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    - • .. .•• ,$ ... , . ...
vilitedfitemo Okmwrihatu , m_ - -.
- i n a nother place will be.,fOUnd an interest
ing letter from Judge„Wilirtot relative to the
• csmeron letter. ''lt Ohs' Called - out by . the
•• .u n i i snillelled meanness and dishonorable exia. - .
• d u et of E. B. Chat.. -, e, , who, having.obtained ft ,
letter from Wilmot toCameron, , pnblished it
in a garbled form, with a view to ntisrepri ! '
sent Judge Wilimlt's position on the Senator*
question. To thoseacqnainted with(abase, • . . .
his part in 'this matter will appear in admira,
ble tart - not - Iy. with-his general character, and
theppblie,ation of the letter in:. A mutilated:
form will only increase their contempt for the'
.man who unserupuloUsly. Misrepresents, the
sentiments of-others: 'We invite a perusal,'
Of bah Wilmot's . and Laporte 's letters inithis,
paper.. Read and; judge. • • • ..
Wilmot i l letter is Caustic enough to . blis
ter the conscience of any offender on earth
except t h at cf-E, IL, Chase.. -To iii mart ; of
his indi rent
a - I ' o mi deielopement it Mint
cutt i ng . - The letter, as mutilat--
. be slight
,i, h y hi , represetitid \Vilmot as express.
i n g himself in favor of Cameron over all Oth
er rivals. What he did say was, that he'
preferred Cameron. before all his rivals ofthe
pression ZY this qualifying - part of the Sen
tence by Mr. Chase is pluinlyintentional,jand
entirely distorts the Meaning o'f the sentence
g s written by Judge -Wilmot: Judge Wil
mot expressed his prieference, for Cameron.
overall his Old Line' Democratic rivais:—•-•
Chase omits part of the sentence- r .the my st
important—and makeS Judge Wilmot ex
press a preference for Cameron over all rivals.
Suppose.a man should giie us a note for
$5O. We sit down and alter it to read $56.0.
That would be a penitentiary - offence. Bin
it would not:be a whit. worse
,than the Iletiim
,of Ezra B. Chase in the mutilation- of Jude'
Wilmot's letter. The same:principle enters
into and governs both actions'.
•- -
. Judge Wilmot,a integrity will" not he
',doubted by any man who knows him;
has certain friends hereabout, who by na
ture cati,never rise higher in the Scale of op.
iiosition'.than backbiting, and who lose no op
'portunity .to damn-him with' faint praise.' •
. These men, (if the term is allowable in th . `"-.:'
connection,) are veiy sorry, just now, th'
Mr. Wilmot should prove so inconsistent..'
La! sak7:.. , s alive! Why don't you 'put crape
On your hats to syMbolize. your gr i e f! . or
did. you Weep your eyes -,dry at - the demise
of your own ? Why don't you quit this.thiis
erable. undertonal drivelling and these' vain
• efforts to'pull every pirblic man .down . t:a
your level ?-. . . 1.:•
Judge Wilmot's.,openiles will not maled
Much out oftheir present erusade,against his
consistency. Ills I,i:tter to Cameron was just,
what any honest,- ratan would' have written
.. x.'eno bad - any prerertinee to express. But the
Blaring of that letter in the hands of the most
unscupelous of WilmOt';; . 4 .- enemiei- by
Cron, shOws the contemptible meanness, of
, the tatter in its:strot*est. light. .We Will try
. to shot op a little more o f i ll i o n C am - cr ie,i
Fa' scalir v next week. • . . ' • '
Will the Eagle, which ptibliShod the mirti
latetiver;iOn of:Judge lyilmoes letter not
long since, with a vapid commentary on thee
nine, now pubil-11 the reply. - or, at least; .14r,.
Laporte's letter, and thus disabuse the mind*
()fits readers of the
. fidst impression its for
mer pUbliCation may .have carried . Or will
it suffer the lie to go,,uttrebuked ? Tioga
Agitator. . 1.
r b ir" Liquor. laws sharpen-. the irtiention of
abOSe wl i traffic in intoxiCating drinkk'and
many plans are adopted for avoiding the pen
alties of % violation of the law. A keeper of
a lager_ beer estal t lisbnient , in New York .
evades the :Sunday law
. bylholding pretended
1,6 utis- services- thereat, ot - cititing himself
a.: 16: leader of cerenfintins. lie takes the
readS:a : charer or two, serves each' of
hearer s' with a glass of;htecr,.and -fakes up
a collection!
rtaLisnrb ET*ItY TIIIMSRAT mogrzosi,
v . , . ..
• f Adsrerthiat. - ' 1
One square (16 lines or 'less) one week,' /0 - ,50
One square " •,, .two weeks, ' • 075
,One 'square ' ' thrCe weeks, - - 1,00
One *glare • " one nitmth, 1,25
One square -, -' " " ".twO months,.
, 225
"Inc square : " ' three m0nt1t5,......3 . ,00.
lit: mtuare f' ' six m onths, . 5,00
nip square ''' t` one year, . • 8,00 .
For two or more squares, inserted by the year, a
!duction from the above priees . la made. Yearly ad. ,
erti,ers will have the privilege Of altering or 'chug
eg their advertisements without ladditional charge.
Busitts Cards,not exceeding five lines, inserted
..!.,i..Pd per atainni, ' . . i
• - , Job , Work.. ~
I'hiA (dee is supplied with w , good assortment ;of
it4ing materials, and all kinds l -of Job_ Work, pitch
Card*, Posters, Pamphlets, •t..,, will be done neat
and promptly. - ill .
IS - Any of the articles fltent6 n. in the following
", mill he i•ereired at this officeion - subscription, at
current 2narPet price. E . •
text - 0
11,21 . . P hundred, .....
n bushel,
.... 2
•Flurr: 7 o hundred, .
tn. , : - 1 3tt, ' 1,
>~pn,- '
doz • • - •
pie Su:ar
rde:. a t.ushels,
j' bushel,
gi+s Austin's schOOl will be ll open for • the rem
0 4 of pupils on Monday the 9th of April. .
'.h0,., March2B 1855. '
, - •
• • -40 7 .
The hoard of School Directors for Bridges's
tigriet *ill meet a the Court Rouse in Montrose
kturd.ty April 7, it 1 o'clock P
By order of the Board.
gorater, Mareb-24, 1855.
'ale winter term of the , Susguehanna Acade
i,:s.o:i Friday the Gth of April: Thetzamina
place on Thursday and Fridan and the ea
on Friday evening. The piihlic are invited
' Th e Summer Term will commence on Wed
the 18th of April next-one Week, earlier than
lrose, March ttg, ftsss.
Greg Rend on the 22nd inst b`7 the Rer, J, .13.
!ary, Mr, Cmitarornza Blum tnntletis Etn.e
fl.ts'itn4B, both of Windsor Br6onle too. N. Y.
Suson l ehanna Co. Pa., on the Etth of Feb..
Mrs. livutx Batman!), in he Oth year of her
13. and her husband' meowed from - /Laissach .
thin neighborhood in thifullof 1801. They
hong the tiNt who penetrated*e deep wilder
iis part of Pennsylvania, 'hording land under I
zP.tetient Title, which' of come they lost.--
was then called Rtiby. After the Connect
- failed, the place was called ;Rash, Luzern
ilk;:sbarre the Couuty seat.. Kra. B. was one
immiera t ers who were formed into a Catigre-r -
Chureh in this vicinity in 18)1, This little .
is...eattle extinct for Some cause, and in 18,43
Tl , ll herself with the Presterian Church
twitle where she continued a Worthy member
p r i t'•: , ,.lnul was universally fat rated, not only
it but all her ni,murmisiaxtuaiirtancem.
P , ..;e, with her eYe fixed,,on Jesus, &Iv
it Van d c
Lige hildren. circle of children, grsqd clan*,
' - •
504, 11;50
ttF• • • --21( "
;: 9 .9•5
10 a I'2
14 a 15
8@ 10
50 @ 62+
. 50
. 1,50
10 @ 12
1 lOW - 4fl,43bOiqirpoqfes,_
. , .
. 1 . . - 4855--6 . . • • . ;
''• - t.' noirr ilk BEITANS. '+
, t
1111 Road Freight Line between Montrose and
, ',New York. The subscribers will continuetheir
connection of the Oast year for selling 'SusqueluuMA
Co. rrodoel on commission. ,
. Marnswi'.J. flawatiorow,4lll metre and twirl*
freight for this company . at the Montrose Depot EVE
RY TUFZ6AY. l; . - - . .
