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CHARLES E. EL AD AND H. 8. rftemitommes,
Thursday ISeptember. 97,-,1190k,
" A clean rctory or a clean defeat.
Judgt Mack.
"The allieirof the -Administration must be struck
loin ln every State, County, aid District." -
Fudge Wilmot.
•. _
}iFor Cana/ Comutissioner, .
oR Pr son for Loving ..r.ibrrty aid Justice.]
. „For Itepresektative.,
Of khartiherliia Comfy.
(if Sallinn,Cocusty.
1 -
I 'irOr Obennissioner, -
WILLIAM T. - C A SE, . .: •
• Of Gibson.
For TreatsFrt.
of Montrose. .
For Auditor.
' Of Friendeoi/k.
F4otion--October eth, 1&56.
CANAL COlll3llBBlOllB.
There ate now at least fou'r candidates in
the'field fOr Canal Commissioner in this State
—Patismore WilliamsoP, Republican VArn
old Plumes; Administration; Joseph/Hend
erson, Whig; and Kimber Cleaferi Native
American.! :On the great issue of / the day,
judging from the platforms on which they ate
nominated, the candidates stand,
, Williamson
and Henderson opposed to skivvy extension,
Plumer in favor of Slavery ) extension and
Cleaver n4wbere. •Cleave.r, /it must be re
membered; is not the candidate of the Know .
Nothing, nr American part, but of the old
Nativeist3,l who see fit wholly to ignore the
Slavery question. The Republicans, the
Know Nothings and the Whigs have each
declared einphaticially against the Nebraska
bill - and inifavor of restoring Kansas And Ne
braska to ireedom ; and, if united they could
Without dOubt carry the State by a very
large majority - on that issue. But will they
unite? and, if so, on what candidate? If
they belie Te. as they all say they do, that
elavery the paramount issue before the
,country, ad that the dangerous enereach
ments of t o e slave power should be speedily
Arrested, thAy must be anxious to unite the
Free Soil vote of the State, so as to defeat
- the pro-Slivery party. • But,'as the Free Soil
men hold A 'variety of apinions on other ques
tions it WtHld not be reasonable or just to
-,ask any p l iiintion of them to adopt the opin
.ions of 'others for the sake of a union, and,
:as neither portion is strong enough to carry
-the StatC l alone, it is necessary that they
should unite on tie sole issue of freedom a
gainst SlaVery. This is the'course that has
beenodopted in other States, and it was, for
this purpose that a Republican State Conven
tion was ;recently called in this State, and a
IcandidatefAminated on that one issue. It
seems to kis that rassmore Wi liamsoois the
candidateion whom the anti-Nebraska vote
of the State Should be united. He wp not
nominated as a Know Vfothing or an anti-
Know-Nothing, as a Whig or . an. anti-W hig,
and,his election will be simply a triumph of
the Free oii ',cause, and ovindication by the
people of,State and personal rights. If the
stublxirraiess of parti Leaders is to keep them l
divided, and thereby prepare thee-Ai-ay for a.
pro-Slavery victory in Pennsylvania this year
and a farlmore important one next year,*the r
people h4d better take the management of
affairsintp their own hands and vote for ,the
candidate they think best, on their own' indi
vidual reiponsibility. The anti-Slavery voters
of Pennsylvania can elect Passmore William
son Canal Commissioner, if they choose, and
•it ought to be done. -In such an event the
proSldvery conspirators who now fill high
places- i the Federal Government would
read theft. doom. - • z
'Or e Sham Democracy have 'complet
ed their ticket by uniting the 'name of John
V. Smith, of Tunkhannoek, with that -of OH.
verLatbrep, for Representatives. if the-old
saying 44 true, that "a man is known by the
company he keeps," then , certainly they have
wrongdd r Mr. Lath lop who have represented
him as anything else than
. a "National Dem
ocrat"~l 1)r. Joh n V. Smith we know through
the .ivoi;th 'Branch Democrat, of which he is
sole editor, and we can - assure the milk-and
water Democrats of Susquehanna county that
he is nOt - of their " stripe." In politics be is
intensely. "national." Whatever doctrine or
act thellslave power may present as Demo
cratic; he immediately approves and endors
ea. 'The North Branch . Democrat is one of
,the most ultra, old 'Hunker papers in the
State, Occupying the same • position
_On the
questiOns of the day, as the Phil adelphisPinn
trylranian, the Luzette . Union, the Hones
dale listed, dte. We do 134 recollect of its
having 'ever condemned ttny act of Piesidon -
Piereeis administration. The Nebraska bill
it opetill and fully endorses, and has been
for - 4ibs past publishing editorials , in de
fessee,Of that measure, All the pro-slavery.
outrai*l' that have followed that breach of
faith, Whether in Kansas or in Pennsylvania,
barerecelved: the tacit 'or expressed approv
al of This , tailidate of the . " F reeSoil
mow aCy "of 'Sups uebanna county. Wyo
ming do i Duty being in the " Wright district ~ "
Dr. Smith wai one of the constitienta of H:
B. W iight, who made himself so iidiculously
prominent by the advocacy of the Nehntska
bill MnPsrgress, and his paper fully apPiov:
ed.and endorsed the course of that despica
ble •-loughface., - Accordingly the Luzern°
Union; liVsight's organ, endorses the nomi
nation Of _Stnith as that of 1 "sounsiDemo-
hour-esa Deutocruy , as defined by the
Atari/4.0u .Pest,rteut, be reconciled with De
zuciciiiy a. - defy* by the North Branch
Dernoirati Welit ii is a difficult undeitsk.
in t( to` rsOol min/ _ought not to
ti v 4110 deti. #ll Itords. of .suck abort
botlii& ; I i.SaliA, however, 41 our theheit
that could! be &lied ed';emder*lei nsta-t
-ees. Illi r i s i paperl; hasi, _Buddy:di.? Ppt4.*
sa t
adrEdahtt' tiottsuo sit& acts,lts titibjor
cOmnietit.. The iVficimitig countyfConx4en
tion that ornitiajed him sidoli!eti no raeola•
tiona,with-regaril to t . Slavery,qtrestion or .
the Natioeal•Adrhitibitration 2 4from which we
suppose -the Freeidoil melt of Suaquehanna
county will be asked to infer that John V.
