Independent Republican. (Montrose, Pa.) 1855-1926, February 22, 1855, Image 2

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    Jamison, Piatt, Quiggle,
. Walton, Wherry", Ileister, Baker, 'Bush,
' Cbrist, Craig, Daugherty, Dunning; Edinger,
Ftv, Johnson, M'Lean, Maxwell, Orr, Stock
dale, • Thompson, • Wright-27, voted for
Messrs. AN'ery, Baldwin, Downing, Hol
comb, Laporte, Lathrop, Lott; MeCalmont,
McCombs,_ Penny packer' s , Wiekersham-1 I,
toted for Davin WILMOT.
Messrs. .Darsie, Frick,: Price: Skinner,
Clutmtieclin, Powell, Ross and Nitnier---8,
Messrs. Ferguson,' j.'lenniken,Le*is,:Bell,
Ball, Franklin, Herr, McCullough, Page—S,
voted for JAMES VEECII.
. .
Mews.. Taggart,Youst, Harri s on, I-Jodg
son;Linderman Megill, Simpson-7, voted
for J. PaINGI. .
Messrs...Maddoelt• and Morris voted for-il.
Messrs. Lowe (Philddelphis) tind Stewart
voted foi GIDEON J. Rail.. •
Messrs. Thorne and Gwinner voted for
Mr.-Buekaleti voted 'for J. S.'
Mr. Jordan voted for J. C. Kumatt..
Mr. Bergstres,ser voted for 0. H. TiliA
Mr. Taggart moved to adjourn for two
weeks front this day. On this motion the
yeas and nays were called, mid were vita
66, nays. :
YEAS—Browne. Crabb; Darsie, Ferguson ;
Flenniken, Frick, Hamlin, Hendricks, Avery,
Baker, Baldwin, Ball, BerOstre.sser, Bush,
Phamberlain,"Craig,Downing; - Edinger, Fea
ron, Foust, Franklin; Fry, Gwinner, Hvcrri
ion; Herr, Hodgson, Holcomb, Hubbs, La
porte, Jordan, Lewis, Mellinger,Priee, Sager,.
Skinner, Ta fTart,'Walton. Wherry, Lathrop,
Linderman, Lott, Lowe,M'Calmont, M'Clean,.
M'CombS, M'Cullough, Maddock, Maxwek
Megill, Menglc,•"Morris, Orr, Page, Palmer,
Pennypacker, Powell, Ross, Simpson, Smith
(Philadeltlitiacity,) Steel, Stewart, Stockdale,
Thorne, Wickersham, Witmer, , NV right.
NAYS—Messrs Cresswell, Frazer, Fry,
Goodwin, Haldeman, Hoge, Allq-,ood, Barry,.
Boal, Bowman, Caldwell,. Carlisle, Christ;
Clover, Crawford,, . Criswell, Cumming s.- (Phila. Co) Cummins, (Somerset.) DatiAter
,ty, Donaldson, Dunning, Eyster, Fletcher,
Foster, Frilev, Free, Gross, Gay, Haines,
Johnson, King, Kirkpatrick, Krepps, Lane;
M'Clin topic, Platt, Quiggle, Sellers, Shit man ,-
Hiester, SPEAKER, Leas , M'Conkey,
nen, Morrison, Muse, North; Reese, Ritten
house, 'RUtter, Sal lade; Sherer; Smith, (All e
gheny,) Smith, (Blair,) Stehlev, Sturdevant,
Thompson; , Waterhouse, Weddell, Wood,
Torkes, Ziegler, Strong, Speakir. • -
The Convention then .adjourned, and the
Senators having retired, the, Teller, reported
the . proceedings. or, the Convention to the
- House, ..when the Speaker adjourned the .
House until to RIOTYQW at 11 o'clock, A. M.-
Mr. Seward's Election.
Maar 'PsooF..==,‘,lt is the last.feather that
breaks the camel's . back,' -says - the adage;
-rand Mr. Seward's : . final
_coalition- with the
Know-Nothings, which he obtained,, the
V. S. Senatorship to continue the tar for six
years longer against , the Sdutlr; clinches the
aAail, and proves thc , secret party is the aboli
tion party under another natne.'lVashington
• 'The re-election, too, of Wm. H. Seward,
k e y the 'New York Legislature", where the
•bnow•-Nothings had the 'control ) is another
=lost ::alarming . sigti; for the
• .
k , THE POPE'S LAST. Btia..—His Holiness,
ttbe Pope, in his last. bUll,'.says to the Bishops
:and Priests of the United States: • 'General
Asoaltraiet!o . n. vitanracrtem trtirsdellty, - Sand citkeell.s
'the progress of _Catholicity ; bible' societies
:are engines of mischief;, the freedom
_of the
Press is..a most foul, plague; liberty of con
:science. a prolific source of heresy and crime.
'pernolis'it these, ar..d Catholicism has nothing
ItO felt. in the United States.' • •
,State Senatorial Election
~.A special elOtion was held on Tuesday
.oflast.week for, a State Senator in place of
Levi Foulkrod, deceased. ''There were two
candidates in the: field; • Henry
. Pratt,
Whig and American,. and J. Murray Rush,
Democrat. The returns froM all the vari
ous wards in the Senatorial district, show. a
- total vote of '28,684, of which ; 15,513 was for
Pratt, and. 13,171 for Rush, showing a ma
jority: of two thousand three hundred and
forty-two for Pratt, the . Whig. and American
candidate. - This is some Of a majority, eon- .
sidering that the district has heretofore been
strongly DemOcratic, and that the most popu
lar Man.• in: the PemoCratic ranks was pitted
. .
sgainst Mr. Pratt. ' • .-
. _ .
.E.Nroacr..o CoxtrsstoN.—Sarah E. Stock:
wasliied at Womhester lately, for burn
ing the barn of Henry F: Wing, of orallon.
The evidence for ,govcrnment was chiefly the
confession, of -the girl at the time of her ar
rest. The Court ruled that this evidence
was inadmissable, as l it was obtained under
certain promiseS., and inducements. The ac
cused was, therefore, acquitted.
A NATLMAL, I.FONDER.-.--Maj. B. Kirt:os
=sr, .Of North TOwanda,. itptured—by.
alightly..m•sounding in One wing -.-a few days
:since, a snow' white Crow ! . This announce
ment may be . discredited, but we affirurit is
true, as strange as it may appear. • - Persons
desirous of satisfying themselves in regard .to
this bird, ,can - have the opportunity,. by. call
ing upon the Major. > ..
We have heard• of white blackbirds and
white crows,
: but never before saw one.
Bradford Argue: , ,
- " Appointments by the Ekitrernat.
GovernOr Pollock has made the following
apppintments for the city .of Phil's, &e.:
Harbor. Master, at Philadelphia- 7 George
R. Grahara:Thiladelphia. • •
Sealer of Weights and Measures, late city
of Philadelphia—Abraham .Myres,
Sealer of Weiglits and • Measures,._late
oounty,of Philadelphia—SamuePD. Abbott,
• Lazaretto Physician—Dr: Henry Pleas-.
;nits; Philadelphia:. ' _
Port Physiciat-Dr. Howard Taylor,
Chester county. - - .• -- . . .
