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There are gains for all our lossetc.
• There are bahns for all our pain
But when youth, the dream, departs.
It, takes something from our hearts,.
Arid it never comes again! •
We are stronger and are better -
Under manhood's sterner reign;
Still we fed that something sweet
Follofred youth with flying feet,
And will never come again! '
Something beaUtiful is vanished,
And we sigh fu it In vain ;
We beheld it everywhere,
On the earth and in the air--'
' But it never comes again!
The following story, related by a. mother
to her children, a few years since, will show
the spirit that existed among the oople of
New England at-the trying period to whiclk
it relates : • . H
Late in the a ft ernoon of one of the last
daysa in May, '79, when I was a - few months
short offifteen years old, notice came to Town.'
send, Mass., whire my father used to live,
that 'teen soldiers were wanted..
like training band was instantly called out,
and. my brother next older than myself, was
one that was.'seleeted. He did. not
'Unlit. at night, - when all ..were in ed.—
When' I rose in the morning, I . found my
• Mother in tears, who informed me that : bro7
ther Johti was to march the day after to-mor
row, at sunrise: Hy father bras at the time
da Boaton, •in the Assembly. My mother
said that , though John i ia supplied with
.suinmer clothes, he Must be' away . seven . or
eight months,. and Must suffer, for want of .
.winter garments There was, at this
,time no
.store and no artihies to be ' had, - exc ept such
- as each family would make itself.. The sight
of a mother's tears- always brought all the
.hidden strength of my mind to action. I im
mediately asked, her what - garments were
needed. She replied, ' pantaloons.' •
• 'Oh ! if that's all,' said I, 'We «i 1 spin and
Weave him a pail before he goes.' • • .
iTut'said my knotbe,r, ' the wool is on the
sheep's back; and the* sheep , are in the pas
immediately turned to a younger brother,
'and bade.him,take a salt dish and call, them
.up to the yard.
Mother replied, • Poor child, the-re are no
sheep shears within three miles and a half.'
have some small sbears iii ekoluotit' said.
'But we can't spin and weave in so short
a time.
. .
-‘ lan certain we can, mother: •• •
. How 00 you weave it ? There is a, long
%Web of linen in the loom: • • .
No, matter, I can find an empty loom.'
By this time -the sound of the sheep made
me quicken my steps toward the yard. I re
-quested My sister to bring me the wheel and
• cards, while I went fir fte trool. I went in
-to the yard with my brother, and.,secured a
white sheep, from which Lsheared; with my
;loom shears;hal fenough for the wets; we then
,let her go with.the rest of the flock. I sent
- the wool in with my sister. Luther ran for
.a black sheep, and held her while I cut off
wool for my filling and half the -warp, and
then we allowed her to go with the remain
-• ing part of her fleece.
The wool thus _obtained was duly carded
and spun, washed, sized, and dried ; a loom
-was found a few doors off, the web got in
-woven, and prepared, cut and made, two or
three hours before my brother's departure,
that is to say in forty, hours from the com
mencement, without help from any. modern
, unprovement. t •
Tbe , good old lady closed by saying: I
felt no weariness, I wept not—l was. serving
any country; I was assisting my poor - mother;
was preparing a garment • for my darling
.brother. r .
-Ale garment being finished, I retired and
-wept till my overcharged and bursting heart
was relieved.
This linather *as-one of Gen. Stark's so!.
diers, and with such a spirit to cope with,
need - we wonder that Burgoyne did not exe
cute his threat of marching-through the heart
of America ?
John A. Collier lidinritoundthe Town•
' Hardly a man in the State is wider known
as= inveterate wag and joker than John A.
- Collier. 'His reputetion as a logical reason
er and sound lawyer is net more extensive
than his fame, as a tOmorist and piquant nar
rator of comical events. His speech, in the
national, House of Representatives, some
twenty years ago, in which he, likened the
evolutions of the - Democracy of thii State,
under the command of the A y Regency,
to the varied movements Zifre contra dance,
was a capital bit and pinned him at 004303 in
the front rank ofsatirical debators. This was
fdloWed by several contributions to the
newspaper Pre", in which the peculiarities of
well 'mown politicians were ridiculed---all
without malice, but in ai very hippy and ef
fective manner. His, description of the last
entertainment given by Mr. - Van Buren, pre
viously to bis retirement from the Presiden
'ey—a fancy .sketch, of course —was greatly
admired, and had a general run through, the
• papers. It was one -of the clevenne, things
ever written in this country./ Some of the
shots were telling beyond description. Mr.
Webster read it at a supper party one eve.-
ning about the time of his retirement from
the Senate to become Member of 'General
Hiusisoe's Cabinet, in his best style, and
tolliknderfur-effect. There never was a
eMer than Mr. Webster, and no one
ever had a keener sense of the ludicrous or
a nicer perception of the humorous_ points of
a story. He was a perfect mimic of dialect
&any curious oddity of manner, end des
cribednn =psi% scene with a facity of
_ style and tone rarely - witnessed. He enjoyed
Mr. Collier's -fun with exgaisife relish ; and
those who recollect the article alluded to,and
have had the' pleasure to see Mr. Webster in
one of his more genial moody can form some
idea of the treat enjoyed by' the guests at
that.supper—the intellectual treat we mean.
A well known. western orator, who was Mr.
Webster's Cabinet associate, was so much
dariosiid with the wit and satire of . the
iltath, and Mr. Webster's manner of illus
trating it, that he fairly laughed himself out
of his chair, arid - fell on the floor.
But we are in a fair way to make- our
vestibule larger than our house.' Our pur•
pose was simply to, tell an anecdote, in which
laugh is rather against Mr. Collier: He
Was in town yesterday with
,his - family, and
wishing to take an airing, called a ,earriage
driven by a Patlander of the densest and most
literal kind.
_ And where does yer honor ,want to go
. We wish to sce what is most. interesting
in the place-,drive et about the town.'' :•
. 1 44 it ! .'round the town, yer honor?'
Yes . , yes,' said Mr. C., impatiently— go
Sure, And I will, 6 - er honor,' and off he
started. Leaving the American, Put drove
down street to. Erie; turning down Erie,. he
Wept to the Basin, then on the,doek, and so
through Water and. Prime—streets, and .to
Ohio; then to the Hydraulics and up Jerer
son street to the old city line. Not partieu
!forty admiring what m - re,. Partington efals
77 -7 7 , . • •:
the outworks of a city, ie: C. called a par
ley,' and remonstrate with the
Irishman. .• .
- Is this what, youi call 'seeing' the town ?
Wher the devil are you goin,:t.f •
'Round the town, as .yer • honor directed
ine.-4nd I've got...round,' too, ' going .
down lo the (`anal, and 'long thu low•path
to Erie sstreet, where we started
134 i! Aavertiscr: - - - • • -•
.. . 1 • .
rttaswrrit TREnfn=
• Irobart Seyniore,. in his late Interesting
volmn . under the above title, shows the ag
gressite.polic.3 -of the Church of ;Aortic and
its cor•uptbig tendencies.. It is ti:- work frs
tingul4hed for its fairness, andgroUps togeth= -
er some inipreSsive 'lucidents, tt,i many hni
portant facts 1-- - - . .- "
Ile lysilrat the. yearly averag for t
ders i 1 all Italy --in that. Nett. :whore. the
Chum}, of Rome ht supreme, • and` without a
rival--fit one (thousand nine hu.ndt i ed anti sii
.ty-eight, so that every' year . there 'are -'l43ft.
murded in C' Id blood more . 4n, women
and c hildren t,n often full in themost blood
stained battle i. gi lds. . And this in :the land
of con ients, rui neries; and Confestionalsin
the hind where, of all else on the wide Bur:
face of 'God's c r eation; we might expoe . t.• the
full and happy'. ' . deVelopMent of all the' re-_
litraint whiCh' mho Chtirelf•ef Rome imposes
upon crime—ln (Leland where priests, and
monk; and punX exceed hundredi and
twenty ,thou Sand. • ...• - . . '! -
Wm i . Whiteside informs us that at ASA.-
. therto are 1 twelve, convents : at Folinrto
twelve for mbilks and eight for nuns at Spo
letto, •wentyitWo ; at Teri ; five; at Maim,
seven l r
monks, and, fi ve for, name- fit ap
pear.,,-thatstPerugia there arc thirty
four foi mtks and fifty ! or Dots. And yet
it is in this very district that the murders
amount to .one hundred arid thirteen to the
million. i of Me population ! While in Naples
and Sicly, there. are or tether were, a few
years a g o, sixteen thousa nd four hundred said
fifty-fivs, monks, acid thirteen thousand nuns,
thelarGest ntiniber in any country in the
world,: pd Oldie is also the largest proprir
tion(* T i ll ic: to loe . fontpl in any one coun
try on, the NOti : Ale i:nrtlice. of God's - creation - !
