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    —The Burlington .F3ve -Press 848 the
Know Nothing Council of Vermont adjourficd
without nominating a State ticket. 'The con
trary had been asserted.
—The news from the Mormon country is
thst the third crop of grain has been destroy
ed, and the prospects
_of famine are lima
meet. • Alb le
. :The Tribune has a telegraphic v destelt
from Washington, stating that the- policy. of
t h . e government respecting the acquisition
Cuba remains unchanged,,althou h i well
known to the administration is now
=hostile to.. the.cessio
—A Ititle . girl fell.inteNtave
burg, a day or•two since.- A man, who was
standing by , was implored, by the. mother to
rescue her child, but refused on the plea that
it•a'ould :Spoil his clothes. The girl was sir.
ed through the heroism of's little barefooted '
school - boy.-- Troy Timm
• —A letter was presented to It& Co u rt ,
Aug. 24, - by ,the physieianot Passmore:Will.
iamson, Di. Wilson) asking that Mr:'
istusbA-vbee/d - be transferred, to the Debtor's
Ap.srtment. .fudge quOstione4'll.-..5:,•1
MandialllKynko3p as to the matter.. The
Marshal•stated, that when abOut to• convey
31 1 , Williamson to prison, he proposed_ that
he go to his owu house before-premed..
ing to prison, as he (the Marshal) wati show Mr. WilliamSini all the eourte-
, r and attention which was in his poorer,, but
courtesies were rejected -by- him.
• The Court refe,rred the matter to the Mar.
A s ], with directions to provide such ii place
o f confinement as to might think the . health
o f t he.prisonot required.
gialrlmportant from Mexico-Abdication
7 - v , 7 - Of Santa Anna
ORLEANS, Aug. 25, 1855.
The steamer Orizaba has • arrived here
with dates front Win Criii to.the-22d inst.
Santa Anna left the City or Mexico on the
.Dtkinst. with an escort of '2,500 men and
signed his abdiattion at Percite. He 'em
barked on the 17th at Vera - Cruz for Ha
Two days after he left Mexico 700 or 800
of his escort revolted,- killing one or two cif
their officers. They. then joined the
The Alvarez platform has been_ adopted.
General Carrie is Provisional Pr esident of"
' , Mexico, and La Vega Cothmaniler,in-Chief
of the army; All the State prisoners= had
liberated: -
A mob had gutted a large number of hous
es, inchfding 'that of San to Anna's mother-i n
- -
' The appointment Of Senor Vidal as Minis
ter to the. United States (who mimes
i.i.iteer in the Orizaba) is- rvoked. •
A fiett occurred at Vera. Cruz between
two'revolted battalions and a regiment that
continued faithful to Santa Anna. The for
mer were beaten and left Cm the."monintains:
Fifteen or twenty were kille before order'
was rc!,..toreti.
- sr.comp DESPATCH • •
Further adriees from Mexico tttform US:
that Santa Anna left ,the capital on the prey
tense of firOcceding in person to quell
revelation in Vera Cruz., -
(in the 13th In t., the - Citizens of Mexico
s&pted the . Osn_Of Ayinitama. _ During the
excitement following • gat) ta n n a's deseri
the of the, Universe! a ows:eipor, up forty other buildings, were deneil
ishet The military interfered, killingiri,rty
rersims and Wounding many more: •
Delegates met in the. City ' of- Mexico oe
10th, in conformity" with a reqn est of the
wincild Government, and chose Carrera
, sident for silk' months. They also or
led the fr44om of the prees. The stat=
of Santa Anna was trampled 'upon -by
The Presidential Sneeessicm-
It. Is Irn error that 11i.. Atchison is vet a
Jer;of the United States Senate.. • His
etipiret! last•Mareh, \ and Mr.' Jesse D.
ight, who filled the"-ehair of the Senate for
.te time previeras to ,the adjournment, is
tw the presiding officer of that body. Mr.
ight would become the Acting President
the event of the ',death of Gen- Pierce.—
provisions of the law upon. the subject of
cession are these : : The Constitution (Art.-
See. 1) mys that " in case of the removal
the President froni office, or of his death,
i'gnation, or inability to discharge the pow - -
and duties of said
_office, .the Stime shall
- tlve on the ViceTresident ; and the Con
may by law provide for the itase . of
death, resignation, or inability, both
the President and Vice:President, - declar-.
what officer shall then act as President,.
'such officer shall - act accordingly,' until
disability be removed, or a' President
Ibe elected.' This is all that the Con=.
don says on. tha subject.. But in. March, '
Congress passed a law, pursuant to the
' authority conferred-in the Constitution.
'hid: it is provided that in case • of refrto,
death or inability of both President and
...-President, the President of the Senate
impure shall act as President of the - U.
ad incase there be no President of the
then the Speaker of the 'House of
.natives will act as President: But .
section provides for a special' elec.
)y the people, enacting that whenever
Of both President and Vice-Pre,t•
become-vacant, the Secretary ,of State
notify the Governors of the States, and
itsti in at least one /aesispaper in .each
that Electors must be, chosen within
dirty-four dayi preceding the first Wed
i of the Corning December. This' of • -
notice must be given at • least two
1.5 before the said Wednesday but_ in
the time is less than two. Months, the
election would go over until the next
attbe same time, unless a regtilar elec
4tould intervene.—N. F. Tribune. -
Baby-Show and Female Fquestriaa-:
.wows, - PA.. Friday, Aug. 25,.1855.
great iLthy-Show cave off at the ex
isVkisure yesterday. The attend
vas exceedingly- large and ,there is sup
-1 tuba been 25,000 people present.—
brAie s were entered, to contend for
Thu first premium $5OO was
l kd t;1 - 10en \ Eckhart of Easton; Pa.,
Years and six Months. old, and- weighs
:t eight pounds. Two Other premiums
awarded to babies--nion es 'unknown.
'ay twelve ladies entered on t.he race:
as competitor s
.for prizes, among
were three - profeSsional riders front
.adelphia and Boston,. who figured con-
Daly.. The first premium .was awarded
Mary Ann Roberts of asylestown;
second premium to. Mrs. Aaron l nf Nor,
ro, Pa,; and the third to Miss Jenkins
:itgomery-square. •
re were .about 30,000 people in sitem.l7
to witness the ladies' horsemanship,—
of th e most magnificent riding ever
I.,was displayed here . to-day,
irOly made on the different ladies'
Howard met with m accident on thr
kat by her. horse running against ode
Ilarshal's horses, which threw her over
tic's head, but it did not injure her,
`it the Fair is very brilliantly Wu-
Three bands of music are in at-,
At 10 sicibek a splendid display
" . . - -.lks took place. I: • 1
, _... . •
It pinbllctilli stsiCkeieficilas.
. .
$ 1 1.•-•-* i 'of tie Re-
At, a nieetlng 0'44. ty ttee „
übrkiv . Party of
, na County the fidlowbig
rso _ were app tinted to aupeeintend the, election
of 1110 tea to the /topublltnut Convention to bobeld
at thl, ' HomilWifon*te.„ oziyoaday thelith
' of
d a da
ttest,ne o'clock r. st.: 4 e '
. ' .dPoiceets7.-MO7 MsanseN:Letiis W. /liken 'John
__,_ .. i , . s,. 4, kNo s
Ard_,rat--.W. W. Stesaltetr,"ifigbaikirlllialna7Mll
- Hloxham. .ss ; :
* _ i
AsOut . w - r - Johnlsstirksbuty,, B. S. Di Joseph,
Spencer. ;, 1. : •It i
b ir l o eiva : ir4 lN W 4 * It• a .", 1 9 10
arrio .,- .., 1%; • Is, ► . •
34 1%\5„
lity4/el44.`STe kiburt. Daniel T r ati ' 211,,
Gicu l lus
Cli - ionl4. N. Miller,
,Tiornas D.) Rees, Edward
Ora. , 1 ; • .. ; •• ' .
Cke+lawf,--, Roane! t. Cluvialti'Lenis ChinthedhYl
Jr., Charles Neal. _t- , - , • I" ]
Dimeek--filamuel titterer, „Abel Comedy Mbar' ii
H. Any. • I • i ; •
Dunde4-I; ; Wfillat a • 11. Slocum, Dr! Ira Goodrich,
Gen. IF, Oney. ' c .