Thankfttl; l , for poet patronage, and - being satirEed
that their arrange ents for disposing of produce of
every;kind Will e nd e them to give general misfire:.
l a
tie% !the - +Own rs , trust, that New York prim*
prompt returns, add their mai attics attention to the
inutiness, will insure to them a continuance of favors!
heretOfore si, libentily bestowed upon them.
The will I:oe promptly valid in current artonet
by Kr', Ilsoingtonimho Will also make liberal advert;
tea on consignment when desired.
Ourimarl&g cards have been left with the Rail
Read Frieght agent, Mr. Case who will attend to for. ;
wardi k V.:"..41 consigned to us on other days than
Tuesdays. ,- i . " 1
Montrose March, 1855. ,
Persona residing out of the vicinity of Montrose,
wishing to send us Produce can do so by consigning
it to 110i,T k BEVANS, No. 187 Meade St N. Y.
I; new supplyat, • TtRRELL't
Montrone, liff arch 29, 1i)55.
PITRS Timothy sibd Cl?yerseedt
a LLS.
T •
Clover and TiWothy Soe_ciekkor sale by
BritRITT. •
New MilfoeB, Mach 8; 1855 -
TO rns. - wnot4sst.r. DIALERS ants DIALERS IX XXX
. en/atoms *trim Tice COG= or 11CsQuItawssi.
In - pursuant:* Of the Acts of Assembly of this Com
monwealth, vit. the Act of the 4th day of May,„)B4l,
entitled "an Act to provide revenue to eet tVe de
mands upon the ,Treasury, and for othe purposes,"
an Act of the th e
of April, 1846 entitl d "an Act
to increase thi revenue rid diminish th Legislative
expenses of the Commonwealth," an Ac passed the
22d day of ApriPlB4B entitled "an Act to provide
for the reduction of the State debt," and n Act pass
ed the 10th day Of Aprili 1849, entitled "an Act to
create a sinking fund, and to provide for the gradnal
and certain extinguishment of the debt of the Com
monwealth." 'the undersigned, Appraiseri ofMercan
tile_ Taies of Susquehanna leounty has prefured a list
*fall Merchants trading within said Count, and plac
"ed each of said IMerrhanui in that Class which to him,
seems right and just according to the kovisions of
•• ' Act of .Assembly; as follows, viz :
Residence. Proprieto. Class.
Auburn 'lZohn P. Lambert, 14 ,at. Med:4
do Waterman & Swisher, 14 '1
Brooklyn, Nelson. Tiffany, 14
do. . W. Allen, 14
d° • „L'.. 43 . fee. I 14
- do •, - • •sv m. McMillin , 14
do • 4. T. - Ashley, -14 - •
• d 9 - swith A Hempstead, 12
do S. Kent & Co., 14 -
Cliford, 1 1l!;,. C. Brundage, 14
do ' N. Halstead, • 14
ChOconut, . Francis Quin, \ .14 •
Dander, glaurch fi Phinney, 13 pat. med. 4
•do Phinney, - 14
do Thomas Arnold, 13 -
Dimock, Pp li. Ti.,Wood.ruff, ..14
do 1; 11 Bacon, ._• 14 •
Friendsville, 3 iclham k llosford, IS
do Benjangin Glidden, 14 '
Forest Lake, Havid L. Meeker, . 14 liquor. '
Franklin, • M eini ma n, 14
Gibson, Triylor 5: Walker, 14 liquor.
Jolll Smile), 13 .
E. Kennetly,, 14
& Co., 12 pat. med. 4
S. Lenheim, I 12 liquor.
Whitink, 12 1
Great end,
. do
John McKinney, ;
Henry McKinney, 1 14
MILT: C. Valle, 14 lq. pi,. 44. 4
Et*ns Griggs, - 14 i
,& June, .; 14 ;I •
J. FN, Dubois, t 14 • i
w fn. p ayton. 11
Janws 'Clark, •.. ' 14 . I
John Miller,. 14
S. Seymour, l4
Johnston & Very, • 13 t
Ca4enter & Sibley, :14 '
B: kB. H—Enton, 12 • ,
S. A. Lyons; 14
B. B. LyOns, 12
Brant & (lager , 14
D. A. Lynns, & Broth. 14
J t Turne - r; 14
Deptie.k. Cooper, , 14
A. 9. Merril & Co 4 14'
I. Newiton, • •14 , •
Belt & 14
Shultz, Eaton & Co., 14 .
E. GrOa• k Broth. 13
A. A. Berman, 14
Z. Blakeslee, 14
Haarle7 34Mott, . 12 '
M. a Wilfion, 13
w. J. & H. MultOrd,l2.
J. Lyons 4 Son, 13
F. B 1 Chandler, 13 ,
H. .14 Webb, . - 13 • ,
Litbrog & Co., )3 • t
Bentley & Read, 11 lq. pt. tad;
J. Ettridge, 14 lq. pt. rndi. 4
R.' Thayer & Co.; 14 pat. meth 4
A. Tfirrill, i 14 rad; 3
I. L. 'Tost & Co., —lO
- - - - „
• do. S. 11.!& D4Sayre, - -14
doL. Rtkenbaurn, " 14
Middletown, C. C. Wright, 14
do Chirf,es Campbell, 14
New-MUT - di Dayd.o•&. Yirothers, 14
do J. 11.iSatpltin 12 .
do • Wm. C. Ward, 13
do• -• J. DielE.lrmin, Jr., 13
do - H. Bukrett,l , 13 liquor.
' do J. If*, & Brothers, 14
Bush, IT. J. Champion, _ 14 •
Grinir,er,l, • l4
do . Jame# Tapper, 14
Suaq'a Depot, A. J. Whitney, 14
do • BdmotidiStaeic, • 13 liquor.
do • A...T. 4s. Sg our, 14
do daylo*l l iCurtis, 14 .
do Thmtula.lngOtru , .14
• do J AsNeri & co, 13
do - . James - .13
do V L. Its bet,. 13. liquor.
. do E.; Carlisle. ' 18
do 5.113. Wqgt, • 14 . 1 q. pi md. 4
do • llirricilfel4, 14
do ' W.
do ' Shuits, 14 liquor.
......„____ ,
*do Lewim Conrad, • 14
do - IL Coliti, ' i \ 14
Silver Lake, R.lChie)a ester & Co., 18
Springrille,• Dean &!White, 13
do ,‘ IL S. Voris, 14•
do Scott, Inlinsoty & Co., 12
dol tii Mc ille'nl.& Park, 12
Apolacon; H . r , ii,, fneY.
-,4*- 11 - • g
dO i W . BUllit, m, 8 liquor.
Dundaff, ° I.En h (fttiunhFric 8
Friendscille, -- Edwin Illiis, , 8 -
Great Bend, Luciantt, 'i 7
do 1 ~ M. Cra m Co., 8
. do ' Iliddisotnoek, 8
do . John Conititock, ' 8
Harmony, .l. N. Slc(Mler,l ' * '8
do • ' B. Ayls*orth,.l '1 8 '
Montrose, A. Merrinian, I, i. 7 '
.do LN. Baird, 1 I '8 liquor.
do P. H. Foidhartt, • 7
New 'Milord, .1. Miller,H . 1 , 8
do • - Z. Cobb, tl, \. 8
Susq'a Depot, James °titivate* 7 •' '
do W. W. Clark, S. • -
do " Perrine &So . 1
do F. B. Case, 1 8
~: do N. C. & 14. W . Norton,? Motton,7-- • •
do ---
Win. Skidn,er, I 8 -
do' '• F. It. Dake, 1 • 8
do S. Smith. t. ~ 1 8 •
• ilo. -1 _ JosephViittiker, - 8 ,
• dei W. Wigre, •- *8
do -•D. A. Beniiim, I - 8
do • _MliesXregan, i• 8 liquor' .
Thompson, -IL P. Hathaway A liquor •
' Frie " 4 ";
1 "„. JametzHeid, 8 liquor
{ And the Judges .of theiCou
IL ri of Common Ple4 3 or
i said C ounty will hold Ciattot Appeal at the Court
House in Montroae, in and filr t*id County,. on Tfitus;'
i doY the linh da,y of May rie ,at one o'clock -P. it
at which time and ;
place attOf the itterchanta defined,,-,
desc o" l ano sktg' 044 ed sa'aftwefedd, or their agent •or
attorney may•appear and lipped from said asseatment
- if,they think proper. 1 I 1.
' 11 W. mi MOLEY Yer. Atir c r.
