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. . •
• In the iSunimer of 1771), during one of Alia
darkest periods Of the revolutionary struggle
.in the'sniall village o! S----4n Pennsylvania
lived l'ir,--;--, . one of the firmest and• truest
patriots *Rhin the 'limits of the ' old - thirteen'
and deepin the confidenee..of Washington.—
Like mot men of his time and substance,, he
had fitrniShed him Self with arms and ainuni
..tion,(Sufflpient to arm the males of his house
hold. -These consisted of himself, three son e ,_
and about twfrityfive negroes. The .female
part of hill house consisted of hi; wife, one
tiaughter,lCatharine, about eighteen years of
age, the li heroine of our tale, rand several
slaves.. 1 ;
In the Second story of his dwelling_ honie
iMtriediately over the front door,.was a small
room, 031 ed the 'Armory,' in which the arms
p! '
were de 'sited, and always kept 'ready - for
iramediao3 use. About the time -at which
:'we, introduce our Story, the neighborhood of
our village was much annoyed by theniktur
hal prowling and depredations of numerous
It was On-a calm, bright Sabbath afternoon .
in the aforesaid summer, when Judge V. and
his family with the , exception of his (laugh
teriCatharine; and an old, indisposed . female
sisal) were attending service in .the' village
ohurch: Not a breath disturbed the sereni
ty of the atmosphere, not a sound profaned
the stillnesS of the day ;the tithes were dams
(woes and Catharine herself and the old f:-
nula - skip remained in ,the house until the
tistkily returned froth church. A rap ' was
heard at the frOnt door. '.Surely,' said Cath
arine to theshive, qhe family have not some
home, chi rch can't be dismissed.' The
. rap
Was . repented. '1 will see who it is,' said
-Catharine as she ran up stairs into the armo
ry.- On opening the window and looking
down shesaw six men standing at the. front
door and 'Mt -the opposite side of the area,
three of WhOm she knew were terries, who
formerly resided lathe Their names
wee Vat( Zant, Finley, and Sheldeal
e the oth
er three Van,';
but' she bad reason to
. believe them to be of the satnepolitical-stanip
.from the company in which she tistind them.
Yan Zant was a notorious character, and
the number and enormity of -his crimes; had
rendered his name infamous in that vicin'ty.
"Not a murder or a robbery was committed
Within many miles of S that he did
not gat the credit of planning or executiiiii.
The charaCters of Finley and sheldfi
nlso stained with crime, but- Van Zatit
a master Spirit in iniquity. -The. appearan, , e
of such characters under such circuin.tances.
Eta:2st have been truly alarming to a young
lady of Catharine's age, if not' to - any lady,
rid or voUng.. Bui Catharine V pus•
sassed Lett father's spirit: -` the spirit of the
Van Zant was standing on , the stoop
knocking : While his companions were 'talking
a WhisPer•on the opposite side of the way.
IS-Jnelge V • 'at home?' asked - Van
Zant, when he saw Catharine at .the window
1.:00Ve. • '
He is not,' she said. ~.
! We hai.c ht,inets of, pressing importance
;rt.:_th him, 4iid i" y• - )u . will op ,‘,l the door,' said
Van Zant,'' w, - ! wil; walk in till - he returns.'
' No,' said Catharine. ' when he went to
church heit left particular- directions not to
have the door opened until be-and his . family
returned. ';',You bad better calf when church
s dismissed.' . •
: .
`No 7 1 7 11 Mo t? ' rurned he, ' we will, enter
. ,
r.C.W or neor." • - l' -
Impossible,' cried she, ';ou cannot enter
milli he returns.'
'Open . the door,' cried . he,' or We'll break
it -clown, and burn you and the house up to
gather.' I • .
Sa saying be threw himself with All the
force he possessed against the doer, at the
same time calling upon his companions to as
sist him. The door however resisted their
.`, l . •
`Do not'atlernpt that again,' said Catha
rne, 'or you area dead man,' a, the =me
time presenting from the window a - heavy
. : - .orseman's pistol ready cocked.
_ At the sight of this formidable weapon.the
companions of Van Zant who hidcrossed the
street at hiS call retreated.
' Whateried.the• leader, ' you coward's !:
Lre you - frightened at the threats of a-girl ?'
and again be threw himself violently . against
• the door. •Ii The weapon was imniediately dis
::±su•ged, and Van Zant fell: -
1 The report• was heard at the church, and
males and 'females at once rushed out td,,„es- .
certain thd " cause. , \
On towardi the reside*, ofJudge
, looking
I( . .ithey perceived five men running at
full speedlo whom the Judge's negroes and
several others gave chase ; and. froth an . up
per windo' of his \ residence a handkerchief
was wavin• as if beckoning for raid. ''
.All rushed towards the . place, and upon
their -arrival, Van Zant was in the agonies of
death.' •Hi still retained strength enough to
acknowledge that they / had long contempla
ted robbing that house, and had frequently
. been concealed - in the neighborhood fur 4 that
purpose, bht no opportunity had offered 'until,
that day, When lying concealed in the wo , )ils
they saw tie.Judke i and.his family going :to'
• Church.:. 1 : •. ' ' , .
Ttle body of the dead Tory was taken and
bliricd by the sexton of the church, as he had
no relatio , in that vicinity.. _ .. .
After a absence; of two hours or therea
bouts, the egrOef returned, haviagsucec-ed,
edin cap
I ring Finley and one .of the straw/.
ers, who ere .that night cOnfined;, and . the
next tho ing at the earnest_ solicitation of
Judge V ', , liberated on the promise or
amending 'their lives. , - ' - '' .. , : •
- i It was i 4 - the 'month of October of the same
-year. that Catharine V was sitting by
an upper , aek window in her father's Coilse
knitting; ho' Autumn the weather was intld
and the .window was hoisted about three inch-
• es. ' ..atbo''t sixty or seventy feet. *from 'the
house was! a \ :barn, a buge old.fashioned e4i•
lice, with , pper and !ewer folding doers ; And
~ l y casting her ey.e towardsthe barn
• \ she saw a ismall.door ( oi 'a range' with the
la !
0 .
'Ana doo and window at which" - she "wa+ sit
ting) openj and a number of 'Men enter: The
:.ccurrencof the •preceding,
diately pi seated itself to her mind, and the - summer ;mine
fact that b'.r —tiler and the males plthe flan- .
ily were a work in - the field at some distance
from the louse. led suspect - that that
opportunit' - •had been_iinproved, probably,by_
.• some of V' 11'2:tales friends, to plunder -and
• revenge hi., death. • Concealing herself behind
• the curtain?, she narrowly watched their
• . movements. She saw a manes head slowly
rising abo,-e the door, and apparently recon
noitering e premises;
. it was Fittley's.-- 7
' Their objeft was , now evident. Going tothe..
, armory, she selected. a •well lOaded - musket
:and ' reautaed har—place at the window:
. pen the floor she laid the . muzzle
of-the wupon the window sill; between
'the windo' and the- - curtain , and' taking de
liberate al ,"she fired, Whit Aral. she pro
<laced she I: -new nig, .but sew Several men hur
rying out '`t the barn by. the 'same doOr
had en ... The report Brought her father
she - new
hiay rionen to the house, and' on gOiWg
to barn, the dead body of Finley - lay.. : on
the floor. 11 -
• - Catioirin
optain of 1
afterwirds winged
cialtineutal. ism", and sbestij
lives, the onor Inn Cr
- respectable line of tdeseetidaetvi. The -told
house is aso in the hand of . ' the liviag, and
has bee the scene of may .prankS of the wri-
ter, o4thiS tate, in theheydaylof thiSchievoaa
boyhood, ;"' '
f". ' Talkiag of Conu ndrums,' said Old Hurri
cane, stretching' hintS f all'o4er Social Hall;
andsendi4g out i one! f those mighty puffs of
Havana smoke _whit. . had - gifien liin his
name--:' talking of . nundruins can any of,
.you tell' *hen l a: ship jbd Said • to be is
love?'i •: t . i - /
. L i , !•
' I can.t -1.
ell , I cil i
tit,l ',napp, 11 out. Litt7Tur,
tle. _ -' It'S! when She > winortiii be matte df.
, `Just inissed it,'.'cibeth Old Ilni.risiune,,' by
a mile. Try Sg,aitt. 1. NVltolSpeaksfit r -
.` Ide -iecondly,' tiliswer6d hi
LetoOns. `llk
-when,shekgrat+ a int.''' .
_1 •/ , .• 1
' Not ',l, , trrect,! I*l lied Ilticane. 'The.
