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Front the tOTtatiaft Inintirer. Bepi:22!
Passmorn Williamson is still in Moyarnen-:
aing.prison. • He. has----violated no .law:; he
has been conilieted of,no -crime ; he le' not
even awaiting kk'trial. He simply perforpto:
an act ofluminity, in_ letting a poor bleat
woman, who had been held as a slave, know
that,,brought within the limitaofafreeState,
she was thenceforth a free Woman, owner
herself and her children. \ And One; desiring
above all things to be - a free woman, and rea-.
sonably dist:Listing her former master'aword
that he would; give her her freedom. it . she
would retnaini with
,him, - preferred to make
her liberty sure, by taking herrights and her
children and going her way.-
Her limner 'master, to get back his slaves,
appeals tc the, Judge of the United States
Court, who grants a habeas earpirs, - ptrFerting;
'that writ of- 'liberty into an instrument of
slavery,and requires Mr. 'Williamson 40,,pr0..
duce before hint the bodies of Jane Johnson
and her children. Mr. Williamson returns
sn seseierlhat they are not and never have
been in his pZ;rsiession, and that he knows not
where they sire. This was the simple truth.
The 'United States -Attorney chooses: 1G 41e- -
claie it a falsAood, and moves the court that
"Mr. 'Williamson be committed
,tor perjury
and for contetnpt.
Judge Kane, after deliberation, construes.
the true, statement to be' a legal falsehood,
and a dafruica of the court, grants the motion
and commits %fr. Williamson to prison for
Contempt, " Without bail ortriaioprize." Had
he committedi;hitri for perjury, he migl, it have'
had a trial ;' it is he can have none,; the
judge is jury 1100, and desposentettees and
eondemns to .an imprisonment. without limit
and without relief; Without limit, save as
he may choo' to tiseilis clemency ; without
relief, save byunmanly submission and dis
honest retraction,.on the part of the prison 7,
er. •1;
lie cannot purge himself from conternpi"
so long as he; keeps an honest 'man's' con
tempt for perinry. And so, for the
. simple,
acts of humanity.and.truth-telling,.lllr..Wil
liaki*on is imprisoned during.the will and txt
the mercy of One man, for simply pleading
not guilty to charge:made' by a slavehold
- •
But surely here must belsotne remedv.-
'Surely there Must be, spine power in, * free,
civilized Pennsylvania which can interfere-to
arrest such tyr,anny, and right such wrong.---
ne State cnurs protect,,
_the cltizens of
the State : yes, even against attorneys, and
judges, and minister:*of the United States.
The appeal is irnadi to theni. From his
on Passmore-, Wiiliamson .reaches out his
hand and asks for justice. It is•refused.
The Suprcrhe Bench (with a' noble excep
tion, of IJutige;Knox,) de'clares that it
will not interfere. • `The question of contempt
is a delicate cfuestion,; the..duti: 7 i . ,f the
court to - disoOkage all such, contests with the
legal tribanal'O . Of the conntry ;
sori.earries tlie key of hi§ prison in hi-: own
pocket . ; he can come , out when he will 'con
form and snake terms with the court that
'sent him there. - • - ' •
So the State courts will .not interpole.- . —.
There -reinainS nn remedV.but iMpeachment.
Meanwlllle lies in Moyaniensing
prison, andKitnels his brother's keeper.
Sii, in this Our day and land, is" judgment
turned away.haek.ward.'" . We "look fOrjus
tice, and 10, Oppression ;
.for . right enusnesi,
but behold r - alcry !"... And this is. our slave
ry. Who o spectacle, before. God, and • a
*arid lookingAo us ftir the noble instance
liberty In fro and 'repulilican . -American,
.minister of the government proCceds. to rep
resent us abroad with :slaves-in his
On the W82:7, a. countryman. of Pend 'and
Franklin accosts them, notrto see them free,
but sitriply,to tell 'them that they are already
-legally, so. .For. this, thongb , a, constructiVe
charge, a government judge imprisons him:
And there is : no remedy except through im
„peachtnent- ofthat judge before a republican
senate; half!af whose members - are slave-hold: .
eis l I
. How fast laVery is. ultim a. atin and
showing in unmistakable fruits what its gen..
.eine spirit, of tyranny is
We hopeye shall hear no more of "slave
ryls being.wtong in the abstract," so fast it
embodies itself in - ever new and more hide
ous shapes: ii The cancer rnnot be hidden:—
Will men . ,begin to boast- f its beauty . ? We
hope we shalt hear no more of slavery's be‘.
ing u a thing with which .we here at. tiae.Ni rtli
have nothing to do." It has overleaped the . ,
• borders.
It stands in 1/grillers Boston, and with its
gaunt" handSl puts chains around the Court.
House, told fin the. limbs of the black min,.
arid. hurries him - throtigh a hedge of bayonets,
each'red• With the blood of Liberty, subsidi
zing govermiaent ships and government gold
- to accomplish its victory-.
, In .2ortirOn Kansas ; availed -With revolver
and - briWie-knife,':it - Invades the - .spoils and
tramplessupon the franchise; shakes its in. !
suiting _fist With. e4ths and . thesti ; :in the face
. ..of freemen' defies and ejects governors; and
'\ seated in - . the legitlative halls, - issues Jaws
\ punishing free-speech...with imprisoutuat,and
`humanity With 'death.
And now - in Northern Pennsylvania:: it
mounts -the , bench, and -binds ; the judges'.
; hands andaeals their lips, while it turns the_
key of . Paisinore: Williamson's prison and
stands gaard 44, the spoor.' - And • the North
has nothing ito do with ' Nothing, ',but to.
• sttbmit, "Q, God,- how long !"
_HOW- long
shall we bel paralyzed, acqnieseetrt, timid and
beund . How long shall -we shield burSelies
. • from our thity and the voice of GOd. by' the
evasive queStion, "Am I
,bruther's : ki•ep
*erl" . '
Marmay LITERATURE.--Ameriv.n papers
ire remarkiiig on the abse-nce of all literary
effort in the Crimea, and - are therein noting
—very mtol to their own glory=--a charac.
teriatie difference between the surrounding;
1 of an American and of an English ariny.r—
The contrast is fair. The selflauditiop is
nut unjust. fur readers -knoW that when the
. Yankees marched into Mexieo they, carried
with them..., printing press ,and published a
neWspaper along the line . 4 invasion. AcriAcro ss
prairies, through dangerous passes;, twee
mountain . ratiges;sonctienes mules, often.
er On metes shoulders, occasionally iriwagi s ns
—travelled poss, paper, .type, and ink---ed.
..itars, contributors; compositors, and press,
men---fighting, furragin.g %writing, ioehing
. onward. Infinite were the uses utthe press.
It'earriecl orders through_ the Camp.. Every
morning the soldier read it the - bA4?ty ., ,uf
the previous day. k anticipated the'timet=
tea.- It .div;seminated orders of the - day ;it
perpetuated the gossip of the camp; reflect
ed putilic - o l pinionin the army; nude - known.
every want, supplied every infimnation; Celt
ercised,.iniOred and animated ever, fuss rt..
Had the Airiericims 'been itithe Crimea they
would have had„daity, _pat.iers .. .te Balaclava,
Eupatoria,lXonik,ilii and , Cnstantitiople '•,; and
- th ese p a p e rs ‘iefiecting the ;lrtitiaurih..ineidants
and lifetd4lia camp, would have., ranked a
mong the beat historical **Ameba' the
witr. --, - - Arithczarsulcliers srrindebted to
he LOnatai journals furiuthentic infurnyttion
of whtit,' occurs in, the camp itself, and Within
a or two &their •tento:
.400stibal` Ifs Lai
rd 4'14 in some respeete,—Loiders
Ili 49 ,f .%
. ; /Thin anti
k he'iloo r d *d +'
Jou wan Ret tt eof bliss
Mel t• 04'0, lie* her' n drOtrof
Alexandra's gloirea,lttep Oaniry birds Lilt' a
dozen moonbeams, tw,plio , o !
. yards o f silk,, an,
ice tiemn,'a inae - bud, a 4111/8 , 2 6 of the heed,.
ehirthe roimse ofT a,ttei,or,lx4inet„ -iff•
'don't,mel - t, it. Will she 6111.,.-'
*trine. -
• ,
'- • .
