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For the Republican. , • • . '
A CARD'. • •
The Pemocrat of this weekbl'A
pu t_s an
a nonyinous letter, to prove that Chase le not
guilty lof deliberate falsehood. Mr. Chase
may wfite a dozen' anonymous letters:, but
they 3111 not be received as proof. He must
either , .4eear to his fitlsenoods or bring .Po s i.
• sl •
tire evnience. . • -
He tempts to prove,. by an'anonv MOW;
letter, written probably by hiMself, 'diet his
Statetnnt in relation to C.-3. Lathrop and I ,
n ivsclti is et. I hive pronounced it'
IMr. Fr e d N ' iil•S the only'-person .pres
ent. Let him prove his,,statenient by G. 8..
Eldred or by Mr. Lathrop himself, or ~„„
knowledge that his statement was f a l se.
lielbrings the same evidence to prove that
the tonship -
co mmittees were made by the
% c our f c itin Bloomer Hall. I . have, •na*.:ned six
on s ai i ies hy whom a majority • - of•the: &un
rnitteefrere made. Let him brine, them t o
prove the staternent
,is ineirrect. haVe : said
'that th 4 Council in Bloomer Hall.did net
'Make ore of the committee ands'd td dot take
J 1 _
any scuo u n in
, reference to them.l demand
the ProOf that the statement is not true. •
1 hope Mr. Chase will now see 'the neces . -
sity of going-before a rnagistraie and iwear.
.ing to h'4 false, statements. Perhaps two of
his workmen Fakhelp him swear. - • .
I Still Another Falsehood.
The Hunkers must . feel. awfully, or. they
'lrotild.nOt so many of them, resort Co down- .
:rightfalehood to-help their cause.' J. B. Me-.
Collum,iljunior editor of the Democrat, is cir-.
eulating report that votes for El hanan Smith
hare b n printed at the Republican offiee.—
All we avc to say -in regaid to that is, the
f ,tateme Cis as false as the heart of the man
who fabticated it. ,
We Wave "prit i t . ted no votes tor Elhanan
Smith ailshall print none. . We leaVe it for
the pur4 Democrats that hover around E. B.
Chase, ,- 0 print and Circulate' the vOtes,- as
they di; 1 the card and-handbills,-of the 'Whig
Know -tithing' candidate with whom- they
'are so . legely JAl:en
. .beeaose he
. and Chase
together in the same cause at Harris
'burg halt winter..
• _ ~ .
:Latter from Passmore Willamsan- •
The following letter from Passmiire Will
isaison will speak
, for itself to the .
whose ,Larm,sympathies are with him in his
iraririsoli inent :
September 28th, '1855. .
DrarllSir.:—l duly received your commn 7
nicatioMrof the 25th inst., officially infbrming
me thatlithe Republican Mass Meeting
bled at Pittsburgh the .sth inst.. nominated
me as heir candidate tbe Canal
.er at, t 4 approaching:election. .
The itmination has been 'for some time
known ome and although it •wa.-i made
withyuticonsoltinig with me, and with Out any
expeetatimin or desire on my part, se,t, not
aware of any provision having been male by
the Mails Niecting rite the selection of anothei
candidate in case of my deClination, .1 have
.passivel' - submitted to the use of my•name..
InO r learn, with .entire satisfaction, that
the not ination \of a candidate, on " the
basis of ißesistane to any farther
of Slav 4." has been effected by the united
action of the Executive Committees of all the
partie; ih the State oppo , the pm-Shivery
f'olicy if the National Administration; and
assured ,Ithat the nominee is a fitting - re! re
, sentatiy of the principle 4, 1 iespeetfully de
noinination with which the Ma-s
TIN feeting was. pleased tip hunor:Me.
ja my thanks for the kind teeny,.
Fnmutneation, and believe me,
li - • ,Your 4 Ikes'peetfull,-,
'your ed
. William Jessup, - -,
dent of the Republican Mass Meeting
For the Rept!,lira*.
The New. Whig Leader
SO {midi
is to be
.5 READ & FRAZIER: Things inu-t have
a*strange pass if Chase has beeonie
concerned for the Old Whig Party
up candidates to•keep,„it alive and
Whiggery which- We flas.. killed so
many times, if not really dead, -must be :tw
ill! sick !'when he has got our good friends,
Doctors .Patrick and Park (who agree hardly .
in anything else,) to work knight •• and main
with bellows in and to blow the breath ;Of
life intoltbe old carcass, which they tievek,
seemed Rio care much about before. I under
stand'ihat the bringing out of Col. Smith for
the whi<4s is a job of which Chase alone, is
boss---He and . his clique were alone -consul
tetl7aii organ announces his - nomination, and
prints his' i votes.. Now I have always been a
Whig aslong as the organization could do a
ny 0°44 fur I would never blush to Own . th.:
Warne under which my ancestors fought for
Liberty 4 But whea:Whiggery comes to be
in ihe - clre and keeping Of E. B -Chase, 1 for
one muss .say did the honest old -.codger
when a esperate rowdy and : ineddlcsOnie
fellow w o Was always kicking up d.inus's in
his neigliborhood undertook to, dictate who
a elitir .h should have fur . Deacons. "Well
saVs old honest, "if the devil is going
.nomilfate the-Deacons, quit-4. don't .
belong 14 tiaemeetli atcy. longer !"
, . .
ilkt a stated "(Quarterly) meeting of
• • ,i•
kte " Pennsy 'yards Society . flir proinoting the.
~kbolitioil of Slavery; for the relief of Free
:lcegroesliunlawfully held in Sondage,-and for
'.uiprovitli the condition orthe'Affican tie.; •e, M.
'held at Clarkson Hall, Ninth - month, (Self
temLer)ig,th, 1855, the- following resoln t iints
were inaodiand after discussion :and a-,
mendmept, unanimously adopted. - ''.:
Whera, v our friend . ;and collcague, Pass-
More Williamso n ha's' been incarcerated -in
AlOyetnttsing Prison for more . than two
Inouths4f or an alleged contempt of COurt,
growing out of the 'WheelerSlave . Case, Me - '
particulars of Which-will
on the Minntes of our Acting Cermnittee..
- ,And 4 liihercas, we feel it a duty to revird
Our setpli.,,e of the grievous wrong which . has'
been cOinmitted upon one who has fur many , 1
!tars 44en an efficient-and esteenied officer 1
of this Soc i ety; . - • -
• Thefore, be itliesolved, That the imp is,-
onment l
11 ,3
f Patsitiore Williamson, by order ;
of Judd Kane, of the'District Court of the_,
United States, presents a case - of arbitrary i.
assumption of power, dentanding the -seriou s
Considetittion of all who are intet cited in the
ItthrtinjsOation of the laws, which . are deiigned .
fur the 4 ,: otectien . of our personal liberty and
inalien.slec-rights. . .
liesolFed, That negro slavery, o
. C*l. its it"
has any legal foundation at all, dependi up-
Pm local !law, and therefore, the laws of the
Southe States have no more efficiency with . -
in the S , to of Pennsylvania, that' those of
at,y othe'r foreign nation or government. • .
Resoli'ed - , That when John IL Wheeler i
hrnught Jane Johnson . and -her children
; .
.• •
, •
%Omni ho claimed as Ma elitie , i, into :the State I
of l'enrisylvarria, the relation of master and!
slavcleeased to exist, • and the slid Jan- drill
her . .elilldren becrime •instantly fre4and
. eii-1
titled: Co the protection accorded lviour laws .
to an _(other free persons. who muy :lac found I
Within:ldle lithits of this Commonwerilth; and
we regard any attempt : on the partiof John
11. 'W heeler to detain by. force the iiaid Jane
-johncin;afid. her i children . in his service or
custody, as an act of • Violence which Subjects
him toy the penalties of the - law. , 4 i - .
