The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, February 02, 1882, Image 1

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HLJ VUi- - JL--' ' 1
0j coTumn one year, ' t0.00
n-half, column, one year, 80.00
One-fonxth column, one year, 16.00
OMKiilArU0 IKie)l initrUon 79
1 i i .1 i . : r
JErery Kiumimni imgruun, v
tftoressionat and Business cards ol
kit more than 5 lines, bar year, 8.00
Auditor, Executor, Administrator
ad Assignee donees, .oo
Jditflfcisi notice per line, 10
Alt transient advertising lei than
f months 10 cents e line.
All aavertisemoni lor a snorter pe
fad than one year are payable at the
time they are ordered, and it not paid
he person ordering them win oe neid;
sponsible for the monev.
Across ihe day across the night
Like eonntUss doves In allent AIkM,
Floats dowo the feathery, italnleu
Unbroken gleam a moment' space
Without a touch, without a trace.
Too soon to dark despoil gives place.
The mire of wheels, the haste of feet
Gray toil At shivery dawn to inset,
The thousand soilings of the street,
Oh, thousand ways the footprints
lead I
To shame and dole, to gloom and
. creed,
To Joy, and hope, and Chrfstly deed.
The whiteness, caught by smirching
. day.
In secret mode, In destined day,
Back to pure snow shall find Its way,
The footstep lost in doubt and crime,
In love's own way, In love's own time,
Shall leave the ellugtng slough and
And up the steeps of good be set,
Oh, help, ye loftier souls, nor let
On longed for word, withheld a yet.
Die on your lips I one reach of hand
From sunlit levels when you stand,
Fall the spent strength at love's de
mand i
Florrxcb, Deo. 1891.
The Endless Procession.
Down the vista of the ages,
Paints and sinners, fools and sages,
Marching onward, slow and solemn,
do In nsver-ending oolumn -II
ore the honest, here the knave
With a rythmic step sublime,
To the grav9.
Like the rolling of the river,
Going on and on forever,
Never resting, never staying,
Never for an Instant straying -Peer
and peasant, lord and slave,
Equals soon to mix and mingle,
In the icruve.
Duty cannot, nor can pleasure,
For a moment break the measure ;
They are inarching on to doom,
They are moving to the tomb
All the cowarJ, all the brave,
Bxm to level all distinction,
In the grave.
Since the morning of creation,
Without break or termination,
Kver on the line is moving,
All th loved and all the loving,
All that mothers ever gave
On to silence and to slumber
In the grave.
Here no bribe the bon J can weaken,
Here no substitute is taken ;
Each one for himself no other
Hon nor father ; no, nor brother ;
Love the purest cnunot save ;
Each alone the roll must answer
In the grave.
Who command the dread process
That shall know no retrogression
Who can be the great dlreotor f
Ha I that grim and grizzly spectre,
Him that Sin to Satan gave ;
Death, the mighty King of Terror,
In the grave.
Among my tender vines I spy
A little fox named Bx-amo-BtI
Then set urjon htm. oniric. I nv
The swift young hunter Riqht-A WAT
Around eochtender vine I plant,
I And the little fox I cAS't;
Then fast a ever hunter ran
Chase him with bold and brave I cs!
No csx ix try i so legs and whine
This fox among my tender vines;
Then drive him low and drive him hlirh.
With this good hunter named I'll
Among the vine in my small lot
Creep In the young fox I rottooT;
Then hunt hltn out and to bis den
Th little fox that bidden there
Among my vine Is I don't care!
Then let I'm borrt-hunter true
Chase him afar from vines and you,
Children's Hour.
. Btre w on tgwC ''$m
And never a pry of yew, .
In quiet she reposes t
Ah ! would that I did, too.
Her mirth th world required ;
, Bh bathed it In smiles of glee ;
. But ber heart was tired, tired,
. But bow they let her be.
Her life was turning, turning,
la male of heat aud sound.
u,But for peace her soul was yearning.
Ana now peace lap her round.
; . Her cabined, ample spirit.
It flattered fsilsd for breath
To-night it doth Inherit .
