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inimuzut f. atteto ANDS. a.linuansa, leptTort
T,L ovembe
vertisemeat for he second ) - ear of this Ana
elation will be lifound in our (Alumni this
week. The Aslioei ll ation was first organized
June, 1854. and the first'distributiou toitk
= , tolaeein Janutir., 1835, at Which time it will
be remembered• that the' world;renowned
:6reek Slave Several hundred
';:bronte stutuea,laintings-ate., -,- were dtstribti
teOtlaCTglhe ' '
Ur Havingilieen informed ,by a. residetn
- prTop'eka, Kona* Mit the editor of the Ken.
sal Freeman it,!*ree State paper recer.tly cs
- tablished there„ l l would like to.exchangewith'
its, we have accordiegL 4: our pipit. for
some time past :to the , but ha tiler--
-et. received a iti,frtr.*r of that paper. There
' has, boweVer, liven sent us'from Leavenworth
-City, by some; unknown l band,,the Kansas
Herald, which Seems to beedited by a ":pro;
slavery ' fana4" 'of the Wildest sort. We
glean the tolloWing specimens from the num
- .-ber before us. it "That black's: were designed
to be slaves, the history of the world and of
their own country demonstrates "—". Reeder ,
~ •
Lane, & Co., have no influence with the ad
: Ministration, and their connection with this
abolition mo 4 to' get up 3 State Constitution;
:. to have Kansas admitted .into the Union as a
. •
l ' Free State will only politically damn the
whole move.7t--" The - abolitionists never tell
' /the 'truth when silk will answer their base
purpose, as well. They resort to the basest,
: lowest, most iinfamous means to carry their
ends. It is siach men as.'this who 'will rule
Kansas, 'i f if thould by any contingency (which
'God forbid,)e, l Ver beceme a Free Sate."—"Ev-i
-erything with these rascals is a question of '
dollars and' nts. .
An abolitionist would
_ , sell his soul, d his counter any time for
dollars and cents, and if it were
p i e' - for
' him to ha ve , icy interest iit heaven, he would
dispose of that too.for the same consideration. '
Free lainar with them means free stealing,
freeiheating,i'nnd the largest liberty for lying." 1
—" PennsylVania has elected the Democrat-'
iotieket .by 1: 20,000 majority. Wonder . if ,
Reeder and his friendsmai consider his chit-
asi in that State as good for U.S. Senator.—
' Be will hive to adhere to his contest i;)r a
' ' seat in Congress from . Kansas. Alas! poor
Reeder I lii l race is run -i and be must retire
-in disgrace f i , :,
m the polit ical field." ' Enough.
- 'We will onlY add of this Ipaper that it is pub
lished by Ertin & Adonis, Leavenworth Ci
::ty, K. T., and publishes tbe laws of the
e. Uni
ted States, 1 by 'authority, "—that is, it is one
• - _ -e.ik'Vtlit4"ißerettrir,Ysrlalfikle, ~
•, -
Und. des t roy our "incend iary publication "at
Leivenwort l ll, and send 'us their Herald to
enlighten us, on the condition , of affairs in the
Territory, instead of condescending to let us
Thi*Connetiut yid
-concludes an able article
;prospects of the anti.:Ne
,:sylvatiia, with the follow
seems well,;worthy.the a
orial fraternity '
For o4i eTf w e 'belie'
vention of i the editors o
pitpurs. woUld acicomplish a perfect union on
an 'acceptable basis, and we suggest to our
brethren of the press, the propriety of hold
ing such Ctnvention at an early day. They
under,tand• more fully the position of paoies
in their respective localities and by mtttual
interchange of views, arid comparing causes
and results would undoubtedlybe- able to fix
upon a correct plan of operation. There re
not less than one hundred journals in l'he
States opposed to t he National Administration.
.Oft . e ihout thirty arc Republican in their
procli itiei.atd the mul l order mostly Amer
ican. ' A- {majority of who control the
t E e
Anti iavOry press ire e-tly in favor of
union , .stil are too Jibe in their views to
cling ith ettiflintiling t city to any distinct
five o.gat4zation whi tends to dividelhe
friet ' . s of freedom. They constitute the van
guard in s political contest and ought to be
allowed or.afight in their own way, free from
the tram tram - iris whirl entire, pt office seekers are
apt to throw around them. While they in
' general eontend for piinciple in a campaign,
their efforts are freque s ty paralyzed by the
Plans of deigning d ar a
gues whore en
tirely cod i trolleti by. i terest. -In conclusion
1 . -
IIASS.,itHUSETTS Etscriow.---;By our latest
BostonOpers we find that the-telegraph has
truly given the result of the Massachusetts
motion.;! Returnalutve been received with
wonder 'l rapidity from an the towns in the
State exCept Natuutt,..ind the total 'vote - for
Governo i e stands thus . Rockwi . /1. Reptiblican;
36,717; iFWaney, NN !big, 14,4i18; Gardner,
.51,730; tiknielt, Dem., 34,991
, Gardneri Amerhin, has thus, 485 Majority
over they <<V and Republican votes com
bined. •Irrhe American candidates fr P Lieu.
tenant G,overnor, Secretary of the Common
. wealth, Stnte Auditoi., State Treasurer, - and
' AttorneY General, are elected by large phi- I
- entities. For Lieutenant Governor, in alt the
towni e cept fifty-seven, the totals are : .
- For B ' (Ailey, Aineriigin,"4o,B62.; grown,
Reoubli n, 30,635; ,Davenpiirt, Whig, 18,
- 012; 13ttfx+n,, , Dern. 2:2,582. The full vote
. for member of Congress in the Vacant teeth
district" is . is"follows:--Chaffee, American,
47714 Os ter, 'Repnblican, 4374 -; Mason,
Dem. 8; Ditlitiscon, Whig,l23 ; and
Mr. Ch ffee is elected. To the Sedate, .%
Ameri 'ns, .9 Republicans and 2 Democrzitii
.J-.. arcel ed; and to tbe . House.; 153 Ameri
• '''''' cans., 86 R epublicans„ l s7 Whigaand Liberals,
. -
and 30 pemocrats. , It will' be perceived that
• the Au ericans haves plurality in the-Houut
'' 'The. op ititrn outnmbers it-, but'the ele
. talents • dAV:epposition are too incongruous
.to pe Iti..a-'# . • - ' -
-...: . / Deatiy*rnt - ofhenh Arinhru s „
,:ter, V iated.inatiatoticed, in the Bucks
County CeurforthiiiitiOder &his Wife, was
race', . ` from , thii Orniara:. ,or.-on Mimday of
last we k. It fixes Friday, the 15th of Feb
. niai7i xtvee the 44
_of execution The hart
.fted'rw l - betrayed no imotim when the
warrant was read and- ex .
- ' - - ' *bed to riot
. - idinpirremarked that "many en =went Oak
Lad been hung in Pern•rtranin,*
,i .r
• ii '
-ri ., %.-.' . • '... ii i i*liii4 f
„...',„" , ,j1 . • '.. :,-^ -.
. - - c. . - - ..: Tiif i i, : .:. ... , 1: - - - 1 -•--- .- , -•''' '
.:i• - - 1 -
nog. _ ___.c.,24 . ' As .'.'` ' , LV' - _ . . s h , .
