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1 . ! iTile — Oit;ltiOncitie Ritinb li mn.
, Not :
. long since re ntentiOn4 our intention
• • ;
to publish a statement of the eiiimber•orsub
fieribera we i hie obtained sin
,"January JanUary Ist,
1 . 85 - . • !We nett 'roe4td to redeem ofir.rirom
iSe,4o"also 44 Dive witch details as-Inny *of
-'- . •
interest ta. our 'Onderii. The nnmbe of nest
'!Subtk;ribe& iiiiiieltesetiblitan Is 314.'1 - In thia
: number we dO, not inclUdenewspaperlex . along-
• . r es, - nonfive. poisons to whom t he piper was
Thnejuestion of the e l ection o f si, Senator It••• i• .' ,- • ,; •
_, i i.. - ;sent by mistake ! , on -our part, and t f - y whom
from this State, at the latest auvices,tron it'' was refused. ii • - - , -;
Harrisburg had assumed an exciting and tit ;;!, , 1 .\•. , I ! . • ; •
1 ,. ! ; The n r rtnetpni p o rt ion-of
. our . new_litt has
us most unexpected shape. Simon Camer9a,
, peen made. up at-offices in this county men-
NebrAta Democrat, appears ! now to .stan d 11, - ;-- -- • .. : . . , , 1-
•• itioned below, Ilie . balance being scattered
the best chance for an ele c t i o n ., lithe tele- i- - • -.1 !, ;; 1
. - ~, -- - -- ,• - iitmonglnianr postofficeei in this, and. ;other
graphic reports arc correct, he was c nomina- ;!6- tat ! cs. !• ; " 'il •• • ! •• - I
ted by the Know-Nothing caucus on • Friday ;•,-,' , -I ' - 3'- --1- ' .-• • . . .
, s - osfoffico. 4
, t . - 2leto Subs:
night last - not, however, till a laige body ,of • - Ararat, 1 4 .• 1 - •
..... , . 3
the members had withdraivn from the eau. Auburn Corners; . 1 . - =;' ... . . .... ...... ..... . „.... 2
• • Brooklyn, -1 i • -..„ .. 7
013. 4 " The Democratic caucus,- ; composed•of tti moc k + l N . . r •
2G• members, nominated CS. Buckalew, and T‘lndaill; :• • •',•!,;:4'• • • •••• • ••• • -
• ,la Lake, . 1 3
the Whig caucus, , eoppriaing 8 Members,'Otiendstille,...
i i!
nominated Thos: Williams... Tuesday last was 1 111- 0 0 111 e ' 'i! 1 .
(treat Ben 6, ...-..J,; . ' .... ......... .. ..... . t......•.. 32
the day - fixed by law for the election of Sen-- oibson,
ator;and ; according to the telegraph, on the - 5 ....-•- ; . • - i. - 9-
fink ballot the vote stoOd, or Cameron 58, i t e je r4 l% . : . - • 17
scattering 73 ; -on the Second ballot, Carnet-IV:m.610o; , " ' ii" - „ -19
ttle Mnadows, I. ;',.. - ' '
on 59, scattering 71 ; and a motion was then .
Pairs-ville Centre, • , •- - ' '... 1 . - .- 7 . :
.. • • -
carried to postpone the election ' - two weeks. 1104letnorriCentrd, • ' , ''• • •-•" • - 3
- , -
- We have not the particulars of the vote, ilV r° 4,, d, i: ; ? ! ., :.! • • 14 !. I ! - 3-
but, believe that the, l'ilembrs from, our•own ret•ter R idge, ;i' . . .;! .1. -. 4
i ~1 : '• .- •* . 1 • 1 .12
•d.estrict and several neighboring. ones, have ! ,1P'4 1, • '.:t ;1.•• • • vet .....
, e . r•ukia. Llepot,-.!..i; - ;&...... ' ...21
remained true to their principles,' an d trust siafte:v, ! -• ' ' • • '', 1" - 3
they will continue so. But the boist that Penn- sPrinitlvle'; •• • •I• Jj '. .... ' • ... • • • •••• • • • ...... 7
Thomson, ........ i • ' ....,..; ... ... 4
sylvania•baS at last a reliable:Free-Soil Leg Prirningoffice(rnoitly citizens of Bridgevrater)and -
• ishiture, seems likely-to -be- falsified. True, !:e'ar.rie4, •• • • •t- •• • ' ','. - I • 36
1• ' • 011dIer l'Ostoffices, • k t. .... 1. - ..... 41
Strong was elected Speaker of the ! House,- ", 1. • '"; ~, -
-was ; , To t a l, ;:
.- ,......_
and Eli Slifer elected ,State Trensurer. ..! ...... '' .; . '; • ! 314
, -the -
and-both ar'e well known Free-Soilers,• but, • '11!e 1. 1- t - 'ofll ~ i i t
ircu .1 oh) the , („,trer a
the moral effect of their eleetion will be More of its di!scontintianec wa1912.4 We l sent
than counterbalanced by electing an old po- the l3cPublicati o those who !rere taking the
Mica! hack and time-serting
; dolighface" like , Begister, and j ust
; ten . persons . , viz ; four in
Simon Cameron; to the United:States Senate." ! MontroSe,lone. ill New Mil(orl, one in Gib
.' What excuse &in our Legislator's find for ! 56.111- one Ili 34ekson, one;iiiSesquehanna De
placing Pennsylv a nia in a position of so Much ! pot, one iif Hartord,, and - one in Bristol, Pa.,
'infamy, and, by a' single act, giving so suicid- .have' disContintited their paper, or Ideelined
aI a still) to Northern rights and the 'cause ot ' taking the ;Reptiblican in Place of the Regis
human freedom? What motives can they 'ter- ' li,eltinith'ese from the 912 subscribers
"bave-fOr such an act ? Somethillg
,has " been I to ; the Begister,*d lit leaves, - , 902 -
said in the present-Legislature o f the bribery Add ;new'`
auhaeribers since Jan. 1, '55 -314
! • - I
and corruption that existed in former tegisla- ' l olin present‘list ;is
'lure; especially the last : • let them take. care 11. ! TwelVe htindrds
.not•to give the people grounds to - suppose l a•lialf froin'the ante
that they are. in that respect no better. thanilbe' liee ;is a Pretty f
- their predeenssors--that the gold
! of 'Simon ;; 11 - .,, ; ., a r /et . .
. ;
!Cameron has' -more influent; . with them than I
!fore tlie year' . is tit tin
, the wishes and interests of theirconstituents.; C i t
sait'll ' tbe - Wiest !
'The people of this region, an d we believe the dp e i, tisv i va ,i l o) ; •• e I t i
:.people of Pennsyleania, Acsire this - State to i l fr i nds in thelaitteret
'be placed beside every other free Stiate that i k‘:e;!a"(-:itio' wledgelolfi•
Vitas lately elected' a LT. S. States Senator, on istir, thernselves, to e
.-the - side- of Freedont. • lias.saCtrseits, New !; Let oth er p • i licT- i. S d
- York, lowa, - - . Wisconsin, Illiaois, all have giv- !portion to their 4bilii
:On their voice-for freedom, and it we-yield to !done, arid we Sliall ht
pro-slavery ". influences, we..' shall stand alonet - ore,!thekear is, hut.
in our disgrace ; poor, pitiable,
! we ll as t -,a t _ ! What
:Pennsylvania." What- a position for the-land yes d ee i i , i t e i-i i i ipot i
of Penn and of Frankilittlfor the State where- & :k ii - ; , ,,, epu bAj w , ll! p ii ne il
an- was_ written the Declaration of 'ltidepend- (give the Republic:lllj
acme! 7 ..." - 11
Ildence ? If SO, We t;
.I ; !
iingly-! .;
! ;AN INTELLEfrr \'
p1e.4... - ;ure to
Thursday,;' February-15,-183S.