- If you went mskilk•young buck feel as
if lie•were wal in gon thkimes, tell him that'
Julia tilled hirn the handarimeat man in town:
:;—that Sarah adores mustache, •and that
Frances ,says that;--welfshe, luid'ne ., onght—aft!—=bUt she vie - Ily thiuks :be e s j - r•
resistible.—aornbank R eg ister. -
; •
If you want to ,rejoice;fhe internaltsaul of
a reporter, tell him that 4ix women an - I
- sec.
en children Illicit just be4lnen asunder' limb
from limb in It i mnse aiOnd *the next•corner
—dant Mood i lushing from all. the 'Wind
oWs attl4 doors=—that a ;steamboat has just
"bust" killing ail on board—that the;.-Rev=.
erned- Dr., Exegesis ha just ent his: own,
throat—and th4t an , twill!' and impenetrable
mystery surr4unds everything.--Alabama
Skeeter. • - • -
• _
Ifiyou want:fp, sv)!efiltft euffory tel
that his . last gcSat. article ,01 , ,'itte eroia!e4 an
!,tipfind 'sifter qostiort - lias. been -copied
sererely commuted on - ih the.Loudon Times
aqii greatly prarsed in theFillfgemeiaeZeihing
if you acid that a-club *been: made . , op in
yo inward to talte his papefa cd that yoii heard
that a new.patent medicine nian .recently
. quired his-addres4, you will greatly:, add;„ tO
the etrect.—N. Y Thais. , •
If p&p. want to delight 1 ,4 young rnatron,tell
her that, her child is - perteetion, that her John ,
ny,cakes - tire afigelle - .altil..that her hu'shand
must lireAn'a .duck-pod -- a • bliN=. It tick
clott't fet....h her, nothin' won't.Puritait Re
- Walking Leaves of Anistra
Almost exectviCly., bars heard of the wand
erful walking I leaves of Australia.. For a.'
long time aftettthe distxwerY'ol that island,
many people really believed that the - leaves.
of a certain tee' Which flourishes Ahere , ,coold
walk' upon the round. The story arose
: . this way t -
SomeEnffli h . Sailors landed, Upon the
. ek . . .
coast one:day,. 'd.after roftrimig about 'until.
They were ti ,they sat down under a tr,:ee•
,to . rest 'themselves. .A puff of wind. mite'
along. and . ble4 are 'shower of leaves, - which
after . turning - 4er and river in the air as lealeei
geiterall du, rally
rested itson the ground.
As it Was inidtummer, and 1 ,-,, erything
• ap
peared quite g een, the circumstance ponied
the sailors toOderably.- But their Surprise
"was much' greater, as yob tuay,well sUppose,-
when aftitr-a short tittle,. Ahey Saw tlie leaves :
crawling alung . the ground towards the trunk
of the .trees. • They ran!at once for. their ve
.sel, without stopping_ exaMine, into the
matter ut all, and set sail away from the land
where everytl4ng scent d tu,bebewitched.—
; One of the:men said t4t.he "expected every.
moment to se ,the trees set to dance a jig.—
, Subsequent explorationsi of A ustrallia I.ave_
taught ui.that these walking leaveS are' in
sects. They 4ve upon the trees. ;Their hod
. ies,are very thin and .. fhit; their, Wings' forni
ing leaf like lOrgatis.. When 'they are
turbed, .their legs are fulled aWay,nnder their
'budies;, leaving the shape exactly 'like a 'leaf
with its stein ind all eOruplete.i They are . td
a bright green' colter in the sninnter, but they
gradually change tit the fall, With: leaves; to
the brown offrost-hitteul.veget i jitiOn. -.. When
. •
shaken front the tree . they lie Or a few min.
utes upon the groniid, ax thotOt they were
dead, hut presently they heginail crawl along
towards - the tree, .Which they . ascend
'hey: rarely 4e , their Wings, although they
• re pretty..welll siOplied. in this respect.
Peauisylvauta istratail Law bl
Buidnes! Man's Legal Guide. . *
New and Sixth
.Edition, -- byingtpg- the Law
- . 1 dawn to 1855. '
A beans' won-the office and duti,es of 'Alderaien and
Justices of tbe•Peace in the Conimonwealtb of Penn
sylvania, includifig all the required Forms of Process
and Dot lto Entries ; and embodying . not only what
may be edeemett valuable to-Justices of the Peace,
but to Landlords,'Tenants, and General Agents; and
making this volume what, it purport/ to be, A Shire
.Legol Guide foi Bnaiive.4ll' Men.. By - John Bie n, late
Alderman•of Walnut Ward „ in the City of Philadel. •
Oda. The Sixth Edition. - Revised, eorrected, and
greatly enlarged.hy Frederick C. Brightly, Esq .• Au
thor of "A Treatise on 'Law of Costs," " Eq uity
luristirudence!n- t*Nisi Prius Reports ,", Esbto: of •
"Pardon's Digeld, - 1' &e. In one thick Volum . Oc
tavo.- Pride 11.1,y, $l,O -' 0 - -
Also,,ornpaniiin to Binn's Justice. _
Forms of dopveyancing, and of Practice in the
Courts of CoMmotrPlets, Quarter F... , sicirrs; Oyer and
, Terminer, tbeStrpreme and Orphan's Courta, and the
offices Of the vatious Civil officers and Justice of- the
I Peace. • Fourth4dition,lrevised, Corrected; enlarged,
land adapted tir !the present state of the laws; ;with
1 copious exrdanatory - totes and Refer, and a
new full, and comprehensive Index- y - Robert E.
Wright, Esq. I In one,thick Octavo v ume.; Price
i only $3,50..' i I Auto, i • ;; • f
3. Stroud and Brightly's'iPlirdou 9 s
Digest-1700 to 18$5. 1
•-A Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvarrht; from the
' year 1700 to the Bth day of Nay, 1851. The. First
1 Four",,Editior,siby the pate Joint Purdy; - Esq. the
Fiftb,irtxth,Seventh by the Bob. George IL.,
'Stroud. Pi h Edition. iterated, witNildarginal Itcf-
I: erences. F Notes the Judicial ElteCifiollkt An-
g nd
alytleal contents; i Digested Scllabus 0 each Title;
i and a Neir, Fall, and Exhaustive Inas. - By Fred
erick C. 'Brightly, Esq.Jairthor of "A 'treatise on the
Law of Zonal! "Eqtdiy 4urisprudenke,'7l"Nisi Pri
ns Reports," Editor of' "Binn's: dustirte6" liitc. i (hie . '
thick Royal 8 Prig only $5,00. .. i ! -
ri'The . 113 alb and permanent iralue of Par
don's Digem preserwe d . by the pulidication annu
ally-ore Di o f the - Laws enacted us each year.—
These ensue/ igesta are arranged , itt precise con
formity to th e plan of Purdon's Digeit. They are, 1
each of ihent,lrepublished Annuallv • fire eOrmeeted
together. by a- ral Incest ; { prep s an}w -each
veal%) which e brace* of
each year e the publicatkm tof„P n's Digest, in
one alphabet; and are bonaip with PurdMes Li
, gest. and also Iti separately. .. 1 I
Thus the pit aser . of Portion's-Digest wffi alwaYs
be in . • of the, you bodylof thi Statute
Laws.of Penn. vlrania down to the very briar when
he purchases if. • Those wit() hey,ah4ady pUrchased
Purdon'irlY mar - always .eomple ,it to date itiir
the small aura Fijke Cents,' the price of, the vol
ume containin - a il the arra; Digratts issued since
the first puhr tion of the am.; edition of PuTdon's
Digest,- as h fore ,
. i Law Boorstittas tufo P
,:,1 • 17 &V) South'
- FlrSeStore about; Chestm
ornrdors or - letters Of htqnr
frinntbe country promptly *tent'
. ~.stectittessis2 No ice. -
All -
pererq indebted - to the ... to or in s ul: B.
Warden, late the toons 4 hrn of ackson, d 'eciased 4
ane hereby l
ediontaliate payment, and
those having' elihni *gab* said testate la Anent
them duly u Bi:flawed*. settleMent. ,
41so, all 'mons haring books 6 their riasession
belonging to. a late Eltilircirderi are requested to
return the - nititfi lantiodienee in Jackson.
- . -. : .3MM*. P ' EXI:7II.
