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litter from -Judge
= TowAwibtiFeb'y,' 24, 1855.
T o t h e Editors of the Republican: '
Gor isun : I hare just read, in the Mentiose
Demo crat of the 22nd inst., a letter purporting to
1 0 , 1 been written by me. to Simon Cameron.
) .) rbo letter as published is .oaant.xn and FALSE.—
la that part blazoned in capitals, there is a moat ma
lerrial omission.
Mr. Chase in his insane desire to do me as injury;
has gone far to verify the truth of the portrait drawn
of him last fall by a democratic cotemporary. It will
be recollected, that tvae` of the papers published at
the State Capital, zealous in the support of Gov. Big
ler, presented a daguerreotype under the "title of
ROERBACK" = a; name the very impersonation of
falsehood. The efforts of Mr. Cluisc
. to misrepresent
jp his readers, the positiOn of Gov, Bigler on tie Ne
braska question, o bt a ined Or him this complimentary
notice, in the columns done of the.;Govemor's met-
ropolitan organs. . •
I now, cbargc him with, having published over, my
mime " a i r arOteri letter; omitting a inaterial part, with
a view to change its sense, and to /daily my language
and Position.
The paragraph as published by Mr. Chase, in ital
ics and capitals, reads thus.:' - s • . •
'"ln -respect to yourielf; I hare rrpres.sed no word
of diseourorment or unkindness. ON THE CON
VALS (Buchanan,Dawson, Sc.; AND:THIS
I am 4ere- made to express on
.the . 22d of January
bst, the date of the letter, a prefercneefor Mr. Came
ron over 1111 his rivals—that is, ovci the gentlemen,
AT. THAT TIME, publicly and ge.nemlly - known as
candidate's for United States Senator. That the pub.
lication is earefullytiesigned to convey this meaning
is apparent front the language; *but it will be made
more clear from the. commen ts of Mr, Chase: In com-,
raenting upon the above. garbled extract, Mr. Chase
"Men of Susquehanna county l can you read the
above letter and : believe your senses I' . Would you
have believed that David Wilmot coald sink himself
so low—could show himself the unp'rinOpled dema
gogue who has not
to denounce Simon
•Carueron in public and private, as a man void of all
moral ant political integrity, as - a pro-slavery hack"
who had endeavored tohrito. him to his sUpport—ive
ask could' you hage believed him capable of the base
ness, while taking , such a position here, to sit down
andwriteen. Cameron 'hat he , trait F.ia prefrrenc:e i
orer.all o'ihrr rarvikiater for Citifrd Stcites Senator !"
Thus kits fixed beyond evasion, that Mr. ChasedeJ
sirtdly o published' my letter, as to make me dej
dare mySelf in favor of the election of Gen. Cameron.
Herein cdrisists the deliberate 'and ';witkedmisrepre-
Sentationa shameful suppression of \ a part of the
letter, whidi if published, would bate effectually pre.
'eluded any such construction. • •
I expri in -My letter,-im Fircference for Mr.
CameroMpret : the c\ididates then bdbre the public.
By no fitir or even pcosOble construction of the letter
wrote, could. it be toriured into ail expression of my
- desire ft.W hi= election. Yet 'this a the foundation
u pon which Mr. Chase pours out upon me denuncia
tions and, iinlgs—iterating and re-iterating. charges
of dupliciry, baseness, intrigue, disbOncsty—a. desire
to sell n principles to the highest bidder- r -until his
pure .i.oultakes affright, and he contemplaies the_ pie.
ture witlisadliess and alarm." 7
• Immagnlnte man! Paragon of truth, integrity and
h9nOrl fan you not Make another puldicapPeal to
the spirit!!of a sainted* ffitheN—invOke once \ snore the
endearinitles of domestic' life, as an evidence of the
,high value. You place - lE4;ot' a spotless character. The'
sitered . reollections of "the one, and the holy oblir,,a
tions of the other, should haVe constrained you•I.O .
the oh:tin : mice of that law, which declares, -"ne' idler \
shalt thou bear false Witness against thy neighbour." i
,you 11know the penailtysGod has affixed to the I
crime oftbeating false witness? Irea 7 elMd l tremble. 1
• "And the* Judges shall, make diligent :inquisition
and behold, if the yritrtms be a-faise witness, and bath
testified taisdy against his brothee; then. shall ye do i
unto hl as lie had thO4ight to do unto hia brother:
so shalt thou put the evil away from among you." *
Be assured, foolish Man! that God will in time vin
dicate hia high enactments. In his benficent Provi
denee it I's so ordered, that the pit a man diggeth for
his neighbor, therein, he that diagethit, shall himself
fall. • 1 1 ; • •
I preserved no cop) of my letter, and cannot there
fore give , its words; but the emblazoned paragraph.;
in whichithe gross fraud is perpetrated, by the„omis
sion of am important part, reads substantiallY thus:
"In r 4 Peet to yodrikelf I have - ExpresSed no word
of disparag:mt-vt or V.pkindneßs. On the contrary-I
have fre§uently expressed a preference for you over
.FARTY;:(Dawson, Forney, 'lurk., Buchanan; itc..)
and, this,; when it was supOsed the Party would have
the power to make an election."'
TARTY , ," or " OLD LINE DEMOCRACY," or words
to this ':import: tire OMITTED; and
.those words,
clearly define and limit to -a particular class, those
fired*, over whom I had given Mr. Cameron' a pref-
erence. ;
I was;tnot referring to the then present state of the
Senatoro question, as would clearly appear by a cor
rect reading of thec,letter; but to the subjectas it_had
presented itself before the election;:;and before the
po liticiatcharacter of the Legislature was known.- I
say in the fetter whet' speaking of hiving repeatedly
exPressed a - preference for Mr. Cameron—"and this
when i6va.4 supposed the "party" would have the
power t 4 m r alre au election." What PARTY :was it,
that it ,vas supposed would have the power to make
as electioni when I expressed a preference for Gen. -
Cameron crear his rivals, Dawson, Forney, Burst,
Buchana.n ke? A reference to the OMITTBDpart of
the letter Would shOw, that it was the "old line dem
orraticimrty." No one suppos'ed, that party - would
have the power to 'make an election, at the date of
'my letter, nor indeed, 'at any time after the result of
the Ockther election had become known. Agaimif
I ha . dj' i been. referring to the-then present -tinie,
with what propriety could I hive named ,Dawson,
ForneYi Burst and Buchanan, as hip rivals? Not one
of them •was then in the field as "a candidate for the
office Of United States Senator. - To have referred to
his present rival: men then _ before the public for
she office—l should have maned -Curtin, Johnston,
Coope i,r
r; Conrad Le. • •
It xs '-I
well' known that for more than a year before
the p . resetit Legislature *as elected, and when there
vras every prospect that the administration party vro'd
retain its a.scendeney in this State, that the names of
DawS, Forney, Burst, Buchanan, and others of that
party?, had been limn time to time, spoken of as can
tlidat4 for United States Senator. .After- the elec
tion It4st fall, when the administration -party was so
signally overthrown, all of tha previously talked of
" oldi/ine riAntocratic" candidates, eicept Mr. Came
rya, :r4tired at once from the field. The decided , ad
verse political character of the Legislature, precluded,
as it was, supposed, the possibility of their electiCin ;
and ; they ceased to be spoken of as 'candidates,
and were no longer before the pudic as such. These,
and Other* of this class, - were tKe men, over whom, I .
bad repeatedly expressed a preference for Mr, Came
ron, ;i and it follows of necessity, that such expression
was mad; when they were understood to be
dates or ." rivals" for the °Lice Mr. Cameron was
'tray° said enough to show the 'infamous means
employed by Mr. Chase, to make we the victim of his
faisOood / and misrepresentation.. A - word as to the
reigOns and motives - of his conduct.
Ovenld not consent to co-operate with him in
systOataticcowee of fraud and deception. I would
be aparty - Tto no sliamor I would nbt display the
taMid,of Freedom to betray it. I would not' make
bn l
xritieal professions of attachment to the pritici
plea, 3f Freedom , for the purpose of leading the muses
into the 'support of slavery propagandism. In short
I if ividd not become a cO-partoer in his infamy, in
ntln Gor. Bigler before the peOple, as the eon
41date and friend of Freedom, when I, and he, and
6 4 Mtelligent Mtn in the State and Goontrii knew
that lie stood *as -the candidate of the !rational Ad.
~' ri
ministrationi and the representative of-its principles
and Meas a c res. if I had earned for myself is ixn,:trait,
drawn in the sameirolors, as that presented of him by
a leading Etgler paper, Mr. Chaim to-day' *mid bait)
Been My tiiend; MA instead of devoting ihnoat kis
entire paper to Misrepresentations , and falsehoods
R i me d at -i ti 4, would have been extolling me as a Mod
el of-political 'consistency anti integrity. , . .