. .
.We have ;still some hopes that Cameron
-nay Ve'def a
l b
ted, ha' if not, the Know-Noth
ings vrho el tAiin—or any other Nebraska
v.:- 100 l out for breakers. ".:.,_ ; '
Wilin:t and Petumlvanintaterests
E. 0. Goodrich, seq., Editor of. the Brad
for Reporicr, re-publishes, an article 'which
.appcared in that paper, in, 1846, written by
Senator George Sanderson, of Bradford cOnn
-ty, 'which 'corroborates flip statements made
in Judge Wihnot's letter, in every particular.
- Gto: 3!. lleynolds, Esq., Editor of the Car
bondale Transcript, says he heat 4 d the Judge
snake, in 184, substantially the. same state
snent and explanation of his course, as that
contained in his late letter. lion. D. D.
Warner, and other gentleMan2Wholt3ve long
been prominent member.s of the Deinoeralie
party in' this county, state that they have
,known that 'to be Judge WilmOt's
- ;for years_ past. :The• record alsO shows, as
his letter asserts, and us any one may see
. by reference to his speechin Congress, July
18441, that be 'look an open and-bold stand
in fiivor of a protective Tariff on iron and
coal, .as articles of national importance and
necessity. We may publish extraCts, from
that Speech hereafter. .• •
,Franc the article refetred to by the Report
er, as hiving been written by Mr. Sander.
son, in 1840, we extract the following:
The delegation from this State had it in their pow
er to secure alinost any duties they could reasonably
ask for by the new tariff; but they refused, and with
the execption of Mr. Wilmot,,voted against the bill ;
for the same reason, we presume, that a similar dele=
-gation on a former occasion, e.rcept one; Toted to re
•charter the gaited States Bank; assuming it for
granted that the people were too gullible, to un
derstand their rights, or accept of any explanation.—:-
If Pennsylvania has not all the advantage under the
tariff of 18-16, that she had under that of 1842, it is
Ur own fitult. 31r. Wilmot endeavored to secure it
for her; It was in her power to have but it was
rejected: Why ? Because it was not the tariff of
7842. This is the begin 'ng, conclusion, and the
whole argument. • -
. Ex-mitaa- COLD.—The remarkably • cOld.
.weather of last week- extep6d thronghout
New, .York," New • England and parts of
Pennsylvania - and - the Western States.—
At Washington, D. C., it was the 'coldest
known for, many years. :Here in Montrose,,
the thermometer,, on the morning of Wedries-
Alay, the 7th, stood at 27 degrees below zero,
being the coldest day known here for the last
20 or 30 years. , Bangor, Me., it stood 35,
degrees below zero, it Gorham - N. H. 37
• : .degrees, at West Randolph, Vt., 44, dx. - • ,
Itar• 'The Know-Ncthing . Legislature oil!.
linois; (we believe it is so classed by'the Na
tional Era,) has passed a resolution censur
ing the U. S. Senators from. that State, Doug
las and Shields, for their Course on the Ne
braska question, has refused to pass resolu,
tioni approving the - Compromise of 1850, and
has elected llon. Lyman Trumbull, (Free Soil'
Democrat) U. S. Senator in , place of Gen,
Shields: What say the National Era and
the Washington .American Organ • to such
Conduct? -
Viruonneetieue has twenty-eight clock
fiietories, employs 5,279 hands, has $1,000,-
000 iuvested, in the manufactare,"and makes
annually 700,006 clocks: I, One-fourth .of
ittesp time-keepers find a market England.
• Vir A re s olution conferring-upon Genet..
al Scott the brevet rank of Lieutmant-Gener
al, has rand both honor's of Congrees,
• , -
4 tscriberS; xi month ,
or commencement, . we-,
air show / AOr a country
dace so; l e hopes that be
end w mean with truth
bireulation I ;in Northern
; otly beeepary for our
it,,Town4lips (to whom.
many, obligStions) to ',e
ruct suehla
;p as well, by us, •in pro
ty,.ds sorn4llave already
aye 1500Istibscribers be
We ckpOrt to do as
say you, !rOetls! Do .
litance to .11ijnaintenance
iples in thi4 section, to
11 wide circulation and in
-mit you will act accord
jn 44vor 'cot' tha Inpedigenro trsel good sense oC
the ipeople of Suiquell iairna Depot, and of the!
old town ofH ai:mtinY"' generally.. As ant
eildence of this -We ill mention that we have
• •
noW 53 subscribers tb the Republican in Sus
suchanim and inlLane, oro, ma :
ng B9
'within the limits Of the old Town:' When the
;writer. .of this eotorneCieed publishing the Reg
! .1 • :
lster in the spring of t 185, there were only
Copies Of thaeparer - taken at the Susque
henna P., O.; ancfls -opies at Ltutc.StorO, or'
2% in all: For nee subscribers have been!
ladcred to. our.list in the smile territory sin eel
Ithe4)ublication ottho
.Republican was com-1
'Anericed. l . That we Tall a very' good begin-1
ping. If our • e4mikS Can find anything to!
rejo r ice over iu thiS siatement, they are wel
come too. I • . •
raurtax MllTAllLT:—The•movement a
gaitist the existing tniilitary organizations in
the United StatOs composed. of foreigners, l
seems to have exoite4 the ire of John Mitch-'
ell, the Irish. l l lVe find quoted in the
Cincienati•Commercial the following ' extract
from some speech or writing of his on the
"For every Musket giV'en in to the State ArMory,
let-three be piirchased
. forthwith ; let , independent
companies : be formed; thrice as numerous as the dis- I
banded corpS4there;, are. no Arms Acts here yet—
and let eecrp "forei.4i)er"'6e driiird and trained,. and
hare. his arms always redwiy.. 11 , 'or you may be svary
sure (having wine, expetiencel in that matter)i that
those: who begin by 'disarming you, mean to , do you
mischief.". • . •
Whatever. people may think about I the
movement I4ainstitoreign military companies
such; talk, as4his an nnot fail to add streligth
and !force to that 'movement. The jittlg•
Merit of the exile geetils to have forsakersihint
since his itrriVal id America.
learri that, one day last week, as a gentleman
was passing the Sehool House near Heart
Lake, in Bridgew4ter tpwnship, in this co.,
he discovered it te; be on fire. The fire had
mad - but little pri - Tress, and on
,eutcring the
bylding,he found that aluantity of shavings
and4gther,coinbustibles had been placed 'un
der a!ikriOn,l desk i and ignited apparently by
means of coals taken from the ! stove. Being
thus timely' disCosered; the fire was extin
guished witbant_dii . 'ing tnueh damage.
lloose; Veit, ofNew York, has de
cided:in Alm case of a Sunday paper, suing for
money due for advertising, that, as the Revised
Statutes declare that lhene shall be no servile
labor or working cin that day, except works
ofneemsity, and no exposing of wares for sale,
except whatever' the .moral
obligation' may be., the . inice stipulated to be
paid for the servic*, cannot be recotred •in
any c _Court of Justice in .that State.,
rzr Our "Pim& agent" informs. us
tnat the statementlhat he has used , deception
or rnisrepresentati4 in procuring subscribers
for* Republican,iis unqualifiedly false ; and
he challeng4s thomi who have accused him of
doing so, tolproxlnT3 their witnesses,
—The tietic - Ika, eau Whaling Ground,
is giving ou according to the New Bedford
Mereery,'whieh behig published at the head.
quarters of the whqemen, may be presumed
tf.) epeahlku 'wingiv. •
• •
gives Us
record lour testimouyi
Bobber'at Stusgaehaana Dettot.
