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Flom Thk:Seuatter Sovereign, May a.
A,S u oi"IIER . A
BLoom —
On Monday week last, at . Leaven. •
wor th City., -Malcolm. formerly of
Platte County, Mo., was : murdered 'in etild
. bi o a:l4 an Abolitionist named McCrea. '
itheV were disputing. , and, while. Mr. Clark
wasin.the act of turning, prollahly. tc) go,
away; McCrea drew . .a pistol, 'and shot him
through • the heart. He died immediately.
did not speak One word after that
shot..'. The murderer eseaped ; his pursuers
and succeeded in placing himself under the.
protection ot Abe troops • of. the 'Fort. He
will not live to be tried. An outraged
pie are anxiously awaiting an o pp,ortuniy
deal out summary -punishment to the Wren&
t er. Hanging is a death entirely too good or •
- such a villain!. Let him be tortured, and
his friends hung? Hope is beyond his reach.
."'Should . the techiticslities of the -laW for one
momint permit the m urdererEl! . a while to
hope, the fire •of.indignation which 'already
exists in the hearts - ot our citizens will need
no othei• fanning to dissipitate a. vain conjee
ture on his part. He may live in hope; but despair he 'surely Must:
C u t down in the !mini° of life, lies poor
Malcolm,Clark ! He is lost to a devoted
fainilv----to his numerous friends; and in him
the . 1 5 roSlavery party has lost one abet' no
blest defenders. 4furdered without a cause
and:by an abolitionist !' Tho,thonght is suf
ficient to harrow up-a spirit.of resentment in
the breast of tit ry Soot/Oil man w hi c h
should telt hi the ranks of the Abolitionists.
Poor Clark! "Vhd is there that - knew
him who does not fament his loss A . man
in the broadest exception of the term—gene-,
roes to a finilt. No man ever solicited his
.assistanee but he received it. Brave among
the ilravo. he knew not cowardice.; a coward
' lv tileu.:_l:l never reached his brain.- Honest
•on all occasions, in every transaction.. Pos
sessed of energy, with a quick eye and ready
arm and a dsvoutivorshiper oftle South and
. her institutions,
_a bitter opponent () ib ex cue _
mics, a faithful friend, an indulgent Either. an
industrious man: and a' good_ eilizen: hi a.
• word' he wai a noble specimen of; God's
masterly `creation.
'Thus fell by an assassin's hand; a noble
man ! .What, we ask, • can "repay his loss?
The blood of the murderer 'will not satisfy
us!. That would he' placing too little an es..
. on the life . .of our. dteeas,...d friend.
Blood for blood r-,-but for each drop spill.
ed, we Aiall require One hundred fold ! For .
every honest man that is slain, let a score of
abolitionist suffer. We call - for a -'settle
: 'settle
ment of this affair—let us make.examples of
.such.otttlaWs, and:their synpathizers, until
our fair Territory is ridden of such curses=-
'until honest men can walk the streets of. Our
towns, without the fear of being attacked by
'Orthern cut-throats dud : hired assassins; un
til our homes and fire -sides can be made se..
.tune from the torch i)f the incendiary; and
ou r'slaves be permitted to remain with us
in quietude and Commitment. As long as
one Abolitionist renufins in
_the Territory,
such occUrrences Will be numerous. both here
.aid'in . !llissouri. Let us begin to purge ohr
selves of all Abolition emissarieswho occu
py our dominion, and - give distinct notice
that'all4lu , do nit leave immediately for the
The above gems are hut- a small portion
of the good things that fill the . broad,eolumiis
of Tie Squatter Sovereign, but they will Zo •
• for the present. •
Latest from . Europe--Snmmary of News.
The steamship Baltic arrived at'New York:
from Liverpool on rriday last, bringing news
from Europe one week later. '
From Sebastopol the news is that -the Al- 1*
lies • have captured the - RusSian outworks.—
•''hl fighting has been despe6te. and the can
nonade. terrific, but tbe•Allies had nut Made
siaclent progres:s to-. Warrant a r , eneral as
caulk They; have slackened their firein or-,
der to economize anThunition. • There are
said to 'be '100,009 Russians Outside. S'e.
bastopol; and they were drawing !heir de
<fences stronger around the Allies: - The siege
makCs so little progress that there is a .talk
of its abandonment; and the employment of
the:allied army in subduing the interiOr of
the crimea, so as to cut off the Russian sup
An 'insurrection has broken - out in the
,tkrtine, amiinz the insisian'.peasantry, who
suffer terribly fromthe Oppressions of the.
war. •In Poland, .also, the . ?Iteessi - ve .
had created a geperal panic, and, many were
flying-, into Prussia. In St. Petersburg pro
' visious had reached famine prices. But, in
the Midst of all this ; the Russian government 1
is 'Wonderfully active in:defensive warlike
preparations. • •• •
In .France, a Roman - .republican exile had
attempted to kill the Emperor - by shooting
at him several times with a pistol, as . he
,passed in a carriage along one of the streets:
He was unsuccessful, but the EMperor's es
cape was very narrow, as one of the halls
grazed-'his head. The assassin was immedi
ately arrested and imprisoned. His motive
was - :a private, persOnal one, not • connected
with polities. Before this aflitir it Was semb
officially . announced that the Emperor
given his intention of visiting the-Crimea.
There is Pluck in Kansas.
' We have. the Platte,Argils of theSsth inst.
- in whicluan'accornt is given of a public Meet
' nig:held at Leavenworth, on' the Kansas side
of the Missouri; and a little below Weston, I
where' the Argus is published. This paper
. gives the pro-slavery view.of the matter.
The Argus says, in giving an account of
• the meeting spoken "We are sorry to
sa3 ., the . rneeting waste fair e. • Quite . a num+
. .ber of our .most effaientizens went down
to aid and assist, an4':not to counsel and di-. I
recf our brethren.. ofthe territory. From
• them 'and - from others who came up yesler,
: day, We are'enabled to give - a true statement ,
of the meeting, &c. The muting was called
• and held, and Mr. J. Alexander Hatnilton,
Esq., as chairman of a committee, reportea
• :a string of resolutions, of the law and order'.
. • r .eharacter, almost like the Free-Soil CitiZetiS'
. meeting of last summer in.this place.; They
- • . were unanimously adopted by the citizens of
the Territory—none of _the Missourians tak
ing ayart.'
• "None of the MissOuriens having taken
tcrti n people of the . 'rerritory 7 took. de
, -, cided ground for Free-Soil: So it wOuld be.
• hr any part of Ktuisas . , without the least doubt.,
• . One of the speakers at . the meeting, a prOl-,.
slavery , man from . NV eston, 'declared that
--" the boasted pro-slavery ism of Leavenworth.
was controlled by men who at heart were as
, unsound as, Greeley or• Thayer." •
From the, same paper we si.e. that a free
.. white citizen of the Territory has been placed
under arrest by the pro-slavery. men, on sus.
. of being We quote from
, • the article : •
- _ m• •
- •Phillips . had left town, but at night, afieri
the meeting had dispersed, he returned, andl
was arrested by a committee of eitizens.4-1,
He avowed his determination to - remain inl,l
- the territory, and even threatened thetri with{'
- Lis abolition forces that were them collecting."
' A search . was made fur hetnp, tar, and feathi
ers, at the commencement of which a port*
of the committee, being a.little lame, took tito t i
their hats. and sneaked CIE It waadiscavat4
that thirtepn Ab9litiopists
. ,/, :• i - . .
1 .
leoed together on the- top 'of the bill; with
sll,,"tiguils,-.-pi4Ols; knives, cull* &e. and were
jut* , iding to demolish' the!prineipal , buildings
of the pro-slavery men, and to retieue *their
briiilter traitor, Philiipsl; when, to avoid
blinidslied, Phillips wa:4. set at liberty; and
we have .beeni informed (pat • men. professing
pro-61nvery, sentiments tivt;n slept Soundly
ov4" the occurrences of the day:. ,
young lawyer Of good charne
-1 ter lll ,l:i in od iPsißli: -.decided in his anti-slavery ienti
in-ots, 4•liieli is - the only Marge against him.
~ . ,
Lavonworth,!where till! meeting„was held,
', 3 one -of the MOst important, points in
. the.
vresi;`. '.The fdrt lis .the depot whence the sup.
pli,4 - : for thO einigratits and troops *are oh
tnin4d, and the point of departure-of the
S fliim
men'se trninnt are sent westward across
the, t.lains, to. Oregon and California.