. i
question 'I. st ! it i l opet4 - - • , ,
"•Whetilshe'S 4 ship of great size , (ug ly , ')
modestly propoundcd Mr/Smoothly. - i
' When she's tei . e4r . ty(a man of iettir,' said
the doloricl,‘• regartli4/ the reflection . q( his
face in hisiboot. ,',
'Everyhing. bu
ricane. I .
' When 1 she's sitiCk aback :by a heavy
Swell, l r sugges et] Starlight.' '
._. ' NOt • •et; Si4d Hurricane.
1- ' f I' ,
...,urry!.a ot • -., ,
' NV lietil she tnakeit
cried S)4.hpipes. - i i
Here there
there was a g
pipe was thrown out
peace , was restored,: I
ed again. .1
`You might haves,
• wind, or vhen she it
1 somethin . of that sort
I been right.. The re
1 s he's cittaAed to a big
That'siit, that's ii,'
had mysteiriously mil'
1 just stii
.ped out ke
some of ',y ni tell nielv
`.hen the carpetiti
Meister Karl. • 'Sir
the cigars;'
And S
cloud eve
and bth,ilr
.6 BY VIE ii ORTII STAR..—A year
en, an ,eht,ii individual., anSwerint
e. of " MI4OI faCt no one knew
hid any!, ther name,) Was em
...k;th),,r!6 al , sist him in !allinga
~et• ,n 'th: waters of Chesapeake
1. :;,i'l!,11$'1,111e made to
_learn the IIt.VCT dart'd to trust
_ t;
or two sin ,
to the tu
. nr
whet her.
I A ,y,•,1 b:k . '.
StW.; f•t*:l'. ,
11 - iv. itoi
Wm. t o 1 .• 0; ; ;ge thel eraft, exeipt 7 4uring a
vt-r} : 9 . 71.1t » L f,ht, when he could point out
to hint sot re heft:Eat - 4 to steer for. Olt Otte
occasiott..l the! e.tptain, who . had been
up two.niihts previtim y ly, omeltnled he would
trust the tdchooner t Bob, and take a little
nap on thti; d . eck ;-soh' pointed out the Ntirth
..tar to hi 4 jet coca ion, and told him .to
continue steering finii until he waked, up.
.ilfter whtchingirm a short time and find- .
ing thai be could )ttep the vessel :,.beaded
right, the, kipper .stOetched himself
. nptin the
:deck and - ns soon!. asleep. Shortly Mkt
ward, a sy,tall:arose!froto the north and blew
the craft : complete!yiaWay from . lier cottesie.
After it bt d. cleared away . soniewhat. - Bob
looked around and Amnd the 'North Star at
his.baek.! -11le sailed {alon g ,an hOnri :or so,
doing : the .best he 0.00. aitd-eogitaeng how
he should aet - out of iiis iliffieulty.! •But at
la!st he ga - 1,- it up, Midshoring his' sluniber
ing Master' into. wakefulness. with ,his foot,
shoutei •' iCap'n! aip.n!, g ive me another
star o teU i r by ; rip .got clean by.i4at one."
. • 1 1
.• ..\ ' „ , , •
nopert S.' Kelly, partner of B. F.
Stringfell(4v- in the' 'pu' i biication of
less paper at Atehi:attn, Kansas, 'called the
Squatter,'rereigit; Is also United StateS
Postmaste there. lie has returned all flit,'
copies of the Lawrente litiold- , f Freedoin
received ' Atchison for subscribyrs; rt4;l2qu } g.
to 'Ovulate them. 14*r the 'law pasred >by
the spurioUs Legi \ .h I••rbhiding, tft" . e cir
culation :,ot ineendiar ' publications, The
publisher tif the Helraid has writtell-0. state
inent.of the case,- 4d l Seut - it to POstmaster
Geleral catiti bell. t rt ' • ' ,
• - - 1 .' 1
.. .
Mr - The steamship Adriatic nOvi . being
built for.:te' Collins' line of steamers, will be
it is said, :when contpleted, the laitest and
most ma lificent [yessel afloat. She Will
measure - ti , e thOusand !Nix Intudted tons ; her
length wil be three
,hundred and forty-tire
feet -on the broad.lileh depth ofOokl thirty
three feet .bresidth itfibeatn fifty.feet. - • .
i - 1 •
; •
Tle Russians," saysan English - paper,
" had three heay Owes of ordnance in a bat
tery at thiileasti side of the dockyard creek,
- which threW,thir shot at least six jmiles!--
They rarely (10 . a4y -harm. The] -noise. of
their 'course was so great that everY 'Ube got
out of the ; i ;
. P.A., /IT $1;60 Fl4l. ANNUM. IN ADVAiitY.
- ' i• l'• l''''' - - .
RatC i ll ofi Advertifting.
- .
One square - (116.1iiies or!leis) one week, ' $0,50
One.square 1" 2-J 1 two weeks, - 0,75
One square ~" . , three week5,......1,00
-One square t , '." one month,. 1,25
One square .1 I" 'j ' - two months, '
• . 2,25
One - square- i i" three months, 3,00
One square - i" six months, 500
(lne.quare - one year, . i ft 00
M. two or mcire sqintrea; inserted: by the year, a
deductioafrim ti,le abofe prices is-made .. Yearly ad
vertisers wil Iraq the Privilege of altering or chang
ing their advertisementa. without additional charge.l
Business. cards { not 'exceeding five lines, inserted
at $2,00 prir annnin.
. 1 . Aiol, Work. -
• This ofhce, is supplied with, a.good assortment of 1
\Johliinu matrials' ' Audi all .kinds of Job Work i such,
ass Cards, Palsters,!Pamplldets; kn., will be done neat
y, and pronptly. ; ; \ . •
1 ------ ' --4 . -
• . ( .. - litasarfe of Time.
i IKAIII I - 11 !'0.41D.
1855, the .Mail
O x p tin as4u 4 grr T X ra m in dY ill li d a llialt al f, ow Scranton, at
A. N. I Due, at Great Bend at 1.20 r..w. Con
enting with the Dunkirk Express West on the N. Y.
1; E R. R:1 Pasr.engcni 'taking thistralewill arrive
in Dunkirk at 11:13 r. ic.i and in New York at 11:15
P. M. ',
4 1 i , 1
i . Recurtiin Will leave great Bend at 4r. m., due
at Scranton bt 0:45 P., 111 , '
I The Frei i
ri Accommodation Train, with passenger
car attache , Willieavri Scranton-at.l r. is,„_.,:clue at
Great Ben at 6 r. X., — connecting with 'the. Mail
l iTrainWell, 'and the ' Night Express'Train East.
1 , Passengers it.4ing thi s train laid the Night Express
{ West, will arrive in Dunkirk - at 12 m., or by taking
i m a il Train lirilit, will arrive at Dunkirk at 6:45 p. m. `
'Returning, *ill leave Great Bend at 7 a. at. on ar
rival of Cincinnati Express . East, Due it Scranton
12,10 r. N. .',. - - .
PassengeisYni • Wilkesbarre, Pitteon, Carbondale,
Philadelphia, (via the. Patawissa, ' Williamarport and
Erie and - Reading Railivid,, via Taniagna,) and East
on,, and all liatiermediao places will find first class
1-stage coacheslia readiness at Amnon, on the arrival
'of the Passenger and-Act rmunxiation Trains to con
vey- thens to the above, plikees. • Those choosing pri
vate conreynxices will And the best of horses and car
' riages oral- deserliition, at reasonable charges,
I ready to '.- ' -
IL DinTERM, Sope4ntendent.
Superinien i 4froo's OE*"
'Scranton; May I 0 less. $ S
• fltaff•.
A line etuiklWool; Linen; and Cot;oe stars for sum.
suersreae. Plenty of ;'4 and Cd Nuts. Please call
Ind acre. ' • - F. B. CHABDIAR.
Yr , 28 I ' •
, • :t
rest,' responded Hur-
much of a fast sailer,'
eat groan, and :Smash-
lot the window. When
lld Hurricane propel!.
id, when, she hugs the
ns down a.smack, nr
but it wouldn't have
I solntikin is—When
said Smashpipes, who
peered.. 'That's what
tell the ladies, Now
lien a ship is beloved!'
r re-guard., herf quoth
hpipes, you must find
rought out hi 4 box of
there cattle a great.
BIJIN - S- C - DS.
