The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, February 23, 1882, Image 1

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..'., V. a .
, eolSMTM. rt, .ou
tw-toartn eolumn, one reavr, . 15.00
An square W ) 1 1 neerUoa 70
reiy additional Insertion, fto
i.jbaaii 1 ayid Btuihoaa card ol
MitMorvUwAS linia. pr vMr. 6.00
luditajr, Esecutor, Administrator
AaelgOTltmHwe, ISO
AU trncteti advertising lata Ik tit
Saponins Wewrreswlrne.
All advertisement) for a shorter pe
lod Ufaa oe yr M parable at the
doM tawy amtxt, and it not paid
paraoa ordering thlm willeeldj
ajyoasiMf) iw use ianT.
Xo b try
t mm.'.. rWiH.r ' t'
. it'.h-j'.,T t r .i h i
rir foee tort mi4 te'tot you,
Jf jroor tirt b areas and haunt yon,
If the woflel n dark and dreary,.
'Walt KM Md dine wM7.!!
I I I . , , , ., ....
If the hope you fondly cherish,
phed to sjertn, seen sure to parish.
Wait with patieoee for to-morrow-
.So uian'e Ufa Is wholly sorry. , .
. ---"it . .. , i. , ; i.
t y oar plain . don't,. wor)$- to', please
YOU, ,&.-.. .. e l.-.r ,
tha rataaahW Vhd MwrtTtorf,
yon aaa, ha bright and cheery,
Welt a wt aad dlun wearr." .,
U Ood give jw fetaore, Uk It I ,j
Til Hit gift, a bleealna; make It .
r.lth la Hla no whit abtlnr.
Serve Hla will by patient waiting. '
Or, If work, Inateed of leisure, ,
Tain, lnatee4 of tongad-for pleasure,
Howsoe'er your Jot aaaiu drearr.
Walt a wee aad eUana weary.?.. , t
t ' . ' - ..if t
FLmATioflrftbvEtti-:1 1
J ': .... . . ,-.
liebbsr mVyet'wlntei-'e libli.' on yer
rioh- aebor'e woM ' 1,1
Kaa d sllbej froated ougnterjnay
a.,,, fliia m nin.1fl.iV i.tbi
, U . VMM Wm IHVUfMU Winii
i 1 ... i
Taint f (tog a bii-W delou J-iTUu
tnakaU loiigha.' .njbt.-. i
'or da wind a rat Mm wildaa' allu
bring da aokW night r Y r
Taint da forty lillllu' w .Inteoat klber
p da da tri' kaart, '
or da' Midav ailor ohrom) ta!ta
abjut da flnea' art.
Taint da thouaan' d.llar harnatt
inakda atiddy wurkin nu, Itlla plain' drkay putt da
caka maai In da bag.
Wan fo' htMnh da loony e'wlstiana
holin likt d dor auu'i .lid,
Put da atronga' dul)la pailo.k on
yo' fattex' elilokvn rjK'.
fetllH all yV Uttla tronbblea 'thout U .
aid 6b oourt huV Uw,
Cr yo ll fin' yo itionf fa" KolfflfT fttf
dim' yo kin abber olmw.
a - - ...
Pabber aat de inorrar'a hra ikfaa' till
da d ly w'an It la due.
KaM di 'iu tmbrano. o') . 1 fatUIn'
makaa da faatlu' uioughty blue
"A LIU3H 13 WOWrl A HJ.M9RE0
''I ' CROANS r '
, BT JOBBt'UUiB POLLiaO. ., , -
W oftan maat upon tba atreet
A friend It la a Joy to greet.
Who kindly auiila and wordi of
hear i ' ,
Bid gloomy ahadowa dlaappoar.
Ha doea aot ahow the m ixttvt woe,
Or of hit trlajg -3 ua kno w,
N or yet parfona an aotor'e prt
To keep udlaUnt from Ell heart. '
What ha la near we- have no fear,
K'r thought that ha la ineioeere ; '
Wo maoh at Uath la lu hla gaze.
S. frank and cordial are hla wivl
i... . w
wuumirthfal eharuu ha aoon die-
C of our aorrowt and ulanui,
And saya, in bright, eleotrio tonea :
"A laugh la worth a hundred groanar
Wa turn away to bli "Qood-tlay"
To one whoeome la aad array, .
