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    Middlebwif, FEB, 9, 1882,
" . . HI St. r I
lar County rs M a Mk ""a.lays of Daeambst.
Alt communications, business let
prt Ac, for litis olllee, to secure
oronipt attention should he addressed
follows i Trnt Post. Middlalmrfi
tfnyiler County, P'. Advertisement,
communications Ac. must ho handed
In by Monday noon, to secure inacr
ron hi next issna
.-. irmtTtiiwo ft
BIB at ORO. P.
tlnniun 110 aprwa
TVHV. Bnyier Conolr K'epnblican
I i.llaarnfiimlllM will rnM at IhS Oodft M.MUi.r.i WKIIIMIM Y Man
1 ' . k m u - 1 a mm ml linimr
I. ISIS B l. HI. ' " ....r
ni basiaaaa. Itv liana or
CI1ILM MAMrsBL, ! tatary.
Truth and . Sol Oppotthelirter
twin tniW ite-nml if j oil doubt it
m mi '
arrji the Veritable Mnl. OprVnheimef,
go Proprietor of the Grand Clothing Em
poriutn of HellnxproVe, wrs In town
' - 'one day laot wpk. He was accotn-
A hi, lot or Ullro not And SHOW
tn be told at bargains el
" MRS. K. MARX'S Store."
tScllnsgrove, Pti.
It will ptir every IkxIv to examine
the Immense Block of Furniture for
nnle by the Popular Furniture men
Tho Colebnrtod Siifwalt Sewing Ma
chine Is represented, in Snyder county,
by Mr. Frod. 11. Herman, of Cvntro
Fred. Is n No. lament and represent
a No. 1 Mitehine. Examine the Ri
wait. Trifles range, from upward.
Jan. 2il, '83. 4w.
Halo Jteotry.
Wc have printed bills or advertised
for the follwing snles :
The heirs of .Vii'hncl M'mlnum, lc
ceased, offer Heal Ealato at Pri
vate Sile, in IVrry twp.
Panicl A. Fubrmnn, offers Real f.V
lato nt Private Halo in Adams twp.
Saturday, Feb. 18, Sheriff Kelchly
will sell Mountain laud at the
Court ouae.
Saturday, Feb. 18, Wm. Harding Id-
niiniatrator or the estate of AAam
tlnrman. dee'd., will sell Ileal E-
tato hi H'lishiiigtnn twp.
Saturday, Fob. IS. .Sheriir, will sell
Heal Estato at '.he Court House in
T..O..I..V. Fb. 21. A. A. I'Mi. will sell
Kuril! mplviiienis ac. " 111 1
IWiiver, twp.
Thursday, Feb. 2'1. tho Executors or
Jnhn K. rtnvder. well H vnhinlile
Kil -Miite in Went ferry twp.
Thursday, Feb. 23. tho Heirs or Klirn-
l,ith Weaver, tleo'd. will s.OI Per
sonal Property in .Vonroo iwp ,
nhotit nuo and a half miles North
of Krstxervilln.
Tliur"day. Feb. 23, Iano Luck and J.
H. foneycnit will aell .ir.e,
()wa. Farm liiiplennMils. .nine
hold (1omU. Ac. t llm residence
irWm. I.uck about 1 milo Mouth
r Troxclville.
Fiidav. Feb. 21. Gonrire 11'. Harman,
will anil llor-e. CAnva, Farmiiw
Implements Ac . in Aibims twp.,
Frid.iv, Feb. S I, Abiu'i" nvell. will
nell orxen.Coiv. F inning mole
niontA, ,1-0. in Franklin loWMhip.
nbout 1 milo East of Middlclmr',
Monday, Fh. 27, SherifT will sell rteal
Folate nt the Court nose, in
'ridov. March it, .1. C. Ttowersox, will
tell Honea, Cova, Farm Implo
inenta, AeH in tsntro twp.
Fiidav, March R John Hower. will
aell Horse. (Mile. Fir n uiile
luont, Ac, in Franklin twp.
Satnrdav. Msch 11. feter (larninn.
will anil Horses. Cattle. Farm n
nlonionts, Household G wids, Ao.
in Terry twp.
Tuwd.iv. March 1 1. J. I). Miller, will
elf orsos. C.w. Fiii .ii Implo
mnnU. Hnusehold I - Ac,
nhoni 1 milts S.ntli Kist ol Dieis
l.s. li diurvh in Aillalo tounahip,
Viilon Co.
Tlmrsday. March Id, inilian n. Wo vl
liii-j will veil Hoio". Cows. Firm
molum 'iita. it-'.. 2 mile Wost of
Satnrdav. .1arch 18. Peter fiarman
will aell at lui lion n larire vuiiety
of Store (loodain IVrry twp. "
Thnradav. March 23. enrv .Vihoch
will aell Horse. Calile. Farm m-
i.liMiienla. ousehnld (iooda, Ac
In Middlei rrek Uiwnahip iiloul 1
utile Kasl of Kramer Sluiion.
I just recei red annther lot of Klniir.
Boots to he closed out with tho other
slock nt a ureal reduction.
MltS. It. MAltT, Selinsgrnrc. T.
drawn for regular toira comruencing
Feb. 27th. 1882.
Adamh Jivinea K. Kline, Ner, Mid-
. dleawnrth.
llKAVKll William F.wlnjr. Aula Oroaa,
Joaeph Hnook, Hrtinuel A. Wetfel.
llKAVKU Wiwt F.lia A. llerbatcr,
Wlllbiui II. Herbater.
ClIArMAX .lotmthnil Stroub.
Jackson John M. llauberman, John
fi is iioK Marcus Hurirart.
1'kxx lanno Krtlley. William A.FIah-
er, Henry Keanler. Michael Krntx
er, Hnuuiel C. Kesster.
Pkiiiiv Frederick Meiaer.
rKiutv WKsr-llenry W. Hnyder,
l'hllip M. Tents.
Skijxhsihuvk 1'hlllp K. Dlecker,
r.MON-Moloinoii MIk.II.
Waxiunoto.X Jonua Klailner, leo.
drawn for roRiilar terra comuaonciug
Feb. 27th, 188.'.