' • ' ' . i .
Ur Any of:flie artieleCtnentioued in thefolloteing
141 3 pcill'6e received at this office on , subscription; at
the current market price,
ilot+ Ti? barrel, ' ; ...... .; ..........$10,50 ( 12,00
Wheat ? huslitil; ' * - . • 2,00
Sorn Meal 0 hitndred, ! . ... 2;50
rtil "0 bnshel .'. •
. 1. ... ... 1,25
• Ryell? bush. i 125
' .Rye Flour ip hundred, 4,00
Butter r lb, . L........ 20
Cheese 01b,: 1,...‘ .
i 10 Q 12
Eggs I f i doz. i is; •.
• 121
Maple Sugar PHIL ' ' 8 €1 10
Potatoes 'l,? busitel,.. ' ' *l5
Apples 0 bushi!ls, 50
Drie4 Apples it bushel • .. 1,50
Oaly bushel,... - .1 - '• ; • - 0
Bea t .*0 bushl, ... 1 :. ' - 1,50
Rani 1.4 it , .. 1 . , . f . , . - 10 ®l2
, ,
r Tile Medical SE)elleiY
Of diquehanna County will hold' its semi-annual
m *ts in Loaensiille, Wednesday , June 6th, at 10
0. .... . iG. Z. . DIMOCK, Secy,
e f jel
, J
. ;
Nottce t 'l f.
. .
ThePusquehanria Co. Teachet's A-isociation will
meet the,Ketbodist Church ou - Gihson Rill, on Fri
day Kay 25, itt 10 o'clock A. 11. i The public are in
vited th attend. ,* Per order.
...t . .
- . i • MA 1111 IF4, I?:
341 4 ' 20th, by Rev. Henry 4. Riley, JOSEPH B.
1 Attlie?tv, of Seiwllilford, and Miss IEART E. Krrotalt
of ri/gewater ' - . l .l
a• • t ----- --0.-------+ -
rush, on:the 2211`inst., Jon 8., son of R, 5..&
E. B.,Shoemok'er, in the 15th y . i . i.t. of his ago. . •
In i,liddl . • •
1 etotrn, April 30th, M. Wituam S. Ross,
Soli oflOtisiand Betsey E. Ross, :Iged 16 years.
ThelfollOwink resolutions were,passed by the Lodge
of Ootid Teroplars of which the deceased was a mem
ber,: ..1 i i . .
Wh'ereai it has.Plea..ied Divine Providence to re-
Incive.trotn our midst, by death, Br. William S. Ross,
thds-decpl afflicting us, therefore. ' • .
Resolved, That in this event Our Lodge is called to
rri, having of its moSt Worthy - and.foithful
metubl!rs. I i: , 1
fces:olved, That die svmpathiks of this Lodge be'
teadetied to the bereaveil Lundy and connexions, and
that Wye manifest on't re.4pect and love for the depart
ed ihriottending higfuneral, wearing a proper badg e .
of noultroilt , .. r :
4estilreS, That, a r Opy of the foregoing resolutions
be given to the famßy . and. also that they be publish
ed Iwiat this obituari. - !
i ; •1 '' I
, .
e 1
• 7 • 7 -
, , et- , • ,
i; 114, TN • I
Li)Th e
1,4 7"
• , .- • •
- 10 L F-Ifehltug Smoothing Irons for
o . !p lc by -1 r .L &SON."
• .- • L POST &CO
-17.1. t May 22A 1 1 I! L. POST & CO's
I I T ;B . Orchard: 111: D.,
SURGEON,' drlckson, Sugyue
hanna county,llft. Residence a: the Pustoffice.
I ; New Goods.
I 1 !
drial Os 8c: Bros. are now receiving their sup
;4i,,, plf of Spring and Summer Goods, and being
of the advantage of having ready pay, arc
(1444ined to sell goods lit so low a rate as to con
vinteitheir customers and the public generally that
1(i0011 be fe ibeir advantage as well as ours. Our
st 'lt , consists in part -of Broadcloths, Cattsimeres,
K ntitcky Jeans, Simmer stuffs, Delaines,. Lawns,
C letres,' Ginghams, Prints, Bonnets, Ribbons, Para
sol, Shawls and Back Silks, together with a stock
oc- 'pihel Staples aud Fancy Dry GoodS, Groceries,
CrOckery, Hardware, Boots and Shoes, Data,' &c.
A)S,o,lii good assortment of Shoemakers' Findings.—
Clill and examine our stock, and judge for yourselVes
as to the truth 'of our statement.. Our motto is, quick
s4l'pts,sind small profits. Most kit.thr of country
dtiCeltaken in exchange for goOls.. . . , 1
M I • J. MOSS & • BROS.
I Ne* Milford, May 15, 1.855. I -21m3
1 ; II •
- „
1 r Books-aid Stationery.
IHAVE received a lirge addition to my stock of
2. Books and Siationeiy, among which ate; A Long .
Look Ahead, (Boe)=Wolfert's Roost (Irving}—Dr.
Spencer's Sketches—Wonderful Adventures of Capt.
Priest—The SlaVe Holder's Daughter Life of Sam
Hduston—Jane ;Mac—The May Flower (Harriet B.
EtOwe)—Rag Big, (Willis,) be sold
cheap. F. B. CHANDLER.
gay 22, 18551 '
, Sommer Staffs.
Urge stock Wnot.Linen, and Cotton stuffs for sum
mer wear. Plenty of 4 and 6d Prints. Please call
a.tid see.f • ; ••. T. B. CILLNDLEEL
}May 23. • • '
I ;
i pitnanes Monthly.' - / I
i N resuming the publication of Filtrate's Monthly,
„ it i* only' netessare for us to refer to the special
fskice issuet4 with our hearty approval, upon the first 1
?f April, by they late publishers. Thellagazine will .:
eon at greater excellence in the direction hitherto
fitrsaed; and without being partisan, will hold de
tided opinions , and will treat all public questions from.
it humane and tinly national point of view. '
!In all the other varied departments of a Monthly
Xafazitie, it will hope to amuse, instruct, and bene
lii?- to criticise generously but just* t" and to . attr ct
~c) its pages,' as tt has already done,lthe contributions
pt' able men in veryo walk of Literature, Science, and
:Art. • , ".- 1
I 1 The •past void:nes are the best asaurance,that noth
'ang offensive tolthe purest morality; and no wanton
attack 'upon honest conviction, will ever find a place
'• • •
an the Magazine.
All communications should be -addiessl to• DIX
tit EDWARDS, Publishers of Putnam's Monthly, 10
Park Filet!, New York. , • '.
, ' ' ~
. ,
f 1 ' May—Contents.:
1 1 - The Last Word of Oeology --Oliver Basselin—The
1 iCo:npensittion Office—The Alps4l!he Dames of Vir
iginia—The Turks Two. hundred years Ago--The
Night Chase—Only i P4,ble—The Count De Cagli.
[ r ostro—The Challenge-:-The National Academy of
;Design the Birth Flace - pf Mozart--A Cruise in the
'Flying Dratchntan—The Basts of the Prairies4-Amer ! ,
;lot for 0 Americans--Ttrice Married (Continued)—
EditorittlNote.s. - 1
• L LI: teisture-1. American. ' ,
11 , 1 ' 2, Reprints. .
'IL }ins Arts. ' . , - . •
- 111. I Music.
/V. 'Mama. '.., .
. TiltYp.—Twentx-five cents a number, or 13 per
annum4l, Clubs, orP•e'or more supplied at'B2. Spa.
cimen ntmibers furnished, aneliberal terms given to
, A
agents o anti cannwrE. .
- 1 1 ; DIX kEP WARDS,-.10 Park Place.
1, • ,
!dasiniistealtor's Notice.
Xr °TICE is hereby given that letters of attain's.
.LN trillion de bohis now ism letteetesto annex°
upon -WC:estate of Wise Wright deceased, have bean
granted: to the subSeriber, and all persons indebted
to said Waste me reques ted to make Immediate pay.
ment, *WI those hiving claims to present them duly
attested ihr settleMent. E. F. 11.01.,Y Adm'r.