ReSoivelf; That Prissinore Williamson, as
an offieer of is society incorporated by the
State 1f Peunsy44iiiia. in . 1782. 64; 'spatial
purprises, of ;which the relief of free negroes
unlaWfUlly held irl bondage was one; did no
thing imore than his duty id apprising the
said _Jane Johnson ,of her rights.' *, .r , . •
• Resolved, That the _time and manner in'
Whichl'asstuOre Williamson becstmetiCquaint
ed with.the sinr - I(tion of - Jane Johnson -and
•her ch'd ren, ;and. with her desire to i be free,
preclii ed- the possibility of affording her re
lief thriough the instrumentality of this, author
ities of• - •the'State, therefore the Orin adopt
ed of
. i'iforipinglier 'of her legal rights, was
the on y one by which relief Could, be afford
ed. i - 1 -- , I -
ROOlyed; !That[the application of john 11.
Wheeler to, Jirdge Kane, stating i that the
said Jane.and her children were his slaves
tinder he laWs oflVirginia; (he not sVen pre
•tendin ' that th4y. had eseaped;• from that
State, into Pennsylvania,) did --not Piesent . a
' • il'. , f . •
.case % Leh- affoidgd authority under the law
of th,i. Jnited Stricesto:issre a - habeaS corpus'
comnianding . PrissrOre William - Son . ; to pro=
duce the bodies; cif these :alleged; slaves be-,
tore Or judge. ! Consequently, a neglect or
refusalvto comPlyi! with
_this mandate could
! ,..
'constitute no legai; contempt, ' !` 1
- .ll4olved, ThaC Could the legalitY l of the
Writ be adruittiSit the answer of l!ass,more
Williamson in hij' retura thereto,. was entire
ly resPectlul; anditinquestionably tine in all'
its 04s. . Ilistcorninitment;to, prislin on a
•vague i imputation -of contempt, in which
Judge 'Kane was accuser, judge and jury, *as
therefore a 'flagiatt and alarming intasion of
the rights-and 1114rty of th.... citizen..l • -
ResOlved. That the refusal on - thLi part •Of
the Minority of tai ~fudges of the Suprem e Court. p 1 Pennsyl•ania, to 4lTOrti Ji i lvisinore
Willi :An oi!l •
)orttinity to eNlio.t.e the il
legaliity:ol hi itn( i re.(mineoti mid to i,'indieate
his-right to, an utilpiahli,ti dq:eliarge i i and tl-.
undignified refleetiious with which thiLt refusal
was aielz.omp4niecq must greatly impair• tbi...:
eonfidepee - iir the !integrity and efriLiency of
the 'Supreme Jndieiaiy of the d'ouritiou.•
wealth/ 1 !.. •
Re4ved, Th, t
..eSO:ve., Anil tho opinion of Judge Knox
in hist!'dbmit frotil ! the decision of a majori
ty-of t..he,..Court, etxhibits a true. and lucid ex
positibi of the' la* and the ca -•e, equ ► ily . cred
itable tio his undetanding and to tns heart.
lie'sdlved,. Thai ;we tenderour sympathy
to our t•steented Otleague inAhe seTere trial
through which heiiS passing,iwith the desire
tilat,heltnay he supi~ hY Christian thrti
tildc,!and. corninitoiis cat :- t.;.) Him who
. 4 . ..4-
, I • ,
I:1 , ,
etn vgnteously.. , '
Res i olved, That.' ? cop) f these re'solittinnß
signed by the ofri r e,p; of he SocietY, be• re.
cord`td on our tyttnntcs, nd publishill in the
- daiivi papers, and! hat the Aeting COtomittee
be7tiircattcd to far I(.h thi:nt to the 'Governor
of the State, tbit'v.Judgets of the ttirts in
Philadelphia, to the S, nate and the I.,use of
Repres!entatises tifl'eurtsylvatta,.:llo 'to such'
other lltr , islative blolies t. 14 they !nay deem
Ft= ll'
expedi {AI T. . .
- i
I D . ILLN6'ki
! 4 ,
j 1 tit/Slit:A ?:
' EDWA F 24 LEW*
. . •.
The ifollowing_ P.: l lwatt; ter itself *and needs
no c°,:tnient. hilthis coMniutiity no mail is
more -- , petted 111 an the •i/tie now in Moyn
mensitig Prison, y the iintrageons tyranny.
of Judge Kane. ‘ . 1% , cpiejstion much wheth
er thaftnictiona4• could !;obtain such an en
dorsertient from i! o many, of our respected
. 1
'eitakani, -for his ty truthl4Thess and upright
chardc'er." No iLne*knici,Ys PaSsthore Wil
liams°li .
who (... riffor a minnent doubt his in
t - e,grity and we ltiive vet ;to find the first de
t: cut min in this arty vklio ltelievo,4 with J udge
Kane that- he made an tillasiv,e return to the
'writ ot Habeas Ci l (l,rpi.ix -* , 1
• 1.
• t
' -
! •i L K
.. • l i l . • B °'•-• .;
-- - -
'As-Judge an,n in intprisoningmur fellow
citizen passmor4 Willia . rilson,.fiir an alleged
! contenwt, assui4s that he has not trade a,
~ c orrect and full r6turn tti,!the writ issued by`
' t ,the.. quirt, we, the under'4 , igneil, who know
' Passmiirii NV illiainson .wiill i desire to testify
to his ntire trutOilness'and to his uprigh't
charater, and tolexpressrur firm belief that
lie is tl i ntirely inBapable cif evasion or equh%
°cation,. under a 4& circurhstances. * We be=
lieve that if he halla fair ifriaf, such as it has
been'Sippo.•ie6, prior to the action of Judge
Kane,: hat every i 1 Amerkian citizen 'was, en
titled to, beforo :demn4tion upon so grave
j m
a char, that it r :would Clearly appear to.ev
e, ery un4 rejudiced mind, that his. return was
"the te l utti,„ the whole truift, and not,hing hitt
i the' trup," and eiltirelyciirre.ct. in all partic
ulars, ,witlout evasion or oinis , :ion. •'
:, Andre* id. Joiiie.4, .G4irge U. Steever, 1
- M. L. Hallowell, Ellis Yarnail,
Thoiimi Alliboile, G , .; 1 , . H. Kirkhatn;. •
Charles. Yarliall :, A. J. D. - .:rli) sbire,
13,01 - c.,a1,,q, 11 , J. M. Kiftine,iy:.• .
W•ni r S.*Perot i ll John',Bacon,
M. 14. 0aw,,,,n,!1. - Thomas Evans.• - , '
.Thollias E.arp, 1.1 Fralieist It..o)pe,
I.l i2 rify Cope, 1! Ir: Townsend,
• J•ikif Farninn, 1! ' A. L. Kennedy, M. D.
Lthilard Ytt . rn:ttl, FL C.. : Tuvnt , enti t ' •
itattt S. Johtison: .
liati3Coinmittee. -
• The' Hun. President of the
Republi • State ConvetiCon, at -Pittsburg,
'has isatic : ' the foliOwingTeirciilar, announcing
,4))) - iiinttnenOof the Republican State
tee: •
4.Artetilj 4 o 1: the Repuhlrean State Con
ventioul which aAembled in Pittsburg, I have
! , appointed te to llfowing atat9
David Wiltnot,i , of; BraOird, Chairman ;•
Eli R. Price, of Philadelphia;" Wm. B. Thorn-.
dj.; Anson .1.1.44, 40 4 Rei j. Malone, .do.;
Robert il redel I, 01'4 tgoineq ;- A. R. .4.le
livaine,l4 4 . Chester ;' J4ti B4iik., Berlis ;
Maddens- Steverik of . I.:anctister ; • Prof. Me
iotuell, of C7/inh,eriaUd ; Jarnes 'At. Sellers,
of J ;. A.. C.alierter, Of • Dauphin ; D.
Bradgearn, of MirthuMberbind -; Samuel 'F.
Carmalii, of Su•Nnehanni; • 4.. W. Benedict,
of John Oi t iiodij, of Westinure
lani ; liOive ? ' of Crawford ; George
Daraie, Of Allegheny ; Thortuts J; Bigham,
of Allegheny ;. Thos. Nicholsion, of Bearer ;
F. B. Penniman,. 'Wayne; Win. Fernon,
Jr., of Potter; H enrye Mt. Fuller, ortur.eine ;
Hoimeti Maclay, 13‘4 , 1ng, of
• . /. '••
•SO redu
is the
large n
edge th
of dung
AY'NEj Presidoit
. EASE?.
Vice Pi•e_,ldeilis..
plits , , &levet:tries
I . From Philadelphia San.
