The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, November 17, 1881, Image 1

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V column one jre fCO.OO
Lhnir, column, on year, 90.00
.fourth column, one year, ' 15.O0
wqimr (10 linw)l Insertion 76
tmrf rulihtional insertion. hO
qfcwionnl snd Busine cards ol
vitmore than ft line, per year,
alitor, Executor, Administrator
0(j Awiiirne Notices,
tnrinl notices per lino,
All tranacient Sktlverlising less
joiilhn 10 cenU line.
,11 advertisements for a shorter pe
at than ont year are payable at the
they Are ordered, and if not paid
, person ordering litem will oe neld;
oaible for the money.
Wlddar Croon's Utt Words.
fit going to dip," says the Wldder
im frolng to qnlt this airthly scene;
, lin't no place for ine to stay
illicit a world m 'tis toMlay;
Ijch works and ways Is too tuurli for
,body can't let noliotly be,
pit girls is flounced from top to toe.
that's the whole o what they
IV men Is mod on bonds and Stocks
rrarln' and shootin' and plckin
ib real afraid I'll be hanjred myself
I ain't laid on the final shelf.
ere ain't a orctur but knows to-day
never wasluny In any way;
it since the eraxy folks all go free.
at tireaaiui ainuu iney u nanjr up
here's another matter that's pnnlcy
liar J
tau't go Into a neighbor's yard
fj say 'How be you' or borry a pin
it what the papers have it In.
We're pleased to say the Wldder
(Took dinner a Tuesday with Mrs.
tveene ;'
ir, Uur worthy friend, Mrs. Green,
lias gone
Down to HiirkhainHted to see her son'
ireiit JeruHiilem! can't I stir
Without a-ralnlii' some feller's fitr?
hire ain't no privacy no to say-
bio more than if this was the judgment
And as for meetln' I want to swear
il'lienever I put my h"ad la tlirs
iVhy, even 'Old Hundred's spilvdand
lone, . '
Ike everything else the sun.
t used to be so solemn and clow
I'ralxe to the Lord from men below;'
ow it (roes like a jrallopin' steer,
High tllililte diddle, there and here?
o resiiect to the Lord above.
Namore'n ef he was hand and fflove
With all the creturs he ever liuule.
And all the JIkb that ever were played.
l'reanhin' too but here I'm dumb,
Hat I tell you what! I'd like it so in
Kfgnod old Paeon Nathan Strong
Out o' his grave oull route along
Au' give us n stirln' tante of tire -.leitgnieitt
and juctire Ih my di'sire.
Taln'tall love an' sicklitli swwt
Tlutt makes this world mid t'other
complete, ,
Hut luMr! I'm old. I'd better be dead,
When the world's a-turnlii' over my
Spirits tnlkln' likp tarWrd fools.
Bibles kicked out o' leetrick hsIiooU,
Crazy cfeturs n-in i Win' round
llitie.ttflksbtt rbj mi lr irro i'i 1.
Hofure-ye-welP. tliin Artfily H:;mir
Won't no more be pestered by Wid
der Ureen.rt
Holect 'I? it I
Which Was hi ta ?
K bias-taring, unci efjrtiblo d.y
in early !iove-n'ier, ih t
promise of ono- in the air, an 1
sky that was clou ling over. The
bare brtnonei of tho tree ecvayad
and writhed etvagely occasionally
little showers of dry. dead leaves,
tlist were not yet sodden and decay
J. flurried np and down , and tbs
rotr of the Are in tho chimney co n
pleted tbe.outsi ta piotara of a dull
siUmna afteroim.
' la Miss Miner aittingroom,
however, everthinff was as coiy and
delightfal M coald be desired, with
(he warm crimson lambrequins, with
their heavy cords sod tassals, and
the carpet to matoh la tints, and the
furniture of light gray damask, pnf
hi with crimson, and the gray and
Rold wall paper, , and tho pretty
kuick knacks hers and there that
furnished the room insaoh admira.
bis taste. And Hsttia Miner, sit
Wag before tho open gratettore Ore,
ear blaolc silk skirt turned carefully
hack over her lap, apd her anbstani
tlly-made nebblegoal boots resting
eomfortably the -fender.
