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=Antis r. ISO 41CD IL 11. FRAZIRit =moss
'' • MONTROS 1 ,
P 4
Thursday, 'Num b
114 1.456.,
The Presidency.
Some of our Pennsylvania Legisl
stead of , confining their'attention td
ness for which they were sent to fl
and which progresses none too" rap
engaged inPresident-makiti . , and
leiter, to• George Law, of lit.y Yorl
him to accept the Americin wadi
the next Presidency. Anqther di
favor of Commodore St ton, an
that Stetektowand Raynor Orbs a
in severil'lwards if Philadelphia.
well satisfied that neither, these t
choice of the people of iennsylv'pnia, or of
the.-Union, for, President. ' i Stockt4 is pro
slaverb and Law is a sort of filibuster, a
speculator in It:askew, dre. That!. prinee of
Dough Daniel S.. Dickinsonl seems" at
preient most likoly to bee nom nee of the
regular Hunker' or Neb skit p ity. He
i t,
w = ould carry thb South, and that is 11. Sam
Houston's reitent speech at the North,
wherein the lamely apologfred foSlavery, 1
and attributed the freedom and t rosperity
of the North to the influx Of forei' ers, have
tnaterially damaged his pro spect I Thomas
s ln
H. Benton was killed , ~p r se, early in ,the
last session of COngress. j 1 ti„ .
If Dickinson is defeated assuming that he
will be the nominee of his party—in our
judgment it must be by i a candidate who
stands on truly national g ; omit), on the slave
ry, qtiestion, to wit; that s avery is sectional
and freedom 'is national. and s the duty
of the National Governm f mt to nisltite in
favor of :freedom wherever it )4itimately
may. A public'servant N%; ho is to A be entrust
,ed 'with that great power,l a vetolon the acts
-of the-representatives of ,the:u•ht'ile nation,
tnust be known to be right and trustworthy
on this question. No party ties 'or organiza
tions can induce the greati body of. Northern
fitieinen to support a • c l andidat who does
not stand squarely and openly the plat
-1 ,
-form of freedom: i IF ,
' Criminationand I.iSCri ,;' , , tion. .'
Joim M. Stockdale, onii of tit- old liners
169..left4nekalew for Caineron, n the. Sena
-tOrial Con - Venon,having Ibeen led a ' trai
. tor by the, Punsy/ranian - fgt .- S4..deing, re
torts. in the Democratici Union by making
two serious charges againft the editors of the
. Peivisylvaniart, first, ' Mia that. japer, while
it makes :loud-profession! of Democracy, is
secretly . all; with the Oppositi i ri, - . and en
deavoring . teC',reate disaffetion; i t : the. party.
,to which, it purports to belong; acid secondly,.
'That the Pennsylrinicl i n Was Lpecuniarly
interested in the passage lot a.bil j ,- which was
'before the la s t Congress,! and that its posi
tion,l was governed by thatintereist: - interest.';. '
'Mr. Stockaale exeusesjbis vot4,.by saying
-ghat'Cuincren's election ;would infliet, defeat,
'schism, and confusion upon the lepix) sition ;'
.a truth 'whichsome :if the . ' opp*ition' mem- .
• beri - appear. to be too inveterate now-Notit;
ings- property , to 'appreciate, or too reckless
. .
-.and unprincipled tube iniluenced[by.
. "- Corruptions it lifasbineat
. ',Under this head the New
m irk Ttibune
- :gives a sumary of the Fotes i cn , w ha t it A
' signates as the great britiery iiiesures of the
: last Session of Congress. Thee measures j
:are: the grant to the cOlins steamers, giv-
• ing ,St."iB,ooo a Year for six ye i jirs to these
Steamers for a service which resPonlible...par
ties, offered tO do for I .. ess l itlian 41f,, that sum; •
the Texas‘Debt bill, granting to',l the holders
of Texas scrip, two and threouarter; 'mil
li /
•] - ions of dollars„'over and above ' forme.; rip
, spropriation of five millidns; th propOsition
to extend Col: Colt's patent forl making re
wolvers, by wbiehtle haS already gained *an
•enormous fortune; andthe F4neh Spalia
tiOn bill, which, , though Igesmted on a just
elairo, was nevertheless i:arried through with
a lavish use of bribe‘ry, " l ike the others. -
• Mr.-Grow vOted against thipins Steam
er bill, the ,Te.xas Debtl bill, ard the Colt's
,Patent bill. When the, vote *as taken on
the French Spoliation bill, he wris absent.
Parties in Indiana,; '
Mr. Pettit, df,lndiana, said iii A speech in
the United States Senate, the fither day o 'I
' believe soletnnty as I believe that I exist; that
the Nebraska bill gave the Demaratie pirty
strength irk Indiana--tha twe got more Na
tional Whigii with us in the eicint there upon '
that question, than we: lOst:l),Odet' ats upon'
it; - but that the real grciund . dekfit-;-it is
'said, and it, wAS aupplised to 42,4
' a defeat—
was lirlow-Nothingism.' .ll .
'Greeley's Whig Almanac plassi fi es the
Representatives elected fo the.rext-Congress
.from Indiana:: :14 follows: - Ne, rasa Demo-.
crag, 2 ;Repuhl Republicans, 9.. 1 - 'l 1
I rh
There's a 'muddle' for you. e Nebraska
Democracy are defeited; atuil i !:the Republi
cans; or anti-:\slrivia ;then are elee9ld, and
yet the men .`who defeated, the,Demoeracy
Ara' the pro-slavery KnOw-NOtiiingsl . There
must be a little mist* seinecherd.,„ WhO
Can .411 what it ist ' 1 •._, ~ - .1 ' . .
itar *the charge made I) , Y the North I
'Branch Democrat skgainstour presentative,
C. J. Lathe absenting - hi - Self from Har
risburg for the, purpose' of fu ering the elec. 1 1
-Lion of Cameron, is wholly . ithout founda
tion. Ifs:.l.:athrop expreised 'fiiselfatisious
ri e
to be at his post, and to do* duty 'there,
"but serious illness confined hiin at home:
Lest the peculiarities of timilid s eireuttistanee
should lead 47kni, unajuttirited with kr. La
throp, to suspect him 'fa(' dodging,' it , may
perhaps be proper to'statilhat - a physician
who visited him a' daY or t+-ol before thel3sti
' Minis] Convention_re l tessembied ms the *ith
lit., assured us; that he was seriously St and
-, Tsijuite unfit _for the journey..illanisliargr
...-we are son , h 4 was; not th as then he
t re,
wou ld by his rote_ limew an r rbalaneettme
~,of the Wyoming mesi, Platt glad Sturdevant,
who voted for Catne4n. Pil ' \
We are indehted 14ervs. Lathrop,
14qprte, and SturdeviA4 a the State
. 4 1Attalature.ifir pubiie 4ciettifierla.
tarA seritl of resolettons were oireied
in, the SOste Senete on.,FlOwedl!pflast
to annul the adjournment of die Sent4orial
.Coe,yrtioa iiii ; ,9ctober; land ad.
iournMe l 4, to o # 2l hitiritt i t - r "41. The
Catnercathms are afraid 014' the lieCtsion
of thia.quoistioa to tha - People;. They know
tanieron'a. only : At:dice' the preS
e.nt legislature, large bod i yof the. Ameri
cans in which arc very itnxious to cemmit
suicide, and thei old line Deinocrats are of
course anxious to help fhem. We believe
the great body cif the people are well,sitilsfied
to have the election delayed long, enough to
give them ' a
chance to; elect. honest' men,
if possible, in place'of these who have dpsert
!ed and betrayed; them ' '
ators, in.
the busi
illy, have
,ivritten a.
