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Iheiteptiblictan Tit'Yet»
t* * °
, .
The ii as Montrose De m ocrat haying stated
that 't , eJessups' and other 'leading Whigs!
Bare' , itt in'OppositiOn to . theßepttblican.
Ticket," 'e Publish:the following,. as an. evi-.
,f, , ,nce.of how much -truth there - isin the - state,
meat;.l, - May . lie .he. - re and there,
former! a Whig ( who from priTate- interest
ei pet nal Pig 4, 'Will pppose,_ the.ReptibW.
din' tie 'et, and a few'May ImhonestlY misled
i4e7supporting Smith; bet. the great: MaO
of voters are immo v ably true to . their
prineMes and the Republican ticket. The
-. Nunes lappendea to the address were obtain-:
od m a.I few minutes, and might have been in,
creased. `to' almost any extent, had it been
.__ I tthoug necessary. .. -•-
. -
ti • . 41,
... . .
• ADDR.I 3, ss,-. - ._ . ..
. 1 , 6 the riertors qf Susquehanna, IV,Vomiigt - and Sul
. .flircosl Counties.
11- 7h6, oroaehing election' i s one' of much
. ii,o l : es . . 'The progress ang. usurpations of
riSt a ve ;.and the positive neooq_sity -of union
in ir
,• e d
resistance to such usurpations,
.i p, t ft to address you.
, ' aille opublicac party unites all who intend
stand the Constitution and the- trtiion, 1
n od, umi %
er them, to resist all Slavery aggres-- 1
510 n , With a view to action upon this Great I
Issue, aid to defeat the Locofoco pro-slavery
p ar ty 0 Alte District, Messrs. Tiempstead
and Ingi sin have beer. nominated for the Le , b -
. islature„ and the importance of . their . election i
as the ndidates opposed ' to .Slavery, need - t `
• nut be I stated. They - stand iipilosed li:i4
4, 1'
' 'Messrs. • Lathrop andjohn- V. Smith, who r
'carry th , pro-slatery . banner broadly unfurl
. Ar.y . ivisionzat this time-in the ranks of
the AntilSlaveryiarty, can only- he attended
with -disastrous consequences,
Under, such eirctimstances,we regret to hear
li r
that Eih man Smith, Esq..'of Wyoming, ex
pects to; un as a candidate. claimin! , to be en
couraged thereto by the Whigs of S'il sq u ehan
ha Couuq. We cannot say who, of the old
Whig pfrty, have- held out inducements to
hitti - tut to defeat-the main object of all true .
Whigs, :Old continue in fi - owera party-to whom
they 1134? ever been opposed.' Our belief is
that. the ltiass of all true Whigs in Su , :qiie-r
hanna Cininty will support .the l ,llepubliCan
Ticket, 'llti - regret that 'any Whig shall : at.:
trthpt toldefeat it, • . • • .• - ' •
The.4epubl:ean party, the ~Aerican pal' 7
tr, and'iheWhig party, are,heartily
united; ift support of Thomas Nicholson; of
Beaver, for Canal Cotnini, , si , mer, aria ail deem
it of great importance this District: the
Republiean ticket shall prevail.
lt. is 'llfeared that Col. Sri ith hals listened
to the - citinaels of those who are •enemie.t to
our, Part t ', and- who can only hope to sneceed
liv promoting, dissensions and divisions in our
racks; We. still hope (r)I. Smith-..Ri1l not
persist it running. but if he - chies, we deem it
IL Kiltwe cme to our Principles. x% i-icli
are i iv ived.,iti this issue, both as 'Whigs-and
RepubliAms, to adhere - to our:Candidates
. Oct. ! - 211555
L. F. F4eli,
Albert Cti,
E. Mulf,l
harril)orliii, Gilbert :Warner,
.. 1 11 3 0;_i,„ mott jr.
iptz:er, C.. 4. Biellardson,
erriman, Abel Ca....iiedy' , .
rd, . . 4 aines Deans, ..
1 3y re, , J.W.P•trker.
Cell .I
A. Ford i
ott; e Alfred Paldwin
am; jr. • Jonas Mack. •
I lthr B 1)s - q
Pellj. S. Beret ley.
lz - 7455.
EsQ., :Dear Sir:—The
ited being requested . by, the ,
town o
hip. to crrespond with the
I:lcatulidates for thu office of IZeprc='
in this DistriCi, iti order that -they
l i mistakally understand their senti
i•the 'albinapOrttlitt. question of the
therefore respectfully solicit: . your
Lithe folloi-in7 quet:tionv.
Aire you unalterably opposed to the
t.ensioti of Slaivery.ia any territory
ction, either acquired, or that shall be
ii hereafter? • • •
of Dirno
'diirercnt i we
1113 . ) , w
meats 0
limy, NV e.
answer t
further e
%,f the nal
If elected will you. act on that
independent Of all party Connections
Becon l .
or bias
Note. to
Senator j l , 6 '
Will . you use your influence and
,Seeure,the erection or a United States
. I frhose intecedents - as well as present
inc. are right on that question? _
L Are you in favor of a Personal
hill similar im its provisions to the
".as.sachuset ts.
answer the above, and oblige many
hers of this. township. -
Yours Ilespeetfully,
une in .l
11 e as d
of the \ m
MESSB.S. Om:Torso &S. SUMER,
En reply to yours of the 29th ult., we cheer 7
fully . assnre you . that we are unalterably-op
posed td the extension of Slavery into the
territories of this union, and opposed .to the
admissiok of any .more slave States. Wc de
sire to see the National- Government res
cued fro#l the control . of the Slave. Power,
ant beli4ve_theT.epublican . organiiation best
calculated to secure that end. We desire to .
Fee. , and. if elected Representatives will do all
in our Osser to secure the, election of a IT.
S. SenatOr whose past actions shoW that he
is at heatt opposed to the agzresions.
of Sla
very—oe who will stand undismayed by the
pr , ;-slavry influence of Washington city,
and fight) the battles of Freedom like Wilson,
Suniner,iland Wilmot -We Will pursue these
ends nnt'ramineled bytiny Party , connection
or organ,. zationt, or any other influence what
ever. • . . -
We bi
crtS• b'lli
ule our
!here it is high.timp a personal lib
,was passed in_Pentisslvania,and will
thnost exertion . s to seeuie the pa=s
'bill similar to that of Missaehusetts,
e be eleeeted... -
Respectfully Yours.,
. 0. G. 11 Ell PS TE ,
J. licouAm. •
age DI - a
I, 1845
Or 1 1
. .
at news from the Seat ef War
1, NEW. YOILIC, Sept. 27. .
By the 11.1ri'llecl States mail steainship Wash
ington, 11Calit: - Coun'ellY, from Bremen and
Southampton, we receive English despatcl-Ws
and ne*spapers to the 11th inst. - ...
The - Washington brings the important in
telligenee of the "Fall of Sebastopol." On
the.Sth Put. the allied forces attacked the
fences di Sebastopol, and the French succeed=
eel in' gaining possession of the Malakoff—
The English; who attempted the Redan, Were
not - suOessful. touring the night, the Bus-
. sins 1.) .1 au to sink their shipS, blow up their
magazh es, and burn- their. tcity, .and on the
,g morning Sebastopol was evacuated,
and th e; c ommunication:-between the ;north
and the - town broken ofF. '• : ' '.
: ' . ;• '
•: The ollowitig telegraphic depateh reedy-.
,Ad byirk Patimore from Gen.- Simpson,
appea (1- in!the English OiorningjoUrnale of
. the 14,1.4)411:It: " Sebakopol' is in' Posses'-
. sion of! he A i llies. The, enemy .curing the
.nightab.d whining, evacuated the south side,
after (itploding their magazines and . :setting
'fire to title whole town. All the men-of-war
Ave birnt during the big t, with the excop-
Win. 11. .3 i>ssur k , -
Jaques W. Cbapnian
tier of three , riteinnerst which , weta-ply,ing a
bout the hariter...l., , „ i . The bake Commtnlleating
r .
with - tbe . north side i 4 broken.", .::Gen.lin.t,p
ion regrets that itbe mans] ties.. ituthe attempt
on thk - „Redatf,- ',ere, somewhat' heay.y.,i bit.-
there Was niigenk",ral'.officcr 140- ' !:
...-In; a snriplernent on the AtOniteni Out RA•
lowinii telegraphic,despateh,.reettived hi the.