.1 •
I Beware pf 3raur .Stre ngth:
reate:gtdlipgerithat ItObr. threatens to
he the Repiubiimit tii4jority: this year
ver confidence tit the party. The
I, •jority a ' last year. tu]. - the kuuw)-
tt it *laud° be hierealted; is' a 'source
Rehbileatus should guard a.
Those Of us ihsit halPe lieeti Whifs
, ' 1 1 ) , I
can `remember the - eampaign of 1842, when
w e J ie v o ii great meetings,l stumped the State
all over; sung Songs; loud and gloriousiv.and.
had'alt l / 4 etherii.good tit lc of it; but forgot
to. vote.l The cOnsequen • wp,S a most woL,-
ful drOhing. The Re utl;iicans . this' 1
1 .,
have Milre votes. to !nee, before they coin
. to,
a dtfes.q; but they cau 1 e greatly mortified,
amtsutrer Jasi-Oftheir i illuence in ri - gretit
. d
egree,; , by trusting now to - last year's ma
jority-. 1 Our duty now s to work as, if we
expecteila single . vote n ,cessary to carry 'the
election; . .The election 4 our eandirlatO will
riot reqhire all Our strength, but the mitse of
Liberty; does squire tint polling of the. litt
yote wti.catr . sklire. \V have not c6ly •to
elect gtiOd men; but we have to Jo it with a
good will; so that the .7ircirldshall Imo* that
when'freedom is threate l ed,• not 'one of',, its
friends' Will - fail:to do hi - duty.=-.-Ashlabtda
(Ohio) 'Spitinet - ,
... ..
' l ,'k:47'
.'''ffh e Chase or Sh Aghai tweed of Know
Nothing*. are . said to be . alining Stnith and
a ir
Barniod r,fcretty in this f:onnty ! Look 'out
for then k.- ,
By Eld. A. L. , 1 1
,4=4,' in Moil
1: 0 . Esq.and Mtss
% / Also, (in the•Sd.!in Bridgenterdtir..t. L. GntrriN
offew Milford, yid Mim ELIZABETH 41 AS: E GARIIENgn,
of the forner place. •
%/Also ; on the 4th, in Montmse, Mr. Mtritert. BROWN,
of BinghinitOn, N.;Y. and MISS CATHARINE
of Bridgewater.
A. k..§pangler Esq., of Philadelphia, Editor of the
'Progressive Farmer, will deliver the address hefore
the Susquehanna County Agricultural Society, at the
Annual Fair, Oct. 11th,
if OD bl/43bekiseiTleqls,
•1, • , I t IVANTE D.
Ssicka,:Xgp, Butter,
any quantity in exCharn
. liontrlise, Oct. 4, 18,
. . . ,
CR';. Mort hais just TecWred a lot of New Goods,
. Fall Styles, iiindi . as Delailes. De Bilges; Para
inettas, Alapacas, :Ginghains,l Moritioes, Prints ; and
Shawls. In fact a general assortment of Dry Goods,
which will be sold low.'
[ .
.__ ..-. .
, . New
. • New Gdodt. • •
• 1 .
• - t - t
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Watchesi' Jewclrv, Silver SpOons,.k.c., whieti they of
fer on tho most ffri;:orabl,... terths: .
____hOntrOse, ct. I, 1855.- 1 :
_ _...._.. O :1_
Long.and Square Shawl=, De Litii.m Figured. and
Main, a, groat quantity of Pardinottas, and other Di.esi
Gooth,Tqr gale cheap by 1.
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FOTC.rnx FALL OF 1855,-
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n t t
ore,-nnd pia r t e h e e e
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113 Wool Socks wanted, fir which the highest
prices. Wll] conthiue to Le paid, ; Flour and - Salt' con
standy on hand. j . •
. New Itliford, Oct. 4., 1'835.. I • • ,
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calf, at TUER:E 11: .1," T.,SE TES, 21 niiles
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Also . a
few Peach, Pear, Phial, Quince, and Moun
tain Ast l trees, at rea prices. .
Particular regard is had to accurac.y of names, and
to making a good selection of: fruit for the different
seasons Of the year, when desired.
. i• ' .. ! L. M. TURRELL.
Friencistille, Susq'a. co., Pal, Sept. 20, - 185.5. [air
.1 .
Whole;nle and Retail dealefs 1 in Floor, Salt, Pork,
Meal, Gltiu — n, Fedd and Candlel3. Cash paid fore Oats
and Rye, ~ 1 .
, .
On Chestnut Streof,—Ettst lend of Lyons k Chan
dlers Store, Montrose Pa. ! i
r l OR ramin a great hurry Why, - what's] the
L, matter now? 0. nothing. only Bullard 'over
there at Die Postoffice has just received by Railroad
Express,a new lot of Books and Stationery, and L
want sotne before they are 'ali t :tone. Y.R. that'* xn.
Come ON f:n- he has got Mary iLyndon, The Ridden
Path. Ms - Bondage and FreedQrn (F. Douglas*,)
tha and'Vllie, Hood's Choke Works in sett of 'four
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Montr4se, Sept. 19, 18.55. i A. N. BULLARD.
• . I FALL TRADE; 1855.
Ar BEG leave. to invite the attention of my old friends
1 _and dustomers to the rE/4 Y LARGE STOr,'/Y
BOOTS h-ASIIOES <1 . 4. *e. , Liam now receiving ; and
while tendering thanks for pa. 4. faVors, I would, re
specting ask them once trior to favor me with a
hire of the patronage they baVelleretofore so libe l ,
- ally hOndred me with. !! I. H. SETIIIIN.
Snmmersville, Sept. IP, l
tlifA iiidPii;diiC.COf all kinds Ranted at the
hiA • est market prices at ; J. IL SUTPHIN'S.
WOOL SOCKS wanted at
q, fheaper than they can be obtained eise
wheie at It SIITPIIIX ..
Fres* Arrival of New Goods at
ekerraan & Garr:tiro-
THEaubscribera would respectfully inform, the
good people of Susquehanna county that they
ire now opening their stock of Fall and Winter tr - r
Goods,' wish is unusually large and
.attractive. . a7l hf
which will be sold for cash or appro ved credit cheap
er, ,Shan it any other the 'county.—
We stem just what we say, Please give us a trial.
New Milford, Sept. 18, 1855: / •
. e . ,
tSzippomed to • bie Cheap,
WE thousand dollars , worth) of Ready• Made [' loth-' 1
juries. •,, . DICICERIWT fr.. GARRATIIs.
New Milford, Sept. 18, 1865.
. ,
Administration Notice.
IVOTICE is hereby given that !ewers of administra
-11 don; upon the wtate of. Bawl &ass, late of.
DiMeek tOwship, deed, have been granted to the Un
dersigned, and al . .petwons indebted to said estate
will please melte immediate payment, and those bas
ing chat* will present the tome duly attested Ss'
settlement, JOHN W. GRAY, Adm'r.
INneett, Sept, 4, ins: wit
;One person to fill the office of Canal Conrtnissioner
of the board of Pennsylvania. •
IT -- - fill the•olin
itro:e, on the -
ART WILSON, both of
,tO. in
at Cast} prictis.
TN pursuance of an act of the General AdAnnbly of
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, ctithled art
" act relating to the Elections of the Communitealth,"
approre , i the second -day of July A. D. one ithonsand
eiltht hundred a n d &why-nine. I, R. lIOLLISTER,
in g et hr of the County .of Susquehanna, itt said
C'Onnnottwealtit do hereby Ore notice to the electors
ofithe county aforesaid that it Gerwmit!ectiOrt will be
held in said countfon the second Tuesday of
next. (it being the Aith day of said
,month) at which
tithe State and County officers are to be elected St 3
follows, to wit : • I toe v. Ice of _Members. of the j
House of Representatives'ofthe Commouivealth of
Pennsylvania, for-the District. composed. of 'the coon
this of Susquehanna, Wyoming and SullivuO. - •
• Pie person to ria the office of County Cotbinission-
er l of the county orSusqiiehanna. . I. •
One person to fill the officer of Auditor of the coun,
ty; of Susquehanna.,
One _person to fill the office of Treasurer of the court
ty; of Stisquehanna.
