and examine. . F. B. CHANDLER: .
DAT* AND CAPS—A good assortment of the
latest style.
RE4 pY-JIADE CLOrllua—A good variety
of Spring and Sommer Clotliing.of the latest c ttvi
DRYIGOODS:—A general assortment through
out. Also, D.R . ESS ogobs, consisting of Laivns,
Biu-ego Delaince, French Delaines;. Persian Del, ine,
-rrinted Lawns, Fancy Prints, Ladies' Worked ICol
lays, Insertions, Edgings, Blitek Silk Mantillas, Thihet
and Cashmere Shawls, Para Sols, Hosiery, Gloves,
BOOrSAND Cloeks—a.large asSort
went of !every description and style. AlSo, a great
variety cif Fancy Articles; tankee Notions, tic:
Croek#y, Hardware; and ;Groceries of all kinds.—
Trunks, a good lot for sale:cheap. Books andlSta
tionery—i-Wall Paper—also,illour of the best.qtr lity.
Montrose, May 9, 1855. : F. B. CHANDLER.
New Licit, of Mali Stugvi,
f •
Q GtS will leave Kirkwood, passing througliror
bettS-vilK;, Liberty; &c., every morning afteri, the
arrival of 'the MailTrains . of cars, both East and West;
reaching{ Montrose at -1 P. -11. Returning, West;
Montrosa daily (Sundays excepted) at 2 r. u., reacli
ing Kirkivood in time to take the Mail trains. of 61!,
both Eat and West, being tbe nearest and most fea
sible route to reach the New York and Erie RailrOad.
This line intersects a tri-weekly line fiir Dimack;
Springville, Tunkhannock, Wyoming, and Willies
barre, which leases 7' a.. 31. every lon
day, Wednesday and Friday: Also, a line to Fridads
xille, Leinysville &c.
Good 'teams and comfortable carriages: are 'provi
ded, and the proptietors will spare no pains to ac
commodate the public. - W. K. HATCH, I
April 8, 1854. MORGAN & WEST.
Subscriber takes this method of adiertising
his l 'friends and the public generally, that 114 has
fitte d up a store jest across the street from hiS old
quartersi to Brooklyn, where.he• is prepared tb re
ceive customers an i sell them goods at as low rates
as any other_establishinent. in Susquehanna county.
My assortment is very large indeed, embracing near
ly everylarticle usually called for in a country st4re. -
As I sm determined to do business so as to avoid
"bad debts," which responsible credit purchaserS are
taxed to; pay, I can oiler supe'rior'inclucements to!cash
and otherwiseenOurr-rxma patrons: Call and see
; L
Brooklyn, April 30, 1855
TILE subscriber. is in constant receipt of.
Minds, in his line of business, nearly exerr
week. The public will find his assortment No. land
his articles new and of good qOality. The stock Icon
sists alsmsual of Priio, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye
Stuffs; 'Groceries, Fancy Goods, Jetrelry, Pry-pone.
ry, J. , _-. ! Store nt the lower end of'the burnt dr , driet.
Monttose, June 6, 1855. A. TURREI;L.
Prof. Charles Morriv
i ng l removed Q his ottli s shop from
Tillman,it. former
BA Morris ,
the basement of Searle's Hotel, to the room in,
same bltikling, in the rear/of the bar-room, is p
ed to exercise his art: in the most scientific ma,
on all who may be pleased to entrust their heir
aces to :his hands.
Milk Pans of all sizes and made From
double cross tin at less than Merchants
9 000'
usualVasay to sell again, for sale by the Subscriber.
We he come to the conclusion to sell pans tor FarL
mers asir as we will to the trade, thereby saving
to the . Farmer our profit. Our - wares are warranted
to be perfect in every Particular or no sale. •
Terms—Cash or short credit. 1
New Milford April 1. 1855. -.
• Books, and Stationery. .
,received a large addition to my stork of
Books and Stationerv, among which are: A Long
Look Ahead, (Roe)- 7 li - olfert's Roost (Irving)•_-Dr.
Spencers Sketches—Wonderful Adventures of Capt.
Priest• The Slave Holder's Daughter—Life of] Sam
Houstoii—Jane May—The May Flower (Harriet B.
Stowe) Rag Bag, -(Willis,) &c. helsold
chap. ; • •- F. B. CHANDLER.
May 1.2, 1855 -
' •
WE receiving this week a lot of NOT Goo±d., just
pureba4ed in the city, which renders our assortment
complete,. and which we offer on- the Most favorable
term*, it the new building, one door above th Post
Office. ' • BENTLEY & READ.
Montrose, February 8, 18:55. I 1.
