The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, February 23, 1882, Image 3

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AocaI- evr Ac
a.tssioefV Cessna. fbe C'esrt
'fears??, elaf. aplac, e SSaae
All ainnvuhlcnllons, business 11
tuta-a tVa IOr UIN Will WW. v '"
pt attention should be addressed
:, f.,llowi TUB roer, Midateunrg
evmnuniciUona Ac. mint b bended
In by Monday noon, to atom tiaser
: loo In O0tl Is
kiaaeam l'in" Tsraa lie tm
wbwa - ,--".-.---
rTWK 8nTJr Ccwmty Kepobl
X attaieiwnwltse silt slst Iks lleael
vaaa.! Mtd.lMmMrDMIIDAV Mere
r IMS tlMt 4. M. trMMi l-na.
Stat MitHMi Mf oass o
M.i fcMW. cl Hir, Ufcalnsea.
I iiuu tWitraa, "-rsari.
Hal rteffOBtry.
W h!nfjited bills or dvrtid
far th fellwing tslee i ..".' "V ''.
Thhirof Jtftchl Minlnom, dr
cmm9, offsr Rsal Entat 4i l'rl
vst Bale, In Parry twp.
Daniel A. Fuhrman. offers Real K
UM ai Frlval 81 In Adam twp.
Ilsnry Km oflsrs 4i Private Sal the
Central Jotel 41 Beavertown,
Furniture and all, or for rent.
Joseph Wltar of Franklin twp., offer
hi farm at Private 8ate.
Monday, Fab. 27, Sheriff will sell Real
Klat at tli Court oue, In
iday, March 3, J. C. Bowereo. will
aell tioreee, Giwe, Farm Imple
manta, Ac, In Centre twp.
Thursday March 9. Michael Hscken
bcrgwill mII Honaa, Cow. Farm
Implement, Ac, in Franklin two.
Friday, March 10. John llower, will
aell lioraaa, Cattle, Farm Imple
ment, 1c, In Tranklin twp.
Calurder, Msch "H7""Pr' German,
will aall Home. Caitla, Farm in
plemani. I tousebold Good. Ac,
in Parry iwp.
M i.lay, March 13,' Samuel ark en
bunt will aril Horae. Cow, rm
mpUmanU, Ao. in Franklin twp.
Tuesday March 14, J. D. Miller, will
sell oreee. Cow. Farm Imple
ments, . Household Good Ac
about 1-mile South it ol Dreis
bach Church in Buffalo township,
Union Co.
Tuesday, inarch 14, John Moyer will
sell Horses, Farm Implement to.
In Franklin twp.
Tussday, March 14. Samuel Snook
will ssll Horses, Cow. Farm I mi
Clements Ae., about on mile
West of Beavertown.
Wednesday, march 15, George Bow
ereox will sell Horaoe, Cows, Fariu
Implements Ac, in Franklin twp.
Thursday. tajarch 10, IFilliam B. Wood
line; will aell Horses, Cow. Farm
implement, Ac, 2 mil Wtrt of
Adaniabnrg. .
Saturday. March IS. Peter Gnrroan
will sell at notion a tarns variety
of Store Uoode in Perry twp.
Thursday, March , 23. . ienrv .Siihnch
willsell Hnre, Ciitile. Farm m-
fiKemenis, oueeholil (JimmIs, Ac.
il MMdlecreek tnwiinhip about 1
mU Eait of Kramer 8tatiMi.
Tuesday, March Dairld Moyer will
wetl Horse. Cows, Hoir. Farm
Implement, Ac In Mouroe twp.
The Central Hotel at Aeavertnwn la
offered for Sale or Rent. See ader
tisemvnt In another column.
An invaluabl strengtherrer for the
tierrss. Muscles, and dietiv organe-j
producing strength aud appetite,'!
Brown'a Iron fiiltera. j
Ayer Cherry Pectoral ia a really
remarkable and ' time-honored -medicine.-
It ia the beat remedy known for
all diseases of the throat and lung. -
Th store of A- V. Watson, at, Cos
grove Hall, which bal been closed for
several weeks U now aaln Dpea1 "
Fob. 2S, 2w. .
Afr. Wm. II. Vanderbilt recently
f aid to tba Comptroller of New York
hia State tax. which amounted to
201,000. I '"i
v . I ,. .. . ... , .
Dr. . D. Conrad's tfotet at Beaver
towa, on night last weak, was discov
ered to be on Are, bat was discovered
Justin time to aavatha building.
Th Conimisslbner Clerk informed
as that no arrangement have been
made to secure th Lycoming County
gaUowa ; aaantbut of which w made
m our tast issue.
Tba Board of fartjon did not an set
on the tlst heno otbing waa don
In th Erb 'oese.
Tba at raulaa maatbg will March
Jvn aa wa BxrtwrB.JvYhii w
heard thai Robert gsnllh Waa attend'
ing the 8hootlnf Match at Millmont
Union ; Co , w predicted that ifob
would get th deer, and so he did
Rob know bow to alwMt and dow't you
W hav reoelvwd our iret ia voice of
. Tamburg adglngs and Inserting. The
pa tiara are htfod Coi sod tb prioss
vary WW, .7 '
Dtwse goods seillug now tt greatly
raised psioe. , ., ....