Quarantine Master-Jacob Pepper, Dela
ware county.
Health Officer—J. W. T. M'Allister,
- -
Master Warden.-Joseph E. Reamed,
Keeper of PoWder Magizine---Andrew
Lean, Philadelphia.' _
Flour Inspectori-fitephen Miller, Dauphin
'ccunty. - •
Whiskey Inspector—John W. Cowell,
Bucks county.. .
Whiskey luspector- 7 J 'oho H. Sel tier, Berk s
.Measurer—thos. E. Pollock, Phila.'
Butter and Lard Inspector—George Metz
gar, Philadelphia: . -
Lumber Inspector—John J. Austin, North
nmberland county. . •
Salted Beef and Pork Inspector William ,
4 1. Ott, Philadelphia.
M a rble Measurer—lsaac B. • Garrigues,
Philadelphia, a
The list was . obtained at a late hour, and
will be noticed more at length hereafter.—
We observe among the appointments three
Democrats, and, one old line Native Ameri
geste-,ffarrierourg /fera
INDEpOp . ES,,_...:tIF,Pu,BLIGAN - .
99, 1143.
Ca:t" We refer }cur readers to the first
page of this paper for an account of the pro.
ceedings of the Quicus that nominated Came
ron, and also of the preliminary proceedings
in the Legislatfire, mpon L the charge of bribery
and corruption' in relation to, the election of a
U: S. Senator.
The Senate Question.
.. ,
During the two Weeks breathing spell_ that
our Legislators at Harrisburg are taking, on
the Senator question, it -may be useful for
them to hear froin ' : the " rural distriets. 4 ' Do
they want to kneSai ; what the people think?—
We' give it as Our; firm belief that_there are
not half.a dozen rnen in Susquehanna county,
of any. party, who ',are really in favor of Si
mon Cameron.:. And to judge ,from the tone
Of the public press) the same views appear, to
pervade the' State generally. L It seems, how
. ever, that, scarce as Cameron Men - are among
I the people, the - y - arc quite mitnerous at Dar=
Irislyfitg . . In other.'lwords the members of:the
Legislature (a large number Pf them) and.
I their ei:;kistituents disagree as trio the fitness of
.1 Cameron for the 'Senatorship. i We will not
pretend to say what has caused this difference
Of opinion, 'but, we!think, it would be_ easy to
account ; for the vie„W that the people at large
rake of the question. When the NebraSka bill
was before Congress 're.po4s were current,
and unecintradicted, that Cameron was in
Washington, exerting his peculiar talent for'
intrigue; to prifvuie the pasl,ge of that infa,.
moos acti -. The peiple.wat lied the progress
t. a
of that biil With t.lO, most in , nse anxiety, and
when they discovered any man • laboring tila .
procure V4,11.4ii, they put upon him, for
'all future titne!; the mark of their 'condemna
tion. And when the letter writers from
Washin.gton itiforined us that Cameron was h
One of the ' boiersj' iu favor of that bill, and
the Statement 'Was' Undisputed, the people con.
demned him.: Afferwards, from the tirbe the
Nebraska bill Waspending, down to Septent
her last, we believe there was no public act
of his' that would le4 us to suppose • hitn any
thiagelse than tt consistent Nebraskaitel And
when he went into the Dauphin County ;Dent
ocratie ConvetitionOnst on the eye of the Oé
tober election,:nnii helped to pass resolutions
in favor of the-Nehittska.bill, ( as well as cer-
Itain others, strongly' candetrining Free-Soil
principles,) that ! was 'noti a proceeding
calculated to win -fiar hitn the love and confi
denceOf the peopleof Pennsylvania. Nor
could it be set:dori l as any thing in his favor
that the llarrisbnig, Democratic Union the
t Organ of. the Hunkoir Democraerof this State,
.., and avow r ed advocate - 0 . the Nebraska
hill and of, pro.sla4ery measures in general,
and one of the bitterest enemies of free-soil.'
prineiples in the Whole North, has all along
.advocatedy and has,been ialmoSt . if not quite
a.....,,,,Ai- po.perr itt lat. 8tE4... tin 4. aiof :ma rnesald 1
his' election to the Senate.! ..That paper, which i
we believe, is.generhlly understOOd to be Cam-
eron'aespeeial;orglin, has '' . ..Nontiiintied, up to the
present time, !to- denounee the Free-Soilers
as all that is Vile add infamous. -
Such being „the' c state of facts, 'it is easy.
enough. to see' the reasons I that lead the
i i
people to reriudiate Catri.eroni;but it is not i
so easy to discover the motives that should 4
incluee an American Legislature, that hasbeen I
heretofy l anti-Nebraska, and cer-
,I I
'talnly Would.' be if it represented the sentid
ments i:k the riieHople, to elect: him. But it is I
Said .be has glvenistrong antf r slavery . pledg-
es. Suppose' -he - i has, 'is that . any ' reason '
for eleeting hifp Senator ? There were plenty
other candidates before the L. i ,*lslature, Men
far abler and iiurea, and whose political his.
tor a y ispledge ofl their:sincerity, instead of
affording, like ihis, im evident( of- insincerity
aud duplicity.; Why were all these - cast aside
'for Cameron ?[ The cause indicated by metn
bers - thelpseltes IS bribery, and committees
have been appointed by both Houses to in-
vestigate the dbarge. , We hope . that investi
will Ifieti th'orough one, and any can-
didate Who has beet] guilty of tampering with
theetnetabk.ra ftir their suffrages, will ofcourse
be , at- °nee . rep!udiaiod'
'From;ll that we can learn, from the man
ifesto- of t e bulteris and. newspapers, of the 1
proceedlngs o4the (*toms that nominated Cant
eron,_.we belive the nomination was unfairly
made, and thitt therefore the 33 bolters are'
justifiedtorth'eir course, and the other mem
bers.ShOuld not cOnsider themselves bound
by the actton ipf the caucus. We refer our
readers t 9 the address'signed by 28 members
-.which will bejfilundin another column, for a
vindication of the Bourse they felt called upon
to pursue, As fal as we cab judge from the
'voice, of ithe Press of the State, they will be_
sustained by the p6ple, - iti their dete'rmina
tion never to vote tor Simon Cameron. . •
-We think we e4l sce in the late proceed
ings at ITarrisburg, evidences of one. more
desperate effort of the Slave Power to retain
their hold Upon the North. Suite after State
has given in its adhesion to the principles of
-freedom.. 'A stami, must - be made in Penn
sylvania," wboseDemociacy " as Mr. Smith
of Tennessee recently said in a congressional
speech, " have heretofore known no North and
no South." The phttt has been well laid. It was
diseOered.that the Americans. and the Dem
ocrats 'were the only parties that possessed
much; strerig,th in the Legislature. WOuld
. not be an excellent arrangement if each of
these parties mulct de induced, to put in nom
k • -
tuatidn a _pro-sla*ry man, so that slavery
would( be sure 'to *in,' whichever side might
triuMph ? That teas the plan, in our view,
and Cameron and Buekalew ;Were the men
piteb‘d upon for candidates, an&then bribery
and enn.uptiori ive resorted to, to effect their
nomination. : ,
In ; the , case Backalew—a pro-slavery
Dernecrat who opposed the anti-Nebraska
resolutions that were before the Pennsylva
nia Senate, last wipter, in a long speech, and
was rewarded by President Pierce with a
luerativeforeign appointment, ere seems to
have been no diirsialty. He wee nominated
by fl) Democratic caucus, and uniformly
supported by the Democratic members, ex
cepti, that Mr. Sallade, a Hunker Democrat,
whdso election was strongly opposed by the
KnOwNotbingi, on the second ballot , went
°Veil form puckalew to Omicron, thinking it
would make b 4 diffeicnee.which of the
two; was elected. And probably some of
his Democratic, brethren will follow his exam
ple,',should'such a course become necessary
to effect Cameron's
In the ease Of Cameron more difficulty was
experienced. It is true that, by the introdne
tion into. the American miens of mar( who
havb in the Legislature uniformly oppo*d
the I party, and who would have been admit•
ted;there for no other purpose than to' nomi
nate Cameron; and by many other 'unfair
means, alleged, Camercn was, declared
the nothinee of the party.
