The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, December 15, 1881, Image 1

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    A, column one yonr, g fjO.iW
i) y half, column, "i yftr, mm
f m fonrih column, one year, -lAn
'.)neJ,,l,ro '''' lines) I insertion 75
I'.rrf addUtnoal Imorlion, 60
I'tu V-fional M tines card of .
:t nnrrtthniift line, frr year, : 5.00
', litor, Ktccittor, Adiiiini-lrstor
' d Assignee Notices, ?.50
,(,(, iriril notice per iine, - 15
' ah irAiiVienl advertising -less than
mOlllll 1 COIlt ! iillP.
All wlverlioctncnw for a shorter pe
riod than one your aro paysoie si me
,i,.,n the.v are ordered, and it not paid
h person ordering them will us neldf
ntnonsiuie lor HlllllOT.
I e t r .v
Ihs Vuice Froai tha Tempest.
I sat by A curtniii window
One colli autumnal eve,
Ami I listened to the nlnlit-wlml,
Hmlly taking it len.
Uut hark 1 a voice from tlie tempest,
Chanting a mournful dirge,
l,;ke the walling of a demon -
JuHtoii the outer verge.
'"f was the cry of the dylwt wind,
Its mistily force was upr-nt.
It lashed the wuves In angry foam,
Uut tit 111 wait not content.
.Hut himh ! I hear another voice i
This one so low anil aweot ;
It came and whispered iu my ear,"
An I bad fie w.nd retre it.
Metlipught, what can thin power bo
That bid the wind be stilled ;
Then for nn annwer cam-! t me,
" Tie I, the Motter.ehl.d."
Then I thought of tlwtlnu Heeto id
On the wave of Oallilee,
When He spoke to the tearful one,
And said, "Feur not thou Me."
And Peter colled aloud to Mini,
"That 1 might come to Thee ;"'
The Master answered him and mild,
"Come, walk thou on the sou."
Hut. a he stepped out fro'ii the ship
Hie fultli began to wane ,
lie prayed aloud In a.oiiy,
"That I might rise ug-.iiu.
The master, btretchln forth Hie
Foreave thii la -It of tf u t j
TIkmi l'eter walked th j .tw o:i ;e
An I or i,;i I t'l ) !) i n t J lit.
H i. If we never luck f r faitli.
Though teiiipen round iw roar,
"We'll eafely walk t'.ies?!i f lif'.
And piln t!u iea cftil nhnri.
By cnJ B.
it y iAxii:i. m j'un .
1 a 'oir I vit'.i 'i ,. '.i i i-'t
(, hi a IvhIi ii s .villain,',
1 1 1 . )". u i ,h i f. j i e i .i ' vr.' ill ti.ilu,
r nwoetly N Ii f uln ;i i : ;
W.iile ra lt.i'.l 1. 1 .t i i U i'. f ",
Hop.ire ant brUiit fro.u ll.Mveu,
And kneellii.4 d I b .at'.) .' a p.Mjvr
T i U j.I forb!ej-ii:i rfi.'.i.
JV'ith f lilintr leaven t!i. w n 1 I u ) V
Au autumn look iiu.ubi, in tUe ha; )' hii.ii ii 'i'il.n t
The fragrant roee wax V1 oooiiu f.
The wintor kin i.t o.i hi way,
His kL-u will xoiiit lie lo-lii;
The peaceful hrool.i, la.U Ioii; wili
'Neath I ;y hoirle r"p mIii.;.
I Kit .in I t'.iluk i w'i'ii life Ik n'er
A :iJ via kIiiiII Hta.i 1 tox '!)tr,
'i'j cliip the h iu I of frieii 1 or f .
In py ice wi:h on s inintlicr,
AVli 'ii that great reajii-r urutlnuM nil, rihall t a..i Ii ii-n'.m: k.i i,v ii4 1
'hall we be c.ii el le like weed
That we ileetroy lulow u ?
r will tluicl-id and li.ippyoii
of unvcoli draw u hither,
Am Kindly we draw near that home
Where we hIiiiII journey thither.
The harvest,' o i, what uliull it lw T
AVe auk of one u lot her ;
Hliull we be (fathered by and by
AVith parent, friend and brother f
Ilo you aek me, love, with fouui cu
re, AVIiut seam to me perfect happlueKMr
A golden day, and a sapphire kky.
An emerald earth, and you and I
Hoanilnjr through woodland green
That's happiness in summer weather.
Ami say 'tis winter ; outHlde the
And hixide the (Ire's warm, cheerful
And we sit by the it, cheek touching
tSilent sometimes, and sometime we
(peak ;
Ho I find, iu summer or whiter weath
er, llappineH moans to be together.
N o 1 c u t Tn-lo
"ore's a nice place, I. aura," said
the elder of the two ladies wlio bad
just entered (lie tmlu. "Aim we
will tiy aud keep it undintiirbed
too" she added, proceeding to do
posit their shawls, satchels, eta, up
on tb eud of eaoh seat, wLUu they
seated themselves feing eauti other.