I also.hereby make known -and 'give notice l .diat the
plilees of holding the General Election in the several
Wards, Boroughs umi.TownshiPa.. within the county
otlSusquehartna ' are as follows, to wit:
;The Election for the District - composed of the town-.
s 141) of Apolaeoo, will he held at the house of Joseph
leelte, in raid township.
!The Election for District composed of the tOwnship
oflArnrat, will be held at the School Housti near the
ritisbyterian Church, in said township. .1 -;
The Election for the District composed of the town
of. Auburn, will be held at the house `of George
IlaVerlv, in said township. •
• ;The Election for the township of. Bridgewater, will
held'at the Court House, in the Borough of Mont
trbse. - •
The Election for the District composed of the town,.
•shiii . of Brooklyn, will beheld at the bowie Iforniely
occupied by O.:A. Eldridge in said township: •
;The Election for the District composed °file town
ship of Choconut, will tie held et the School - House,
near the house of Robert Giffin, in the said 'town
. 1
rThe election for the District composed
sliVorCliffo'rd will be held at the house foi r merly oe
mimed by Arthur Smith, iu the Borough io
,The Election for-the District Composed cif the Bo:-
otigh of Dundah will lie held at the Dundoir Rotel, in
said Borough. •
' , The Election for the District -composed of the tr
tor the utstrict -composed of the town
shit) of Diniock, will be held at the House of John
Baker, in said township:
!The election for the District composed of the town
shit) of Forest Lake,' v. ill . be held at the house lately
ockmpied by Preserved Hinds, in said tciwi l .ship.
• • !The election for the District composed of ; the town
ship of Franklin, will be held at the house; of Rufus
Tittle, in-said township. „
The election for the Borough of Friends vill,will be
htdd in the School House -in said Borough.l
Tie Election for the District composed of the town-
stiff) of Great -Bend, will be held at the house of Al
fred Allen in said township.
;The Election for the District composed of the town
shit) of Gibson, *ill by held at the holm Joseph
Washlturn, !in said township.
The Eleetit.n for the District composed o the town
shit) of Raiford, will be held at the house f Nathan
ISt. Waldron, in said township. •
.!The - Election for tt e District composed of theao wn
ship of liarrnany,'will be held at the house.' lately oe
eitpied by F. A• Wald, in said township. • . •
:The election for the District composed of the town- .
ship of llerriekvnill be held at the house of,, the late
WlarieraDimock, in said township. - •
?The }lice:ion for the District rompostslif the town:
sldp of Jatikson, will he held at the house Of ! Nathan
fel Rill, in said township.
T! Election for the District composed of the town ,
slop of Jessim, will he held
.at the house I.of Daniel
.I . lof in said township.
The-Election for the District composed of the town
ship. of !Lenox, .will be held at the house.Of :Grove. St
BiLotlrent, in said- township. ..
‘4.The Election for the District composed of the town=
olLiberty, will he held at the School Hone near
thi• residence of Isaac Comstock, in said niwnship.
.the Election for the Di-trict composed of the town
.o,lo of : Lathrop, will he held at the hou.el of Easha
1.4;411, in said township. • •
!The Elcet ion for the DiSttiet composed or the
sldp of Middle town.will be held at -thedlinisd of Joseph
R4,1:444, in said township.
TLe tketion far the District composed of he Bor.
ot l of Ifo.drose,will be held; at the Court in
sail Borough.
The ,ideetto:i for the District comprised of the tour..
ship of s liew Milford, will be held at the hou4e lately
octlipiM by Joseph 0. Pire, in said township,-
The El.‘ction for the district composed of the town
ship or atkland,. will he held at the bone of R. Nicol
in 'the ho lough of Sn Clu a nna. •
The. Election for the District coiriposed of the town
ship of Rush, will he held at the hov=e formerly oc
cupierldir, N. J. Sherwood, in said township.,
The . Eivetiou for fte District compo•ied of the town
s.l.4 ofSpriugriße,' will tie told at the Tlouie of Spen
ect'flieliox; in sr . dd- township. .
The Eliictton for the District composed cf the town
shtfi-of:fzilver Lake,' will be held at the house now oc
cupied by Robert Mc Grvigle.
I •
The Election for the District composed of the Dor.
on of Susquehanna., will be held at the house of
'Elliot Benson, Inis.aid Borough: • I -
ThelElection for the District composed df the town
Tip lr•Tboinpson, will be held at the house of Jonas
ETadin~, in said twCiFzhip,
—also make knowit and give notice as hi and by
Gay I fith section of the aforesaid act I ant directed,
"that every person . except Justices of the peace,
wlie shell hold env office or Appointment .of profit or,
sr i:ct limier the United State.:, or-of this State, or •of
any city or incorporated i dk4riet, ' whether a commis
toped Officer or agent,who is , or shall employed•
linger the legislative, judiciary or -executive dePart
meet of this State or- ; United States, or any city
inciorreir led district;, and also, that every Member of
Coheres.% and of the State Legislature, and of the
select or common Council of, any city, or etinimissiou
er-r of airy incorporated district, is y . lawl incapable
Of holding or exercising at the same time,
the office
or appointment of Judge , inspector, or Clerk of any
eheitiort of this Commonwealth, and .that no Inspec
thrior Judge or other (peer of any such election,
shall be eligible te
~any office then to be voted for."
! f ood by the same act of Assembly it is rilso made
" the ditty of every Mayor, Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff',
Alderman, Justice of the Peace, Constablelor Depti s
ty, :Constable, of every city, county, townslp :or dis.
where,triiet within this Commonwealth,- where called
upon ,lay an officer of ap election, orbs three qualified
eleiors thereof, to clear any window or avenue to the
window of the .place of Generel Election Which shall
be Obstructed in such-a way as to prevent vOters from
4,oo:telling the same; and it shall be the duty of the :
'respective Constable of such ward, district or town
ship within this commonwealth, to' _be present in
petion nor by depply, at the place of holding such
Electioes, in such ward,district or toirMihie. for the
purpose of preserving the peace as aforealid t "
Also that in the 4th affection 'of the act Of *Arkgern
bly, entitled 'A An act relating to executionii and for
other purposes," approved April 16th, 1841, it is en
actOd that the aforesaid 13th —section," shall 'not ba
coOstreed as to prevent any militia officer or borotigh
°Cheer from serving as Judge; Inspector, or Clerk at
atte. getterai or • special election in this
Eurstiant to the provisione contained in the 70th
seciion 'ef the set aforesaid, the Judges of the afore
said disfriet.shall respectively take charge of the' cer-•
ti4ate pr return of.the election of their respective
districts, and produce them at dmeeting ofOne Judge .
from each district .at the Cotirt House in the Borough
of Monti ose, on the third day after the day Of election tf t
being the present year cn Friday the 12th day of Oa
tobermext, there to do and perform the duties re-,
(plied by law of said jtidges. Also that L where a
Judge by sickness or unavoidable accident IS !unable
to Vend said meeting of Judges, then the certificate
or return aforesaid shall be-taken charge of by one
'of the Inspectors or Clerks of the election of rigid dis
trit,- who•shall - do and perform the duties rtgaired of
said, judge unable to attend.
414),•,` that hi the Blst section of said act it is enac•
ted: 614 " when' two or more counties shall otimpose
a district for the choice of a member_ or members of
thelSenate of this Commonwealth or of thelllOuse of .
Representatives of the Milted States or of this Corn-
monweelth, the Judges of the election in each coun
ty. :having met as aforesaid. the Clerks shall make
out: a fair statement of all the voles which tiball have
btsti given at such election within the eennty,,fir ef
erv-perion voted for fors such a menthe:- or Imembers
width shall be' signed by said Jedees ar_cl: Attested
byb+ ; the Clerks; and one of the 'said Jedges bhill.take
elf enchcertificete and shall prodneelthe same
at *meriting of one Judge from each caunir at such
IpaCe such district, as Is or niay be S'appOinted by
lawlor ;the purpose, width meeting shall be held on
tliOevehth day after election:
"'The Return Judges of the Reprisentative District
compost 4 of the coenties . of Susquehanna,Wybming,
and Sullivan, will inset at the Court House to the Bo
rough of Montrose, in tile eimety of 811%4nel:wins, on
- Tuesday the, mat day of October nest, t perform
thole &Utica enjoined by law upon the said Judges.
