The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, December 01, 1881, Image 1

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    JL 11-
-Jft L'JLi..1
ttrortitttnjar RateM.
L.tmiin ve rear. tW.OU
li.if viloimi. one rwir.
Ifourlh column, one year,
jrqutre (10 linen) 1 iiiiertion
l.nry additional inxcrlion,
fotiotml and RimtiCH card ol
U more than 5 linos, ocr year,
l.ior. Kroctitor. Administrator
L.I Awiirnee Notice.
P ,
L.rial notices ner line.
ii ixncienl auvertMina' lets Man
Lmllm 10 oenUt line.
Ill hdvertiaeinenta for a shorter no-
Ulan uih j er rw ivniw mi tne
Ia IM rti-fl..rnfl aitil it tint v.nt.1
Hon fmlnritltf tlmm will n nrtlH.
Ltuibte for the monev. '
Ioo t
Iif 1 United hard Ufa's knot may ba,
d wearily we fua It,
ullent touch of father -time
Line day will aura undo H.
Then darling, wait;
Nothing la lata
Ilia light that shines forever.
faint at heart, a friend la gone;
l chafe at the world's hnntli drill
Iremble at sorrows on every aide,
the myria I ways of killing.
Yet any we all,
If a sparrow fall,
is lird keermth count forever.
iepeth count. We come, we go,
e speoulate, toll mid falter;
the measure to eanh of ami
.J only ean give or alt or.
He aendeth light, .
Ilesendeth night.
id change goes ou forever.
nnf tnlc4 lift, with nltAMrflll rnit..
th fiiitU iii 'the strongth of wuuk
nesa I
ilendereat daisy rears its bond
'itli courage, yet with meekness.
A sunny face
Hath holy grace,
sjo the iuu forever.
verund ever, my darling, yes--
uodnetw and love are undying ;'
the troubles and citrus of earth
winged from the first for Hying,
Our way we plow
In the furrow "now !"
after tilling and growing the
henf ;
for the root, but the sun for the
d Owl keepeth watch forever.
Mary M. Dopuk
' Lova t Endurance.
Is make us brave and strong,
ufTerliifr make us stsongcr ;
I) endures the trial long, .
ve the suderlng longer.
ii ih 'tis o ! lot t J m'.i tr
ii will kindly help us biar,
it the ill we rati not cur-,
ve will help us to endue.
fh Until agonies its own,
f luith sorrows greater;
rli's whiuhsin alone
the chief creator.
in beur thuiu, if we will.
Ii will klu.lly help in still;
it the pnlus we oaiiit it euro,
vu will help us to endure.
tin hearts go down the way.
using, but to borrow
lo'ii from their grief to-d ty,
nfort for t!idr sorrow.
molntiuent, trouble, care.
hai kindly li'dp 1 1 th u r.
t!u griefs til -y oo'lld H it e.-n.
ve lutli ll lip id them to en biro.
nr worthinoiH our prayer
Hiich sweet ruetiirimee :
be praised for faith to bear.
aiso fur love's endurance.
forbid that doubt of heart
r should bid faith depart ;
Fus the ills whluh have no cure,
ve will holp as to endure.
tia End of ths World Com 9 This
Year ?
ell, yes, aoxiom, trouble. flues-
fr, it will. We hope you will
utisfied to have the tnatter d-
Ny settled. Aud we can tell
positiel tbat it wilt. We
fasmuob about it as frof.
hor, ae Prof. Swift, as tbe
tbsonian Institute, 'and tbe
looal Obaarvatnr. an.t
J f
tbe TJ. 8, 8igual Serrice. Yoo
been tormented and tortured,
obL by Mjtber Sbi D,on. and
be oomet and the Cina'dian
er, who built bim, an ark and
t all ready to laancb for the
or Jane be can . go into the
business with it now. or sell it
o Mississippi Oarge and Trans
juiion Company and by tbo
pntes, and one loo tbin? and
liar, until your mind is distract
"d yoo can't sleep, and don't
i it worth while to pay your
' All tbe same, you will have
Ti or go oak of basiness. And
world should eome to an and
ao'olook to-morrow tnoroiog,
M5 a, m. money would be
1 per oent, ou gdt-ed(e . paper,
none to easy to get them.