In Carpet w h a bug aristy at
hrylow prioea. , ,
1 A full Ha of S.urn and, Satftta. , -., . .
Jri bmefc OUatiidar ww hav now a
ftfll asoTtu4rt at ' nioea that aaauoi
Mbaat; ( . .:i.
fleas ran" when you com to our
P5'a4 kitote , Ilitsl. Sslinsfrov
w , . i so. S3, "512.
L L L-LLi i'JL'JLJ'.'l'HL' . !'..-Mf
CLurt eommancea on Monday neit.
4n anrio1ita!ahiiMaj4 and burl'
Bar of the tytra f mtrm tassltod and"
lack of energy J inch la Brown's iron
ti.. - .
Vannnr predial much suns) .for
March. Prot He bas no no7 on
hand for that month. Who Is light T
in m
I. B.Vandrly has rerooyed hia fnw
of&ca Into th room Jataly ooonl4 by
the MiddlehurA M R. Association, to
D- btilldrufy Vxft ;
Th4 Concert, by Btetlef'i .' Cofnst
Band, was a complete tucreva is Q re
apctv . The nia!Mr drama artiiU
rendered lhair parts wall lh inatrn
toantal muale was sUeot . aad IU
vooal txtr MtraM ThAy go to Bearer
town fit Batshfay evening, tnd will
koetry visit' MifOintnrf, 'where they
U4rcie4 warm' welcome aaoTaa
overflowing hooae.-.' .i.
On oloe nit over th WmhI gnea n
from itioihats, that says. "My daugh
ter are n 'TeeWe and aad. with .wo
strength, all nut of breath 4nd It fa at
the least eiertion. What oan "we 'do
lor them f The anawar m almpl and
full cf hop .One to font week ne
of Hop Bitters will msk them healthy,
rosy, aprlgntly, and ttarfnL i i o
Mass) aasMMMM T -
.'v;. K'RfpVinWinkt. :ur.-.m r,
' 'Tlits, prhap th moat rani one; a1t
ie one of the mnat charming ttstehaa
which American titeratnr has pro
dnoed. aivea the title to a vary beanii
fill and rsmaikaWy cheap little toluma
jnt Issued by the Useful Knowledge
Publishing uo, .new I .or, me vol
ume onntprisee all the won Inlsirest
ing articles nsnallv Included in "The
Sketch Book" of ITaahiiigtnn Irving.
It oonlains 240 pagm, beautiful trpe.
excellent paper, press work and extra
cloth binding, and l sold for only 20
cents, or by mail 23 cents I This is
th second volnma published Under
the procrammeof the Literary "Rebel
linn." It certainly surpasses both in
quality and cbeepness eny of the fam
ous book of the Literary "Revolution"
The reading wihtieoeriainly appreciate
the work wf Mr. Alden, whose skill and
energy will be rec or nixed in thia new
exterprUe. The Cutnpany annnnnca
as in press, uniform with Rip Van
Winki. Oreau'a Lnrcer Wietory of the
Mulish Peop', in ft' volume, ti nt).
Crlyte'e French Revolution, 2 sols. 70
rente. Creaav'a fifteen Denlssir Bat
tles, XI oents; and Schiller' History of
the Thirty Yeara War. 33 cent. I heee
same fliu'r famous histories are also to
be issued all In one volume, 'model
octavo," for the amiiiKly low price of
f 1 It. Specimen paea and csUlnuge
will be sent on receipt of post I card
by the publishers, the Useful Knowl
edge Publishing Company, 102 iniliain
Street, New York.
Mldtllebnrff Market.
Simonton, Barber So Co.
Wheat per bushel
Wheat, No 8.
Rye do
Corn . do
Mitts do v's
Potatnea "
loverseed pr bushel
PRODVik. '
Cherries, pitted .
Cherries, uupitted
Ulaokberri'. ' ;
Raapberriea .
I)ried aple
Spring Chickens -,
Turkeys, . 4
Butter, prime ..
Onions ""
Unl .
Tallow - .
1 90
1 IS
" -woo
i 1
. ... IC
4 00
Oak Tie
P4 Coal
Chestnut Coal
gg Coal i
.T.'W. Drees't,
" "I Jl O .
f otatoea . . do
' M
Bnater per pound . ,
Vjcm per docen -n - .
TwUovi p iund -".C'X'r,'.:
iArd h . 't ,- t ' ..
Cberriee .u. t . ,. . "j
8edChsfrl e '
Blackberries ." ,y;,VV.r. !
Rasbarrtea - 's....-
DriedADDla'' JU- . V '
, 1
4 to
Soap "
Feb. 1 Jonathan H alley of Franklin
twp. and Miss May Bariile C. 8tUer
of Penn twp, . , r ,j
Jan. 24, by Rar. Joha vr, - Swarts,
Mrs, IsabeUs, Uarkmaater, Perry twp.
and Mr. Joshua Koush, of wt Parry
twp, Snyder county.
Feb. 8, by Rev. P. Born. D. P. Mia
Mary B. Ounkle, of BaaTalo Valley,
to D. Norman App, of Monro town.
snip, r . ! j rt-i
JanuarV Ml by R. -W.
A. iiM
rr t. Iteara Tsrt, or rVilinscrov.
to Mr. MOton F. lMiuih, f daiusborg.
FsJk 19, bv th Rev. W. A.,
Miss Littia arret lo Ma C Laudeif
schhi(er, both of Penn township.
At lb Jf. r. Parsonac in aVline.
trrovaoatb 21 inai. by Rav. J. W,
mirk ley. M. 8. Wend, nd Miss ))
M. Bakelas both of 8hsmokin Dmtu.
Ps.' 1. at
rbllln Mslaaebtkoa) MUW, aged aOy,
otu. m
At Port TrvortoA Jan. 96, Mrs, Sarah
Folk, aged 47yra. ; .