Tbey were evIJoutly mother aud
dauhti r, the mother large, portly
and flue I00U02, the daughter
blunder, bright faced little thing.
tod just as t J mlly people of posi
tion!, marked by air the btlotKiugs
o( wesltb travelers. " 1
Klljtutly traded Hoeu ul.teis.
w iuIU of black llk, stjlisli hats.
1 Air, It kid ganotlots, Russia leath-1
er satohols an I shawl traps wore
tboir d slingnished marks, besides
that Indescribable air which stamps
its possessor as oue used too good
"Sj very warm ! Do reach my
fo, Laura," 'said Mr. Gleiuor.
We have a tinioly hot djy for our
"Dut there is such a tiice broczo
I Ihiuk it will be lovely.'1 rotnrooJ
blight-eyed Laura.
"Oh, yon'er ulwny conterlod
with everything. Dear me ! I hepe
the cmriiiRe won't be crowded !"
"f bey are nlmoNt that no, in a in-
ma. We have the ouly vacaut eunte, j
- "Aud I menn to keep them, too, i
aiinonnced Mrs. Gl.'npor. j
At that moniuut enuke n voice all
her elbow.
"Is thiit seat cDKned, ini laiu .' o-k one of theee uieu if it h it been
Mrs. Glut) nor and ban in both 'seen."
looked np to se i a yonn lady dress-j I believe I will," and Mri. O o i
ed in a plain tiutiimnied liueu suit, nor inuichol inaj teticully up t one
with a brown viilo)Vjrinf ln;r h it j0f t0 uiuil nf jimjii 1 an I iii j lir
eutirely. and s'j.i imj u plain, homo od :
!y f'co. j Cm you tell wbolher Mr. fit nil.
Her speoali was that of a welibro.1 ton's carriage has bjun at fan eti
poroon, but her exceedingly plain I tiou lovl.iy .''
attiie stamped her iu Jis. Uleuiitii's! "Yen in no'm I d )u't kn i v
eyes as "common folks." not woitli
na elTort to be polite to.
he turned to the Window and t-
.t f i tf 1.. .. i
urn uiiMii iu m i iiu
UemiuLr to hear, but ifood ui lured
u , , . . . j
"Aline isn't. Voii are weleo uu t
share il."
fi.Vu l, notwitliHtandinrf the frown on
her ludy-uiothei'e fe, she toetl
her "trap" over on the pile already
bettido Airs. Oli 'iDor, au I u Iu 1 a
lepl.v to the younj' utrangoi's qniut.
" l'liitok you." us she sut down
liol.lin; lite s.uall tiutihel she eaiiie.l
in her hip.
It will lire yn-i. There is plenty
f room over lu re illi ouir.,' h 1 1 , 1
Linn, retelling out Iki' hand to
ward the tu!c!i:-l.
They yoiiti l idy pi ic 'd it np n
l '.HI Sum I httl'-lflf. Hllill :
"I wu afiutl il udht Irtuble
"Xot ni l!," letnrt e.l Lmrn.
uat .it liiinuur. nun a imi.i
lcoelit of fpitu, uddiChbed Lcl
lmi'iter :
' Laura, dou't make yoin s. If over
'lli'ioii. I wonder how far it is to
Poo'l the table ' tell you,
mam -
.'" Kiel b.iok by this train.''
Ni. O.dy the hrgo stations are; . eie I u.u, .v a n '. ' calle 1 a fimil
down. Well." with a nuh and a
t-binco at the intruder, "ut Imt wo
hliull be ub'e to seleut our own eoci -
l there."
'Alamuia, dou't !''pleaded Linra iu
a 1 iw tone, llin.Ua I ut her uut'ioi'
'I detest theso triius, where every
rude persou who choosu iuy iu
trude upou you
went on
Glenuor coolly.
Laura know thero was no telling
where her lu ither would stop, ouce
she was on tha track, aud she notic ed
tho flush which ove replead the
yonug strangoi'a face. the quietly
changed the subject.
"Do you kuow Mr. Ilamiltou's
family, msiuuia I"
"Not the children. Not since
they were grown, that is, I saw them
whou they wete liltlo.
"If they ure like their noble old
father I am sure I shall like them.
I think ho it splendid." answered
The strange youoj lady smiled
Mrs, Qlennor answered 1
1 dare say they are. Birth aud
breeding always show. Liura. I, for
oue, could never wistaku a porson of
ealtb aud culture for a ooinmou
0 le. '
"Ii tbere 'only one daughter''
asked Laurs.
' Ouly one at homo, the yonngeet
one, Ueurietta. Aud one sou Rich
ard, I consider it very fortunate
that Hamilton invited us lo make
this visit, Laura Kiokard Hamilton
will be very wealthy, and if you
play your cards well, who kuow.
what you may do in the way of
settletueul T ' .
Now, mamma, if you begin to
talk that way, I d eolomnly de
clare I will take the next train thai
pastes tie back borne and not 'go at
all I ' .
