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' • LOW--00V. REEDER. . I
Correspondence of the Nets- York- Tribnne. ,
• . Kansas Territory, Tuesday, May 8, '55.
Amid all the remark and discussion which
ihei "Kansas question" has provoked inr the
- North since thnovert acts of last Fall, lhave
• . been surprised that I s 4ould,find no statement
of the case embracing the direct causes of the
violent proceedings of theyestern Missouri
ans; and feeling that.suchja, statement should.
be made, I am induced to attempt it myself.'
In what' I shall say, you will pleas under
stand that I do, not speak from mere conjecs
tune, but from' information derived from dif
-ferent classes of Missourians with whom I
'have mingled freely for the last six months.
---• Among those from whom my informatien is
iterivest; are- some whose names, were 1 at
liberty to use them here, would amply guar
antee their knowledge of Missouri politics.
The present contest was not commenced as
a struggle between the South and the North,
nor, has it yet become such, though is'ii can
not_foresee the end. It was at first hut a few ~
desperate men against Ihe supreme law ; it
is' yet no more than Missouri against the
Union—hardly that. Originating , in a po
litical conspiracy, it may beccime a species of 1
nullification—a new , fashion of the article,
modified to suit Western tastes. -But it is
hopeful that the State of Missouri will yet
repudiate these acts of lawless borderers, and
visit them with the punishment they deserve.
`.- Till , then it remains tacitly a party, and
stknds in implied antagonism to. the. General
GoVernment. But to the history. '
DAVID R. ATORISON ,in his own State is
politically dead. 'ln crushigg his great rival
he committed involuntary suicide. This has
-been quite evident for some tinie";. it became
morally sure on his failure last-winter to se
cure a re-electiOn ,to the United States See
ate. - He was prepared for this result, and
had for some time been shaping his plans ac
cordingly. Skilled as' he is in the tactics of
- the times; he is not the man tamely to en
.dure 'defeat:. To be banished from the Seri-.
, ate would be to fill the same grave withrol.
Benton. ' }le retained a band of reckless and
unscrupulops adherents whose
- fortunes were
. dependent upon his own; and in spite of his
intemperate habits, still possesses much of
his' original vigor and energy. A single
chance wits left; and' that chance was Kansas.
With the remains of his popularity and tar
eat his coatis)! of a large portion of the
newspapers, of the State and the machinery
.phis party, and the great advantage of prox
imity to his proposed field of labor, it seem
ed to , him not impossible to convert the new
territory into a ilave - State and make it the
. ladder by which tp climb again to Senatorial
-; dignity and power; This was the germ cif
the conspiracy ; and in the programme Whicki
_ glves Kansas ;to Slavery Atchison is to he
..her first united States Senator. c )
This ke'y furnished, the whole riddle is
. plainly read.:: Yeople wondered that the.
.President Of the Senate was absent from his
_post at tne last meeting of that body. But
- nis.:work.was in Missoe f ri. With the true
\secklessness of the ruined gamester h..: had.,
'staked all that remained. on this last,despe
rate gaine, l and to play it .with any chance of
success demanded all his time and influence.
. The eoliipicacy organized, it remained. to
-put the plans into effect. Aniid, al! the oh
- stades - in his way, he has had t wo signal in
stances of good
) fortune. The first was' the
inefficient i and indiscretion of the Maisachni
, netts Emigrant Aid . Company. This institu- .
..lion, whose really grand conception fearfully
-menaced the very. existence of slavery, soon
-became through-its gross mismanagement. a
real godsend to' the nascent eonlipiracy.--
From the Moment that - its first sonorous
-challenge. rang through 'the nation, Atchison
felt that he had gained a point whereon 'to
:.'rest his le-er That defiance to Slavery so
- . unwisely - h4led, was' to the South a tall to'
-arms, and; Missouri must be frOm her posi
tion the first to respond. Had the challenge
been boldly and ably followed up, the legions
• 4 darkness 'might at once have been over
powered and put to flight ; but the hour of
_battle saw'but &few raw, undisciplined, halt
disaffectedi fore" without leaders and in en
enemy's land, surrounded by &powerful, or
ganized, resolute foe, 'united as one man to
obey . the dictates of.-.,e bold'and unscrupulous
' Ohiet TOor mockery of a contest! What
wonder that Might-grew drunk witb so easy
a victory over Right It was Sevastopol
without the French, only tenfold worse.
'The second good fortune of the arch con- .
..• spirator was his 'success in finding at just the
right moment precisely she man to act as his
- lieutenant; and execute: the dirty details of
the- business. Napoleon did not need Fondle
morattuni; Atchison needed Stringfellow. A
fourth-rate lawyer in a border town, he prov.,
ed himself the master of just so , much' atida ,
city, .',,energy, and unscrupulousness as had
earned him the contempt of the best part of
community'. and the vulgar admiration of
bullies and pothotise, politicians. He had
already achieved smile notoriety by ,his-gra
• .tuitotts and violent abuse of Northern emi
, grants, and was'but too glad to exchange his
'.._eneagre practice for the - better pad service of
'the conspiracy ; an enterprise which if sue
indsful promised_ unlimited rewards, and
Bich: even if defeated gave him still the only
Of fame—ill as it is,--to which he dared
to aspire, `and associated his name with that
of one whom he always regarded with limit
- s. .. le&admiration. - --
- The' first step
.taken was to circulate
thrOughout Missouri the programme of the,
' Emigrant Aid
Company,vand thus prepare
- the ignorant and jealous 'masses for what vas
to follow., The -second was to proclaim by
band-bill,;newspaper, and public speech, that
the persons sent on by that Association were
paupers' transported at the expense' of the
Company, and solely for the Purpose of vot- 1
ing slavery out of Kansas. The proclania- i
= tioni next state—this vs during the winter,
and the case began •to look
resistance on the part-of those emigrants was I
no longer expected; thAt they-weresent here
'- merely to _vote at the spring election and
then to return; that they , were coming by
thousands, previous to ihe 20th of. March,
with this sole intent; that Governor Reeder
. (whoM it had been found impossible to cot ,
runt) was leagued with the abolitionists and
-, bad - given them privateadrices of the time of
' - election; and tuit the great object of all , this
labor was to turn Kansas into another cane
41a, which should be - the centre eispe t ations
. of an organized band whose exclusive busi
moss it was going to be, to steal Missouri nig
, gem and enable them to eicaie from their
With-these absurd falsehoods reiterated in
- every speech did Atchison stump the State
during, [die winter; and. amazing as it. tnas 4
seem, in every audience did he' find fools
. enough to believe them. All Miami -was
',in a ferment ; and in-every town he was able
to swell the subscriptions to his
." million"
fund fOr the purpose . ot organizing hisEmi
grad Aid Company, which dai send pau
pers into .Kansas to liv,e, and su its them'
_ till the; first harvest on ths, si 0 eaitrition
- r
_that they are true to Slaves.. ' nd toinany
' Ida Us ricer the frontier, the raid f the 80th
- . ,
March was as 'c o nfidently expected as the
eclipse of the 18t of gay,
Time and spfize faifme to enumerate half
the absurdities 4nd abtiaes of this enterprise.
Perhaps nu i pne has, been so great a sufferer
as Governor leader; i Determin#d from the
first to do his t uty fearlessly, without respect
party ; the nsane C ourse of . the conspirii,
tors has driv en' him into ..the arms of the
.Free-Soilers., : The:fib - fellow's, the threats,
the insults resorted to "to crush him out,"
.are beyenda4lief by lai,iy but those on the
ground. . When..the whole' truth shall come
to be known, t will. beiseen that Giciverti#F.