Feur:perso." ns,a man; and dire() boy; vere
lodged in the jail of this County, on bfgadey
last. .it appPars that.on Sunday ; night last,.
the atOro of D. L. Klaiber, at Susquehanna
-Depot, was' broken open and robbeit i Of cloth-
Itig pork, 444, 4korth'sOme twOorthreebund-
T edr,`:dallars.i The perpetrators of the act
were tracked to their houses, where the ;sto.
lon articles (were found.: The
was Ana the 'man, Chilson, a younger brother
Of his about ; l I years of age, an d two; ; other
boya named ;Qmick. and Dibble, were 7
ed. /. All atiirst.asserted their innocence, ex
cept:Quick ;Ibut when the found that lie
had - Colifess4 his guilt, the others the
same, and thereupon - they . were all committed
to jail.
A Il i t t urisbnrg correspondent Of the
Bradford .Argus, writes to that paper as,fol-
long 9 •
A letter frtorri Judge Wilmot, addressed to EC La
pone, Esq., a member from your county, under date
of Jan. 22d, appeared in the Morning Herald of Tues.,
day hist, explaining his course in Congress upon .the
tariff tluestion ; and hia.viewsi in regard to protecting
the Wan intereats.of this State. It has bad the effect
to bring out a iscurtiloos letter in the Penniylvania
Patritet,.or to-day, from Ex-Speaker Chase, df Sus!
quehamia county, who is here evidently attending to
the inirrests of feenild be Senator Cameron.: assailing
Mr. Wilmot interins of insinuation and distrtutt, with
outrefuting one single position taken by that Igentle
man in , his lettet... ' Another attack appeared strnulta;
neously with the above, in the editorial eolomns
the Tnion' of to-day. Cominm e' front such disin
terested !sources", they,. of course , have no reference,
in any . way, to Mr. Wilmot's support of Gov. Pollock,
butariselfrom att honest desire to enlighten the pub-,
lie mind uponliis tariff views; and from the same
spirit that dictated Mr. Chase, in tyying• to make the
people believe thefore the late electibn, that Gov.
tigler was an anti-Nebraska man, and will pet, doubt
have abitut as Much weight. Instead of answering
the end for which they were evidently deSigned,
these ;unjust attaCks appear to have the effect to
press npon the minds of the conservative members
in both branchei of the Legislature, some idea that
they owe Mr. Wilmot a debt of gratitude, for his 'aid
in brioging Mau t the late political revolution in this
State.: Honest men should come to his rescue) while
such influences seek to destroy his well deserved
popularity. 'Th it( 'nt will - 'subside after
the election -
Mr , .SSISS. Ei last RCpubli-
Can, that fiom, Ton the Teach
er's ,)ssCoiation, and in his interpretation tberet'?f, con 7
chides . that thpici is more bogus than genuine 1 about
it. - • : .
Wonder if he lias not seen and kialawn eital
In that respect, , if:, of the as. , oCiation, claim to
the adVance.' Nile are well aware that there 4
in the eTementS of that kociety,
is in s'i.!ry department of education, in politic, - in
ever; profvsiOn; in religion. But we lelaita,
nevertheless, that it is doing vastly more good than
none: The drearier, it appears; must be prepared to
render L testiznony to that fact, since it has been in=
strumental in arousing him from his sluinbers.
Theeoricluslottlis; that his main objection to the
msochitiOri, is bawd upon the fact, that it is not real
ly a ' Out,' vtere.tlie genuine gold dollars can be
If it we
. tie; no doubt, he would invest of his
eapitartherein, and ply :di his energies theretoyat
once. To judge ethers by one's self is sometimes a
judgment,' but not always. It dOes not
absolutely follow) that no one has an idea timid
‘eolnifig . tn:me..z.,' because he has pot.
, • •
In hiS' dream, he imagined, just what othem have
talked,4hat the present school laa takes children from
the 6ontrol of patents. If man could dream of a ht
dicriti and flimsy objection, we have it in
Amoni those who, are . most clamorous, that 'the law
takes Our' cbildreti from uuder'our Control, art those
whose Ichildren' have groivn up, (uule he may be
FOirlc! • i jlopcful ' milther father, dirOctors nor
law iv)" control,) sand th 0.46 who have none, Inerer
had,:and; who, irc2 may safely conjecture, never ex
• I - I.
Peet; to have.
- • - I
lint, , athnit that 'it does take children from parents'
control," for the sake of argument. -Parents rarely
visit sellools to' see what directors are 'doing with
children,l while miler their control; hence, does
tint appehr that th'ry entertain any serious apprehen
sionS for the safete of their children, either injbody,
mind, iir.porals., ;Besides, many of them will be very
particular to bear }in mind the precise day, when the
clireetOrs . " 'schools Will close; or, in other words, when
the public, monei-will be esed.7,%—that the,• may
take their childrety from School.] And, though six
months May interl.. - ene between one public . elnaol
anti another, it is seldom that these anxious parents
will avail themsetves of
,the opportunity to atart
parents' school, mitwithstanding 'they have
trol'orieliolin , ,antl the pr ivilege lof the publics 'boob .
house, at no expense beyond repairs.
. ' ; Schools aic made. for scholars, and scholars
' for sy4toOls; the 4gislature males the - law, the law
makes tbOdirectoni, and they make the school-hOuses,
and take:the childr*n from the cohtrol of parent's and
j send them to school; Otherwise, there would ire no
'ls not titat good 'ogler
1 S. T. scoit
A Mica r I.4cF. TO .LIVE 1..1i.—1t
,-, writer , in
. , i
the .liiSt tittinberof Harper's!, Magazine says
"During the last century, the average mur
ders in llotne, With a population of one !lUD- 1
dred :and fifty thousand seds, was five,,r six
a clay; . told on one occasion fO Whilel
occupied by thd French, there were ina!sin
gle day one hundred- and twenty assassina
tions; • And as', late as IS2B they averaged
one 'daily. - A chapel of the jAfadunna, in the
churdll'Of the Augustins, is hung about waif!
knives, :dirks, and other ' murderous inStra- 1
. 1 1
tpent:S,',Suipe.nded there by i ltheir owners, at
1. order of their confessors,) as a condition of
absolution and evith‘nce of !pardon of tbeir I
crimes:, . , ..
' "The streets 6f noMe ar not safe at the
~ -
later-Jthnrs of _night, fur any one - whojhas
aught:about him; to tempt the cupidity of its
highWavmen. Tiernan friends of mine are
i accusOned., to plied their watches in t eir
boot.4,When out late at night; Every house
! keeper'Will tell you the risks they run ini not
keeping the strictest watch over their pretnis
' es; and-any one experience in visiting. tal
' iait families will Convince him that they have,
more{ confidence in their portcullis, doors,iand
. massive gratingOban in either the honesty
• of - their country Men .or the guardianship of
the pelii.v." , i . • , I •
received by the American Colonization Sodi
ety diiring the past year, $12,700 came 0?In
Massachusetts; chiefly in the form of legacies,
$12,604 from Virginia, and about $lO,OO
frOm New York!
The charter of vessels, outfit, &c., fort the
emigrants, amounted to $10,671. It is high
ly creditable th the liberality of the Anieri
cari people that no less than $7OOO werct re
ceived in' response to special appeals bylthe
society- to aid in .sending emancipated slaves
to Liberia.