. ' Nssnasita:llsurrosi.-!- - uss colitis ass - Mr. and Mrtv; 4.. V. IL 4 01 4.1! Wuylmeg
the total PePthitl,....en•ot o r lia„,„...rsehi! - to - at iilonmer Ilallitt ' this pVe, , today
• 14 C 4141 ' .
ry tel_be , i -...1
. ..The,,,, isitiot n .:;S%knik , .,. . •. - '.'-:!. •it i ~ ~ - * 'l , Ir- ; ;54..c.5. • i -
e r g
des9 lll e 4 th' '' :•-• '''' . l l V ';''-r1. , .. - '"r, - .--' ~ ' --'' .od f
s alrei7 `see
- ..- , .1 , -•
.: ...• isii i' . !!' .' ._ : 1-,: ~, eY • . Yq.,:..,1- • t ! !--i .1,.;_,
-4,ini- ...limp 0..-- .., n ! , „ ,at
t. 7:I •"-- - -1,. m ern,sun
th , -4 -.lleirtinu' - ! • • -, --- 6- ''
! jilt ithr ' --' ' - ''''' ' l ' s "-
•": 404 ''
? ,
___ _TiI2-..1 .' • 1 ` '?
'al l ' • T ; .7iiiVilnd .MIP . - • ..-..," 1 9.1. ~..14ture
0 4 - se* tat I- 4 -J. , imp . v ia . -, .... N ..-.,. ~,,,1,,, , - .i: ".,a ' , .4 - `.. , -.. _....1 -e Lt s .
- beeii niideturb i ., tut '' daniages ftiir . bre:,
of promise. - I, -,-. I . ! . . Olt they.. t ha . l' i c , ra , pkte among e. rst riass..
• i 1 1 : ' • They. recentlietnig in. - Springfield, Mass., and
Tint Juscricln CAP ' si,bet,vreti ilmira and the Re Pub li ca n , ret eeeeste"tird .
Towanda; is cotnpletedi andli..navlgable or- laud cont . :ea' ' - f - i' . "'copal lfst - deit - erte - •ik
der.' When the: North . 1
Rearkh Ceinal ..shali says of them :1 i 1 ...- .- • . -..
.4 .
and; p-os..
be-completed ; Which it ! probably will be n ex t ! . • :4-Mr.-Crosbi is •-a Car -singer,
spring, there 4111 boareguhir tiorainOnication teasing's. native, Yeinof .humor above online
between the , nail of NewiYork itul , d 'those ry performeris j . slalwayel enabled to make his
of fermsZ l valike- . - ..1 'I : .. iii *.--,.! - entertainment lriterestirigand - ..enjoyeble.l; .X 4.
A Nivr S 2 rift.---A new later hillikely: Irk a.compoter',Of ballada,be - ;"•is *inning A old
- bik - added ice: ihe- Amer itiitti'-'citn**l!atiOn..-•••eti•-reptitittinig'OdTtirery! stin g-thaleave:this.-
The Legislitt • ofiklichipitt -_liati Massed an ..fingers ! issinapped..up by publishers who are
act Providing Jr thetirreatitin ilf_new-State, "willing,to 'pay
. 4 . : handsome. cepyright.l Ile.
;F p.oC!ro territ ory
.of 'Superior i. liel!g 'give has recently:performed" at Chicopee, t.;bOtis
art; andWl, onsin anothel to frMthe now' es literally:- crinamed,_ and has . recentres
mmonweal turned from; a 'five weekie engagement ; at
".. SYAVE, ESC .--siiterion•conntyt; Virginia; .1. Vasinugton,...rhich was accompanied! with
entire. success.F.' ' : • -
located near t ' Pennsylvimia Tine;'' nevi .. ~ _ :!• - -
er had more an fifty: slaves et.attrlsinte,han
• lately lost W. • ': - them: -by flight "Into" - Penti4.
Sylvania.. I T y off
•!airried•-•• - withi -•
, :of
horses, - besid cluining, bedding, (fire arms;
etc.. - •• • ! ', - -•' • - ''-' 7 - . -
. .. ,
. .CONVZSTi oT ITUSIIANDS.-.-The . papers.
-state that anvention•cif hip:Vain:fa is to be
called short!' tat Symeitse, N; Y4' to: adopt
I %tittle Ineasu 'in I regard . to:, 6840: They
sey that sin e [ they have; to I stipOrt the e.x
poises of fa: min they have the tiflif to reg ,
ulrite !its eipt'ees. It is !also said- hat a prop.
osition to rid ...boss 'only, in future, is to
.'esime before' he convention. TMi -members
are to resnlve- l 'ttiemselVes into '' SI .htti.'hand's:
rights party. r I . I. • • • ;!.i . I. . ' •
.e. • 1 n - f 1
, .1- LOUR .11. FD ...RAIN 5....E.M3Cg AT•I4TiiN. , ---116 I
various ' breal leagues !throughout the couti :
try appear tot.. be working' with satisfactory:
results. The OperationS of :one at "Cann are
now at the ra:teof $150,000 per annum. On .1
I Tuesday andiWednesday l last,sii laree freight'
cars, loaded . With flour; arrived . ..thZre from
the West - Vial,Boston, fOr,the league, and an
.equal Smoiint: is 'now 016 iray i . :Through
the influence li;f thele tigue,..flour it, at least a
shiner a. barrel cheaper! than in .other phscei.
.and large' orde.-s, qre supplied toi Salem - and
other neighboring toWris.s,-43oston Travel • i: : .. .
KINNEY AliD. W.ALliCti.••--AfrsiTS in NiCart
gun -are repot ted to be 5n..a deplorable eon
diem'. but Gov. KinneY's plantation is spo
ken of as a irnodel -one and . -he. as a model
•Goverimr. 4le is building tewnsand church
es, opening. Mines, surveying raids, establish
ing schools, Melting treaties with 'lndians, and
many other niervellaus• works. , Gold mines
are speken. of among the new developmentS.
The reportOnwever, are plainly written. by
the Governor's .particular friends -perhaps
by -himself. tiWalker ii reported to have had
further sucdesses - :it. the south, 'against the
t: . i•
government itroops-i! . : , . .
liesvr d i nstsr Ciettisrlotcs,-.-During the
past week win les. a single party in this
city purchteo ab`ottt 600;000 llushels wheat,
the - most of *.hich, 4 is said, Will go forward
to Boston._ IlAt an average of 0,50 per bush
el;the gentlemen in question Paid out nearly
a million oftdollarS, all of which .. has. passed
into ihe pockets of!the farmers of the eoun
-1 • how e ver,were --. l — 'o
wealth, Ot r ier p a r t ie s, ae t,, •
ly"engaged-sin buying : throughout the. week,
• and it is reit:son:Ode to estimate the quantity
which chan,fesi hands daring that time at ful
ly- twri millnms Ofl!dollars.—Chieaga - Press,
!Intl; I .l; ' .. ..;
' • A GREETILAND 4...ILDT'S .2.,41i.50.-1 his eon
sists of seal:skin stockings with the fur. next
to the foot,(' nd of Isech length as tsi reach
! above the lVnee. Over these:is drawn a pair
of Seal,ski*-hoots, with the-
_fur outside, - i so
that.the .I.4;(it is .0 truth a seal:skin of donb
le thickness! with the fur out Ade .and, inside
too. The pantal4ns are of Seel-skin, 'sfathe.
thing in I the 'fore" of old &shinned : knee
breeches: I ! LA Iw:het Icf seal-stin, fur inside
fits closely to the I body; .- The outer hatiili
-ment is a !pose :infra" of calico. --Around the
neck. is a- . e4ff of diigi,situr, hut-underneath this
is,a 'white black -handkerchief' tied snug to
the neck. l l. Th e. dress when ornamented is
quite a handsome !One, as it is:the bestlpf the
,style. I. '' • '' , •' I ' •
Tits lifilistsm....ecesscr.--The Cineinnati
Times savii, that on the 3d !inst., a number of
persons inlthat, city plainly saw a balloon in
air, which by 'a powerful glass, was' dis
covered to be a . ii neck, and infers thavit may .
have heeni,the halloos of .the missing . zero
naut, Winiehester who_ made an ascension at
Norwalk, Phio ' on the 2d.lirist.,, and has not ! I
since bee I!heard Of. The 'mystery involving I
his fate h ' excited a wide spread interest'and !I
curiosity, :which pEwiibly.ipay be satisfied.s--
The most )Plausible explanation is that he fell
into Lake Erie, nVer which lie was !wit seen,
and that his balloon afterwards wandered un
controlled. through space till . its- gas- WO ex•-:,
, !
perided. iI ,• . . . -I ' • -" II '
. .