In Chapman twp. Jan. 80 Cochran w.
MUmht, ag d DSyts, - ,
In waahlngtoo twp... of diphtheria,
Jan, 41. Atuou Dresalcr, agwd Uf, lw.
In Bali nag rove, Fehx la joepb Bsstry
son of Mr. and Mrs. johi M. Bartr,
atastd. .... .
Feb.. at F.liioMiort.I.vnomlng soua
ty, (V ,ar Couldron. only sou of Klijuh
Couldixm, and a natlveof tfet.uagrove,
ageUtayoara, .f y , -
rn.a, at the sseUanoaof has sUagh-.
lar airs, ahsran vogar. at i"Ur ITaror
ton, tlUabe;h, mtm of Ira bay res,
ag4yn8nio4UwMdUdas. . . .
t ... ..
w in n aaiunKKiii lowiiauip
Mary,Wir .f Cirwd H okliHI t. k-d
I La vum J 1,1,11,1 1 . ,..l io .1.,...
na years, lilOlltl. sua au lt.t ,
u Penn
IU Twp.. rrh.. JT, Ann e,
a wm. 1. vs,n Miur ,
daif liter
J ( J njtlw s, .
Thb lMtRic iieftarvLTtauT, fn
Jf ireh 1st, Jnat Isstfexf, cmnlaln over a
hdnJred lwt(r and snortnr arllefs,
giving wseful, ptaatieal Information for
the nVm. Oaraeii mt onsebwid,
IHuslrated with nrty or mor ngra
Inga.' Prio il-fitf ylf ; 1 cents et
aambsr . Oxiirog Judw )U.t Psblwhsrs,
' Al fbe present time wha tbrt
p many worthless Hutmcna In th
rrtarkelt would be well to Inquir
whict) U the best-lhi will b found In
M. B. Roberts' . Cblebraled Embrnrw
Uoni It Is a paoacea for' all allmant
that rcnir nibbing, iU)r on ma r
beast for Ie by all wrnnarta.
For .ale by John 'A, Moats, MUJIe-
burg, Pa. t
Km Jons declsre aba "Will not
again accompany Mr, HI latin from
tburch on a rainy day, with her new
hat on. unless he Urst procure on of
Sil.Oprnhrimer' Celebrated Onasi-
mar Umbrella th beat,
cheapest, handiest . umbrella now
manufactured". .. , ,
A ls'Jy who' went West, last week
wrote tack to a friend, saying "she lost
all her fine clothe jtiet because she
bad purchased a worthless trunk
alilcll would not sUud th knocks",
and adds ; "if yon inland coming nnt
bare, the first thing jron do, go to Op
pftibeimer' Seliusgrov. where you
caa get trunks, satchel and vsllce
at the very lowest price and of th
very best quality.
reb. , '8 J.
Sol Oppenheimer ha KKDL'Cf.D
Death to rats, mice, roaches and
ants; Psasoit xtksmiator. Barns
granaries and households cleared in a
alngl night. No fear of bad smell.
Beat and cheapest vermin killer in the
orld. Sold everywhere.
Truth and Sol Oppenheimer are
la in brothers and if you doubt it, go
aud price his good. .
A big lot of Oum ?oot and shoe
to b sfld at bargain at
Mud. R. MARX-SStnr:,-
Selinegrove, Pa.
Il will nar everv bodr to examine
the immense Stock of Pnrnitnre for
ale by the Popular. Furniture man
W. H. r t,Ll X Lewmtown Pa.
I just received another lot of Elmir
Boots to be clus.! out w'ub the other
stock t s great red ifliorl.
MRS. R. MARX, Sc'.lmgrove, Pa
To thnen that would like tn buy a
new inwhine cheap Ac, I say buy the
'Sigwalt." I wilt sell ymi a 2 drawer.
Irop-lesf, Cover, lock and key, and all
the attarhnieuts in free for 1:20,00 and
a plain niachiue jut as good but not
so fancy wood-work for 113,00 I am a
Sewing Machtn AfPt and hav sold
and will sell and don't vmi rget.
sm the 'White Hewing Jfacbine
A cent. C- C.Seebold.
Ftb. 0. 'Si 4w. l- ' -.
We invite the attention nf our read
ers to tho adverluemeut of the Buck
eye MTg Co Marion, Qhio, in knnthrr
column. They otter ran iuducenieuts
to earn au holiest tiring-'
6 t. 2 Am.
TTfE und reward offere at privsJe
Ml, the Mlswlnf nertll Bl to
U; a Turn tlia IB rrkMa rm , M, lar
P. uetli el f Hljaiw. Niuii-
, 1.1.7 .
' '10 Ar - :
r sks kH HA etsa , ksr4 ars tV
4 S SM rSM lll SOMB, fct. 't-
99 aoHJi sf ( ! sr is
Nr. artag wklar mm Ik fa tkrlTi
taaaear H ! trail Iras rra li
kaa.ksef caltlvaaM. TrmM AJJrwt.
juicm wr,Tefi,
rvk.ts.ta . nuMisssn, ra.
aab a a aaaalaW
.. ..aasl hlatw Csa r fsaat
PaW Has Bakaai b (arfy tra aa is
Maa h pmaat auaaa at ma aav aad a
aanaTaancaa HaoaSU.N.M,
' PAiiiosa'o -
A aaajH
aMSu waaMuhar nai Saaai aV Sjauiy w kaaaa.