The foil -mint 'tire the re - snits 'in the sevOr
al Itoin of Catholic cf.tititrics, ' . us - contrasted
With Pr. tesbutt. England : •:, .
ll.Onian -"ltliolie Ireland, 19 to the million:
• " L Eleigitun, 18
. 4" t`,Yranc.e, - • 31
gite:tria, :36 "
'• " ." • HaVaria, 68 "
" Sardinia, 20 "P
" l'Oinbardy, 45 "
" ; useany;- iXtl -"
the. Papa - Su' s, • • 113 "
Homan Oinholi Sicily, 90 4 ,
t' " 3aples, 174 "
Are iiqt these figures eloquent? Oate thing
at least' Is certaiti7oas derived from these
figures,offieial \ and goVertiMental as they are,
namely, that convents and nunneries,- and all.
such institutions of liotnanisii have failed in
those countries where they have been . tried
under the-eircitmstan _most favorable for
-their devielopment+4ave failed wretchedly
and siguailly. 'And thec : argumen4. that we
ought to.lntroduce into this country the -in . -
stitutionstof Ruinanism even , in a modified
form, as more efficient in repressing crime
-than the principles and motives of Protestant .
Christianity-, is not Only answered, but ANSI
I Tuz S. piu.—The Deniocrats - Of _Louisiana
have helditheir convention,, and nominated
their tic t. The Convention adopted what
-.,:„. .
is known its the Georgia platform which
,aarolloWs -.. ' r.,. .
' That the State of Georgia, in the judg
ment of this Convention, \will and ought to
resist, !eve tn (a a last resort) to a disruption
of every tie which . binds her to , the Union,
.any action of Congress upon the Subject ; of
slavery in! the DistriGt of Columbia, or in any
places subjeet to the jurisdietien of Congress,
incompatible with th e. safety, domestic-tran
quility, the rights and'honor of the slavehold
ing States; or any act suppressing the Slave
i trade:between any slave-holding . States ; or
any refusal to adniit as a State any territory
hereafter applying, becauseof the ezigtpavie
of slavery therein ; or any act prohibiting the
introduction of slaves int the territories of
Utah- and, 'kiew Mexico ;r, any act repealing
or t
materially modifying t e laws in force for
the recovery of fugitiie slaves.'
The New Orlea Bulletin, a leading Whig
organ, but now sy m pathizing with the secret
order, corqmends this platform in the molt
travagant language.,
'This in a rational, national, conservative
rofession 10 f• faith, which every good citizen
: s
'am subilenbe to, and the party that does not
adopt it in its details as Weli ad,in the aggre
gate, comet expect td be tiustainnd by South
an votes. o, i 1
The sandpaper calls ispai . its Kn ow-Nothing
friends to4t looseem once and forever: from
their NO nt friends, abandon their ',wo
g, and come on to the- Getorgia platform.--
It sari that the public irbecoming impatient
and will as longer tolerate secrecy and says.
lery—that4the idea of a l'ilational platform
must be abandoned, !as Chimericaland ut
-terflii h ies t e Tritcticsil:;' ! I , -
things indicate, that there will soon
be only once party in the South, , standing on
the GeOrgut: platform; and that' the Slave
States willi i have onlr one Presidential ca ndi
date in the field, to,whord they will give a
unanimona i•ote.• ItAlie North to remain di
vided, and (thus defkted; on such, an issue?—
We hope j ot. ,- . [ ,
A Cni.? Dzsncirerotgi—Prof. Nash, of
Amherst College, gives thefollowing ihrmula
for nmki ng what' may beteitned Home-made
Chloaide ot Lime: ,Talie tine barrel of lime
.and one bu hel of salt dinihlved in as little
water as It'ill dissolve ./the whole; slick the
lime with the Water,lpnttinti on more water
than will d 7 . slack lit so ! Inch that it will
form a very thick igt..4e ; is will not take
all the water ;I put on there _we a 'rule of the
remainder daily until the I * le' has taken tbe
whole. • The regnlewill be',4 sort of impure
chloride of inie, but a:very powerful deodo
rizer, exually good, for all ordinary purposes,
1 1
with the a kit' bought at i' the ' apothecary's
and co - st,ng n6t onkvren4th-part as mud:.
this shout i 4 kept under. shed . or in some
out buildi ~ lit should bo ., kept moist, and
it may he applied whenevmr offensive odors
are generated,! with the ,assnlanite that it will
be tArectivelto!purifyi the air, add will add to
the value *of manure imneh tnore than it cost'.
It would be well for!every'farmer-to prepare
a quantity iif this, and have it alwiays on hand.
How much more aen'sibli it would be for
!,ahe City authorities to nse thii mixture,
which concentrates ailluA, 'lap! instead of quick
lime whichidikalpates throilgh the air and in
to every lx.4 , dyrs fangs, 1 i ..
XXTE *hall *ell--
7 adtiitio, to
which atill . r/dec
which-w 0 ovate thi
Goals eireiap
hiontrok, tune
c. D.l berttistlitaH , rams over F.' B.
- Chantl4re so*. where It HI he, his pleasure to see
his frieOds :us tench av post4hlE. •11 D. vnwil.•
May t, 18r4, lleAdort_pent!Ft.
- it • ' '` A I • •
• •
T. B. tireluir X: D:. • •
312171. WIAN AND SURGEON, 'Jackson, Sonde-.
Residenceaf the Postoßice.
Hall & Lamb
O~^lA .
111 NET MANgiIS, have reeenttyYpened a ware
roo4 in New Xilford, Pa., and win keep eon,
Mandy od hand allsitinda of Cabinet-ware; also Ready
made CoMns. Funentle attended with or without a
hearee. Vdre-roont nearly oppealte .1. Dickennad'i
New 11)Iford Mac 15, 1855
A. 4V, E. Baldwin, -
..LV 1 Tr4nkp, Wilip4e., in the Basement of Sesule's
[lntel, 114ntiuse, Pa.=,
• C. 4. Simmons,
11)00T AND SHODI Si AIZER. Shop flint tloor east
11 of Odd ilall, Turnpike at., Montrose.
CAN npw
be found*, at Ms new stand on \ Owego st.
two b out west Of Searle's Hotel, where he ef
fectscally gepairs with dispatch, - Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, Guns, and ei:ery description of Machinery.
Wheel cntting r Gun and Watch materials supplied
1 0 the triae.
- - 1 .
. • .
QIIRGEFIN DENTIST, Mointrose, Pa., at Searle's
Mondays and Tneicli:Lys of each week.
Ar e NTlt er Woodruf 4 k Car
cbants, N 4 113 wailon g ton tweet, betlireen Court
-twit and pay strects,, , ex York.
