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'Poet's ,Coki?e.k.
.I.o77?:Patna;n`s .:11ONt..4.iti for 21 - ovember:
bbrn by the - sbore, by the shore, ,
t h e r,,, l rf %ca. loryl ant cried,
- n -1 1 .*Iied to the rhythm of its:roar,.
the arms of the tide. •
fcr.eikvz , Swid,
.11; r blue, •-•
10. tor . aril \ half ttr, tit o,lartd,
.j,l7l,tily to manhood they grew
' •
iii:: follow where the plow •
Ow field at oxen's hecii? .
stand with'n . sieldy brow,
:-..A ; ,jaesi:iiter, to reekoqop their•deals?
5 i 4 i) tli, but she Ilia . t.s•risoti her child?
to the Soa,!antlite sthiled as of Old :.
rot il of the bi•eakers hit and wild,
the land, with its flutihge mid gold!
-v.. • il„oa the rolling deck, -
to the-rocking- shronds,
i 0 looms with a vision of wreck, -
•' 1 ; „el-A i= ficsg . to the stooping clouds.
tircie the land:4 loot: o'er,
T h e zone s alth a veering ning,
0 scn , and ft, to shore.
S,oLtli rind the. North ;
1,1•0wIlt1a; Ea=t and the West ;
oflcitune, and forth •
I,,,)ii,finotion, the woof of reFt,
with a studied graci., .
,peak in At:lie:Li:a phrase," •-
• of heaven fitc.e,
•dotn of ocetta in a7 l . their ways
tifom the subtle cheats,
Vr._ hich the landsmen learn :
7cl, eye of the man\ he meet's; •
him, he trusts in turn.
if you will, •
ninfltatirit possess their gain : s
Ports what they do of ill—
;t-4m the inaulliintl remains.
' . .
~1110 front the gangway-0411k - below,
. - '. , l. l .:natneted shroud mayilrag, i—;
.fr , -.4 f)t enough . to knoti ' . " t
:t v.1.11 , pi:,..1 in their eoitntry's flag. :: •
!I ....
. ,
:11..y ,11,• on the saa or sbore, i
: ,: .1 , - ~ :r.•:_-,-, or sand, or scA.l,. / . ':
','l n! : 1 .1, , rest that he keeps in 'store,
,4 L (11:ir sA
is. in the harbor, of 'God!
. _ '
..._.. ii
iqi - 0) - 11(iiiieliiioi)5.
' l• Jro Of- ,R-7 1 ?ablieart,
• Ar,i oi Said. -Let there be Light."
. . .1:1H1.•-• , _ eoci , red all the earth, for
II :- ,
~,, ..1. he sky that we behold,, each
' . :11 1 •,7 , 0 I , r_nuteonsly alio:ve,'• a sap
• :. '
lip : WP.I4 tlgos
un;ois of , silvery
'• .
•.. ••....... ! s I : , was then all one cbon , pall,
- s 111 starless: overshadoWin2, - . the
~ : d.i .;i..:ep scr ; nll:•hral glooen. Rat, niiw
i f' . ., ri l av of the en a:ion was about to
::... - i— ih. , it{'. - 'iN °l.'illing . 4 -new IV:Ariel'
• P in 'l. • heavens. 4 l •v . ;
. ;.. 1.,:r ‘.l,_ x N E, no
.. ~ .... '.1r,. , .,r eye vi any ' earth-born erca
--,.',crre. to view the a dvent of this.
Jr. IA of tlie skies. B. 111; we . .noty
' •
-... t ,, ..4 1 , 1 it.-lit anielie forms, allured by.
t , t luo new creatioll descended
abode, , ;;AlPl.hovered on
ail nntid, the ;01 , ing to Wit.-
4 1
qe - A' ilisph-ty theirl sovereign's
;r 1)M( re(Tcofirst' . As„ l the fitint
•: 41;ovi ht . gan to tippcar in the .east,
~• 0 11 1 ,. the , :a ce;est i'kitants to have
his shining wings upon a
I;,(,un: overlooking the bread plains
, trv,mS of Eden,_ amid which
, iur - first parents' home.
his cherub eves to the east--
1,-':el-0 the distant Mountain-tops are
Lr,,egh the-receding darkness, and the
ms to rest upon' them, as,umes
1 - .:l;rsive of the glorions'suti.burst
t I,G firgt time about • to gladden the
- Bioadei .and brighter ',,rows
7. I; sil of the heavens, and a ireup
floating ,in the keasfern sky.
•• • • ,- -.1 , 1)- caught a golden glealn in their
fr.o.ui•the new-born king of 'day,
, • , ,:;I(i r ingeWestwardaway, bright. her
w.,:approaeh. All is still r abOve tte
and tide rippling wati.;rs wh6se
..• ;;111.-i e floats sweetly alongthe flow
\o wild bird's song rire , i- from.
vore:i. no human voice in strains
from grove. or temple, as
ti;e ft,q-v-Mantled" sun rolls elo
•; ! ,, rlll ~ v e the ntr,unt :tins, at3d proyd
hi el' in the. - heavens . . Oh, It
:worthy the gaze.,of angels.
;;luvh of. all we see, so bright . and'
then first appeared on
1.1 ., t the floniing sunlight, as
~ .1 )4 of field and forest,
..•101 tear-drop night had wept,
_ radiant gems seemed spark
='earth's breast.' Then first the
ip:-.•am:no through the wild woies
: ,, ttrne4l, to, vvrave %%rid, 6176".
upon the bending, .gras, and
fliAting stars amid the wave-
i.eHnurinaring stream. Then "first
and an ititiei•ted world appear
flowii in the. arytal depths of lake, and
wl.wie tall trees- urges al ong the shad.
and giant nl9aritains stretch their
:: - s•t(iwards • the thfting clouds::: And
earth felt a new thrill of gladness,
radiant eye, for the first. time.
dOwn from his blue home
Sinee that how many wonderful
i;:tre tranvired here below : the
of man has been connect
.' tbi,„ beantiful• world; empires hive'
l z iotirished :and .passed. away, yet
sun - kindling the east each . . morning
rictus light, and sinking down, at day!s"
a.: id a.haio of glory in - the , ivest, has,
;:p - pointed course in,the heaveni;-and
wail continue to roll iu the fun.
ne. the last stuff shall 'ou down •on a.
. litiEzz.
ye t l iatlabv some laud mui . Vm
the amelioration of the
•: ;
.!:r.,:nAr. race !"
. .
•,, • , ,
~,,,,,• , , \ • 4 1 - „, i
~r•tp , _ • ". :.,
.- - 1
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,:-------', •• • , • -,.• • • •• , ~,,. , .•• , --,• , ,-•• ~ ,‘ •.:„ , . • ,-,•,. ~, , -.' . x ., •-:
; - •-' -. .... - . '-: '..
i . - , i i _:.:T tr. r.. : .. i : iy :
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._ .
,t, , :
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1.11 .