- Orchard, - It D.. - -
iSICIAN AND SURG.FA*4 Jackson, Rumor
Pbanns, ctt nty, Pa. Residen eat the Pomace:
i •
• li Hall & Lamb, , ..
ci ABIMErrAKERS, haie-recttly opened a ware
l., 'win ln cw Milford, Pa., and will keep ton
stantlion hand all kinds of Cabinet t rware ; also Ready
made( Coffins.; ' Funerals attended with or" without a .
-Igse. ' WatS-rootn nearly oppO4ite J. Dickerniin's
re. r..
/ New HMO* May 15, 1855. 1 20--17
A. 403. Baldwin, . ..
ii Trunks:"Whips ke., in the Daseauent of Seariee,
Hotel, Ifontre, Tn - . .1_
1 . )001 , Aso SHOE MAKER. Shop first door east
1.1 "of Odd Fellows' Hall, TornpHce et., Montrose,
W. Singleton
NI now be found at his new'iwtand on Owego-st.
- -'" o demi"; west of Searle's
Hotel, where he ef
feetugily repairs , - with dispatch,i Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, Gunt.and every descri 'don of Machino7,
Wheel cutting; Gun and Watch =touts supplied
to the trade. 1 ,
Dr. It Smith,. ;
SURGEON' !iDENTIST, Montrose, Pa., at Searle's
ki Hotel, Mtindais and Tuesdayi of each week:
• !E. Henry 8.-Knaip, - i
li - ONTROft, PA., with Row; .11 7 64mIntir & ,car
-1,1 ter, Wtiolesnle Grocers and Commission- *r.‘
chants, No., 113 WaShington strt 4 .et, between *Court
andt and Dcyi , streets,. Sew I'ork.l !! !
Caleb Weeki. •
riage Trilumer. Shop at his dwelling house,
early oppositd Henry Drinker's. -Montrose, Pa.
Miller & Fowler, ,
ill and Solieitors in Chancery.Dffice No. 11, Chute
street, Chkaio, 111. 1 . . r
Pacific Hote , •
GREENWICII STREET , (near - Bmadway,) Nets
. York. tgaliettury d; Co., Prprietortt. In 'the
vicinity of th principal steamboat landings.
Thomas Ingstrim:
DRY GOODS, Groceries, Clothing,
Crockery, Boots and Shoes,l&c., Susquehanna
Depot, Pa. -
, • - Bentley &Fi
Li. AGENTS ; . NOlarOlte, l'a.
n. S. zizwiLityii •
Jolin Groves', :
VASIIIONABLE TAILOR: - Shop under Searte's
IL'. Hotel, Mine stavet,..lfontrose., Pu.
. D. D. Hinds;
in the rear of Wilson's Store, Mt:mirror, Pa.
• J. Colsten,
r - IEALER IN STOVES, Tin, Copper, and • 'Site , .t
1....1.1r0n Watt., Lodersrille, near Great Bend Depot.
December 4. . • .
L. P. Hinds,l • •
A TTORNET AT LAW, Storni/gonna, Pa. Office
.on Maino street, one door eait of Lenheinfs.
Frazier & Case, \ .
Office do Turnpike street, one door East o
Post's Store, ..Iforalrote,
- Chamberßn,
A TTORNEY AT LAW and Jmitice of the Peace;
rl.. over I. IL Post A: Co.'s Store,l.lfootroto...
- • W:n: F. Sf..r , u7l.
A TTORNEY AT - L.k \V ;*?o.l`!'-•'<!( , Y:r7ii r!
• .1.11. DEEus, (or.t!! • c,. I. •
to all businessentro.ted to :,in, onitti.ti-=
fidelity: Of* . on Public Square, lovcupied by lIo.:.
Wm. ..Jessup. - •
. .
Abel Terrell,l
' Dye-stuflk, GroCerieS, Dry Goods,
Hardware ' Sttinewarc, Glassware. IClocks, Watches,
Jewelry, Silver Spoons, Spectacles, Musical -Instru
ments, Trutiscis Surgical InstrymentsyLiquors, Per
fumery, Mirrors, Stationery, Bru.alreli, Shoes, Yankee
Notions, kc. ;
B. R. 'Lydia & Co.,
V Dry Glods, Groceries, Salt,l Flour, and Hard
iware, LonesinOro, Pa. 1,
P. B. eh:miller,
DRY GOODS, Ready Made Clothirg,
Gtoceri4, 134 m is and Stationtery, etc., Public
Avenue, , ,lfonfrose, Pa. -
;,Patrick &
Owego s met, Montrose, Pa.
I. L. Post & Col,
q!.:TIC DRY GOODS, Groceries, Crockery,
Ilardware, Leather, Flour, etc., comer of Turn
pike street lulu Public Avenue, .lroatroari•Pa.
I. Lyons & Son.,
TVA LER.i IN DRY.GOODS, Grimeriea,flardware,
If Crockert, Tinware, Gnneeries,!Books, etc.; also,
carry on the Book Bir.fing busine+—Public Avenue,
iloparom, Pct.
Bentley Bc,ltea4,
TIEALERS' IN DRY GOODS, Drugs, Medicines,
Paints,• Gnoccries, Hardware. Crockery,
Iron, Clock's, Patches, Jewely, er Simms, Per.
oery, &c ..--4.F00t oltublic Ave nge, Montrose. :
• Sayre, Bentley & Perkins,
.1. kinds of' Castings Stoves, 4 1,, ricultural Imple
ments, etc. Office at Sayre's Store, Public Arenue;
Manufactory at the Eagle Folindr4 - , Foot of Cherry
street,' ironty*te, Pa.
Williain & *illiaint Jessup, -
A TTORNETS AT LAW, Ifon'frose, Prac
tice e in pus q uehaftna, Bradfod, Wayne, Wyo
-nuiig and Luzerne counties,.
William W. Smith & Co.,
C .
ABINET They kl , ep 'constantly •on
hand a libod asNirtment of all kin& — of Cabinet
Furniture. Shop and Ware Roonui at the foot of
Maine street, 1
.3foatri*, Pa. I
Rockwell, WintonCe., ' •
lof ANUF4pTURERS and - DEALERS in Straw
iv A •Goodicil:Mth , , 6 , r r. ,, , PUPA. ra br , !!a*, 'Para
sofa, Ribtonsi dy. t5 . ...7., ..e - I. 20 Co•f ndt street, Nes
York. stalrs.) - I
. a. wotAwrlx. .1, IWWAILD. W. W. WINTON.
. i
Fraiklin Fraser.
Cl. M¢ntroie, Pa., inll attend faithfhlly to all busi•
nese hi m 'in the counts of Susquehanna.
C,onveyincin4 and writing of an Jclnds Will he done
neatly, end . elmsges moderate. Be will also attend to
the pros'ecutign of clairns of soldieni, their widows and
heirs, again 4 the United States' Government, .fur
Bounty 'Land, Pension's, &c. MaY be found at.. all
hours at theblEce formerly occupied by J. T. ich.
a nds, Esq.. n t rth of the Court Ito . 1.189.
, .
, _
O. Tyler, ,
ipartiEs-rin I.- L. HUNT, Importer of and
1 Dealer in Pardwaie and Cutlery ; Carriage Springs,
No. 215 read street,: New York, where his }ICH ,
cant&friendf, in this' and other counties, are kindly
land carnestly' call and parch/me.
' " 1" NEW GOODS.'
WE areirccqiing this week a lot Of New Goode. jest
l e
pure 11 itOtbe city, which rendr!: our a. , , ,, ,> lin...tit
comple and which re olrchr i - 1. r 3., Ino_l_ Ateuraid ,
tervo, thei r taew buil , iii,,(l, c•iic: .3( ~• fjtfr0 , ..... ! C,-, e Yon
Office. .i, ' BENTLEY k READ.
Mon , FebrrAry 8, 1855.
Books and Stall nery. •
IHi E Teiteived a laitge additi l tn to rrtY stock of -
800 aan Stationery , among hich are: A Lolig
Look' Aheadi, (Hoe).+Wolfert's Roost. (Irving)—Dr.
Spencer's Sketchea—Wonderful,Adventureaof Capt.
Pries e Slave Holder'sDaughter.--Llfe of Sam
Howl - ihe May—The May 1 lower (Harriet B.
Stowe)-.Rag . Bag,
,(Willis,) kc. ,kc.—will be sold
cheap. r . F _ . CHANDLER.
May 2, 1855
rpm ,copaitn e ralp heretofore ;existing ander the
11 firT of Hawley Nett is this du. devolved. - April 1, 1H55. • -.. • 0. R.HAWLEY.