Reeder has acted the pat not only of an hci,cii*
est . man,. but 9f a brave !, end prudent one.4L-
That he hai. iiith. twat the solietationt of the
conspinttorti, s an evidCnce of his honestY ;'
that he his h t been Frightened or disgusted.
into resignih , - is proOfiof his courage. and
equanimity ;ghat he hits;bail no personal con-
ilia,- with an,y(of thi bullit who have been
but too, anxions to bad" an occasion, is suffi
to estalF(ish confidence in his prudence.;
'Cut off as tketias bectifirmcivilization-des.:
titute of any of protection against the',
drunken rabb l e who followed 'hint 'with • the : *
most fearful 4,reats— it +4 wonderful how he
has found c99rage , to sustain. him - in his
course. The dimity erith.s who affect to call
his visit to t.N East:a ”flight," - and censure.'
him fur not . lieinaining at hispost!" and "re
forming the laws !".(11eiVen save the mark!)
should bepriblared fur their responsible du,
ties by one - dLiod glance itt. the knives and re
volvers of ildrunken - mob' brandishing' at
them, and glen if 'they elMose to rant in this
fashion we iw 11 charge the folly the,want
of wits-and :le theme pass. • '
Asone single
: specimen of the means used
to exasperatel the Micoitrfans against him, 1.
will mention than few daysprior to tholast
election (!) htMdbilla were.spread throughout
the State (an 4 the newspapers gravely attcist
the truth of the statenuin) proclaiming ,that
: large numberi- of Pennsylvanians were -on•
their way to' to tote and then return
home again, wind that their entire expenses
were- paid by 00V. Reeder! Throughout
the State of Miscfri to-day; GOv. Reeder by
a large portion iS believed to be a Garrison- .
ian and the President of It great. Abolitionist
League, whosC phrposo,is the kidnapping of
. Missouri ' niggers! .
- ,
, . .
' How ; fit! the plains•ofilie eoni.ipiraey have
been jadicmits and are likely to slueceed, each
must judge fui- - himself: I hut it sceins to - me
'that AIM only danger lies in 'tlie.iipathy of the
North.- The fiery violence and I 4speration
of the efforts . ow' clearly that I the leaders
have a desperate cause, and but •tir a habitu
al su.bserviencly to the sliVe powci f it would
seem absurd even -to Tear their stlceesS. , .fltit
knowing its habit of tritimph7--the:deterinin- I
ation 'of the leaders and :the ignorant fanati- '
6st-it of the led=—the i imbecility! if .not- real
complicity- of tIliC Administration—the :Wean-,
•tage of proxii;:ity - which, Ulu:4-, 'tell terribly
against ust e - practical lukewarintiess . of
the violent faction at the Niirtli who ass ume
to lead - thed Anti-Slavery • innveitient; - yet I
_stand alwayS -in its path- the ibinstering, lof
Misi-ottri bulli which Many Will judge tolbe
the roar of th lion while lin fact it is - tiply the I
bark a the co, rardly 'wolf, and-which will Iso I
far as the mis ake . goes, tendl -to discourage
'emigration ft ni: the Ntirth; 'knowing and I
seeing all this; I feel that the Nofth must stia: 1
tam ns or' otO peril is• I . oentr. A yet the
Nortlehas givien us-butitords, and even those''
arc not rightly- aimed ; for, while.all. eyes are
anxiously *aching the - result and while - so'
niuch depends uptin the support and approv
'al extended tt'p Citiv. -. R,tieder af: Washingttin,
.Atchison is . sq ,
•ainin, ,, eve r y proeta,
his - recall, midi the', North is Wading with open
eyes and mouth tPsoe if h‘l.• s*eecrs't M 1 6.:
sobri bas hadlier public meetings, and - has
sent on its in i emorlais, : Urging • his disphiCe
ment by a southem min ; bu i where arethe
mass ineetinak of •New- York ,atid. New .01g
land, and
.thelmonster iitemitrials protesting
'against the perpetration of anyj such finil I in-
Justice and. injury to the 'man himself, to 'the
real citizens of Kansas, tit the *raged North,
to the insulted nation, to deniopilized liuman
ity 1 . And yet it most be i that the con
scienee and the heart . Pf the coantry will be
touched ; - ' - and I should fail in ;the I respect I
owe to-its good faith anti - good sense did I
serioas ly . believe that this most distinguished
piece of deniagoguism to .meet!' its
. just reward.l r . ,b- , ' -, '
.Kansas wit the s, - mpathy of her sisters,
and she wants-it in a :practical way. She
needs - [ „ • ;
- 1. - Men who can not nnly till the soil or
perform othd' planet' ve labor, but *hi min
endure. tern n ary privations, not su ff erings,
in view of ri and speedy compensation, and
who can couilruffranism by a glance as bold'
and stein As its own, And thus avert what
might be danger if not met with courage.
2: 'Money tt.4 build -mills and ! manufacto
ries and furrOh shops, and stores till our
grand nattu4l( resources can be deieloped
and the necessities of the et&gration .4upplied
therefrom. Is' there ininiotiey . in ths North
which the hot ens' dare invest withbut' the
• . - , - 1
sanction of IN! 11-street ? -,, I'.
3. Organ' . ion on the Part of the pioneers . ,
ofFreedum, Ot against the South, but in de-
fense and sup pert of their brethren , against
the prepondprating' forces of that lea‘rue
which alike defies the letter and spirit of the'
*Gz i istitution i lthe common law ( the law of itS
own State, 4d the law whose magic refrain
is "popular : vereignty
.. ,
Northern en of equrage, orgenius, of
capital, will - -ou respond? • •
• - - 1A Qin= or Ksssals,:'
s. . it 1
The late - Ir. tispinin, of - Pennsylvania,
Mourned by itany'wholabgh at
.his wit no
more, has. left. behibd hiin- a memory that will
be - transmitted. through successive ,genera.
Lions. -. Very much against his will the Doc
tor warms+ a vestryman in; his parish
khureh and one of hii'dUties was
,to - ms the
plate for a etntribtitioa!at the morning ser:
vice. lie p . esentcld ituith politehessand be
coming gray to the Ontfenum atthe'head of
the - neit ppw toitbe Chance), who was. not
disposed to contribhte. 1 - The faithfulcollect
something,or nothing daant . - held the.plato.beforo him
as if he would .ur . hini to thick .the matter
over, and tr i o to and refused .
to goon till he' • seen-his silver on his
plate. In th i.way - he proceeded down the
aisle,.Vittfm . 'Fig 'every .man till. he came to .
the nearest pew to the docir, - where at an
aged colored woman" . ;To his surprise,' she
laid down - a . iece of - 01 'Dear', ree,l• said
the - aston6beli Dut:tet, scoo mist, he a Guirica
nigger.' The 'myth. troubled the Doctor 41f.
ter that. . 1. - t•- . I . . :.I ,• ,
. _ • -
i. • . .
• , ,
. 1
.Di I
• /I.DVICIE To Time f x
wim Srunx.— ever per
plex your mad with the „fear that' you! can
not remcm4r. . Makes no efort • 'ioroam
ber! Le y' ur whole: effort , be to under
stand.- . Wh n the Whole subject of your les
son is once tnpletely : underotoOd, rep*.
bering will How as
_easily and almiait Aut
surely as lig t follows.the rising sun. Try
this for •one mouth, 4bd tiasi decide. -
Lewisburg Chr °tack - TRACHER.
FEED role 11 oasza.*ln teeding' a horse,
it should beetnembet4d that eon:Lbws ten
dency to make tkiin as maybe witoew
ed in the alow : rntivii* corn-fed bora' eof
Ohio. Osta are rn4ra #aitable to develop ill
his 43!ialities*d from .e.les to sixteen gnarls
per tia,y , should_ be given.—Prates Zeelarer.