Smith and the party ii;t7iNryoming repudiate
the Harrisburg iplatfortn. But Dr. Smith
has'Ailso/livrittei iti le l tter for the 'Afrinfrose
, Dernderal, in Wh 41 ir declares . that he is-op
.posed to. slaver} extension. We believe' he
. !
has not publisitedithat letter 'in his own pa-
Per, and ihe proli / 111131 will not, fur niat i .
adeulated . for tha l t hftitude.! . Having labor
. .
ed for months to donvince the Democraeiof
Wyoming that theiffehraska -bill is all right—
to make. thern sour!' t‘ National Democrats;:'
he is not 1 ,116/ going *I set about undoing his
work. That won d_ !be a pity,.BlLA i only
wants to gull. the'lluftikeads of
/ =
How Many they. a fi re .rrecdqtt't kno', but we
/ .
belierelnot many. i • --; , •
This is not the tint inslancerofit pro slaveryp' - •
~ , 1
Huukeiivriting elite-soil letter for the pur
. i , ; ,
pose of getting frepabil votes. Simon Cain i.
croi wrote such
s ii , letter. last winter. " But`
these stairien coriviltsons arb l i not worth much.
It Is bestl to put the young:converts on their
probation kr a time. A feilow-feeling, how
eier, tai ht lead SMith to trust ia Cameron's
free-soil rofession's, and therefore he might
give Min his 'support for BnitedStotes'Sen
/ ;
ator. 1 William 111, Platt; 'the Democratic
Senator from Wyoming, voted for Cameron
last winter, and if.the voteri of Susquehanna
rally to ‘n.ith's stand4d in'sblficient num
bers, tbe,y wilt probably giye Ciiimeron ano
thet Democratic vele4always Provided the
latter can ebrivined hin t that he 1
is -*mud on
what.the Missourians call i "thegoose ques
dl . .
on." 1- -, ; 1 1,
There) is One thing ekinnented With this I.T.
;S. Senator question that the voters of this
distrirt ought to understand. We see by.
the papers that Cameron is at ' work very
busily iti all part4'of the State,! getting- as
'many eif . his men nominated for the Legisla
ture as possible'. And le doesnot confine
his efforts to any partiqular party,_any more
than he ! did last winter, but , wherever an
available," Crimero man' s can be found, be
he Deni/tiirat, Know-I othing, or what not,
the Cameronians figure to give him .a nomi
nation. l!Now ' it is gen e rally understood that
_ _l.
E. B. Chase went to Harrisburg last,winter
for the Orprciss purpose.of serving as a " lob,
by member' for Carnenan,,and that be ope
rated with considerabke. e ff ect, and no doubt
i :
got well paid for his labor, This We were well
assured 'of from several source( last winter,
and it is fully ; confirmed by, a gentleman who
reeently l itisited hiOntrose, who served es a
Clerk in the last I.4istature, and states that
Chase iVas one of 'those who attended Came
ron's " privacaucnses," while the struggle
foi the Sena rship was going ou, and that
he labored z ously for Cameron among the
members, l is said that by some.uuexplain-.
ed magje, Cameron never loses a friend,.and
Chase may therefoie be set down ass n till
friendlY i - to iis interests; and' we shall no
doubt see him attending again next winter at
'Harrisburg, tte do,what he can for his old
friend. I Wileiher he has been able to get• a
couple Of Cailrieron men the Democratic nom
ination 'for rtapresentatives in this district.,
we cannot te)lifor a certainty, !but as he is a
pretty good manager it is probable be' has.—
The way Dorgan was got off the course a sec.
and time, Idler being promised the nomina
tion this fall and after receiving and accept
ing the! nom nation in Sullivan !county, but on
a platform pl4dginse him to vote for thelkm
, ocratie coueifinOninee for United gtatek Sen
ator, looks iery much as thoug h that pledge
_ .
was iriPthe 44 of somehod}"S plans, and the
difficulty had to be obviated by taking a new
man. We mention these things so that if
by any means the nominees of the sham De
mocracy shiaild be elected, and should vote
for. Cameron, those who contributed to such
resultinay nOt say they did not have a hint
of what was going on.
Thekitternpt made in this county to delude
men into the belief that the sham Demberat
ic party is a Free-Soil party, is too ridiculo us, involves toot t transparent a fidsehood, to de
ceive any one. •' This is bow' the Matter
standi : The Democratic administration iis-
pro-Slavery, - ; every. prominent politician in
the cOuntryLe . ho adheres to tle party, is pro-
Slavery, theiState platform just re-eonstruct
edprd-Slavery, Arnold Plumer, the can-.
didate of the party for a Siate:o ffi ce,)s pro.
Slavery, th a ddress' of. the State Central
Cotnt'nittee just published :is pro-Slavery ;
JohnlV. Smith, one of thinoinineesfor Rep
resentative fof ithis district, is pro-Slavery,
(everYwhere south of Springville,) but the
party. in . Suiiiivielnuma county have for some '
reason, nominated: men who would - nOt sup
port ]Bigler the candidate of the party for
Governor list WI, because he was prO.Slave
ry, hut hat!nominated than . on a platform.