An e!derry woman 49 odd with
sharp ehrewd face and bright lit
Us eyoe, and a resolute 1 jok aroun d
riMoath, A homely, outspoken
cnia, wW-nte, proad to eay she
hd sjover beea in love, who lired in
bury, altboagh on small scale,
led who had $75,000 Jn Qorern
ka bonds to leave bar relations
thtn shs died i and in all the world
U t id but two relatives, Mrs. (Wis.
forf rl, bsr married sitter, and Ms,
fi .vDollingby, ber balNbrothsis
wbc, besides being inordinately
jeelocs that old Simon Carmen bad
''j his fortane.just beoauso
t.- IksppoeJ to befrieod him
Iq i, 30 ante mining days, were
r-' ph glsen to toadying her and
i aCMtionate letters to her,
"tding her Uh preset?, snd
KviUtloos oa heci HI of,"PP . v .
1 ritusr aoeepteJ ia asset'
s i i m m msn
ter-of-fsct way, and in return
exactly as she pleased.
This especial afternoon, as sbe
sat meditatively before tho Are, sbe
suddenly broke the stillness, with so
eoergy of speech tbat made the
yonng girl reading in the bay-win
dow, nearly conoealed by the car-
tains, look startot'ly np from her
book :
'Ellioe, yon're a fool T
Evidently, Kllice Dnnning bad
not lived five years as companion
anl personal attendant to Vsa
Miner in rain, for she manifested no
surprise at the rough speech, beyond
the brief little startled look in 'her
soft winey-brown eyes.
Sbe closed ber book and came ont
into the room, a little flash on her
"Do yon think so, Miss Jfmor
"Most oortiinty 1 think sj, or I
should not bare said to. Yon are a
fool, Ellice Donning, and I bate to
eee yoa throw y ousel f away so fool
ishly. Do show yonr common sense,
if you've got any, and let that yonng
jackanapes of a doctor go. Yoa are
better off without him. I'll give
yon a new sealskin socqne this win
ter if you'll give bim op.
"I conldn't give bim up, Mus
Miner 1 1 love bim too well."
Miss Miner looks 1 sarcastically at
F.llice's sweet flushed face, aud gave
a suiff of contempt.
"What nonsenao I Yon love bim
too woll. Love indeed I It's all ab
surdity. I never was in love in all
my life."
EUice dropped Iter bead in a prct
ly, little coufused way.
can't help that, Miss Miner,
I love Frank, end be loves me. We'd
bojperfectly miserable if we wero
parted. Please don't tell me I
mast give bim np. Indeed, it is im
possible. We are engaged to be
married just as soon as be comes
back from bis visit borne."
Miss Miner dropped her foot from
the polUluJ silver bt to tho tiled
hearth with a ressnwt bn as she
jumped np. indignantly. ,
Engine I to be married to Dr.
Oloviu ! DU I ever ! Well, F.J! ice
Dunning very Well.. Yoa rnny
pnek my Imnd-valise at once. I am
gniug to New York on a visit by tho
0:10 train, anl I'll be buns on
Thnesdiiy. VVhon I Come back,
don't let me find you here, you uu
jjrnleful little wretch yon."
E lice's lips quiver el. and her
eyes filled with diamond bright
"Miss Miner. You dont mean
to turn me awny."
"That N jiiRt what I moan. 1
have told you time and again, I
didu t approve of men -boom and
love-making, and I won't havo it
where lorn. Yon can take yonr
choice me or Dr. Olovio, I'll give
yoa just five minutes."
''I don't want five minntef for a
choioe Miss Miner," she said proud
ly. Yon bave been very good to me,
and I cannot forget yonr kindnoss t
and I think I have done my dnty to
yoa, . But nothing no one could
come between me and Dr. Oleviu."
u All right, then. Don't lot roe see
you hero when I come back that's
And tben Kllice went np to Miss
Miner's room and packed tho red
Russia satchel, dropping a few tears
as sho folded the garments Miss
Miner would require,
I'll go to Jfrs. Carisford Carl."
Miss Jfiner decided, as she sat in
the eity-boond express, in tho early
dask of the .November evening.
"Camelia thinks all the world of me.
Her daughter would not act, Tho
idea ! of preferring aetaalty prefer
ring a penniless young doctor,
with a mnstaobe -a nasty black
mustache to him. After all I've
done for ber, too.1
And tben Miss Miner leaned back
very contentedly in her seat, satis
fied that she bad dono ber whole
duty by herself, and Ellice Dunning,
It was just 8:30 o'clock when the
hired hack deposited her at the door
of Mrs. Carisford Carl's red brick
honse a comfortable, cosy place
with name on tbe door ia foil
A servant showed her in, and aik
ed bet. name i Miss Miner wanted to
surprise her sister, and sent word
that a fried wished to see her while
she seated Izrx&t ia tho parlor,
where a little K?.lrU ottrled np . in
a enshioned ebalr, ratilej.