AliAMH Harrlaon Mover.
Hkavku Albrlirbf, Dreea, Ilobert
Feeae, A. C. Mid ll"awnrth. Joiiii
tlimi Hpnntflcr, John S. .Smith,
.Innnb Wet.el.
Hkavku Wiwt-John M. Ulali,
Tbimiaa ViiiiiiL'inail.
CKMKK-Aiiron t;. Walter, John
ClI Al'MAN -Tbomnaral".
I HANKI.I.V JohnC. lliwalncer, Jilllies
K. llothroek, Waldo tuck. Kumii
ne HiiNwiuian, (eore H. Hnyder,
HiuuimI H. Walter.
Iacksoh Simnirler.
MliiDi.KiiOiUi Hjur ll.i.'hiiimi, Nn-
thutiiel I. Har.
Ml nix. kciikkk Wllliiiin H.'Hiekel.
Mo.nkoK Itoliert 1'ias. Jiimea M. Hel-
ai-r. Willlinu J. Iteii'hley, Junns
Trexler, John Wendt, Joaeph
Pitxx limlel II. Hover, John K.
Hughes. Daniel (lit. Weat Will
iam Itow. Hirniu I'lrlck.
Pkiiiiy William Hnyer, (Jeorife 1),
Woodlio, Johu Kepler, Willluiu
lM'.KUY Wkst (erre 8. Mltterlin,
tieoru'e W. Sierer.
SKl.I.NSinioVK Krnest lleiitx, Newton
(. Feehrer, John Fry, Kilwunl
etuleiliiir, 7..H. Keely, Harry li.
Washixutox liinlel 8. lloyer. John
A tmm, Wllllamjilnah.
Sol 0ipeniieimer . has ItKDL'Cv'D
and nee.
Death to rata, mice, roaches and
nuts: rAitsoxs fcxrKHMiNATon. liarns
i;riiniiries and households cleared in n
single uiht. No fear of b id amolis.
Itect .l'n) rhcapest vermin killer i l tlie
world. S'iild overywhore.
pnn led by his chief elerk, Mra. Op
rtenhelmer's only son little Joe who la
a deelde'y hrlKht little fellow with all
the irnrMl qualities of head and heart
of his illuatrlous elre.
Take Ayer's Pills for all the pur-
poaes of n purgative, forConatlpntlon
IndlHTestlon, Headache and Liver
Complaint. Ity universal accord, they
are the beat of all purgatives for fam
ily uc.
To those that would like to buy a
new midline cheap Ac, I say buy the
"SinwnH." I will sell you a 2 drawer,
drop-leaf, cover, lock und key, nnd all
the attachments In freo for $Ji),X) and
a plain machine just as a nod hut not
so fancy wood-work for 13,00 I am n
Sowing Machine Jxent and have sold
and will sell nnd don't von forgrt, ;
am tho "Whilo Sen lna .Vachine
Aent. C. (J.Reelmld.
Feb, o, '2. 4w.
F.UKliahmeu formerly uptocd that
iVmericnii running horses were very
inferior to thclra : but during the last
two yenra Parole, W.ilb-ii-itein, nnd
other fust ones that were sent from
this country to F.uj:hinl have won
hundreds of thousands of dollars, for
such American the Messrs. Iirtllurd,
James- Hordon Itennett Ac. The
F.iiKllshinen huve Investigated the
reasons for the (treat suecese of Ameri
can horses, nml llud that they are
kept in such flue condition by the eon
stout use of M. H. Roberts' Horsn
For sale hy John A. Moal., Middle
burg, I'll.
I inform my fi icinM nnd customers
that will remove on or about the
first of dpi il to another place of busi
ness. Eby' Store, in order to start w ith
an cmlrely new stuck nt tho New
Store. I will f ir the next two month
sell over litem pair of .lots nnd shoes,
st great reduction in prices, for much
less iiioncv, than llicv could bo bool.t
beforo. Everybody should call nnd
l.e convinced that we do what we say.
Parties nlrcudy mpiaintod with us
know our way of inr and others
will plciuo call mid examiuu my
stock and lemn my i.iiccs. ll'o will
ho pleased to see yon whether yuit buy
or not. Tliaiiking )ou for past patro
nage. I remain
.VI!. II. .VAUX. Selins-rove, Pa.
Jan. 2d, '82.
Given up by da tors.
"Is it possil.lo tlmt Mr. (io.lfrey i
ut mid at work, and cured by so (.im
plo a remedy ?'
i assure you it is truo Hint tin is
entirely cured, nnd with nnthuifj Inn
Hop Hitters ; nnd onlv ten il.ivs no
his docfor iavo him up mid raid be
mii-l die !"
"Vell-ii-day ! That's rrmarkal.le !
w ill ko this day and p-t somo for my
p. or tleorgo I know hops arc jjon.l. "
f Nirnm ('fH.'T, tMi .
We, Hie tltldef
sutlrt.l (!o innls-i'i.l icrs, ,or.rtfy tliaf.
ine torc'ifoliit stateuim id trim nii'i
Tabular Statement Show'mil Uie avw'l of Count u and Slat TaxsAasenncd, Collected, com-1 i.r the iiisb.irHenient f ir
Commission SiRvonrrat ions and.lmount Outstanding for ttie year "
Heaver West,
Pi nn,
Perry W est,
Elian It Mait2,
Knmnel Dechmn.n
Ionard J. Mnnbrck,
jJAintban Stroub.
i. Michael Yeihley.
hni lea lloleodor,
i Joel Klinler,
jl'mil Hnmniel,
i-fohn A. Cochrnn,
!Jncoh Steininiier,
! elin Hnrner,
llteaben Ihibb,
Geo, P. Zimmerman
'John Park',
Elian Wetzel, .
iHenrv Pock.
ArUKS-fcli. I
IConalT St.U.
:1H mh
1 IH! 51
1400 41
7HJ 4.1
8H H
:i!) 77,
Mid 01
137!) NS,
4H;') 50
12 73
1)13 22
"Oil 07!