which does not even demand the resitimtion
of Kansas and Nebraska' tit). freedom;;—and
yet men are asked to vote the 'iDerriocratic
ticket," for the purpose of carrying out Free
iminciples! We ass th 4 every: man
of common? infor m a ti on who votm that tick
W i ith th 4 names of Arnold ,Plumer and
John V. SMith at its head, knoi t re he u vot
ing Ito sustiiin pro-Slavert party and pro-
TUE lum'a - ctiLirs ConcErbou.—The Lan
douleorrest,ondent of the New.lork Tribune
writes to tilat paper as follOwil, "The In
dtienfe'll3eige states, in its correspondence
fro Madrid, tluit the religions [society of the
Ininiactilate Conception which is spreading
front Rome all over the Ronan catholic
worjd ; iri fact a political association for the
difflision of Absolutist 'principles and the
overthrow of Constitution - slink and .Refub.
illetfileverid contribution's to our CAumns
intended for this week's issue, - were ;omitted
to null+ room 'for °polities." 041'1 friends,
ran hive patipype ectston iiria leen b e
- ' 4 ',* • •
, t - The two) ,
Our Huhlier friends are nuktlitg themselves
quite marry over their victoriin'tine; es
*. y 4 e#ll it. -,,The resu l t, in neirly t *hole
State;- ; is 1 4,we Moriell. , :(41bIlean)
4% 7 0; l i /P l h4lHuldit i.m4 * /0 - 4229 ;
Reek - ( wl ll O
and Whituiejtaity 0f13,764k The Legisla
ture stands, llouser *Publi*s ,
67 Demcnirata, and 21 Whigs; theiSenale, as
far as bea;id . tlystsi; istandilfiDerneeratit tut&
.10 Whigs •
giving a Whig and Republican
majority t'if 10 on joint ballot--and jet It is
claimed 1 4 1 a' Dunker Administ ration
uinph. -When the Republicans,. made, their
nominathin, they'took strong aiiiiMilitipvitna'
in freedcins- and, himperSuots,, ' The,
Democras totjk similar ground tO the party
in this cou nty.. They _refused to endorse the
'Administration, were opposed to Slavery ex
tension, bht dealtise in generalities that the
most ultrh Hunkers finind no diffiCtdo in go
ing their whole length for the 'deka, as the
result, if sucecssful, would be their eictory.-,-..;
They, too, were favor of temperance; not
of the present Jai, - to be sure, bltt one that
was better, and by that means Secured the
hearty eck•opeiation of the liquor'' dealers of
New York and Boston, who have poured out
their uiotoy like water, to procure the pass
age of thq heifer temperance law; and now, by
their doubleilealiiig, on the Slavery and Rum
questions, and b a complete bargain and
sale withithe old-line Whigs 'in all the Senate
I and Representative districts in the State, thei
have suci?eeeded in electing a Legislature, a
majority of Whiehls said AO bel in favor of
free rumpand that is the kind of victory that
the profeised free-soil and temperance Demo
crats are; now malting themselves hoarse in
exulting :pver.
We di) not locrit upon, the !Seine election
as in thd., least diseouraging to the friends of
freedornj 13y the union of the liunkers and
thirsty*Wtgs, the) may a e l ea to n.—
and repeat the Stein° Law, but !further than
that the4t is no 'affinity whateter between
-the masties that compose the majority of the
Maine Leer gislaturel;, but om the! grand issue
between ci i . ,lrreeilets e'facl slavery, Maine is, to-day,
good for zi o,ooo majority.
The rOult of the, Maine election should be
an admoitition to the freemen ofi t Susquehan- -
na. Thire, her©, they said he Slavery
question; was not. an issue—tha t they 'were
as tnueh:friebds ori freedom ' as the ,
cans. trhousgrhi* Itelieved titer , and voted
• - .41,
in accord ance l With :.such- belief. Now the
I -
Maine. election oEli:timed as a I 4 ebraska and
Slavery t-Victisry,luid will be her lded as such
in the whole lAdrninistration press from the
Washington, t.T.niln to thelcast iieven : by-nine
in the 14d.
Let the regulars succeed 'this fall ; in Sus
quehanna county, and the Pier* and
lases oft the uliole conntty would exult as
heartily foyer it
_as a victory in ttrirginia, and
whatever may bithe.views of the respective
candidates, the success of the Party in this
county would ge to strengthen I the hands of
the slave priWei:: •
Pratni • ; and Deception. .
Chase profises' to be opposed_ to Arnold
Plume', the Punker candidate for Canal
CommiSsioner, he refuses to raise his name
at the head paper, and ileclarcs, both
in public and in private, that hei l shall not
iort hitn; 'ret we have been assured, in
pt _
a way m whicle,We think there can b
e no mis
take,. tliat when the tickets are printed the
name 4f Arnold Plainer will figure conspicu
ously at the head, and by that means many
of the Tree-Soil - Democrats Will be lead to
suppert. the Pierce and Dougl4s nominee for
Canal Commishioner. i ,
ii),nite At portion of the party honestly sup
pm that the i f ittle Democratic ticket formed
thef a first Monday in Septer4ber, was real
ly a ticket, and alit the - repudia
tion of the &cite and -National parties was
intendixl to hi carried out at the polls.—
From:mt. knoWledge of many of the .men
who Inhere pulling the ropes, We had no confi
dence i their professions of f4edom. There
were home hotieSt and consistent Hunkers,
bard 4s adamant, and there were also honest
FreeSoilen, hut the large 'majority. were
Party l inen, whp framed their 'resolves, not to
exprchs their principles, but to catch' vOtes.-
I ,When Mr:Wird offered a reholution endors
__Plumer, i was voted dciwn by a large
majority ; and at the same time, we have not
the leist doubt that eight-out of ten of the
men i t hat.yoted down the resOution,' were in
tending tti vote for the man :1 it was done for
effect.: We may have erred our judgment,,
or been misinformed. but we:shall wait pa
tiently till we see the tickets; and then if the
profeised count,y Free-Soil tieket is thcked to
the Mil of the Hunker Pierce State ticket,'
the people will have no diffichl iu properly
applying the 'epithets, " liar I and hypocrite,"
that have been . Iso freely used by our neigh
bors for the last few months.