1 1. IA PRAIRIE SIIIP.—Mr.I Thomson of Kan
', sas has j4t completed, so I it is•stated,l a prai- I
I vie ship (7 wagon, to be prepelled by wind,
in which lie preposeii to make a vo y • t o t h e
I Rocky Mountains. I ThiSty passeng rs will
embark in June next on the voyage. Sever
al years itgo, a gentleman - who then re resent
ed the State of Illinois in the .Senat of the
United Toes, invented a ship of the' * - inie
kind, an indulged the belief that the "exper
! itnentsifinavigating the prairies of lir ce West ,
by earn* and wind would prove su ssful.' i
if we rernember 'correctly, the wheels of the
concern 40 move with a stiff breeze,l but the
realization of the gentleman's hopes •Was. nev
er. reachdd.—Si Louis Republican.
COAL tElti ON irms.---The rare ienorne
non of a pool vein . on fire; is •now to .be. seen
at .Peaver Meadows. The fire originated 1
from the outside dirt. heap, and theriki . com-
niniiiisit4d to the vein, filling the subterrane
ous avenites of the mine iwith sulphur, and
renderieg its, abandonment neces sar y; until
the fire can be arrested .. and extingiiished.—
This•ho*evei is a very ,diffic.ult and expen
sive proe. abut is usually aocomplisW by
walling ip all their currents, and heading calf
(with el, y) the , the fire. and then !
inieetin the mine with steam. A fire in a!
- coal.vei prevailed,in the-, vicinity Of :Tama
!l qua for veral yotirs, and no doubt non*" nied
tens of .
! thousands of tons of coal before it'
could extinguished, which - was finally ar.
comps ed a few werita ego: .- I
L!' s. o L • ~.,. •
Ace zssivi Potter " or nit ..ot . J - M‘' . " .l lie
- I ,i'etw- y boi::coni;er , -wid, , Enquirer; begin',
11 1
excel!, article !shtiwing that the ;arbitrary
and , essi ,•polie y pursued by the Seuth
• i ll the. i il4i affairs of the country,:has re
sulted i it6i ,- to it* Own disadvantage. , The
attemp 'to invade the right of petition start!.
ed an lithin party which is becoming pow:
erihi. "-- Ospulsien from the House of Rep-
reeetttatives of Gi4idinga, hal been ' 044 - - cense •
of - his return I, at 'every- "election since..- The
adintsaiimi rof'Texas and the war with life - ski)
under en for the - extension - of slatirY; has
.result : in the creation „Of_ one free. State—
Califon is --with the priattpect . of Others.—
• Atid th "'repeal of
.the Missouri Contprowtise
is stinoilating the North to maisi fro States
.of Kali as and . Neliiiiitit much - sootier - than
they - wpuld: hive:hien had not the islteitement
caused [by' that act heen'eroused. ' - ' '
e Republican Banner
Kin the condition and
bra4a men of Penn
ng suggestion, which
tention` of the Edit-
that a State Con
the Anti• Nebraska
- t. 14..airsm. 1 .
GREAT EIit:TIT:34ENTDOOIPtiAN--11pr. *1.11.•
COMIIPriCED.- , )Ve take -the ..following from'
:The - ,..5,2ii01ter Sonereiga eittra; •
We•learnni Mr. Newman of Don
'frii tphan
that Samuel (flits of itiat place was *Wed
this morning sbout Sunrise by Pat. Latighlin,
As'fir :as we have been able to learn,, the cir
cutnstanees are as . • ; •
Mr. Laughlin recently made an expisition
of the •midisight orgatiitatiiiii existing among
the Abolitionists in the Territory called the .1
" Grand Encampment and Regiments I.lf
. the'
Kansas Legion:. - Collins, it seems, Wits col
onel alone °tithe regiments and determined ,
to force Mr..t i oughlin to rotraction.Or kill
him. • In acc ordancewith:this deterthination`
he and 'somei . twelve brother Abolitionist's
proceeded this - 'naming t to seek ou.'t, Mr.
Laughlin; andl deniandeil an unqualified re.
traction of hisl . recent nifession, and nom Mr..
L's r e fusitig 0) make any confesgion If.hnter
er, Collins inonediately snapped' his gun at
him (Laughlini) 'and thea'fired at him,
fortunatety the weapon was turned aside by
spectator. Laughlin then drew a re .
.voiver and Ailed killi
on his opponent, killi ng. him
instantly. I
We regretito learn that Mr. -L. was -dan
gerously hurc in the conflict by a knifeiwOund
in the side. IVo,are . alsO 'informed that his
friend, Mr. Lynch,; a member of the ProSla.
very party, xttas . wOunde4 in the head; by: thc
discharge of a gun,
Thus it is)ttiltt the fight so long talked :t
. has begun, and it is hoped that'fit will
not' be discontinued until Kansas Territory is
rid of this "ihigher law" and. bleod-thirsty
Set of negro-ihieves and , outlaws.
Shipping 'of the World.
The ititnuinse increase of the :shipping of
the U. S. .futnislies one of the strongest and
most satisfactory criterions of the magnitude
of ou r commerce, mid the unparalled prosper
ity.of the country. It 'will doulcales.s surprise
most - of oui readers to' learn, that ;both - in
nuMber of 4.sseis and tonnage, the V. S. are I. I
ahead of Gr4at Britain. The following table
shows the cpmparatice strength of the com-1
mercial marine of tlfe principal nations of the I
world in PO: • - Ve.s.els„ Tonnage.
U tilted - 40,500 '5661,416'
...p- ('.till'
• • 11 leg
• i
France,, I 14.354 ..!ITtY,I3O
Sp ••
ain, • 7,986 " 379,421
Sardinia, Tuscany, Naples;
Sicily sodPa •ISt t 1 - 006 '.546.02r
pa a t.s,,
_ .
3,970 ;264,981
..2,220 182,000
2,090 ; 450,462
... 397 119,884
....500 160.006
1,990. 368,729
•__ _ _ _
. . ,
Greece,... i
Turkey,..,..i. • . .
Hulland ; . •
ITainburg,.L .
Bremen, . ; . :
Prussia, .. 4..
. . ..
Denmark, 4,789 : 208.190
i .
Norway, . i, • ' . . 852. i 368.602
Sweden, . . ' • . 886. ' 141,92..8
Mexico . and the States of .
South America,, - 1,530 - .193,735
. Russia, 105,509
The shipping of the world is, estimated at.
145.500 se Is, and the aggregate tonnage at
15,00,0001. Hunt's Magazine estimates that
-$5O a ton, the shipping of, the', world - is
worth. ;be Onormous amount at $775,000 ;: of
this, fifteen' and a half millions of tannage,
more thatqten and a half, millions- belong to
' the Anglo Bsaan race. .