Fre . itch goreintnent.from Getv- Feliasieri:rtp:.
pears4.Karabeinaic the ,4tuttil.,pitt.t.f)l Sebn,.
rtopol, jno,lenger ! eilt.,
.The chemy:pereek'.'
ing oa r solid occupation of theMelakoff 'deci
ded u pon consurhing .. the.-placeyaftei.! having
destroyed and-hhiwn up by mines nearly-all
the defenceS. Owling pasAd 'the night in the!
.thidst bf thy - troops, I can q§ , itire:::YOu - that'
everythitig in fite , Karabelnaie is 14ru up,,
and frimi what - I could sec -th - e 'same crust be
the ce; in front, of our - le ft dine Or aitacie:- . --,
This 'i .. merisestleCesS . doei the - greatest honer
to our troepi.. - Every thing quiet ion the
Teliert eye. 1' i - :
• i
The . a.ssaul t on Malakoff was at neon of the
Bth itit. The '
redoubts' the . liedan,:ef.
, . .
'Careening e ddy was carried by storm by _the'
'French isoldters,, with. admirable intrepedity
to the ;Shouts of I Viye.rEpPereur. The lim
dati of careening bay was not tenable, owing
to the teary fire of artillery which was pour
-ed. npon the fi rst Occupiers of that work.. 'On
belthlding -the French eagle.slloating on the
Malakbff, . Gen: de Suites made two ; attacks
on.the Central, Bastien, but did nut - Succeed.
The French troops returned to their trenches.
The losses weite.serious. : . .
• Thekllan ofthe battle appears to hare been
as follows: Tlieplace was atsacked inlfour - di:-.
; rections.. Tließritit4t,troOps ittteMpted the
sistormink,* of the Redan ; the French attacked
the Islt . .ltkofr :. The extreme right 1 of -the 1
French made a di - i-ersion on - the littlelledan,
and a United attack , of the English. .French. .i
and:S4rdinians :was made ,on the '!Central
Battery-. Ail the attacks were made sitnnl
taneoufrly -with great spirit and energy ; 'bat
Cie one-which was most eminently :success . -
fi i i i wn , led' by G e n. 11.) . .9ttet: and Gen.
.14 Malian on the Malakoff. 'kith the Iledan
and Ciintrat Bastion were • • at. times l ' i.n
hands pf the Storining parties, but
. .sb emu- i
iatell. ; lid the gums of thellucbtians eovpr these
that - 4' scion as the English had gained pos:- s
s'essie of them - it was fintnd impossible - to
hold,il t em. - . . . .
• The,l- t*, )11Owing despatch is Trom. l :Prince
GortsdhakotT, and is-dated the night ()fit he 9th,
i (Pt' rrison of 'S'ellast °rot, after stlttaining
. 6
an nt rnal-iire,Lrepiii:ed hi 4 a-zsattitA,llnrt did
no'tkirive the ciiemy from tit- NialaliOtT Tow,
er.s: qur bravli troops, who resi-ted to - the
la4 l eNtremity, are noW crossing over to- -like
nortuefr part of Sebastopol. The 1 ere niy
fc.puttd.nothing in; the-southern part 141 blood
stained ruins. On, the 9th - at - Saba. the
.pa , -
sa;. , :e to linKnorthern side: wa: -1 1,- ,0 n'p1 i 5t,,,, L .."
with the hiss' of 100. men. kV,- jot. I regret
to say.,
.604 men prc‘-iOusly A% 0 t:Mie4l4 on the
southeirn side; , -
The- intelligence-of the fall of Setsatitopol
was reie - ved in. Loudon ‘vltli deinonAt;rationtt
.ht joy., At . the' v_arious - theatres'-,.and 1
'l , , Of- public amnsenient. the lief. - wa? . ..i
lv,atinorineed; and, .the .bat?ds at each
!itimiodiatdv played -the national an.
t •
iof En , dand and France, and`*fi roug'.;-
a ,, l andt he deinonstrations weregener-
English leas. in .the ft.sti - p1( :on tti -,
is estimated at 2900 - kiile.d and worm,
1)1, -lee•
tilt_ In,
de - •d. i'_
Oa the night !of the . ;,h imz2.l , `, whilst.the .
i .
.Etn()p or of the IFreucli was . 'at the door of
the TI tal.,re 4aii , , n, at the monlnt the - cap
riage. (lontainih-gple Ladies of Ironor, of ilk
Etni)o,;•, , top'ped-at the: entraheeof the then=
tre, at • i th l ; v t il l til - .wha wa4 ..tan Ii;; in the
.frottut kii,ehakg:d; without • 23 7 11 th e, ant, two
poeke-pistols aC . the carriage. Nlvohe wa ,
struck' . The tn:lith who halt mark- 14,..4 r ., F 6.,q,
t r
ranee c t e a maniac' tl:tin , sin, Nva4i into e.
diauq:arreited: The name.of the individual.
arre!tkd' is Be! . . ernarre. lie is about .e.1:2
years fA' age, he'hiFas-sentenee.j to two years
• • I
iMprk i nument forswindfing.
Nt - 1 IL&RRIED. • r •
In Botterrille, Bradford' county, Septetnher ISth,
by Bert. J. (1 Sabhi-, Mr. /UANs Miss ANN-. 1, both of Montrose.
e On 1 . -burst - 6y tb lath instant, by thii Rev, J. B.
.fcCretirr, M. G4N - VILLE S. 31F5.31c.N. Sc
4gi.: J. liat.t.,!bOth-of Groat Bend.
V Af the Parionag - in Ararat; Susquelianna county,
Pa„ Sellterulier 18.55, by . Rey. 011W.:. 1 .70rt0n,
Mr. F4:EMAN P. IV - urn:Er and Miss *taw HINZ,
both OflGibSoll. I " "
, ,
. DIED. -
In: Ttinkhalmock,i on liontjay the MARA'
Ls, w . i6 of Jno. P: Dunn, aged 31 years ! .' / •
The remains of the decertscd were brought to Dim
ock firrlinterrnent.' i Alia 'the funeral services will he
attendeia to at'the Medici - dist Episcopal Chureh in this
place, I l lext Sunday at 7 clock. •
Brs.ll l ...turni, by her kind dispositio:Wd_aniird i le d e .
pOrtme t, had won for herself large tircle of worthy
and eit t mable friends,:who smight with Mir : emitting
_to alleviate . her sulforings - during her pro
tractedlillness. But the unerring shaft of:death baf
fled all theiiskill and kind effort,: and tier freed
spirit his left its clay tenement for a higher and
'Poo: ter, weep : not that thy -companion is gone!
• deem.fier „The dust dint you gee; • ,
Her truth and her on
All painless and deathless and free.
V In. the
oinmu u Pleas.,
WAKE NOTICE, that the money arising:from the
Oalu .of the Re: EstaW • of lillioi Benson will be
distribUted . among t c proper creditors by;A. New
ton, at his office in ontrose,On:Faturday the :Id flay
of Nitrtnber nest, a one o'clock in the afternoon.—
All personv ttbo Int . • an inmirest in said fund are ri.-
queFtel to appear, tiftl present their claims or forever
be det4rreti tberefrbm. N. NEWTON, Auditor,
Montrose, October 8, 1855.
is Salo of . Rea - I and Personal
E‘tiate at Auction.
. .-
Ti .Subserilk having made arrangeinents :to
clange Ids location ' and business, will offe r for
sale at. renduj:•rui the-premises; on Tais‘t)y 47,r ,10th
day ( ! 1" .Ortotwr 14sti.„ - commencing at 15 o'clock fir .,
-- re following deSeribed Real and Personal Estate, to
- wit: 1I
1. • His Fatnr4if;lin aeres Or thereabontit. of 7.0 n -a
land, situate in Franklin toWnship,,Stestteltanna en.,
Pa...oi the Snake Ceeek road lending from ;Montr9se
to Binghamton, 'and three miles from the .fornier
place, int whirl) nte 75'aeres under improvement, and
having,[thcreon afrante Dwelling. 8055.,-Ilarns, sheds,
atidn Ihrifty )votlngorcintrd of grafted f r uit, And ae, e ll
vratereld ictithlivlng springs and streams. • ; .
2 One other piene-utljoining the above, containing
the sate numbet:of-acres, and on. which -• there itre
abonts acres newly Cleared, and whichls no*" sow
-cd with Wheat Mid Rye, and which,will be sold with
the la i ld. -•-•:; ;t - . • .. .: - 1
3. ne other }itch adjoining the above, and On
taininei ;.acres, tfr 01ot-etas:tuts on which there it a
good ater power and on ,which a Tannery recently
stbod; .tut ha;4 bleu destroYe.4. by • are , l e avin g i +' - • t :
of the yats,ioundation kc. without injury, ,also some.