With laactaanad rlaaffa. and tha air
That Soirawtt eUUdren alwa ya wear
Tbtra U no aalrUl TMnd kl haarth,
Ha adda ttott tha joya 9t arth, , .
And falli to comprehend tha Jokea
0t marry, laaghter,loring folka.
touch la aoli aa charohyard mold,'
iwlthont a word hlagrlea are told ty J
tew r ajwloui intend. ;v ? ;
Plii tOpa, or own hlia aa a Mend.
pJfe'a aonny gttnr tbay never know '
jVhothiu In aambra livery go,
aae atabhora. endure .
rha Uli a hearty laugh luigbt cure, -
ore bleat ajr tlVrrMV- g nd
ha aeatur auaahina Vheir waj; ' '
nowhaada la grief not long ae
ho aee tha light through avary
loud. " - j ..
heart mart bear i'to weight of
, . " . j,; ; . , . .
of Ute, trouw,, b(tv talk'r(Jt
jrwhat avail theee aaoamful noaAat
wugh 1 worth a haadand groanal'
4 I Ural . aM ' ' a
MttTL .
a aa w - "
to Pouagjl ajai, Wm"br iliW.
Coma and aaa bl" '
I'Faith, T will t "o;, r u
VJ'. ) raal data f
I dcml ear i bot aa Tea Mnnv
Utwraparhap, u would ba
Ooavaalaal for io eoiaa In
' fcynght," ... :
Ba read In a . i
HM-i' Aw.UUwU U
vri'ltiuiee.. U
VOf.19..,;:'.-..-.:MIDDLEBfJKQ, SNYDER COtTSY;
Somi Viry Exact Statutist.
A Detroiter baa beao for tbo laat
two yrara ooilaotiotf and. arrtftgiog
Utiatica of aa odd natora, and if bi
book ia vr published readera will
tad nbtbiog dry about it He ;f oea
right to buaineaa oa paga ;ooa by
eetiinetiog that tba Dumber of , lick
iaga raoeited by tba average boy up
to hia fourteenth year at ooa bnn
draJ aad twenty-Are... Tbiainoludea
tba apanking proceea during, infancy,
u Out of every 100,000 people in
thia ooaotry 19.000 get op oroaa i
tba moralng, but only a hundred or
eo remain in that oooJitiou vary
long after breakfaat,
;; Qr w iovf dioo w-ym
put np taoney oo a bet. Tbe 'reef
will erawhah around and finally back
water.oh their aeeertioue.
.Oolv jlO women pat of every - 60
wno go oo a Journey by railroad eon
ealt a railroad map or kave the liaat
idea of the direction they Uke, Four
baadxed and biaetv -aiirlit . worry
ebvut their baggage i 497 are ear
tain they took tbe wroof train r 491
tob tbay bad oevar atarted. A
The Hit of balog bitten by a dog
ia very greatly ovaraatiatataJ. Out
ot avery 1,000 big andf ' fit tie doga
only 2 care to get up a row with, tha
haiaah raea, aod tbeae two are ready
and willing to die
:Tbe number of men who ean pat
in more plaaaant ' aveniog ddWo
town tbaa at tbeiriowa fireaide ia on
the, tdoraaae, and the - Dumber of
wivea who are taklog-a little extra
paina to uake borne more pleaaaat
tbitn a coucert aaloou ia on " the ' iu
Out of every 1,000 man who got
mad and awenr they will aee tbe law
yer abont it only fifteen carry out
tboir iotentiona,
Out of aver; 1.000 , who ride oo
atreet oara only twelve will move
along to offer aowtber Woman
cbance'to ait down. !Ona bnodred
and niuetyeiglit of them argue that
it ia a mau'e duty to aUod up, even
if there ia plenty of room, and the
otbW two are aupremely iuditTttfeut.
Uuly one woman in 5, Out) paya
the Brut prioe asked for a bouoet
aud only oue milliner in 1 ,01)0,001)
expecta bor to.
Tbe time occupied by tbe average
man iu buying a lull suit of clothes
ia juat one-fourth tbe time ocoupied
by tbe average woman iu buying a
pnir of stockioga From the De
troit Free Jret.