tar Thotrilu! J. Ingham, !Esq., his been
pressintsd by ! the Republicans of Sullivan
County as thfir candidate for Representative,
and the nomination has been duly ratified by
the tonfenaesnf this distrint. Though per
sonally unacquainted with 44r. Ingham, ire
have the mat, iatisfitctory aluiiminces from
those who know him well, that be is just the
manlfor the place and the Occasion--honest,
intelligent, well-informed, 'and ardently at
tachod to the principles of the Republican
partt. It will require mea l of mint than or
-dinsry ability and nerve properly to
senV:! their. constituency in our Legislature
nexi i winter, if the scenes of last whiter in
congestion with the electiOn Ofa United States
Senator are to be reenacted
. ;and the Repub.
liauie of Sullivan, in their Convention, linen=
ittiOsly decided upon Mr. Ingham as such a
*e are gratified in '-the belief that both
our 'Oominees for Representative are reliable
Fretßoil men who will ,nnt flinch from the
support of their principles Under any eireum
maxims, and as such we 'trust they will re
usii.S !ill, support of every learned opponent
of i4avery extension in theldistriet.
~ ~ .i
best Ira: to tile daylight is to
putout;the candle. What' thou oust not
onipreherH - d, believc.
- ion:quit!
s,ntwa.Sort. Virrsas Sesomr4waaa
4 1 COUirlr.
- The4ounty I
boramittew of the Republican
viWW . iit the nesa•apidoach ofthe 4y•
of election, and of the intipor4mie of; atistaid
ing: `thi party which they - . l'eprefient,` - *
W V, "Ott tbeFrossoil trwt :of this. County,
their-duty of supporting the pandidates of the
Republican : party. The daring encroach
ments National
~g.secutiv,u upon State I
and ;individual rights, unchecked by Abe re- 1
ikuke of the; people as the* Geneml Eke
OMare now sustained by a ilartizatt Judicia
ry; both of the State and Nation. In i. this
P)ontr although:no party dares to place Iran.
.didatesitt nomination chose principles Open
licelnildeirith &wed tha'Adrninistrathin or
the administration party of this State,ther has
been placed in nomination by Wparty acting
in tmliod with the friends of the Administm
tion, a ticket composed of men of doubtful
political faith. In connection With them, they
hive 'placed 'lamination 'for:Repreftentati ve
from Wyoining bounty, an oPen AndAeOded
friend of the Administration and of all its
Measures, Including the Nebriola bill, the re
moval of Governor Reeder, and the itnPrison
ment of Passmore Williamson. Thin ticket
for RepresOtatiies you are aked to support
as Free-soil men, in oppositinu to one !corn
posed of earnest , decided oPponents 'of the
Administration and. its measures: 'you
may consider to:be the proper method of ef
fecting tho end we all have in View ; we think
otherwise; and we invite, you', without; any
distinctiod or party, to support the 'ticket:
which has been placed in nomination by the
Republicans. We are willing—and we; ask
of you to do the same—to lay aside all our
former differences, either 91 a personal or po
_ _
litical'ehaiacter, and meet upon the broad
platform ':No more slave. Mates; mid •no
slave- territories ,' letting all other, issues rest
until, this fir more important queStion is def
initely settled. In the language of .udg . e
The allies of the administration
must be struck every State, &untv
and I...4istriet."
The election of_a U.. S.. Senator is the most
important - question likely to arise during the
next sessibn of the Legislature: The position
of both Onr candidates is to be found in the
resolutions of = our Convention ;. that - .of,
John V. 4itlith, ; is known by-.the view's has
exirre.ssed• in his: paper; that• Of. Mr. Llahrop
We hive been unable to ascertain, eithe'r from
the. resolutions of the Con - vention whi4ll pla-i
.ced himlin.nothination or - from' his'private,
declarattnns. 11111, then, Who desire the el
tion of a VreeSoil IT. S. Senator from !pet n
sPlvania, have a direct interest in the sucee.
of the liepublican ticket, and should! labor
earnestly, for its election.
.. The: party, of Freedom and the pktty
Slaverytire now marshalling their (brees foti
'the great Presidential contest in 1 . 856. The
success of - either in the. several States this
Fall, may have.. - an important influence on the
result then.' . Let us, freemen of Susquehanna
County, new and henceforth, be faithful to the
good cause, so that whethar Freedornor 81(1' -
yery is triumphant, we, can haie the s'atisfael"
'ion of remembering that our votes and our
influenee were given lit behalf of justice and.
• 1! • •
Chairman Republican CO. CAM
- •
Another Trick.
1 We understand that a certain "NI trwrq.
Clique' are .busy trying to get up ad
Whig tieket” in this County,for the purpose I
Of defeating the Republicans. The chief lea-
'tiers in the movement, strange to relate, in'e
ailed thgle,ade4 of the sham DemoCritcy in
this County. Our readers, will easily under
!stand the object whin they reflect tluit theSe
ileadersof the Sham Democracy arc 'awfuqy.
frightened at the prospect of another , defeat
!this Fall, and can think of np other possible
;way, ocpre'venting it, than by dividing their
itts thlse
oppenc onissues, as was lately done
lin Maine. Stich experiments may Isuceeed
in sections • where 'Silver Gray' or pro-s -
! very Whigs exist—as they do in small num
bers in some of the North—but will! fail ut
terly, and igiominiously among thelfreemen
of Susquehanna County, who have ta'.!
lion to'. aid thP shard Democracy, either. di
rectly Or, indirEetly, in preparing the way for
the election of a pro-slavery U. S: Senator
next winter, or of Franklin - Pierce, Or some
other tool, of theslave-drivers for President
in 1850.
-We ran hardly believe that any man can
be foo t ed into placing himself in such a Nsi
tion ; but if there should be Any such, we vn-
lure to predict that he *will never. Aesire to
repeat the experiment—unless the "Corrup
tion find " which the Slave Power and the
Liquor League, through the hands of the
Carnet.On men, are said to be scattering Oen
tffully,-throughout the State, can pmduee
more ;effect than we believe among the iot
ers of:Susquehanna (G►unty.