lut this net effected till a large major.
ity 'of the niembershad " bolted," protesting
against being thui,soldlo the Slave Power.
'O trust that'these latter will remain firm
in the support of, their principles, and that a
few; days reflection' will add to their.number
I. naTY. (Airs who have been misled into a
emrse contrary to the known wishes of their
constituents: -
• The pi.,444e0r nr tl' tern Pennsylvania have
already indicated their first choice, but if ,he
=not be'elected, they ask - at least' that the
man to be elevated to that high office, to take
his 'place beside Seward and Wilson, Harlan,
Durkee and TruMbull, shall be a 'knownntal
reliitble friend of r freedom. Give us 'suck a
mane no matter frUtn whence he hails; and we
shall be content.
DE:VI : IL— -Mr. Howard, an o ld
man about-70 years of age, a resident lof
Bridge Water, in this
,County, suddenly fell
dead in the bar-rOorn -a Hatch's Hotel,. - on
Friday la.4t, Feb.! 14. He had come to at
tend the Tow:lshii) election, and on reaching
the' : hotel,;eomplained of being cold, when. it
was suggested th4t he should take a glass of
liqUor to warm him. 11e at first objected,
but Imally walked, up to the and took the
glans in his hand,: but sal it down with Out
tasting, and immediately fell dead. 'lt is Op
piised that his death was'caused by disease of
theleart. : •
'tor tumors arc in circulation thatjudge
in- 1.4-or of Simon Cameron for
U. P. Senator. The:falsi ; falsity of the report is
evident from the 4 fact that there is not a pa,l
in his:district,unlms . we except the one
which is deadly hostile to Mr. Wilmot, nor
a niember from .liis diitriet, that is friendly
to .Mr.. Camemn. i On t he ontrary every one
otthcm is making the most strenuous effortS
n. Any letters . .
to defeat
. his electio from Mr.
. i
Wilmot eNpressing personal regard for Mr.
Catneron; written in answer to similar ones
froin Mi.' Cameron to Mr. Wihnot, must have
been, procured b y Mr. Cameron's strong per
sonal and political friends, and will be publish:
ed Only by • such papers es are .really .if-nol'
ostensi/ . .v; In faior of his election. The 10-b
-ject is to;:procure 'five-soil votes for Cameron
at ;Harrisburg, and to injure Mr. Wilmot
anitmo• Ma, 11 - Ct.:Kin trtentis at home. - lam
.1 1 , 7 )
game is.tooshallow [ . for success. • 1 .
i . i
! .
i Scheme Worth Watellincp. • 1
We haye information from reliable sources that a
rurie is a=foot at Harrisburg in which it would! be
well that the People of the State should take a hand.
It Was started by a:number of County Treasurer, in
a prlyatc caucus held at Harrisburg, and as far na re
candearn,;:it hai been united in by all the incumbents
in the respective counties of the State. The'scheme
is to put 'a . ! Bill thrtiugli
.the Legislature changing
their term of office from what it is at present to three
years, and providing!, that those in office shall hold
ores for the three yeara. This would be a Yery.Pret
,tv way of providing ore's self with a snug berth 6 f it
should succeed, but we trust that the Peoplewill
speid: s o . ut and inforu the Legislature that they feel
conipetent to decide: this question, and that if they
desire the services Of any of the incumbentsfor a
longer term than they-are now elected for, theviwill
atttpd to them at. , lihe proper time.—Norrii &len
Hotald. . I.
commenting on the above, the-Hairis
burg Herald says, very truly, that " any at
tempt on the part of the Legislature to give
coUtitenance to any such seheine, or to pass
a law of the kind, alluded to by our Norlris-
. I
. town eqtemporar, would be-tePudist.edl by
the:people of the State.
l'cuttstivo rim. LAWS FS TUX PAPER .—The Legis
lature has rejected a resolution, requiring the la n' s to
be published in one of the papers of each county.*
The only way the people - can obtain! a knowlcdle of
the laws, is' by such publication. The expense will
be but little more than the present method of pub-
lishing a number of pamphlets, to which not one in
a litintired Can have access.. The plan is not a novel
ty. i It has been in operation in Ohio, for some years,
and has givfn general satisfaction.—Allentotrn Demo
crai. ; .
We• believe our legislature could dci no .
better act than provide fur the publication of,
,acts Ot 'Assembly. Sorely the . peOple
ought to *now the lairs they . bound to
obey and
,execute, and there is no better way
to give ; them publicity than through: the
newspapet. columns.
Bribery and Corruption
TheThirriSburi Correspondent of the Phil
adelphia ;Worth American, who says there . is
more honesty in our present Legislature than
in any tor a duzen yearS past, writes is fol
loWs concerning the progress of the Commit
tee to investigate the charges of bribery ' and
coiruptitin, to procure the election of United
!States Senator:
ram informed this Committee are-in the way of
gaining important information, which will materially
affect the standing of certain Senators and members.
Senator Jordan, the Chairman of the Committeet id
an indefatigable and unpurchasable man, who will not
weary in the noble work of aiding in the destruction'
of the infamous business which has covered our, Leg
islatureswith shame, enacted bad. bills into laws, and
committed repeated and gross outrages upon public
and private interests. •
: Vrom Me Juniata Sentinel, 1V70.]
We,hope that. Cameron may yet be de
feated, 'and some good man, we care not
whether he be Democrat or Whig, so that
he is ieliably.American and Anti-Nebraska,
bo'chOsen. Cameron is a mere adventurer
in the American party, without principle, and
has net the least claim upon it • for support.
His election will require explanation, and
create. a suspicion that money was the potent
instrument in bringing it about. We hope
our Setiatoi- will continue to resist his elec.
tioh. .;•
trrom the 'York Republican, Whig.]
NST3 are informed that the' American ' 'Can
cuS at Harrisburg nominated General Simon
Coiner6n, on Friday evening last, for U. S.