Jivnit/int-James L eighton , D..L.' North, James
B. Smith. , -.. , , 1 • .
Plieildsvi//e-;-.T. Roston!, D. D. BrOwn, J. C. Hen
drick. ; I 1 ' , -; - •
/Port* Lake-41 S. Towne, John Brown, James E.
Patch: 1 ;-. 's .! *
, .
(irk Bend-7•Shiseon Et Chase, Dr. James Grriffin,
Nelson Baker ; ' l l i * _
Viision:-..Seah Abel, I. L. Gillet, James C. Powers.
• Herford-talaties Tlngiey,.Dr. A. M. Tiffany, Lo
rin Gates. i s ,
Rermoky-1- - Seth I A. L yons , Jacob Taylor, Benja
min Conifor:l4 . ;
Jackson--0. Lush, J. W. Cargill, Philander Hail
jesswp---4)rydon Caswell,Renjamin Shay, Simeon
A. Bollea. I . ,
Lathrop-.:OrsonCase, Roger S. Searle , Philander
Bronson. I
.Leni4-• C.; W. Conrad, Luke Reed, H. N. Smith.
Li6ero-B. W. Bailey. Hiram T. Law, Asa Flab.
1 . New Milfard.---G. B. R. Wade,Tract- :11a
•-. Ha yden ,
yid Suminer . 3l
Ifitkiletowit-Johp Barnum, Jahn, , Bradshaw s D.
T,,.. ilindkick;; , ' • , 1
Morttiore-4Cbuza Hollister, Jiss'eph Cockayne,l A.
J.Breter. i '
041 ' d.-4G...T.Fiazier, Edmund B. Brush, Eltjah
West Edi; 1 . -' • • '
Rush,--Mablon Griffis, P. Hinds, J. W. G:anglir.
Spriniyeini--'..k. P. Stevens, William White, ILI!.
Phillipti.g, •
SittsenLakt-Daniel•D. Gage, E. W. Rose, Jabez
Smith. , - •
Suscsurhen . a=-Henry Day, J. B. Scoville W. W. I
Skinner.,' 1 ' , •
1 ;•
Thom4on--L. 0. Blandin; William Jenkins, .A.1T..'; 1
Galloway:: 1 . ' 1 :• ,
Ifertqk—lfa Nichols, GeOrge T. Lyons, C. C.
Ellis...f, 1 : . i 1 ' •
It it propesed to bold the election; for choosing
Delegatdc, at the usual place of holding General Elec
tions, oniSituiday the 15th of September next, be
tween the hours of 3 and 6P. fi t. • 1
Tout Comnlittee, after mature dell'beration, would
sttggessOthe propriety of voting directly for the sev
eral caildidateA, at the primary elections. •
Cat-didees or the - several offices are requested to
send in their !lames to.the Chairman - of the County
Committt.:..t they may be annonnced in the pa
pers pre 'pus to the Delegate Elections.
All of e inilepeudent voter of Susquehanna coun
ty, whe acre that in:Consequence of the subserv
iency of • the aid political parties to the interests of
}..., 1, -.
Slavery, ere is\ an urgent necessity for forming and
sustaining =a new party, the fi rst and grand object of 1
which *hall be to resist the eitension of Slavery be- 1
yond die ilimitl of the Shire St4tea, 'are invited to at- ;
tend arid take pert in the Delegate elections.
I CLIARLEfi F.. READ, Ch'n. Co. Corn,
amp 31eetittg- Noti6.e
Litrehes ,composing the State Road, Fairdale
liiirti,l'Apalacbian, Candor, anion, Tioga and
irruits; Syracuse Confoitice., are making a 7•••
its ;to Rold. (.lamp Meeting,. to commence
r I iith find continue till the following Mon
a • eartip is. to, be loCated ten miles from
the eipMty seat-of SOquelianna co., N.., on
Road West_ It is expected that the pledge
• thren 4lom . the Rochester conference, that
rto been with its, will be rittle'enitsl,• so that
he no hack or 'help. It is also
that Bros. Lee aral.Matliek, with
r brethren of the SpOrmad Conference, and
llawley of the Illinois. Conference ; will be
South A
Athens ci
Septemb, l
day. Th
the State 1
of our br4
huve lain
there will
more of o
Bro. C. F
present. 1., .
Now, br i ethre '
ir these arrangements arc being made
in the na eof tbe„Lord, for the sole purpose of ad
vancing a ere Gospel, wet° bring the unconverted .
`to embra Bible christianitv. In; View of surround
ing eircrunstartees, not a iroi.d need he said to you to
urge the importapee of making , a united and mighty
effort in G)CrA naive, and in behalf of crushed and
polluted humanity. It renmins for all concerned to
say whether this shall !be done, and: our Father in
heaven glerified. The undersigned are pastors on
the charges named in Orli notice. i .
:8r0. , D. IL Ilicitok is chalrman of ',I 'very efficient
committee of anatigentents, and any; communication
in relation to tents or entertainment will be promptly
attendedhi him if coming in 'seascin.
Preache , ltheir wires, and teams Will be provided
\for free of For tufo informatihn in relation to
the meetin , Bro. M.4 - rird: canalsci be enquired of.
tet harge.
D. H. HiPkOk,, Susquehanna co., Pi. '
' Edgar 111 High, State Road circuit'
E. B. Meinti, Fairffide " /.
Timothy Po'Orts, South Auburn Circuit -
M. B. Porter, Apalachiau
IL. Loun.ibury, catidor l. * 4 ..
M. Frinki Tioga kAthens
P. O. Adess Tiaga Centre, Tioga Co., N. T. •
ItiontFose Fibre .Company, No. 2.
Will hold fis regular! meeting on Monday evening,.
September d,-at ftiLh'clock P. K. '.All the members
are desiredto attend:F. B. CHANDLER, Sec'y.
I G '
Rev. W.1 . 1f.. DeLohg will preach in the Universal
ist March l an Montle, the Stst-Stinday. in Septem
ber, (next Sabbathjiinorning and aftvrnoon:i
ipocipty • Meeting. •
- The atm:4k meetint of the first Univers*ll4 Socie
ty of Montrnse and Bridgewater will be held In the
Univensalist Chnrch on Monday the 8d of September
next, at 10 io'cloCk a:€ at. •
By orderriof the Trintees. •
11 , --
.ougb and iteady_Take Notice.
The members of the Rcugh and Ready Fire coin
pany No. iiare hereby notified to meet at, the En
gine house tie= Sittirdar-at 6} o'clock, P,31., at which
time candidates forOEU - ceis of the Com pany will be
ME SEVI ' tANXICAI. EV:YriON for-Forenian and oth
er officers of the Coulpany, will be hel&On Monday,
September 3d, at 14 o'clock P. st.
Aug. 27,- 1855. • fiD. Sarn.r., SeF'y.
, •
Tvactae34 9 Association,
r • .
A. meeting of the Teachers' Association will be neld
in New Hillard on Friday. the 14th day of SeputOtber,
at one o'cloci P. M. The! time and place of helding
a County Institute w 271 then be considered. A full
attendance Os earnestly desired.
.--- —t r
i ( 1 IlikaplED. . !.
On the
.2,5 th inst.,l by. Rev. DeWitt C. Ry . lief‘hy,
Mr. JEROYS B. Lrox€o 4 suid * Miss Aix ELis.t, daighter
of the Ron, D. D. Warner: .; '
. •
J f DIBD ,
In Brookl Augurs ltth, lizt.cox Trirrsxr, aged
43. Thus er enly abd Mexpectedly, after a brief
illness, a good man has Wien, and one of our most
'active and et terprising citizen/1, possessing the MA.
dence and esteem of all *ho knevr him , has been
called away . i j a the prime of ,rmsdiooct and usefulness. The bereaved companica;mourosi the departure of
the faithful partner of her life—the sharer cf her
joys and sorrows, and Abel:kid and affectionate fath
er of her children. And the Universalist Society of
which he wee a member, deplore the lona of one of
their most worthy mantul, and liberal kupporterri.—
Quiet and mirntotnislve stribis manne.rsi he made no
-loud professions of religior2 or arrogmit pretensions
to piety, yet few in ail the o h,
Of life. exhibited,
mare practirially the chriatien virtares.l His philan
throphy was expansive. He was tittlyg, the friend of
God and man. He had a heart of Xynipathy and a
hand of, relief for the wants.and the-otrar of oniv.enol
humanity. , •
The unus y large - congregation Of all denomina
lions whoxitended on the funeral aerlycks, evinced
in what high estiniation the deceaserit was-heki. . I
May the nemerfrus mourning frier* 'find relatives
4are richly and be comforted by the elf
,the gospel .I,' The memory of the ;NS is blessed."