A. & Baldwin, -
171 Trunks, Whips, ike., In tie Basement of Searle's
Hotel, Montrose, Pa. •
• C. thfiuitons, _
ROOT AND SHOE YA ' -Shop Brat door cast
.1.11 of Odd ream?, lu li, pike at, ifolanw. .
. '
W. Singleton -
. .
C + now be roma It his view stand on Owego et.
. two doors west: of Searle's Hotel, where he rt.
!mislay repairs . with dispatch, Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, Guns, and every doSeription of Machinery.
Wheel cuttiug ; Gun and Witch materials , supplied
to the trade. ' _
Dr. H Sudt,h,
Qt7RGEON DENTlST,llcintrose, Pa., at Searle's
KJ Motel, Mondays and Tuel,days of each week.
. • ' Henry & Knapp, •
ROSE, PA.. with /tor, Woodruff S. Ceti , -
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chants, No. 173 Washington street, between Court
andt and Deratreetts'A'rw York..
Weeks. -
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ter & Fowler, '
and Solicluirs in Chancery.. Office N0.:41 Clarke
street, Chica g o, 711.
Pacific HOW,
STREET,, ( near Broadway ? ) Sew
lJfYork.Salisbury & Proprietors. In the
vicinity of did pcincipal - stesinhoat landings.
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I Crocker, lloos and &toes &c., Stispehanna l / 4
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tt R. nOrrutr: - 1
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John Gloves,
"filAstuosAn:LE!TAlLoit.: Shop undy4 Searle is
Lj Rotel, Maioe street, ...Voritrose, Pa. / •
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L P •
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ort - Maifie strict, orke dclOr cast of Lenhcim's. •
. .Prazier &Masi,
Odic on Turnpike stieet, one door East o
rose s Store, ifuntrose,
' rlin,
• A n olliikt: 'AT'LANt and Justice of the Peace;
;Oyer I. L. Post k Co's store , Montrose.
tl DEE for' the State of New York, will attend
to al business entruSted to him with promptness and
fide ty. Office on Public SqUare, occupied by lion.
Wm Jessup. "
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street,:Afontif*, Pa.
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.. :Montrose, Pa., will ate end faithfully to all bus'.
mess entrusted to him in theiCounty of Susquehanna.
Confeyancing, and writing if all kinds wM be done
neatly, and ehrg.u. moderate: He will also attend to
the pitssecution'of claims of soldiers; their widows and
arsinst ,the United States . Government, for
BoAtv Land, PenAons, dm.l May be found at all
bottrs"7-at the office foimerly occupied by J. T. Rich
• - 'Esq., north of the Court, House. 1489.
1.l But, very fortimatrly; the earth is not thrown
from its orbit, and the sun thines on as before; ena
bling the "Pietllle Man " tolwenit at his tract° alight
and shade in ilir. anal satithurtorc, manner.
His New Stoek,4ust pnielsed, comprises every
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os t
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or W. BD. 8 not Vac pictures for 25 or 50
cents. 2% 'Mk° •
.surly` trash must go elsewhere.
f 1
4 _._ A l dvertheasent.
AS i; li at reP ure, w O - fthlsiles t ie birds and beasts with
an extra coat for 'Weil); ' not made a similar pro
visknitor m - 1I have mei dad' to take it epon my.
self to to tint depirtanent; and therefore I
think proper O announce that all slOcring male bi-
Peak that I: is i t s:pare,glorious' or inglorious,
fiushionable imuiblii, can hare their wants
supplied and ihcir suiicd by calling On me, at
niY shoP in SWAT*. ''
I , "
Tre §=e Re•lntilt.
.WE *lab IWs!:T•L? Our and inatOsneat that
- we hacrirabinood the devouring element that
consumed o f
Sto - with incet of our Goods, and
erected a con, enieht ahantyl where we shall be hap
py to see otiecAenstorners its well as neir. We are
going to sell :lower th ever, and we think ten
per can leaiht l ion can hay ebewhere in Basq ue- Usna Co. Call see... wituats k THAYER.
: [l'
AL Chance to Intake Money. -
PLoneavyr. . .
RE ancartner' is desirous of having an agent in
m w
minty tind to Of e th Union. A capital
of item .Its to 00 only wabe required, and anything
like an eftici •••• t, energetic Man can make from three
to Ewe per : day ;=,indeed, soaks of the agents
apw emp tare.reaftring twice that sum. " Every ,
bioistation v begiven by{ aireiabg (past 14140
[ WY: A. ,
• , Pa., ?oft pfßee,
. • •
To Ike qt lieusquellOisita
Coits*ty.). .
13 ' G one of the greatest su ff erers by the recent
destructive`- fire in ;Montrose, -baring lost my
storehouseandinearly a of my goods, I lave not
however given %wirer to fife, pair, but hivir taken a
store room in thelower .part of the town,' first door
north of Keeler'S Hotel, WO which I have placed. aft
small stock savatifrom the fire, and Will in the course
of a very short time fill tup!tbe store with au entire
new *tea RePds, Inl my pre new location,
Will be happy tik see ind;wait on gly old• customers
and the public ?generally; who will favor me with a
can. I have resolved to ?Weyer glee wp Me ship."--
lam determine?" to keel - ) DRUG amp, and to
keep a good aaaOrtment of !Mega, Medians*, Paints,
.Dye-thijr4Grocitte: Olastwitre,Jelielry, Per.
Amery, Drakes Notiosp..-and all. sorts ;of Fano
Goods, &c. high as I; kept before the fire, which
devirared the - vrings of a life time in an hour.
Montrose, No .13, 18.34.1 ABEL TURRELL.
N• 13" Wi everpinin indebted to in!, plens•
_ • • retnembe r Melia this my 'time of - need,
by sending to m • ' the amount due immediately/
November 28 1864. ABEL TURRELL
i. age. ace.
C . '4 OLD and Spier Patent tor and L%-
A,A pine Watches, just :reCel .Sale by
181 - kIREAD.
—..-- .......
leweleirYliwellry. 1 :
A POOD askirtutent oat 4tiwelry, consisting of Ear
ilk. Rings, Esi•lDrops,:ifileast Pins, Finger Rings,
&c. dt.c., justreciived at'. 33ENTLEY & REAp's.
8111vegg. , . Spoons.
Table, Destiort,ugar . , Salt, kc, , warranted pyre ;
for sale by !-. - . BENTEY k READ:
Foots and Shoes.
An unusually / OW assodmillt of ,the bei4 make, all
fresh a n d efeit for mkt 14 BENTLEY *READ.'
/ Drugs and Xedleinew. •
A &ash / stock genuine Drags andlicdicines, Patent .
Medicines, Faiulß , Oils, Dye-stuffs, &c., for sale by.
Dee— 13.1 • ' I j BENTLEY Id READ.
Barb Or.
'HAS removed his shdp from its former "location
the basement of . Searle's Hotel, to ti .e room io
the same building, ;in the rear of the .barniom,
his customers trill•te 'waited upon by that exquisitOi
artist, Profe..v.orCharleslllerris, or by himself, at ail
reasonable hour , j i : • , 1
Please bear in Mind tfutti this is the only shaving
shop in town where the thing is , done scientifically,.
'Montrose, lietember 1 n, 1854.
',1,49"cg bp i
Tv co,„rixe d " w
would l7l take tit 1.
I S Op -I p ' o ° rtnnitv to 4 f say that; we ll .