The motive for the perpetration of this eudaeiouit
T in an l y i t Oda juncture, is too plain to be mistaken,
I t was intended k)r:effeet upon the Legisisitnre, and
to indite:nee the result to come off on Tneeday next,
t he .7th hitst. Feir.;this reason it was held backnntil
It was, tho4ght too late to expose and counkerst . the
fraud.. I beard - two weeks ago through a latter; writ. _
ten by Mr ! : , Laporte to E. 0. Goodrich, that Mr. Chase
—then in Harrisburg—was showing a letter , front me
to Mri;CaMeron, cimtaining eipressiona of kindness
and personal, regard,' -with a view to inflience my
ftienda' to he support of that gentleman. •When in
formed tifihis by Mr. Goodrich, I remarked at once,
that Ilcard nothing aboutit beyond the fact, that Mr.
Cameron had alloW,ed so unscrupulous and unprinci
pled a' L man as Mr; chase, to have possession of the
letter.! The restilt bas demonstrated, that this re
mark was not irith`Out foundation,. The letter was
not written for:exhibition or publication; and yet if
Mr. Carneron chose-,to make this use of it, I cared, not
s strain if it' were pUb li shed in every paper in the &tn.
mon* l ealth, and read by all her citizens. I thottg,ht,
I confess, that it was trenching upon the point of bon
or and gentlemanly . intercourse, to place the letter to
the hands of a kno*n Unscrupulous enemy: ThiS act
justly 'makes Mr. Cameron responsible; and a sharer
in the infaMy whielt attiehes to the use that has Been
made of it., The only apology he can offer fOr pla
cinttite letter in die hands, of Mr. Chase; is that he
wished it to be used in the manner, and for the pur
pose that it has bee i tt Used; and that there w a s no
,man in the State, Mr. Chaie excepted, who would
stoop to an act so shameful and base.
rytt to the letteq and the motives for its garbled
publication at ibis time. So little thhught did I give'
the inbject i. and,so little did I care übout it, when I
learned that Mr. Cluiie was showing the letter inliar ,
risburg, that I did riot even 'write to my friend , La
porte Upon the subject. I well knew. that it contain
ed nothing-.of the least importance, and that .it could
not fairly be used tct influence the action of any one.
The firth use Made of my letter, was to see if the
tone of personal kindness that pervaded it, could not
be used to win over some of my friends to the sup
of 'Gen. Cameron.e Mr. Chase is the agent, em
ployed for this (comparatively, honorable) work. Thin
was a failure.. The letter, even in Mr. Chase's hands,
did not' prove ins zealous enough in behalf of 'Mr.
Cameron, to induceianY of my friends to come to his
support. ' The next l : , use made of it, is to prent a
garbled publicatioN onithe ere of commencing again
the -hailotings . for-Senator, with a view to prevent the
opponents of Mr.' Cameron uniting upon me.—
Mr.. Cathemks friends in the Legislature are compact
and rtganizeil, and *Olin a few votes, number the
figure required election. It is otherwise'with
his opponents—they are broken and divided between
rival candidates, and agreeing only in one thing—op
position to the election of Mr. Cameron: If they can
only be kept divided, it is easy to see that the di ,-ei
;dined forc4 of Mr,zCatheron, must in the end . lre
rail. 'I had received niore votes on the second and
last ballot, egainst den. Cameron, than had been giv
en to any,other . catitlidate—Mr.' Buckalew excepted,
*hose election his friends do pot count upon or 'ex
pect. ' It *as feared that the opponents of Gen. Cam;
cron (not including the members who voted for Buck.
1 rdew) might concentrate upon me, and thus present
the strength of an - rinOd body in opposition to his
election. Mr. Chase evidently feared this, and con
templated with dis.itiay the possibility of my success.
What so well calculated to pre i vent a union, upon me,
among 4 class of nien whose bond of cement in ac
' ion, was apliositiwi to Cameron, as to represent me
he really in that gentleman 's favor?. What better
1 cal /dated to excite - ttgaipst me, men' so feeling, than
to re sent me as declaring my preference ter 7 v
eron, o er those candidates in whom they had felt an
especial interest, an whom they would lay aside in
uniting upon me? kir in What way could Gen. Cam
! ermii succes'i„be soeffectually promoted, as by keep
-1 ing his opponents broken and divided! Here lies
the . true secret ofihis most infamous buiiness: - Fear
of my election, ant.i.a desire to promote the success
, "
of Gen. Cameron. - ,
Mr. Chase, in lag, comments on, my letter, with
characteristic reckless.neskasserts, that I have charg
ed Mr. Cataeryn wtili trying to bribe - , me to his sup- I
port . It false; 'i'and no credible witness can be
called . hi iti i supportr Were it not an impeachment I
of Gen Canieron's known sagacity„ the uncharitable'
might, suspect that he' had been waSting - some of his
funds upon Mr. Chi rtse.
I have done with this man. • He ma . y \ cundnue his
railings: and falseininds upon me with IMRunity.
shall notice no charke in his paper, not supPerted by.
the name of, a man of credit and character.: I hate
lived to fittle purpoSe, if aught he may say; call do
me injury. '• •
In conclusion, I ltudletage Mr. Chase to place - m,
letter in the hands Of .Mr: Grow, who will beat home
in a few days, that !iit veritable copy - may be publish
ed. Such pablicatlim; I affirm, will sustain all, a nd
More than all, that I have herein charged - against
Min- " , Ti. WILMOT.
Snsinnlum COtuity Teachers' Association.
The Susquehanna Co., Teachers' Associa l tion held
a meeting in the Baptist Church, at Jackson Corners,
on, ?+turdit., Feb. 10th,•1Et55. The • Preeideht not
being present, J. W. Cargill, was elected "chairman
pro • terry .!
,- The Chiirman called for the-report of the commit
tee, appoinied at a previous meeting, to report on
the beziefi4 to be derived.frtnn the office of County
Superintemient. ii •
B.• F. TeWksburyibeitig the only member- of the
vimmittee present, ;Said he had not expected to re
port upon this subject, and therefore - had not prepar
ed linuelf4e. had ; supposed the duty would be Per
foixned by the Chair Man of the committeel; but he
would not Ipbject toisoffering a few remarks in regard
to it, that' the- subject may be placed in a tangible
shape for discussion' ,Ile could see- no goOd reason
why we siould not have a general 'superintendent in
the schotil department—thee same argument that
would abolish the office of county Biiperintendent
would deprive the mmon ach . ool system of any eon
_ „
centratedauperiatendency whatever, which is a ruin
policy in anyibtisiness. It is a trite aml true say
ing, that ":whaterer is everybody's business is nobod
y's ;". and - judging
. froto the situation of our schooli,
it would seem we hid pursued the policy that adage
is intended to ridke or illustrate, quite too long al
ready. .• ; • -
Biniben:Hartisto., said he was dissatisfied with
the Office l ig cotairity:superiatendent, as conducted in
this eitality at leata.s- He was not certain but it maid
be snide of benefit M the schools, but he could see
•nothit l ig of the ki{' sß r as yet.' \ ;i
E: •8. Norris thotibt the schools hadno L been via
itedai contemplatec by the law. ' I
B. F. fewksbuitsr• 'said the question was not wheth
er the present Couitty Superintendent was perform
ingthe dOties of Oat' other ; but, whether l ithe duties
of thel oift‘ priVerly perfotmed would he'd belie&
to the scbos.:
oL • .
E. C : Roger' thought it could be mace areat hair
efit, and argued it .4 length in an able and eloquent
L. IL Bunnell also supported the aff+native in
fey and aPpropriste rri:rll/.rin% wring the
wreithedaeas of tha principle in general
Cage ezpringed a concurrence in, the vievi
given tp the justness tithe principle. i .
Ed i r . W I G. Lad; mus thief/ called upon ,1 and . gave_
a highly intereatin, Otecowst of the benefit. of the of
6ce4 of Gouty Superintendent in Con nectic ut and
Nuartchuse4a, that:the opponents of the laar, or that
Port* CI it eatthliahing the MSce of Cout ty Su.
Peri , t . +ldOnt, wee ;hasty. aid premature in 'their cow
cluamm, and quiteirtoo apt to found their estimate of
educatiou4on dollars and centa and. Awri at rather
a low mark. Toot ht Pennsylvania iihould net re
c do from the noble step ehe had taken to behalf
the education of her children, Ilia r e marks were list
tene4 to with deep interest.
The following resolution was then offered anti
.nnariimotbily adopted. -
Solved, That we heartily approve the principles,,
in thC Conimon School Law. establishing the office of
, r ,
County Superintendent:
, - 2
. ' l* foll Owing resolution Was then offered and supl
- porterd, by J. W. Cargill, also by L. M. Bunnell, IL
Kingliburi and B. P.Tewksburi, and opposed by Al.