Senatot:, the open election for whom was to
be , held. yesterday. We do ' not see that our
party: yield- a Cellells, `Simon says witwaf,,'
I'and theMCmbers tag-wagged, Notwitts)
ing the fie:ice::, anti-Know-Nothing resolw
adopted,' by ,the Dauphin' county, Loco
convAiltion, last fall, of which the General was
the leading Member, he is nominated bir .Ito
'American' Caucus. 'Despite his strdti Orp ,
portia r f the Douglas Ncbraskality, he isl
el be
chosen U. S. Senator by this professedly anti
Net'Fitsita lA4islature. .` To thiS complffion
we haie Coffin at last.' 'Oh! consistency,
thou' 44 a jelier—and se forth. Now l wh at
are we going to' do nett?'
1 .
' ;
.. lllttrithe Radon Sentinel, 40c0.1 1
Wei trait qtat there are enough hone-I'l
intelligent niqn'in the Legislature, who,l,
alittli 'mil Ikeileetion upon the:doings
past; ,iti* dhit,i, at liarrishurg, will defers
arell titaitok and demagogue Cameron.
us an:lipnt ran, let him be, whom he
but slive flit!, State from being disgradi
sending such a man as Cameron to the
, .
, [rrOnt..tho'!Lfollidaysburg Register, Whig
; lie delighted if he fail.'
E[Froni the Bearer drgeu, Whig.'
A_,A*s l iuttO (ruin totindi
another ephimn, as well as private . advg•es
frotnill'o Sat& qtiarter, justly creates th& fear
that :ObN tmon ...Cameron wris yesteAay
ehekSen•l.l . .l Si.l Senator. - The choice of It• Isle,
brai3kit:inziOuch as he is, after the'eniphhtic
anti-Nettaska expresSion .tif last October,
atnoSt :palpable 'disregard Of the
pnblic yoice,-. We sincerely hope "N 1 Will
niz,be-tintler the necessity of chronlelhFhis
r g,
eleetitni. • ' •
-•...;. 11 ' .-----
ItToift Me iffcruch Chunk Gazieo,..4tnericti 1 n.,),'
- , 4; ,•:.•
etitnerOn :is a Taritf,-proSlavery,-Fin'ow-
Noth ; ing,Dt4nocrat. He was once ei,e(ited.
Detnoerat.ieciSeuator by the help of Millik
vore...i,.;ind ICI he now succeeds to the l ,s time
offi*o 7 , as.! : a iikilow-Nothin g ' the
.helpl t O i
f j
Deln'peratie cotes, he will. hare the rtiptita-j
tion f 'belmthe best eardplaver in the State.
1t- 1 . . , ii'el: hope better things.. . • i f A -
.- -I i • .i. - - i; _ - ''
[ Tilikeibarre Record,' T r iri.a and Anil I
• '• • •
The allianee of Sinion Canieron may bring!
to thi(Atherican
. party mailyl Loco FoOi!butt
it Nrif . l leae t the old Democratic'party strong
er tldni:Oeri i in a feW years; ',while it WO;
troddce itito!the new party an element
cori4 already. foreshadowed in the Cauens,j
which will ultimately bIOW it sky. high,l
. •
•!: C.E.V,V)ii the Philadelphia el - 4•11‘ • ,
Ttjo; . k , ftectf E. ±of 00 adjournment fOr' two'
wet { cz is; adverse. to den. Cameron's tptos.
poets; for,; the reason that . it' will give time
for,i he virtuous and intelligent citizens i
of the'Statel!to prott , st against ra nominationt i
.which - WaS made in ;defianc.e( of their )s. l ,i.s.hes:,f
and in betrayal i,f their interests; that itWillf
give, itiine fdr the honest massei ,
poiel the . i Atiferican; organization to relOsel I
their; -i,efdruf' Movement - trim - I
.stiernft of
. eliiating .the lofty position of a Senator of
theNniteil• States one of the oldest andi r inosti
coefigt pOitleians the State has ever produe4',
ed ; and ,that if, will give those of the int . - ein-
berskif the t.egislat,ire who, in'a morri' l eilt
exeitiernent, 'svere betrayed into his support,
an opportunity to red cem.f, the m sel VeS.front
the just which attathed t 8 theiri
Unfortunate poSition; In' every a . speetiof thel
caSe,s the adjOurnineht deserves to be.rejoieedi
over t' as it bolds out the prospect that; then
st4tio may yet be saved - the misfortinie Of;
Sinrion Catneron being one: of its Seliaiors,l,
and fth'at - :thp Order may yet ‘•tre savep; the i l
'carrying tipOn its. shoulders the . weight off
SitnoriXameron's isuspicious antecedes is--=a
Weightwhieli, if it will not check the stHigtif .
,i l 7i- 4 .,!,4 1 4- ex:11-4 *i..f
lie u
tit us profession of anxiety to fill public
stations With new, pure and' able men. !-'1 • el
, • •
,• IFro4 the Carbondale Transeript.] 1 s '
• The ;Shat Cameron has. reeeiveW thc.
nomination of the American. Party in elikusi •
is tine;xpeted as. to asiuniSh that partj, •
it4ff e and ey l erywbere, out ot the purl efts ot .
Ilartisturgo has called forth unmitigated
denunciation, Gen. Cameron, who
ot=4l6sh;-0ig ,, 1 or puppy '—anything tol4arnj
hid 41141 S has no Allay in; feeling with the
PePt4., has been on: . all sides 14 . - all
qtieMionsF' has scrupled at no Means howevf
efi . *e• accomplish his purposes inllime4.
p4si,i, tied; w:e trust will be: prevented', &unt
iinto:.',office upon the strength.fif the
Atneriativdte-, When elected to tlitiSent t .
ate . tivelve ykrs ago it Wa4. by .Whig bi,otesi
because, Of professed friendship ffir prof
tectiun.; td*Pennsvlvania interests,—hnt hie
dUtj , ; : to thc4). keystone was entirelyibyeia r
shadowed iiwtriackling subserviency tolparti
dietolon; . an i d his pledges to those wholl:leet,!'-
ed fil,tri; . were '.entirely turgotten.. lie op f>osed
the„.electinn• ;of Gov. Polluek, and tra(rticA;
through his organ, the Democratic Union, the
Atilelkatilparty, until he found it.
,wlis the
controlling power in the Legislature,!lwhen
he-* ; erept intO • its organization : by i )9 ,e11
tiaoc..L• • • •
'font the suck, County
TheF • I
are:jthirty-one bolters----lmonithenl
IlarrhiOnand Magill ot. our .county.l'AV4.
400.svareelY a doubt that they will •EYe'su . 4
taifi'ed home. Can it be4sibl
that the iir(Aent legislature. will elect p Simo
Cal:neitint to the U. S. Senate?