"Let fn die the rieath-of the rizhteone CCM.
EAVE Xontense for D. L. k W. RI R. et di A.
X,for Express Freight Train $o Sgeento n . At
11 o'clock 4.111. for Mail Train to Or*, Dent• At
3 F. X for Express Freight to Great - 14nd, and Xaß
Beinntort. tLeave Depot for Montrose on
arriltall *above trains at, Station:l
apply at Searles Motel, Millircee, Pa:
• ....
Angnet 29.1
Ttzundersdgned have this day associated Under
tile firm of Dickennan and Garnett, fivthe pur
pose of transacting the inertaiatikkbusiness arthe old
Stand iofJ. Dickermanjr. ..IDICKERMAN
, •
Newts If GAANETT..,
fr. lrford,,Tuty 28, 1855-1
.I%ts c an found at the-old
filnd' and .4 trot " : n ail w ill ite the neeeesity jof
dettliig pith - out ;lather notice:lt •
c eir4sAFAZioegytitbi
• sovivelipt remed y for ra
Cholera Want:tun- or Summer complainte—enthely
vegetable, and'has never &lied in a Angle Instance of
produriing the depired erect. For sale In bottles at
ir•O cents and EI. BENTLEY & READ.
MiStitme, 4guert, 22;1855. -
Exece4ors' Notice. •
- ,All persons indebted to the . oistate of EN. J. B.
Worden, late of the township ofi Jackson, deceased.
are herpby'botified to make immedisteoayment, and
those having claims against said estate will present
them duly authenticated for settlement.
444 all perions having booki, in their possession
belonging to the late Eld. Worden are requested to
return 113e,same to his late residence in Jackson. -
Jackson, Augtist 20, 1855. ': • •
. .
• . t I Ae "'.Exchange,"
Tsubscriber takes this oppartunity of thanking
his friends for their very liberal patronage the
1 past season, and of saying to than' in addition, that,
,just reelved fresh' invOies .of seasonable
Goods df various descriptions, he is still prepared to
supply almost any; article usually called for at A coun
try star*. His assortment is now complete,-and be
ing the,largest An town, offers the greatest
went to purchasers, either : for Cash, Barter, or Good
(short) Vredit. ;:Call and see. •
Brooklym, Augnst 20;
. 4 Itledilneti *laid Drggig.
YR' 4 ?.....5' Cherry Pee toral--s6knowledged to be
I the best pahnonary. Remedy extant—Pand's
Extract! of Witch hazel --In, 'exceedingly valuable
remedy for dfrens ills—Dr. Baker's Compound—tt
grand specific ftir 'Diarrhea, Dvseatery, Cholera Mor
bits, itc. l —Ayresl, Jayne's, Kinn r ey's and Wright's
Pills, MerChant'S Gargling Oil, together with a great
variety of Drugs in common use,ikept constantly on
hand by: • OG. HEMPSTEAD.
• •
t Please Take illetle.e,
That if is very deanable that the accounts and notes
of the late firm of Smith & Hempstead should be set
tled, and that speedily. 0. G: HEMPSTEAD.
Brool4n . ,'Auft. 20, 1855. .
`"ALT by the barrel or load, at the market rates,,
'KJ by . : 0. GI HEMPSTEAD.
•PHE highest market price paid for Butter, Eggs,
JL Land, Firm fPeoduce of all kinds, good Shingles,
prime Wool Socks, ;dc., iu G00t1.4( by
': ll,4l *lllCliG—The subscriber has :on hand,
V and no* •manufacturing; 1 a small stock •of
Ready-rui-de Clothing, of good quality and workman
ship, which he ofrers: at very low pi keg. •
- • •
as,.:ortm e nt
4..1 of - excellent titiatiqes, kept cOnsomily on band
by ' 0. G." HEMPSTEAD.
. *to oks, Books,. Hooks:
rPHE A4bscribt*.would inform his friends and the
.1. public generidly that he htt oft hand the largest
and be. ° lected assortment of BoOcs and Stationery :
r to y where in Susquehanna county, which
.he or ray pay at priet.s that e.lnitot fail to
sui • ' •
Atuon'the mist•tillaneous Books Inlay be found the
Lift of Washington; Jackson, Tayltir, Isaac T. Hop
per, lioraise Greeley, P, T. Barnum; and others; Star
Papers, (Beecher.) Humanity is the Cite, (Chapin,) ,
Bell Smith Abroad,. M v Courtship arid its Consequenc- •
es, (WyloMl,) Ruth • Hall,- (F.ttty Fern,) aI&o Fern
Leaves OA - and Isecond se:ie3 American Agitators_
and Rt.:folpues, TliOugh& and Things at Horn.- and
Abroad, Getting AlOng, The Old Int), Hood's Works,
Stanhope 1 11inleigli,,The News Boy; 1.. Dow's COM
pick' WoOzs, The'Slave of the Lamp, The Escaped
Nun, Lewie • or tiie Bended Twig..; ;Memoirs of the
Countess 131.issingititt, vols. Goldunith's Animated
Nature, The Chendstry Commcin Life, Clarke's
CoutmentUiry, Nei, Testame - nr, Barnes' Notes; on
same, IludieS,lZeliious Anecdotes, Testaments, Bi
tdvs, frostocket Site to - large ( 41114. hymn, Prayer,
Gift, Toy, ...terap, Note, Receipt; and Blank Blooks of
all sizes, ke. kc, • 1
St - hoof/looks—ill kinds used in the county or fur
nishell on Prort notice.
. I •
• Law Boi,ks—A god variety constantly on hand or
furnished to order.V.
Stalioniry. A pod lot first rate la thing paper at
1 shilling trer quint—Gold and Steel Pens—Writing
Ink, the bsst in.nse; besides lots of other articles too
numerous to mentinn, Please call and examine, be
fore purch4sing el.4where,.at the Mcintrose Post Of
fice. • A, N. DULLARD
-Montrose, August 15, ;855.
'HE NETT• TERM of this Instittition commences
the first Monday of September 13d) and contin
ues 22 weeks: And taz classes will then be arrang
ed, and the studies assigned, students are particular
ly requested 'to be present - ; and they will thereby
avoid much labor on the pa.-t of the leachers and em
barrassment to thenucelves.
Board, under the ,present hard times, is /t 2 per
week ; and; ti-i)1 be proportionally leas if they cease,
which we have every reason to belicre from the ap
proaching harvest.
FB. Clik.NDLEte Is now ?Tidying a large addi.
• lion k4:l his state of Qoo4*, which will he sold
cheaper th an ever. 'please call and examine.
August 15 , 1855.
Tr;eop riptht iGtart Erckm.
Don't?. be forgetful, friends, one l and all—
Agedor youthful, great or stnall—'
E (If not too lunap
Thst itt Odd Fellon - s' Hall
Is thA place to call,
- To :get your faces done up bit/.
Montrose) August 15, 1855
- • lEzetqatorls Notice.
ALL- 'persons indebted -to" the estate of Thomas
W heaterofti . late of Forest Lake township, deceased,
are hereby notified to make innneiliAte payMent, and
those havin4 elaimswpinst mid exult& will present
them duly anthenticated for settlemeut.
ior.-11ZY •IV/LEA TCROirr, E •
LIAM • BOOTH, lig.
For-est Lake, July 31, 1855. •
,t N &oh+, and intelligent young min of about 17
1.1. ytuirs of age; wanted as clerk in a store. One
wishing to atxplire the business and di4posed to make
himself useful,' r.ill find good couragement by ap.
plication shartly to LBLTRRITT.
New Hilfvrd , July." 22. 15.5.
A - 1 and Fancy Dry. Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
Bits, CePs,.l3oots and Shoes, Wall Paper, Drugs,
Dye Stuffs, and kc., which will be sold u cheap
as the cheapest for cash or approved credit by •
Hayford, June Ist, 180. • S. H. JONES.
of excellent .quanty
1. at '
,H. 11. JONES'.
DROGUE 'and Cashmere shawls at an prices, also
.ILP a few t4ntalas by H.IX. JONES.
READY aide dothbg ic - Pir:y.,ovEs.
jY• •
C AEII paid for Wool by H. M. JONES.