you see tbe fart that tbe world
oiog to at) and won't make any
renoe Inyoor business affairs,
ao't make any change la tbe
owness of tbe strawberry boxes
fcroo i tbe good berries, will all
lbs top tbe same as last year.
farnUj staring LLcm in tbe
wsukiad will go right 'on,
g ana lying, and praying
iQgiog, aud aweariag aaxl imU
rtvaatly, n dalug Irlolfy
S loUi ead iati Iaw;lc
VOK 19.
andjweepiog, on til tbo and comes
and the lips that enned of prayed
ar hashed alike In tbe quiet of
For the world1 Is coning to an
end. And the comet can't bsleo
and a million comets can't retard ita
eomtng. I tie bound to come inie
year. There ie no help for It. If it
sraree you, we coo't holp it. We
must tell the trnlb about Mm tliing.
since yon have asked us what we
know about it. And. indoed, we
know more tban we have told. The
end of nil things terrestrial is coin-
ins to-morrow, end you can t stop
it by climbing a troo or crawling in.
to a cave. Kery day an I every
hour (be end of the world comes to
some unsuspecting mortal who in
only thinking np his pinna tor next
summer, or studying over a
trade" he has in his toiud for next
weeK. Kvery lime your ncart weaia
the ond of the world comes for some
one, and just as nre as you have, or
more surely if you bave not paid
your newspaper subscription, itis'u"r'
coming to you. And, good eub
Hd'iber, fern fill aud troubled about
n.ini.tfa nnd m in v thimrs. when it
, ., . , . . ,v
loes come, if it catohos you olti
Jlllir Willi J"UI wiiiiuun, . ...
iog out at the edges, your bills tin
sottlud, your nolo protested, your
subscription not paid, your pew
rent overdue mil your pastor run
oing into debt for bis living, with
your consciouce burdened with
wrongs and your lifd bustling with
tiuootrectO'l and unrepentant f ni'.ts,
vou won't nccl any omot nor nuy
long procossion of perihelia to sc ire
vou. Vou wou't think of the-planeU
then, good man. .You "ill think
ibout th'o horse uitb a spuviu you
mid to poor Otoenwigi you will
think about the hIuhKIv foiir-.lollir
overcoat you sold poor H.-tseod for
?:).75jyou will thi.ik about the
iptni ts of eiruwberries yon sold evory
year in pint bo ton j you will reumin'
ber thu sovun cent print you soil to
dd Mrs. Thistl.MK)d fjr fourteen
mints i you will . think about the!,
titkin of axle greaso JoU piiuteo
with butter und sold it for thirty
Hovon cents for table use j you will
tliiuk of the moi'tgago yon foreclos
ed on poor Hag weed's farm after ho
h id paid yon thirteen per cent, for
the money for ten vo:rs pyou will
think of the loals of threo-foet cord
woo l you hauled to town and s 1 1
at full uialket prioe i you will think
of tbe sand'yon sif'ed iu the brown
m igar ; you will roraembor how yon
rold 1,70 ) p muds of c ml for a ton ;
you willihluk of the paper you took
fir a year aula half nnd never paid
for i you will recall a thousand little
meannessos and weaknesses of whiuh
you have been guilty ; you will
thiuk bow you made your money,
ana now precious iittlo good it is
going to do you in the country
whither you are going i and, poor
man, if yon bave fastened your faith
aod trust to nothing butler tban
Mother Sbipton, or Yen nor, or Gen
eral Ilazeo, or some celestial tramp
of a comet, tbe sound of the trum
pet, tbe voices of the beasts, th'e sev
en thunders, tbe bait aud fire mingl
ed with blood, tbe duikeoed son,
tbe vials of wrath and tbe voioa of
the eagle could not add to your
fears. Wbou the eud of tbo . world
oo ires for you, tbat will be tbe only
end you will take any interest iu.
It will be awful enough for yoo, if
it oomes before you are ready for it,
and unless you kuow you bave a
dead sura thing on eighty-nine
years or more and you kuow
whether you bave or not you keep
eoe eye open all the time fjf tbe
end of the world.
So, don't you worry about two
comets, or conjunctions, or perihelia,
or eclipses, tbe spots on tbe sun.