CRAZY GIRL. OIC THE CA118..-A 'yOung lady
passenger, On the acComintxiatinn train of the
Little Miami Railroad, which arrived this
morning. :attra c ted the
_attention of the Con
ductor (Woodall) last.evening; by jher singu
lar conduct; and about daylight rho attempt
ed to juinii from 'the platform: while the train -
was 1n full!, headway; but was . prevented.
being evident. that she was. insane; especial
attention Was paid to her until she arrived
in this eitY. She refu4Nl to give her name,
but said she is from New liainP . shire, and
has feiendli residing in this city and Louis-
Ole.' - She came aboard the cars lit Colum
bus, and had a ticket for Cincinnati. She is
of a medium height, light brown dark
eyes, a plea ant countenance, and is. evident
ly, well educated and refined. • She had on a
brown cliith cape, trimmed with Velvet, and.
anent dnib bonnet. She :labored' continual.
ly under the fear that, she was being taken
from her nicither And friends for had purpo
ses. Shei was properly cared ,for this morn
ing, by giintlemen connected with the Little
Miami Railroad Company, who' would be
glad to.ccinduct tier to her relatiVs, if they
can find out where she belongs.--'.Cincinnati
nints. - :
Ter. Sic AND WOUNDED. --k late letter
from Parts tags : -
"The number of sick.and wounded:return
.ing from the Crimea is dreadful. .:In Constan
tinople-they have increased in'a f4arful ratio.
Some of the largest 'exmvents, as; the Chris.
tiara call them—lately occupied by Dervishes
the must filthy. Creatures and wprst of all
earthly fanatics --and other ir inenke. buildings
have been converted into hospitrilis ; the same
at other 'places in Turkey. Still they have to
sand ntirnbers ha ck to France, and scarcely a
transport or steamer returns With Ont bringing
frorn'orui hundred to. Ore hundred wounded . ,
or, as they are called, eon vokke4 soldiers—
; and it is, estimated that seventy per eent-.of
them diri! New hospitals have been opened
in several quarters. at Marseilles
: containing
fi,ur thottiand beds. These prior Unfortunates
introduces cholera, - typos fever; and' other
camp .diieases."
Tonal) Gsazam.a.--Alcsander •the. Great
died at the early age of thirty.tWo.
gamed the battle of Cainoe ut about the
same age. Scipio. fought at Zama when not
much Oyer thirty. Julius easier had con.
queredcsaul when he was fert)kfive. Ger
manius eras poisoned in his thirti.fouth yeir.
At the battle of Plessey. sge was not
so advanced a* that. Napoleon gaintxl • his
mighty :victory at Austerlitz When he had,
mearrelicompletecl,bia thirty fifth year"; and
at the time Wellington finished tits campaigns
in Abe plain's of Waterloo he was only forty
yeas olar
—AU Democrats have carried the dip
tionin ; New Ter ' -
, o , o 4twomes : • - t , a., ,, ,, , t..54-...ttp?--&-.,lmiK
4 1 I
We taividatte from .Piireisuid to oe,
,tObor 11,
and flornlCreXcent City (Cal.) t041110t.-12. .
. Vir.' AC `' . 4ditivtin'y't - re.
- ci - *: Hifiarkof . IF* J.* s;
.-- - ~e ir - d ~ telir: :lit th otihe
Crese7iht 0 . , %mem, kw thatt
ticutara Of die opening 'ilf an In an war in '
Rogue river Valley ! As to, the. leading
causettoOthia outbreak, the mateutere of the
~miners. oiiho„,,vm_rAtrw.h...iii , ths.Jage;
part Oflttry,ilte. murder of Several - packers
teamsters', and travelers on the diflUreut.rotttee
near the Oregoti bontalary line; and more re
cently the killing of two
. wageneri and . their i
ox teams near Cottonwo od by, the Indians;:
all these' Mina still be fret& : in -the' rceollee.l
'ticirt Otiattr . -- Leaders. ' The military' at Ftirtl
laffe; o:lll,ll4ettne& powerletur in . eitb'
eti restraining or punishing the. tnamuderaii
and the gOaded Pitpubitten Were at liA.com7 is flr their. own protection: - Mr.
Galbraith"left Jacksonville on Tuesday, tilt;
Othinstant,nnd the following arc the main
"events which happened.up to that time: A
.iioluoteer. free of one :hundred or one hunt
ldreilantl. tWenty-five men had been formed„
and after.lityint completed their arratiget l
Ments they.(proceided! on Sunday evening,
tte - Ith - liiiit.„to the month of Butte creek, in.
the vicinity lot FOrt 'Lane, in several: parties;
according tO:the number of 'the Rancherisr;
andbilitrianded respectively by, Major TAP,'
ton, . ilfirty':- . Six men; Citpt. Williams,. fon Lap
teen; .MesSrs.. Bruce, Miller a nd Hays, elev t .
en melt each ; Mr. Harris, eighteen ; and M .
Newcontb, is' eyenteen men. Early on Monl.
day morning:the volunteers approached the
Ran.clteriasi and the Indians first fired upon
Harris's.command. The fight then • beeame
generarand ended in the MO defeat of the .
Indian-4, fumy of whom were left dead on the
ground and, afterward buried by the military
from Fort ;Lane. Of the volunteers, twekre
'men were wounded. One of their •numbe .
Major Litpt4m,. who - had received an arro l v
in the left, breast, died on Monday night ; and
another, panted - Sheppard, wounded iu the
abdomen; it is thought will not recover. Mr.
Galbraith also states that on Tuesday it Was
reported •ht Jacksonville that the Indiatia
burnt the . .house.ef Mr. Jones, while-the own
er hinuielf*s killed and his wife se , - - erel,y .
wounded; i Dr. Berkweli was celled to 4t•
tend on the lady, but it is thought she cannot
recover. - Vessrs. Wagoner, Evans and TUff
are also' ;Opposed to have been , killed and
their houses and property dc.4-royed„ Dr.
Crane; United States army, and Dr,. Bailk-
ell were in their exertions to
assist:an&relieve the wounded. • -
The Indian War in Oregon.' • :
ANC+ Miller .Surrounded by the lUdians--
- One Tkantand Men necessary for his e•
. lief---reral of -hi, Command Kille
Rienfaivements sent out. •
.. 'We take the;following from an extra of
The Pori:land. Standard of the 9th October
"-The Belle has. just arrived, and brings
the startling newt, that thetroops under e4,in
mend of Major Haller have been surround
ed b' the Indians at' t point about twenty.
five rnileS.froet the Danes. Haller'S p)si.
Lion Is upon a till - with ravines and brush
around him. His troops and neintals I l e
waver wer fo r forty.eieht hour....
The -)ndians are constantly' firing npon then
11e• Was enabled to send a messenger throhgl
theranki of the Indians in the night, an, ' h
reached the Danes .Monday evening at 1 e
o'clOck. l The steamer Wasoi left immediate
ty tor time 'CA!!4:itUI..:.I, urn} vim Bull& I,r..t i i , .lit
!Id Xpri);l.•: to Vancouver forthwith. Shrar
• rived_ th4re to-day about twelve o'clock.. In
mediatet,y on the arrival of the mes s eurve
- for the seat of war with-the remaining for ,
at the panes, nernbering : bout one hunt
atidififty men. He was. to leave this tin
ing about daylight. Major Haller calls
a thousand men to aid him. We learn t
a requisition has been made out for that tint.
berg and forwarded to - the.proper offieeris i ,
From our informant we learn that several of
the besieged had been killed. our infl;tuna
tion wait hastily. received, and may be it j e.
.rest in Some of its parts, but we give it as V
rte.:civet] it, hoping that it may not prove t
disastrous as we understood it. .Now is ti
tithe fof action." .