- Iseimeet;'A. 4 41), OWL
. ,_
ew. rierkirrices
or ta*paitibt.4 , .!l,4l4 A Co .;. 00. - an
those who ' thoit *Wee atellendsee to *elm
,o ffmente
Thej having s _ WO DOW enabled to
Mad all kinds ot Xite rock and to sell
the same it .41i hi mete,: Oat... An those
who wish good glees end Oda 'Mum we invith to
01 / 1 9Kst . - ,-- -, 't A. LATHROP drCO-
Montrose. ty 1;11'14. , - •
toceire4 , EOIO3, mire Just
1 -7 I 4. xMS 460 y,
t 9 N' 3 :^"rv:'` 4 ?- - ..~. -, :uy~7C.#!6*'AtßlY'.TA'la'~.~C,"a~tt4.~.'~:➢OlHi+T`SCG`Ci^^.: 'giX_T
tat was :
,Funeralsattelideirwith or withont i
bearee. i-Wiire.i!xlisi ne t srly . opposite J.,esee
New #ifford, May 15 4 1855. i2O--li
_. _—,
, B. Baldwin, _
NrarundrmiElts toDus.
Trttukit, ValPe, &sly In the /4Pmen
Hotel, Montrose, 4.
007' AMID SHOE HANOI:. Shop iirj;
door *4
LP of OidieUoliy-Eldl,:T:uropirke IfoolrOse.
• W.. Singleton
("UN now be found at his new stand . b Qwego at.
1,,J, two doors 'wei.t of Searle's Hotel," whCre he' ef
fecbsagy repairs with dirpaith, WalchOs, Coats,
Jewelry; Guns, andi erery deeiriptiim of Machinery.
Wheel cutting; G4n . and Watch niatesiala supplied
to the tilde. • ,S; lj
11. Smith,' •
CM-Gboll'Oßl4/07411orwirose, Pa.
1 , ..1.7 , 110tp1i Monday* and Tuesdays of ea ch
• ,
AfOrtutOSE, PA:, itiOl Row.. HrOodriti 0, Cat ,
tar, WhoTesate Grocers and ,Congirission . .Dier
cluirmi, No. 178 WOhington street, between Court
indt and Dey Stre4s, Nero York. ' :
Caleb Weeks.,
tinge Trimmer, Shop at hiedwellin 4 0111 ;
early opposite Henry Drinker's. ifrntrost,i , P a.
- Miller- & Fowler,
and Solicitors in Chancery. Office No. 44 Clarke
street, Chicago, = 1
I -
Pacific Hotel,
STREET,, (near Broadway,) New
I._X York. :..Salisbury Co., Proprieuirs. .In the
vicinity of the prin!cipal steambOat landings,
- Thirmas Inkstnun. •
TAEALER, Yti I)RY GOODS, Groceriek &thing,
Crocke47, Boots and Shoes, &e., Slap:Manna
"Depot, Pa.
tf?h Street,_
for Lim Books
to. Whoa
~tlalt~~.: "
Busn4sS',, trMuls.
BOngey &
Li AGENTS, 31?htroae, Pa k
i John Groves. .
IZASIIIONIBLE TAILOR. Shot; 'under. Setrle's
Hotel, lolaineiltreet, Montrose, Pa. I '.
; • vD. D. Rinds,. "r j
Li in the rear - or Wilson's Store, Moialose, Pa.
- J. Colsteri,
DtALEB Tiq STOVES, Tin, Copper ) i and Sheet
Iron Ware - I.4xiersrillp, near Great Bend Depot.
Decem • 4. , -
• • h . Hutd,
ATTORXEY AT AW, Susquehannti, Pa. Office
onMa t ihe street, one door east of Lenheim's. •
Brazier & Case,
ri °flee; on".Tprapiko • street, `one- door East .o
Post's Store; iftm4roe, Pa. I ..
- •
.1! Albert Cliamberlin,
A TTOOtEY •AT LAW and Jusiice . o the Peaeel
over V .L.. Pot k Co's Store, Montirose.
. .
=, Wm. H. Sessup,
13... Pt:Erik for the State of New Tork, will attend
to all busintiss entrusted to him with prcinaptness and
fidelity. (Ace on Public Square, 'decoPied by Hon.
Wm. "JessuPi
i; • • 'Abel Turrell,
Peinti;• Olis,; Dyc-steffs, Groemies Dry Goods,
Hardware, Stoneware, Glassw=are, Clocks,' Watches,
Jewelry . , Alter Simons, Spectacles, MMtical Instru ,
ments, Tru.44gs, Sttrgcal Instruments, Liquors, Per;
furriery, Mirrors, Stationery, Brushes, Shoes, Yankee
Notions, Ar.C. • :,.
. 1B B. Lyon; & CO., 1
Dr - ,Good
Groceries, Salt, Flour, and Hard
ware, Lawriboro, Trz..
F.' B. Chandler,
DEALER IN DRY. GOODS, Ready Made Clothing . ,
Groceries, Books and StatiOnery, I etc., Public
Avenue, Montrose, Pa.
• F
Patrick & Din:Lock,, •
Own() street; Montrose, Pa. _ I
" • 1.-L-Post& Co.;
EALERS IN;DRY GOODS, Grucr,tes,.Crocttery,
Hardware, ,Leather, Flour, etc:, cp -ner of Turn
pike street and Ptiblic Avenue, ifoUtro'p - , Pa:
_ T o y - ons & Son,
IMEALF.I 900DS; Groceries, Ilardvrare,
I/ Crockery, Tinware, Groceries, Books, etc.; also,
carry on the Book Bitu4nyt business— P üblic Avenue,
Montrose, Pa. I - I
Bentley & Read,
DDEALERSDRY' GOODS, Drugs, Medicines,
Paints, 0i114, - - . Groceries. Harrill-aYe, Crockery,
Iron, Clocks, Watches, Jewelry,'Savrie Spoons, Per
tunery, &c.—Foot of Public Avenue, .4lrontrose.
Sayre; Bentley & Perkins,
131 kinds of Cie,tings, Stoves,. Agri4ulotral Truple
enema, etc. ()Moe at Sayre's Store. Public Avenue;
Manufactory at the Eagle Foundry, Foot of Cherry
street, Montrose,iPti. _ -
William & William H Ataittp,
TTINLVEY4'.A2 LAW,• Amtrak Pa. raw
-11 tire . in Susquehanna, - Bradford, !Wayne, Wy
mina , and imaernb counties • • • •
Willi Pin W. Smith & Co.,
etABIKET MAKERS. They keepj coastantly on
NJ hared a stod'assortment of aUliods of Cabinet
Furniture. Shori. and Ware - Roans lat the foot of
Maine street,. .t tan: Pa.
Winton &to.,
LY Goods, H4U, Caps, Furs, Umbrellas, Para
sols,' Ribtiprot, he. &c.,• 2( Courtl4dt street, Kea,
York, (upstairs.) -
I •
. ,
. .
v . " . IL C. Tyler, 1 . '
v,..7TERESTEtsiwith I. L. IIt.NT, Importer of and
1 Dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, Carriage Springs,
4bc.,Mo. 215 Pearl .street, New York, :where his Mer
cantile friends ; in this 'and other bounties, are kindly
invited, and earnestly solicited to call and purchase.
PA., AT 0,60 PER Assn'. Ix irouvicr..
Hates of Advertising.
One square (16 lines or less) one week, 11 41 43 0
One square " two weeks, 0 75
One ,square, " three weeks,. • 1.00
One square " , one month, ..: . 1,25
One square - z " two months 2,25
One square "- ` three mont hs, • 3,00
One square " six months, 5 00
One square - " one year, ' 8,00
For two or sore squares, Inserted . by the
_year, st
deduction from the above prices is makle. Yearly ad
vertisers will hilve the privilege of altering or clang.'
Jug their advertisements without additional char g e.
Business carit,,not,exceeding five lines, inserted
at $2,00 per an#tan. ' 1 .
' lob Work.. 1, , • •
Thisellte ilisupplied with a erocid assortment' of
Jibbing materials, and all- kinds of lob Work, such
as Cards i Poster*, Famphlets, will be done neat.
ly and promptW - • ' '
rrill& undated hal. 44 day . Streriated ,tuider
the firin of ickinnan and Garnett; for the pin , :
pose of transacting the nienzantile /mines* t the old
stand ofJ.DiclOnitasnir r . . J. DIOSERNAN jr.
18.55. .1
Now Efordiluly
rtoNstorrixcei goo cm' to order
Oa ahartOOt4aa• _ ' , Ton k SO*
500 .
• . i . .RALLROAD..
1Q ~ahhd -464'lionikr. Hey 7th,. 1055, tlie,
.Painienget, Teas depart front Serantint at
10.20 a. m. at Great Bend at - I;2o'e. it.- • Con*
seeing With the Dunkirk Espieas West on the N. Y.