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... i.,
... i ,
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.. .
~i.....: ,
1,,;:.; :.,.:...
... 71 ., , , .
:. ~• . :
t, -.-. -- -.---:',
( T .)
- - '• I. -
i. ••i•' - 1 , : ' - \ ' . . - 44; - , ,
\• i . .
• , .
• ..
, .
' • ' V \i. 1' '• : • .' 1 . :4•• -- . . ,-',-- ~- .
~ 1 .
'Western , Corr Op ondenee . of 4e R üblican.
. : .
.11 1 , ixo.'..T, ill., pct. , 1855..
• .•EDIT'ORII REPUBLICANI--Last ight it 'be.
gall .
.snOwittig abOut dark and sn wed until
this rnornit tr, but it melted nearl • as fast as
it fell._ It : - ade it glorious mud t paddle in.
Corn nn,
.'ing bag eo . i yet begui i , and I miss
my' gliss f som hfidy does ; not • have cold
fingers heft r i g it i. tdl busked. '•_ .
i t
.• • 1
Thorn is is rreW reaper
has' been (uite es en Wm:heed hers
this . B.urn niti
r, i patented by Danfi wd. , it works
. - 1
with two •;il.ile-s and only reqUires I tnie span
of horses t.koperate it, while Aianny's requires
two. .-Frox i what_ I have seen
, ofit I think
it would • york.
.welli.)n the - older firms 'of
Stisq'ucliam a Connty.L.Cost, -$75: ~It will.
ent ten : , .r s of hay or' grain Per day.
Tiere is
duced,: wlu(
readers hax i
C f and the . AI
itti-ers vhie
corn is in
tire track i
the maehh
days ree'olt:
he can ride
but there a,
tion in stilt
lltc Cit;sing
bas hccv Si
a poor felh
body knor
but those i•
is so . rnet hi")
1 - • == ...
l of Ours; •
• Exarninii
Hon. Dav
ig the files of the Dc7nOerat 11)r
:11 Sept.. 1 11, tlii). language. ".The
i Wilmot received the unanimous
i tbr Pilesident d - llg.c ( . this Pis
, •
a r s 1)0•1,) fill ly \ turn?e. i The uomi l
inp4ent 'b road qii6tion, anr.bwe'
1 u a ti , : a. ( i ) t f 3. l . ) , i , si ! ) . election by nn aver
8... pt. 18 h.' . ." lit:refl\renee to Alr.Wilint
tp l
:.. i
we can say iibthing that .kill not ap:' , dar :sit-,
peribus. I,q is so well Itnowii p";.-S..)nally,;
1 ,
or by reps] ail:n, to eTiTy mail, woillan, and
i child,, in tlii[sOstrict, fliiit the people, are just
lils,` well prc l iired• 'to cast their ball 4 to. day,
i as thesecoliliTuesdaY oft(M
aier. He is
1 universally regarded as a titan of eminent in , -
1 tellectual ' rftainimintS, possessing amply the
i ability tomlnrn. any elation to which the pap' .,
1" tidily of.lifisSeil9w citizens may call him."
0ct.9:1),1f851. "The voice of peop t . the' l''
I I was expresitid in the - unanimous nomination
I.of Hou r . 1)401 Wilmot iis a candidate of.the
- I Democracy. :for the Office ,of President J edge
lof this District. was hailed
i by the pe4le as proper ''tind judicious in• ev
ery respecl.7 i .
„1 Qutair. 7 - r ils the Judge; Wilmot of whom
the Deniod i at speaks in 4855, the lion. Dtli
, i rid_ WiltnoLreferred to-atiove? ' :'
rep i• • COI
bei ming
.iAi,seb)qiieotf,s!s electioqs.
"The ts annous and bloody act is done.
The mos girth decd•of ikiteous.massacre
That eveoyet this land was guilty of." •
" _kh.titsti and tbeire was hurrying to and fro,
. And gat tCring tear% and troubling GfdiArcss. '
(Angii-t 24
styled in hil
affieW I. i ' ' 1
. _
I - That greaCevent . known a; `7 3 - ..etormation. ...
; corinneecedi at the dawn of the Siteentit 'Cm
tury. •Stilli , previous to-1.15.t period, in the
i year 060, WO believe, 4 Setilof people began
I to•studY th Se.riptures in
, itt;ir purity,* :mei
worship Go , in a inanner : e
ifrerent front that
lof the {3ath ?lie . Church. ' - 11 . - , . .
• 'Slowly, under the dark ,•t ciremnstances,
1 the Anti-I'apal creed arose . from the ala ray
:.and ignoran4s! so prevalent In tleit early age:
:It flickered like a . faint, hell) , kindled llitne.
:''and not tint I Martin Lutheir renouneeri Po
: pery,•did - Prptestentistn illtimine •all Europe
with its olorions light. I li - , I .
, .1
The ProiL4:tants of •Franee received, froirL
1 sOnie eausc, the appellatiOn o'l . litiguen'ots, and
1 for many yearS this pions I;ect endu'red the
1 most dreadOl Persecatidits.E There was hard=
hy a t o wn iniF i rkinee whliseloil was nbt stain- -
1 with martyked, blood, niit 4 province where.
~ the tires ell, perseeutiont did not. glow. The
.' COnntry Avaidivided against itself, dis . acted,
I furious: IV t, in spite of all this, the uniber
of Protesta, ts increased: The:Bible we's pro
elainted am : g the people, nor coulfire or
sword, the: . rtake 'law th 1
e.raek, deter God's
word ' from findin# a relbge ,in the hearts . of
i his'peope.
, ii i • '
. I ‘ •
~ ..
NVe,. ha' v : 4f, not sf)aec to dwell' even
.upon the liiitericali facts which
massacre. •• 'We cannot detail the j 4
i intrigues, the tnurderous- plots,:.3lle- j
thins- and et.intestS, which came dike a
1 prelude event yvhich filled 1
i rope with4...lginternatit'ai. For Sever}
` civil war dei§olated Franee. The Hu
• led by Conde, Orligny and oth4r brave men,.
i struggl,.4 ti anfully-_ fur their liberties.. Save
ii ral battles *ere .fought„in Which the ?rote-S.
4 tants grenec ".crowned victories;" A l t length
i at the battle of Jarnae, Conde' was taken prig=
oiler and aflerwards Murdered.' 'lie leas one
of the first ....oldirs of Europe,
_and . ' to. , the
Protestant aftny, worth more than. a thous.
and tutu:
_. , Ooligu'y then assumed the . direc:. -
tion nf •the : ,flugneitiot ~rces: The war 'coii-..
tinned' With Yarlett'sutatess.;.until . jusC•fievi,'
out AitO U.d ignYe 'a: araaaiiration. • 'Die .ati s toiie
leaders found thisstlrh Hu' guetioti a . greut
'• i 1
'dso a Corn Cultivator- jttst intro- .
I.rresume . few, any of I - your
l e keen. It is imiunted whee)s..