G. Bushnell and Reuben H arr i s. . • ' 'i
1 i - 1
Resolved, That the County Saperintendent had
obi l with fidelity the duties devolving upoti
hini4coorling to the conditio*this eleetion. ;
The discussion continued for g ierne time with nci
little spirit and animation. The resolMlon &tail
PasitS. j
On molten of R. Barth Esq., the subject of a unit
forMity of 'Z'ext Books was taken .up for discussion,l,
butti being near the hoer for adjoUrnn.enF, , E.
Rog* meved that there be an evening session held,;
and dist the subject be laid over till evening which'''.
wall "flied.
The Asiociation then adjourned . to - meet'pt
o'clock P.l If.
. . .
Ri;ening Associatisn assembled and elected E. B.i
Noo-fs Chairman_ pro tem. The discussion of_ Text
Books was then taken up and continued s.tlength by ?
R. Barris, fEsq;; J. W. Cargill, A. G. Bushnell, L. M.
Bullon, E. C. Roge;s and B. F. Tewkshtiry. I
Ali agreed that uniformity was highly nesirable In t:
ever* schoct!; and, also, , that the School Director
ought to discharge this important duty of their Office i f
imnlediatety, in case they have not alreittly. • 1
Bqt few; of the members of the Association beingi ,
present, : it was thought best to postpone the election;'
of officers till next meeting.
Tlie meeting at Jackson was one of the best Eaten-)
ded iiteedn'gs the Association has ever !held: The . 1
good people 4 . 3 f Jackson displayed a spirit highly cred-1
itable to them ;
'and •
well sustaining the reputation;
; i •
theylutve , heretofore enjoyed for intelligence •and;'
deep'iinterest in; the common schools. ' 1 1
Theparint Came to confer with the ti•acher upon!:
the (to him and the state,) mementoes subject of the!
elitt4tion Of hiS children. A glorious sight indeed!!!
"F*l4- picture for angels to gaze upon." 1 Wh;?.n willji
, .
every parent 41 that he and the teacher have one;
conntion Interest, and that the education of the cbiM
is the first great interest of both? When will be feel :
that' heir interests are linked equally by One conimonii
tie to the welfare of his offspring? Well may it be.l
.asked, who more than the parent shall feetan interest-
in common seloolli education. Ample accommoda-.1
tioni were j)reFtared • for the entertainment of the As-• 11
soclation, and among those most worthy of individtt..
al notice fer °6 their active exertions are Reuben Barris,':
Es.i J. J. Tiirner, G. Williams, —Culver Esq.!
and R. G.,l.arnb, to allot whom the Association is ;
inueb indebted' for their kindness. ' -- . '-
Before adjoutnment the Secretary read a note fromi
Prof. Richard Son, stating that - he by accident had,;
the 'Friday eveing previous, received a severe injury
in one of his e es, and that in consequence of that he;
shoehrbe y unable to attend the Association. Ile ex
prised a; . Warrit wish that the meeting might be bar-'.
momous and ulgeful. •
- Askociation then adjourn//1 to meeVatliarford rtii 7 ;
verwity ortiSatnrday, February 24th, 18.55,.at twelve.
o'clock, 1 4 1 B.F. TEWKS4IIII 7 , RCc. Sec..
For •
• ~•:1;k:uoN, Wyoming Co., Feb.' 1855. 1
.tirrontslßEfent.tess: :—Noticing in the M ontrose
beMocrat a ftr weeks since a long list of , new suby t
scribers, purporting to have been obtained iu niti4l l
dais, t h e sqpposition, in my mind at • lean, wa.4:l
: :I
that they Were bona,fide subscribeN, I being persons l
acquaibted with a number of those whose nameS
were appeitdcil to the list. A few days :after, being
at a public house where there were a.nbnaber.of peri f ;:i
sous preSeiic Pne of the number took quite n . paekage l J
of numbt. - trit of the Montrose Democt at out of his pock,
et and began distributing them among those present,
whew not One['of those that had 'papers directed to
them had ever subscribed for it, and these same men's'
names are 'in the list of tluite having fnlbscribed in!
- .
nine days, i
Now ert# hardly suppose Mr. Chase meant
give his paper to those men gratuitously. Perham
hej.hought h 4 was doing them and their Camilies
kindness by 4rcing them to take a .newspaper, (a's :
they certainlvi_ought,) whether they were willing Or:
not, • He roust know there are many, very many, that.
don't know what the law is, with regard .to newspa- 1
pers. accusing lbe . friends of the Republican Aid
.obtaining aubScribers dishonestly reminds one, to ei,y'
thOeut, bf the thief in the midst of his pursuers.
4 1
4 ..
~ .
On the sth linst.; . at the residence of her fathor, -
Geo. Backus ; ; in Bridgewater, susgyaehanna co., P. 4..,
LtltA A. Wrife'of Geo. W. Pick-.ri ng ,
!She has been a con.siatent member of the Baptist
Church at Montrose, for five years; and leaves an iti
rapt sob, i VriO a large circle of warm friends .and aci
quaintances. ; .
We ter,tierito the husband and friends, our kindest
vmDathies, in their affliction. ''. Cox.!'
.. - ; •
• i ":. A* , . W,beirfiseilpfs,.-
• ,
The sulisc *ber having leased his Farm situated In
Forest Lake,; -4 mile from the Post Office kept
Mr. Elishil Gris, will sell at public auction on Tbuisi
day the 29th day f March neat, sale to commente
at 9 o'clock A. M., e following described stock Sic,
il' Span 'isplendid Tear old Mares l very gxxidl '7,
year old'Mare, 1 very 2 year old ;grey Colt, i 2;
3 year old Steers, 2, 2 y ar old Steers, 1, 1 year Old
Heifer, 5
,yearfing Raters, 2 yearling .steers, 1 Env",
gy Wagon., - 1, 2 Horse Sleg 1 single V l ach iHarnest
I Plough,: 1 Stove and Pipe, • i
TERMS oir SILL—AII Sums .er $5, tut* all sums
over *5 mid under $5O, 9 mon •, and all sums over
$59, 12 months credit with interes andiapproved se.
. IMarch Ist.; 1855. 844ir
• • •
"(ATM laotOld at Public Yendue, an gat
7 T 17th day of March, at 12 o 'clock A. , the
Plum . ) now occupied by Benj. B. Fox, hi Pores \ Lahf.
cirtaining 41 acres, and well watered and tnostlXiie
proved, with a new dwelling bowie, barn and .t
,honse, and other buildings, and a young orchi II
nosily grafted fruit.
• Tictuni-inade known on day of gale.
March lat. 1853. MARY ANN F.OX4
' -
etters of Administration of the Estate pf Ilartpak
jJ Bollea, late of Jessup township deceased; with the
!win anneted, have been granted to the subscrit*i.:
persons indebted to the said estate are requested
to make payment, and those having claims 0r . 410.:
Mande against the estate of said decedent, will make
known the same without delay to . .
CHARLES AVERY, Administiater.:
Hontree,e Feb. 28. 1855. • • 910. ,
. _ ,
1 . NOTICE. ' , h
T ' ahnual meeting for the electiOn : of :officers'
. :
for the Lackawanna Railroad Company will he
held at the house of Wm. W. Bronson in the city ;4f
Carbondale, on Tuesday, March 18th, 1855. ..,
By order.: • D. W. LATIIROP, Secy.
Carbondale, Fe bruary I, 1855.
- PUBLIC SALE. . 1:.;.
Ityru: be exposed to Public Sale at tire Md.;
V y iderue of the subscriber, in the Borough iof
Montrose .!on Wednesday the 7th day of March twit,:
at 10 o'clock A. IL; the'following property to wit: -
4 variety of Household Furniture. consisting . (anumg
many articles not enumerated) of Tables, Ch airs, Berl
**As, Beds,'Standi. Crockery. Cooking store and
Kitchen-Imes, Looking Glasses, etc. Also, Saddlea
Harness, Plow, and (perhaps) one of the most petted
Carriage Horses five years old, in the County, with'
Leather top Buggy, and plated Harness. •
Termsrme entombs credit will be upon:
strong no*, with interest and approved . security fin;
all Bums over $5.- • N, C. 'TYLER
Montrose, Feb. 21,1855. , • . 8w2.;
large quantity of Delainar—s lap quantity of Pit
arnettailk, Wool and .Cotton MsMs—Musiln and
Cambric. Embroiders—Dress Trimmings and Buttons_
4-* large. stock of Ready Made Claling--is large
Stock of Fancy articles-4mi a few Books will be said
nt. 'Colt till the tat of April nett by the subscriber.