&E. IL IL ,Pitaaengers taking this ink will irrive
hi Dunkirk 101:15 p. IL, - and in New York at.ll:lis
_P. 'L; .•.:- ~ • . •
Returnipkv . w.M leave drat Bend at 4 due
Seitinten at'd:4 . 0..1t. '
• The Height rieionnzindatfonTrahr, with passenger
car attached, will leave Scranton - At 1 l. ar.l. deg at
Greaf Bend' 6 - r. N.; connecting' wtth
Train Westi,and' the Bight Express 'Train .East.
Passengers biking this train and. the Nirlot Express
West;wilt arßie lit-Dtmirtrkat 12 tn., or by 'taking
Mail Train Weis, will arrive it Dunkirk - at 6:45 p.m.,
Retuning, 'Ara:leave ;Great Bend at 7 a. tr. on ar
rival of Cincinnati Express East, Due at
42,10 r: ' ' . • . •
Passengers for Wilkeiharre, Pitisoon, Carbondale.
Philadelphia, Ohs the Catawiroa, Williamsport and
Erie and Reading Railroad, +irt Tan:Atli:lo and East
on, and all Inteirmediate places, will find first class
stage coachesin readiness at Scranton, on the arrival
of the Passenger and Acconunodation Tolima to Con
vey them to the above placer'''. Those &oinking pri•
waticonveyanceir will find the best of 1)0114s and car
riages &every desellption,-' at reasonable- charger,
:ready to order:
D. IT. DOTTERER, Superintendent.
. SuPerintendint'i Office. ' t • ' • •
Scrantori,. - May,lo, 1855.1- -r 3
. •
- Searle's
L E ATE 346 PRP S .e for D. L. k W' R: R. at 6} A.
114 for _Ea:press Freight Trainiti ;141ranton. • At
11 o'clo4k U. for Mail Train to 'Great Berd. At
3 P. M.. for Etpress Freight to Great Bend, and Mail
Train for Scomiton. ..Lvave Depot fOr , Montrose on
arrival of all the above trains at Station. ._
For seats aPply at Searle's Botel,'Moatrose, Pa..
..t GOODS l (MODS I \
r 1 1 4 E subi , C Aber. is receiving his pri.ig" and Sarn
i. mer stock of Goods, comptisinfr a great variety,l
which will be . sold as low as any m this market.-1
Pleaie-eall 'and examine. F. B.' CHANDLER.
.04 PS—A good assortment of Me l
latest aftle. -
READ)=MADECLOTIIING,--A gomi variety
of Spring and Summer Clothing of the latest CUT. ' I
DRY GOODS—. general assortment throngh4
out. Also, :DRESS GOODS, consisting of Lawns , I
Baxege,Deliines ' French Delaiaes, Persian Delainc,l
P r inted .Laivnts Fahey Prints, Worked Coli
tars, Insertion; Edgings, Black Silk Mantillas, Thibtl
and Cashmere: Shawls, Parasols, hosiery, Gloves, &c.l
..BOOTS AIVD SIIOES. flocks—a large, assort ,
meta of every. desciiption and style. Also, a great
variety of Fancy Article; Yankee Notions, Sc.
Crockery,' Hard Ware, and4Locerics of all kinds:
Trunk; a good lot for sale cheap. Books antl Sta.
tionery.—Wall Paperalso," Flour of the best quality.
Montrose A,11317-9, 1855. F. B. CIIANDLEB
NeW Lisle of 'lrian StOges,
• FROM . -
QTAlDtSioiltlileare girkwood, passing through Cor
bettsville, - Liberty, &c., ev-erv.morning after, th
arrival, of the Mail Trains of cars, loth East and West
reaching Mq4trose at 1 P. M. Returning, pay,
Montrose t.ktily (Sundays • eirepted) at'''2, P. It., •reaelt
ing Wirkwoolin time to take the Mail trains of eass
both Easi ittcl West, being ttre nearest and roost
bible route to reach the New Yo -k and Die 'Railroad
This line•int4rsects a tri-weekly 'line for ~1 1infock
Springrille,-Intikhannoek, Wvorning, and Wilkes
barre. which leaves MOntrose at i i. a:evert- Mon , l
&kr, 'Wednesday and Friday. '..klso, a.line to lends
vale, berayitville, ttc. . .
Good teams end rornfortnsle eareiapv are prop' '
Avi v and the proprietois•will spare no pains to ue l
coninutdate•the public. , K. HATCH,
April 6, 1854. MORGAN& WEST.
THE sttbsetiber tskei this method or advertisin
his rriends volatile public generally, that he ha
fitted up a_sistre just across the.street from his oh
quarters, in Brooklyn, where he is prepared :to
calve custnmihrs an them goods at as low rate
as any - other establishment in Susquehanna count
My assortment is very large indeed, embracing nea
ly every:ittide usually called for in a country More.
... . . .
. . .
'As I am . determind to do business so as to avoid
"bad debtW, l 't which reAponsiblie credit purchasers arb
taxed to pay; T can °O'er superior indueementa toenail
'and otherwise caomn-rartwopat , ons. Call and se
me: . : • O. G. lIEMPSTEAD. •
13100M:hi, April 3n, 1855 i.
NEW SPRING 600DS. iware, Reek
Blfitt R ITT would announce t Outni), &c.,11 kart frieads and the public that he is- all s i,
ing an untiMally large ;stock of SPRING 41. ND 1 n es ,: an d d e si )
SUMMER GOODS, including a great iariet, 1 1 1
.Prints fionai4;cent.s to Is Gd per yard; Plain an I kept constant
printed Lawtis,•Barege Delanes, Gingham% 13roca.dil, 'of the latest it
Black and fanci Dress Silks, Silk Dress Tissues anti tl ex p er i ence in
Bareges, Poplins, &C. with a superior assir•tinezit f•:.that we can s 1
of Silk, Brofibe, Cashmere, and Thibet_Shawlv ; Mari- ;Amongst ouri
tillers, ParasOls,' French Lace and Straw and Silk Bon- :ip aragol , •i
nets, rich Ribbon= and Flowers, with a large variety•'!New World
of other &aide end Faure; Dry Good*, • ' t ,
• I
GROCERIE.S, CROC.KI.I? I', -AND lid RD- Phoenix, .
U'ARE--Iron and Nails, Boots and Shoos, Hats and ',Th ree
Cap Calteiiit, Wall Paper, Floor Oil Paint
ed N:i”dow:Shades, OT! and
Plour,hs, &d. &c.; slur t, the laig. , 4t of. Pi'd ,
of rich and; e - hap Goods. too nittnir oils
but just the; things to purchase; all of which will h ,
sold at the most reduced prices and on the most fi
vorahle . terms for cash or approved credit.
•N. B. Flotir and Salt constantly on hand.
New 'Milford May 5 -1855.
John Grovee - Advertisement:
AS nature, Who- nonishes the birds and beasts rib
'Ft extra coat for winter, has-not•-nnule a similar pro
vision-fur man, I have concluded to take it upon 14-
pelf to attend . to- that department; and therefore I I
think proper to announce that all shivering male bi
peds, that need new apparel, glorious,. or inglorious,
fashionable! or unfashionable, can have their wants
,supplied and di* tastes suited, by calling on me, fat
mrshop inAlorttrose.
riOCT. It. TIIAYER, takes this method 'of caring
to friends and customer!, that he fiae again
resumedthl practice of medicine. at his old stand ht
Montrose,' where he may he found at all times nnles
profeissionallr employed. He would gar to those in
debted to, him, that he will deduct tWentv-five per
cent on all !accounts paid before the first of April nest,
'(or - Tiny:Poor like myself! will deduct fifty.)
Montroail,. 'Feb, tv); 1855.
Pioorma.ters of the Borough of Niontrre
1 dealrie[fri Wild out three children, one white girl,
aged 8 years; oile black boy and one black girl abort
the same age. Xny person desiring to take one ,lor
more of said children .can call on eithe; of the P.
masters. • •1 S. M. WILSOM,
I C. S. FOSTER , . •
..Mentres, 0, 1855.
9 i) AA Milli Paris of all , sizes and rdade - frtim
,a.d.x.r-VVdoutile cross tin-at less than iferchat
usually pay to sell again, for sale by the Subscriber.
We bare come to the conclusion to sell pans to Far
niers as low as We will to tfie trade, ,thereby saving
to the Farmer our profit. Our wares are warranted
to he perftict in eve.ry Particular or no sale. _
Termstshlor short credit.
i f- J. DICKERM.'.S Jr l
' 2.Zew Milford April 1. 1855.' 1
:floOks sand Stationery.