Velq - are- orwrate(j . In means of
I- • * :
yrzige the i:hovelS when a hill of
JOWer 91t..111psIsoon as
is clear.. The driyor itpon
:anti in fakt no nmehiae now-a-
Miends itself - to tile limner unless
ttp . on it..
comes'idithe sixth of. No%
tio ililestions at . aboitt
l erple can 'get excited. Entigra--
go,tng•on as strong - a.l ever, but
1 (4 the Dubuque Land OtliCeMtielt
tlieoyery of the great rob- .
Al,i?appoint in 'Alt t any
W„ whotlats made to wait, no
how Inn
were' an uncommonly - tine crop,
iii complaint of the rot.--
4sellity , at -4;1:10.
G. C r . LYMAN
( For the I:epuhiirair
i 'worth uhile tt.) note the changes
place, i3l tine - cltank , inn• world
; . .
red. andleiglaiy rears ago ti.)-night,
4575,)1begail (ir e :Anil scene
thie3l:lo..acre of S% Barthoi-
"FiNtEl .l- 8 rIP97 'a(Alikkg[ - 0
\; _ - 2] _ _ - S7
..1. I‘ . 0 s
~TROSE, -TIItT4,SpA.Y.,:..:Q
drawback t'(;)their designs.. H &peen:ally . fury .of tha mob, but the_poor\wrtitebes *Jere
, .
labored %ft the interests of hitipeople r and htiou ht out in small .companies, kinocked . i on.
opposed with vehemence the plotting-" Of the the tea() and' thrown into the,river. King
Jesuitical cpurtiers of Charles e ll::: Finally . diaries' baVing become reconelledito the hor
the King eapsented to Colignyislassa.Onatien, rdrs, . asaisted With his. own ha.pds in the
making usei of that - memorable expresSion t ....f. wOrk.. , With - a blunderbuss -he Hod, several
"I eonsentiito the Admiral's' dealle but e let shot -into the-crowd from his window, said
-there not rtimain one.Htigiteno Co reproaCh- cheled on.,the' . .assassios by . crAng t ," Kill,
me With it fifterwards:" In this dark ex real Mu- r ' !. '• ' I - •
skit we cat see the foreshadoWings of the\ ,(•_ 4 4),ligny was ono of the tirseV*ius. Ife
Huguenot rpassaere. • I- wns reet•vering from his wotindland could
An assasi , in'waS soon fourid. One Maur- l vr.ltiht . ..iNo sooner did the signal bell toll,
eat, a. Man i.lo aecustonied :to cNeds of blo o d tile, the:Duke . of Grise, with stivei•at soldierg e
in secret, tbat•he was called theiKincr's asses repaireait.oqle Admir'al's To o n,. !li fe btlare,
ski, (vide Ili - antorne.) willinelv lund;rtook tli mai lien:rd them eoming and - said to his 4,er
-constimmatit , tue murder. On the . tnornitig ' N :lltltS; .-k"SaVe yen rsel'ves, it js all over-with.
of, Friday, August 22, Co_ litany Was shot while re .„ I have -b,toi [(mg preptired for deztih.."
walking sliwly `alone. the stret perusing Syon thei Murderers, with drawn weaporis-:»-
some tetperf . . • yet the ivound Witti'-not 'nor- IMrst-into the Tc;0411.. " (Vigil, • r
tal, and being conveyed to his litiuse, the , vie. iedted ate - foremost rtilliani- •." I ail) he in-,
tim lingered With strong h o p e 4 H i e _ In tbi , ,seed," teaS'ilic , iinsWer.» instant
tnean timd r i preparation; •for. the • massacre ly pltieg' ! A his sworttinto the old man's ln'l f idy,
were goingjou. The poor, itini, eempleielv and - the. , :other Murderers stabbed him With
in the POWei: of his Catholic ceurtiers, was their' daligers. His bleeding *Corpse [was
impatient td give consent . for the . d eete mi thrown,J;lanti the wiedow into the eourt 3 t a rd
tragedy to;i egiit. A-Jesu ptiest„
Father . where - ieores . of . Papists viewed it. w:th Joy.
, it
Ea . (liaise. ti 4 acid to have so ,:v o rkl e t upon lint Wi• Wi ll dwell no longer up this sOne
Charles' mend, that . the. wretched iNlettiareh .oft hnri""- The mns;nere continued for steve
atiength y4ltlrd, and with ilisioneelded i ov, • ;tee: - dayt,i.and-nights, until more than st yen
the Papists lirranged their tom-den - Ms plans— theostnelpersieis were murd tired in and emitted
Sunday, thet:2-Itti of Angus 4. 3 - chosen ue t Pki . -. ,trhe head of Coligny was cut °friend'
the day wial.ihroughoia all 'Fiiiriecti t h e H u . sent as if present to the Pope, who. Nee red
it , ~ ~
. . ~
gm•nots wieli: to we P ut to ot-eith.; t; Iltider pre- it ;vnt!' g,*('llt 3." Y '• . . .
text that anlinsurreetien wit•i.
, _ , lettwin r ir atottee Vlll.l.oassnere was stopped by proelama,
the people, liflllils of solaier,r: W - gt - e. ItatiollVd OM
. thrCillol6lit the reatin. Strict orders Were
all over Pne,is on'the•23d. and Po'PrOtestatits isluied not to kill another Huguenot mitillfiir-
Wore.permiited to leaverthe city': Th e c„ 1 1,.. :her di riie:tit ins: On . the t wenty-elehtli of IA u
olie pt)pulnei>. were,sedretly iefiti•ined at what fel•tl'l'4: Clain,: clime- one bold lv , and dechired
hour the wcIH; was to heel», and arths distri- that he had ordered.' the wholemattee; and
huted ambnix them. Midnight INV - as ;the hour -lie tilsorohibited the Protestant faithland
fixed upon, 'find as d a rk ness e he: e d O e
vr the the retietmed religion from being exereis'ed in
Mighty eity*undreds of aseasglits cript firth hil s ,k,.="g')', 4 "• , ~ . , ,
find piiiced theinselvt • et in eienveliient lee:l64ls' !!iiirourgiletit . reurepe the intelligence 4 the
• .., -, . \ t „- -. 1 e t t
to. spring •atitonee it pen the unsuspeet tag I- rOt- glee, -!laughter created universal horror.—
IqVas a dreadful nighte Ti„,„,„„k . All•the Dille-, Emperor; and crowned 1 , 43
of people:gf' j yrfettriene, Clirista'lns -nod hovel of* the Continer.i, expiessed their astonish
subjects elOted their eves in stuinbee fir the merit and anger, but two, the King of Si nin,
lEast time coealrth".., A n i tem e t i,,,, t e t e it i tte de- eir.d the rope. Ihdil•01 7 :01
were Athwit4 l . t te ee ,,,,Th ez - „ poi {lie! be , l e der. ,,,._ 4ietli,ter4il at the barb irons aut. • BM the Pa
of the grace'; - Thosn streets. all lei,ilied and I,'M ollthleities were kindled into great joy.—
clu i et. w ,,,.„ . : ,,, e to e e e t i,„a „.i t e,„l-, ( ..,•,1„.i„e e ithe Pope had. anticipated . the Ifews.seNleral
i teg v i ct i m , 4f the c „ t ie di,. I„,, e .ei, N. : „:,', l - ionc i . ,,. -days, ini,d when it came he said : "The king
- 1
slippery W4ll infl•rk•nt blood, I t r uly . i t ..i;j Of - Iran4e . hres- kept his word !" - Great• were
hard to cotteieivt. how human tiding; i'otild de- tlie repleings itt,.Rome. A magnificent •• pro
vise such'int awful plot. We On otily triist c4i's . ‘"n e.t. l lowed the Pope . te high Inns;, land
that God Millis i ri i
.u..n.te wi;dom periiiitted the- :t i re • 1:0;:iii was sung to celebrate the event.