. ,
A'ietive and intelligent young ma of about 17
yars of 'age, wanted as clerk in store. 1 - One
wishing to acquire the business and disposed to make
himself, useful, -.ill and good entouragement by ap
plication shortly to 11. BURRITT.
"New Milford, July 22, 1855 . ,
; • .
- Bonnets at Reduced Prlces4 .
1.1 BURRITT will sell his remaining stock of Silk,
fawn and Straw Bonnets, a good assortment,
at redueed Prices to close the business.of the season;
*any. of them at cost. • •
New Milford, June 18th, 1855. J,5-.
• I
Iv Ls d ta i l o i n rze p i T r e e duringpresent
s the k o ri f re4Al i t u w i r 4 0; : ;g s e ,
which lull) render the assortment- complete, and to
which we invite the attention oral! who wish to buy
Goods 'eheap . - BENTLEY & READ.
Montrose, June 28th, 1855.
MILLS for Me: Inquire it the office of Bent
ley & Fitch in Montrose,-or at the residence Of the
subscriber, in Ararat, Susqu'a co, Pa.
36 4• , A. BUSHNELL.
Flour and Stilt I
By the load, barrel, / sack, or pound, by
[August 1, 18551 F.N. CIIAWDIIER
i .
Sash and Blinds.
NIT ili a -Irb il . .. 4 1 3:1 3 i of carious
f he; to order e be 1 hand
- ! - - 1. LYONS & FpN.
WTIOLESALF. and retail dealer In Oil, Cariphint,
: Fluidand gall lAmps, Giran4oLes, China and
Flower Vases, Crockery, China, wail Glass I , Ware,
Plated and Fancy Goods, also Camphpneand Fluid at
the lowest cash prices, at 65 Dow fur, Never YORK
CHM ! 36w4
C. D. Virgil Dentist has taken rooms oie
Mu:idlers' store, where it will be his pleasure
his friends as quick as possible. C. D. VIR
May 2, 1855. - , Resident Denti,
. ,
Paper liaugiuga.
5010 Rolls just aliened, anti some for 6
roll by '
Lyn?. .
New Goods
' 1 EARNED: • •
. OWITigNBEMO0 WITigNBEMO tt SRO ., 'M ontrose , pa., take
thist plebes:l of advising their old fiiends and
customers arid the public"at large, - that they bare just
received arid Opetied the largest, prettiest and cheap--
estitiock otMEADVMADE GLOVING ever, bro't
to this plitc, which they offer at a small advance from
cost, thereby offering purchasers the rare opportuni
ty of obtaining goods at about two thirds the usual
price. ! •
Also a lar,ge as4rtnrent of Dry Goods, comprising
for Ladies Wear, • new 'styles Brocade, Stripe, Plaid,
Plain and changeable Silks, Delaines. Muslin, De Rage
Berme delsdnes of new and elegant designs.. All the
latest st7,les:cif Ladies Diem Goods, French- Lawms,
Prints and IGinghimr. ;A handsome assortment of
Dress Trimmings, Ensbrisided Sleeves, Collars Cuffs,
etc. Jac6n o and Swiss Edgings and Insertings,Glovcs
Nits, liedery, Veils and Parasols. • - ,
Their ase4rtment of Shawls is-very lyge, embracing
every thing that i 4 rich and fashiOnabie both foreign
and domestic. -.1 • . •
-.17 ii,l 1.3 44 f..,
- ni i 1
--,-. • i.', rs 4. - 1 1 -- i . i s RA oh'
ANEW and singularly successful-rentedy tor the]
cure of ell Bilhons diseases—Costiveness, indi--1
gestion,...llundkat, Dropsy; Rhelmmtiam, Fevers, Ifte- !
-mons, Gout; Nervousness, Irritability, Inflammations,-,
Headache Paini in the Breast, Side, Back and Limbs,' .
_Female Complaints, &c. &c. Indeed, very few are-,
the diseases in which &Purgative - Medicine is not.,
more-or less required, and much sicknesis and suffer...!
ing might he; prevented, if sa harmless Init effectual
cathartic were more freely used. No person can feel
well while a costive haliit. of body prevails;:beiiid, : .
it soon .generates serious and often .fatal diseases,.,
which,might.httve been avoided -by-the tiinelY,,:and
udicions use of a good purgative. This is alike true.;
of- Colds;.Feverish symptoms,.and Bilious derange
ments.. They, all tend to become or produce the deep:
seated and formidable . , distempers which load the
hearses all over the land.. Bence a' reliable family
physic is of the first importance to the public health;•
and this Pill • has - been perfected with'conauinniate
skill to meet that demand.- An extensive trial of 'its
VirtueslaY Physicians, Profetasots, anti Patients, has
shown results sat passing any thing hitherto known of
any medicine.. Cures have been effected beymtd'be
lief, Were they not substantiated by persons of such
exalted positions and chi racter as to forbid the sus
picion el'untruth. Among thl eminent gentlemen
who have testified in favor of these Pills, we may
1 •
mention!--.- 1 1 .
t• / •
Doct. A. A. liaves, Analytical Chemist.of Boston,
and State Askayerof Massuchusetts; 11. J. GARDNF.II,
Governor-of Massachusetts; :EMORY WASIIRORN;Bx.