One gentleman. from. Alabafria, in June 'last
propOSed to be ode of a thouslnd, or one id
five hUndred, to give $lOO or $2OO each! to
wararaising *lOO,OOO for the purpose of pur
chasing a • steamer or sailship fur the regular
Liberia trade, agreeable to the circular at the
Rev. Ur. Gurley., Thirteen gentlemenliave
given' ititheir names fiir this desirable props 4
sltlon ", c
- ThOinnual report states that many afore
cmig6ints would have been sent to the- Afri
can Republic if the weans had been 'provided,
The Liberia Republic is in all respect; in
a prosperous and Advancing condition. Two
continents are blessed by its. influenes, t --
joq rr ial of annme. re",
; • '. ,-1 TBS . KNOW-N 011171(1
.elnnii4HlSetisitut New York Sta4l
~. MI( 'est Schenectady January 1 , ,,.
.1 •.'- : 1 • „
f 1 :, The giemmitten tii'vlic* NV • 'Cs 4(1 the
State s 'residiatit's 'Annuith:Rep* : • ' aented
. ±-in ~,t*.idantie With the. : ipirit.the r *f-4e
&Bowing, Reaoluit ons, which ate; t adopted .
by titi•ilinost unanimous Vote;. and ihoStatc
. .
Sccretfiry was directed td- have jthel same
p - rinte and . .forwarded to r.putie .i Of 'coon..
:ties an :Presidents of Subordinate ;Councils :
, I ~, -,•' - ~' ,„
i :nen' . re. ,, g, Thatt miavery,fike - Papaci,is a tutir
id,,scielaPand political et . ..11-T.-at variance . with
:the sot of our republican • institutipnl, and
fit, is
to the principles of free' `en that
l t, is orouty to resist, its extensionan that
Lrvo eilliOt as Arnericans . cousent lc) t !c ad,
i)oiSsion to the Union of any new,Stats 'hose.
.Cicinstiution recognizes human bong , . . 1
~.I'oltted, That • no_ adult Alien - ean radi•
to : .the:teachings and prejudices o*.youtli,l
turd., getime • familiar with the priniiNes of
pit . dvernnient„ except by patient fantl per,
13evelfitigi study ; that no . person- stiou,ld be to exercise the elective franehi ' who .
lri se
ini,S nip been a - resident of the Unit. t i 1 States
f'or years. • . 1 1 i
.',.c../iiiiiiiiied, That' tki.eivil,!religionia4d: po ,
I, liticitt . Prii lieges Americans concede It.h . others, •
4shouitlibti by others conceded to Anier cans;
' i tltatincifconintercial nor diplomatic inter
lipulo be maintained
.with anyryoreign
ioovdrnMent that prohibits the fr i dedOin of
4f±ee4h,l' Old freedom of religous opltioti. ..
',1:.R44/tird, That the peaceful enjoy` i mut of
, Ont. tigit4. is belt secured :hy a instant
readilitisif and ability to resist encroaChnients ;
I:that. Ithiii: Republic can, only secure respect
I iitirolhlatid tranquillity at home, by tirr.elv
~ 1 , t
eonsnitent and determined:- redress ' of all
wrongs - inflicted ,. i , , 1. , , ,
; on our citizens u}citne ties:.
pettelirlders of Foreign lands. " ;.1 .
: ;;,27 , iii4/4d, That freenien can be Orefiared
•totri the,eXereise of the rights of citizetiship on-
Ilv; bit thcfrotwli education: that it, isl the duty .
r ,f • . 1,
piTtiut. ii,vernincnt to . maintain fre.-',,schools,
where republican sentiments should aught,
'line enforced •:. :, 1 .'. _
i'`• :./6iiiitd, •Tluit the Holy Bible ilia likes
.tile phreSt teachings of morality, vitiin ,ton.
esty ailid patriutishi; that
,it., is the i 'llyok of,
800 - .1 and should have the first? Place 'on
'iJ . hiNv.4ll4lkl altars. • : il 1 . . ': -
, I Reird/ei.c..f, That by sobriety, the : fostering
if he s unei! industry, the eneoura,,ireltilept of
dOincistic , ,; iMprovements, and, judicious and
Ociiektnitill expenditures, we may sZigur i e the
prnsticrity of the country, and the ihiccessful
'tlei - el4pntent of the principles of li.O.uhlican
Uoverninent. • .
, _
. ~ .
, - . ..
: Aeiio/ved, That the Temperance eCittAprise
isone .worthy of cordial support, nd .that
. Ve','Will iii no case be drawn into a4.6urse
Of `action .Iwhich will -interfere with y:
aa- pro.
gress ~
.• i' - .
.:: ,
1 , , ' tte.iwired That a Committee of fi . e 'bc ap
iipinted fo invite the State Counci
,4, cif this
tiiid . oiher,States to unite with us in it:,getteral
O - rganizatft , n, based upon the principles ent
ilOdiellin;l.the foregoing resolves. - I) .1
The President appointed James. 8...4n-ain
.Of VeSteliester, IL 11-. Thompson,
.ofl 'At i bany, :
d.;T. ITaii'ris, of Saratoga, D. L:Sinrhons, of,
01044, aid A. NI: Clapp, of Erie,:a o.,(74nfrilt
tee; in .ticebrdance with the ninth resiajution.,
.- .. • , •
B. F. IZO'Nlltitt,
- 1 r --.
State Secretary, Albany; N IT. ..
be in
- '.' - CAMERON. i i ,
- 11. i
•1:. Gen. Smog CAMERON, of :fiddletaili was
Ot.Ofridaf, night last—or rather at an reariy
lit4r Om :Saturday morning- 7 'nominatdd for
.1.1.0. S. Seput,or from - Pet,nmilrunid p t by it
46iibtintipajority of the Anierican or `Know.
Nathing' Sane:us made . up of 91 oft the 132
. 3temberzirt.oniposing. the ' I l egislatur Of tl - ,at
State. lti, is reported that, on the` ;.second
bOlot.,:92:`otes were cast in the Cat it 4, and.
that on one of these ballots the :e. tin .vote
thuS.6atidhlently cast _defeated the';noluina
tibii of Cit'q. .A. G. Curtin, (formerlyihig.):
G'dV. 'Pollack's Secretary of State. ~.1..t :all
eietits,; Cialin had 4t votes on_on l ef I plat,
while Canieron Was finally notoinatt i d by 44
tt, 13 foriall . others—mast of those opposed
tri.:lhe nominee having retired. Theltthiction
ii 'to tikei place to-morrow,' and We I:shall
then see "how much Gen. Cameron 74 hard:
train nomination will avail him. It ::14' I very
P!',Obabie.that he may obtain 'a eons4erable
wife frotirthese of his: Dernocratie .brei.hren
WlO conldl riot be indueed to comnii: hem
seVe:s directly to Nativiiin..:.-- His supporterS
itEthe CatiOtts were:only ablaut one-thlid of a
.fall:LegiSlature—so. that he .will need about
tit more votes from some quarteri iolelect '