Iforford. June IK 1855.1
)Aliti pail for Dairy Butter by
A gc.„. asionsoent ((Boots and Shoes at
IETS, gators and Coffees of,fine qualities . and at
low prices by H. M. JONES.
_ _
LAtTIEs will fi nd a great variety of Bonnets and
itibbonsiet IL M..JONES.
AWNS, challi;Borrege de Laines and Ginghams
at N. M. JONES.
MEIROLOIRING and Win4w•Draperies at
Hirford, rune 1855. - 11, M. JONES.
100 1 -
fromrints 4 to 11 eents per yard.
1 13e i ng w ee*m
Delains, Lawns, Gingbains,
Ladies nice . 123 ' etb—Stuiwls,.Linen and Car.
peting at the lowest notch, now selling by.
July 11th . • • J. LYONS it BON.
NiALCKEAL selling at al:cents Perk' by
;• • J. LYONS a SON.
IVEW kit tiOrtieiniesjust opened by
1111 E
.ed at the
i' • ' 4 i i EA R 31.JF0.11.. SALE.
' than two.i rilllE subseriber otters for sale, on the moat liberal
i 5,09 1 _1 terms, • oite of the best firms for Making money,
i 3,00 jin Northern ,PennsYlvenia. The said farm is situated
, , ; _5,00 i in Dintock,Susquehanna connty,convehient to Church
•.. _3,00' i Grist-mill, and ant-mill.. It contains 160 acres, one
,acres,6,oo ; hundred and l tweirty . five' under a.' good state Of
3,00 i cultivation kell watered and timed, one good 'frame
one half i house, 28 by . dc; fetit, two good barns, one hundred
1 5,04).:' feet or goOd shed,hog houpe, and a good young orch
..!, —3,00 I ard, all - grafted fruit thereon. Possession will be givett
ty;certilii to suit the Phichas'er. For price applY to the pro
• 1 i ,Prictor on the:prennses.. , . • W it. BAKER. •
, • ' II LA CKSIIITIII MI. $$ , Dirnock JAY 18th 185.5. •• -29 w.f.
For thelaitt, lot of Horse Shoes kir the d. -.81,04 i - - i I 4 --------- --! ---•- - -'
Fur! the Kist fot the farm, ..... .:....... ... 1 . :WA ! • i• i NOTICE.
To the Bermes who will chew the greatest iresulq rIOCT. P. THAYER, takes t h i s method of saying
froth his (irm, for the past year, in proportion' to the, i . 1.../ to his fiends Und customers; that be has again
nurither et acres improved,
_a cerficate . of merit , resutned the practiee of medicine,' at his old stand at
• ,
an ,• . •..6,00 1 Montrose, Where he-may he found at all times unless
d - d0.r.d0. ' '..3,00,..i professionally employed. Ile would say to those in
prez,, i ,debted to hini, that he will deduct twenty-five per
The Ex Co
interns for ecuthle mmittee in Presenting the 4 855 ;• tire grat ifi e d i n ° T er i ng to c o m p et .; i cent on all accertSpaid 14fore thefirst of April next,
*Odle. myself 1 will deduct fifty.) '
icons the nicestliberal list that has been laid lbeform (or if any
them; and it isihoped the exhibition will tie more ex - Montrose Feb; 2p; 183.5::
tensive than at any former period. There !never was!: --- -- -- Pr* --- , ..-t ---- 1. -- ------
I a time when the Agricultural: interest was solprom-i
i)r., Pir l otlharies Morris,
SI CCCESSOIi of 4arles Tillman, BARBER, hav
ing remok-e'd his shop from its former location in
inent in the cotinty, and , held out ! such. in eetnents.‘!
It is trusted therefiare, that an institution Which has; i
aided so esaentially to develop the resournes•nttheti the basernentrcif Sh e a r Hotel, to the room in the
i ecienty willibe liberally supporte(l. l ,APPliosts fie' re.; same building . in the rear 4f_the bar-room, is prepar
' miurns on (raid and Potatoes are requested to gave! e d to exerc i se hi s .-L-1-. in the most scientific anner,
the mode of cultivation, and furiuth the Society with ,Z: on all who pleasethto entrust ;their beads or
complete'proof; of the quantity raised. Applicants I . ; & c i s to his hand •.-. i .
fee prominent on Milch Cows for Butter, wilistate thel •. i - i ' • 22y 1
greatest .quantity made in any one week dring the
season:* . !• .) • • - I 1 •
Persons Presinting Agricultural implementS, are
requested no furnish a description of , the ;article.
To enable the;Couuldttee to give 'an additional in
terest to the exhibition, it is earnestly requested that
those who take an interest in the success of the So
ciety, and, irbo possess any thing that is ornamental
or curious, ; will bend it for inspection. 1
" i . I Taostas Nrcnotsox, 1 i i
' • I Atrium Bscowts. I, ii
1 Tam Amino; 1 !!
N• B. If any thing ban been overlooked In the an
nouncement of nrendums, it will be rectified, nn ap
plleation toany "ember of the committee. 1_ _ : 1
. -
. . , 1 'anti
S. S. ISlorps.Temperance Sidoz
___.. '
Grote eT -;
REPOVITM fritm the rear of Lyoos k dices
Imildhig toltalwe street, opposite the Farmer's
Store, where he hdends to keep on luusd'airciodatook
of Groceriek.forls4e cheap for cash. Cash I paid for
.4As.. ._ 1 I , S., FAR
, 'Montroae i lJuly i 25, 185.5.
Wool, Wool!
077Thiwant at the 10,()Q, g . r.hlhi g re;
rieewill be mid in Oa by::
June 124,
Xassiser Stuffs.
A large stol i Wool, Linen, and Cotton stuffs or 'sum- i
mer wear. l enty of 4 and 6d-Prints. call 1
and see. F. R. CHANT R.
Flour and Salt
By the load,lterrel, seek, or polnd. by
[August It. 1855.1 CRAM) ER
r , ,
J. LYONS & 60:1
pazatrantrimir -. i
, I
OF THE3IISQUir.II/11iN A COR Tr 40190CL1 4
i 1 • somrry.l - ' ~' , 3
Fair and Cattle Shoimi to be beadle'
Illinntrase, Oct ijlth illB3. • .
. !, v 1, • 4 • •
N es „ - titan _,eiti793. - •, ••
Forlhe t Dusitun Bell, two yvit , s old a nd . up.
„I , . st „ %. 41 .. •.: ... z . . ... $5.00
2d; best,. ••..... ... • , " ;s2'• .1.'.., . . ; .111,00
For the best Devon Bull, do , ... .. , .7•
lic,libe-5t,.... ..... e 1 j .... ', . . ... i s t op
For the best Grade or Mired; . i .... I, . . ....;.. :,00
241; bolt:— ••• • • ' 1 '', ' 3 ,00
Kor beettlsr, es regardilforts ;sod appiii ime4s,oo
• 2d;beet, - - t l• •1 . I 4,00
Per the lest tniikkeow air appears repel results,i 5,00
2d•best • 1 • 1..... a ft,oo
FOr the best two years old Heifer:. . ; .. .. 1.... • ;•18,0
2dbest, ; • i • .'.1..... ;,00
• Bd ',best, ... .`..., ... ... 1 ..• .4. • • • ...... 42,00
For the bttat lot of store Calves, l ei*aria five,ls,oo
2d best, ; ; -' 13,00
3d best, ,• • .. 1. •• • •• • • • 4,06
Por t s best pair of Working Oien, ..... -I'. .. :.;15,00
2d I, • t . .1. .. j ... ; .... 4,00 1
341 'best, , t
! 1 VA
For the bitst pair two year old Stecra~..l
sd Pest: - . ... :', .. ...... ... . 00
Yor the b6t lot of Yearlings, not loss .2, thee five, .3,00
2dbest,' .. ; .... ' ....., ......... .. ' ..; ..... '3,00
...:i. ) ,00
To the towruship that wM.send to the F;irthetbest
ten yoke ef:Woridng Oxett, ........ '. .-. !....10,00
2tl tieitt; ' —••• • •;•• • 1......5,00
.‘ I •
For t h ee best fine wooled Duck,. ••.. y .• . • • .. .3,00
2 ( 1 ) asti ••: ,
.- : 1 2,00
For the best molith Down 'and Middle' Wooled 3,00
,2d best;. 1 2,00
For the best long wooled Beck, '• [ hOO
2d- best'. ............ .: ..... . .. ~..'.....„4,00
For the best lot of fine wooled Eics, •
'not', Iftis than
three,l ..