Hogioottem, ituds ti, 1888. i .
rrliM subscriber hat been recently app o i n t e d an
agent for the Famines ilhros Itiscaaacz
AtltenN Pa., and is prepared to insure Houses, Stores
and other nidings, Gtaxia, Wares and Merchandise,
on faroiable terms. Apprititiond tnade either'person
.ally or 10k* p rom ptly attended to.
I\t , B e caAgE_
-_tarsal; Pa.; limb )ith lac
Sash and Blinds.. • 'c
AAT INDOR Sash of various size constandy °Owl('
yr Blinds furnished to order by •
- 3. LYONS & SON
"raper ,
SOORoil Just Opened, and some for 6 ets.o per
roll, ' J. LYONS &SON.
RO ILIES—A fresh supply . ?f Coffee; f.ugtr,
Gk.)l TTa, Mee,
ee, Crackers, just received and for; side
by J. pYOGIS & SON.
Adirtiinistration oUce
Xoyl:Crs is i tereby given that le tors of admiiditrw
tiou upo, the estate of JOHN HAliDjate
AF {!on toanship, dec'd, hare been grantetltci the
undersigned, and all persons inde ted to .said eiitate
will. please make immediate payme t, and thoi3e,hav-,
ink olairps will present tho same uly atteited for
settlement., LIAM HAND..
4.ppoilacon, March 27, 1855. '
MIME spring Goods now lbeffig
c.eiied at I. L. POST & CO's, are deshabla In
quality, Style and price. . 1 •
1' Staple Dty Goode, Collars, BleeneiN; C.
Dress Goode, • Pd sings,
•1. Milks and Caaainaerea , BOWNef
While Goods, and, Parasols.
CLOTHING• r —a fine stock. Groeeries of ali'vari
eties: Hirdmue, Crockery, Looking Glasses, airtfin
every dePartmeut their assortment 'is good, and at
prices to suit.
Montroac, March 20, 1855. , ' • •••
. . ,
= ; Bounty. &sloth.
has recently passed a Pension list;
J -making an extensire addition t,o
the Pension
laws befoie in: forced No one should despair of resew..
ing iilAnd Warrant, who has doneservice for the
, United States i ofany kind, either in t e EerolutionarY
war Or sink. l The act also extends to the Widows
and Minors orthose who performed e service', 4 , 410
if now living' Would be entitled to awl benefits 'there
of. The Undersigned has the law and alrlegal "forms,
to obtain Pensions under the said act, and will prompt
ly obiain Land Warrants for applicants who may t be
entitled thereto; for reasonable compensation. Your
H Warrints When obtained can he sold for moneY it
any titne, if you do not, choose to locate the lan d..;
Montross, March 21, 'co; N. NEWTON:
•t Sberitlrs Sales.l •
r •
Btvirts l e of a writ of Lerieri Faciasissued Out of
the Court 'of Common Pleas of Susquehanna
count and to me directed, I will expose to publie
isle at the Court House in Montrose, on Saturday the
31st day of March inst.', at . one o'clock In the after. noon-tAll that 'certain three story framed
Situate l on the south side of the street opposite tk
Depot„ , in the Borough-of Susquehanna, in the Conn. !
iy aforesaid; containing a front on said Depot street
30 feet, and in deapthabout 94 feet, and.. the lot of
Piece of grOwnil and curtilage appurtenant to said
building, said Tot being bounded north
.hy the street;
east by: lot of O'Laughlin, south by lot of B. Nichol;
mild west bylot of Stone, and is the east part
lot N0.',230f the rt. B. Co. land in saidl borough. ,
' Taken in execinion at the suit of Morris S. f
utan'lrs:.• Benjamin Palmer.
2 ALSO—BY virtue of other writs issued from 'ithe
said Coart, one other certain piece or intrcel of land
situate and being 'ln the township of Oakland in said
cOuntyomutuled and described as follouis, to wit .I . J On',
the north brthe sew , York Et Erie Railroad, east.b'y
landS of Datid Prentice, south by the ISusquehanna
River, and Rest k)y lands of John 0. Laughlin, On
taining about three acres of land, more or less, with
the appurtenances, 1 framed house and all improved.
Taken in execution at the suit 'of 0. S. Bennet ff.
L D. Vinl.Tordeir. - ;
;ALSO--:o9c other piece or parcel ofi land altilati4
in'Oakland Toth - whip bounded and described
toluit On the north-east bi lands of Al
Slater, south-east land-of Tho Map
Poi , lth-west hy.lands of C. L. Ward, and northop.est by .
the - warrantecOine, containing atirtut 624 acres, More
orlless, and about 15 acres improved, being the north
heir of lot N. 75':of John 80y1e.4 surrey of
Whartoti's tract; and late the estate of N. Loomis;
Taken in execution at the Alit of C. S..Bennet vs.
Nathan Loomis and Milt;yn 3liddouth. I
ALSO- All that; certain piece or parcel of land .sit 4
uate in . tbe tOwnsbip.of. Great Bend, in 'aid. county,.
botinded: and described as follows, to . : Igoeth.
weitethr:by a wood road of Tillman Baldwin, north-.
ea4rerf.v . by lands or said Truman Baldwin ' southetist..
erlr land of Londe Green, and southwesterlypy
land heretofore contracted by. said Truman Baldwin
to ..4.lvalt - Bolden, and being 4 rods in width and eon.
tainkig One-half an acre, with the appurtenances, Oe,
frawed and all iinprored. . .
Taken In execution at the suit of Stowers dt
As os. Alvakliolden.
F. P. ETOLL'ISTER, Sheriff.
Sheriff' office, liontrose, March L. 1R55.
4LS.o='—.4.t the glinie time and place, all that cer
tain - three stor' , ,, wood building with a teick front hasp. :
situate id Great Bend township,
mill County, land the Lot and piece of ground and
cintilage appurtenant thereto,- and on which said
building is consbveted, bounded on the north-east by
the Sewbitrgh turnpike road, on the east and south
east by lands formerly owned by C. J. Bart on th'e
south hi grounds owned -and occupied by the New
York ,t - Rrie It 111-Road Co., and on the west and nortb.
west by lands of Lowrie Green, said building occupy
ing and COrering all, the lot, being some fifty feet in
front on said Rail-Road grounds, and some 200.. o?
more feet rear to said Turnpike road.
Taken 'in exeoution at the suit of Elmer ' . W. Brig;
hair rs. Addison Bryant.
- . •
"The above sale is adjourned to the 3 at March
ay- The above sale is adjourned to the 1 14th daj,
of April, 1855;
F. P. IIOLLISnit Sh'ff.
ShCriff's office, Montrose, March 5, 1855:
tit.N'TED, Batter, ebeese, Egg, Smoked than
V V,: Api)leis, rotatoes, Beans, ike. S S. IL
Susguehaottis (,vounty as.
Euzall Dtnal, 14 the Court of Common Pleas of
- county, November Teim, 1854."
&man DEtra., 'No. • I
_ I
To ifather Pearl: Whereas a subpcena in Divorce
was isFued to November Term, 1854, which) was duly
returned non eat farenters, and thereon an alias sub
pmna was issued in mid case returnable to 'January
Term 1855, upon ithe return of which, proof was made
that the said Esther Deuel -could not be fonna in my
bailiwick. • " •
Thio -err • you "to
rid notice is therefore to require you - to appear
before•the 'Judges of the. said Court on the third Mon
day of April next answer. said Complaint Sc. -
" • F. P. HOLLISTER, Sheriff.
Sheriff's' Office,l3lontrose, March 5, I 855. .wt
006 RES. S bas . pawed a law gi vingpitt additional
landk Those 'who have already receired war- :
rants are entitled th More. Danville men, ctinae on
now and I Will get ; yoim warrants. Widows l and mi
nors of deceased soldiers arc entitled to' the same \ their
husbands and fathtirs would be if living. I have', the
law fresh frOin WaShington, and the necessary .
of application. Speculators from a disnume are about
trying to get those largely interested to Sipa off. Be-.