" Wicked tut rage
. fltr a Season in Order to 1 (eenceisi, wire' fired, hells . were rung, buildings
carry out Sdrne end inedinprehensible blazed-With illuminations, -A. gold medal' was
to human '.';i arso stritek in berior of the event,' bearit4 on
side the • Eves' tine sitlet he head of Pope
. Gregory•ll, and
on the other an extirrninatirm angel strikit b
dc i two thi: Protestants, With' this 'inscript ; ion :
raT -"
i -
agl waned F l. ;,..ay. CI ari,- as th e
, few nigh. became seized with i terribie
.lings §ti reMorse. Tu precut his • ret.o
:ion troth: changing, lying r4ortsoliat the
.TuguenoiS #vere ii.houl to rise :ind ltill all the
Cathoiles wire p , cred into h's . tars. III:
Jesuit coilf4serassured hint tat the mil of
God wouldishortly be aeeomplishA. Ths
Queen also ikxhyrted her son 161 rvin:::11 fain
to hi, prointse•: ti;it!i-lits l:; fed the. illigue.,l: : .
Ittlondall . 'ties. riplioo. Y, 1 in .:-pite of . : :11
th e elatuo . m.: t of his court. the Kii;g:nihtlifcsled
a strong des4re to stay the worl; Of blOod..—
But to preilent this, the; Queen herself' Si tit
trusty messi r.gers: to the leadois that he was
e i_ , :
about to givenal, and at tr..) U'eloeli, One
.hour carbet. than Cparles had rx;peet ed. the
great bill i 4 St. Gm
eroin l'Auxt•rrois rang
limb the siilnal to etlf: Penoe 1 .. 1 The brazen
clang echoeq over that silent city; and at the
first peal till mard._:rers rn_bed Ilike liberated
fiends, to 1111 , slaughter of thus A; - defenceless
Christians. i an instant 'after the boll had
eotntrieneedtolling, the report (if a pistol Mug
through the street and smote tido,' tlb . Nin g s
ears. _lie kinew that the massair.i had begun,
.+n.: was 1:1 . 1 horrified that he at nee 'gIIVC: for
ders for.the‘murder to-be stayed, hilt it was
1410 We, ~
, ,'
Now. throughmit all Paris, • anti evep into
the counti* -- , and ithe provinees l .--s" talked the
I ,
angel INors were broken open and
[ the J . lng,ileats , m c lirdered in th . e4-bods. Com
-1 puiles of I .4sketeers stationedi in the princi
pal strek‹, shot down all who .ntleavored to
escape, while bands- of murderers, armed
with swordand,daggers, rash+) fronvhouse
to h ru;rin‘tiutne. all. thi.i Papists wore
_ . . .
4,0 house, sparing _.. .Li vap
-.. 1 iti , sted I.ty the Pupae}- then, when it. revlled
bands of white linen upon their arms and
in power, and compare it with the sentimun is
white c.rosse i s.upon their hats, that they Might eipressed by the Catholic Churehat the pres
be distinguishi , dfrom the-lingugnots. - Neitir- ent day,', t. an We as Americans, eneoura , te a
er age nor Si..x was spared.. Children were sect whit+ never- hesitatesto, use ',fire rand
butchered lijce yim;ig lambs. Terrified wo• sword. the rack and the dungenn, tO , advance
men sln•iekiiig, f o r mercy, wereicloven down its ends':' Can wt entrust p4itical power to
without ofie!,sign , ' ! )f r e m o r,e; iMen ireceiYed a systerit so. iiiiknied with evil, cud so danger
their death
, vounds from pistol mu-ket and „us to lib, rty, life and happiness? . God 'grant
sabre.' Slimetrt - th'e . 'lc . tirlis relikt(4 t' , U l )!) ~ that such anotherdreadful event as the' Mils
and died wit,h their htees . to tilt h_te. ,- But no strere of St: -Bartholomew shall never Stain
mercy :was shown by . the Papaiexeclutioners. t jj e . . l „,_ ? ,..i, i,f history. , May 'Heaven preserve
Many litigitcliots attempted to, escape, but Otur land froth •the machhistion - .
-were inc-ti‘i .. cut off, and bands of :wined men the devfisttiting effeeta of Roman Catholicism`at•the city 'gates put every travelling fugitive i Tinii• will_ prove, wd.dou' bt not, luat the Ooo l d
to death. • (Others of the victini:i hid them- of 'those, seventy, thousand martyrs, was in
selves and their !hinnies in seeti3t plttees; lout dec , d, " tile seed of the Church." Protesiatit
the assassin'} dagger,penetratedievery strong- isin, deSpite its pereitentions, has spread
. all
h01d... It. Was a fearful sight --those inhuman oVer dal earth. it now towers • upward 'in
murderers r',liiting in blood and, slaughter 7.-lic ,
afit.V,,strength;t. and righteousness; While
The massacre continued ;and the sun rose utp- sfowlv, I.tut sui - rely, the worm of destruu l tion
on a revolting scene. Blood literally flowed Igtinws at the vitals of Popery, and the whole
in the gutteijs of --) aris., Mud:at:A, corpses r rOtten fabric is tottnit t , vi for its final, ever
lay in every_ direction,' in the st.ritets,' in • tile At a .,, w . f . . .
. .
. . .
allevs, in the sqoarei, and in' the houSes. :, 1 •.
gulphurods' smoke linn ,, °veil the City, 'for
r, . -,
thousands of firearms_ were IliStilar;ioi.^ • . What I gire the Sound. Dins.
Bands -of • 4 , sassins all 'covered. With - blO,Od, ...'' , The. Governtent of .the United States i en
rushed from place to place,lcilling'ey . ry per'_: gaged in tt negotiation, with Deninark, t•ela.
son. who didlnott wear the' white : blind and five to the tribute leyietti upon commoree,pas
cross. Theciay waxed on; but till be ernis-sing through the "Sound." - it is .attracting
series' of deaf, contim.ted their- gigantic trtige- glerit• ut:tention even :in • EturiePe: '
dy; . With 4readrul impreentien, and wdd. fOreign hews states that
ri,eum.ark . has
ravinn- thq k
Papists etairaged eaelr.' other , pOsed• a'. Congress of l'qatiOs -to settle the
in their labo'r. I.tiey'exhorteoaeh Othetj. tiff tquestiern ...