M dalm my PAaaaa'i Ctaaaa Taaa;. ,
41 yaaaia a haayaa saaian at aaMaawaaai a. .
ky aaaaal mmm at aaaieaa eaiaa, a Sat Mas
uaataaaatoaaveataM PMW(GaM 1
aataM hiWi
UrSa Seat C,
leCaanhii ifcat
aMaaca. kaaal
a i I mt Mm, KinaaS Camas
aairaa..laaWC i I Baaal Panaar
Sa aS tSat .
If vaaeaiw
a eaaeaa at aaa
Oihaaa Iaa
ani knalaaaaaaaa aaamlS
Ma)aia,laBiMalaaa aa
haaal 41 4i elaj ijaaasM
I i, mail .raiia.liiii Ua.awi
c.a. I. ataasaaa,aaaBB)aajK
r aavis st'TtM poitsa sua.
. Iiaiah aa
ia aa haBa kiaa taa atoV-Saa
aaMaMaalaakk kaata aaaa aaaaaa fl
WM Cbuiwas SM Uaa is ahaaaajra af
aaaaaabriaa A, a. n a mmtm m, I
aiaartna alllMia
, la atim avviaa aa sora
C (r ii r c
- - ,-
K ilMIKJSrrtl'DHi'tjrNDTK'K
l I.ail-Mvl ,,iilai:r :i,.a ,. ttaoiAta sr
T jaaa -'aiaa. law m twmm ivaav. mt mm-
Ua, , , r. iiraM, kata kaaa aaa ail .'
' wcllr. all ijS l-ia ,a - a.W
.U'eais ai.sla w a HMaJi,la
ai. J 'S aa aavlaa t Ulw a a.ia . .
" "s " . .
Ha aal da.aOaua
a. Mba Ul, te
hi. I. ..a, n. y.
ISJ m.Ji
a vtn isa, am a i
aaranawWaC imImi,
Uss. I Ha, .Mi,
, . , , . . j" ,
ToJnilor. Statement fJutwtnf
i jwvrrrwewy"'Cr
-Sr -.f -
9 ) pt
. . ,PSiM IL. Hwarlz.
Heaver Wt,
Chapman. r
.V LatA j MaacokJ
jonamaa siroun.
Monrfi. ''
Miebajsl tmalay.
Uuar; Dolebdef
JuaL KUnvlr.
mwm uit'titaisju
au fJarner,
Heaver Wast,
. 5 IRsubfa Heibb,. .
Wear. ICJeo. P. Kimmertna
. - ','. KliaaPVtee4a, . -
.foeefeb N; Haines,
iRanroal 0. PiaWi
IWUliam Stock,
i. W Risenhowar,
Pecn, i
Beaver Wt,
Chrietiaii Wait
Isaiirl Row,
Edwaro tk lfojsr.
Mavy H Pitw,
Pater BtAiTs. .
Aelinarov, '
ISamael W. Wall,
iBlias It Swarts.
iSaindel Uachmaa.
Uaver Wast.
Mlobacl Yalsley, k
lurid M. SwarU,
Frank ho.
Mnm I aihsmWber,
John. lUlcblay,
J ark son.
Jaoob SUioinger, "
Cbwstrao Waller
Joha 4. Coebran.
Perry West,
Oad 0. Hornberger
I J one) IV .Oordoo,
Neh llarner.
Hsrvwy II. Piaa,
I nion.
Aaron cbriat,
Rsranel W. Watt.
--Ti?'. V -
V. B. Middles warttr, eo." t4d 810
Daniel Dlefrnbach " - 14 00
HMinuel a Maurer 00
J. li. Arnold for aodit'g atate tax 1 00
William Mann for docker-
K. i llutter for Med. KesrlstaT
Prothouotary's fees for I)
t-13 08
II 50
; twea
" isot
Henry Hummel fees for 1881
Alvln A. UUh do , do
94 R0
9 00
Daniel Bolender. fe as turnkey
SniiuiMiiiluir turors tar I VH '
72 00
F for removing Jiaiinnarunni.
rry to llarruiburic Lua Asy'ui 1.191
Far. In Quarter Meaeloti . 11 95
tjubpV wltueases iu Mover's ease 7 ti
Taking Thomas Morris to lWy 04 14
District ArrciRsat'uFKKa.
Expnaes iu ferritin! out tlie
perrarors en aiuiawr. vruuKou
EirMoes iu atten line Hup.
tourt lu tn Moiuiciae vaavs ,
26 00
40 00
I fn.-ial Kees
KipeOM' in attendut r.rti anil
Jon. Mover's cans before Par
don Hoard
O. C. ftutelius foreipresaje
8 70
141 18
J H (Hi
47 l
ItM Ot)
F. 1.. Mutter, Tai IJen Keora,
iM-tion blanks, and bonds
John Roinlg's salary, endaya.
John Ileiti s salary. daya.
II. X. WsUel s salary. 7 days
J. 1. AuraiKt. elerit, aalary
f. N. Mvera. rounaet
S3 00
J. W. M. Newlln forleiral service
' ' r ,
on tt tax auueai fmjm --.o uv
W. Mann for Keeord Hooks . SH 73
it. W. Erliart. mrirsurni
Witteomyer 4 ttuai lor writing
. fluid
J. A. Smith for damage In Mid-
dleereektp. '
SO 00
Kdward Miller, do
Charles Keck, do.;
Joliu Bickel, do
C. 1 'ax too, damage In Beaver
80 00
19 00
41 69
A. .1. Itowersoi. do
Yii JW
P. M. teat. s(. al road view fee 3 00
i Fkk ix Commoswklth Cxsaa.