► e sbow the mos
beautiful and-splendid patterns of Parlor and CixAtin
Stoves to be fottnd in the county. 'Among them
be seen the Revolving yront and Gothic' Parlor,. fo
wood or coal, entirely nett- and decidedly pretty stov'es4
Prices froth five!. to ten dollars. Of Cooking Stove
we think it needletis to say Much, only to remark, tha
we are selling them at our former prices, and judgin
from the rapidity of onr:sales, we believe the publi
are entirely satisfied . with our prices apd, ,
the quality
of mnr wares.. have f‘ a few more left" of thd
"Clinton Airtight] Elevated Oven'. Stove; Acknowl
edged to be thelmpt cooling stove now in use. Rus•
sia 'and English Stove pipe at old:prices, and Trim•
tnings and Tin Ware of Mil! descriptions at the very
lowest mtee. J. DICSERMAN, jr.
New Millbrd,betober4-23;.1854. • '
. •
HE copartuerShip' he...••Ltofore known under tit !
name and firrn of Newells Brothers, in the Sash
Blind and Door, htisinei, iS this day by tutatial con
sent and agreenient =
uly d.
• Lanesboro; .741,,i 11, '4l.- - 11. K. NEWELL. ,
The subscriber would'rtaPectfully call the attentical
of thosa who wish to pUrchase anything in his line it
businest, such :is I -
.. ,
Sash, Dlot, - s:Shutteis mid .
. Cabinet I . ttrc. ofivaii9us kinds, .
.Bureaus,_ Seeretark4,
Bedstentis; Stand;. Chairs and Settet.s. -
Also, Re:ay-tirade Ccitlins. Painting and Glazmr.,
if required. C u luntry proluce and Lumber taken 1.
exchan2e. 'r., erMS, ready pay. • . .
BOUGHT ht he lowest 'prices, and will he sold act-.
.1 !' U. BURROWS & CO. 1
• Giloon, October 11, :.18.5d.: . .
A large assortnient a:ill at - prices lower than we bar . ,
ever been enabled: to offer them heretoi bre.
Gibson, . .
Oct:11, 1854 . j
v. . •
,ibress floods. s.
A great ttrietp and bCantiful styles', and almost a
cheap as could .beilesieed. I U.:BURRO WS & CO.
• Gibson, October 12,i18..54.
A good quality - Pr dreises!nt 81 cents Or yao.
October 12;"18.34. ! U. BURROWS & CO-
Long and squiiie,.;wcol,.broche, and silk; very hand
some styles and at extiemely low prices.
October 12., YBSI, U. BURRO IVS & C9..1
Broc e, Sitasvis • -
Cheaper than 0.0. r before known ; beautiful patter
and fine quality_ of S 4 BrOebe, Shawls: Lnpeu's man
ufacture, at s7,' i • 1 G. DUI:MOWS k. CO. I
Gibson, Octobei. 11! 1854.
Hfly Stalo Shawls,
TERNS, $7,0 eneb. U. BURROWS.* CO.
Gibson, October
• icarpels, •
A good assortment and o , indsome patternsfat Ter
low prices. 1 ' U. BURROWS & CO. .I
Gibson, Octoiier 124 155.1. " I
" • "1131tittrakilliobew,
A large - lot of *also* Robes, a pirt of them whol4,
Indian dressed and Terisiaperior -color and quality.
October 11;1854. 0 1 ) L. U. BURROWS CO.
rrhe Subscriber has On ; hand ready made coffin
A. which may Iba had at reasonable prices.
Also on hand a lot of 13dperioe windoW Sash.
Great Band 4aut. 15. h 155. .
TE subscriber his been recently appointed on
agent for thi F4RIIIIR'S UNION Iser.unanca
Athens, Pa., arid prepared to insure Houses, Stores
and other buildings, Clooda, Warea and Merchandise,
on faiorable terms. , Applications made either perm&
allyor by letter! promptly attended to..
- ; ; • & B. CLIASE.
Great Bend Pa'. ifitsch;Lth 1055.
1308 T BROTIIEItS hating purchased the abo e
1. establishment, will keep constantly on heed Sr
perfine ald nit FTeur , Corn Metil - of superior
ity, alto Clop Tnd Biwa at the •lowest cash pri4
Custom work Will be idonC with despatah, and
cases searroniefL ! -
Montrose, July, 1843.
Those persons indebted4o the subscriber. fel
as Register, Retarder And del* of the Orphan's
would, confer* &icr by eoliths% the Mme soon.
Montrose, Dec.,B 1854. ; J. T: LANGD/
WiltdOW 8841.
Q &D. SAYRElaving been appointedin
Qs for an extensile east blind and docir imam
ter,' are PrePated to furnish any articles in,thisp
less rates than they liave usually been sold.
July 24: s. ,H. D. 8.:1;
1 •
AN I article Ntldch ere man should try for saisi
by S 1 FL B. & D. 8.
ILTATR—A n ew lot of Summer Rats arkt
ill for stormier weae just received and for sale eh
Popular Patent Agenc
A BEL TER ELL haaJuat received it new stiPlY
CIL of all thermal* PITNTNISDICINES of the da.
Winding Dr. akne'a hntted Medieinea, Truk e
Magnetic ointnient, Tatuxir's German o,intment, M -
era' Extract Ikkk Raie, Forest Wine, Lc. r
of all soda, ati &eel front the proprietonl.. A ..,
Bemires , 1e7;#44 CanThene, Le., cheap its the chea -
tee. ! I • A. i ruaRELL.
Montrose,Bleeembet. 6,'1851: •
T• • _
iteribeNAVltlCE! ' • • .
HZ tubrs being severe suffererW'from,
Into di4astrOus Imre removed With
littlerentain4 tbeiri stook, to the new building on
the Avenue,totiposite' W. iJ. it S. 11. Millbrd's store,
where they will be happylto see df their &tends and
customers, nudhOpe in the . course of spme tett dais
to_ be able to !g.reet t thee% with an non
dy 11'E &roar opiloapg. ,
We trust that scone of * our customers WhO ha •
been long Sin dtb!, will renumber that this Is a tini•
of slurs wait ts,! and do as they would be
done by. ; \ -11MTLET & READ. 1
XonU;ose, Norem4r 14 1 ..1854.
• •
ALT; a /GUT. •
• TM wortinent of New goods jut received
the Farmer's More, 1 and see for yourselves.
Cost you nothlttglo lOok andbutlittle to buy.
• Emirate, liQuilk 10, I In, • .
E T 1
, r
02E,47 2 Ea.' 0-
A s we arelanalutia, to
_clinic out our
..LIL. lug to mako roo, My* ; our Spring
purchue we are selling at greatly.
Call, as now is the thp te,buy ehetip.
Over coats from ) 00 to Sim& , .
Sack colts , _ .... terns and new styles
$4643 td $6,1 t. etits of every sqle.-
xishing GoodsOf every kind:.
. 15 per cent: Cheaper than ever offered i
-- , .
/ , ; .DE LAiNt . .,
00/d,qultlitY and 'neat patterns gel 4 ig at ' cost for
/ February 1 r .A.*LAT Pit CO.
1855.! ' '
TE subscribers having secured tht
BUTTER-1 WORKER; fot Susquehan
adjoining counties, respectfully invite, :
ers to examine and tun. the merits o
valuable invention. :We propose to fu
all of you with a Calm that will "p
butter in asshort a time', as any both 1
that will com`pletely tie the butternut
work in the ;'salt, diii•unng it peilectis'
butter and 64 it for use, without removi
chumr - Ilis Churn Is simple in its - cot
'entifie in its Operation, and; easily cleans
order, and can be eittily attached: ttit
Power. 1 I . ,
.t. For further particulars. iLPPIS pers on
ter to JAS..!C. BeSIINELL and :J.: ..