Brooklyn, May 16, 1851 , 20-411
' !tall At LORMIP9 '
CABINET MAILERS, bave recentjy aprielf wart
Tcpuir- -Pa„, and wt keep Cod.
gaudy po badd all kinds otT•ablne' tmare- lasoa°lldt
made Coffins. Ttinersls gte'nded with or Ili th o ut p,
hemei Ware-r,p nearly 09Ppsite 1. Dic~cerm~w'i
Store. • ' •
Seiri Milford, itriy i 855.
10,1)00 I "4"litYjlasyciallLuga
• , ails . Inquire o f • L umb e r
• Ikatikru, ipril. 30, 1864 G
• 111211.87L1P •
; -
. ••
. .
l'or PreAlent, . .
I liilt. tI - lASE. OF 01:11O, - -
1- • };or Tice Prow lent, ', , • - .
• Ml 3. 'WILMOT, OF PEN .;SYLVANIA., • -
I - • MoreNewfoods at the Red iklug
ptpre.. !. - - .•, HENRY IFIcKINNEY.,
1 Lathavill, Miy 16, 1855.. • ; 20=40
ilailealleaveation and Festival.'
.LII. will be .held at the Baptist Meeting Rouse in
JaCkiion Centre,. Pa.,' under the direction of Profs.
commencing on Tuesday, Juno 12th, and continuing
three days—closing with a, CONCERT.
I'he °ldea of 'pia Musical Convention is, the . ad
vancement of Singers in Musical Knowledge, by the
studplnd practice of the different styles of Vocal
Mamqcombined frith famirutr Lectures and Criticisms.
Teachers, Choristers, Members of Choirs, and all km
era of music, will derive pleasure and benefit from
these exercises.
The principal Text Books used will be the Shaw,
the Metropolitan' and Alpine Blee Books.' Members
having copies oft these hooka will please bring them.'
Each member will be taxed 2:5 cents.-
ENRY BURRITT would announce to
his friends', and the public that he is now open
ing an unusually large etock of SPRING AND
SUALVER GOADS, including a great variety of
Prints from 4 cents to Is 6d per vart4 plain and
printed Lawns, liarcge Delanes, Ginghams, Brocade,
Black and fancYlDress Silks, Silk Dres4 Tissues and
Bareges, Popling, &c. &c., with a superior assortment
•of Silk; Broebe, iCashmere, and Thibet Shawls; Man
tillas, Parasols, French Lace and Straw and Silk Bon.
nets, rich Ribbotts'and Flowers, with a large variety
ofother Staple end Fan?y, Dry Goods. •
WARE—Iron And Nails, Boots and Shoes, Bata and
Cape,'Carpetingl Wall Petpe.r,'Floor'oll Clothe, Paint
ed Window Shades, Clocks, Stoves, Oils and Paints,
PlOughs, &c. Le.,.; in short, the largest kind of piles
oil rich andchelip Goods, too numercitis to mention,
but just the tlOgs to purchase; all of which will be
sold itt the mosti reduced prices and on the most Ca
vcrable terms fqr cash or approved credit.
N.' B. Flour ;and Salt consnunly on band.
New Ifilrord, May 5, 1855:
. oeneral Mader.
OTICE is hereby given to the Union Hill Attil
1111 •lery Company and the Susquehanna Guards to
Meet at the lonic of V. F. Badger in New Milford, on
Tuesday the - 2.9 th day of May inst., at 9 o'clock A. IL
for the purpose of chill and , inspection, armed and
equipped according to law.
IN. B. GeneMl Field and Staff Officers are request.
ed to attend on fsaid day. - ASA SPICER,
- Br. In. Ist Br. 10th Div. Sus. Co.
IBe In. offie llarford, May 5, 1855. . •
• GO:3li*,:t
A !.itiperti lot . .stist r,Teived and how offering at tho
tlow0; coda firicts for approved credit or ready pay
by • . •.1 A. LATHROP 11; CO: -
20-17 '
C. D. Virgil Dentist has 'taken- rooms over F. B.
Chandlers'..storp, Where it will be his pleasure to see
his friends as as posSible. : C. D. VIRG.
MA:r 2, 1855: Resident: Dentist..
pissoLt Tut N.
. •
The Mercantile Firm of Smith 3: 11 , nnpsteaci hae
been diss,olvcdiby mutual consent. The notes and
acenunts , of thc•same are in the hands of O. D..Hemp
stead for collection. An early settlement of all ar
reamgets is positively required.
IWOoklyn Adi. 14, IS'55
Stiveu llaudred Dollars Retvard.
above '
reward will be ipaid•to me if my cus
:l. • tourers will call and pay me what is honestly my
due:, lam loqdly called ou by my creditors to pay
up, and it is inipossible fur me to do so unless my:
old friends Will step up and (brk over. So attend to=
the matter innuediately,.and square the yards either;
by cash or not', and save both Yourself and me. -,
Montrose May , 1855. , D. 11. lIICXOM
• . ,
. .
• . - ! NOTICE.
rgillEmowa and aecoanti of the firm of Thasre 1:
-II Caandall. and R. P. C anthill, arc left - with Dr .
R. Thayre for fettiement. Tho,e indebted are request
cd to make immediate payment and save coat. '
Montrose, April 25, 1555. : • '
t..- ----4
1.4 single hairel, and extra fine Rifles., for sale
Ilse 1] A. LATHROP & CO.
Adininisiratorls Notice.
OTICE Lit hereby given tliat letters of adminis
trution houis non upon the estate of Lafac;;
ette Wilmarth, deceased, h'are• been granted to the
sulismilter, and nil per Fon- indebted to said estate
will please' mike immediatk payment,and those yet
hating plairml will present them duly attested for see.
tlenient. . ()ELAND° GUNNISON.
Jackson, April 9, 1855.- • ' -
• !New York- Prices
ARE now being paid by•A. Lathrop & Co. to all
thOse'whO consign their bUtter and ; produce to them.
They havingltnade arrunge T nents are now enabled tb
i.erid all kinds of produce to. NeW York and to sell
the same at thelligben market prices. All those
v.rtio wish gohcl prices and quick returns we invite th
call upon • A. LATHROP & CO.
MontrOse.!May 1, 1855. ! 1
To All whom k may Concern.
HE NotOs and book ac i conts of Edwin Tiffany of
Brooklyn, hare been cleft with 'the undersigned
for collection and-settlement, and also the unsettled
accounts of khe late finnTiffany At Smith. It is
expected or all such as ;are indebtd to the said
Tiffany either by note or, book account, that • they
will 'call on the subscriber without delay,\and arrange
the same without delay. ; KEUEEN . O. MILES.
Brooldyi April 27, 11345. • 18 wi
. !j. SHERIFF'S SALE.". •
"1 - .)Y VIRTUE of a writ of .Reri Faeiaz,
II from the Court. of Common Pleas of Susque
hanna county and to me directed, I will expose .to
*le by public vendue, at ;the Cintrt Mouse in Mont,
rcise, 'on Sa t urday the Atb day of June next, at one
o'Clock in ,lie afternoon—ill that certain piece
or parcel of land situated in. Bridgewater township,
and in the County of Susonehanna, bounded and de 7
aCtibed as 4,110w5, to wit: Beginning at a post stand
ing in the read leading from Montrose. to the Cochee
ton and-Great Bend turnpike, thence north 17 4.-
greei west,il9 perches to-a post in the centre of the.
road ileadir.g to Lawsville, - thence along said road,
south 56 ddgrees west 5 perches toustskeand stones
in the centre of said road„ thence 15 perches to tfie
centre of the first mentioned road, thence' along said.
mad:ll perch es , to tt(e pLlce of beginning, contain
ing one-third of an acre nyire or less, with the appttr•
tenances, - t*te framed houlif', and all improved.
• Taken in execution at the suit of 'John Williams vs
_P. M. Walnuts, :Wm* of D.... 1. Williams Dec'd.
, i P. P. HOLLISTER, Sheriff.
' Sh rifr office Montrose,May 15 , 1855
r al •-
Change of Time. i.
, ,
lAN and ! after Thursday, April 19, 1855, the Nail
J Irassenger Train will depart from Scranton :at
/1.50 A. ,yin Due at Great Bend at 2.40 P. tt.. Con
necting with the Dunkirk Express West on the N. Y.
& E. j R. lii
Returning; will leave Great Bend 8.20 p. 'sr., and
due at Sertptcm 6 t. tt. ,
The Accommodation Freight will leave Scrantotiat
Ir. due at Great Bend at 6p. a., connecting
with the Steamboat Express East, Mail Train West,
and the Night Expressos East and West on Ifl4
E. R. R.
Reiurning, will leave Great Bend at 7 A. a. on
riyallof Cincinnati Express East. • Due at Scranton
12,20 P. *.