.s-pare neither relatives nor friends, nor; did '. , I,As thitse dues may pO - ssi ly give rise tln a
, Children withhold the sword frOm their . ,pa- serious di.putc between the United' Stat.e.s
I rents? thioti,,tst.' And this was.kfalled God's and Deritnark, it be will interesting to. k how,
. , -
service! tijii!ge bodies .of .11tiguenet's .. - Were, I What they are,' I - The " Sound!' is a narrow
I collected intOiceirrt }:aids and there Shot ,fiy• I 'strtiight laying bet Ween the island of Zealand',
the runsketeia!s. Thepoor. vietiims died like I belonging to the •• Danes, - and the . Swedish
. 1
martyrs, re,ll
icing in their .faith. ' So . me:of 1, coaSt, and-gives', entrance . to the Bahia Sen.-L—
-i them cried , ",,Great, God.; remember the j The . fertiess . .off Cronhurt'eastle •commatids
Sufrering,s ofty .people !" and others called i the [l.4itgibge b atu), ,exacts a payment frorall,
upon' jeluivAh' to avenge the nitil,ro6.lor isrino::l vesisei§le,pterhle the:Paltie . ; the ships of Ipe.n
cent *men. ...*any. were killed On their kh'ees Mark. heriielf hive to puss, as iven - ns foreign
. . . ~ ,
in prayer,. and some died ; within hilly. ;Sting. 'tOnnage.t ~. . - .. '
upon their 11PS. But the massecre•Went on! !,,' England, F . rtincejfelliund and Sweden pay,
"Death to t1,i4 .- Lippienot, !" cried tlie'eathe,!.a , duty of one'pervent i .on - every 'cargo er ten
lies as they ;plied.: ,the *word . ,and._spe,ar.•-•.,' ing the. Oniti,e,, 00er countries, including the
"Spire - none—not evenbabies.! ',shunted t he,, I.nt'; 7 ; nitc,d,.State,s, pay one. and a .onarter , per
Jesuit' Prietit, Wile did: not Ce a se td, •eilort.. 'Ce eicn Danish Ships arc tru,.ced-at,tthrs .
the muitiertira: - ''lnto s tho 'King\ Palitee.htirst; rtitkv " It) :the:,year 10 . :9, : d a itrOtt'recogniOng
a band of rtilfians. and Protestant - nObletnert - this -cruty- , witti.concittded between the
were,shot• and Statibeil..m the
. halts of
. royal-•,States 1 . 4 d Denittarit.i.-•, This , treaty,however;
ty„ . Evi,- 11 th e finctitteschaniberiwasiiesrebed., , .a4ording, to.-mte , of.7its.stitiulattort , c truly!, be
fn' fugitives: • one - .01110 reeenvt tI. his, desth,,,' dissolied by either of the parties, : :
p rovided.
blow in' the
_liatiatier'of ' the bu'eluess of', Lor- if they give one year's,notice . Of their intention.
rain ! - Over' ee'Ven 'lrimrtred iftersons. took This notloolas' been. - -.givett by' the - United
refuge in the , Prisoni.. thinking. -I to est.ape the\l A States, '4:l , hence the dispute.
,1 i • - '
led the
1 years
7 , iv.l7- , 7 r6tnr!,
-r1 I litl li6i CI ii ul. &rt . ! :1 eN, 1.;72.7- •
\l. rilw. thasi , acre . in Lyons„Augeas, Boiligcs,
Orleans; Rouen, Toilion•;e, t .and other cities,
NVfl'; earr'id out with no loss cruelty 'that) in
N T I A ,- ~No correct estimate could :he made
of the Mnril:er destroyed throughout •Frzlnee,
• •• ) 4 the Lila; e.,(4:1;i0r ..-‘ t,,,,,f, , or , „ 4he ,L.• R is..
sins' nft.lT. lillii,)g . about four tliou , and pe ;ple;
•1 ;
repaire:i ; to the Cathelrai and received entire
abl , -,-olutiOn at the ban -of the Catholic Cltrdi-
Sal Arsini. • :, • •
The persecution.of the Huguenots wen l
A'. - : long find bloody war between the • Pr/
tdnt and Catholics etairoilcifseveral . e
tiles of ',toyer . Eureipe in arms. The ea
lie' g4A-enttrients 'entered into a ."Leag,
against:;Protestantism. Numerous bti t
xlercTiniglit, and st last, a,t the battle ofj j
the Catholics silt:Fen:4 a dreadful defeat,
the" T.e . iiglie" received a deathblow.
iThere, are few of our readers, we dare
that have not read the stirring.ballad by
'enray, - entitled, "The Battle ot,Jory : 1
'Nov grory to the Lord Of liostsi i. to whora all gi
%iid.are, . I
glog to our Sovereign Lord,lKing Henry Of Na
vaire.". .
It is ; '.1110w4 to be - one.of the most
ritnn;- irnllads in tli6 English language,
descriWs the whole out/test with great
Bat W.e mist bring this article to a. close.
(lur pmiple can see the spirit which'was
T ,
rEMBER 1855.
To the kiitorof th 4.
.2. 4 ; E Tribune.
. : ,
-Sm: 't have-no ambition to -obtrude my
personal" history '4l, the attention. of your
readers,. but as i ntyl name leas
.. already,-with
out any desire on my part, .been placed
befOre the public; i\Vail mySelf-L-,-by advice
of friends—el my brief sojourn in your city
to offer you inch it statement orfacts as may
place me in a right pesition before the pub
lic; and I hope the nnerative may serve to .
illustrate the bearings of Slavery upon the
personal Eecurity•Of the citizens of free States,
And Alpert the civil and religious liberties of
the American people.! ' 1
I am a native ol Kentucky and was ed -
cated there, butti*lliebenor of'tny parent',
who were not slaveholders i Mr cdueatio'n
was such as tii inOffiri. me ag,,ainst Slavery.;
About.twenty:years; Since I became a minis
-ter in the `.eauni+linal Presbyterian church.'