"Tod want to e y fiamma, I
"Yse" said Miea Miner, with
affable smile. "Yoa are Hetty, I
enppose 1"
Tbo ohild gave a heavy sigh,
"Yes, I'm Hetty. Ob, don't I
hate that name T''
"Why, ly. think it's a first rate
nemo. Yoa are a namesake of
somebody, I gness ?'
"Yes, 7 am. Old ffelty Mioer, my
anot, who lives out ia the dantry.
I never have seen ber and I don't
want to either, 'cause mamma ssys
she's tbe meanest old thing in all
creation a regular old Miss Nancy,
papa says."
Miss Minor smiled a little queer-
"Oh 1 that's what they say, is it f
Well, Hetty, I am yonr Aunt Min
er." The child opened ber eyos wider.
"Are yoa f Then, won't mamma be
mad I Wo expect company after
awhile, and mamma won't want yoa
at all. We'd be dreadfully ashamed
of yon before the Algerdooe. You're
going to leave ns your money, ain't
yoa ' Papa and mamma said they
wero most tired of waiting you bad
as many lives as a cat. We are go
ing to Europe when you die I"
Aroyon t" said Miss J'oer, with
an insane desire to shake the pert,
sulf. I woulJu't depend upon it if I
were you 7"
Aud before .1i'S. Ctrl came down
stairs, Miss Miner whs out on the
street, on ber way to her bulf-brotb-er'a
A pretty nest of vipers those
Calls are. Thank boaven, I've found
them out in time f (ioing to Europe
on my money I Wby, angreatful as
that epnuky little Kllice is she isn't
half as troacherous as my own flesh
and blood. Uurapb I"
And ber complacency was not yot
restored when she left the street
car on tbe nearest corner to Mr.
Parker Dollingby's bachelor quarters
tbat were ulight ia a perfect blaze
of bright cheer.
"It looks like a party," she
Hut all tbe same she did not besi
tale to go up the iraposiug stone
steps and riug the bell, to which no
responso coiuiug, she triod the door
knob, aud admitted burself into a
lurge, brilliantly lighted bull, at the
end of which was a room, from
which came the sound of rovelry
and jollification tbat bad prevented
her ting bjio hsir I.
Mine Minor wont into the first
door that stood ejtr, nod through
another partly-closed door she saw
the gay bachelor party some ton or
fifteen merry over their wine.
"So that's the way Parker Doll
ingby does, is it ?" sbe as ked her
self grimly, just as, tho same instant
that gentlemau rose bign, and for a
second silenced all others.
"Here's to tbo health of my most
respected anoient martneress a
veritable old maid, all forlorn, whose
legacy ie a long time coming, but
sure to get here some time. A cool
$50,000 or so, boys t and imsgine
the ewell we'll cut when tbe vener
able Mehitable kicks tho bucket
Drink to ber, fellows 1"
Somehow Miss Mioer took her
self silently ont of tbe place. Sbe
was silent all the way to the botel t
and then, once in tbo room, locked
tbe door, and sat down and act
ually cried, and thon went to bed,
wondering if it was ever granted to
mortals to oome nearer to being
made a fool of than sbe bad beent
and at two o'clock in the morning
awaken with a atrange, aiok feeling
tbat waa awful to endure in tbat
big, lonely hotel, where ebo did'nt
know a living soul.
lint sbo rang for assistance, and
tho servant brought her a physician,
wbo happened to be staying over
night and Miss Minor's life was
saved from tho terrible attack of
gastralgia by Dr. Frank Oleviu,
"I'll pay yoa when I get home,'
she said, tersely. "Yoa can go
with me, if yoa don't saind my
green vail andbag."
a, sea
Ana so alter rescuing noma.
where Ellfoe Donning in readiness
to leaveby a traio sn hour later,
opened to door io answer to an . im
perious summons, Miss Miner stalk
ed in followed by Dr. Olefin.
"Yoa needn't b3 frightened,
Bllioe," the eaid, in a wonderfully
oft ton of voice "I've ! changed
my mind, fta the fool. . not yoa.