General Garfield's Maxims
"I feel a profoondor reveranoe for
a boy tban a man. I never meet a
ragged Jxy on the atreet without
feeliog tbat I owe him a salute, for
know not what poaaibilitiea may
ba buttoned up under bia ababby
Tbe privilege 'of being a young
man la a great privilege, and tbe
privilege of growing np to be an in
dependent man ia middle life ia a
Whatever you win In life yon
must conquer by your own efforta,
aod tben it ie youra, a part of your
eelf." .-. a
'Growth ie ' better . tbaa perma
neoee. and permanent growth is bet
tar tban all."
"If there be one thing apon tbia
earth that nankiod lovea and bonore
better than another, it ia a breve
man a man who daree. look, the
Devil in tba face and tell him be is a
devil." - i
"The student should etudy him
self, bia relation to society, to na
ture, and to art, and, above all, io
all, and through all these, be efaould
tpdy the relatione of himeelf, sooi"
ty, nature, and arU .to God, Ibe au
thor of them all" r ,
'-Great ideas travel slowlyk and
for a time noleeleeely, as tbe gods
whose feet were shod with wool."
Ideas are the great warrior of
the world, rode war 'that has no
ideas behind His simply' a brutal
ity." . . ....., .,
MX would rather be defeated thaa 1
make oapital out of religion." - -;
AfUi all, territory to but tbe body
of a nation. The people who' tor
habit iU bills and its valleys are- its
aoeUU spirit, iU llfe.M
HPor the ooblast man ) tbAt Jives
there still remains a cqp4wV. o
KJoms down tbe! gJoripne -; atens
ot our banner, Every great record
we have made has been vindicated
ith our blood and with pur truth.
sweeps the ttonnd ad. it touch. r;M V' j .Mding four ' galU.."..!ly ;i';r- Miota a. Jt is the death
thaatar"' vVO : V. I' ".& roH Free Tree: ; " kooll vf Ua oov.ctsd Unitean,
wit ' : r
The Nsw Solent fio American ORisei
' We are glad to announce that tbe
Scientific American same out of the
Ute Ore In New York, like the fabled
Phoeiii. with renewed life. Tbe
cuheoripthm flats,'' acajou t book,
patent reeorda, patent drawings, and
correspondence were preserved in
maaeive fire-proof infos, Tba print
ing of ttbe JUcientijtc American and
Sitplemtnl wsa done in another
builJing; .consequently tba type'.
plates, presses, papor, eto were on
harmed, and no interruption of buii
neas was occasioned.
!'Tha new Scientific American offl-
hr located at SGt Broadway,
Coraor of Warren Mtreet, a very
ceotraj aod eiollot situation tba
nav! building iaoaiai tawarda, Uw
City all, the Court Qouae, aod the
r ' . .
new roai-oinoe a-magmnoetit
strocture, which eoa eight milliooa
to build. , pearly ' opposite, aud a
tew uoujrea loot itittaut from tbe
Vcuntijio i nim&n ojos. J Aha
eotraaoa to IU (?r-t . Saaoeosloa
itridge over the East River, between
New York and Brooklyn, which re
quired tan. yaaxa to conatroct. and
taeaty milliooa of dollars to pay for.
Ia , front, alw, of the' Scientiii
Amerieu ia'tbe City ljill l'ark aud
i'hutiog Ilouae Square, with ita
statue of Benjamin Franklin, sod
the homes 6f enrieeot "editors and
oewspapers, snob aa tbe New York
Tribune, New York .Timet, New
York Sun, New York Wrll, Nee
York llerall Mail and JHeurete
Zettung, and others..
The new Scientific American of.
fioos are admirably vboaeu for active
bueiuea. IIer, in a llitioo to the
inauing of their iotireuting pnlli:u
tiooa, Messrs. Muoo A Co., sided by
traioed etamiuera und draugbtamen.
prepare apecmcutioua and drawing
for Amorican end Foreign patenta.
If any of our readers should happen
to make a ee diuoovery (e hope
every oue of them may do . so, and
gain a fortune), tbry have f only to
dropaline to Mmrn A -Obi, 2Ci
Brolay, New York, who will reply
at once, without ohark'O atatiutr
bother tho ioveutioq in "probably
novel aod pateutuble.' A handbook
of iuatructiona, with full particulars,
will also be sent,' froe, Messrs,
Uunn & Oa, have bail over thirty-
five years' experience in the busi
ness. '
Soma New Geography.'
"Of wbat is the sutfico of the
eartb oompoaed t"
'Of corner lota, mighty poor roada
railroad tracks, base ball grounds
oriokot fields and skating riuk."