: . 1 :' Ili.otti the Bradford Arg
ij ir
. .
ru i
Tir:t fonl.Play has been used in thik . •
eransaction,..there is not a Shadow of doubt:,
that the ;,most. unholy and unscrululouli
means, have been resorted to, no one Cita de r
ni, - , IT.very:tuan wbo could be influeneed by
money; or by any other inducement., ni) mat.
ter: - how uhAerupulous, has been drilled intgi
hisseriee, from - all sections of the Si,itte.4
The .1 - 411 S of the Legislature have swarmed
with them : for the last two weeks. :1h fact,
in : ,- many sections of the State the gati'le..wak
begun befotie the last election. Caincron•
trntnaged io;iectire the nomination and elect
:lbn of, a Is,* number of members, pledged
to SupPorkbitn, and as the time apprnxehe
for:the eleetion, a horde of paid borers: wer
brought-iti, to aid- the members who' l were
previously Pledged to his support, toribuild
up444nith enough to elect him, and We fear
their Purpose is effected.: ' Many of the
prOmineut partizan friends of,Shunk, Buchan
an;, and Porter, who in times past were'fou4l.
fighting Carneron have been on the ground 4:linttiming tnenib'ers :to. vote for hien;
Which, add rill the leeches and blood suckers
who have Wen sapping the vitality frO,,nt the
Coinnrionvietilth fur years about our canas.
`Pod Pose the Commonwealth.' - i 1
. 1
• tFrOn the,Vhambersourg Transcript, Arits.] 1 .
, -,,, 1
.iNVe have
.Seareety terms sufficiently xtrong,
hy, which' to express our loathing cif • the
.4.mericans lwho so singnally di-hdno .d
themselvei and their party in the pr434dln ris
cipast , ,Tuesday. It is• possible, thatsa 11,w
l b
mli, be blinded to the faults and wickixlness
of 4 ,....nneeron,iand may over-estimate hitst4r•-
it, nnd qualifications, but the •great mXjorliy
cannot but ; be aware that, by theiOunse,
they ate inflicting a wound upon dAxtuse
oPtruth, and tarnishing the Honor and;Faine
ofithe9ld Keystone. State. - Before they !go
again intnedpvention and, by a repetition of
their vote*upon Tuesday, add effronterynd
iniult to thenr constituents, to the shine that
already mantles their cheeks, if, indeed, they
he not totali lost to the lotit remuintjof ;dr
. ! ,
1 tue -- )3teeeding total slepravity• — , let them-,1,
1 fleet well., IWhat Section, what county; tow n
i t'ship,;eity , or- Ward; desires the electio4 4
Simon . Canleron ? ' Has he talents and. - chari
1 acter that peculiarly . adapt• him, fut . auchl
I jmaitton? • ,Has he tendered: ieryileis ti,t' tha
State oi,lkiiition sc i- inval u able that his r 0
[• ward ought to be touting less than a seat iti
U. S. Senate ? • :la $ 1 he'lin the lingiiiige Of -the'
' tWenty-elght,' a '•htHexporient, em.bOdimen
and personification of lAmericanism . ?' - - 1
- MemberS chosen;. tai promote the interests
of the great IleforM Party, fluty, with . Gun''
eron 'at their head, ilend their aid in eromotii
ing the ambitious . Oniposei and projects of
that aspiring and dal gerous demagogue; they
may iwoveirecrean - to all convictions of dui
ty and the trusts re ( .. )te ,t t! in them ; they may
perpetrate I this - out •, upon Americanism .
and 1 reforin. but the - , disapprobation and'
frown of their constituents awaits them, than
will inea.M•ably ertpiile their power of . lovii
motion in 'an ellbrt io return to the body
which• they ' so disaraced • • • I'
b i [ • it
i..-1-- • . !.,
(I).am the :t?q4insi' 4 ournal,,,Whisr é American.] It
;'f the
1 3 Y,
Ina, : iVh isr .
. i •
SO far as, Cali, itia, rn, there is- but one
opinion in this 'cortimenity with regard to dui
propriety : nf .the cOurSe adopted by the se4
ceding.Americans,iand that, a voice' of un'm
qualified .approra4 , 1 .Our. own opinion o ,
'the Matterl chimes ;exactly with- tile exeellen
address above give,n. 1 Unless we are greatly
mistaken ‘ the game of 'Wig Wag'. which . Si,
rum; has bben playin4, will be all to no p ut
,• i i
pose. No; more thirOrtunate event could, oq.
cur to the Cati:;e of Atnetieatt principles, than :
his -electiot. The •yes or the people havL,
been tamed' with It( 1) to the new power th:4
has .itriseriiin , the S,4eH-they look to it f 4,
the prostration of *Add party hacks and effet",
dogmas. • shall t„it . 4. hopes now be :blast '
e i
by the choice r)f 00 inati i ‘iiht.i've all iither:4
who'. is regarded i Asl the i most consummate
demagogue in the; L'entmonWealth?—a mat
b a nkrupt in rep utat ion,:who has forswo rit"
theOnly , principleA .Which he ever possessed
in order to accottO:it his ambitious designs '4
' IN'higs—forbid it Americans—fur:'
bid it alllgood and, ttrue : men of * Nr% hat 0.- tiri
party. Better eh - close an Out-an-out true bleb
old 1 partyi_ man—ha - 'KtiowAothing hating
Lop FocO, if yon tlease ' =than entail upott
, 1 .1p -s t
the Pew c rganizatiitelt a lead of infamy—i
and!betterj still tot postpone the election al./
together ; than to I Submit to either alterna4 -
five'. - . 1 ! 1 ' -
- . .
i • i : i rt ---- -•
) 1 j [Fromithe LanafWer Cit izen, American.]
We publish . in- another part of to-day's, rig'.
,rin ' Appeal. tit;tlie.Public,'. numerously•Atnerie4il members of - our - Legis t
lature. Itj is a doOrnent worthy . of the gilt
tlenten whose nantes ;are appended so it. IS:
is a grand!expositilon pi the grandest political
knaVe in Pennsylania,- and shows in •termi
not tole ,in isundlSteod,. that Gen. Cameroti
will not be the next 'United States Senator of
Perinsylvdnia, and i Why
.they--the signers -4.
withdrew in diTuSt_filom the caucus that piaci,:
et! hi A
t) nt nomination. We commend thtt
' Appeal ' s to' the perifsal of every reader. A' 1
-!- 1 '
i' • _ , Fv -, • ..
;[Form Om Weil Chester Era Miner, IVhig.] -:z
. The proceedings at Harrisburg, in'i'elatioi
to the elation oft Stmatoi., have astenishea
every bodY—Denthemts, - Know-Nothings and
Wbigs. frpol - anioffice so important as this;
the people--the ,tober, -thinking, patriotic;
sovereign ! peopfe;t jeXpected the exercisel
sound judgment, di 'cretiori, and - self-sacrifichl ' s
patriotism; in ord I.kb:a some one, fitted h
talentS, ant' of kinjWit probity and substantia
worth silo* - hat, the InoSi
•.1 •
exalted m the gift Of
the peopl e; - i
. ,Co
i i
R , N r. e , IF , . 2 ,,,
I i
.. Republican-i
- . Mrss .s. pewits :-. 7 r tense anxiety is everywhere
r ' A' '
inmanifested the
electio i n of U. S. Senator by the Lei
i islaturel of Pennsvlvania( It cannot be disguised ilia
i' •-• . ?...
weiectoo; feel a deep iriteilest in the selection that ,shall
, .
be made froin among !flip many candidates for th 4
high arid reiiponsibie offee. Ititerests far above an
i , •
I)ersomil or party • interlsts are at stake. Persomil
prefereithes and part?, prijadices sink into insignifi
canee before the grea? . ...yational question to be sei
tied ,by the ,onators eleFted this winter: Before their
tern of ofiicc shall explri, all the questions,. or , mint.