• Caleb Weeks.
ilagee L.Ttimmer. nap at his dwelling house,
early opiaielle Ileftry Dyinker's. Montrose. Pa.
Killer & Pcrwlec,
anallolicitors in Chancery. Office No. 44 Clarke
street, Chlragd, 111.
Pacific Hotel,
('ll7trEsivicii ST 'T. ,(tingr Se .us,)
... 3 ;4 6 F ,
k_A York. ,Salisbury & co., nopiiitnitrg. In the
vicinity pf'pe'principtil gtearaboatiatufmga.
ThAmas Ingstrun. • -
DEAr4t.IN DRY GOODS, Groceries Clothing,
Boots 'and Shoe.;, &c., Susquehanna
Dyad, Pa. •
• Bentley & Fitch,. - • -
AGErN, lit I rime , _
n. A.
John Groves.
ASIIION ABLE TA 1 1,011. shop under Searle's
1 liotelt?Mnine etrea, -, Pa.' •
4, 1
• : D. D. Hinds,
a in the'rear of Willion's Sion., Montrose, Pa.
Colstin, , •
,I.N STOVES. Tin, Copper, and Sheet
.I.lron NtaN, Zoderseille, near Oroati3end Depot.
Deeeinher 1.
i•l ; • • L.P. Hinds,
7TOTIkEt. AT LAW, Satyr reins Pa.. Office
.L1a...0n Mame street, the ticoor . easvenenheirlis. •
Frazier & Case,
1 - 3.. Office; on Turnpike street,. one door
I‘o4's Store; Monirose,jra.
• AlbertChamberlin,
TTORN'EY AT LAW and Justice of •the Peace;
/11.. over 1.4 L. Post & Co's Store. Montrose-
1 - Wm. H. Jessup, •
TTORNEY AT LAW AND commissionn of
LA. DEE* for the State of New York, will attend
ara i3i businoi4s entrusted to him With poßstomarand
MieHrr. Oltiee on Public Square; ecoaried by Hon.
PaintsZOili, Dye-stuffs, Groceries, Dry Geed;
Hardware, Steneware„ Glassware, Clocks, Watches,
Jewelry, Mier Spoons, Spectacks, Musical Instru-
Trtmes, Surgical lnstruinenta, Liquors, Per
fumery, lfirrpru, ,Stationory, Brushes, Shoes, Yankee
Notions, kc..•
B. R. 14orus & Oa,
Dry dood.z, Grosbrieg, Salt, Flour, and Hard
ware, jellekro, Pa. / •
- ' L . P. B. Chandler,
IThEALEVAN DRY GOODS ; Ready Made Clothing,
•Grocertes, Books and'Stationery, etc.., Public
Avenue, .Ifootrofe, Pe.
" Patrick & Dintock,
1. °lrmo ; treat; .11Factraae, Pa.
I. L. POSt & CO.,
rlEALiaios. IN DRY GOODS,'Grocerieg, Crockery
11 thullwere. LeatheOlour, etc., comer of Tarn
rrike Street, slid Public Avenue,ifantiOse, Pa.
J. Lyons & Son.,
DEALERS Pk DRY GOODS, Groceries, Itarthntre„
Crock*, runs-are, Groceries, Books, etc.: iti*
carry on the look Diseditey business—Pubßc Avesue,
Montrose, . •
!?Bentlei &Bead,
DRALFJtS IN, DRY DODDS, Dram - MoSeines,
Paints Oils, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery,
Iron, aoeleN;Watekeo, Jewelry, Silver Spools, Per
ornery, Le.—Wetirt. of Public Acewne, Montrose.
km 4 Beat e 7
/VI: &lads of Gaithoge, Siam. Avioalbud Doge.
iseote, °See at Sayre% some, Wetiliflieasee;
Ilarathettary at the Fee* Foundry, Foot, et ebony
strut, Moan* Pa.
& Intuaut R. Jump,
Atesas LAW. Prae.
dee is Sesquebiumni, Brad Wayne, wie
lding awl Leierne eaudies. ,
- Winba Sad - th Co., • .
CABINSTOIAKERS. )Jhey keep amstmatiy on
kind a itood.assortment of all kiwis of Cabinet
Farnham. Shop and Woe Booms at the toot at
Mane tenet, Oloatrose,
BOckond, Winton & Co.,
.1 A)1174 573,, RE Xp1, '" L_ ,n, DEA U LERS tntrop
sots, .Ribboss4 dx., So. 20 uourdandt street, New
York, (up stn rs.)
.s. socstmeLL. „ 1. nowAsn. W. W. worms.
ifestrok, 'Pa., will attend all busi
ness entrusted, to him in the
of a,
Conveyancingt and writing of all kinds will be done
neatly e and chpgis moderato. Tie will also attend to
The provecudop of claims of soldiers; their wilows and
being. ligniastJ the LTuitUrl States Government, for
Bounty. Lain4Peitsions, &c. May be found at all
hours at the OfficO formerly occupied by J. T. Rich
ards., EM., notth of the Court House. ' 1489.
i'- IL C. Tyler,
INTERESTSII With L L. lIUNT, Imp . ortcr of and
Dealer in llardware and Cutlery, Carnage Springs,
itc:.; No. 215 pnirl street; New York, where his Mer
cant& Dienderi in this and other counties, are kindly
Invited, and ellwaestly solicited to can and purchase.
, , r.
ruausato ritzy Tuctisniv *masa,. As itorritosr,
owes of - Advertising. •
One square (15 lines or less) one week, $0,50
One square " , • :•-• two W ,15
One square . " ', three Yeeks,r eeks, 1,00
One square . " one month, 1,25
One square' 6 ' two months, 2.25
One square . ; " three Mont s, 3,00
One square i " six months, 5,00
One square " •one year,........ 8,00
For two or ,€more squares, inserted by the year, a
deduction honk. the above prices is made. Yearly ad.'
rertisers will have the pririlege of.altering or chang
ing their idreitisements without additional thine.
Blaine. cards, not exceeding tire rules, inserted
at $2,00 per ahnum.
f Job Work.
This office 10 supplied with a, good assortment of
Jobbing =tales, and all kinds of Job Work, such
as Cards, Pos*rs, Pamphlets , wgl be done neat
, ••,ly and p ro mpt! .
and ,to
to buy
Saw tor Sale.
A gpod selmd hand buggy (own . by
VOuttut4H. .44-11 11, 1g55.
A pOpir' Si 4AirEiro. IiVOILTIII IPWQ
'•• s ' II ' EARNED.
JW4TI'ENBERG 'at BRO., M ontrose , f Pa., take
•• this tbetlkill bf advising their old friends and
cUstorncOt nhd the public at large, that they have juk
received:and opened the largest, prettiest : nd eheaP
est stock ofEF.ADY MADE CLOTHINI4- ;ter bri't
'to this place, Whick, they oiler nt iSlTilliddlatlCP . ritlfn
cost, thetel•V•olfering purchasers the' rare. Opporttud
ty Of Obaildng goods at about two' thirds the' usuld
price. i '.l' .
Also It 4tige asir.rtment of Pry GoodS, Comprising;
for Ladies Wear, new styles Brocade, Stripe, Plaid,
Plain awl eh a ngeahle Silks, DelaineS, MuSlini De Bago
Beragedelalnes of-hew and elegant desi g n k AU the
latest - st!leit ;of Ladies Dress .Goods, French Lawni,
Prints and Ginghatits. - A handsome , ass4tment ilf
Dress Trimthings, Rmbroided Sleeks, Collars . ; GulfS,
etc. JRC4IICS and Swiss Edgings and Insertifigs;Gloves
Alits i .licKery, Veil. 4 and Po.ra.4oli. - i 1 - • i
Their assUrtment ofShawls is very larme,Multraring
every. thing4hat is rich awl fashionabij . hoth foreign
and domestic, :.. ' ‘. \ •, 1 !.