Coin. vs. Emanuel Ettluger, et.
83 M
a7 0S
1 uu
rt (W
1 79
Mallnda Hhamory
t riab Moyer
" C'otumlssioaera of Co.
Oster Ktaai -
Johu Troup
" Joseph Both.
" Tboma Morns
" Peter lliugamart
" Caroline Stroup
- " Marylleihl
'" John Krb
John Mlllhon
" Burbara and Thomas Jor
B on
1 94
dan i
liasslnger, Walter A Co.. lumber
f urtiiahed Boworsoi's bridge HO 94 M
f saaa Dreese, rep, JJrees' bridge 9 09
C. K. Parks, et al., snaking
road taking old bridge apart
and eouatructlng tern bridge
at Henoch's mill n, N 87
C E. Parka, et A, taking down
part of Long's bridge which
waa not swept away by the
. freshet - , , 84 (10
A. Hauer, for rep. Melser s bridge 4 W7
A. Komlg, (or hauling at Boboou'
bridg 9
H. berry, dftaft tor (Johoeh's
andlxag'sbrtdg ' 19 40
W. U HsasingtfC, rep. t Bower
ox' bridge 1 98
II. Brry, rep. trfl. bridge at
Mohocn, amy 75
I. IX Kmnlg. for hauling at
Hehoeb's bridge ' - 13
J. 8. 8mith, lur Tilling approach
to Smith bridge ... . . '8 00
N. Uenuan. for1 filling approach
to lowsr Setisjagrov bridg
H Krdler. tot fiiliuiraila-urah to
lower rJelinstfrova bridge . , 1 00
I. trdly. . at, do t 40
J. H. btadoiwlanibaf furnished ai I
Orosa' bridge - - , , , , 79 40
a Bowea, si mU trslnnsr
tinea' briiLr. art Oft
I J. M. Dock, tHD. at KanU bridge) 8 93
IC K. Iarks. stT at. rap. at (JeUosh'
ixinC-orarv beklee. 9 13
H.J. lujrt--. for UVt to loser
ttaill-isgrov brlttgr, 1 60
X. k Veebeeis fsp. to f ttfligtor '
WrUtge. M
re'sr Umt. hliuk.itiULil ii to
kVhoaba tssA brings. 1M(
M, e'ranv, tJ M tioatreog ' ,
. . . . n. . - -
tht amoH of County and StaU Taxes Asesnn1t Collected,
ci ecnv unwniiivMi iiciaiunuil fur I year J.OOJ,
' J Coiic-V J CKSkiraio I L.ukaAViuBir DiTT jl
"' I .st I Ststs I rrT9 I WUU. ( I) l Wiete. I iiaty 1 1
. , .
1 4MIS.
' 678 17
1481 61'
14fi0 AA
78J 4f
HHi A4
1509 U
1189 9l
794 00,
610 0i
8U9 81
. 8M6S
919 It
Rflrt Ofl
891 7M
at a ok1
t m
1379 881
1314 14
1.503 W
4H5 60
19i 73
94S 22
4i 00
486 00
709 07
. 1S52 72
Qt'Q 12
I aoaijii
iiS"nM3 a.i
I i 1175 'ii
Collections and Ex n rations nf Outstanding Taxes of
previous y e-xrs per Auditor s Report,
J . I,
Csoavv stats.
' '
195 4
12 10,
ir.t; n!
2n 99
40 25;
70 00
v- 73 Ml i
102 97
1H2 27
116 Otll
2!4 22i -815
.295 27,
r 117 83!
814 04,
82 fi l
'' 88fi
- ,
' 8-'ft I
. i ,.8700
293 98;
8G 08
1U8 52
$:W 181
210 20!
871 H0r
lirWire, , 14 OC
O. W. Keefer A Pro. arectlns;
Bchorh and Long's tirldire's
over Pena erswk, atenoch's , J(XV 00
, , Long's 404 00
W. I. nirt. for rep., baallne: and
labortng at Paitoovills bridge ' 19 40
J. Kotuig. hauling at Burns'
bridfr. 60
M. France, rep. Paxtonville
bridge. 20 80
H. Oti, storsgv of Schoch' "
bridge 8 00
J. 8. Melser, rep. Melaer'a
bridge 75
M. Kwljr. rep. to Good' bridge. 12 00
1. H. Millar, rep, to aUaU'a
brldgs. 1 67
W. H. Direse, blaeksmlthlrur t
Hood's bridire. '.160
BnJ. Ulrteh, rep. to lower Sollns-
rove wing. t an
I. II i.mmI n ir.. niAainrv Ia 7a.
t'onville bridge. , 11
C. Byer, et. ai., for lmuber 4k., -
and'reptdr to Uowersoa i
bridge 103 03
W. J. Weller. et. at., lumber and ,
rep. to MKl'tlelmr
" Keefer, rep, to Uurns'