Front The Standard of the 12th we tal
the following in relation to the progress eft]
war: i - •
"There still remains much doubt dbol
the extent of the, hostile feeling anions tl
Indians', By Gen. Palmer's letter, pubrstu
last Saturday, it_ is stated that- the chief (f tl
WascoS report that proposals have been ad ,
to all the tribes east of the Qtscades to unite
in a general war t.,r exterminating the whites,
but . thUt many, refund to enter an alliance to
fight the Americans: -. And yet, among near
ly all the tribes arc found some restless!spir
its ready to join in a general war. The Yok
intas seem well tanted in a feeling of hostili
ty. "The Clikitats are divided. AU sorts of
Indianitalcs of wrongs are - reported to induce
a war Spirit, and threats. of hostility made
against such tribes as will not join the Yaki.
mass Those best acquainted with the Indian
character are disposed to think that disaffec
tion his been so widely (Utilised that onellitsh"
of victory on the part of the Indiana in a con
test with the United States troops would in
duct:fie:Arty al) the tribes to unite in a gener
al war. Heim Much, anxiety is now felt in
the result of Haller's expedition against th - em.
We ate satisfied that unless the Indians have
greatly the advantage in position, that his
troops will be enabled to rout the Yadimas.
We regret, however; that his command' had
nOt.heen increased to about two hundredand
fifty-linen, half of whom shnold have been
mounted. He then would have been able to
makes demonstration so, formidable as to
have appalled the Indians in the,first stack,
and Billowed them t 9, closely and efts - in:illy
that they would gladly have yieldvd allhiipes
'of success against the whites.' I
Ravages of the Yellow Fever in Portsmouth.
Re ent letters from the acting . Malvor
Norfolk and the secketary of the, relief . Com
mittee, of that eity:say that of the fiiiirj minis.
ters tiff the gospel who' remained there 'tluripg
the pestile nce, three have died, Christian be-1
roes m the discharge of their duty ti) their
Divine Master. They are the Rev. T r Dev
lin, Roman Catholic; Rev. Mr. Chisoltn, Epis.
cope4iau ; and the Rev. V. Eskridge, Metho
dist. t The Rev. Mr. Handy. of the Presbyte-1
rian 'church, remained until imtricken down by
fever, and after a protracted' illness atteinpt•
ed to resumwduty, but. was urged by his med
ical attendant to leave. Of the-eleven native
physicians, four have died, two of them leav
ing` large ettnilies perfectly - destitute. Of
thirteen physicians front abroad who came to
the *Bet of the city, ail died. About forty
five orphans, wholly without mean , „ .have
beech taken in charge by the Relief ssocia•
titm.! There were about 1400 men elployed
in d
—,..tA Navy Yard. They Continued to dis.
appear by sickness or leaving town until only
-225 ! answered their names. How maitY have
died', is not 'known, but 100 of their Pumlies
are now supplied with provisions by the
lief Crnmittee, and at least : oso . persons '
died; in the city. mostly of this claAs. Oa
Ist of August a census was taken whi h sb
ed st; pOpulation, of about ihrtr . thousand.
, . ..
.-"rTi!e.' irtrtearis Wye .won the day
Maiv'makl, : . - .
. f • ,
a IA- :Lev ,Assigsseie,-
..i" . O
... venee r ,cc s +rk"' 3 . , -
Ms Li l ta Pudic Bailrtaid 1.415 t.
The bridge ' Eicitilitea ' ' river *
flea, 8001341 r: is
09 1 aNtie#; :-. Y fet, ..11 1 1 , ~.- ' lO4. tkot,
t- hi t - ir , fir: j,. ill " w ':- -•• CU. the
t- .- .- I - . f L. ---. .., e 41 , ,•
inidge ,', ap." - ! . ....f. iby a , T, mbalskffient Mr
ty feetVgh,. ''11 ., 74 1 , term`
.':' . 17 11'7,-In;, 10 1 0„e
atone stint.m .1 - i`i.'lliity ." s •kl.he-abitt
,. --- .• . . -
meitt,lnd Just ..atlite j edge; of the river, anoth
er staunch aione:oo4r, three mote of which
reach to the other aide of the
yillo.hridge-The:riverAs4bout two hundred
and fifty yards . wide.! and' the bridge thirty
feet high, at least.:: The. bonier . locomotive
' had crossed /the „strifeture -aarety i ' and: was':
'waiting on, the Other !side to see the result of
Out attempt,-There l. 7.4si no fear of datiger,,
and :no apprehension:4 peril . We slowly,
moved along the eilibanktnent, and came on
to the - bridge. ,Th4li bet l itil I 4iveliad ' - titi •
the first span, and lad its forewheels
the first pillar-rheyinid the abutment—there
being, then, resting
. 1n the first spin :the loco ,
motive, baggage 'car and t4w-o heavily. loaded
passenger. cars. The Weight was too Much
for the.long, slenderi thither:4 Which supported
the' rails and the eniminotts,load above.
... -
' Suddinity we heal4a horrid crash—it rings
in our ears now—and savi a movement among
those in the car in l c hieli we were seated,--
then there cayne a crash--4-crash—as each-. car
canto to the ablitment i i and, took thejatal
plunge: .The'ullairl I ‘ias . ,lout the work. of an'
instant. - We were irunntng very slow atthe
time, and the ;Wovesive i era -hes eame at in,
tervals of nearly a secOnd. We ourselves
were seated in the ,Seventh' car—there being
three .behind us--.and when we heard the luir:
rid sound.tliat carte tip; as each, car slOwlY
and deliberately toid: the leap, le hoped'ihat
our car - might stop bete it reacted the pre:
eipiet. , But mi, it secrued that the spirit of
ruin- Was beneath, d l etertnitiedl,y dragging each
car to the spot; wrtinching from' its Etstenings ~
and hurling it to atoms beneath. Six ears
fell in one mass,- eaf4h on. the other, and were;
shivered into (rap-1440. The seventh fell
.With its forward'end to the ground, but the.,
other end yested or the t.ilp of the abutment.'
Those in it were only bruised: The eighth'
and ninth.. cars tumbled down the embank-,
ment before they ri.4:oted - the sbutrnent.
Such a wreck Nu -neve r saw,.and hope ncy- :
er again to see. - li wits one undistinguislut-i
ble. mass of wooden herons, seats, iron wheels,i
and rods, from bericathi which Came up groans,
of agony. ThesedwhO could. crawled out of
the ruins immediately and either sought to
relieve "their own. wottrds, or the wounds of
their friends. Some Wept tears of joy to filtd
their friends - alive;, and others shuddered tO
find their. fri'ends. head; The uninjured or-,
ganized theinscives tinder the lead of..Mr:: .
Pride, the conduoor, and endeavored, by
chopping, to -extrierate i those whq were yct
alive from the wre •It. t Here :03eatn was cut
to disengage a bro -en nrin ; there an ;rote ax-,
le waspred tlfr tu t relieve; a mutilated kg.: - -4
There was noshriekingand screaming, though
all begged,' for thel love of Heaven, to be ex:
triLted from someonass of iron or beam of
wood, which pinned them to the earth. All
begged fur wet er, d rank it when it . was brought,
and prayed.for mom I •There - was hardly an
entirely uninjured; man to b e seen. - M os t of
, those who lead .escaped, had streaMs-4 f blood
e flowing over their l fileo from splinter wounds:
- i - Others limped and hold) At,At'l_bout,'lookingflO'
1. 1 their friends. A tioardWittity *as the onl.V
i'shelter to be halt, and that was soon filled
e -with the woutifled, whose speeehleSs
agtaty WA3 enough to make the stoutest heart
The majority ' at; survivors together
a- i -with the dead and wounded, left Hermann• .
tt 1 for this city await two clock yesterday at.