' Th'cir fkninet Department is large and Complete,
embracing the very latest styles, with Trimmings to
i match. • I' - i ' - - • i
. . .
An:extensive assortment of Irish linens, napkins
towelingi table covers; curtains &c.
WO hare also a supply .of,Shirts i Gentlemen's Col-
SusPenders, Gloves, LinibrallaS and a good nia4
other articles too numerous to mention.. For ~barg
ains the: public is respectfully invited to all at the
cheap store of •
corner of Chesnut & Owego Streets, four doors east
Of PotesistOre. • '
1 - I.
1 s / DEIVTLEY & READ 1 _
ARE Dolt receiving their anal supply of SPRING
AND SITALILER GOODS, whidh they offer td their
customer*, and .thi public generally, on. the'moot rea
somtible (mita, for Cloth Butte; Zgge, Grain, Beee
wad,. or on approved credit. . 1 !
Montrose, May 1, 1855. • I i
8 — &tit T --
BIWAIVL eneymeresi Kentucky Jeans;
Sumner Sutr, and a general stock Of staplo
Ifory4e44snat ree&s . cd and cotssle sight by
imn. Pc Lance, Lawns„Cliiliis i';ingbatinci
1. L"I
and Cocheco Prints &c. '&c.l for said
by ' -I,
~..___ __,_ ~ BENTLEY - & BEAD. ;I 1
ONNETB, Bitilms, Parasols, Somme Shawh
c 1
B•Bla* Silks, Dress Trimmings. &c. &e.j for sale
by ' ' I' , -1 . . BENTLEY & BEAD. I
Sriii,t , - ,V lalCOii:7 — ;
Pan , ....;;
.n, Striw, and 'IPalTi . ;
Il ats'ill,nibrellai', I..latchols; Window Paper Sze.-
&c.: ' Ii i • BENTLEY &MEAD. 4
114144 .A.4E, Crockery, Patcotriiils,Ttibs, Put=
iy, 005 &e. . BENTLEYA: - , BEAD.
TIRUO.t., MeilicincsJ'aints, Oils, byestutt., and a!
.1-J genoal attortmeht of Patent Idedicintts - , inst iiit
and for
-----s4ic b
- y
OLE ap t perl.catier - Vatent hips, Calf Skins „ 1 ; .
and :vgpodlsopply of Boots and Shoes Constant-I
ly on toniii I i - ' . BENTLEY & ni....t0.
- • ~-.,
1 / 1A4714 by the 'ban cl or one-half
I. so, 111:tiTt,,Ly &
- 3 : • . • -: • •i - • -
VATATiiiiES.an4l JEWEI.G.Y.—A full asSortn.ent . ll
v of'10Old" ano.f.t.itter Lepinea and Di , tatdied
Levtira; in 'double and single-. Cases, Ear H
Drops, R 144, Guard Chain &c. A 1.., Silver
Table, Tut; Desert, Salt and Sugar Spoons, warranted ,E 1
love, for Ole by • . • & 4E.Ap.
and TINWAItE, Clocks, Nails, 'auttlit..S,
Lain il, Sc. &e.
Ifontro. 0, May 1,'55. "•11ENTLEY & ItA.D. •
The - Greatest linprorement ive the .Aptl—C.
Doidde-Actinylixll. i illre
i i .Abree and Lift Pumps— •
A'Orovement above all other pumps or ma
chinns for lifting, throwing, and carrying water,
combining; both a. Pinup and a Fire - Engine. This
Ptunp,!patentecl in Febrnaq,
,lBb4, is the whble of it
metal Tic, • O'ci bolts or screws about it to rust', conse
quently it last a Man's life time.. It can be used
in every variety of form—can draw water from any
situation, and Carry it to any part of a building. It
Is superior to all other Pumps, for DistillerieA, Paper
Tantieries,• Brick Yards, Iron Works and Man
ufacturing jOtablishments of all kinds.
An cirdera.must be addressed to ADDISON Vtumicx,
Lodersylilei,;_,Pst.„ who has the sole right for Susque
hanna count+.
1 CAPITAL, $200,000. -
Seritreit Dowd •cohil Mortgage 'on de 11;:al, Effeate
of 'Me Sinai.'Older&
Insures ti trinst loss by Fire, or Houses, Stores, and
other baßdings, Goods, Wares, and Merchandise on
as fityomt4 terms as any similar Institution. !LOsses
promptly adjhsted and paid. I
• Dtascrotil.--flon. Horace Williston , Athens;-Fran
cis Tyler, do:"-; George A. Perkins do. ; J; T, D. 3lerer,
dck; C, N. Shipman, do.; C. E. Welles, Jr. d 0 . 1,• J. E.
Canfield do', 4 B' B
Pion. John Laporte, Towanda • den. .-
Wakeman, jimeerilile; Geo. AL llollenback, Wilkes
bane ; 3lichael ileylert, Laporte, Pa. •
Orricatuj.,-!-Ilon. Horace Williston,President; C.
F. Wells, V. Pres. and Treas.; 3. E. Canfield,
Secretary.; - .
Agent, !ix BEEBE. Nontreise, Pa. flp32m3
0 1 1 118 snheCriber wll3 act as agent for buying and sell
ing P.erd Edwate--Farms, /louses, and Lois.--lo
cated in Siumbehanna County, Pa. AU who Wish to
offer their property, for sale can give a minute dieserip
tion'of theyarms or Lots are follows : Number of
acres, bow many improved, and bow watered,lbuild
ings, orchards, grafted or common fruit ; other fruit
trees: and the nearest point to the D. L. k W. R. W.
and N. Y. 4 E. R. R.
62 farms 'op the fist, 43 unsold. By calling on the
subscriber ti minute description, price and tenns can
be giien.
Office on t urnface et. 4 doors . west of Wain st.
Nocitt:cose August 15, 1854. A. BALIVAIN.
Pre* lisbiiigstiiber is estimivilyi hi. Spring and Seta
1 ser asoac of Goods, comprising a great variety,
wide% will lat sold as low as any-in this market.—
Mass cattail malaise. • -F. B. CHANDLER.
NATE, ;CND CAPS—A. good assortment WI the
West -!!
REAprrELIDE 9LOI7IDTG-k good variety
daring aMilamasertlaidng if the latest cot -•
DRY GOODJS—A. general, assortment threugh
out. Alma/RENS GOODS, consisting of Lima,
Bane Dehtletes, Freneh Detainee, Periaan Delaine,
Printed Lama, Fancy Prints, Ladles' Worked Cot
ten, Insertinne, Edgings, Black Silk Mantillas, Thibet
and Cashmere Shawls, Parasols, Hosiery, Gloves, &c.
BOOTS WO) SHOES. Clocks—a large assort
ment of every description and style. Also, a !great
variety of Farley Articles, Yankee Notions, &c. 1:
Crockery4,llardware, and Gcries of all kinds.--
Maks, a good lot for sale cbea Books and Sta.
tionery—o W Paper—lsis°, Fl rof the best quality,
iffoidinae,! May! 9, 1855. F , , B. CIIANDLR.
fie* Line at Mall Staines,
, mow
STAGES Will leave lUrkwood, passing through Cot.
17 bettsvillei Liberty, every morning afte the
finical of thediailTrains of cars, both Foust and West,
reaching Montrose at 1 P. p. Retitraing; leave
Montrose daily (Sundays excepted) at 1 2 r. x.,reach
ing KirkwOoit in time to take the Mailirains of cars,
both East and West, being the nearest end most fea
sible route to the New York and Erie Railroad.
