Independent Republican. (Montrose, Pa.) 1855-1926, September 27, 1855, Image 4

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sorinr. -
Fair ' arid
t tt s tle - Show to be held In
Mon Oct 111 b,
For beet riurhim Bull, two years' old and bp.
wards. . . '.••••• • • ~.. • ...... •• • • ..... $15. 1 W
2d best, H•
For the best Dorton Bull, 40. ... • 5,00,
- 2d best,— t- • • t.• • •80 0
For the best Grade or 4 •
ixed, '
2d best,... '.3,00
FOr . tuan Cow,,as regards form andappearence. 6,00
2d best, t,l • • 8,00
For the best tuileh Cow as appears from results; 5,00.
2dbest, . • • .. . ...... • .•_•3,00
For the bestpiop•ears old Heifer. • s no
2d best, 1' . . 3 ,00
.3d beat, I: . 2,00
For. the best lot of stocsCalres, not less than fire, 5,00
2d best, ' 9 00
sa best, . .....
For the best Pali. of Working Oxeri;•• .....5,00
2d besk.. .
.. • " .. . : . .......3,00
best, - 2,90
For the lest paid two' year . old ..... 5,00
.„ 2d best • •300
For the. bestlot Of Yearlings, not less than fire,.5,00
2d'best,, .. . ....3 00
ad best,.... '1 •
To the township: that will send to 'the Fair tkbest
ten yoke of Working Oxen, • .10,00
2d best,— i.. l'.. ,:...: .. ..q
• sIIEEP. Akt
tip the best tne ! ' wooled Duck,..l ............3,04
2d best, , ..,' ' 2,00
For the best Smith Down and Middle Wooled, 3,00
2d best, ..... ,1 - - 200,
For the best loni wooled. Buck,' ' 300
2d best, ..... .. . ~' .2,00
For the best lot' f fine wooled, Ewes, not less than
three, " i. ' • - 3,00
11 best,' , i,
For the best hit efEouth Down or middle rooled 3,00
2d best,. • , • - , -- N' 2,00
For the best l ot ef long wooled, ' 3,00
2d best, - ,1 1 - 2,00
For the best Boar, • 0 ...... ....3,00
2d 'best, - ' . 2.04)
B&Ct Sow,. :. . -.!l' : . ' . 3,00
24 beat. i! ' ,o ,
0 0
Best lot of figs,l' • • 3,00
24 best,.
~.. . `;'....... ........ 2,00
For best Stallion' . for ail work, • . „ .5 . ,00
2d 'best,.... 1 . 3,00
Best brood Mare, with colt by her side,-• -.5 00
- t-t7
"24 best, ' '; 3,06
Best pair matcheid Horses, raised in the county,.s,oo
2d best,.... ' - -- _ _ . 3,00
1 ... .
For the. hest lot, ,of any breed, not less than 5ix,.3;00
•'2d best, , : ".. 1 .. - - 2,00
3d hest, ' 1 . ' 'l,OO
For the begt firkin or Butter,..
2d beat,
3d best, ' . .
i 'ls' . . _
For tbs best Cite se, liGt lesi than $25%,.
2d best,! ''
Bestiviriety, ' 2,00
2e best,... i.. ..... .. .. . I,oit
For the best varlty of Fall apples, not less than half
bushel, _I . 4 2;00
2d 8e5t'....1 4 1,00,..,
Best specinten:ofprapes, '2,00'
2d best, 1 ' I
1 00
f • •
, • •
For. the bda 2011 i, Heney, from the- hive without de
t!troying the Bee 4,
2d best,..'.l. is- ........ • 1,00
tiovr.stic watt Cf.ternarp.
For the best Flartnel, mot less.than ten yard5,...3,00
2d best, . ‘ „ 1 1 ' • 2,00
3d best, IL • . 1,00
For the best Woolen Cloth, do • 8,00
23 best,, ..j... '. - 2 ,cf o
3d best, .1 *: - ' I - 1;00
For the best Woolen Carpeting, not less than fifteen
yards, ' 1 .). . • ..3,00
2dbest, ..„1... , ,........ . , -- • 2,00
Tor the best Ilag.Carpet, do 3,00
2d best,. .J,.. '4 . .., . . , . 2,00
For the best Otuilt of any description'.. .3,00
2d best, P • •" 2,0
For the best half dozer. Woolen Socks 0 60
.2d . best, • 1 !' . - 10 0
For the best Orbamental Needlework, certificate of
merit. •li. ! - • --
For the bestirsted work, certificate of merit ,
For the best valets of Flowers, certificate of merit.
•,. • LEAIIIIc i ED AND ITS watrcraertims. •
„iFor the best lot Sole leather,....
Best lot of Harness leather, •
Best lot of Calf
Be.t, double Carriage harness,. ,
Beet double
Best single Carnag. .dó
For the best Saddle_ and Bridle,
• ce.nismr IVORY.
For the beat exhibition . ef Cabinet Work, 43,410
2d best, 8• • 2,00
For the beet Flair, for general use,:. -
2d best,.. do
For the best llotow,
best Cultivator for Corti,—
" best COrti Stalk cutter _
" best Corti neller,
.." best lannm,....
" best Ox.:!Cart,
" best Boise rake,
, .
" best Its' rigging, zoo
. " best Farm Wagon, . 2,4a0
' " best lot 4 Butter'Firkins and Tub5,....:2,00
" best iChese r PrAs, 260
\ To the person who shall exhibit any, implement of
Ids oWn inrentiOn, which,. in the opinion of the Con '
mittee, is worth* of merit, ' gm°
PsisnrsnriTs- Guam ate 144 be awarded at the
meeting of tire*iietvin January..
For the best: et , ')af Whiter Wheat, not less than two
aereso , "• • • •-.., ••-i : • • . • 5,00
2d best.„.:.. I - , ' do ' - 3,00
For the hest crop of :Spring Wheat, do ...... ... .5,00
2d best,. .'... ... do 3,00
For the best crop of torn,not lesi than three aeres,s,oo
• 2d Hest,.:. .1 .. ... ...... ' ...... do
F , - - he best `ero . of Potatoes, not less than - half
- ... _
for ti ... one ,
acre, 4,n0
2d best;. do . 8, , 00
For the hest Coking Stove, cast in the county, certifi
cate of merit. •
For the bed 10 , of Horse Shoes for the 'road— .$l,OO
For the best, for'the farm, , ' _ 100
To the Fanner who will sites. - the
° greatest results
from his fram, for the past year, in „proportion to the
number: of: acres * improved, a eerficate of merit
and, , ) . ~.
2d best'.... 0.. —. .. , . ......, '.do. .8,00
-i , _
• The'Executi e Committee in presenting. the _ pre.
zniums for 165",, are gratified in offering to.compet-
itors the most liberal list that has been laid befare
them ;'and it itc' hoped the exhibition will be more ex
tensive thail atlarry-fermer period. There never was
a time when tIM Apieoltaml interest was so, prom
inent in the ennuty, and held out such inducements.
It is trusted tlit^efffme,. that ith institution which has
aided so essennallY to develop the resources of, the
county will ;be liberally supported. Applicants for pre
miums -on Grain and-Potatoes axe requcstedlo give
the mode of calthation, and furnish the 'Societ_v -with
complete pmeif of the quantity raised. Applicants
fee premiunis'on Much Cows for Butter, will state the
grentest.quautity made in any One week during the
• '
setvon. • '
Persona 'preßenting Agrieultaral implement, are
requested folitinish description of the article.
To enable the Committee to- ive in additional in
terest to -the eihibition, it is earnestlyrequested that
those who takCan interest idthe success of the So
, ciety,•and. who ',assess any, thins that is ornamental
or curious, will send. it for inspection.
. 1. Timms Nranotsos •
Tiros. Jonsgax, • •
B. Ifix4 thing bas been overlooked in the an- .
councement of premiums; it %chi be rectified, orkap ,
plication toany member of the committee.
fonstinebannatountyrahr and cat
tle Show.
The fallowing persons hams .keen gppeigied )edges
at the ensiung Fair and Cattle Stow, to take place on
the I Potohev, 1855. •
Judges on Bulls mu! Corea—Thomas Marley,
David Wiludie, C. J. 'Hollister.
J ages* Frwfrino Ostvi and the Ten best pa'
front ttnyrote . mibtpAramea gimp; F. Holiiste7,
• , _
/114411 _
AritighatZteers wed Fat Cattle,
anVe awittiaols WA**, Garr; Law,
Mi e s Stack*iisiir Heifers s Year.
'gad Calies--Rafas, , Study Tu re en, AL
$. Birched,
Miriam Miles, • ..„ 1, • •
Judges aw Beine— Henry E. G. Babcock,
Akkorok )10.
.1•1 --- . .tr -Wili a m diiikp;dieli le,
.., ges on Graa f ,. !_ , .