Mrs. Olonnor kno t 111 it the
slil was ti'iitu eipable of keeping
bet- word if she was pushed iif fur,
so she ssld tio 'more, but betook
ncUui ij the pr pect iu view from !
her win low.'
Tne ride a a itifii one, bit
i.mira enjcyan it, ami in spue 01 uer
ninmina's frown c'latted with her
tent-iutte very sooiiib'y.
It w,s oeir y suJo vn w'inth
t sin tt ;; 1 1 at Iltoniltm, nil
everil pmenj-ir d loeude I a u jr r
them Mrs. Qlennor and daurii. '
Thoru was a fornor loVunif sU
tiou, wiih a Juty litllo r freihme it
l.ibtllel 'liilidi linn" Thurj
wetetwi or thrji villi p itlirt.
with livid iii tboir pjuk'tt. pro n
euiiilin up an I il the plttfjrji,
ami that was ull,'
"Why, jwhat does IhU idmii I"
! frettod Mr, (ileunor, "'.Mr. Hnmil-
toil wrote he w nil I be certain to
b.ive tbo canine to moot ni '
'Peili idh it will In hero vt.!i.a t ... .,... ... .i
luaiutun, ' mi 1 I. mm, ".Suppns.i you '
there it are a-avniu' n iw'' wu IU
cli'litly incoherent auewor.
Turning in the diructim of lii
t.Xteinl.;. Il.liir, M id si r a
,., . . . . .. ' '
to l,mti, wlios i oyei In 1 il;oi ly
informed hur of fact.
xhity wuitod ujion the dreary
i,i: form nutil it drove u; and the
ill'iver diMlioiltilod.
Then hu c i no iiy fio steps and
adtieescd Aire, ttieuuor, touoliin
bi h it repp. ctf il y.
I.i li.-H foi Mr. llainillon'e, ma'a,.e 10 j;e,
"V. . Cmie, I.iira."
"I'bu cn.i ifv i r a ly. Iidi .e.
Tlio eprin e u t i Ii i , id re i ly 1 1
ti.ko jour Ingii o tr. Will 1
( jo:ir ti-!i t
,Alr. Gn-D'jor avo ' i u tb i li :k-
.1,1.1 ui. ii i uuas. an I no le.i ij
l. ...i. .i.i ;i i
i ...... 1 1 r . ... i. . . . . .1 i
l JCIlilll-ll KJ .11 Ull UO'llI 1,1,01 111
,. , .. , ,,,,, Ii -hi ei t .ihich Inl Mlo.ved
e cir.'Mg".
"Niv no are realy," dtjiilued
ill K. film nor. Ull tU'J Coiniilin
iijipeaiud to be lokiua' f jv so u j o.i-j
t le.
Oar y:.'mjj Aliss II nrii tti weui
" uy to loan yes'or I iy, Wjopujto I
' ,ftr vu;c.. f,,.m tua 0f i.u I. i,,.
lll0ui, and the homely yoiiurf lady
1 in pl.iiu lineo, vv'ti j aharo 1 L ilia's
sent, cuue out of her retreat iuhuIu
,uud approached them
"Aly (oodneos '." w.i Mrs. Qleu.
uoi'e dimayed j leuluti on, a Sue
tlutd.e 1 up to the roots of her hair.
ltut Luna npiauj forward with
tv tended hand.
"What .'are j oti Henrietta, Hum
ilton .' I em solad 1"
"Aud ure you Mia Qlennor f I
am grid, too " sai 1 the youn lady,
otVoiing her baud 'most cordially'
"I would have uiaJd myself known
ou the traiu, but I am ul.v.i so shy
with stranger, and I wu not sure
who you were till 110. v Air. Glen,
nor, I am glad to welcome you to
Hamilton. Hove your daughter al
ready, aud I am sure we shall have
a delightful visit. Let us go now ;
Sum is .waiting,"
Tbhi prompt courtesy, so delicate
ly igoormg her owu rude behavior
on the train, was a .greater rebuke
to Mrs. Oleunur thau show of auger
could have been.
For onoe her ready tongne was al
a loss and she ouly followed her
youug hostess lo the eairiuge silent
ly end with flushed face.
Uut uurietta's kiudly spirit soon
put her ut her ease, except when she
remembered her mortifying blun
der. It was a wholesome lesso n, how
ever, and the next time Mrs. Glen
nor meet a ludy iu the train,
whether the is robed like a queen or
in plaiu linen, she will treat ler as
such, aud never judge by appear
If yo wish to enjoy bealtb, snys
the Chicago inter Oii-in, keep th0
cbest warm 1 The ie man tvUI.
bow, ver, positively refuse to build a
lire iu his trok.
Tlio causa ef the demand for Coiu
federate bolide baa been 'explained.
ameaied Willi iSoisuo the, will LiU,o" t-Urettl WW luu '.tjXo
JI miny more things t'ierohy)
pen to be' tint we waat t ia-1 we
nee 1.