. of such { and d,on't . sell for a Song.;,* do your
business. ucenratelyi; and promptly tkcltunt -for the
full value of Your warrants • when obtained. From
three years' Shecessful experience I know I t;an! do the
buSiness right, itnd proffer you my services at rea
sonable rates' and quick returns. L. F Finn
Sionoosedifarch 1 - 855. •
GRADUATE and member of the University I f New
York, Will be' in Montrone on the Gth, 7 hand
Sth of each month, and may be consulted at atch's
Hotel, for three dant, upon all d'astases incirituital to
the„hurnan system, viz: coirstrgprtoy,
cbitis luflamation of the Lungs,- Throat, Liver, Pleura,
Kidneys and Spleen, , Dyspepsia, (Indigestion,) Liver,
Complaint, Rtifarmarisu, Scrofnla, Eruptions, Spinal
Complaints, Diseast4' of the eve and ear, Nervous
W,eakness, &c. Particular attention given 'to
the diseases of Fetuales and Children. , The various
affections of the Merin( radically cured
Dr. Harris is well acqnainted with both Ilonnima
thy and - Allopathy, having been in constant stud, and
practice for the last tWelve-years, and hiving th'St in
troduced •Homeopathy 'into Binghamton, Y., in
1847. His phin of tiistment is mild, safe mid "'rea
dout, and dilVrent from that of any other physician,
. and cures nearly all oases in all stages of the disease.
or Dr, Barris has testimonials of character, labil
ity and skill, from a ?number of the Most eminent
medical men in,, the city. of 'New York, runong itiem
the. celebrated Dr: Valentine Mott. • -
- Persons !tithing prompt relief or permanent mares
will do well to l eall without delay. Charges inoderste.
Consultation filee! Patients visited at their reside sits
if desired. Olnc - e hours from 7in the morning til
'9 in the evening.
The ailvant4 es of the licuncepathic Vestment. • of
diseases are ;r
• Ist. That Patients treated nomeopathiaailfi ,
ly are cured toilet' sooner than by anyother practice.
2d. That many patients can be cured by Heine°.
pathic re.niedieai wbo cannot be cured by any other
treatment. -
grd. net patients!, treated liotacopathically,jdo
not have to labor und4 the bad effects of the medi
cine they have taken to Mare the disease, j
Timothy Seed.
tanley Tureeks eelebizted Timothy Seed, warmine
1141,e , For sole sly dap. Vcrarsp;
IroM - Mir* 111$ left. ' •
.: Y.._
Tea altwhom it. Mit " tonee . .
By et recent act of Congress th,e • Bounty La d law
has been extended to Embrace almost 'every ' of
of military service. ~ '':` •
'All persons who, here ` been ei!gaged in • ditary
Seyvitsx,of the United States, for a4wrind of folrteen
days upwards, are entitled to : i one hundred aced
sixty, a4ris of Land, if they have ant received i',.and
if Aber Itave received less amount, they are e w e d
to euffictent toinakelup 160 acres. ' ; ' , .
Revolutionary soldiers and soldient of any and all
wars in which' the United States have been engaged
since, s l id if deceased, their widows, or minor chil
dren, are entitled. ' jl, ,
,Officers, Seamen, Marines , Clerlia and landsmen in
the Navy, their Widows and minotlehildren, sti also
-entitled. ,
Wagon masters and teamsters, :
ritployed for' the
transportation,Of military stores, afe, 4 30 to w i n
likemanner. - ' !,
I'am 4011 engaged in obtainhagßounty Land ar
rants, and am willing to do the business upo the
molt liberal terms, and althoit I have no moti e to
spend rnY time and labor lei out Marge, yet I will
do the Wiliness at the lowest pricei
,that I can it
• Jeonest/yland lire. i: .
Thof,e l having claims I believe wild find it materially
Ito theiri,,dvantage to call upon me before going Lie
, where. J 1 .
1!, After the' arrants are obtained, gliny of the r
:rewires desire to sell them, lam prePared to pa the
highest dash market price.
1 fun tilso engaged in the prosecution of her
claimsTinst the Government of the ridged States,
'such as rTensions, Back Pay, Extra Pay, Lc. Ac.
FRANKLIN FRASER,. Att'y at Litt.
Montrose, May 14, 1855 1 I - ' wil
•l, I , L
Register's Notte.•!' .
1110110114 C notice is hereby given - 441 persons .n.
.1.- ,ceinibd in the following Estate4to wit :
Estate of Jabez Gardner, demased, late of Gi, Son.
township; Electa Gardner and EnaiGardner, Ei e e.
• utors:— , - ; V I r
' F,state of Stephen Itzeed, deceased; late of Brdok
lyn township ; S. W. Breed and R. ir.,Breed, E ec•
titers-- 4
• G .
• , „ ..
Estate of Caroline G. Stiles, dec'd.,Tiate of 'Ha ord
townsip ; Daniel Oakley, Ex'r.— I_ , .
: Estate of John M'llvaine, deed., k ite of Cluxont
township ;" Jacob Kimble, Adm'r.— 4 , •
Estate of John Chamberlin, deed., pate of Newkil
fOnl tosinslpp; Win. J. Torre!! and D. D. W,artier,
'Aditers.- f; '• • : •
That the:accountants ha're settled t it accoun in
„ p ,
'the Register's of fi ce in and for the co tly of Sian .e
-henna; and that the smne,will be p , seated to e
Judges of • the Orphans' Court of said county, ion
,Wednesdav the 18th dak of April nea4, for confirma
tion and allowance, - J. W. CHAP MAN, Regfr.t
Reg4ster's off e, Montrose, March. 4, 18155. , [
--,-------:--- -
IProclamation.t; '• , ' ', ,
Zi,tsqtieliatitict County 8.. -
• Tnonis t MongurAn 1 In the Court of '
,Co. -
mon Plea.iinf said countylLowsit ELtzA Monzuzin Nov. Ter4, 1854,N0. G I S.
lb /fanned: giza .Morehead: . tab . as a su6re a
in divotce Was issued to November Ter 1854, whi h
was duly returned non est iiirestas, and thereu n,
an: alias subpoena WAS issued in said cause, returnab e
to January Term, 1855, • upon the' retkni of Whic ,
proof was made to the said Court, thal l the said 11 -
nah Eliza Morehead could , not be fou din my , bali
wick. ,
This notice is therefore to require iou to appear
before the Judges of said Court, on thei,:third Monday .
of Aprii next, to answer said complaint; &c. 1 •
• . F. P. HOLLISTER, Sheriff.
' Sheriff's Office, lifonttose, March 1•2;:1855. : • .
Glad 'ridings 1•
BY tOlate law of. ConOves all Soldieni,'Teamste ,
and their widows, or:tninor childre'n, are entid
to 160 acres Bounty Land. Thosewht e haye receir. c
Wan ants for less than 160 acres, entit.led tb
have an additional 130 or 120 aertv. Waltant. Thos
wholisie been simply mustered into seri:ice and pal
get 160 acres land.
am still engaged in the Bounty Lana; and Pension
Agency, at Montrose, and will obtain tiew Warrants
fur all Danville claimants, PR EE Al COST ar
Ctfif It.OE le A.N Y KIND. All nth er case
Mercly fUr fees. And I will pay the highest marke
in ',cash, for all warrants: .
I tit.Searle's Hotel, and in case ottity absent!
'at any tittle, D. It. Lathrop, E q. , Coll* Treasurer
atteMl to mybusines.s.•
• •
Montroae,'March,F; .1835. . • •
Tlic subscriber haring leased his Farm, situated
Forest Like, 14 mile from the 'Post Ofit:ce kept by!,
Mr. Elisha Griffis, will sell at public auctiOn Thnrs.l
day the 29th day of March next, 'sale tiA commence
at 9 o'cloi:k A. the following descri* stock
1 Span splendid .8 year old - Mares, 1 very good 7
year old kart.; I 'very good 2 rear old gtey Colt, 54'
1; year old Steers, 2, 2 year , old Steers, 1,;i:1 year old
Heifer, 5 +earling Heifers, 2 yearling .QtOrs, I Bug
,gy Wagoa, I,''2 Horse Slegh, 1 single Dutek Harness
'1 Plough, I Stove and Pipe, -
Ok SALE.-All Sums under $5, catkall sums ,
Over $5 and under sso, 9 months, and ail gums over
$5O, /2 Months credit-with interest and atipmvetl se
turity: 'COCI L ITNE..
Match ISt. 185 ' 3. l • 9w4.
TT etterstif Administration' of the Estaiglof Hannah
/LI Bolles'i late of Jessup totrnshipdeceaXed, with the
Will anneied, hare been granted to the Subscriber.
All persons indebted to the said estate,are, requested
to _make paytuent, - and thoiie having elating or de
mands' sgaibstthe estate of said decedent, 1 will make
known the itante without delay to •
CHARLES' AVERY, Admittrator.
3.fontr* Feb. 28..1855. 4
large quantity - of Del:tins—a large quantity Of Par.
atnetui—Silk, Wool and CottOn Plaids—Sl l uslin and
Cambric gikabroiders— Dress Trimmings ar34 Buttona
—•a large' litock of BeadyClethingira large
'stock of Fiuiey articles-any a fin. Books will be sold
at COst till. the lst of .#4pr4 next by -the
February 14,1855. , F. B. CfrANTLER. •
I,IrINIAT the Spanish Court ha); decided not o sell the;
Island.of Cuba, but Joseph Wittenberg k Brother'.