Hero yoar bean. yoa oeo bave
bim and welcome. A ad when yoo're
married, I'm going to settle. my
fortaao yoa and lot you live hero,
j mr "w .-rs
if youH give mo a room eomewhero.
I've changed my mind, t tell yoa,
Kllice Donning. Take off yoa things
and go get a enp of coffee for oe."
And that was the way little brown-
eyed Ellice came into her doable
inheritance of love and fortune.
The Dutch Captain's Device.
"Sail on tbe starboard bow !" .
'What is hT" asked Captain
Martain Pietersszoon, lookiog anx
iously in that direction t for in the
Eastern seas, two hundred years ego
every stranger saiwas'a terror to
tbe captain of a well-ladea Dutch
merchantman. "Can't quite make
her out yet," answered the i lookout
at tbe masthead. "Looks like a
brigantino very rakish cut, alto
gether." The Oiptain's fiice darken
ed and bia lips tightened. They
tightened stilt more a few minutes
later, when the lookout bailed again,
'She's'an armed brigantino, bearing
right down upon us."
Every face among tbe crew seem
ed to harden eudJenly, but no one
spoke. Itileod, what need was
there of words f All on board un
derstood in a moment what was bo
foro them. They were about to bj
atUcted by pirates and thore was
not a singlo cannou, not even an old
musket, aboard tho vessel.
It was a terriblo moment for thorn
nil, moro terrible for the poor cap
tain. For years ho bad boon toiliug
and saving, bearing every kind of
hardship and facing every kind of
danger nntil bo bad made money
enough to becomo part owner of tbe
ship tbat he commanded. Ho bad
made throe successful trips in a
snug little bouseon tbe great canal
at Amsterdam, with rosy-cboeked
Oredul Voort, bis old neighbor's on
ly daughter, for his wifo. And now.
all in a moment be found himself
face to face with bideoas peril, which
threatened him tbe loss of all he ha 1
in tbe world, and his life to boot.
The crew stood looking moodily
at the approaching vessel, which
came eweeping over tho bright bluo !
sea, with its hnie suits uutaprnal
... ... . 1 , ,
like tho wings of a S'van, a porToct
picturo of duality, th u It it brought
death along with it. Soino f tho
bolder spiriU wero bogiuuing to
mutter to each ot'jor that it would
bo butter to Miit tiro to their own
ship nod die like men theu to be
tlung into the sf a like dogs, when
the captain's gloomy face eudduuly
lighted np as nobody bad ever seon
it lighted np yet, and be burst iuto
B,,c 1(ui1. hoaity laugh that the
doomed men stood amazed to
bim "Cheer up, lads," be cried,
still laughing. "All's not over with
ns yet Come knock tbe boad ou
of that cask of butter, and smear the
deck with it- Sharp now 1"
Tbe men only stared blankly at
bim, thinking be had gone man i
and even tbe stolid mate opened bis
month in amaxment "Do you
bear t" shouted the captain. "Look
sharp, will yoa t There is no timo
to lose. Grease the whole deck,
fore and aft, and tbe rigging, too,
as high as yoa can reach. We'll
give tbo rascals a slippery job of it
Tben the sailors began to under
stand i and tho shout of laughter
tbat broke forth would have might-
ifly astoniahod tho pirates, had they
been within bearing. In a twink
ling, tbe deck wee greased Until it
fairly shone, bulwarks and all.
"Now, boys" cried tbe captain, "on
with your sea boots, and put san l on
tbe soles to keep yoa from slipping,
and tben each of you take a hand
spike and be ready.
Tbe pirate was now so near that
they oonld see plainly tbo rabble of
gaunt, sinewy Malsys, woolly-beaded
negroes, and sallow, blaok-baired
Portnguese tbat crowded ber decks.
A few minutes more, and ehe ran
alongside and almost before tbe
two vessels bad touched, three wild
figures leaped from tbe pirate's rig
ging npon the merchantman s
deck. Put it was a very unlaoky
jump for all three. Tho first man
spun across tbe slippery deck as if it
had been a skating rink, and went
right ont on tbe other aide. Tbo
second tumbled bead foremost down
tbo hatchway into tbo eook'a galley.
where tho black cook oonelderatoly
piled a heap of iron pans oa htm to
keep bim qoiet "Aha, Masea Pi
rate," said be, grinning, Mia ship do
do 'Flying Dutehmao,' hint do Slid
ing Dutchman I" - '
Tbo third pirate bad leaped on
W If Si
board as fiercely as if be meant to
kill tbe whole crew at one blow i
bnt tbe only man be hurt was him
self, for he bit hie head such a whack
agaiost the mast tbat be almost
knocked his brains out, and fell
down roaring with pain. All this
so frightened the other pirates tbat
they thought tbe ship must be be.