Also thit la the - 61st section of said act; it is en
oct4d diet "every general and special election shall
be !opened between Eight and Ten in the orenoon,
and , shill continue without' irdet . vinWon oft adjoar*
itteet until -Rosen o'clock in the evening when the
Pot& shall be closed . • •
(liver] under my Rand, at my office, in •the • Bo
rough of Mont:ewe, the 1 8 $ 11 del-of Septetabgr
Docoin4 1855, and in the year of the Chnitrionwealth
the toeventraleth: F. P. WILLTSTEIii rake
, •
_ ..., .._. ....
m Coinntonr.Pleas. - ,_____
FOTICE, that the money arising from the •
if the Real Estate of Elliot Benson will be ;
Itrnorig the proper . erAiiore by A. New- 1 .
kfle irt Montio4c-, on liattittlay the gd 4,17 i
ir kiext4 at one ip'cloek In the•aftertneirc—, I
who have an interest in Rai ti fund arc re- i
ppear kind present their claims or fin-ever i
1 therefi-om. ?:.NEWTON; Auditor. ;
Petober'.ll, Mil ••• -1 ' ' A 1
"4, a,
ton, nt h g a
All pore : os
be deb :c
Monti the
elite:of Beal and Irersonat
Estate at.Anetion: - ~
TAE; Subskritter having made* arrangements to'
I change gals location and business, will offer for
sale at venue, on' the premises.; on Tueoffo:ii thc - ln'th
day of 9rffibir Inst., commencing at 10 o'clock a. If.,
the fOlicriug`,dweribed Real
_and Personal Estate, to
wit:, 1 I 'I/ . 1
1. His Farm of 110 acres or ttereabOuta, of good
land, situate' in Franklin township, Susquehanna co.,
Pa-, onithelSMikeieieek road leading from Hontre4o
to Bingharnton, and three miles, from 'the- former
place, on'. which ate 75 acres under improvement, and
having theecirt,a frame Dwelling House, Barns, Sheds,
and a thrifiy Ymnig4rehard of grafted fruit, and well
waterc4 with !living springs and wean's. j•
2. Oie tither piece adjoining the above, containing
the saute n ember of acres, and on whichthere , are
about 15 acres new cleared, and which is now sow
ed whir W teat and Rye, and which will be Sold with
the lart. I ' .
: -
- S. 0 ie ,tiler pfecc adjoining the abo v e, and con
tainin.gls acres or thereabouts on. which there is a
good widepower, and on which a Tannery recently
stood, but is been destrq
ed by ire, leaving most
ti i
of the vatsfciundation &c. wifhout injuryi also some
200 or 400 cords of - Bark which will be sold. ,: :
4. The llowwg articles of personal prbpeily with
numercius tielelf not mentioned, will also be sold, to
wit: orte s an Working Horses, Lumber Wagon snd
Harness, oid twd horse Pleisure - Wagon, one one
horse Buo• c y'i do. and Harness, one one horse Lum
ber do.; Cw i o set Bob Sleighs, one Cutter,i one Pleas
ure, SMigh.--ia variety of Farming Utensil 'including,
Ploughs, Harrows .ke.=--4 _variety of Household Fur.
niture incl U ding Beds, Bedding, Chairs, 1 Tables,bu
reaus, fitoles be Also one pair Working Oxen,
one pair innti•hed '2 year- old• Steers and two - Cows.
T. me opfnle. i One , fourth of the purchase mon9y
for the' La4ds to be paid down— The ba L
'tee in four
equal inutialimitlihnehts, with annual interest on the
whole snu 4rnaining:unpaid, to be senur d qr Bond
and MOrt_ ge %viten the deeds are given. 1 Indispute
able titt.s 4ri 1 be given.
. ..
For Peohrl Btoperty all sums I,:ss thin RS-cash.For all sun s Cxceed SSS
ing Six Months Credit will he
given to b seoured by Notes
- with approtl security
and on'int rest. 1 I - B. G. G,ROVER.
October,l,llBlss. 1 • 1
1 •
meritili Sale. • I
:Ile of a writ of Fi. Fa., issued! out of the
Of Couunen Ply lf ,eli6”
Y Tlrt
13 Cour
.;ommcin Pleas ot- Smrqueli nna county.
. . ,
and to me directed, I will expose to sal by public
vendee ; at the hittisk of Harry
.13arney, in the town
ship of A noXicori,i on Saturday the 'l3th_ tidy of Octo
ber next, at! 1 o'elock p.m., all that certain piece or
parcel of laid Ski:site; and., being "inthe ;township of
Apalacon, inl Susquehanna co., bounded aid described .
as follotO wit t I
On tnorth :and north-cast by lantis of. James.
,Tionse, Wiliam louse ; James llasford, and
. i i
Blink ; -on the.scnith by lands of Avery Ilet.te ; south,
west by la ds of Ans4l Fox, and north-wrist
.by lands
veyed to Cliel
of the sai James flouse—heing•the saul t lands con-
Bause by three certain deeds.: The
first, Janus House Mid wife to Ezekiel House, dated
June lB5l i the 2d, Joules House; and wife to
Ezekiel Hi:ise i dated May 12th, 1 . 6;13, and the 3 . . d,
conveyed ki Ave'ry Beebe - and wife to th.s_aitl Ezeki
el House, dited jantt4ry 16th,.1851—a1l ;of which are
recorded it 'the offic for recording deeds in and - for
the county of SuSqueltanttn, as follows :I . Deed Book
No. 20; page 348; D'ped Book No ; 22, p.Xge 653, and
Deed Book ;Co. 22, page 65-I—,containing in all about
16 acres, be the same more or less, .withithe appurte
nances, one framed dyrelling hous . r: and one old house,
(untenable );some fni . it trees,.and all'introved. '
Token ilLexecutiei nat the snit of Edward C. Turs
ncr, to of John H. A-meld, vs. Eq-kiel House,
l 1 :: '- r E. P. HOLLISTER, Will
SlietialOfllec,llohtiose, Sept, 18, 1855.
• •
.i.; •i I - ' j •
•- 1 1 f tul full - liltrast. .
i •
• Tito Ilitylreil aril ;:tierentll-Fire
s l e hy),Dirkerinfyi & Gacri
, IVE aile; in reptipt of the largest stol
I - V . ever: offered til'. Northern Penns
sistinm ' of ;Cooking, ;Parlor, and Sic-pl
wood and f.Oal ; also,la full assortment o
for Striies fuel Chnrches. -. ;
Would 01 partien)ar attention to the;
Elevated Oven, the rnost perfect and hi
stove in market. - ;Aimomo our assortme
oven, would mentiort the. Empire State;
-being verj heavy ;phites, perfect finish, a
or baker. I Farmers (If Susquehanna cowl
been in thirlaabit - of purchasing li ht slot
trimming, i t atid paving as rtii;ch as you 1-.
heavy platrs and heavy trimming.
We rnan i nfacture Mir furniture, and will
ttfiteturer'stprices. - ; net those who. p a r a ;
eomptue with us if .?rev can.. JobhinL,
with the tll*rade; done as usual:on chop
1 . , , 1 PICICERMAN ,t, d
ford, gepi. ; IS, 1855.•
. . .
Penns 'Urania.; Ylagl‘trates' Law Li-
I I ! • ! I brary. ,
1. j i BITS 'S JUSTICE. 1 ..
1 4 „ ; 1 .AWD
• Ilasitiewillan's Legal wide.
i'Noif anci Sixth .iiition, bringinii the Law
I, , L
Alt •
i ! wn to 1855:. i
A treatise ph the'itape and duties of Aldermen and
' Justices ofi the Pekcn in the Commonwealth of Penn
, sylvanii,. including ay the rivlired Forths of' Process
i and I)cpek4 i Danes 4 and embodying not. only what
, May he ddetnekvalnable to Justices of the Peace,
' hut to Latkllords,;Tenants, and GenerarAgents; and.