" What portion of the globs is wa
ter t
"About three fourths. Sometimes
tbey add a little giu aud nutmeg , to
"What is a town t"
"A ton is a considerable colleo
tion of bouses aud inhabitants with
four or five men who "run tbe par.
and lend money at 15 per cent.
interest, 1
What is a city
"A city ia an incorporated towo,
with a mayor who believea that the
whole world shakes when be hap
pens to fall flat on a crosawalk," ;
"What is commerce t"
"Borrowing $5 for a day . or ttwo
aad dodging the lender for a .year
or two. . - -. w
..'Name tbe different races V
"Horse rsoe, boat race, bicycle
race and racing around to find a man
to Indorse your note." k. iT '.'J
"Six eiug enlightened, civilized.
half-oivilied, savage, too , utter, Slot
worth-accent and, Indian agente
"What nations are oalled enugbt
enedt" - i u .
"Those which have the most wars,
the worst laws and produce, the
worsi criminate. , i
. .f t i
"How, many motions
has . the
earth ' -.
"That's according to bow yoa mtx
yonr drinks and which way yea go
home. M
'What la ibn earth's axts
, "The lines passing between New
ork and Chicago." r- t.'.'J
"What causes day and night V ,
"Day ie eaass4 by night betpg
llred outv.T Night Is caused by every
body taking tha street oar and go
ing borne to supper."
"A map is a drawing to show the
jury where Smith stood bo Jooes
gave him a left noder the eye " .
'What tt a mariner a oompass
Golden Ladder f Charity, ' -.
There are eujht ' diJbreet br l steps
Msimool les, iu the doty of eharity,
Tbe first and lowest 'degree Is . to
give, but with relucttuce or regret,
Thia ia the gift of tbe hvi I h it a it
of the heart Tbe second ie' to ' give
obeei fully', but nt prop trtion.!
to tha distress of the eufiWtr. Piii
third is to givs o'lenrf ill, an I pro.
portionatety.but not until we are si
icitoJ. Tus fj'irth 1 1 to give o!ie.r
oily, propjrtiouiitely and even un
solicited but to p'lt it in tbo poor
min's huo 1; theroby excitinif io bim
the paiuful emotion of shame. The
fifth is to give cbirity in soil) a way
tbat tbe diatreeaed may rVcrfve tbo
bounty and know tboir benefactor
without there being kno wo to him.
ucl wee tbe coodnet of eome of our
aeeiietors, who naod to tie np money
id the bind corners of tiialr cbaks,
so that the poor U'ight Uke it uo
percoived. Tbe sixth, wbinh risoji still hirr
i t) know the sabjocta o( bor boii'i
ty, but lomwin noknowu to ttio'n.
Su ih w.ts tho conduct of those of
our aocostora, who used to convey
charitable gifts , iotov poor-, peop'e'a
dwelliogs, tuking care tbat tboir own
persoos aod names should remain
unknown. , ,
Tbe ssvenlh is still morameritiri-
ous, namely, to bestow 'charity io
anch a way that the beooUaef m iy
not know tbe relieved objueta, nor
thoy tbo name of .their benefactor t
aa waa doua by our chrituWe fjre
falbers daring the exiatenoe of the
leinplo. For there was iu that holy
building a place callod the cbe'tibir
of Silence or Inoetentetion, wberin
tho good deposiUd succretly Wbat
ever their gnuerous h isrta suggested,
aod from wh ch tbe mo it respneUbln
poor families were maiotaiued wiji
equal secrecy.
Laat, tha e'ghtb aod the most
meritorious of all ia to aoticipiU
charity by preventing povnrty t
oamoly, to asiist tbo reduce. I broth
er cither by a cia4idrtblu girt or a
loan of uijtioy, or, by toohin him
a trade or by putting him in tho
way of buiiueis. 8 f iat hit may
enru aa honest livelihood, aod not be
force 1 to the dreadful alternative of
holdiug up his biu.l fir charity
Aud to this Soripliiro allu Ion, wh in
it says : "Aud if thy broUior bu
waxen poor aod falleo iu decay with
thee, then thou shalt support liiio ;
yea, though ho be a stranger or a
aojouruer ; that he may . live with
tboe. I.o vit. 2o ; 33. This ia tho
step and flie summit of
charity's Goldon Ladder.