', inviting
ation for
e are;in
it is said
it We are
en is the
Inff'' Stephen" Miller, editor of the lisrFis;
- burg Tlerald, finally comes out with an expla-,
nation that the editorial remarks nuide soma.
time since in that paper, 0 1 ,3ut hanging Gree.
icy and other 'abolitionists' as high as Iranian,
were made by, an associafrieditor, and ; were
hot approved by him, (Miller.) • Now, , it be
can give satisfactory e4planation of his si
knee on the Senator tptestiOn; at a time:when
almost every _Whig, 44riean, and Free
, Soil paper in the State Wait denouncing the
, the U . 1 State attempt to elect Cameron to .
Senate, he may 6 tesuired to, the plaie iu
the people's esteem, that lie formerly occu
pied. ; ' I .
WOMAleti SPHERE KA) rll3
Fagan will deliver a Lecture on the . theme!
above indicatCd; tit the ;Academy Hall, in
Montroge, on Friday-evenipg next, March 16,
at 7 o'clvit. The lecturet biingsthe highes't of
testimonials for attairmietits, and attractive -I
ness - and brillianeV as a .4piiaker. If the novei ty .!
N, .
of the subject And 4
`,pretty arid witty'
.exponent .do not 4ttraet h Crowded house, we,
shall be grefitiy niisfakeb.
. .
LITI7.E DOC(4 " SE4Pg..BACK LIS SrEzeti.
All the speeches nude ins the 'l3. S. Senate,
Feb. 23. on the oceasien Of the introduction by
Mr. Toueo,f, Ora bill torthe protection of i)er 7
sons engaged in executin.. the laWs of the
United- States, except that of Senator Deug-.
las, have appeared 'in tite Daily . Globe ; ibut
fOr some unknown reas46 bouglas's has heen
sulipress'ed.: lit the Globe suggests
that 'possibE3. 2 lhe honor/LIAO Senator has glven
orderS yathholf4 . that SPeeeh * altogether:.
to which the Proprietor, of the Globe replies
that the speech, in rineitlon : was withheld! for
revision so long that it twill not now appear
till it af)pearS in the Afire - ndix to the .Globe.
The 'little
.giant begin sto tihow the white,
feather... ' • .) • -..
GREAT FifiE Bon.,VlcToai,,;—Ralph Met
calf,* the Itticiw;Nothini And anti-Nebraska
candidate for :Governoeof• New Hampshire,
was .elected on uesday last be at least 3000
majorit - : , •
I 11 Fat' - Me Republican.
" atch'i; Hotel.'-' •
, .•
"Gamblers vc neVeryet boasted of hav
ing our cornpanyl in their midnight "-hells7---.1
11(%peetable,1 Gbd-fearing -; men cannot be
.tosa l y hf I;B,that' we habitually indulge
in the • most blasithemonSprofimity in trilliug'
conv(n'sqtion.! find:that *t other times we,. put
on a sanctified garb,7and quote I seripture like
an angel of pUrity. ..Our room at Hatch's Ho
tel was never stenclied i the, fumes . of rum. ,
nor were we ever 'called from.; a bed of de
bench there,' to enter our Cotirts of Justice, I
prominent in; its ad ministration."—lfordroseA
Deraocrat. • ' • 1
• .
NIESSiS. EDITORS :-=The Democrat of list
week publishes a most infamous atteekiipon•
the reputation of the Hotel kept in this / place 11
by Win._ k. Hatch, ;The 'hotise haslong been I
considered one of the best in the Connt,y and
, •
the least thought pf its being. a( GsaintaSo
" HELL" and a HOEgE.OF : " Dr.nreu,". never
entered - the heart Of the triostiuspieious-until
the charges Were iiiade openly by the . Dem
ocrat, and apparently without fear of contra.
Mr- Hatch bas i . /alWaysbeen emsid
cred a good !and iesPeetable citizen, and is.
highly esteeined4"4ll who know him. This
•attempt to_stigmatize his character and to de
stroy the rePutatiOn and business of his house,
has stirred :a feeling of --indignation thrinigh
the Whole community, Men are shocked to
see* neighber.thns struck-down wNiout: the
least provocation. Pious 'travellers are 'as
tonished to discoVer they have taken lodgings
in " and confiding wives are horror
stricken to learn that their husbands are in
the habit of staiing all night in a house of
t`•::Deb,auch..7 • The Wanton exposure has eaus.
. . ,
ed mctheriLto sigh, fearmg an erring son, is lis bette r to , pay a :,superintendent a . mere
there, and rnaidetis to wake from strange and i nominal sum . to ''visit the school,' &c., which I
unusual dreams. Horror and consternation t amirding to his own showing, are necessary 1
- • 1 1 ' ,••• . .• ,
.. , • •
pervade all r elasses. 41/1510115c es are turn- to be done by . some : one or ones, in order 1
ed to. the suspicious!' abode to .see if the that they"may prosper 'i or have a few select i
"Fumes of Ram," and the exhalations of men undertake the :,taSk, at a cost of four
"Bell" rise above the chimney top, and weeks' time'each, annnally according to his
mouths stand +pe. But u]l looks fairoutsidc, plan ; the author of , hone is money,' was no
as a ,s-hited se ulch I and no one would sus- less a philosopher, thia,Franklin ; and !kWh-
peCt the moral planshouldbe 'desolation indtotal depravity
that exists Within, had it not been published view as pix i e fable o'.. visionary ; and :whi c h
in the Demo cr Christians vainly imagine looks as most likely to ' break the wagon'.
the infernal reaions are beneath its mud milli.' With regard to "hisifavorite r I have"to! say
These base ;barges derive character from unqualifiedly; I, have no favorite in the mat
the high sourc frmo ;which they emanate--a ter. I was out of Simi. Co, from last Apr .
horizontal Om fulisizfeet above ground— till Nov. andicnew nothing of men or their
whence haVe is ed various other libels, all'of doings-here 'daring that time except what I
which !care Le4t duly authenticated and fully learnt from the paperal; and though a direc
substantiated by heart-rending appeals to tor, bad no More to ad, in deciding the +ice
' t i,
Judge W arner, Mr: Searle,- a dead father fur Superintendent than I had_ i in the case.of
("long since in - Heaven") and "my little the present'. . : iperor of France. I care not
ifamily," a i .out . a year _Tills fa gives whether the ! neumbetit be 'Tom, Dick or
the statement a startlingimpressiVenes' is which Harry ; sei'lo gas he !ii competent andlshall
it could !derive from`no- other cireuMstance, • do his duty!, - e shall be my fivorite, and not
1 and eauik it to send, a thrill 'of 'to th e otherwise. ,i,B .
