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ltnited St**
iiisi:tnenibers of the Senate and linitse of
Repro.enatit!es assembled in joint convention
on T L i e jay, , ,FebruarY 27th, pursuant to ad
journipot, for
hethe pn r - 7 -- pose of electing aU. S.
• s ena tiir ip place . O f, Hon. James Cooper,
term ,expired on the 4th ,- - .of Mareh
Long, before the hour for the meeting
jhe Invention, the Ilall of the House' ills
crowdiid to its utmost capacity; and the most
intense interiest was manifested. • At. twelve
U'eloekl the Se nators
were escorted into f 0 1 6
Repreeittatives' Chamber, and the convention
was called - ' order by the • Speaker of the
Senate; Who!presidt.d. • (It will be remem
bered that at the first Meeting Of the conven
tion t*oTballots were had,-on the second 'Of
which ¶en: Punerott had fifty-nine-VIAL'S , Art
Buckale* twenty-Seven, and ! b e balanceicat
tering) The convention .proceed , 4 to a
third • ballot,' with the IlMowing. result: •
Mean's.. Crabb,. Ciessweli; Frazer,. Fry;
I-laldenum, Hendricks, age.: Kiltinger, Piutt,
Quig e n, s e „th,is,' Shu tnnu,.Barry, Boal, add
wel),, CloVer, CraWf..rtl Criswell,
C u mmings,. (Phila. County.) Cum mins4 (Som..
ersc o Donaldson, Eyster, Fletcher, Franey, I
Free, Gross; Guy, . Raines , 'llubbs, ',King,
Kirkpatriek, lirepps, Lane, McConkey Mc-
Cbnnell q
itlOrrison, Muse, :North, Pa inter,',.:
Ike , ItittenhOuse, Rioter, Sallade. , Shegr,
Sinai), (Allegheny;) - Smith; (Blair.) StehliN,
Stockdaie, rSturdevant,;,: Weddell, Woo - d,
l'orkes,i; 'Ziegler,. and Strong, Sj/
voted f or Simon
Messrs. Browne, .Goodwiri,
MiClintoek, Sager, 'Walton; Wherry,
D - eaer'..(Speaker,) Baker,' Mob, ChriA,
....Ej I ingeir, Fry,
•Johnson o ..Meclean, 'Maxwell, Orr, Thompsn,
and Wright—. 23, voted for Charles Bucks.
lea-. . 1 ••. . • -
3fessrs. Brill, Clapp, Ffmter„ AfeCcnialks
AiaTill, ;and#tewurt —6, voted for Joseph
Messrs. Darsie, }rick, Price, Skinner,
-Chamberlain, and Witmer-6, voted for
Messrs. Fergusim, - Franklin; Herr, ALI- .
Cullougfy and Page-5 voted- fur James
Veceb.. . .
3fessrs. Jr,rdati , Av•ry, Fearon;'Leas, and
Lowe-`5, voted , lim i t). W. Maynard.
Baldwin. !Lamm!), Laport e , Me.
Calmont,% and Wiek6-61iam 7 - 7 .5,-voted for D.
-.• lies . srs. Lewis; liodggoE„ . l.laddfick, mid
iPennypaeker4,• voted for W. .
Messrsjaggart, Harrison, Linderman, and
Mengiti, voted for J. P. Jones.
Itlessrs. G-.vinner, Smith, (Phila. City,)
Steel, and Thorn-4, voted fur I.t. T. Co
, .
Messrs. Pratt,
.Waterhouse-2,, voted
for E. Jai;
: Mellinger, and • voted
for Thad: Stevens. • .
Isiessm . B4 . 3winali, and Simpson--2, voted
•for J. S. Little.
Afessm Lid, and, Powell-2, voted fur
-John Howe.
- 36:-Baekaleiv-1, voted - for J. S. Black. :
Mr. Flemiiken--1, voted fur John S.
Brady. ~
t 'Mr. 'BergstrVwt-1, Voted for John C.
..K.lnikel.. : •
Mr. Foust-1, voted fill. James Todd. ''
Mr. MOrri•--1, voted- for Henry M. },:ul-
The Speaker then announced. that no can- .
.didate4taVing received . a majority of ill the
-votes cast.,'; titere-was nu election. Thin eau.
nonne,ement ercated a ,iensation throughout
the Hall, having-been rumored "fair at day
or two previous that a sullieient number o f
old line! Democrats would go Over to Gen.
Cameron .:to secure his election. The con
vention.- then proertnied4o • antipurth ballot,
- which resulted ire sly .the
.mine .as the first,
CaMeron losing one vote. Variat's ;elfitrts
were then made to die the el: etient, but
-without .Sllet`e , zg, and a drab ballot was gone
intO. which resulted in 55 .for Cameron, 23
for BuckaleW, -mid the balance astilittering.
- There being no choice a motion was made to
adjourn - the convention until 't he . first Tue:sday
in lictober .next. This was opposed by the
friends Of,Canter.on, but the previous cities.
tion was wiled and sustained, and the" motion
was. agreCd. to' by majority of one vote as
follows , • • -•
Ytia-,..Messirs. Browne, Buekalew, Dar-
sie, \ Ferguson, I.Flennikett, Frick, Gotadtivin,
tlatmi., on,. Jordan,. Avery, Baker,
'Baldwin. Ball, Bergstrar, Bowman, Chain.
.berlin, 061.14, Clapp, Ecli*r,.Fearrori.
ter, Foust, Franklin; Fry, .Gtititater,
-son, .Ilerr, nigsam, Barton h, trubbs, La-.
poste, Lewis, - .Mellinger, Pratt, Price, Sellers,
Skinner, Taggart, Walton, Wherry,
Linderman, Leott, Lowe,, McCaltunot, - Mc-
Clean, McCombs, McCullough, Men
gle, Morris, Orr, Page, Petznypacker, Po.
well,- Simpson,i Smith, .(Phila.'city,) Steel; .
Stewart, Thorne,
.I , Waterhouse; Wickersham,
Whiner, .
NAYS--4.lessr:. Crabb, Ewer; -
Fn; Haldem an, Barry, Boni; Binh, Carlisle, Clover,
Craig,Cra*ford,j., Cr'essivel , Cumming-,(Phila.
einnity.) (So nterset) - Daugherty;
Donaldson,' 'Downing, Dunning,
Fletcher, Frail y, Free, Grons,. Guy, Jleines,
Johnson, King,l. Kirkpatrick, KrePps, Lane,
Killinger, 2tifcCfintuek, Plait,. Quiggle Sager,.
Shuman, Piester; - (Spraluer;).
McConnell. 2tilaxwel I, Morrison, Muse. North,
Painter, Bees.e, RittenbOuse, Rutter, &Made,
„Sherer; SMith,- (Allegheny.) .§mith, (Blair,)
.Stehley, Stockdale, Sturdetiaant, Thompson,
Wcddel, %VOW; YOrkes, Zeigler; and Strong,
(Speaker--;65, l' •
The- convention • then. adjourned, and the
.luestion -gttie..c hack -to,the people, to . be
.ttled by them lat.the next election. •. •
tkolgras Has Adj,•
res, the, joynil evt..4itiook plum Yesterday.
'at noon. We hazard-nothing .in saying that
.secJogresia'so - exiriapt and profligate- a Con
-gress so pfyidigill :and .4mtitithfinever
lure 'as.sen;bled in this !xitivitry..... will be
unenriably knoWn posterit y *s that by
:which the Nebraska. bill was passed, while by
."i.e present, generation it will be more 'wide
ly eiiitinguished - as- the. Congress .
vored bawl: ;job if it were only niffieiefitly.
korrupt,,und reftised no bribe g unless'on the
Assumption, that it wa , 4
We have not The proceedings yeti
//acidly befOre-. us, fiat
.we btfilere that„ in
addition to' the Nebri.4is :anti Land Irnd.tia
tion bills of the, laSt Session., the col ow ing
scthemes of, nal.ettief or plunder, 4or both, have
been sanctioned '.at this Stsor,imi t
':1. - The sfilitary Boutoy-tad bill—giving
away some Ttro Mildred MiAliiins of acres
to men who hare
.at at y time. hekii nomered
into . the 31ilitary Service of the 'United
States. •; • •
-2. The Nary tetirecl,LlA bill, - -
$. The On ibereaging the salaries of the
Justim4 :the states. Supreme
Cowl, • •. • I. •'
4. Ditto that the Vultml States District
Judges. I
O. Ditto 'that of the Lind - OlEcillftelvers
6. The bill &Mhz four fogunents •to the
7. The Taal CreditorsTayment bill.
The 01 alhAving Members or Giagress •
"' %vivo • pay, front the Treasurer frpm the'
LE"'..lng of
_eat:blies:don ; even ..though they
1 " a,111 si attending to theirphrate bliainess,
k. :. ,'d
previmt the formation of a quo-
td thu
ruin. • .