February 14 1855. F. B. CHANDLER.If
i"- .I
Mg LATEST 11/ 1 043..8Y in 11 -
f I f
s'i .• ": 1' EBB, ARA !
f :1 - 1 f
frMAT-tie Spanish Corirt has decided pcit 4,01 the
pl. ledirid Pi Cuba, but Joseph h
Wittenberg & into er
haiereCePtly decided to epen a- new rOre in the
building,of L. Searle, a few doors east of loo m 's stiire,
opposite; Wilson's dwelling house, comer tf: ' estnut
and Gwiiipi'pstreetk, where they *ill keep dni, hand a
splenclittassortment of Ready Made Clothing; iil4 in
additltiori to this, i good assortment of: lizlptid Cltith,
eassiknere; gentuckey Jeans, &e.; in s'h'ort, sigenral
assortinent of Gendemen's furnishing Gocsis. I Abe, a
splendid asiortipent 01 Ladie' Dress Gooch, S lks,
rapcei, Delaines, Alpaceas, Embroideries, Shawls,• c
at, Dress Trinunings„&ci&c., all of whiciitley a fzie
termliied ti offer to the public at very IoW prices.—
All Goods warranted to give satisfactiott, as well in
quality as in price. , , 1 ,
,Plcase give us atrial before purcluisiPttlelSe whiz, re.
Mor_itrosti, Jan. 26, 1854. • , -. .
I i
• -•:-,----1---- -------":------- '. :-
I.'; li Sheriff's Sales.-
71"31 virtue of , sundry writs, issued out ',of the Cdtirt
Li of Common Pleas of Susquehanna county and to
me directed, I will expoie to publie,sale!ai the Court
house in Montrose, on-Saturday the Seventeenth day
or- March !text at one o'clock in the afterr+n-4411
that Certain piece or panel of land situate', lying rind
being,. in the township of 'Lathrop, in saidicouUty,
.bcronded and described as follows, to wit:', i Beginning
se they end of a wall on the e5t...4 side of thitlLkastan
its k Western Railroad and in the 'north'il4ank of [the
litcok` that crosses near the Ropbottom Depot, ; thgnee
riorthl64 degrees east, 9 6-10th perches up theZok
to` a past , oh the south side; thence south si , d es
east, 12 3-10th perches to a post cast side of the tarn
pike; 'thenee north 50 degrees west lc 110tif pekh:
es iota point opposite the bridge, north,lB3ldegrees
west 3 perches to a stake east - side of Itailrli:rd fi nd
turnpike crossing, in range - with north Ode la t rn
pike from Depot across the flat ; thence ncirth'' t 41"
degree. 4 west 5 3-10th perches to the beg!! nitig;• 0n
taining 61 perches wore or less, with theyt putte oil
ers one throning house, two' store hou_ or sh ps,
Oil all ingkored. • °
',•: - .Talcen itttexecution at the suit .of P. P. Catlini. x
center &e.trf Putnam Catlin, deceascd,f . l&nroil B.
Merrill.: . • . 1
•; ALSO--All that certain piece or parceliofilalsit
nate, lying and being, in the township of Atibu ' in
Susquehanna county, bounded and described as:fol
lows, to wit: On the northdry lands of William Clok,
On the east: by lands of Daniel Carter, onl the r ath
o lands ofJohn Benscouter, and on the ticsillty lands'
of William:Jackson, containing about 88•Iireievirire
Or lesii, with the appnitenances, one log; hciuse *ld
bitrn, ;turd shout 45 acres hirproved
Taken in' execution at the snit ofJohnl
;tie of L. II:' Peck,. vs. S. C. Sherer. 1
.A1 4 .90- . —,At the same time mid plum; 31,
dain three Story wood building with a brit;
Ment,:situate in. Lodersville, Great Bent
. .
in said . Coulity, and the Lit and piece oft
Oil-111;Tc stypurtenant thereto, and on=.
bhiltlingis ! ,eonstructed, bdanded on the nt
the Newburgh turnpike road, on the'cast;
east-by lands formerly owned by C. J. 11:
Outh;:by grOttilds owned - rind occupted b:
S'ork4: Elie Rail-Road Co. and on the %void
• west by lands of Lowrie Green, said buildi
itig and covering all the .lot.; .! being some it
fnmt tin said Rail-Road g ! rounds, and sii)
tilocaleet . .ijtar to. said Tucjtipike mud. 1 i
I Taken ini execution at the suit of Elmen
11iitni ii. Addison Bryant. :. ' ' 'l 1,
i l ALSO—By an order of Court, one scituer .ect,
Ipii•ce l ; or.itairel of land lying and bein!slt. aatettiiil
;townships ilf Lathrop and, - Lenox, Igininktl, and;
. iSeribed as follows to wit: On the north t,lir ilandis,
;Lewhi Baker, on the east by lands . inf Onfdti f'asei
1 1.satel'o . ..on the south b); Ends of-Da4l Illsti
I • st *.
Geo. TitTai4, and on the west by lands rtft, ol n Wit
, i ! enntaininm:l3:3B acres be - thG same more 4r .1 1 ss, 1 , ,
ith . i -{ -
e appurtenances. • •1.
i!' , . A4S.O-.-3:iy- Virtue of 4 writ of Apr. 4rutd 04 o,
Said Oottrt tWo ether certain pieces or panel" of E Ind
jiiitu:ded lyiiig and being ipartly in the
,-, si•ougli of
rViiendsvillii and partly in 'the township : : 3 . ' lkpalacon
ih said County, and lxiiiiiiMil as- follotrf, ti? w4l:
I lhe first Degining at the corner of David Rcibb'sjinrid
'on the Milton.' and Owego turnpike Roal, thl•lnce .
I. nioug said turnpike north thirty seven deg!. •es West,
:83 pdyches do . a post—thence South :37 th gAces xi - est;
,1 P 9 percito to a beech ; thence . S.outh .p:' -4... (last.
':711 perches-and 7 - 44., 4,,0 a post in .the said E01i,,.,,,,-
b's hind;
thenCti north S 7 degrees east, 87 perchei:lohe Place
'ofßeginning 3 . ctintaininv-18 acres and 3 .perOites
.'a - ith the appurtenances 1 awellin g _hou, 1
:1: corn house. and nearly all hnprored,4t • t to E'-tate
(:)t- Lticindit! Dayton. 71st Second 'BOun e on the
. South by the line of _Middletown townsiliti, t n \ . Shuth
;east by lands of David Rebbc, on the 111)49wesi, -by .
1166 ; of Willitim \Veldt alld Edward Cz:038.0 ~ at on
! die north east by the Lt...:, described lin.,f er 4 a i din g
'..eighty six acres and seven tenths, more o • i ‘ss, With
tile appurtenances and partly improved! ~ f ;
Taken iii!executiou at_thesuit of Cal4C tuali ; vs.
Liteiuda Divton. - 4 ,' - i - . il .
*Ttr .4+
FVP. 11OLL1t A,
Shy.riff's j office, 31ontroSir, Feb. 19, 1 5 _
~....7 . .!,_,.......__,__. ._ .}
; - Administration Notice.
I\TOTIC'E, is herehy given that letterW,ofr,
.1 1 1 Lion upon the estate". of ,David k;, , e ,
Renick township. dee.=•aseil,,,hav , b e e r ; H
Untlerrighe4, anil all penmen". indebted to F
Will pleale make itnnlectiite payment, tit] t
Wig claims.: will - Pti - ,ent the same dull 4itt
settleinent.i - - ' IiAICSAII 1
HeiTiek;Zitn. 4 7. 1853. ' . • ,
•! . i
coihiJ. au c3nnianrAo,
As'w,, anxious to clove out our , :tiick of el. -
' lug to make room for our Spring and Su;
purchasti we are Selling it grea
atgreatly redu6ed p
fall, as pooris the time' tei her cheap.,, i. •
. Over emits from #41,00 to #iB,oo. DfesA, krolt 1
-Seek :Coats, good patterns and new styl+. i rants I
#1,50 too,oo. Vests of every Style; Gelpts.4]
niahing•Goods of every kind. 1 I 1 . r
, f
, , ,
*try per cent. cheaper than ever offeredin IMO
r ,
` , . tr
. DE LAMES. :. i .1
• TO
I Goed quality and
.neat 'patterns P.elliri i pi, co i l
cash.:; I : A r ' . A. LAT#ROP & 42'i
IFetitrtiar* 1, 1855. i , . t' I 11 . l'
- r 10,006 , Firkin Stai•es.ll
1 1 ;TEll by the subZeribers' immOdiat y.