Tbey have oothiog to do with your
oase at all. You any n t live to
see the world burned np, and you
pass away in tbe great 6oal .diosolu
tionof all things terrestrial, but yoo
are going to live to your end of tbe
world, and don't you forget tt.
That's all you have to do wills it
You go borne now, aod quit worry
ing about propbeoies. Admire tbe
comet without a fear. Study as
tronomy for its wonders and . beau
ties, and Dot for fanciful and ignor
ant and superstitious terrors. You
go bouts an 1 sell cloaa goolf by fall
measures aaj! booest weights i touch
your cldrks tbat a thirty-live (ftib
slick dodso't trreasote sj yard' of
4ret eTde i oWl wsigbr. joarself
oa l1--) W. iuJ tb . H
make jour too of coal weigh twen
ty-bundred, and cut your wood four
feet long be booest and square to
your dealinge pay your pew rent
every week, . and your oespper
subscription in advance i read the
revisod Testament oftener and go to
church rogularly t be manly nnd pay
your debts as fast as you can, ami
Ii vo so that you can look ejory rami
in the eyes when you meet bim t
give np sweating aud try family
prayers as a substitute i don't bo
afrnid of any tu in that ever wore a
bat, ajid always stand by jour own
houest couvictions, stid then, if some
night a o i not wd't a tiil liko a
torch-light procession, an I fie pari
belimi of J up tor, aod an eclipse of
the sun, and old Mother Sbiplon,jcl)iof j,, UooJ BhonW be kopt
should file into your fiout yard and : j mi, 1 $
k' nd thump at tho door : "We
want you, oil mm I yon Wjitld
""i""j "--"i '
8UOU "All riglit, wait till I
R " "7 trousers l" and go out to
ioin 11,0 procession without a tre-
Dimi jou iiuiiu s iw, non .paying
S'its:riber, the. other on 1 of the
world is uothing, if you only eh'ipo
this end ns nnaily right as you knjw
' f '
A Train Scaic.
tt wns night.
Night in Ark 111.111.
1 1 was night iu othnr el ites .ns
well but Arkansas is one with which
we bavo to deal at this writiug.
It buiiig- ot;ryuru to doul.
A lightning express was booming
along ut the rate of sity miles nn
hour. Kvciy cur was full, tuiuy
hlaudiug iu the aislea with
mce!;uiH3 and putiunce only seen ou
m Amiine in tuilroa l, to iieiwuino
d ite the fell i v who w.tuts four suuts
all to hiiuielf.
The l imp- bl uil fi: fil'y over I'ii
p isdungors' d istors, wiiiuli nho'uu 1
to lit U4 traveling daitoid Ubuully
I ' v " "
, , . ,
low anyone else to d i without tho
reipisito pis-), p inching people in
wiuofulness iu order tbut ho might
punch their tickets.
Tho train boy had tilled the pas
sengers' laps witli bjjks, to keep
tlioiu from bouui'ing in their Beats
whilo giin over roagb places.
Tbd b.ukoiuau had put bis bead
iu and uhoutod : 'Tho next stoppiag
place n . tho namo of the stut-
ion b'diig lost iu tho blaiuiuiog of
tho door.
Tho boy who is always day bad
made bis fifty-second pilgrimage to
tho water tank.
And t'no woman who wants air
had just torn off hor Uit re muiniug
finger nail iu tryiug to get ber win
dow np.
TliU was on n railroad iu tbe state
of Arkansas
Suddenly tbe car door opens.
A youthful figure appears, bold-
iug something in bis band upon
which the light glitters. He pre
sonts it in a significant maoQor nud
"Now, gentlomen, your monoy
Fifty inn turn pali and cry,
"Don't eboot "
Twenty females scr lam with one
voioe, and some faint.
There is a hasty thrusting of
watches and pocketbooks beneath
cushions and into boots.
Stroug men fight for a place no
der tbe seats where they can secrete
"Gentlemen," again cries tbe boy
isb voice, ringiog high and clear
above the screams of women aud din
of tbe train (grasp for mercy from
some of tbe men), "let me sell you
aqme of this excellent tropical fruit,"
and be extends in bis dexter band a
It was tho train by, pursuing bis
useful aud harmless vocation.-
W B5 -1
A kind father f Tho father of a
St Louis bride presented bis son'
in-law with 80,000 bead of cattle.