13 VJ 72'
MI( 12
2023 II
sIM.iiM.'l 3"
I Till
O. n'll
1.73 17,
li8ii nti
?! I 00
li in oo
8!)8 3(1
PflO Mi
una 7h!
ft 1 a.v
1218 1 1,
as3 01),
i:n)3 hd:
ls2 mi
4." ()i
r.iti r!)'
fif.l (Mi!
1033 (Vij
12. !7. ri
rosstf 1 ai.u.
4(S 14
74 08
73 '.'
Jill 12
41 21.
73 47
40 :)'
43 :) )
fiH !'.)
24 28
ot; nt
47 Klj
i 4 -1
r,7 r,3
4.i :u
1(1 1 llij
H2'.l 17 '
13 HI
l' i 8 2
nil (13
7 7.V
fl (!H
21 9i
3 m
1.1 78
f 3 8
1) 7l
2 87
0 47
31 71,
(i HI
I'iiH hi"
.1 .. t. '!.
1 'l'n nt r 1 amts.
" ' 1W4 Oil
ll)i l'i
6.-)3 H3
121 58
413 27
601 HI
303 r.i
78 117
72 m
nu nt
411 III
17.) 1
;:) ) .()
178 p)
KSl (il
."1, 1 "U I.'.
Tabular Statement nf the Collections an I Kxmcrationi nf On Island !nJ Tux:s of
1SSO ttnd nrtvious news ner Juditoi's L'cnort. Jannara I I SHI.
Ii.stsi. t.
Heaver West,
Heaver West,
Middled cok,
I leaver West,
Perry Went,
CoLLii Tea.
Joseph N., I
Samuel C. Fisher, 1
'William Stuck, j
'J. W. Hiaenliower, '
Clu intinti Wulter,
.Isaac Uow. ,
' I 'd w ard '. .V iyor. J
llaivey 11 Pino,
Peter Kteffuit. 1
iSam.Kd W. Wlt, 1
IKIias U. Swiii Iz,
!aniiii'l Hachmiiu,
'John XI Snook.
jMichml Vrialey,
Piivid M. Snit,
Mich I Shanibitcher,
John lleiehley,
Jacob Stoininer, 1
Clirihlian Walter
John I. ('oclunn. !
Oeo. (I. Ilorubni gei ,
John 11 (lotdou, j
Kbliu llni'iici', I
: Harvey II. Pine,
Aaron .""eclniht,
I.Samnid W. Wntt.
.Iss.l. 'l. 1'i.ii.n Tn. I Kx.i'.
C. T j STATr. I ClICSTT I TAT. I'm'ltl T T
1H7-8 I 1')) 4" 18 G I li H i
i 12 !(' 1
1ST.) i 1 1 1 1510:1 51)8
2.V.I !')' 101 50
40 25 a.) 5."i 7li
II !U 13 72 1 I'd
70 no H'.l I II
! 73 .'il .'l'i IS 17 no
1 ij H7 (il.V
182 27 171 li") 7 CI
181) , I'll! 0" 13- ' '! 3h
201 22 l'.U I'd ID 0 1
I ;U 52 3' 17 :!7 l 'i
; 205 27 2.11 li 1 li :
117 3 115 13 2 4
312 01 270 00 I
1 32 50 31 37 1 11'
, 38 30 31 3n 7 0
3-'5 5d 22 3.' I
37'() 33 15 3 8 V
I 21)3 08 2 H! 77 j
I Ht! OS H'l (H
j PJS 52 182 00
" 53 i is lt)l 75 I
; 210 2(1 202 01 7di
H7H 80 872 OH I
5, 00 4,502 25 ' '8- M
II Tf t Nil
J, , I. -I.
Ci'Csrv I r r
Wit n.' iiurh iililinii I Mil, hl 4tll
day of January. A. I)., H(!,
soll.N m'.vt,.
II. .S. WK I'.KI,,
Att.'.t. ' At. MOVKH.
i. P. Am xn, t'l'k, i.'om'eM
THCAspitKlff Ai't'Ol'.NT.
Kk i ' I) ii r l)ui-,Ki', Trenaurer. ill rt.'
emint with Siiv.lei'.t .' i inty, f . the
year Hs,
To thrt nilKMlilt of I '.Hint V and
State tan. nssessml for m if 1 :,. J HI
Hant" ii'ttst.iiniiiu f"r i-i-t
year ."i.'.'lt o
To ma't ree'd from Uri'l.ta
Itonils 4. ."100 o.l
il of htulle't' "
" " " taxes entered 4 on
' " If. H. Dii n 11 fir ' ml
" " 1 1. N. M vers rent lo 00
My b it t,i -ii d l.' I're is irer 3.4'.t U
if:l.i,7.iJ tM
a n't of or I 'f p v 1 1 t
'l-HI . a I
pot I.JM I I
" " l.. Treil:lr.'r .iko. I.
l-ui -Mill
" ntnf ' tax pal I it
IVi'i T f :l
' " e Hit ilN.i.rl ml S(
1 'iitr.iii-.l.iii t 1 ( ' ill'r
r.t'HI f.l'i I -l
Tax of '.si ..iii'in,'
" " pr ivi'iu i" ir
Ktiin's of "
!H 17
1.1 .1 I
HI (i.t -
..i:i t8
f:'.o.;.vj t A
3 2 1
1 1'.." 2
l' at St lt.Mii(:il ill l'i I'ln I
cotui t.iil c . J.i 11 1.1
I.t ui i.t r 1 1
("lire l"i"ii" I o'rs 11I "I i 1 ' )
and iirevi iil i vcir . 1 i
I'nrc'.l Itri'l'e llomls t"i m,h.i due Tri as. Jl-.'.l I I
1 11 It
Tax of 1-HI in' i'i 11 : .1H1I1
'I'ax of M 1 an I prcvi i .
veiirs o Ittt.lll ho ? .'t ' J
I.i iliiittl
I sets
71 To 1IIK 1 1 'M It A II I I
.1 72
s ill execs over as-
sfl.'JT .'.:!
i iik Ji i'i.k o;'
TIIK I n 11 r in.- t iimM ix I'I.K V oK
Til K t 1 M'M'Y of Ml 1'i'll
cnsircTr.u wikki-T DT
.7. W. Di'POHe.