Heading timber and Hoop-poled,—for shic w
pay the highest market; price. Sea.4one tare,'
1 111TH ..1;.11*11
Prooklyo, Feb. 13, '54
POR SALE—A first rate's rears' old ijor i rdj right et ,
t.y way:: Enquire at tbeTStore I [l
_l3rookly, Feb.. 13.1 SMITH & ngmme4D.
; . S. . Li
To Persons out. of Enliqmpi. iii: ,i,......-.2 , .
1 •
17ie MoU hirgant and Uitittl l'oltcmi o . lf . rf he 1 1 rat .
SEMIS' GREAT WORK o*. itiutar t hi.
published, an Illustrated Deserigtinn Of the
',Cr RUSSIAN EMPIRE. - c . Being a phrsr.d and Po:
Utica! Histiary of its Governmenti and tnarf ces Pro
ductitips, 'Resources, , Imperial Gove,rnin nt, ';;Com-
Oicrce; Lithmture, Educational Means,l.R4li "onil'eV-.
9e, Manners, Customs, Antiquities, ete.l te.,T from
'tke latest and most authentic. sources E lielliShed
pi 1 abOut 200 Engravings, and Mapii of urip;pea.n
and Antic : Russia . The varhole complete onelhirge
!octet- roliitne of aboutf76o pages ? ele tl Anil üb
stantie . bound. Retail price, *3.
?' : Thin w 'lc has been Seyeral years in ,Feps.M ion,
:and will, it believed, Meet, in the full SI adepts-,
'tiOn of the,'w , the went so universally elt for MU
able itifoiiMitio ' on the 'history and intivn :'resonrces
cif a country ocepyin ,, so large a portionl4 the East
: ern Hemisphere, lik d telding so formidableu pOsttion
'it the preient the the rest of EurOpel4nd !Asia ;
but of with far Jess i 'known than of ' ther lEu
"ropeat natAon;N
- "••• - '
I t ' 1
. : I. r
1 : i ; -
1 1 1 .
or Alin, a deeply I hue sting volumeentitled
HEATED PERSONS," ettihrac' the 'Ro 13.1ntilPInci-
Sdents *nd Adventures In the It es
. iiif Severeigns,
tatesmen; Generals, Princes, W.. • ors,lTrark.lers,
Adventurers, Voyagers, dm., eminen nrs, th' IBA rY
Of Europe tint America, including. Eke he i o
1 0
fifty celebrated heroic characters. Beat i Ilyt i lus:
trated with numerous engravings. Brie tit ume 400
pages; 'royal l2mo, 'cloth, gilt. Price,*lo4. r
' . The stibtic-riber publishes a number Of Most ,ralcus
•ble Pietoritil Books, ver y popular, antrof such at "or
al and religious influence that while Eno' inieti.L.. y
tied" engage in their circulation, they, willidonfer ,
publie,benefit, and receive' a fair rinbp4i sari for
their liner , ! • •., I ' I•;
rjr - Tothen of enterpilse and tact this business
in opportunity for profitalaleemploymint '•seldo to
be met with: , • .1 '.
lar:Persons wishing to engage in their sale, ill
receive, promptly by mul t i a-el/ruler Conti# ing M ull
'particulars with " Directions to persons do to
act as Agents," together with terms on whic they
Will be furnished, by addressing the subscriber, 'Post
paid, ' ~ . ROBERT SEARS, PUELDIDEE, .1 .
. i ,I
• /81 Winilltl Et.! N 1 Y.
Tisnsitby Seed.
11.2 itst I
taoley Turrel i s celebrated Timo th y d
lUed pnrO For sde dy ABiL Teranta
Montrose, March Ist;
• 1 ,r •
• 1 • 11take Notice. . -• ; •
Ande!ittl to A. Bti.oigri:s t . by,
note or book aeeounts . are respectful y refutnd
ed that it will l.)e veil - Acceptable- to us to h the'
same; paid Itholi; A. ik F. BA! ave
3tdrartise, NoVeruber lftrrt. '
• I
• - • • .
rir!lE fintrscilhOs !Ave to inform
of Brooklyn and vleinity that they ha
celved a lot of ietores, which they offer
low a's they *purchased elsewhere In
A45O—A - lpi of STOVE PlPE:anti Elb:
different - sizes; pttrunniirpetort;rs prices. '
W.ANTED I -01 Iron, Copper, and -11
change for Btci*es or Other goods.
NEW stoek pf Winter Shawls just
.2 - 1.1 for site lOwiby "I'SMITH & HEM
I '' niAttEITP
i i [ i • , - /
5,000 bushels Of Oats, 1 1,000 Nish. Dr? d Apples,
2,000 bushels cOorn,. I 1,000, bush. Buckw heat,
s l,OOO bushels of Rye , 1 509 ” Be ta,
and any quandiv of 1
ridges, at the high t•ntarket
price's, in exchange for s, by • . 1 '
Briaoklyn, Npv:, '54, SMITH & HEM EilD.
rt tod
• . , iiirivsic ~.. iturTsic !
'received Liy, I ' ; J. LYON & SON,
O n HEET Mald.---a new lot i ,ll;ifie VO o
ic' Pi
k.) 'Melodeon and Guitar--sotne very bee itfuli picc
es jutit, publishcil4-4old - . Ij , J. LYONS &. SON.
i• • ! i
A few more 14 that
Paratnettas, f;lalibmi
at i
A f
I rsh aupply WO:
. • I
1-• • 1
---, - -- 4 .,•• ,----- ---1--
.3foh4satra at - 3 sh4linf „Ai, • Syrup/ at ~
6 ah4lings, by i; 1 - I Lycis§....k .41N.
• 1 71(/. JEW GOODS:
A tiIIVING even- wick at; A- LATIIIIO , & , 1 ' B.
. 1
= ... , , : .
.4.. - 1. Viitmary Istl - • •
Wintert: half'
QELLING ofra great
.ac nary" Ist;
5000 D 4
! Yi January )st
I - Grain- !• Gcra in 1 VII
Olaant I I i
a k r i kind-, t d i .p 14 d the ~
. t ih i rles ib t k r .. ll __ Ro;
S IslandtSals at. ; LATIIROY
T 1 Montrose , Oantia •I; 155. i :
--- r ------.-- 71; - 1. - - --- " ' ---- 1 -------' .--
.00311 E D I
m o SEE US. 1 i
Tlio Teinkrant‘Fe Saloon is 'still ang
von, and contends that, total illi"Stinclice from all that
intoxicates is theluirest,lsitfekt guard for tl e p4ople.
Altheugh the, itiprictor S.
s of; the above .looilliwero
among the silfrers Of the line fire, and lokt aigcxxl
portion of their 'goods, they; inade!out W I ravel one
thing—that is, Frinciple which they count worth a
pile. They HOW have W sniall stock .of !Proci:riei,
Toys; Confectionaries, Yanklee Notions, .Perfuniery,
&c., which the Y Offer to the public cheap orcaiili.—
oy:4S‘rs got iipliol , all wa -s to!suit eustonieriL
This Saloon 'may be (mind in the rear of. Lynx &
Chandler's loin ! fitiildinfr, &On. , on Chest; ut street.
Come owe mid dk and': `C the place 'where we ire. ;
.• ; •r• I F. )I. FORDIIAIt & 10.
- •
314ntrose, Deeinnher 3, -1854.
e.11(84 i1 .y,
r hat Oil.-
f nt baie•
.1 iti '.
round [andn
1 -1 .
l at ti so nit
; rti :on, the
he i ltiw.
, 41 id narih
ng neciiiiy•
L fti- red,i - in
Step.rum to td 7/4rvinTs.
• *O lfe t s * •
r "HE subserers haNle milde arrangemet
`1 inish to prioinis who may be in want or
above named irmalual4e Snf $, at the same
which they can 14) obtained the manufat
Having experienged the benefit of stir!) an
ring the Lite cnntlagrat Qll onrselves, we
estly recommendlio others having valuable
papers, the preserving of which,‘yould be ct
impcirtanee to pi/tu, no to do ~ithout one:
Prices rangy froMi ;):)1) to arid we el
to any one wirildng toi purbhase, did
style; size, pritie.l).ke., Mid firrifish them or
tice,lwith the int rnalrangetnent to Flti
ehmitT.. . !BENTLEy
Montrose, Dee 'miter di), .
WE:are receivin
purchased in di
compete, and 'wt
tenni', at the neti
Otticv. - I
Motitro;ze, Feb
QOLE Deathe
V. 7 ne
-I:freiFt suppl o'
&c. Sc.. just rte
r 17 2 '..e Subscillie
on hall
Ghat 8an4.4:
shit. '
i F .
i, laic of
4 .3
Lnte, the
iid to
ici.;ei ntr
:tted for
I 1
'1 • , LL AD
i REY, -
ST(;)VES AN, D 'IN WARE F 'lt 'HE.
t 1 P1,...:1)P1-E. - ; ; • .