"Papa dear," exclaimed bis daagb
ter, wbeu she beard of it, "that was
so kind of you ; Charley's awfully
fond of ox-tail spup." Chieityd Trh
Numerical impossibility i "Jlafy
says you csb 'I florae (o sea ber Boy
more," said a boy to his sister ad
rotrsr ' W&y not t" "Beennee' yod
curoVjaaei her eyery evening' frrfw,)
sod ou!d 0 eoWe-.y aw'
mJM f$
How Marriage In Pennsylvania re
vokes a1 Will.
Rome very bard cases bave afisen
under our law in regard to this sub
ject, A man about to marry baa
made bis will in favor of bis Intend
ed wife, and a woman about to msr
ry bus made hor wilt in fnvor of her
iutendod busbaud, aod in both eases
the wills have boon rovoked by tbo
marriage. It lias happened more
than onco that purchasers wbo
bought from I ho devisees or legatee a
under a will have lound they bad
failed to gut a title til tho whole
properly on account of an a'ter
born child of the testator. It is im
portant, therefore, that the following
summary of the- law Ly tbo late
1. Tho will of a eingld woman is
Irev,.ked by bor aubseqnnut marriage,
aod is not revived by the d.-atb of
ber busbnnd.
2. If a man mnkes bis will nnd
marries aud dies leaving a widow,
so far as regards the widow bo dies
intestate that in, bis will is re
vokod protanto (or in that respect)
3. If a rann makes bis will nnd
baa an after boru child or children
not provided fur in said will, nnd
dies leaving snob after born child or
children he die intestate, ns bis will
is revoked protanto.
i If a ninn makes bis will nnd
marries, nnd dies leaving a widow
fiud child not provided for in micb
will, bis will is revoked absolutely,
ns at common law, but only protan
fi. If a man mn!;o his will nnd
marries and dies, nnd leaves a will
ow, but no known heirs or J. iiil! - (
red. it iscleurly rovoked, so farnxj
to give to bis widow both tho
aud porsouul eat ito absolutely.
Tho law refusos to admit that a
man ran intend to disinherit
1 ' i -
children uiiless ho hIiows that in-
tint ion by a will
uio boru.
tu.idu ufter I)
Brace up Old Man.
"Rather poor business for nn old
man like yon," i .'mn ked is Honor,
ns Jasper White stood before bim.
"That's a fact, S.piar' that's a
Vou must bo nonrly sixly years
old V
"I'm sixty. tw, Sqnar',''
. "Aod you wore brought iu hero
so li'iipsy dnink thnt.thoy could
h ivu tie 1 to ir lojs iu a do iblob j f
knot." '
"Tha'.'s a f i :t so'omn fact S.par'.
I've made a fool of myself and I'm
williu' to own right np, I sot in tbo
cull tlisr' this mornin' thinkin'it nil
over, an' says 1 to myself : 'Jaspor
White, you've went no gone an'
ma le n tarnal fool of yourself, an 1 if
you are sent to .State prison for life
it will Barve you rigid,"
Yon don't livo bore I"
"No, Sinar', I live np bore in n
book county nnd I'm down bore on
bizness. Fact is, one of my ol 1
naybnrs lives bere, and be bad bis
,eye on s second wife for me.'
'What I at your age ?"
"Jist like me, Squar. I see it
now, but I didn't yeatorday. I'm a
sort of an old twain fool' I am."
"And did you marry !"
No I was kinder bracin' op
with a Iittlo beer to go over and soe
tbe oritter soloctod for me and I
braced too much."
"Do you know what you want to
do t"
'I reckon I might as will take
pixeu "
No, sir. Yon go for your satchel.
Then go for tbe depot, then go
for home and don't ever get out
sight of your farm again."
"And you won't jug me f"
No." ( .
Nor fine me f
"No." ; i
"Sqnar', you're a Loll load
bricks I Bay shake bands with me
Thar You've saved my life, and be
tbe big ben if I don't send you down
a car-load of apples and pop-ooro
then I'm a sinner. Good-bye good
bye I'm of going straight home
going to stay there savod my life
never forget it good-bye I .