This ecclesiastical ij,ody is located at the South
west, and its ineniberis Jiave been, front the
beginning., with fete' 'exceptions, decidedly: in
favor of Slaves'y. Their. General assembly-
refuges to legislat on'this subject, on - the.plea
thaf, as a spiritual, body, they have no cogn
i7,allee of civil matters. During the,six years
of my ministerial! labors in Kentucky, I was
'known to be unfriendly to Slavery, though
favorite , the scheme Of' Colonization Some
times I preached tin the subject,.which made
ine-an:object .of snspihion,. and subjected me
I to some obloquy; butt met was no serious
,molestation. V i t my removal from my na
tive State was owinwto my aversion to the
practice of slaveliolding. During my knit-teen
years' iniaistrY in Princeton, Indiana,q.used
MN . lillerty to, - preaCh more, freely against
Slavery than I litel del - ie previously. 1 en-
Countered 06 . stirien'S
,opposition dyeing my
brethren, until the rise of 'the excitement
'growin , out of the Nebraska question. Then
they began to. cry out that it was a ' political
question, which Ought not enure into the
pulpit. It. was init Until afier this time that
the events took iplace . whiCh have involved
me in troub?e. ; . ' ' , ~
In May 1854,1Thoinas Begirt') of Render
sem, Kentiicky, Was arrested and imprisoned'
on suspicion of siding. two female Slaves,with
their children: to eselipe from -Union county,
Ky., into Canad#. An '.indignation' meeting!
.Was then held; and a Committee appointed tai
notify his wife- aid tWo little dain4iters, to
leave the• State itithid a fete days, which were
specified, or, abide the 'consequences. She
), accordingly retn)oved. with her children to In,
diana, and crime to Princeton, the place of
my residence. She was then a stranger to
me, but - of course 1 , befriended - her. , A knowl
'edge of this factwas;conrcyed - to Union co.,
where 1 had . termerly resided, 'and where
Brown was impt i lsoned. This. as UsOon learn,
ed, bee:l , lo6d ai suspicion' that I was some : -
how ctrineeft'd 1 i•ith, the escape of the slaves.
The errt of BroV,.n, though of course it ,
had taken .pleeepu Kteitucky,liadfreen effect
ed by a Mr. GAS-it, a:Sherel of hliana, with
out any . legal anthei ity to do so. .To this
person the feile'ving:tiote addresS•
•ed :
i .
. .
` i
11.sezi?Easci - x, dune 6, 185.4;
. '" Mr. G.i.vrx: The, - citizens here •haVe
raised for you And those who assisted you
one hundred dilllarS, for: the apprehension
and lodging inl Union county jail, BroWn,.
charged with stcalin e ,(4nottroes.- The citizen"'
here and in Moigantield authorized Mr. Har
ris to say to' ydu thiit for the apprehension
and sending to. !the penitentiary of- Brown,
who is thus eharged,;they would see that five
hundred dollars] be p:u'd you. Should you
produce against Brown such testimony trc wil I
convict trim of Steak slaves from this side
ofithe river yea, maf rely on getting b ythis sum
from the citizens=-sty five hundred 'dollars,
less the one hundreedoilani how enclosed 'to
you. Please aekneWledge the :one hundred
dollars now inclosed.' Yours respectfully,
A. J. Atinuasos.
or+ -
This Arch. Dixon i'was fimuierly Governor .
. .
of Kentucky, arid was after Wards the success
sor of .11-cnry, Clay in the E4enato . of the U.
States. , • ! 1
This reward for testimony being offered,
Mr.. Gavit'S asi.ieclatel.lOlin Ward,Marshal of
Evansville, loin:aim, succeeded in seeurin a
witness, one dailies Steele, who went - to Ken
tucky and gave the only testimony upon
which IlroWn wits t! , fiviete'd, though 'his tes
timony, in reality, ainounted , to nothing, and
therefore was rever . publishe.d: '-'• --.-, .• ! '
At the' reque4 of Mrs, Brown, previonS to
his (Steele's).gOing to ,Kentucky on this bu
siness, I . waited on
~him and, endeavored to"
dissuade him fr'prti geni i * .This was another
ground of suspflon against me. • .
- Another eire mstanee was the follewing:
Some time in t e ensuing autumn (1854) a
citizen orEvan ville,llndiana, Eli Bryant, a
native of Kentifeky,!heing in flenderson,4.,
was arrested,,alid without even the formality
of an affidavit,yas thrown into prison, and
detained there (for. More than half a year,
without right Or justice, merely on suspicion,
and then discha i i.ged .vithout- a trial, on .his
signing a bond:of twe . thousand dollars, nev
er, during life, o conic intO the - State again,
where has relat ves reside. While in confine
ment he wroteL i t - lett - 4 to his Wife, in which
lie advised her : o eon:suit, in respect
to .obtaining \ a4sistanto for -
,tiie. fitinily, fu r:
they were poor', lilis \letter was intercept
ed, broken, open and! . copied, and furnished
the final grouno of •proceedings agaiiist• Me.
A reward of one thousand dollars was there
upon lininediatkly offered, in-private, to any 1
person who would decoy, me into KentuCky
or take me there by force. • •
' A little befoie this time the lediana pres
hyterY of - thei 'Cumberland.: Presbyterian
church, to whici I belonged, while lit session
,v, W ashin,gton, Davies county, Indiana, ,re=
solved. ' That'it is ..nOt, expedient to discuss .
the 'subject 'of lArrierlean Slavery from ..the
pulpit.' ' T —The resolutitsn . .
was Passed by a
-yaw of sevente4n to three. This Wasimme
diarely after 1 had prOehed a sermon against.
SlaVery befUrc . ithe -Presbytery... Paying no
regard to thisaction, I proceeded ;to preach
afterward as 1 bad toi,trierly don.".. - -- ''--
The- Presbytery - met at . Motint
. Itoriah,
Gibson county, last April; A .kesolution:
wasAntroducCdtky, one: of the tii ern hers and
seebnded by myself as follows: , ... . .=.
Whereas,.:ltlis the . duty' Or eVeri:(tristian .
and . eerieSiaiticitl;body,: as - Such to.'heitr their'
tcritittiony :against all evil ; atu telterect,i,Ainer , ‘
icanSlavery isla•grent tucva ii..e v ii : _ :,; . ~
• - Reso/red," Therefor ; eohat it' is be spm). Of
this Presbiteryklist •Anie' 'ric-iii',Slavery is 'a
ireat moral evil; contrary to' the spirit.of the
I gospel of our Lhrd Jews Cbilt, : .
LI 01!'4zt.*Ii. &
' SMITH, PUBLISH',• - :g .a * t' 97Y . .:i 4 . 0.; i .. e: t.t.6 .A . it
- ..t..i. %;n4. , , , , t '
This resolution. .with the preamble was re
jected by the Presbytery intim adoption ola
substitute indorsing the views of the General
assembly, and dissuading from the agitation
of th,c subject as 'fraught with 'fearful con
uendes, and - WTI - kb, it Perslsted in; 'May re
sult in :levering the body of Jesus,Christ.•
Pending this actioti a charge wits -prefer
red agalust ine by the Rev...T. D. powan,
furinerty of Texas, fur Unchristian conduct.'
First specification. For assaciating
self with an association known. as the : under.-
iground railroad, Whose - avowed, business
:assist slaves from slave to-free territory:,
Second Specification. For aCtually, engag
:oina int the twainess of assistirm slaves iu ,
n alt i Ice their esdape from slave to free terri- .
tory, which is contrary to the laws of the •
United States and actual laws of the_State:of.