;;,Wien.fltneron is a Bank officer, and ":iulder
st4d tea be riek.or,at least able andlir !ling
tO:.!dear. out 'money liberally wheti?'er he
deems such dispensation advisable; inclipoli
tWhe iS ai . Detnocrat of the . school Of Joel
B, , Stitherland, , vhich one. of its magi les, in
airivate. letter, declared•, to be the schcio.l of
4 Men nf i tirineiple according to •their int:o'est.'
Tii . t.ltis,seltbal we are especially and arnest
.ly,'„(ppOSeill - • : . . . ' i 1 : -
- : Gen. ,Cameron in Congress .Wou 4,!'velte,
right .oni abont.balf the: questions cottim,up ;
but undet' i eueh circumstances that th 6 right
would pol . ;be permanently advanced by. his
support:l, ;The Southrons. Would thaPkt him'
fon his votes in' behalf of Slaiery, but , Iwonid
feel :under no obligation to give votei-for an
effectiVe Tariff in return. They :would re
gt(r,tl hint'.4:4 a Pennsylvania DEmocraitit'iiere
jaiT,a.'llyiff man, and 'requite his tavoti by
dniners and compliments— not by :lat, - C,s.-1
ILI , bits' been once already; in the Senate', 'clee- 1
tq : . - as i-,Zirifr Democrat .in a DeniOciatie
I.cgislatfife;mainly , by Whig votes; ly*.4 we
never heard that the Whigs were particUlarly
i prOd fot their. agency in his: election.illl he
is stow curried through a.tegislature.miitni:
nAliy Whig, hut really ' Know-Nothibg,'; it
will„be an evidence'of great tact, - or lack, or
financial ability, on his part. We shall', not
believe hei 6rtn succeed until 'We must:l i. 1 -
tip t o
the date of last October EleCtli in:
hi & ,State it Was generall yunderstood that en.
Caineroa.fwas not a 'Know-Nothing,' th !
it!Was stated that one or two of his so4sihad
joined - .the t;order. Now, we undsratand, an
allOgedtrinisc . ript from the record is I.4ldt,vh,
Which : rePresents: him as having joinedlthe
Order on the 11th of September, on6 l i:e nth
bilcii!' e the - : Election ! There:ha ve been tigii:xxl
many sMart dodges in Ponn'sylvaniapOlitics,
of the Sutherland school, - and perhapsi this is
one of theni.—Tribune, 12th. • - i-: I
.-1 - I
iTmt isoarri-WEST 'HC THE U. S. S E A E.-
ll)i pis luislu.4t chosen Judge Trutntiu I, a
tiue . man, to the U. S. Senate, in plac of
Shield% , Wisconsin has alsO - chosen tlie
ble'lDurkee - to suc,ceed'haae P. Walkei.lfOwa
sends Jaines "'laden 1( Republican) 4:8 ;the
sti4essor.hf l the doughface., Cesar A6guitus
rtnAge. 'oniere has been no, election I(xet; in
Indi a na whe:re the R4ublicaes haveillt it et.
uottunated. Although Indiana gave ge
ReOublioan majority ftt the lust eleet* 4'a: thoropgb-pAced
repro9eot,hq' in the ficuuato, htieltlOn; ha
beaUti(bl Peninsula State, is .sinillarlys4uft.:
_tecr Het (itsSfs and Stuarts, treat wititseimn
Atictc'outomtit, resolutions of instruction', Ohio
garn 80,000' majority i fbr Freedom lasi Dito•
bee, yet thejLegislaturo- elected a Nebkaska-
Ito ,auccessot to S. P. who lut,a `2.falth
rot,relr, ted Ob '
: ifeminationi for U . S ..Senator.
..-TnuasnAT,l Feb. 8,155. t •
.In the Senate, Mr. M ' Clintoek twine tie a
ry,soultisin that the Spaterneet in,piinvent 11,,
.1 ,
In' the j fiall Of*); ifousolesp*eittohp4l
on Theelay neilo4t;l2 iis,el k, Jit., *r thei
4 ::: i• • "• T , , • r 4
tOrposefileleitiptti Unitt+States Senatar
and antlikirizingit , ylliapQingtentlidt Ctel
. 04
-4-t, its pa r t. - P' '•., • '..4? - ' . '-,-...:.- .. ' Y..
The Spate Pre ,'sled to i nominate ear di
dates for U. S. SAnitor, as Billows : -• '
John Robins Jr. - II• .' Thonias 'Williams ---
Wilson M'CandleiS - John Stiohni
Simon Cameron - - 1' , • Win ' M. Mertslitli
11. T. Cenrad - 'll • - Jas. X. - 11 1 Lrinahan '-
Arnold Plummer,!Wm.lßigler • -
Wm. F.lJohnston Seth 'Clover -- .
John Clinultel ..j ' James. Todd
It D. Foster U , G. W.•WOodward
Andrew G. Curtin' 4'•
, J. K.lMorehead -:':•-•
James Cooper ,• • - Henry Chapman - .
• Daniel M. Smy4r , John [D. Styles •
WM. Darlingtonii • ' Thaddeus Stevens .
Jamis \leech -
, 11 David Wilmot
Chas. R.lfluelialeiir ' Henry M.:Fuller: •
• if
•••- 1
~1, ! „ TttuasniOr Feb; 8 185
In the Ilouse:llqt'. Smith moved to p o
ceed to the nontintion',of caiididates fork! it
ed States Serator h. Whieh was agreed to, ii•nd
the folloiing get4lemen, were pond:I:AO: •
D. M. SioySer, •,t - 11. D. Foster.
Thos. E. Frankli'i Joseph Miner •
R. 'T.. Ginrad,.- !•, M. M. Dimmock • .
David Wilmot ' , 'Alex.' , Cummings ..'
Jacob Fry - .Ji. •I' Ralph Clapp -
I James M. Porterl= - Thos.l H.. Baird.
I,G. W. Woodward : . Jacob Dewees 'i .
J. Pringle Jones i! • John L. Dawson .I:
James CON* •, J. .AL Kirkpatrick. 1
W. F. Johnston .1 f ' -A. GI Curtin t
James V4Celt Wilson M'CandlesS/ .
B. 11. Brewster i . JOhn ,Williamson.
John S.. I.ittell
: ill l . Seth Clover
Otis Tifliniy 1•; Arnold Plummer
Josephiftillington 1 . Simon Cameron
John WI Howe 1 ',,, Jacob Broom • -
llenry 11!. Fulled .l• Wilson Reilley
Smith Follcr .', ' -C. B..Eyster. •
ThaddeuSSteVen ' A. B - ; Dunning . : •
Wm. Latimer 1 ••._ Ellis Lewis -
Wm. Dhrlingtor . -CharleSFrailey
James' Todd • I, '', Da\•id Taggart
J. R. M'Clintotk I
. Gideon J. Hall ,
' Lewis.o 'Levin : D. M. BoYer , •
David Jayne I James Tlitnupson - 1
J. M; BrOoinall I, . John C. Kunkel
J. K: -- Morehead. I . John J. Pierson
i Thos...C. Steele •,, I, Andrew Stewart ,
On motion thelpoininatioils closed.. ,
d 11,
.1 1.1 w \Vest Che.
the . OisG4ery tba
bass wooo,•says-:
. , .