Vulentines will Hit ere lontf through
the umlls.
TJev. L. C Elmonds preached in tho
lower church on Tuesday evenine, lust.
8tato Treasurer, S.miuel Duller will
accept our thanks for public docu
ments, Re. Witmer, of Milllinburg, preach
ed an excellent sermon, last Sunday
morning, in the lower church.
Lost. A set of Kirs lined with light
silk, between Middleburg nod P.ixton
villo. The fl.nlor will be suiub'y ro
wardod upon k-aviuj thorn atthe ollloo
of "The Post." Loy.
Totutoea do
Putter per pound
Kk'tfs mt
Tallow per pound
Heeedt'herrl 1
Dried Apples
At lilTous.
X. 11. Middlcswiirth, en. Aud'r
lliinli l Hiefeiiliach "
Samuel S. Jlaiirer
J. II.
14 IK.
riiold for iiiulit'i,' state tax
William Maun fordocki-ts
V. I. Mutter for Me.. Keil-ter
I'rothoiiotarv's fees for ISO
JfllY 'oMMlssi'l'.lt-.
Ilenrv Hummel fees for Hl
AU in' A. i:ish do do
rUlKtllKK'si OKfU i:.
Daniel llolemler. fee ns turnkey
Siiuiiiiniiiii jurors for lsi
Fee for reinoviiur MiiliinUShiim
orrv tn llarrciiur 1,11.1.
Pees In ljuiirtcr Seiou
f.TJ ni
II .'.o
till s
Wi .V)
21. VI
ill U
!l 01
7J 0 1
Under Oalh.
Vsy'lii II Ml
SulitiV witnesses In Jlnver cae 1 1 "'i
Tuhinn Thomas Morris to Pen' ill H
tin r A rioKXKV s ritur.
K.xpeiisea in ferreting out the pur
pctratnra 01 ixiiu -.n-i n.ii;,. i
IC.xpcnse In nttenilin Sup.
I'ourt in the llouiicide eases
11 40
2 -J
(. W. KeeferA: Urn. creel ill-'
Selioch nod's bridrfe's
over I'eniis ereell, Sehnch 2.1 MIH
" " Long's 40J .'is
W. D. (lift, for rep. hauling and
biliot-iiii; nt P,:xtnuvill"
J. Knmi, hauling c-t Kuiiih'
M. I'ranee, rep. Pnxtonviilo
l.l id
II. ott, storage id Sehoch'a
J. S. Meer, rep. Meiser'a
M. KwL. rep. tn Hood's III l.le.
I). S. Miller, rep. tn Ixant.s
W. II. Dreese. Iilacksliiithiut; tn
Hood's liriil'.'.
It'll'l. I'lrieli, rep. tolnwer Se'uus-
KI'i.vh;e. 7 'i')
W. I.. Ila.-siiiu'er. masonry to Pax-
foniille bridge. II 'J"i
('. Hover, et. ni.. for lunib 'r V.c,
mid repair to llnwersox'a
l.-l k-.' h'l !'J
W. .1. W'eller. et. ul., Iiliuber uinl
30 7S
I..I IV..
Expenses in utteii lio i 1'rb and
Joil. Mover's can.! before Pur-
1I011 llonr.l
CiiMMlSloNKIl'.s ITI It.
2V 0.) 1 '
S-i o
41 00
..wt'r . ii- i.i 1
" 11 A t 1, iiiuicicii .or tweniy j.
'irp "nil .."tin,... cm , mi.t.,.,, r, i
r.l l sum M. I. ' I'r irlnl.. nn'l ..Hi ri l. .
may. emiiinanrnln t . inf nli, In nulla
nt n!l I il". lih His lili .r llm 111 -at
rUlllli.l ilni-ti r. Il ln-lr lint .iiraly 'iiamltl
nnill i ytjir . Hit wlnlsr n .-..vt -n mv fi
tli i- .n la r.rin l .Ir? ci. t'nr tho Inl
ll.rro vir I h' Iim-i 0 '''! .i .I . . ny I ti.ur.
un.l fullsrlnic Iman.oly ill lh I tin. Krrr
mnniliik tic r i on! I l.a na.rly ft ln' il i.f
I fcaiti ifti n ttia .heel mi nf I.O.I. Rumaoft
C Outeliu for expresaM
I,. II Utter. T.IX Lien U -eord,
l....tii,ii lilni.Us. and bonds
John Uomlit salary, sil.lays.
John IteiU'a Hiilatv. tl'.l diivs.
II N. Wet.el's salary. 7S day
J. P. Auraiid. clerk, salary
I, N. M vera, eniinsel
J. W. M". N'ewliu forli-ifid servi.
on atnte tax nppeiil case
3 70
111 13
Jt? VI
1:ii to
!l"iu no
J". 10
.I il)
,. 10
li li t
1 o
The County 8uporin leudents of Sny
der and JuiituU counties will hold a
joiht Teachers' Institute, at Uiohrleld,
Feb. 10 and 11 commencing Friday
evening. Teachers and fiiends of ed
ucation aro rospocif ally iovited.
Miss Jones declares she "will not
snin aoooiiipauy Mr, U'ilson from
churoli on a rainy day, with her new
hat on, unless he first procures one of
8 l. Oppenheiinor's ColebruloJ Oossi
iner Umbrellas which are the best,
cheapest, handiest umbrellas now
Fob. 9, 'Si
Over 1200 'White" dewing Machines
sold by C C Seebold and still got an
other car load of the Jlunninit
' ll'liite" called the "King" of 8ewin
Machines and ao it is try it before
buying any other 4t is not the cheap
ert at the beuininz but I asure you it
will be at the end.
conaicTSD win it bt
Slmonton, Barber Sc Co.
Wheat per bushel
Wheat, no i.
live do
Corn do
1 lata uo
wloverseed per bushel
Cherries, pitted
( lierrlea, iiupmeu
Dried apple
Spring Chickens
nutter, prime
A lady who went West lent woek
wrote back to a friend, saying "ahe lost
all her line clothes Just because she
had puruhiued ft worthless trunk
which would not aland the knocks",
and adds ; "if you intend comin out
bore, the Aral thing you do, go to Op
I eiiueiiner fwliusgrove, . where you
can irt trunks, satchels and valiues
at the very loweat pri es and of the
-very beat quality, " ' -
yeb.eW. . ' ' ,
- .