! Gov. of Maseiachusettii; •Simiox Beau's, Lieut. Gov.
of Mass. ; ! E.M. Wilton; Secretary of State of Mass. ;
JOHN B. FIT*PATRICK, Cath Bishop of Bosten ; • Prof.
JOON TORREY, of the College of Physicians and Sur
geons, New York city; Dr. Q. T..Jacesos, Geologist
of the Public- ands of' the United States; Dr. J. R.
Cti I LTON, Practical Chemist of New York Cify;enclors=
ed by lien. W. L. 3lsitev, Secretary of. State; Wm,
B.- Aaron; the in Airrim; S. LE. ANi),&.
co.; Proprietor S -of the Metrepolitan Hotel, and
others. ; , • ! •
Did spacti permit, we conk! give • many hundred
certificates from all parts where the Pills have been
used, bet, evidence even more convincing than the
experio'nde of eminent public men, is found in' their
! • .
effects upon' ti ial. 1 .
These Pills, the result of !long .
ievestigation . and
study, are offered to the public as the hest and inost
complete, which the Present,State of inedill science
can afford. They are 'complaunded- not of the drugs
tliernselves,.but:of the medi cinal virtues Only of Veg
etable remedies extracted by chemical process in a
State of purity, ma-combined together in such a man.
raj,- as. to iesure the best resides. 'This/ system • cif
'tcfiniposition for medicines has been . found in Cherry
Pectoral ! and Pills both, to produce a More efficient
remedy than had hitherto been obtained by any pro
cess. The reason is perfectly obviens.l • While by
the old Mode of composition, every medicine `is bur
-.felled with more orless Of acrimonious and injtiyious
qualities, by this each individual virtue only -that is
desired for: the curative effect is preient, All the in
ert and olinoxions qualities of each- substance em
ployed are left behind, the curative virtues only be
ing retained.
.hence it is 1 self evident the effects
should proye as they have proved, more purely rein
edial, and the pills a more Powerful antidote to dis
ease than any other medicine known to the world.
As it hi frequently expedient . that many medicines
• . should be taken : under the 'counsel of - an • attending/
Pirirti" : PUMPS : physieitui,and as he could not properly judge of a
LThe. Greiliodlipfirorenient of Me ...fge!—C. remedy without knowine• its t composition, I have sup-
IL WRlianisl Doitble- Actin Ball Voice plied the, accurate forinu lm r by which both my Pecto
- I Force mai Lift Pitnip.:— . ral and
. I'o'6 are made, to the whole body of Preetie
ioners in the United States. and British Aiserican,
• t N. imProveniceit'above all other pumps or ma-
Provinces: If, however,Aire' should be any one
.A_ chinds for lifling,iliroWing, and carrying water;
.whohias not received thern. Viey will be forwarded.
combiithigi both a 'Punt!) and a Fire Engine.' •This
• \ 1
by mail at his request.'
Pomp, painted iii Febrine v, 185.1/i . 3 the whole of it
Of all; the Patent Medicines that are • ofiered; how
metallic. •:'.No bolter or :crews aticet it to rust, conse
few would be taken if theircomposition was known !
quentlf it ! call last a man's life time. It eau be used
Their life consists in. their MyStery. I hare no mys
in every Variety tif fornican draw water from any
Sind carr, ; y it tO any part of a building.- It teries. The composition of my preparations is laid
situation, -
open to all men, and all who: are competent to judge'
is superior/ to all Other Primps for Distilleries, Paper
on the subject freely acknow lge the r convictions of
Mills, Tanneries, Brick Yards, Iron Works and Man:-
theirintrinsie merits. The 'C herryP ctoral was pro
ufacturin.•lestttblitilinients of ail kiwis.
a won lerful medicine
pounced hy.scientific men to 1.1 , ,
All ordeys musti be addressed to Annisc*: Blum ice,
befo - re its effects were known. • Man) ' eminent Lodersvilk Pa.,rho hits the sole right -for Phy
:coigne. 1 1 sicians have declared the same thing fmy Pills, and
_ even more confidently, - and fare willin to certify that'
their anticipations were more than r alized by their
effects upon trial. They eperabi b their powerful
influence on -the internal viscera to r urifv the blood
arid stinellate it into healthy action -emove the oti,
struct iotis of the stomach, Vowels, live •,' and other - or.