.ut I ii . r,4 nut pre judge hini - nor
`heart of the unfurtutinte host of the Frank- what he 'will Aeeollepliiik • ,
a L
' lin House. ~ ''t ' In short; inake it il ilitieliA of some of 1
AccomOanying this outrageoni
1 , It up- his argumen t ; forty Oidiars j iwill support 10
- on Mr. Hatch, and throwing additional dark- months set I- in each -district ann ' ly,
ness andiloubt tipon the cause of it, are seine and raise them to ' aa!amderiical condi on;
,- ,
astounding oevelopeinents. It appears, from and that-we !rant a i lnie that will sedure that
the stiteMents of Mr. Chase, that there ex- great privilege to hir4,teachers for four dol.
isti an ' lOsth-loonittl, Secret Society' in the lan per month,—that :no more money is need
'heart i?f the Dernoc rn tie party, which controls.. ed to .support the intriber of scheohi w'auted
its actiotii and settles its votes to the • rep- in Pa. on an;extent - 44 nearly fifty thonsand
hir ini 'Mr• Wilmo t ' •
Iglu e.' • " obliged to ! square miles' than 10- , ,Connecticut on an ex
, .
unite -w ith this 'S ecre t Conclave' bekire be , tent of less' than five , thousand square 1 1 ;ailas,
could 'wift 4 nontination by the Convention That:. we #re al.dy over burdened! with
to the 0 41P 8 1 4 P, fed give to " certain ' is- i taxes; and :the people l' are *aggrieved f hence;
. 3 .-A ,
srelltrOel' in order, `.tonbtaiii the sufrayee we want a' :+x,ii law i tlutt well impose hear
ef die *VW: . Old4e nature i 4 these " lk- 1 ier taxation ;4;) arch" 4ito ' secure' to us the
en't:PlitlOPe bo th lite reiaTzetilxivbiett ilem-! imam toi4port 4 14iiiier seitsfols,...3/4s• i tz.
I 1 • ' • -, - . _- , . 4 .1 4
~ t l;eir i r. :r; ;sl- 4::-..., ' "17 : 1 1; - v i 4 ; l -- --- 6 0 .7*"
i 1 112, the pe e p ?. , se su ges
toy obtained, arO profmtelly e .ttroran
It also appears , from,thestatinnints Or*.
that Its unitirrg.-with',thisi ' secret order'
re. W ilmot wig' obliged Co take-upon him=
f 11 4 hoer*, oath.' /ow; dreadfully horrid
that oath must have be c ..n r makjudge from
the set, that iti,breakirig it and. Uniting `'irith
the Republican party ; . tidge !Wilmot com
mitted an offence which 1, - "ts - Considered the
' Highest grade , known: tel!thel Sin of Moral
Pediery. No cemmoh oath' that.. It. was
'"lgorridr .dre4dful! ' .‘lawful , I l' :
That there 'shouldexist'in the midst'of the
- ' ; • 11
Democratic party, a ; 4 secret organization'.
bound to'each 'other and t 4 secrecy by such
I! •
'horrid oaths,'lwhich it? ita 'midnight coun
cils! make all the nominations, and ' obtain
the sufrages _of the Pedpleti, for it sworn rnem.
hers, is perfectly astouridi4. Who and how
many constitute this '
. Secret Order,' and how
many 'Free Soil Den:lc:reit: hare been deceive
ed into its Lodges, Mr, Clime deigns not to
infinin us. In the few', tz'posures suede we
recognize none but such 10 have been elerted
to office , by - the Demeeratie party, and be
lieve, therefOre,- that it:is Composed chiefly of
office holders- and • office; !seekers.. General
'Blanding, Mr. Streeter, Mr. Grow and . ' Me,'
.are all the persons ezposo, but it is presum
ed that Mr. Little and Mil. Newton'have re=
cently been admitted to niembership.
It is possible that Mr.. ;Wilrnot sometimes
plays Mist, but it is 'evident that Mr. Chase
has not taught him to : play ' Withdrawal
Cards,' else he would -have drawn one and
saved himself the terrible ilenunciatiou conse,
- -
quent upon` violating;T 4 obligation' " to 'the
Secret Order.' ; • .11
It is also quite pcmibln:lltat Mr. Hatch has
either taken, o r neglected to take, his
drawn( card,' an - il.thatinay - be the • offence
which hass - brotight the,Dmocrat out against
him. 'Whether this is do cause of the mer
ciless attack upon him In are not able - to say,
but it is certain :that thi. l charge of moral
peijury' with iti.coneontitant icleti.s of dark
alike," secret conclaves,' 1 1 . awful Obligations,'
horrid oathe';: and ►'midnight conspiracies'
being laced. in the - sarne,article and in con
nection with the fierceTassault upon Mr.
Hatch, is wOniilerfully suggestive .of a Clan
destine eacape Midnight nine
We arc not prepared 'to offer any defense
for Mr. Hatch . , although ho has our warmest
sympathies - , for We tinlicrstand - the poor man
has-no deceaseillfathei ncir little family to ap
peal to iu iirderito s.#e ;his 'character from
any odium that may be Settling upon it.-
-We hope 'bare the hardihood to prof
it by the eianqiie of his .iialiaut assailant, and
when' driven. to :the wall, tarn And give battle.'
Before doing any thing desperate, however,
we would advisetO '!" stand tendering an
olive branch with an unsheathed - cword.' .
I:or,,the Repalican
. . „
(The following corhmunication was received
and should have - appeared some time since.)
MESSRS t..nrr6as.— When I took my pen
to, reply; to M r.• Newton, I had no intention
of becoming/i seribbler
,for your paper, and
shall not resume to_tronble: you 'much after
, :
'Sin reading his last,' I should feel that il
had/engaged in An inglorious business, in at
teMpting a reply, if, the author were my 1 . .
equal; but ias it is, I feel a confidence to pra
ceed, akin to that whith,a school=boy feels to ,
laugh, wherij his teacher does.
I entertain tone but) friendly feelings to
wards lir. Newton, andirnsidering his years
as compared With mine,and the positioa he oc
cupies in community, mould not willingly
treat hint With disrespect, or his opinion with
ridicule; and if I have done, or shXll do so,
I trust theri i i is sufficient occasion,. otherwise,
hope to l,e pardonedon the ground of honest
misappre.hOision: • .
His Pcisifion in relation to the .Superinten
dewy', is seep in his own explanation. He
admits ;that he hod seen no impractica
`bility,' When it sias pitbpely proposed to him
to . become a'eaudidlite for the office; :and
that he_did not decline it, nor raised an- ob
jection'.*init it, according to the evidence,
till after it was filled. 'lt is fur the people
to decide whether it is probable that he word
have accepted , it, an offii r t as he intimates, so
lucrative and 'desirable. If it be thought that
, he would, the source and ground of his oppo-
Isalon 'are readily pereei!ved.
leis for them to also, whether it 1
---r-r- , - , --- .Ir—ir- .-.---r.".- --- - - r: ' 7. --- ' - '' - f
frea lli g ' :' ! ' lOariell ell suPpose,) he.
etUtse ft 114 !Owed. 'Up Emus, built ~ stone
widiN fltle rviaiii4i raised the prices•Of , all
vri f
kiralvor4iiiik rOjlnctions of. lehOr of .f ail
kinds, Wilt : '' 'Made, r . siii ' air:44llore*
tbings.', 4 .. '-I , if,„ s: -„,,, ' fl t- , irf
. ~...: , 1--1 I .
His iiiiir4l - mivery tinswetwoikiit Win
be a - failo* , istere i,orl ei.v,*:remind's toll)**
"man who' 'when . , she ass
„ infermed, that
t e 'old ccee had .eat up the grind' stone, e.i
-' 'ined, I i 44 yen she would- r. ', t
. I like eup itchoel law as it now is,' believing
t it ie !Oise ;practical , thin it has been;
d that Sel*ls have been kept open under
it each year Ihngei than might he expected,
nsideribitheiniount of money raised for
t, tir suPpc,iti t and-' the difficulties which f the
f nen - marina et the law bave lila to et.lounter.