Ararat,-Sus%Uchanna, County, Pa.
The' Greairst Improreinene of. th
Force alto!
A N improvement above all othei. y
11 chines..for lifting, thrOwing, 'and c
combining both a Pump and a FliC' I
Pump, patented in Pebru/6., 1854. is t
metallic. Nb bona 'or screws almtit
, quently, it will last:,n:man'a life tune.'
in every variety - cif ,flrm-Han dtas
' situation, and carry it to any part of' t
is superior to all tither Ptimps fur Tlisl
Mills, Tanneries, Brick Yards, Iron Wi
ufacturin,r; 4tablislnnents bf all kind. 4.
All orders mustbe - addressedtoi fur
Lodersville",'Ta., tvhCl has Ithe sole: tie
hanna county. . f
I I IIE vulit4cribe'r havin* leased . the
. 3lessrsi Pratts, formerly ocduple,
tle, intends tolocate pernianently, in N:
And . he Would take this, method of
inhabitants . of Newllilford - , - - and adjao
, he has just' ret tinted' from New York Or
splendid stock of fresh nrid entirely Ft i
sisting of PRY 0 0 0.1)8 of almoste •
ble variety,,;GROCERIES as low as d i,
ware, Crockery, Boots aced Sher; '
Bonnet* of; m-cry style, Sc. Sc.,' whic
sale on thelnost reasonable terms,)
produce, or Tenable credit: He w):ni d
connection, that he has added' to: th
the mand4cttiring of 77n, Skat-iripi
:tore in all its varllties ' in which lie
execute alpkinds of jobs, by the vel-v
and on the, most roisonable ternis..i:'
Dealers upplied 'ltt the lowest pricit
in relation to stoves 4c., at sotoo p futii
, i. ii i" J. Ifl "
New )Milford, May 1 )10, 1854. 1 . .1
FAR,m' Ens ; ', 71
01 , 714, ,
CAPITAL, $200,0 1
Scrared Ly, Bond and .1/Ortgage oil
of 'ihe. Stpckholdiisi .
Insures. *against kiss by Fire, or 14
other buildings,-;Goiads, Wares, atidl
kis faVorable terms ti.s.•an
promptly Mijusted MA - ,
cis Tvler. do. • George A. PerlinSitio'
do.-; N.;;Shipman; do. 'C.- F. Well
Canfield dp. ; lion. John, Laporte;
Wakeman4 LaCe'yvi!le; Giro.
hart.° . • -Mithael 31e - lert, Laporte, rn,
ILA ace
.IVells, jr., -V. Pres. apd Treits:
Seeretary.,! ;
Ageut,c). S. BEI4GE., 311.311t1'0.,Ci
rI I IIE subscriber Mill act ns'agent fdr
I lag Real Estate-Farms, llou+
sated itt Siusqueltania Colinty; Pi. !
offer their,!propertY; for sale can giver
lion of they Firms : or trits as folio
acres, hot; many iniproved, and hoa
ings, orchards, grafted or icommo:Mi f
trees; and the nearest point to the El
arid N. Y.'it E. IL. II : • !
62 farmk on the list, 43 unsold,.
subscriber; a minute description, ,prN
he given.
. I
Office oh Turnpike sf. 4 doors•we.
Ifontroic, August 15, T 654. ;.
1 TILE, NEBRASKA, BILL :4::: .ETTL E D. - • ,
1. C.I.COTT:! JOHNSTON & C 0.,! ar', now ,receiving
ki from 'New York a gehend a'sso. ' neat of Spring
and Summer goodsl and we coral:AT-. invite all" that
like to buy goods cheap to give us , call, as our stock
is large, 'and we sire: willing to sell fo Small profits.
You can find here 41mostieyery :. .cle *anted, and
we ars willing to cempare good.s!an.•prices with any_
store in the county,--we.have taken special pains to
find nice goods fo the Ladi such as Black,
Figured road Fancy
_Silks, , Silk Tiss ~ es,' Beragesi and
Berage Delanes, Plain and Fancy I wns, Silk, French
and Domdstic Ginghams, Figured , ~d Plain Muslims,
Embroideied Curtains and Paper 4 . r , Ladies Collars,
UndertM4kerchie6 and Sleeves; i pants, Parasols
and Glove; Straw' 'and. i Fancy ~ Et .. nets, also-trim
mings to match . . A large stock . f 'Goods for Men
*and Boys;; also Iron, Steel, Nails; • ' orse Shoes, and-
Horse Nails, Ploughs,. Salt, Fisb• Crockery, - Grind
stonm'arid Stoneware, Stove rd . . ~ I Tin, Gbuts, Sash'
Leather, , Boots, Shoes &c., &c. Plesse give us 1
chance of showing; you Our stock before you buy.
•• . YOnrs truly SCOM: OIINSON & CO,
1 Springville, Afiti,-18, 1854: I -
Alt Right -Ag
Tl} subscriber Would , respectft
' customers and theizt o )lic- in
again prepared foe the t and
Raving just receivedfrom New:.
Sole aud rpper Leather, Calf Ski'
all oak-tanned. Also, an'assortm
work, consisting
• In part of Me
Boots, BOys Boots; Children's $
Enameled, Union Boots, Polkas,
Lasting,Fox Gaiters, Goat Lace
ged Boo* Misses Kid Lace 800
Boots, ke. stc.—which will be s
than caniibe bought elsewhere' in
pairing One neatly.
. Please;eall and examine. SIM
the OdOellows IDEII. ' r .
Detainees hour,/ from ",the tint
time for leest" and "refreshment
favors he hopes by striet atten
merit - a continuance of th'e same.
N. B. ,4 Being soinewhit in Wi
needfuVy(money,Ylie would
manner Massible, the propriety d
in g and settling the some immedi
• liontreoe. Dec. 4; 1854.
_ ,i
\FrliWtritbs.criber is carrYing;oti
aff PUSMIESS in all ifs
the Chair Ware Shop in Hit
found a greater variety; of WI
Chairs than at any other establie I
also Flag.tmd Cane Seats,illurita ,
es,.Settees, Tibles, Stands, de. - t
be sold at the lowest prises at i
with shojt notice .)' AUtivork i
and of good, material. Sliort c I
will be my motto. :: For . demon
!lints, pleolue call army shOp in t
Harrel, Octobei 12, 1854:
4m. M.
it,r AY -.oe found in B. S. Mul
.01 WO of Public. Avenue.!
3fontrepo` lkinveinber* 15, 185,
litiffalo RO
- A CHOICE Totfiist recefved,
rt. SOOT J
Sluswils Shit
AWert JI
Springrile, December I 7
17IT ANTED, Butter, Cheese, : • f
V Vl)Ottitoes,,l3or,
A. ,
Xe* Cutter add tw ..)
for eibishee i r I
A fresh leanly OrEitrerEprionsg 'aches,
'jct. terefi e d./ A My : . i
►j 1 I
k of cloth•
and Bummer
need prices.
!ss, Fro& and
Gents. Fut-
'BLS :
'Pular. has long eiisted a public'demand for an of
feeliveipingative pill which
.could bd relied on as
sure and pdrfect its operation,. This has been
prepared to meet the: demand, and an ,dxtertsive tri-,
al of its tirtates has conclusively shownwirh whaeaue-
CeSS it 4contplishes the purposes designed. It is ea;
ay to mOl peysical pill, but not easy to make the
best of tillpals-•-one woico should have none of the
objectiofts, bet 'ill of the advantages of every other.—
This hen attemptedhere, and with what stieeetts
we would respettfullybsiibmit to the public deeision.