4 ton
7 to 8
!! ilirm liftlr Israa Ilia an. Im a o intaliiliia
0l Oils r. In Iba litl-r pit-t nt Ilia wlntar
jlnyikln aummanrail crirkln npan. I trll
avartlliln- al'U.ini, mi eo.iin 1 a timujnt m.i,. r
111 I -i.i. rall,l. Tl.a II h of l.ina I .rla.l.1'.
la VVa i. Id I..MH" I ooni.i rascl. ilia lli.t S.rloa.
in' I ra-ifhrd, ! w .. I w I lh 'Ui.lit
I puoul't hftVH il, ko 111 lua icrpuai. nut nnaliy
ynt far l.urln, Midi., Mkera I hftla
rlrtar llrlna. Hoi. Ilr Ir-ntal ina nlmut
to., waak-, tot .11.1 ma no uoo.1. All th mulil
I lis.) I.ut l.ori lima In lira. I .iro.'Sllr
rrftya.llo.llr. i:rrka. tliroiuh Ilia rkl.i all
orar my l.ftali. ftoroii luy rli t, arioa,,
limb', leM bily awoolai., tna aids eaiaa oil.
nnar on lla ila.l 0ilhnl ai bona, hair .Unl
ilry ana lllal" aa uM straw, lib, luy Uod t
unw I ilia luller I
Sly Hilar, Mis. K. II. Putt, bail rmsll
r 1 ol a bos of )nllour la tl.a kous. Hl.a
wautdp't Klva ap 1 hI.I "IV will try llutlsa
r." HoiM wa illril oo ona huml iml ftrin.
Kuraka t Ibara a rellal 1 rtoppail tui trrrlbta
burulD srDSauon irnin iu worn itn. 1 i.'y
tmmadlaiaty lot tha Cailsum !(. tvant
W. Mann for llceor.l hooks
2'JI S'.t
fS 7 ".
1 o I (bloo.1 purinr), I'ullcrft ami I'utl. ur Hasp
u i (lbs rt .sin utr,l 1 oiiii.nirnc. by las
' 7.1
1 UO
4 50
Inn una taMaipnoiiluf Hrmlvanl tlira IliarS
a anT.aitsr maais 1 na.i a uain onoa a.iay. wa
ter alii) u I blood li'-al I arsd Cuilrurft H.isp
Iraaly rrnJ uuiicura morninii n i aan.
luv Has It. raturna-l tn inv boi.ia In lut sis
wraki from lha tlina 1 Irft, and mf skla as
iDOoia ft Ibis sbaot e papar.
iiihiXm k. oxiircnrtH,
:io 00
20 0 1
20 1
1.T tr)
41 (I't
124 .10
ill mi
117 0j
0:w 27
611 IS
llaoi'rrson, 'aiiarson Co., N. V.
1SS0. A. M
Hworn 10 balora saa thli Kith dy of .Tanaary,
btirr inun r.1.1..
Jmttoa ol lb Vaaea.
namadlaa ara for sls by all drasvlats.
oltllTi. uax. a .liltt, inll
I anl
Till low
Oitk 'flee
Pea Coal
('best nut Ooal
Kun Coal
fW to 50
sur.! larva boss. SI. Oi ticuh Ukolvkst,
lhabi oil Hurlilar, S p r bonis, tlcriccal
MllillKll. T0H.KT Ml.ftC, lln.t Cl'TllM'SA
o,X ! siknicisit. Hor, lio.i lobars for
uaroarafto, .Kt auw h m wa. nui.t'-
liapol, WKEixa a roi tn, uismo, si air.
8 00
1 2i
3 50
it no
6 00
4 00
lu.vit jmi:i.
eh. 2nd. by Rov. 8. E. X hscnfoid,
Isaac fimmerman of Drv Valley Cross
Koails, to Mary Mtabl of Kratzervllle.
Jan. l itti. at Aline. Vcnora Elvena,
axed 4 years, 4 months, and on the 27,
Orlando, aue.i 4 ycurs, mnuins, rj
days, twin childrcu of Augustus ami
Amanda Dinger.
Jan. 24, In Washington twp , Kate
tflixahtth, daiiRhler of Daniel and
Lucy Ami Heimbach, aged 11 years,
4 iiiontks, 8 days.
Jan. 24. In Perry Iwp. Humucl San
ders, gcd about 2o yesr.
Jan. 10, near Iteavertown, of pneu
monU, Michael Wtaud, atfed tlo year,
1 iwputli and 7 day. .
i M ti. In Wiu4ilnrtoii township, of
tt-vthaa-iav Kswe KliAirjetlu dmliter
of is aavl Ijwy Ann Heiiulweli, l
otfel k, a-Mtf, t luuntii and my
At A lavusburc, luist wot!, U.
, .. ul Hjuij, s:Ail year
Sanford's Radical Cura
a A Inula doss Initaatly raliarri lbs saosl Tl
ubial a.isailn or Uaad, alaars h ba4
a iy s.aals, topt waiary dlscaaraas fr Iba
ooss sou ayai. p..w.ii r.uaHa mwwv ,n
l.a.l,araa Narynos Hanlsous ao I aj'nlues
Obllls ssd Ir'srsr. la ijbronlo UaUrrb II
lui Iba Bftl Dsiias o lout bimqi
rasturas lb sansss of siaall, laslaaol baarlo
whan alltrtail, frxa Iba ba I. Ikrn.l an l
hrm.ahui labaa of offai.alro aiattor. inl
aod tuirlO-s tb kraa'.b. Slops lb coauk and
arrasis iba pi out $ ol caiana lowaie
On bottlo N.dkal Our., tn boiCalarrhal oua Or. Kauford'a lubaler, Ik on
BaoSauanfalldrilllSlst-, lot . All lor r.
'uau'a MAinvftkbuaa. WBtUSal'orf BU
laSTiMss DoMiarrsrrrsi.