Helping the Party,
Id the days gone by, a Detroit
Sheriff who had made a close shave
of beiug elected had the ill luck to
lo.iea prisoner from the jail. Tho
fellow made good hia escape to tbe
couDtry. but the Sheriff overhauled
him about eight miles out sod drove
bim under a barn. Tho prisoner
l-was captured sod yet he was not.
If he wonld notoome out the Sheriff
could not get in, aad threats had oo
effect on bim. " Ja this emergency
tbe officer oalled out I
"Say, Jim."
''You know had a mighty cloae
ahave getting this office."
Yoa did that."
"Well, I'm laying my pipes for a
second torra. It I lose you I might
as well hang up. The opposition
ill hold it up in letters four foot
high sad hundreds of men iu my
own party will slip my name. Do
Art laa&aias svl A. V'
"I do." '
"Well, I ask yoa to come out, not
exactly as a prisoner goiog baok to
jail, but more as a patriot bound to
stand by bis party, ' Come Jim."
"I'll be banged if I don't I" re
plied tbe prisoner. .. "Tbe judge was
ag'n me. my sentence was unjust
aod I hate your jail, but (f it's goiog
to help tbe party aod eruab tbe hy
draheaded oppoailion, out 1 eome 1"
1 .tod be did.
tt ia tbe belief tbat the verdict io
tbe Guiteaa trial will have a much
desired effect 'upon., Aba numerous
army of conoeited cranks roaming
about the oonntry disturbing society
endslolattatf law noder the guise of
'inspiration. 'The ve-hoi "guilty aa
indicted is a warning as prooouuo
ed iu it mauling toward ma'!ci us-
-ri.; v 11 TCV 'tYI-T II
A Kist on tha Sly.
Thre la to be f tuuJ nrioli rouno
moot In a well-proportioned kin.
This murh everjboJy acknowloilgeH;
though Only a frank fi v have the
oouritge to arkn nvlo le it opooly.
n l it i a Citri H f t!', yet nnex
plaine J by the p'lilos tplier, t.ut t he
slyer thi kiss is, the m ire there is
in it of refrexti nun'.. A kis th it ii
p i.l as a forfeit before a wliult n m
full of pe iplo, ij pr haio, ii it t s.iy
einbiurt'i'ti'.ij. Toe girl Iti'is.
which ' spoils the ro'tiaoje, and th
fellow, ten to ono, blushes neither
of them tbiukiug muah of it, end
they both are apt pretty aoon tfur
gnt about it. Hut lot the sinio fal
low kiss tba svue girt whou
la looking and tho aitiution ia as dif
feroot as poiible. Th it sort of a
kiss fired olT iu a bnrry behind tho
door, or in a conservatory, in like an
electric shork, an t it is nu sweet ss
erei;u. The Issto of it on aaJ
couiti.titly siig 'Hts f!io propriety.
i8 tiij cso nur bo, (if trvir;.' if
. .. .' . .
fiRinn. An I ihnianguiiig an t iiioti-
mi? nro enctlv I. Tim fA
low i imrba without st..iil.u ti,
rc uanco a bit, aul the girl bl nhes
liko a pink c.trnation. It is (poor
that the very sime thin should un
der such alibtly til tor o.l circumstan-
enf, be so entirety difluront. nor is it
any less queer bnoaiiiu the ilifiurtmeo
has exiHted from tho earliest age of
tbe world.
Fishing In a Corn-Ficld.
In Colorado is a ten-ncro fie,l
which ia no moro nor less than a
eubtorranoan'luko coverod with soil
about eighteen inches deep. On the
soil is cultivated a doll of corn,
which produces thirty bushels to
tho aero. If any one will take the
trouble to dig a hole the depthfofa
epado-baudle be will find it to fill
with water, and by using a honk and
tish four or five iuchos long may be
ciiMht . Tho fiith havo ncithnr
Hcalua nor eyes, and aro perch like in
almpe, TLo crouod is a blacU marl
in uatnro, and iu all probability waa
ut ono time an opou body of witor,
on which accumulated vegetable
loiitter, which
bus biiHii inri.,iixn,l
from time to time until now it has
a criiNt antiicieutly strong and rich
to produce flue corn, although it has
to be cultivated by baud, us it is out
utrong ouough to bear tho weight of
a horse.