bridge. 0
t. a ixavls. iat. on Bridge Bonds 60
I. Hiiurli. f. blacksmith to Pa-
tonvllle bridge
C. Keck, et. aL, rep. Meiser s
bridge. 0
J. I. M'isaeliunn. stone furnished
IHeliimgruve hrlitge. . 14
It. Ilvern, hnu
at KelliiHgrov
bridire. 9 M
J. W. (iaugler. for repairs and fur.
material at SeliiiKgrove bridge A3 37
J. UHinblv. ran. Kratserville
bridge 6 60
J. Ituriia. reo. Burt s A H i n-er s
bridL-e, 577
P. K. Hleker. HU kmul hlng at
Hums' bridge I 00
F. Hones, rep. to Sonet' bridge 4 8
P. Long, latHir at 'hoch's and
lying's bridge 10 00
I Kwnrtfc rep, flood's bridge W
U. '.
Mover, furninhiiig khiuglc
l Wetzel lirtnge wwi
'Bchorh Bro'e for nail furnished
to bch a-h'e and IxMig bridges 16 1'.
J. (nt. lor hauling at Uong
bridge .8 00
J. Iliuuiuel A Co., lumber fur
nished to Scho, h. Long's and
elinsgrove bridges 87 54'
ii. Row. et. al., masonry to fcMiim
grove brvlga f 00
R.Mwelt Rothrock, M. 1. medl
rin.'AiU atteu'ee to prisoners
Kotli, KtUng k Krb Bt tr,
Jno. 8. StetU-r Watohntsn B.rt 00
C. H. Punkelberger for ooal
fur d 97 A3
N rvhamharh for blarksnilthlng 4 74
IV Bolenrier Mlt'.t Iniardiiig pria. 27 30
1). IloleiMlrr a a for twcleteaU
bt-ddlng and cleaning Jail
1). T. Rlioails repairing spouting
and roof nnd col 'nv
A. J. Seclit repairing piliilp.
J. 8. Stetler washing for A rep.
stepa in yard
J Hufflnirton for rnAlrinff
83 00
. 1 M
10 00
1 00
John Liiulert for whiskey for 1,
Krb ...
0. C. tidtelirts cloth I for J.
Mover & Rrtl ,
Stetler & tiro, eofnn for F Kttlng-
rr f 13 oo and ooarj rurns d for
I. ii. Harber it. D. exainftiiag I,
roritT rtoos.
John lWn liuilu.r
John orn Janitor eitra work
10 30
6 0)
40 00
97 93
rei chairs, stands eta
H, 11. Renniiiger, denk for clerk
of I'-ourt and one dos. ehair
20 Oo
C ii. Duuklbergr coal fur
nlnhed J. VV. Oreesefor matting mdse,
7 4T
and postage etc in p fUrnd
D. T. Khoaci rep. stovs h cap.
ing ehiiiiney tv
Vfitlrnuiyer 4i bon for eoal oil
Petit Jurv H8l lb y Telta
ea oi
!oin.Uble R-tur's" "
Mi-iiogr.ioher " "
tJourt Crier H ' "
Tipstavea) " "
Petit Jury May Term
Umud Jury "
Coustunlee Return May Terra
Stenographer " "
inrttUr "
lipstv " "
Petit Jury h p ember Tsriu
Grand Jury " , "
1'ohstablrs Ret'" - M
Stenographer " " ' '
I'ourt Crier M '
TlpeUves " 11
Patit Jury Ieeinbr Tar;u
(Irs. ml Jury r
Cohatablea Rrt't " "
fttaograuirr ," ,
lourttner " "
1.1 oo j
1 iastave , .
W4 is i aoiKti
74 08 26 82 . 192 15
78 02 89 6H 653 81
89 12 t 7 76 125 68
44 23 6 68 436 27
76 47 51 3 661 87
49 80 8 91, 303 8(1
' 08 U9 13 7k! 74 97
, - L'4 2 V 6 31 ' ' 7J84
P 04 - 0 7( . 811 04
- 4710 187 411 10
8K4A .9 47 179 13
7 6.1 690 60
49 81 8171 178 10
101 V 6 Kl 881 64
.s9 17 198 81 nS.lfO i6
January . I-1881.
IrniLterin. I riir'aa. I
COPIITT WTTk.J cjrTT I hf T. 1 1'
I. J
m f stats
18 0J
tt 85!
151 M'
101 60'
39 65
13 71
.. 80 IM, .
6.1 6t: '
174 65
, 104 I9j tr
307 7i
294 61
145 431
270 0' ,
81 S7!
31 30, .
,. 25.34.,
33 13,
236 771 "
80 OH
lH2 00
401 75,
'.'02 Cl
872 0;
"4,502 25 '
6 3Sj
1 19.
17 tJ
7 6 J,
8 3H!
; 10 031
8 15l
12 40
158 4'.
23 18
03 47
2 40.
42 01
73 24
87 21
3 85
134 41
4 71
"b'23 72
o 03
8tenngrapher transcribing Ite
norda lu houili'lds eaees
J. (I. Biuith Itourdltig jury In
homicide rne
I. . Harber M. D. for att'dsiok
Adjairned March
Petit Jury
lUturn Judges Feb'y election
Constables ad. aud attemllng
Feb'y election
Return Judge Nov. election
47 oo
0 oo
14 M
lo oo
7 oo
2i3 o&
m o
8t4 4N
9 lo
W. W. Witteninyer et. nl. compt
Jfov. election return
8. 8. Hchoch ludloial Ketarn
I Jnilia lo T .a w imtrtm n
rvm.iHi.U' .iir nmi
Election Nov. Sth 1881 89 oo
Isaeasors. am
S Payment of Assessors, and R-gl
t rat ion of the several district
of the county, for ItMl 414 ol
Jeremiah Crousa.
o Court Proolaumtion IMS0
20 00
SO un
90 00
20 00
80 on
t i oo
(general Klection I'rooUuiatiou
00 jsfW
(Ml jOD wor) iQ
Auditor H-port 1870
80 , ourt l'rocliliiiiitloii ll
(ieneral Kleotlou Proclamation
Mob work 1MHI
'"'.Auditor's Kmiort l8l
II II A. V C Me.yor.