• hate recianti decided to imenlu new store; they
building orLi Searle, a few doors east of Pmti's store,
Opposite , Wilson's dwelling hotise, corner of CheStour
lox; Owego streets, where they will keep mi, a I
a..isdrtment of Ready Made Clothing; also' in
additition to this, a good assortment of Broad
Cal4simere, Kentuekey Jeans, Ac.; in short, 4 gefieral.
assortment 9fiGentlemen'it furnishing Goods. [ Also. a
; splendid 'assortment ol Ladies' Dress Goods, Silks, Me-
Delainei t t,, Alpaccas, Embroideries, Shawls, Lae- .
eS,tDress Trimmings. &c. &c., all of which'they; are de- .
tirinined to otter to the public at very low. prices.---
i 4.11". Goods wet:ranted to give satbditeticm, as l e vrell in
quality as ut price. L
Please give u.s atrial before iturcbasing etslwbere.
; Montrose, Jim. 26, 1854.*
qaskueltanna County, s 4. . I; ..
. c ,
ILatY Ana Davis by her uext ,lu the Court of Com-
Mend, JohaW. Brackney,moupleas of said coun
t;,; :- :vs:\ •}. - tdy November ;;: Term, ,
Edger"G; Davis. - /854, No. 27. ti
To',E4gar G.:Daels: Whereas a subpcena in 41voire.
was. issued to tioreinber Term, 1854, which -teas dd•
lyidturned noti eat intteatua, and thereupon aii alias
subkentorsii h4sued in Said cause, returnable to4an'ry
TOO, /855, upon the return of which proOf was
made, to the said Court, that the said Edgar G,l) ar b ,
cohld:lot be found in my bajliwicit.
rills notice hi, therefore, t`ct *
require you to 4pear
before the Judges of said Co urt, on the third .ifonday
of Apt/I nett, to answer raid coinplaint. kc
ii ) $ ' ..F. P. 110LIJSTER„ Shei.iir.
lirtlrs Office, *mime,
**eh /BMi•
• - , , ir
r ' k ' Th' '..."771 r‘ MO f. \ Mr• ' A
I.,(l'.a_ati Li . LsDiftallsktl'F., .
Als ere are Julianne to close out our stock or/toth
. trig to make room for our Spring and Sungtner
purOhase We eire'selling kat greatly reduced pi L ic\es.!
Celli es now is the time to buy cheap. 4 . \
. OvCr rout' froin ti , P,OO tO glB,OO. Dress, I' end
rocl r.
Sack t?tutts, good patterns and new styles. Pants rote s
11,0.t0 S. ,ott.' !Vests of every Style. Gents. rut-.
nishitik! Goodsof every kind. ; • ,
1.15-ppr 'cent: oheoPer than 'ever 9tfered in Montroge.!
L I '.-, . DE LAINI*3. • • e
GOA q try and neat patterns selling at cos 4 for
rash,n !! .. i • A. LATHROP &CO
FipillarY I', 1055. - • - t
•1. 40,900 Firkin Staves.. -
WASTED by die subscribers immediately. Also,
Headl.l Umber tOd 1100 P1Koles- 4 0r which we Frill
pay LU igh ni i ark e t price. Seasoned atavea.
SRI= k 11E10§"TEA
: , [l
S.' ; i
'MOGI!. It THA I /Ell, take thin I/14 4 4% "Yb?lt
, ,
...,, to bis ftiends and calif:omen; that he hash xabt
resumedtherpOtetice of Medicine, at his Od stin4 si
igotitroSe, where be may be found at all 'nines unless
profesAionalti employed. lie would say to those in•
debted to Km; that he wM, deduct tw tttytive per
cenros all aecounts paid before the first orApriloext,
(or if any- ranior)ike myself I will deduct fiiiy) 1‘
Montrose, , ,reb, 20, 1866. - ...' ' 'I- ''
MBE z PO nb*riloci would infintn the citizen's ofilont.
' , ,rose and the public generally that he Liss lxiught
the Grocer, 3armerly kept- by P, 11. F 011141113 StCo.,
in Lyons antECtrandier's building on ChMititut street;
in the borough of Montrose, where he 110 4 fresla as.
sortnient of groceries; . and will keep constantly 'on
hand; Flotir; Opiters, Cheeke, Sugars, SyruP,lifolaises,
Mackhrel; Nuts; Candies,. Toys, Oranges and LeniOns,
Fip PruneitAtit dines, Sciaps, Vinegar, Cidree, dried
Peaches and Phims, . Herring, sack Salt, 141,.Cakes,
Beer,TankeNotions, and other things top numer
ous to mention, which will, be sold cheap tor cash or
most itinds.of, country prOduce. ' Call and' see. A
share of public patronage is solicited. 8. &MOTT.
'Montrose, March 7, 1853.
T ux subseribCri beg leave to inform the citizens
cif Brooltiyi . luid vicinity that they haiitjust,Ve
ceivedl a lot pf Moves, which they offeror sale' as
low as they catt bC purchased elsewhere in the comity.
4140- 4 —A l lot lof STOVE PIPE and Ellseilra of the
different .e4' at ortastufbcfarers prices.:
1ir..4.217E4-411t1 Iron, Copper, and Bnui, to is,
Change: for ; Stares; or other goods. r . . 1.
a Winter Shawls just receivedarid
stoieic .
A fgr 'rale 16w,' by
i l , WANTED, " - '
5,000 bushels •iof Oats, 1,000 bush. Dried Apples.
2,000 bushels Of Corn, .1,00 bush. Ruck*heat,
1,000 bushela a dye, 500 • " BeansS.
and a . O (141414' of Par= at the highest market
prices, in exchange for by , .
Brooklyn, ISnv., '34. S3flTll & 11E111*ItAD:
reeeilied Uv J. LYONS &EO.N.':.
BEET MESIC—a new lot for the Voice{ riano br
Merpileen and Guitar—some-very beautiful piet
es just iiublislidil-+s.oltl by J. LYONS A: SON.
• Shawlx.
.A.rewniareleft!that will be Oold et-7 cheap. •
Para Mettas, Cashmeres & Delainem at great bargains
ATfresh tiupp of Groetrius just opened by
- . 1 tress
ifolass4 at 3 a4illingi per gallon. Surup; at:4, 5 &
43" fq Ly'or:s &
A RRIVING every week ht A•
Jarluary !
Winter ;Shawls and DeLanes,
off at great bargains. Call on
Januarytlati A.' LATIIROP.k.
CO' Mtn • licrkeri Soric%
INTANTED a . i A. LATHROP a co's
1' January ISt
Gru ui Grain::
O(I , ran Pntl9, iptd at the highest pricestxiukbt hi?
N.../Janueryllsti A. LATIIROR& CO's;
grILTRKB Islaiih - Salt at LATHROP Ma
JL 3lotrose,.lJailuary 1, 18515, ,
.1 1
:Steariat . l gOd Marriu l l.o Fire.P4'ool, I,
1 -.!- Safe's. .. '. lil ;: I
r'irLlE subser*shave made . arrangement.4. to furj.. i
JL nisi' to Pershmi who May be in want of them, the !
• ~ .
above nateedlinval linable Safes, at the same prices for , ,;
which they can be Obtained at thci marinfactureir's.-11
Having experienCedlthe benefit orsuch - an article du- 1
ring the late Conflagration ourselves, we woUld 'earn- ,1
iltuly recotirmenMto Others.having Valuable hoof s and;`
Papers, the preserving of which would be of immense,(
importance to' thetn,r,not to do wiebout. one. L I
Prices rimi e f, i:,th 4,50 to $5OO, and we can explain:l
to, any one wishing to' purchase, !the difference fito
style, size, price, Wei and furnish them on short no-. 1
tice, with the internal arrangement to suit the: put ,
chaser. 1 ! ..:r ' BENTLEY, ft . READ. .1 1
Montros`p, pectinAier 1 . 9, 1854.;
NEW G 0041114, i !;
WE are receiving thiS week a lot of New Goodk, - just
purchased lin the'city, which renderi our - aasortinent
complete, and which we offer on the most faro-rabic
terms, at the riew;building, one door above the Post
Office.' : a -1 BENTLEY & READ.