A3 aay otbar
alalrbi Idllla
Krhurt. for freight
Witteniuyer ii Son for writing
J. A. Smith for damiiuea In Mid-
tllecreek tp.
I'.dwurd Miller, ill
Charles Keck, tin
I..I,,. Iti.-ki'l. tin
('. Paxtoti, dammfns In Heaver
A ll Howersox. ilo
1. M. Teats, et. nl rontl view fee 2-i 0-1
Com. vs. Eiuiiimel r,ttuier, er
n Malitida Sluimory
" Uriah Moyer
" Coiniuissiouers of Co.
I Iscttr Klali
John Troup
Joseph llotll
Thomita Morris
" Peter llinninmill
Curoline Stroup
Mary Deiht
" John Krl
n i.. i... m
" Itarbara and Thomas Jor
II HI 1)0 KS.
Haaahitfer, Walter Si I !o.. lumber
furnished Howorsox'a bridge 80 W Hi
Ismie Dreeae, rep. Dreea' bridge 2 0!
C. K. Parka, et. hi.. iiihi"K
r..i.l tnklmr H i liruitie uimrv
and const ructiii tem brldj;
M..I..MliV mill
C. K. Parks, et. at.. raKimr tiowu
imrt ol lx.nn a urion wi n u
wiia liov sweiiv "j
A. Saner, for rep. Meiser'a brl.l 0 1)7
A. KomiK, lor iiuuuok m "
bridge ....
H. Herrv, tlraft for Hchoch a
nod linit's bridge .
W. K HinwinKer, rep. to nower
box's bridkio 1 25
H. Herry. rep. tem. brltljje at
Htdiocli'a mill ... 5
I. D. KiMiiiir. et. al., for Imullnjf nt
Hohoeh'a britlire . 83 15
J. S. Hinlth, for llllinif approtujli
to Hmith's britlne , 8 00
S. Herniun. for filling approach
to lower Selinarove Im-IiIh . S 00
II. Krdley, for fllliiiapi)rorcli to
lower Selinstcrovt bridge X 00
. Bnlly, et. ul.. d 7 40
J. H. rfrttlon, Jumber furnlahetl at
Orosa' bridge , , 73 10
a Bowen. et. al-, reimlrlnx
Oroa' hrklire. 28 05
.1. M. lluek. mi. rtt Kantl lrrliLe 2 35
1 0)
4 s.
a hi
tn; in
rep. to .1I1.ldlel.urt;
. .
, ixeier, rep, m i.iirii.i
I. S. D.ivi. int. on Mi l 1 II. 111 1
P. Kaueh. for Id icksmitli tn Pux-
tnnville bridge
C. Keelt, et. al., rep. Meiser'a
J. I.. Mii'scl'ii.'Hi, htoiie fnriiiMied
Seliienve liriilu'". 14
U. Mvers, haul, nt Seliu.'i;rovii
l.ri.l-'.'. 2 Ml
J. W. li.iuuler. for repair mid fur.
material nt Sclhisjrnve liride I1 '17
.f. Keiehlv, rep. Kraterville
bridge' , 5.",.l
J. Ilurns, rep. Ituriia & Hoover'
l.ri.l. e. 5 77!
P. K. lllecker, Hl.ieUmiltllllc,' ut
liiirus' bridge
P. S.itie. rep. tn Sniies' liride
P. I.oii', Inlior nt Schocb'n nil I
l. ill-' bridge
II. li. Swart., rep, tin.. I's bridge
li.l . .Mover, furmsliliirf sllllil".-.
Wet .el' liridtie
Selioi'li I tr. 1' for nails furnished
to S -lioi'li's and l.on's bridges Pi l.
J. lilt, for li.iillni;; at Lout's
l.rld,'ii a 01
J. lliiuiiiiel & I'..., hiiulier fur
liMied to Seidell's, l.ou s ami
S.-liiis;rove bridges :I7 51 1
tl. llow, et. ul., masonry to Selins
Urove bridge Ul 0
n.f.NTV .1 U..
II. .swell Kotbmck, M. D. medl
cine.t and utteu'ee to prisoners, Kiting Jt Krl HI 2".
Jim. S. Stetler Watchman il'.).', On
C II. Diinkclberijer for
find 27 52
X. Neliaiiiliach for bliieksmltliiu 4 7".
D. M. .lender Sli'tT boarding pi is. U-7 50
D. ItoliMiiler Sli If for I
U IH bed. liuir and cleaning jail
1 Oil D. T. lUioads repairing spouting
ill .IH: und roof anil coal stov.i
111 ill 'A. J. Speeht repairjiirf pump.
7 70 1 J. S. St.-tler washing for 6i rep.
1 72 steps ill yard
.1 Kii.'iliik'ton for repairing
John l.hubert for whiskev for I.
(I.e. (Illteliu clotliin fr.f.
Mover Jt Krl
Stetler A- Hrn. caiu fnr li. Ktrluj
er fl") (Kl and Imards funis tl for
I. II. Il u-lvr M. D. oxamiiiiu,' I.
roi n r iioir.s;c.
John Horn Janitor
John Dorit janitor extm work
rep chair, stands &:a
II. II. lU'iininxer, desk for clerk
of Court und one ilo.. elmirs
C. II. Dimklclierer coal fur
llislled J. W. Dreesefor iimttlii(;milse.
mill iNMtae stumps furu'il
D. T. Klioitd rei.. stove Jt cap
liU cliiuinevs io
Witteniuyer k Hon for eutj oil
Stenographer tr.incrihhi lit
eor.l in houiiei.l e.i'es
l.t I. Smith li..ardine; jury ill
homicide ea.'
I. ll. Itarlier M. D. fur iitt'iUI-'i
Adjourned March
Petit Jury
1 lleturn J:.,;es 1'eli'y eleeilon
Constable ml. and iitleudiiitf
..I IVI.'y election
K-t 11 t'ti .1 M l;c Nov. eleetinu
12 5H ' y Witteniuyer et. ill. eompt
J S'.iv. election return
S. S. S. boeli Judicial K 'ttirn
jii.hre to l' i-ti.uil
Con-tables' iitteiidint; i 'Ui'.-.iI '
I'.lectioii Nov. Hth I1
A-t-Uw i.t '.
