The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, July 21, 1881, Image 1

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    A.flverttlnff Unto.
Oa column one year, ' IffWi.
One-half, column, one year, 8J.
One-fourth cnlnmh, mm year,i U.H)
ne square (10 li))l insertion, n 7rt
Every additfbnalluserlloii; 60
rnAssional and Bu4ne card o4 '
notirior than 5 lines, per year, 6.00
Auditor. Executor, Administrator
and Assignee Notice,. 2.B0
Editorial notices per litis, 15
Alt transient advertising Iom than
t months 10 cents a line. ;
All sdvertinemcnU for a shorter pe
riod than one your are payable fit the
time they are ordered, aud it ,nwt paid
the person ordering them .will ee held;
. omihln for the mnnef
1 o t r y
Sonsd Advice.
Ton wih to be a lawyer, John well,
I'd not cy b word
Uelcs I felt quite certain that your
longing are absurd;
Idon't.wbih to riUcotirage you, but
then I can't counetit
To , board you n I'd hev to do, and
pay your olllce rent.
i . . - -
"You've gotaset of luty llinlmund or-
' til nary head
And you are meant by common toil to
earn your dully bread;
Jlut thriving farm and pteaant home
' vlicre nmn and wife agree
Hear any wne-horse lawyer' office a
far aa you can eee.
'If you'd lieen born with talent, John,
you'd long since hev shown
That you had gift, by mealing uiT to
"utody book alone;
Ji'ow, if you ever read a book, I r'ally
tlon't know when,
Though come to think, I believe you
do ling a somewhat legal pen.
tfe wise my boy, the legal rank are
rorw than crowded now,
A ud half of t hone who ntarve therein
were cnt out for the plow.
Hut they mistook pureloziuex fortal-
. eut, uuderHtaiul,
An 1 help to fill a big supply where
there wa no demand.
"Are they, educated t Ye, but here
let me explain,
That seed that' nown in sh tt;y Soil
bring forth but littlo gr.tln:
And tlii hlghcrcilucttioii to mi ordi
nary niiiitV
Is like a pair yf big gold pec upon u
man thut' liliml.
' There i no prouder pl.icetlmn 'twUt
the bundle of a plow;
(Though etiiniply lulid ha buiiililed 1
meat lime, Imuntallow)
And a for buuian greatneN. I shuuld
thhk I hid uiy h,ire.
If I could take the prle for cow ut our
next county fair. '
Jiint emulate your nire, my son, nnd
Jnt as sure a fate
You'll live to bo respected, though
perhaps you won't be great;
But enter law, and five nhort year
will clean you out so bad
You'll have no recollection of the bint
square moid you had."
Rowing Against tlia Tido.
It I easy to glide with the ripple
Adown tho Htrenm of time,
To flow with the of the river,
I.Ike tuiitili) to Home old rhyiif.;
Hut ah! it take couru and patience
AgulitNt it current to ride,
And we nniHt huve ntreugilt from
When rowing agalm-t the tide.
We may flout on the river' fiirfiice
While our our ncarco touch the
And viKion of curly glory
On our dazzling siKht may gleam;
We forget that on before u
The dashing torrent roar,
And while we are Idly dreaming,
Its water will carry us o'er.
Hut ty few fth, -would thero ere
. ' many,
Row up the "stream of life;"
They struggle Hgnitist it surge,
And mind neither toll nor trife.
ThmigU weary and faint with labor,
Kiiiglng,.triutnphant, they ride,
For L'hriBt Is the hero's Captain
When rowing againt the tide.
For on through the hazy distance,
Llkea iitlht on a distant shoro,
They see the walls of ft city,
With its banners floating o'er, .
Been through a glass so darkly
riiey almost mistake their way,
But .faith throw light on their "labor,
When darkness tihut out their day,
And shall we be one of that number
who nilnd no toll or pain T
Bhall we mourn the loss of earthly
When we have a crown to gain t
r shall we glide on with the river,
With (lentil t th. ...i ... . .
cm, ui our ride,
Whlleour brother, with heaven before
I rowing against the tide T
"Pa, wb.t 1 the be",
tween oirilixatioa end barbtrlsm f
"Civlluatioo, my ion, is blowing
Tour momj to pleoot with a bomb
Ml t range or four mlloi. Jjar.
tr..m U knocking bis braiat out st
length witli- brutal clnb.
Our. UangS; 0f,en anj4 t9
PitUburgh's gUf taV," and "iroo
koldlog-BMiiDg.. - An Iron
"innstbea "aoliii" oltixen, bnt
houldu'i-: think glasi men
Wi snoceed lo builoeu. Il'd
'"V. too easily. . .
of ,Z er8 worasn is oomposed
! lone! 109 muscles, 22 old
MIpert snd 210 bebvplne.