If.fti mildli nf 111 til 1 .4,lkUnna.l I
M w iinuoiiui I
f .ifi. ii. . . . ..... .v
t) be fjuad in a wjiUj oiiiOi
lion r
How m'l.i'i of t!n soienli l) opin
ioa of to I ty is t j be k iowii t uou
sense 10) ye uM henei f
IIov imny revaliitioni per luinn'-o
will a lively ki:t n iu 1't i in pn-iii.
of Its own lii'l f
. lunch real profit tobmnani -
t.y i there in teeing a nowd cf
miner ihlo boisU mid birds BuilWi.ijj
bv d.iiirivition from their tiaturul
'0ju l.tiointnn I cliiuatte, and dyin' "Alu, I a-n n it oi i or I ini. i H
t,y iuc10l, vtivto bciu hnled about 'novor ,lu11 bo-tt"'1 1 0"nn',t vUr
Bho.v f
- wreajs-a jiiaiiiti
Iloff can t b ii'.i rio'i mil oitor
into syiQint'iy nitli a nur old .'
if... ... i. ..i
n in iliinV inai I., ,,r ,. I,,., i
it." iiicuv uiinnuH . liliu itlil
keep ilh a the bouu.U of sobriu'
ly t
II i v ruviy poopl i reil'y live np
to the $ il I ) i rill i. "i i u it i oi, uri
!a ye would be done by f '
How many try to livj up to it 7
How in my never try t
! jw iu iny "dj' oi'.ura at every
pp irtunity f
ill v ium'i brltnra nun's appetite
is w!i"u he lull dj mjuey to buy a
bro .kf ist t
How iu i u y uri i) wore ever cjq
viuced hy aru nisut f
II 'v in iiiv men fail to h i
viuced hy bitter expoiieiine t
IL nuny poplo fin I tlieunolves
if'i id ciiiupmy for thnuHi'lvo f
II ow m luy p '( of dirt dix l
ten cut rutui-aut cutiiij.' eit
IIo v tn i'iv piip'-i r -i"v lu!iivo
tln' doi'li ii o Ty a lep i.,t i a i.i
OL!nr c u litio'a of cj uj'iiu'
ITo.v ui
WV peonle tLit.K tllfVVe
., ... .... , . ..... .
.i ... ....... .... .i.
.,,I.V t
, ,
l,. ll,,,,,,.,, 1..,.
but Ihciusihc, .
,, . ,
1 II itv innn t- inmi uri ,i Ii ii'l1.!.. tiim.
I ...
ey mo cer'nin ttiey'il never p iy il
i witbin the sp. c.ii 1 1 ti no
II i'v iniuy h -v I'ltoe i-yii-i! I
irlt lielievo tliej'.I Loco no old
iii;ii 1 f
iw inanv wint to f
ow moVi easier it is tl spend
more dolhre limn to imko the 11 f
Hot many people aro there who
think their Ini'!; has been the worst
luck of all the lack in the world f
II iw many wouiuu will owu up to
their old it 00 f
How many grocers will siy they
have poor butter when they do have
it I
How could any of us end ire a
man who has never committed u bin
of any sort in ull hi life f
How oi l J3eu Franklin lied when
ho said "Hirly to bed an 1 eirly to
rise ui.ikus a unn" healthy and
wealthy aud wise."' .Veto Fork
A youug geutleui iu who is very
pirlieuhrubjut the gettiu up ol his
liueu wrote a note to his laicul eni,
and st itio iMJ time sout eue to the
ohjeut of hi ull'iiction. L' a fort 1
iialely, he put the wraii uddross on
the euveli'pes und posted ttiem The
woman was puiiloil, bat not in the
least elTended ', but when the yo'nu
lady road : "If yon rumple up my
shirt bosoun and Jrg the buitno ell
the collar sny more, is yon did lal, I sliall have to go sumcwliei-
1-e," .lie criod ell tho evening and
declared sho would uover fp.uik t
hiui ugiiin.
Tbe influence of Koooin't fiiendli
oess I wonderful. We have eel
peeple who were so kind and o r lit
io manner, u rvspnnblye iu I n k an '
greoting and so swili ia doln and
aylujf cautious an I grueua tbing-,
1 hat they sem to dlTiie a saet at
miirphere around them. How bom
tdul tbey were, even though some
limo thvy had plain laces so l rough
hnul No laoe it ever hopobsaly
pluln through bkh a flienHy soul
lo' ki out upon the wml I.
Man ti a, gudgeon, woibatt the
line that doubles o'er bis betJ-s-aod
i.ioks bl u everi' ti ne, Bbe ba ts
'he In. ok nd hold tb- p ile ; but tho
minister is tlio IHsd thai ttonpa him
t '1... a. ,.1
My Companion
"I htvo rol" slid Mr. Sp irein.