~, oar ~.
Benjamin Ayre.4. 1- .. ' ... : • ,: 4 ...
I t idoes on,Poulley 7 William IL Post, JO - ' Mack, .
N. C. arner. ,- • I • I 2- .• • •=- i ,
//dm on Battier and Ouse—ism:Le L. P4olit,. • .Ic,- ,
seph D. Drinkei, Abel Capsedy. 1 I '- 1. .. I
"Judges. on - .treget t att lea, Fruit, dud IToneyra. D. •
Wanter i . William D. Cope;. A. Newtoo: '
, jurryes - on •Parniing,lntelemintaleb: ;intuit '
lilliarn•Jelaup, Tohn Barrlngton. .. ; , . :
.z. Judges. 4.41.8 . 111.4dr andDoulle Carnago4conard
Searle,o';'B. Diink, JaMea , MeMillan. , 1 ,I •• '
juge,. a LeaAer—Wits. L.-Vaughn, c, u. mi,e.
mons, chutes stoda.l4:. -it ' - •• . ~.-, 1 _
Judges on liiiruess anerlSadellea-4. 11. Sutphini
&rand Bard, I:fettr3'r (Iterating. " • • I •
Judges on Cabinet troik-:-Lorenio Beach, B. Back
us, Wm. M. Boyd. . - , ' - ' •"
I •
Judges of , Rest ,Aesujia:fiont any Farm, gad on
Grain anti Cider Wini•garr4sase P. Baker,ltedney
JeVrett, Daniel McCollum. 1 • - . -
Judge" on Dopirstie ,Manisfaetuies!—S. B I Chase,
I Mrs. James Kay=o:}, Itt;s."Abel Ca.ssedv. 1 -
• judges on Ornlimental :Arcane -10'irrki Worsted
Work and Flower - J—Mrs. Wm. L-Past;, - Mrs. Wm.
J. Turret!, Mrs.-AiChatabeilin, = - ' - •
Jtabrea on the ploughing .Ifatels-,,Abel Cassedy,
1 John I. Deans, Samuel W. Tewksbury. .. '•• '•
I:wining!. conabitteez,-Willisat 7.1. Jessup,
.L. - P.
'Fitch,-Charles Foster. = i - • .. ~
I• The foregoing Judges; wbo are-able to attcodosre
'earnestly requested te nepOrt themselves at nine e:
clock on the morning ot i the Fair at the.Traet.Dffice
by the Fair ground, as it is ; of th utmost importance
to the well ollerineof the &hi don that the !sever.
al Judges should ba able toproe ed tarty to*the buil
nese in hand.• ' IBy oni ot' the Er. Cont.
The Flookhing
tlie aftV.2ooh of 1i
th keno of David
Drittber'A premise
Fort be Best PlO
- . l.`d best
• sa best
, 4th best
sth .best
To every unsue
Society. will, be
coming forward to
sure ; T
' .M" The follow ng premiums hare been- recent- ,
mendedrat a meeting of the Agricultural Society to
be added to those. tread published: •
For the best sittle Ge ding, • -.... 5,00' '
For the best lotlet Coifs, nut less than five, 5,00
Far the best fatlOx orICOw, 3,00
For,the best •Sin' , :le or Double Carriage,— 5,00
The hest lot of s;ring Piga; not less than 4i 3,00 -,
Best portable Cider Pivsst, : 3,00
Best.s gallons Cider Vregar, 2,00
Second best d 0.,! .... .... i. : 'l,OO
Best matched 3 year o ds, ; - ".. " 5,00
The premiums for Butler are-to be awarded for the
best made in the several,mcnithi of June, yuly, and
August. , ; "4 , :s , .._
. .
CRP - At a Meerilg of the Sissquehanna , C4unty Ag
ricultural Society i 1 MontrOs4 on Saturdayi Septem
bea,ls; 1855, the following Preamble - and Rt'ssolutions
were, unanimously i/Opted : f • , •
Inereas, The irltrOnction,of valuable Nat Stock
and other dcniesticlioiimals into this county,. through
the agency of members of the Agricultura Society,
has contributed greatly to pnanaate the interests of
the farmer and ha -I-Manifested that our lands are , ad
!nimbly adapted to; grazing anddairy purposes ;• and
in order mote fully to elevelok our resources', a
healthful com Petition must be still further encouraged
by the enlargi:ment of the Premium List, and ether
inducements, tr: order that 'the Farmer may better ap
preciate the natwrid advantages of the soil. There
foie—_. Li[ .
Resoled, . That the Chairman of the Executive
Committee be directed to correepond with non-resi
dent land owners [in New Yorltand Philadelphia, or,
~.•. . . . •
their representati es, soliciting.contOuttons in aid
of .the oiljecti of' Society, with an assurance tha
iti_will be approp 'ated Bolls to create among oar
Farmers a desire r improvement, "arid thus. eventu
ally tend to the promotion and advancement of the
genetal a,, ,, ricultur, I interests of the county.
Rl:solred . , That the grateful thanksof this Soeiety
are hereby tendered to SALluel C. Morton, Esq., of
Philadelphia, for his liberal donation of one hundred
-doltirs, and nhich the Society appreciates more high
ly,•as evincing a ,esire so truly, disinterested to fur
ther its objects, 'I , Tnop.s,NlCnot.sos,
. i i AtrnED Retnwtic;. Ex. Om.
' ' N. ' THOMAS JOnsio
• i . • '
.. .3,00
' 1
. ChOitge of Time. ,• _ : .
(AN and after Monday, May. 7th, 1855,•the Mail
ilf Past- , enmer ram will depart from
10:20 A. M. e Due l at Great Bend at 1:20 P. u. Con
necting with the i tzar:irk Express West on the N. Y.
tz, E: IL R. Pa cugers taking this train will arrive
in Dunkirk 11: 5 rot., and in New York at 11:15 .
• Returning, wilt leave Great Bend t 4 P. 31., due
at Scranton at 6:4 P. x. l • •
`The Freight AcCoramoliatiem Train, ithpassenger
car attached, will i'eave:Sinanton at 1 r. x.; due at
Great Bend at 6Le. i.,1 connecting with the Mail
Train West, andi the Night Expr 'Train East.
Passengers taking this trhin and the — ight. Express
West, will arrive in Dunkirk at li.ux ; or by taking,
Mail Train West, twill arrive at Dubki k at 6:45 p.m.
: Returning, will leave Great'Bend i7A.N. on ar
rival of Cineinnaii Express East. D e 'it Scranton
12.10 r. M.
- - Passengers fori"Wilkesbarre, Pittstqn, Carbondale,
Philadelphili, (via ; theCatawisset,! Williamsport and
Erie and Readin- ,0 RailrOad,, via Tit 'utt,) and East
on, and all intertnediate places„4 ill nd first class
stage coaches in readiness at Seioftnto ', on the arrival
of the Passeilgek iand Accommodititht.Traius to con
.vey them to thC above places. "flnisr choosing pri
vate ConVeyar.eesi will find the best of horses and car
riages of every 4 m•tiption, at leasonatile charger,
reaoy to order.
, .2,00
.. 4 2,00
P. T. DOTTEREIIi Superintendeht.
Superinterientim.Office. •
Scranton, Slop 30 3 Eiss, J '
T EAVE Montrose for D. L. IL W. R. R. at 6} A-
L 11.,f0r Expruss Frei'ht Traih to Scranton. At
11 o'clockA. M. for Mail Train great Rend. At
l P. M. for Freight to t Bend, and Man
Train for Serantdu. Leave Depot for Montrose on
arrival qf ail the fitiove trains at ltation.
Tor seats apply atEearle'illoie i l, Montrose, Pa.
August 29. • -
„ .
• _.L _
T_TiNky gvnityr* would announce to
/ 'l l his friends and the; public that he is now open
ing an unusually large, stock of SPRING .AND
•SUMMER GOODS, including a great yarie6 of
Prints from 4 cents to is tid per yard; plain and
printed Lawns, direge Delanes, Ginghams, Brocade,.
I Black - and fancy Dress Silks, Silk
-Dress Tissues and
Bareges,•PoPlins, &c. &e., with a superior assortment
of Silk, Brodie, Cashmere and Thibet Shawls • Man-
I Parasols, *rend' LaCecand Strsw and Silk Bon.
rusts, rich Ribbons and Flowers, 'with', a large variety
of other Staple. snd Fang Dtig Goods. -
WARE—Iron and Nails, Boctsland noes, Bats and
Cups, Carpeting, Wall Paper, Floor Oil Cloths, Paint
ed Window Shades, ..Clocks, Stores, Oils and Paints,
Ploughs, icc. &e l f .; in abort; the la*” kind of piles
of rich and cheap Goods; .ton numerous to mention,
but just the things to purchase; nil of which will be
sold at the most reduced prices a4d on the most Et
.Torable terms fck cash or appiror credit. , -
N.1;3. Flour land Salt constant 4 on hazia..-
New Zilfon.l; l May, 5, 11335.1.