gaps 01 Ole pqay, ri.75-on!log racer tc-...1,..' ...Aron iv
health, anal by correcting Wherever t tey exist, such derangements as are the first origin' o disease. )
Prepaf-ed by Dr. J. C. AYER, Prateical and Ana-,
lytical Chemist, Lowell, Mass. Price 25 cents pey
box. !Five boxes for sl,no.' , wild by AIIEi.TCRRELL,
Montrose ; B. F. At R. 11. Eaves, Hat-ford; • Cuenca
k. POINEY,, bender, and by all.dealers in 'ine.dieinei
every where -
Their Bonnet Departthent is large and complete,
embracing }ho very hack styles, with_ Trimmings to
An extensive assoltnicnt of bush linens, napkins
toweling, table coi.ers, curtains &e. .
We have also a,upply of Shirts, Gentlemen's Col
lars, Suspenders, Gloves, Umbrellas and a good many
other articles ton inumdrous to mention. For bar
gains theiublic is respectfully invited to call at the
cheap store 'of i
earner of Ghestiuti& Owego Streets, four doors east
of Post's- stipre.
ARE now receiving their usual supply of SPRINT,'
ANP S If: RIC 0 0 DS, which they oiler to their
customers, rand thO public generally, 'on the most rec.
xonable Ml's*. for ;Cash; Butter, Eggs, Grain, -Bees
wax, or Oniapproved credit: •
Montrost, May 1555. .
13 11 , 0 u , m tr irr ( s )T tu lt:
r eK iiirse4 '
vn:iLeri of 4- 4 E
r i
Dry Goode justreCeived and for :414. - right by
QUMMER Dc Lanes Lawns,! Challies, Ginghams,
Merrimac and Cocheco Prints, - &c. &e. for sale
by -• 1 ' BENTLEY & READ.
I.3 O p N A N : , ‘ S .iIk R 4 Summa's Shawls,
&c. &c. for Fale
OLK, Fur, 'Leghorn, Panama. Straw, anti Palm
Bats, tJmtiicllhs, - ;.aichel+; Window Paper. &c.
&c. i BENTLEY & READ. '
TT AR DivAnE, !Crockery, Patent Pails, Tubs, Put
ty, Glass &c.: BENTLEY & READ.
rißuGg, Medicines, Paints, Oils, RyCSillffS, and a
1/ genetal assortment of Patent Medicines, just in
and for salt: by ,)! BENTLEY & READ.. •
Q OLE and ,171.pe1• Leathcr, .Patent Kipit, Calf Skins,.
A. 73 and a goctd supply. Of Boots and Shoes constant
ly, on band: BENTLEY & READ.
I ---
X t ACKEREL theibarrel or otie T half barrel—al
-I`A. 'so, Codfish. & Reap.. •
WATCHES and JEWELRY.—A frill assortn.ent
of ;Gobi , and Sitter Lepiues and L'etatched
'-Lovers, in double and single cases, Ladies' Pins, Ear
Drops, Itiligs, Guard Cbailis, &c. &c. - Also, Silver
Table, Teal Desert; SalCand Sugar Spoons, warranted
pure, for sale by : . 13Exxl.:EY & REAM .
STOVES - and TIN WARE,i, Clocks, Nails, Candles,
Lamp' Oil, Caniptnite &(!. &e.
Montrose May 1,'55; 'BENTLEY READ.
I AIM !READY.- - -
Ava oOPRUFFt. ELDRFD hive constantly on hand
large. ac d well selected astortruent of tin
ware; RM. , ' and Chain" for wells, pumps, - tern
.Hydrauliti Rams, Japatmed v, n, lead
pipes of al) sizes ke., kb. Job work - done with neat
ness and despatel i i z all 10-ders proMptly attended to.
kept collst;antly on hand, a large assortment of stoves
of the latift iroprpvo lAnd approved patterns. Our
experience in thelbusiness enables us to select those
that we can safely warrant to give entire satisfaction;
Aniongst bur nuMeroni stock can be found the
Paragon i . air qght i Star of the West, Elevated
New World, i" Clinton,
Atlas, • I I" * . Cultivator;
Phoenix, 1 ii, Fire Fly,
Three States, l" • Western Queen, , 4 t
Globe, 1•- . 1" Premium. ' •
P. .1.-irtionnurr.
.1 . • 6. H. EI.I)REp
.n in
rl4 or
• F utmrns
CAPITAL, $200,000. -
Secured by Boni' 'and „Mortgage on the Rektl Estate
of the;Stockholdeirt.