The rfotes OA accounts are in the Wide of C. W.
Mott fen Collection. - Those inters ted will please tall
as sate • conierient.
• Ti - Flour and Malt
By the oad, barrel, auli, or Yetnnd, by
• 1,,,111811.1' affAirKi.ri•
. :114111.NE111..
*rriTTENTETtG JlllllO., Montrose, Pal take
1 a' this meihod of advisipg their! Old friends end
customers and the public at large, diet they have just
rept irg.4l and opened the largest, prettiest and clump,
est Fto . ek ofREADT MADE CLOTHING ever I bio't
to this place, which they offer at a !atrial advancri from
I east, thereby offering purchasers the rare oppo
ty.of obtaining goods at about twothirds the usual
price. l",• H
Alsti a large assortment of Dry Geonds, comp 'sing
for Ladies Wear, new styles Diocalti.. Stripe,.
Plain end changeable Silks, Delainexi Muslin, De Rage
.Berage delaines of new and elegant &signs. All the
latest et: lea of Ladies Dress Goods, French- Litstms,
Prints and Ginglitamr. A handsorne assortmont. of
Dress Trimmings, Embroided Sleevk CollarsPuff.s;
etc. •Jacouct and Swisti Edgings and ‘nsertings,Gloves
Mils, Hosiery, Veils and . Parasols. • -
'Neil; assortment of Shawls is very t large, ernt4acing
every thing that ii rich and fashionable both sign
and domestic.
Their Bonnet Department is !alio and complete,
vibrating the very latest styles, with Trirranht; to
- An extensive assortment of lAshlinens, napitins
I t owelik7, table covers, curtains ize. It. 'I '
We 'have aLsoa supply' of Shirts, 'Gentlemen's Col
lars, Sinspenders, Gloves, Vntbrallsmi i iind a good Many
,other 'articles too' numerous to mention. For bar
gains the public Is respectfully invited to. call at !the
cheap Stare of -
corner of Ch e & Owego Streetti, 'four doo east,
of Post's store.
ARE now receiving their usual supply of SPRING
ANDiSUJIMER 0011 M, which they ofrertei their
cash:niters, and the pultlicgenerallv,:osi the ni t wit rea
soner.* term; foe Cash, Butter, Eggs, Grain, Dees
wax,.tir tin apnmvetl ctedit. . . .
Moqtrckte, May 1, I,SLI. .
8.. . .
B"An.cvyrii,,, K.::;,-it-.!rr. s . ,Ketituckvdtins,
sutame • St::tr-, ftzyl. a g.' . . , : r A -itorlc o f - Itriple
Dry Giiotl , t, jtr.t vt..•cir.,l at:ti for sale right by
'irii .
i„,.. . R t 1. . -1.- .- ,' L:iwe4, Citairies, Girghants,.
. Wert itnac :L el ont.tieco P:i.tts;-I•.c. Sc. For sale
by! • . BENTLEY & READ. --
. .
BONNETS. Ribbon.., Parasols, Sommer shawls,
Black silks ; Dro , E•s T.itnenings ke. &c: for:,=ire
by_! • ,
QIII.:K. Fn r..••41.i,•;1, Pa , latna, Straw, anti ;Palm
Hots, 1.71&1;-,:i;.14, ;-:3tchelA, Wilitlqw ,Papri &c.
&c. - - - BENTLEY i REAP.
Hia im R Pa tehi
ky„ - Gld4l &e. BENTLEY & BEAD.
D'os,Medicines, ilre•tthfl's; and
general assortooiht of Patentlftdieines, ih4t in
and for rale by, BENTLEY k READ.
Q,OLEI;tII7 - 14;:1'.Ttltss,
. add a guals , _ipid . :. of tootS - fent ew
ly on Baird.
. I -
MAp o k e E o ß di E i t :h by the barrel , or_o:: T -1 1.1. 1al i f
sz ba ß -l i t v. ll 7 - , al
, /5
11 7A c T f o r li ni E.7 1 a it n r d a .!Al i V e E r LZ . Y pin — e, n
and rsseotralire44.!todt
Levers - , in doni•l.. nig! angle cases, Ladies Ear
tv,• , ,,,, ! ,„ &e. Also,
TaYe, Dv5....c., ant Avari:avited
inure, .• - .
" I
- ft ;1 - 1.::: - • •I \
I. h.;;. S;(•„ ,
Niwtt:os.• May 1,-'55. BENTLEY & READ.
The Greatest Improvement of 'the Age.fe.
11.1117/limns' Double-Acting Ball refire
‘,.. Force - and Left: Puraps—
A N limprovement above all other pumps °r ma chines for lifting, throwing, and *carrying wnter,
combining both a Pinup and a Fire' Engine. 4 This -
Pamp, :patented in February,'.lB:4, is.-the whole Of it
metallic. No bolts or screws abo;Ufit to rust, Copse
it it iVi:l last a man's It can be used
: fc.rn:.6lll draw water from itnv
• ri;(smy part of a It
• P fur Distilleries.,
1 , 09 Works aLd,
limum. of all kinds.. , I
Ail Oir,!•!rs must bc addressed to Anntsox DiUmtot,
Loder;SCille, who has the sole right for SCsque
haima County*. •
i CAPITAP, $200,000.
Secured by Bond and mortgage oft the Real Estate
of the Stockholders. t
Insures' against ken by Fire, of Houses, Stores, and
other buildings, Goods, Wares,-and Merchandise, ow
as favorable terms as any similar Institution. Losses
promptly adjnsted and paid.
Dinserotts.—llon. Horace Williston, Ather4; Ffan
cis Tyler, do. ; .GeOrge A. Perkins do . . ; J. T, D. Never,
do. ' C, N. Shipman, do. ; C. F. Welles, Jr. do. E.
Canfield do.; for. John Laporte, Towanda;
Wakeman, Laeevviile; Geo. M. ktollenback, Wilkes
barre ; Michael Meylert, Laporte, Pa.
Grrtegrus.—flon. Horace Willisten, President:l C.
F. Wells, jr., V. Pres. and 'rms.; J. E. Canfield,
Arent, 0. S. BEERS, Montrose, Pa.
THE finhseriber will act as agent for buying and sell
ing Real Estate—Farms, Iloeses, and- Lots—•;•lo
cated in Susquehanna County, Pa. ' All wh o wish, to
offer their property for sale can give a minute descrip
tion of taeir Farms' or , Lots as thlluivs : Numben . of
acres, hnw many improved; and' bon' watered, !build
ings, orehards, grafted or common fruit ; other fruit
trees; and the nearest point to the D. L. & W. A., R.
and N. y. E. R. R. ,
62 farms on the list, 43 unsold. By calling on the
subscriber a minute description, price and terms can
be given: •
Office on Turnpike st. 4 doors west of Main itt. l
Notttiost. Al:gttst. 15, 1554. A. BA.LDWIN..
his.Spriag truLiStint
1-•-nvir stot1:: of comprising a great variety,
which trill t).. sol , l any in thin market.--
Please rill n , :tl F. H. CHANDLER.
: HA T' .1 ND . C.-1 PS—A good assortment ri:rf the
! • :
latest style: , • . ,
RE..4D / - -.1f.,4 DE CLOrHING—A good variety
of Spring a,il F-:rmlne” Clothing of the latest ctit.
DRY G'f)i)-.7)S—A general assortment through-
out. Also, D'lr'Er - ',S ( 1 )I' )DS. consisting of 14swits,
Barege'Delail!!•s, 1. - r e 11(41 Dplai-r,:s.; Per-Mari Delaine,
Pt-int.:3: Lawn.; Fancy Pri , ,t2., Ladies' Worked. Col
lars, Insertion , , F,lgi•p,i , , Ii1:•cl; Sirs Mantillas, Thihet
-and Ca4lune.•e Shawl.. i'n:.vol•2,llfsit.•ry, Glo•3,:iki.
BOO,TS AY? Sib: ) ES. Cicyck , —;) Ilrge assort
ment of every de.4cription an 50,... All, a' great
variety of Fancy Articles, Yankee Notion!, rke., - ,
0-o c4el - r, llardwitre; and Groceries of ail ki+ls;
Trunks' a gel(' f:')! 1;1," e 1: .1,. cheap. 1 R oo k, ail ! :4: ft _ .
tionerr:— War P.c.., ---.eso, flow- Of rireli• - .. , t nitli• v.
Moatese, May it, 1855, F.:11 CH AN 1/I.IIR, it', ' , .!:,
,' 1 4:, 1 \r - : !' -2 ::. (.. ,'..!" 31 : r 4 :' . : . ..