D. H. DOTTEHEiti Superintendent,
1 i
i ft..
A.. C 46 GERS *ill find Stages at Seinie's Motet,
L Reponse, Pa. which rtin itroonnection with, he
folio ts ing !trains, 3 i
-; _ 1,411 Ye it 11 A., N. Connecting with the Mall Train
for Great - Bend. (Th's train no" meets Ray Express
both Eastland West.) .
' Leave iit BP. li r (3pnneeting with Freight Train fits.
Chest Bend, and Mail Train for Soranicta. (th,
freight *Ain meets Mail Train West at Great ROW,
and Night grwerdwts both East and West.
• i RETURNING,., •
loosTe P4ot for Montrose on *Mild dal the above
trains. i • L. sreARIA,
Naar*, Nay 7, - 1855, ,
311. C. Tyler,
PT 'raFTED I. InTh"r, Importer orszut
Peluer in thadware end Coder!, Cartisge Spribge,
pc. 'No, *IA kiwi street, Sew York, where his Ver•
tantife e, in this 'sod other counties, ire kindly
0410, and err ! " eolicited to call and purrh
I r 2
111 l person who' took a barrel of mai a few eve.
'nlngil sin e, and forgot to call atilt *Hai, can
pay,for the ea le by sending t 2,25, or replacing.the
snit, and 149. q estions asked--4)therwise (will be ex
pooled. i. ; I ' . I C. B.Y.
Montrose, May 7,.1855. i
,! - " ; INEW GOODS. i. :
ARE now re cei v ing theii usual :supply of SPRI NG ,AND sllot R GOODS, which they bEer to their
enstomers,r-ani r the public genendly, on 14 most tea
soitalde teijna, or Cub, Butter, Eggs, Grain, Bres- ";•
wai„,or on ulived c re dit., - 1 '
.. !.
' !Mon, ky 1,1855. ' . I • :
jijitt(iitiptOTHS, Kersev,n7eres, teili f Tu - ii - y Jeans, i t
,JP, &mintier Stalk, and" ageneral stbelt e of Staple
Dry Goods,jut reeetred'and ter sale tied, by !I
:, , f ‘i , - , BENTLEY 't READ. 1
_:„....._...._ _ ~
cztimmEit. lie !Ants. Lawns, Challim„. Ginghams,l
1:.,J ;Minium an d ! Cocheco Prints, Arc. &c.lof sale!'
. : :,,
4 . Lii. N. BE.NTLEY & READ.
' 110NNETS . 1 - Ribbons. Parasols, &flumes Shawls,;
; 1-) Black Silks, Dress T rimmings awnings ae, *e. for R eel
Iby '' - 1 • .
QILE., flur,, !Leghorn, Panama, Straw, and Pahl'
I kJ Buts,ltuibrellas, Satchels. Window Paper Lc. ;
4ic: 1 i II . BENTLEY I$ READ. 'l
ir_T ARCM' ABET Crockery, Patent Pails, Tuba, Put .;
4.1.' 'ty, Q 1.41 Lc. BENTLEY la READ.
1)11,17GS, It'edicines, Paints , "Oiki,6 - yekttitTs,ainta!
t genehil assortment of Patent MediCines. just WI
and for sale h BENTLEX; & READ.
1 ................_.... -........._ ________
gOLE and Cr.per Leathtr, Patent - Kipp, Calf Skins„
1 and stood supply of Boots and ShOet constant-;
1 Vim kati4. . . : , Ltisturr& READ.
y the. barrel
l B k. Or_o r. u rr e-haR ba
&lAD. ' ‘l
Ti.ATlfig.S and JEWELET.—Atu .I II a..ssortn .
or Gold. arm Sib er Lepines add Detatebed.
Levers, dokble and single eases, Ladies' Pink Eril
Drops; Rincst Guard Chains, 'ke. &c: I Also, Silveri
Table; Tea, Desert, Salt and Sugar Spots, warranted;
oure, : for Sale i by . Butt. & READ. I
STOVES and TINWARE, Clock", Nails, Cs . .ndle.
Lamp Oil, Camphene &e..l4te. •
Bontro . se, May l; '55.. BENTIS. & READ.
rr`IIE subscriber tikes this ;method ix advertising
4 his friends and the public genendly, that he haS
fitted: up a store just across the street from his old
quarters, In Brooklyn. where he is prepared .to ret
telve customers ant sell thent goods at •as low rate
as: any other, establishment in Susquehanna county{
My assortment ivery lame indeed , eMbracing neap
tneveryairticle usually called for in a Country store.
As I am determined to do business Aso as to avoid
"bad, debts,"'which responsibli credit purchasers art
litaxed to pay rt can offer superior inducements tdegtsA
:arid whet rise rnostrvravisci patrons. Call and set
; me. 0. 0. BEXPSTEAD.
1: ;Brooklyn, April 30, 1555..
Ads!) ist rato i's' S le.
NOtice is hereby giren _that, direction of an or
!:.der.of the Orphans' Cdurt ofthe.countY ofSusquehtui
. na, to nit. directed, I will expose to puhlic sale by yen
! dire, on Saturday the 26th of May next, at one o'clock
I P. It, all that certain piece or pared of land late die
estate of Iledry Benson jr., situate in the township of
Jucklon 47. said county, bounded North by the lauds
of Or; injatteson, on the Laid by lands now unoccti
pied, bur under contract frotu C. L. iward; on die
South by: lands of Elenry Benton, and on the West by
lands of Smith, - containing thirty one acres-4-
mostly iMprored, and on which is a ydung Orchard,*
dwelling house, barn, and other out,
Sale' k.o bt held upon the preruises ; teems of payment
1414 kikslwn an the day of sale. •
Jackson, April,2l, 1855. 1. 17 .w 5.
--- - , •
Administrator's INntice 1 -
bTICE is hereby given that letter! of administra•
I.l . rtiOn upon the estate of AMCI. BAILEI, -
decesed„ have been granted to the atibseriber,
and 'all perseus indebted to "said ,estilte will plesie
matte immediate payment, and itios.ei having claims
will present them duly attested fur settlement.
f EDW IS' F. I.kIILEY, Adtnyr.
Bro4lin,i..kpril 24, 1855,• 1 • •
rrilE 'icoPartnerahip heretofore exi Ling under tbe
1, I firm or Hawley tc Mott is this av di•asolved.i
Aril 1855. • G. It. iLAWIEY.i
C. {Pt MUTT.
The natett and accounts are in the hands, of C.
Mott. for Collection. Those intert.Sted will please c*U
as siiim4onTenient. • .
, -- -- -- --
' 1 1-: I DIuSOLVTION.
, rrlIE firm of Di'. & IL. I.l. l Eaton is ithis day by niu-
I 1... tual toi,itteitt diSscilved ;All perm haring 64k
iter:Ounr,i misetard,i with se4,:firtn, are requested Ito
inak , " i4nn'ediate iayment, by note ek,e. otherwise,
I jure the'r.riiirution .1 tro morithsfrolis this dote. The
rhooks and iecount.swill remain in th'e hands' of B.F.
Eaton, vrho may be found, at his !former place ',of
business& and is authorized to settlei the same. 1 1A
I word tq'the wise." - BENJAMIN F. EATON,
{ L'i '' I RALTqI 11JEATON. > ;
J • ttorfoird,!April 10th, 1853.! 1 :• ' ,
I. i i . . -7-
wiAlcatipits A 101 i GAPIDE.IIFERSI
W h a t na nw ot er g f e .u t l tila su n bs u t ir ti :r e Ig n h i lu e -ill l f i n ri d ß a o chet
FOI T IDEETTE made by thelsubscri rs. The ;Mall
qua tit2i idled, the ease with which i is applied, and
the #orierful stimulus it givos to vegetation, ren6'rs
It the cheapest and best manure in ` '' the world. i It,
cati+s plants to come up qtdcker, ici grow Faster, Ito
yield heavier and ripen earlier than any other mantire
iiLthe liord. and unlike other fertilizers,, it -can ;be
brinight 9 direct contact with the plant. .Three dol ,
tars oithiis sufficient to manure an 'acre of cciro4--;
T ric , delivered free of cartage or package on'boird
jor y A wed or railroad in NewiTork city, $1,50 per bar
rel, for an quantity over sus barrels ;- I barrel, $ . 2 ;
- ,2 fl i! r rels,l 1:3,56 . • 3 barrels, $5; 51Tharrels, $B. A
,pamPhlet ;with information and directions will be sent
gratis and post-paid,4o any' ne applYing for the *le.