'There - ire donbtletis several more that have
t through,': opt we ri - st.l: ThO atalielltiutts
01 - 11itiaJtilt waS defeatedy the 'President's :
.Vetti; the Colt! Patent Ex te nsion 'the
inistiuMat,Yemehtofthepatenteetsnci his agents;
The Reolganitiation of the Diplematie anti
Cotutular service . will probably add -to the
annual. charges. on the Tr asstry; hut it
some gi Of features, ati, We w ill :et 'it fatsi
uncensored - %a Tariff Reduction ;.-liruke
down, in
pert:fer want of time,, , ittempt
a, increase the-pay of Members of Congress
.(the 'direct - -trot the. ineidental) bk
cauSt the COnstittitioni fiirbids any :Congreis
increasing its -, and too few of the
Members are, or will be re-elected: to make
an increase,t9 - a-fature Congreas an - ohject.*
'At the
_last] Sertaien, if we mistake not,
Congress solemnly r&solved that no further
Zvotes-of extraillowaoceit or other gratuitieti
to' !the ; messengers, pages; ase., .of either
"tense should :ever he made; but sti savage.
an act of-virtue could not 'withstand the soft
seduction - tif 16 pleasant - bevenige proVided
in great . attunkinee. by these shrewd servi
tors on' the last. night of each Eshiftin (costing
a kin six dollars per .head end hiinging them
in $250.) : Ste; ' - the 1 initial 'extra. allowance'
is voted apittond will of- course -go on in
definitely. • 1 .
—But we weary of these !sieketiing details.
The Tariff. Reduction having failed, and. the.
-- frenth Spoliation bill :having been vetoed;
thes will , protathly, be entai* triOney itt
the Treasury to covet the , bOttenn; fairly,
with a dance isr the suin to inertia-e, unless
'the 'next Congcass: _sits told
,prove corrupt
..extravagant no the la-A—which is' not
within. the boards of
.probability. ' At all
events, let us rejoice that the. places that knew
:t shall know it no more corever.—Tribsne;
sth- most, • .
--Crovertior..fottocx haM signed • the Sun
-day liquor law; It will go iitto -effect on the
first day: of April next:
=Thtf Albany •
Reginter i awes that the
Americans have carried twenty-441e of twen
ty-fiVe. towns iii'Chautatique'aninty, and nine
of finirteo towns hi courtland exattity. •
• -;-Grant 'l7hohurn has tultled hinp4elfaPpa
rently I& his• life in. the town - W 'listed, Liteh•
field county, Cti., and antuses . hintself by Writ;
lug letters to, the .Mountain County. Herald ;
publfsh'eti in that .town.
~ . ,
—.Judge OakJy, has n:ictently :decided, that
an editor ? is trot ilubject to indictment- for li
bel, when he merely states that "a report 'l4
in eireultition thi i 4 Air.. John ,Davis, had com•
mitted.Tiirgery and absconded,":provid e d the
report was artu4lly in circulation, though it
be without foundation. • • - - ..
UnitettState-4 Agricultural SocietY
is now in sessioit in Washington. Twenty-
States are represented by State and Coun
ty Agricultural iSocieties,.and Ahem is like-
wise a. Jorge atiOdutiee! of individual meni
bers. .
--Horace Grely detivered a lecture on
The subject, of 41.ludition at Susifa Depot,
be k is spoken of by
tlact e Who . beard It as. being one of his most
able and masterity prtidttetions.
party -ofi 3 O or 30 person, 'mostly met.,
foint this and- WOyne CO., started (rim, Su , -
I quehanna Dept.allast Ilittnday,for Fort Riley,
iu Kansas terattiy: They - are all true free
'a di men and count Su - many noble hearts
against sawry.4 •
- •
i —Hon. Lyniin Trutubull, the Anti. Ne.
brtudsit G. 8, Se4ator flint 111., is ucotatect:
1 icutiman, and fObiterly resided in Colehester.
lie is a grandro4-ut Trembulli the histoiiiet,
andialtrorthvdt4e4itdant of thar g ...Ettnily., •So
says,' the N.
•Sitrrt'it ll:manna to the lith
have reached Smran nth. Thepapers are fill.
qd with , movements. : .The Spanish
and , negro troo s i are ex-teiSed every dtiy.
and 'the whit 4 acrd black fire,kompunie s , had
haat Organized otal armed Os :itgalar troop.
: I.!
the -s of the Railroad and is-th
' • • •
borer fitr the ntodification of the .Tariffity
the late .C4ingri..-.+, for the supposed benefit of
Railroad-tankers, or others, were defeated,
:is they .should have been.. The Pennsylva
nia members :who voted lin- favor of reducing.
the. Tariff on irob. 20 pet emit:, ar e M e s.-mr s ..
.Bridgesi..Jones, ''Ale,Nuir, Witte, Florence,
Strdtib,lind Wright. "
: • --p4 g re,E4F#A passed an act establishing
a board.'of Claiths,;cOnSiSting Of three Coot
missiuters, tei itt i vtxtipite and, report to Con.
grevt Upon every -elairkwhiil may be-Pre
ferred against the GoVernmetitilli‘twing why
it should be at. 4o..vledged'utt rejected. The
CoMmitioners, itte ltesitm Blackford of: In=
diana., Lumpkinllif„Georgia. and Gilchrist of
New- ILitnpshire.: .
GEN. Scow His Ibis Qpnitinsrox.—The
lairelng 4 kffieial mintsinCem'ent 4pears At ,
- Washington Uniint or Feb. *3th.. •
' orirtont.
Appointment 'reitidei4t; i t y and trit't
the Advice an,ii . C' sent of the Senate.
General Winfield 4+144 of the Army of
the. United - States, to; be Lieutenant-General
by brevet ; in themme„ inr eminent services in
the late war with Merion, to take rank am
such from March 2D, )8417, the day +on which
.Vnited Stat 4 fume:son/der his commend
captuieil. N i 'era Pim and the r.nstle of Sun Ju
an de Ulloa.
The!Naticinaltntellirneer lays:
Wel understa nd that the . President sent in
the noininatiina the tionty-second if Feb.
rsta4. but the Senate has held uo Execu' bee
S tntill - yr ete r4iav„when . the nomination .
was immediate - liana unanimously cunfiim.
SENATOR„) . VI ittol4 POSTfios.-The new
senat o r froM IldassarhuSetts is determined
that the ps-ople %lan know me what phstfiain
be stands.• fle hawagaits, tit the third time,
`defined liis ipositione on the alai vy ques
tion. The 01 loWing is giveli!as - a! brief pro
gramme of his pTinciples and intentions, as
avowed during the late excitilvdebate in the
Senele, on FstidaY night last. Ilo'wishes the
fugitive iihiVe net repealed ;' - iglisiery in the
District Of Oilunkhia abOlished; she Wilmot
proviso eistitblishad ; all new Slave bttittes ex
cluded:; all *mecum' i hetweCn the 6eneral
Government, ind**Sery &berthed; and -:agi
tation'of*lavSry;tioistinutxl IMP these °Netts
are accomplistl4 , liie 4eristands these
viesys to eurrnd with those of -,the Know
Nothingti as alparty, so far_ci they have ta
ken anyjsoitition int be qtsewt on. '
4 ... The DiplOrliat le sbd Osisular Refiirtn
bill, which has lustaied the &note and, the
!louse and now swells the 'crater's of the
'President to liecilne a law s , without increas.
in ti 41e r.xi etift Of the Sig places our
Si i.te , s and Cassels; in,11,41 ch inure e.ial
poSitiOu in the countries whuit they '
alr sent, by giving tberopn r 'salaries and •
Pt ing the sainnstriall 'ut first grade, all
erior lases being akelished.Our Consuls
, n
to bane salaries, an not be lett to
nd upoees.; At *II 1 principal for.lam'
b i
ei I dessitstsfour y are prohib
its frowerigaging in any bitsitiespuid
in all eases none but . ” citizen f `the United
3 tes tire' to receive appoint - trouts, None of
ot ie
offmetv - are to, receive mutopetuation un
it they thal htr4 reed their ; nnipeietive
" aUd ffinankhril *Or filcif dot*.
F, I 1
,: ~:;
. , . ... . ,
. .
ik ..
am* cliAlinCa Asp lA&DoSiRS--The following
act, ii)r the iprotection of Mechanics . andia
bOktpl-14,Ss, Passed by the legislatUre.lor-thia
SUite, in•Apo lPst and though of gre n-
_poi*co.. tai that class cif..:pur citizt.n4 for
which it Is'intended, is now;
_fur the first, be
,-: - i •
- ing .
piiblishe4 byl the new paper press.
gaa. 1. -, -ik i enacted:lc., That in nil as
sigiunt-nts Of property,wh, tier rail orlperson
al..*ttief• shall 114retifter be any per
son or perst',;:is, tti chartered . - companies, to
..orr4signs, on account of inability - , at
• the 4 tinie of !the.; assignment, to . pay
,his Itr '
their:debts; the tivagri of. minors,. nit l ehanks
•amli- laborers i eniph iyed •by such ott . Or
perioins, on chartred company, shall .be the
fit st preferieli and paid by _seek tru- ees or
assignees, before'nny Other credttor Or cred
itOrs itt' the! ai-iign or i " .-- -,
firOvitie 4, That any one claim prefer ,
red shall - itkes 'ceed one hundred doll,im. -. .