; lII', 4i: , •: i',• ).- ,'I-'-• '. '' - 0 ?he ''i i_ Jt .1 IA -it ..4 A -
' 1 i I.V Li. b i r 7. : : ."; P.s,',:?S to ail its -..nious treaticheS at
• 1 the Chair and Ware Shop in Harfo I, where may be
! found a greater catiety of Winds and Rocking
Chain:than at any othbr establishment 'n the county ;
also Flag and Cane Seats, Bureaus, Beds •ads, Loring
es, Settees,. Ales, Stands, &c. dc., all o which will
•be - sold at t e lowest prices at retail, (or olasale,
with situ-t notice .) All work warranted weil pia4e.
and of goodaterial. ; Short credits and small Profits
will be my Motto; Feir demonstration of the shore
fact, plea e !call at my shop in Ilarford tillage.
' i • , - A. W GREENWOOD.
Harford, Qctober 12,1854. - 1
QTAgES will Leave Kirkwood, p4sing through Cor
bettsrille, Liberty, be., erery Oorningafter the
arriral Of the Mail Trains of cars, both East and West,
reaching Montrose at 1 r. st. Returning, leave
Montrotte clailyAguntlays •exceptetqat reach
i!ig. Kirkwood in time to take the Nail trains of cars,
both E.i , t a'al West, being the neare4t and most fea
r.ible route to reach the New YO-k 'awl Erie Railroad.
This inteNects a tri-weekly 'Hue for Dinnick,
Tunkliannock, Wrozning; and WUkes
barre. Which leaves; Montrose at '7 A. N. everyf Mon
day. Wrdne4dav and_Fridity. AbKi, a Ilne to Friends
stile kc.
dood tenma and comfortable eaariagea 3re pribri
atwl the propriet6A will spare no pairtg, ko 'se
commoilate the public. W.M. MATCH,
April 6. 1854. & WEST.
-pm; takts this method of advertising
r - N n '4l the public generally, that be has
•rl‘ - y u r avow; the turret from his:old
. uokivv, wbere'he is preparedjtn re
c•a+t, a'n self them goods at as in , rates
as i; su.bli-hinent in Susquehanna.
tic • ''• ••• t is ve r y brge Indeed, embraebi I near
ly ev.•:'"r cslleil for ie a country store.
• "As I det...mined to do business so as tolavold
"Uri -bins," which respimsible credit purchasers are'
taxed to Pay, I can offer superior inducements tb eash
and otherwise taourr-riviso patrons. Call and. see
me. 0: G.' HEMPSTEAD.
Brdoldyn, Ap ri l sn, 1855. •
• t
rrheimpartrierehlp heretofore existing between.the
1 subscribers under the firm of E..S Kent.k Co. is
this da). dissolved by mut4al consent. • "
• . E. S. szwrk O.
Brooklyn - Ape. 1855.. • , Iw 4
Clover and Timothy Seed for Pale by
Nevi' UMW. Momb 1'855 - ,
P arer Hanging%
OUU rsßripuit Ewa, and Kane for 6 etik. 'per
7 I. 14014 *SW
CiIODS-! Goo9s
hew Lille of Mail stages,
'kite iliz t ues it:PARK return du+ . grateful"
:IYI acknontedgentetits to the public, inot invitent
tention Or the very large •stock 'of Syrrimf am? A:pit
men. Goods they are now receiving and O'er ? tie sa l t .,
at very Oa , prices: la addition to their asual amoct- i
ment °fatal& DryGooda,•Groeeries, Hardware, Crock
. ery;.Paintsi and Oils, &e &e., they:are prepared to
• ,
A'S _Pill 5..: '..
t I exhibit . a large assortment of Ladies' Dress Goods
; of
i 3 ev nt e :t rli description —Figured,-
. ..1 1 ti° Rilitur Fi rt's,' Gin P ves ,laid l l l t t n il ! ' rv iaill L S l, s. 4, ),
tt• l4 e rse or w ; :i1 tt ' t i t i ., 'l , l ri:l "` ": `'ssfe, 4 l :, - ;,; ' ,i',', : , - ...;: ' ; I:„ I l ' i: - : ,'. ;;; I : - . 1 4 I . i i ;i:j .' l l . l ii ' 7/..' "'f t:/, 41, . 1 )7Y/, 'f ir i,' ":', 1 67,;:1 - Z( . ..."'.:it::',',:::i
gestion; 4/malice, Iheipsy Rheumatism, Fevers, Hu: • T_weeds,,lttans, Bummer
• Cloths,. Vestings, Rats Caps,
more, Gaut, Nertimuness:lrritability,.lnflaturnaticms, Bo oth acid Shoes, ke• ,N. : • - -
Headache, Pahis in the Breast, Side, Bach and Limbs, -. , They respectfully solicit an .esily call front those
Female Complaints, &c. /cc. Indeed, very few are I who wish to purchase good goods at ion prices' • ""
the diseases h which a Purgative Medicine is not I SpringvillOay 8, '54. . McMILLEN & PARK.
more or fess remuireil,.,:trd inuch_sielaneasi r and suffer- /
,might be. prev ,, it it. harmless -but yffectual , -"Notice. ler *lre Pistlie. ,
catlmrilelwere nto,e t-i..... 1. tisol. -No petott can feel 1 T_TAVING just returned from New York I wish to
w e ll lvhilr a cotiv,, : it4nit - of I,odv, prev;A :t ire .sides, 1 11 call the attentiou of toy.ola customers, stint- of
it soul, gs.norittes ITi ious and often fitt4,, , aseS, : thepfiltlicin general, to my : • '•
which might have been- avoided hy-the .1411,,,1y • alid , • "-- 1- • I.:EW STOCK OF GOODS • .
udichtus•uso of a'good purgative. Vida i's talk-true i which being bought with cash at the lowest prices,
of Coldly Peril-11M symptoms, anti Billions derange- and wishing to sell principally for the wine; I will (if
ments. They all tend to become or prueluite the deep (Cr them at greatly reduced prices. ,
seated and fonultlahle dime:niters which- load the I, Cocheco Prints, warranted - End colors, for only 8
.hearses all ov4r the land. "ence a reliable family i cents a ysird. Good Brown Stimir, 18 pounds for one"'
physic is cif the first iMportance to the public health; : dollar. !Boonton Nails, acknowledged by all to- be •
and this pill hai been perfected with cOnsuinmate 1 the best l i Naitin .are, $5,50. per keg. - HatsOnd CapS,,
skill to Meet. that:demand. -An met:sive trial of its 1 Boonsaud shoes,Buffalo Robes of all prices, all wool
virtues bV,Phealcians4- Professors, at.d Patients r 'lwa • s De Laines, Casmeres, Patamettas,' Dress" Silk, Silk,
shown restultseur"passion' any thing hithertoknOwn of I Velvet, &c. Mouslin De Woes, 1 shilling per yard,
anyonedleine. I Cures: have been effected ibeyond be- - t Satin Bonnets and Moleskin. Hats,. Broche. Shawla,
lief,--were theyinot substantiated by pertains of such ; Double Lens shawls, 'Thibee do." selling at incimettil f ...
exalted PositiOniand character us to forbid the sus- i ably lowl prices. Ivan safely. warrant perfect . sans
picion of untriith. Among tlfe eininentgentlemen , faction to all who will give me a call. - -I .
who have testified in favor of these Pi ps,
we may 1 Lant4mo,'Apr. 5, 1851. S. A. LYONS. I '
mention- • t ! ... i ' 1 . 7% LOCK "S.":-. --- geod time keepers, only one dollar. "
. Dote. 'A: A lffivzs; Analytical Chemist of Boston, i k 1. . /. ' " . S. A. LYONS. •
and State Assayer of Massachusetts; H. J. G•ittEß, 1 L an e A b oro . Ap e ..s. .. - • .
Governor of M..assachtisetts; EMORY WAP4PORS" Ex.
;! AIkiANTED—.I66) Hides for .Which the hiAliesi
Gov. of, Massachusetta; Sows Meows, Lieut. Gov. ! , . . . . • ~ -
price will be_pmd. ~ \ -• • - S. A. LYONS.
of Mass. i E. M. Witioirr, Secretary of State of Mass. • j- .