- t
lE Poor -r9aeters of Aim Botough of Montrose
to Nod out three chit n, one white girl,.
aged /? 'years; o 6 black boy and one black girl about
the same age. &ny person desiring to tale one or
more of said chqdren can call on either of .the .ropr
mast.ers. S. M.. WILSON;
Montrose, July 9,41356: .
20001fIr ' c n r s °f t,2,ettt • than e Dl M ad 4E:b f ali ni i.B .
usu . ally .pay \to WI again;for sale by the Subscriber.
We hare come to the conclusion to sell pans to Far
mere as low *stare will to the trade, thereby wain
to the Ruiner (Sin. pro fi t. Our .wares are warranted
to be perfect hi: every or nd sale.
Terms—Cast or short credit. 1 •
New Milfoll April 1.-18.56; . • . •
Jowl. +oyes' .iiirertistmestt.
AS nature , '403. furniqbes the b irds an d ,beasts with
,an extra ooit , firr winter,-Inte not made ' a similar pro.
• vi on for mai, I have ooncliuied to take it oponWiy
-1 self to attend to that department; and - therefore I
i think proper *0 mammal that all shivering mate bi
t peda, that need new apparel, gkorions lor iagiorious y
fashionable -or unfashionable, can him their wants
supplied mad Ms* Milted; by allbig, on me, a
my shop in 11 , troie .• 1 j -
A..laxge tit& I ,
mer wear.
.P 1
and see.
Nay 22. •
•. • ,
I gating Match.
ateh or the Susquehanna County
y iv - M.-taw place at 2 o'clock in
ed'nCaday the 10th of October, on
Post, }lig., in the rear ofj Henry
giting, ( h o rses or Omen,) $5OO
l':. ' . 4 -' e°
. -3,00
1 •
". '. 2,00 ,
essful competitor rt Badge of the
yen iva •ft. - recognition of merit • in
'further the great cause of agrieul
O'S. NICHOLSON: - .- -
HALD.WIh, . .B . *. Corn.
LOS. JOHNSON,- .. . - .\.
root, Line- 'ldCOttoa stuffs
Jen, AM strni
nty of I and 6d Prints. ..Pkon
• k T. B. przhardZAlL
-1- 'henna county, 4'a:' Reridenee at the Postofnee.
,- • lisill 4 4 Laxib,
ABINET . NASiiißld, have recently opened a ware-
A." row" In New Milford, Pa.; and Jill keel ,con.
tatttiv o n hand all kinds of Oabinetmare ; also Ready
inadeColliax. Foul:kids attended with or without.'"
hearse: .Waregooki nearly opposite J. Did:Orman',
New Milkird, I 3,4855.
; : •
9.:c E. Saldivin; ..
• ,
13 1 Itrtmks, Whip*, ke.4. in the Basement of Searle's
frntel; Moutrese, Pa.;. , ;,', ~ • . - i :
C. .112110,41111,-
,filtop first 'lvor east
of Odd "Fpllowsl Mal, Turnpike at., MoniOse:
• -
; • single* •
0.0; now, be foutid at: his new staid on 04,eg0 et
two.donrs west of carle's Hotel, where, he ef
fetiscally •repules with itirp . atfh, Watches, Clocks,
hireiry; Guns, and sArety description of Machinery.
Wheel cutting; Gur and Watch tuateuhits supplied
to, the trade. ; • •• .
Di. - 11, Smith,
pUEGEON DENTIST; likontrose, Ps., at Scat:leis
- uoto, Moudayaland Tuesdays of each week.
, . . . . .
... •- - Hefiry p. XAapp; . 1
iiiirOSTROSE, PA., wit h Row, Troafro,: ik' Cai
111. err, Wholesale Grocers and Commission Mer
chants, No. Via Waislibaj, , ton street, bctieen I 1
andt and Pey street,, ,hero York..
- -
. .
COO Weeici.
rugs Trinnner.v Skop at his dwidlinit 1 houlm,
early 'oppositeMenl Drinker's. Montrosc s : P.
' '
Miller &. Fowler,
and Solicitors iii Cliauccry. Office 441 C!arkc
street, Chicago, 111.1: .
Pftedo Hotel, ; 1
(111EENWIC11 STR4ET, (near Broittlwaya ..Vew
‘..,..11 York. Salisbitry kt; roPridtors. In the
4 , Co.,. ~
vicinity of the principal Uteamboat Llndings. .3
•••Thoinasingstram. I -
IN DIIT GOODS, GroceOee, Clothing,
Al Crockery, Roof's and Shoes, Lc..,!Susr'ritants4
_Depot, Pa. n• , - ' • •
Belithisi di Pitch,
AGENTS, Moilirok Pa.
' ri 'e
VASiIIONABLE 5 .7.4:11.01t. Shop. under ...a e
.1' Hotel, Maine stteet, Mot;trose, Pa.
•• D.- Hinds, • .
IVERY.A . Si) .E*Btl.
OMB STABLE. O ffi ce in
Lin the rear of wilAnt's Store, Montrose, Pa.
1. Colston, •
fEALER IN STOVES, Tin, Copper, and Sheet
Iron Ware, Loi lersrigo, near Great Dead Depot.
December 4
„ • .
P. Hinds,. • • .- •
ee TTORNEY AT LAN,'Susquehanrus, P 4. Office
LA- on Maine street, one'cloor,east of Lenheinis.
. Frer & Case, I • -
ill. Office on Turnpike street, one debt' East o
Pests Store, JithtfrOe t Pa.
Albrt Chamberlin,
TTOIMEY 44.T;;LA,W unitJl . L.tico of the Peace;
4. 1 over I. L. Post, ,Co's Store, .Montrose.!
W . Ol. IL Jessup,
/11_• II}:kos, for Oni . State of 'Sew York, - n-M attend
to all businesa entruitted - to hint with prompines.4 and
Pffice on Tublic Square, occupied! by Hon.
Wm. Jessup. •• •
Abel Terrell.
.I_l Paints, Oils, I')yestuffs, Groceries, Dry Goods,
Hardware, Stonewate,. Glassware, Clocks, Watches,
Jewelry. Silver 'Spiions, Spectacles, 'Musical Instru
ments, Trusses, StmOcitl Instruments,• Ligtiors, Per
fumery, Mirrors, StitiOnern Druslnis, Shoes;Yankee
Notions, /cc, - . • - •
- • B. Lyons &
1 , Dry Goods, 7 ::Grix.eries, Salt, I Flour, and Hard
ware, La 'whom . , PO.
• Chandler,'
111E-lUR DAY FOODS, Ready Made!Clothing.
I_l Groceriea, i3o4A . and Stationery, etc., Public
Averrae, Montrose; -pa.
Path* &Inmock, I.
AND SURGEONS. Office No. 4
Owego atreet, i',ll?ntrose; Pa.
. . - IjV Post &Co
DriEALF.RS IN Ti -T GOODS, Groceries, Crockery,
. llartlware,,L4litller, Flour ' etc., corneli. of Turn
pike street and Public:ATenue, .I.fon.frtute, Pa..
TAyons & Son.,
DEar.FUS TN rillT GOODS, Groceries, tlardware,
Crockery, Thtivare, Groceries, Books, 'etc.; also,
carry on the Book Billeting business—Public Avenue,
Moutrogr, I. l a. -1".. - •
• - 11(intley & Read,
s l
DBALERS. IN PRY - GOODS, Drbg:,i, :Medicines,
Paints, Oils, (*Decries, Hardware, !Crockery,
Iron, Clocks, Watckes,, Jewelry, Slicer Srioons, Per
ern ery, lac.—Footrof,Public ayenue,..2lforitrose.
Sayre, pentley & Perkins;
lifs A ofettA ' ( S ) to F t A- er ApgrtultiLSlljuNPillel
ments, etc. Office:: at Sayre's Store, Public Avenue;
lianufactory at )120 •Eagle Foundry, Foot of Cherry
street, Ifonfrose..ea.; _
• • Wiliam* — William H. Jessup, '
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, -Iftintrw, Prac
tice in Susqntlianna, Bradford, Wayne, Wyo
ming and Luzerne counties. ,
Willi W. Smiih'&.
ABINET liiiptißS. They keep constantly on
V hind a Food iissorttnent of all kinds' of Cabinet
Furniture. Shop laid Ware Roorits at the fdot Or
Maine street, Mon;rale, Pa. i
— Bockivell, Winton & Co
. •
fANTTFACTit F.. RS and DEALER. Straw
_ill Goods, 80, :caps; Furs, ;Umbre las,l Para
sols' Ribbons, N0.,20 Cuurdandt !street, Nu,
Yorl - , (up stairs.)