Itisurasi against. loss liy Fire, of Houses, Stores, and
other buildings, Good4Wares, and Merchandise, - on,
as favontitle terms as any similar Institution: Losses
promptly 'adjusted and ipaid. -
Dtits.cydus.—llon. 11nrace Athens; Ft an
cis Tyler, do. ; GiorAe A. - Perkins do. ; J. T. D. Meyer,
do: ; C, N: Shipman, db. ;.C. F. Weller, Jr. do.; J. E.
Canfield do, Ugn..Tolin Laporte, Towanda t.• Gen. I:.
Wakeman, Laceyiiile Geo. 31. Ilollenback. Wiikes
barre ; Michael Meyletit, Laporte, l's.
OiTlCEiM—liim. Horace Williston, President; C.
F. Wells„ jr.. V Pres'. and Treati. .T. E. Canfield,
Secretary', I • •
At 0.. S. PEEnt:l Montiose_ Pa.
44 1 .1
'FAR subscriber is caming on •the (1.1/-4 Lb: HA K
ING BUSINESS is all its vial - ions branches at
the Chair and %%lure Shop in flarfard, where may be
found a -greater variety of Windsor and Rocking
Chairs than at saw other establifttnent in tht; cotinty;
alio Flag and Cabe Se4ts, Burcaus,liedsteads, Loung
es, Settees, 'rabies, Stands, rt.'t ~ all of. which will
be sold at the lilwest Prices at retail, (or Wholesale,
with shoi•t notice.) All work .warranted well made
and of rood matbrial. ;Short credits - and small profits
will be mi. mottt. For demonstration'. of the shove
filets, please call, at my shop in Harford
flarfbrii, October 12:, 1854. • • 1548m6
,I: I •
T" s ubscriber will act as agent for buying and sell
ing Real Eiaate--Ll'arinS, Douses, and Lots--do
eated iallusquebanna County, Pa. All who wish to
offer their prolirty. for sale can give aminute
Lion of tour Farms ori Lots as follows : Number of
acres, bop man' impral'ed, and how r atered,
ings, orchards, grafted or common .fruit ; other fruit;
trees; anti the nearest; point to the : D. L. & R. R.'
and N. Y. & E. IR. A.
62 fitriiis on the list; 43 unsold. 13y calling on- the
subscriber. a minute description, price and terms-can
be given ;
Office on Turiipike St. 4 doors !sit of Main st, :
- Montnise, August IN 1854. `l. BAPWIN.
Dr, Baker's Celebrated ' Vegetable
• 1 Coinpound,
A sovereign remedy for Dysentery, Cholora Morbus,
Cholera llnfantjnn or Summer complaints—entirely
vegetable ; and has never failed in a single instance of
producing the desired, effect. For -sale in bottles at
50 cents,and sl. BENTLEY & READ.
Moptrbse, Aitgitat 22, 1855.
New Goods . Cheap for Cash: at the
Ifead of
.Navigatiow, -
T !
RE lunderSignedl- would respectfu ll y announca
i that he s stiq Selling Goods at the. old_place l c
and that; he ba4 an entire new stock of Goods'whieh
he trill itell cheap. . , C. W..MOTT.
A . la GE DELAINS for one shilling; Lawns a$
caws, a tard wide, for one shining, and ea*
mei at all
ty pric es, at ;1855. , C. W. moTrs
Montiose l M 30,1
IKrtenp Nnht Mart Erwin.
Don't bel forgetful, friends, one and all—
Aged or !youthful, great or email—
(lf not too small,)
Thst la Qdd Fdlows' Hell
Is' that place to -call,
:To get your aces done up tan; .
Itoutose, A i ttguA 15, 1835. -
-- •
;tent Horse - Hakes ; -I
Ithe Fanner's Exchange by
• . LATUR . OP /4 -O.
F. R.
Ito see
OA halo at!
t. per
• ,
- - . z r .• -
v. 17)r4 , 7 •.
0 i ;
Nf-Xtl s k ._
... / 4 , 4 -,--
~ . . ....
Notice to the Public.
vllNGjuitt,returned from New York I , wish.-to
_L call the attention of my old customers, and of
the public in general, to my •
which hing bought with cash at the lo:weitt prices,.
and wishing to sell priuciprdly for the, same, I will of
fer theta at greatly reduced prices.
Cochco Prints, warrants d! colors, for only S
'cents a yard. Good Browt Sugar, IS pomids forme
'dollar. Boonton Nai&, acknowledged by all to be
the besuNail in use, $5,50 per keg. Hats and Caps,
Boots and shoes, Buff:do Robes of 4all prices, all wool
De Laines, Cashmeres, PaVamettas, Dress Silk, .Silk
Velvet, So. Monslin De Baines; I - shilling per yard,
Satin Bonnets and . Moleskin . Hats Bt•oche Shawls,
Double Long shawls, Thibo. do., selling at inconceir .
ably low: prices. 1 can safely - . warrant perfect sati4~
faction to all who, will giveirne a call.