This line Intersects a tri-weekly line for Dinsock,
Springville, Tunkhannock, Wyomin.., and Wilkes
barre, which leaves Montrose at 7 17st. every Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday. /1.14,,* line to Friends
ville, Lerayseille, lkc. . i
Good teaniti and comfortable carriages are provi
ded, and the{ proprietors will spare, no pains t ac
commodate the public. W. K. HATCH . ,
April 6. 1664. MOR4N WEST.I,.
THE subscriber takes this method of advertising
his friends and the public generally, th at he has
fitted up a stare just across the street from his old
quarter:On :Brooklyn ; where h g liis prepared to re
ceiveM •
custom and sell them ds at as lon rates
u any other - establishment In Elxisquehanna county."
Illy assortment is very large indeed„ embracing near
ly every artidtc usually called for in a country strn-c.
As I am determined to do bOineas So as to avoid
debls,' , l6kb responsible credit purchas e are
taxed to pay;l can offeruperioe Inducements torah
and otherwiseiramerr-rxviso patro up . Call and see
Brooklyn, April 30, 1855. -
The eoparisimship heretofore existing between the
JL subeetibera lander the firm 0tE..8 Kent & Co. is
thlwday alsatititxl by mutual consent.
, K. S. KENT 41: CO. .
arooklyn Aim. 2, 14W4
Claimer g4id Thtiotll)l S eettl i te4Y
New Nillb 1 , March 8,1855 j • .
layer Hanshigs. •
Rollik just opened, awl :some fur 41 per
roll,!kt .1, I,YOSS
. A '
- V. •
A ,NEW. mid singtilarlY;succe”ful 'remedy fur theTM
Cl cure of all IlitlitMs diseases--Costiveness,
gestion, Jaundice, Drepsy ' • lilteumatisni, Fevers,llui
.ttitos,tiout, NervollSlll.lV,lrritability, , Inflamumtions4 .
head: he, Pains in the Breast, Side, Back'.and Limtw,t
FeMale Complaints, liniced,:very few are!
the diseases hi whieNi a Fergative Medicine : is not
more or less rdquired,;nudMuch sickness and suffori
ing might be prevented, ita harmless - hut effectual M
sathartic were ore freely used. No person can feet
well while a costive habit of body. Prevails f \ beside:s4.
it soon generates Serious and often Lital diseases,t,
which Might have been avOided by the 'timely' and s
judicious use of &good purgative: This is alike truc
of Colds. Feverish symptoms, and Billions derange 4
ments.. They all tend, to become or pruduce the deep,
seated and formidable •distempers which load the;l
henries all over the Lind. lience a reliable family
physic is of the first invariance to the public health 4
and this pill has been perfected with consuinmato
skill to meet that demand. An extetsive trial of eta,
virtues by PhySicians, Professors, and Patients, funi.
shown results SurpassinkarlY thing hitherto - knew - 1114
any medicine. Cureslhave, been effectedbeyond be;
lief, were theynot substantiated by persona of. such;
: exalted :Positions andchsracter as to forbid the sits
picion of: untruth. Among the, eminent gentlemen
who have testified inlivor of these Pills, We, mal?.
mention— • .
, . .
. Doct. A. A. Ittysty Analytical :Chemist of BostO4
and 'State Arksayerof Massao.husetfs ; H. J. GA'aoszttif,
Governor of ilassaehtiSetts T. Extoirr WasttsOits, EsZ,
Gi.K. of MasitichusettO; Stlitsos Sttows,'Lleut. ch n ik,
of Mass.; lE. IL Wsioirr, Secretary of State of MILSe. V ;
JOHN B. Frrzrstatex,!'Cath'!Bishop. of Boston; Prof
1 Jon,: Tontlxv, of the . ,'Colloie of Physicians and Stir 4
goons, Neil- York oky`; Dr.3C. V, OACIOSON, GeOlogiok,
' of the Pul lie Lands of the United States: - Dr. J. R.
'CHILTON, riietieal Chimist of Ne.W.York City, endors'
ed by lion. W. L. Iltiniv,Seeretary of. State.; W.m.11
D. Asrott,!the richest Otantn America; S. LF.I.CSD . 4 :
Co., Proprietors of the MetroPolitan Hotel, and
\others.i t,
Dill space permit, we cduid give Mani- hundred";
certificates flour all pirts Where. the Pills have beenr i .;-( .
used, 'but evitlence even ' More convincing •than thep
e'xperieuce of eittinent public. Men, is fuund in, theirif
i ,fleets ' . . il
upon trial. . .
These Pills, the re-tilt of : lung . -InVestigstion .airily
study, are offered to the public as the best and inusto
coMplete 'which the pre:;ent';stiit.• of inell) , :al scierici.4,
' Can Mlle d. They are ctirepinindc•l no: ~r the drugs.;,,
themselves; but.kif the incilli!iiini vii tires only of Veg..! l
' ctable'reineilies I extracted :by clientiCal process in at!
I state. of purity, and cortibined together in such a man
ner as to insure the best 'results. This System ofii
coniptisition for medicines !las been found ir. Clicrry's,
Pectoral and Pills both, to pmduce a room cilicientli
remedy than hail '&lmi:to been obtained by any °-Ei
Th e . rea s on is !, pei fectly ol.iomi. While tiyi" .
the o w n i ode of coutpOsitlint, tivery'rnetlicine is bur Xi
ileneil with more or less Of'neriumnious - and injmionsj
; qualities; by this
.caeh individual virtue .oiily,thitt isi.l
desired for the *curative etiet is present. . All the in. ;.,.
',ert and obriotiolis qtatlitieof each stihstance cut
' ployed are left behind, the :curative virtue's only be-
• ing* retained. is :Self evident the .effects
should prOve as they have lit.oYed, more purely rein- I f
cilia), and the pills a more !tiowerfulantitiote to*div-
, case than any other medicine known to the world.
As it is frequently capedient that many medicines .
'Should be, taken under the Counsel of an attending
-physician, and tti he Could, not properly' judge of a
reineilY without knowing its composition, I have.sup-
Tilied the accikrate formula! by which both my Pecto
ral and Pills are made to the Whole body of Practi
tioners in the United ; Stater; and British American
ProVinces. If, however, there should be any one.
who Inns not receivetlAhem, they will
.be forwarded
b)•-mail at his reifuest.; , . ;
Of all the Patent Medicines that are offered, Loa. I
few would be taken if their composition was knowiti
Their life consists iirtheir mystery. .I have Ito nays
. teritss,. The Composition of My preparations is l.dd
open to all men; and all is are ciatopetent .tii judge
' I on the subject-freely acknowledge their convictions o
:their intritede merits.: The Cherry Pectoral was pro-
..rrouriced by scientific Men to be a wonderful medicine
i befo -e ibi,effects svcre,knoWit. Many eminent ••Phy
, &khans have declared the sltnie thing of InY Pills, and
even more confultintlyand are willing to certify that
their anticipations were more. than realized. by their
' etTeolts upon trial. . They okrate by their powerful
f.influ/ence on the internal viScera to purify the blood
:and ,tirnulato it into healthy action—remove the ob
- ,strudtions of the stomach, limi-ele,. liver, end other or-.
ig.attisof the body, restoi ing 1 their regular action to
!health, and by.correctinc. wherever they exist, such
;derangements as ire the'first.origin of disease. - .