.u. r.orru - r.t4.. , fJ. lit:lir:MD. R.p
Ferilrtin Fraser.. •
..ifontrolte, 7a., will attend faithfully to all busi
ness entrusted to in the county of gnsquehanna.
Conveyancing and writing of all kinds *rill be done
neatly, and Charges moderate. He will also attend to
the prosecution ofelaints of soldiers, theirl widows and
heirs, against the United States Government, for
Bounty Land, PritsionS, • May befoand at all
hours at the aide. formerly occupied byl J. , T. Rich
ards, Esq., north '4:of the Court House. ' 148 i.
. .
• •LIH. C. Tyler,
TNTERESTED frith I. L HUNT, linporter of and
1. Dealer in HaOiWare and Cutlery, Carriage Springs,
•te., 215-Perel street, New York, where his Mer
tantne friends, is •ttjia-and.other countieit, are kindly
invited, and earn ;',..tly solicited to eat and purchase,
EW 'GOODS, ,' 1 • _,
WE are receicin this week slot of Near Goods, just
purchased in th city, which renders . .otir assortment
complete, and which we offer on the miwtfavorab,le
terms, at,the nett' building, one door abbve the Post
Office. 5.1 : BENTLEY & READ.
Montrose., Felny 8, 48 i 5. •. ' .
Books. and • tioneri.
TIATEWC'elved a large ddition to' my stock of
I Books and Stationery. ongwhich are: A Lang
Look Ahead, (flo4)--Wolfert's Roost Irving)—R.
Spencer's Steelies t —Wonderful Adventures of Capt.
,Priest—The iffolder'S Daughter—LLife of Sam
Houston--Jane ilit'lty—The May Flow 4r (Rarrieti R.
likowe)--Rag Bs& kc. kc. be' sold
cheap. • F. B. CfANDLER.
May 22,.3642; ' - • i.
THE copartrerahip heretofore existing under the
Ma of Hawley4.Mott is this day dissolved.
April 1, G. R. HAWLEY.
C. W. )1027.
Ther.notes and accounts are in the Ininds.of C. W.
Mott Gm Collection. Those interestell IrMpleise call
111611000 as convislent.
-*--7-7:77 • iniear-fluaa
By the toed, orr l t
rAvgast ;, ifisLl F . B. lANDLIR
• - -
AITTE.NPRLO fi -SRO., Montrose, Pa.,take
this method .$f advising their del frien ds and
customers and the public at large, that they have just
received and opent4.l the largest, prettiest and cheap
est stock of READT MADE CLOTIIING ever bro't
to this Place.; which they offer at a small advance from
cost, thereby , offeritig purchasers the rare opportunb'
ty of obtaining goods .at about two thirds the usual
Also a, Lurie itssortittent of Dry Gonda, comprising
'for Ladies A ear ; hew styles Brocade, Stripe, Plaid,
Plain and changeable - Silki;, Detainee.' MurJin, De Rage
Berage deleines dime , and elegant designs. All the
latest st: les- of Lulies Dress Goods, French Lawns,
Prints and.-Ginghatur. A handsome assortment of
Dress Ttiwanings,. Satin aided Sleeves, Collars Cuffs,
etc. Jaeoitet and SWist Edgings and lusertings,Gloyes
-Mks, ilwiery,.Veilit and
.Plintsols. • - •
Their iel:orttoelit'brShawls is verplarge, embracing
e very : thhig , that is !ride and fa.....4.0tts hie both Ili:•cigrt
and domesgic. - • •„.• , -
. Their Bonnet Department iy - large mai efaapiew,
embracing the very latest styles, with Trimmings
match. • • . .
. An extensive aSiortment orirish linens, napkins
toweling, table covets, Curtains'ke.
We have alit a aupply of Shirts, Gentlemen's col
lars., Suspenders, Gloves;timbrallas and tignod many
other articles too pinmcrous to mention. 'For bar.
gains the public is!respectftilly Invited:to call at the
cheap store of : 'j• •
cornet of Chlsnnt k Owego Streeti t four doors east
of Postit store.. t •
BEN.nEr d, READ _
ARE no'iv riTeivink their usual iupply of SPRING
AND S,UJI3(ERIGOODS, which' they offer to their
custorat+s, and the public generally, on the most reil- \
sonable'terms, - for Casb, Butter,Aggs, Grain,
orimitpproreil'cictlit. -. •
ontrose, May f, 11;l55.
RO4 DCLOT IP3, t Kerseynterea, Kentucky Jeans,
I 3
Stuntner Stu +, and a fractal stork of Staple
Dry Good=, just receiTtid and fdr Kale right by
(„,111311117.1i: De. Litnes Lawn;,Challies, Ginghams,
Merrirnac an 4 Cocheco Prints, &e. &c. for ,sale
40NNETS, Ribbons, ParasolS, Somme:. Shawls,
.1.1 Black'. Silks, press Trinonings &c. &c. for,"sale
‘'lLh F ur, Leghorn, 'Panama, Strum, and Palm
ki) Hats, Umbrellas,. Satchelg, Windnn , Paper Am.
&c. • BENTLEY k READ..
A t ß r ockery, T R ur i u Put -
TARW.S, Medicine?, Paints, OiLs, Dyestuffs, and a
general assortment or Patent Medicines, just in
and for sale by -11ENTLEY'k READ.
Lk fincitiC - pr Leather, Patent. Kips, Calf Skins,
and a_good supply of Boots Shoes constant-'
ly hand; BrNTLEV &. REAR.
the arrel or, one-hail barrel—al
se,ll Codtish.! DENTLET k RIAD. '
A A T.b.TeliEs and JEWELRY.—rA full assortment
of. Gold Inn Lepines and • Dctatchecl
Lovers; in doublefand single cases, Ladies' Pins, fir
Drops, Rings,• Gtiard Chains, +ke. Sc. Also, Silver
Table; Tea, Desert, Salt and Sugar Spoons, warranted
pure, for-sale luf PaCtiTLEY & RZAD. '
• • - -
STOVES and TINWARE, Clocks, -Nails, Candles,
Lamp Oil, •Cintpheite
lfontrose, '55, BENTLEY - READ.
ityin - ps! PII7.IIIPS - :
The .Greatest Bniirovem'ent Age! 7 ---C.
117illiame Double-Acifng Ball Valve
Font and Lift Pipnps—
,t N improvenient above all Other pumps or ma- I
1 - 3. chines for lifting, throwing,! and carrying water,
coMbitting both Pump and -at Eire. Engine. This i t
Pump,. patented in February, 15:5.1, i. 9 the whole of it
metallic. NO or screws about it to rust, conse
spently it -will, ka - .4t a man's life t i ime.• It can be used'
in every variety 'of form—can draw .water from any i
situation, and (wiry it to any part of a building. It
is superior to all! other Pumps for-Distilleries, Paper
Tanneries. Brick Yards Iron• Works and Man
ufacturir• establishments of all kinds. • II
All order must be addressed . to A nntsos
LbtieNTine, Pit., who hai the sole right for Susque
hanna county. i Y
socured by Ilund
other buildings, 47,l:
as, favirahle terns
promptly adjn. , :cd
eiri Ty ; (;i•O
do.; C, N. Sl;7l+
Canfield do.: II
F: Well 9, jr.,
..Aztint, 0. R pr
rAtins . FOR SALE: .• : 1
, .
T" . ,,,,,.„...Ther Nil! Stet . 11: 4 agent for buying and
ii.g Real flAtate—}'arms, Houses, and Lotsz—lo4
cared in. Susquehanna' County, Pa. All who Wish to
oiler their proptrty for sale can give a minute descripl
tiou of their Farms or Lots as follows : - Number of
acres,jhow man's- improved, and how Watered, bnildj
Tugs, orchards, grafte - d or common- fruit ; other fruit
trees.; and. the ricarest point to the D. L. d: W. E. R
sul*N. Y.& E.IIII. R.. .1
62 farms on the list, 43 unsold. By calling on the
subscriber a mittute description; price and terms cart
be 'given. 1 1 . .1
.Ottire on Turnpike st. 4 doors west of Vain st. 1
Montrose, Au gust 15, 1834. , A.' BALDWLN.
rritV. subscriber is receiving his 'Spring and •Sum. t
'which will be Sold as low as any in this market.—:
Please call and; examine. . F. B. CHANDLER.
1142'S A N t O . C.:IPS—A good assortment of the
latest' style.
of Spring and Summer Clothing of the latest ctn.:
DR Y GOoyis_...* gendial assortment through:,
out. Also, DvEss GOODS, consisting of Lawns,
Bareg Delaimis, French Delaines, Persian Del:tine,.