P.iviuetit of Asieori, and K1 inn of til" several tli;-triet
of the county, for 11
Jeremiah Cn.use.
1 .VI
111 4.1
47 on
5 on
4 SI
n on
7 on
2".J ot)
1 2:1 2o
(1 to
1 4.
Court Proclamation I MS )
( I'.le'tioi Pro. ! t o I' I ill
Job work l)
Auditor Itejioit I '71
( '.cu t I'roclamiitioii M M
f Kl'M-tioii Pfoclauiiitio.i
Jnb work l-'l
An li'.or's U-port ISM
II Hi F ' M .yer.
Co-.n-t Proclamation
.. Auditor le-!l !
lielleral lU-eliotl I li.e.llll it l III
l'rniiktiti Weirick,
Court Proi' ition-. -1
Aildifor lei.o:-t
Hill for l.i ld ;- letlin,'
lieneral Klectioii IV. 1 la,ifiti i:i
J A 1 .1 1 mi l tr I.
I 'nurt Proelaui'it ion-
Auditors Keiiort for 1"-I
Notice of Aiieal for IS-M
Print iii'. :l Piper ll-mk
lieneral Klectionl'roi'litiuatio 1
CoxriMiitsr Fi xti.
411 ot
01 0)
We, tb" iitiilerl.;ned,
Anilit'.r of said county, do certify
tint in purua!i .f nu net of Aein-
lily. eiitltl-d "An Ait in to
Counties. Ti.wii'diip. v." ni"t at the
Ci.tninishioni'r-' 1 ).ll -e. In Middlel.ur,
in January, l'.'. nnd did audit nil I
settle nlul ailju-t the e'eriila nut
set forth in the forctfoiiitf Htateinelit.
In witii.' wlt-M-eof, .' Iiereiinni
have set our'h'iuil nnd eals this 4tli
d.iv of Jauiiarv. A. 1 11.
.1. i. IHiMtl-i:iii:!l.i,.s.)
l. W. MKUKIl. 1 1... 1
HA.N I.IMKfl'r: t'llAi'll.ti.-.l
County An lit ir.
Hy Plasters i-laiiiiiin; tn be tin im
provement on Al.l.CCCK'S POKOl'M
PLANT Kll.-t.
AI.I.CtH'K'S is th oriKiuiil and on-
2U ID 1
"1 It 1 1
3 nu ly genuine P)i:'U--Pi.sfKii ; nil nth
jo lit 1
VJ ' '
.1 :i ) j
?n it )
'.' Mi l
:) ti )
21 ml
j'i n 1
2 a I
25 0)
er so call' .1 1'ott'.r. Pl.vsnts are Imi
tations. ltXWIIMI'.lTIIKU. you tfrl nn AI.I.CDCK'rl
PIAST-.lf, which we uariliitee Itaa
effectfil iliorenti l ipileker etirea than
MltV oilier external Heniedy.
1 Jan. ... istj. fi-i.
J.i ' ;
;''l:ll a 11 nil 11 1 ill II Wlllllll III1 !
5 no!
71 'Mi
-,,",.Ntio ill l.ulllioii.
C. II. )iiul;elli"r;;er c i il f .r t -!'l 111 7H
I. II. Aionld fnr record f 'e a ill I
3(1 50
0 82
13 00
Ityllbell Dreese forsf Met IV. loilll:.
K. C. Hamilton 1. ctrd .111 I livery
hire in I na'l .xioyer e i d
V. Y. I.von 'let ctiw bt t'l
ra "S Mover, Kttiu ;er a 1 I
I 'alt
l . iu the im) of I'l'lah M .yer
Hi ex. in pr -p ul:i;f L'. M yer
D'i for aerviee hi I'. Mover'
It. r'l et. al. Impiet 011
1 1'D.iirtl
J. K .bier Peck, et. ni. I.i. J.
Si e'l'eii
J, K. Il'ij'i'ii't. "I. in- I. Kei-sler
'! A. K. 1 lifter. "I. In. l S. Mover
1 2A. Il'iciilierjfer et. al. on J.
I Ci".i
10 00 W. I lain", et. ill. t;l''il hi, D'i',
I 0.1. T.
I. Hnwersox expetisi' in hoiiii-
I li
, (XI
,1 01
1 5)
I J. P. Kant, witness hi Feehrer
1J 51
4') 00
27 25
20 Oo
7 47
05 01
PI 85
1 05
1 d wraknaa
l.ltar, a nn
aiirlS, fc.uUMlllU
" O. R Pbxrka, et.ul..rep.atr4.itioch,s
na.y W pala temporary lirltJift.
,..?.iLm."1.' H. J. Unifier, for Udior to lower
r.T.rVui t-lr. HelillSKroVe MilM
a 35
h.a- V si lVehrer. ren. to Beiinarova
'- brldire. 50
"Sr?w''"""J lVter Lot
iaua. I H I uch's tem. britli;e. 1 1)5
s.i4 sijsimj. 'f P;uiwe, ren, ut Uovturiot
Petit Jury HS1 Feb y Term
(iritiid "
Constiil.le Uetur'a " "
Steiurapber " "
(kiurt iMer "
Pet it J u ry May Term
(iruiidJury " "
Constaliles Uetunia May Term
tittrnonraphrr " '
U.ui t Crier " "
i'kpatuvra " '
1'etll Jury MrMsiiiDfr lerui
(iruiidJury "
tnstikUle llet "
Ktenotfriipber " "
Court CrWr " ?
Tlpslave " "
Petit Jury PoceiuVr linil
tlnintl Jurv " M
CotiMablce Ket'e "
tUunoKraplier " "
Court Cm t " ' ''
l'H ktavws . " .
C. Ilnwer for t 'i.niniissii.iii.r
' fees hi atfeiitlinr Sil
preiii" Court uo I Hoitrtl of Ptir
tloi 1
A. W. Potter hi siime case
C. Hower aerviee at brid,'j
let tin,'
I-! H.vsler lu'st tnito.up.