' : Lanesbona ' &Pr 5 - • -
JOHN B. 'Fir-ar i a-ran:xi Cath Bishop of Bo s ton; Prof. 1 -_ --.- ',---._ • " '
JOUR Tointrv,lol-the ;College of Physicians-and Sur- I -,
t - A - CIUNTIty . PRODUCE taken- in exchange to;
goons, New Yeait'vity; Dr. C. T. JACKSOi, Geologist NJ Gcs t ,att, at my store.... ' S. A. LYONS. 1 '
of the Public Lands of the Uriited States i Dr. J. R. , Laneshoro,'APril 5 .
Cm eros,lPractical Chiemist of New York City, enders- ; --1-----1-- -----------
ed by Hon. WI L. MARCY, Secretary of Slate; Wse ! DAIRYMEN, - TAKE NOTICE!
B. Awroac, the :richest; man in America; S. Ls AND St I rilliElubscribers having secured- the kite- right $o
Co. ' Proprietnrs - of the Metropolitan Hotel, and .1 A 1) el VIS 7 DJUS'I'ABLE CIIURN AIViD
others.. 1 1 1 .1 • 1 111177111 - WORK".h . A - for Susquehanna and several
. Did space permit, We could sire many hundred -• adjoining counties, reNpectfullyinvite all Butter mak
certificat.,s front ill - parts where the Pills hart. heel: 'cr.:: to ex,norin'e and rear the merits of this new and .
us , .1, but evidence even More conTincing, tbau the valnableincre t ition. We urr,pose to furnish each and
experb.:•Ce.of lettlinetit public men, is found In their :all of- vtAt .with a I .,'lluns that will produce. as - much
eel , ape- t-f ..i. i . • • ~ :. . -
litatar in ias ,ilf )i.i. it time as any other churn-;-one
-- i '
r. 7
Thos.: I•' . i - .I' 'l-. ‘. '
~.' `r) c . .. -ton _' vlrst ire : i..ri, :1' , ..(1. rl ill w
t Willi ritpirlrl I ~..epet the buttermilk. _teach and
stildv, :y:•• ~ 1 ' i . ' ! z•• Ca ~ p'iblic as lli- 1.. - .."-.l , ind n-io-t - rmrk in Ithe 4o.ft, difuring it perfectly through:the
cour)!•st , l '-' , iii'-il the 10'esel-t silt -of cl'!'11411 , iCik: nee hatter aod fit it for use, without removing it from the
ea- 37,',.nd. They are; compoutitled not of the :drugs churn.. ;This ;Churn is simple in its construction, sci
themselves, bdt.of the medicinal vii tubs only of Veg- entific hi its operhtion, and easily cleaned and kept in
e.abt ..: cm .diti.. ext.-acted by to.rt-nrie.ll mocetitt in a order, and. can be easily attached to any propelling
~ .....,.,. , : ! .... 1 .,,,1 .. 0 ',,0,; ~- , 11 , ..,.:•,11 . -,-1.: .-.Telr'n man- rower.
_I , . . -
-,• -,, ...r . 0 ;', ...• .• it , •i, •-• • • 1 ' e .... 1.1,;.: ....y.,r, 10 . of . Fr ) , f." , :rher particulars ..ripply cwt . -sureilly or bv.let
caur.., , l:e., f. , i• to ".i ,-:' .!, . ~• ---.r..i , d it. Cherry ter t., 1 , 1.5. .C. BUSHNELL and. J. S. BRON"S,01";',
P- - u . .: l ' -...- ,! Tr•i:'..1.4.•.: - :, , r, ~ f I hi;!l' 4 V 407 - utteierrt: Al-a... , 'asquebanna county, Pa. - -
remedy than 1/41l I bithia to been obtained by rity pro, ' t :
cess. The r,... r iset t .:isl poi r...etly _obvious. While by
!. the old mod-. of eompodtion, every modidne its bur
-1 (limed with nure or less of acrimonious and injurious
qualiti... , . by rbi. , each individual virtue only that is
L desi. yl f.: tb-teu•ati,,le" effect is present.- All the in
. err a:,,F,,, ',rimy.. rilalities of each substance em
p4:1..,1 ~:-.• 1. N11,.1,i,:11. the curative virtues only be
ing r.-tai:. •l ! it
. .is self evident the_ effects
' should p:ve cis they have proem!, more purely rein
- edial, and die pills• a more powerful antidote ,to dis-
I ease than any ',other medicine known to the world.
.ks it k frequently eximilictit that Many medicines
should be taken under the counsel of an attending
physician, and as he could not properly judge. of a
remedy without knowing its composititm, I hail- sup
plied-the accurate formula; by which both ntyl'eCto
ral and •Pilts are Made, to • the whole body of Plicti- '
iinsara . In the United - States and Britisli American
.Piovinci:ts. If, however, there shonld be any one
who has not received !them, they will be, forwarded'
by mall'at hkresinest! - ,
Of all the Patent Medicines that are offered, how
I f±w would be !taken if; their composition was known !
• Their lifc consists in their mystery. I have tio mys
te; ies. !The composition of My preparations k laid
open to all men, and all who are competent to judge.
41i , the freely acknowledge their convictions of
Wok. int:losiOnerits. ' The Cherry Pecto-al.was Pro
. municed by scientific men to be a wonderful Medicine
: before its effects were known. Many'eminent Phy
iicians havo declared the same thing of my Pills, and
even more confidently, and are willing to certify chat
their anticipations were more than realized by their
effects upon trial. They operate by theirpowerfid
inflnene.r on the ; internal rkee-a to iv:ilfy the Horr4
375 1 .1.;:11•:'•••1 rt ; .., lu•rltk. .ii : :;,),— .:1•0 , 1•• !'.• •1-
' tmetif. ••• of TI • ••.:. - !..itl. !,tre:•. - 1 - , h ,-, • , 11 'li , '• '•: --
ga:li of .he btuly, estoning their '.---..1;;••!.sr Tale.: to
t ItOth, 'and tils• corrt4diiie• whe:-evu' they exist, such
derangement; as are the first origin of diseaSe.
i Prepared hy.DP , . J.: C. ATER, Practical and, Ana
-1 lytical Chemist, Lowell, Mass. • Price 45 cents per
I box. rive bdte , for sold by Atm'. Trultzu.,
1 14 , 0•bd!.. ; P. P ',. 1:. t • 'P,Aris:;, Ita• ford ;; Citrnett
& pws,• : ;;••,', !;..,. ,';: '' -. : , rs ;1! .1.•-! r•-•• i: ni-dieines
1 . •
i ALI% ZIF-IF:71. • ,
KV . O iat O ee r ai ß: a l F nad F n li ci E t ;I: 1 ::D .ni :R:
f l o :p r i ..e h
t E u a t.d. r e . e l
i F t n tp : r :l ti
nr ct , i p t i i ! t. o oci n rs h t a tei n rin d i
punt :.- , klydrantic flaunt, dapit:pea wares, lead
pipes r ,
si4ei.&e:, &a. Job work lnne with neat
ness ins .egratteh : all orders intrnpar attended to.
. kr- tjy • hand, a hulycb
kept constangy on hand, a large tu3sfyrtment of stoves
of the latest improved and approved patterns. Our
experience inithe business enableti us to select those
i• that we can safely warrant to give entire satisfaction;
I Amongst ourinumeroni; stock can be found the .
Paragon air tight Star of the West,4 Elevated
New World, 1 Clintdn, [Oven.
Atlas, " • Cultivator,
1 Phoenix, " Fire Fly,
Three States,] Western Qneen,
Globe, , " Premium.
ore and More New G 00415.
and f i u n l
i • supplies of G l
now r'or the rec eivi iV n i g ntr ew T;
e l ulingot nett• and elegant asaortinent of French Mr
- •-- .
rstpos.,l iferipo and Cashmere Plaids; Plaid, Fan
: ea and Plaini De Lanes , Parotnettoe,Broehe, Square
! and Bony Shatebt, all of new and beast styles, and will
be sold, at, 2.slpei cent! less than last . year's pi
:tho - a TletV itts9rimert( or I:irdr ,I2i7.7nn&P and ../?na xrc'tx.•
• /c r Afits,fitrn.t., R 7, Ft
•. 7 Tr i,. 7:r ?•..J
a g;o..(•:-al
of 0?1,1*,:zt....0”.K 1 - 4101. Q, bi,ilt'
hailz,g 2 41/1:th:: PrV`e:it I , r'',id2re
"ntarl-.,-i, will - e sold a correpontiing and reduced
prices. • , •
• N.:-
- n
la e.n.
11\ •
Jjevrehry, Jewelry.*
AGOOD !assortment of Jewelry, consisting of Ear
Rings,' Ear Dmps, Breast Piss;
.Finget• Rings,
kc. kc., justreceired at BENTLEY k READ's.