24 best,
.. , ...1 ..... 3,00
- • , .6
. 00
For the beat lotof..gouth Down or middle wooled
, •
24 best, l' 1 , 1 (x)
~1 • "
For the best lot of long wooled , . ;
•„ 2d best, • ! ' 2,00
I 110 GS. • 1 1
For the best Boar, . 3 00
24 best, 2 00
i • ,
Best `?.,ow, ... ...... . ...... . 1 .. ~ .. 5,0.
2cl best' 1 - ... •
4 00
Best lot of:Pigs,
24 Oest,'... k, '.. ' 2,00
:. noesr.s.
For bet Stallion 'for all work, • .' • • • • • .4,00
. 2d best,; ' ,I, . . ... '..... • ...; ... ... 3,00
Best brood /dare, with cede. by her 5ide, .. . . . . 8,00
. ...............'...L...... ....' 4 00
Best pair matched Horses; raised in the county, . 4,00
, 2d best, l,
, .
i . roccvt. .
For the beit lot, of any bree ns d, not less ,
24 -lest,; ....
td hest,'...•
For tlui beet firkin of Butter,...
2d best; " ,
Sd Pest, 4 • •
• ' ' CHEESE.
• 1 •
For th*best Cheese, not len than 2.5%,
221 best,
Best 'Arley,
e !aest.,
. •
For the best variety of Fall Apples, not Ii
2d -
Best specimen of Grapes,
2d best,
For the - best 2046 Honey, tram the MI6
straying the Bees,
2d best,
' t
IFor the best, Flannel, not less than ten yard's,...,Val
I 2d hest,.:.. I 1 41 - s - o
1 , - I
i na best, .
' , I 00
For theibest Woolen Cloth, do.. ......1 1 . 3;00
24 haoot,,l . 4... . -
I - ' 204)
3d best,. t.. • .•• • , ' I ,F IO .
- Foe the best , Woolen*Carpeting, not K' than fifteen
. , ,
yards,...l, ' -i f - •
2d best:: i.. • .!. .• !, ...',iiK!
'For the best' Rag Carpet , "d 0... '!, .'.....3,ig)
2d best,. i • •••
i• • • '; • • •-• 00 •
For the lx•st ; Quilt of any descriptioo`... } ~.. ....ILIA )
''d beSt,. i.. . * 1....i....2,60
For the.he4tl half dozer. Woolen Socks, .i . ' . I . ..2i - to
2,1 best,. 4 . ; • . 1 , .. - .1,i,5)
For the !best Ornamental ' Needlework, "certificate 4.,
Merit. , 1 ' . , , ..
. .
For the best W orated work, certificate o r
For 'iarietc of Flowers, eertifical
, T. ~. P
For the b e st lot Sole leather,
110t.lot bf Efirnesg leather, s !
Ben lot of Cilf 5kin5,......
Best double Carriage harriess,... . I
Best double Teatn. ....
BeSt single
Foe the hest Saddle and Bridle, ...
1 • - fi CADINF:T-WORK.
Foe the hest 'exhibition of Cabinet Work,
2d .liesit.,.. ; .
For the best Flow, for general use,.
id bet, g do
For the best BarroW, . •
best Cultivator for Corn;....
best Corn Stalk cutter
:" (test Corn Sheller,. .. . .
best Churn,
. best O's Cart, ".
best Morse rake,
" best Bay rigging,.
'" best Fturm Wagon,._
best lot of Butter, Firkin and Tut
best Cheese Press,...:;
, the pq*n who shall exhibit any it
his•own invention, Which, the opinion
ii'worthy of merit,....
PasmitiWa *ea 9aitst are to be air
meeting of the society in'January.
-For the best crop of Winter Wheat, noel
sores,. . •i•i•p••• r
2d bean......• d 0....
For' the hest crop of Spring Wheat, do.,
2d best' • . 1
For the beat crop of Corn,not less than thret i
ld best do.
Fokhe heit crop &Potatoes, not Ices th~
. _
gd besti • ' • '4 O .
For; the bust COoking Store; cast in the co
cute of merit.
~.,.._ . ,
peuestotritalilt nialainingirspiLllitr Lily
1. , i ..BINIVELMSTIOIL ... •••' •' -'
• • i" i . - I AND : -' '
BUIIIIIPCS Maa's Legal Guide.. -
New futiii Sixth - Ed ition, thitigitrathe La i r
. l down to 184.3. 1. -
i , . •
A ttvatise i on the ofticiantl . dutiett of Aklernien , and
Justices 4 the Peam in'Alie Conmoonwesith of Penn
sylvanite, luchnling all tberequired Forms-of Process
,and Doeket Entries:: andembodying not Only what.
may bet Asetn'txl valuable to italics, of the.Peaft,
-but to .I..atnloits,. Tenants, and General Agents; and
mekingthis *lime what it purports to be, A Safe
Legal Gwfdefor Brisivirisa Meta. *John Dino, late
Aklermim:of Walnut Ward, in -the City of Philadel
phia. Ti: Edition: -Revised, c or rected, and
,enlargedby Frederick C. Beightly, , Esq Au.
ttior of ,"A ,Treatise on'the Law of 'Costs,"_ "EquitY
Jurispriaileneer "Nisi . Prius Reports," Edito: of
"Purdoil e arDigest,wBm. . In; one. thick volume: Oc
tavo. l'rice only 14,00 * - - '-_.
A 410 , • ectrupa nidte to Billies Justice.'
- i ; .
2. ! 1 .GBAYDOIII3 PORI& ' - '•
Form ia Of Oonveyancing, and Of,,ractiee in, the
Courts Of Cotninon Plea; Quarter Session 4 Oyer and,
Terrainr„the Supreme and OrphO's Mures, and the,
offices o r the various Civil officers and Justices of the.
Peace. f Fourtii 4dition, fevised, corrected, enlarged;
and adairted to the present state Of -the laws i with
copious! etplanatory .ZOtes and References, and "ti
new full; arid
Wrght', Eq. comprehensive
O l c n t d e .
e_ V o
V .
o ß u y m R e .
. bP
iceonly $3,50 'Acso, ,
3. Stioitd
and Brightly's IPurdonhs
Digest -1700 to .1833.
A Digest of the LawS of Pennsylvania, from the
year 1700 to the Bth day of May, 1855. The First
Four Editions . by the late John Phrdy, Esq. The
Fifth, SiXth;'and Seventh by the, -Hon. George •M.
Stroud: lEighth Editionit evised, with Marginal Ref
erences.' Foot Notes to the Judicial Decisions ; Au.
alytical Coqtents ; a Digt4ted Syllabus of each Title;
and a Nesi, Fit% and E x haustive :Index." By Fred.
erick C. Ilttightly, Esq., author of "A . , Treatise on the
Law of . Costs ." "Equit3; Jurisprudence," "Nisi Pri
ns Repots;" Editor'of 4j:times JUstice," &c. " One
thick Royal 8vo: -Price' Only $5,00. •
rarThe: fre4 - iness and permanent yalue of Par
don s Di cat are preservid by. the; publication annu
ally of a Digest: of the Laws 'enacted in each year.---.
These ailnial Digests are arranged in precise con
formity to the 'plan of Purclon's Digest. They are,
. , ,
each of q‘ol, republished annually; are - connected
together' by a General Index, (prepared anew each
year,)- which ethbraces the contents -of the Laws of
each year since; the publiCation of Purdon's Digest, in
one alphabet ; And are bciund up With. Purdon's Di
gest, and also-s Old separately. • . .
Thus the; purchaser 6f Ptirdon'a Digest will always
be in possession of the cquiplete body-of the Statute '
Laws of POtnsylvania down to : the very hour when
he purchAses it; Those Who have already purchased .
Purdon's,Digest may always complete it to date for
the small stint of 74 . t7.11 C'eutr, the price or the vol
ume containing; all the aininal.Digests issued since I St - AND DRESS GOODS.
the first-publication of tW present edition of's . ItITAN ~LAS, Laces, Berages, 'Worked Collars,
Digest, at heretofore stated. A P.i As, Lawns, fashionable Bonnets, Fans, (a
NAY & BROTHER, chhice assortment in each department,) a splendid
- 'Liw BooxsuLses AND Pentisirs:ris, lot ; of yno'ire'anti9ue Trimming, Staple Goods of large
•17& 19 South lifth Street, . I variety, plothin g , (a large stock) Gents'land Boys'
First "Store above Chestnut, Philadelphia.. • Mils, (silk and sum mer.) Cloths, very low, Calicoes
ray - Orthirs or letters of inquiry for Law Books from 4 ce,nts to 1 d ulling, Carpets, Matting - , Oil-cloth,
from the counter firsniptlY attended to. 28m3 and Rug 4.