It has ht ten", stofortumite for the patient hitherto that
almost•dverylpurgative medicine Is aermonionit and
irritating td the bowels. This is not. Many of them ,
produce so.much "griping pain And revulsion in the '
system is to more than counterbalance the good to be
derived!fronithem. ! These pills produce no irritation
Or. pain,lualess It arise from a previously existing ob
structiop deringeinent in the bowels. Being pure=
ly-vegetable, no harm can arise front their use in anh
quantiti ; bat it is better that, any medicine should
be taken jedicionslyi Minute directions for their use
in the severri diseases to which they are applicable
are given en the be*. Among the Complaints which
have beim iresdily cured by them, we may • mention
Liver Cointtlitint, lu its various forms of'Jaundice, In
digestion, Langtior and Loss of Appetite, Listlesness,
Irritability; Bilious ! headache , Bilious Fever, Fever
and , Agite,iPpitt in the Side and Loins; for, in truth,
all these are but the' consequence of diseased action
in the liver. Ai an aperient; they afford promptand
sure relief IniCesitiveness, Piles, Cholic,, Dysentery,
Humors, Serofult and Scurvy, Colds with soreness of
the body, plien o and impurity of the blood ; in'short, -
any atuyevery case 'where-a purgativels required. - •
They half ' p roduced some singularly successful
cures iris Rheemlitistn, Gout, Dropsy, Gravel,. Erysipe;
las, Palpitation of the-Heart, Pains in the Back, Stom
ach and Side.' ;They should be freely taken in the
spring tif the yeitr, to"purify the bleed and prepare
the sysfent for the ehange of seasons. An occasional
dose itilnulates the_stornach and bowels into ,healthy
action ' ntul restereithe appetite and vigor. They pr.'
rift' thnhltxxl, end, by their stimulant action; on the
dirculaterY system; renovate the strength of the body, .
and restore the wiflsted or diseased energies of the
whole drgani.!..m. Hence an occasional dose i atirtm
tageou.4, 'eon though no Serious derangement exists;
but unnecessary doings should never be carried too
far as eery purgative medicine reduces the etrengtb
when 4ken to exceff. • The thousand cases ID which
a physif krequired i cannot be enumerated here, hut
they suggest thems elves to the reason of every bo ny,
and it hi ennfidently believed this pill will aeswe• a
better 'hurpcise thin any th ing which hash itherto b O en
available to inankied. .:Whett their virtues are once
knowuj the public kill no longer (login what remtdy
to employi when in 'awed of a cathartic medicine. c
log suiar4wOpped 'they are pleasant to take, and be
! ing piiely iregetahle, no harm can arise from their
use in rtq qbantity.
For Initiuth directions see wrapper on the Box.
Preilardd iy JAMES C. AYER, Practical and "An
alytical Chemist; Lime, Mass.
Price Cents per Box. ,FiVe Boxes for $l. •
Bole right to
a and several
1 Butter mak
' this new and
ish each mid
two is much
r churn—one
ta, wash and
y - through the
it from the
d and kept in
, 4 Propelling
S or by let-
11 Valve .
amps or ma
rrying water,
c whole of It
o rust, conse-_
t can be used
ater from any
buildin". It
14.16 and Man-
i t for Susque-
stei.e of the
by I. S. Llti
informing the
t (towns, that
Itit ;a large and
in. Goods, con
' Cry conceiva
all and Caps,
be offers for
cash, country
also say in this
, - and Copper
prepared to
best workmen
. ,
1. -, , , _ •
.Ayer s Cherry r 'Pectoral.
rOr ih'r '1441 Cork. of -Coughs, Colds, lloarseness i .. .,
• Brohcliiia, Whooping -Cougit% CroyA.4silona,and 1
l• • 1
• Conctit4ption. t
. ~
• This remedy basi l won for itself such notoriety
. fromi
its cures of every Variety of' pulmonary disease, than
is eptirely.inmeepsary to recount the evidences of 1
its virtuesinSany columtiuity.Where it.-hits been. ern-,
ployed; ~.ktcl Wide i its field of usefulness, and so nu••• 1
meroui the ±ses of its•cures,- that almost every.sec- - 1
tion °flu* c ntry abounds i'..'persons publicly known
who hali.fbeyn res.ort:.d .• • '. Warming and crew des
perateoifeaes of the I' . . • s 7 -its use. , When ofice ‘
tried its :superiority over eycky other medicine of its I
kitictii too q a parent to escaii,e observation, and where'
its virtues a e kntWn the public po longer hesitate
what antfilot to'eMplore.n. the dl tressmg and. &M.'
geroui afilvtions of thepubnoliary,c;rmans which are
incidePt . 4l:, our cliraatec .ml ' nof,lonly in formidable
_ attack's upon! the lungs, but for - di milder varieties of
c'ultis i l Cert.* H4rsenes4 4.e. • and fur Children if.
is the ideasvtest and . :ia.f.:4 incilicte ;hat can ho oh- - ;
•Mined; 1 . .
! ... . . : , = 'I
As it hits long been in constantuse throughout this
SeefieO. we deed nCt do more than assure the people'
its (minty is iceps tp to the best that it ever has been,
and that •the 4 genuine article is 'sold' by-1--,-Innt. Tun-
REM.:optr4se ; J. F. i R. 11.11 EAT9,s . , flarford ;._
Corr: , lii &I'llissEi, Dundaff, stied by all dealers in
medic neievery wh'ere. • !
.. ). j l ,
.......1 ,.. .
i' • . L.
!s. Particulars
11 , time.
[ERMAN, jr.
!heltral Estate .
. . :
c+, 0 torcis, and
erchandise i on
nt.'ion. . Losses
i• Atheil; Flap-
J. T% 1). Meyer,
Jr. ilo.; J. E.
tin& ; Gen. B.
nback, -Wilkes-
PreAtliit; C.
J. E. Canfiol,
i . •
buyifig and sell
, and Lots—lo
wiAi to
minute deimrip
is : Number of
- watered, build
le; Other fruit
I L bW. IL. R.
ii__ f L___' BEIiaVAL. I
rj , llystibs4riber ;wishes to call the attention of his
fiiends land the public to his (very larFe assort-1
meat Of FirolvEs at his new Store Room to Loders-1
rile, ftext toll.. S. Lenbeim's stbrc, and near the Gt. I
Bend Beiot. Be has, in addiiiim to his former large 1
variety of C'ookingiand ParloOtoies, many acts pal.:l
tern B o 3o lne of whiCh are— 1,- -
St, Archolas, eack Branch, i : Fire Clipper,
..Ifocierii-737, Mohawk, . Medallion,
Oriint,i Black lirarriOr, , l Oak, Egg Stone.
Which, tOget er with his former stock, will perhaps
be thelmOst diten4ve and varied assortment of well
selecttld stores in the county. . :; 1
• Ciiotoi Stores, well furnished, at lour prices.
Mt All articles in his line kepeon hand and made
to order as u_qual, and-orders received at his old stand
in Grqitt /fend. I " ' JQRN COLSTEISI-
Loderiirille; and preat-Bend, MY., 1854. 1
. 4
iy calling on the
;e awl terms can
I liotie to the Public.. . - •
H'lNGjust returned from New York I wish to
iidi tlain attention of my old CUstomers, 'and of
the pu)aliClii 'genend, - to my , • • • •
which Awing bought'with cash at 'the lowest prices,
and wishing to , sellfprincipally for the same, I willlof- . .
fer th4m in. greatlyireduced prices.:
Co4elo I'ints, warranted - fast . • ..• '
colors, for only 8
cents a yard. i Good Brown Sugar, 18 pounds for onc . ,
doll4Wi Boonton Nails, acknowledged •by all to be
the beet 'lsla lt
use, t3,6o:pereg. Bats And Caps,
Boots'lmil sh , Buffalo Robes of All prices, all wool'
De Lanes, C hmiires, Paramettas, Brea: Silk, Silk
Velvet,,/ic. Moulin Dc Laines, I shilling-per yard,
Satin !Bonney and Moleskin Nate - Broche Shawls,
'DoubleLong hawts, Thibet do., Belling at inconceiv
ably liw OHM. I can safely warrant perfect sati n -
factimi =all give' me a call.