The vaty hail of death . ,
Meluot T n, 1
es, there they go !' i J Mis
Pamela, lifting the corner of the
window curtain to look down the
long porepoctiv of tbe winding road.
'Four of 'em. Ia two cutter, with
two wolf-robe and two set of sleigh
bell. And it' the- third lira that
Ruth and Bessie Lave been nuked
out leigh-riding within the month,
and nobody ever thinks of ma t'
And it was little strange, too,
when oue oani to thick of it Mis
Pa rani a Pipely was a plump you opt
woman of three and thirty, with rosy
cheeks, snapping blaok eyes, soJ a
figure a trim and straight as saps
ling pioo.
She had not Ruth's molting, al
mond-shaped eves perhaps, nor the
pesoby pink of Bessie's radiaot com
plexion, but she was universally so
knowledged to be the belt hand at
pickling and preserving ia all the
country around.
She coul lu't quote Stviuburne or
Juan Ingelow, but she manage I ber
wldowjd brother' household with a
firm yet seutle Laud, and bad a
ohost full of patchwork, be I quilts
uod crocboted tidio in Ihe big old
garret upstair.
In fact, Miss Pamela Pipely would
have rn'iJe a first-clss wife to any
man liviug if only Uio bachelor
around Gray George colli have
bu'un brough to preouivo a fact whioh
was so manifestly to their advan
tage. So .Visa ripely sat before the fire
of blazing logs, all mossed over with
ilver-gray fringe, an 1 bubbling out
their resinous hearts beneath fiery
ordeal of the (l imes, and knitted
away at 'Squire Sam's gray-mixed
stockings, as if sho wero ou a wager
agaiust old Time and was resolvdd
to conquer a, ull hazards. Am the
iragon's head that was carved on
tho old mahogany olmir opposite,
and the claw-logs and the q ioor lit
tie brass kuohs scattered all over it,
soemod to wiuk soberly at her, iu
the pleasant light a she worked.
It was an heirloom in tho family.
that old cu nr. aud the fioulvs wdie
pro id of it
Just then there cam tlio morry
ingle of slcih-lxtlls up th-i roaJ,
like a poal of miniature laughter.
'Some ooe else out fr a sleigh
rid.' tlioucht Miss Pamela, without
turning her bend.
But to her infinite amazement the
tiny pearls ooasud to ouiuie ; tbe
sleigh had stoppod .
'Goodgtaciou 1' said Miss Pa roe
a. tukiog a Lurried observation
from behind the netted fringe of tbe
curtains. 'it's Mr. eJor. Aud he's
coming here, too !'
Mr. Hodior come in a stout
middle sired man. with light blue
ye shining behind Li spectacles,
light brown bair just sprinkled with
gray, and a seal muffler buttoned up
to bis very nose.
Qood morning Miss Annolt 1
aid be, pleasantly.
'Good morning I' said Mis Pame
''I've called on business," said Mr,
Hedger who was one of those uo-
oanonised aooial martyrs, a bashful
old baobelor.
Miss Palmela, to be sore, wa an
old maid, bnt she wasn't in the least
degree baxhful, so, perhaps, the two
were not evenly mated.
"Oo business "repeated the lady,
"I'll call my brother at once."
Ob, don't do that, Miss Pamela 1"
said Mr. Hedger, deprecatingly.
Not" Miss Psiuela raised ber
jeUbUck eyes in some surprise.
"Because my business wa with
yon especially," be explained.
Miss rmela sat dowo again,
mecbanioally crimping tbe boarders
of ber apron .with tbe finger and
tbumb of her left band, while a very
pretty blush crept over ber faoe,
Tve been thinking it over for
some time, soli Mr. Hedger, rather
"sve you " said Miss Pamela
And tbe crimping operation went
on faster than ever.
"Of course I know it is taking a
great liberty", said tbe gentleman
"Oh, don't speak of It," said tbe
"And then, yoa know, we are aU
moat strangers," be adJod.
"Ob, that makes oo difference,"
said Mis Pamela hurriedly. '
"loan hardly muster courage to
aak," taid he.
"Don't be afraid," weet!y smiled
the bright-eyed damaet, wondering
what Beasie and Ruth wcnld say if
they were to come home aud ilud
ber engnged.