T.J. Sllitll SIHUO
(I. S. )avi tin
W, ll. Dreese tin
C. Ilnwer tin
U. W. VoiiNei.U.In
Malut. lining Morris in P.t.'il
O. C. tlutelfu expreai;i
jikvoI. Hillwrf, fee in ease of
Jacob Swab va. S ivtler CiMt 1-
57 04 I J. H'-nil feleruius olid Kx-
71 10 pr.-i;
42 Oil Christ inn Cilley for nrntst of i.
7 '"Ul It. rtli
Hi 5nl('. liower expense of li;ivinx
43 00 the record re.ultteil from tho
31 05 Hiipremu Court in th hoiui-
110 27 elUeeiisH
84 M ; Hilvester Uowen for Mlack
3M0 smithing
Si 00 C. 1 lowor wrvlees in U Mnye
2tt 25 ! eas
477 87 ' A. W. Putter aiimrt
1UI2J For MuhrteiiMkceof ll,
mto'Jl Khamorvy
7 1 5i Henillnjr iiimT fo Jmtie
17, To I Kttluiert.'f tloatiiof F.maii-
irr ki fi,i
8til tA, Win. Htrllnifr et. al. for Ut
Uvlini il (Jerhurt for station
2 u j;
525 0.)
12 ;7
l'i 12
1 1 IU
li II
5 01
5 77
I ll'l
20 (hi
i.l ti
.vi no
2'J fHi
21 'Hi
2 Hi
Ho 21
.l iw
r. 2 1
5 4n
Oo 00
15 IM
11 to
15 H I
J 00
Ho 00
125 00
11 on
1 5o
64 Oo
la lh" tivtll.'r iif thr . .(. nf .fi.lll O, lit. It'
To . ! i'i II ilolnit.hij rs
il t. nt rctinll IUiiii, l.i .i. 1 .r..FP I. ili liint
h ,..i...,i.s. a I.Irs. I. s .'it'i ll-in.l, I n.i :
I irin th ilnlnfltl o.iariit .rrie I villi l.smy
II. Hi'lst wl. 1 rl Is nt Kiimr' I erry, N..r.
li.ii.oiiirl m.i l'n., l'n 1 1'i'Hy ilrl'.sil lnia. mr
1 1, il wl'li Tli .noUiir l ii, tuna iil m. a ml
I r-raa I II i-ias.t. .i.inint to, I'm.: and Iba
lull. ln fhiliran ol t.'i.ili irli o (lrln. lt le
w. r lniariniirrl..l wl'i. A. lain ' I.i "lllint and 1
now .la.'SHra.l. tlr: iluiiii.l.t ilmwlllii .H.a ail Irm Is SiHiili II ant. In.l ! I inim
il . i Una ah.. rl l. In Sny.'ar l'n. I'a I t'ath.
arlni- il ..nlllnii a loa ..i ..HI -a Ilr n II or I.
nt .1. .Intil.tii t'.i . I'., sn I Muribn Hih.iI ..
wl.ira h.m-iiH' li i.ntnli.1. Jnnlalx
fi.. I.. . Hi lii.l i wo ol wii'.n Ufa inlnonnnd
h . va lor tiirlr as ii.tlmi i )."t-as lta' s ol (in
ri.inl, i '... I'.: K..i.i i lelnnit wlct it a
ntlnoi aad h .s f-r lit tiriili.n I svt M. 'I',
llnonm. .lol'o tt lincr'Htri-lal wlm .liini'b.n
It. ny..-r. your ilt.iir, beta an. I t- I
rsproi-niKllva ol l..tin lti.a'l l la of I'arry Ki.y.iar roii.itf . Pn ..I rairu I.
You M.a baiaby iioiiii I lb l by virmsof
vrrlt ul in iill'l..n l.t.. out ..f tha . ir.l..i
lieuri l ...y.. r bounty. n. la ma illra.a.l
llit ,a in .ial l I u. In lil lha iraial "f
.lohn ImIumi, ia(', li ol 1'i.rry i'wn,l.lp,
Si-i lar r .IIONOlY, KKII. i'i I.,
IM .it lUoVln-k . d. I.i ms farilll .n or
Vrfluallon ol ilia ll.-nl I alalaol Ilia ;ilt Sa-'.'.
.. ban nu.l w la f uu o iy all. -nil II you IhlaM
'.1111 i .. 11 1. , ,1..
J ib. . t3.
MY' vii I no i.f a writ of Ti. F. fa
I r i.r I. ml nf l ha l ) irt ofif . u rt u I'laas of P'Uniy, Pa.. ami in ma tl.rainaO, will
kaaka tl to runs .-laiaon
Hal ul day. I VI. P,
t lha Curl ll iuaa latlM It in. if XI i J.IHHttr
a. Ii' oil.' a. -ii. 'lis -I .a-tlot I tiaira I'. Ih
loliowln II ml Kfi.o-, lu sllia asrlulu ao
ilUlilaU Had ul
M..nn'ai'i koJ.
Ituitls.1 In flssrar lw.., Bnylsr f't. Pa.,'iaO as.l .la.orlx s In wl I
aoria 7 land of o.i. folk oi 1 uihara, K l by
laii.l-in. A. wiiwi, Hatn i.y r,rii,a .noun
lata and wait vy laaJ al luku n. rtmilb, aua
Two Houdrod aod Kihteii Acre.
mors nt M.
iwl. lak'S fnlifswitlan. anj la 4 Bell
as Iks ji.ooarty f Jm,m i roaar. li' nr.iun .n.'r..F
PlisrlrrsOAss, Mll.llaburt, Pi.. Jaal.' S'
I'rtixera A ale UrrHse.
One trial will ennvinrtr yoff tbnl ft
ilio best. .lk yiair ilfilrrr for llm
VrnM-r Ailc (lreae, nnd lake no oib
er. F.very box bus Wit ll.hlv inaik on '
atti. j. 'si 0n
W iniiis Iii0 l lent dm of onf rend
er ! the advrrtheiiienl of the Untk
ey M'fg Miirhi,Ohli,ln another
Ivoluiini, They olfi t ran Inducement;
. iio.fwa7jJ , x i. 21, r..
nniw laiiaa" -w .1