205 orkfa) cord's of-Bark which-will be sold. •
4. The following Articles of pereonal property With
numerPus article- not mentioned, will also be sold to
A*: offe spat'. . orking Horses, Lumber Wagon , nd
Ila rne'te.. one to . horse Pleasure_ Wagon, one one
horse Buggy, do.) stud Harnem, one one horse Lunt
ber do., two set Bob Sleighs, one Cutter, one • Pleas
ure. S'F-Igh-3 variety of Fanning Utensils,'. including
-Plott3 IF, Ilarrows - Ste.,--a variety. of Household Fur
. nifureitneluding-inedS" Bedding, Chairs, Tables hu
reans,Stores An. • Also one pair Working then,
one pair matelied 2 year old Steele' and two Cows.
..7f.r as of Fig/i. -One fourth of the-purchase money
for the Lands tube - paid down. The balance in four
equal annual instalments, with-annual interest on - the
whole: sum rewashing unpaid, to be secured qy. Bond
and 114Ortgage vruen the deeds are given. Indisputc
able tA1,13 will be given.
FollPersonrl Property all sums legs than e,5 cash.
For al sums exceeding t 6 Six lifontbs Credit will be
giVen Ito be secured by Notes with approved security.
and on• interest. . - - B. Q. GROVER.
Gabber I; 1855.;• .
PEr";SONS. Aishinrati_Ortha,6l, would do well to
c44rat TURRELL'S NUIRSERIZS, 2} miles
sonth eerrriestehtville ' where Apple treed, of the
most . red. kinds, of g ood- 4-4 e, and'quillty, 'smelt
as are - if bc:ageetifOrs 26 efla,..ean be had for 12 i
,Alito: n fewl'ea'cli, Pear, Flitint;,4ulnee, and 31oun.
tail' At treeicat'reasonablei pric es: Part cular.rer,,Atd is lad to arivraeyof names, and
to making a:good "election ot *tit fOt * different
seasomi•of the. 'year; when deliied. , -..-• ~: .
~---- 11.. 11. TURRELL. ~ -•
Frle4deville l Susq'a. co., Pa., 2,0, 18:1'4. tv.ll*„ .
. - S ept . l
,•• .
- Wh4esale and Retail Ilenteivi in. Flonr,Aalf, Pork,'
Meal, Oettin; Feed and Candles.; Cash paid fin.' Oats :
And` Rte. . .
On : Chestnut Sireet—nost end of Lyons A: than
gtore, Montrose Pa. - ! - • •
Sissfiaehanna Teachers" laistitute. •
• •
A Teacheia' Institute will bejheld in the village of
New. Milford! the sessionAX which will colihnenoc on.
the.eveling !of Monda — i'the,latln, and close on the•
nibrning of Sat tirday 2 t he ilfith day of October next.
. Its central location and facility of access render it
. one 'Of'Lthe most faVOrable opprirtunities for the 250
Teachers of Susquehanna county to assemble for in . ;
. • n.
strueden and mutual improvement that could be of
fered: Lail the northern, southe'rn, end - weste . rn prnr
tioas of: the countytearn reach it cithor lny stage or
railroad, there being two trailis 1 on 'he
rying passengers each way morning and affeculann.
Aumng the ma
eminent iructes nn:-o, f`Cnn-ih Cut
ter of lifitssachnsetta. f•-,..ln
ty;-Pr 4r.r. w.s.dcr,r; .1. I'. W.iror:-
.crslialti of Lancaster, and 'Lona:C.-It. n - r
wanbi !A), able corps florin the hlninve list will be
present to conduct the exereiseS. in addition to which
will bei Prof. W. RiCharth , on oT !this cionaty, and Mr.
(lever, rounity; , -Stmerintentlent of Bradford county.—
Other eininent teachers are'expeeted ttli visitors.
Good boned will be furidshedant private ionises! at
the rate of $1,5.1 to per week, and at public
houses I oft' the ree - ttlar price. It can safely be
estinunthnt ' , Mt to exceecl s ,2s.conti per day for the four
or five:flays the institution will be in session.. •
The instructors -will charge only their travelling et: . '
penswii . for attend:tme, which Will probably range, per
iteacliee; front 10 tatso cents. -
Theiie will . be a committee at the railroad depot
and piddle houses, who, upon the arrival of teacher?,
will inthrm them ins to boartlinV,
It is 'earnestly desired that all; who purpose attend
ing the hi,titute wilt write inun i ediately to Dr. L: A.
Smith, New :Milford, Chairman Of above *named corn
mittee.i • •
Teachers of Siisquelnanita.! prepare to rally inn all
your strength: Not less than tWo hundred teachers
should lie present at the Institute in October next.
Come UP and sustain the good work Im glorionislylri
ainguratell one year ago. Tire i ! times demand h—
ymr frdure lalmrs, to be lierfp4tes.4l.,.deitifyill it—the
interests - of the Common Schooll demand it ; and who
shall -bit found wantirig, under the pressure
,of: such
weight"' respoinsibilititw;r October ininst - surely- ans
wer:. and, Tenni-teachers will 'von not Libor to pre
sent in iveord, at that dine, worthy old Susquehanna? •
• !B. F. TEVI:RSIICBY, ram.
Ill;; am in:a great hurry Why, what's the
n!ittter .140 W ? 0; nothing; only Bullard over
there at InePosttace has jost ryceiyed by RailrOad
Espreso, a new. lot of. Books and Stationery, and J
want so . tue before they are all d u ct's so.
route On, for he has got Mary Lyndon,. The Bidden
Path, My Bondage and Freedom (F. Douglass,) ..Ber
•tha and Liilie,ll(xid's Choice Works itt sett of four
vot4. 5:4. - ke., Yount Folks' Glee Book, A -ytiriety of
populaASong Books, and a laro addition to his stock'
of Writing Paper, Envelopes and Ink—all of the best.
- -tittalitc,l and cheap for the itrA•r; at the roizioffic ( ,,
first lo6r north of L. Searle's HOtel.
Monti-o=e, Sept. 11), 1555. A. N. BrizARD.
. .
. PALE TRADE S . 1855.
I HE4 'lease to incite the at tetition of my old friends
•lnrers to the 177.71; r RG.I:7 STOOK
s, (LB 0 C117:1k5, 11.4 II .0 11 7 ..1RE,
1101.775, SHAWLS. FURS,
INDUS tt•r. Ar., I .Mn now receiving, and
tg thanks for pasCf.tvois, I would re- .
a,.; ‘, 4k them once more! to favor "me with a
e of the tintront4re they has'e heretofore sn Mier
toOor,-d me with. - 11.-SUTPHIN.
Sumilemeille, Sept. IS, I.S. • .
'I fl %I\ and Produce of afilkincis ri - nnted at the
T lilphel•it market prices at 11. 4:4 - TPIIIN'S.
Ci(l $D tOOl. SOCKS ;Tra - ritt4at7 ------ -
• J. n. tt•rrtnx . :i
Sc -
r.G.kns, cheaper t they an Ire oi i amea el se- at 11.1.71"111.Vs.
In Full tla_9t. • • .
Two Hundred and Serent,y-Fire Stoves...Pr
j...kale Diekennan Carnal. •
- ‘ll7t are in receipt of the la l rgest stork of Stoves
•"I 1 - i , ver offered-in Northein Pennsylvania, con
sisting.,q Cgokine., Parlor, ani Six-plate, both for
wood and call: also, a full assortment of large sizes,
for Stories and Churehes.
Woad call partienhir attention to the Jeffersonian
Elevateil Oven, the most perfect and heaviest plate
stoVe:in market. Among our assortment of large
oven, n'ould mention the Empire State improved, as
being vrc heavy Plates, perfect finish, and a superi
or bake,r. Farmers of Susquehtinna county. you have
beenjOhr. habit of purchasing hi !ht stove= and li^ht
trimming, and paying as much; ns you ought .tn for
heavy plates and heavy
We manufacture our furniturr. and W'il s , ll at roan•
ufacturtr's prices. Let those.ahe p;:vu T. 1,41 -
compet., with us if they can. Jo%.!•;:ig
with the tin tinde, aa itstul P
MCKEti AN ‘%- (.; A iti:lterr.
. 'NewiMilford; Sept.
! -
Frej:h Arrival of *plc Goods at
Dickerman tr,ilarratt'4. • .