Yoa will forgive ray audacity f
he murmured, moving bis chair a
trifle nearer.
"Of coarse I" responded Miss
"Well, tbeo," said Mr. Helgor,
plunging headlong into the subject,
"will you sell me that old mahogany
drsgou' bead chair of yours for ray
collection of anti initios f I am tot I
it has a record for a century and a
half, and I have long been anxious to
possess it. Kxpense will be no ob
ject to me a my pleasuro lies in
colluding those valuable articles of
Miss Paraoln turned re t and white
the cords of ber apron full from
ber hand. Figuratively speaking
she froze over at once.
I prefer to tl rive no bargains for
family relics," sUo siid stiilly.
"I am sorry to disappoint you, but
it is really quite out of the question."
said Pamela.
"Might 1 continue to hope"
"You may continue to hops noth
ing ! ' severely spoke tlieU ly.
And Me. Hedgor, boginning va
gnely to suspect that snmothing was
wrong, vanuly HtmnbloJ out of the
room. In lu l'amula put lior hoad
lowu iu bur hands, nnd began tj cry
a little.
I thought bo was going to pro
pose, she snu, 'and 1 did like turn
and I was j'lst going to say yes !
And to think ho only wanted that
hoi rind old dragoti's chair, after all.'
In tho woodyard outside Mr,
lledgor encountered 'Sqitiro Samuel
Pipely, who was splitting wojd like
a good na'nrod Goliath.
'Oh I' said the S piiro. "Pears to
me yoa made a very short stay,
Hodgor V
I don't think yonr sistor was
much pleased,' said Mr. Ho Igor.
The squire suspended Lis ao in
Not pleased V said he, 'Why
what o.i earth did you s iv to hur V
I only asked if sho would bo will
ing to sell ino the old cluw-lcggud
mahogany chair for my collection of
antiquities '
'And sho sai I no V
Sho said no, most emphatically.'
The rquire struck Lis ax into a
log scratched Lis tioso aud chuck
Ab !' said ho. 'Well, it aiu't ber
fault ; she couldn't say yes.
'Couldn't say yes' echoed led
ger. 'My graed father Pipeloy was a
queer old soul, said S tm, He loft
that obuir to Pamela, yoa know.'
'So I have understood,' said Mr.
'dhe never was to part with it no
less she married,' added the squire.
'Unless she married f repeated
M, Hedger vaguely,
But in tbat case,' said squire
Sam, seizing his as again, 'it was to
become the joint property of her aud
her husband.'
'I never thought of that,' said Mr.
Sebond thoughts are sometimes
best thoughts, said the squire, split
ting away as for dear life.
'I've always admired ber,' said
Mr. Hedgor, 'and i believe I ll go
'Just as yoa please,' observed tbe
Miss Pamela Pipely was sitting by
tbe fire, witb a little flush on ber
cheek and a little moisture on ber
eyelashes while ber koitting lay
unheeded ia ber lap. She started
at Lis en trance.
'Miss Pipely ' sai 1 the bn'ielor.
'Sir 1' she cried brushing away
tbe dew from tbe laBbes, wbicb
curved so prettily at Ibeir end, and
trying to look noooncerned.
"If yoa won't give me tbe old
chair,' said Mr. Hedger, 'will you
give me yoorself V
I don't know what yoa mean,'
said Miss Pamela.
'Don't youl' said Mr. Hodger.
And then be sat down beside Mis
Pamela and explained himself.
'I never heard of such a thing in
my life C orie l sbe, hysterically,
But don't yoa think it would be a
capital idea ' orged Mr. Hedgor.
No yae perhaps!' said tbe lady.
'You'll tbiuk of it 1' said be.
Yea, 711 think of it' said she.
And so ther became encased, and
Mr. Uedger added to hie aooial U -
. a XI W .
tus and Lis collection of antiques at
the same time. And they are just as
happy as if it had been a case of love
at first aigbt.
When, where, and How to Sscur
Western Farm Homai.