"of one who dreamed a dream, when
iu great dietiess of uiiud, about le-
lui iu. II th'i't ho t ol in the
o.ite'r cnurt of heaven, and he saw
a rI itioiM hmt m irchin np, eina
iujf sweet hymn, and I en 1 lli
j(intier of victory (and they nsao 1
hy him tlno' tlio (,"'e, and win u
they vanistieil he hear I 1 1 U o din
tancj ewcot atruius nf laitvio '
"Who are they f ' he ake 1.
'They are tti lly fellowship
vt 1,10 prop'iol. w'j j Uij goni to
j' 'ltl1 ' '
A" 1 l" llu''v"l, ; ni ,M
: 1
Hy an 1 by lliero cix no another
bin I e inlly lovely in appuir.iuce,
nud eiyially triumph i'it, an I robed
..'in white
Tiioy pusti-d within the j,
! portal., and uiin were of
wclc i.iio hoir l within.
Who aro tin y !'
"They are the goodly fellowship
of the apoHtk'H."
"Alan," he said. "I belong uut to
that fell iwsbip au 1 I cmuot totcr
Mo till waited n-il linjpj-e 1. with
tho hope that he mioht yet R in:,
but the next muUitii lj di 1 n t en-
courage him, for they were the noble
army of tuaityr. o nil I ll it iro
with them, nor wivu their pilm
branches. Me waited still and s iw
that tlm not wa a Coiuinnv of oil!
; ,,. ,'...
ly minihter and ollieers f Llirili i-i
churches, but he co-.l 1 not j j it!i
I mm. .i i.tM us lie wuiniM, nil
. a . , . 1 1111
saw a liror hot th.iu a'.l tie rest,
J put tot'etber, uiaicuiiitf uu I sicuiK
(uodt uiulodiotisly, and iu
walked the worn iu lb it w is a sin-
i;er i and the thief tint du I upon
the cioss Ini 1 by too :ii.ij ir ; an 1
he looked lon au I hi v taere rua
Aim is. o!i, mil too li!ie ; nn 1
!,.... ..i.l .re.1 h.i e I'll I S.M who
i ........ . ....
.. . . . .1.. .
wm.. ,,,, un.nui .
i i vi. a oi Iju no M.L.Lini.U lojui
I ... ... ...
lut o hi in'oniblimeut it srem-
i ...
. 1 ... ,r 1. .. ......i ,v . . r.iti f (villi
i..i in ii ii it..i'L'i .... . ....
muvlmi f ild n. they pise.l in.
! Au 1 the Anji I ii I to him :
j "Tl.uso ire t iey 1 1 it ar mi,'!i'.y
sinners, k ive I by luility race.'"
I Au 1 then lie h ti 1 :
"Ulessod bj (io I f I cm go with
them i"
"And so ho awi'ke"
In 1332. Wiat?
Z i lkkT Al iiar. m f M12
b-jeii pnblisbe d, und pledicts all
1 '
sorts of pleasant und impli annul
things for thi country. It editor.
Z idkiel TuoSi j, obtiiu ti'M iu the pre-
ii- '
faco that tho spread of un ,
faith in pi iiy iulienoo will mm;
make everybody acknowledge uhIio- j
logy and oompol toe pies ,0 cease (
there abuse of it voUne. The
predict iou are tint ia the I liter
part of Februiry next great exilo-
I moot with prevail in .Vw I'li lt, an 1
a gre it oo;ill ijr iti in will T i!o pi too
111 Hi it City. A 1 e.ii I i.u ! of diph
theria and eiiill-oox threatens
Wushiugtou for Al.uoo. "About the
middle of April .Mil will transit
tho ascend tut of t u veroul lugross
at Wiiehiugtou, produ"iug groat ex-
citemeot iu the State t the I'rosi-
lout's poiitiiu will beau uneuvii
bio ouo. ' The general outlook fo:
this country for six month to come
is by no moan favorable. A finan
cial punio and the buroiog of a
tbenlie are predicted for New Voik i
great exciteiuotit, much violence,
ind shocks of eailhipiake are anti
cipated for tho country at lame.
Some great Auicrieau will snfl'ei
legrudution. ibit about vlugiiHl
next evorytbing will be put in good
shape again by the betu ticient in
fluence of Jupiter iu Geruioi. 1a-
Cellebt craps and important meu-
aures of reform io the direction of
civil service, trade aud commerce
may be expected for next autumn.
"I'm not an astronom'," rrmaik
ed olJ man Joo. to his wife t'i
other oliht, cemlog io off the porch
wber lie had beeu iutcrrnpling the
moonllglit festivities of bis daigh-
er and tier yenog man 1 "I am no
q astronnmer, as I said, and I can
not oxi'laia It, but 1 kure I 'saw
the sum r ' a fee nvuiioat sao, aud
il ia dow midnight." Thoo he look
ti teSectivoly down at the toe of Ins
boot aud Icul ihog!i-1 oil' to tod.
45, 1831. NO, 10
Sam't Chances for a Wife.