A ArooDituF . r & ELDRED have constan vob blind
I a large] and
,w a likseleeted ,astortmt of tin
ware, Reels. Oinil Ch n for : wells, purnps,• pistern
pumps; &c., Ifs4raußi 11 : In's:Japanned u•ares; lead
.. I
. pipe of all siXes.Ac.. c_ Job work done with. peat
ness'and des at ; all orderi promptly attended to.
.' .$ myEs& PII'E - 1 :-
kepi! constantly" n ha7l, a large assortment ofstoves
of the latest Mip oved and approved patternsi Our
experience in th :buSiuess'enables us' to s'leet those
that ;we can safc Y wnt to give entire satisfaction.
Amongst our tau eron stock can be found thei,
Paragon air fight Star of the West, EleN'ated
Ncir, World, " Clinton, . ' Oven.
..- • A,
, Cultivator "
, t
Plibeniz,.., .1, Fire. Fly, ' , 7.- I"
Three States; 1 t
" •:W 'tern . ; . 1"
Globe,. ' 1 i"` P 'llium. ''
S. A. vroobßixtr. ,
.Ni '. E . ' GOODS. .•T i . :
A ..P'esh. .11 rieal f Neer Goode, Wrirh we
• ; i ill
,s 11-rev . / cheap. • :I - • .
iv E have a. arge took of Staple and rancy Dry \
1 1 7- ' Goodsi.4 ich tve will sell cheap.. 0411 an'
. , .
examine. 1 I
' 1' nett pahide Clothing. s ; .
We pre now iirepared to clothe all according i to the
I . i . t
latest litylc. ik HATE A LARGE
W 11.4 SELZ: TEBl * *ow..: Call and'examine befok pur l .
chasing. Also; ii large stock of Cloths, catilmeres.
Jeans, Siitinetts,l i Tweeds, &c. dc.—in fact ) our~ stock
in this line is complete. .We invite the
,tteAtion of
cssii rcacmiens to our stock. All kinds.qooduCe
taken in excl an ,e for goods at cash. price
l ' l . .
Montrose, 'ovt. 22, '54. IIAWLEY ' 31 i TT. .
. - 'I •
1 . i.---.
1111:11ELL I
.. • •
justl4oeir d from .N.ew York a fullassort
.ment 91'14711' 000.D t 9, comprising :a • first
rate 'Yariety.of Bkco:4, Mr.incists, Citt:_ute t its4 Otis,
RIAU; FOR. Llthlk 11:SICIL Issrui - ur.:syS, XANKEE
FANCY Goons,iwbicl will he sold extreniely low, for
cash.: I.laring, r rtcently sustained a loss 1.).Y fire of at
leastfire thousatut dOlare, above instunnee ; and gnodS
saved, I fancy 11 Itar , strong claims for the patronage
of mi friends and ill public generally. I ask doi man,
to giye to me, ticitlaer do task or expecti l additional
profits in conselt tep l ee of said lOss. - I Wililleti goods..
as low, if not bier han can 'be bought eleaterein
this. towit or un y.' All task
. is thatipatfonage
.fromithe publ d high will enable me with . ndustry to'
slowly but - gincin lli replace the loss susfafned—said,
loss being tju. - hiv'tif i ettinings of a life of anilouit toil.
. Stare at thellower end of the-burned district, on
Main , street, tiro* .ours below the. corners, ,1 - , r I
1 !I I
._.. • ABEL TURRELL.' -
Montrose; ;D.i.e . ber 14;'1854: \ . r . -1 1
; t, i ; ~ 1
. .-1 ,
'., AA It!ght ALauln. ;
~ IJO , ORDER. - f t .
-,: , ,
Min Subscn r would respectfully annotmce to his
I. customerS 1 ' d the public in general 40 he is
again prep red O the Boot and Shoe businm
re .
Raving just ci. red from New York a chmci lot of
Sole and trppereath9r, Calf Skins, Kip kips,.t.c.,
1 1 ,
all oak-tanned, - I
!t so, an assortment of. R it ti.-made
work, consistin 1 m part of Men's Thick 'and Calf
Boots,' Boys [kW , Children's Strap Boots, ':romen's
Enameled. Uniod,:Boots, Polkas, Kid Bus hill, Silk
Lasting,ros Gaitirs, Goat Lace loots, EnaMeled Peg-,
ged Boots, Miesqa Kid Lace Boots, Children'' Roan
Booth, LT. d:c,+4hich will be sold forcash cyseaper
Aan' earl be sou ht elsewhere in this maritef.. iße
siring done nea p 3i. - . I
71ease call sinxtunine. ` Store first-door 'east of
ld Fellowarlfall. • . i i
',tem ltorir l i; from "the time. to work" until the
"restrand "refreshment."' .Grate ul ror put
hopetk; by strict attention to b siness to
hniante of - the same.
lisornewhat in want of the. "on' thing
•l', he would `suggest, in le Mildest.
,:le pro , priety of those ind Wed call
tt some immediately. Nur ied.
4, 864. C. K. simm9Ns.
''e I CS L
vo ' • ,
- - '
he t. 4
a eon 1 At e
R. Be 4 1 j ti
ful," (moth. 1
finer possible; I
Ad settling
ildotrose' .; Dec
4.. • ' 4','l ! ! . Al,xes
nuE , AP .tea Store.. \ J. LYONS
‘...1 prontreil, • etnizt7ll.
' ' 1 ',I , ~
time . for\
&vet* he.'
Merit a coM
N.;11. BeL,
needful," (won
manner posallile,l
tug ind setting
m i '
1; Ea dd
A. LI.
117.141 GOODS.
/.eekl a lot of New .
rendera our
!jell oter, on the`ntof , t !
buildlng, kale door abov
I, 18.55.
r Calf ;king. OKI Plana,
nyceived . :10 gm sale
i. UPP
1 a suppi,
T Spoons, Watc.lnf., JOrelty,
.1! C FFINS !- COTT St
, 1
e. , llas on , hand readytii4del.offins
had at rinisonable price4,' :1
lot or Superior window 1 , - , 1 .,51 1 ,1
n. 1.5t1i 185 5 . •i: '1 ,
6. 11.
IVITHEREAS I have Just received , anew stork sof
V Winter Goods which have been bought xi the
lowest prices, and whereas I in in great want of Cash,
Viroolen Yarn, Corn, Oats; Butter, Bggs, Wood:(fow
feet long,) or any thing else to keep A poor man froth
starring, I am bound to sCli goods at a very low
figure for any of the ahoval articles Just call and
take a look, that's all! - I " S. A. LYONS.
Lanealx)ro, January 1, 16.55.
e citizens
e Just re
or Itle as
e te . unty.
rya tof the
, •
ROCHE and Scoterlaid Shawls, French
nos, Paramettas, 'Jenkins, &c., at.:,.
teneisboro, January 1;1865.]. S. A. LYONS.:
s, ti, 0:4
MALebecnunbilieinAvBC!)/I2f4Ard• old
rontrose, November 14, 854. •
41E subscriber is awrvlng on the CHAIR MAK;
lISINKSS all its-various branches tit
the Chair and Ware Shop Itarfoid, Where may 'be
timid a greater variety Of. Windsor and nothing
Chairs than at any other establishment in the county;
also Flag and Cane Seats, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Leung-
Settees, Tables, Stands . , k 6. etc., all of which Will
be sold at the lowest prices' aeretall, (or wholesale,
With short notice.) All irork warranted well made
and of good material. Short credits and small profits
will be my motto. For demonstration- of the sbove
factl, please call at'my shop-in Harford village.
!Barford, October 1, - 1516m6
ived and
THE subscribers offer for Sale on the most liberal
and easy terms,one of the best located farms for making
monerin Northern Pennsylvania. The said rim its
situated on the Newburg . and Owego Turnpike; two .
Miles east of Mount Pleasant village, - and twelve from
the N. Y. A: E. R. 11, also sery.conveniently situated
to Churches, Schools, Grist-mills, Saw-mills, Black.
smith shops It contain one hundred and sixty
one acres, one hundred of it under a good state of
cititivation,•well watered and good buildings,.cousist
log of a good framed house, Well finisnedotT i and very
conveniently arranged. Also'two good barns and a
good barn shed well calculated for convenience, two
large orchards yielding from; 500 to 1000 bushels an
nually, mostly grafted fruit of the best quality. I The
Ginn is well adapted'to grazing sufficient to keep a
large stock. For price and terms apply to B. F.
EATON, or to ALFRED LAKE, on the Premises.
Ilarford, Dec., J 3, 1854.