'lAddiesli, the LODI 1L11..N/UFACTCRING CO: ,
1 i • - 74 Coratuidt Str4et, New-York-
W /AAA Itilk Pans of an sizes and. made from
L'd /double crass tin at less than Merchants
usually' l psiy, to sell again, for sale blr the
, übscrilier.
[ 'We hate cone to the conclusion to P oen pans to Far
`: mere as low as we will to the trade , thereby
thereby saving
I : tri
the F armer our profit. - Our a
. 3 are warranted
1, to
, 1 1 ) , p erfect
aslt o
in ev r ery P articular or :lo 3316. 1
1 : 1• t
INew?' Milford April 1, 1845. •
•• - EARNED. 1
JT WITTENBERG k. BRO., ..MOntlose, Pa., take
• •
,tilp method of advising theii old friends and
ettitorners and the public at large, that they have just
received end opened the largest , prettiest and cheap
est stdcl4 of READY MADE CLOTHING. ever tiro%
to thin place, which they offer at ilmall advance from
cost, thetteby offering purchasers rare oppotuni
ty of obtaining goods at about tw thirds the ttsual
Price. 1 7 ! • , . ,
AlsP al large assortment lo s t Dry ~comprfing
for Ladies Wear, new styles B de,"Stripe, Plaid,
Plain Sad changeable Silks, Delaines. Muslin, De Rage
Berne delahust of new and elegant designs. -All the
latest et; Iles of Ladies Drew Goods, French Lawns , .
Printxand Gingham.. •A - handsoine assortment of
I)mo:trimmings, Embroiled Sleeies, Collars Oda,
etc. JacOnet and Swiss Edgings and' Inserting , s,Glhves
Mite, BUsiery, Veils and Parasols ' \ !
Thefr assortment ofSlia Willis ve ; large, emblcing
.every thing that is rich and fashitotlable both for*n
and-do . niestiC. . L ' 1 . : \
Then:lD:met Department is tyke and comPlete;
. embiacmg the very latest, styles, with Trimmings to
match. 1. ' I 1
• Arteitensive assortment of Irish' linens,_ napkins
toweling, table cover, curtains ke, . -
We brae also a supply of Shirts; Gentlemen's' Col
lars, §uspenders, Gloves, lrmbrallits anti a good litany
other; articles too numerous to mention. For bar
gain:tithe public is respeetfully in 'Led to call a! the
cheap store of„: . -
. , J. wirrt. ERG & BRO.
corner if Chesnut IS Owego S four doors; east
of P 095 store. • ; , ” f
. ,
Execut . oei Pf+ice s
...."rtaietniaotoo 1 1 1 1 v I .
.t e r:
law Of Barer Lake, deifd' to presdat them to theiSub.
t l or c i ls l et airi Eszeutin and Trusteett of tho said A. IL
• I 'uly authentiooded, slittlemenL Arid all
person iudehted to said estate, ar i a requatod to Make
y .
'tour"" Wart. • • 11 •
• JAS11: : te e . •
Man 4 ralo, 23. 1851 i,
AdEplabltitittorZi r, Notice. •
TOfICE hereby given to peroooo baviq de.
.71a41e cls Against ths estate or
tanesborougb, deceased ' , to present tbo
gam, o• dub' attested for, seemen$ persona and ail ' in
ebtad, toi W
said estate *ill please nuke payment. Lou
niedistely to the subscriber in Harmony township, to
irisotyl !ettms 01 iAtninistration have beets duly rot.
liSwi I idiololotiVor l effk r• WWI".
ni*TANTLY t i fr i liAWß it - furrdshed t& order
012 elrorl poOre, I L LYONS 4 BON,
I -
'nit totrfori
T he Proprietor;Mr
fully itiforms the
stitution with the deal
Gentlemen for the P
to the Normal Mode
any other buillness,of
This Inatithtion la
and healthy village of
'Pa., and id unexpose
vices thatare dettimer
al advancement - of St
11.1. Swart, a highly
dy, will take entire ch,
in and out. of school..
attend patties; or,any
the express pentussion
era. MisS" Swart will
ill Needle Work, Fre
• One of . the prime:
been to establish a N
Course, fee the benefit.
ing a Profession.. Th
requires three years..
object to embrace tho
well as those of an e
care has been taken '
as to l present to the's
the Simplest sue 1,
Pupils ? will not be
course of ittady; uor
undue fondness for an.
lect of othert; but se
will lead to a systems
- era of the Mind, by dir
Of principleil and Ithe
stead.of isolated fact.
Common Eng. Brune .
Higher,. :, t "
Latin and Greek cx
French; German, and
Pencilling, Crayonin
'Music withuse of Pi
Vocal Mtisie,
Moan! per Week;
Thosewishing to
suitable ripsaw for th
Boanfind Tuition
The &Maud Term
May iiith.; and as St*
clamifted, , Students
For thither inform
We, the :Undersign
rienced anti efficient
don, with 4mplicit e.
Academy 4o theftv . 1
paring themselves f
desire to: give their
practical, and liberal
Rev. G.IN. TODD,
' Dr 4 J.l9oonnicw,
W. IL SLocuw.
J. 11. rucces, E,
Vunditfr, .4.01 19
erllP,.:llthscribei l
mirtstock of G:
which Will be sold
Please (tall and exat
lIA ti A D CI
latest at.
I:EA p
of Sprldi and Sum
out. Alo,
BaregeMelaineS, F'
Printed Lawns,' Fa
Tarr, InSertions,
and Caihmere Sha
ment every des .1
variety'cifYincy A
7insakt,i a good lot'.
tioneryi÷Wall Pap
IfoOrpse, May
1 New Li
QT.IOk.S trill car
LI be4aville, Libe
arrival& the Mail
reach - nig Montrose;
3fontros l e duilys(Su l
ins Kilitwood in t . '
both Fa`rt and Wesfi
sible route to mach',
Thii. line interseli
Springville, Tunklif
day. Wt at
ville, Ltraysyille, _
Go q 4 an and
deli, ,inti the prop'
conatnOtlate the put
April 6. 1554.
1 WI
Post & Co: •
r9speetfully inform
stantly on hand, a
stock - 10f good*
LitiM, Salt, and
as Grloteries, Dry
Shoei, Nails; i
of ptoduee, at the;
Would ranted. - I
'Montrose Depo
I •
t• •
1 , 11 , W GOOps.
Tlie;subscn have taken and fitted.u. -ihee,new
building on the t side of Public Avenue, tat doors
',above Searles Ho and are now receivi g a large
and Well selected 'Sortment of I i
• Fall aid Winter Goodiw . E .
Their stock is al; ost entirely NEW, having Saved
but a Very few • from the late destructlie,! fire,
and ' theirl usual variety of DRY
GroCer,les, Crocks, Ilardwere . Medicine 4'
Paints] Oils, Dyestu ff s, Boots, Shoes, Lea'th4rtc, Glass,
Jeatlry, Watches , : Silver Spoons, Cl
Notions, &e. are: " e are thankful for the trUnage'
hitherto bestowed Upon us, that Uri cus
tomers, anti the p; generally t lwill not f give
us a call in our fl is /oration, confitiefit their wee can
supply' them with ; sof as favOrable term as hen"-
tofore. BENTLEY & EAD
Mcnitrose,Nov9 ;ber 30, 1854,1
tale of Ligi~
purpottes, as a Dru •
of Party, Society,['
invited as usual,
pribes;of pods,
an advantage o
?dontrose, Apr
I i
A,l - ORE new de,
ill mannfactit'
soitment of. Ladi'
Iting.i.q Breast Pifi
anti Vest thalni,l
Persons wishing
ly;eall at the mote
Montrose, April
1 C. LEE,
t • ceired ;
Goode, which wa I
Pf l oduce- 11
1011araC 't[
EA, Cofree,:
05f: all kindisl
.41 exchange o, '
1 .. ;•
,A$Y quantitY
'Fxciutrg e fcti
'change foli
Daft hnd - o;ansipP
themselvos. Fo
,lefottrose De 4.1.1
A.l*lnfie A.