IHAVE received a large addition to my stock of
:Books`and Stationery, among which are: A Lung
Look. Ahead. -(1loc-)--Wolfert's Ronst,(lrving`: pr.
Spencer's Sketches—Wonderful Adventures of Capt.
Priest—The Slave Holder's Daughter—Life of Sitm
FlOnattim-:Janis May—The May Flower (Harriet 18.
' fkowe).Hog Bag, (Willis) ie. &c.—will he sold
' cheap. F. B. CHANDLER!
.., .114; • 22 # 1855 -
WE are receiving this week a lot of New frood.s,lust
purchased, in the eity, which sea:lesionr amsort*ent
oomplete.:and +which we offer , on the most taporrible
firms, at the nhw building , one-doer ithove.;the Pc,st
• Monts*, FOrtary 8 , 1855.. •
and Salt
By the load, barrel, sack, or polnd, by-
JA 1 904,1,. 1535-1 - F. B. CEA 'DLit
.. • .
• and
WINDOVI .h ofvariocuseizes consisolly coilaertd
Y . ..also l Unds flipdshed to order by _ 1
• J. LYONS 11r. so*
•. Cash for Land Warrants.
i • L. F. )ITC
Montt%4e, Jun!, 5, 1855.
, _
rijovoftt and Tlistothy seed for male by
. , ..
.. .
Nei' lillfOra MaretlB,4Bss . (
..,„.. . ..
N wrircE.
P .
'A .r : picluir, SA: Wifirriff TWO ,
1 1 .17404
T *rritklittO 104 Vo'ntritse t ,..ta`. - ,':tilte'
!• this ,Ipethed' akilidapbelr
_Ad Mends: and
0114.omersi end, the, publiC
. larte;tTuit. they haVeluit,
ireceived and meried the Urged., prettietrand eheafi=
est•stack ofBUDY "MADE. POTEINGhroet
, to tids,phic*
-e, which they ;ol*r it aiittiap Advan'etffront.
cost, thereby offering .ptirthasiiii the rare oPpOrtuni:..
ty Of obtaining goods_, stialxi,ut two OAS', the 'usual
Price.- • ' . l• I• - , .
• Also"a large assertment Of Dry Gantrht, CoMpriXhlg .
for Ladies Wear; new styles Brocade, Stripe;:Plaid,
;Plain and changeable Sillop,Delitincs. Muslin; De,Bage
I L Derage delaines of new and elegtMt designs. Alt the
Istestst , les of Ladles Dress GOods, French Ltiwris - ; ;
Prints and GinghamS. A handsome , assortment' of
t Drina Trinunings, Drahrolded 41ee'it.C,91114174 Cuffs;
h etc. Jaconet and Swiss Edginglsnd Insertings,Glines
Slits, Hosiery,l7ells and ;Persist:di. • 'r•
Their assortment ofSha!wlti is: very la r g e . embiseing
every thing that is rich and ttthionabie'both foFeigq
ttnil domemjci. '
Their Bonnet Department its large and Complete,
embracing the very latest styles, with Trimmings to
thatch.. 'll
An extensive assoriMont Irish linens , napUns
toweling, table covers, Ortaina
We have aleo a supply ; of Shirts, Gentlemen's Col 7
leis, Suspenders, Gloves, Finhollas and a 'good
m any
other,,articles too nutneront. to 'mention. For her - -
gains the public is respectfully:invited, ta , call at the
cheap store of r-
corner of. Chesnut Owego Breette, fair dtxors.,east
of Post's store.. ' • , t E • " •
, 2 ,
• . INFO', GOODS. . ' '': . .
. . ~• 2
ATE/. • BEi.V•FLEIY• d READ •- . ~.
ABB iiiw receiving theft ustuil supply of SPRING
AND SUM if ER GWOS, which they their
cOttunCri!, and the public getierally, ow
tt .the e fi nst rig
xoalde lerw ut, for Cash,lltutter, Ens, Grain, Bees
wax, or on approved credit.. 1 • .
Montrose, May 1; 1850.- • • . •
TIROADCLOTHS - Jgseynteres, Kett-tuckY Jeans,
I) Summer Stuffs, ant!! a .' r;eneral 'stock of Staple
Dry Goods, just received suidfor lutle viiht by •
o:ll3.lElibe7l. 7 mWt.tarrii:;,. Gingii;iii7,
10 Men imac: ani,l Priat4. for •sale
B - •
1, Parsols, Semmes Sha,,
Black Silks, DresbiTrimatings for sale
Qil. - K, Fur, r. ‘gliornr, :ram, traw, and Palm
ilatA, 'Umbrellas, ifateb4lA, Window Paper
&c. • • BENTLEY S: RE AD.
- • .;
ARDWARE, Croqtery, ;Patent PiiihT,Tnlist. 7
DRT:GS, Ifedicines, paints:Oils, Dyestuffs. and
general assortmeid of Patent Medicines, jutt in 'I
j and for sale by . • j BENTLEY &BEAD.'
OLE and 171. per Le4tr, .' Rips, Calf Skins,..
1 1.7 and a good supply_ of Boats and Shles constant- !
jty on hand. 1. I• • BENTLEY r & READ.
11, fACKF • niy..I7I4 ticj. l bars] or barrel—alj ; I
. so, Coulndt.
-- - ; 1
TATrHES and JEWELRY —A full us.s'ortt. cntll
lIT V of Gold AIM SU Leptnes and Eetatched 1
Levers, in double and Ingle ',ea.ges, Ladies' Pins, Ear 1
Props, Rings, Guard Chain*. the: &c : Also, Silver
:Table, Tea, Desert, Salt: and Sugar Spoon's, warranted 1
for sale by • BENTLEY & READ. • I
TOLES aid TINWARE! Clocks, Nails, Candles.,
ij--) Lamp Oil. I...,aniplmile &O. ke. : • ,
Mo utroF v; jBENTLEY fi READ. •
prmps: pumps I • -, . i
77te Grrors l improPern-c?ot of the..Age!---6.
It Irlrriri , 'Djate- . 1.-let;;kg bill Valve
.; • , ,•
i - - • Force aft .Lift PrQupl—
-14 N iniprov,ment '4>nve 011 other pumps or TO
rt. 0.1 -be,., forlifting,ithrowing, and currying water,
Combhiing both a Polly and a Fire Engine. , 'This
rilinp, patented in February, 18:11, is the whole of it
filet:dile. No holt ok'sereers about it to rust, come
dnently it will (last h niiin's life time. It can be used
in . evely vmh. ty of foim--Cail draw water from ant
4itttation, and tarry itjo any part of a building. It is stipelioi ! to ail other. Pumps for Distilleries'aper
Milk Tanneri , s; Ihicki 'Yards, Iron Works and Mtn-
Ufnctui ing establishments titan kinds. . 1
All orders must he tOdre(iSed to ADO/SON Dimuicr;
toders - :viilki Ft., who has the sole right for Eluscre•
haana comm... I' .1 . C
• i f
ALLi.R.EADT. : • •
ELDREb have C9ll.gtantly on hand
and well sekcted astm. intent of tin
nd Chain fo. : pumpsA cistern
vtimulid, - 11antp, Japanned wares ' lead
• •
'es &e.,. ke. Job work done. with ndat
itch ; all o• - dwe promptly . attended
y on timid, a ar&e assortment of
oved 1 and
,apProred patterns: Our
the business Cinables us to select those
felt' warrant to ftire entire satisfiietion.
!numerous stock can lie found the
it tight 1 . Star of the West, Elevated
'! 1 - Clintou i [1:/vien.
" • 1 Cultivator( , A
! Fire Fly. -
" • Western Qneen, . it
• tt Preini
E. A. 31-0
and prove niCAIF: GOOdti.
• t 4 -
:RlTT,zig now receiving new and full
ies of Glnd* 'Or the Winter TrMlO,, in
and'elitc.ant assortment of Fieweh Me
na end ?'astir ere Plaid.; Plaid, Pan
ne Lair' A, ParamettaA,BrnehP,!S;riiare.
' (wig, ,all of min• and best styles, and Will
per cent. less than last yelir's price S—
. kich RAW,' and . Bonnets,
Cloaks and-Manpillan, Rirh
'!, , /rrt .7)rius Trimmings, Mahair Head
idets Ike., with a general assortment
!eta; and FAST Goons, is usunl,`which
ftt wider the present preTture of the cash
I be sold pt corresponding and reduCed
wd, Nov - Mriben 27, 1754.