If a man has three chances for o
wife, he should certainly improie
one of them. Yet Sam Hopelul did
not micoeod i'h such heavy odd
iu his favor! He skill tell bitf slo
I nee com ted a gil by (ho name
nf)b l.ikii)-. I ma Iu up my
mind to limnifd, U'ell, while
we weio K ''"( ' ,u0 dfneou's I
xtcppi'd into n mud puddle, uti.l
wpla.tered tho mud till OKI Dub
I''e hew iowii, made out ol
her KimidiuothtM' id I clii it prt
tic mt. When wo Rot to tlio tb-a
eon's ho nske l Pub if elie wonl I
tako nni for hur l.iAfol weddj.l
hulinu I.
"N i," siy m'io.
"It as on, ' a-iy I.
',Why,'iy s't', 'I'v) Ii';ji a
miHlikiti' to on."
Vll, it ;h all tip then, but I
j ,ivo
her a filling of beads, few
i.w'.n, hoiiio otinr tinlion, mil
,,Jrt it i,!l
up with her ; mo wu
went up to tho dcucon a kcoiiI
lime. I was boiinl to couje up
with her thi timo, hi when hu u-kii 1
me it I woul I lai;o her for uiy wed.f1'1 "i' '" 11,0 insln.m.-ul, and ii i4
,,. , ife, siv I.
No. h'iIiiI dim mii:h tiling " i
Whv,"sivs l.'b, "'.vli it o i airtli
tl, mil Iff no-v
I have t,iku:i
mihl !,i j' to y "i."
j y. (1 it H A ov.-r nn iin ; I n' I
,ie h- r a n -w sipmii, no I a f -v
'other liink' i v.i I wu w.nt up a ;i u
tt) ,., t m r. i ie.l. We ( xpu ;t-l t'ut
un tvntild l li 1 h i fist th it ,i'l i i.
turo c iul.lo'1 s( p tr ito iih ; uu I when
. rte aslied tlio d mojj if he wo. ill
luarrv ns,
b'i.m t
' No '' I
do id sue'.i a
"Why. wint on eirlh h the
'son : e iy wo.
I "Wliv." nus h -I'v,)
tijon n
luiUi- to both, cf ion."
bust out cr in", the ile.ieou
'M,Htont H.i.d.liuW-! 1 I b i-t
' . . . . . . .. . ...
laii'uiii , an i sue!) a set oi mister
I you never d. I hoc. an 1 that
is tb
... i .. I Nr .
icaion i never iu uiu I. .'ii
i ha rolli.
ell iiii: j
i a
Fouiieen Mistakes.
U. . t . . .
in n great miatuko to net np our
nun Htauditrd of right and
llgllt nil il WlOIjg
and judge people accordingly.
t i 11 greiit mist ike to iiieiqure
the enjoyment of oilier by our
To expect ni ifomitv of opinion in
Ihiswurll. '
. , ,
O loov tor lU igineui 11111 ex-
pLli.'i:;!0 ill VilllUl.
i To end 'tivor to inol 1 all dinti ii-
. ,.,
tion alike.
I ....,,, , 1 .
f. ,flclioU iu l)u. 0WI1
To oureelvo, And olhcn
c m (. ,. , ,
( u ft,
-. us M j(J 0f
Not to in like allowances for U10 in
firmities of others.
To consider evorylniii iiupjsiblo
hic!i we can not perform
To believe only whit our iiifiuitu .'
minds can gniHp.
To expect to tie ab!e to under -
nUnd evoi j thing.
'I'lm ifriiiiliiMl. .if nil rnifctfilreil 1.1 tn 1
livo only for time when any, moment
u iy lunch u into eternity.
Mr. ngor wll, closing a ice lit
lecture, euiil : "The laugh of a child
will ttiuko tho holiest day in ore si,-.
ored till. Ktlike with hiind of (lie,
0 weird mtiNtcian, thy liurp sluing
with Apollo' golden hair ; till tbe
vast c ithod' il uisloa WilU sympho
nies sweet and dim, deft tone) cr of
the organ ley ; blow, bugler, blow.
nntrl the hi! ver note do touch anil
kits the moonlit wave, and charm
the lovfis Wiiudering 'mid viuxrlud
liills. Hut li.ow onr mill
straius are discord all, c.impartd
ith childhood's b ippy luugh ti c
Isngh that fill tha eye nitb ligLl
ind every heart with joy. U nppliu,
river of laughter I thou ait tbe
blessed bouadary.lii.Q let con tbi
beasts an J men, sod every waywurJi
wsve of thine doth drown eoml ftet
ful fiend of csre. O Laogbtr, lose
lipped daughter cf Joy 1 thi re en
dimples enough lit thy elicits t
catch and bd 1 aud glorify all tl
(ears of giuf ,v
A viittte that Jaa'trs aic not nill
(i ig to lose -lnlieiilH.
J.'I t IU i-OM'A'e
1 f uhtUhpil ever TlnTmlav Kvrninf
Teitus of Subscription,
TWO noi.UIU I'KU ANXl'Ar. Par.