' and Clop*
made of heavv l
• '1
New Mfltbedi
A :Fru, U.
Joiners' T
cheap at I
1300r‘ i SLOU
erwise. at t 6
22 . 00 .
ler au ever
to. W.
s**- V
mso; • ipt, df.
thetiper thin
molt. I I
at - i• ACADEIIIIIt.
I lifltilAlD HOOLIIIAN, respeet- -
lie that he has taken this In
-4I fitting Young Ludifs and
:don of Teaching, according
!. 4 : for fitting Young Stan Or
. ,
It ted in the pleasant, retired,
ndaff, Susquehanna
ihal.the many. temptations ajtd •
to the InfiAlectualaniMer.
dents. The Prceptress, 114pif
• coated land accomplished La.;
fgo of the Young Lull; tx4h;
will they be alto ed to
Isce of amusement, withcfutil
• 'aim! attendance' f the Teaclt
vta. lessons also in Ornamatit..l
1 . 11; Pencilling, Crayontng,
jects of this Institut:4l, basil
12 Department; tir,Totc.boie 11
If those desiring to make Taal-
Whole course of Instittctlimi
pi this course it has been-thel
Studies of practical uti ity,taal
Cationat character; an great;
;`se classify and arran , them;
&fent: an.eitsy, gradatio from!
, Most difficult. -
Inirrted through a an BSc al
dt , they be eucouraget -in. an!
t. particular science, to t e nee
a course will be pursued las;
cal development droll the pow-,
Ling the thoughts to -the stOdy
i relation of cause and effi?ct,in.i
es, per qqrof i
,i weeks,
land Drawing, •
" •
•ard themselves, can
iHa iii soiran
this Institution will co
!les will then be Arran
e particuluy. rcqueste
ion; addrvvi. the Prineip
id, can undorthe press
'Ruud of lustnictorS,
tit the Normal Mode of
'ifidence commend the
hie consideration of tit',
Teachers, and all tbol
is and daughters a th
]ion. S 11;
,J hi. . Cul
. E. PuniNril
.1. B. ‘51..0 - c
BENJ. B ,*()
Iris GOODS - I .' N
1 , ••• • , -
~ receiving hts Spring
Id t unk
.1 ' s comprising 4 great variety,
,s '
'low as any iny this m rket.l--•-
' hie. : F. B. CHANDLLILt •
I'S—A good assortme n t of ,the
1. . .
CLOTIII_VG A gocn virility
l er Clothing of the latest,cq.
rx • general, assortment 4hrpugh
1c GOODS, consi4ting of ) ,Lawn.,
; neh Delaines,: PersianlDelaipe,
.y. Prints, Ladies' Worked; Col
rt....Ai-Black. Silk Mantillici, Thibet
- A - Parasol's, Hosiery, GIOTei, ic.
1 1-1.. OES. Clocks—alary'c,,, . a'ssdrt-
Lption told style.. Also ] a ••rhelst
ales, Yankee Notions, fie.'
:re, and Groceries of-all kinds
!for sale cheap. Book's an eta-
4,--also, Flour of the besi qi ility.
l l
'• F. B. ' IS'S ' CHANDLER': •
• • '
Li ,i ie of zrati stagesi I.',
i ii)'lP4 Y10.4TR0.!
Kit kwood, Passing.thniiugh Cor
ti, &c., every Inorning i lftOr the
abs of cars, both East and Wast e
at 1 -1..• %L. Returninqi 'lease
Mays excepted) at 2 P. 11., ietrich-.
le to take the Mail trains i of -ears,
1 being -the neafetit and tiling fea
',the New York and Effie ttaiirtiad.
r.- -
is a tri-weekdy line or . miock,
llr. ii ock , Wyoming, and Wilkes
3fontrose at 7 is
m.every, 1 4 Mou
d Fthlay., 'AI a linkto'i'!etidt-
Onsforta Me carriage ,. i rtrti !provi
IA -If.lfclfILLAN
l itsed the establishment of ltinae L.
• t the Montrose Depot,. lio 9 ld re
this Mends that he will ;con
the prices, a Well Selected
r' ester can be had cheap,: ; well
l 'hOods, Hardwam.Crockeity„)3pots,
, !exchange for Grain and all kinds
best prices. 1000 coLdsi'Hard
Peli 2, 1854., . _
i ; • 1 •
• EOPLE'S STORE. - ..;
.tiy . voluntarily relinquis Led the
ha, excepting strictly for ni dicinal
• : • t, the people without diititictiOn
t, or Religion, 'are res*tfully.
call and examine the quality and
id to thereby avail them elves of
he market they may thusla Omire.
,19, 1954. lABEL TICRRELL.
elry just arrired, direct f4ofn the
,•rs, and consisting of a firstl rate as
8' and Gentlemen7i Gold Finger
; Ear Dropt! and Hoops, rh, Fob
I , "des; Keys, Studs, Pe S„Like:--
'purchase Jeirelry, shout Certain
of . • A.; TUK KILL'
112, 1855. t : -
,W GOOtlfi.
MONTROSE DEPOT; has Jost re-'
m supply of Spring aruAliii , x . mmer
be sold very low for •usk , qr Win
. ,
New Orleans Sugatfooite
J. C. LEE'S NewiSiore. •
I classes, Fish, Rice, and rOcciries
j ery Cheap at J. C. S.
-- •
'Wanted, •
f Eggs at 12 cents per - dOzen, la
goods at J. C. LEEWSiore:
f Butter at 16 Cents per pound, is
Goods at J. C. LEE'S •Ne , Store.
to purchase for cash, "., '. in ex
er, will find' It to their interest t•
my stook of Goods and prices for
i actor of all kinds tho bighhist pric.
he relied on at J.C. WI'S Store,
I RTICIaIT of Tin, Stiti4 iron
' are of my own manuticiure and
te, to sate by 1
1 12, 1888, '
went of Hardiware,.Carponter .and
1s pump Cludn, and Bun* at
v , • 1854 DICIOEII. , AIVIi
gbg of the hers otl
AKA RALT by the barrel or ottr
lowest, papas at DICKE: Arl3,
1 ' of Walt Paper, and Itorder to
Just received and for safe cheap•
!brought into this nuirkati from 6}
ood Ploughs, which, Irtit i !be sold
be bought at any oaf& establish..
F.'B. C11.401/ER,
11, 1855.
- . TB5 - -6.
11110 YT & t EVAN 1;.;
1) tin Road Preight Line betwien Montrose and
1; New York. - The suliActibera will Continue their
connection of the peat year for !4eliing ! Suizqucliunua .
Co. Produce on commission. - I •
• Si AWI rIIF J. TiaaR ‘ INOTON, will receive and rurward
.freight for this' company_st the hcontrose Depot EVE*
RY TUMAY. " - '
Thankful fbr past . Patronage, and being satisfied
that their, arrangements for frisposing of produce of
every kind will enable them to give general satlifam
tion, the sidateribers. trust that NeW York Prices;
prompt ietunts, and their usual strict attentions to t h e
business, will insure to thein * continuance of favors
heretofore so likverally bestowed upon them,
The returns will be promptly paid in current money
by Mr, liarringtnn, who will also make liberal advan- .
ces on cirnsignment when desired:
Our marking cards have been left 'with the Rail
Road Frieght agent Mr: Case who will 'attend to for
warding goods consigned to tus on other days than
. 4 .. NELSON 11 - 110 YT.
Montrose March, 1885.
Persons residing out of the vicinity of . Montrose,
wishing to sehd'us Produce can Op so by , consigning
it to ' HOYT & BEVANS, No. 187 Iteade St N.' Y
To all •whom It may Concern.
By a !recent act of Congress the Bounty Land law
has'been extended to embrace almost 'every . case of
of tnilintry service.
All persons who have :been engaged in , Military
Service; of the , United States, for a period of fourteen
days or upwards, are'entitled to on' hundred and
sixty ,arres of Land, if they have not received it, and
if they, have received less amount theyi are entitled
to sufficient to make up 100 acres. 1 . ; •
Revolutionary soldiers, and soldierslo any and all
wars in Which the United States have.been engaged
since, and .it deceased, their widows or minor chil
dren, are entitled. L j • ; •
- ;
Officers,,Seamen, Marines, Clerks and lands Men in
the Navy, their widows and mincw,children, are also
Wagon masters and teamsters, employed for the
transportation of military stores, are also entitled, in
like manner. •
ed ;tnd
, • 14 b.l
I ant still mx ,, aged in obtaining Bounty LXtta
rants, and am willing to do the bmilnels upon the
mostliberal terms, and although I have no motive to
spend !my titne and labor wit/Knit chrge pet will.
do the ibusiness at the lowest price that .1 can do it
hoarstiy and live. - I .