Printed Lawns;, Fancy Prints, Ladies' Worked Col:
tars, Insertion:4, Edgings; Black Silk_Mantillas, Thihet
and Cashmere ISlutalsprarasols, Hosiery, Gloves, tke.
.BOOTS AND SHOES. Clocks—a large assort:
went; of every description and style. Also, a great
variety_ of FanCy Articles, Yankee Notions, tte.' I
- • Crockery, Hardware,and Groceries of all kinds.--
2'rauks, a goOd . lot for sale cheap. • Books and Stan
I 'tione,ry—Wall!Paper--also, Flour of the lest quality.
518ntrose, Abb. .9, 1855. •F. B. CHANDLER.
:I.lieu`‘Liue of Mail Stages, 1
ST"ES will leave Kir -wood, passing through Cor
bettsvillej Liberty, L ~ every morning after thee.
arrival of the Mail Trains cars, both East and ; West,
reaching Motitrose at 1 1." ReturOing, leave
Montrose daily (Sundays excepted? it 2,!. N., reach
ing Kiricwood,lin time totake the Mail trains of care,
both East and West,• being the nearest and most fea
sible route to keach the New York and Erie,Railroad.
This line intersects a tri-weekly line tor Dimock,
Springville, -Tunkhannock, • Wyoming, and Wilkes
barre, which leaves Montrose at 7 A. 31. every Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday. Also, a line toFrienda
ville, Leraysville, Lc.
hood teami and comfortable earriages are provi l •
deed; and the Proprietors will spare no pains to ne
,coramodate the public. W. K. HATCH,
April 6. 1454. MORGAN*WEST., .
HE subscriber takes this method of advertising
his:friends and the pitblic.genemlly, that be his
fitted up a store just across the street from his old
quarters, in ;Brooklyn, where he in prepared to re
ceiVo customers ani sell them goods at as low rates
as any other establishment in Susqnchanna countY;
My assortment is very large indeed, embracing near
ly every attidle usually called for In a country store.
As I tun determined to do business .so as to avoid
"hid ticlits,l which responsible credit purchasers ate
taxed to pay; I can offer superior inducements to raih
and othervalle. PUOIFT-PATIRG patrons. Call and see
inc = • 0. G. HEMPSTEAD.
April' 30, 1855
The copartnership heretofore editing between tho
/LI subscribers under the firm of E. .S. Kent 'is Co. la
thii day dlAshlied by mutual consent. - • I
E. S. KtifT & CO.I
• Brooklyn 'Apr. 2, 1855, . 14w4d
Clo*er t and Timothy Sect is t o4 u sit T b3't ,
New Milford. March 8, 1855
and some for 6 eta, Fier
00 - r011,.b 114"r itigty
ITAL, 8200,000. - -
lag Nart.gage on the Real Estate:
the Stockhold.rx.
. . .
yes by Fire, of Houses Stores, and!ods, \Vares, and II ert'lnindise,. on!
as any similar Institution. Lossefl
. llorace Williston,- Athens Fran-i
_ • A: Porkins do.; J. T. D. Sitbv..r,i
1 . ; ; C. I'. Welles, Jr. do.;
iflhnsT...l;:,,rte. Towanda: fi4..n.
; liollenimelt,
•. I re: I.aport... I'.l. -
11 ; 1.a(lizton, ( !.j
in 2. 4. as i Tiva.s."; cazitit.lo,l
• 130.01T0R - HA:AIt I s - f
: ~
•: ' : , 1101 1 11EOPATUID‘Ti ..',.- • -..
r i itiDttATE:andieOnttei.. of Universit y Of New
l..l„Yorit t.. tv,ill be in' *arose . 0111 1 11 e wth, 7 t i, an d
glii dencli Meath, f and may be ' so hed at - Hateif t ,
ilotel, Me three days; upon all . diselyes' incidental t o
the human etittim. - -ifiz k CONSIT I MPTION,.B r o n .
' i chitis Inttamatioit oithc Lungs, Throat, Liver, Pleutly,
i• :' - . , IKid,„ 3l ii to Etp rii Dygperdai (biArycSlion;) Litter,
9 ~ : CoMplaintj itastrtiAtisx„ . 6crofttift, 'Eruptioite r lpinal
iY-ERHS - PILLS, ;. .C0in t4 310.4, Dis Cases • of. the eve - ' d .'ear, i Netieoue
NEW and singularly successful remedy for tie Weaknek 's: '*e. ; :4l ` 4l -Pi:rticli/4r -' "1:16416. • it ii'.en ' l° '
2,01. ettre.of all-Billious.idiseases--..Costiieness; Indi- the diseases °flimsies and . Child en. - The : Yarloty
f . . , , ''-.
ictuttion; Jaundlce;Dropey; Rhen ßheumatism , atism, Fevers, }ln- -"frictions of the' Urerus radicall . y rd. ,
Dr. Harris Is Well avinainted wi h both iloineopa;
mars, grout, Nervousness, Irritability, Inflammations,
thy and AlkipathY, having been in, niqtani studynid•
Ileallaom,l'aine iii the Breast, Side, Hack and Limbs,
Practice for the last twelve years, a d haviti4-firstin
remal4 Complainte, ke-Ac• 1,141,4 '? 11 ..v°rY I.", alit trodeced • Homeopathy into Binghamton, 14. Y.., in -
• -} it' di:4'a.'s'.'" which a ' P m i , ' - ' tivt t ALedkine ' ' l ' 7 ' INN: , ~ H is.pitui of tteatment is m ild, sap, and elflear
mere Or le* , reguired,- zetti-mtich.sickne,:s and suffer- ,
eioux; and different from that ofauly other. physician,.
lug nil:tilt., le- prevented, il 'a- harmless but effectual ,
and ^ureinearl:' all casesln all starges of the 'disease.'
tattartle. vt er?.. reeve frccly used. No pemmican &id a nti
. 0,.. flar f is has cos _ lli
ti Onials of character ; 'ablP
ixeil iv Itil.• a costive habit 61 - tied.: prevails; :beside* -
ity acid skill, frtine a - mimber - . of the most •eminent
i; settn'i gcneraies serious land - 1.31100 • fatarlliseases,. medical men : in; die city .of , Now Tork, among - than' ,
hieht might have. been avoided .by the timely. na il
the celebrated r. Valentine Nott4' '., •- ' ••; ~
udiciohs use of.aigood purgative. This is alike true
Persons wish ng s prenipt rellefee pernianent cur's'
Of - Colds, Feverish symptome,•and •Billioui dcringo-
will do Wen to cal - without delay. iChargea..model-aee:.'
ments.j they all tend te-beCome or produce the deep- Consultation fre`c!' -Patiehtlt visited at their resideneeS
rtett and formidable distempers . which load ihe if desired. .- Oftices ftetn 'I in . the morning until
earsetc.iilloyer the Lail . • Hence a reliable family •1 , _, • . hours breve/nog.,
.- .• • •• , . .
physic; is oldie - that importance to' he Public health, ,y 9. ia . , , .
and this pill has been, erfected with consimiriutie. ' .-:.•.. •. • ; ,AdiralittlaigCll.. ,- :: -
kill to meet that deitianth An extet.sire trial of its The advantages of the Homeopathic. treatment ef,
irtue:4 by Physicians,t Professors,- and Patients, -his 1 diseases, are : , ~.
ilaolvrii - rcsults surpaising any thing hitherto known of Ist. That patients treated Ilonieopathleally, usual.-
-any inc.diclne. Cures have been effected-beyond be- ly are cured - nnich sooner than•byttittretherprni;lice..
lief, were they not substantiated by persons of sueth 2d That. many. patients, can be cared by Borneo-.
exalted positions_and character as to forbid the sits- pathic . retnediet; who cannot be-et:red by any :ateer,.
IPicion:of 'untrittfr. A.Moug . the eminent gentlemen, l treatment. , , .-_. , .l
,!.who hare testified in- favor of these Pills,,we may V:rd. That patients treated Ilonteripathically, tla
ration— t not have - to labor under ,the bad effects of the 4m.itli:
Doct. A. A. ILivrs,- Analytical Chemist of Boston, tine th,eyliate taken to cure the disease. • • ••• I _
. and Stitte Assayer-of Mil,s3achusetts; li. I.G - Aniltirtt, _....____.___--4... .. : F . • , ~ .______...,___:_..