Teacher's Associa4tou. •./
- Susquehanna County Teachers' Aa4ociation
soli meet iniS'iningrille, on . Saturday, March' 17tb,
1855, Att 10 o'clock, A, 3L Per order
Ca . raw's Lep.gue. 1 .
A Meeting, - o f stock subscribers of the Montrose
and Bridgewater Carson League, for the purpose of
organizing and adopting a Constitution, wilt, be held
at thesCourt House on Tuesday et-ening .neat, at - 7
o'clock.A full:anemic:lee of all intete ;in Tern
pertinee refotn is desired, The object and okrations
of the League b&thcre stated and explained.
• March 6th r 1855.;
I ,i • ;NOTICB.
. FIAHE School Directors of Bridgewater Disitict, will
a meet at the-Court 'Rouse in Montres4, on Ftiday,
MitrtlCl6, at
O nti o'clock Y. M., be order of the Beard.
•.! ; C. J. CI:TRTIS; Secretary.
Bridzewat4r, Marsh 6th; 1855.
'ln MridgerOater i ra., on ' th e bit Instant, by:Eld. ..A.
L. Poet, Mr. Gennoi. L. SroNK a Moairose, and Miss
s•B4.!i: J. iiipMlol, (If the funnerplaec. [ .
I. # ab eh tiservgts,
poly. Titrioth . v nn4 Cloier Seed, at
. F. B. 1:11AND
''' '''. 'FIRE ,; FIRE, FIRE.
' 7 , 1111 sub-4041) 1 i'; has been recently appointed an
• L' agent fdr tbe Panama's UNION ItSeRANeE CO.,
Athino l l„ Pa., iiiali is .prepated to hISUre tIOUStiA, &MT'S
and - iith'er buildiogs,?Goods, Ware:, and Merchandise, ' on favorable tCrnsk !- Applications made eitheY perion
'l ally or:lay letter rironsptiv attended to: •'I .
1 '• 1 ' ' •
tg. I.I..CIIASE. •
• Great Bend,- Pa., March sth 1855. , I
—...----•_._•.: . s.
- ; -: 1. NOTICE. •• • : 1 •
rOCT. IL THAYER, takes this methild of saying
1 . 1 1 to his ftliestils and customers, that heas again
; resumed the Om:ties:l of medicine, at his old s tand at
i Montaoe, wherefieanay be found. t alt tim unless
profee•Sionally eMployetl. Be would'say to those in
debtetl to hith, that, he will deduct tweutfrtive per
cent on all accoUitts paid before the tint of April next,
(or it - any plata- like Myself I will deduct fifty. ,
1 Miatitrose,, Pelai 20; 1855. - --
LLOO, Al' A LLOO, Tills
.rl l ll4 sutiseriber Would inform the citizens
• rtise and the pubic generidly that he ha
the'Grticeiy futnierlp kept by F, 11. Pordhai
in LOils and,Chitudlees building on Cliestin
in the hotough o Montrose, where has a
- sortmeht:ot 6n ocm and will keep cont
hand;.Fidur,t4y3ters, Cheese, Sugars,Syrup, 3
Mackerel; Nuts;
.Cannies, Toys, o,..mges and
Figs, Prunes Saidilies, • Stiaps, Vinegar, Coin
Fetiches '
and Plain +,; lien-lug, sack Salt,
Beer, Yankee Nntions, and other things tot
bus'to'neentiom which will be sold cheap foi
moat Limb of cimniry produce. Call and
share of Public pip:soilage issolicited. S. S.
Montrose, March I', 1t55.
"VIT 4 .A . I.s`TEI), Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Smoke
AppleA, Potatoes, Beans, S.
-4 - - - - • - -
P11P10 .. L..4111AT/ON:
Stixqiieliatriva !,(!eijrnty sm. , -
.Ecsiewsi • Dsmr.t. Coart of Crirnmen
County, NOVealliPCr Tier
M:317141 lJscia. , !Nd r ID.
14 4sther fietivl :1 Whereas a subpmna isi
- was foiled to tciiiergber Tern), 1554, Which
rcturtiiid win:est;'inrodus, and thereon an a
putzui, - 2yras in said ease returnalde to I
Terti 11353, .upoii the return of which, proof
-iblietheitnid Esther beuel could not be fonnL
baia; : • .
TI otict is -
therefore to require-'you to appear
.befom a ItulgeS ()tithe 'said Court on the tliircl Mon
day OULtpril next to 'answer said complaint Se: •
• :
. :1 F. P. lIOLLISTER, heriff.
Sherifrs O ffi ce, 31 1 utrose, March 5, 4855. w 6.
6RESS has pasAed a law gi riamyouadditional
Tho4e Who have already received war
tantatie entitieddo More. Danville inen, icoine on
now!attil I will g•ti Your warrants. -Widow# and mi.:-
nog orftleceased tddiers are entitled tai thesame their
hus)amtls and Either* Would be if living.: I have the,
lawfteeh told Washington, and the necessary f;irms
app,HeatioM: STegulators faun wdistance hire about
Ao..get thews. largely interested to sign . ] of Be
ware Of suchOand.dtilit sell for a song. n 1 do your
busitts- accurately and promptly account f4r the
full re of ',your warrants I wheti,obtaineq. From
three years' Fuerf4”l expel I' nc I know I can. do the
husiimtis right, and I proffer you my se-vices at reit.,
spuabld rates and quilek returns. •'L. F }ITCH.
MOntrose March {1 1855.
i 4DocLrbß HARRIS,
, 1 111001;160PAT II IsT.
. f . i
GRADUATE Mid member of the University of New
llork. will be in Monnwe on the tttli, 7th awe
Bth,Ornach mouth, rind may be epusulted atl Hutch's
Motel, lorthree dos, upon all diieases incidental to
the &Mum shtt e rn, :viz: CONSUMPTION, Bron
chitia Villain:Won
,Of the Lungs, - Thinat, Liverl, Pleura,
Kidneyi and Spleen; Dyspepsia, (Jodigestiori,) Liver,
Complaint, Riztitartat, Scrofula, Eruptionit, Spinal'
1 Complaints, 1./iseintee of the - eye and ear, Nervous
1 Weakness, *Le, to-1 Paiticular attention given to
die &leases ef Fent:ilea and 'Children.' Th various
affections of the rtei - us.radieally - eured.
i Dil'lllirris fat wellacquainted with both orneopn
i thy aid Allopitthn having been in constant situ lyand
I practice for the Luit twelve years, and harin-flrat in I
tnxhic.eil' Roth 'maniac into Binghamton, 51 Y., in
•' , •
1 1847.LIfis plan of, treatment is wild, safe aiird efea
doss; and different from that of any tither physician,
i and cures nearly aLcases in all stages of thel disease.
Irept , Minis testimonials of chancier, abil
. ity andakill, 6oni la number of. the mist 'eminent
ImediCal. men in the - lcity "of New York, among them
the celebrated Dr.Nalentine Mutt. ' • 1 •
• ••PetiOns-wishiegi fircuript relief or , Permiment cures
will &lira tnlcall without defer.. Charger moderate.
Vonnidtiatirin Oee! 1 Patients visited at their residences
Vaal:nil. .otfice hems frotif7 In the morning . nittO
Slit thrievenitig, I 1 1
:.= 1 i i 4 1
1 • .-_ Vallittageri. J
• I
'The advanMges of the Roimepathic treatment of ,
diseaset are :f . i '
Ist. ,That Patient's treated ffomeopathleal , usual-
ly ar e Mired touch Soarer than by. any other "ractice. 1
21 That many; patients can be cured b ) Hoineo
, pathie remedies, srlito cannot be cured by any other
I treatment, 11 I . ,
- tiff. :`That patients *treated Homeopathically, do
I not have'to labor tinder the bad effects of the medi
-1 eine they have taken to cure - the disease.' .1 ,
Pull! VENDII i•:.
NV*l° cold
at Public Vendue, on
17th-day of .11(arch,sit 12 o'clock A.,
Firm now occupied 1.1 Benj. 11. Fox, in Fo
Containing 41 iterett, and well watered and tot
profed. -with neir how; bare
house; an 4 other ,ibuildinp, and a young
moody graftedlruit t .l I
Tatuta—made kitqwn on day of age.
March 10. - 11355. 1 MARY ANN
Sisrokaarta rotorti as. : . • ,i. ' OUR STOCK OP STOVES
t c
SNOW COMPLETE--and P LET E-4nd we woul ;t ake this
*iv Atm Davis, bY her nett In the Court of Coen. 0 1 pwrittify to say that we can phew. the Merit
friend, John W. Ilrackne7, monpleas of said coati- , bimittifill and splendid patterns of Parkm gni' Cookifig
vl. i , ty, November ' Term, Staves t 4 be found in the cieunty.• 'Among i them can
Edgar G. Datia. . 1854. No. 21.1 • be Been Itbli Revolving Front and Gothic tailor, tor .