Wbilo harvesting tho handn catch
great strings of tin!) by uiakiug
uolo through tho eiu tii. A perseti
liHiugnii bis heel cotnming down
mtddeuly sous tho growing corn
abako all around bim. Auy ono
having sufficient strength to drive a
ran lurougu the crust win tin, I ou
reloading it that it will disappear sl
together. Territorial Knterprisii.
Why He Objected.
A crudo old fiti'tuer living or) the
lino of the reoeut railroad surveys,
and who was owner of a barn of
large dimensions, with hugo swing-
doors on both siJes. observed s
posse of surveryors busily eugagod
indriviug a row of stakes through
bis prvruisoM that extended to the
very centre of his big barn. Saunt
ering leisurly towards the tresspass
ers, with bo air savoring uomewhat
of indignation ho allrosied the
loader of the gang as follows:
"Lyin'out nuother railroad ? '
"Surveying for oue,'' wan tho re
ply. "(loiu through my barn t"
Don't see how we oan avoid it."
"Well, now, miuter," said the
worthy farmer. "I Calkerlate 7've
g t autnthio tew say about that. I
want you tew uudorstao' that I've
got aometbio' olao tew do besides
ruonin' out to opso and shot them
doors every time a train wauts to go
for the purpose of facilitating the
withdrawal of mutilated Coin from
circulation, the auperiotor.douts of
ooioags miota havebeeo authorised to
purchase niatillated Cnitod States
ilver oolns of standard fiaeoess iu
sums of $3 and upward, without
meltiog and assay, paying at the
rate of ft per ounce of standard sil
ver contained.
Lara persuaded, says Sterne, but
that every time a' man smiles, but
much more so when ho laughs, . it
sdls something to this frsjuisut of
A 1882. NO, 21)
Selected Thoughts'.
Mionurs is one of the greatest en
ginea of iiillneiico ever given to
Tbo veil which overs (he boad t.f
futurity is voveu by Ibe baud of
Hi Iden viitue ia ofto'l dicjiisml.
ioasmnch as nothing extols it iu out
Conscience is the vnino of Ihe soul ;
the pamious are the voice of tin
Flattery is a fuNe coin which lm
cirenlation only throngd our vanity.
Men saldoin improve wht-n thin
bave oo otbjr m i loli th.tu tiiecu
selves Io copy sftor.
You cinnot drenin yonrmilf iuto h
character, you must Lotnuit-r and
forge youreelf one.
JIoilnHty is to worth whnt nbadows
aro in a painting i she gives toil
stre"glh and relief.
Tho prrsHi'vatioii ( lifo should be
only t secondary roncero i tho di
I lUCtlun of it Clltr liliiininn)
I Uac'? Wl11 (,t anything that can
l,e done in Iho world j and
no Inl
onx, uo circumstduces, no oppurtu
uitiesf will make u two-logjud an
mat n man without it.
OooJ intentions are at luat tbe
seed of good odious; and every imin
ouht to how thiim, aad leave it to
the soil and sensous whether they
coruo up or no, or whether lie oi
auy other gathers tho fruit.
We will not accomplish much
wihtout zeal aud enterprise. I!u.
the mistake is often uiadeaof auppos
ing lb it zeal is hurry, rush, reck
lessnesa au) iudilTureiice. It ia u it
so steady momentum is on en
more effective than uuivbtraiuod vi-
Natnro seems to exist for tho ex
cellent. Tho world Is upheld by
the voracity of good mou i they
moke the earth; wholesome. Life is
swe t aud tolerable in our belief Id
such society i und actually or idonll
wo luanugu to livo without supe
No man has a rlht to complain
of hia lot, or of tho times, or to cull
upon society to hulp bim, tin I il lie.
l,a8 ,,one 011 " cnn IO Help lillDSflf
oy ir.diiHtry an, I 11 luiity in the place
and culling wliero ho ih. And be
who does this will seldom have
cuuhd to compl iio.