• K!lives a
' Corees,
' Grimm.)
- t rat•eua,
' of Fancy
thati six, .
L ...
• • !
'7\ 4.00
t l
• • t - •-• I ' o °
••4• • • 00,
1 .. .... 1;00
! r
\• • USfr:
The Toad's' Tree—Mother and Step. Mother (Con !
eluded} - * Cidp,Brimstoii---Poultry Abroad--TheStory of a' King. A Leviathan Indeed—Mechanics in.
Unifortn--P,OetrY on the Railway-- . -What the Land
lord Belitiv44,The Wind?—Australian Carriers—The'
Rocinm e' HitglishMan, Rusichuck; the Passage of the
Danube --;Doctor 'Dobois+Cheap Patriotism,-Yesu
vim; imErupitionl-nStrictly!Financiat—French Love—
Strive, Wait, and Pray 7 ludia Pickle—Petition Er
traordinarytLSpechnen or the Alchilnists, two eliap
, ters---The I first Ileath—A.Very Little House—Quite
Iterolutiointry,-By Rail to Parnassus. •
Tenns.4-i'liree Dollars a year, or. Twenty-five Cts.
a number. [Those remitting Three Dollars! will_re
ceive •thel Magakine free: of 43lubs—Two
copies, FivePolrars . ; copies,`Six Doha's . ; lire
sopies,•Eigid Dollars and Sei•entv-fire•Cmits, Put
nanfa- and llousdlold Words:Tire Dollars.
, .1 •
1 !- 10 . Park Place. New'York".
fga .than half
: . ..
; :400
without ue
• •
ILocilk lie re •
OCKET NI.VBS. A. good assortment of the best
.1 kinds it market. AL•lo Table Knives and Fork
~SPOONS. ;Silver, Silver Mated, Gerinatt Silver, Alba=
to; and Brltailia-bare spooas. AlSo Silver, Silver
Plated, and (lernian•Silveli Butter Knives.
VIOLINSTBINGS, Bows, rind all the fixtures, Vi
olins, Aecordeons, Flutes, .Tuning Yorks, hnitrnetion
FLUID '1...1.31P5, Xluid, Candles, Lamp
Oil, &e.
FAMILY tint/CERT ES. Afitltassortment, nett- and,
meriteri ,.
le (if merit. 1
• .2;00
DRUGS dr ;PATENT MEDICINE A first rate as
sortment, and genuine.
PAINTS & DI LS. A generalassortMent, and of good
quality. - _ • .
JEWELRY. AI splendid variety of the neat pat
FANCY GOODS. Nearly every thing in this branch.
PERFUMERY; A choice variety: ( New supplies
received ne'arly eery week.] -
In 'short, nearly Avery thing persons want, and cheap
at the variet store of -. • A. TURRELL.
Montrose; ,Tune; 1855.
- 4 •
AME i-ntd theieuelosuic of the subscriber, in F0r
k...11 eat Lake toWnship, about the I§th of June last,
a pale red yk4irling heifer, with some white on. the
bellY, and *int htdf the bush of the tail gone, appa
rendy cut off.° The owner is requested to par charges
and take awitli th&; same. • - SETH :WARNER.
FOrest Latie, Jtily 18th, 1855.
1... 3,q0
r - 0;00
~• 2,00
L 2,00
splehlent cif
.f the Conk
t ' . Mali and lillnai. •
iTINDOI% sall ild"vario`ussizes constantly on hand
1 _i_ fi 1 . J. LYONS 00N. .
-.,_ , :
New Goods Cheap -fo'r Cash at, the
Head of Navigation. •
rrilE undersigned would respectfully announce
that he ia still (selling' Goods at the old Oars,
a:id that he bas . l an entire n e w stock of Goods which
he Kill sell cheap,
_L C . Vt. MOTT.
BAREGE DMLA IRS for one shilling; Lawns, tot
colors, a;vard ride, rot. one shMlng, and Vali
roes it all prices, at C.• W. MOTT'S.
Montrose, Wr 80, • 1855.. •
• I 100111(CE..
A.N Ipplication - has beep made to the Court of
Common Pleas Of Susquehanna county; to grant
a Charter to the First Presbyterian Church of Dim.
lock Comers; or which all :persons Interested will
please take notice and:Rl:nem themsehies tumor/ling
i y. ' WELLS;•Proty.
Prothonotarea office, Montrose. June 13, 1855—E4
Cash . :10 - r Land Warnuiph.
MAJUK F T-PRICE paid by ---
• nrcH.
Montrose, Jane 0, 1000. - 2314
Ninrit.E. • •
tuEpublic nee hereby eautioned against parches
lug* note given by , the Midgcsigned tO Richard
CUQord Ibr the annt of one Winked and twenty-bre
A**. Nnte is' (fated 4nlyl4th; 18511. The
'• Nom was Omitted - by deceit,' and vrill content the
, %
payment or the aitnie tn the last
ir • - JO HN S. tITENLET.
I • Choconnt; Julr 17,1.855. , ralya
I • ' .
Great Atinicilloic•- -• • - -
• Al' _
TinffebigriWa' *Add airainWntoUnte:lolo CUS \ •
I. e ra and the . publie generally that he g., te re ..
veiled a large inceortment of BOOTS AND SlitllEg
which i Intends selling' for Read , : Pay tritety per
Caper than cambe bought in thiamin ket,(the
(Jennie •Boet. dud Shoe Store down Toren or the
Rare L ' ccibr.Raigainis, niterin, nit - eicpptpl}....:
'!Ouch tomb" may be found the' first door Eastettite
Odd F . ws' Ralf, Turripike street, first Boor. • Al
ihough no t: guite so . opmmodloris as some Ntoahs,”
yet it was our purpose veity well for the present.i
lie* ten we promise our customers that our I .:e.e.
tablisesti' wilt not be usurprusedn by any in 'the '
country soon, but we will promise owrcustomerillutt
ll Boom and Shoes to suit in giudityend
\ price. r stock embraces a general variety renew
lad el t Styles of Ladies' and Gentlemen's wear,
among bleb. are •Ladim' Silk Fox Gaiters, Colored '
Gaiter., Enameled Gaiters, Black and ßraved Kos- 1
girth B ti, Enameled Boots and Enameled Buskins, 1
Kid B ins, Polkas, Galflace Boots and Buskins, 1
lir i
1 Misses . Boots, Jenny,Lind 6dters,.- Gents con- 1
gress, tent Leether, Eimmeled and Buckskin Gait- i
em, Pat it Leather. Oxford Tie..s; Toilet Slips, French'
chif Elogis;-'Thick Boots,'Enstneled Calf and Cowhide
Bro„ ! Boys' Patent Leather Montereys, Kin - Boots,
&0., Yo Ors' Montereys and Kip Ties, Children ' ' Tay..
for Tie Paridoes Roan Boots, dc.: Silk Boot Laces,
ell Min - .
~ . I Work
made 'to order, and repairing doite neatly.—
. 1 and examine. - -
tours in the Boot and Shoe trade,
e, May 1, 1055. C. M. SIMMONS.
I rE!
the enclosure of the subscriber in Silver
About the 20th of May last, four yearlingi,
epshled bull, tiro heifers, one pale red the
tulle, one red steer. Whoever will , give any
on of the above sill be libentllv. rewarded_
Lake, June 18th, 1855. .3 . • 2&-w3..
Oiee whi
other b
Ir, 91,00 ItEWAR.D.- •
TRAY ED.or stolen . a livesCeolered Pointer bog.
ik._7 The above reward will be paid to env one return
inp• him to the store of 'A. LATRRO & CO. •
Mon trese; June 12th, 1855.'. ' 25—w3
T00.1 . 9g, . •
A. good nvsoriinent,'Seythes, tidatifs,,Riikes, Forks,
—And kinds of Horse. Rakes—and superior
Revolviiik nakes,Ut F. D. cIIANDLER'S
June h, 1855, • •
1. -
7INK Pali
,41 Lanp Oi
:Tune ;loth, 1855.
1 L
. 1
- -...