Under the above caption, David
V. Judd, who ha just returned
from a five-thousand mile ionpectiou
tour through the West, Nrlbwet.
tod Soutli-we-it gives iu the Feb
ruary American .igriculltiritt 13
coloinu of illustrated advice to
thoso seeking homes in the far Went
The article starts off as follows i
Do not go West with a family,
anions yoa have enough money to
make a fiir stirt.
Do not borrow money to go Wast.
Tbe majority of thoss we havo met
ia their Wosteru homos, who have
f.iilod, have boon those who anno on
borrowed monoy, or without onouh
funds to ensure a seud-ofT.
After roadng this article, aolect
-mob region as you thiuK you will
like boat. Peoplo geucrally profor
to kutip in tho samo lalitudu they
have lived in.
Go iu the spring and got acclima
ted. Tukd as little baigo and as few
heirloons as possible. They cost
monoy for freight an 1 iu addition
aro apt t J be au ououiubrauoe iu a
now homo.
l'rovi do yonrsnlf with a small ool
lection of good b.ioks for the family ;
and before going ronnw jour sub
scriptinn to tho AuwrLytn AjwhI
turht. It will bo j'it as Si-rvico-ahlo
iu tho now home as iu tho old.
If you aro able to d m, y i b t
tor first go out and explore bofore
taking your family with you.
Dj not attempt t (xpliro tin
muoli. Wo h ivo mot pooplo boyond
tho Missouri River w!i i In 1 vi-iity 1
nearly all the Ijtn l (Srmts, an t the
more they had travulul, tb id mo
niiHetll.. 1 l!i. v tv.-r.i t . ivhor- n.,.v -
' ""J i
should locuto.
Docido up in yo'f clim'o an I lo
cality, an t thnii s"lo.'t your Ian 1.
If you wait too long, you are apt
beomo very mncli iiiijoUIhI
ll.i not l'o WoHt if von have a sick
family. Change of climito may bon-! tho ii m Iocs, ol ' whluli lie died, and
efit lliem, but it is not worth while' that Smith kimw it. Smith replied
to to tako tlio chances. iliat th-i horse did not have the
Do not gi West expecting not to'l'ud)rH, but had the .iisiumper itn I
bo hoiOiisiok. for vour mountain
scenery, your forests and your
H'roums which proseit sivh a con
tract to tho monotony of endless
praiues. 1 1 m iy lo very lonely at
first, but you will soon plant your
own trees, havo pleasant surround
ings, aud near neighbors
Do not go oxpoolhig to become rich
iuimodiutuly. Several years of good
crops may bo required to place you
in easy circumstances.
If you are a clurk on a small sal
ary in the city, and have a few hun
dred dollars ahead, givo up your
clerkship, and strike for the western
lands. There is no very great
amount of experience reiinired in
cultivating these prairies.
If you have abundance of money,
settle on the lands in tbe near West.
If your funds are comparatively lim
ited, ro ou still further, where as
good lands can be purohased at low
er figures.
It Wat the Coffee.
"Did yoa burn yonrsolf, dear t"
That wa the question Mrs. Simp
kius propounded as she looked up
and w ber husband spluttering
hot coffee from bis month as oil
comes from a flowiug well,
"W-wh-at," spluttered he.
"I say, did you burn yourself )''
"Xaw, I didn't burn myself. Do
you take me for a crematory or in
fernal region t Perhaps you think
I'm a blast furnace, though good
ness knows yoa do most of tho blast
ing business, Naw, Mrs, Mimpkins, I
did not burn mysolf i it was that
oimfoundod coffee that did tho busi
ness, an' hereafter yoa needn't got
sny more ooffee at the store that
etuff came from.
The projeot of the world's fair ia
Boston has been abandoned. Talk
was pleoty and money soaroe.
The oost of maintaining tbe con
vict ia the Eastern Peuitentiary
last year was less than in any year
since the establishment of that insti.
tutiou, fifty ye tra ago. It is expoot-
ed that to ysars bsnoe the prison
w U be lf-aastoiaius.