The circus business dontn bi
hiuiiII army of performers ami nt
Mr Hui nu iu in the com
ing season, will havo over UU0 per
sons iu bin pay. Tho "master of
sails" will bave a force of l " tout
settlers i the head (room, 00 grooms;
the leading master, 100 "rator backHi"'
tho monuoii, 00 atteulants, aud
tho advertising department, 70 men
alwsys alici 1 of tho ahow. There
will bo preformers of all kind, c tt-
orors, snio showtuon, e!c, nt least
two htiuilt'oil more in number. The
master of tho stih stil tint iu IS
miuutes his force of 125 meti had
taken down and ptckod in the w t-
gous fiftocil touts coutuiniog 200,000
yards of cauvas, to say uothiug ot
the rope, poles aud other appoint'
President Arthur has signed tin
bill retiriug Justioa Ward Hunt
from the Supreme njio1i of th i
United States- Jula Hdut was
appointed from New York in 1872
by l'ruji (Irant. Ab mt two
yesrjngo ho wn striokou with piru-lyhi-i,
an I since thou hl boon dis
sbl.'d from survice. Tbo qu"8tiou
now is, Who will his suacossor bu '
Wheu the schooboanter entered
his temple of looming a fow moro
ings ago he read on the blackboard
tbe touching legend : "Our teacbei
ia a donkey." Tho pupils expected
there woald be a rombioed cyclooe
aod eartbrjtiake, but tbe philosophic
pedagogue oontoutod himself with
adding tbe word "driver" to tin
legend, and then opened the so boo!
with prayer aa usual.
Old 'nmbre'las aod buggy topi
are now being utilised by ladies foi
theatrical bats. Tbe demand fo.
tbem almost equals that for Coufod
erate bonds.
A darksy philosopher says."
has aotioed dat ell great mou retaioi
in srter life do early impreaslous o
childhood, lis acaf beuh ia wba'
my fodder bit tee wide ssssufrs
! Pnlillahed every Thur.Uv RonNvg
Terms of Subscription,
able vitbin sit mouths, or ti.V)ifimt
psid within tha year. No paT dia
vuiitinued ur.tii all arrearage 'e
fmid unlosv at tbe option of the iub
iber. iuta riptlonsmitide of the count
lesTTcrnoiis lining and Mine pape
aildreasnd othain become smI urnira
and are llnblo fortbe prire of tbe paper
witlcur Hjrrpia,liirilmifl. mt.
ns. kidney ditroe, liver cvimpUunl,
J oilier wuting iliKSKt,
snrichtu the Mood and purifin thi
yeitii euret vntknfM,, lack u(
aucnjy, etc. Try s butlla.
it th only Iron preparation that
due nut color Ihe teeth, mid will iut
cinu headache or ConMipnUoll, ai
other lion prcparaliuus Will.
Idieand all nuffcrersfrnmnea.
ralia, hyUena, aud kindred com
plauiU, will find it wuiiuut an tuat.
Under Oalh.
"I HAVE b eeU afiliotod for itrnnltf
' vi iju n .nnt nki-, 0,n.
, emni"" mic u m, -a,,, ,!. m ait
lUIIHul ilorn r, It tlnwlr but .oral, riHii,,it
iuiu iu, witn ilia t.i nr il.m n ...
uiim i. r -rf'i in,, wirii-r if I'uta-ad mvaii
lira ittraon in f .riu at ilrv "nnln.. yt tin u.t
tlirre vera I ha a lia-u itnalils t iluant
anJ fiiherlnit lniaii.lf alt the time. i;irr
tnorntna th rai-nnl I iwi nerlr itu, ii .,f
i'B'aa taken Irnm the .hri o , my I,. , u, of
tl.rm half a. Inrae ti,a ,:,!,, , a nnni ilulna lett. r. In the lit t r t nl the ulnter
my .kin inuant'e. rrnokln 1 trli,
atnrytlilns. almont, tht i.t i a tumiaht nl
witnuui any ronm. t he j h ol l.mi. I M.rlr t
1 r.
I. In iiie I eonl.l raarh d.e lint Si.rlnm,
IvTotl. limit. ... i . t ,i
ii,'ui,i u-.x i.t k in inn iiii.piini. ,U nnaliy
k-,,t . I,lr l.amlnH. M I .-1 . . ,, i
lta-llvlQn. tin.. lr. ir ated ma almut
twn week., but ill,) me nn ai'oil. All th until
lkalt,uin iln.rt time t live. I o,tn.ilr
irave.l In ilt. l'r.rke.1 lliroii h tlie akin all
iiver my iiauk. annua my rli,, nn.. h tnna.