Pain'll.6 amid`Oi Is. -
int, Blokes fire Proof Paint, Linseed - and
lil,lFtuid and Phosgene sold low by
arm]. Sitqk on pound
1 3 y t
June '2oth, 1855
ware=—German Silver k Plated Spoons,
d For - •
Leries-4Figh, a fine assortment' of Teti,
Bronia Tapics, Rice, Chocolate, Raisins,
orroC, Corn Starch.
umery,--Bay Water , - Toilet do., Genin
I. Extracts, German Cologne, a large stock
Soaps, &-c.
II lug Forks,Scythe Snaths,
c. &e. I. L. POST & CO.
IF rnishing Establiithineist. - -
iHE s bscriber keeps constantly on hand, and will
i knake to order, Boors, Blinds, Windows & Window
1 sasit ;31 r and Window-frames and all other.artieles
'• made of ood and' sed in building.
Muds :tinted and hung on short notice.: Gl a ss of
allizes,ortatities and.qualities for sale.
oath g planed and matched at $l6 - Cr $2O Per
1 - 1
1 liar feet Turning- of all kinds done' to order, also
, a general assortMenr of CAII&ET WARE.
! Hureat s, Tables St. d 'of all • • CI •
" in s vartettes, tams,
,BetiStead , Settees, &c.,-Ae. ' • ~ • '
Good ine, Cherry and. Whitewood lumber, and
Gl4ll of • 11 kind.s.taken in - exchange for the above.
-1"" T ruts ready pay, or three months time up-
Koko! •dit.... 4p ' orders . achiressrd to me will re.
ceiie pru npt attention.. - JACOB TAYLOR.
Lan.4 ro, June 18th, 1855.
i I
.__ .
. lIIIE sr
1 l‘rose
the !Grote
in Hvon4
in the bor
hand, Floc
Mackeref, !
Figi Pint
Peaches a
Beer, YaU
taus lo met
mos kind:
shatle of pi
- --t 'ii'
r.,00, itlrAtLoo, Tilts WAY.
;abscriber Would inform the citizens of Mont
! and the publiegeneridly that he has bought
Ty formerly kept br F. H. Fortnum A. Co.,
tild Chaddler's building on Chestnut 'street,
ugh of 'Montrose, where he has a fresh as
f Groceiies; and will keep constantly on
i., (Ilystc.i., Cheese, Sugars, Syrup, Molasses,
, Nuts,';C.andleS Toys, Orringes and Lemons,
es ' &Idiom :Soaps, :Vinegar, Coffee, dried
dPlun4, 'lining, sack Salt, l'iw, Cakes,'
kee Notu?na,,tind other things too nurner
ntioni which igr,l be old cheap for cash or
Is of colintry pre Call and see. .A
übile patronage ted„,' S. S. MOTT.
ze, March 7, 11
~ .
• TO;; - DAIRY.
will be paid in cash-fur good Dail
ne 2tith,-18ki. -B.
. „ . . , , . .
' : ~ms; Reeawax, Grauvat
Mindror. Jut. 6, 1555. • •
• ,
-------7-----7--- ' ---- '--------
t Bouneibnit Reduced Prices.-
Illi BUBRITT will sell-his remaining stock of%
Sil ,
Laijn and Straw Bonnets, a good assortment,'
at reducei: Prices to close - the - business of the-Olson;
man* of them at cost. .
.Nqw 11.1.f0n1, June 18th,..1855. 25- .
: nEini -
all receive during the present week, a large,
ion to present stock of SUMMER GOODS,
render the assortment complete, and to
write the , attention of all who wish to buy
, June .).Bth, 1835.,
which .rill
• which' we
Goods, eked
• Mtlintro::,
Hemoved. . •
rgil Dentist has taken rooms oies . .13:
store, where it will be his pleasure -to see
as quick as possible. G. D. VIRGIL.
855. -' ' Resident Dentist. ,
C. xl. v
liL Trends;
JJ New Goods. HE
Tspliscriber 49 in constant receipt of New
I . Goodii, in his line of business ; nearly every
week The public will find his assortinent.lico. 1, and
his articlo new and , of good quality.- The stock con-'
si.its . as usual of Drays, Medicine*, Paints, Oils, Dye
Stain, 6'4x-cries, Taney Goods, Jewelry, • Pliant..
ry, - (f. Store at the lower end of the burnt district
• Molt , June 6,1855. A. TURRELL.
Ilirtikuip NEST GOODS At -
_lMayi22.] I. L. VOST & CO's,
11 ) aWilli 'Morse Rnken -
F OE sale at the partner's Eitehange by e . •-
' - • I.' LATHROP & CO.
June 20;
PULL ASSORTMENT or Tin, Sheet Iron
and copper Ware of my own manufacture and
made bf heavy plate r fer sale by
• •
New Milford, July 12, 1853. J, RYAN; Jr:
•' • •
• ,assortment of Hardware, Carpenter and
L ;ohm .' Tools, Pump Chain, and fixtures at
New Hard, July, 1854.] DICKERNAN'S. -
QASLI ABD BLINDS of the best quality, foe sae
kJ cheap lit
To the
**,o the eve of my departure for the West,.
liwould say to my friends and patron that my
DAG VEARROTYPE ROOMS will be elned for a
fea weeks: is I will duly apprise you of my return, and
then hope so find you deeply itnprmed with:the ite.
eesaity' of Set in year'. flees taken. = •
Odd Yell's' gontnia . e, t, W. B. DEANS.
y 28. 1856.
• • D113801.11T10N., • -
THE '..artstErship heretofore existing under the
Aral fr. Hawley it Rote is this day dissoh.eff.
April 1, 855. G. R. 118.WLEY.
.0. W. ItOTT,
• The sates and aitcotlitts are in the hands Of 0.. W.
Mott f. Collection. Thou interested will please call
ai soon as oonvenient.! • - -• -•
I Tilt p , .r•truustersof' the Borough of Moutrtme,.
desiire bind out three.children, one white 'girl.-
aged 8 ear*; one black` hey and one black girl about
the srua age. Any pereou,desiring to take one or
awe of . said childre-n - can call on either. of' the Poor- ,
''' •
' S. FOSTER,. Pao 12/uter/P•
rotitice.te,l.rnly 9, TM: .
• . , • .
Champ of Time. -
1434.1VM; lA.CK'AWAFNA:'ANDIIinimackn'
ItAILKOAD. • • ' •
/AY and after Kohday,". May' l& - 1810 i the. Nan
~/ Passenger Train will 'depart frorniBcran, toh at
10.20 a; v. - Due at Great Bend at 1:2011 Y. (fon.'
l.neeting with the Dunkirk Express West mush° N. 1 0 '.•
R.' " Passengers taking, tEds train will arrive ,
in Dunkirk at 11:15 P. at.; and in New T,ork tit 11:15 •
Rettiiming, Will leave. Greatsend a- 4' 44'
lit Scranton at 6:45 •
Thelreight Accommodation, witliyatasengar
car attached, will leave Scranton at 1 due at. r -
Great Bend - al • Ersi.' 111:- clitineeting *KC the Sair
Irak West, and tbs. Night Bare** VidajAriast..l,_,,
Passengers taklngthil uaffi and the Nigh 4 -
West, will arrive in Dunkirk at 12 m.,Ur by taidue-
MtilllTrain West, will Dunk/A l ai 18:40
Returning, will leave Great Etend on' sr
sisal of Cincinnati' 'Express East,' Doe 3i►tl ptesr
•. •••••;••••;•.-:`>-'1.
Passengers fur Wilkesharre,. Pittston Tits, bon1 ' 111g:
{Philadelphia, (via the Cattiitissa f
'Erie and Reading Railroad, via Tama - n )4124. -
1 on, and all, intermediate places, will ;Aar doillo- - '4:
I stage
coaches in readiness at ficrantii, t4e
of the Paisenger and - Accommodation-16th to cOti , 'P' 4
ye e y, them to the above places. Those ehoolting•,-,t*:;•.."
into conveyances will find the beat of lionten and eir-r.
Lieges of every. dese: iption, at reascandide:•charge
ready to order. 1 • • • -
D. 11. DOTTEREII, Supeilnipndent.'
Superintoident'Offico.. •
Scranton Mai 10 1855. J .