A i lso dui. foity dollars, each ye.a io a school'
b re hive s u pported it as long as !ever in .Ct., ,
a d that antount of money never kept a school
open from iltte ; t0 ten months, annually, 4h
t is nor 44- f statei nor never will. ' The pea
mical ; r4iticipiei with which tn' do it, are
u in the nature ef things: , Our rhoolshave
ade at mfst, respectable improvements, un
d r the Inw,..duAtig the last twenty .' years,;
id as the Opitti2 , gain Was one hundred per
nt, I willj ilaini'?for Our schooli a rise of
n nag-ming per . e . e.ii. . . .
`am askedito I demonstrate what might have
hen done) under a proper system. I don't
k ow what; that p,reper system - ii,, and 4,
ewton. has' railed : to inform ; hence I shall not
u dertake to demonstrate what;might have
been the 00Udition of the human 'family now
had 'old iitioiaer !Eve,' not partaken of the
f rbiddem rruit.! - '1 -
. , i , • , I:
Now b,l2oMse our school law. is defective 4
a d with reterenee to some, oppressive, until
ii some lekalitie's measurably inoperative ;1
' st whit every reasonable man wOuld expec4
4 - eatures;'!'that l hone but an Unreasonable ;
man would ikolikiok for, in any law for such
purpose, in 'any State, and framed by any set
°l' men,4ll liv'e regard it with such utterabi t
herreieet ' : 1 '''
1 I am noi;litsva i re that the real friends of a t .
school Syiem are so much aggrievd.' The!)
feel that its ,SuliP4rt'is somewhat bui•denserne,
bat eudeirior t'o' bear it manfuliyf feeling .4
Oeasure . ln;:the 4ueation of all the ebildreli
in the stoe.. time who oppose such a sY'l
tem, entiroi, and there are suth,t areentitied.
to the credit of being honest and consistent. :1
11' believe that: r r the people, gend i rally, an; ,
proud of oitir schr:tol system, as a gennsylva
Ma'sySterit - atiill that it., and the 1311hools sup 1
-: 1, ' - • ` I - 1
ported by ( it, *l4 not suffer in a i comparison
rith:those of any State; and that prudeneei
dictates better than to tear down a habitation {
which, 'to, Say the least of it, is real, because
'-castle tan be: built in the air,' jthat come,
nearer to miltingthe limy. - - - 1
In con?ltision, permit me to add, if 1 havl
not already trtpassed upon your patience
too lung,lhat the 'craftsmen's,' alias Teaehi.
em" Associhitioti, in just as tree a country'
as any other society; say the ..k.gricultura
ociety ;-1 and if It is doing no goOd, it is in.-
j ring notid' but its members. Neither 64
e formekihadthl appropriation of a hundred
• ' 4 - •
Mara frorn the State fur its benefit, as ha
t e latte. if I anti rightly informed: I Would
of wish i 4 betinderstood, however, as oil
- .foltt:So t
*eiety, or to any support it
lay have;', far - from it.
If Mr.,,Neittoh will consider, he must see
at such slUrri.4 at teachers, has the ffect
,,, - ,;•
to influerio theM to go where they are Bette'
ppreciateo, or 'o
seek other business, 1 thut
I ning,the pukriber among us, which ; mal,. ,
aye somethingio do with increasing 'theit
ages., However that may be,l see mi rear
n why the saying, 'a thing is worth what It
rill fetch;' - nriaynot as justly apply to the
ervicei Of . a ,teaelter, as to a pound of.lititter i :
S. T. SCOT. 1
A Nuonßon.
The Tritine on Know Nothingisni .
The lquiv-NUtlungs,claim to hive cirried
all beforelherwin the late muncipal electiois
ii . MasSaeb:u4',4s and Maine, and to hav4 been.
eneralliinOeisful in the other:States •vhere
leetions llai'e,l;een recently held. The Nefi v
uric' Tribude,s4a the victury'in Maine was
.r -,,_
.hieved 4'11 . 10 - old Free—Soil party, %V bi,is
i.i!• -
uti-Neb4slcar. Democrats, - and 1- Know-tutb
ugs, all actium!ogether under 'tbe mune iif
Republi*s' Old therefore 'the know-Notb
ngs ought not t to claim . it as exclusively i t a
ictory Uftheir;Order. !-
1 I
.. .
Mr. G l reeler seems to have dis Covered nt ,
ast that'the!?i,der at. the North, outside Of
l'ew Wit:, ts: not pro-slavery.-, To :shciw
-hat nie;his` p resent views on that subj
• copy' the following from the Dailyi Ti..
une of Mareh'.9th : - i
, .
' How!fitr' the Pro Slavery linow-Nothing4
t the So;uth are justi fi ed in relying on the 0.,
,erntiotikif be mars of Northern men . whO:
ve alloWed ihemselves to be enlisted ',in ihe
rder, May: be judged froni the 1 follOwingl
eelaratiiin inaiie at the late Republican Statd 1
i -
tventton in 11..une, by Mr. it. G. Linculm I
rho spur in', behalf of the body of the 9r2 : 4
er in flirt tat'e: , ~
" They . had Er - person hi New-YoriCealled &ils i
the was a ocimterfeit; spurioui SE3n; hiE 'LIMO
as Peter,)and
,hi. had not acted sui the ml getru l ino
desired..: The New York. Sam' had imposed ;thit
re-electioniof that able cluunpion of freedom, Mr. Err,
aid, wheMs he t is a friend of SAM in this ireg3oni
most heartily iitihieed in Yr. Sewsinrs 1111CCOSS, and
would not Elkivi ;himself second to any mm In ith4
sympathy .he Alt for the Anti-slavery efforta of 'the'
day" -.°.. , :I ' ' I
This,ioeowith our own Judgment. The
vast majority bf Northern freemen are true
to the cofebillthe paramount qut*ionot colt
fining,Slaviiry, to , its - ancient limits, .Many of
them 'tun hallo been guilt of the error—and
a very pt.rui4pus error it is, ,in our; jtidg
ment--tuf engaging in a secret society for Itlre
Conduct-0' pOlitieal affairs; but ;they can n Net'
i be brout , ht totvuseut to the extension of the
f accursed institution over territory once!..
I 4314:ratetilto Freedom.: Not all the Bark rs,
or Ullians,. : or other Hindoo dignitari in.
the 'world,: :an seduce or compel them to
abandon! theirconvidions on that point. No
matter how_ ' Many Lodges of Know-Nethihge,
or KtioW•Suritithings, or Know.Everythingi,
may bi'established, the extension or ' !Unita
don of slaverk will remain the one grmitltul•-
Mug kilt - of:American polities, so Jong iv
the suitof this Continent is cursed With the
q. . , -
_--SeTeefthe pipers having given;
ey to the joloi that Guy. Gardiner, of Massa
einisettk - einialoys an Irish °eel:nail, ti
Bostud::Beit spoils the joke by,stating thi
i ti
the .- GoVernoes driver is a first-rate'N tit
- Anieriettn,' it regular qsis
s,' being ncatti 4
than thelGeternor himself, silso like A ' sir
substa4intlicition,. does' his owu ;dries'
- when 44* nut walk,
wrungsstalipes of a single slave.'