' & tO's.
i d: Cp's
The substribdr3 hare Ltaken .and fitted up the new
bifildinm on the West side of PublieAvenue, two doors
:those giarle's Ifot6l, and are noWkeceiring a large
and well selected assortment of
I -
Fall apd Winter Goods. : • I
TheirsteCk hialinost elitiOly NEW, having saved
but a very few god from the late destrtictive' fire
and comprises their usual variety of DRY GOODS:
Groceries, Crockery, Hardware, Drugs, Metlicines,•
Paints, Ail., Dyestuffs, Boot, Shoes ,Leathers,' Glass,
Jewelry, Watches, Silver Spoons, Clocks, Yankee
Notions, &c. ke. We are that'lkful for the patronage
hitherto bestowed upon us' and trust that our, ens.-
touters, and the public generally, will not fail to give
us a call in our nen locatiotl, confident that we cap
supply them-with goods on ay favorable terms as here
trtfore. ; BENTLEY k'READ '
Montrose, November % 30, 654. • ;• •
, . More and More New GOOds.
HBUERITT 'is- now receiving new and full
• supplies of Goody l'ar the ll'inter Trade, in-'
eluding a new and elegant Osortnient of French _Mc
rinoes, Merino and Cashmere Plaids; Plaid,l Fan
cy and .I,anes, Pdrantettas, ilrochc, Square
.and Lopy . .Sha t eis; all of new and best styles, and will
he sold at 2 per cent. less than , last year's
Also a new assortment of Rich ,leihhons : and Bennet:
hide Silk. 1 - elrets far Cloaks and Mantillas, Rich
.Silk and Velvet Dress Trinaaings, '4lO/lair Head
Dress's, R;yolf ts ulith a general-ass ortment
of other Smear and RiNcli Goons t 'as :usual, which
having bought under the prCsent pressure of the cash
'Markel, will he' 'sold corresponding and reduced
New ; Milforti; kovember 27,1754..
to to for
thetb, the
prices for
rtitde du
Poolfs and
F inunense
i !
an explain
ereneee in
1 .9.14 t no
tllo pur- . .
NEW AND CIE ...5 ' G oo D s .
p_OCGIIT at $b lowestC;i.ic e and will be
cordingly: ' 1 7 . BURROWS & CO..
Gibson, OP" J oer 11 1854.
loodi, just
isz. , orituent
7. fa vitralc
- 64 'at
.i ..
g .:.otlis, Cassimeips and Vesting 94-
A large assortment and at Prices lower than we have
ever been enabled to offer then] heictofore. .
Gibson, Oct. 11, 18:i 4.____ 1 . •
Press Goods.
-4 great variety- and beatftiful styles and •almbst as!
clheap as could N desired. U. BURRO WS d: CO.
. Gibson, October It, 1854:
• Blitcki Silk. • -
:,p,:good_quality for-dm - set; At 81 cents yard.
• October 12, 1854. •
Shawls, . - - "1 •
, .
Long and ',square, wool, b:oche, and silk s very hand=;
some styles and at extremelv_loti prices. f
October 12, 1854. U. BURRO ws
.. 'troche S4als - .1. .
..,i l,
Cheaper than evet before known; beautiful pattert*.
and fine quality of 84 Broehe Sbawls,.latpen'll nran-i.
ufacture, nt ,S 7. . • ' . tr. DUBOW'S & CO. i
Gibson, October 11, 1854. • - '
Bay Mates Shawls,
The LAMEST • SIZE, FINEST' cmatirr, and NEW PAT.'
itutss ' i;7,50 each. (1.7: BURROWS & CO.
• Gibson, October 11, 185.1. ,•
: . • ' Carpets, .. . . :
A good assortment', and handsome patterns, at very
low prices. . U. BURROWS & CO. , 1
Gibson, October 12, 1854, • - '. • -'
• • jEtuffalo;ltobeit,
A large lot of handsome Rqbes,-a part of thetnlrbole,
Indian dressed and very superior color and
October 12. 1854. • 111: BURRO WS & CO.
Is NOW COMPLET4---ana we wonld take this
opportunity to Pay that we can show the most
beautiful and splendid patterns of Parlor and Cooking
Stoves to be found in the *nay. Among them can
be seen
. the Revoking FrOnt and Gothic Parlorjor
Wood or coal, entirely new and decidedly pretty stoves.
Prides froth five to ten dollars. Of Cooking' Stoves'
We think-it needless to say tnuch, only to remarl‘ that
we are selling them at our former prices, and judging
fron:i the rapidity or.our we,,believe the-public
are.entirely.satisfled with. Our prides and the quality
of our wares. We have:, a feli more left" of the
"Clinton Air-tight Elevated Oven_ Stove," acknowl
edged to be the, best cooking stove now in use. Rus
sia itnd English Stove Pipe at old prices, and Ttim-
Mings and Tin ware of descriptions at the 'very
fowest rates. J. DICKERMAN, jr.
. .
New Milford, October .2 3 , 1554.
Popular Pateilt,l7edielue Ag e ncy.
ABEL TURRELL has just received a new supply
of all the•popular P.vrEyr MEDICI:qua of'the day,
including_ Dr. Jayne's celebrated Medicines, Trask's
Mainetic OiniMent, Tanner's German Ointment, My
ers'Etract kock Rose, F4rest Wine, dm,. &c., Pi
of all sorts • all direct f the proprietori.
Bitining Fluid , Cumphe kc., cheap as the cheap
st.; • • A. TURRELL.
Montrose, December 6, 1 854. • ,
"-- -
A Chon46e to hake :Soucy.
subsdriber is desirfius of having an agent in
A. 3 each county and town iof the Union. A capital
of rrolll e 5 to $lO only will be reqiiired, and 'anything
like an efficient, energetic Man can make from three
to live dollars 'per day t—itideed, some of the agents
now employed are fealizing twice that sum. lEvery
inftirmation will be given by addressing (post t:4id,)
Box 6AI, Philadelphia, Pa., Post Office.
. -
. .
;... ' PUBLIC 11 ) ,'XNDU.4.
Will be exposed at pubho Pal e - on, the farm - of the
sitbScriber in Ilarford (near ;Ira Carpenter's) on Tugs.
day, the 20th (lay of Februaiv next the following prop
erty to wit. '-
One pair of heavy Oxen, 'ten Cows, nine reinling's
fifteen Sheep, one covered Carriage, kc. kc., .
Sale to commence at .10O'clock A. IL , •
Terms. Eight mouths credit will be given - upon
notes With interest and approved security. •
- .
- Adaninistratior's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given thatletters testamentary
1.11 upon the estate of Alonzo Bryant, deceased, of.
Jpekson township, have beery granted to the subserib
.All persons indebted to slid estate are requested
to make immediate payment, rind those having chart*
upon said estate 'to present them duly attested for set ,
Hanford, Nov. 21, 1854
TilE subscriber ofrers for side his Rouse and Lot
situate In the Borouiliof •Mozdrose, a few rods
Esit of the Court Ilouie. Terms—one hair down
and the remainder in fire }. e a rly payments,; with in
- .
Wrest. •-' - P. LINES. '
Montrose, January O, 1854.
SIUNGLES.—Shaved gbingtee wanted by
~ [October 24.] J. LYCRifi:AF .SON
CILENDID hints and Ladles! Broadcloth; Deisinim,
k e , kc ., just opined and for ado b
• •a. 14YUFB 4.94*,
& 1,40 N,
Nlrev GOOD&
4c4n, ace: dice:
(lOLA and Saver Patent.Leit' Or,. Anchor "and L..
Watrber o .j,st received and for rale by,..z. •
JeiVary, !Jewelry.
GOOD assortment Of Jewelry, constfolog of zi t
Ring; Ear Drops, -Breast Pins, - Finger Prigs,
&c. &c:, justreeeired at'.BENTLEY& MAD'e•
' Span's. •e r -
Tea, Table, Dessert, Su*, Salt, ice., warranted part,.
for sale by • BiTE;EY-At RM.
rnrurr ff:i7t7,ll
An unusually good assortment of-ihe best Make,'
fresh and perfect for sale by BENTLEY & MAD,
Drugs . asetricisses
A (real stock genuine Drugs and Medicines, Patent
Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye-stuffs. &c., for sale by.