,'Montrose, Febritary 8, 1855. :
OLE D'AmtberAJiiper, do., Calf Skins, sad
Kips—,-a sierrisupply, just received and fk:sale
A fresh supply of : I Silrer Spoons, IVatches„ Je elry,
just received. BENTLEY *3-.
rj' he Subscrib& Dmii on hand ready made otiw
1. which May be lad at reasonable prices. 1.
Also on handla fa of Superior window Sash. I,
• Great Bend Jan; 15th 18.55. 1:
; . ALL. READY. 1
• ; i ; PEOPJ E • I
TiTOODAUFF, & ELDRED have constantly oni
,a large and peell selected astortrnent or
ware, Reels, and tJhain for wells, pumps., ch
pumps, Ake., ,
jilydraUlic Mimi, Japanned wares,l
pipes of all sizes &c 4. ke. Job work done with
ness and despatch;), all orders promptly attendet
f kept Constantly on hand, a large assorintent of st
lot the latest imprOved, and approved patterns.';
fexperierice hi the hiSiness enables us to select t
!that we can iafelfwarrant to give entire satisfac
Amongst our nutnerOns stock ran be found the
Paragon air tight ,' Stir of the West, El `
New World, ; - ",, f • Clinton, • • • .
Atbvi, - • "I, i 1 . Cultivator, . 4.1
Phoenix, ' "I c . Fire Fly, • vil
hree States,- '• 1 : Western Qneen "
Globe, ' `s ' '.
, '
1 ,, S. A. wooDFiri.l
IA Fresh
ii- -Arriva',V Nees 'Goods, which we
1 ,
,Aell very cheap. ,
TE harcl, a
.large'stock ofStaple. and Fancy Pry
G ~,
oods,whicl I we will sell cheap. • Call and
: . Itendy*oile Clothing. ' ';.
We are now prepared to clothe, all according O . :di
test style. iWE IpLirE ,A LARGE ESTOC,E, WHICH `(Wk:
irH.L SELL c Entr Lots, I'.Call and examine before puri4
haling: . Able, a la'rge stock of Cloths. Cassimeresi
eans, Satinetts, Twileds;i&c.&c.—in•fact, our. st ick'
lit this line is *cornplile: We invite the attention of
e ft tsit PURCIIAS' ' fr.4 to*or stock. AU kinds of prod',ce
I. taken in exchange fqt goods at :cash priCes: ' I • ',.
Montrese,Kor. 22;'.14.. HA,WLEY & MOT
, j, • , , li:
- , AS just receives liom New York a full assort.!
' meat of' YEltr, GOODS, - comprising a• I*
riite variety of Darns; MEnictats;eurssicALA, Otis, •
F4Acir Goons , "lief' 01 be sold extremely low for
Coh. Having recently sustained a lass-by fire of Int
leitst fire tbouluitid dollars, - above insurance and goods
Saved, 1 fancy I have. claims for the patronage
grim' friends and the üblic generally. I ask no mink.
t'pgi've to me, neither de I ask or expect addition Al
profits in conseiyienc .Of said loss.. I will sell goods
as low, if not lower thilin can be bought elsewhere In
ths town or, county.ll Ali , I ask is that patronst.
ft* the public which *III enable me With Industry o
slo`wlr but gradlly replace the loss sustained--sanl
lot being the,hird ertingS of a life of anxious toitt
tore at the lower e l ect
ct of the burned district, On
II n street, a few doorS . .befo the corners.
.' • i i '" •ABEL TURRELL. i.'
a/ i
ontroSe„Decemberil4, 1854. • - li
• - 71 •
All Sfgltt Again. 11
fr HE subsciiber ;ionld avii : pectfully tinnoimce to his
customers and the public In general that he is
again prepared for the lotit and Shoe business. 4
li cl: n at g ul% t p m er ce ith r e e a dr tr
l Near Y ork n choice lot 'o
all, k-tanned. Also, tt.nasSortment of Ready-madeF.
atoi: , consisting in part' of Men's Thick and Calf.
Bob Boys Boots, Cbaldren's Strap Boots, Women's;
ith' eled Union . Boot Polkas, Kid *skins, 13411 q
Ida tig,Fox Gaiters, Galt LaCe Boots, Enameled Peg.:
ge4 coots, ..111s. Kid ice Boots, Children's Roan) ,
B , &c. Av.-1,1116 will be sold for cash cheapen
tha eon be bought ilsewhere in this - market Be.)
pal edone neatly. 1;
piense'call and examine. Store first door east of .
the Gdd rellowsliall.l • - •1,
Amine:skean from Ithe time to wiark'Nintll the,
tim t " rest '
br and "reit:cab:tient." Gmte4tl fbr ,•
favorsbe bores by strict attention to. Whines* to.
me 'a continutmee elf the.' mune.
N B. Being stunewhht in' want of tIM "one thing
nee. ul," (money,) he alai suggest, in the mildeist
man er possible, thelm3Klety of those indebted call.
log d settlinitbe some Inunetlistelv. Nur cad.
• ' bt'ser Dee , 40 9 544
. .
1 3 ,
, N
O. D. iLtalr
Mae usorpren
armer's Stott.-
Iron bottling to
istrose,.itaMi .
r - IS* is Sales.
.111010 T virtue of nr ,
Er. issued out of the
.I.lllt3ourt of Coma ~ of Susquehanna county
end tb, Me directed; , mpose to public sale at the
Couri Hoaseln Mon m Saturday the fourteenth
'day co April nextpt , 'clock in the afternoon-.
All that certain p eel of land situate and be ,
ing In die township. mm, Susqueluuma County,'
boon ed and desert fellows, to wit; On the
north by hinds of D rackitimmer„ on t'te east
by Ist ds ofJames.ll it by the public highway,
on th south by kndi es Rittenbnry, and on
thew tby lands rit& ao pied by E. N. Seeley, con
tainin 109 acres, or less, together with the art;
pert ancety one ' d 14e, one corn house, one.
log's hie, and about
__ r 9O • improved, late the lit=
tate' Philip StratittliMM, r.
Tak n in execution et thimultof , AzorLadirop. vs.
Philip Strati:hammer.
s i
A By striae; of a tof Fievi , 'Facies, Issued
and das above, I eipose to public sale at
the e time and' place, all that certaist' pleceOr par
eel of d situate in e the lownihip of Hanford , in said
coin bounded and described asTelkiws, to wit: On
the no h by lands of Coffins Peck, on the east by
lands f
E. 0. & J. O. Harding, on the south by ,
1 Allen dA . 11. Harding, and west by Elias Harding,
con •' g . 80 acres :more or less, : with the appurte
nances and improvements, 1 framed house and barn ,
and abOut 50 acres iMproved. ' .1 '
Taken In execution at thd snit of Zerab Terry vs..
Wheaton 0. Barney.' , P.HOLLISTER,ff.
Sheriff's office, Montrose, P.
March 21, 1/WL.
- A - CA D. -
Iwo ld take this. ineth to 'express my sense of
pride a d sincere gratitude to the large majoritt of
Il n erc is and dealers in goad old Sum. Co., who have
kindlyatronised me in , Neis York, as well as to the
many o h ers , in the different sections of the o titre
i i
and wo d most respectfully ask a continuance of their
Eivors, 9 well as the who have not aa . yet found it
conver4nt to call and b me 'customers' at 215
Peed St-. (See business - .)` .. , .
. Very Respectfully, ' M. C. TYLER.
c I L,
NV li4f4E te A r s G .x,hi s tr i f: v i h j i uj a t
ia , c ,r e e i l
je rcla bo n u e g w h a t t a o t ck a t i l e f 1
loweit ces, and whereas I in great want of Cash,.l
Woolen Yarn, COll3, Oats, 131 from. Eggs, Vtrood.(four 1
feet lon ,) or anything else t keep a poor ma n from.
starvin , I am bound to goods at a very low
I &gore r' any of- the above larticles. Just call and
take a I k, that's all! , i . S. A. LYONS. .
f t ,
Laneiboro, January 1, 1855.
BROCHE and Scoteh Plaid-Shawls, French Merl
•noit, Parametta.s; DeLaihs,.&c., at.
Lanesboro, January
. 1, 185 .] S. A. LYONS. - '
,11. IL Will S 'lt & SON' 1
ulford's old store,
111Aqi e 4e or ;)::lici7LBen. S.
ifontkne, November 15, 1 54, - 1
T HE iubscriber is carrying on the' CHAIR. MAX.