- To Edgar . G. baida: When= a . subpcens iiii divorce - Wood or coal, entirely new and decklediv pretty sto*
was Maned to November Term, 1854. whichi:s du- g liiii froin stive to ton dollars . - pf Cookies Stoves
ly retiiirtted no" est i ificestus e - and thereupon an
-i alias I Wes thinklit heedless to say much, oily to retaark,'tliat
s ibp*hai fru itaueilln said mote, returnable le Jan'ry We are settee theta at oar former, prices, and judgitig
Tenn,llBs6. ttpob 1 the return of which, proof was froiti the rapidity of we believe il l e public
made r ei
the said COrt, that the said Edge, Davis, sfe entiretylsatisfied with oar ptleeti and t :e i
could fiat be found l in my bailwick, . of our wares. ' We have." a few more left" of, the
Tide; irotice is, the!reCore, to require you to .appear I "IClititott.All•-tight Elevated Ore, Stove, 'i l iteknottil.
before The Judges of laid Court, on the third:Monday i *heti. to:be the best cooking strive,now in use. Rul
e( Aprßl'nezt, to unitive' mdd l cattifilaint, kc ' - . 1 eta and; English Stove Pipe at old prices, AO Whit
. ; 1, •• , 11 F. P. 110 LISTER, BlSs•rift, Ming*, Sad Tt o r ware of all deactiptions akl the rep
Sheriers OtIko; No wcwie, / _ _ I . giVeitzlvakes.l 3 . MiligiPlasin '
iiitso 11144. 1 f , • 1 11 Ow. 1 iloor Mallbed; Osiobir ti, ust. • ' 1
-.. .
~ .
. .
~ . .
. -..
1 • -..
,: - ii . AUCTION SALE. f - I - I
rib übseriber haring leurd his FarnHatuateti in ,
4 1"dresit. , e,' 14 nAle from the Post HMO kept by j
•Nre.. Elishi Griffis, will sell at public anctioP on Thirs.
Oily thl 29th day of March, nest, i sale tOtoin*tisto
3 41
[At ti o'slo# A. M., the following describe 4 stock c.
; 1 •
grim .iipiendid A year' old lfarog, 1 v#l7 ' " 1
tycat phi Mare, 1 Serf goad 2 y dice old tttpy lt, 2, 1
e l
.*; }year ,' diSteers, 2, 2 year old Steers, - li i . yetir A)ld
!Mire's., 5 )•carling Heifer :4,1 2 yearling s li Bhp
O,lVa MI, I,'Z Horse Sleet; single. Des
.. ' liras
I .. Plciu I r.l I. 4 .tuve and Pipe, • • '
' 1
Thitil - oP SALL-All Suing under f 5, ilifig an kiwi
imer; acid under $5O, 9 humphs,iand all Punts! Oyer
.t.50 - i j . pipntbs credit with inti Test and aPprorC4llse•
i . 114r1h st. 1555. . 1 - .. li , -'' 110
NO 7
..44:63111111STRAVII'OitS I NO'IeICE.I.
rirtitterti . :of Admittietratien of the Esti:telt& flantuth
iLil3ollei, late of Jessup township dect..vst ed , with the
tWill l tumeXed, have been granted to the eubselriher.
Ali tierpocis indebted to the.said estate are r i'yecpiested
to maid: 'ltayment, 'and those having claims- - Or des
~inaMis ;against the estate a said - deeedent,lwill !talk°
.itniistittilui same without delay to
l • -..- -',_ : ;1 • CHARLES AVERY, Adruhistrattirl
i • Mtintrotie Feb. 28..1855 . , : • • lnw6.
.....,-, , l . •
1 OP OODS AT COST: OR citsn. -
A Imo qUantity of Delainit---alatge quantity of PM ,
itriteita4-4ilk, - Wool and C • otton Plaids—Masliti ' +id
Oatidirih tinbrniders— Dress:T:iminings Mid Blittcnts .
i-'--it large i'. stock of Ready Made Clothing-a. ilsege,
tocli, of Palley articles—and a few Books will sold
tit Costltilk the lilt of April next by the attic icier,
rt:lnluitY. 14 1855. ,i - : : -F. B. CIIA 'PLERt
i - _ ' i -1, • t
.. . • •14 . l' , i
i -'; ~'.1•: Skeritrs Sales. I , : 1 1 .
, ,
•' 1 t , • ERS : ARE, :' • t V
', "
T7itivr the Spanish Court 1111 A decided unite sell the
i 7slandlof (Juba, hut Joseph %Wittenberg Brather
lutiti repdttly decided to open a new store, in the
building of 1.. Searle, a few doors cost of First'stile,
IlPecliit WiLson'a dwelling; house, corner cd':, Chest ut
anal ow TO streets, where they .will keepicht -handa
ipleittlii tiSsoytment of Ready Made Clothitig; aliso` } in
addititi n i4)-this, a good assortment of 111 1 Oad Cloth,
Clisinnire,•Kentockey Jeans, &e.; ; in short; a genital
. . 1
a_ssoitmeni of Gentlemen's furnishing Good 4 : Altai, a
Splendid as..sortment of Ladies' Dress Goothi,'Silksi Me
tiitoq, Dettines, Alp:teem:, Embroideries, 4ilw6,lLbe.
0,. Ore4, - ; l ' i hunting's, 4.r. ,d;).:., , all of which th e y li n e it e .
tetvidaed to offer to the public at very lodi prices.—
''All GoOds' t warratitted to gie satisfaction,, las adll l in
iitiulity its In price. - • : ,- ' 111- i
i pl eat 4 e kiee'us a trial before purelutsinqilsewbel'e.
i:' . 1 , 'J. WITTENBERG & -'- iE44
Mont r ose,i Jan. 20, 1854'. .
, . .
• • ',' , . I -•-- t --:
,i• , '
''- 1 ' Sheriff% Sales.
i • 1' • .
1),17 virtue of sundry writs, issued
ll....VOtiCittnnton Pleas of Stetquehant ~to
'llM.ifilreeted, - 1 will expose to public sal _.. Court
itttise in Montrose, on Saturday the seyetiteentli day
tX:iiimihitext it one o'ckick in the tifternoon4-411
that' certaht piece or narcel of lantisitnate ; llying and
big in the township or . :Lithrop ; in said cottav,
bounded itid described as follows, to wit: l'teginnitig
at 'the entEof a wall on the ' l east 'side of theiLatkaWate
ini 7 ok :Wlt.stent Railroad and in the north bank of the
,two) . .tk Iliatlclosses near thetopbottotn Depot ; thmice
north' nt d'egrees east, 9 6-loth'piimileA tipt the 144 k
to Ai pos, 'on the south sitbi;:thenee southlt t, d , i
Otilt,l-213itoth perches to a,post east side liif the atm;
tdlie i,• thehce.north 50 degrees, west 5,1-littli), - reit
imite at point opposite the.bridge; 'north ft* de ees
*est ~3
perches to g a stake :cast sidk • of Radroad ind
turnpike crossing, in range with north side of taint
pike ifriutt . Depot across the fiat ; thence Borth-• 2;4 i
del.:tees .west :i :i-itch - perches to.the begittiting; ti
taittingei'perches more or less, with the etipurte. m•
'eet)', one dwelling house, two store house or stioirs,
bind - all 'improved. , i :.- . 1
Taken iit execution at the suit of F - . p. l 4'atlin, Ex- •
kcittor • ilict'of Putnam Catlin, deceased, vs Am s IR.
:Mt.frill. i.l - ' ' •
i ALSO-4All that certain piece: or parcel f bf part tfit
italte."lyibit, and being. in the township of jAnGurn,l in,
teeut county, bounded and desctihed asl fhl
loWs, to!wlt: On the nortlhy lands of William Clink,.
. blithe co.St by lands . of Daniel Carter; onlithe switth
tt.Y l .lsttidsi - of John Benscoutdr, linden the uNist by lands
brWilliani, Jackson, contaioing abOut 88 isms *re
itrless, -With the appurtenances, one'. tog !house land
itril and - about-45 acres innproved i . s . ILI
l -1 1 . 1 4 . keti 'hi execution at the suit ofJohn TewksbUty,.
use of IL) It. Peck,. vs. S. O, Sherer. • li' •••1-i
t A L.‘"4/-: It the same tine and place, alt. that ter-
bin! thretejtory wood building with ale ieg'front 14,4 se- .
Mem', sittiate . in Lode' sville, G eat Beni; township,
in ',kaki Coduty, and the Lot and piece of ground 'and
01111ilegtt• - .appurienant thereto,' and on. *hich ..saul
buildingliS,constrticted, bounded au the mkth-case by
tbitt:NeWbandruertmike ni4 on the east istul Ailiiiil.
t. 1154 by hiOds ftelnerly owned by C. J. 1110, on . ltbe
smith hit ginients owned aid, 'occupied tits the !4w
riitit)k . Erie Rail-Road Co., and on the tvestOnd nor t h-' *Mat by •linds of I,ewrie Green, said building ocvnpy
in.4•Miti )!.4t't hug all the lot, being some filly feeiin
tront'otilsai'd Rail4aul pounds, and sotae 200 ;or
mitre fedt 'tear to said Titnpike-roatl. -li c 1. .