Lanvjebana, Apr.!6, 4854. ' ,S. A. LYON'S.
UV '' • time keepeni, only '
one dollar:
VJ • / z.. I i -; S. A. LYONS.
Laneslic Apr.s.
~,,T 1 pkifr4irt i
tompaboroi Apr., __
COUNTR YrPRODLTE taken in exchange or
, qm4 B l a IllYislore.: - : S. A:
,LYOX.. ,
itantilforo. I rikPril 5 . ' ' ..
7 /
.- /
1 ,
ly announce to his
1' teneral that he is
IShoe business. -1-.
ark a choice lot of
uf„ Kip Skins, &c.,
nt of Ready-made
l'A Thick and Calf
I , Boots, Woinen's
id Buskins, Silk
.. - Enameled Peg
' 'Children's Roan
Id for cash etieaper
(Jai market. Re- -
'1 I PLOW SITOP. - . .
. , i i 'i
Nii !.A, - ,ND E . MOTT would mpectfull - infnem the
/3.1; • publicithatthey arc manufacturi gßlitcbley's
. Celehtited Inowa.:. They also keep/ constantly on
hand, 'Shp gill, 'Wayne County, and - Iden Nara,
in l .4.
Cuitidturs, off a Churns; Sleigh
? rid Rutter Shoes,
'loft , Ooints *ions patterns ton numerous to
mentign4 W hope, by strict ' attention to business,
.to rec_eirti o t shire of public nags Mtumfac
tory4 p Poses of stand.
.F ) oundry,- M. Mott, near
Seariti;•ktili. j - , , / . -
Repairing done on abort notice. . • .
.•Ii - I, I ,- :-/ ~/ . MERRIT MOTT.
Feb: 61 ' 1 , / /. • - ELIJAH-VOTT.
first door cast of
to until the
" 1
Grateful for past
(It! to bdsiness to
tiof the ' one thing
est, in the mildest
those itulebted call
, Mly. , Is'of 'cid.
Il • - : --- 1 -
fl ' sitbsortber liagent for the following, Insurance
Companies, oing business at the lowest safe
rates. s t i/ ' • •
Slai, -s r Atutittei
f•j f Capital $350;000.
Cask.Artiterai: Ifarrishury.
- Capital $200,000.
•qiurrnO, 4tieto - York' City. .
. • i Capital - $500,000.
ril '54. • F. B. (HANDLER.: _
11rEOPL E.
I *ions
where may be
daor and Rocking
mint in the county;
. Bedstead.. Loung
of - which will
Aid!, (or wholesale s
rit4nu4ed well nude
lila and small profits
on of , the Above
laord village.
. , 1646m6
/__,..., kfl . MK ,AND PLASTER. , '.
MILK lubicribets are now burning and wilt keep
1 On2aq+ on band, Linte of .a- very auperk)e
cpuility at liontroSe Depot, and will sell it in any
quantitiel at S fair price. Persona wishhis ,a large
Pit . supplied I.7:un A reasonable maim.-
-Su ribr ud Plaster will be kept eonstandy en
- hand ber*after . 1. L. POST.
1. i r L - H: DRINKER.
•'' -',' ' ' [. , -
}l9 iftil" DePO4, Airilt.- , I. SEARLE.
old etore,
*, I •
.of )7o: w hy"
YU! .
.fh Is very ebeai
Ilitoireo! Stoveit • -
H litritfr is now reeeivilg stir* assortment
e% including the newt popular Soul
bop kin mh ne Air' -Tight; and . Vented
OvenpOking Staves, with Puler, Office, and - Shop
Stem*, ttr wood qr cad; biesuperior variety old style.
which be at* pal at the Most reduced.prices. • Sic
rittediteien *re* of new` and approved. patterns will
be aoldl 01) to $26, and other kinds In,propottion.
AiscoolatalriPlioaf chic, and sheet iron, stove tube* kci
sCr4ilford s Sept. lit, 1 45i.t 11:
' . ,
cgs, f4moked-Hiuni
Itp.. S. IL
Jrso Pleasure Car-
A. TtilipirGt.
40 - 4,7s.:rito.
4.t311LY PHYSIC.
00 Hides, for •whiely the" highest
paid. • . 'S. A. Ly9s.s.
A SO SO? frirOCT Or -
I. L. POST ik CO.
iv E now Offer to the - Public the most Choi , - and
V V j the tarter trmits of, GaAs to be hag' any
where in the country,- and for the Ivy loweit prices,
withoiat variation. ..-
_. - _ " ' ' 1 .
Ql. Ull ME II STYLES. I. L. Post & Co. have just
fi jin
11 / 4 7 mule II huge addition to their stook of of &
consdetlng now of everything desirable for*. uyer
at such, prices as are sore .to emit , The ate
rude first rate, and we Ira:rent the work to 474
if not superior to any ever-before offered la th Mar
ket. I Oar stoek me n d," ea u * fi ne .black neh
Saab, Frocks and lltudness; Tweid,. Coalmen and
Jean Sacks and Frocks; also blown and Whitel:Sum.
mer plain and twilled. Verrrs--"White and 14;doe'ed
Marseilles, Yalentia;.Lasting, fi gure d Berethee, gam` ed silk and Satin, and every variety - , good and - esp.
Eon's—Fine black Cassimere, doesldn, ooh Weed,
Summer -stuff, linen drill, cottonade,. - stripe, ' phin,
check and plaids, so cheap as .to be sere of sale :to
all who desire - to hey. • - _
(21'1,0V:12 .AND HOSIER Yr-Ladieiand lOmni
‘..A i white and colored Bid Gloveit of the beat quali
ty Ira:Tante& large assortment of all kinds
!mourn and date hose, and.} hoilit gents and Iladie4
cotton, Table t thread,.•-• Berlin and silk '
and colors ; 4 large rasortment of black silk. add lace
Nitta, long *Sid Anti. . POST &
Boo* • •
ECr o S ts, /i 4 T ues Sti fi n— we — New
and :ina,
a full ,assortment of Cheap Shoes ; Chodrens an L ea
es Shoed and Bootees , Ladies fine sak-linen ppers i
; L. P. k . 'a :
; ;
WHITE': GOODS LAII styles and qualities.
ed Sitirtim, Pillow Cotton, Jac. and. C
Busting, Balsa and Book Muslim, Barred MI
Bishops and Victoria Lawn's, dm, timed til‘ , _
Swiss Raslins at . - . p& .i ~.
- I. L: POST &C 1 - OWL
4 s- 1 _____.... ----- --
GROCERIES—of the best and cheapest kind. - A.
„t of.Sugara =wittingly - cheap - at I. L! POST
k Cd .
P i :l.A7,—the most desirable stock in the coua
t trY; at very low. prices. L L. P. Jir CO.
I‘IRESS GOODS—Silks, Means: DeLanes, Deßa
gesisi Ginghalps, Lamys &e., of every desirable
I. T..• POST & Co's.
LARGE and splendid stock of Spring Prints.
- . I. L: P. •k. Co.