Ondiana:' i•
'hether lleim action of a' spiritnal body
took no Ng-Mitt - nee of.eicil, matters,'. the
readerkvill judge.
The testimony *consisted merely- of state
ments of what I had myself . said. But. sev
eral of the statements .were not true.
Upon .this . they proceeded to suspend me
from the . functions of the Gospel'Ministry
but previous to their decision 'two other min
isters, belonging to the' PreSbytery, together
with mYself, had .withdrawn, and organized
ourselts into a new ticelesiastical body..
A: minister from the Cumberland- l'reshY-.
terinn aural from Kentucky was present du
ring the. discussion of the resolution relat47e
to Slavery ; and' immediately.. on ;his . rettirn
,home the. Court. convened that sentenced
Brown ' l to the penitentiary - for. two years : . for
abducting;slayes, and on the same te.Stimonv
the grimd. jury_ -immediately _found 'a bill
against" me fOr,' the crime of a'.l!dttetinir - and`
stealinct slaves— the ctecizeittion. referring
the i enipetil of the sonic staves-- 7 althoug4
had not been in the .State or Kentucky for
. sereral'yeam . , .
Thislaction, it will be pereeived, accords
tl'ith We doctrine of the MisSouri courtsi---
that per - sons out of the State May. be indicted
and tried for 'crimes under the laws of the .
State--- t doctrine acted upon by a grand ju
rrandl governor of Alaluthui several. years'
since, - in the case of the latL't G. In. Williams,'
for whosemndition - a requisition was unsue
cmsfully made on , Gov. Marcy - of New .Yol'lc
Governor Powell,: of Kentucky; according.
ly Made ‘i requisition on Wright of . Indiana,.
requieng 'my delivery to his nowt, the same
Gayit, the sheriff., who was to
.17ave received,
ihtindred dollerS for Mr. Br( t - t" .r's eon vie
tion. Gov': Wright! apparently- evaded the
responibility of direct action .by a. timely
visit tri, Washington. City. llis private sec-,
retar,• ; 'Fancis King, made out the papers;
but the Secretary of E. B. Cu' liins t esq.,
refused to affix to it the sealof the State,and
sign. the warrants, because h - e'did not believe
the priyete sotretary to. be. Governor of . the
State. On the return of. Gov. Wright, he
issued the warrant. 1 have. in my possession
a i certified. copy -of the &content:4 from
.upon %I:Ch. the - warrant
sued; 'attested -by the Indicna 'secretary"
State i .
l)y the concurrent action of ecclesiastical and .
chi! authorities,' tam thus proscribed,. hunt
ed;-.lind driVen Out as a vagabond from aFree
State, ao Called, a State of which I am - a lavVl
- eitizen,•'—for no crime, and Only beeense
I am . snspeeted of en act - which, fitr.from
ing criminal,- had I committed it, would only
have b'eeti 'doing te.othcrs l ifts I ! would . have
ethers kle to myself.' For mere 'suspicion of
this, I tun SeParated from my wife and
Aten,,xfhoni [ cannot isit but at the hazard
of being dragged as a 'felon into the land .of
manacles and bowie-knives. • •
Thisj`art- of GoV. Wright, in this case: is .
the mgrs remarkable on' account of its juxta
position tea case Wherein
,a sitailarprinciple
in respect to requisitions was involved. Not
a year bad', elapsed since GOY. - Wright- had.
Made a requisition on Gov., Powell, fqr, the
delivery to a citizen of that. State, who, on the
soitofflidignet,had coin mited a crime against
her - ht Ws. Gov. POwell promptly refused
complii4tiet on the ground that .in Koritue z t
the offence Aarged:e as no crime. So
more Stacted are the claims of SlaverA
the claims . of Freedom. IT,' B. MC,:,
New Tark, Oct. 31st, 1853
A rrNM.ISTRE,OI.—A. {on' story told of
. a. Philadelphia judge, wel -nown for his love
of jo,keS: .1 - le had . ativ , . ti=ed farm for sale
a fine 'stryant of rater funning through
it. A !few days a erwards a gentletiaan call
ed upoti hire. to peak about it.. •
" Well, J.O se," said he, ",I bave been ,Over
that farm v u advertised • for sale the other
day, and ndall right exceptthe " fine stream
of wat , yOu• mentioned." . . • ,
-" runs through a piece. of woods in , the
lower part of the . Meadow," said the Judge.
• ".What, that little btook?..Why. it-does
not bold much store than a spoonful]. lam
sure it you empty a.bowi of water into it; it
would' overflow. :You don't call that's fine
stream:do you?" • -
" Why Kit. were much finer you couldn't
see it at all," - Said the Judge, b:andly.. „
never heard whether the gentlematt
boughttho farm, hut we rather suspect. he
-didn't: 1 • • ' • • •
THE A 1.13 'lSirErroivs, represented at
the Paris exhib i tion, have , received about
twenty, gold nd silver - medals, which giVes
medal .to every \ 'eighth exhibitor—a higher
proportion of:first-class medals than, will. he
received by any other nation,
reaping and; Pitt's4hrellingmachines,l3lancli-:
.ard's for bendinfr ivood. sewing ;nix=
.Gocklyear74.- vuleanized;.india-rubbei;
Fowler and . Parterre, ..ter artificial . teetl4 -
RichinOnd's machine : fur .natting,:iron: for
- steilni boilers, and M,aury's:maps and ehartsi
are amung the articles that med4ls,
Colt's iti :+, and :pistols met witlt:great
- sitiori,.and Many competithrs frOni france
and. Belgium, and. he, in -consequence; gets
but a third : clan medal, Fairbairn i the' cel:
ebrated engineer;, before the . BritiskAssoeja- . .
tier), 'paid a Marked coMplii . ifent to the Many.
new and useful - invention:3'oll'6li ho fennel at
the Paris' exhibition - by= Arperiewl;contriti•
11..titett. - ,oF taw.' year4-ago
nei - ii - steitinhoat plied on thi,riveis m Oregon,,
SOW' theca are' eleven. - Twoinn 'en Co.:
Intrihia Troth .Astiiiin; on& fro rnl'elt
xtr , ith i t ont i from t . :asead : es tg.Pprtitindc. ,
two to,t•c!goo.,.' ~: r .klwe.tplv- , ,.0n: the tit t
piii . Wql4 - ruette to CarrelleC!;_thend of -.steam.
bont,:navigation] and two betwein. Cascade Cis
ty and the DAlles,' • .
... ;" .
A:Mierdetqius Tric--Poieteiyut Mensofy of#
Murderer. - .
•• From the Ban Francisco Benda, Oat:e, --,'.
. , Some: months ago, a _large section . of. the
interior country t embracing portions ;: of ,thei .
counties of Calaveras, El Dorado and Placer, • i
was - the theatre Of a. series of horrible - arid ' •
mysterimisi murders;' attr:buted to Mexlean ,
banditti. In =nit cases, the victim was re•
. -
miner, knewn to,have been werking - a• gold -
claim, and situated in a localitx where, in ease '
of attack by robberS, he Would here little -
`titmice of escape, 'rind still less' of asstsbuibis --
ftom nei/bors. • In several instances..min .`.