Front thi invistnirg
.tbrieOrnde,net of the Pliira:
'•1 Nord Anerricom;
.• . „
Noite Evideni, sadist Comerai- - . • .
• ISon ii of Mr...,Camer.on e t . ftiends.have at.
*p.4. to - Critite.kitte is •. " , '. , ' that the
-slit .* and4mtr4trt lakth reOlutiOnst iiit
:14* Se ‘ be*ahit'Phit• , ' tygortiiit6tioti .-
idftil not - artaibitt..ieal sentlinen43. bitt:•, the
i'llies . . , lion : Is . sett ;by thit;! t .fitlldidtilettee,
fromm, a leading-eiti* of:thil,-rishurg, whose
character is above ititpietapn, and whose testi.
ntimy noi one will Aare, itnpeaeh. It shows
'precite!yhtiitere•Slitioti, Tatrieron war ' in
September,' 1854,1 and pt*O.his hypocrisy
in nevir i. P i retending to held opinions n of's!! en
tirely. opposite eh it it .is well thiS
:Aoulif:made -known-,"that the -public—
Ameri ' is particularly--away . be warned of
el lt e
.the char terof thia•matt;:aind take early and_
:.eirectindlrteps. to save t theii. .. party . the, .dite•
,grace 'Which - would .inevitably, attend the.elee
- tion;.by : ; Legislattitre of Simon Cam . .
ton ti,he'.United States Senate. I apPend
die •lette,, Of •Mr. Alrickattddressed:-to a Very.
intelligeet and worthy Member- . Ofthe Reuse,
from littngtnuery Ceunty:,l-• . •-: -
i •j- i • - -4.lsatusittlin,leb.26, 1855."
ilea: H N. Wiekershavil . r. t
Dear Sir t-A ri*eii•Ol'i•oiirs Of this . :dati,
ancl, • although. I 'aim • intleti,i engaged , I will:
promptty answer your mterr i ogatories. •
I Was a -del .4; ten from [the, North . word of
this borough, to the Detn*aitie County 'Con:
vention, r whieh assertabled iii t he Court House,
en the 2d of 'September laSt4 and passed,: the
aeries cif resolutions to: which you' refer, 'mid
WaS . 'pr‘ent during the ;entire 'sitting. Si.
inon anneron was aloe, present—he was a
Substituie for a delegate whO had been -elect.
01 tortaresent Upper SWattara township.- "
.. 'To iy. ur ' lst Interre e Titory` Were these
resolittibns prepard •bY Sheen Cameron?'
H.I answer, 1 do • not know; but their exis
tence was first publicly • made known to the
.convert ton by Sloven. Citintiron announcing
,that •ih;
. was ageritlenian Present whO had
esolutimis prepared, and therefore it would
ineither4be. 'necessary to appOint A committee
re lutiuns, npr for; the convention to
Meet in the atternoon,laS they 'could . bn int.
tnediately acted on..
-', 24 tiestion. 3 tVere,they.passed in that
convert ion?' I answer itilthe affirmative.
Question...-..‘iWeirethby unanimously
passed r . . I answer, they! were. •• It 14 proper
ito say here, that afterStmon Cameron :nude.
the tut ouneiation `'hat :it gent,lentan present
had f lotions preparediAnd was again:seat
-i, ed in to • minufesi pasiepassed,Without any
tionllbetiog made, 1 I then.• stated that :3 . .had
Iresoluttona, which': I begged! leave - to tail: . ‘r ;
„wheenpon - the chair; at the instance of Si
oleo Cemeron, ruled that ,I, had not the floor
I first,`l , calinsequetttlylthose - Whieh I drafted were
".not pr*ented, but inasinVekas they embody ~
'my tiOvs or. some.of •the questions at issue
'ofthe late contest;, I herewith transmit a copy
'of tw'cl of the mot Prominent of them, that
they may be correetl.iitidtr,tood.
4th titerratgatiorv..-'-':Wat Simon Cameron
.• . .
' * - 3•
, itelk 4 ein'thlit coneittiott V i L answer, he was'
;as Active as if his futureliolitieal success;
,meisubbly dependo • ;on , -the. decision and
!actioniof that, body. 1 Otte tif' the resolutions
isubsiq' uently offeredby'., tlak gentleman who
,Simbil t Cameron announced: had .thetn in his
iis,iiion, - reriedtnen4d ~gitiiiiil Cameron
: tbr th 4 office of Unitd. Staines Suomi!" ; hut
I :4ei to seethe; seethe; that I %.() 4 l i d ' pfler a substitute
Ifttr tfie resolution last.n-itneal, it was with:"
depri at the sugtrestairi• Of :Siinon Canterkan,
I:•Whe ' the.reSolutiomi (ais you will tind, them
1 ,
:!.pilblisted with our proceeding,s) were adopt. l
1' ea,
.-11 made a 'short ;'appiial .and give his
t,: word nd honor lie ilouid iiot be a candidate
I' for I, tied States: Senator' unless; • . ,• t ' -
; by thi Detrweratie bauctis,'-W - hich wasiloudly
tapplunded. by hi 4 seleeti friends, who Were
present on the oceasittot ', T - ' ' .
These facts are withinthe recollection ob.
• . '! ' Yours, riot reSpeetfelbr,
This letter conclusivly proves,that' Mr.
Carrie on,: in Septe.o)o .Bast, stoo upon the
ultr4 i erroiCrutic . plOffirtn,:kneW of the exis
tence i nt' the auti-Arrtertean ' end pro-Slavery
rmiletions the COnventitart passed, ltd them
brottght.hefOre the COnientiim, and a proved
then) i. •and, in addition, then pledga..4, hint:
self t ot to Le d 'ea ndi date for .thelUnited
State Senate 'es ept' cis, :O . nonti nee] of .' the
Pen , :
l era tic caucus. Ei-eiyi reader will make
his lewn :commeitts ' on, this • diNclusurc, and
fefin !his own opiniOn of the man iteprinel.
pled enough to play :the disgraceful 'part Mr.
Craitron has recentlyi 'attempted; and in
.whieh he has, lutist rig hteously and fortunate
ly,' biterly fsiled4 HI
~ . -. .• -
1 t '
u• ;Eurreui,t-I am !..deeely
,interested for
the 's ceess of ttiO - AinetiOin cause, and do not
wish to see - American ;principles' made sub
serki..ut to political trickery to _secure the
su*.Ao of old party
! men. i I :voted fur' Mr.
Ullinaii,. workedlfor. !Mfr. Ullman, and did ev
erything in, my power to insure his election,
althitugh I wad not in'tivoi.,Tat that tithe,- of 1
7 the4tnerican party!making a distinct norni. i
nation, because 4 thought We were not strong !
men 'h . to carryithe'.Snite. lithe Ilards and!