• .f o r e
• ~ . 3111 , p
rid ne •
tin 1/1. Men]
elf and Plain
anclLony S
he. ,old at 2
Al'o a new .1,,
Tride Silk 'lr
Silk ari.,
Pressrs, nib
of other Sr Ali
haring bondll
-mtrkel, will II
New 31iIto
CAPItAL,:i 8200,000.
:and and Alo+leyagr on .the Rea/ tAtate
Secured by
of the Stockhold-era. •
• ,
Insure: against lo:ts by Fire, of Houses, Stores, and
Other building Good;
i.,‘VnreA, and 31erchtunlizie on
as favorable term.asf,ftny similar Institution, Losses
promptly adjusted arid paid.
Di rtreyons.--Bou: Bombe Atberi9 ; Fran
cis Tyler, do.; Georg. A. Perkins do.; Meyer,
do.; C, N. Shipman,Ao. ;;C. J. Welles, Jr. do.; J.,E.
Canfield do:: Ilon..John Laporte, Towanda ; Gen. B.
Wakeman, LaeCyyuife; Ilollettback. Wilkw
barre; Michael Meytert, LaTorre. Pa.
Orvicsits.—llmt. !image Willkton, President; C.
F. Wells, jr,. V. Pips. and Tretvi.; J. E. Canfield,
Secretary. • -
Agen. 0. S. BEEUE. Montrose.. Pa.
rrHE'subseriiter i*carriing on the CRALIZNAK.
1, ING - BUSLIVIISS in all its various branclicsiat
the Chair and WarelShop in Milord, where may be
fnavd in greater cl 4 iety ,'of Windsor and• Rocking
Chairs than at anynher e4tal,lishment in the county;
also .Flag. and Cane , ea t:,,
.111oreahs, Ileistd.a.toung..
es, Settees, Tape?, tends, &e. dc:, all of which will
he sold at
. the loweat prima at retail; (or wholesale;
with short notice.) i All work warranted well made
and of good material - Short Credits \and small profits
will be my motto. Por , demonstration of the .bone
facts; please call at my shop in Ilinfo-il ‘-illaze.
•' , -• ; 1
Hanford, October ;12, 1654. - 15f6m6
. FAltill FOR SALO:.
IIE sutractiber Offers for sale, on The most libetitt
1 terms, one of the beet farms for making money..
in Northern Pennstrania. The said farm Lt situated
in Ilimoelt,Sustmehnna ctnut ty,eonvenient to church
firisumill, and sawmill. . h tonna, 160 acres, one
hundred : and twenty. five under a good state of
cultivation, wellwatered and kneed, one good frame.
house, Y 8 by 86 fee two good barns, o.e hundred
feet of good shed, kw house, and agoodyoung arch.
ard, all grafted frultlthettoo. Possession will be given
to suit the putcluu4r. For puke aPitlY to th e Pro.
prietor on the premises. Wu. BAKER.
Dimock Julj lath. 1&55.- - -.28:w4..
IAI. 11111.8 Fan . ' LE. •
rrlrtsubseriberiVill set as agent for buying and sell
. I. ing Rear &tarps:is, Houses, and L0ta...10.-
eated in &ssqtrehan a (Wordy, rii All-who wish to
offer their property &reale can give a infante deaorip•
lion of their Farms or Uri as follows : Number of
acres, how many improved, and how Teetered, build.
ings, orchards, gralked or- corunuin fruit ; other fruit
trees; and the ne point to - the D. L. i W. II; R„, ,
and K. Y. &E. ft. I - ' - . •
62 farms on the fat; 01 unsold. • By saUing mats
sub*eriber a WWI description,- price - and Iteiuts•esti
t)e givcil• '"-- ' '' ' - -1- • -._ ..--•
• Moe' an Tlli n tillutirt.'4 doors was e( iflan'sti, '
Y.0....tr00 I- ~ 1.5, 1854.1 A. BAZDWV.
R. 7.. ELT,IIF.r,
I -•
A...cur:Of f all '. fika- .. i tts! ' etts Ili-.
,Dropsy, Bhemmitiam,..Pervetrs,clitt7'
More Ocatt,-Iferrousnea4•lnitabilitY.•lrditaintelt3lonik'
Headache;kith* Breast,lSide. Mack and Ilitbs,
„female CoMpleintik, Irldeed,lyery few .stro
the &eases :in which.. a.Porgative Medicinal, ,11.: -. not
50ore 'Or less-remilred,'nnt much sicknen nod nufftsc
ing tnight'.ye preventedi. if. harmless ! btit -.effectual.
Cathartic wort:More free ly used. • • No.persou can feel.
Jaen while n !xi:4Yr habit of lady•prevails; • besides.,
it stain, generates setietta rind often fatal
Whieh mighthave been avoided • by. the timely .and.
udicious use of a good purgative. This is alike true .
of Colds; 'Feverish symptoms, and Milieus derange-.
meow: The' , 'all tend, to become or pruduce.the deep
Seated -and :foil:addable distempers :which load she
Hearses' all over the land. Hence a 'reliable family
,'physic is of the first iinportinee,toffielmblic health, 1
sod this pill as teen perfected with con:intimate.
Skill to meet aCdeutand. An estet.sive trial of its
tirtues by PhYsiciausiliofessorso zu4 ;Pathuth, Vitas
'Shown result& autpassmcatty thing hitherto knOwitel
any. tuedicitie.l Qureshaye been ; effected Bey ond
were they! not suletttlntiated'hY persons of such
exalted .positiens Mod chatiteter as to ftirbill the . sus
9C-.U114i,%b.• 'Ang.lng :the: - erniPer-egeP*iiteit
.who have testified in t4,..61, of these ;Pills, tady
Mention- 7 .
~ •. ;"
, t •t . 't; tt • *
Doct,- A: 11:tiss,Analilical Mends( ofiyiston;
and State As.saver of Ma@l •
GovernorolMisitachtuatitta; Wasontrt, Tax.:
of. ilassachuaettt4 ; t , Sinken Elnowii, Lieut. Gov:
of Mesa. ; 13; Wiatairri - Seeretiry 'of State of Mass: - -.
lions 13. Ftratsintes, Oath Bishop of Boston ; Prof.
, JOIIN TORREY; Of \ Iho-001ege of Physicians and Sur.
gems, New - York city; Dr. C. T.,laccsos, Geologist
of the Pith*. Lands of OM united States; Dr. J. IL
. 1
.Ctittrox, Prititical Chemist of New York City, enders,-
ed ny lion. W. L. Mani ; Secretary- Of State ;.
: B. ASTOR, thfflielle.4 Man in Auterice; S. LE ANT 34,7, i
C 0.,; Propriders. of the . Metropolitan - .Hotel, apt
1 others. .' '. - . •.•
Did spatie , ..perntit i .we - could • give', many•hundreth
certificates Mau all parts where the pills have been•
used, bat' evidence even b more convineing ,than the
! experience of eminent public men, is found in their'i
! elf , cts uprin trial. • •
;11tese Pills;, the •resuf t of long • investigation and
study, are offered to the public as the best anti ft:RISC
Complete which the present-slate of inetheal-sclence
can afford. • They:are <lmpounded not:tif 'the drugs ,
' themselves, hilt thbabedicinal tittles. only of Vez...
etable reniedies' extraeted by chenticalpiocess in .a
state offtariti, and tontbined - together such 'a man.,
_tier as to ituiurei the bst results. This. system-of
,CompositionleAuediciees has been found in Cherry
iPectoral producej a more efficient..
remedyhanl.hrtithithetto been obtained by-any pro
,ces_s. The leascin i3- : perfectly 'obvious, Whit by •
the old mode; of Compdsition, eitery Medicine is bur
dened with More 'or less of acritnoni4us anitinjui ions
qualities, by khis:each i individual virtue only that is. I
desired for the curative effect is present,.' All thein ,
ert and•obnosious 'qualities of eaeli pubstAnce em
ployed are bit behind, the cumtivo,ivirtues only he,
ing t ,retainesli 'tenet.' it is, self evident , the effects
, should proieLas they have moved, utore purely rem
edial, and the pills a inure powerful antidote to ohs-
ease than an , V'othe- medicine known to the world.
As it is•frquently:expetlient that:man); medicines
should be takett : under
,the cobniel`bf an .attending
physician, Enid a.l.s he could not properly• judge of
• remedy withbut knowing its,composition, I have stip
plied the accurate formulae by which both me Pecti
.rid and Pilhi ire made, *to the whole hotly of nactif !
loners in. the !United States and „American.