A woman's dovotioa i illustrated
by so aneodote which a ln lr. con
nected with Ihe Sanitary Commiss
ion, during the war, tells, na follows;
Ou a blenk day in February she
wns making preparations to visit ll'
army at Young's Point, and was to
loave in the niuht train for Cairo,
A bright-looking woman, lendine
two h.indsome little boys, came in,
"I have bron .ht a box for you to
take to my hnsWaud, and my boy
for yon t i sen. When yon got to
Vickslmrg, please hud Potvr II .
I want yon t tell him bis hoys look
well, and his wife, too.
' Tell him wo aro all getting along;
that I gut pltmty of work, and tin
hoys are good and obediont, and
not to frot about us."
"I am glad to he tho boarer of uo'i
good news," replied tho i "and
I mill soo your hush.iud and give il
to him."
Then tho lady drew Lor Imn Is
from her coarse mittens, nnd liuld
them up. orai'kod and blooding
"Don't tell him,'' sho said, '-that I
havo Wuru tho skin off my bunds
wiiHliing evury day ; and don't toll
liim that I have put tho little boys
to bod w han they como from school
to keep tlima warm, as I have no
wood nor lights.
'D m't tuli him that often when I
como homo aftora hard il iy's s m oH-
bing my garments freeze stiiT. It is
all truo, but still wn are wull, aud
koep warm in bu an I are not
inarching iu mud or snow, or sick in
hospital. Tell Peter nil the good you,Hiid keep back all tho liod."
As Clear as MjJ.
Jn Igs wa uotod for tlio way
let got mixed ia liu clnrg'-s tJ tlu
On one oo-mion a ensn
wa ttii'J
before him, tlio points ol whioh miy
bo Iti li lly staled tlms
Smith brought suit nt'sinst Jono.
upon a 'Miui'ry ni'to 'given f th
j0:liorso. Jones' dolonro was fiiluro of
leon-id'Tilietl, ho averin that Ht the
timo of ill) li'irolias'. tlio horse hid
, that Jooos know it
u llO II
in' i
The judge c'liruo I l j'iry :
"lit . utloio m of th ' j'l' )'. ny at
teiitiou to the o iaro of the Court.
Yoe havo already m i l-' o-m mi trial
of tin c.iho bi'oius" y"U oi l not
Rtt"ntiou to tlto chuiiio of th i C ntt,
and I don't w int you to do it nniu
I intuud to inuku it so clear to y
this time that, y i cauu t pisiihly
m tik i) any mistake.
Tlii suit is upou a note uivou for
it tPfiiti''u lull-sit- T hotlA von nn-
d-rstund that. No, if vue find that
at the time "f the tle Smith ha I the
j glanders mil .louos knew it Jones
cannot reo iver That is oloir gnu
tlomen. 1 w 11 statu it aiiain. I
you tin l thst st tlis lime ul th sile
oiiu In I the diHtenibcr aud Smdli
knew it, thou Smith cannot possibly
recover. Uut, uouilemsu, I will stale
the case a tliirJ tiine, so that you csu
nut po.sibly mu a miitaUe, It' Ht
the lime of the sale SiuitU had the
illuoders aud Juues had tho dis'eu
pur, sad th horse knew it, theo
neither Siuiih, Jems nor the b"rse
can reoover. Lil tiis record he givi n
to the jury.
Those Canes.
la the bauds of nine men out of
ten on the streets, says sn exchange,
a cane or au umbrulla is au infernal
muchiue. It is carried uuder the
arm, the ends sticking far out frout
and buck The baud which holds it
is stuck in the coat or breeches
pocket, throwing out the sharp poiut
half a yard behind tbv owner. It is
laid across (he shoulders, making it
dangerous to pass on either nido of
the thoughtless creature ; or it is
twirled rupidly through the fingers.
It is time this nuisauee was abated.
It is not a trivial thing, and the po
lio should be iustruotod to order
tho pretty man itli bis caue to so
manage bis pet that Le will not en
danger tbe persons of those so uu
fortanate as to encounter bim.
A mau ia Pittsburg, by the name
of Jacob Keep, kept a' pet bear that
proved to boa dauierou plaything, i
Uitiughi band and arm so severely
a tv reader amputation . necessary
in ordor to aav Lis. We. , '.
2, 1.SS2. NO, 26
A Man forjen Dollars.