Illinois has 2f,390 pensioners' who
draw p.Oqo.OOO a yeoY. ; 'j
Finger want two io olios lafng are
the pr'dfl of a Ualtimore womio
7lf lyjrtisns pfaoed a' raifirfmy
f' board t remteol Ufa
I ihM smSsssjs iOWa j j
... ' Won His Bit
M"r. Taylor, of Rail's hardware
store, afnt into an argument with
Hsnk Monk abobt tbe site of some
agricultural muchioery belonging to
Hail, which wai lying it the depot.
IlitnW insisted thst the mutd'inery
nowsdays was liizht end nnrrliahh'.
Taylor off.-re J to bet 85 that In
Coulda't crry n single pioco of it
from the depot to the store. Ilauk
d'ponited his coin and s'artod.
'If he ttets up hore it il msko bun
sweat,' quoi'i Taylor.
"Us'll win tvory cont of bis bM,
sdJ tho hands.
In about fifteen minutes 7ank
hovo in sight, nnd they all saw that
be had nothing.
"Cmolu lod you'd lot out tho j b
to a dray, ch 1' tlioy nil end, looking
at Hank's woeful condition.
Well, broujht P a nleer," he,
said, ss heentorad tho oloro.
"Where is it t"
"Hero," bo ssid. with a quirt R' in,
"chipped it air with a hammer."
' Ho proluoed a corner of a csin
ahnut the sito of a linr.elnut.
'I coull Lave got a bittr piero,
hut t Ii o bet was "o nniull it wiiHii't nn
objeet you seo I''
Monk W0ft sway with tflS mnnny,
tind his fuce wero Unit solf-inti-fied
smils nil nlternooo Ctriii City
Words of Wisdom.
l'.incy raus tn ut furiously wher.
conscience drivos it,
-Many tivo miserably nn 1 meanly
just to die manilinently nnd rich.
Trout your enemies ns if they
woun 80U10 tnuo or otaoi bo your
fi ietiiln.
Jws nro ahvavs multiplying hrv-
vni's. nnd U W vers always inal ililviliif
i , ' - j . - "
Impossibilities, liko vieiotis dogs.
' tl v buforo liim wiio is u )t 1 of
It is only thosn who bavo dono
nothing who fancy tlioy cnu do
everything. 4
Lovo is u coinpond of honey nml
gill, mixed in various porportions
for customers.
Follow llm fashion t yon had bet-
, ,or
Jisplay other peopled folli'js
than your own.
Many pri lo thetnsolvos upon
being wit I youug muu who are ouly
wild boasts,
ilo win knows hw iuorance is
tho prcfdsMor of tho rarest kiu 1
of valuable knowlu l,'o .
Shnt uot np a bron I of evil pas
sions in your bosom ; liko enragod
sorpootsthey will bito their cage.
He Loved Ilia Flag.
A Woodvard avoniie salonist was
decorating bis bar tha ot'ur diy
with :n H lligi, when a str iugir,
wbo ha I just gJt outsi la ' of four
inches of whisky, toano 1 bis elbjw
on tho bar and obsorvo 1 :
'Strangor, I di Ijvj tint Hi.
You bot I do.
Were yon in war ?'
'lot exactly, but my beirt was
Where was yonr bady f
Say, that's the ouly thing I blame
this government for. If thoro ha lu't
been snoli golden chanoos to mske
from $100 to 83 J3 by jumping the
bounty I'd bave died for the Aug
and my old d 1 nnd two brothers
would bave die I for bor. It was a
menu trick of Undo Sam to shako
$000 at a follow who wanted to wrap
that old dug around bim and die 'on
tho Sold. I jumped tho bounty four
different times, and biteen me and
yon, I wish I baod't. You soe I
ain't got the face now to ask Uncle
Sim to grant me a pension for a
brokod log reoeivod on tbe sooot
through Canada, though I may work
up to it in time, lilose the old stars
aud stripes 'and gimme S little
more of the same brand ' Detroit
Fret tre.
" Mitigated misery i "do iuto tbe
room aod bring that cake off the
table," said au Aubtio mother to ber
son. 'It's too dark t I'm afraid to
go" into tbe room." "Oo right into
that room this instant or I'll go in
aud brioa out the strap." ' "If yon
bring out the strap," replied tbe
boy, sobbing, Vbring tbe cake aloDg
loo:'l'ixrtt Si f tiny.