Making thesivolunie What it purports to be, A SIP
i Legal Guille far .13Pdtinesit Men. By John Ilinn, late
Alderthari pf . WalnutjWarti, In the biiy of Philadel
i phia.' Thd Sixth' Edition. Revised, corrected, .and
;greatly enlarged by li'rederiek. C. Brightly, Esq., Au-
I . thor of "4Treatise pn the Law of Costs," "Equity
Inrisprulle ' e," I '`Nisi Prins
.Reports," Edito: of
. "Purilo2's r
Igest,7 &e. In one thick 'Failure. 'Oe
, taro. Pri i e only er-14)0.. .. • -
I . •
Also ICo compa n ion to A nn 's Justice.
,GOYD0151"8 FORMS.
-FOrtna of: Conv : ev4ncing, and of Practice in the
Courts of ( einmntii Pleas, Quarter. Sessions, Oyer and
Terminer. lie Suptelie and Orphan's Courts, and the
offices of the various civil officers and Justices of the
:Peace, '
.FOtirth edition, revised, corrected, enlarged,
and ridaptied, to -the present state of the laws'; with
copious explanater3-1. totes_ and . Retl...Ohees, and a
new full, and compreensire Index. By Robert E.
Wright, Ejci. Ini i
cnie thick Octavo volunie. nice
only $3„10 ! Atso 1
i 1 ' • , ,
3. Strotid and Brightly.'m Purdon"s
11)Igest41700 to 1933.
A Digesi Of. the Ilws of Pennsyliania, from: the
year 1700 50, the Bth day of: May, ltiaS. The First
Four Editions by: alp late - John Ptirdy, ksq . . The
Fifth, Sixtltiand Seventh• by. the Hon. George M.
Stroud. Eighth! Edition 'devised, with Mar ginal Ref
erences. Toot Nt4esito the Judicial Decis ions; An- -
alytical contents ; a Digested Syllabus of each, Title;
and a New,; Full,And Exhaustive Intlek. By Fred
erick C. Bilghtly, Esq.. auttor of "A Treatise on the
"Law of Costs," "Equity Jurisprudence," "Nisi Pri
ns Reports Editor Of Allinn's 'Justice," One
_thick Royal Bvo. Price only tt5,00. !• • I
EllrThelfres ., ness $ .llll permanent Value of Per
don's Dime r are prederved by the publication! annu
ally of a Digest of the Laws enacted in each Year.—
These inn cif Disuotet are - arranged in precise con
fertility to. t he plan or Purdon's Digest. Th ey are;
each of thWis, repttblished annually; are connected
together tif[a General Indexc(pretiared anew each
year,) which! embricell the contents oil the Laws of
each Year slice the pildication of Ptirdon's Digest, in
one aiphabil ; ind]are bound up with Purdon's. Di
geet, and also soldisepamtely. - , - 7.- ,
. Thus thei purchaser; of Purdon's Digdst will always
be in pOsseOion of the complete body of the Statute
Laws of Petinsylvani4 down to the vey hour`, wheo
he purchases it. , Those who hive aimed". purchased
Purdon's Digest May ;always complete! it to date for
the small ii+in,of "VII C. nfs, the pride of the vol
ume containing all the anniiat•Digestsl. issued! since
the fi rst publicationthe present editien of Purdon's
'Digest, as 44retotm ittatett.-. - - =' ' i .-. :
'I I 11: . ,AT .5: BROTHER, if -
1 ' 111 &19 South PifiA street,.
• ' Store 4bove Chestnut,Bhiladelphia. .
dr„Ord 'or •letle of inquiry for Law Books
c lit
frontni fh rs e
i iin try proliptly attended \ to t ! 28m8
Yr t teop , tt Ilturt-Erons.:
Don' be forget ul, Mends'', one aid all-4 ..
Agedtor youth , great or suudb i r --, - -
I : (lf of too tmiall,)- . .
• Thel o t t Odd re ows' gall - • ''
ie t place t'p eel; - - 1 '‘ i
' Tojlet yon. times done up tall.
liktarose,'August 15, 1855. ' •
i ,
• ~ , .IPsitipilly PIIIL • i
TAE bek. in town, gm be had of J. L ONS di; SON.
Any family netodfng can, hire the on tri:pl; ; if
they do no lank . !er!thn putifnse; thl.4utrite:
ihin ' ' S.ept 1.4 i 1 - .. .
' I • ; i • L.
At the "‘Exeltatage,l , Brooklyn.
mllEsubscrilAr takes this opportunity of thanking,
•1- friends far their very-lib:mil patrnim;.,..7o the
past iteastin, and Of aliditiov, that,
having Apt received fir.4l /1171;1::C4 of s - i.a...onable
Goods of varioni iptioris, he is still prepara. to
supply almost :r:} -rtiele u3utilly called fin. at a 'con
try store. - 11 ii as....i:tidesq. Is noir "coniph.te,
hig - the largest in ttitrat,offefd induce
ment to putchasors, alifter for etwb; Balisi, or flood
(shot{) Calteit.d . see: •
- - • 0 , G. 11F.M . ..I'.STEAD.
• Biosoklyn, Auguat,2o, 18115. .
! Medicines im4 Drug*. :.
I L YR&S" OlifITY recic•rat— .acknowledged to, he
i the best Pulmonary 'Remedy' extant-. Pond's ;
Extract of •Witdi liazel---an 'exceedingly valuable. I
remedy for divers. ills--,Dr. Baker's Compound—a i
grand specific' for Dian a, Dysentery, Cholera lior
s' Jayne's; Phinney's and -Wright's
rills, Ilerciant's Gargling Oil, .together With a great•
variety of Drugs in ,common use,. kept constantly: 03
band 1.1 . - O. G. - HEMPSTEAD..
IfiliiseTiiiiii N otice, : 1: --
i i
That, it is ve desirable that the aCcoucta and notes
of the late 0 of Smith .1: Hempstead•
tied; and tha speedily. 0. - G. HEMPSTEAD. • .
Btociilyn, Aug. 20, 1855. '-.. • ' , -
SALT blibe bFrel or load, at the markt.t rates,
11 / 4 - 7 by •., 0. G.' HEMPSTEAD.
TIIHE high t • nmiket price paid for Butter, EggsN,
4. , ; Lard, P rte Pioduee of all
-kinds, good Shingles,
prime Wool ocks, N ice., in Goods,. by•
f "01.01 r II I NG—The subscriber, has on lani,
f. and isnow manufacturing, a small steak of
Ready-14de clothing; of good quality and workman.
ship; which he offers at very low prices. .1 - -.. ' •
:TS' AND WEI 0 kl:S—Agoo(rat4q)riilleut
eictlllent qqalities, ) cotistanily on hand,
STOAH - .'!
rr4E subset iher would again announce to his.cus
.l i towns and the public getieralry that he tas re
ceived a large assortment - Of BOOTS AN.D SdOES;
which - he intends selling for Ready Pay twenty per
cent. cheaper than can be bought in,this ket, (the.
Genuine Boot and)Shee. &ere down Town or the
I . Kerb Chance for Bargairtii, np town, notereepte(l)—,
I l'Odah Slosh", may-be found the first door-East of the
0(14 Fellows' Hall, Ttirnike - street, first thiort
tho Ugh not quite so commodious asserne . .`stnalts,"
vet It answers our purpose very well for the present.
Neither can we promise our customers that our "es
tabllshment" will not be "surpassed"-, - by any ira,the
ccountry Soon, but we will promise (no - customers that:
we *ill sell Botha !anti Shoes , to
.suit in quality and
price:, Our stock etithar.,ces a „general . variety of new
i and, elegant styles of Ladle's' and - Gentlemen's wear;
r,mong witlch are , Ladies' Silk For Gaiters, Colored"
I Gaiters, - liataineled Gaiters; Black and Bronsed Kos,
Stub Iloots, Enameled Boots and Enatneled.,llllskins,
Kid . 13uskins, PolkaS, Calf Boots and! Buskins,'
7dis;ses Kid Bonts;.' Jenny Lind Gaiters, Gents Con
gress, PAt'ent Leather, Enaineled and Buck - skin Gait
"t era; -Leather Oxford Ties,, Toilet Slips. French
; Boots . , Thiek Boots, Enameled Calf aitd f'owhide
.BrOgans; Hors' Patent Leather nontercvs. Rip Boots,
ke.l Youths' Montereys and Kip Ties, Tay.