•, .. • . _ ie. • --- .
i.thy same - that lel. this city Thursday mght--4-
1-eil 1 Or rather yesterday morning, for the SIVTIe of
.the catiwrophe. i On', the way up, upon arriv''
for ing at. the -hridgel•aeross the Creek known as
.t, SL about tr &mu Washingtoi4
;. •
a [ meth' ! " of the Crain teas kit. behind to pro+
vide for coutingif . iciesi . in ease the bridge might
break _down, which
thought to he quite,
probable, the crtck much swollen frost , '
the heavy rains. ! -
re The balance of the _train proceeded to He
so. 'mann, took on the survivor., the wounded,
le I mid dead, and about -two o'clock started on
its returi. Ablut five o'clock they teachd
Ice the bridge across St. John's. Creek: • Refor'_e
ke starting to crostii a tiumber"of
.the unluirt . at
the iiktster; gotiout!of the cars and walked
across.the bridge, aeteiwards. as soon as- the
le 1 locomotive started to cross, the-Whole
d tore gaVe way, Ond the entire . • train of cal*,
c containing the dead and wounded, and inO4
-of the survivors i wati left on the other side
the bridge. • • • '1 •
Those who Nyalko across got itt the- ears
which arrived last night, and proceeded inn
niediately to the city. How soon the deaa
and wounded brought in, it is imp4s
slide to _conjecture. When our informant
left the creek, there, was no shiny "for - anything
to cross, there being no boats of anyidescrip
tiotttat hand. [The !only chalice would be to
send ferry boats from Washington up ,the
creek to bring down the people. We are arw
sured that Mr.lVinton, the -Assistant .Stikr
intendant, with the of those able to render
assistance, will Luse their utmost endeavors to
send them in as so 'ii as possible. The woun
ded were all Oaced in one car, and with the
kind attention of physicians ant' friends. *e're.
doing as . well !as expected. The
dead (25 in nuMlier) were all bi 4 xed up and
; .1
placed .in a iflterat car. *
Mr. Moore.rnetiresentative in the Legisla
ture, from St. penevieve county, (one of; the
list of wounded puldished yesterday,) died:at
the Sisters' Mspital last evening. ;
1 . -
A Third- Bridge Gone on the Pacific Bail
.. r i H ' road. - .
..., • . 1 , I
.r.atality,seents to atten d t h is road. The
terrible loss of life and the large.bumber. of
wounded by he -:falling of 'the' gasconade
bridge had. scarcely been repOrted to the - eity
before a traiMwasdispatehed to the relief' of
the sufferer.s.l By{ the earnest, energetic .eft
forts .of a ..ftwbrave men who retnained at, the
scene of disiS er, the huflitrers were relieved,.
and the dead Were taken out from the wreck
of ears.' Scarcely, however, had the :mourn
ful. procession-bearing the mutilated taxlieS
proceeded half way. On its return, when .on
reaching the 'ihridge at .- Beeuff creek," amidst
theditrkliess 6f night and the horrors atte.tul
ing fuch, when titatalso . was.sWept
' away by the flood just as the uninjured; had
paised 4.ver; Old While the cars containing the
wounded were in the act of going upon ..the
.frail structniy.. . i A wonderful . Providence
seemed to have protected the sufferers. -The
tide carried everything bailie it-amid the
storm and the rushing of the torrent, the'eent- 1
• tn . unication betwera the. banks ` was cut 1 4f— I
and thui the!diiisevered train stud without
the isk;ifiibillity ofpriweeding.._ ThosipasSen-
gers who had crossed, however, Coale on. ;6
the next depnull rtrached- this city on Fri
. day night. The dead and - wounded . were 'fer
ried overtolWashington:and then 'placed i on
' the care again, acid finally readied St. Louis
on filatardayleveiling about 6 atelOelt..
To-tbiy we bare to record anOther ailinii
,ty andianother - thiS upfortimaisi
railmad. - Tit - . hridge Of the goreaui: four
mileathis Ape, oflJetferson, gave way "on Fri
-1 dayevening) and! that structure alto is . ritt l w A
masaiOi byokeif fragmentS,.....This: is Slifl to.
.1 . have been the Oniy .onniilited bridge. on the
! whole 1
line. I NOV one halt mood the tart Of 0
1 -, ', I
- , 0~-vovvotsakm ,
flood tide---hot one endangered to it
gtieitt :x limian life—while a sin lo w
of a • ail di has hurried twenty
Oar ci I tit° eternity.—jf. ,LoiS moo:
Ir ."# •
Lvzoitictiatin 7 6.
Opeeisl: etipsominwe of the go f.
I haireAlirned from aOO-wrilteaZiets
no doubt as to the'trutti of tile staten' ig i'ent that
sometime tiefore the Amens Col. Kinney left
for' Nicaragaa be proposed to the 'Russian
minister, M. Stoerkl, to involve the United
Statev in'a difficulty with, England about Cu
ba. (ire element of his proposals Was that
the affiiir should be brought to bloodshed--
M. StoeCkl promptly and decisively refused
the offer. .
Cominudore Paulding, owarnander of •the
home squadron,-reached-thiscity-today
ing been telegraphed' by the seeretary of the
'navy to vitrie 'forthwith. The tcaninodure,
in , comoand.of an augmented fleet, will loon
'he in the gulf; i oral will - - dirsely watch the
:English cruisers. -'• - '
Secretary- Dallis is In high oglee,• produced
by the neike froth' Mississipi. lie has a dis
patch front Jackson, datt l / 4 1 the , lOth. announ
cing the entire ,auceesivof the' Demo . eraq.--
Gov. lifeßea iv -reelected -hy tnowity of
five thoimind,- thirty Majority in' the Legisls
lure, and all the Democratic' laoligresamen
elected. Davii longs for -a seat its,the Sen
ate' hut. mostprobably the honor will fie ee' m
*ferred on Jake Thoinpson. John P. Kenne
dy will.probably succeed Senator Pratt:
• i Royal. Swindling.
It has itecently• - -been stated
_that the'.King .
of Naplt.lwas likely to emhroit a
war. with England. The King • had commit:-
ted one of these petty acts of meati•swindlin
that a despot - can lawfully practise.. The
whole .plOt •thus•clearly develOped : '
• King:F i e:l:lin:lnd Naples , it appears,
dared a splendid set of carpet.i.frinn an . Eng
lish mantifixttirer, 'Which: were to tde to
and ornamented with the •rirval arms. 'The
- mann fact u ; accompanied - giiods' to - Na.
ples,:.wliielt.were refused, on impertinent
gruniid that they . were never ordered, although
be pre dueed kite Order in" writing. He' was
told 'to Kell ttituo, but .that was inipossible, as 1 1
• thev.had the ;royal_tirins on them. -lie was
oion:waled in put them on board ship .and
export them.: He . did ship-them, and had- to
pay expert 4uty.4.•'. - The , vessel was then. re•
fused e.idesintitee, and the • carpets were-land,.
ed. He was'then told to self them by auc-:
tion. A . very Invr bidding was- made, and no
advance • and •tie - was not allowed to
bay thein in: lie gut for them; much less
than the export duty he had 'paid. -But what
became Of the carpets I They , were Actually
bought:it auction by. oneof the King's agents.
against Whmit 114/11e dared to compete, mid
H o w comer the - floors a the palace for which
the; bad been fitbrieatist . , The ntanufactifrer
complained to the BritiSh consul, Who deman
ded rislress,.but it was refused. .. • •-; -
'But since the 4411 of Se7astopel the King
becanielfrightened, and has offered pecuniary
reparation for thin attempted royal swindling.