Provinces. If, however, there shotild li:inY, one
who has not received Them, tile"' will be- forwarded
i by mail at his request. ' :
Of all the Patent Medicines that ! are offered, he*
few would he taken if their composition ivas knoWn
Their life consists it: their tnystery.: I have uo rays
teries. The composition of my preparations is, laid
open to , all Men, and all who arc coinpetent to judge
on the sulect freely acknowledge ‘f their convictionsof
their intrinsic merits."" Tile Cherry Peet6ral was Pro
nounced by lscietitific men to he a wOnderful 'Medicine
- effects Azere known., Briny eminent Phy
sicians hate. declared the same thing of my Pills, and
even more .eohfidentlt, and are willing to certify that
their atiticiPatiohe were more_ the : it realized by their
' effects upon trial; They operate.!ht their powerful
influence on the internal viseera try purify-the blood
and stimulate it into healthy actioar emote the ob
struetioni f the stoiniteh ; weLs; liter .and other
gaits ortheiLtirly, restm jag their regular action to
;health, and !by .cOrrectine• wheretei• they exist, such
aS are the first i:vi of disease_ •
Prepared' by Dr. J. C. AYEP.', Practical and Ana.
lytia Cheitaist, Lowell, Mass. Price 245 cents per
boo f Five boxes for sl,on. sold by ATIEL,
!Montrose ; B. F.; S.:11. 11. EATON, jlatford"; . Curren
St PntsNEs t Dundaff, and by all dealsits in Medicines
very whera.. • „
• liotice to the - Ptiblic.,
TTAVING just returned from NOW York• I wish 'to
'lj call the attention of my"old• eusttoners, and of
the piddie ip. gereral, to ms • • • • ',
'which being bought With Osh tit the lowest prices,
and wi4hing to soil principAly forte sane, I will of
f:: thtm at e:reatly reduce:d p:iees.i : ' •
• Covhceo Prints , wa-oneil fast 'colors, for oath- S .
cents : a - yard. Good Brown Sroynr s !lB pounds for one
dollar." Borrotim -ackno;led i ged by' all - to be
th bet Naitin• ink% $5,50 per ktg. Hats and,Cops,
Boots and tiIVICS Buff.dollobes or,al prlcc-s; all wool.
'De Laines, Cashmeres, Pa•-ametta, Dress. Silk s Silk
Velvet, .tc:•- Iltnislin De. Lnines,- - 1 1 i•hilling per yard,
Satin 13omicts and Moleskin HatS; B oche shawls,
Double LOng shaWis, Thibet do., selling at incouceiv
,ably low prices. I cith,srfely .watly - ant pe:feet
14ction . to all who will give me a 611. - •
-- Latnesbo:/o, Apr: S, 185.4. S: A. LYONS.
CLOCK— good tune keepers, only one iinTlar.
. .
- a. i • S. A. LYONS.'
' Lanesboro, Apr„. 5.
AVAN:l*D—latiOlrides, fon:which the hieliest
V Timm will hepaid. , • 1 S. A. LYONS.
Laneshoici, Apr:
riOUNTRY PRODUCE taken in eiiiilumge for
kJ GoMI4, at my store. • S. A. LYONS:
LanCsboiv, Arn7 b. i, - •
f •
T",ufgAcribers having secured' the sole •right to
BUTTER-WORKED 4 f,orSnslinehanna and several
adjoining eptintieS, twspectfally Int-Heal! Batter-mak
ers to examine and rrsr the•merits of this new and
valuable inyention. • Ire'proposelto furnish each and
all of cot with a ctitms! that • will-produce as much
hatter in as short h time as tmy•other eltivn—one
that will Ompllteiyi .r,7 , 1 N the buttermilk, tra..ra f7.nd
work in the sclii,',di•trusinp it perfccitii (Irro L h the
butter and fit it foriize, Without removing it from the
churn. This Charm La simple in its construction, sci
entific in ita operation, and easily 'cleaned and in
order. andican„ be, easily - attached to any propelling,
power. • • , •
For furthc4 partieuht--$.. apply by-let
ter to JAS. C.-111.:SIINELL and J. N. 13RONSOY,
Atarat,.Saimehanna county, Pa.; • .
ar ADD E. MOTT would respectfully inform. the
AT I • public : that they are manufactui ing BlatehltiV's
Celebrated;. Plows. They also 'keep constantly on
hard, Sidy/i//, Ilrayno Cimntir, and. Mne' Plows,
Cultiralarte, A . 4
. Ch•rns, • Skighf , and Oilier Shoes,
,Plow Point* 01 4 ; jarious patterns, too numerous to
mention. iWe hope, by allot attention to businms,
to receive our share of public patronage. 'Manufac
tory, D. P6st'a old Aand. Foundry, - M: Mott, near
Seurles Mill.L.
arße#niring done on short notice.
Fcb. 6.
FlPHEsubsciiher hi agent for the following Insurance
CompanieN dgno, buitte*, at the, lowesi safe
State lifistual at Harrisburg,
• • - Capital $359,000.
Cash Mutual at,llarrisbitt,.#.
Fronts Insurance, Neto r 4 4. ,
cloud #sooook,
.Stiintroie April 45. 1 147 'P, B. CHANDLER.
'DOS? BRORS'lming 'parebasedi. the above
1 :establishment, will keep ecustuttly an bead So.
peens aid Fine Maur, Coralreal of superior qua
illy; alto .41ipp'alta /Ira* at the ,lowest cask prime.
Conan wiorir will be done , with despatc4 mill
Xontroie, • - -
Dr. , Biker's. Caleb'sled Vegetoble
Compoused ,
A novereign malady for • Dynentery,.Cbolera liorbus,
Cholera' Unfanumt or Somme" , complainw—voifiely
*evocable; and 41411nweer failed in a aingie instance of
rodiadat dnedaairad, effect.- ,Yor sate la Ingthni ac
- iiir4Nnar 41;14# 0 .,
Nrantrise, Aura 22, MIS. -
• _ _
• EAGEN 910171,
tJ 40r,'
QAY/14, BEITTLItr& PERIgNS pemag pbasi
T for wai r e‘. ilcz k ologiy;,ste uTs
preedideltynliti Ab i Item th e tisAii-tuid vforifie!!,'2.
thliskill,antLilespeteh. -keep
Ognetaittly fad. hand Plows, lbest ;kin' dso)1,0e0;(1414 r
kios s ). 04tityipte, ffigr.4tel.Clatera, • ,'''. )l *.:Nager4t.
.4c. )) . • • .
We paffiCetai' ettelitien tit o ikf
wQ titandlititdo4 .- We' inenAtheterir-end*4iter Wet"
1744 tic/strafed - B[aW
We have , purehesed..the .egelusitte t i ght4 4) Xoll, T l * - yr
tore. and._ eel] :irt coutity r V.4Yne.; ,
.13railford t ar Rieh's Pa tefts,lrota Beata ;Plots ho", -
'plow is made iikirel:y-of lio n ; e*Ofali*O,
It i 9 'celebrated 'ffir itir• • %NSl% ditinght,""being /one-thiid!
iasiltr than ittily' now in Ilse,: w hile
. arep t ithiana:4 lo ,-,
iabilitY•are4relbPr• • •
• ,• ,
of allhlials Manuf sc hated• and' repaired, .4
ed inacbioeio r , • "
Steion ' - 6 . octiing for jf4-1 - 1
- - • • `• •r • ••rkittes, dr. tte. -' •,• • •
Among • the 'Stoves whleltire manufeettavi;ltre then ;
Keystone Cooking Store,.Rgoulk.and Bee+ 46., For
..ext Queen do.„Pre!niton clo, and
. other *lnds, all in.
tangad for bOrnink" WOO Or-coal : "Alio; Self-Re.cru
lator, i'artOr'-Store, Cotta.o. Parley &i SlimitY's,
too sizes, do., and s.• variety•of: , othei~iParlor Stoves,
both wood tand,ctial burners. We keepitlso on bned
tGrind:tone trimmings, ~ ,,Der Churn Arimmlnga Ma
brells. and Shovel and Tongs Stands,kd;ll:er 'Worlt
done' to 'order on short notice:and stfle *West rites..