The Republican State Nomination-
We see few, comparatively,uf the Newepa
pers id the State; but we find the y name of
PassnaoreMarmon at Ale mast r Jheafil ;
the folloWing : Pittsburgh Gazette, Lewis.
burg:Chronicle, Norristoirn Olive Branch,
Bradford 'Reporter, Bradford Argus, toga
Agitator, Coudesrport People's 'kernel, on
rieauiville Benner. Many other of our ex
changes Synipathise with the nomiriatiOn;and
would like to see Williamson elected, but
are awaiting the turn of evezits.l The 'Rea
publicans of Sullivan County have . ; no news.
Papei• organ, but endorsed the niarninatio i r. of
Williamson in their Connty Coriventlon. \
people throughout the State have a deep feel
ing in fitvor,of the victim of judicial opOres
siot4. bit Philadelphia seems resfrained -by -
some unseen influence from coming, out bold
ly sad -heartily_ in his fitvor. The cause of
this I map 'perhaps he correctly guessed 'at
fnani, a remark of a.Philadelphia) Merchant
recently that "Williamson ought o be hung
for *etting up such an ezcitement,rjeti tit the
opening of, the fall trade 1"
_Coloti hat; too
multinfluenes on politics in both Philndel
phis and New York. The "
- distric ts'
must take care of them. - . -
rir Upon the occasion_of deuce ring a ta
tno4s lecture, in Cambridge, Maas;, recently,
Wendell „Phillip* remarked that the making
°I OW gingerbread was one of the lest
. ,
the Reptsblieax.
14n. C. I.Lathrop,
ligeeetii.liy_ the last,l) enteit,:;,et the
iniaci Of. the R4retbllean Perti,in noosoliteuee
Oithe slight bpnor of being 4petiiied,
etlgg9stioif of o'Na:friend, to' he coun t y,, Rey
publican'Cordritittee.: , As a memher` of that
committee, it t will.ilot,he improper that I
should cormill the- whithi mistatemeuts - and
of Itialifonornbler (!) E. B. Chas(O
elpecially as my mans stand:, intiniately_ as,
sociat&l with thcni.. The ibllowing is an ex.;
tract - from= the leading ;editorial of the last
• _
moerat. •
. ,
-se Dimockr wrote the article
(Ostainiug Latbrop's,ucti9nin. tbe,Leg-•
iSlature) and took it ti).Mr. Lathrop, telling,
him that if hti w.ould•decline running and let
Mr. Ilempstad. be nominated, that article
t.houti be published in the, Repoli/knit, -set-.
Ling him 'right, with that party, while they,
the leitderr,weuld do every Thing for hint they
Could; for . PrOthenotary two years from now
but iflhe would not do it, then they would
deleali him ; fora the nomination. this fall,
in which casts he would be a used up poli.
facts of the case'.are-these. For.'sortie
'time previouS to the nominating convention,
I had t seen Mr. Lathrop only twice. _The
first time was soon after his _name was pub
lished 'as a.cimdidate fortmmination. • I was'
in his prt'senee two, or three minutes=--just
long tnougll to hear him express dissatis
faction because bis name was announced
• I
without his Consent. - We had no converSa.
• •
jion in regard .to -Withdrawing it. Monday
'evening full Owing a messenger informed tub
that Mr. Lathrop 'wished' to • see the - . at
Searle's Hotel. We met, and he immediate
opened hiS business by informing nie that
ihe had decided fully not- to be a candidate,
and wished bistiame withdrawn: The chair
the: ; CotntOtee not.being, present,
toik it upon myself, at the request of Mr.
LathroP, see. that his name was' taken
from the list Of candidates. lam not aware
that. there - Was a syllable written* in reference
to Mr. Lathrop bet Ore his mind- was • made
~up fully to *ithdraw. I bad written noth-
Thai Mr.; Lathrop was to be a "'candidate
14 Prothonotary two years from how" is a
new idea - tol me. I had not.heard the thing
mentioned before - the publication of the• Dem-1
ocratlastCk. I • had not • •thoucr =7 ,itt of it I
myself, had} not heard it spoken of by others, 1 !
and do not iclicve it had been suagested to
Mr. Lathrop by any • one. • I held out no in-_
ducements to Mr. Lathrop,and I have no rea—
son to believe or stfspect that • any - one else
did. In fact, I do-not believe Mr. Lathrop is •
easily influenced by inducements, for I have
good teasons for - believing,: "'although Mr.
Lathrop is not informant": that strong
inducements, to taken cont.: e favorable to the
yleetion - of:Simon Cameron, were held nut to
him; while io rfarrisburg by a certain. indi
vidualfroniSunuehanna• County whole:as in
all pf anni , ro,cB irate caucuses. • •
Instead of-telling Mr. Lathrop that I should
try to defeat his - nomination this fall" 1
told him - Lwould do all - I could to 'secure his
nomination if In: wi,h&d it, and if nnmiaated
I would e4ert tny luau:a-ice to secure his eke
ti,,H; • -1 - ‘llo arc ea:led by the Demo
crat - of. the, Repubiiean Party in
Muntre't toil him the ....aim ? . thli , •
P •
i, in dill;•(:4:conflict:with the
:a tilocut ; made by Chase. His statement is.
willtully'.Und maliciously false. There ,is
now another ch:u►cv to swear, falsel!j. G. B.