, ! •
.1 'Taken in execution at the suit of Elmertl - W. Brig.
bath' Vs. ;Addison iltkint, . ' • • - ft . l ,
- :, ,
i ALSQ-.1 - 1y an - order of court, 'one other certain
tliei t i Or:lain:el of land lying - and being Sit4ted in the to*Mdtitts;'nf Latin op and Lenox, .boutidell and Ides.
•Sciilfrell ;is IvUgws to wit : On the north ,b l •l:inds' i ;of
nitti4: Ratter, on she cast by lands of-0:-Snii Case and
I,4 3 i t ell u vti - o n the south by . hinds of Davis ;Mills land'
GeO.,titteity; and on the west by lands of J ()lin WOO,
itontainit)4 4 l33l; acres be the same more-or less, With
the appurtenances. • - I
' 1 1 4 1 .t 4 ° H 11 1 ). Vi . l‘te of a writ of.ti.A.. iss tell outof'
~aitteeurtdwo other certain pieces or parcels of Laid
Sititated living sand I}, pattly in the hbraughl bc
r riptufAt A i and partly in the township (All' Apalacen
1,, tail Oditnty, and - hounded as follows, lio - wit.if
,r/Ot 6.4 liegiCing , at the corn/ rof David ft,:pbb's hind
iak 014 .1141 - tod and, Owego turnpike Ro,i'd, theitee
alotigtoid.lturnpike north thirty. SeYen ,defkeees welt,,
88-Perchet4 to a post—theme Scintit 37 de s west,
I Ost pitrytes to a beech ; thence Slwith 53 deg. east.
,79'petdreii, and - t to a post in die said R th's !Old;
timbre n'otah 37.11mees east, 87 perches t4, the place
ef,fleginitiOg ; containing 48 acres and 1 I , terchks
isith thelappurtenances I dwelling ; ouse, Barn ond
, ebrq hituse, antl,nearly all improyed,lata the Estate
. 41•17meit dri Dayton. The 5,, , ,,,•4 now.hiii on rho 1
tintith.-bsithe line of Middletown township, o n s o oh 1
.61.4 lifylatids of David Robin', Ott the nort I west
,Y 1 1,i ,
lima. e,fliVilliam Welch and Edward Crantsie, and qn
the - ttdith itait 14 / the last described lot', leontainiag
eighty; si . :Items and seven tenths, ignore orf less, with
the"ap'ptni . enanee and partly improved. .1, ~1
takemiti execution at the suit of Caleb Fartnalt %'s.
.i e nCini)a ;Noon. , .
.. - ; R I'
.€_n • . F.: P. LIOLLTSTEII . BIM 1
..; -ShetiTn;office, Fontrose, Fe0..1 . 9, 1855. P. t,i ,
I .
- ------. —-- .--4—....,.... + ___
1:. lAdialitistration Malice:. ,- .1
‘TO i r E is hereby given- that letters of iidministi 4 l;
I:I:lion Upon' the estate of David N. Li *is late, of
.I,le_tricit township dEcosed, have been ranted the
titidersigited, and t all per oos indebted to said estate
4ill:please make immediate payment, and 4Mse ha -t•
ifigr.,claith4, will present -the same duly . a4tsted for
sktdeMent.t -r - - 7 . TIAN:CAR 110EWM i
1 . fferrieklan. 27. 1855. ' - I - ' [ ll- • 5146
1:.....:4___i_! 'L________.,y.,—.___:_ • ' ' - L
WINTER . CLOTHING . ll • 11 -
I. :-..•, ;,.. . • -. Ai. t:II
~, •
• P * ..f ,;`'' i rl/ \ 7 D.aj r-g 2PL: l ct\ .iD.I ' :
• lki • 8 i,F ire ! anxious to clue mu our stock of clot..ti..-
irig i to for our 'Fining antr„ Sumni r
yinwithaint tee are letting it at grilioy redu4d . prices.
[„dl, tut Ito* ii the titne to btry cheap. it, q
I Over Coati front Vl,OO to $18,0i): Dres, tPrceic atpf
k coaig, l gnall patterns and new siyies. Pants ftqtn
1,40 01;00. rests of every Style. Gi*ita. Fizt.
Wishing c4oodtt of every kind. k- • 1;..
, , ,i.
I'4 per cent ; - cheaper than ever of in Motitrosee,
it; boug,iit
in fi Co.,
tit -tree',
ebb AS-
Otiitly on
tet, dried
I , Cakes,
oath or
!d liam-,
S. M.
Pl of
o, 185-4.
4 Divorce
as duly
lag sOr
a 9 made
in nil
- ;. • I ].; DE LAINES 7
6004 4t L ; ility and neat patterns . selling ,'t cost
ciash. , , ~- i :. . . • A. LATHROP 4 CO
FOinual . 1, 1855. .
I .‘ i 10,000 Firkin filtaves.ll
IPAYr4D . by the subscribers immediati4v.
I.,lfeadirrithuber audGflooppoles.-4or whicii . we i4ll
pity the highest market price. Seistmeri saves pre ,
krred. • SMITH 41t HEMPOTEAD4
Brookly-n Feb. 13, '54 4; 11
FORSALF-A first rate 5 years ad 114311.,irigly
etc war.: toquire at the Store of '• '
ITiotikifdj Feb. 13.] SMITH' & FIEMPfitEAp•
• y, the
Si. • the
t Lake
ostly ha
and corn
ke Notice.
A Li. !smith" iitlebeed,. to A. & E:
rt: now or book itecounte are rtmpeetful!li remind.
ed thtit it. will itra Mary acceptable to Its 0,
etOto bare4lte
some paid soon. & BALOWL.
itoOtritte, liot-er 42n, 1354. • i
; •
} •
, •
rrIRE anl , -Arilxirii. beg !care t infonn
11 i)fBrookIvl viCinity tba 'they l{are jasere•
ceirOd a lot of Sf .4ra; *Weil they <der, for salt; as
Idw aR they can be tiqrchltgrit elsewhere in! the today.
ALSO-A lot Of STOVE I'IPE and Elbows of :the
ditfercint altos lot
nvtattfacturera prices.
IV4XTEi_..OW Iron, Copper, and nrass,,ln } oz•
chingb for Stores othergoodl. I
*7EI4 stock 4T iWinter S - haith!jyt rixeivid (ant i
II- for Pale low ••• MITR k ITETORTEAD.
i- i IVA.' TED . 1 ;
•.5,00 . 1 buthell , pfllON* ' 11,1 i4)O h ush. Dried Apples, - .2,064) tifshels of COrn,' 'LOW bush. Buckwheat, •
WOO .bushels of 10.'_, - . 'spo " 84a0,.. 4
and any quantity of Partridges, at the highest market
prieesOn esehaifor goodS, by 1 ' •
Droliklyo, Nov.r.i 'tic , SIIITII di DEMPBTE ~
• „ .
L- . IrittAtc.2 31111/SIC i
3/ . received by 1• . . J. LYON - &SOM.
QIIFET 311.181 C --It. new lot for the Yoi -.., Piano or
11., !L MelodeonandAuttaiLsome very be utiful Hee
:ea just published--fsbid by J. LYON &SON. - •
-----7------7,.:BltEall'ils --"
' •
A few more left that'. wilhbe sold rtt-ii the p.
Pivamettas i l,Caslatheres s.: Delainelcat at bargains
at • . .' ,• ' LYONS. • SO9. :
.A - fresh supply of ',G-roteries just opened . y ' j
- LYON A 50.4..
. .. .
1, 1 -
--- - i----, , - h----1---------- -------47-- -4-
Mob:Roes at 3 shillings per 'gallon. Sirrue at 4. 15 k
8 shillings, by : [ 1 ' [..- .I.,yoNtsos . ..
w •
_i iir..tiooDs. -: 1
4 RAIVING, every week itt A• LATII
ill. January lit•! , I .
• , Winter' 'Shaw lbs andau '
C.ELusG off at great bargains. - Call
January bit :H. . A. LATH).
-------'----.4 ototoiiiiieittE•iii;ki;
1' 1 ;January .114, ,1 ' •
Gr:itia ! Gra tit : Gra 114. •
,CIF all kiuls; and t the highest prices [bought' b y
J,nuary A. LATHR9P Ctp
r URKS Island Si It LATIIROPt CO ' s
JL • 'Morittose,4anuarv_l ; 1855. • g
Tetrijk.rasice liialtaoui is tlll artiong
you, and cohtends[tltuf - total abstinence LOgn all:That
intoxi6 itd fin-the is the •est,-safest guard the pelple.
Although the idOimictors of the above abort were
among the :harem:ll of the late fire, and post a good'
portion of their goods, they made . out ts) save ~one
thing 2 -kbat l'rinOple, 'which they couht worth a
pile. They no* . [have a small stock oflGroeciies,
Cogifectiona, Yankee Notions, rerfiirriery,.
Se.; i•hich they :. of to the public cheap for ca+. l —•
Oysteirs got up .to all. ways to suit ctrtongei.s.
This Saloon inay,bc fohnd in the rear of Lyons 1 1:
Chanalt's long building. facing on' Chestnut street.
Come, one and all,[afid see the place where we are.
- . I .F. U. FORDEIAM & Co: •
3foigtrfege, Deeinber 12,- 1854.