- "StlT'pr Spoons'.
Tea, Table, D essert , Sugar, Salt, ke., warranted purr, for , sate by ; I • BENTLEY k READ. .
1 Rooter acid Shoes.,
A n untquallis - good assortment of the best make, all
rosh and ptrfe# for sale by BENTLEY. & READ.
Drugs a n
find edicine .
A fresh stock genuinfi Drugs and Medicines, Patent
Medicines, Paints, Oily , Dye-stuffs, ke., for sale by.
• Dec.: 13.] . BENTLEY' & READ.
r 1 1 11 E to ring Goo__
ceived at L L. ROST ok
quality, style and price. • •
SlaA , Dry Goals, ' Collars, Sleeves, z
Dress goods, - - Edgings,
Cloqrs and Casstoteres, Bintn,to, •
WI, it
• CLOT 111;c: . ; nr , i( r;,(34.• ra(i
ellen; hardware, Crnekery; LoCk ir ;Ire-. 4, fff din
every department their gissortn7 is good, and at
Moos to suit.
Nontrose i l Muth 20, 1855.
• I
' j Firs lingeeraitee.
THE undraigued has hewn duly appointed Agent
the Slays Mfirrest. FIRM INSORMICI, Conn
roam. at Hairdsbnig, r., Capital $600,000. js
sate and cheap a company as any In the State and In •
sums on thi stock or inutual plan- •
• I I I 'BILLiNas sraour,.
Montrose 'Sept. 18,11866. • IftwO
e. B. XLDRED. ',
-,- ,L'.::',
&sow beteg rc•
CO's. are desirable in
• PLOW suoii:
' NO,, , E. MOTT : would respectfully inform the
11 I • . publit!" that they are mannfactinini Blatehley's
Celebrated Plows. They also keep constantly on
hand, Side Hill, Irizyne 'Cattottl, and Men Mom,.
rattirattirs, Doti clorns, A';'l,igii and Cutter Shors,
Pi!nr P;);ate'of various- patterns, too - numerals to
mentionl We hope, by strict attention. to business . ,
to receiite .our share of public patronage. • Mantilhe
tory, P. iPoserr old stand. Foundry; M. Mott, near
af'llepairing done on short notice. \ •
iber is agent for the following Insuran
Cuinpanies, doing business at the lowest safe
rates. j• '
State Malaal at Harrisburg.
I Capi tal $350,000.
Cash Virtual at Harrisburg.
• canital
Moire Insrirance, Xere Cif g.
.24% pril 11, '54
ri HE subscribers are now burning .and will' keep
ccahitantly - on hand, Lime of a verse superior
quality at Montiose Depot, and ,will sell it in- any
tin:retitle! at a fair p; ice :'•i:- 1 •!1.g
Z• •
Si111(.11 , ', 4 , ( P. 11 1 41 11:1Stt.1" Nek•
htutd h4matti.rz, • L. !'H I:$
. Mont:Lose' Depot, April 3. • L. SEARLE.
. i FARM FOR SALE. . .
.• • .
"TilEisubscriber offers fer sale, on the . most li b eral
terms,•oue of the h st f :rms. for-making mosey,
in Northern Pe: , asylvania. The said f;ti this si unt: II
in Dinitick,Sus . qcchanna couttfy,cOnvenient to Church.
- Grist-mill, and saw-mill. l contains 160 . acres, oot• .
hundred and- twenty tire miller a good State 01
cultivation, well - watered:rad froreed, one good frame
house, t2B by.:IG feet - , two good barns, o -:e. hundred
feet of good shed, hog house, antl.a good young orch
ard, all igrafted fruit .thereon. Possession willire given
to suit the purchaser. For price apply to the • pro-.
primer ian the premises. - Wm.- BAKER \. ..
Dilmick, July 18th,-1855. . . 28 w 4.
1)OST- BROTHERS having pni•chased.lthe above
. esiablishthent, -Will keep constantly owhaed-su
prr.fine ;Eyed .rive Floor, Corn Meal of superior yual, (lira Chop end Brass at the lowes.t . eash prices.—
Custom'' work will he aode with despatch, and in all
cases warranted . • .
Montrose, July,
Those persons indebted to the subscriber- for fees
as RegiSter, Recorder and Clerk of the Orphan's coart
would confer a faior by settling the same soon.
Montrose, Dec. 6 1854.. J. T. LANGDON.
. Window-Sash. -
S D.: SAYRE having been appnintedin agent
+.7. 1 • for an extensive saab blind and door .manufac
tory- are prepared to furnish any articles in this line at
less rates than they have usilally been sold .
July r 2.4- . . S. R. si P. S.
Shaving Cream.
t N iartielc which every - .man should try for 'sale
. • S. IL b D. S.
TT 3.7.--A new lotof Summer Hata - and Cl6ths
a for Summer wear just received and for pale cheap'
D. R. L. & CO.
- IVrAY found in S. S. Mulford's old 'store, East
' side of Public Avenue. •
Montrose, November 15 1854. - _ •
F:aqi mad 1137i1sit7s.
- of rrt• sizes con Gandy on hand
1 -Lalso - Blinds furnished to otikr by
NevrtGroods Cheap for Cash at the
I Head of Navigation. • • ,
rj` 4 llE undersigned. would - respectfully announce
1 that he is still gelling Good at the old place,
and that he has an entire new 'stock of Goods - which
he will i seltchrop. C. W. MOTT.'
I3AREGE DEL-4.MS for one shilling; Lawns, fast
colors, a yard wide, for one shiUing , and Cali
coes atiall prices, at • C. Ye. moTre....
Montrose, May 39, 1855. • • • •
I r , ker'lta
s _Celebrated Vegetable
\ l4 • f Componsid,
A r ip remedy for Dysentery, Cholent'lforbtas,
Cho Infantum or Summer eotnplaints—entirely
vegetakle, and bas never failed in a single instance of
produeihm the desired effect. For sale in.hottles at
50 e9oFs P itkl 81. • • BENTLEY & READ.
Montt OA August 2°. . 1855.
Coeds for Land i'Varrauts. '
Montrose, Juno 1855.. 23w4
:Batt lo ItObeit. r. - •
A CHOICE lot just eired;l:r i nfr . ered
lis ON I o & wb O y . -
I__ • Shaw!! tiotsla!• :
4 CIIOICE . Iot of Won) wry •cho l
• rtztk., • SCOTT, 01INSTO4 $.OO,
Decem6er 3. . •
W)I.IiTED, Butter,,Mg
V V 'Apples, Potatoes, Beans, ke. - .S.. M.
and a two ho'rse • ea,qule
rlage thr tale cheap t.iy• Tl_
A fiesh supply of Silver Spoons, Watches, ewolry,
444, just received. BENTLEY &It > D.;
Irsu_fire flitTairc \
.1 • received by - J. LYONS&SON.
_ Melodeons • •
(101illTAIITLY ON HAND or ftirniAhed " to order
ob short notice. J. LYONS k SON.
• - 1„.r08T kco,
Stearns. - and Marvin's IrireAPrees
' Safe's. .
rir subtorribers have made arrangements trifi k ,
nish to persona who may be in wept of them, th,
above named invaluable gales, at the same prices for
which they can be 'obtained at the mann& truer's.--
Basing 'experienced the benefit of such dn:
ring the, late conflagration ourselves, we wont 111 .,
oestly re Commend to others having valuable-books ar i d
papery, the preservingef which, would beef irpthera e
id , porte.nee. to them, not to de without one. •
:Inge Porn $54 to friCA), and we cadexpi a i n
'to wi%ing to, purchase, the tlifnrete e in
style, sire, price, &c., said furnish them 'on- short no
dee.; with the internal arrangement to suit the pu r .
chosen'. -
Montrose; December 19, 1804.
New. Goods. .. •
T mow; &prOts are
-now receiving their s a p.
• Ply of Spring andSurniner Goods, and W A ,
cotivined of the advantage of having ready pay, uu
detet mined to sell goods at so low a rite as to
vince;their customers and the public , generally t h at
it will lie to their adiantage as well!. as ours. o u ,
stock don:dots in part of Broadcloths, C ass i mert . ,
Kentucky Jeans,' Summer stuffs, - Delaines, L an , "
Ginghants Prints, Bonnets, Ribbons, p us .
sails, Shawl.; and Black Silks, together with a stuck'
-of othir - Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Grocerie s ,
. Crockery, Hardware, Boots and Shoes, Rats, ic e ,
Also, - al l good assortment of Shoemakers Findin g ,_
Call and examine -.our stOck,•and judge for yoursth ei
as to 4e truth of our statement. Oul. mottois, (pi c k
sales and small profits, Most kinds of country p m ,
dace taken in exchange for goods..