..r Prepared by Dr. J. C. A.yElt; Practical and, An a
Chemist, Lowell, Mao-; Price ,25 cents per
:i • ,
,box.. 1 Five boxer for ?,1,(')(1. I , Sold by .At3E.LTonns.i.ti
:Montrone; .13. F. 8: It. 11. giros, liarford; Curium
4: PmNsr.v,,Dandtiff, and by 'all dealers in medicines
i i ,
*very where. ' i
' 06011XFF &ELDRED 6i - tr .- cu. constantly on hand
1 : a large and well selected assortment of lin
iware, . Reel 4 and Plain .for' wells, pumii, cistern
pumps, &c., Hydraulic Bani.t Japanned' wares,, lead
pipes of all sizes Sc., &o. AI) work done•with:neat
:floss and despatch i an Order's - promptly attended to.
1 1 . _ STOVES &TIPE .
kept constantly on hand, a large assortment of Stoves
et the latest improved and approved patterns. Our
experience in the business enables us 10 select those
that weean safely warrant to : give entire satisfaction.
Oi.mongst our nun crone' stock can be ilmml the
Paragon air tight *. Star of the West, Elevated
Xew World, Clinton, . [Oven.
Atlas, . -" Cultivator,'
Phoenix, " Fire Fly, It
Three State, " _ Western Queen,
Globe, ' Premium.
a. 1. lIM . II7OIVOIIr. 1
More and Mere New GOOds.
RURRITT is now receiving new Mul M.
Ji.l. • supplies °COM& for As Winter Tra(k, Ins
' elpfing a new and eh**, assortment of French Me
seises*, Merino and Cashmere! Plaid.; Plaid, Pam
ry and Plain De Lisaei, Peouniettas,Broeiks Square
and Lofty Shark idl et new and best styles, and will
be sold at 25 per cent. less thin last year's prices.--
4.lsa a new assorttnent itßidsßibbotis and Bonnets,
wide Silk Velvet* for Cloaks and Mantillas, Rich
Silk and -Velvet Drell ,Trempoinge, Moliair Head
Dresses, Rigolels 4 1 ke. ke., with a general assortment
of other STAPLE and PArtcr Goons, as usual, which
baring bought under the present pressure of the cash
Markel, will be sold at corresponding and reduced
Orices. - • • . •
New Milford, November 27;1154.
HE subscriber iscaming on the 0114 IR —II4IE
-4_ ING BUSINESS, in all its various branches at
the Chair and Ware Shop In Harford, where may be
found A greater variety of Windsor and Rocking
Chairs than at any other establishment in the county;
also Flag and Cane StMis,MAW, Bedsteads, Loung
es Settees, Tables, Stands, all of which will
lie sold at the lowest prices at retail, (or whOlesale,
with short notice.) work warranted well made
abd of good material. Short credits and small profits
be my motto: For demonstration of the above
fitets, please !Call at my shPp in Harford village.. •
• • _ _
Hari r d, October ! ' 120 85 , 4; -1548 m G
1 Jewelry, aeixelry.
A GOOD amortntent. of Jewelry, consisting of Ear .
Rinpl, Ear DropA;Rreast, Pine, Finger Rings,
kc. ac., justreccjvcd at DENTLEY k READ'o.
- • Ifillver
Tea, Table, Desiert, Sugar, Salt; ke.,,,warranted 'purr,
for ••sztle by BENTLEY k READ.
Roots aild•
An unusuallygood assorttaent of the best make. all
terth and perfect for sale by BENTLEY & READ.
~~~ ~~~
Arno and! , 31edicines.
fresh stock genuine Drugs and Medicines. Patent
Medicines, Paints, Oils,.Dyc•stuffs, ke., for sale by.
Dee. 13.] , -.• ' .B4IITLEY &READ..
rrgiE Ppring Goinis now being re
l. Ceived at 1. L. POSTS 00's. are desirable In
(Lasky, style and price ;
, 1 Staple .Dry Slrcver„/
Dress Goods, r• r
Cietht and atrainteres, 'Bonnet; /
White Goolls,J, 'rind Para4e4.
CLOTITING—a• fine stack . ar o ceries (~r all vari
eties: Hardware, Crockery,. Look ing Glasses, and in
every department their• assortment islood,'and at
pekes to suit. /
',Montrtr3e,, March 20, ;1855.
Jolin•Grovesd rtisent.
' v 4 7 m '
. ,
..-11; natnre, who farnishes.theph;ds and beasts with
4 extAt coat for winter, has,nottmado a similar pro.
) .f.
Oiion fir man, I have douOildoli to take it upon my se to attend to that•de artme!tt; - and . therefore-.I
th nk proper to annouti e that Edi shivering male bi
p,(l:4, that need new pparel, giprious or ingloriouF,
Eafthionable or unt ionabte,- (Ito have their wants
saciplied, and their ast4 suited ! L oy calling' on me,. at
niAM . () in lioturtme.
I ;f • ► 'DOCTOR liAllitifS t .• .
cf -. • 11101, 1EOPATIlIST, - r. RADUATE and member of the trniversitylef New
r York, will be In Meetrose on the 6th, 7th mid
` - 'Bth int ach month, and nuty be otinimited a llatcti's
Hotel, ifor three thus, upon all dise ases ineisimte to
thehuman system, viz: CONSUMPTION, Ikon:
chids inflantation of the Lung!, Throat,liver, Ileum,
Kidne a and Eplecti,..Dypepsia,.(lndifiestin n ,j Liver,
'Conipl. int, Ritgratarism,-Berofula, Eruptions, Spinal!
Con I 'nts, Diseases of the eye and ear, Nor ms
Welt ess, -& - c., ite. Particular attention gi v e n to
the his n.seli of Females and Children. The - i - arioni
alfeeti ns oT the'llterus radically curer
Dr: larris is Well acquainted with both .Homeopa
thy fur - Allopittby, having been in constant study and
pined - for the last twelve years, -arid having first iti
trodu Homeopathy into Binghamton, N. Y., in
Rig plan of treatment is twig safe and ehl'ea
eioliq, d different from that efittirtither physician,
andfchres nearly all emirs in all stages of the disease.
--'lDr. Harris has testimonials of character,• abil
skill, from as number of the most eminent
lmen In the city of New Yort, among them
b,rated Dr. Valentine Mott. .
ity an '
the Ce
Pe 'z /
pill ° d •
if dpi
0 lnth!
!.ns wishing prompt relief or*rinanent cures
Well, to call without delay. Charges. moderate,
tion free! Patients visite' dat their iisidences
•d. Office hours from 7in the morning until
dr4intages of the Hontcepathic s
treement of
are : •
lit, That patients treated fromeopatidcally + usual
ly are ured much sooner than by any other practice.
24. That nervy imitients can be cured by llomeo
patioc,remedies, who comet be cared by any other .
treatment - • •
erd.i, ay That patients treated Bemeopathiadly, de
not ;b° to labor under the bad effects of the medl.
eine t have altexQo cure the disease.
' - NEW BOOM . - •
• XILLB/1 & PABX rettivn their. rateful
knowledgements to the public, and invite at
to the very large stock of Spring and Sum. -
ods they are now receiving and offer for sale
low prices. In addition. to their4utual assort
staple Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware; Crock
ints and Oils,,te. Ste., they are .prepared to
a large assortment of Ladies' Dress Goods
y description—rimmed, Plaid and Plaid Silks,
1 , Shawls, IlibbOns ' Gloves, Hosiery—Ladies
1 Qes Shoes of all kindsalso a large stock of
r Y-JIAI).E CLOTHING, Cloths; Cassimeres,
1 ' Jeans /Summer Cloths, Vestings, Hats, Caps,
1 01 Shoe' s, &c. . .
; respectfully solicit an early call, froth . those,
li to ptirchasi:•goort goods at loin &ices . ...
rville, May 3, 1 51. . MeHILLE.I S. PARK.
I ..
', ' Chi: .
Piabile :
N'lN,Gjust returned from New York I wish to
all the attention of My old customers, and of
plie in genenil. to nit- „
Atinthought with cash 'at the lowest price.;
ihims to sell principally for the same, I will of:.