Stestrns and ! Marvin's Fire•Prtoof
Safe's. •
subscribera have made .arrangensenta tti
nish to perisonit who may he in want of th6d, the
alitve; named in:Foldable Safrx, at the zsatni., prices for
which they cad he Obtained at the enanufacttirer;*s. 7 -
Ilailitig experienet4 the benefit of suchtudarticlp du
ring the late cOntlagratiOn ourselves, we a!rouid'Oarn
estly ivcommend, tti others basing ValualtitybOokil and
papeM, the preserving of which would be bf immenize
ititportance to them', not to do without one,. -
J'riees rangy ; 9:ill to $5041; and we Otn explain
to any One wishing to purchase, The differencle an
style, - size, pt ice, !&c., and furni-b- them on short no
tify, With the intyolal arriuettetneiit to suit the,'pur
chaser, , ' BENTLEY. &I READ. !
.• Montrose, December 1,9, 1854. ' •
-; • !
.• •
• 111,13 W :GOODS.
WE are rceeividgithis Week a lot of Nen - Goods just
purchased in th r e iity, which renders Otir,assortlnent
complete, and whiehwt-effer on the most, feedkabie
trrnnt, at the neW hitilding, one fluor above' the Pest
Office. - ;
'Montrose, Febrtiary 8,;1855.
O'f.E Dtintlie'r v icppei, do., 'Calf Rona,
‘ 741, I lilips-sa . newi t supply i just received at'ul fot fade
by •• "; F BENTLEY &1,10,A1D,
Aft esh supply cif? Qiicer. Set:art.:. Watche Jeatelry,
&c. just reeeit•ed. • i BENTTI.EY . READ: '
,1 ! .
rripi Subselibt4r has on hand ready made COEHTIS
j which may,he ;had at reasonable: price •
Also on hand a lot of Superior window h.. •;
• -; ; ; ;;•.• 1;i . •
Great Band Jan, 15th 1856. • ;
t - •
I . 7 . OODRuiT & Etnitt:D have constant Y on )and
~• a large .and, Well ,sekrted astortrne t of tin
ware. Reels. and , Vliain fur wells, pu elstent
; pumps, &c., RiunS, japanned iv ~0 lead
pipt., of all &e. Job work done With Ineat
: ness and deSpatch (mien; promptly attended to.
• . -S Tti E;'S & P.I PE • ;
kept constantiartliand, a large assortment; of stoves
of the latest itnpro+ed and approved patterns. Our
experionee in the, kmisinesS elmbles us. to select pose
that we can mfel; Warrant to give entire satisfation,
Amongst our numerical:: stock can be found the
Paragon air tight Star of the West,; Eleinted
New World, ."1 Clinton, •; ' - l [Oven:-
Atlas• .! ".• I ;Cultivator, •
Phoehix ; I"• ' FireFlY, . 1 - r
i Three States, .". t
,Western Queen,
i Globe, i * 4 k
Premium. •
S. A.iwoo'vrtrrr.
,GCons, _ 1 •
A refill...ere Goode, Whiik we
114'14:tell leery
stock of Staple and FincelDry
W E G lal e a
oo k ds,.ti l li " i r t ire Will sell 'cheap. Callxand
• 4
Rezt4 i 4linde Clpt hieig.
We are now prepared to clothe all accord n# to the
liitest style. I,'"E. Cf.. A LARGE STOcE, WE
WILL sr.m.; tot. Call and examine ii!forOyttr
cha.-inii, Akto,itt large stock of Cloths, Clt r sito . -
Jeans, i:atinetts,l ,
in thi+ line is mitnpiete. We Invite
nem .rtncn.AsF.ll.4 to oar stock. All ki
taken in excliaege for - good+;at crash pi
Montrose, Not. 4'x,'54. IIAWLY
yrAs lust received from . N't' ,, tv Toil
JLI- ment of „VEJV 000DS,.
rate vat iety of Once*, Minicnirs, Ceti
NlYllil:al, JEIVEI.{t.Y.; PFJLITMERX, AND ALL oats if*
FANCY IGootta, which 'will he sold extremelY 100 for
cash. : ;Having reetnitly sustained 'a loss by fire t}f it
least fife thousand dellars, above insurance arid gbode}
saved, I fancy I have strong claims for the Potronfge
of my friends soul tit t e public generally. -I tialfnoistan
Ito giveto me,.neitlier d0., 0 1 irate ontispect '
profits ,iii coosegnael.e.oll/lil loss. I will 11 . gissis
; as low, d' • Lnot lower",elitalean • he bought elsewhere itt•
[ this town o r : ecintifv. All I ask -is that patronage;
from the public which:Will ettableme with industiy td slowly but graduall*z.replace the loss sustained-4-1/4'l'd'
lass being the hard earnings of a life of anxiims OIL
Store at the lower end of the burned distriq, on
Main street, A few doorshelowthi3 corners. " 'S ,
, i . ABEL TUR ELI..
Montrose, Decinibee.l4, 113.54.' (I
Al,l , Right Again. I
'. , TO _ORDER. ' • L .
. , :
T"' ii . übscribei would respectfully announce td his
customers and ,the public in general that * is
again pivpared• for the Boot and Shoe _blne44.—
-Ravine just received from New York a eimi c kit of
Sole au I Upper.Lesither, Calf Skins, Kip - Skins, Ike.,
all oak-tanned. Alio, an assortment of. Ready-Made
work, , I:onitisting in''part of Men's Thick' Ind Calf
BOOKI3oys Bonts, l Children's Strap Boots, 'lromin'a
Enameled Union, Boots, Polkas,
Kid Bitskins, Silk
Lasting Fox Gaiters, Goat Lace B oots, Enameled Peg
ged Boots; Mltseit Kid Lace Boots, Children's Itisut
llootio,.k.c. ite--whieh will be sold for cash fichedper
thait can be boughs elsewhere - in this market. Re;
pairing, done neatly.:l,,- • • • lii I ,
• Please call and eximbie. Store first door mist 'of ' .4±l Clitance- to Make .1111oiteiy.
The Odd Fellowsliall. . - . r 1 4 .FIMPITAILLE • AND WONORABLE
• Audits* hours from "the time to Work" until ihe - -PLOY sr.,
time foti "Jest" and - "refreshment." 'Grateful for Oast ; r ir frElatbseelbor is deldrett ;of taiing en agei
Crows lie hopes by strict attention tO'bu near? to 1 I. each county and town' _thir Union.- A cal
merit it ect, ntlnuanee,af the same. ,' - 1 ", -lof from 11t.5 4oslo only , will be required, and *oft'
E. B 4 - Being somewhat in want of the' e ding i' like an e ffi cient, energetic. can make front
needfuir (tnoney,,l,b6 would suggest , in 1 tbildest 1 to s five do per day;
_,.. same of she aIl
mannerivesible, the propriety of those indebted alt. now employed are realising:, , that , : g
toKand!settling tint !some hmnediately.. Ntifced.L inroe,nimion will be given btt gr ,
Montrose; Dec:, 4, 1 1854. 'C. M. SIMMONft; l' -1 f ...* Wt.".. .. , MrKSL - -
I,' • . ' '- -- Boa SOT,Pb ' bbi.,Po., Pon
Irlatiot y .: i I,
~ , . _ _ , . = . - -
' ' ii ' need '
S'y Turrel,il;ecletwited Timothy Seed, trair , '''.. '' '. ,‘' ,-- _
."' 4*
Reed Mire. - Pon calle d y Ain Tuna "PAREAP-..iiiegfritorf . - ~ ,:r: LYONS 4
. I vegoomp,.MA leap, ,•'. , -I, _ Aa iirammik refals4l ll so* ~'.: - -
. . .
i 4.
_.:.:1-:.,..-:: -- :. ,-- ,..,,.L..5- - -1? - , ,,,,-- -;-- -, ,1 - -,
Mr. .''o - PerioriiiiiiVErnitorneig. JO
1 111 V
1 '.- ,AGIENTS • ANTED ' .'. '
,ix' ittEitOSiCTION: o :ink illti#l, ':.
4i5e... - '3'
rhe*ichtliEie r t . 24 and tii,._ uVirtdnini 4 to Yea:i.:i
_ -: .
- !mar GREAT OPX -ON- SU& r:,:.
.' , ll"t'ST pitbliShed; firk 111 noted DeseriptiiM of the
iii RVII:3IAIOEMPIRE.: Woks Phivlcaland Po
litical History of its Give — menti and #rovinies, Pro-1
ductions,..Efesautres; • •Im - Government,' Com . -
mercer Literature ! Editatibual Means; Religion', Peo
ple, Manners, Customs, Antiquities, etc. etc., froinH
the latest and Most authentic sources . - Embelliihed-
With about VIP Engravin g,. and 'Maps
_Of European
ind Asiatic Russia. The whole complete In one large
dctato4olome 'of shout '7o .le ptiire, .s, elegantly a... 4 sub.,
sinnthilly bound.. -Mal e, !& ..--- - - ,• .
i. This wok ttr.6, beep seyeml years in preParatia,
and will, it is believed,; m4i, L'i the: fullest accepts-.
don of the word, the wautso univenadly felt for reli-:
able inhorniation on theitialOry arid internal resources.of a country -occupying 114arge arid _
the East
ern Hemisphere , andhO • ng so formidable a position
it the present tame to the rest of-Europe and Asia;
but,of which far less is knows than of any other,Bu-
Copean nation. '.