P ar Orderg Stoves, • Agricultural ,impleatente„'
Sc., are solicited fronahose In the! eta-10k be
s'fillsd at reasonable wholesale Prices- •
3ii\ _ „ '
ontioie ' ' •
• - • New Coeds. •
: mos.& prom. are now reeeiving,tkeir 5.V. 9
:ply of Spring and Summer - Go6dv,iiiiicl hell&
con vincecnif the Advantage of having ready-pat , des rmined , are _
tonsell goods . low. a rite as . to. cob.-
since their customers and the : publie generally
it, will be , to their ads as well as ours. Our`
stock'" consists 'in -part of -Broaticloiht; Cassimerek-
Kentucky Jeans, Summer stuffy;' ilelliaes , Lawria,t
Gingham's, Prints, Bonnets, Ribbons, Para
sols, Shawls and - Black Silks; together with a stock'
of other , Staple , Fancy . Dry Goods, Groceries,
CrOckery, - H .
ardware, -.Driots and Shoes, 'Rani, ke...
AlsO, a good aSsortinerit of Shoemakers'-Fitidings:-- . .
Call and examine- oar. stock, and judge for yourselves.
as to the truth of. statement. , Our motto is, quick
sales and small, ptotits. Most kinds of country pro-,
duce taken in eichatige for goods.'' ' - '
J. MOSS * BRIM: %.
14,int: Milford, hay 15; 1855-t t 2104:
' - P/5..-.`"ifiENT 111 /MICE:Irk:Si • -
it MONO the great vat iety of MOdicittes:at.Tortell* •
.11 Store,. may he !baud all of 'Dr. Jayne's justly , "
celebrated Family 31edickes :Aire% `Cherry Poeta ,
ral rind Cathartic Pills; flalseylt.FOrCit'liVine and
Forest ; Boofland's celebrated "German Bitten;
Louden's ;series. of Family Medicinet;. Merchant's
Wit gling Uii, the.greatest remedy for sprains in than.
or beast - everknotvn ; Mathewson's'lnfallible Berne-.
dy, and Worse Remedy; Ctrick's Verinifuge,'and a
carroty 'of I other kinds; Trask'i Magnetie Ointmeot o ,
the great remedy for burns, rheumatism, and all itt
flarnlllatOr* complaints; Pond's. Extract, 4 first rate
thing .for similar' purposes as aboye Ointtaytt;
thews' Pain Destroying Agent, a &ad article; Wcrod:-,
enck's.Balsam and Bone Liniment; AiwoOd's
dice Bitters, Canker Drops, Liniment,'and- Dyseately -
Drops ; Baker's Ceinpound for Dysentery; -.Hough
ton s Pepsin, for Dyspepsia; lielmbold's Extract , of
litteliu and Extradt of Sarsaparilla;! a variety of
Salves, the hest in -market, Pills, &c.; rend* in almost
endless variety of 'Patent 3ledieines,lnitogither too
numerous to enumerate—bet. ' to say, that
the public find nearly every thing in this line, at
the Drug and Fancy Store of ABEL ,TURRELI:
Montrose, July, IE-455, ,
• Tailoring Establishinent
- AT.. - • -
t ASHER & Co: , would resPectfali‘; intionne6 te
t 1 their fi lends and. t . he pulbe geneMliy,. that they
Tzeep.constantly on hand. a full -a.ssortinent of Ready
Made Clothing,Boota and Shoes t -Hats and Caps, and
P very thing else necestqtry for men and irozien'a *ear..
We would particularly call _dm attention of - cpufivy-
MerChailia to our large stoeli of Readyfade Clothing;
of our own manufacture, which we olTer at wholesal,
.at prices-that will afford great inducements" to' mob.
and shoot-titne customers. .
A large stock of Cloths, ellFSillterefq TeltingSOkee;
kept conshmtly on imod, for persons desirous of ham=
lug clotliir,g made to older. •
Orders pqnetually 'attended to. • • • -
Thankful for pasct favors, -we bope v lto merit a con , .
mance of the . J. 'SHER & Co:.
.Sulaehanna Depot, Pa., Iday. r2,'[1855.
Aes,tralia, 'California, • -
Or any place cm the Globe - cannot. i)resent
1 •
yen Liulvcch ents than "
I KEELER sk-STO.DDA.RD'S - ". • .
copTit-A 01E1 STOR -7,
lIICH is now filled With a new :and to_
assortment of articles in their line, era g
a general vat iele of new and-elegant-Istylea lath'es
and. gentlemen's wear, among which are Ladies
Freinch, Silk Lastirg and Frenille daiters, Kid and
Enameled Polkas, -Rid, Patent . Leath i er-- 'end Bronzed
Jenrv. Li• .Is, 'Buskins and Ties.: _Geritlemen'ti French
sod -Ph; dell - shin,. ssink m tined ;calf skin and kip Boots,
11'61-M:co. Calf Ceti - bide' Brogaueletc. .Boys
calf and—cowhide Boots and Brogaius ; all kinds of
31 and Children's . wear. Also,--a- general azsortss.
ment of Finding_s shish consist in part priests, pegs,
spar/Ode - is, Hungarian nails; tacks, thread; wax, -Bris
tlosi,shom binding, rasps, sandstones; shoe.knites,
•kc t AlsO oak and hemlock, tanned calf upper and
soleleather, Morocco skins and linings. "
7ork made to order. and repai: ibg neatly done.,
Montrose, April G.'154- • .. • .
Stearns and• Marvin's
Safe'*. ,
?THE subscribers have made
rarntngements to.for
nigh to persons who may be lriwant of them, the
above named invaluable Safe's, at the !uite *lees for
which they ("in- be obtained at The mantifacturei's.—
Having experienced the benefit-of Rich. an ardiele du-,
ring the late conflagration ourselveti,,,we, would earn
estly recommend to other. having,valuable boolts and
•papers, the preserving'of Which would be of immense,
importance to them, :not to do without one. - •
Price's range frnin $3O to $5OO, and we( can' explain
to - any One wishing- tO .prrAal - 4e, the differenee in
style,-size, rake, 4c., and fannish.then an Alert no
tice, with the - internal arfangemenC to. ti3 ; it the pur
'Montrose, D'ecember 19 , 18341. . •
Vat;fiable Lauds F9T.Sale.
17Q11 . SALE.r.f ONE BODY, abort 5500 acres of ,
Land on the . waters of Spring Brook, .a branch
Gitl c anana rarer; InLuzerne Co y, r
t midway bkii.W r the .thriTing, towns ~of Fcran•
ton and Pittston. These and are ;covered, with val
uable timbe . r,'aini being situate in the moat - ~tensitt
mineral re ion Pennsykania—tcnown to contain
i-cm ore--and believed to aboUnd. in. coal.- and being
also in. the iinmediate vicinity. of Several ridiroitdl
made and note in progress--ofi t e,r tir the - capitalist an
• Opporttmity fOrlhe investment of nioney that seldom.
occurs: - For further information apply to .N. P. Bo.' ;
sack, Est;, NO. 11, Tirol' street - Ntlr York, or to the
subscriber, atlfontrose, Susquehanna coun!y,Pal; Oa .
attorney in feet of the owners. Is • -
- April 6, 1854.. I -lIMNRYDRINktit. •
r a IRE subscribers are now burnit mussal trill .keep
coastantly on hand, Lime of a ivy superior
quality at UontroSe Depot;Atid will sell in any
quantitica. it • a fair
. ptice. ,Persoas wishing s Jarge
quantity can be sup plied V. on a rettsonable,not i ice,
SuPerior ground Piaster will !ielt,4itOnatantly . on
Ilattd hereafter. • ', POST
• D111 4 "4
, • „
• R.
Montrose Depot, Aptjl Spavitp. .
WindoN Saab,
SAME ha v ing. 4 0 e 1 12i 0 i0tedni a g ent
L • for an extensive l 34 - d°" manufac.
tors are prepared to furnlA any articles in tbtsline at
less rates than they halm nsially been , sold
July 24. ,y , „: S. ff. &D. &
.Shaving Cream.
AA N article which every . min should try fho'iude
31 tkf ~ \ • s t ,D. S.
TTATS.—: I I:' noir loi of Suntraer: Hits ' Cloths
for auturter werrtjustioceive4,and for sido'cbsap
by , ; 1,4*. & CO.
New Goods Cheap, torlratith At, the
r Read 'of
7rnE undersigned irottid4elleetfitilf -annoliaei
that he I,s stilt floods •at thio,eoid,#)laok
and' that he has an entlieittew stook of Coeds wiiick
he will era eheao. — `• • - mr.moye.
104REGEIDELAINS for one etiiliin ,; TAprnN fios
colors, A yird wfde' for one . shilling , end Cali-.
Goer 40 all. prieeitok , ;V. IirIOTTS•j
Montrone, may .
.;r.. i
NEW 10 0 S. "
/"Lpitit . V 1'044 and 1 4 1/(%erko'itdßliA, aemstS,
-...**4l44;:jusit Opezied and for ale Iv