TTEIiRY BURRITT would astir ii tQ w
LJ. his friends and the public that heirs now open—:-;
ing an unusually large stock of 5P.R.1.10 ANA :*
SUMMER' GOODS; including a great Variety ‘ idir
Prints ff from : I cents. to ls ed per. yard; Plain tusk, :
printedorawns, Barege-Delanes,.Ginghtuns, ;Broc renade,
Black, and fkney Dress Silks, Silk Dress nies and ,
Bareges, Poplins, &c. kc., with a superior ahoo' rtment'
ofsilk„ Breehe, Cashmere, and Thibetßlutvilai-Mart,'.
tillas, Parasols, French Lace' and - Straw and!Silkitono',
nets, rich Ribbons and. iloivers, with a large-variety -
of other Staple .qad Fancy Dry Goode., ;!.
- RE , Iron , Nails; Boots and Shoes, ;Hats - eitetk r
Caps, Carpeting, Wall Paper, Poor OilClgtha,-Pahit,'
_Window Shades, _Clocks, Stoves, 0 - as and.Painta•
Proupts, &c. &c.";- in short, the largest - kinitof„pilea,
of rich and cheap Goods, ttoo numerous to-,,tneotion,...'
but just the things to pur c hase; all of WhiCh will tlek!`
sold at the most reduced prices and on they moe t Ai=v
ront.ble terms for cash or approved credit.'
N. B. Flour and Salt constantly on handi=
New Baron/ May 5, 1855..
1110311 LABOR I - •
. AVE'reovedlo s the burnt distric t ; where atey.
.1 1 will begladto see all their oldcustoMero And
as many new ones as please to give them call.--
They intend to keep . it generel'assortinent Stovec- 4 ,_
of the best kind - andquality, among which may be
ound PIICENIX and PARAGON A1R4270212;
WESTERN OVEN. - The Elevated Oren Stoves alit
have - double fire-places, which makes. theit ;far supe- ,
rior to the single fire-place Stoves. -We keep con-,:., :
staidly on hand a general assortment of T.LVIPARE;_
of a first rate quality, for home trade; also, Well and
Cistern Pumps, Pump Chains and Reets;,.audPilir
of all sizes, Jappanned Wei.% &c., all Of which.
they proinfseto sell cheap for'ready pay or appioyed,
credit. - Job work done with despatch and lir orderi . ..
Montrose, May
.30, 1855.... 4 , ti
Times ,Bared Reduced
•• •by Daylight ' - • -
• WI,,EY Sr., JENKS!! -
H AVE formed a partnership . in -Montrose , ford e
.ll purpose of doing everybody's .113Litek,
S4IT BUNG, at the old stand, near kee er's Ho
t6l. ..We hare purchased an entire netr, - Stoil
IRON. eumprising.a full assortment of all Itindg,
.the.eity. W C
. slmll , keep constantly oti
'l.h:lT:d i - Ulster, round and square Nail Rode, titlzt Stud..
Toe-cork - Rods, Refined_Tyre Ir,m," all Sizes, Band
Iron, Kprin;..l•St,:el, a large a'sortment of malleablO
Iron Cull Carl ia,ge Bolts, fie:
'A 6"- .4 .Y.l)
Ironed on shrill notice, and"stoek found; or Madtticia!
order dr t:ghoi,t, as I,,ay best suit our pot
All business transactions niest • bo settled once
year.- Short settlements' ~- 7 1(4, • - c cmg:
Br sttiet attention to busine.zs me liope•tis reeeivcr
a liberal share of patronage. • All 'murk •warranted:
IN. B. A good Journeyman wanted, to "Worn ,
steady-employment and high wagei will be given _
E. ll..twx.EY. • *PEuitr JENKS:
• 13i on trose, May 30, 1855. ' • 22;1';
New Goods, Cheap for 'Cash:* .
3LOTT has just received anotherlot of New.
'Goods, Such as Chalks, Brage Delaines; De'
Rages, Collars, zXtubroiderieti, Lawns, &c.; which he
offers at verb Sumnier ,Shawls, a new lot
• some beautiful patterns at irery low prices, alsoßlacki.
Silk Shawls equally - low for Cash. •i•
Parasols latest style at • C. - Tr.• NOTTS. •
Black. Dress Silk, a 'splendid article, at 0. W. 31. • .
Summer Stairs it, great varieties„'at C. W.l‘.• -
Groceries of all kinds; -very cheap., Syrup, a grit,
rate article at 50ets per gallon. You hixe only la ,
call and examine, to become satisfied that the," Readi'..
of Narigatioti" is .the• place to "my Cheap,r-
'Butter, Eggs, Hams, Lard; Socks, in fact all kinds
of Country- Produce •in exchange - for goockat Casni•
Prices. - , - • . 11" MOTT:
Montrose; June 15, 1855.
• °, 4 ' A X:D •
Manorial; Estalilisluttent
. - SCSQUERANitA DEPOT.,, . /... ...
XL 'S ' rilfErißentiCaond lv tl: l e ui p ti nblii . i pe g e e ti n u e li nt i dly, ' ttt la t ric t e he i r
keep C nstantly on hand a full n.ssortmcnt of Ready
Made - C 'thing ,! Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, and,
every thin ' else necessary fur men and women's rwear-
We weal] il rticularly call the attention Of country`
Merchhnts to tii large stock of Ready-MadsElothing,
of our own ma Tetnre, which •Ive offer aticholasidei•
at ptices that till afford great inducements ,to \
i ,
and short:time customers'.
A large stock of Cl ths Cassimeres, VOtings o tc.,
kept constantly; on halt , 'for persohs desirous of har
ing clothing. made topr r. • • 1
- Ordms puncinally atten ed to.- • i * ...-
Thankful 'forlpasrfaror4,..,- . 0 hope- to merit a cOrt-..-
tinuance of the same.- -,- - •- J. ASHER ,t, Co:,
Susquehanna Depot, Pa.. Ma; 12, 1855.: •
t •
' 'Ad Jai is•ittorla
IVFOTICE is hereby given thatletters4admlnistra-
I -LI lion upon the estate of (WWI I° UNNELL ;
late of the town ithip of Aulturn,cl have beett
granted to . the subscriber, and allpersol:debt
ed to said estate will please, italic. iaimpay.
meat, and those baring claims against - the::
will please present them duly attested for acid
Acucar, Jiine 13th, 1885.
_ .
mew - inooo k
WE :we receiving this week a lot Of Neir Maw* just
purchased- in the city, width menders=our sesortment
'complete, and which we offer on the most favorable
terms, at the new .- ilding, one 'door above - the Poet Office. •. • "} ItENTLEI4.ItEAD... -
Montrc)se, Febrei 455.-
Hooks. ant'Stationery. •
T HAVE. received a Urge addition to myt stock of
-L• 'Books and • Statinnern!nntiong which aro: A Long
Look, Ahead, (Roe!) --Wolfert's Roost ( irving)-Dr. -
Spinier% Sketchesonderful Adventures, of,Capt. -
Pri_ kt4l , -The Rime 'Holder's Daughter--Life-'of Sant'
Noviston--Jane May—The May Flower (Harriet B.
Stowe}—.Rag Bag Ac.—will sold'
cheap. - . s - F. D. CHANDL
May U. 1855. , •
____ - New York Prices ; 4 ,,
ARE noir being paid by A: Lathrop. .& 4 .0. all
ru t
those who consign their butter ,and produce-pa eat..-' ,.
They basing made arrangerfienta are 110 w a . qci t ,
send' all kiials or prodUce to-lies -York, - itn&J'-' :yid
the samsfat' the bigliesetriarket- Prices. :':'4llAl'-'.: •
isho wish good prices and gulch retails we, hiiiiiiX .
call upon - -- A..LA'rIIIIOI" fit.G0.:....:,
- Montrose. Marl, 1853:;-:. ',!z - -
alflnfl Milk Pons of alf! -- ;sizelr, and* made !from ,
4 liiilldouble cross ti i at. legs than Ilerthanti
mivalty pay to`sell again, for axle by the Sutpser?her.•
We hare ecru° to the conclusron to sell pans to Far:
mere its low a* Re Will to the trade,. thereby : sing
to the Fanner our profit. Our wares are, w - tedk .
to he perfect M every Particular or no sale: : ... '
Terms—Cash or abort credit. . : . .
1 4
- .. .-
. - "iv
. 'N'ew Milkd April I. 1A.3 . 0. - ''= - - L
I.IOItIC, FLOUR AND SALT the build 0:
erwisa.nt the lowed prleetrat DICER.IIIANV".
ff As
. IPAIO ~I POU: WOOL bi . %