TA}` snhsciiheri Would resPectfully inform the
g ,citl people of Susquehanna county that . they
arc - tuot opening their stock of Fall and Winter'Pry
Gonds,which is unusually farce and attractive, all of
which sold for casts or approved credit cheap
er thai,: at any other establish:tient in the county.—
We mean just what we say. Please give us a trial.
Newlldilfork Sept. l 5..1 55.;
Suppoced to lb Cheap,
ON thouxlnd dollars worthbf vadv-Masie Cloth-
I , e,iciL , lfilford, Sept. 18, 1855 . •
•:: ! Sherifror Finlc. - .
. 'irtue of a writ of 17. if'(i.. issued out of the.
Ai COltrt of Common Pleas of Susquehanna eorflity•
and to :me directed, I will expose to sale by public
rebduq, at- the house of Harry Ttarney, in the town
ship of, Apolachn, on S,'iltiirday the 13th day of Octo
ber net, at 1 o'clock it m., all that certain piece or
parcel i.f land situate and being in the township of
Apalacliti, in Susquehanna co., bounded and described
as folhiws, to. wit :
• 011 the 'north and north-eas't by lands of James
liciusei William House, James ißasford, and George
Prink ti on the south by lands of Avery Beebe; south
west by tangle of Ansel Fox, and-north-west by lands
of the *aid James Houser--heing the -same lands con
ceye..4l.l4) Ezekiel House by threie certain deeds. ThC
first, -fames Maur and wif44 tolEze.kiel House, dated
June 1 . ,2t1i, 1851 ; the 241, Jauk.ra House and wife to
Ezekh.-) Rouse, dated 'May 12th. 1853, and the :Id,
convey,ed by Avery Beebe and ,'14444..: to the said. Ezeki
el iloulie; dated January leltli, I Ssl—all of which are
recorded in the office for recording, deeds In and for
the connty of Susquehanna, aslfollOws : . Deed Book
So, 24.. page 348 ; Deed Boolio. 22, page (153, and
Deed Rook No ; 22, page 6,54---J •ontaining in all about
141 Itert4s, be the-same more' or 1....'5, with the appurte
nancei one framed dwelling ho se and one old house,
'(untentible,) some fruit treeQ, and. all improved.
Talt3m in execntion •at the stilt of Edward C. Tur
ner, td the use of John 11. Arnold, vs. Ezekiel House.
' F. P. HOLLISTER, Sh'ff.
. .
SheiilT's office, Montrose, SePt. IS, 1856% . . •
Administration Notice. . •
NTH-OtICE is hereby given that letters of admirdstra
..l..l • t a upon the estate of SikitAll SEAr...s, late- of
Dimoeit towship, dm'd, have 4en granted to the
dersi#ed, and all persons indebted to said estate
will plkase make immediate payment, and those har
ing claims will present the same duly attested , fur
settle4ent. JOHN !W. CRAY,
Sept, 4, 1855. i ' 13.5we1.
.Yrteop Naht 1101r1 Evora.
boiei be forgetful, friend!, one and all- 7
Aged or youthful, great br :
7.• (If not too entail,) . •
That it Odd Fellow!' Hall- - • ,
4 the place to call, I.
ITo your faces done up tall.
Montrose, August 15, 1855.1 •
. .Fire•lnosar6 nee. . •
T " undersigned has been duly appointed Agent
PANY.nt Harrisburg,. Pa. Capital• $500,000. Is as
Life mad cheap a oompany as any in the State end in-
cures ion the stock Or mutual plan. • .
ito4trose, Sept. 18, 1851, i . s7w,
P•F ° C 4A ; a f.4., 77q":; •
• .'0. 7 • •
GWElthja - E,LECTIt4 -- N
, •
TN Ourtinance of tut act athe Genet,'
the commbhiteetk
"actlrelating to the Fdectioas of the CetuteOwttilt.ft,"
appriked.tbe secon d day of JulY . A't•Di•oittritlezttisand
eight; ttett,f,Mrtrilett. F..
' 4 ll.igli,§heritrof the 'County Susquehanna, in said
Conitinenn.icaltb.:dotbrrebY give flotke to 01' F4ftetora
t h c o ral it f oros iad Abet ogeneral ElectiO* will be ,
1 ;bold in mid county on the second Tuesday of Ocioltier •
next,:(it being The loth day, 4: sild . month) at ithich
timegitate and County: olfwers are to lie fe1e 4 444 as
folloils to .vdt.; , • - •.-
(hle . perton. to €ll office of Canal,,Ceneo l k•ialop er •
of thi3 boardiof.rennaylvanie.
Ti o.persons to All , the . office -of ,Members the,:
,170u4e of Htipresentaiires of the COnnuoulrealth. of;
.Penilsylvania,.for - ,tfi e'Distriet comp4eil
ties of s. q ueham..,;w s omin g
Oue pereen, to, fill tiro office of County Corturnasiott•
er of:the county of Susquehanna. -
Otte person to fill the officer of "Auditor ofglte Coon.
ty ofiFetsquehanna. ; • • • !.! •
One persoutofill the office of Trer ithe
tus to 4e coun
ty oliSitsquettanna. -
I i• -
I its() hereby maim, known and giie notice thatthe
plactis of holding the General Election in the several
Warils, Boroughs and Townships within the county
of Stisuehanna ' are as. folloWs, to wit: •I
Tie Election for the District (*unposed of the town
ship of Apetacon„will he hold at the houae.(4Joieplt
16•71!0!ip, .
tier J i rrict crmipn.ed of theltriwit ship
of t:i hekid a s. OKliiionl Il t.d* the
P:, 1111 4 :61 •
10: the or xi.,
rL: .
1.1 Nitz lit held at the holro: Of G6)
• `.*. wild township.: ' • •
: for the township of Bridgewater, will
'lc Want the Coiirt House, in the Boroughl of Moot
ttoqel •
Tliti Election for the Dist' iet comic:ow.] of the bawit
ship Brooklyn, will be held nt, the home foilnely
ocelipied hy O. A. Eldridge In said • township.
The Election fi; the District composed of the town
ship iefChoconet, will be held at the School-,
near the house •r,t Robert Giffin, in the said town
ship.; • .
Thu: election for the District composed allie town
ship ill* . Clifford will be held at the house formerly oc-.
cupid by Arthur. Stuith, in the Borough of Dundatt
Tit ElectiOn for the District Composed of the' Bor
ongh of Dundaff. will be held at the Ditudalf
said Borough.:
. . .
Thi. ! Election for the District composed of the town
ship Of Dimock, will be held at the ' house! of John
Bitkei - , in Said township..
The election fin- the District Composed of the (Own ,
ship t)f Forest Lake, will be held at the house dittely
occtsPied icy Pycsery ed Hinds, insitid•towt.ship: =
' The (des - lion - for the District composed of the win.:
ship 111 - Franklin,. Will he held at the houie :of Rufus
'Tuttle, in said township.
• , The election for the Borough of Friends villovj 11 he
held in the School House in said Boiough. . •
The Election for the District PriMposed of the towpe
ship iif Orcat Ilmil, will be held at the hoitse Of Al- -
fred "illi , sit in slid township. / • i- . -
The Election for the District composed of town
ship. lif,(iihson, will by held - at the house,* .ikeph
Washhipm, in Said township. •• .
Th., Election fur the District composed ofthe town
sldp 6111;1i - ford, a ill he held at the house of 'Nathan
W. Viildron, in said township.
The Election for . the District composed ofltbe
ship of ilarm3ny, will be he'd at the house I lately oc
ePpilil by. F, A• Ward. in said township. I - ;
Tile ilection for the District composed of the }Awn
ship isf Herrick, will be held at the house of • the late
Ware , ;
Moods.. .in ?aid township. . 1 ;
TlOltecoon for the District coinposedtflthe town
ship Of
,lackson, will be held at the hoUse Of Nrithan
iel Hill. in Said township.
The .Election. for the District composed of the town
ship o'efJessup,.srill he held at the house ;of -Daniel
Donn irii.l township. •i I -
, •
Tlke Election for the District composed of the town
ship :ofilenox, will be - held at the house-of Grim 'di
-1 . 1
Brothers, in said township.
The Eleetien for the District composed (Oho town
ship i)fLibehy, will he held at the School Douse near
the ksidence ofisauc Comstock, in said township.
The EICT6II for the District composed of; the town
ship ;of Lathrop, wili be held at the holisel of Elisha
Lord; hi said township.: .1 • 1
The Election for the District composed oflthe town
-RIO Or Sliddletotrwill be held at the house Of Joseph
Doss;.in saiktowpship.