Eldred Was present at both . the interviews'
with Mr. Lathrop, and Will eorrobOrate . the'
LbOve theft - 4. •
The followink is- also an extract. from the
'editorial columns of the last Democrat :
"In thlt Know-Nothing Council in BloOmer
I-Tall, that afternoon, as we can prove by per/
Sons whoiwere present, if it shall be .denied,
the town. hips Committees to superintend the
election Of delegates 'to the Republican Con
vention, to. nominate the' ticket last :Monday,
were made!" •
I was in that,Counell frpm . the time 'it
ganized uniii it adjourned, and I.know that
it made not one of the Township CoMmittees, •
and that
,it took no action in referepee to
them.. In regard to the matter, I know this.
much (Other: Tuesday evening; Mr. head
wialed me to assist. in preparing a list of the
committees for publication. 1 looked over
the names of 'the townships and found not
one-half Of them - were provided With
Mittees. On Wednesday and Thursday the
list was completed. * For prOof. I refer-to C.
F. IlenkJ. Cha;Jman; J.T. Langdon; O.
G. Hempstead, S. F. Carmati,H;H: Frazier,
and 'others.. by - whom majority Of the - corn
mittees'ivere made: • - • ,• • t.
It is charged 'upon the members of that
Council that they committed a fraud When
they resolved that they would supplrt the Re
publican Ticket. They did just what every
northern freeman ought to do. They doter?
mined t 4. forego all other considerations end
take up one issue . of Slavery .Restriction.
The order to vi-hicloley belongd Was fOrni.:
ed when the question of. Slavery. extetiion.
was at rest. under the resolutions of both the
Nationel parties to-resist the agitation of the
Slaveriquestion• in and out or.- Congress.—
Subset - writ to the organization the -order,
the- Sonth.commenced a• series of outrages
upon the .North, and outrage, has fol
lowed' upon outrage, until the hearti3 of -North
ern. freemen .burn with indjgnation.. Like
true patriots, the merribers of the council de
cided ii ) make nominations hobo Order,
but to unite with' the. Republicans-in opposi
tion to ,"the insolent aggressions of slavery:
The. Republican party is a separate.'and in
dependent. party, -organized for !a 'specific
purpose, having 'no connection with any.; oth
er party,' but: composed_ of the Free-Soil
embers of all parties, If the extension of
Slavery-is ever prohibited, it Will be bjr'tbe
union of all Free-Soil men upon :that issue;
and it will not do ''ttidrive. men out ot the.
notiliecause they hold prinelples thot.are
pot held nor endorsed nor carried out by the
RePuhl.i4ii.. , party. The
broad 4lid free .to all men of all !parties: - to
conf,e in and unite for the acciiinplishmenttsf
oneobjeet, and one object only,- and that - .,
active and actual resistance thp enprOach.
multi! Of, Slavery. Z. Ithakkite,
Re~sesenjs v . Canferelee. .
At aftpeettpg bf Republican RepresentaSive,
Conferpelpkt die District.composed' °lithe
CoOßtitt,* B6l 4 uehantlN Wyoming, y #pd , sul
liyan, co nyeaed
at Lacey vil INSePteniSer2lst,
18p, the meeting was ,pallekto oideecj l
Amos illi,Ens-waliiia
ced the 'Chair' and H. E. Shiliiiiall'eaktted
Secretary.. _..'.
The following named gentl . 9nen presented
credentials and were admitted to seats ; D. D.
Warner, Amos Williams ; R. S. Davis, John
Young, froni Susquehanna v - 11. E. Shipman
and A.; E. Wilber from ullivan--Wyoming
not beilig represented. •
Thei Copfet.eneetbettproceeded to nominata,
Candidates for RepresentStives; whereupon'
John - Young . nominated Orlando G: Hemp.:
itead,.and A: Cs Wilber: nominated Thonia
J. Ingham, and• the vote being taken, they
were unanimously nominated .
Thd following resolutiott was thenladopt.
geit.olved,: - .That we will use all honorable
means to..seenre -the Election' ot . the tandi- .
dattisthis day nominated. ..
: Whereupon the. - cotiferenee adjourned
AMOS N(rILLIAMS, Chairmaft,
ll.' E. SEOPMAN, Secretiry.
SSACHUSETTB ! ,74 com plete Fusion of
the 'Opponents - of the national Democracy
comprising Republicans, Whig 4, Know-Noth
ings and Know-Sotpethings, has just been ef
fatted in MaSsachusetts. The United: body.
taltei the name of the ,RE BMA:: PAITTY,
and Cur its platfo'rrn the sole issue of Free
dom .against 11tvcry.. The meeting by wttich,
.the f l Osion was effected was..very large; and
harmonious., •Julius Rockwell of Pitts
;was nominated for Governor over Gard.
the present ihcOmbent,!on the first for
ballot. . • .• •: -
TIC r,
lrevery other Ifree . State-could. be placed
in a. : .poition,like . ' that of.Massachuseit.s, the
caus4 of sreedoni would be safe.. •. .
-A:HE YO u AssEssEn.—Next. Saturdhy-is
the last day 'on which persons on be assessed
in s4ason to be (nti!led to' - vote this Fall—the:
law requiring ten days:
. -LA the lleptHblicatis
in every Township look sharp, and see that
no dote-cis lost to our cause by neglect in this
partlealar. It is very iiripOrtant that the entire,
: vote shoald be polled - thi4 Fall.
• ,„
ih a t s Know_Nidhing Connell in
Bloomer Hall, that afternoon, as we can prove
by. persons who were present, it it shall be
denied, the ToWn4ip COminittees to super
intend the election of delegates to the Repub.
Coneeption, to nominate the ticket last
MOnday, were made."—ifontrose,,Demoerut.
We do. deny the nbove-statonient,. most
'emphatically. We - faiserand
ehrdlenge the-pmof!-
• •
A Rep . ublienn convention asseinbled at the
Court house, in Laporte, on Tuesday, the
The following persons .were elected
ofOers :
President=Henry Ship:Tian.
Vice Presidents—Jostph Wooclhend, John
G. ..13arteh. . -
. .