IHnin. Iit tin,iy awn ila ,, na nill. eame niT.
hnaer nalla .leal anit har l at linne hainlea.l
Iry lltel. M aa o, (tram. Ilh, my do. I I
linw I ,11,1 fuller I
' Jly Dier.Mra. R H. Tmla, ha I a .mall
pai oi a i'i ot I'ntliiri In n,e but'. de
wmiiln't sive up i aal.l "tve will t, y t'uti,.a.
ra " Some waa a,,ll. on one hunt ami .in.
Knreka there a. ti-hel i at,ip:,F, tl,.. l, rri.l,
iHirinim a, i,tai,irt irnin ih.. w,,r, an, l ure
Immeilaiolv ut the i',i'l-nr itianlvent
f b mi,! i u tin t), I'lillcra and 'iill, ur siun
lite arent -kin euri-.i 1 uiiinni ntt i,y tak
inii ui.e Inl lrMio,iii ,,t iteanlvent thra.i lliaee
a nay. alter ii.eala i hail u ln'li i nne a, lay.
,rllul ll,i,l hat uafil tluilnni-a Huan
freely : ai'llel IMiiiiura innrnlna ami even.
Im Hia H. reliirne l In my linme In uat all
.eka Irnm the time I 1,0, and in j akin at
.Qinutb aa iblaaheet o l aiior.
IIIHAlfl.. UlllfENfCK,
Iti-ni'.rann, Jeire a,i i r,i., V. v
Nmirn lu belure me H la I'l-Mil I .tanutr.
im. a.'kimhi r. .i..
Juttlce ul tbe 1'eaes.
llriae,llea are for lhy a'l,lriltiflala Prtre
'1 I'll TH I'm, a Me llolnel .IniU, -mall lia,
AU .i large Imiaa, (1. tlt'Tlri'aa II,h.vt,
the bl ml Hurlfler, SI imr Imt'le. I'l'Tirr
M.ini'iaAi, Timi.rt BnAe, ai..' i itinni
iiami'iaai, Tiiii.kt 8nr, Hhi.i In hara fnf
buriiera aa, larne e, ntra, tus. I'rlneltial
ch.t, WKKKS a POTT Kit, Hoima. II aaa.
Sanford's Radical Cure.
A alD.le rloae Inataolly relief. the miwt VI
lU.i ........ Ii,- nr lit. I, la. rtle.ra tlia h a I
aa tiy o.anlrj, .l'i' eiaiery Uiaohafe horn in t
nnae an.i eyea, prevenia nuKii'a dm.-. ,n
lire. I. uurea Ne-emia llea.laniin as, I aa'i.itia
t;bllla ami later, lei Chrunl,, I'al ,rrb H
oleaoaea Hie nanal aaaea of I ut murua'
eaturea th- aeuaea of awell. laate a. I be . Ii a
ban allei teil, lr-ea the heal, tnrn.t au4
nruLehlal luiiea uront ialte eaatter, ti ai l
iu,l purin, l tbe breath, atp Ibe mmli aaa
trreaia lb pi unreal ul catarrh toeard uu-
Uualiollle Mullet Hure, rbe hit Catarrhal
Hul eut and one lir. Banloril'e lib In, In ous
ie".K nrelldrniMiaie, tor A -k fnrflae.
ok ire Hamcab tacas. Wtr-Ksal'lirt LU
Ml I laa-. . too Tmita anna trrartra L
a,VJ W ylNS Ikau any other iia.iar rV
VvV airV alarlrt., lAttai e lor lialil
" aud waki,Ma nr ike Lum
Lliar. Kniiul. aad l'rl
Klyala, HhaumatHui. Nee
talkie, llyatrrla, Paoia a
Weaknea, Mrrveba fan a
barf oryana, farilal ra-.
. faaaaaS A Slaa weeaiieae, aaeieriia
Pi aoTtf aad refer aad a Rue. Filed
(M. SiaV feeiebere.
?XECUTO!t8 NOTlCE.-l.etUn
tameiitarv on ILa aetata r
UAHY Hr AVER. ileteernl, lei - .
raukllu Twp., rtnyder eouuty, feana.
aall a keen arenteil le the umlertlaneil, ell
erai aa kanelna tbeaieelvea la.leblail Io ealil
lale ere reejuaeteaa Iv aeekelaiaaediate pe,
ert, olilla Ibuae hevlna elaliaa "HI r'e-i..
biB Sul eelk, a eaied l"f aettkineeii
Val.K, IU7, tleeeer