.: The Ekction for the District compo:ed of the: Bor
ough of 'Montrose, will be held at the Court; House in
, •
sai!l'.73oi-ott2l). • ,'
The 4. f 1:0;) fir the District composed of the-town
•ship isif Mew Milisp , i, Will be held at the - lio)ls.e l a t e ly
occupied by Joseph O. fine, in said township: ' 1 .
• The Election for the-diarict eorapose'd of;the town
ship '' , or 0 .11.., a,_ ..:11 1.... 3.-.11-.. 0,.....i....,,,,....,c_u_ az. ,.......,
to 111 - 11 hprough of Snspuelmtma. -,•- . -1 I ,
Th. , Election fur the District composed of the town
ship . 9.; Rush, will be held at the house formerly . oc
cupied by' N. J. Sherwood, in's - aid township. -
The Election for the District composed of, the town
ship ;of Springville, will he held at the Huh+ of Spen
cer Manx; in said township.' - . - 1
. The Election for the District composed of th!,,town
ship of Silver take, will be held at the house new oc
cupied by Robert Mc GieiglO.
The Ejection-for the District composed of the Bor;
°ugh' orSuseineh.anna, will he held at theLlionse of
Elli it Benson, in said Borough. •
The Election for the !nitrite composed or the town
ships'' Thompson, will be held at the house of Jonas
Mand el ! ". in said
. towtedlip. 1 • . :
I itAsti Make known•and give notice as in And by
the 13th section of the-aforesaid act.l am directed;
`'that every person . except Justices of the_ peace,
whoisluill hold any offieo or appointment of profit or
trust tinder the toited States, or of this Mate,' or of
a:ly etf:.-er tlceir . por.e..!d fli-trict, whether .a
, ; IT; c c.• or shall employA
.fide the.
e,` .! e or cx , cettre
.!;f. this State Or r ,- ii:r.r. 4 1.11; 1 ., :thy city or
rs•orated te:d. e. t'at. every Mendew of
(7 , , !1 PJ tin State Legislature, and of the
or L.-met:fel council of a:ly city,, or comiuti,:ion
-,-;•.: ;I:corporaied di trier, fie br law [ inc.irmffie
„r;,;„.1:i: g or exercising at the same.time, !the toffice
te r pointment of Judge, inspector, or Clerk - of any •
election of this.. Commonwealth, and that no Inspec
tor or Judge or other officer of any such elertion,
shall - be: eligible to any office then to be doted for."
- • '
And by the
. same.act Assembly it is itlSo !made
"the duty of every Mayor, Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff,
Aldernian, Justice of the Peace, Coustahle or Depu
ty Constable, of every city, county, town.sliip or dis
trict!! Within . this Commonwealth,- wheneVer palled
upon by an officer of an'election,.or by three qPinified
electori thereof, to clearlauy.window or avenue to the
window of the place of General Election Which shall
be obstructed in such a war as to prevent voters from
appeonehingthe same; and it shall he the duty of the
respective Constable of such ward, district or town-
ship within this Commonwealth, to be present- in
pensen Pr by deputy,. at the place of holding! such
El e ctions, in such ward,distriet or township, for the
purpose of preserving the peace as aforeinid.l.
Also that in the 4th section of the act pf Assem:
blv 4iititled . " An act relating to executions and for
other Purposes,7 approved April fifth, IR4o,lit !is en
acted that the aforesaid 13th section,'}tot tie
conslrtied as to . prevent any militia officer or borough
officer from serving as Judge, Inspector, or Clerk at
any ;general or special, clettion in this•l Contmon
wealthi" • -
Pursinant , the - provisions contained the,
sect k." - ".t afor-said, the Judges of I the :afore-
said district shall respectively take charge pf the C(1 ,
tifiente or return of the election of their !respective
districts, and produce them at n meeting of otte Judge
from each district at the Court House in the Borough
•of Montrose, on; the tint d day after the dayof erection
being the present year cn Friday the 12th' day Of Oc
totter next, there to do and perform the! (lades re
quirOl'by law lot said judged. Also that .where a. sick4ss or umartdablenecident is unable
to attend said meeting or:ltttlie.fs, then the certificate
or *turn nforeffaid shall be taken I chnig,e !of iy! one
of the .jnspectots or Clerks of the election!of raid
trict, who shallklo and perform the duties re/Inked of
saidlJUdge unable to attend. - . •
Also, that in ! the filst Section of paid act it-fA, enac
ted :that." when two or more counties shall compose
a ditttriet for the-choice of a.member or Members of
the Senate of thiS Commonwealth or of the Holuie of
Representatives of the tnited States or elf thi i Com
monwealth, the - of the - election ineach!eoun
ty, hating met as aforesaid. the Clerks ishaJl make
out, fair statement of all the votes which! shaft have
beee giVen at Such !election within the county, for ev
ery !person voted for as such a member or members
width' Pliall be signed by said Judges and attested
by the Clerks; rind one of the said Judges shall take
chatge of such certificate and shall prodnee the!sasn'e
at Inflecting of one Judge from each cannty it such
in inch district, as is or mil , be 'apktinted by .
law:!fity the purpose, which meeting shall lei held on
the Seventh day after election. !
.The Return•Judgo.s of the Representattve District
conlposed of the cwt:ICI:J. of Smiguellanna 7 Wyouting,
f •
and Sullivan, will meet at the Court. Houseßo
rough of Montrose,. in the county of Suseeeluitina, otr
TUesday the 18th day - of. October next t to perform
those duties enjoined by law upon the said Judges.
- Also, that in the filit section of said net, it is en
oeted that "every general and special election, shall
be ,!:opened• between Eight and Ten in the forenoon,
and eball'eontinue without interruption , or adjourn-
Meta' until Seven o'clock. in the evening when the
pens shall be closed- 1
Given under,my Band, at my office,_ o-
.rottgit of Montrose, the 18th day of September Anno
Domini, 1855, ,and in the year of the Conimonwealth
the Ise venty-nhath„ F. P. Hol,l4FTER,,Sheriff.
• •
.. ......
Peiiiist VRIIIIii .11ragiatraiW La* Li
; - ... -.... i
a rt /-, tor.ary..,. 1..,:. i :-..- '
t : i t. • :
1- . • •', BINNVIIISTICE. -1 . -
. .. L .1117 .. :Asti: - - -
~ I• , -
- =''','BOAlirillrviii'l' . .ci.egial Gtiidi‘.. '''
NeW alai' ;SiXth Edition, briti , Tirv , the. Law
' downloilss4'; 1-,
A treatise on the:office and duties of..Ald - En and.
Justices.or the Peace in the Com m onwealth lof Fenno ,
syltania,itt4ho4ingalL the requited Forms. Process ,
andpegket ~ E ritelett t, atLumbodying. not anis!. what .
rutty be deduced valuable -, to-Jstaliees of tie Peace,
but to Landlords, Tenants., and General Agents; and
making.this,:voluine what It. purports to be", , ..A Safe
:Legal Guide for Saltiness Men. Ilv"John Hinn, late
Alderman .or wahuivivard, in the city of Philadel
phia,; 'The Sixth Edition: , -.Revised co ted, end
'greatly ettleired by Frederick C. Brightly, it., Au-,
thor or "A ;Treatise on the Law of • Costs, 1 ”Equity
Jurisprudence," "Nisi Prins Reports," Edito! , of
"Putdon's Bigest,"- Ac:. ' lit' One thiek vol e. oc ,
taro. .Piiii* Only $4,011 .' '' -.' ' '-, !'
illso,i . Compsinion to l'inn's .Tuikicei;
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:Forms Of CiMvevatteing, and of Practlee , hi ' the,
Courts of Common Pleas, Quartr Sessions,l-oyee and'
Terminer i the Supreme - and Orphan's Conti?, and the
offices of the 'various Civil officers and Justices Of. the-
Peace.. - Fourth corrected,! enlarged; •
and adapted to the present state of the laws;- with
copious exrnnatory. Jotes and . Beferene .s, - and a
new full, and comprehensive Indes. BY'obert.E.
Wright, Esil '' To one thick Octavo volu e. -Price
only $1,50. ; : - Auto, • : ..4 -
a.. Strottd.and Brightly's P rdon's
•.. Dige4t=ll,7oo to 1555.1 • • .
• -A Digeatiof- the Lairseof Pennsylvania from - the
year 1700 to the Rth day of May, 1855. The kirk
'Four - EilitiOna by- the late John Purdyi - Esg. - The.
Fifth, Sixth and
by. the lion. Ceorge . M.