INGBUSIYESS in al itz various branches at
the Cheat and War'C Shop in arfind; Where may be:
found., a greater variety of Windsor and Rocking
Chairsan at any other establishment in the county;
'also Flag and Cane Seats, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Loung•
es, Set 9 3 Tables, Stands, &c. ate., all of which will
be sold t the lowest prices at retail, (or wholesale,.
with sh rt. notice.) All work warranted well made
and ofd material. Short Credits and small proSts
will be m motto. For 'demonstration of the vbove
facts, pl e call at my shop it i Barfoni rillnee. .
gi .s +
- 1 .A.rtir GREENWOOD.
October 12, , •1854. ;, ' -, 1546174
THE a bscribers offer, for sa ei-on; the most liberal
and easy t rms,one of the best located fa; ins fir making.,,
money ; inNorthern Pennsylvania. The said farni is
siinatedthe Newburg and ; ()Wego Turnpike, two
miles east of Mount Pleasant village, and twelve from:
the N. Y. .- E. R. R., also .tery convenientlYsitµated
to Churcs ' Schools, Orist-ndlls, Saw-mi ll s, Black
smith sho s &c. It contains, one hundred and sixty
one acre
one hundred of it;under a_good state of
cultivation well watered and gOod building:a, consist-
lug of a g 'framed house, well finispcd off'and very
conveniently'arrAnged. 'Alsci.tiwo good barns and a
good barn shed will.ealculatedler convenience, two
large orchards yielding from 500 to 1000 bushels an
nually, in tly grafted fruit of the best quality: The
firm is We adapted to ginzing.sulficient to keep ;a:
large stoc For price and grins apply to .B. F..
jEATON, o to ALFRED LAKE, on the premises.
lbrford, Dec. 13, 1854. j i '
The sub i
; building on I
above Sear l
;and well se
tribers have taken and fitted up the' new
the west side of PubW Avenue, two doors
e's Hotel, and are . nioW receiving a largo
ected assortment of ; `-
A ,
i and Winter l i Groods; '
* is almost entirely IVEIV, having,saved
'ew goods from the laM destructive' fire,
es their usual - varietY Of .D.FY GOODS,
Crockery, Hardware, Drugs, Medicines;
Dyestuffs, Boots, Shoes, Leathers, Glass,
etches, Slyer Spoons. Clocks, Yankee
kc. - • We see thae.krul for the patronage
;towed upon us, andtrust- that our ens
the public generally:twill not fail to give
cur rune location, cclnfident that we can
with goods on as favorable terms aihere
November 30,, 1 85C, . •
": Their st
but st very
and eompri•i
tiotions, &c
hitherto bes
Comers, and
its a call , in
Supply them'
I .
Il d nea to t- .
q no and More New GOOdS. '
ty Ell Bin is noirreeeiving inew and full
.1,1. • sup lies of Goods. O Trade,
r th l e Winter in
cluding ane and" elegant assortment of FressehAfe.
rinoes, Henna and Caslanilie P i laida; Plaid, Fan
-4 and Plain De Lanes, Paralnettas, Droche, Square
:Died Long Mattis, all of new andlhest'styles, and will:
b 4 sold at 25 per. cent. less than
i sst year's prices:—
Atso a new assortment of Rich R lidapur and Bonnets, -
Tridi Bilk 'Vslvets for Clo4ks aid Mantillas, Rich.
Silk and Vc:ret 'Dress Tqnenzihga, Mohair Head
Dieises, Rig lets &c. Vic., with a,general assortment
or, other 13tAptis and Fs.NcYj Gooes, as usual, which
h4ring bongliVuudee. the pretient ressnre of the caiti
mirkei, will be sold
.at 'cor-espoiiding and reduced
prices. 1 - . L , •
New Mille , November 21, 1704.
1 .
t .
-LIP cordiiigl
Oibsoo, Oct)
t the IcOest ptlceii, and will he cold - ac-
, ber, 11, 1854
A lar g e assort
erer been enal
nent prl
Ole(' to offer thi
11, 1854.
Dress GA
and bewail - ill
be desired. t
A *oat varlet
cbesp as could
' gibson; Oct
i bee 12, 1854
Black $4,
for dresses at'
A OW quality
ilYgtobur 12,
Lon# and sqns
some styles an
October Is.ll
, wool, broch
.at extremely
; S -
or bCfore kn'o
of 844 Brocho
ICr 11, 1854. -
Cbetiper'than 'le
' and fine quality
nfitelnie, at $7.
,Gibson; Octo.
' y State S
The iit.AnnEss s se; irixEst ot:
.11:111rS, *7,50 en li. • ' U.
Gibson, October 11, 1854.
' • thrpets,
A. good assortment and bands.
trices. II.
Gibson; October 12, 1854.
dsome Robe*,
d very super!.
,54'. U._
large lot of h
lodise dressed a
. oc4)ber 12.1:
Poßtithr IPttent Died
i i l t
DEL TURK LL has just re
it IL 4 all the pWpulitr PATENT
llicludlng Dr. 'Jii.rne's celebrat -
Mognctic Ointme t, Tanner's 0
ere - Dorset Roc 'Rose, Forest
of :alraotts, all d . 't from the
4ttrniiag ?NU, 'ampliene, -.e„
e 1; . - •
4kaftrose, Dec her 808
I f
,i. 1 .4. Chititie to 111/
IP' Jont4n.fx- A ArD (
1 - IPLOY4I ..17
77114, sulmcriber IS deslrot .of
,11 each county and town of th
of front 115 to $l9 only will be
• likS an leffickmt, eiergctic man
tti five dollars per day:—indoed.
ntia. enipleyed, are realizing twl
inTftlimidlonvoll WI
_elven by ad
- • t \ • 1 WM. A: 'R
' - _. .......
....' i , i l i ; - . - iliki 401, Philadetplil
Axe" -
Csinikr oer • ore. '
itw pods .jist received' at
.. see for yonesetves.-"-- .
d but little to buy. -
Csll l
l i r t
it re d,
I .n Pi
will r
or I
fAu r
ed oul
tele t,
of .1
0, 1
and Vesting.%
Ces 'Diver then we hare
istvlks And almost its
eents pPr yard.
$L' ROWS & CO.
aiid'sil!c, very band=
cv pracei.
n; beautiful patterns'
$ll/31111: Lupeu'il man-
MTV', an 4 xr.w. PAT
me patterns, at. very
Ipart. oithent whole,
.r color and quality.
vine Agency.
•• eyed new.sOpply
Sincisrs of the day,"
1 Diedieineic : Trok's
dc, Pins
Oroplietors, Also,
'e Money.
having an agent itt.
:ruler,. A capi4ll
ired, anil anything.
virwake from three
ioma•of t h e agents
,:ghat sum Every
;lug (poatpald,)
Post °Mee:
1(0103 k BOA?_.
• .1 BARDEN' SEtnt"-.
FREER ko, of Shakers',
,lictetH ester, and Conncc
tleut Gallop Seeda just opened and for sale by,
lfareb - 20. •- - -41 • ' LYON* -
DUBE Tuno .7 and tioveiSoect
• '' • •
• •
tiOLD 'arid 'Myer PaXent 144er, li.ncbor and Pt ! '
k. - pipe Watcbes,just receivid and for sale by '
is B • "I'LL'Y &READ.
• 4tiewelryi 'es l l4.-= '
GOOVitssortnignt of 40welit consoling of raf
111. Ring; Ear Drops, BreasCpm_r t /itei a .
a te . fastreciived at BM LEY
• Silver Spoons. • .
Tek•oTabl!, Dess4rt, Sugar ; Sal t acc.,,witirsinteif
fair sale by .1 - Bt TLEY
1- • cts and Shais.
An -nnusuaßy smond assortment of the, best mak e,;
frah and perfect for sale BEFII,EY & READ.
'Drums . and liedleines.
Alreab stack genu ine Drop- and Medieine.cPatitri, •
Medicines,; taints,,oo9, Dye.andre, &e, for tulle by.
, Dec. 18.] " • R i tillEir-ik BEAU'.
Charleblfillatai4 Ilarlber.
irjrAS remoreill his shop hem Ito former location bit _
1.1 the basement of Searie's Retel, to t! e room its
the same the rear °flit° bar-roomothert
his customers will !be waited upin by:thit exquE;lts.
artist,. Professor Charles 'Minis, or by himself, at al .
reasonable hours. 1 ' -
Please bear In.nalnd that this; Is the only shut*: -`
shop in town where the thing is clone acientlfically.
11fontrole. Dieenther 19.