witched, and rushing back to their
vessel with a howl of dismay, made
off as fast as possible. For many
years after, one of the familiar sights
of Amsterdam was a portly old gon
lloman with a jolly red faco, at sight
of which the boys used to begin
"Captain Martin Pieteroroon
Made, bis ship a buttered bun,"
And bis wife w never tired of
showing tbe bnge silver butter dish
presented to him in honor of bis re
pulse of tho pirate with a cask of
The Independent Locksmith.
t Lyin, the greit lookimith of
his day, w is often sent for by presi
douts of buk an 1 other great peo
plo. au l ho rathor likal the idea of
koeping the great pooplo waiting
Sj ono miming Patsti l ho wjiII
come as soon as ha htl done bis
broikfast, wliio'i hppjnoJ to bi a
goo.ld)il litor thia aiad tuii p ti
tle ular morning.
I'rotty soon camo a sncond mos
souer for Pat fro n tho bi lk pre
sident, and so Pat started off with
messenger No. 2. Whou bu reached
the b ink be f uu 1 tho preid ent an 1
cashier and clerks all in a fret and a
fume. Tliey ojuldu't opou tho safe
to got the rainey out for tho busi
ness of the dty t somethinjor other
was tbe matter with the lock. They
were in a deal of a stew, aud bailed
Pat on his arrival with delight, for
now they oonld open the loak.
Pat was bl 1-lioiloJ, an I htl a
habit of robbing bis Iliad oa his
pito, thm retlly ra'ibin bin hiir
away. He woro s poctaclos as a gen
eral thin, bat wheu be w4 parti
cularly desirous of looking ut any-
ititnrv n, wna irl if ut.iI..1
I , . , , . , , ,
I ho took Im spectacles oil his eyes
and (hud them ovor his foruhoad.
Ho no.v rubbod his hanJi ovor
hi-i ho.i l a iitiiiuta, put hil npunlaclos
ovttr his foi jliei 1, look ! at tho 1 ck
a half iiiiuut't, or t vo, an 1 tho lock
was I'ixj I all ri.ut aul tlia sifd was
roady to upon.
Tuo pro-udunt was delighted. So
was tho cashier. . They shook hands
with Pat. who received thuir saluta
tions with a good dual of style.
"And now Mr. Lyon," asked the
president "what is your charge ?''
Pat put np his spoctaoles a little
bighor, just a little, and siid :
"Oao hundred dollars "
"What! Ous hundred dollars fir
losa than throe raiauUj' work, Mr,
Lyon f Why this is outrageous,"
said the president.
"It is extortiou," said the oashior.
'Mil right," said Pat Lyou, rub
bing bis band ovor bis bead, and
then putting his spectacles a little
higher over bis foreheai just a
little. "Yoa won't give me my
money won't give yoa my work.
And I'll loave things as I found
tiiera." Here be took hold of the
lock, and cirrussing with it got i
out of geir, at it wis first aul s
left tho sife ia preoisely the sa ne
unopeaablo condition as be found it.
Tben be started to go borne.
But tbe president and tho cashier,
appreciating . tbe situation, seeing
what fix tuey were in, bigod Pat
to let op on them, and fix the look
so they could open the safo.
Pat complied with their request,
bnt still kept bis hand on the safo
door. It was all redy to open, but
wasn't yet opened.
"Now, be reasonable in your
charges t do, Mr, Lyon said tbo
bank president,
"Two buudrel dollars," sai l Pat
robbing bis head and raising bis
peetaole once more.
"Why, this is downright robbery,"
cried the president.
"Might as well break into tbe safe
as open it at that rate," remarked
tbe cashier.
"All right" said Pat, oirsasslog
with the look rapidly, before any
body coald prevent bim, and tben
banging tho oafe door to, leaving it
for tho third timo hermetically seal
By tbJe time tho president bad
his mad np. Ho ordered Pat ont of
the offioe, and sent for a rival black-
mith. Ho came quick enough, and
woikel and faised long oooagh and
17, 1881. NO, 17
hard enough, bat he didn't fit tbe
lock and he couldn't open tho safe.