Thoim having claims I believe will find it materially .
to their advantage to call upon me before goi4g
Atter the warrants arc obtained, ifany of the sea . r-1
ferntee,s desire to set them, I am prepared to ,pay: the;
higheSt cash market.priee r -
, I am 'atm ,bngaged iu the prosecution of othetl .
claims against the dovernment of the United gtates,
such as for• Pension, Back Pay,Extra Pay, .ke.4.c.
KLINTIC.SER, Att'y at Law. ;
Montrose, May 14, 1835 . ;at
I undaff
:001 , 1GRESS has passed a law giving you . additional'
iJ lance. Those! whol . have alreadrreceived war
rintslare entitled to more. Danville men, come• on
now'and L will get your warrants. Widows and mi
nors ti(deceased soldiers are entitled to the Same their
husbands atfd - fathers would be if living. I have the.
law freshfrom Washington, and the necessary form
er application. • liteculators om a distance are about
trying ~ e t. \ those largely interested. to sign off. Be;
ware'of su a ch, antedou't sell for a song. act your
busine: accurately ; and promptly I account for the
full v ue of • your\warrants when 'obtained. From
three Veers' sitccessfulsperlence I know I can do the
busitie right, and I por`er you My, services at rea
sonable rates and quick re c tums. L. F FITCIL
M anode, March 6, 185 • •
D Q (.7l'. R. THAYER, takes time method .of
Ito his fiends and custotners,\that he has al,P.tin
resumed the practice of medicine, agis old 'stand at
Moneyose, where he may be found at tat times unless
profes,sionally criployed. He would' say\tri those in
debterd to him, that he will deduct twenty-five per
cent km all accounts paid before the first of A Tilt:mu,
(or Jr any poor_like my.self I will deduct fifty.) '
Montrose, Feb..2o, 1855.
subscriber would inform the citizens, of Mont
i_ 'rose and the piddle generally that he has bought
the Grocery, formerly kept by F„ 1.11 . Fordhatu & CO.,
haj.ions and - Chandler's building Chestnut street,
in din borough of Montrose, where e has a fresh us
sortMent of Groceries ; and will keep. constantly
. on
hand, Flour, Oysters, Cheese, Sugars, Syrup, Molasses,
MaCkerel, Nuts, Candies. Toys, Oranges npd Lemons, •
Figs 4 Prunes, Sat dines, Soaps, Vinegar, Coffee, dried
Peaches and Plums, Kerring; sack Salt, Pipt i Cakes,
Beer, Yankee Notions, and other things too numer
ous 0 mention, which will be sold. cheap for cash or
most kinds of country produce. Cell and see.. A
share of public patronage is solicited.l S.S.IIOTT.
Montrose, March 7 1.355.
1 Administration 7 .lfOtiee.. -
TICE, is hereby given that letters of administra
lfion upon the estate of - JOHN HAND, late,`of
Appollacon township,dee'd, have been granted to the
undersigned, and all persons indebted to said estate
will please make immediate paynaent, and those hav
ing claims Will present the same duly attested for
settlement.' . 'WILLIAM HAND.
1 , ..Vppollacon, Marehl6ss. 12W6
. littgarlor Sale. : • .
Good second handing:l,y for Sale by t!
..14. Z. DISIOCK.
Montrose, April 110855..
• music MUSIC
received by . " J. LYO:siS I I.: SON.
OIEET MUSIC—a new lot for the Voice, Piano or
L 7 .1 Melodeon and Guitar-sonic very beautiful piec
ea Just publisbed—eold by J. LYONS b SON.
Shawls. •
, •
A few more left that will be sold ve-y cheap.- •
Paramettaf, Cashmeres /i Detainee at great bargains
at i LYONS & SON'S. .
A .4I 01 IIG . .by.. •
, • • . .LFONS. k SOY,
.1.14 asses at 3 s.llillings per gallon. Syrups at 4, 5 &
6 i stillings, by - LYONS & SON.
I - • NEW GOODS! . •
ARRIVING every week at A. LATbROP b CO'S
January Ist
Whiter Shawls stud DeLaiu!",
CELLING off at great bargains.„fall on :
0 ; Jae:nary Ist • A: LATHROP& CO's-
• .5000 Dozen Socket: •
IANTED at ' A. LATHROP 1 t..00
Jazu . ary Ist • .
1 • Giiain 3 'Grain 3 Grain.
nrall kinds, and at the highest Prices bight by
kiJanuary Ist A. LATIIRO 4t CO's.
FriLTRICS island Salt at iAlrußort
J. llontiose, January 1, .1855.
Stearns and •,Marrin's Fire , !Proot i
Safe's. 1
?TIME subscribers have made arrangements to fur- 1
.1. nish to persons whornay he in want of them; the
atiove named invaluable Safes, St the same prices foe,'
which they can be obtained at.4e-cnaniifiicturees.-1,
Hiving experienced.the benefit of such an article dci 7 .l
ring the late conflagration ourielvelt, we wcuid earn- 1
estly recommend to others having valuable hooks and '
pipers, -the preserving of which would be of illllllolllo
importance to them,.not to do without one. ! .
!Prices range from 850 to $5OO, and we can explain
tci any one wishins to purchase, the difference in
style, size, price, Lc., and furnish them on'sbort mi.
tt e tviththe internal arrangement I to suit' the pur-,
i Montrose, December 19, 1854. I - .
Sash and Blinds.
I NDtSliaslo parlous sizes natandi on band
order by
Paper Hangings.
500 L 11674 opened,
I,OCERIES—A fresh isuppli of Cabe, Sugar,
VA Tea, Rice, Crackers, just received and • for sale
tiy . • LYONg &SON..
WE are readying this week a lot of New (ipods, - just
plus?haaed in the city, which rendera our assorunent
OomPlete, and which we aim on the most faiorattle
terms, at the new building, one door above the Post
mice, • . BENTLEYS; BEAD.
Montrose, February 8, 1855.. ' '
, ror We
A general assortment of new goods now 4 niving
St our store • , J. LYONS &80N.
April 19 1855. • '
Deither, Upper do„ Calf Rios, aid Paw%
6 -• Kips—a now auPPIYI Pad received and kw We
C lover arid Timothy Sltietr i teale by -
I NM wird, - Van& 0, 1004 , •
',dad war-
, - 1
. .lIOM E 0 PATIIIST, _ •• • -
et RADIATE amlinember of the Univet•Sity ofNaw
N.X York, will be in Abontrose on the. Gth, 7th and
Bth of each montbLand may be consulted its Hatch's
Hotel, for three - days, upon all diseases in6idental to
the human systetn;_vis: CONSUMPTION, Bron
ichithi Inflamation of the tinigit . „ Throat, Liver, Pleural
Jtidneys and Spleen, Dyspepsui t (indi:qest ( on,) Liver, ' .
=plaint, Mastrwailaw, Scrofula, Eruptions,„Elphuti
plainta, Minims o f . the eve aid ettt, NtrTOUS
yreakne . sug, &c., &c. Particulir attention givpn to .
the diseases of Females and Children. .T.llO - know '
affections of the Uterus radically.eured. i.
Dr. Harris is well aCquainted with liotli, Iforgeopa-' -
thy and Alloteithy, having • been in consta nt Study and . -
practice for the last twelve yeaks, and having first in- •
Aroduced Homeopathy rinto Binghamton,l Is. Y., in, .
1847. His plan - of treatment is Mild, safe and spa-
- eimut, and different from that of any othei physician,
and cures nearly all &wei In all stages of the disease..
t Dr. Harris has testimonials of character, abilt
ity and skill, from a , number of the nit eminent -
medical men in the city of New York; among them
the celebrated Dr. Valentine Mott. - ... • I - ' -
Persons wishing -prompt relief or mit cures
I will do well to.caff withoutdehiy.. - =moderate.