I for Paridoes Roan Bootg, &c.:Silk Boot Laces,
all eolors.
V" . eirk!made to order, and repairing done neatly.-- 7
Please call and examine. •
Yours in the Bout anctShoe trade,
Montrose, May.l; , C. 31. - SIMMONS.
r i 7RO3l the enclosure of the subsc:iber . in Silver
1 Lake about the 20th of May last, four yearling,
OnC white-sided bull; two heifers, one pale red the
other,brindle, cine,red*teer. - Whoever will give any
inf4rGlation of the above will be liberally rewardecL
Silt-cC Lake, ,Tune . l F. th, 1553. ' •
$1,160 REWARD.
j7 - IRAYTID_or tolenliver-ecdered T,'ointer Dog.
The :.hose rot antwill be paid to any one return
ing him to the store of A. LATHROP k. Co.
41 . 0:arose, June!l2th, 1855, • • 25—w3 •
Rl.' l
Sloves fj
1 : flaying Tools • - ...
• , .. ... .
,t good assortment . ,...scythes ' .9naths, Bakes, Forks,
1.1. —aid 2 kinds of Erorso Rnhes—And nuperior
Re'yolving Rakes; At - F. 13. CITANDLF.R'S.
June 20th, 185:5, .... •
•k of Stores
•Irania, eon,
te, - both for
large sizes,
Paints and Oils.
?ZINK Paint, flakes fire Proof Paint, Linseed and
Lamp Oil, Fluid and . Phosgene sold low by. • •
c , .:triest plate
out of. largo
Improved, as
rd a superi
v.y, 'you have
res and light'
night to for
dune 20th, 156,5
I Flour.
IMF the'Barre . l.!Sack or - pound -
Montrose, June 20th, 1856. . • ' •
A+( I NTILLAS, Laces, Berages, Worked Cellars,
111 Parasols, Lawns, fishionable Bonnets, Fans, (a
choke assortment in each clepartment,) a, splendid
lotof antips,! Trimming, Stit pie
: Goods of large
variety, • Clothing, large stock,) Gents' and Boys'
flats, (silk and summer,) Cloths very low, Calicoes
from 4 cents to 1 shilling, Carpetsliatting, - Oil-eloth,
an Rngs •
Tiardware—Oerrnati Silver v Plated Spoons,
Knives and Forks: . •
I sell at man
. .
Vroceriet---Fith, a fine assortment of Teas,
Cones, Broma Tapies, Rice, Chocolate, Raisins,
Ground Coffee, Corn Starch. •
Perfmnery—MV Water, Toilet do., , Genin
Faiena, do.'Extracts, German Colog,ne, a large stock
of Fancy Soaps, &c. &c.
Farming Tool3—llavForks , Scythe Snaths;
Rakes, &c. &c. L. POST & CO.
• •
Furpishing EstabliAllnient.
r ItliE subscriber, keeps constantly on hand, and will
ill make to order, Doors, Blinds, Windows & Window.
sasb ; Door and window-framei and all' other articles
made of wood and used in.building.
Blinds painted and, hung on short notice. •Glass of
allsizes; quantities And qualities for sale:
Elcuning planed 'and matched at $l6 ® $2O . per
10(0 feet. Turning of all kinds, done to order,- also
a general assortment of CABINET WARE. \ -
Bureaus, Tables, Stands of : all varieties, Chairs,
Bedsteads, Settees, &c., &c. .. •
Good. Pine, Cherry And Whitewood lumber, and
Grain 'of all.kinds ta'en in exchange for the above;
Terms ready pay, or three. months time ap
prgVed credit. Ali orders addressed to 'me will re.
ceiye prompt attention: JACOB TAYLOR.
Lancsboro, June 18th, 1858. • •
IIE subscrib - er, would inform the citizens of Mont-
Li rose and - the public generally that he has bought
theiGrOcery formerly kept by F. IT. Fordharn & Co.,
in' Lyons 'aild Chandler's building on Chestnut street,
irville borough 'of _Montrose, where he haS rt fresh as-
Soriment of Groceries; and . will keep, constantly on
hat 4; Flour, Oysters, Cheese, Sugars, Syrup; Molasses,
Mackerel; Nuts, Ctindies, Toys, Oranges and Lemons,
Figs, Prunes, Sat dines,' Soaps, Vine i _rmr,.Coffee,. dried
Peaches and Plums,. , Id - erring, sack Salt,' Pies, Cakes,
flg Ur , Vankeeliotions, and other thing:4 , too ntimer
oust° mention, which :will be, sold cheap for cash or
tno. t kind: of - coitilt ry, produce. ' Call .And see. A
sha eof public patronage is solicited: S. S. MOTT.
Montrose, March';, 1855; •' • •., :. -,
' • To 'DAIRYMEN. ' •
.•111.7TTER WANTED. The highest market prices
will be .paid in cash' for good 'Dairy Butter by
. S.-11. &D. SAYRE.
. . .
June 26th, 1854.
, .
ANTED, in exchange Goods , Egzs, Paper
11 Rage ; Deeswas, Grain of all kinCts, and Cash:
Montrose; jue 6,;1.855. .. .A. TURREL.
Bonnets at 'Reduced Prieeft.
RURRITT will sell his remaining stock - ofSilk,
4-11. Lawn and Straw Bonnets, a good assprte e nt,
at reduced Prices to close‘the business of the season;
inlay of themat cost.. ,
June 18th„ 1858. 25.,
TATE shall reeeiveduringthe present week, a large
V 7 . , addition to present stock ofSMilfpß GOODS,
whiPit still render the' itasertntent itemplote, and' 6
which we invite the attention ofall who wish' to: buy
G , • Amp. ' iIENTLEY.& READ.
. „
• entrase June tlBth 185 S: • .
• iteittioved t ••
Q.' D. Virtu I:l4tiirt tuto taken rotptna iiver F. B.
Chilittilliire -nett; wiie're• it wit) tie liti - Neasiiro 63 see
bis triands to quick ' , pos4ble. C. D. VIRGIL
May 2 , 18 55: ' Reitident :Dentist.
• -
active and intelligent young man ofi atmcntell
-‘ l 4-
years of ago; "wanted as clerk -in a store. ;,One
wishtn* to'aeqairo the business and tlivissOil to mike
minter usaflll,^rill i nail 'good eneouragemini - iT
pli;ion'sbortly to . -- 11•1111RitlIT: :
_, ; ow Milford. Ju1.y,22.1831-- -
iOt,ll4 , ll 4 aktbe }:irinerie txeharigo by.
I - • A. LiTEIR . OP :it PI
June 21) '
Great. Attraction
AT •
. • 1 11031 - LABOR • •
TT AVE te . mored to the burnt district, where thee
I be,gla4 to
. see all their old customers,. and
as tnavy new . ories 'as pleaSe lereie,:thezn. call.—. ,
'illeyintend to keep a generid gent of Stov*a_
of the best kind and among which may he
mind p Haw ARAGON 211R-TA 1 117,.
AIR-T10111;APRIallUilf, STAR OF THE .Y/F.V.
'-W.ESTERN OVEN'. Tbe'Elevated Oven Stoves all.
dare double fire-places,, which Makes them far 044
Apr to tbe . singte fire-place Stoves. We-keep con
stantly - on baud.s. general assortmebt of TLY WA A - E .
of a first rate quality, forltome. tradei
rCistern Pumps, Pump Chains and .Reerzt, ' Lead Pip..
' of all sizes Jsppanned Warc, - IC. to,, 'all Of :which'
1 ' ,
they promfle to sell cheap . for' ready approved;
credit. .TOS-Work done:with' deSplitch and'in order - .
S. A: WOODRUFF. • • ,d. ELBBED.. -
..uobtioste. Nfa "o o 655. ' 4-
Time Saved - iieditecd
Ly Daylight t
I -l ATE formed It \ partriershlPin llontrOattiforAire
purpose of doing- eVerybody's.lll:ACK•
SNIT at the old stand, near Reificritlp•
tel. We have purchaiied an eutiie new stock . 4.6
IRON; comprising a- full assortment of all kinds', di•
rect from the city. '' shall keep constantly :hp
band, [flitter, rotted and square 'Nail RoNtlet Steel
Toe-cork. Rods,, Refined Tyre Irori, all stos, Band -
Iron, Spring Steel, a large assortment of inalleablia
Iron, Coil thains,•Carriage Ilnlts, &c."&t. .