LOnethnro, Apr.'s, 1854. - S. A.•LYONS.
LOOKS,'—good time keeper., only one dollar. •
- S. A. LYONS.
Lanc_iboro, 'Apr. 5. 1 -
WiNTED-1000 tilds,. for which the tiebest
• Mice will be itl.l S. A.. LYONS
Lanesboro, Apr. ,5. H • • ,
• •
(").013NT11y,„,-PRODUCF? taken -in •exchange for
f G0nd... 4 -at my store. ..1 S. A.-LYONS. , •
April 5. . 1 • .
►lYii CIE IT, TAI E• NOTICE . : •
rrr subset ibers lutvin* secured the sole.rightto
- .14.1175' A DJUSTABLI; CH URA .. . D
liti47ls7?-11 - 0 - /ilicEß, fa i r Susquehanna and several
adjoining comities, respectfully invite all Butter mak
ers to examine and rues the
,merits of this new and
valuable intention. We Propose to furnish eacliand .
all of you with a CLIURN that will
. produce as nincti
cr ! ittle.r in as short b time! as any other churn—one
that will ronTirte/y.r,:rp:/ Yhe lrnitrrmilk. wash 4nd
.trork in' the salt, dijrnstnia it perfectly 1/ .. trough the
butter.mul fit it for use, without removing it from. the
churn. This Omni is sitnple in its construction, sci
entific in its operatinu; and easily cleaned and kept in
order, anal can /be 'easily :itttaciled
. to any propelling.
power. , , 1 1"
11532 ml
For • flireol‘r particola , - Ft.iapply personally or by let
ttir to .lAS. (.7.'I3I.SIINFiLL atttl..L N.IIII,ONSON
Ararat; fint , guehanna comity,. Pa.
. .
_ .
PLOllif 'SHOP.'
- ' •- ' NEW ESTABLISHMENT. • - ' •
ii I AND -E. MOTT, vrOuld respectfullyinform the
Ills iboldie that they are-nmnfacturing Blatchley's
Celebrated Plows. They also keep constantly: on
band, Side Bill, Wayne County, and Idea Ames,
Cultiert6,l4, Dog* Churns Sleigh, and - Cutter Shoes,
Ploio .I . "fnnts of various Patterns, too numerous to
mention., ' We hope, by Strict attention to husihess,
to receive our share of. publie- patronage. Mantifue,
tory,: D. Post's old statul Foundry, M. Mott, near
Searle's Mill. •
larßepairing dOne on; short notice.-
Feb. 6;
MITE subscriber is agent for the folio re in g" Insurance
Companies, doing business at the lowe,t safe
State Mutual at ilarrisbarg.'
Capital $350,000...
Cash Mutual at Harrisburg:. •
Capital $200,000. •
Haute Insurance, New _York City.
Capital 000,000: .
Ilontroe April 6,'64
POST BROTHERS havin g purchased the. above
establishment, wilkkeep constantly on hited Su
perfine Ira line - Rout.; Vora Meal of superiorNual
ity, also Chop and Bran at the lowest cash prices.—
Custom work will be done. with•:despatch, and in all
cases warranied. i• 1381 tt
Montrose. - July. 1853. i . •
QP'LMNDID Pi ints and Ladies' Broadelot1;, Delnnes,
ke. kc., just opened and for sale by
• , - • LYONS - k EON;
.• .
Merriimic t, Cochoeb Prints--also a..grent • 1-4iiety
ail%f CeCth per yard
, - V " 'ICAtitit'FOUNDRY. '
SAIIREI BENTLEY -&- PEREWS having purehis.
, ed . Of Wilson & Co. - the Eagle Foundry, are now
prepared to fill orders from the trade, and do work in
theit jine . with skill and despatch: They will keep
cionstahtly 'on - hand Plows } (best kinds,) Storer ( A li
kinds, Gitatiraters,- , gerato Cutters, corn Shrik t ,
iv'. dr4 eke. • - . . .
'We Invite particular attention to the Plows ti Ilia,
le manufacture. • We manufastnre and keep for !tale
___ eCielebrote4 Rlatehley Plow. . .
We . have purchased exclusive.right to inara6C.
lure and sell in this county; Wayne, Wyomin g i n i
litra4rd, tarßich's Patent Iron Beam Plow. - Th, '
Plow made entirety of iron, excepting the banat,..,,.