Silk r Greys bad uoi, united with us vie would
.polled a slim Vete.; The American par
w i e f p deceived, as to their strength, by the 11
leatlurs. This Was Wrbag,:decidedit wrong, ,'
and shUwed . bad' judgment,'. as it only. tended
ii Litre a spi,rit of 'iinaetivity in the ranks,
caf;lil man considering that it was. nut Vets.
sary I'4 him to Muke i', Mu* exertion. But
nothing else could bti extiected irOot men
' pos.' s sing 'such !a small amount of ;political
s l
wisdom and sagacity. i -The test business set- 1
tied further di iubts,. ini my iiiirid, as r, to • their !
fitnatas - for the positions they Occupied. Li-1
steal of endizyorigg to cu promise , the dit:
' fe4Ce of upiniiin growing out of the ulection
and Uou.solidatei the Anierieni peeple -in one
Mighty phalanx, they;, 'mi&
le a tire brand
'mining iis • -and UreatClzil discord and 'disunion
whairci.uuion and haittiony ahould hive exist
, , •
• . .
y America n '. feelings revolted at the ideal
.11 1. .
of. body of m e n saying that I .should vote
S and 'so, regardleas of the dictates of con-1
sciiitte,' or if 1 f varied! from their . Mandates'
4to'humble m yself before them, and; span-1
iel. ike, - stihtni to theidegradiug subservient,
. ey f being exinsed,ithereby acknoWleding I
ha ouninittedi a crime. _', Only _', Only think of .an
• An erietin wboi3c heart responds to the: send.'
cite t -that ' an-,A.morNtnn, kneels only, to God,'
ecidfien,tiiig to such_ cringing . humiliation, be
, •ctitise be had acted is!his reason told him was
bLOt ttalculated
,to secure the triumph' o
/W f
erican pri4iples t ' I
. 'We. censure' the . Ito
matt Catholics beca u s e they .-: delegate 'thei r
right to pray to the 'prici4s, and . w tiy - shout
wel not censure Ainerumnii - Who delegate thei :
ii kof thinking .to 'theiti:,' '
political! leaders 1 .
A an American, - 1 ‘illue',the privilege . of the
- el Otive franchise. tap 'highly to treat it b e i) . 1
i t
ply. . 1 'lvonid
sell my - . indtipetulen ...
to l imy body of men (be- . 'hey; styled . Grand
DllOl of Atieriisris,'.orand. bignisithe .Of
ane, :or the prauxilDiciators of the I V - Orld;
' t . RIM same.gnue of aaggemtion is again - be
ng playel. to demir4 the people,. ! I sec .
reports printed ; the Herald of the doin gs
u the.rind cOuntill ailsyricuie, that an 4..
: tf : ‘ , pt in 7i i I t n if a lo. e
,Iw o Fir. 1: , a ne; 10 ,.. 401. 1r . weakness
just ' . '''. ' d' t - 4. 1 ilia
Okurnoi fret** trip,thriogk,the .. Suite
. tatid
know that' thi:Grapd ;council - 11,** 'itot, .int
nitny'ltetpt!prif iworq under lb briidietice,
• .i' . 1 ' .1 . '
Prow Awe:ries Own. •
t i the Two kiwi of Know Nothings in
' • New York. •
M t
Cout, iLhos Iture:Councils, but , not as . . iy
met t. i ri - AktnAir of griat numbers - ' who vik
quit* 4M:ooCouncils in diNtust at; s .-f' la.
4 1 44 , 01 ifiliftwimgs of the 91004 i Cu " • .4t
their routtc4 - * yet 1 kept/ditAkeir ~ . • to
utak' ei: &`=:i d,. ' The tools ortho' trraiii 51 a.
cii= ' ivelotiiid - f out,that their gaaigkft a t ' 4 t i e
thil Nei , ' till State Council* Se, '
tic) . dotel, work , *s well as they expecti*:.
ll'ajn a' strong anti-Seward main. ,I'dOn't
liklAleward—never did. Would not go!for
binf,on any aceountT and this kept me,frem
going into the new - organization for some
titn,l but meeting with an old friend who; I
knewc was as strong an opponent. to Seward
as Myself, ' I followed his advice and joined the
new nrganization, and from all that 1-have
seen of it or learned cif it I Mii truly saY that.
it ie_i truly Ameriean organization,ind one_
- that
_protects the rights of the great body
. of
thel people and does not giverrpolitieians any
e nee to use them at their convenienee.--=
Th . hew Organization ! is increasing vet , ry rap
iOl dand is destined to become theOrganim
tio of tho State. Since. my 'return tux the
eiti 'I have learned that-several Councils have
bOn!.fornaed, here, and in'a. few weeks there
will be a Council in every ward.- - Let the
good work prosper.
- f* r, Yours respectfully,'
1111r8,81111:11210LE LB ICAMIA4I
6 Tee Fiar.ria&osTioisboat :-L-The great,
i leltnet proclaimed • but plain and
1 thivytien he stUted,, in the 'Legislature of
Ylaid, that' slavery . - w as contrary to the
s; principles of natur al justice, and that
1100 t
:fruitful -Soil must ever wither„be-,
- tli tlie ; -.tinich of the unpaid slai g i'e. • The of):
~tito - .4-every man ; who • has enjoyed
i i pertunitiea in .the. older B t ates, of the St' iuth,
, nfirms this, declaration `
;`and and -yet, the : con,
,)etors e( the Kansas• Nebraska Bill have ex
qdo i_and immense, And naturally fertile
1 1 ,beinitiful tracts of territaryito the tread .
Bslivery, - But one of the provisions of that
11,1 however designed -to operate, has left it •
ini - ,. the IpOwer ofthe friends of Freedom to
seciii - ti Kansas from . ,the grasp of •the spoiler
. .iettling: it with Such:. emigrants as • are
aliv4 t o the evils of Slave-labor, , and the ad ,
.vatitages ,of free - labor—nut
,with . ,einignuiti
frOrit. the free States merely, but. from : the
sl vii States. as well, for there never was a
g ,
.t i ter Mistake . than that whicit .represents,
t O People of the South, generally; aiiin favor
u . el(tending the acknowledged curse.of slave
r into :new States, however the
.case may
IA 0 the border Suite of Missouri ' and
t e ' State of Smith Carolina:- flay
it g
javalled myself of the advantages - of my,
Southern- birth, and 'citizenship,' in, the slave
Skates, in .four of Which
. 1, have spoken,
ly on Slavery, I know Whereof I affirm n
. ..
liiiisubjeet. ~. il 1 '•/- • - :
\\*fill .; the fact, that asSoCiatious 'have been
frided ,in various . parts of the country, to
a d iiriaigration to Kansas, the public in gen
..erall are aware. I 'The purpose of this circular 1
i tti r give definite inforination as to two of'.
l t mitt associations, with Which the undersign-
1 -
ed has liticoine a,JsociatediLor rather,' to open
tic way for givin it. l_allude to the , Ameri
, can "'Settlement 'Cianictny,' and "fhe New
1 Y 4 11; Kansas League,'" which arc located in
the : Aity of New York, and efkopernte for the'
fnCl'licrence of their great. common object.
Thi .irst na, ne4 is pire'y a philanthiolic
.4 association . , - depending for it funds 'mon pe
i 4tiMary aid in the form Of such contributions.
as the friends of: freedom .in Kansas, - and of
i ihcleinignition moVenieht, thither .Juay feel
Il l ,not,,ed to give. .'lts aims are to furnish in
• i lorUiatiiin as to the. best, route to Kansas, the
. .
proper equipments, the. cost, the advantage
of the country, 13.1 t.., and tii arrange, with the
transportation cOmpanies for reduced fares,.