~ ~ : I NEW GOOD :. . . •
1 Gov..(if keißachnekts ; ; simr.ier Bnows, Lieut._ Boir.
of Mask - E: M. Wtimiri, Secretary of State of Mass.; Ala illtrEN 'aC PARK ettirn their gintittid
aeknowled,gements to the public, and invite at
, JOIDi B. FITZPATRICK, (Math Eis1101) of Boston ; Prof. --",_ . - . .. , s . . ,
t .ntion to the yery large afoul: o ,pring an d S o rt=
Jinni Titnaks, of the C0114 , ,e of Physidarts and Sur
, i ,
rarer GOolk they are now receivin and offer.for sale L
I geiitis.,r; New York city; ;Dr. C. T. JamisioN, Gemogise .
t ' uir re rites In addition t their usual assort-
I lof the;Public I...inds of the 'United States ; Dr. J. R. " trt. • -) P - .-j .• . - • ,-,
t. nem of stapie,Bry Goods, Groceries, llaruware;CrOCK
, Cili.vros, Practical elletßiSt of New York City, endovs-,
cry l'aints - and OiLs, Ice.-8 - ..c.; th 'Y are prepared to
l ed liv r;ilon. W.
.L. lARcY, Secretary . of State; Wit.
exhibit a Ittrgelassortment of La fes t Dress floo.tLs
oil. As - rom the rich st man in America; S. 1..}: Am) A:
of ever y description—.Figurell, Plaid and• Plain SOP,'
ee.; Proprietors the •Afetropolitan - Hotel, and,
Bon ShaAs, Ribbons, Gloyiis;; Hosiery—Ladies others, 1.. Bonnets,
. (
Didi space. permit, we could give - many hundredand Misses.Slnics of all kinds—also &large stock of
READ Y...314DE CLOT]] INOJClotlni i Ca.ltsimeres,
eertitii'ates from all .parts where the Pills hare been Hate
Tweeds., Jeans Summer Cloths, yestings, , Caps,r.
used,-htif evidence vseti more Convincing than the
Boots'and Shpt.'s, .k.c.. ;
experience of:et - Minna public men, is found in their - ,
TIMY respectfully solicit an early call from • anise
etfect4 -upon trial. • . i
1, who Wish to pnrchase f lood goods i iiit Ter pries. , These Pills, the result of long.; investigation and; Snrinrcine, Sl ay 3, '3l. • Mc ILLEN . tt. PARK.
study are offered' to the. public as the hest and inOst .. . -
complete which the pre:Sent state of medical scienc.e
i can afford. They are compounded not of the drtlgs
11. thermielvcs, but of the Medicitn. virtues only of Vit . -
i etable remedies extracted be' liontical process in a
state Of purity,-and combined together in such a man . -
'net . lig to insure' the best results. s.illis system-, of
composition for medicines has been Mund in Cherry
Pectciral and Pills liotli, to produee a more efficient
remedy than had liitherte been obtained by any pro
cess. The reason is Perfcclly obvious.. While by
the old node of compotitirm, every intrdicine . is - bur- ;
lletted with noire orlesS of acrimonious anal injurious I
qualities, by this each individual virtue only that is ;
deidred for the curative effect effect is present; All the in- ;
;srt and olitioxhims - qMilities of each substance em- 1
ployed are left behind, the coratiye virtues only bc-
ing ;retained. Bence it is self. evident thy effeletg
should prove as they Inive proved,-more purely rem,'
'ediali and•the pills a mbre powerful antidote ; to dip
cae than any other ire Neese known to . tIM world...
As it is frequently expedient that many ruedichies
should be taken kinder the counsel of "au attending
physician. and i • as he chub] not ptoperly judge of a
remedy without-knowing its•conmosition, I have 'MP
plied the accurate forintilm bra hich both my Pe'eto
ral and Pills are mades,'to the whole hods of Pitted
tiontirs in the United States and British -4merican
. Prollinces... It', howeve(r, there should be any One
whothas not received them, they 'hill be forwarded
.by mail it his request.:' .
Of all the Patent Medicines that are offered, how
few Would be taken if theic...ermtposition was knoWn !
Their life consists in their mystery. , I have Lomys- .
tet kis. The composithin .
or my preparations is laid
open to all men, and-all who are cbionetent to judge
.on the subject freely acknowledge their convictions of
their intrinsic merits. The Cherry Pectoral was pro
nounced,by scientific nien to be a wonderful medicine
bef4re its effects were known. .11any•erniiient Phy
sicians have declared tile same thing or my Pills,fand
even more confillently,;and arc willing_ to certify !that
their anticipations were more than realized by their
effects upon trial. They'operate by their powe.iful
influence on the internal riseera to purify_ the blood .
arol,stininlate it tnto IMalthy aetion—remove.tW •ob
struetions of the stomaell, rhowels,liver, and othe;r or-•
ganit of the body, reS.toling their regular action to
health, and by correctly,' wherever they exist such
. ~
.. - _ ..
.rcoigenhnits as aro tfia first orkio of t ....
llrepared by Dr. .1. C...1YE11, Pr:laic:ll and •
ly4al Clo.tnizt, L0w01),,M 3 -s, conk
box. Fire 1... x.•., for ;9 .7 ,. 0!,1 bk. AI , FI, Tr RFFLL,
it. EvroN,
:di .1-41 tne(ll'Orles
oro'ry \ • • , - • -
. - ALIC nuAwr. •
STOVES. AND • M 1:011 rIIE
P - In E. " • • .
1 1. 17 (. 4 01 . 1.1:171t1.1 7 44bRED have constantly on hand
klarge and wt. 1.1 selected Bkm-intent of tin
ware, Reels and Cliain for wells, pumps, cistern
runny, ..kc.,slrydraidiei RILITI!', Japanned wares, lead
of all sizes , Job work done with neat
ness and despatch all Orden , : promptly, attended to.
• STOVES& P P. E . •
keta consipntly on hand, a large aSsortment of =tows
of the latest -improved and approved patterns.: Our
experience in,the business enables us to select those
th4t we can safel warrant to give entire satisfaction.
.Arnongst our numerous stock can be-found the
Paragon . air tight / e - Starlof the West, Elevated
Neiw World, " 1 ; Clinton, [Oven.
Atlas, " Cultivator; .
Phoenix, " I Fire . - If
Three Suites, " Wekern Queen, 4 .
Globe, , " Premium. •
$. A. wootinrir. I
n ti .
ore and riort. ew GOOd%-.
11. Ti
; BUR T T now receiving new and, full
• supplies of GOods for . ihe z 4l - inier Trado,
chtiiling a new and elegaut. sts - s.ortilent of Frrnch Mc
riivei, Merino and (l'aslancre / I'laids - ; Plaid , Fan=
cy,and Plain De. Lani-s, Pgiantettas, Brodhe; Square
drid Lony Shalcts, all [ of,n'inv and best styles,.and will
be sold at 25 per cent. less than last year's prices.--;
• Also a new assortment of Rich Rith,;nS andßonnea,
Silk. Vidceti Cloaka- and Mantillas; Rich
Silk and , Vetrit !Dr.isis 2'rinunings, Mohair Iliad
..Drettecs, Rigalets with a general assortment
of otber i SvArcE and PANcy• Goons,. as usual, which
hiving/bought under the present pressure -of the cash
miirkCi,.will be sold lit corresponding and-reduced
prrces. • , . • .
[New Milford, NOvenaber 27, 1754. [
. .
'THE subscriber is carrying on the CHAR: if A K
-1 L,VG 'BUS/NM in all its varioua branches at
the Chair antkWare Shop in Buford, where may be
fdutid a greater variety of Windsor and BoAing
Chairs than at any other establishment in the county;
also Flag and Cane Seats, Bureaus, Bedsteads i 'Loung ,
ei+, Settees, Tables, StAit(hi„ Sze, ef:c., all of which will_
be sold at' the lowest priees at retail; (or wholesale,
with short notice.) work warranted. well made
and of good material.; Short credits and small profits
will be my motto. For demonstration of the nbove
facts, please call at my shop in Ilmfordyillage.
1 liarford, October 12, 1854,
.., _ •
: . . Jewelry, Jewelry. •
GOOD it....tortmeiittsit Jewelry, consisting of Ear
.t - 1. Rings,. Ear Dreps, Breast. Pins, Fing'er Ring,A,
*.e. &..c., - jitstreeeiveti at : BENTLEY 4: REAM.
1, . ,
.. Sllyer Spooiss. • • •
Tea, Table, Dessert, Sugar, salt, &e.,:warranted p, , re,
for sale by : BENTLEY & READ.
.Boot% and shiies:
An unusually good assortment of the 'best make, all
:fear and perfect foe sale by BENTLEY & BEAD.
Drug% mid yFedicines.
`A fresh stock genuine Drugs and Medicines, Patent
_Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye-stuli . l4, Sze., for sale by.
Dec. 13.]