.Stroull. Eighth Edition Revised,. with Mar-kinal-Ref
erences.. Foot Notes to the J o
Judicial De
co sionk ; An
alytiesl nleitiS ;' a Digested Syllabus of each Title;:
and a New, Full, and Exhaustive Index. • Illy Fred
crick C. Brightly, Esq., author-of "A Treatise on the
Law of Copt? '
" **F t quity .Turisprudence," }'Vial Pli
tt? Report s" Editor of "Binds .Testipe,' ke. One
thick Royal Rvo. -Priee A only 1 ,5,110. .1 .I',' •- - .• -
t r o-The fres - mess tull'l permanent sein e of • Pur
don's Digest are preserved by the publication annu
ally - of &Digest of the Laws enacted - in each year. - -.
These.eite ea/ Digolts arc arranged in precise .con
fermity to the plan of Pardon's-Digest: <'l hey. are,'
each of them, republished Mutually;' are Connected
together b a General Index; (prepared anew each'
year,) whic h embraces the - contents of thelLaws of
each vear since the publication otPurdon's Digest, in
one alphabet; and are bound up With Purdou a Diet
, 1 •
gest. and also sold . separately. • , . . 1 - e
Thus the: purchaser of I'urdon's Digest 11 always
be in pogsesslon of the complete body of tit - Statute
w ,
LaWS of. Pcinnsylvania down to the very b ur when
he Prtrilla4ci it. Those who have already ptmlutstel
Portion's Digest may always complete . tt t 0 date for
the small FOP of - /e7ft . y Cents, the price of the vol
ume containing itlithe annual Dige.ts issued since
the; first publication of therpresent edition of Purdon's
Digest ; as heretofore stated. - e _ I.
1 li A Y- - .k 13 - WTI - IER, - 1 •
. LAW .13005t1.1.F:11.9 AND PrI4LISITEIII, -:
17 A: 19 -South It'ifili Strr:t,
First Store above Chestnut, Philade i lphis.'
:711 - Orders or lettem of • inquiry for Law !looks
from the ccinntry promptly attended to. 1 - .ttBm3
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(\3)[F into the enclosure of the subscriber, 'in For
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a p:ile red Yeio.ling‘ heifer, with some white bn the:
bells, and about half the bush of the tail gont4 aPpa
rentic, cut off. The owner is requested to pay charges
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Forest'Lake, 'July 18th •
ri.117, subscriber offers fer sale, on the Mosti liberal
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in orthern Pennsylvania. The s 'd farm is situated
in Dinlock,Susquellanna county,coT-enient to Church
and saw-mill. It contains .100 acres; one
hundred and twenty five under a_ good ot.
cultivation ; well watered and fenced, one, good frame.
house, 28 by 38 feet, two good barns one hundred
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Dimock,:July -18th, 1 55. - • w 4.
DOCT. R. TMAYER, tikes-this method disaying
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resumed - the practice of medicine, at his old ,stand at
Ifontrose, Where he may be feund at all times unless
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debted to 'him, that he will dedriet twenty-five per
cent en alEaciounts paid before the first of Aptil next ;
(or if tiny Poor.likc myself I will deduct firty.) l
Montrosp, Feb, 1855.
. ..
.IProf. Charles Morris; i
.‘„IUCCESSOR of Charles.Tillinan, BARBER, has-
t..j Mg removed his shop from its former locittion in
the ,ba.s.ement of Searle's Hotel,, to the room Ihi the
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Sash and Blinds. L .
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(writ at all prier*, at C. W. 3.Y . lra.
3fontra,4., May 30, -1855.
• Cash for Land Warrant*. - '
H ldl q .Sl' MARKET PRICE paid by '' • - -
. .
, 3w40
Ifontro4e, June 5, 1855
S. S. Moil's Temperance Saloon and
- • Grocery j
I)EMOVFd) from-the , rear of Lyons & Glymdler's
boikiing to Maine street, opposite thelF i. arttices
More; where he intends to keep on hand ago o 4 stock
of Groceries, for sale cheap for cash. . Cash paid for
4gs• • - - S. d S. MOTT.
MontroSe, July 25, 1855. I. '
Dr. Baker's Celebrated Vegetable
. Compound,
A Sorerelin remedy for Dysentery, Choler* Ifembus, -
Cholera Infanttun or Summer eomphilnts—ientbelv
vegetable; and has never Ailed. in a single tudance of
produiing the desired effect. For -sale in betties at
68 dente and $l. "BENTLEY & READ.
3lontiose ' Aiiest 22 1855. • '
- .Z . NEW GOVDS - 1.0:11 . .. - • . •
•.- At'illie .: "lßielltramite, o , - Bro . oklymr: _ ,
MILE subscriber,takes thisopportq e
- his friends - for• fheir eery Illierid patrons:ollle
pesi season, and 'of saying to them in addition. - that:'
having just received fresh invoices Of senmitudde
Gocids of various descriPtions ' he; is still prepal to
supply iTmost"liny - irliele tistutlly called for aka conit-.
trxtuere..,, ilis'assortincot is noir eomplete;*and be- - .
ingi the largest in town, - offers the greateSt induce
ment to purchasArs; either fort:nth, Darter, or (;rood
airtut., ''.Call. a n d see. ' ''' - '' •
- s• . , _I - 12, -' Q. ti. HEMPSTEAD.: •
DrOokiyn; Angust 20; lia:. -- . • '-- .1;:
• i • - Medicines anifbrings.4 • -
AI YRES' Cherry Peetc.r4 l -.-acknolvle4geli to be .
itt. the , best pulmonary 'Remedy .-ext an t.:_p o n,r s
Extinct of Witch Ansel— an exceedingly. • ialuahle
rehiedy for ::divers. ills--Dr.- fakers ; Compound-a
, gratl specific' - forDby,rheaj Dysentery, - Cholera Nor:I
bus; ke.— A i res'; ',Tayne's,lPhinney's l and Wright's
Pillt l / 4: Merchant's Gargling 414 .tegether with, a great
variety of Drugs. in comm it use, kept constantly oh
hand by, : .. .0 Cr; BEMT,STEAD:
Y. -- -7.-ii.. lease Ita NotieiN . •-• =. , 1
Thi4 it is very desirable them the/Su:aunts' end notes
of the late firm, of Smith k lienirriread•should be:set
tled, and that speedily.' . .0: O..HEMPS.TEAD. '
Breioklyn, Aug; 20,.11355. . ‘-.,.-, - • . -; '
i i - ,;;;At..Tby the barrel or food, at the market rat*
t.. 71 by- •_ " - 2 f -0. G. HEMPSTEAD.'
qll.lE.highest marliolt price p. d for Mitter, Eggs,
Lard, Firm Prodnce of all kinds, goo'd Shingles,
prune WWI Socks; be:, in Goods, by
CILOTIII/Na 7 + he gulocribtr has Or band,
and is •now nainnfacturing,. small stock of
Rbady-inrde Clothing; of good quality and workman
ship, which he offers At very low prices. '
_ " •-• • • . 0. G. HEVPSTEAD,
IIICOArTS 4.1VDS11101:8--.4zgoociiisortinent
IJ-of excellent tpiallties, kept echadanily en hand
by i t 0. 0. IigNIP,STEAt).
• Great Attraction'
. .
rrEE subscriber wiweldagain announce to his Os
tomeise• and the public generally that ite Faa re="
ceired a large assortment of BOOTS AND SdOMI,
irldch he intends selling for Rindy Pay twenty per
cheaper than e.ries be bought in this market, (the
Getinine Boot tuitUShoe Store down Town or the
Rare Chance for Dargaims, up town, not excepted.)--
"Opal Stoah" may•Ond the first door East of-the
Odd Fellows'Hall, Turnpike street,- first floor. Al
though not quite •so 'Commodious as Rothe "stoahs,"
yet i it answers mu' purpose . very well, for the present.
Neither can we promise our customers that our "cell
talllishment" will not he "snrpaised" by any in the
country soon, but we will promise over customers that
we' will sell Boots and Shoes to suit -in quality and
Ourstock embraces a-general variety of new
and elegant styles of. Ladies' and Gentlemqn's wear;
among which are Ladies' Silk . Fox Gaiters, Colored
Gaffers, Enameled Gaiters, Black and Bronsed Kos-
Suth Boots;, Enameled Boots and Enaineled Buskins,
Rid BaskinS, Polkas, Calf Lace Boots and Buskins,
Mi'Oses Kid Boot i e, Jenny -Lind Oaiters, Gents -Con
gress, Patent Leather, Enameled and Buckskin Gait
ers, Patent .Leather Oxford Ties, Toilet Slips, Freqch
Calf Boots, Thick'Bitots, Enameled Cdlf and Cowhide
Britt:urns, Boys' Patent Leather Montereyk Rip Boots,.