Secretary-4ohn S. Green e -
On tnution, the Convention proceeded tt
nOniittale a candidate Ow Representative.—
William Collins tfotninated 11. - E. - Sliipinam,
Esi4: Arr.. Shipinan . aro:e and eipressed.his
- thinitA for the honor intended, and in a brief
-mid appropriate speech declined the nomina
'After which, on 'motionjof . A. C. Wilber,
the. following resolutiOn was' adopted:
.• 'Resolved, That we have full. confidence in
t 4 integrity of H. E. Shipman, Esq., and
would cheerfully' support him •fcir .Represent
ative,if he so desired; but as he declines a
nOmination, we will proceed to nominate
some other candidate. .
Mr. Wilber then nominated T. J. Ingham
no other nomination being made, and a vote
being tnl:4n, Mr..lnghanr was unanimously.
nOminated. .• V. •
On motion, the Convention proceeded to
nominate a candidate .fOr Treauret. •
G.:W. Potter nominated John . S. Green: .
No other' being made, and a vote being tali
en, Mr. Green was unanintouly nominated. The convention then' Roceeded to. \nomi-
nate 11 candidate. for Commissioner.
Job L. King nominated Williath Glidwel
A vote being taken' Mr : Glidwell was unan
irnonsly nominated...'
The Convention then trnanitnously nomitia-
AO the fiAlowing persons . for County Audi
t Ors N. Wilcox, 3 years, J. W. Hoge
land, !I years. "
On motion of Job L. King,. A:-C.• Wilber
and Henry . E. s . hipman,. were appointed con
terees, to confer with similar conferees from
Susquehanna and Wioining counties, to nom
inate candidates tin. Representatives.
On motion .ta. President appointed the,fel
, lewing committee on resolutions; •
A. C. Wilber, G. W. F'otter,Wrn.. Y. Col
Benjamin Huekell and William E. King.
Mr.: Wilber, from the CoMmitteer . on res, ,
reportedas - fulloyrs
Resolved, That we consider the course of
Governor Reeder in Kansas, as eminently
honorable to .hiMselland creditable to his
native State—we cOnsider his defe'nee to the
-accusations of iinproper.speculations in lands
to be ample and complete; and aSno answer
has been attempted we .assuMe. that
.no an
swer made. - We therefore pronounce
i;is removal by President Pierce, to bean ar
titrary'exereiAe of poWei for the sole purpose
ter permitting;--the - Slaveholders to
enutrol tho, territory of Kansas by force-and
arms. . . .
. .
Resolved, That .we will oppose. the admis
ioti of Krrsas - into the . Union as a . Slave
State: We are not disposed tnititerfere with
Slavery in the-States where it now exista, but
:iwc are determined. that Slavery shall never
spread trver another toot. of free territory in
Noith /interim.,• •- . .
ResOlped, - That' we havheaVd With a - st On-.
tshment and alarm • Of . itio iniprisournentof a.
;peaceable citizen of Pennsylvania • for no oth;
-` - ,er cause than assuring d, woman- that she could.
`not legally lie held as at slave- in Pennsylva
nia. We WO upon it as a blow. aimed at
ithe liberties of this Sllita,, designed to sup-
Prem . the freedom" of'speech, and to introduce
Slavery into our midst.
Resolved, That we will gladly hive Pasa.
( more Willitunson; (the victim of: this. unjust
imprsonment)•our support for the 'office of
[Canal. COmmitasioner. We have the fullest
!assurance that-,he is every way competent
;discharge ,the - duties of the office ; and, we,
consider this; ;the moat - toady. and efficient,
mode of testifying our .abhorenee of -the jug.'
Foist tyranny Which plead - flirt) Tin prison.
c, • Resolved, That the refusal - of the Supreme
court of : Pcninsylvania-, to
. grant 'Pass:nerd' .
‘Villiaruson et. writ, - of lutigaticoipus, is a plain
infringement-Of the. Constitution- of the --lint
; ted .Stateaat Commonwealth,
- •is a -virthal.,a treader •
.of the „Sovereignty. of
Perthsylvati: to the.slave ' inteereat ". o£ the
&kith, and we eaur it our duty,to asiist in
naming such udges from o ffi ce as soon so
-Torunble. _
.-, Mr.:Potter to the Committee on reso.
ititicina report the C:4llowing . : , :
so/SA t theacts . lof Franklin Pierce,
are in striki ng nt ra st to his declaration that
/ 0
during his ad inistratibu the tranquillity or
44 eouhtry sh uld trot be disturbed by the
question.of Sla ery. ile doubtless intended
the people to sit quietly by, while he, by the
use of purse and ; sword—by Governthent
patronage at hom e, and diplomatic influence
abroad, sought to lextend the dominion, aid
strent,rthen the chalins of slavery. The-Atch
ison and Stringfellow mobs chime iwwithilis
peaceful admitKtration, without jar or dig
cord. ,-
I - -
Resolved, Tha t to say move about!theAL
mini.stration of Franklin Pier ce i would. he
like re: Gioytown. , --- -- , -
Resolved, Th4t the union or the Slsolli a g..
ders in throe of lOie extension- of Slavery, h
driven the Freemen of the North lit° oily_
oizations, for the purse of opposing -thkla , '
O, O •TreSSIOtI..
Resoltied, Thatthe !toinination of Mr. L i .
throp - As a Free seller, by the. DetnooiStks.
party- .of• this A.sserribly- • District,- is lei av
tempt ~o f
swee;en ;5;. bitter other.
• words, to secure-the triumph of .thelluriker
party, (m_ the st r ength' of . . son pm.—
.. •
We-believe he MIS as good a . free soil roan
as he professes, that that_be would - at once ded i line
their nomination, 'or at least — declare . his; 0r,.•
position to the Administrgtion v and . te !the
Deintieratic party of. the State.
Resolved, That the proceedings orthis 6)n•
vention be,published,in the -Sullivan .1:4nio•
crat, Afuney Luntiaarg, and the severai pa
pers iu this AssemblyDiStrict..- .
. A vote being taken on the jesocuti onb in
trulueed by Messrs. Wilbeiandyotter,tlipy
were-unenimously adopted.