ITAIIE Spring', Goods, now being re
ceiveti at I. L. !POST if. CO's.' are desirable in
,quality, style and price. -
Staple Dry GoOds, Collars; Sleeves,
Dress Goods, - • Edgings,
Cloths and ea4sinteres, Bonnets, •
'White Goods, and Parasols.-
CLOTHING—a fine stock. Groceries of all vari!
cties: Hardware ' Crockery, Looking Glasses, and in
'every department their assortment is good, and at
"prices to suit. -
s Montrose, March tiO, 1855. , -
1111 EING-oe the el'e of my departure for the Westi .
; " would say lo my of.
and . Patrons that my
"DAOUERRNOTYPI: .ROOMS will be elosedfor a
Yei weeks. I will4aly apprise you of my returq, and
then bops to find $u deeply impressed' with the ne
ocessitv of yot tr facel , taken , •
I. Odd Fellows' Hall, Mouirose, W. B.
. May 26, 1855. I
, .
• 1516m6
• To(the 'Publib.
7 . 7 . • ~---''., • i
' IV OtiCe to the Otttttie.
TTAVINGj!mt returned from New yod, I iri-zh to 1
..1....L call the latention of my.old customer-5,1-mA of I
'the public .in getieral, my. - I
which being bOught with cash at the lowest -prices,
and. wi ~s hiu, to sell wire:4)l/11Y, fort the same, I will of- 1
: .
fur them arc greatly reduced pi-ites. • • 1
Coalreco Priiits, warranted' fit-t ,crilors,• for only S
cents.# yard. iGood Brown Snpr, 1g hound= for one
dollar.. Boonton Nail•-•, acknowlilged by all to ,be
the best Nail in use, 5,50 per k 7. Ilattr.und Caps 4
Boots'aud shotT'Butllll9 noires of:all prices, all swot i
De Lidries, orij Caslr, a-ar
s, l'riet 7, Dress Silk, Silk
Veket, &c. ton4lin Pe Laine,, 1 ~Itillinv, per yard; I
Satin,Bonnets and 111,,le , kirt fl is, 13 , 0elte .law=,
Double Long sltanls, Thi',et do„., r slling at ineol,e,tiv-
ably low priced. I tau ~1..1y worrant perff,et : , atii- :
faction to all W,lio will pile ttlt. 11 p2ll. '
..' ,
Latiesboro, Ap T. b, ISS-1
1L0Ck.:4—F,04)41 time ke,p,
. •
Lanesho:o, Apr. 5.
ir 1 , 5 1, •fo
I...l&esboto, Apr. 5.
Itt nty-store.
LaiieAoro, April s.. •
1:01.1111 - VaiEN, TAKE NOTICE! •
T HE suhsetihers haying secured the sole right to
frISI A D.f 51'..1.1t E (WUThV AND
B 177 TE R.- TKO R 117 ER , for Susquehanna and silliernl
adjoining comities,
respectfully jtivite all:Butter mak
ers to examini! and TEST the merits of this Deli and
valuable: invention. We propo,e to furnish - each and,
all' of you. with a CIII:11N that will produce as much
butte'r. in as short a time as any other•chttru—one
that will . compefelu c.rpel the elit term wash - and
work . i,a the sail it perfectly thrwvh. the
bat Ipr and•fit it for use, without removingit frojn the
churn. This ',Churn is simPlein , its construction, Sci
entifie in its operation, and easilY cleaned and kept in .
order; and can be easily attar led to any propel;ing
power. • ,
For "further particulars. appl, perSonalll/. or by let
'ter to JAR. 47,. BUSH ELL .tad J. N. iIItO.SON,
Ararat, Saswiehanna county,,Pa:
r AND MOTT. would
.1' I. • -public that they are ma.
e-lebrated Plows. They
hand, Wayne COU
Caltieators, pog -Chants, Slei i
Plow Pointalof various' patte •
mention.. hope, by strict :
to receive . our
_share of public
tory, P. Post's 'old stand. Fo
Searle's Mill.
W'RergOing done on sho
Feb. 6.
HE subscriber LI agent for
. Comptu4es, doing burin.
State Mut4al at Harrisbi
Cczh.. Mutual at Harrisb iv;
• ('' . • - CaPital $200,000.
lime lasarance,.Nea, Yk City,
~ vital i5:506. - 000.
' • F. B. CHANDLia
3lontrose Apri1 4 6, '54
. .
f isil HE sub#cribers are . - now ( burning and' will keep
Id. constantly on hand, Lilac- of a very superior
quality at 2l(Controse DePot, and Will sell it in any
quantities at a fair price... Persons wishing a large
quantity cat4.)e. supplied .:,on a reasonable notice. .
Superior ground Plaster iNiL be kept Constantly - on :
band hereaftbr. ,- LL. POST,
. . I . • W. JESSUP.
Ifontrose Depth, 'April 3;L. SEARLE.
130 ST BROTHERS havin Purchased the. abnc6
' establishment, will keep constantly On haetl Su ! .
perdue F/our, Corni.llcal of ,aperio r -qual
ify; alto Cluip and Bran at the loWez.4t cash.prices.—,
Culitont work will! be. done with Alespatch, and. in all
cases tcarratetted. • • 1381tf
.31ontrose.IJuly 1853. ' •
. .
-1110TIOE. ' . •
Those persons the subscriber for -fees
asltegister, i roeorder and Clerk of the prpluties court
would confer a favor by settli n g the MM. soon.
.I.tontrose We.
,1554.. • ...T. T. I:.ANGDON..
• . . :'-
p • Window S ash.
/L 11. & r ,
SANItE haring been apptdntedm ett
,• for an extensive =ash b ind and" door manufac
tory:tire preintred to famish: any articles in this line at
leSs rates than they .hare ii7trally been sold -•- •
4" 1 , - - 24 . i ' ' . . - • • 43.11.& D.• s. -
• i .- Shl-mo. ream.
.. .. , , . r h ,
1 N. artieli , which eve-ty :!nan - should in - for sale
.A ., •
J.- - 1 1 I -' • . 1
•• I SAL - . 4:. D. S,
IAV. -"7-A new loi of Sliiqtrlf2r If aN awl Cloths
-11. for 4111n111-0r- %I ef..1 4 j , l.t ils't(!t•iveli aud for sate-cliettp.
by . ' - •
1 • , .D.ll. L. &., CTO.
XL A . f an " -s co 74 - dic S-O.N - . •
Al AY bC found in S. S. ilulford's old store, East
.11. fide i)f Public Avenue'', • • •
. ! itiontio3Kl. Noretuber - 15 1854.
Biretta to itobes. •
A CU lot just receiv6.l, and offered low by ,
'lSb:twits! Shawls! .
CTIOTET lot of Wool•Leng Shawls very cheat
1 Springcllle, December 8..' • -
Plt t a te to‘ r, •s, " ll l etri t :;; E afc g .r , salo :. e l. 11 4 1 . °5
- Nevireatter and. two horse Pleasure Car
.r"u►ge;for•sule cheap bi A. TURRELL
A fresh min:4y of Silver Spoons, Watches, Jewelry,
&c. &c.,ji4t received. - r BENTLEY & READ:
f a
MUSIC t MUSIC 1 -- ' • -
13,11110 "S IMPROVED MELODEON ' S, more 'just
..1., recei ed by .t.' -1 .. J. qONBIr.SON.
CONSTANTLY ON NAND or Iltrnished to order
on short notice. . 1 .
iil4 glitalltiCelkhave made' arriingeinioti to tur4'
' rash persona who may be in wont of them, the •
above named ;inraltiable Hafer, at the iame prices-fixr•
which they eau he obtained at the mannfactOrer'S.
Raying experienced the benefit, of suc h an article du ,
ring the late Fonflagration ,oursebres; yre would sari:'
"catfy receunmend to others hiving valeable beatified'
paper; the pieimering . which-wonld be of immense=
imp.ortance td them, not to do' `without one.
rtteea ramie from $5O to fiSBQ and wo can explain.
to onY.oue relahing , to purchase, ,theAlffirenes in
styl9, size, . pffice &e. and funaist than — on short'n6
(tee,frith°ll arrangemCat to . snit the put:
chaser' • • BENTLEY k REAM •
: hew toods . •
11Itrot.4 At Brox. are now receiving their tarp.'
itly.o_fißprial; and sammet ; Good*, and, bebig,
conv i ll e e d Of the advantage Of hayingrureteatl
Y as a to Yi et lf o.;. :
tletertnined to sell goods at so
'Once their gUstooters 'and' :the public generally thi s ir
it will tat their advantage as well as our& .tot ir, m o o ; eonsii , ti, in part-of Broadcloths, Vessbrieres f .
'Kentucky .Teans i . Suutther. stuffs, Delaines, Lawtot y ,
Calicoes,,Pingltanta Prints, ponriets, Ribbons; rait- ,
;w! Shunt ii and'Rlack Silks, together 'With' aside
of -other Staple and Fancy Dry Goodi,.firoeij egi .
Cronliery, - hardware, " Boats :and Blictei 4 „ Hata., &c.
Also, a goal assortment of Shciemakers' Findings,.:.