Dec- 13 .1 ' DENTLEY - k HEAD; •
cbarleti Tillman, Barbet: _
TTAS removed: his chop from Its fanner loixtlettial
the basemept.of Searle's Hotel, toll* mord is
the same htulding;•M' the rein of the bar-room, when
his customers - will be Waited upou by that exquithe
artist, Profmsor. Charles Morris, or by Ithuself,
reasonable tours, ' - • ;
- rime boar In mind that thia .15 the only shsvhsg
shop in town" where the thing ii done seiestificidly. •
Montrose, Deoenatetl9. 1854 . ' • '
To the People ll4 ol 4i S .. ttoipt ehttat t, e t... -
I).MG one of the krottest sufferers by Or le- ** e l ) *
I) destructive fire m Montrose, • Inv"- But . at
store , house and nearly elf of my goodche inevitalk ,
however ; even aver to. despair hijive moves. 1
.d ' '
S ri t ur or t e b " itn ufKe l o in er t i s he il l ot ow e r li t n .rititm . fairlyi • and in- ,
,unafl stoc k sam iti oni t i,,,„,00 unseasonable and pro
of a very short time fill 1 cati hardly - assert that 1
new :loci of goods. lie voluntary tn.
esereise of '
, .?
-will be kaftP.Y t 6 gel faculties, such- was the ex:
and the.pubec goli,._ . .; . , 1 , •
At teltst , i qutt.3.
d a I have resi gtraetion. .
I am determined . .time being, say Place and my ,
keep a good _ n dreain of delightful
. memory,
Oils, DyiLst's ul, though, gr4undlea4; vaticina- .
. i .
fumer.s% . l"iw 'these were suddenly shattered-ire
a " ds ' '"..' ke 'len by a spasm or blovi which v . .:
devoured toe e- • • • - ~
Montrose, one mysterious ;way - .through all
--41 rs of my !icing. j looked up, un-:
N B 'lied. - Miss Chester attied erect b
. - • r er large eyes dilated, and her
by sending to , ' .•-- ,
November 2tth anger and , 'fear'; ad the' r.-.._
'toning' , her fair face, her fair neck,
: - - slush. ~
KEELER 't Stizou,' said she,-rapidly and Br:-
be found in um isil
110 TEL. Notwiti .., power- . over me is ';•.'
i- This
pidity with which <Tart'. - But you may u -v
-"went or' on the mornaf yod base it, • you et-41
some on haild, and shall - soit. Did' you . not untie,-
" ' • 1CE 15 .9 - ur subjeet; must t)...
Montrose. November 13. 184
If I were not ab!4
. , . .
- itoTicii".-ea rt d o 1:11 " I'llis ' 4
• 5 •
I•HE subseiibers being severeo<tthou . ,jt: word . :
L►te disastrous Fire, have remerlo r,l , ' - • :
little remains of .their stock; to the ~hetat ii too arose:
the Avenue, opposite W.
J. i ‘ s ' . E :36 / 4 4 • •nvinced of
where they - will he, happy to see all theirt
made bi
customers, and hope -in the course . -of som ...-,,, ,_ ,
to be able to greet -them with' an entir pia- De,. i s
STOCK OF COOLS. i • - . , iri,at raw'
' We trust that: Some of Toitr customers: w. . , -
been long in debt, will, remember that tills is 4.
of SPECIAL SEED WITU 'OE, and - do as they wte
done by. BENTLEY St M k
Montibse„Noveniler 14. 1654.
Astoundil4.Dir- - -
13 • LINES is . the Tailoring business.—;
• Those, theteZ:re,. who have enough of the
right principlet-ui,n' courage home industry' and desire
Ftl i s . .. e 7, -1( "7., , , will . please take notice. -His objeceWill
please, those who employ hint,•and receire a re
ward for' hislabor. Shop over Flawle7 4; Mott's store.
Montrose, Noret.ber 20, 1854.
• • • : - DISSOLUTION: .
rililE copartnership .heretofore known under the -
1 name-and firm of Newells Brothels, in the Sash,
Blind and Poor business, is this day by tnutual con. , '
sent and agreement dissoh-ed. . . ' • ' • .
-- - • . • GILBERT NEWELL; . •
. Langsboro, July 'II, '54. U.K. NEWELL:
The subscriber would respectfully 'vall the attention
of those who wish to pnrellase' anything 14 his line eit
husrness,ssUeli Rs . •
,e , • , •
Sash, Doors, Shutters and -
C,ahinet Mareof tarious kinds,
-Bureaus, .
s; and .Seeretaries;
Bed;teads, Stands, Chairs and Settees.
Also, lleadr-made Coffins . Painting and Glitii4g,
if required. * Country . Produce and Lumber 'taken it:
exchange. Ternakready pay. ' • .
- Lancslioro, July 15, 1854. - GILBEdiT NEWELL. • -
A. .1.. But: veryliakunately, the earth-ii tlivwn'.
from its prlktt and ihe sun shines on as before r ena-;
bliug the," Picturellan to work at his trade ol
And :dm& in his usual Satisfactory manner.. '
His New Stockanst purchased, comprises every.
thing neat and desirable in Cie Daguerreotype
and he asks that you will not forget, to call.
He has also some recently publised-Botaks,trhkit
will be sure to pleise. those who Wish gold'iesding.
• • - , W. .D. MASS.
Odd.Fellows' Hall; Montrose Pa.
rjr W. B. D. does not, fah e" pietvrckfOr 25 or 50;
cents. Those who Irish such trash tfitisteis elsewhire.
John GroTes' AdvettkOnient.
AS nature, who ' , fUrnishes the birds and beasts Kith ;
an ext?a coat foil winter, has not made a similar fro
vision for than, I lice conclud ed to take if,ipon my
self to attend. to that - department; and.. therefore I '
think proper to. announce that shivering male bi
peds, that nee d ' new glorious or %glorious,
fashionahle or 'unfashionable can :have wants
supplied and theirlMstei suited by milling - on . me, at.
my shop in -Montrose..
• *IE it GOODS.
T C. LIB, AT MONTROSE DEPOT,.bas just ret
V ceir
.14e.w "supply of Spring and Stamm
Goods,:_which will be sold very low_ for:Nsh or Auto
produce. ; • - •
IQ POUNDS iood New Orleans Sa*ar for one dol
l-U-14ra J. C. LEF.'§ Nen` Won&
EA, Coffee, ifolasses,. Fish, litice, and Gr4-eries
of all kinds., very cheap at - J.C.LErfik •
- I • Wanted, -
A qtuintitrOf. . Eggs at LS cents per dozen, is
ezdrange for goods at .1. - C.:LDES Etore,
Also, - • -
A N e l err n e t e it4 r of o Butter atV :i c A ents .. per
THQSE washing. to' purchase Tor caoh, or in'ex ! i,
change for barter, will'find it to their interest:to]
call - and examine my stock of 600ds arid prices for'
themselves.. - For barter a all kibds the highest prie ! ,
es may at all times be relied - onot J. C. LEE'S Store.'
Montrose Depot. ,
The Farmer's Stor'e
W E s, % e vittl ar t e o mitsot our
ood :Licel deto urin gan d e e = ri d.
emsnmed our Sto•e • with most of mar Goods, s and
erected a convenient shanty, where we shell be hap•,
py to see our old customers'as well as new. We aril;
going to sell goods lower than aver, and we think ten'
per cent. less than you can buy elsewhere in Susque
hanna eo. Carl and See. WARREN & THAYER.
. Sheriff's Bales.
Bl' virtue of a writ Of rend.,Ex. issued out of the
Court 'of Common Pleas of Strsquehanna coon.
ty and to me directed, I will-expose to public sale at
the "Court House in Montrose, on Saturday. the ridt
day of February next, at 1 o'clock m. all that ca.'
taro piece , or parcel of land lying and being situated.
in the Township of . Harmony in Susquihsama county,:
bounded and described as follows,. to. wit : On ths ,
north by land•of Amos and Simon Barnes, eut•by thM
Belmont it Oqua4o turnpike, and on the south,-and ,:
west by land of Simon and Ames Barnes, containing' ,
one acre of land more'or less, with'the appurtetumcm‘.
one framed house and barn and- ap improved.
- Taken at die- suit of D. A. Lyons 4 - Brother vs:
Ira Williams I'f:IIOLLISTER,
Sheriff's ofilee,Montrotri, An.`l9, - 1144: •
.FAiiimpr-litoi* *los:
TE subscriber will act as iigent for tit:Ting =did
ing.ResEstato—Fanus, Henses, rind Lots—la.
cited InSusquehanna County, l'a r All•who wish. to
offer their property for sale can give a minute descrip.
Lion of their Farms or Lots as follows : Number of_
aeres, how many unproved, and
_bow tratmod, bun&
Jugs, orchards, grated gr txunmoh butt other.firult l
trees; and the neatest jtolut to ttOs D. i t fc R. IL
and N. Y. 4: B. B. R. • . ,
0.3 flume on the list, 43 nosoid l By clang onlha.
subsoriber.a minute deseriptlononiee and tents cart
Office on Tniniklk.e 0t..4 tow* west of Vain et:
*outran', Auipist Ib, 18.14, i A..4.44112WW.,
Cllo r
Ortd irtrOolllty
NOtt qt Q, LIE'S Wow •