No further business being before thelcon
volition, on motion' adjourned. • -
• Signed by the officers. .
. •
' •
l't . '• -- In .1787 -a society, was organized in ii
Philadelphia, which Waa incorprated: by the
legislature in 179, entitled . the *Penns),l v&
nia Society -for_ promoting - .the ;Atioli . t)On of
Slavery, .the Relief of-Yree Negroes unlaw
fully held in Bondage, and for improving the
condition of the African. Race.” "Of th
F iS o .
i r
ciety BENJAMIN RANKLIN was elected res.'
'ent, and Da. Bumf - Secretary. - Both of
these gentlemen signed the - Declaration of In.
.dependence; brith of them were, known a s
ardent and disinterested patriots in the i llev:
olutionary struggle; .both:of thorn . contribu.
ted largely to the success of the cause of
American Indepeud.mce ; and both 1.- were
know: then, as they: are known now,:tts rts
above.reproach and incapable of taking an
in - a 'inoVenient .. at war with the eher,ished
principles fur. width they.had
,been contend
iti.i. - - ,: '
r ,. . . . ~• . j"
It is . of this same society, .preserved! hi its, the present day, that i - V a s s .
• more Williamson is noWSectetary, and it is
for occupying that office that the dettioeta!le
press of this State is reproaching and, reviling
him. - - • -
Is it then, a crime to folloW in.the footste p ;
of Franklin and Rush? :Is there ' . guilt iii
standing where they stood, or serving where
they -served) Do the democratic presiti
and politicians intend to clst, inSult.upos's the
graves of those patriots in the : vile epithets
and filthy- abssses which they heap van iheir
successor ?:
So it .would seem. It is not . safe,.. tinn;
Pennsylvanian Co imitate the example,st by
the fathers of the Republic,: The meni wh'o
laid the foundation of our govornment,! . who
periled all—life,rtY, and
,:property, to
earn for us the b :sings of a freegoverarnent
were unworthy, in democratic esteem,--la
honors that have•been heaped .upOtt. them.—
Their ashes are profoed,their rnerriory,blast
ed;theirgood deeds forgotten; and men who,
follow them stiginatized as feltms, --- tMitori
and outcasts. And yet in the very fao of all
this. a sheet nominally democratic (*lbw
that is abused )' is: labOring to coUvitro
its readers that the .demociatie.pftriy is not
pro-slavery t •
FOr . Or part, we are not-ashamed of the..
example of Franklin, Rash - and their ItUld
_coadjutors. We are not afi:Sid to
honor them. nor dociie 'shrink from adMiting
thOse who have the.nerie,.in
day, toy walk in their path. timejor th
sake of the - great . principles. - at !stake lin - tit
revolutiOnary Struggle, that : 1787 i3hou!6
come . again. years cannot be
- back in their. course; the shadows tigoatli'
sun-dial cannot be recalled; but theOei-lt-
lug example - of the heroes of that : day lis yii
ours—ours' to . revere, to defend and *hi,.
tate. The . lofty patriotism, the diSinterestel
labor of years, the high-toned prineiples.,lo
the which followed them—a:l
these are needed now as. much ,as then; -Tit
.struegle 0,1855 is. but.a revival in :aniititr
shape of that of 1776; Let self-styles) des•
twrats sneer, as malignant tories,did"
the - true friends of freedom can endure.tla
and much more. Only let the line be dis•
tinctly drawn ;.letit be generally and fairly
understood .that a party calling itself dew
antic (but wofully beheing . its.nam4
and derides the men of 1776, and we sht
-not fear the result' of the-appeal now Made ti
the people: ' _
It May be_ that i this *appeal- will ttoVat
be successful. r It may Chance that "men bli
ed by the dazzle of 3 . l name ' and drank l
past success, will give no. liteed.tothe Voice,
'revolutionary.sages. calling to them fromdx
cerated 'araves. - But there - is hype futuro. -- Delusion is.shoitived Where intk
ligenee . prevails ; apd :they's .is 'tot polyt
enough in the pro-slavery ismks of thenotth.
ern democracy to -give - vitality to 4 .
change a Wrong into aright;
~ • -
A.Law needed in Pennegive.,nin ,
To' the .lediter.of the Yeti. 'Pork
Tribrne. -
Sts view of the recent decision ofte
Supreme Court of-the State of PermsylviA.
in thecase of PassmOre .the
'iptirp, 'what. can be done , to prevent . a reli ,
tit ion of this act of tyranny I',natitralLy trio
among-those who . syrnpathi2te with "that: fit
tint-of a cruel and wickeddespet.., 1 will t 1
Co answer_ this question briefly. Let the po:
pie of the State rally and pass a " perso
liberty bill '' somewhat similar to the onq re*
cently passed in, Mas sachusetts,' and to tit
one in Ponnsylirania *hick was repealed
der Wm. Bigler, in obedietiee to' the diet?'
of the. Slave
State contained euch a priivisionas is lot
in 'Section. 40, page 199, vol. 2, of ouiterN
Statutei, the writ wbuld • haie been
without hesitation. And hadthe;laws r Oftto
State also contained a - section forbidding!
of the jails, prisons, penitentiaries, polieeck
Ces, Sze.,, of the State - 'being used. by t he Ges ,
era! Ooverninent, where could JUdgelCane
have found a prison in which' ,t o invacer o
his victim?
The . ,-act •should_forbid,•ander ei.beaiy pea'
al ty, all State officers. froth aiding Or assist
in any way or shape in thelcaptiir.e of
tive slaves, or at the enforcement of the,
gitive Slave Law, -and -should 'disqualify
United iltatee .officers 'from 'ever holding
State office, - a Court of-J"
tire: Such a law will not infringe , u pon, thl
COustflution . of the United. States in 'hilt
That qUeStion - bas beert'Settled by -the 111,
est tribunal• in the - land.- -' B. Wheeler,
New York, Sept. ISi 18.,Wi