Call and. examine our stock, and judge for yourselves
as to *the, frith of our staterneut. Our motto iknitiek
~ales and mill . prate. Most Binds of country pro
-duce taken in esehange for
• I .
ral and Cal
Foreit Pillsl
thWgltng Oil, the greatest remedy for.eprains in man
or beast ever known ; Mathewson's Infalliblelletae ,
dy, and Horse, Remedy ; Orick's Vermifuge, and a
variety of 'other kinds; Trask's Magnetic Oiptment,
1 1
the great remedy for barns, rhenmatism,..and al in
llan kplatory! complaints; Pond's Extract, a „first -
thing - for similar parpoes, its above Ointment; An
drews' Pain Destroying Agent, a good article.; W -,
cock's Balsam and Bone Liniment; ,Atwood'& J -
dice Bitters, Canker Drops, Liniment, and Dysentery
Drops; Baker's CoMpound for. Dysentery ; :Roogh=
ton's Pepsin, for Dyspepsia; lichubold's Extract of
Buelku 'and Extract , of Sarsaparilla; . a variety of.
Salves, the best in market, Pills, Ate., -- an&mx almost
endless variety of Patent, Medici ms, - alttigether too
numerous to enumerate—,but suffice it . to say, that
the public will find nearly every thing in this line-at
the Dru, and Fancy Store of ABEL TURRELL.
' Montrose,. July; 1855. tx, ' ' • • .. - -
, • i .
. . .
i ,
SAY E, BENTLEY ~k 'PERKINS having puschas..
ed of Wilson-k-Co. the Eagle Foundry, are riow
prep: qv to fill orders front the trade, and do work in
their ;chile with Ail' and despatch. .Tlteylwill' keep
constautly on hand P/ows,Ahest.kinds,) Stores, (all
kinds,). Cultivators, Straw bitters, corn Shellert t
eEe.' &e. (f.;e. • . . -
- We. ir x i!.e particular attention to the Pltws. which
we manufacture. We manufacture and keop forage'
-. .The Celebrated Blatehley .Plase.l, * - -
We have purchased the exelusivright to manufac
ture, and sell . in thiS county, Wayne, 'Wyoming and
.11 ra d ford, Ririe* Patent Iron Ream . Pima." The
Plow is niade'pntiref,y o . rtirot; excepting the handles.
p. is celebrated for its easy draught, being one-third
easier' than atrY now in use, whilejts strength On4:4n
rabilitylare greater., : = -
t ~ i ' I
%1A1:1-IINERY ' •
of au kinds manufactured and repaired by ex_perienc
ed maehinests;... - -' •---t..,' i
Steam. _Engines, Gearing for Mills, Shingle Ma
- - el, ines, - dc. Aie. -
. .Among the Stoves which we manufiteture, are the.
1 reystolie (..'oolsitkg Store, Rough and Read y ', For- .
1 est Queen do., Preniiain do.; and other-kinds, al ar
, ranged for burning wood or coal. Also; .pelf-Regis, l
I lator, Parlor Stove; Cottage Parlor' do., Stanley's,
to esizes do., and a variety of other Parlor Stoves,
both wood and coalburners. We. keep, also:on hand
Grinditone trimmings, Dag Churn- trimmings ; tut-.
hrella and Shoiel and Tonga Stands, Sc. &c. 'Work
dOne to order on short notice and- at the lowest rates;
ri."ll tr.
which • the
'S. A: LYONS..
n in exchange,ur
Orders ; thr .qtores, i Agricultural Implements",
fie., are solieited.front those in the trade, end. will be
filled at- reasorfahle - trholesnle prices,i •.
Tailoring Roablishin
- • -AT
spectfull, inform the
ufaeturing Blittchley's
keep constantly, on
ty, and Iden
/t and Cutter Shoes,
us, too numerous to
:ttention_ to. business,
patronage. _Manufac
ndry, M.'Mott, near
notice: •
e followit*lnsarance
at the toweSt safe
lapital $350,000.
wooL by
ed, May. 1 . 5 i 185 t.
11.TPilr 7110DICII - ItES;
the great variety of Medicines at Turrelftr.
may be thund all of Dr. Jayne f s kAstly r
'amity MedicineSl - Ayre's Cherry Pecto
artic Pills; , Halsey's -Foreit, Wine and
; Hoofland's celebrated German Bitters;
. t rieft of Family Medicines ; -'Merchant's
3fos4rose, 3faiclk 4.
T . & Co.. would respectfully- announce to
V tit tr file ds., and the pablic.getierally, - ., that they
keeps nstan ly on !And a ftill assortniefir of Ready .
Made othin ,Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, and`
every t tini.r,el. ..neesai-yr for men and . Woinen a wear..
We would particularly - call the atteution.,,ctreountry
Merchants to our lar:g.e stock . of Ready-Made Clothing;
of our own manufactare,, which we offer:at Wholesale,
at, price. 4 that will afford great induCeineuts to cash •.
and short-time citStomers; o• E. --"-' - ,
• A large sioek.oftloths, - Cassimeres;- Vestings,tie.,
kept constantly on hand, for parsons desirous, of hav
ing clothing made to order. -
- .
Orders, punctually attended to.
Thankfurfor past favors,wre hope to merit a
tinuance of the same. J. AS,BER.St -Co.
Susquehanna Depot; Pa., :Slay
• 1 •
Or any place Qn the Globe_ ctinnar present
greater, inducenten than
TI ICFLis now filled with ,117 new and extensive VV assortment of articles in their line, embracing
a general-variety of new and elegant styles . of ladies
and gentlemen's waar, aMong which are. Ladies
French, Silk. Lasting and • Prenille Gaiters, Kid .and.
Enameled Polkas, Kid, Patent. Leather and Bronied
Jenny Linds, Buskins and %US; Gentlemen's /tench.
and Philadelphia,. oak tanned calf skin and kip Boots,
Morocco, Calf and Cowhide Brogans Ate- Boys kip.
calf and cowhide Boots and Brogans; all-kinds-of
Mi4ses and Children's wear. i . - Also, a general assok
tt4t of Finding§ which consist in part of lasts, pegs,
spwrn.bles, tacks, thread, wax,. Bns
tle,l,shoe. binding, awls, rasps, sandStoi shoe knives,
itc4 Also oak and hemlock, tanned calf upper and
Solileather, Morocco skins and linings. -
-Work made to. order and repairing neatly done,
Montrose, April 6, 1154. `•
Valaable Lataidtkrar Sale: • ' , -
FOR SALE IN ONE BODY, about 5500 acres "of
Land on the waters-of Spring Breoh, a branch
of the. LackaWanna jiver, in Luzern° County, Penn's.,
about midway between the 'thriving towns of.Scrati
ton and Pittston.. These lauds are covered with
vable tinter,..and being situate in the most , extensive
mineral egion in Pennsylvania—known to contain,
iron ore-Land, believed to abound in coal,-and being'
also in the immediate vicinity of several railroads *
made anlrnow iu Progress--offer to the capitalist nn
opportunity-for the investment of money that seldom
occurs. j For further information apply to N. P. Re
sack, E.g., No, 11, Wall street New , York, or to the
subscriber; at Montrose, Susquehanna county,Pq.„ the
• attorney in fa' of the owners.
April ‘ISM. • " HENRY DEINEER. -
Estrayed flom.the preinises of the ,subsciiber; pg.
or ricer the, -June . --five Two red
'Steers, otie darker thin the other.. ! Three Heifers;
mostly red, with Some white on each; the smaller one.
baring morn whitollart the other: ,Any person see•
log said yt4trlings will oblige the subscriber by taldng.,.
them' u p and sending him word, by letter or otherwise,
and he will pay them for their trouble.
Jackson, July Ist v 1855 = . WY. LARRABEL.
+TIM NY.XT TERM of thiit Institution commence§
A. the tirsi Monday of September (ild) and contin
ues 22 weeks: And as•classes will then be wag
ed, and the studies assigned; students are particular
ly requested to be present;. and they will thereby
avoid -much labor on the: part of the teachers and em
barrassment to themselves.
Board, under the present hard; times, is $2." per
week ;"end will b proportionally less if _they cerise,
which we have a cry reason to believe from the ap
proaching barites
Administrator's NotWo:
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of itdreinistra•
11 tion upon the estate of OUBSIIOM BUN ELL,
We of the tAwnship of Anburn,deceased, have been
granted to. the subscriber, and all persons Indebt•
ed to said estate will please, make immedlaterksy
ment, and present
having claims against • the estate
will please present them duly - attested for settlement;
.103,1.4211. AN BUNNELL; Miter.
AtisCitN, June V4th,,1855,
QPISNDID Prints and Lodes' Broadoloth i lruire.
1J & • o pened and for sale' by
• J: LYONS It f3C11..
S. H. SAYRE, -
ent •
; •
.11.• n00urr..4.15.