.ahle vilhin nil montliK, or if i,,t
paid within thsyenr. So paper dis
continiMHl i r. r 1 1 all srrmriiKc nre
imiil tinh'M st the oj tinu of the pub
julMritionniit'i(1a of tho cotuitf
fy-l'crsoim Mfliiiff nnd iii'intr pnpers
addrciwcd i olli us U'eoineiMHi-riUrs
snd sro liahlu fortho price nftliepnpcr
A ml ami lyiu'c itches the bi
gent Ii h of tho ncnson
There is always room nl tho t p
for tho attic iheiini ilic.
Tlio key thut winds up many a
iiiihi'h bioinis in wliihkr,
Tho cup that clieerx, but does Hut
iiu-bi into The buttercup.
Time an I tha mule xh nil I nbvayi
ho taken I y the f.riloc!f, never iy
the fetlock.
A MinKouri c nbiclii's ariiint i
Look out for l!io Iron robbeis u!iu;i
the bell lii'(;s.
1 Le plio lili'.i r y, vU before Im
stiikes, but the I ill dot li d pn 1
until it in stniik.
A miiiiel pilr df Alilmni de.if
mute applie I for a divoice.--I'n.'p
iluiiib ii tilt. is bi'lln cry.
All tlm noio tui ii-t rrl trmpi' aro
largely co jiposu I of Insliuieo. Tln-y
ii'ilunliy t ik'j t i e oi k.
The eljle of l'ull ii nim ( i ;iny ha
photoi;rap!ii 1 by el iiivnin a l ip :
touint.i liimt a Imaid fi tice.
The telephone i not in
H'HHiv Tlio i iv-hicikin t
vety eel linn ii woiKiu ord-r
if . I. ry . N l ,
O"! . I I !
,' ' . ... I . -l ( ,. ,,
w. i-. n il- ler 1 t
, .1 i'f i -K ..i n .in I N
iiieiwi.'l In . e i'
iii ,1 1.1 1'i'iiln T n ,1 l lnK i
I ' V Ir.t I 1,1.
t' . II I,
j k in i. rn i e ir
"ii!r rtd -fi I
I'll el .. I , ur r,n. Il
.-ir- u , i i I: i-
i'ti,M In'.ni!',, .r, I i
ii i in I
.-: i-s r ittrrn ill., ,in-l i.'i I-. 'It in t'lri.
ff ,.t. it ...," 'ir ..nil ',n i,"l
Ii n i."ii, . ,1 Jm i ri,n t ,l. ,1 i,j ,l j Ur.l
I .tf. Ina.!k-I.l-, K.,iH, v. .
unv. u i.m' o i: tit 1 21
.'. w. A.liim., V, mil. niil, 1. iy. ('i t i
1 1 n Hkmi nn . nr. I'm ir-. ili.-t in.Mi-ln 't
inrriii IU,! Hi wu--' n . .Oi riioiim la
till, i-.unty M v Hint rr I .I It I lllv vtif,
n I In I iiM .lis I Ir.ini II. 1 I'lO. I'rTti-trit
! ' ,r ' ' S r III. Mv nn,., 1 mt
i "' noei. ' o.yr4 i .r t ni
ruOiinw- roll.! p-l nr rii-.l until I u r I tic fi t-
i l i 11 II i. 'i-i.v i r Ii trtnlii . ni il i'ui'11'..i
se I i i'th i ,u i' fxlrn:iiiy,
j I'MIEtl lSi.
I U.K. rri'nnr. ( , ll.n.l ron , V V
, rnr.,1 ol 1 .urU.i. ir l.i, rn.y, r iwtn'f v.iir,'
un.lln, i.y t'i i'ii 1, tut li,.iv.r In.
. trtml t, n,1 1 1 e 111 1 n I i rtia-n Sot.
.'.rui,lv. Hit in "t ir 11 li-l,il ri.M ini r.n.
ri. in-.r-riiri it,i..--,i tu.ttr. i,f td-'
.:.i ,.,rn. ,,.i,,.. ah mi i",t
in f,,r ihi, le-tln.ut iii In lull.
ji .t i.t it jr i;i rr.
T: li 1 i- ( Oi l. i.i-, 1 t.p I ,nni nla nl
ilt Uiu inn r in n ,r. ri or 1 iin hh.'Iiv I i n
j I'urt.l li-r i ut. u ,, i. i'iii i I 1, v t ' i. tiii.-ii;
II ,:-in iim liilrrua:,. an. I i i in i i: a mui- at v
li..t. Wi. II LI.1. 1 1 1 ' , ut run. W ll.
1 l'i"I'M'J"U t.
ini 1 ru i rn mriiV in 1 i t iirrm
i(- i u t lut.-i n iii will ,-n. r.i e ir
fry , il.. ui u.iuiui
:.iia nt'u 11 11,111 1'iunild
I . '..r ,1 14.
t..,.-.. 1 1 ,',.'ii.. ,. ... . , ti'..,'i.