1 •lii:n the applicants for this information shall
nice inade.up their minds topinigrate. To
. +Qui these ends the', League' has opened
'1 lifsi4cl-ttt, 110. Broadway, where the Gener
illnperintendent, George Walter, holds him;
Ifiti readiness to afford information to vis,
4 '
or to -
tl)o,Stransmit it by mail in the shape
of iiireulars, d,tc. •
- i
1.- - The other association (The American. Set
. letiient Company, whose office is at the same
plapi) is a Joint Stock Aaseciation in. its Mt
iure and pritnary!operation.. Impressed with
he!, importance of establishing central points
priiifluence tipon!entiaration and settlement,
,s s N'k'ell as - I .f sy in pa th;and .eo-operatittn, it has
[(gated ,a City, itt a beautiful agricultural and
name inicieral region, on.,the great Sante
. Fe P..(41,
Ito which the.nae Of Couscit Ctrl has then igiv'en. The f Stockpf the Company bas beep
diOiled into shares of five dollars, of w.hih,
tit itrevent even . 'the suspicion .2if speculative .
inttntiens, no person can purehase, more than
sirishatYs. The ownership of one. or more shares constitutes the holder a member of.
th Company, thus putting all . its advantages
at his Command,and it entitles him 'to a Lot.
in Council City,. and also, to the aid of tan
211;nt oit the spot, should he'emigrate, Sind
Ale ire to locate a'farm , be.sideF, in the neigh.
l ist hood. Thu.'
. t a membership in the Gan, i
1. - iiipy, purchased with a few dollarswill insure
.:adtaittages which any' one arriving in Kansas; ,
.w4honvany of the sort, cant.ot
rca , Atintbly expect. !. . • : !
~ 'Ever since the discontinuance-of his paper . I
in 1 Baltimore, (tho. Sund l ay
. Visitor,)
.the un
i.lefsigitecl thaS desired smite.practical mode of
, ttiling the cause prfreedinn, through the pre,
vention of new stave . inarketsone of, the
:ntreffectiVe nodes, as . he thinks,otbretik-.1
in up slavery in its present stronghold, re- 1
,tntiVing as it 'would the stimulus of increased I
prlces in - .the slave-exporting.. State,„ while
' cul.ting off allnew outlets for that superabubd- .
an slave 'population, so mueh feared by . the
late Geyer' or, McDowell of. Virginia, and
other 'far-seeing' slave-hUlders, and thus reti-:
diiing emancipation• a self-preteetiiiimea.s-
ure ! This thinstinitriation, hA trusts, has been
ifit . rded by official pesitiOn in Ate abevede-,1
scribed associations, (the - Vice,Prasidencyo(
thi; 'Company:, mi a Directorship. in. the '
- g 4eagne,') which haVe been recently tender- .
ed him, and which he has accepted in . hope,:
fillitegs, and' with a determirilatien t 6 make .
the most of their machinery for
cent• end _of their organization.: In ptirsit.:l
atieetd this determination, he is.about to en-,1
to t open an . : extended tour, ciimmencing . in
.1 'le . border . slate States, Twhose s'avery4le,-
pilesSed classesere4eadifirentigratitin. He,
slide: . foith this eireular for publication, as
hi hopes, in. all such papers, without.regard
tti; their ptditictillia's., as may be. favornble to
this &eat enterprise, to notify . tho'se,seeiiing '
information, while nutlthle to visit the office
i`e` New York, that it Will give biM. pleasure
lltti attend meetingsokherever they can be:so - .
l',arninged - iis to - e.eAtticitnisetinie.and expense of
tcavolittig as ntueli as possible—. 7 say . upon f or
near, the great central= routes of the country.-
4'er - his. services, as- ci:,lecturer ox lilts - sufder!,,
.Itrwili make uo i chitrge.. - He Allay.- be.:hikle::
tennit2ted-with, wherever be may' be, through
prepsid letters—raddressed. te the enrojif
- Qeerite Walter, General : SuperintendentitSze. i .
No. 110 Broadway,' Neil? , York—r,to, - whom
all letteraon the business of the office should
he sent: direct:. ; .
,' • - ..,.- --; ;.; - r :...".- :: C . .
.'t With the tesnlve that Anothing shill - he lett:
rdupe, on my part, to , primuol* 11; greitt and
ed' cause, Which all - tbefriends yr:FN . :ol6in
should have At hettit,' , VoubAcribe.thyseK . - '.-...
1 . Very Bespeciftilli Your.Colithiver,..:
. . _
-'- • :: ....' , '_...;,1.': E.'SNQI:FORASS,. i:
liitia; of . the ‘, Arnetietio- Settletni3nteCepapti
• .`. Jay; and . .'Thit..N,ow York .. .Kan*" Lvagu 4 4 l ....
.-Np.'l /0 BioadOiay;:NOw York. 4- :-:::.. :- • • ~.- :-
1 1 . 44 kruirv.e8,•185.i.. •. • ' - n- : ' --: -'''.: •-'
• ...... . , . - . -
.;.1.,z-:'•-: ., - , t_... , ".- , f , :=W-..-7.. , A,.,-;
. -- ',-Iwiebbioileatillikerigiiidair..
,- ;',lltittillOiritig letter frUni lal n tark' br
: a ica ,
xdie:l# hgeto - l mi 1. 1 '
i_, (_, -4.4 19 R pape. , i y
sittii , t- tha platfinirt tott which the gr4fteat• of
our4ielkethers stood , relative to - the:lioct4ine
no --; viien ted bY the Amerietin. P a rty :._.
*?ire set as to profitne . the name
of ; Wasitington: ypt the irsithiniolCrur Conn.
-Irt,b+ifti teaches us, that it is dangeroui,o4.
foie ar d confer pr oh foreign.
ere*. -We especially com mend theinhjoined
extracts to those' who have forgotten, or twin
ignortiiit of the fact, that pure,, thiatitilterateil
i American, doctrine was utreq ui Upeal ly 'and enc.
phatiCelly nth (fatted-by, hith - WhO was - "brat
in wet-, first in peace; and firstlWthe heeitsol
count ytnen." . , .--- , 1 • -- , -- .
- To ; Richard Henry Zee. ~-:
. :• ' . - -• '. - • Miaititis4o - wir,l4iiiji; 11177 .
" ,:a AS Siii . i - f falie - thelibeffi - iiir'iiii','yot,
what Congres s expect:l , am.. to d o with
- the
flireignere they-have, ift*fferetti time s ,
promoted to - the - rank - of field tethers, and by.
the list testdVeofsthakeif,COltiheityr , "7 7 re
men ave no 'attachment
.. nor4ies :to-the cos*.
try, Ifiirther than intefOt,itirfils.-2-ftliem. - p u ,
'officers-think it. exceedingly .- - ..hard,.. - after the)
have ,oiled in this iierveee;:and Itii'e sustained y .
man losses,, to, have stronger 4 pot
,over ,them,
whos Merit, perhaps, - 4 not their oaf )
Gut Whose- efronterywilt hike no deiiii i .v
4 ' •• It is by"the zeal and ictiyity'Of our own
people that the cause must. be' supported, tu'ii
not - by a fevi hungrylitdie.nturers. l''' * •• 11
1 afooSie. ~. . -.. G. Wastilliarox.
l'• '.: To .Rieharil fie - 11414e . . ' •
. ~ 1 -. iilinift,enacioti;.June 1, 1771.