Court Proi htiiiatioii ltHl &) 00
Aililltor Kt'iiort ISto 80 00
Mfnoriil Kli-ctlon rroi'laiii.itioii
1H1 9) 00
rrunkl n Welrlck.
Court Proclamation Hi l JO 00
Audifor Ruport I twit 80 00
Kills for bridire Inttin U .V
tioiicral Klentlon Proclamation 80 00
J A lininbard.
floitrt Prochimatlon SO 00
Auditors KfMirt fur ItunJ WO (ki
Notice of Atiealfor lhtll Oil
Printing 9 Paper Hook 73 nu
tienerai Election Proclamation 90 tKl
C. II. Dunkelberger coal for 180 30 70
J. H, A rvn Id for record fee 8 00
Reuben Dreese foralate tax, loan 1 07
K. C. Hamilton hoard ami livery
hire in I'riuli Mover r.ift
40 Si
W. Y. Lvon Uet-ftlvi; In in
canes Moyer, ami
Krb Oti
Do in th cn of Uriah Mover nun oh
Ho ex. in preparing U. Moxr
am 2B2 (7
Do for servloes in C. Moyer
ease) , .. .
It. Fix ct, al, inUCit oil
ii'lkinuJ 12 87
J. Holder Peck, et. ai In. J,
BterTen 7 87
J, K. Hughes et. al. in. D. Ko-
ulef ' 19 19
A. K. Ulftat, aL In. on S. Moyar 14 Hi
. HorntiiTger et. ai, on j.
Cluck , , 1 11
w Haines, et. al. talesman, Deo.
T. - oiw
I. Howersoi expense In hoiul-
eide ' 8 77
J. p. Kants witness In Feehrer
ens.. , , 100
0, H iwer for Cominlhslone 90 0i)
" . fee In attending Hti.
prcms Cou rt and Hoard of Par
A. W. Potter In same wise
C. llower services at bridge
900 00
20J uo
SO oo
Kdward Bossier In'st on temp.
T.4. Hinlth sain
(1. H. Davis do
i W. It. Dreese do
C. Hower do y
tl V. Vi.nNelila do
Maintaining Morris In Ptiiil
G. C (iutelius ejpressaga
jaaob Gilbert, fee In ease of
jaoob bwato va. vnyasr Uou
67704 J. Aoiolg tslsgratas and Eg
71 10 prsssage,
4989 Christ Ian ClUs for aTatlf J.
1 1 ( Roth
89 fl Ho war sxpeAse of hasHn;
44 ii) the rscord rrnij'tsd from tl:a
tat 13 buprani Court i. ttv bawl
U9 97 4dnae
9419 B4tac lvaan for Slafia
tn 4m Ithing
lo oo C Mower servlc ta It Mayar
tli oaf
4T7 97 A. W. Potter same
144 19 'l,r Mainienanc of M.
8S o Hhamoiry
fjfto Sending message to Jair
IT so Kttingor of dnii.k of hiuan-
fc7l uel
9X1 ot , Wm. Bollinger et. a!, fur fog
113 W scalps
9; Oo , Pi'hm & Gerhaxt tor btatiu
oool cry.. ,
-14 16
6t no
196 c
94 Jo
I So
64 9o
79 81
1 i t
tDB-NColikTY, Mt
We, th ondf-r
Hlgml CoiunilMlusiats, do us. t fy tuat
the foregoing itaCcmreiit I tr ! mi't
correct of the dlsbttrsinents for tliav
year li, o the best of our know
leljf e- '
Witness ourban'UaftA m.U this il
Amm .it taiin.p. A ll tOMl
H. It. WKT2KL,
Attest. J'M.MOYKK.
t. I'. At HAxn, Cl'k, Coro'er
Kri BHS DhRkkk, Tressurer, In -
eount wltli HnvdiTft'imnty, for th
year ltM.
To thn ainonnt of County and
Htats tio. aiu exred for 191 81
rtstn outstanding for put
fears . I,)UW
To ina'l rec'tl from Brldg
ltotnts (,IM 01
" ' atili of luiifber 7 3
taxM cnterel 4 iw
" II. M. Ortni'n for oiml In
" I. N. Mveraronl inm
By balaiico duj Treasurer 2,4 J!) 44
yo,7 M w
Br ain't of onl-'rs iaid in
1hi !),A1.l
" " ' nt yoara i,m 14
" " ilur Treait'irer Juu. I,
tiite tat l I State
Trees WSJ
" " coniiidfon IMU Hi
t'oiutnlMHlon tot'oHr. J0 17
K(iniM-Hliiifnr l.tH mi
jTninf'HIouts'ln M8ol
" "revious veara n::ti'j
Kxoil'of " 8t) o-i T.nlHU V4
Tcs Nlutvinrait ol ill v ri'init
ce wl Vnyater i;. J is at id
l'iir.-tu.-d o . 'm 7-i
and prKvlinm years 7o H.1
I'nrt.'il Hridk'c ltonrts ."ooo
lUluiic lu.; fro,i. Hi 41
Tat of H4 out iu ) lio It
Ta of ' ainl prvioii4
years ouutojidin j Oil 7 J
1 Mahilitie (n exees over -
acts I.773,H
Til THK HllMtR llt.K. TltK .It HOK OK
Tiia Cot'iiT ok Common I'i.kas r
tiik Cor vrr or mntpkii :
We, the iindrlifned.