An nplnwn alderman recsnlly ws
called upon by n verdant country
girl, agod abont twrnty-two ;snm
mors, who desirod to shuflle off from
Mingle blessedness, and asked bow
much he charged for marrying any
body. He replied ! "Well, from
ihreo to ten dollars," or as much
mo ro as tho contracting parties
Aishod to give. The fair dinel le-
nai knd: "Well, I will kivo you tei
dollar." and she t!epi ted for del
home iu West Gioeiio. Yesterday
being market day, the same giddt
girl appeared in thnofliro, all sprno-
-d up sletdt and clean, and accosted
(ho oftlcer with tho following ro
maik. "Well, sir, came iu this
uioining to get married." ' Very
well," repliud tho ftKKriDiin, looking
over his spectacles, "Jnst lakes
auat, nnd will attend to yon short
ly.' After tho poor inuoceut girl
had sat on an old bnrd bench fot
nearly two hours, sho exclaimed :
"I liavu't much time to stop bete;
it s gelling luio. ami 1 want to go
home," The aldei man, with angel
in his cyo, shouted : "Wbero in the
devil is the man," an! at this junc
ture an expression of disappoint
ineiitwas seen upon her countenance
as sho i joeulated : "And don't yon
furnish tlio man for the t n dollars.
'.Most emphatically no." retorted
the alderman, uud tho poor damsel
depaitud wiser than hho camo.
Her Recommendations
Twas a dull, heavy eveuing t the
light of the dozen gas-jets along the
streets only served to make the bue
and fog visible. The clock just
liuklod forth tho hour of uiue, and,
v uh the usual rumaik that "Iwus
time honest folks "tie abed," old
.Mc-tJ niiiii;;iyio ttudgud off up-stairs
fjliowml by the iiged partner of bi
sji rows and sandier for bis joys.
"Dou't 0 mg fo ks Set up till the
morning p ipor o )iue, this time,'
slioiitud uUetVor too buu inttr.
"No o o," replied a swoot voice
fiom the parlor ; 'we wolt, will wtT
sai l sho iu nu uud- i touo.
"Not if I kuo it," was tho reply.
"II l lie oiil IijImh sio ukmii to lie ub
sour He this I nuuos 'll kip bow,'
itud he reielied for his hut.
"."eo here ! uu.l the Ctrl s eyes
i;leamud with i-uruestiioss, "you're
t If) li int follow I've had, utid you've
'got to put down that hat, uud sit up
ninl court mu in g"od shape. I n.
homely, I kuo.v, but 1 can build but-
j ler bread, iron a Uosoia shirt, knit a
pair of stoekiiii?s quicker, aud niuki
! I lt7 iro forth,.!- tnn line ,.irl in tlm
jviUugu. Tlitui's my locouiiuiuda
" 1 suits mu i-xnctiy, uii'i tns
hat llow iuto the corner, and tost
evi uin tho details of the wedding
were all arranged. He dtpou led i u
,rl M SIUii' 1 " lu'il tu
tfct the
bt'bt of tlio old folks
Mumping Along.
La-t snmiuer as a northern
who was looking up laud in
bama was riding along tho highway
he met a father and son riding ul n
furious xsllop and both ai med with
shot guns. They drew up as they
roachud bim, aud tho old mau called
"Say, stranger, Lav ye met a
young man and a gnl riding the
same mule and humping along as if
Satau was after them ?''
"Well, my dsrtcr has eloped with
Hill Gordog, and am and me are
trying to git within shooting dis
til life before tho kuot is tied,"
"AhT Why, that couple were be.
ing married in Bluukvillo as I came
through there an hour ago."
"Did the gal bev on a blue waist V
"And it was a (all fellow with a
skeered look ?"
''It was."
"That was them, strnnger, and
Pin much obloeged. Sum, we'er
too late to stop 'em, nnd tbe only
satisfaction we kin git is to let our
Losses jog along into town nnd shout
tbe preacher artor we git thar I"
Since the completion of the Poun.
ylvania lUilroid's osw depot lp the
city of Philadelphia tho road may
be said to be the best appoiuted
(railway ou this conline'ut. Kvery
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