Yol4 . will,-befiwe this retteheS you, haVe ilea
Monsieur Duccaldrap. '.• What hia real -eipfe
unions are, - f do.not know'. s tali I-,fear illai
appointment is equal to , wlital have .been to!
is his expectation, it will be ettendedWith aa
fiappy consequimees; - To say. hething of the
policy of entrusting a department, tui the ex.
ecutiOn tit which the Salvation cif thearmy de-.
pend'S, ton fbreigiier. who had tip- 'other deb:,
bind him to the interests of th , ie country thai
honor, I would beg leave to libierve that, by
putting Mr. D. at the head Of' the artillery,
you will lose a very: valuable .tifiCer in
Knox, who is a man of great Miltary reading,
sound-. judgethent and clear:schmeePtiona, who
will resign - -if:any' one is' put 'AT! Itint.. 4 v..* •
I 'um, • 47. e. 1 '. . - G,,,Waintsioies. ..
..To:Gouvene4r gairfs...gig.. - -, •- ,
. Wain PLants; July . '41787.
DEAR SiR.: I Th e deigtiltif-this•itilii touch
cursorily, upon a subject of very great inapw...
time lo the Well-heing of th es e States; much
more so than will appear of the first view.- 7 .
I mean the appointment of se:numrforifign.
ers to office of high, 'MIA and ',trust in our•
.service.' :The lavish manne r in' which .rank
haS hitherto been beitoWed tin these gentlethen,
will certainly , be productive; of one - or the
other 'of 'these two evils-i-either to-make it
despicable in the eyes of *tr4e, or, become
a Means. of , pouring' theta inlupon lila:Ulm a
'torrent; and adding to (fin! present: bitrden...
- But it- is neither the expense nor trouble of
them' that l_niost - drtmd ;. there is an evil more
: •
extensive in its. qature and fatal in its conse
quences, to be epprehended,iand - that is the
1 driying,if 11l ou r - own oWlierSotit:of rho' sel
-1 v lee, - aim turto9ug. not Indy .our . army, 'but
I our military coinroil, entirely - Lint° the heads'
of tbreilmers ' . The of fi ceis- thy dear air, on
1 whom y ? ou Min.,t depend .1. for! the defense of
, this etiitse.: distinguished by length'of service,
A • .-
1 their cininections... - property; . and ' military '
merit,' Will ill - A submit Mitch ; if any. longer; to
the .minlltural prfimotion of men - over . them,
who have nothing more•than a little plausi
bility Unbounded pride and 'ambition, and 'a
perseverance in application net to be: resisted;
! but by !uncommon firmness - .to support their
pretensions, Men whi);_:in 'jai !- fuNt. ins:asap.,
f tell Yoit they. wish for tiothiriglmore than the
honor o r serving in so glorious a cause as vol.
unteersi the pest day solicit rank without pay,
1 the day; tblioWilig- Want ;money- adiantvd to
them, a'pd in the course of a!-w eek want fur.!
titer pr4l;thiltilai, and are niit.iat isfiedLwith sty..
,),rai Um-do for them. The expediency! ;
and policy 4-the measure remain to-,he on.
sidered 1 and whether . it is consistent, with jus
, .
flee to t i l )romote these military, fortune,bunters'
at-the Itamrd of your army.; - 'litarott.Stubeit,
I now find; is also walling to , . quitlls, inepx
torAIP Ifor . a command in-the line. " This will';,
be productive of much discontent the brir,
adiers. I In a 'Word; althougiJthink the Bel ,
.on an excellent tifficer../. - do 'nose : devoutly
:vigil; that.we had-not n,eingle foreigner among
us, except the Marquis de Lg. : layette, who acts
.inr,ery - ,.different pilric!plis ,coni - those
which govern' the rest. , Ailten.. 7 ( . .
. lain-m - 6st siricerely o ~yritirti, - '
. 1 ,
• I
.... ;
- 'To-faun' Ada m e, ,Vi c e President . 17.,5.
COILADE . RIA, N ov: 2'1,1794.
. .
DEAR SM.:, *.. 'lt :' • , 14 . _ opinion, with
respcetl to immigration is, that, except Of Use,
flit and. sturte.partiehlar description
of. mettlor professions; there is no :need of en.
couragement; :. . .. _ • 1 . ,-! , :,
~,' 4 - -...
1 ant, ' hie., :: 7 ".G. WASIIIEIITOR,
T 9.41: Q. Adcints, American
.ayistes,tir At Bey
- _- • M'r. V.V KANO slan. 20;,:1'199.
Sii :!,. * • You kiunii'mYCgood sir,
that it lis not the policy. of thin country toes ,
ploy .aliens. Where it . - can ~imellibesaveiided,
.either In - the delft or military wa lks-of life. -
* * . l'i • There is a species of aelitimpae
tance ih all foreign_ officers, that.' -cannot be
gratfied without doing - injustice - te
. ..
ous characters tuns og our; own- co untrymen,
who etinceive, and-justly; where there ti no
great preponderancy of experience. or merit
that: therare .entitledto'the. occupancy of ell'
oftces.-in the pi)? of their government. - -.
.. •,... I am, &c., . .. G. Wien - mom.
. Same 'Date,ii-tO a ;Foreigner - Applying Jbr
-.Office. ..- :',l . ' . ,
DEAR SIRi: '. *'.' *
..,* Illiet toff areonf
'with the pol4ey of this . , government to • -bestow •
(Ores,' -civil or military, upon foreigners,' b
our own elti2ene . .- '.• ; ' - •- ~
•• - Willis'e.; . -'• G.: - Wienin'taTots. .
. -
In his Fa rewell Addresitt dOetttrient too -
little. read and , Atudied-' 7 . 4TAslitNinikw: warns
the.people of the United tat;4*.in,ittit solemn . '
manner :: . 4 ..` *Oast:. the, it . l tid n ieue - soiled
foreign influeoce,4 coitiore . y o sait-tO believe the
telloW, e!tizens,'-the jealousy-4'a tree . people
ought to ef - he Instatttry: awake ,:!-4Ho - oo 'Nato!
and experience pilivo
.that; foreign, inflvest
is one of the foii(jea-Teliubliea * '•
Orin* ent" •' • Anil- •in a ,letter to
St,'Clitir, Of Etiglatiti, , ,Un the subject of col-,
griitioo to - the United *tit; WAintiosei
:declared. distinctly that - he,: had gointentlOa ~.
to'hi'Vite.. - eMigrantic *Van ',l l therewere now,
strietlo:t actin titt-it it f.yr . he_ was Opposed to
emigration falttigither;.& ; The ..foregoing . pl•
inieti front' a 'di ieatnek Whose autheitieityit,:
tielcitOwledited, show exeliiiivelywheiii'Wor
Rto•rotestood OW ihe' platfor m . of "Anteriom '
prinelplis.... Nor' lifts ho *alone' it,t#lding •
the'se. - • priricipleti.. Ji4imoti,•-.Adaraft,litsdi
iiiii;Pinekooy, and other patriot 'father* fad.-
'leading iiienia - the: In . fatiOy of tbei , ': PesPuW
held aitexpieisedSintilarwieWS, 4i - whit:bye
may :refer at 'apotherAlme; *, ,: The , '.Amerietti
-party: tO•day : stand - apoit , Ols. very flatfoot
laid'. down by Gabitot W.ietiOtovoit, ' ' .
The El tett n Courier Hays, there/x8
ly !Aro thousand person* preparing to mo
to -Kama tho spring, nadir= tin guidance
of the *ciniOntiou aid society, - Three orbit
Prote*lativcrevitioui Rs to gum tisltierf
hnd.4 amompanied latv Jai pubs.