1 / /
I at.g./ ea n./ y rewire./ prices. -- - -
Fero: , Prints, warm/it/A fast colors, for only S
[yaq. - Gond Drown Sugar, 18 pounitslorone
Boonton Nall, acknowledged by all to he
t Nall in tNe, $ 45,56 per keg. Hats and Caps,-
lid alute.z,'llhitfalo Robes of all prices„ all. wool
k., Cashmeres, Partunettto, Dress Silk, Silk
& Mouslin De Dairies, 1. shilling per yard,
;maiets and Moleskin Slats "troche Shawls,
Long; L , ll-1.,, Thiliet det.', , sellingat inConeriv
• priges. I can. Safely warrant' perfect sati6-
o all who will give are a call:
bong, ,Apr. 5, 1854. S. A. LYONS.
t;*—good time keepers ; only one dollar. . '
1, •
. • .
.!norit, Apr, 5.
' . S. A. LYONS.:
1 r i - ,
the pu
centt a l
the 1 - .4a
ably fot
j Ln~c.
k G.
r r im)
11L - 17.1
er tq c •
all of v(i
that %Tit
butter a
• powet:„
• Foe, f
ter to,
. • -
. ND E. MOTT would res. pectfully inform the
{:..IIJL public that they arc manufacturing Blatchley's
, ;( . 'elebtihtd Plows. They also • keep constantly on
, lhand,',Stdc 1101, ll'irptie County, and Men' flows,
.Dog Churns, 514, , h and Cutler Shoes,
ItPloze of carious Ntterns, MO numerous to
i:mentioni •Wo hope, by strict attention to business,
1;,to reckir,e our share of' public patrons ,, ,e; Mtumfite
lory, D. Post's old stand. rOundry, M. Mo
•tt, hear
!,Searle,s Mill. • .
Ortepairing done on short notice.
Feb.a 11 , • ELIJAH MOTII4.
i'' ) I FIRE INSURANCE. •' .
THE subscriber is agent for the following Insurance
•:.-1. OorOpanies; doing busineSs at the lowest safe
I State,Afutaal at Harriabeers. _ .
ii: !r
G r I . tapitta $35 i O, 000.
Wash . * tual at Harrisburg.
Capital $200,000.
Vir owe ititaarttnee, 140, Fork - City,.
- -1 . • • Capital $500 5 000.
.. NOI4P:088 April 6, '64. . P. B. CHANDLER.
G. B. 161.D1112%.
.1.1 - 31 E ARO lel.' ASTER.
rrw r . kubscribers are niarning and will keep
41 °Unsteady on hand, Lime of a eery superior
qualitY at Montrose Depot, and will sell it in any
guandliteis at a fair price. Persons wishing a
hew * , 3 4 can be supplied .."on'a reasonable notice. large
Superipr ground . Plaster Wlll be kept constantly on
hand hereafter. 1.„1.. POST.
I .
130 S T iBROTREILS having purclutsed the above
J. citablishment, wit-keep , constantly on hoed Su
ißtfinellatid Mae Flour, Corn Meal of superior inusl
ity, op and Bran at the lowest . cash prices.—
Vustoni *ork will be done with despatch, and in all
ewes tiiakranted. , - • • I3Blt
Montrise„ July, 1553.
11 1
1 ,
rs c , NOTICE. .
// ,
1 Tlao4c peons indebted to the subscriber f or fees
is Regis r, Recorder and Clerk of the Orphan's court
irould c ()tiler a favor by settling the sanagoon.'
Monerase, Dec. 6 1854. • J. T. L GDON.
1, . i
g 1 Vi r i:
‘,Z 14.31 D. SAYRE
• fiirlau exten.Qive
t*ry nn; prepared to fui
kss ratesithatt they kw
I thaa!
.itrpcle which every mar t should try for sali
_ / 2 -a. u. &D. S,
TA -nesC,tot. of Summer lilts and Cloths
faßummer it‘carits'iceived and for sale cheap
; \ D. R. L. ket)..
. •
. Buffalo Itobei.
tA/ C HOI CE lot just received, and offered low hi!
" I Shawls: Shawls!
CHINCH lot of Wool Long Shawls very cheap
'llSprini Ite, December 8. •
w v ED.
MeUr Cutter and a twohoreie ricaanin c
riagit foe; sale cheap by TURRELL.
frhlply of- Silver Spoons,'Watebes, Jeiveltt.
/0. t received. • BENTLEY &READ.
- muste t music •
reeei ed by • J. LYONS & SON.
4 , i -Melodeons
C ONSTitNTLY ON HAND 'or furnished to order 1 'on'idort ni)tice. J. LYONS & SON.
14 ,
ii '.
._ . : t''' ' .4 , .............-.....
C AMI ! PA IR) reit - WOOL 1 1 . .
j ! : ..'
' F. L. POST & 09 -
- .•'Tti - 5 - -'1606 - 1Q4..; -- , for which the higlic t
rice wilt he paid. . S. A. LYONS.-
b 04., Apr. 5... ! ' „ • •
- TIITP - RODCCE - taken in exchange for
6.,'ut my store. S. A. LYONS.
bon:), April .5. • •
istbsclibers having secured , the iloloPright to
''R-WORKER, for Snsquehanna.and several
tg - counties ' respectfully invite all liutter%mak,
xaminc and• TEn the Merits. of this . neW and
invention. We propose to furnish each and
u with a CIII:RN that will produce us_ much
lti as short a time. as any other' hurn—bite
. completely expel:the • butterthilk, wash and
tke salt, it:pm:redly through the
td fit it for use, without removing. it from the
This' Churn is simple in its construction,
its operation, and easily cleaned and kept in
id can be easily attached. to any prispellinm
rthor particulars, apply.personally or by let-
AS. C. 11 . USTINELL and J. N. BR/NtO.N,
FuNuchanna county, Pa.
Depot; AprD 3.
d, in S. S. Mulford's old store, Dial
Me Avenue. •
'ember 13 J 864- •- • • • •
Butte': Cheese,. Eggs, Smoked Hams
Potatoes, Beans, ate.. S.M.
, -
strAlizit — 600DS AT
E now of1"0.r 'to .the public the most. eLci, t
'tho strizi of to bct bat
where ,in .the conntiy, and for tho very, lows 4,
without varitition.
'LiUSINER STYLES. LL. Fos? & Co, hill
made a large addition to their stock of
coisisting now of everything - desirable' for ti
at such prices as are sure to snit. The r
made first tate, - and wo warrant the work to
Knot superior to any everbefore offered'in tbi
ket, •nur stock comprises Coats, fine, black
Sacks, Frocks and• Business; Tweed, Casdirso
Jean Sacks and Frocks, also brown, and whi'
I mer plain and twilled.- Vssrs---Ariite and
Marsailies, Valenta, Lasting, figured Ilaratin
ed silk and Satin, and every vartety,'o6il arc
pina---Flne black Catielmere, doeskin, col.
Sumter stuff, linen drill, mittonade;-1 stripe,
ebeck aniLplaids, so &tapas c o be * u . o o f
' all who desire to buy.
VI; white and colored ind• Gloves of the
ty•alraateiL A large assortinent of all kinll.4
brovro and slate hose, and .4 hose genla ant
cotton, Lisle thread,' ilerlin and Silk Gloves,,
and colors; a large rasortmenk Of black silk
Mitts, long and short. , 2 ; . "..; • INSI
_fine' Boot
Boots, Wien fine' Gahm" B' ooteanl
.5 full wort:merit of Cheap Shoes, etaldient.
es Vapesinl !kwyteesi Ladla One
st . • - 1, 1 . . P. &
VUWE G(110DR—All kyles 'add qialitier.