Ma coin will probably' be aceeptexl,-aa Great
Britain . can.cbtim • nothing . - heyOnd itinple;• re
paration •for this . individual - injustice.
..• • ITEIIB.
MisSl4Sippi the Democracy are tri
Wi.efiniitt the contest: is.VerY close,
between theitcp - üblicatia - and j the DktiOerats.
—l4 - Mstteltitsetts •the - Know Nothings
have earr'ed the day. The itepubticappar
ty is next strongest in the state:: .The
tionat IDeMocrats and Straight-out
make - but a;p9or shun.
rw .
bVsUnd ' Wit* Aillqa l 4F. ll "2”. r .. e°lll Y
& Solis are UCw feeble factions, Democracy
having in , t-tly gone south.
is .said •that six thottsand Irishthen,
aide. from Otherlatiorers, perilsed ht the con
struction i,fthe Panama Railrniui.
is raid that the French tact Only one
man in their• attack on the Dlatakuff before
. ,
they ..tta , k in)ssv.ssion of that. Work. •
—4 Western editor says that many of his
patrons would make good horsei—they hold.
—An - article in - , the . Dublin ,r'Universitv
MagaXine states. that- the prcpient war with
Rus!r•iii costS England and her Allies a quarter
of a Militia 'sterling per day. • . .
—A tire iii honsebf Mr. John
Mullin el of Lycoiniug county, was disetivered
'by a parrot's crying "•Firel : Fire r told .was
extinguished alter doing but little damage..
Paris letter in the Tribune speaks of
a young lady who received intelligence from .
the Ctimett,(d the, : deeth of her lover, her fath
brother and 44 - ele, all by : the same post!
Such is war. . •
•—.ln administration paper' in Ohio that
.brought out its rooster on- reception of the of the•late election in that State, ec r
cases' itself' on the , ground that it only made
a wrong eaekte•ation. • . • . ' •
M .1 ; u1 nes Ford died in Lewistoln,
'Mifflin county, last week, and at her own, exr
press-desire, she was dressed. in her best ap•••
panel, with , gaiter boots, bead . dress, shawli
jewelry; ac., and thus buried,. ' • • - •
• ---A 'match. gatce ibr• $3,009 is
to be plavO in islf, , w Orleans:soon, between,
two trejlei ladies of the ”fir! , i. respectability,
These women are said to have few equals at
the game even among gentlemab, in the
ted • , • ,
—4 thriving trade is carried on at South- .
anapton (England) in RusSian Th e y
are sent .hinne in the transpOrts„ by the Eng
...nilorA and soldiers-to their wives and .
friends, who dispose of them fir small sums
to eke out'their limited incomes. - •
-4An - Eitgli- h .sold ler w viten.. from the
mea,:-..."5.. uric of our men, who Were severely
Weithded in the - Ryden, and retnained after
we retreated; were treated- very-
. generonsly '.
by t h e Russians. They tied upli heir .woiinds
for them and gave them some ruin. and water
t,, itrink,and kindly bid tnetri•Goiid.bye' when .
_the)/ *ere going away - t house, ves.r . - _ . - -,
;-:-, lt. is now stated that Atte track of the D:
L. W. R. R. (Sootheru _Division) will be
.eon pleted Ito the Delaitare• in :about • two
weeks. We are informed that cetil lueialready
been delivered at the Fiir'il iptiSirotidsbuit'
at 14 per .ttm. It .ii .pto ble. the-rOad :will
not Ibe fiwitt a lke 'opened nail-:about .the Ist
.of April, 1856 '.: : . •:- -.t. .: -: _, 2
• H -A note cif a Virginia hank Was . recentlV=
Shown to the . Washington Star,. hearing the
fiillOwing inscriptiOn on ite,. hack : -!". This is the
last of $6,000. win eh . was left me . four. yeam
A l ga,; by a de c eased relative: '.,..owing to going
security, and dissitation,',my estate,- earned
-by industry and economy, is now all squall.:
deritE' .-. Let the bottle alone, is the last advice'
of finewho; in short time, will "ecitatiit- . -itc;, 1
, - .a
eorrespcmdent - '.of :The' Albright
Church _ Messenger,. .propoSes-Ao- leave ,-.. the
Sonthern S;ates, to, the ..etra.ot . thei:Lchtifihes .
that tolerate Slavery.:: , . ije: ititys;-?. 1 1(.. they':
hallo found . a gate --_ wider- enaugh.ancha:. way..
brde% . 4
,onough.: that- leadeth,. - .60r stich
tyrimtk-erhy,.iet I hem. poißt t itsoitt. , ;.,Wei shall
not, mermer..... We eannotlie it. - ;r. The:Evan-
Oral '.Ansoolatiiesi haS no atiser:PoSpel - . to
promulgate than :04 tidingeuntio7theMeeki
to i proclaim litierty'io'.... - the-Ostpli!Cs _and the
:Opening of .the prison tisibeinthat are bound,7 - :
. .Th4i.tharehltWefticuitiO.ta*ell !ii : prosper
ialthe'Slave.States,. but it - IS ; . tt.ery ; fleeriAmig
hi. the free West, . ..- -..: -: . .-, --...., -.--, . =
I :-...W ~. - isrw' l an D o 1 . , - 4' lor town has been filled
. '
Ct,... ,,
-. tgrants 1 wag ns for - the last two or
. - Weeks, and stil continueso: all of them
iitedvfnr Kr{ Sa.s.Nebrasita, and the
. Statis, bn . retest 7 To the emigrants- -- ..' i
through here are i. A roam fur Ka
i -. , ebraski. The+ are sttll :pretty ge
etti +,... ell provided with 'good - waO,Otts. an
~ . - s, and will add
,veiy materially to an
county or State wherol they ,inay- choose i
locate.. Ace.l } Unts' f front - the: northern an
'more southern parts d.f . thii State y the
they .never traw so mint persons on the more
before, all going to the new Territories to,
seek 'homes - for thernskives and' famine:3 . J , - -
- Vandalia (EL) AO.
, .
. .
varlrbe . , . Own of j Bu4nuan, i n
. Ir ri b u t
courv;..Lvar.,wa,l dpsttrqed
brtik . *eoc. -
Jail, Cooper's, tavern, all' the, ptoreg hut. tyro, .
and most. t private.thitellings in. the
place are in ashes. -
Dritivn Ntikfinibler - SCB-.Loafs, 1855.
..4 . 11.11011 . 941
Ainnto" Abel, .Ilurfird, . WilWrd Ausiiri ;
; Clark
Burr, Spitrigille; Alester. Blisi.;.:Choconut ;
Eno pa: 8.. -Coley4 , -Bush "h*:. Carp - enter ;
Gibson; I)aiiii,;Bilier Like ; Charles
Tosier„, 7 Mon t rose. ; Charles Fret leh,laek ;.;oti
Ansel Gay, Auburni,George.Gehttt, Gibson;
Jonatlum Jelatti , 'Thomson ; Isaac Hancock, !
Rusb-; John HatteOelt,:Jessiipf- Daniel
I.,ertox,; - .Tohn McGrath, Apoiacon ; Dap-
iel Robert:slat, jessuP ; J.. 8. Stephens, liar
mony 'Nathaniel Waller, • Great Bend ; F.
M. Williams. Montrose;' I d. Webb. Bridze-i,
w:iter ; 'flurry. ; 11 i}liatn
Witter, Thotnsun::-. 1 ,' •
Aditins t. Auburn ;* B;.'D'earilsley
dd.; Harry Barney, . A polacon ; • prkvenhf
Bill, Gibscin Edward Burk, trboenunt ; Ohel
diati Bailey, Brooklyn; W.,Breed, do.