Aod it got to be nearly ten o'clock,
and no money available yet.
In despair a third messonger was
dispatched after 'at Lyon, wbo
came back with a lot of extra digoi-
(,Opon that safe at yonr own
torms, Mr. Patrick Lyon," said the
Pat rubbed bis bead, pnt bis
spertsclos way np on bis forehead,
aud openod the safe.
'Now your terms'" said the presi
dent "Throe hundred dollras," said
The cashier protested, but the
president paid tho money. "Why,
he will BHk for $4 )0 next time," re
marked the president to tho cashier.
' Kxause nio,"sii l I'at, wilbdigni
ly, "but my terms next time will bo
five hundred."
"You eoo," said tho prcsidont to
tho cahior, as ho gave bim tho
And Pat rubbed bis boad and
took bis chock without a word. lie
was master of tho situation and
kuow it.
Thoughts From Emerson,
fikopticisir) is slow suicide.
Caut is useful to ptovoko common
rite it on yonr ueart tbat every
day is tho best day in tho year.
Tho essence of fnondnbip is rti
tireueas, a total tuaguuuiuiity uud
lue less n man mini or knows
about his victims tho butter wo like
Truth is too simple for as j we do
not like those who unmask our illu
sion Souls are not saved in bundles.
The Spirit asks of .every man, bow
is it with thee f
Life is not so short bnt that thero
is always time for courtesy. Sulf-j
command is tho uiniu elegance,
If thero is any grout and good
thing in etoro for you, it will not
come at tho first or eocond call.
Life is harJly respuctablo if it has
no geucrous tatk, no dulios or af
fections tlmt conbtituto a necessity
of exibling. I .very man's task is his
Tho best pail of human character
is tho tenderness and delicacy of
fouling in little matters, tho desire
to soothe and pTc-iiso others min
utiicof tho social virtues.
No congress, nor mob, nor gnlllo
tine, nor fire, nor all together can
avail to cutout, burn or destroy the
oUeose oi superiority in persons.
The superiority in bim is inferiority
in mo.
Sulf trust is the essence of Lcro
ism. It is the state of the soul at
war, and its ultimate objects are the
last defiance of falsehood and wrong
aud tho power to bare all that can
be inflicted by evil ngeots. It
speaks tho truth, and it is just, gen
erous, hospitable, temperate, scorn
ful of potty calculations and soorn
fulofbeiug scorned It persists ;
it is of an undaunted boldness and
of a fortitudo not to be wearod out.
Most men gamble with fortune
and gaia all or lose all, as ber whoel
rolls. But do thou leave as unlaw
ful these winnings, and deal with
cause and effect tho chancellors of
Ood. In the will, work aod ac
quire, and thou bast chained the
whoel of chance, and shalt always
drag her after thoe. Apolitical vic
tory, a rise of routs, the recovery of
your sick, or the return of yonr ab
sent frieud, or some other quite ex
ternal event raises yoar spirits, and
yoj thiok good days ere preparing
for yoa. Do not believe it. It can
never be so. Nothing can bring
you peace but the triumph of prin
ciples; And got the Kill t A healthy
moonlight eveaiug is good for build
ing Louses. No money is required
only talk. Two yooeg lovers dis
cus ths future tfter they sro msr.
ried. They sit dowo,' With their
arms eolwlosd around escb otber
snd they sy they will build as ioo
as l bey are married sal tho seasoe
bas sdvanesd a little. They will
have a two-story boese with sn attic.
They will bave a three-story bouse,
perhaps, it sbaii nave tme or that
cumber of rooms. This coovenience
or tntl convenience win mete- it
much more dlreble thae any other
bnnns' Uandrsds of litlls poUts are
disease;. J no staoe advances.
The sessoa pssws, N bne is built
The other fellow builds tho house.
Publlnhed every Thursday Evening
Terms of Subscription",
able viiliin six months or 20ifnot
paid within the yenr. No paper dis
continued until all arrearage are
fiaid unless at the option of tho puh
isber. Subscriptions nufoide of the county
Person lifting and using papers
eddresfted Vn others liccomestilMH-riliers
and are liable forthc price of tbo paper
A eloao shave Two per cent, a
Qillmoly bought a cignr ths oilier
day snd ss he lit it the tobscconist
ss'ul, with prida : "That's a flno Im
ported cigar." "Is It" responds!
Oilhanty, "It ha alwys been a
mystery tome why O.Ivrston does
not raise ber own ctbbsge.