I . •• .. - • ..--
• T. . - ' - •
-• tr- :' Also, a deeply interesting voliime; entitled
lIRATED PERSONS," embracing the'Romantic Inci
dents and Adventures in. the lives of :Sovereigns,
ststeamen, Generals, Princes, Warriors, Travellers,
Adventurers, Voyagers, am., eminent in the History
ciflitirope and 'America, including Sketches of 'over
fifty Celebrated heroic characters. :Beautifully illus
trated with numerous. par rings. Oae volume 44:9.
Pages, royal 12mo„ clot' .. Price, 0;25; , ,
1 The subscriber put number of ' most rains.:
ble•Pictorial Book radar, and of such a Emir
al and religioui! ', .while- good nick may
Safely engage in ion, they ittl confer, a
imblie benefit, of fair compensation for
their labor.
ra' To men and tact, this business,
in opportunity ft empidYingnt, sel{iom' toi
be met with. •
Persona Inge in their 'sale, will
receive promptly Circular"- containing:full!
.particulars, with , atoPersoats disposed tol
act as Agents'? together w th terms on which - they!
Will be furnished, by aibire sing the.subscriber, post ,
Paid. - ROBFR SEAR. Pcnusura,-
•', 181 William St., N. Y. •
V,V7IERENS - 1---have jusit received a new stock of
V Winter Goods whicli have been bought at the
lowest prices, and Whereas f em in great want of Cash,
Woolen Yarn, Corn, Oats, flutter, Eggs, Wood,(four
feet long,) or anything elselto keep 'a poor man front
starving, am botind to . Sell goods at, a very low
figure for any of the abovt articles. Just call and
take a look, that's all! - S. A. LYONS.
Lanesboro, January 1,1
PROCHE and Seoteh. aid . Shawls; French Meri
nos, Paramettni, De 'us, nt.
Lane oro, Januar, 1,• 1 55.1 S. A. OTONS.
• - MI. S. WIT ON A so ll -
A lAT be found in E. § MulfOrd's.Old store, Eist
.:...Tl. side of Public Aven e. .
. .. ._
Montrose, November 115 - . -18:54. ". ' •
••- - ,
.17HE subscriber - is carrying on the CHA MAK
;I.tiO BUSINESS in its carious branches at
the Chair and Ware Shop n Burford, where may be
found a greater iariety f Windsor and Rocking
- Chair's than at any other establishment in the county;
also Flag and Cane Seats, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Loung-
S.ettees, Tables, Standsl Le., all of which will
be sold at the lowest prices at retail, (or wholesale,
- with short notice.) All srork warranted well made
and of good material. Short credits and small profits
will be my motto: For deb u of the *bore
facts, please call at my shop in Burford - village.
Burford, October 12, 1844. 1548m6
' THE subscribers offer•fori sale on the most liberal 1
and easy of the best located farms for snaking
money in Northern Pennsyjrania. . The said farm- is
Situated on the Newburg and Owego Turnpike. two
Miles east of Mount Pleasant tillage, and twelve
the \, Y. A: E. R. IL, alsery convenier.tly situated
to Churches,. Schools, G rist-mill=, 'Saw:minis; i Black.
smith shops /ix , . It Contains ortehundreil and sixty
one_ticres, .one hundred If it under a good state -of
cultivation ,vrell watered all good' buildings, Consist
ing of a good framed house,- well fipisnedoffi.and very
Conveniently arranged. Alr two good barns and a
good_barn shed well fticula ed for .convenience, trio
large orchards yielding from 500 to 000 bushels an
nually, mostly grafted fruit of the best, quality. The
farm is well adapted to gratt,ng sufficient to keep a
large stock. For - price turd..lertna
.aikply 2 4( ..:8,..F.
EATON" or to ALFRED LAKE, - on the premises.- •
! Jlarford, Dec. 13; Ifisl. ' " •
.-- - •
i / Arh . e subscribers have taken and'fitted up the new
building, on the west side of Public Avenue, twOdoora
nbeve-Seatiess Hotel, and a l e, now receiving a large
and well selecterlassortmen of -- • ;-'•. _ .
.. - -
, r .. Fall and 'Wi ner-Ciooda:" ' -
Their stock is' almost entire, ly:-..VA" IV, having saved
but a very few goods from the' late destructive , fire,
and - compris& their, usual variety of Drtr 'do op, , s,
Groceries, Crockery; Hardware Drugs, 'Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Dyestuffs, Boo', Shoes, Leathers, Grass,'i
Jewelry, Watches, Silver t , poons, Clocks,. Yankee
Notiom!, Sc. &c.. We aret -.Mid fl g the patronage
hitherto bestowed upon' us:litod trust that our `eu.s 7
touters, and the 'public genetally, Will not fail . to give
.Ps a call' in our. pew loeatii, .confident, that we can
Supply them with golds on :favorable terms is. here
tofore. . , . . • - . BENTLEY St . 11AD
Montrose; November :10, 854. ."' '
anti -.1114*
-"" 'is - no
. .
•' • A ore:and .:1141 ?Weir Gooiitt-• i 1 5 ° 411 Gir'crs Adverti*ement
-4 full 1 ...S nattily, who furpishes.the birds and Iteastil With
ILY BURRITT Is lib receiving nor an
r the w inter T rack, in _ tan extra.coat for ;winter, hNs not made a similar pro.
1 1 • • supplies of Goody. f
vision for man, I have concluded to take - it upon my.
ludin , - a new and elegant sortment of Frena.ife- t.
1 o F an . 1 self to attend to .that department; and: therefOre , 1
rinoes, and .Cashoi re Plaids ;' Plaid,
ley and Plairi•De Lanes, Pa eclat, •Prvx'AtV greats 1 Mink, proper to announce Oat all shivering Male bi
that need new apparel,r.gloriobs .or inOuridni,-
1 and Lofty Shawls, all of ne and best shies, and wilt ' P 4 14
fashionable . or iinfiishionable; can have their wants .
be sold at 25 per cent. 'less thin) last ye a r's prices.— l l
Also a
of ki i rh Rimons a ndßoarie t e„. supplied - and then tastes' stated !ly, caring on me, at. i.
117idc Silk Meets for Clo4s - and Matiti/lai, Rich I my shopih Moki- ose . .
~ ' . -.
~. •
j , Silk and trelret firess - ?limning*, Mohair Mead '
brrsiss, Rigalets ke. kc., with a general assortment
of other STAPLE and FAncrlGoons, as 'usual which
having bought wider the prese' in pressure of ;hoc/L.4h
iharicei,.will be sold at corresponding, and reduced
• ~.
prices. . " • I.
Yew Milford, November: o4 - f , 1754.
IPOUGHT at the lowest 'pekes. And will he sold MC
. cerdingly: , U. BURROWS k
• Gibson October 11, 1854. 1 . -- • - •
Clotho', CamlniereOkitild Veoltlngol.
A large asaOrtnient and at prices.lowei than we bave
ever been enabled to offer them befit/gore:
; ; Gibson, Oct 11, 1834. 1
i .
._ Dress" G
A grpat variety and bent:dill
anal,' as coidd be desired. ..
Gibson, bewber 12, 18511..
. -" Illaek :111k.
A Food . quality for iirc.ises at, 81 cent, Pet'iard, 12, 1834. V.. BURROWS l 4 CO:,
—Shawls...- _ C_
Long and square, Ireal , broche, anti . silk
some atvleiranli at'extreinelidow
Qctia6er it, 104. 11. BURRO WS & 45).
A goad osioi;tnient and lam
low price& • • .• I
G.lon,.octiiber 1 4 1854:
' •filo Itobes, -
A large , lot orbanitme Robes, a part of than vibole,
Winn dressed and very superior color and quality.
October Id. 1864. 131,,,8U8R0-WIEt &
pulair Patent 1111+11ellue Ajency.
LL j
ularut .I:l;ed ei n e e;w i t e tzly
including- Lir. Jayne's cote ed Medieinix, Tritsi'a
Magnetic Ointment, Tatuter i aluau Ointment, -My•
ere &tract Rock Mose, Ponies — Win!, &e., riUs
of all sorts; i 0 direct- hont - the -- proprietors. . Also,
Burttinsr . .Thtid, - Cavaplierm, tx.,t)beap as the cheap
Montrose,'Decentber d, 18 , ' .
od — "-.
stylesould alinct4t si
. BCRitairEs & CO.
some` patterns t tit very
_ - -
~.....,,„_:, z.....„ . , r ,,,,-, -,...,--,....,,...., ,_ „ n ,
, .:41te,..*'. - :
GOLDand vir Paitiri tom : iichor 'lid - X,..
NA pine W jam received nod for Bed by.:-: ,
• Jorreiro•
GOODt#triresit torjeafilti'dottalSOng *filar
Rings, Diope r Breaid-Pbri;Siiticer,ifinge,
ke. jostree at BILITLRY 14 0,4114. 1.