Frogs eofttinue lo gioM for five
veers. : . '
Charles U died uddWy-Uk io
taid of yp!ttiry7
1, ISSL. NO, 18
Nolo on Live Stock in Winter,
the form animals at this sonson
are directly dependent upon lbs care
and attention of the farther; To
pass tbe winter with profit they
must bo woll kept. Animals arc very
complicated edgirios, and must bt
run by careful engineers. Tbe fooi'
they receive is tho fuel, nud tbo dai
y rnbbing, clcsuing nnd oiling of
the oninb. Tho fuel must be f fnn'
to the demands made of tho nnioia
iigiuo, else tho machinery
ruu at a disadvantage, nnd thorefore
itU dim'nisbod profit. When th'
wnler is low nod tho fire almost 'out.(
tho rngiue is n source of loss to tin
owner. On tho other bund tho fir.
may bo brisk, nil 1 thu boiler well
supplied, but soino snrow is loosn,
or n part rubs another to closely
and tho freilion thus produced
nciitialues mucli of tho force. So
in tho animal marine, nil tho parti
mint work harmoniously together.
or iu other worjs thoro must bo per
feet health tooMaiu tho best results
An nuiiual may havo tho best of
food iu sufTL-icnt quantity, nnd still
piss n bird winter, nnd without
profit to itn o'.vnor. Km I of the
bout kinds willnut nhelb r, is in the
animal economy liko fii-il iu au en
gine that is rmty and loose nnd out
of order. Dotli nro exnmi-ivo inetli-
o Is of arriving at desire! results.
It takes to inncii force t run th"
machine in both rasef. As it i
eheaper to havo a g iod engine kept
in g lod ord.-r, h it is to havo au
animal in health and com'ort The
thoughtful f irmer will see muu , otiier
poiuts ol likoaess bet.voeil tho a:ii- michiiio a i I tlieouo c omlr i.-t-(id
by hiiinvi hail 1 u but this is
ouotlgh to mlggest tho importune i
of keeping farm aui'iiaU in u IhmHL
ful nnd comforlablo condition by
uieaDfl of warm stables with clean
tloors au! pnro 'air. Aimriritn
A'jrii'itlturix j'tf rc.oi''c.
Do You Hear ?
non," fluid a tiittlo
"My non," said a Littlo Hock
mother, "go dowu to tho grocery
and gut mo a cau of condensed
"I should Ripiirm to wiggle," an
swered tho boy.
(io on, I tell you."
"I shall limp to jump."
If you don't go this instant Ml
toll your father whea bo comes
"I should blow to tuttlo."
"Never mind, sir."'
"I fdiould whoop to Klpleill."'
When tho father ciimo homo the
mother said : "I wish that you'd ,
whip Tom. Ho positively refused
to go down lo tho grocery, nud told !
thut I wus a tattler, nil 1 that bo
would jump on mo."
vYcs, bir."
"Whnt was thut you imid to your
mother ! '
"N'over said nothin'."
"Then I am a story teller nnd you
are a pretty boy," saia tho mother,
"Look here, young mnn, if yon
don't behave , yourself I'll thrush
you. Do you bear "
"I should titter to snort."
"Come here to me sir," nud the
young roan sipuruieii to wiggle,
limped to jump, blow to tult'e,
wlioopod to B'pioul aud tittered to
Thrillinir courtnlaip t "Don t coi..
IraJlet mo. SaiU Hie Siern ipilieut
' a
i ou uuva ueeu Hoeing aeeiuii iu
i .... i - i.ii:.. :..
torviows with Charles Moueternit
do Montmorenci." lie was a proud
but faehionuble tailor and not to be
trilled with. "How did you find it
out f" sobbed the daughter. Won
uever saw us." "No, I uover saw
you, be returned, luaignuuiiy i
'but my faithful Bruno came run
uiug to me this vory evoting with a
mouthful of cloth. I recoguized
the pattern at once. I cut tho piece
to make a pair of pauts for yonug
Montmorenci two mouths ago, and
be hasn't paid for thorn yet.'' All nho
answered was, "Father, dear, it's too
awfully too-too," and she fell likes
little faded llowor at his foet -
Brooklyn Eayle,
Out of proportion i Atf Oil City
man purchased a small hnnd bellows,
took il tome and told bis" wife he
bad eoouludod to blouf bis braius
out t whereupon she replied that a
smaller gimt bellows would bave
answered! (b purpose better Oil
Vitj iVrV
PiiWfr.ncd every Thursday Evonlnr
Terms of Subflcrrntion,
able vilhm six months or t'-'iOifnof
pnld within tha year. No paper die-'
continued until all nrrcArngfs are'
fmid unlein at the option of the pub
inher. Subscriptions ftiffxl.le of tnft Cbttnt
frrersons lifliiij; and using pnnnr
addressed " othrs lieconieiiiii.rribers
ihI sro li'i'.'le f'irtlic price of the paper
Charles I. diod on the scaffold.