' •
To - Rho People , .of N,aiiigit,
i . 1 .• , ' Coonty.- ' , ... , .
itHEING one of greatest sufferers- by the r•eltint
lil d i truetKo re in . Montroie,' having lost itiy ,,
store-house and. nearly all of my goods, I have' not
however given oVer to despair,t, but have taken a •
atire,roont in tit telt lower part of he town, first door
north of Keeler's otel, into wli I have pliteed the'
tf t
tuna Atock saved rom the fire, find will in the court* • ,
of; a very short tine fill . up the store with an entire -
new stock•Clf g 00144. In- my- pres,ent newlocation, I '
will, be happy to. aeeand wait otr - my old customers
and the public generally Who will
_favor me with, e,. •
call, I have,resofved to "nevi. gifts up the fhip."— -
I arse - determined io keep a DRVG STORE, and to
keep a good atmort l inent of * Drngs,Lifitlicinos,' Paints, '
Oita, Dye-xtuffs, Oroceriei, Glaairrare, jewetrq, Per- •:
finfaerlA Yankee .Faaane. and all torts of Fancy , --,
atiods,Ake. &c., such us I kept before the fire,•whialts
, de+oured the earnings au life time in'an hour.
ontrose, li'ov. 23, ISSA. ABEL TURRELL. '
. . •
win .•
man ,- 10,t'd to me, pleasa4v
N • 8.. - -
rem ---- 'eMY,rneinitniiis me time o ' fnead, , f;•
by sending to me t e amount duejmme.diately.
I l coTember 23, 1 54: .. .• : -ABEL TERRELL :
1 - ' .• v
liE3lll l VAii: - -
iELER & STODDARD, since the Late fire; Inst . :
be found in the BASEMENT OF SEARLE'i•
H TEL. ' Notivithstanding the unprecedented - ra
pid ty with which lour stock _of Boots, Shoes, tc - .,
vr nt off" on the 'xnorning of the fire, ve" still have
so eon liand,andihall soon, be well supplied itgalp.:
• ontrose; N'ocernber IS. 1854 •: : - •
. .
'Ni:TICE.I; - -
ITE subscribebeing invere*Terers from dm
Ante disastrou Fire, IMve removed with whia -
t i 3
little'remains of thiir stock,l to th bu il ding oaf,
thellivenue, opposite W. J.l,k. S. H. Mulford's storey •
Where they will be :happy lo' I spe•all. th eir Mends and'
customers, and hops in the eourse'of some ten days
to be able to
,greeli them •lcith au entirely :YEW
STocli 0? 0 0 0113. I '. - : _ "
• We tru4t that shme of our catemera who halt.
been long in debt, *ill remetnbet that this is a timir
of ikamit. FEED Will LS, and do as they would btiv
dond by. • I t BENTLEY it ; READ.
Montrsi, Novem.)
er 14. '1854. ' - -
• 1.....
.., ',
fri l iE copartnershi
IL Inaine and firm i
Ellinaild Doorimsi
1°1 •
1 eb d s a o g r:, el . l .l l uly l
L i
T 4 subscriber •woi
of those :who wish to
busi4s9 ' such as
ash, Donrs,-S
albinet i
Bureaus, 'table'
- . 13((steads,. & A li
Alsb, -I Ready-made 1
if reqidred. 'Country
exchanze. !Arms, 1.1
Lanesboro, July 3.5,
)p -heretofore knoem under the
Newells Brother's; in the Saab,.
I,iless, is this day by, virtual eon&
dissolved. . • •
HE " KiTOW NOT r ieIINGS 99 '
. But, very fort' natelr, the earth is'not thrown'
foul it orbit, and the sun shines. on as before • ens..
'bling the "Picture Meii " to work at - his trade before;
and Oradell], his aqua satisfactory . manner.
- Ilis I Near Stock, just purchased, comprises every
thing neat and' desiratae in ere Daguerreotype lino,'
and be ' asks that you'*ill not forget to call.
lie has allo some recently published Bcooks,.whielt•
will belaure to.piease those' wlio.wish good reading.
, I - W. I I,‘..,DEANS.
Odd fFell9rs7 Nall, Montrose Pa. -
4 W. B. D. does inot take pictures for 25 of 10 .
Those who teis4 such trash onakd go elsewhere.
Ps l .*
John . Grov+ Ad vertli f einent.
AS natnre, who fUrnisbes the birds and beasts :vritlt
it sui extra coat for wint'er, has not matki a iiritilar
vision for man, rliavelconeluded to take it upon nay ,
self to attend to ttuit department; and there Tore
think p-oper to annonime that all itiv7e - ling
pods, that need new apparel; - glorious.! or, inglorious,
fashion 'hie or - unfashionable can have their wants
suppli and their tastes suitCd by calling on me, it
my abo in Ifoutrose.l. • - •
JC.LEE, AT .110$TROSE DEPOT, has re
• cclved a new 'simply of Spring andlurruner .
Goods., hich will be ittla• very lovcrfor 'cash" or &n il
produce . - . 1. t s 1- ••"I -
P 'usps good :New Orlians 'Sugar for one dol-
I118:at .• " 1•J. G. LEE'S Nes; Store. •
ri•EA, ; 4loirte, Mola.s..s, Fish, Rice, and Grocenaa
1: Of 1 kinds, very cheap at .L C. LEE'S..
. -
- .
liTirr: u ted,, _. I"• . ,
lquantity of Egg's at . 2 cents . Per dozen,l4 ,
elchaPl:e for goods at . J. C. LEE'S Stoie.
1 •
St quantity of Butter at la ceivt.i'per jioitnd, ti
esetarge for Gixas at J. C: LEE'S New Store. •
Tn". wi„.hi.,...„ tfi for crib, -Or in
chanoe for barter, spill find it to their interest to
earl and examine my stOek of Goods- and prices for
themselvek For'barter,of all ki , ..ds:tb ti lizhest prie.
es may at all times be rued on at .T. C. LEE'S Store ) ,
Montrose fot.
, DONT BE tltioirrENED.- ' '
. .
- The i Farmer! . rr ol d .e, l e.puiit. h ,
11 7 E w ' rb il ar t e o :lib ' . t c o
tZ: r ti r : -I d i e:o a u n i i vcouelmmeei t h at
,onsinnoil our
,5t0 ., :0 witil mon. of. our Goods,, And
crecteil a convenient Shanty, *here we shall be hap
py-to See Apr Ohl - customers as well as new. -We are
going-to seil : gocals hiwer, '!ban.ever, and We think ten
per cent. lies than you . on Into elsewhereiin Susqu
hanna co.-. CO And see. , . WARREN & THAYER,.
.. ,
SNO COMPLETE-Alnd ire would take that
opportunity to say that wo can show : , the mows
beautiful tuid spiendilllpatterns of Parlor and Cooking
Stoves. to be found in tbe.counts. Srnoog them can
be spest:';the Revolving Vont and Gothic Parlor, for
wood or coal, entirely hew and decidedly pretty stover.
Nees frouti-frre -tis ten dollars. Of cooking Stoves
we think it ocedtesa to say{ notch, only to remark, dam
wearo sellieg them at ourlforiner prices,. atO judging,
tom the sapidity of our sttles s .we believe the public
aro,erittrOv satisfied with our prFces and the quality
of. Our wai4s. - We' hare,"a few more left" of the
"Clinton Alr.tight Elevated Oven Stove;" , ackuotriv
edged to bottle best cookiOg stove now iu use. .Rui.
stn and English Stove ripe at o prices; and Trim
mings and Tin ware of all deg {Mons at the very
lowest rates , ' J. 11 OKEEX&N, Jr.
New klilferd. October 23.1854
. .
TLE subscritier.will net ell spat for bnyinit - and sell--
ins Rei i rEstate--Fartna, Holmes, and Lots.— . .ln.
rated in snaqueluta County. Pa, -.All who wish tn
offer, their tw-operty for sale 'can glieti Mißttrt! de scrip.
dolt oftheir !aims 'al. tots its (allows tiutuber of
neres.4l6'w niftty hilprared,! Ind how watered, buitti.:
oreliswit - 4, grafted or common= frtit. othtw fruit
trees ; rand the nearest paint to the'''. -Lk AL.R.
and E. R. R,.
4'3 tams on the list, 43 unsold.. ow s h *
subseaer t minute deseriitko, price aud terms CAA
Office 130 - Turnpike at 4 doors - west of lkin it.
3kntiore f dug .t. 16, IS4
• •
• Clover and Tiinothy Seed. • '
VOR eige - m J. C. Btore- • -
1 • ittIRTTROOE 1)11„..
'54. H. NEWELL.
Id respectfully net the attention
purchase anything in his line Si'
totters. and glitids,
3f various kipkis, •
ids. chairs and Setteesi
foffins. Painting and Glazing;,
Produee,and L i mber taken is
ndc 1)IY.
0854. cf/LBERT NEWELL..