. Youths' Ilontereys and Kip Ties, Children's Tay-.
torTTiek Paridocs Roan BOots, &c. Silk Boot-Laces,
all ;colors. •
• Work made to order, and repairing done neatly.--
Please tall and examine, . -
• -'•
"ROM the enclosure of the subscriber in Silver
11 Lake about the :Nth of Slav last, : four yearlings,
Ode White-sided hull; two heifers, one 'pale red the
other brindle, one red steer.: Whoever - Will give any
information of the above will he liberally rewarded_
Silver Lake, June ISth, 1855: 25—w3:
101,06 REWARD.
or stolen a-liver-coTered. Pointer Dog..
Li? The abo've reward will be paid to an v one return
ing him to the store of A. LATHROP. Sz. Co.
Vontrose4 June ltitb, 1855. - . 25—w:3
e - I
110 - ing Tool*.
good -nksmiment, Scythes, Snaths, Rakes, Pork's, -
L* —and l kinds of Horse: Rakes—and superior
Revolving, Rakes, P. 13. CHANDLERS
;Tune .20th, 1856:..1 • - •
.7!ty pf . Bonnks and
• Jr.
. OS'ES.
- " Paints and Oils.:
r2rINK Blaties fire Pi l -ilnf Paint, Linseed and
rau l4 :auctr. l linitv:l4:3l4-Nibac
i iiune 20th; 1855.1 • ' .
— ri Flour.
By the Barr-el, Suck or - pound
„Montrose, June 20th, 1,255..
BfiNTILLAS, Berages, W orked Collars,
1 1 Parasols, Law ns,•fashionable Bonnets, Fans,(a
chhiceassortment in each department,) a splendid
lot of moire antique : Trimming, Staple Godds of large
variety, Clothing, (it large stock,) Gents' and lioys'
ILlits, (silk and summer.) Cloths very low, Calicoes
frcim 4 cents to I shilling, Carpets, Matting, Oil-cloth,
and Rugs.
Hardware-4Gerraan - Silyer it Plated Spoons,
ICllives and ; Forks. • .• •
tirroceilee—huh,..a fine assortment of Teas,
COffees, Broma Tapies, Rice, Chocolate, Raisins,
Ground Coffee, Corn - Starch.l • - •
Peritimerf--Bay Water, Toilet do.,
Farena, do: Mxtracta„ - German Cologne, a large stock
of Fancy Soaps, &c.7,:c.
Warming Tools—I:lay Forks, Scythe Snatbs,
Bikes, &c. &c. 1 I. L. POST & CO.
L4l.llltSllOllO • ,
? •
•• 1 irrarnishauglEsiziblisbment.
subieriber keeps•constantly on hand, and will
I make to order, Doors, Blinds, Windoirs & Window
sath ; Door and window-frames and all other articles
made of wood and used in building.
Blinds painted and hung on short notice. Glass of
alt "Sizes, quantities and qtalities fdr sale, - - •
Flooring planed and matched at $l6 ® $2O per
1000 feet. Turning; of all kinds Atone to order, also
a general assortment of CABINET WARE. ,
Bureaus, Tables, Stands of 'all varieties, ChairS,
134dsteads, Settees, &c., &c. • • • ,
Good Pine, , Cherry and Whitewood lumber; and
Grain of all kinds taken in exchange fir the above.
' "Terms ready' pay, Or three months time ap
prpved credit: All I orders addressed to me Will re.
calve prompt attention. • JACOB, TAYLOR.
Sanesbon), June :18th, 1855.
u'AuLoo, THIS WAY.
TIM subscriberrtreuld informthe citizenst•XMont
rose and the public generally that be has Wight
the Grocery formerly kept by F, H. Fortnum &Co.,
in Lyons and Chandler's building on Chestnut street,
boreughof Montrose, where he has' a fresh as
sortment of Groceries;; and will 'keep constantly on
hind, Flour, Oysters, Cheese, Sugars, Syrup, Molasses,
Mhckerel, Nuts,'Candies, Toys, Oranges and Lemons,
Figs, , Prunes,Sattlines, Soaps, Vinegar, Coffee, dried
Peaches and Plums; Herring, sack Salt, Pies, cakes,
Beer, .Yankee Notions, and other things too nutner
ons to mention; which will be sold cheap for cash or
m6t kinds of: country produce.. Call and see. A
share of public patrcinagels solicited: S. S. MOTT.
`Montrose, March 1855.
' - ` . TO DAIRYMEN. • '
I -
BITTTERNVA.NTEIi. — Thb highest market pripis
will be paidin cash for good Dairy Witter-b 3 - - ••• -
I ' • .' S. H. &D. SAIDE. ..
:Jue 26th 1854.'
li •
NTED, in exchange
.forlGgeds,-Eggs, • Paper
VRaga, Beeswax , Grain Oat] kinds, and Cash.
Montrose. Jue 6.4855: A: TITRREL, •
Bonacts at Reduced ' PrlCes. -
11....1 BURiii.rr will sell his,remaining stock ofSils,
.4.1. Luta and Straw Bonnets, a. gpod assortment,
at; reduced Prices to close the business of the season;
man). of thm at. cost . ' , - -
Milford, June 18th, 1855. 25—.
:____________ ~... •._ .__... .
1 1 ,1 T I E ui s a i n re to cel p I rtse du n i t n ,s g to t C.17 M I I3 I IM w A k tOODV . ,
which mill ?ender the. saSortment, complete, and - t o
which weiriVite-thelattention of all who wish to buy
God, s Arai. ' BENTLEY READ.. ,
f Montrose. ? June,...4th,'l§ss. .. . ‘ ' •
tC. D. Viti3ll,Dentiet has , taken rooms over P. B.
Chandlers' 'ptore, where it frill bells pleasure to see
hts friends quick l as possible. C.D. VIRGIL.
Stay' 2;1855. Resident Dentist.
1 ' 'cit,mili,Kcpy,AAVE.D.- .
A X ictlie end intelli nt, young man of 'about I'l
..... years pf age,, wanted as clerk in store. One
w,ishiug to acquire ,
the business - and disposed to makb
hknseir usAtni, will ;find good-encouragement by ap.
phcation shortly to; • " 'll, BII.ORTIT:
New itilfbrd, July 22. 18.55. _ .-_ .
; . . .
Paiteni Horse Rakes.
FOB sale; at the Farmer's Esehange by '. - 1 ,
j' .. i - .•• --k...141.1 1 1111.0P, & CO: -
[ June itt,
‘ . ,
Tours in the Boot and Shoe trade;
Montrole, May 1,. 1855. C. M. IMMO:KS
Wt9O.D.R.a.C.f4.44rai'ED •
_AVE removektolifte diktelat,•Wheiethisi:
II a
be Ot°. see alLtheir old customerssit94,
as many new ones as please to give them:a •
Tney intend to Teti **ifs]. iusertratifeat of :Statue.
of : the hest kind and qualitr, - ,amonit. which - JliajA o
AM-T16417,-PREMIIIM, STA 1t OP tßtirilBl%
ELEVATgff 1, torAnt4lolTriiepiMilr; - 414. (
WESTERN OVEN. The;Elerated Oten Staves. ail
have double-&e-places,. p#o
rior co . ,the 'fire-place Rtoi'64: "We kee_p _ , 2 00rk.,
atantly o - hand'a gelleratiosortneht 'or772t7W.ARF,__A
of ' rate - quality; tot; konle i ttichiA 'aljo 'Well ui4
Cistern Painps,'Painri Chains - and Reefi; LeaciP4p_ • -
of all isizeK Jayipatined 'llOFll4 l '
they self Chian fOr ready pay or appytrifiel -
credit. work .done iritkdOpti(eVai)o. lll arder:„'••!
Pr : .
S; Al: OaittrFF. • (L. IL gLDPIX,:•-;
. 3ro 4ft!!Ws,W) . ) • • ; •
7t inte Saved ! -- Firri
... . .
, bY , DaYlabatf.