\ w`jere mtir ,ered and their. "bodies burned k ,On - -
the spot • ;and upon making search for: the
missing; the. only ground' for. suspicion "that
the Marty sought for had'-heeti murdered,Was - -
in the\filet' that his tent or cabin bore traces .
of having been rifled and evident hasty de- '
parture Of the.eccupant.. The officers of•ttie• ,
law . were nable to gain any trace to the route -
-pursued by .th e murderers,
_or their number
and Characte although it was universalry'be• •
lieved..ttat they were. Mexicans. ' ?
• Some weeks 'Since, ti'mizrder was corrunite`
ted- in El Dorado county; raid suspicion. at
tached to a man na ed Wilsey, and. although •
there was nothine: o \ proof sufficient to war--
: rant his arrest', a b depup -, Sheriff of that etitt n
ty- resolved to try what could be ' done by
stratagem ,and aceording,l apPreaehed Wilecit,'
and charged him directly . with ."the murder. • .
Wilson manifested ever y] s ,eeptom of guil t ,'
1 and immediately exclaime 4 save they
I caught Kelley?' The officer. aid, "lee,Vre
have got Kelly ;"- when the . ther- replied; ..
" Then the d-=4l scoundrel."- hiablowearit
upon me." Wilson wai' . irrunedintely taken '
to the • Coldma ' , jail, when be vvas\induced
to become State ':s 'evidenee; - with the,condr-,. '
• tion that he sheirld be liberated nion the-cni
vietion of his partners in"grime.. Ile \hen
corrimenced along narrative of ninrders 'it \t,o -
which he had been a witness and party, and -
iinplicated _two men named Kelly and Mick
ey Free, with whom, jt appears, he was ai
sociated in bearlyevery murder tha has been
coeinlitted ift the sectioneof the co try spec
ified during the last year. 'He, r late& his
story-with su:h minute detail, apparently ex-
hibiting such a wonderful power of memory,
that, his listeners 'were almost induced to the
belief that they were - being
. deceiicel by the
iinaginings'of a mad man.
.. ' • . -
Many of the circumstances which he rela
ted, howeier, were in sttme measure knoWir -
to the officers, and a careful note . was -taken, -
of all the descriptions which he gave relative
to .ilie positions of the bodies of men that, had
been murdered by. - him and his companions,
and burned, as 'a precaution against , imrne- . -
diate ineestigation Of the mu - rder.., En every .
instance these descriptions were fo und to be
,wonderfalty correct, even in such details as
;the tearing of a garment and•stuffing the fr*. .
meets inte the mouth "of the:Victim, to pre
vent- his e: Iliue for assistance. Bodiee of
murdered 'mendeseribed by him - as having ~
boon burned at a di - Stance from any habit*,
tiotqwele found in the exact positign• indica . - -
ted. - The-form and color of a reek; - the pe- . -
culler inclination of the branches and .'shrub= V /
berg of a tree in a spot visited . by him b -,,
once, • and then under , circumstances wh eh
gave little time or opportunity for ieWark;
were deSerilied with such accuracy/at the
offhiers had only td refer to the c rt Which
li b
he had marked out for. their ' edattee,-and... -
they were sure of finding the jeets . Whickit
indicated. Soon_aller the est of Wilsen, .
it Pulicilinan" of thie city isited him in his -
cell 'at the' Colorna Jail •ith the view ofaker
raining if •he was t e perion of the same
name who is ace of murdering ft man in
Mont,gomerV. co nty, some years since. •As -
soon as the o cer- . eutered the ~ c ell,_he SA*
that. Wilsin was not the man,he was looking
for, and i imediately turned away—when - thee,: •••
jailer - r arkisi. to the officer.:— . " I'll bit"yote'
that "ilson can describe tome every article - •
of our dress," . The offieer remained in , e
/ fesition •Where he could listen without being .
seen by the prisoner;'and was startled "to hear
a complete description not"only of his ripper- -
el, but riven of peculiarities of , his' person .
which he hiniielf had neVer preiionsly noticed: -
it is admitted by all, theta. man of sash." to 7,
markable talent, capable of employirig,' it yin
the - manner illustrated by' his own story of
crime, is too dangerous a person to lie allow
ed his liberty. - 'Mickey Free,- one of 'the -
murderous trio, has been arrested, and• will
undoubtedly ,be executed, -Kelley , had' not
been captured at the list accounts," but • it, is
believed. he is in the State; and cannot finaily
escape the punishment which is justly due for -
the - crimes he is said to have.comtnitied. • ,'
DIiCOVERED.—At a meeting of the.Farmets
Club of the American Institute, Prl.ifessor.
Mapes stated that a few years:ago thilart of
staining, glass was unknown, when at a club
composed of mechanics, a Member stated he
had stained glassblue-with Cobalt and anoth:
er, that he 'could 'color it ma . witti‘ease,- but
not blue,-uutil.finally others came forwsifil
with their facts applied to Other eolpts, aUd
when all ivere combined,- the result Nvas a.
mass of facts that has produCed the beautifiA.
combinations. of colored glass, equalling the
.art. when it s was applied to the old catlUsdrat
windows, centuries' ago, in Europe..
zwp As an evldence of.thn sport to he bad.
in Team*, *e give the following parag,aPlifroni.
the Austin State Gilzette:—"We feequently
hear! of fine sport in biar bunting in, our up
per 'alley.- Bntne panthers too aptl leopards.
are oCalsiooally killed. But the last 'best
cimen is related by the Liberty 'Gazette. 'The
e'ditor,says in the' list number that Benitnikin,
'AL Green; of that County, killed in twelve ciatta.,
secutive mornings-herore dinner,thir4al4efirt,
one , panthei, one wildeat,.and severt,preer., No
woraci that a. Texan can w4ip Weight:
--- • -
Pats tilluk .Y9 ll 4 0 .4/4 buy thAkt
trunk."'" An' An' what should . , kV
do !with re
plied Pat,'.ivith 'some degyie - nraathnislitiient:
"Put your olothei iit it:t advisees're
ply. f Pat gazed tipoii•himrwith-slOok'of soy!
Pkise,(uld the!) With:aleconioplocluence, - thielv
is peculiar tosesort oftthe Et:tepid We i e;,
. .
. • •
tar AXExuas Wool , teaolom Jolt' 44:
ve,FtkAAni9f, stated thlit,‘!,sheL was a eoittelete!
injitresti or her tinlguo.r "it.,44es . ..the
hiss;' said a ` eav tic . o~il t,a e i !or 4sh c edit
SELF tout - ..4,--I, o6 king, Plat.
floor Window and inf's l raling the tm-edleatar
that you aro not at b
, % g".:
~~ x. ;.}:. .::F`..