'',: ' "4 mhvi.o
1 1... s .i-t iiv 11 11 .t i.i j j 1 , ,.
! tt-i. w:iwsi, I'i.ui.u. n..i,.n. Dm,
I t.m
Compltlj 7rralmjnt
For $100.
M ir,ntii II , tin m. i'.. it-:, fit iiuiii Sim
Vk r ,. 1 MI'Ril. .ll I XII M.l II, Mill, l,tlftd
I I" I. "it. m.v in i I.u h i l . i nil .ir.n !.
jJ'H ull wr ii-i,. I In mi. , i liiajit i J i,
Hur. An. I'M K.t.''.. II '.' ! -1-nit. M
J 't'1.1 ..' 'ti ..inn ,' n !i I nnv I I iillutf tr.)!-'
Jul .1 l:n'i',uy rl .tn-n I n -i m.l i,i....ii
j 5
1 f'iOrM iiiihii.. mi'i.Iii... 1 1. n itnir .llon io.:
ii m.ii-u i-i t.n' r. i ,r :i n I i ur.i ii.m.t.i-.' v
h. i" nio. . I .iu -.. tint, n ti.l I,. i- ln-i, w i,.n
'l.rlo.l, ll'-iv.. t;.j I, I ,(,.. ,i.i' I, p...
ml ii, t n, lh hicuS o I, Iu. I .nii.uii
...V, f'4 uvorv .1... i,i i, tflsl "ti-l
not I.t; 1 lul.,ii. In-i'Minly ,l'i, v l.r. 1
I Ii'.'i-r. lli.i entlt. u ..i,. ii f I, r . . 114
ii I l I. ml I h I' r'n ,n-. 01 t, c-,i:.l p,... .n
il.i. ir.tcni in i.HH.rii. iuii..lm i.-j
0 i l' 'li ii l-i
li.liuiiil Aiivi In, U 1 1 Iv S l iT 1 I II, 1
Jt f '! ' ' ' - .'i'' I'tl.t
;V pj'ry'r' in..-
-i -''li-,'' k IMII-l'V- I.i
I! 11-. MUp,
Ni ) jit 1 I
i' rli' niiil I r'titV 1'U tif'f n i i 'ti im
lllfcM. I I l I it.ll . I VI IU f1 k lilt I 1JI link
w ut It Ni f.illutv In .ut ) ni ri y hi mr
mi tul, N'H in- i ptil tltt'iffAit.
eiliirr I'AII'Vo, ,!. il ir '.'icuiiu
W- KKK- I'OITf u -n Al t-.
Wemnttnnntoai a.Snlii-ltan fnrput(ntvljwtt,
Trtul. Maikt, lopyrit'liu. us . t ir llin l'r a bunn,
I'miaita. miImi. '.t,tfl,tiii1, Ir.iiM-n. lii-rnrv, nut. Ms
luoiliiid lhlrl-llv i'iart'arplt'Hr.
rnli-iiuiiiuiiMi Uiri'iiul. ie nn naioil In tlj.Siif
VNTJno awkiui in. Till, iurifi' -J ilvndi lliui,-ti-ultil
iri-lilir a.-iOu), w.mwalliePnit-ns(
ii bi-i'iiri la v.rr luurf-nma-M ha. an fs.a-it.iiia
rlrrulul,,iu Allan. MI'.NjT . to. Tutfil Bulnl-
t m, riik a.ui Hi iiNrifij A .mu ji. t'rk Iwai
.i mY' ilc llnMdl '. ut I'a'-nn Ii
ttHlkf. r.rfllfi.l-llsl tt th' MitlMiMitt l!l1l
Ji4,ntJvlt4 I'iivuiitl I Itit nl Miititl iX'ttuni
rrti Iu l&nav. au'l t iikri4 i-
vvrylHr. Tr. 50 Cent. Vt A
HI. IN, i'uv uliU hiK iiiT.-i si r)iWiu
Alio w-iM ty f, r T'
hrtsiic 4ilfM"'iii ttln:r -s ttitiiv-. .A
fill l ftiv. S'li4 Ih -un iof CiUll4t(l
Menlthe RMabU rm.l PiJU,
1 It OX, A M'url liur Un tUit rVabtii: tum. a. nubtier Cv iia..)- .c
mioiruiil i i.i... . j .. . . . . a tL. f . a,
Dr. A. C. OLIU,
CnlncVj. JU.r k. JOl C .-li Hi , i ai ti.ju, ii'.
i) io-,ki.t-.. i-.r, - Hie
411 i.i. b, IHwclie.. llfi
...wiitMr tit.tli-til.r-.W.I' i fr.
I Ui JrtH Si,, I'll .(
I ...
.". I ' I'.u.i , (,' , I'M
vn:i-tn'f !'!,:, Iln,:i"i-, . I
V . . Oi , m .(,' .
i.r ? rr!xo vi v:
'I- '..r Kin
I .I