- V V - ed Shirtings,- Pillow Cotton, Jai and
Mnalina,.Swies and Book Moans, galred
Bishopr and Victoria Lwow; lcc. , figired
Swig Muslim; at P. ce,
po l
_ T
fitROCERIES—of the.beat and -cheapen
kir tof Sugars surprisingly cheap at I. L
PMTN. TS—the most desirable stock in the
' try, at very lOW priCeS. L L. P. &
IRE. GOODS--giiks, Miislins, DeLateo,
I ges, Gingiaams,.l4lins AT., of eery
fiLOTH.S, Cassizneres, Tweeds,- Kentucky
V -and Satirtetts, verreheap at, LL.P. 4: Co'
AXT at DERV WA RE- --Ptifent. Pails, .Ceit u
IV V and Wash Tube, Cocoa ?rut Dippers
Ladles, Prints, Willow Baskets, -Rope llalten,
Cords, Manilla- Ropes, Brooms, a good lot at the
o f . . • LL. ?PST
riOD-F1 H:II.I.VD,;.3IACKEREL of tlie
at'tlie lowest:, poidilM rates. .
April 5, 1854. ' -L L. POSTi:
,veTy hien!), a r t
0 '
114 at low prices .: - • POST & CO.
01A.Carpet p R;oni paperluid
'. POST & Co,
1 , f
BOTAT,TS and Bonnet Ribbons of
'asols, Large and miail at very low price.:.
. • ' POST & co.
DRESS TRLItitITA7OS— s -evei7 . style
jJ and very Asap: - • POST k.
GS-of the bOt. quality.
POST ket
ALIT, Lime anoPladerAt.
AMPS' COLLARS--A very choice .tot of t
1,..J latest styles; Book Embrokloied - Lymerie,Lif
3.teelin land Roniteptt imitatkon . s. I. 1.. & CO,
and Lace Undersleereg, all
E fable sty'les ; also; worked and embe.d:Ecf
and Iniertinga and Flouncing.
• .
T y kind , AdE Edginp and Insertingg ; hniWtionsofel
almost as good as genuine , and very em
alSo puke linen-wrought Lace.. "" L. P. k
VG , P I I
AINF.. Li , and Hemp Ci!xpete p rtie T ai
` 1 UM llAT.9—Panaina, ,fine -arid 'Coarse
L mdd and &nay boUnd, Pedal and. Palatka.,
boys arid men, sold very cheap., I. L. P. &a.
41:4ES' and.. Children's Flats:a gOod
I_l Bois new lot of the latest styles of Boennts at
store ot I. L. P. & CO.
(1/2•4/..17 of all kinds—Beans, Dried Apples,
for, Butter, Beeswax, all wool socks, Er ,,,,
for which.we will exchange goods at cash
April, . I. L. POSTA Ce. •
QAYRE, BENTLEY it PERKINS haring purd- 6 .
L) ed of Wilson. & Co. the Eagle Foundry, 27i TAI.
Prepardd to fill orders from the trade, and do work
their Hite With skill and despatch. They will
cohstan'tly on hand "Plover, (eat kinds,) Stara
kinds,) i Cultivators, Straw Cu4crit, Corn Mil
&a. ekc.itko.
We invite particular attention to the Plow:a vl
we manufacture. We - manufacture and keep for N. T.
-' I The Ceiebrotoof Nate/day Plow.- rR
We have'iourchased the eielisive right to mania)
tare and sell in this county, Wayne; ' , Wyoming la ',.. ,, N
.Bradford, garßieNi Patent bon Beam Plow. IN r_
Plow is ;made'entirely of !row, exceptingithe thrlia',
ft is celebrated for its l easy draught,- being one ,
easier than any now hi, use, WI:0e its strenali . ''.
minty 'ire greater. . 7 • No
HACE(INE . R 4 L e ./
of all kinds manufactured and: rep aired y • . peirroll: .'
ed-michinests. •: . . , 1 . 4
. 4 1 Fogi!let; (Mtrif f for Mile, Mingle It
li - Aims. 4.e. Au- I . ' ' •
Among the Stoves which we! dietare,, art tk
K,eystoae .Cooking Stove, Rh •'d Ready do., to'
est Qtseeit do., Premium and other kinds, op ov I
ranged foe bursting wood Also, SelfißT
lator, Parlor Store, - Cot Parlor do., Stanley;
two slim, do., and s of other Parlor Store,
both wood and coal We keep. also on bud
Grindstone trimmings, / Dog Churn triminings, t
brella and ShorWand'Tongs Stands, Am Am- Work
done to ordef wishort notice and at the lowest Its,
' garOrders/tbr /Stoves, stricvdtural implements
&c., are sac...i lltom those In the trade, and lan -
filled at reason e wholesale prices. - •
// . •- i • . S.. IL SAYRE.
B. . . 1 1 S. IOrrLET. i; -- 4
ros7, Starch 4.E
' . • - . PERKINS. e
. . :
-Australia California, -
74y place on the Globe cannot presefil
greater inducements than - - :J
AVRICA is now filled with a' riew attleitendw
assortment of articles in their line
. embraciri
a general variety 9ln - 4mm:id:elegant Styles of Islet
and gentlemen's wear, aiming ,which are 'WU
Pienclit, Silk Lasting and Frannie Gaiters, Rid. Uti"
Reanimated Polkas, Kid,'Ptitent' Leather and - Bronze , . 1 3,
Jenny Linda, Buskins and Ties ; Gentlemen'a Fred ;l
and Philadelphia, oak tanned Calf skin and kip loots . 0
Morocco, Calf adird Cowhide Brogans Ste. Boys kip,
calf and cowhide Boots and Bnigansi all kinds a
Misses and Children's wear. Also, a general awtvt•
ment of Findings which Consist in part of lasts, pip,
spatables*llungariin nails, table* thread * wax, lira
tlwt,shoe binding, awls, raspi; sandstimes * shoe kairet,
&e. Also oak and hemlock* tanned calf upper all
woleleather, Morocco skins and litdngs. '-•
Work made to order. and repairing neatly ann . & - .7-;
' - • .- KEELEIrdt STPDDiaII. i .
Mtintroise, .April .11154. •
Valuable Lands For Sale.
10011 SALE IN ONE 110 DY, about 5500 acrd of
I. Land ou the watetWof Spring Brea,_ a branch'
of the Lackawanna liver; in Luiertie County, Pod* ,
about midway between- the thriving towns °Mao.
ton and Pittston: Thevae. lands are euia - rd 'Kith val •
uable timber, and being situate le the most eitenhe
mineral region in Pemutylfanianiawn to rentals
iron ore—andike:neva to abound in, coal, told being
also in, the btunediate - vielnity, of severe! lunroA o
made and now in progrea--olfer to the eapiast 'a
opportunity-Ihr the investment of moneY that geldom
occurs: For farther infiwniation apply. to IN. F. M .
saellriEn., No. 11, Wall ;street Ner et to the
subscriber, at Montrose, Susquelanfin county,Pa., the
attorney in fact of the owners. - • •
Aprif 8, 1854. - HENRY DRlNiall.
QPLEN DID Pinta and Ladies' Broadcloth; PeLolo k
just opened And for sale by •
J. Ixow.t soN.
Timothy wed.; • "
taAley Turrelot oelebritted Timothisooil, arro"
10 al pure. For sale dy • ' ABEL TuituLL.
Montrose, Marcia Ist, 1555. • '
iiiNGLES.--4isive r li Shingles wanted by •
1,..) October_ 24. J. LYONS 3 SON
eupply of ti rterrir: just opened.. by
IYotis C:4l>,
Goth at the lowest pricer-- ---
• • • • - I. L. rowl.,k,
spring sty a--best qualin 7