,pro - PerlY, the only question which now agitates .4
eountry,..ivill be finally di.4posed of by their action.*
MasSathuse!:ts,'New Ybrk, Illinois; lowa and Wiscon
sin have uttered astri4and determined voice againtt
the increlOrig power of §lavery, and from among their
many sons Who have fought on the bulwarks of frei.
dom, they latve pickC„d Strong and determined mgn
and sent them to the National council to oppose its
farther extension. NOW it is Pennsylvania's turn lo
speak.and to act.. WhiCh side shall she take
_of tile
great questiOn now brifore her! The whole counts',
awaits with the most ! hitense anxiety, the .responle
that shall come up fkirnlher halls of legislaticin. . 1,
There is thit one matiirr-this broad Commonwealth,
who can go 'ito Washington 'clothed With a moral it
fluence, like; that which "invests the person of W. 10.
sward, an makes him i the fittest man to represAt
.toe? Anti-Slavery serii4inent of New York, and co I.'•
vcrts his elc.tiion intiti strong rebuke to'the propa
gandists or§iavery. .Ttiere is but one man ine
great State of Pennsyl ania whose 'election would 1 e
considered a stern .reb ke to the arrogant demands of
the Slave pilwer, and hose presence in the Senate
Chamber would alway!, be.regarded as the strongvt
possible'evii l lence of / rnnsylvania's unqualified disaii
proval of the act whi , j•repealed the Missouri COl
prarnise. ''hatman i • David Wilmot. His talents,
c ,
eloquence and _states anship fit him eminently
take the station. 1 Nb man iCan go from this Stateand take
a higher stand. among the great men of the natii)u
than David Wilmot. I p ut it is the moral power toutgoes, with his name, ;the moral influence that s J r...
rounds his person as to r eauthor of the Wilmot Pro I
so, Which mitkes him llie proper and the only pro ',. r
person to be 'selected 13, this State to represent it in te
National Legislature. i . Be has so long been conne ,t
-ed - with the Proviso tO! which he gave paternity art
his presencd or the mention of his name always brings
up:in the mind the idea Of Slavery restriction. Wirt
!tamer rebuke can be given the Administration whiih
repudiates the great principle of Slavery restrietilia,
and opens all the freeirvitorY of the Union to lie
blighting influence of avery, than to place the tit:-
thor of the Wilmot Ptorviso in the Senate Chambegof
the United Mates, the' to defend its principles in tip
own mastZrly manneri i ! . . . h
t, - , —r...:1 -
To prevent an action' so honorable to the Legisla
ture of our State, andlWo important to the future
terests of oar countri, l ihe Democratic party of S
quchanna County is *tit% forth its utmost exertiohs.
Its paper s fer want of; a single respectable objection
to bring against him, is filled, with low personal ab4se
and blackgnard. Menet high and honorable statlen
itiMontrmi are writing articles, dated from di& at
townships, of which tl4y would be utterly astranied
to aeknowiddge the anihonship in public. Men, siito
are men in church*, write anonymous atil
ries, in which they publish falsities whirl, they dire
net utter will their lipS. Nen who have opposed the
Proviso wits author ifrom ' its first inception uMII
now, are professing free soil principles publicly, rd
in the dark are strikinia deadly blow at the restriction
'of human Slavery. These- Nebraska Democrats ire
not content with abusing and misrepresenting *.
Wilmot at home, but they sent their hireling edttor ,
to Barrisbnig•to injure him there.. By misreprest
ations and false statements; he attempted to abase,
Mr. Wilmot In the puhlic mind and destroy the esegi
dance repo, ed in hini:-by 'the whole country. Mr.
Chase is known at 1114risbitrg,' and is therefore-pew
ekess to 'plum - though clothed with al the power:the
few Nebraska Democrats of this County can 4eleinio
ti) him. ' . , II
*lli is it that the Beniilbratle pi* of this Comity
is out upon' Mr. Wilmot with such fiendish malignity ?
It still firionn wetitdiiere,
nce to the principles of thd
Proviso, thin iilty - doesit so bitterly - Oppose riiVil
ntotiti. Is he Otring recreant to biaLfre e , 80 4 pOi c i.
-plea itas never more 'out&kenitirs
when his troviaci is trampled under tiot, a I . Popu
lar Siverel,gnti is held as the ix4. l stai.'to guide
Icbecuse 'he denounceaf the tierna cra t.
ie party for ihitreacifery to-freedom in ha mils:talent
of tin; Nebraska,Rill ? :No, Mr. Grow dapotinced
the party for the same act in a speech which is ac
credited to be More - masterly and logical than the one
delivered by Mr. Wilmot during the same everd?g.—
Is it beeauie he . denounced Gov. Bigler for his par
ticipation in the crime of passing that infamous - bill?
No. ' From Mr. Grow come the statement that Gov.
Bigler had it in his power to control a sufficient num
ber of the delegation from Pennsylismia , to defeat the
pasuge of the Nebraska bill. No fault is found With
Mr. Grow. - Ile is the pet of the party. Then Why la
*it that Mr, Wilmot is so fiercely assailed? Why is it
that the Democratic party is down, with a vengeance,
upon' the . only Democratic candidate before the Legis
lature{ Who is , right upon the free soil question? Let
me ask you, calmly, why is it? I will tell you why.
it is because be refused to endorse tie Sebraska Kan
sas Bill. Mr, Grow voted directly , against his Anti-
Nebraska principles u drawn out and e4lained by
himself. Mr. Wilmot refused, poiiiively to do so.—
That is the difference between Mr. "Wilmot and Mr.
Grow, and the Democratic party Is . meting out to
them such rewards as it thinks each of them deserves.
• Non- I defy the whole party with all its time serv
"ing minions and dishonest politicians, to eubstantiate
another charge against him. Pointing, are yon, to his
rote on the 21st rule? Since that time, your Conven
tions ,have' endorsed Lis Anti-Slavery principles, time
and time tt , tt
a ,in and threeiiimes have you endorsed
his free soil principles at the ballot box. The men.
tion Of it, by ',you, now, only betrays the baseness of
the party and the extremitieslto whieh'itis,driven in
its present degradation. Do you tell 'me about the
Tariff? , Geo. S anderson, the man_ who pursued' Mr.
Wilmot, like a blood hound from township to town
ship through this County,, to prove he was wrong. on
the Nebraska bill, i declares Over, hie. own -signature
that Mr. Wilmot is light on the tariff question—=that
he is true to the iron land coal interests Of Pennsylya
nia. Dont you mutter that lie again. Sir. " Desert
ed his old Friends!" it is false as h—l. •He takes the
Proviso which has been' trampled under foot. by the
part and holding it aloft as a standard, asks his old
trienas to rally around him. But the Nebraska Dern
ocratS, hiding their motto, Populai• Sovereignty, un
der their cloaks,,stand aloof frora him, nay, join his
pro-Slavery enemies in a crusade against Lim. He is
deserted by his old friends because he, adheres to his
principles after the party has repudiated them. That
is hig sin. He carries his principles not only to the
fornm but to the ballot box. No other charge is pre
ferred against him.