No greatdisedery was ever made wi h•
out some one stepping in, and - try log to. .b ar
away, the' credit. 1 So we - einteeivl it to Se
with Air,-1 Beardslce: .lle 'seeks to, appropri
ate to himself atilltonOr whi4h bOongs to•hc
other than ,that Iptignacion friend of .dp,
youth, Tin Hcaotkr. That 'little gentleman,
'a veritable kni i allt i a the Garter, if one might
judge frohl the stripes . which adOrn his pfr
soil, is the very frat'discoverer of !the 'ail`of
making paper froin :rood! 1 And :very go )(.1
'paper taxi does he make. TO be sure he bas
not discovered the • bleaching. process, lut
that Mir,' Beartbilee is weleoule to r but Ille
must leaVe our friend, the llornet ',ithe merit
of first making
r , .paper fron wood:. It was
only the Othe?r daY, we heard a ' g'Crltlefik 11
Setting at defianee . .the entire 'skill of Ainc . i.
can 11Iechimics, by Stating the most ingenlops
of them all, could: Inot • construct a Ilornet's
Nest. Whether i;they can !ever learn tile
mo.dus o,pi.rUrnili• 1 0 4 , beginniiig With a small
cone-811:1w house, - and frond the InOcle wolk
ing it - until it increases .itil- size a hundrpd
fold, is rather dotibtful at 'present.' But ne
vertheless we cannot tell ithat discover es
may be made in this miraculous age. , OPe
thing is very certain,. American ingenu4y
has been trying tO , steal the i Ilornet's pattipt.
for making paperAut . of Wood; and we hope
the Conmtissioner,ot, Patent at WashiugtOur
will see to it..z .. -,. i . . '
W eveii . rnuelu,; Ospect : that this same.l4 4 F.
Beardslce! is a laz dog, iild that he has in
dulged himself on! nany aline sunny day by
lying dowo - alongsh• e
_of an old chestnut fettie,
and there:watching our little!.strippedlbaekid
friend packing awta,y in the hopper . of his pa
per mill the' half decayed fillres of the chet,t
nut rail. • !Plc HOrnet inake' i s his paper-frclu
chestnut — 7 1%1r. Ben rd sl ee chooses bass-woOtl.
The object of the latter is' np doubt to' avoid
infringing on the Patent but! it wilt not-liold
water. K: '- L I
We intend to send, our deft;nce of the odr
, • --
Mal patentee to the Albany lEvening Journal
which has;, already been in-inted 'on pap`,4
made from wood, and we shall ask of tde
editors of the Jotninal 'to confront m t . Beards
lee with the. charge, and were very sure be
will acknciwledge the corn.'! If he ZieS
we shall next summer setalhiM an 'lnfernel
machine,' carefully boxed to his i addrev,
which shall; be tuAhing less than a iHornees
Nest, with ;"the whole army of little papir
makers in it. 'flieYstake care of their oWn
rights depend upon it, and . if 'he sh'iudd. hair
eel., to opeti the missile in his paper mill
operatives Will bellinstled _out with eyes buni.
ed up closer than ;it. they' had
,been attending
an Irish wedding. 11
• .
.Butler county iS l coming up. The citizet's
of that county can now boast of a Coit"t
House - equal in architectural, beauty and il
- capacity. with any. in Western -- •Penns9-
vania,' excepting that of•Pi ttsburg. The builil•
ing has been something -outer_ two years fp
progress, and cost, about $36,000. - The la` t
court of the county was held .in the new buil4-
ing, and in referring to' it in his charge to t h e
Grand Jury, Judge Agnew i
.quoteS from ,lit.
work entitled " Bpeollectiona of the:West?'
theSollowing - paragraph, • descriptive of the
first court held within the co'rporatelimitS 6f
Butler :i : '-' '' -•- . : • ;
; -
A log Cabin just raised and covered, bOt
without: . window Sash or doors or . datibini, •
was prepared• for the hall of justiee. :A ear
pouter's bench with three chairs upon it, wits
the judgment seat; • The •hall . was barely suf
ficient to contain the' bench the bar, jurors and constables, ft ; was on 'this occasion, tie
.says,. big John 11114unkin stood astride of tl
joists directly over, the heads.:Of theirlionor4,
like the Colossus i)f Rhodes, And for his et
tempt. was ordered to jail. - The jail wasevcfn
mere unpretending than the hall Ofjustiee,fir
the, author .tells us- that Sheriff - M'Oanille4,•
much puzzled toiiknow where to lodge hs
prisoner, at : last hit. on the •. ruckyl f
liought -
4 1 .
,Bower's pig- pen; fennarking‘ the ipigs - ake
'kilt for eoorte, and, it's empty." " .
. , . - • - . • 1 •
Disonisan At.c&itM..—Thtem pqraucp. 14-
pers . are calling public •atten,ion to the fit4t ;
that the'ettudy or aura dropslsold in the eon- •
• fectionary stores are filled w;tlt brandy, :aini •
that they are very mitelf use by warren anli'
children, wlto, in this'disgulsford,,first ai
quire a tosto.tbr alcoholic oiti Eulanti. . likfnie
cif those drape ai.o i 44 to ntain 'about- rii
ti - inble.full of braUdY; ' Theatrocity of 4047
in such pokson , to children iii . too manifest 0.
dale) l upon,, The tniOhief w i ill, no doubt, h ,
in a great degree,. cured:by
.calling attends
tettite.fai.'t, but . the question arises.. wheth r
this illegal mode of s4lling rum is not indie).-
able . underthe ;lieuselalf,---P4loatkphici
. ...
Lefivr o : :• 5 • .._ i-. • -:• .. l
1.-1 - • - : 1 . - 1-• • • -., -1
11 .er of Paper frora Wood.l
f l ier Repielqicani sp. , akin o
good riap4r ean be mad e
I '
• '
Butler County
' —Mout .10Q emigrant a for kansali , ;01
leave Pit i ...1;114 in the ' sprint( 4, '.
--L-A 41);?itory liquor lap- pa !ts? j , f ttl n .
ti .110iejiror .on Freda I+
a ... i t . ) ,,,‘
t - la " f,tbakState. ,A. pto,hltiito ' l a fo l i so
°' ed ' (Illinois' Senate on *se
It s*lthat the Massa4usetisdttep.
ft ithe
tibti in - loyer House orConew, are
keady . i'Zike2S(lr , the reduction of thet - tarif.
—The bill appropriating * 30,000 tCilipen the
mouths of the, Mississippi,,passed the U.S.
Senate, , 'February 6th. 1
• _
farLelipyears are, those that are einetly
divisible by 4, mid also by 400; and nit: by
100, The year 1900 therefore will not be
it leap-vear. ,
0- more Know Nothino" ! victories Are
annotineed, one in Binghannien r N.Y., "and'tlip
Other in - I - Animater; Pa. 'ln Lan easter a filSiCaf
tiehet Was formed:
- to di;feat the Know Not
hings, wasluristiecesSful4
.--The editor who - wrote Ids editorialS with
Stolen chalk: on the soles of Iris shoes, and went
barefoot,while the boys, see,up the Cot has
'Purchased a reani-
band '-..,en've pes,
Ond engaged' a girl to turn them inside put.
—The . . women who mo'hbed.a sell-
ex's premises, and destroyed $5200 worth of
Ole "erathiir,” at Mount-Pleasant, Hamilton
county, Ohio, have all bee&d , isehargett. t; The
Commercial,eineinnati noticing.the'lnVe
stigatien. says The wornen :Were most of
them -young, and v all -pretty.". No -Wonder
,they were all discharged: i" •i! •
—Gen. Cass says he wiltinot obey the in
atiuttions of his Cegislatureitia resist th 6
tensing of Slavery, because the inajority:Ofthe
.I.egisinture are fusionists and not. demOcrats.
The - dOetrine Of instruct ion tiPS dwindled,own
to thigil Hunker :democracy is a great &M-
I • •
cern, •
—T • h 1 e fore o gn immigration; arriving
,of theiprincipal ports of _North America du
ring the, last year was as follows :-NewiYork
319.23 ; ()lichee 53,183 ; Baltimore 31,151
Bostoh 2.000;2 total 420.587.. The-arrivals
at Philadelphia, New Orlealts, GalvestOn and
San Francisco would raise this 0 daffreaate. -to
Over half a million'. -
. . „ .