'Mier Burdick,.lleyriek; - •..L9renzo Beedg
Bridgewater..;•:-Geoige - Biiekip; Bend ; john
Baker, Clitre , rd:; 'John' BoliiiitOn. ' • Jobn - 11. '.,
Chapinan,•.BrOoktyn ; Clark, Choeonut
A. R. Vile. FOresit Lake - _; Decker. Cli
fitrd ; 'John Da vidiion, Latifrop; - -Matthew'
Dunmore, - Ra-h ; Georgn Fordyce, Susque:.
hiurna; L. 1", Farrel., Harr, prtl - ; •• 11.1! ert Ftw
ter, Unnocki;•.'-Danieli:-Git!4 - Dinnlek ; -Ash
er Hanch. 11--11,1iglit, -A pola el) 3 •
Henry Great Bind-; • Knapp,
Springville.; Ran , S. Merrunari, •Bridgewa.
I ter ; Merritt, , Latlufip ; Mead.
Friend-or - Mei- Allen ::111vDonald,.-Lenox
T..Morrk, n; - Lester Payne, jaek
rPai ; - - e Benj.- 117altni=r, , Sasplehalltnt ; Cita,. 8..
Perrigo, traTh',; E. - V. Silver. Lake;
Benjamin- Buskell, ; W. 11.. Sherman.
MLA ; llarvey.Stephetns• Britigew4cyri.
; - Anits,vWatA , m; Fran;;.
Wel*er, Franklin ;- Renben• Wei k'llridze•
water •W iteaton:, - Jaeloaln ; Levi
WeAfteld; Oakland • Win. .W bite, -Auburn.
lYi. - L. Avery, Spring . v . ille N. L. IkVi
tin,. Liberty; H:. N. BrAvst er, 117.1), est Like;
Edward L. Beebe, - Franklin.; . Elislia Bell,-
; .lenrY - Bird.. Great Bend ,Itangler
Btfqh, - Aubitro Beebe,. Bridgewater;
S. B. Burdiek,Qiitliirti; Carlisle, S.
querkuna ; Doiatis4T -- Diinuek Satnui.l*
lludgNlll.:ddletOwn ; E. Vii. Fo•Atr, Jaeks(4l• '
Willittd Giiot, Gibson; Vidinini -K. Mitch,
Muntrosii •' Gdie. Luwi•.l. tti , un•sun ;:Geurge
• Lindsley,Harfued ;,TltOuta:s Matti e, Cliciet r
nut T. - .l‘l.Uxley - ,
Brouklyn ;.D. -K. Oakley, •Il a r.
rd Janis a
!__ Pq;.:lt. ; -Levi S.
rage, busqueuanila; fftrawn: -. ratzn;Trorest
Lake ; Juhit BAYntistid, Motttruse TI. Kiley,
Auburn; J. •.Shertitan; 4(4.1tp
Stone, Middletown ; 1.1e3t12::-
water ; Sarni Slterer, DitnqtAt.; A. E. Tewks
bury, Brook IS•it 8..8. Tuthil l, Gieat. Bend ;
L \Veils,.
4ack ! utti ; JussFpli E. Websttr, Liliert v:
There will be a donittion given :in the. A. M. E. Z.
Colored. Church in Montrose, on ,the tifiernoo.l 4r.d
evening- of the - 23 d inst., for the benefit of the Per.
John Anderson,
.pastor.-of the Said Church. Al
friendly to the cause Will . please' donate aecordia•.: n
their ability. . CHARLES likitur*in, Preit ,
• = ::. • - •
In. Tunkhannock, Pa., October lith, ISLS,
TUA A. Commt, daughter ofDoct. N. P. and Ar.n.
its Cornell of Jessup,. in the 19th year of her :tie.-
She was respected and belayed by all who knew hc.
Iler'prospecta in life were highly flattering, and shr
had no apprehension. that death was-standing at 111
doo& - - But she was taken sick With a fever. trtie.,
terminated' in death in a short ;gine:- But in ho'
sicktuits she•wai convinced - that site could not rcor
er, and she-applied to the Great Physician of Sml.
to heal and save her. And she became reconrii:4
and, silting to die. She requested her father to 4-
her home to be • buried, and that Lid. D.Dimoc:
:should preach at her 'funeral, which was-all coutprA
~1011,6 i: :And. the.season.wis ..dreadfully oletun, and
interesting, arid especially en her relatives, who we
overwhe.tned In grief. Arid a ~:very large if.zseni i, y
deeplrsimpitthised.with them, thevarents portico
-- Weep not for your darte,hter, •
Weep not, I would say;
• , •
.. All cantle
Li now passed away.
The'ehain.that has bound - tier ''•
•,• To'sickness and pain, •
Is Inos'd • never more •
• To . enthrall her again: - - - I
hope was in .
• The sinner's hest.frie.nd;
•.: Your. trials may prove; ' - • -
For the bt-itt the end,. -
- •
.• Notice.
paisaance.of orders of the Adjutant General, 0
I".'me directed notic e . is horehy given to the Cak
taitis of the severed Military Companies of Susquebv
um *may - , that they are required to report to lu th ,
names of in persona who have done d it, in the , :
companies Who are now . under the,age of fortyAt!
years. . - Sald - report. to' be madeas soon a 3 pos s :ble..
:The several Captains in the different townships vt!
please consult together, with their' _roll7, and perfect
.their report. -- .A 5.4 SPICER ' -
'Brigade 11speetor Ist thig. - 10th Div. P)
Inspector's office, Hat-ford, Nov. 1, 183 5 . 45f3
ILk tir*Ouf,DeegiN.
. . .
AR these:who have' had their: - Guarlliidx Nor
cled:by me during-the year pitst 4;ayi;,g ter
tiZind fees in advance aging,- requires, or ealtiug
get pem and'settle for-the saute promptly Dina, 1 . 1 .
requested to improve 4w...opportunity of the cuaii4
• Court.weilis by doing that good tired :11t.0..
State twee have her tates OrtAl those entered,fie fl.
with, and I sonat my_fees to Meet - my own'
mans, !without further'delay. L . -
A number of Reeds haie been sent her? f.x.
Record without any pa entered
or Oven a word about
ktg; Which and not yet for Record and will
somebodysomes to pay or become t calm:'
tole fiwthent; and I shall have to adopt that tale
4.boyare not more promptly culled forjufl'
Cli A PIiAN, Reeordo.
liontrattiliai. 14 1855:" •
'War I War in tile Crimea.
• . .
10,000 Volunteers wanted ! to buy Oyster's in ,r)
way . to suit; that are continually arriving hy egg' . "'
andjies and served in the_best ritaniter at the Ter
Pew" Saloon & UtroeerY Olk•Mtaxie..ti!rtet, opp,'zil °
the rattner's Store. Also,. Pies and Qiila eatahlt ,-
itiditiost kind of Grneeries/if . Proyisions, Teas r.
Flour kept ccinstantl3l - on hand, and for sale at ab ,,, '
sale and,retall it '-- , - S. S. 310Tri
_liord's Thar iiiilorer and Golden Gloss, fin. hera -
'rug the hair: - A - quantity of. Leather Glove; I , '
111tunts-at• _-,- '. - ~ - S: S. MOTT'S.
.. _. .
. .
Fancy Candy, arid eholceSegars and i
Voititti S: SCOTT
' MOntmae, Nov. 14; _
18E66:i D Wtii7K