TApLD Goods at tlielowest price. • ' - ,
I. L. POST &to,
I .
CI.OTHS; •Qussimeres, Tireelbi, Kentucky Jeaaa
1 end Satirietts, very cheap at LL. P. - 41; Co's*.
WOODV.N . WARE--Patent Pails, Ced ar
Y V - and Wash Tubs, Cocoa Nut Dippers, Butter
Ladles, Prints,- Wilk* Baskets, Rope Halters, Bed
Cords, Munilla.Hopes, Brooms, •a koodiat at the store , ;
of ! - • L L. 1 1 -6 1 ST ot CO:
1 - Aop-FISH AND MACKEREL of the best
kJ, quality; at the limiest possible rates. ••
April 5, 1854. • - . •..I. L. POST it,&.
• Cheap, at
OLE LEATHER, TerY. - poq coy ' ' •
GOR 0 eg.E.?? Y AND GLASS •WARIC-4 choice . f
I lot at lot? prices. • POST it CO. '..;
_ , ..
IL,•Ctirpet, Room paper . and Window Shades.
POST & CO; , •
CI:ILK 114* spring style=best - quality very
cheap. ' • - - -POST & CO..
6N.firE7'S and Bonnet Ribbons of all lat tds,Y'ar.),
ftsols, large and Small it very low prices. • I
DRESS ;TRIMMINOS--every . style desirable
; and verrebeap. • POST !!
eicRAIN,BAGS--0, --- f th e beet
'POST & co.•
LDIES COLLATLQ--A very Ooiee 14 of . the
. latest stylt%; Book Embroidered Lyme*, Lace,'
Medlin and Melton imitations L L. P. 4 CO..
Plaster at
EMBIWIDE4ED and Lace Undersleeves,
, rable styles ; also, worked and eratir'd.
and It/settings . and Flouncing. • -
LACKT,dging,s and Inaertino ; imitations of every /
kind, almost WI good as gehuitte and very theap,'
also pure iinen:wronght Loco. I. L. P. I& Co.
TNGRAINtP" and ffempßarpet for &e att
. • - L POST .4,CO's:
QUMMERIIIATS—:-Panarna, fine - and t. • trim=
i•J med and fanox bound, Pedal and Palmbiat., for'
boys and men, apld very cheap. Lt., P. CO.
• -
T ADlET , tind Clindren's Flats, a good va ieti,
so a Oct, lot of the lat es t styles of noennttat the
store of °' " - . -I.L. P. r CO. •
. -
e1...R.4/ 4 1 7 ()fall kinds—Beams, Dried Apples, Tal-
VA ;low, Butter, Beeswax, all Wool socks, Bggss,&c4
for which we will exchange goods-at cub Prices.
:April, 5. • : l. L. PO .& Co.' .
w:/ '
SAYRE, BENTLEY & PERKINS haring ' purchas
ed of Wilson & Co. the Eagle Foundryl are/noprepared to fil orders from the trade, and do ariork z in
their! line wit skill and despatch. They irM keep
constantly on hand Plows, (best kinds,) Stare/, (all
kinds,) CaltivatOrs,. Strata Clutters, - Corißileliers,,
4:6. the. the. • , /i/
Ano .. - -
• ! We invite"particubir attention to the/1 icalis 'Which
we thanufacture. . We manufacture and keep for tale
• 1 The ele6ratedltlatehlry/Plale. • '
Wc have &rebated the exchuiive / right' to manufac
ture; and{sell , lip this county, "Yos/Wyoming and
Bradford, reßieh's.Patent .frpn Serial:lWO. The
Plow is made entirely , of iron„excePting the handles.
It is celebrated for its easy draught, being one-third'
easier than any now in use, bile its strength and du- ,
nthility are greater. : ',/' • - • j .. .
- , '
of:all kinds manufacturApl'repaired by e6erienc
ed maakinests.
Steam' RnYinea, Gyariny for Milk - &finite Ma-
/ iliin4, , & ,
Athong the Stoves which we manufacture, ate the'
Keystone CloOlitty Stove, Rough and.ReadyidO.; ,For
est Queen do: / Press/Inn 'do., and other kinds, all ar
ranged for hi;rnit(g Wood. , or coal: .: iAlso,' Orli-Berl
lator,..Parlir- Siove, Cottage Parlor do.; _Stanley's,
two stzes, / do: /and a variety of other •Parkii Stoves,
both tun - A l t / 4 coalhiwnem. Wejteep also,on hand
Grindstone trimmings, Dog Churn trimmings, Um
brella/and'Shovel and Tongs Stands, &c: ice. Work'
don to pirder. on short notice and at the lois' rates ,
prOi l iers fipr Stoves, Agricultural Ito meats,
&c., are'solicited from those in the trade, d will be
ed'ut reasomible wholesale prices.. - -' - -
/, i' • • $. H. IIP 4
. • , . ' B. S. ./3 Ey. .
/ liont:mwe, March 4. :.--' S..PERKINS. .
Australia California,
Or any duce on th e , Globe. cannot
greater induce:net:ie' than
- .
- ' I BOOT - AND SHOE STO ; . .
RICH is now UM with a new imillextensivo
V•V assortment of aiticlea in their line,am, bracing a general of neir &int elegant styles iof -ladies
and gvnilerrieles - wear, l ainong which + Ladies
Franca, Silk Lasting and Prenille Gaiters,, Mil , and
Enameled Polkas, Kid, katent Leather and Bruised
Jenny Linils,lßuskklie and Ties-i-Gendemenrs French
and Philadelphia, oak tanned Calf skin and hip Beata. ,
Motoeco,TaM and. Cowhide Brogans &e:ys -kip.
calf and cowhide Boots and- Brogana ; .kinds of
Misses and Children's wear. Also, a ,genetslasiori
ment of Tuidings which consist in part ollists, pegs,
sparables, Etingarkininuls, Mai, thread, tiait, Brie
des,sboe binding, awls, rasps, saruistones, tileknives.
&c. Also pair and,henilock,
,tainied call' . per..and
roleleather, Morocco skins and linings.., : _
Work made to.order' and repairing nea Ono.
1 ' ' ' KEELER ik prop ABB.
Montrose, April 6;_-1854. - •' ° ' r
,Valuablo_ Valuabl e - Lands For Salo.
OR SALE IN On BODY, *bent issi* =61,4
12 -Land on die wall* of Spring -Brook, fa launch
of the Laeltawanna river,. in Ismerne Conn*, Penn's..
about; thrhing midway betweenithe to , u e i of &ran •
ton land Pittston. These lands are c ov ered
with val
uable 'timhei;and being situate in the most, extensive
mineral - region In Pennaylvania—known ne ,contain
iron mie—and believed to abound in cog, I ,and_heing
e l phaust
also id Abe knumdiate vietni of seve relined'
*lade 'and now:4 'r to , dm as
opportunity fer the investment of money . t
occurs. - For - further bfbirmation apply to N. P. Ha.
sack, Esq., No. 11, Wail street New 7 17mi9, or to the
subscriber, at Montrose, Susquebanna-ootOty,11:1 the
"attorneyln fact of dm owners. - . I
April 6, 1864. . MENRY:DRfNMER, Tr
• ' NEW '
PLENDID,Printo Lodi& EroodOloll4 polgairik
6:c 7 ,sust operto4, ood for sale t
.1,, LY0.. 1 41g.t BOK SI
I Ttimothy Seeds!!
Stanley Ta_rielo -
celebrated rivne th y l
Kled pure. :For vele dr - '
Montvale; MOreh - lot, leek
Shillles wanted
tOckther let • 31.J0Y0
d dots.
all deai ;
=S U.