But the Democratic party is wonderfully free soil
just now,—righteously indignant. at the outrage upon_
northern rights." Who - is its candidate? Softie anti-
Nebraska man of course. No, indeed'. An anti-N,e-
briska man can never be a can4idate of the Democrat
ic panty again.. The day has gone b y 'when free soil
sentiments will be sustained by the Democratic par
ty. In this - County such sentiments
,may l be, spoken
and Published by the party, but mark , raylword, thep
trill never be voted. The candidate of the party , for
11. S.' : Senator, like its candidate for Governor,ls out , I
and dut Nebra'ska. - The only anti-Nebraska
.date s opposed with the most unscrupulous vindk
tiveriesa. Yet there is hope of his election. If
defeated, and a man of opposite prixkiples elected, it.
will be wholly by the exertions of theDemocratie par
ty of the Wilmot Districi. If strong free 'soil ex.
pression could be sent to Harrisburg f ont the party •
in northern Pennsylvania, it would be!utterly impossi
ble fOr a Nebraska candidate to be elected: As it is,
individual remonstrances. must take the place . of party
action. Prompt and energetic measures may yet de
-feat the election of a Nebraska_eandidate;ind save
the country from the great calamity threatened it by
vernberntte !warm- • - - tiavesr,c-.
New York Corre
.11t:ssim Entrons—The Curiard Steamship Asia ar-,
i i .
`rive'd at Boston yesterday. Sh sailed from Liver..
poor On the ?d. The English n ws is of greati
me, Parliament seem? to ha e become convinced,
at last, of the utter inefficieney,
4 f the. Much vaunted
coalition ministry. A motion expressive of a want
Of confidence was made in the; Hou4e of Commons
and Passed by a large majority ' The Ministers re
signed their stations at once.l'he: Queen sent for
Lord Derby and requested him ,
to form aCabinet, tnit
at the last advices he was nnabfe to do so. There-'
tiring ministers, as well. as the Oqeen herself, are es
pecially severe on LOrd Joh/. Russel,' because ,he
thought best to retire from the Cabinet before the fi
nal crash. -
.__ 1 1
, •
The news from the Crimea isinot Very cheering.--
- The weather is very cold, with snow storms of sever
al days' duration. There is not much fighting—the
respective armies having about] as ranch its they can
-do id taking care of thernselvei. A very interesting
letter from a New Yorker gives Some items, showing
the state of the English. He sys, "aa soon as we
had janchored, army and' navy t officemen worth
thousands' of pounds—rushed on, beard; anxiously
seeking an interview with the toward. Soon after,
they: might .
,have been seen le vino, one With a keg
of hinter, another with a turk y,, another having a
head of cabbage , ke., all seem they h
g in thighest. de-
gree' delighted with their purchases. One; on• being
asked if he had heard any important : nws, replied,
,No,' but rye got a fine turkey / '
“The soldiers are very - anxious. anxtous to Storm the town,
and promise, that if they could only have a chance,
they would • provide themselVes . with comfortable
quarters in Sevastopol.” 1 * - • '
I• . i
The close of the war seems to be ail far Off tut 'at
the beginning, and time - only 'eau tell what the end
will L. ,
11'• a telegraphic • dispatch - from Boston this ol've
nine; I lern that' Judge Loring,,Who took so pronn
nent!ia part in sending poor Anthony Burns baelt to
slavery, has been defeated in his attempt to obtain
the Law pi•ofessoyship in Harvard College. The vote l
was.twentY to ten. - . ;..! 1 1
Our snow has almost all disappeared Under thej in- 1
• .
thence of a two dais' lain. " i i
• 1
Yours Ake. ' B. Q.
• 1
- • •
. .• KANSAS OUTRAGE- . • ' - • •1':
The Kansas• Free State of the 220th ult. aim
: tenni the fo Incit • llow i.• , ' !
9 ,
Some . of the most outrageous•eondnet that
it his been 'our; painful duty . to reeordioe
eurr'ed on the day after•elee• Oat, the 30t, of
No4ernber, at the :house Of- Peterfiasinger,
!.)f Hickory Point, 15 • Miles south of this
plad:e. '
- • , - i •
Mr. Basinger was a native; of KentueltY-- 7 -
had. resided a' feW years` iii 'loa.; but came
to this territory on the 23d of August and
toflli up a claim. He - has. a wife and eight
children. • .'. • .
Ile went to the election and voted
• Wakefield, the Free'Soil candidate , and nlso
distributed ti good many; tickets for and .
field. There was also a Man by the nante of
Own, who_ lived . in Missouri, ; in company
with 150 Others, at the 'place of ;Voting.
Mr. Basinger. went hOrne and'• repaired his
wagon in .the evening, so that h could . go to,
independence the next 'ally; :Which he :did,
taking his son, a young man; along with him..,
After proceeding. about two mites, they ',met'
a stranger, .said j to ho athitclUnun, wtao in.
quiied about the conntry,- and said that he
had;heard of Mr.;flasinger's hoUse, and. Want
ed' Li) know if h could get his 'dinner.there.
Mr. 1 Bisinifer.tOld him that he I .ould 'get
diner. • he butchman 'Went On; and stop
pedlat :Basinger s. He had been there but a
short tithe when the aforesaid ;Owen came in
and ; inquired of the- Dutchman' where he was
from: He replied* by sityixig I that he was
from Illinois , Owen *eh tisk,4 him sever.
al qaestkais about elainO, lit likhaautiwero
as well as he . knew how. Owen _then told
,hilft-thif be stole his neat—that he stole nig.
I The D u
was 'sitting, alt the While
1 in a ghai4-saying nothing offensive in reply,
twheft OWen took' his pistol from his lioat;
and fired_it the Dutchman's head. Pie bali throWini his head back, struck
'theimper part Of the forateadi - and ,glancing,
f took off shoo*, tWo inches of skin. lie then
arose and walked out, when Owen •followed
i him around 'the house and - knocked him - d own ,
There were about finiy :Missourians wh o
accoMpanted Owen, returning from. the ele e ..
thin, a , short . distanc e from,- the 'anise.- MO,
Basinger- asked. them to_ take.ollen away-
but they--laughed at her—sitting no_their her: .
s6t seeming to enjoy 'the keno with toniider;
able gusto: At this , time, -;one of the - fusty,
or OWen I iniself-our..intOm an t is %not cc,..
tain-which,:rushed into the:.hens with aph
OA; threatening .to Mrs. - ,Basinger.—
She remonstrated-repeatedly. for him to de
sist and be silent ; but instead : of its'having
the desired effect, it only, enraged': hire, and
culled forth-more threats of .booting.
. Tie ,then followed. a.child of lkisingei' g
with his pistol pointed doseto. the .ehild's
head, around the. house, - cursing and sweat.
ing he Would- shoot it, The mother; followed,
trying to.reseue, it., which she succeed in do
ing after-a great ;effort. Owen told: the-tarn
' ily to leave the : house, iminediately, pr h e
would kill them all' instantly, The -
left, and Went. to, a neighbor's hobse. Mrs:.