It is celebrated for it s . easy draught,. being enc-aiai
eisler,hanany now in use, While its strength and dr, '
Sabilitl• are, greater..
Y -
- 1
cif A il kinds manufactured and repaired by. emieriet* .
e st d e na w t , t i erin ,n e;ts 7n . ega - .
aea . rina
J.,, - r
Shingle i lf, : .
ehinee ItC. ate: -
--'. , . ,
1 ,
Among the Stoves which-we manufacture, are tilt
Key/slime: (.' Stove, Rough and R•ody da.,..F,,. r .
est Quern d 0.,. Premium .410., - and other kiwis, 411 as-_
ranged for burning wood or coal. - Also, -.SW . /.1 4 .„,,.
later, Parlor Stove, Cottage -Parlor do., Sto46,`„, '
two sizes, do., and a variety of other Parlor S7.te ee '
both wood an coal burners. We keep ale on
. 1,,,,. 1
Grindstene trimming 4,. Dog Churn ' trimmings , r 5...
• hiella 'end Sho - vet and Tongs Stands, &c.. &c. 11". ;
done to order on short noticeiand at tbelowe,t na,..
• nrOrders for Stoves, Agricultural Iniplen, -
,&c., are solicited front those in the trade, and wil] t,.
filled at reasonable wholesale prices. •. -. , .
5: 11. SAME',
B. - S. BENTLEi'. • .
Montron, March
• Joitia Giove*" Adveitilkliseast:
AS nature . , who furnishes the birds and bensts.vkiib
au estia coat for sr-ititer, has not made a similar 14 . 5.
vision for man, I have. con - eluded to take it titan mc.
self to attend to that department; and therefthc . )
think proper to a.nnotrni:e that ail shiviaing male
peds, that need new apparel - , glin ions or ingiotir.r:
fashionable or unfashionable, can have their *alit!
supplied:and - their testes suited, by calling on ' lll , ',
my shop hi 3lontrose..
ir \OCT: R. THAYER, takes this method of s:nir
-I'.to his fiiends and customers, that he has apaiti
resumed the practice ofmedieine, at his old stat , :l
MiitrOse, where he malt' be found at ail - tithes a- Z..),
professionally employed. He would say to tim•e?..
ffrbte'd to him, that he will deduct- twenty-tire r. 41
cent on all aecounti paid before the,firSt of
(or ifany pOor like myselfi will. deduct fifty.) •
Rontrosei Feb; 20, 18%15 . . , .
Itt),NG the great variety of Medicines at Turn,l4
ft.' Store, tryty he found all of Dr. Jayne', i n : t l y
celebrated Family Mo 'Ayit•e's Cherry P, ; ` u ,'.
ral and Cathartic Pills ;. Forest Wine a L d
Forest Pills; celebrated Gelman ;
Louden's :gedes of FaWilly Medicines;_ Meretint . ,
Gargling Oil, the, gr.atesf remedy for sprains inn;;:
or beast ever knoym ; Mathewson's Infitllible
dy, and Horse Remedy ; trick's Vertnifege, and
variety .of other kinds; Track's Magnetic. Ointin,n:.•
the great remedy . for burps, rhenr i atism, and alllr..
flainmatory complaints; Fond's Exttact, tir-,t
thing for similar purposes as allure Ointment; Ar
drews' Pain Destroying Agent, a good article ;.
cock's Balsani and Bone Liniment; - Atwood's
dice Bitters, Canker Drops, Liniment, and - DigeLter;
Drops; Baker'S Compound for Dysentery ; -11ocgb
ton's Pepsin, for Dyspepsia; lichnhold's Extr::ct of
Dual] and. Extract of Sarsaparillu; a Ntkijoy of
Salves, the best in market, Pills, Sze., and .an
endless variety of Patent-Medicines, altogether t(-0
numerous to enumerate—but suflim it to ins,
the public will find,pearly.every thing in* . tlrlNl)fie,
the Drug and Palley Stme - of ABEL -TV1.11:1•1.1..
Moptrose, July, 1865.
- ' Tailoring:Establisliinient •
• ..; ; AT - •
JASHER & Co. 'would respect icily, announce to'
th'eir friends and the public ge terally, that ti.,,'
keep constantly on - hand a full, ass rttnent ef . Rrol . v
Made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, at add Cap , , anal
every thing-else necessary for men. rid women':.‘ wezt.
We would particularly call the dtti ntion of courtrr
'Merchants to ouilarge stock of Rea y-Made ClothU;;.,
of - Our own toanufacture, which we iofier at whole «•
at prices that will afford . great indimements to
. co_
and short-time customers.• -. .-
A large stock of Cloths, Ca, , ,siriuS,...Vesting-,b.:,
kept constantly on hand, -for persons desirous oily*
•ing clothing made to coder. - • ' -- -
• Ora.", 1 .:-...,, . - ....i......a.”1 f.--,
Thankful for past favors, we lope to merit-a c
tinuanee of the same. • J. ..,1,9:11ER 3 Co.