Tea, Table„DesiOrt, Subar,:•Satt; ke, wiwringe4;lW!re
for sale by - port.rckszD.-
IlOots amid. -ham
An uMitruilly,gelod asiortmemt :the liesietnake;
freak and Iw/tee kir , 14011011 W ;, . .,
7 1 - 1 -
A'tre'st genuine Driii. . _tirMe*ltimOttitilt
Medicines, rairds, Oils, bye-stu f ike:, for -ttle_...hy.r‘
- .Dec, 13.1. .1 ' /301114 Y
Chu . **
.- - 131,5,S removed his shop (rani format klEttiftes
the brtserrient Of Seaile'ellotel, to ti e t ibe
the same buildilig; in the rear Of the bar-ranivlrheist
his.eustomens will , be waited , up?ti by that esqnhilta
artist, Professor] Charles . Morris, : . or by
reasonable hours. ' -
Please beards mind that thii is the only'thavfne
shop in town where' the think is dont otetlatificaily;
Monti tote. Dec'ember, 14. IS5f;
To the
.'eople- of
. 1 County:- ' • "
IJElSairne of the greatest sufferers by the retest `-
destructive fire in , Montrose; hoeing last me}r'..
store-house andtnearly all of my goods, I have ;nits;
however given 'lover to .despaul,„bid Lurie taken- - a'
store room in the lower part of! the Man; first - door.
north of Keeler',] Hotel, into which - 1 hare phtced the
Small stock asvedfrem the fire, and, will infthe comae' •
of a very short time fill. :up the Store, with entire; -
new stock of goads. -In my present new, hicatien,l
will be happy . see and wait oif my aid
and die public eney who will favorjne: with a' ,
call. I have relc4ved to .ft ititarepit.t! to this
I ani determined' io keep a. DRUG Flolr s 'attd.
keep a good amortnient of Drop t ifecliew!st,
Oils, Dpe-xtteiticjGrocerifl,; Glass-teare-jetreirtick_Ow -
Yinikeel A:Walla, and 'all sorts of Frothy—
_Goods, Ste. tc., Snell as I kept before the fire, midair
devour( a the earnings of* life time itian, hour.
Montmste, Nos. 23, 1854. ABEL DURRELL. L-
N 101111 tnairindebted tome; stow -
• .1.1 tern' 'ember. me in this in) , time
, hy. sending to nte . tlfg amount•due imrnedinteli.
Norendler 23,11854. ABEL TURB:ELL...
EELER STODDARD, since [ the late fee; -mkt,
be found id the .134SEM.EXT OF BRA Enrit
HOTEL. ;Notiithiktanding the unpmxdented.ra[
pidity with which' our stock; or Boots, Shoes
"went off" on tic l e morning of the fire , we hat's'
sane on baud, a d shall soon he [well supplied twee. [.
[ Montrose. Notember 13. 1854
.. . ,
' 1 Nti TICE! " " . '
THE subscribers being severe.sukerers' front 6'l
late disastMus Fire, have removed with what;
little remains ofi their stock, s to the new bunding oui
the Avenue, opposite W. J. & 8. H. Mulford's store, '
where-they will happy to see all theirfriends aid;'
customers,. andope, in the course-of -some ten dais;
to be able to et them. with an entirely IrET
STOCK OP 0 ODS. ' - , ' - . - i
We trust that Someofi our Customers Who have
been long in debt, will remember that this -is- a tlini,
Of SPECIAL ICEEl j i l WIWI us, and do as they wotild lie ' .
done by.-1 1 " - , BENTLEY &READ.
. Montrose, November 14. 1854. - ' '
- .. - AotouridingDiaclloanrel
j), LINES sit gain n the Tailoring Imsinese—•
• Those, therhfiire;_ who bare enough: of the
tight principle to enomrage home industry and desire['
his services, .willlplease, take notice: His .o.hjett. will[
he to please thok'whoyemploy h im, 'and receive* re-I'
ward for his labo . Shop'over Hawley lfr Mott'a store.;
Montrose, No ember 20, 18.5-1.
• • • .
• - •
PE 'copartnership ,heretofore known .under tho
name and firm of Newells Brothefs, in. the Sash,
Blind and Door tni4nes._,s is this day
. by juittuittOn t i.
sent and agreement dissolved. : • - • ,
Laneshoro, /I. K. NEWELL..
The sitbseriber i Would respectfully call the attention
of those who wish o purchase anything in his lint at
business; such lasi
Sash; Dtry hutters-and.Blinds, -
Cabint NVo i r of yittibus kinds,
, Bureaus Tables -and Seeretaiies,„
Bedsteads. o 4tatidit.-autirsiind
ALSo, Read Y-made Coffins ... Painting and G 1 nj,
if required:" Country
..Pnatinee and Lumber take"
C,xchange. Ternis l ready pay.
Lanesboro. Jaly, !.5, 18454. GILBERT-NEWEL 4
- - TU E "KNOW PI - 01 1 111NGS v" -' - : ,
But, very 'fortunately, the earth is not throwh r.
horn its hrbit, and ille`sun shines , on as before; ens. I,
bring the "Pietuie Man 7 to work at hisirade hflight. l
and shade in his hsual satiifiletory mother: . I - .
. Lllis New Stoe.ll, just putehasial,'-ecenprises' - twat) . -
t 'he neat atid,dtrable in
.A. e Paguerreottline, 1
ilal he asks that ou win not forget. to cal- -. .
lie -ha; also so t e recently. published Books, irltich-q
- 11 be sure to please those „ who Wish ;goeal reading_ -.
'I ,
~ -: I WIB.DU 'f
NS.. ~ , i
OddFellowellall, Montrose pi. 1
, ••':‘. ::-- i
• D r W. B. D. kirks not take
,pichires for 25 or 50'1
cods. 27d01e !eh+ wish sank trash mutt .go,ela7L.lsere.-.,
-; srw GooDs. - •
T 'C. LEE, Al MON"TROSE - DEPOT, has jost - re
U i ceived a neii supply of Spring and Statham
Goods, Which willibe sold very low for cash: orfatrat;
New Odeang Seger
C. litE'S New Store:
Diaries; Fisk.tee: and Groceries
• ry cheap at J. C.LEETC
TEA, Coffee, .
1, of ill kinds;
f Eggs at 12 cents per dimen t in ;;
gofds at C. LEE'S Store.
A'n quantity
V exchange To
. .. .
~ ' .. ''Also; , ..
A NY.quantity Butter at IC cents per pound, is
"1 - 1 exchange for Goqds at J. C. LEVS•NewStore.
.•- - ,
HOSE within ti purchasci .for cash, or, T i
chmige-for barter, will fi nd it to their interest w
(tall and examine Ski- stock of Good and riteeti' ft!ir 11
themselves. Foi_harier of 811 klmfe" the bitettit pelt. r i
ep May at all_tiniesl be relied, on at V. LEE'S Stam t
Montrose Deing. : • : .-, •
DOWT-iniMM/Ingtpr . . •
The ifais4ervit•itlorei
W F :etir t :Vl S t t s i t b c:l r ke. en Ztt i t i arg etit this
emnannied ont.,_Stoie.initli afloat,. of Our Gooda,..iiiid .
elected a convenient 'lgianty,wlierOArelitallic
Pf to see 'OR old etnntete as , well'aiter... 'We:ara
going to arl e r Toter--than :ever, ataliethbik ten
nor cent. 1 . than elk buy elametnite In galkiala
_pang- anil ne„,,WARRENVISAYEIL:
gritt's Sales: .
Brvittpe or a n t
of read. issuedou the
Court' Of 0)0 Won Pleas ausquehaina
ty and to site directed, evosu to publitsale at
the Court 'pause lb MOntrase,.orkfetur&y. the 17th
day of Febnetriness,litt &leek P. 4., all that cera
tain piece orli . fiocel of land Iylug,and helot situated
in the Towntdup of Harmony in Surviehanai county; ...
bounded *Sidi described - aA= follOtia, to - . wit the
north by land of Atnotiand Sintenl!arnea,:esitt tryi . he
Bebnont CkluaisO turnpike, and on-the imbothNtild_
west by land'of SiEn and Atnosilartentaluhtir
One sere of so or less , with tbeeppertes
one *lobed housd. d barn and an implored:: -,
-Taken as the 'Olt Of I), A, Lyons it'lltirfter-41.
Int. Williams: .F. P. - 1161.141#1214a1tig , •
Sheriff's office,liontros;, , /VW
trlnsubacriber•oill artu agent 11 . iii biilfiettO :1 .
-- ing Reid Restate--4sonktikactiai4ttill lof til.
;Wed in &Ands:non Ajounty, - Pitj'Alt intio!-lish • to
Offer their .ProPeri3lfor OnlOann
tipp of their FOros a r
,U4si go ,
brplitulkgraftcd f: other. fruit
.:treea ; 7 and ,the 111
1 polio to ttli-D;14411 R.
-alnl - 14...Y.-.4 E. R .
62,:thrOindin -Rat;
,popotkai4fOta* . aan., : i:,
• •
.• -, ; ,- . llloll.olololoreitc • ".