~ Consultation free I Patients vlsite4l at their residetteet ;
lif desired. Office haunt from 7in the asiortilngwitd
9in the evening. - • - - 7 . . -
" The advantages of the Hoincopathie AViatment of r
- diseases aro :. • . ,
Ist. That patients treatettHomeopathleally, uSual
f• ly are cured Much sooner than by any other practice.
i 2d. - That many patients can be cured by. Homea•
Ipathic remedies, who cannot be ' 'cure d b I V any other
( treatment. ,
grd. That patients treated.ilomeopethietilty, da
not have to labor under tbe bad effects of the medie
vine they have taken to cure tlrti - disease) • - -
• -
-ERS ABA - •
TIIAT the SpanisliCourt has decided.not to sell the
Island of Cuba, but Joseph Wittenbeig & Brother
have recently decided to open •4i new store, in; the
building of L. Searle, a few - doors eastofiPoSt's store,
opposite Wilson's dwelling house, corper: of .Chestnuf
and Owego streets, where they sill keep %on hand a
splendid assortment:of Ready Made Clothing; also in
additition to this, a good assortment of Broad Cloth,
Cassimere, Kentuckey Jeans, &c.; in short, general
- assortment, of Gentlemen's furnishing,. G oOdit; Also, a
splendid assortment of Ladies' Dress:Goods, Silki; Me;
rinos, Delaines, Alpaccas; Embroiderieti,lShawls; Lac.:
el,. Dress Trimmings, &c. &c., all of whr they are de
termined to offer to the public at'very low prices.—
All Gor d a warranted fa give satisfaction; as well in
i as in price. :
Please give us a trial before purchasing elsewhere.
Montrose, Jan. 26, 1854. j. • •
1,ri.1. C KELLEN & PARK return their grateful
11 acknowledgements to the public,l and invite at
tention to the very large stock of Spring and Sum
'Tarr Goods they arc now receivingant), offer for sale
at very isns ces. In'addition to thew usual assort
ment of staple Dry Goods, Groceries, Ha'rdw.arc, Orock
ery, Paints and . Oils, &c &c. they are prepared..
exhibit a large assortment of ladies' press goo& -
of every descl iption--Figured, Plaid.and Plain Silks_
Bonnets, Shawls, Ribbons, Glovesrtnsieg—Ladies
and Misses Shoes of all kinds—also . la stock'cl •
READ Y.M.A.DE •CLOTHING, C °Ws, Cassinteres;
Tweeds, Jeans; Summer Cloths, Vestings, Mats, Caps!,
Boots and Shoes, &c. - : . •
1! They respectfully solicit an early call frOni,. thosti
`who wish to . purchase good goods at low
tj 'Springville, May 8,'54.
ABEL - 171t,RELL, - - ,
IT AS just received from ••New York: a full &swirl:
..1.1. ment of 21 7 :4 - 1V 0 OOPS; "coniprising a first .
rate variety of Ditvos, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, OILS, -
LI ss-sturrs, GLASS-wsax SI
IFixes aoons, which wUI be sold extremely low for;
~tsh. Having recently-sustained a loss" by Ire of at
'least five thousandi dollars,. ave insurance and goody -
saYO, I fancy I hive strian; inims for the patronage 1
lof my friends and the public enerally 11
I ,sk no man ..
to give to me, neither do I ask or expect additional: -
I' profits in consequence of said loss. I will t.ell goods
ii as low, if not lower than Can be bought elsewhere in r',
this . town or county. All- I ask is !that patronagu
frOm the public which will enable me With industry to
it gradually replace the loss sustained 7 —said
, the hard earnings of-a life Of anxious toil:,
it thelower end of -the bitrited distriet, on
-et, a few doors below the corners. - -
\e, December.ll, 1854. 1 - - ~
• - • PEOPLE. • -
N,17 - oto DRUFF & LIMED have *surlily, On lutitti
V a large and II selected sotortment of tin
ware, Reels and, Chat for wells, Ipumps, cistern.
pumps, &c., ilythaulic • ...s• Japanned wares, lead.
- pipes of all sizes &c., work'done with neat- .
nesi and despatch ; all milers prempily attended .to.
kept constantly on hand, a large gsertment of Stores.
of the latest iusp!ovied aril approved. patterns. Our
experience in the busine4 enables ust*to select those
that. we can safely warrant to give entire'smiSfaction,
Amongst-our numerous stock can he,found the
Paragon air tight Star of the West, -Elevated
New World, - Clinton ; ' • [Oren.
" - ICUltivator, , , •
Phoenix, - Ply, . - ".
Three SiateS:, " Western QUeen,.
Globe, " • Premium
S. ..t. woonnurr. -
RE.IIO7IrAL.', ' . i
jr BELER & STOW:MAD, since the late fire, sta y
Iv he found in the - BASE:4IIE-V7',OFSEAR,LE's
HOTEL. Notwithstanding . the unprecedented ra.
pidity with. which our-st:k of Boots, Shoes, ttc.i'
"went °Wren the morning of the fire, we still have
some on hand, and shall ,n. be well supplied again.:
. . . lit#,LER do STODDARD: ,
. Montrose. November 13.11854.,
THE subscriberS offer to sale oni the most liberal -
an d - casy , terms,one of the b t located farms for making
money in Northern Penn, vania. The said farm is
situated on the Newburg . and Owego Turnpike, two.
miles cast of Mount Please* village, and twelve from
the N.1(.1.k E. It.'R., also fiery conveniently situated
to Churches,Schools, Grit-mils; Saw-mills, .Black
smith.shOpsitc: .It contai sone hundred and sixty
one acre, one- hundred of. it ratuiera good state Of
.cultivation, well watered arta gobd,lnaßdings; consist
ing of a good framed hous4wellfin4ned off, and yell
conveniently arranged. Also two good barns and a
good barn shed well calculited for convenience, two
large orchards yielding front 500 to 109,0 bushels an
nually, mostly grafted fruitlof the best -quality: The
firm is well adapted to gr#ing sufficient to keep &-
large stock. For price; and terms apply to. - B. F.
EATON, oito•ALFRED 14E, on the premises:
Buford. Dec: 13, 1854
~'. -.
. , s ire d -...
More iMo e New GOOds. '
ii- ,_IIIIRRIIr is. n w receiying new and full
~ /L. IL s Supplies of Goods for The it Trade, in.
a new and elegant lassortmekt of French Mc_
tinges, AferinO and e'asllntere_Plaithr : Plaid, Fan
cy and Plain De Lanes, Pnewts, Brodie, Square
and Lony Shawls, all of n w and best styles, and will
be sold at 25 per cent. le than last year's prices.—
Also a new assortment of ieh Ribbons and Bonnets.
Wide Silk irelretS fOe it. ki and Mantillas, Rich
~s u
Silk and - Velvet Dress 'timings., Mohair Head'
Dress s, Rigolets dic.'dre., with' a general assortment
of other Srartz \ and Fax Goons, as usual, whic h .
having bought wider the resent pressure eif i the cash.
markei, will' be sold. at rrestionding arid redueeit
- . New Milibrd, Nosemb,e4 27, 1731. .. 1 "i 1 .
TIRE Spring
mired at L . L. ACS?
quality, style and price.
Staple Dry Goods, . Sleeves,
Dress Goods, Edgings, !
C/oths'and Cauinier s, - llitnnets,
.Gooda,- eartParasoli. -
CLOTIIING..--e, tine s k. Groceries-bf alt yeti
miles; Hardware, Crock , LookingGlassetki sO in
every department their orttnelik .
11.00, and at
prices to suit.
Montrose, - March 20, 2,, s'. f, *
•). plismoi f v.Tro.N.. :-._ ..\ .../ .
rrhe . coparkitit sbip hefetoibre eistints bettiecriAe .
.I. subscribers widac theliirtn of E. - . 5 Keut - a 06.'i
4)6 /
this day disselo4,by %%Ate - constint: - - -/ • • -.,
...- -. • , 'B. 141.,,iC .., ~
5.i - 1 -. ./ 1. iti
Brosliyo Apr. 2, 185
LAZ: 4 TA'L"(I 4 3YI.II4IZiIr&POeU
ppw illuothy 0,1.1.47a4i," : 6 at/
ifirtt . pthy arto.
/MESH ojf34ldie
21" ticut:Gaidon . SI"
Moab 20, ,
ligyr be g re=
CO's. are durable in
i 4i.s‘,(4, at • •
70,AcioIsiyiterood Oceißec
Pat oraCil awl for sale by