....Charles Buckwaltor bad a
hard battle with a young buck Dear
r.bcnsbarg. on Tuesday lat and
sncceodod in killing tho beast only
after a severe slrugglo. He cnt its
throat with a large knifo with whioh
be was topping corn.
... Samuel Fox, living noar
Tricetowo, llnrksconnty, died in hie
carriage ou Friday whilo attending
a funeral.
... ,J. Martin Robinson, of Erio,
was'killed Mjy tho accidental dis
charge of his gun while out bunting
on Thursday.
A cave has boon discovered in In
liana which is said to bo nearly as
largo as Mammoth cave, Kentucky,
and to possess much moro striking
attractions. Tho cave is in Crawford
county, and as thero is fine fishing
and bunting in tho m-iguhothood,
tho place vtill be converted into a
summer resort.
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kniiwo. Th iii0tit ! ft timD forty imi iM
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Cil twi'ite unitiiha.
He.ortft.i tiy
ir'. 11. HHOWN, En, Bftrnwull. S,
scitoi 11.4 iti:.
Her. ir . In S.iln( bll ezperlftnr with
thellin im Iikmiiiiikii '.fti that tlirotntn
iMrlnn Hrnvlilrnre im nl Im iarllilnrjri m
pu-iil nl er"tnl'Mi ,,,. l,rli wae alowly
'Iraliilnn ftay lila Ilia, by Ih t'l'Tirt tiA H
nl , hit Inurnally, and i fiirim and I'm.
ft a Miai- axarnally. Tl. tbat kftj
tail tba di.aatft wa cvtn laial) Urlti o uul.
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nn n lej ft". I b-.tti Imt. hlcU lurnej rut tu
I a Lcri'inft. anil raurcil roe -reat iaio anl an.
imaDfft. 1 tneil varli-up rctnaiiie. wttb no
yuuil r. ulu. until I ureil Ilia t tnit hA Ha luternall) ami n m l ki t't'ii.
i k utrrimlly, wlilrh entirely eurnl
fua ?u that tby k lu la aa aiftui'itj ftuil natural aa
l.t.V. M. J RAI1.KY, SI South St., Haiti
The I'utlr-iira In atminl Toy th rare nf SkiS,
Scftli mini lllnoil lilaeiuaii, euuaiata In tlia In.
i-riil ue ol ut Tin ha, it, Ida near
lllnoil lutlllar. anil the aiiartial u nf ft Ti
ll ha ftuil l im iHA Biial', the llrtftt Skin
Price ntt't tit m . email brnte, Vn : larva
nnaee, ftl I'l Tict a Hkhi iierlnttie.
I't TllI HA MllAf. . fl Til l HA MIAXIIIil
hoAP, lo. Solit hy all ilrUKHlala.
iMpnt. Wt.l.kS h Pun til. Moatna. Mara.
Complete Treatment
For $1,00.
I rnRi'e It Ann At ("Ilia. Catahiiai
iii vvnt au l 1 hi ii. iv HP IkH a I H wraiipnl
In one .aeaai:a. with full dltertluna. ami
nl t by a l druiKi.ta tor on di'hr. A.i
lor saniurn'a iiriiiral run.
Y mm a .Irani cnld nr InSupnac. In the rnt
Mbit. .Itiiiabln and death uf the ,eneot
.toi'll, taatv ftnd hearlnit. Hit ,real rrmi-in
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ii anaeil, rit.iDletteil, amell. ta.ift ami hrar
ina reaiore.t end pnnatttutlouftl iftTftxe'
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initantly ruilavlnic and tiermanenily eurlnv
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world, ho failure la Jo year, iiary u(
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At tnr PAKhoNs1. Mailed fur 2- by
WEEkS POTTEH , Hotiua Alaaa.
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trade ktaite CrakyrtirhU. Mo., liar Uift VatU BUUv,
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tvnrio AKtHH AM. Thia lartr and ilrrlid lllua
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wt 'Hmrw, ta very Inwmallnir, and baa fta mHtnimi
rimulalti a. Adilna Ml NS a , lativit SiWIrt.
(.aa. Pubol St'iKkTTrtC ftDaair.N. S7 Itut kur,
t"'wTiir.. Handbnnkabil I'atenu fme.
It nays to go to IL S
SCHROYER'3 for Boots
& Shoes, He is selling"
COOTS C3.25 per pair,
all insured.
I Oct. VI, .