Auditors of ani,l county, d ci-rtify
thai In purMUanno of ail lict of A-uwm-bly,
entitld "Au Ai-t relating to
CouiitlflK, Townxlilps, 4o.." lift nt the
Cniuinliwioiiers' Oflhie, in Middleliurg,
In Jnnuiiry. 111 nud did ninllt srut
settle niid udjunt the severntivwmtits
see lortn in tlie foregoing Nlntetni'nT.
In wit n Ma whereof, we hereunto
have set our hrwl nud tin 4tli
day of January, A. 1). 1 J.
J. U. lltKiltK.UiKH,L.S.J
t. w. m i;kkii. i i. h. '
County Auditors.
AM 's Forois Pttr ?
Hccatiae they have proved themselves
the Heat Eiternel llemedy ever In
vented. They will cure aathtna, noil,
rough!., rheumatism, ueuraigia, ami
any loral pains.
Applied to the small of the bark
thtry art) Infalllable In Buck Ache.
.Nervous Pehility, and all Kidney
trouble; to the pit of -t hi stomach
they nre a sure cure for Dynpepula
and l.ivrr (Jonipl iint.
am painlcf, friigriint, und quick to
cure, Heware of tbat bib
ti-r and burn, fiet Al.lA'OCK 6, the
ouly lifiiuine l'orou Pluatsr.
Jan. S, s.n.
Court I't'oclamution.
T KUK AS the Hon. Josoph f?.
Hii. har fral 'aal Jn l.a r lb Ja lU
( il I l.lrloi rwn H nl lha rnunlla, Hntilar,
t'nlna an, vfltiu aid liirni ii'Nail ami
!am'l. H Y il'r K.ii. Sa.oi-uia Ju4ai la
and I r rlnilar enant, ha, a ua, li air ft:
aa l hrarlnn. S,ta iha Sun ilay ol Jaa. A. Il,
lai, tn ma illrtiriatt ,,- hnl.llna
na f an Or.
iihaap ci irt a a--ur) wl I'oininna
i'iaaa. enar.
ol ujaf ami 1 arm, nr an. I Hanaral curt al
Uuanar aaaalnna nl li, rear al MI.HIi,at,
l,.r ibarnnntv al aaT'lao lai ri. life alua lar.
(balm iba .iib ,laj l I'tb. IM. ) aud tonUua
ullFa l lhraiora kraT (Iran la iba Oora.
oar. Jui lea, ol iha I'aara ai.rl :oa.(a,laa la
oil lor thaananlr af HbTdar.le aeiiaar In n.air
r iir'rna alib lUalr rain raeur,ia laqu
Inutia at .aiiaaiinna aa l laaiaia r.uoa
In n,ae lb n. ,i ihalr oltlraa an. I ia Ih-lr ba
ball part,! lana Suae aart aitaaaaa aail par
auna iroaa-nih la babair nl iha I niamoa
aaaltb aaaia.i aa, aaraaoa are raulrad la Sa
Ih.a a, 4 lliara aiuoilia ! nul Hacaitlarf
withnat laaae al ibair l arll. Jaillaaara r..
aa,laavBa pan, ia, I If, ibalr atlaaJaata al
Iba aapnliad lima a.nire.
, Hit- n uerfar mr band and anal al iba Skar
MS'i "Sloe la M Mt l.abMra, ma JMb da nl Jaa.
I A. t, an lUuaaaud algiil aaadrad aad
Da. VI II Kilt HLV. bar ID,
I inform my fiicmU and i'utomsrs
that a ill routine on or about the
first of ytpril to another place of biisi
in-. Kl'.v's Store, in order to lart wltli
an entirely new slock at the New
94KijStore. I will fir the next two month
o ua
jjj (cll ovei pair of noi and t.ora,
Hi al great reduction ii price, for much
4o' '" n,on'.v' t'14" '""y could l bought
I before. kvt'rhody ahoiilj call and
7. ii couviuceii mat we do wbal we any.
Patties already sipiuiuled with 0
know our way of dealing ami other
will pleas cull and exstniue my
stock and lesro my priesa. IP will
be pleased la see you whether ydn buy
or not. Tbauking va (U past Ptrw-
I-, 4 '
I aauiva annul I,
sVU&B, J.UIX 8eUnSTO. t' i.
rJ.nn.2ft, '81
SaUaawreiiea ea Iba ra'aar g
a-banaa Wa,r. I a al Cearra aar. a aM
II. r-daa'S, SSvaaaaeanaaia ha'ia
ala4 III miliiaaliHi lbaaaavaa li,
! rfaMad lar.M aaaafa a 111 .,ia aa .k. baati.
ai T Yiri Uu a b-vo.a aniaif .(ah I
aw iai wm I'raaat iiaawearaaMbBiaa !
Jaa. a, lb, Aiiastlaasf.
Ay..,lM Vu 'l't.V. "1' b IU
. ,5cN tlmmM 'I p.",l '
. " r-t. -'W-MAiaHrftaUi'lV. "