I : jr AVEI formed a pirtnerd t ip mgntrtme., for
purpose of doing rrerybody's -
T if INGiat tbe old stand; near Beeler'S H&
tel. We hare purchased ett •emire new' stfick• ,
MON, comprising *cuff entortment of Wk&
rest from thelity. We shall keep • eonstsuq u ;
hand, • Ulster, round and squareNait Rods, Olaf -
Toe-cork Rods; Refined Tyrelron, all attest, Vail
Ihnct, Spring Steel, a large- assortment of - malleable
Iron, Coil %alas,- Carriage Bolts,
WAGONS .A. 1 140 ter4Otg" -
Ironed'an short tlbtite, and k ro und , ,to, •
oi; quidi
order through:Mt,' tia May hest stilt bur liatrone
aU busineqs transactiOns'must be settled. 0a00.11, t
year. Short 'lsettletrients and long friendit h ojr ,.
motto. :sr.--
By strict-attention to business we. Lope to . ree'iiiis
a liberal hare of patronage. Ail work wit:T*l44
N. B. A good Journeyman *anted, to lassie
steady errAdoytnent and high wages *M tints; •
A. E AWLEY'. Ptaur.Tuti,
Montrose, Mar 20, 1855. "' 22,71 '
, . .
jlenr 00°814: Cheap tot. ,
- „Itr.:31017 hal just received'anc . ither lot of Neu, •
V Goods, Such as Chailes,' Brigs' '
Embroideries; Lawns, ke., *bleb he
offers•at ve - ry , low prices. Smhmer Shawls, a new lot'
some beautiful patterns at very low prices , ahiollate
Silk Shawls equally low for Cash. • .
Parasols latest style at •- • - .C. W. MTS. ---•
Black-Dress Silk, a splendi)larticle, at .0.-W. lg. , '
Shmmer - Statts in great. varieties, -C. W. - ' .
Groceries of all kinds, • verY cheap. Syrnp f •a ant'
rate 50cts per gallon. ,You bane' only_ to •
call and examine, to become satisfied that the -14- H . eid!
of Navigation." is the place to tiny Cheap. • ••
- • -Wanted. .
Butter,. Eggs, Hams, La - TA-Socks, lit fact all kinda •
of Country Produce 1 ilt exchatige for 'goo& at Cash: -
Prices. • • . C. W.';310171 ) .
Moutrose,•June la, 18 - 55. • • ' .
New Goods.
MITE. snbscriber' is 'ln constant' reeeiitt 'of New
1 Goods, iu his line of business f nearly every -
week. The puhlic.will find his assortment N0..1, and
his articlei hew and of good quality.. Thelitock eon-
Sists as usual of Drirgs, Medicines, Faints, Oil., Dye
Stea, Groceries, Fancy Goode; Jewelry, Perfinne
ry, Store at the lower end of the burnt district..
Montrose; June * ' A. TIMM.'
"looks Books; 'Books- t, •
'inE subscriber woubdinfotnt his friends and the'
- 1-: publ:c generally that he has on land the largest.
and best selected assortment of-Books and Stitioneiy,
to be found any where in Susmiehanna-county, which
he will sell for ready pay-at prices that cannot fall to
suit. • •
Among the miscellaneous Books may be foul dthe; •• •
Life of Washington, Jaekson, Taylor. Isaac T.. 114 1 - .
per, Horace Greeley, P. T.ltarnuin, and others; Star'
Papers, (Beecher.) Humanity in the Ow,. (Chapin,)?•
Bell Smith Abroad,lly Courtship, and its Consequerie
es, (Wykoft;) Rutk Hall, (Fanny Fern ; ) also Fern -
Leaies ' first-- and second seriel American Agitators
and.Reformen4,, , Thoughts and Things at'Hout.r. and"-
Abroad, Getting, Alone-The Old:Ion, Hood's Works, .• .
Stanhope Burleigh ' , The News Boy,-4 Dmi's
plete Works, The Slave of the Lamp, :The Escaped'.
Nun,. Lewis or the Bended Twig. Memoirs of the'. -
Countess Blessington, 2 vols. Gohhathith's Animitett
Nature, The Chemistry of Common. :Life, Clarlce's ,
Commentary, New Testament,. Barnes'• NOtea, • on..
me Buck's 11, 4jli2AAtra2tei 1 / 4 "Testaments;
Gift., Toy, Serap„ Note, Receipt; and Bl;nk Stookss
all sizes, Sce. &e. . • . • • •
firhoot Booki--all kinds used in the &linty cncifatz-
Dished on short notice. • •
Law Bookie—A good 'variety constantly' of - hand
furnished to order.: •
Stationery. AOM lot first rate writing paper at.
1 shilling per quireetolti and Steel Pena:—Writin&
Ink,.the best in t:se, besides lots of oilier articles too
numerous to mention. Please call and examine, .ber
fore purcliasii . elsewhere, at the:liontrose P OV-S
fice.. • ' A. N. B .
ifontrcise, Au:rust - 1 . 5 . 1855. • -
• Choice Blooded Sleek. .
Subscriber, Subscriber, will • olrer - for sale, at pubic, snow{
T. don, tit" liis residence, one pile west .of. Sam
inersvilte, on Thursday .the.lBth day Of October; 13
head of choice Devlin •Cows anl Young Stock, and 1 ,-
very extia 'Devon Mill. Sale to commence at 1
clock. -Fts months 'Credit on approved notes. •
New Milfoni; Sept. IS, 1855: regr-
Latest styles of Dress Goods - , Ilio.ts• lc Shoes, Up
peiLeatlier & Findings, Groceries&
At - the -Red Flag Store: - HENRY/lUTDINEY.
Lodersville Sept. 6,- 1855 S6*B,
T_TicKocs's ImpßoVnt-redivintE Wm
/ MILLS eat the office of Bent
ley S Fitch in Montrose, or 'at the reildence 01. the".
sithicribet,lty Ararat, Susqu'a co., l'a. _
36n4* A. BIT§HNELL.
WHOLES 41.,E and retail dealer in Oil, Campben4
Fluid and 'fall Lamps, Girandolasi China and
Flower Saes, Cm4el79"C/intS and Glass : WarP4-1
Plated and Panay Goods,
_also Cainphene and Fluid-at
the lowest, cash. prieek at 65 Boarrny,.Nzw, Ulm
Mitt' Fail Term of , this Institution will *mince'
JIL on Wednesday; Septeniber • 12tb,
.under Um'
charge of the following teachers : - • .
Principal; Mr. JOHN.L.IItus of Tale College ;.Pie-'
eeptreas, Miss FaancEs. J. Woomr,onpa of
Music, Mi,ss,E N lL* C. l3,Lics..max. - • - • '
Students . csti! obtain tioard• with fiimaies ip - town at
reasonable rates. -, ;• By , order ; of tke:Trustees.-
ALL perioxis. indebted to .the .o.4tate of, Thotoil
Witepleroft, Woof Forest Lake township, deceased.
arc 'nereby notified to make immediatipayment,
those having claims against said estate will pre,*
them.duly authenticated for settlement . •
_ wiLLIA4 ,sr
Forest Like ' , July 31, 1833; . . • . "
_. View. York Pr' eii' '.., ~ .•being paid by A. 2tathre . -- Co. to all'
those who consign their . butter . and~ Si
ter And roduce tolheni.
Thly having made arrangements Are ore enabled tn..
send all kind's oc,produce to New Yel& .and to sell
the same at the highest market , prices. tPAIt, those
who wish good prices and quiet returns wet, inrite'to
call upon - - A. LATIIRO? & CO. -
Montrose, May 1,1855.. --..' '.-3 - . ,
COP ARllT*isHtP:
THE undersigned.have 104 day associated Under:"
1. the firm of Dielcrmau and Qui:lett; for (be pur e
pose of transactiog - the it the 01
stand of.i. Diekerminqr.• J DiCRERM AN 'Jr
Nie w Milford, July - •
-,-Nottcz. EX RA : , •
(mut at tile-old
AE - Zranariarstinat; Zbetice.the necissiii.
settlir.g without further notice. -
, Exception' Notice.
Alt-persons indebted tiitlge estate' or'Eld..t: B.
Worden, late of the townithin,or, Jackson, deeesietd.
are hereby- notified- to make iregnediate *inherit, and
"those haying claims ilea! 'nankin will present
them duly turthenticnredfo Settlement.
. ,r4(ao, reisenta lasiiiing boas' In theft poste •
belonging to- the late Bid. Worden are requested*
return_ the same it ginlatiTreildehee in Jacketsga:,
- •
Jackson August 20 ISMS-
Olt diti
7 .-
'LA*I Oil, binteed Oil end Zincfalnkbsale bj
I - - B. CUANI:II:AII4 ,,
. . .
lgorktraset,-Amtk 1E46,