... •
Ironed on short notice, and stock found, or. made to
cit'throughout,. as ratty best suit our , patrons.. . .=
11 business, transactions must, bp settled once a
year. Short. settlements and long.' friends Is - osr .
fir strict attention to
. business we hope to receive
it literal share of paironage.• All work warranted:
• ):F. - A - ,:good Jonrnerman wtoned, to whom
steady employment and higii wages gill be'given.
E. HAWEET. . •
-Montrose, May 30, 1855
Yew Goods, - Cheziploli Colds.
'0 11 7 .". MOTT has just received,another.lotitif Sew
i GoT3s, Such ns Chalics, Wage Delaitics, D.
Rages, CollarS, Embroideries, Lzetros. Ac ., b ich he
offers at very low pricei. Summer Shawls, new lot
some beautiful patteehs at, very tow-44ices.; 160 flack
silk Shawka- equally low, for Cash. •
Parasols latest style sit
Mack Dress Silk,la
-Sunimer Stuffs hi great,varieties, at - 0. W. Y.
Droceries of all kinds; very cheap, • SyruP, a first
rate article. - 50ets per gallon. You have.;', only 'to
call and eunnine, to become satisfied that the "Ifead .
of:Navigation " is the-Place toittrY Cheip. •
' • ' Wanted... it-
Batter. E..m; flatus, Lard, Socks, in fact pU hinds
ofCotthtry Ftoduce jell exchange for good at Cash
I - C. W. MOTT. -
. Montrose, June 'l3,
. , • e Goods.
• -
subscriber is' in.constaih recciptLof
"Goods, in his line of. business, nett* every
week. The publie kill; find his assortment 1,-*d
his articles new and of : good qualiek. The siock'efal•
si'stS as usual of .Druya t Afeclicints, Paints, Oils, .030".
Stuffs, Groeerkl, Fancy Goode, Je-trilry, P-erfUnle*.
ry, "&c.• Store at the lower end of the - bureit
:montrose, June 6,1855. A. TUBBELL:
Books; Books, Books
.rr LIE subscriber woulthiztform friendo aftd:thi.
publ:c generally that he has on hand the largest
and best selected, assortment of Books and Btationerit
to be found' any where in Snsgnehannh county; which -
he will sell for.ready payiat prices.' that eintlit fail So
Among the mis.cellancous Books may be founel
Life of . Washington, Jackson; Taylor, !sue T. Hop
per, Horace Greeley, P. T. Barnum, and others; Star.
Papers; (L'eeclier.) Humanity in the Cfiv, -(Chapin,)
Bell Sthith Abroad,, 33y Courtship ant its 6rimeqiiemo
es, (Wykoff,) Rnth. Hall; (Fanny Fern,) also fern
Leaves, first an - secondeerier ! American Agitators
- and Reformers, Thoughts and Things at !Tome and
Abroad, Getting. Along, The Old Tan, Ifood'4 Works,
Stanhope'Burleigh, The News - Doti's - Cont.plete Works, The ;Shire. of lir! Lamp. - The Etjeispeod
Nen, Lcwie or the, Banded Twig. \ .31entoli3 of • the
Countess Illessington; '2 vols. Goldsmith's . Animated
- Nature, - The Chemistry of Common Life, Clarkels
Commentsry, Nett! . Testament,' Barnes' Notes, og
'same Buck's Religious Anecdotes, .Testanients,
bles;from . poeket size: large family, Hymn; Prayer,-
:Gift, Toy, Scrap, Note, Receipt, and,Blanitlllooki of
all sizetl,
800k.,--all kinds used in the county or fur
niehed'on short notice.- ,•
Law Books—:4 good variety constantly olt inindur
furni4led to order.
Statiwtera. A good lot first rate stiting paper At
1 per quire-m:4°ld and Steel Pens—Writing
Ink, the best 'besides lots of other articles too•meiltion. Please call and examine, be
fore purchaying elsewhere, at the Montrose - Post IX
lice. • BI.7I.LARD. -
Mcintrosu, , August 13, 1835. -.- • • \-.
Choice Blooded'Stocit. - . - •
-T" sUbscriVr will . offer for sale, public sue
. Lion,: at his residence, one mile .west of . Sum
mersville..: on Thursday the.lBtb day of October, la
bead of choice Devon Cows slid Young Stqck, and L
very extra Devon Bull. • Sale to commence at 1
clock. Six months credit on approved notes. • '
reie .111Iford, Sept.'lB; :1868. 87w:
' Latest.styles of 'Dress Goads. Boots lc. -,Shoes,,lip
pe-.• LesthCr St Findings, Groceries & Proilsiotis.--
At the Hid Flag Stole. - - HENRY )IC"KtNNEY.
Loatirsville Sept el 1835, ' - . : $5178.
• CIDER. 1, ILLS. '
-1.1. MILLS for sal& Inquire at the office of Bait
•ley k Fitch in 3lontrase, or at. the residence of the
subscriber, in Ararat, ,Slisqu'a co., Pa.
36w4* ' . A. BL'SIINELL.
I NA' TM ;i l i 7 an Al dit:Pi d i r .l B , " , " ta r r i rleYgd en ne
Flowei Vases, CroclaWy - , China, andi Olase Ware:
Plated and Fancy Goods, also and Fluid at
the lowest cash prices, at 64 - PQTYsItT. Raw „Irma
- .
, . .
Fall Term of this Institution will commence
-1. on Wednesday, September 12th,' uhder duo
charge of the following teachers: ,
Principal, Mr. JOHN L. Mum; of Yale-College; Pm.'
ceptress_,_ Miss FitaxcEs J. Woorwonti; Teacher of
Music, Miss Es u C. PLACILVA N.
Students. ean obtain,board with fanultest•in town at
reasonable rates. ' By order . of tbe:T,ruateeo.--
. , .
Executor'N Notic . c
- ALL remons indented -tb the estate of
.ThoMaa )
WhePteroft, Lito of Forest' make township; decease&
are •herilby notified to iMake_ z pwnediate-, payment; tuid
those'having claims against 'said c.sMte will ; ,present
them duly authenticated for Settlement.'
• •NA r Tcßarzt Es •• • '
11 7 17,1., lAN BOOTH ~ .„
forest I r akn, Jttly_3l, 11655. ' •-••
Neu' .
ARE now Icing paid, by A a Lathrop A: Co. to
these Who ionslrid their butter and prodifce them.
They having mad.htrcangertients are now etuibk , d_
tend all kinds or ptiod4ca to New York arid , to sell
the same at the highest market prices. All this*
who wish good prices and quick returns. we invite to
call apoti A, l A ATRROP 4k i;0;
'3lo:itrose May,
- rrUE undersigned_hat..ais day associated - tinder
1 the firm of ,Dielconnan and Garnett, for the! pito
pose of transacting the mercantile business at: the old
stand of.l. Diekertaanjr: J.DICKERMAN Jr„,
Now MilfOrd, July 28, 180. • •
I T Notas and accounts can be hued-. if , she oVi
trutt salailLiee the; it
settling without futl.lidt"lWilee, - -- -
.EzeilittEte. Itottee:
All. porrAns Ende,bod tho estito i.ltt e i t, R.
Warden, late of the atilt:dill' of .141e/00, 43 .. tet
aro hereby tkOtiGeiLte inake unniodfa4 mtg.: .
the:weltering ilaints against isil4.eitAte pyesteni
theni dltly autheriticated.for,settlerneitt "• _
•4 1 / a o,!alV persons haring:books in theo - poase4tiiiiii
belonging:o the late, Zld.,T.Vortleit'are iegnesteo - ,
riturn die teme to , his late residence in-Jacltsco. 1
• .
I(EUItN 4 - Aalt . fs s , rlf
'Jaticsdit; August 2 9 ; 1855 i -•
oit out
vyt:Uil din ged OU n4i Vnfil'e4).iral;7
Itontrase; June