Basinger. in going out-of the door, obierve4
the brandiAing of a knife, and upon raisir.g..
her arm. toward off the blow, 'received; it or.
the hack 'of her, hand. There was no 'one .
Oar the. house at this time except the 31is.
, .
'A short time afterward, some four-of .the
neighbors apprOilehed near- thc;:houSe, :. when
the crowd started off, Waving their hats,
threatening to go on - toward Westport, and
kill Ba.inger and
At Bull Creek, twelve miles frOm Basin,
r ,
(v6r 7 'q . they , fearing the -arrest of.. Owen' sat
guard and eatnpeid.over Mrs. Basin.
ger and a neighhbr Went to the house soon
after, and looked If j r sonic money the family
had stowed away in a trunk.
.Ther e . we t ,
three •Mis.snuriaus,posent, who helped to
look for the money. But •she - foimd; tp the
sorrow of a poor family . , that the imoney was
taken—MOO in trold: Foul
.hundred dollars
Were in .5,"20 'pieces, and.the other $lOO . W as
in pieces
~ of sinaller, dencimination.
: TN
Atiksourians were searghed, no
money was found. tt•
Mr. Br on' the folly
.asinger Teturded on' the followin g
Monday, and -• on Tuesday
.he went* the
Shawnee Methodist Mission; the: "hand quay.
ters of the territorial officials, 'to -procure a
warrant for the arrest of OWen. He applied
to she Assotqate
~.Tudge• Elmore—Leeompt e
not then being in the - territory.' . .
Elinore refused to issue a warrant; or to .
have anything to do with it.. ' Some - -time
ter he applied to the Governor, Who infOririeci
Elmore that he Was hound to listie the war.
rant, which was 'accordingly. , (10ne... By •thil
time, however, OWen haff;maped! into thi
interior of Missouri . . 'No 'reward has bien
otreted fur his apprehension, nor are.we aware
that there has b .en any reqiiisitiOn:• . made oa
the` Governor of Missouri' !Pr his 'delivery.
. . ,
The above is- - the substance of the fiCts t p
relat6.l to us by: a friend who wrote ' them
down froni the : lira of Mr. Basinger.. The
man who was shut was f;Und some - time al. .:
ter_the crowd had !.eff,abouti one hundred
prds froni the house;- in a state of insensibil- ;
ity. It .was'some time -before, tt c could speak
intelligibly. He has been 'pa tally deranged
ever since, hiS sktill being som'eiVlua fractured,
We.undergtand, that he as - noW, - - ty 'rig near
Santa Fe i Missouri, at.: the poitit of death. ,
~...Mrs. Basinger is not the . sat le person she '!
was heforer the, - affair occurred .. We under- :.
stand that she in the midst of he fiffray,tqfi ~
k i'
up her husband's gun; but unfortunately it i
was not. , loaded". Probably lif
. had, she
ebnlary 16,.1555
wOuld- have setit the fiend tti the placeli
wits-airnin r' frot. without so rout difficulty,
'oWer t ,took the gunfroin• her .41
broke it to - pieces on the ground.. •
It is exeelingly. strange - that t'there hyc
been no efr)rt" made 'for the. 4rrest, 'of thii
high - erUilinty. •
i•fri l3asinger's money nut b een ' taken, we
pre:sume rno4 of the attoth§:” in the terri•
tory would love ligeh ifoverina 'over him
counseling a d advising What course. he Ada.
A 1-..€
pursue, and dunning - for the apprehension
Owen, as wa r s the case with,Kibtiee. . r . .,'.. . .:*
It-is interesting to tiotice thergreat contra,;.::-;-'..
between thee two shooting affairs,, which tv. il.
curred alniut the same time. - 'Kibbee, (u. "'-,"
can be Seen .from the report' of . the , trial ii '
our last; issue,) 15ills a man,. supposed Iron -
; . ,the eyidenceLto be in . selfdefertee.• A gr4at ~,
hue and, erylis raised; and threats that mob ff
, ysod, if Kibbec is not iinine..l
1 diately arreSted,, tried' and conunitted. Ile .:1
.• Was- arrested and 'triad - before' AssoCiatii . ..',:l
Judge Elnuire, and•committed on the charge
of murder in the first 'degree. . 1
- Mr. fialdertnan, Esq. - , succeeded it ge.- .',..1
tinff.thei 'prisoner (nit on a: rit of habeas ter .
, - ,1
.r, , ~
pus, o btai ned front Chief Justice - Lecompte, - ,1
beibre whorit' there was a rehearing of alt the . 1
evidence, when Kibbee_ was bailed, in $lOOO
1 for his appearance at the first -session-of the
'U. S. Court.. - - . -... ' - •• - .1-.1:,:
THE WHIIif'PARTIT- - : _ *
\ • •
Two'significant afid:iinportaut move.tnen6
in two reading Whig States, conspire'to make
us institute. this enquiry.What give,: im theinquiry is,. that the two Stata
are States ; in which such illustrioUs Whigs 115,: e l:
HEM - CLAY and - Thintzt Watist4s. :breathed t...;
the - breath' of . life - - into the Whirparty..-r
These tuovetnents are;. . •- _
The abandonment ofthe" ,
tettive :TiN111: by the Mwsachusetts..:Deleo;
tion in (Xingress i . one riremher of do
Lower lious-e:.
. 2d. -. The abandonment the ;Whig or 11 4
• ganization in • Kentucky,- by , declining- to, cart
u Whit , State Convention. °
• The abandonment of an organizatiOn Is t
thirig to' be:got over, and for which there;
may be cause,—bat' taken' in conearretio
with, other fitct4. elsewhere , thii - Kentack .
abandonment has pecidiiir significance, but
.abandonment.of a principle ii 4hp.alte
abandottment,--nay, the 'scattering to the "••••
winds, of all party bonds, and the abs.lotion
-of all bondsmen. from seek. bends: When.
we . rentembee..where - and hoW Kentucky and.
Massachusetts have..stood,.;.-4or.tiventy yeas,
'past, shoulder to shotilder,•.these great move•
ments of theirs,,in• the political . faille,
Pre sent - considerations msegue.ncei
the' very - highest. and, gravest. - impertafices
some of we propose ieview,—but it t .
must 'be understoad that it is no pleasure to
- us to write the obituary of a Party i that wo
have-acted with fitiin boyhOod, and jeYed
'and rejoiced over,—but we pint journal,
anewspaper,—dnot a book
. of feamentations,
.and,-therefore, proceed itioorollhe news,
whatever,.. . •
The - Whig Party - started-. into life under t'
'Henry Clay—sloth an American system, of
American prineiples f ind. lining an Anted. , •
can creed: Prutc tiara' -firtilt; to our T c . .. ;
manufactures . ',came from the early Fathers of
the ittpublip,--VV,ashiagtcia-atd Tlnmilton;
but it was ;not until.lBl6; that Clay and
Calhoun (el to _Brute () sta'rtett• tt;
tifq 1 4 1 0011"111 the Uditsid kitaWs 1 0 11 4 11 1 )
. •