Mayor Wood has issued his ultintalqm to
the liqudr sellers !of New YOrk.. He Says to
them, 'lf your shops are open, or you..again
4ell liquor on,Sunday, I Shall resort to every
legal means
.. .at my, command to .closelbly.
establishments for the sale of liquor' -not only
fipon that day,''but for-el-0y other day- in.
the week. - • _;'
1 1 • - True Dignity of an 'Editor; • .
MesSer, of the Stiubur? : (Pen nsy.l. l ania) .
American. is a bit of a . 1,t3.,.• in thp last
number of his paper he says t.tiat, ti6nt'-one
years ago' throe young gentkemen of Stnith-- 1
field county, and one from a ut:ighboring - town,_ 1
Were examincd together by ; ;a einninittee of
tWelve lawyers, mid the nex,t. day • adMitted
- ' tO • praetice at the' bar. One .of„ the *Young
a. gentlemen, afters a career ot'ii , efulnesl . and ,
r. distinction at the bare serve&Severtil st 4srbns
.., Cow , o ress wittrirrelit crediti to himself, and
new occupies.the importantt , und proud iposi- 1
tion of G rernor elect of this great ConiMon-.;
Weath. The second-was idserone of the moSt
.distinguished Members ofthOar r and reprti '
'seated the county in the Legislattir&.with
distinguished ability: Subsequenty he lOcated
himself in Schuylkill country, and is no I V
President Judg - of that, imitoriant distric .
The third is' now a, distinguished lawyer i i
estern Pennsylvania. -- The fourth4---bu i l t,
here we must let Messer spv,o for hin4elf:i .
`The fourth, the writei'W this article,`,
14tving higher as f tirations, new occupies the
elevated position of editor mil proprietM\ of
at count ry ncwspaper,. nod links down!' w lth
epinplacency upon his valurift.: ; friend4:atip old
a§sociates, with whom he' ha*..sPent some of
the happiest hours of life, knpwitig fulliwell,
if they have not reached so high a pinnacle on
the ladder of , tlitu6, it was nOtifor: the;*ant
of merit or ability on their p`a i ttc
I . \. •
. . .. -
Applicants to: Office. ,
: The, Lewisburg 'Chronicle .contatne3 a let,
, i,
tilt. from Ilai•risburif, written.'We presurne,by
Mr. Hickok, the New Dept': v ..S!lperintendent
of'Cintimon, Schools, from which we make the
following extract; in relationlo:the doings of
the caw seehers and the GOlrernor : '1 '
- „
j;" Gov. - Pollock. has been o-eiy be.Aeged
by throngs of applicants filiffice. They
have been as persistent as gad.' ies in 6 . 0 dog
days, but have thinned off W k ithin a. day or
two. There are
.over for,l
the 20 offices athis disposal. ]';Some ofthem
have discovered by this time that lie peisess.l
•e firmn e ss and independence* character, as
well as honesty of purpose, -aUd warm-heart
; and that he is4tot disposed to ;,
_shrink from the responsibiliticS.throWn ttpon
hini, dr suffer the helm to Pass from liis)ziwit
cOntrol.. CireunistimeeS havejalso des eloped
the fact, that hee-will not knoWingly, appoint
any inebriate, or any.profaneswearer,oi, per
son of otherwise immoral character to . any of ,
flee in his gift. ;06c - individual- aestroyed his '
prospects at once, bv:present+g, his •applica
tiOn in person, while intoxicated.: AnOther
person urged his iapplication iit lan gn age of tn o re
strength than politeness; 'and Ott had his name
sOicken from the. list,"as soon Its be left. , Still
another had made' a favorable lodgment in
the executive opinion, when the revelation .of
,tiasi,Mormon arrangements suddenly settled,
the opinion Adversely-. Oth6rs bavo attempted
• tolAktate and coerce, but bavtypot:foOnd him.
qOito, so waxen and impmssable, as hisbenig-
Dant . countenance had led -them to : suppose.
These Casual indications of iihat may be, ex
pcieted,l presume will •tiOt djAAsitill to the'
ptiblic generally, however uneXpceted and un
palatable to smaller 'circles..
, . • .1 , . • . •
' Novo. LAw SUIT...--A. sotnevbat rernantie
suit at law has just been ternunated in Frank.
lia,•county. . It seems that one - John :Ipscher
bc..eatnd, pierced - with the arroWt of cupid ; and,: , ,
wd ihini to 'held the wound by lasyful . wedlock,
he.maci,e a . proposal - to the object fit hi's - af.
feption§ i i4ich, it seems, she received favorably;
but the Tather, Air: Jacob . \Vyant, being a pru-`_
dent than, of much foresight', required: the
said John Leseher to enter into)bonds of fitsoo
conditiOned that the said John Leseher should
live - With his wife - and treat ;her as a, kind
and afftfctionate husband: should 'di); hut the
' partics,tafter living together some months,,sep
arated, 'Mid this suit was brought, to recover
thq amOutit of the bond. 'ltte lease was*
tried at the last April term of the Franklin
'court, - ` - hen Judge kitntnel ,deeided the bond
to 'be) valid.' - ' The case was carried of the
supret e court; and it was' decided that' the
bohd , " aageed'and valid, and' in accordance
". with the rlaw.'!- ' The case, thereffn - e, came up,
nfpfin in` the Franklin
ft) county courts, when the
t i
jury 'nd a Verdict fur the plaintiff of Wi'9,.
74ij -T e- resutt of -t his . suit . Indy' give - ti Val
, Amble uggestion- to anxiotis-1 the,rs' whose
daughters' are sought as partners at- the t altar,
and an imitation, of Mr._ Wyatit!sforethOught
would tdaiw a Prutienteencern ft,T their-dangh
tet*'• welfare.--Carlisle (Penn .I) . .Detnecia I. .
- ~ .
.APPORTMENTE 3 inr Gov. ,r -—Rev .
Steiphen hillier. of Ilatriaburgjilour Inspect.
or at phiiiktialphio,
Thomas J. Power, of Beaver county (Amer,
lean Democrat) Adjutant Grentail oldie State.
C. L. Magee, (Americo NV hipt.) . `,l4;.pector
of Weights and, Measures for Allegheny court.
ty, • _ • •
Dir. Culp, ( Americtut ) Flo ut. InspectetTor
Pittsburg.- ••
~ . . =MON NEWS. 1; emr.York
. ,
,„,, :: • . • telttnsliip Atlantic reache d
` . .e •ateify 9th, 'from Liv.erp*?l, bringing new s
•,irope one week later:, . ThelQueen'of •
$::- : ; iti_i''zis dead." LordiJohn Rassell•haar e .
iii:"i d., . " - - poskas leader of the Ministerial
p• 0 ..
. • the Pous,e of COmaionS, and the
_if!) . • .' - te - timed to prevail that the t ministry
out. ' Affairs before Sebastopolare
unchanged. - The British army is in a wreteh ,
ed condition . front ' mismanagement. ' The- -_
Swedish army -is immediately to be placed an
a war footing. - . lsrunteriuts . failure are re-'
ported in Liverpool, but the amoants were
exaggerated: Accounts froM various parts of
Spain indicate' tin.approaciiing Carlist instir.
rcetion. - 'Chinese advices to*Deceraber 12th,'
report: that- political affairs In th4iouth of
ci l o l 4 Ire c more '„ cri t lea; than. ever,. ." Trade
was eompletelysuspendek and the Canton
rlitiffi4llieii - have ' offiCially 1 applied: lto• the:' •
American and EtigliSh-Consuls for assistance.