James I died from driokfng and
the effects of vino.
Tho most thoughtful man hnrf
leen discovered in New Jersey.
Just boforo bo died bo Said to tbo
nndertnknr. "W,en you rut moon
ce. do rtft wnpfd' nny on my foot r
they bavo already been frozen."
It was a IVMon Jmf who. wnlkiDg"
ine day with bis guardian, ttivr tt
Irnuken Roldier lying in thn street,
ind pointing to the recumbent fig-
'trc', remarked : "Pitpa. ( cue's liV
Invsn't belong to thfll Standing
"oo7 'o'.liti, ',,)) J, .S'.TO'l'olM
pi ;() fffn'ii 7 lltiinnr.1, .IV
trtfif.i nifl ChlHihtt'lV
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Vr. S'i-f' Kln",lHifr, Ki.n. V. 11., trmtli.'
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r I.T l Milni.ln, i I'Klnlrr.l t
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I'ti rit4.r.i f-nir rt.iu( lift : it.fil rTlT'., II ;.
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n'itt I !. - r'T- rl.l i dm. Ipl.t i.iir.-. nnl i'
he n tiiii.l-t -in ii r"i'H t i i,y Hrliri
I o-lrr, lrui 1. 1', Ktiui'. N. It.
fim:.Ti: i f ns v. ir ru.
I. W. A.lilil". N. wnrv. IIIOii. iy, : i-ti-I'li
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.itipi-tli I141I th f.t fi-, -ill t:ienn In
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w .111 ' .1 h i , t -r, . it i 1 li. .My nriti., bi-i4H
in'l lifl, win o r. 1, . 1 o.l I r tt.rp TMrM, wt,'.'t
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l: t lifi'l. k 1 litrjpillv. t, . I t'cret'lM
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I'soni iKie. .
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with lli-lilhif ntt I Iv iII.hi-.. ult'iiil'l pnil ly
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II K-ui.Vi. r Inlorii.iliy au l cr Tiers hiai
Mnt. WM. rH.l,IN..Tn. Shsrnii, Wli,
f I Tit I It t.
ml I TTiren f n r tnrnllT in I Pt Tift n
Kk-uI.v, nt Intrnttlly will tm'lilvslr rur t
rry ,p i'IcuI lliiiniir, fr tiu s I'li.iiiiiun flmpla
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Siiai Kit. Si. 1,1 hy nil OruuH l-ta.
Il t, WKt.kS It I'OTI hit. Ilontnn, MH.
Complcta Trcalniont
For $1.00.
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ioiiora. Aijootf, WKKKH V I'OTIFR,
A Unarl Water HuM
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i, ...... l .... - -
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Oulrtti for both fJEXTS,'"' ! mrrlJ ndf
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i'rryhrra. I'rlc, JJO cents, Ity l A. li.'
til. IS, 1 1. ohli -i Hnt mlii-i i.i : li 1 rtrtlit.;
w In, will l'S500 fiircvi r, in-, ef nilrilu or
rtiritnlu tlitiui.' ol t.tihur vx h uv rll- nnii
Honlth. Reliable Female pills, 34
n Box. A ((i.'.'i. iiiiimii lm' wiii1 tiutii ". inn.
niiuiuunt. Rubber CoocrW jiM le i ' ir of
lioturiut luiuiuniituii, iif ti iu., f o Cento.
Dr. A. C OLIN,
Esctucky llltx k. 9X1 t. Clolk et , Cblci;o, 111.
Mil in rum Hrnd to tiitni nr I'oino to
Ml Siirp;artittinrMviiUI'
nut by lhimflvn. St-nS'
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