Neap 31ilford, May 16,.1855. " ' 21st:
'• I •
AA MONG the great variety of Medicines at Turrell's
IL Store, may be found all of Dr., Jayne'a justly
celebrated Family Merficizes Ayrels Cherry Neu):
ral and Cathartic Pills ;. Halsey's Toren Wine - aid
Forest Pills; lioofiand's celebrated German Bitters ;
Loudetis series of Fetidly Medicines; Merelranri
Gargling oil, the greatest remedy for sprains in m a
o r li i i2st ever known ; Mathewson's Infallible Heim.
dy, andHorg o Remedy ;. Orick's Verthifuge, and
variety of other kinds; Trask's Magnetic Ointment.
the great remedy for burns, rheumatism, and all i n .
flammatory complaints; Pond's Extract, a first rate
thing for simitar.purposes as above Ointment; A n .
drews' Pain Destroying Agent, a good article ; Wood.
cock's Balsam and Bone Liniment; Atwixars Jana.
dice Bitters, Canker Drops, .Liniment„and Dysentery
Drops; Baker's Compound for Dysentery;
ton's Pepsin, .for Dyspepsia • lielntbold's Extract or •
Bimini and Extritct of Sarsaparilla; a variety- e tc
Salves, the best market, Pills, &c., and an • alm m
endless variety of Patent-Medicines; altogether too
numerous to enumerate—but - suffice it to say, that
the public will 'find 'nearly every thing in this fine, at
the Drug and Fancy Store of ABEL THERM:L. -
Montrose, July, 1855. '
P - -;.AGItI 7 : FOUNDRY..
AY-RE, BENTLEt_d: PfRELINS having purckas
tk=7 ed of Wilson & Co.-the Eagle Foundry, are NA
prepared to fill orders from the trade, and do wort in
their-. line with skill and despatch. 'They will ken,
constantly on. hand- Plows, (best, kinds,)- Blom, (ua
kinds,). Cultivators, Cutters, Corn &alien,
cte: dc. de. • • •
• -We invite Particular attention' to the Plows 'whit':
we manufacture. •We manufactufe and keep for sat
17te Cilsbraterl .Platehley Plow. • '
'We dare purchased the exclusive right, to ,mantift.e
im p and sell in this . county, Wayne, ymning and
..Bradford, Rich's Patent /rottßroin _Mow% The
Plow is made ()direly of iron, excepting the Hardie..
It is celebratcd.ror its 'easy draught,: being one-third
easier than any now in use, while its strength - and dn.
ntbility are greater,
of all kinds manufactured • and repaired by experier.C•
ed mactinests. ' • • - ' -' •
Steam Engiriet, Gearing for . Mills, Shingle .►( a
; - 'eliiitPF, df. &c.
.the Stoves which we manufacture, are the
Key Sterne Cookiiig' Store, Rough and Read,odo.,
est Queen do.; Premium do., and: other kinds, all an
ranged for burning wood or coal. .rilsO, Selfißrge.
lator, Parlor Store; Collage Par/or do., Stan/eip,
two sizes, do., and a variety of otter Parlor More;,
both wood and coal burners. We keep also on hrn.i
Grindstone trimmings, -Wit Churn
. trimmings,,nr-
I‘rella and Sho . vel and' Tongs Stands,
:1011 , 2 tp der on short notice and at the lowest rates.
" , y" Orders for, Stoves, k, , rieultural Impleamio,
ite., are -soliedikA frtiru . those in the trade, and will bt
filled at reasonable wholesale.prices.
.1 A L -- 1 7 •N" r' l / 4 ., 11UNG. STORE
• • .111 r D
• • Tailoring - Establishment
• - - AT
T ASHER S Co. would regpeetfully announce to
their friends and the pabbe generally, that they
keep" cOnstantly or hand a full assortment of Real!
Made Clothing, Btiots'and Shoes, llati and Caps. and
,•v , ;ry thing 'necessary for men and women's rear.
would particularly call the attention of country
Merchatits to our large stock of Rearlade
Of our own manufacture, which we offer at whot•6lle,
It prices that will afford great inducein:entsto ciu
and short-time customers. •
A large. stock of Cloths '
• Cas.simeres, Vestingoc.,
kept constantly' on hand, for persons desirous oily.
ing clothing made to order.
.ordeis punctually attended to:
Thankful for past favors, we hope to merit a core
tinuance• of the same.. J. AMER.& Co.
Susquehanna Depot, Pa., Ilayi 12,1655.
• _ greater indueenzvas thccrt .
lATIIICH is now filled with a nese . and extepi:l
Y .assortment of articles in their Ime, embn :y
a 'general variety of new and elegant styles of ides
and gentlemen's . wear, among %lAA are Wes
French, Silk Lasting and Prenille 'Gaiters, Kid and
Enameled Polka , ' Kid, Patent Leather and Ennui
Jenny Linds, Bu skins and Ties ; Gentlemen's Freed
and Philadelphia, oak tanned calf skin and kip Boav,
Morocco, Calf and Cowhide Brogans &c.
calf and. cosYhide Boots add Brogans Lail kinds A'
Misses and Children's wear. Also, a -general Am*
ment of Findings Which consist in part of lasts, peg!
14parables, Hungarian nails, tacks, thread, wax, Ras.
Iles,shoe binding, awls, rasps, sandstones, shoe him.
&c. Alio oak and hemlock, tanned calf upper smd
soleleather, Morocco skins, and linings.
Work made: to order and repairing neatly &lit.
- •
Montrose, April 0, 1854,
,about 5500 acioof
Land on the,.waters of :Spring Btook, • a lord
Of the Lackawanna river, bilitierne County, Penr.l;
about nildwaybetween the thriving 'towns ofd
ton and Pittston:. Thege binds are. covered with
sable timber, and, being t-iittate in the most exterf•ite
mineral region In Pennsylvania—known to cotta
iron ore--;—and believed to abound in coal, andand bell
also in. the immediate• vicinity of several 'railroit
made and now in,progress---offer to. - the -capitalism
opportunity for the investment of money that widna
occurs. -For further information'aPply to N.
sack, F.sq., No. 11, Wall street New . tOrk, or to di
subscriber, at 3Tontrose, Susquehanna eounty,Pa., the
attornei. in:fact Of the owners. • •
April 6, 1854... ' IMRY ITZTER.
Est rayed from the premises of the subscriber, ort
or near the first of June—five yearlings. Two re,l
Steers, 'one darker than the other.: Three fleiferi,
mostly' red, withiorne white on each, the smiler one
having more white than the other. Any person F ee,.
lug said yearlingli will oblige the subscriber by taking
them up and sending him word,.by letter or othervise.
, I and he will pay thorn for their trouble_ -
" Jackson, July Fat, 1865- WM. LARP.LBIL
.V.. 1 tr. i istro tor's Notice.
N" - oTicE givo , l that letter?. of selmini:tia-
L tion epee, , tije estate oft ;URSIION BUNNELL,
late of the township of Anburu,deceased, have ' '" l)*4ll
granted to,
.the i subscriber, and all persons. irMebt:
ed to said estatri will please, make immediate pay
ment, and thosii hiving claims against the estate
will please present them , duly: attested for settlement.
gONAtlikic BUNNELL, Adm'r. •
lk Aconite, Jun/ lath, Ist&'
• • ' .Australia, .California; ••
Or any place op. the :Globe- can not 'resat
Valuable Lauds For Sale.
riIHE NEXT TERM of this Institution commences .
the first Mohday of September (ad) . and.contin-
Tit *reeks: - And as classes will then be smug
ed, and the studies assigned, students are part:War
ly requested to ffie present; and*they will thereby
avoid much !shot- on the
ha lio!stileilt to themselves. - -
part of the teachers and em.
110. arid, undt‘r the pre:ient hard times, is f 2 per
wi" , 1:; nd will 6 proportionally less if they cease;
whileli we have ifvery reasou to believe frots..the ap
proachiugharvest. . •
. . IIOOI.IIIAN.,tioous.
c,;;; • INplit Flints and Ladies' firoadclotb, Delanee
& • fie.; jusqopetied and for gala by SON ;
' LYONS & -
• •
' •
I). S. 8F.,:T12Y.