"Ginsiderabla.reititi•reentents were 1 -reaching -I
the allied
. armies itt the Crimea. ;Sickness
was -increasing in ''the camps.-. Jhe Russian 1.
. Geniiral Liprandi has again advanced his o u t. •
posts-to the Tehernita. ,- . A Ilusiial) army o f.
40,000 men, with a - battery of 80f.guns, is
said to be at the Isthnius of Perekop. At—
stibastopcd• . the .French'- had ' niinell the flag
staff battery, and, only :waited a favorable -
opportunity to •blow.,it up . : The 4tussiana
have repaired and occupied the Qmarainitie ..
'Tort. :Arab deserters report that.:tite Turk:'
ish troops were treated rWitit-Very little con:
sideration by; the allies; A. despatch from
St. - Petersburg announces that thef garrison.
of Sebastopol .made two ;successful night.
sorties ,i - ,m 'the - -13th and 15th, .killiiig a coo .
siderable number'-of men, and taking four:,
teen Prisoners. ' The .large, Russian force
mustering at Perekop, is said tolhe fof an ,
'attack on Eupatoria. '-} . . -' 1 . -,;, •
State Officers of the Opmmon SehooTe;,*;
A. brief visit to Harrishtirg, a Tose days ago .
made us personally:acquainted, Pa lithe fir 5,L
the State: SupOintende - nt: die
result, is a . belief that the col'Ornon School sirs;
t e m -is in good hands.
'Col:eartia . , has-been ;,for many yearS, - zari..
active - and' cffeetive Director of 'Common
• &hoots of Bellefonte, wher he resided. In
that-Capacity-it was our good fl)iltnie-to cot-
respond with him and to learn his deVOtion to
the school interest. This isAgoud beginning
which a personal interview' inducesithe belief
'will lead. to a good ending..
Hickok seems' to be - clear minded,
energetic and deVoteitto the Work before him.
Good, service hi the good' cause *may be ex
pected from him.
• We hope to cbronielemUch`progress in the
System during . .the coming \ three yeas. The
officers take charge of it at h Most inter
esting and important juncture. - 'lf - they con- .
tent lemselves, as we have good 'reason to'
hope they will, with building on the old-foun
dations, and do not
.tear dOWn for 'the..rneri
; purpose of.showing their pOwers ofioriginali
ty,:all will yet be well. There is yet enough
I undone needing their Utmo4 skill arid energy,
Without undoing. that Vihieli jias' been-already
well done.----Pean. Schp,ol-4u-rnatj - • -
Senator Wilson's Anti-Slavery Sentiments.
The : following may be htift dowu as the,
plalfortn of the .newly . elected linit:ed - States
Senator, Aff.-W itz4m, of Massachu's'etts; who
succeeds the Etlw:ird Everett: •
bet, repeal the Nebraska ; . .2 . d; repeal the
Fugitive Shive Law;; 3d, abOish': - 4,ldvery in
the pi , triet of Colninbia ;4th,aboliSh the:ln, /
ter-State Slave trade ; 'nest he : •v;.• -
dare that Slavery shenld . nOt spread to 'one. "6
inch of the territory of the union ; would
then put the Government actually and per-
petuatly yr; the . stchi! or thrcapi..., t,y; w hi,th h. %;
means that the brighteyed boy of ISFa-ssachu
setts ,:hould' have asg ood chitneel.for pro-. .fi;
motion. in the navy its a boy cd drie of the ti•
first hairlines of Virginia. 116 ivotildhave our
foreign Consuls take kirks: with the noble .
Kosstith i and agaiusi the Paipal , buteher - Ted
ini: • He would .have judges who believe in a
higher law, and an anti-Slavery COnrititntioti, : _ 4
an anti-Slavery Bible, 'and,
iGod I Having thus denatinnalize4.iSlavery,2.
he. would not Menace it-in . the States whefe• •
it exist but would say. to the Stafes, it is
your-local institution . ; hug - it to 'you bosom . -
until itAle§troys- you. But he_ would say, ;
you mustiet Our freedom - done.: '
A New Tariff: fj:
A Washinaton letter writeri und.'4 date of
.IFebruary Bth, says .
It is_supposed that the tariff agitation is
concluded for this session; and the Democrzo.
assert that Mr.- Houston, their ost(ii,iblP. lead:,
er on the question,is very glad.of it. .1 - "le was
all the tithe afraid that he-Should stteceed.—
The singular course of the Massachusetts del
egration hakhaturallyeliciti~d much-:feeling:
Three Of their number were*Sent., 4 the oth:-
prs voted, seven for\revisingl'the tariff to 'one
Against it'. A_humorons meraber, front Ohio
has ..ivett them' notice, that he' shall ; on the
first day when it shall bo . .in . f, Oder'', ; bring
a bill to annex Massachusetts to Canada.—'
A Deraocratic.menthery front "Pennsylvania,
ircll "linown -for' his general' . concnirstice in•
Southern policy. &dares that, if thP subject
comes up again, and Mr. Jones., of Tennessee,
proposes an atnendment,f.n. free ii;on,..-as_ he
,is expected' to do, he (the 'Pinnsy;lyanian)
will move an addenAtini, ana4or freeniggers:‘,
. .
The - next campaign against' she Ind'',
ails of the Plains is loblted forward to with
inuch interest. lt, is gene - rally. belielied that
the new volunteer. fox*, asked for' by
dent Pierce and Secretary Davis, viil begrant,
ed by COuiress, and it is. the intentiOn of thc,
administration to haVe it commanded by Col,
Harney, and. arnied.With -a rifle Whigh is a re
cent _Arnericatt iinproverttent, oti the far famed
Minie fire - itrrn:At is ,eliaracterizeil - 'by )iigh•
er sights, and a niodification lor the equical
ball,lind may be aimed, with destructive cer.
taurty,,at a matt . five 'hundred !. yards . , of; and.
the areouat befiire us even says that theywill
carry a. h,ad.twiee'. that distance; Of etiure
such an arm isTan in - intense 'advantage, iu a
conflict with the well inounted Indians efithese
vast plains, , ..1
Caiholio prelate, having. - Offended- the Pope,
was surrnuotied. to Rotn'e.,- where he. had linno .
been, kept a. prisoner—and withoet hope of
restoration to:liberty., The ; Detroit ; Tr bone
says- ,
It would seem that-by an act wort yof
the darkest days of the ; man
•iyho Ints-cos . nmitt.4.,.4 no c6rne except th4t he
performed the duties of hi 4 sacred office to - the
enti?e satisfaction of the "Diticese, has lbeen_
in:lnured in a Dungeon for the-rest oftisda,y!l.
And the Catholics of Detroit qui'c.tly
to this flagrant outrage, upon them'anfl TO t pdCF
-slavish. obedience to, one who is- willing trio,be
coMeithe tool of the 'Burnish llierarthyis It
'men..i.i. not - Detnoeratio
f , , , ri Ayi
n s t ve turn into negrodOgs l and'i i t r e .o th en ,
fiwii , down fugitive blacks
in,the . .fre - O fiel4s of
• iho 'north , is mit -. Penaqi - tie-:-to' i ' . e*tend
sliivery . iA'er territory !. where it .loatsrtot.:ae
! quired u..foothold is not Denioratio-'-tortOl, - .
i ens t e it oil ' , soll 'where the' 'Federal ooieru',.
meat lilisliciWer.,td abolish it; is not '; 14nio:
eratie--to lieensoand :fortify. , the lkasAnedisr of
.turaings(lber:men into cl6!nktirkis,,oo i's
and eriniinals . 11. t . ot Pmocratie •-•.; uf
:Democracy: .
, .. . -