Or any place on the Globe Cannot
greater inducements than
AV' mem is Low tilled' with a nevi- and e.:01 -
assortment titanic:kis in their line and_
•a Oneralvaiietv of new and elegant styles - of
'and' gentlemen's ; wear, among which ! are
French, Silk Lasting and. rrenille Gaitets, Ki,I.L!-
Enatneled Polkas, Rid, Patent Leather _and 13;e:. ,, :
Jenny Linds:, Baskirntand Ties ; Gentlem, n's F::: c,
and`Philatielphia, oak tanned calf skin leni iip p, ; , ti ,
Morocco, Calf and •Cowliide: Brogans &c.
calf and cowhide Boots and Brogans ; all I,kais
Misses and Children's wear.. AlSo, --- a general ass,s,:-
merit of Findings: -which consist in part, of hels,t , ..,
sparables. Bavarian nails, tacks, thread, was,
rtles,shoe binding; awls, rasps, sandstones, shoe
&c:. Also Oak_andhemlock, tanned calf tine: . s.
soleleather, Morocco skins and linings.
Work order and repairing
neatly drag.
Montrose, April 6, 1854.
Stearns and Marvin's Fire-Proo
. 4 Safes.
TI . IIIE subscribers have made airangtimeto
nish ter:tiers:on:a who mar be in want oftheri..t
abovei named -invaluable Sofß, at the same ptices.7
which) they e:in-be obtained at. the ittatmtfuetintr's.—
Havittg experienced the benefit of such an artii&L•
ring Ole late coria - 7ation ourselvits, we would
estly recommend to others having valuable bock, 31.
papei+, the. preserving of - which Would be-of inarxtz .
iinpmiance to them, not to do without one.
Priees range from to f 540, o n d we can
any one wishing to prrehase, the differt;rc, .1
style, size, price, &e., and i;furnish them, on Alan
tree, with the internal arrangement :to spit iheTr - --
chi.scr, - BENTLEY St, RE .11 , 7
Alontxose, December 19 .1854
Vainahfe Laturiti . For fcale
[ 4 7O.R . SALE.LN ONE BODY, about .55tal Irrt'
Laud on the. waters of Spring 'Brook ; bricl
of ti.y:Lactlawmintt river, in Luzerne County;
about midway between the - thriving towns
ton and Pittston: These are cove; r , 2-
uable timber, and living Situateiit the most extetsct
mineral -region in Pennsylvania—known to ,
iroti•ort.±-and belieed to abound in coal, and] via
410 in the immediate vicinit y of seieml Tailmv
made and now iti progicas—•--ofier to the Capital;,;:::
opportunity for the investment of money that
occurs. For further infortnation apply . . to N. P. U 0
sack, Esry., No. 11,' Wail street New York, or ;o
subscriber, at Montrose, Susquehanna eounty,Pa..
attorpey'in . fact of the owner:-. " -., • •
Apfil 6, 1854.. . " HENRI- I)4ISKEL
• Window Sash. • • •
H. & SAYRE havior, been appointedm
th for an extensive sash blind and, door.mamfg
„tory are prepared to furnish any articles in thisli.:en
ke - Ps rates than they have - usually been sold '
July Vt. . • - S. 11... t. C
Susquehanna Depot, Pa., May 12, 157,5
XrlilE.subscrilnws are bow burning b,?
- constantly. on hand, Lime of a very
qu'ality at - Xontrosie Depot, and will sell it in e!
quantities at a fair. price. PerSmis wishing a islg'
quptity. can be supplied , ;:on a reasonable Otiti(v
—'Superior ground Plaster will be kept eawraial
hand herctifter. . I. L. 111 ST.
. 11. DRINKER.
w: nssur.
.Montrose Depot, Aprp 3
. , Shaving Cream.
A - N article Ni-hich every maw should try for 5:.;e!
by s - S.
nt 4., of Summer Hats and ti0:1. 4
JUL fOr gni:inner earjust' received:and for sale
P. R. L. ;t. CO
• Paints and Oils.
ZINK Paint, Makes fire Proof Paint, Linseed
Lamp Oil, Fluid and Pltosi.r,etie sold
9 10th, 1855, .
11"1\1 the Barrel. Sack or polled
Montrose, June 2.0th,-1855
BUTTER WANTED. The' higlioat niarket price+
will be paid - in poll for good Dairy'Buiter by.
S. 11.. & D. SONE , .
Juno 18.•" r!,