Birds or .t t . i . . .
I lav l -euoty ia toe moro
loJWtbeJr lHtlbilU.r,.ll
M fa::
vol: id,
Lad of lale fieqnontly lieanl ex
tolled the beauty of a woman bear
ing the tagq oame of Lola, wbo wai
inger of bull ids at s v irioty
tbeatrn, Ilupponin t did tlia
theatre one eveuiO)f I droplet in
just prior to the tu jmont of her ap
pearance. Truljr hor bnautjr had
not been spoken of in term of ex
aggeration. She wan, indued, very
At Ilia conclusion of her songs
large bouquet w.ta flunff on theelngo.
It carce from ft piivalo box,' in which
wne eeated an elderly imin, whoso
dree and ftpponranee bet ikonod hi
wealth. She wn recalled an I sang
again, and I w her ftmilo an ac
knowledgment toward Hie box.
A fancy elruck tim to sou what
Lola looked like when otFtlio efn 'o.
and I mado my wy to the U;jo
entrance. I uoticod a
drawn op noar by and it struck mo
that it bolonud tu tha go itlo inn
in tho box. Ifouudtho etugo en
trance guarded by a dooruiiti. I
was, howevor well acquaiutud itli
him, and be penmuittud iuo to on.
tor and I poNted mvHclf in n position
whine who miiHl pass nuur mo in o
ing out. 1 bud not buou there lin.
when I heard fuotntcp M.iivly diav
ing, and voico in Ijiv cdaior
Hutiou. ..W..II ...!.. 1 . ti
tu, .iniii. io jon nay, jurry l
"Von :iy lie him piopoHod."
' j
"Ho i rich? Ihoro iu't uuy douM 1
about it t" I
..T)c ho p.inso.1 m.lkilv.--
.,, , , ,
" ut "a. even
, ii-r a wolu. Lut 1 suppose Vni d
host many bim, though. They ty
h's got the beartdieae and
you'll boa rich young widow bufore
a groat while."
"And then it will bo plain Railing
for us,'' said ibo woman. "I'd loll
him 'yos,' thou.''
And wiih a parting Ic Isb be bung
buck allowing L du to pass out nlong
whore she was met by Jamo Ib i.
tol. a wealthy ret. rod diy-oo l
instantly I comprehended the
situation. Bristol bad booomo enu
moiod of L d. and wisliud t j marry
iier, baviug no stipioion of bor true
chatiictor, or that this man, Harry
ICvaim, wits bor lovor.
I saw her outer Urn carriage t ) bo
driven to her homo.
Thinking it all over that cvoning
in the privacy of my room, I w ou
dorod whether I'd bottor attempt tj
eulighten Hrislol,
"shaw ! I'd bo a fool to try it."
1 at last decided. "She'd swear it
wanti't so, and tho old fool would
boliove hor in profuronco to mo.''
I thought no moro of the matter un
til one duy several wouka Inter,
when I saw their niarringo announced
in the papors. Tboy had boon
marriod the day following tho con
clusion of her engugemout.
Those circumstance, with the
lapse of time, bud noatly boon obli
terated from mymomory, whon tbey
were reoullod one day, about a year
later, by seeing a notice of the death
of James Hriutol."
7obal died of "hoart-diseaaa,"
the announcomont stated.
It would be impossible for mo to
ssy why I to far iutorsted myself in
the matter as to take tho trouble to
ascertain tho prociue ciroumtanoos of
bis death. I bad avaguo douiro to
know that was all tho iocontivo I
ever know.
I loarood tbat Bristol bad bought
aa elogaut hoasa and grouaJs on
the boulo-vard, near Fort Wab
ington. Ho bad been found (load in
a small gummer-bouse on the
grounds by the coaohiuaa stricken
down with hoartdiseasQ.
Wsndoring about the . grouuds, I
finally approached the stablos aud
struck np a oonvorsation with the
coachman. 4
"I fancy didn't love bim any
too will," said the Impiacious follow.
"He worshipped bor though. There's
a younger and bottor-looking man
wbo comes sometiines that she likes
a heap better. " ,
Instantly my thoughts rovnrtel
to her old lover, the variety eotor
Uarry bvaas. .
"Oh well," loareleasly said, "that's
not anything. , There's many a wo
man wbo thinks mora of another
man than her husband. Dot it
doesn't follow that I bote's anything
wrongr -. . i ' '
; c i i a
o, be anwcred. and tben
winked knowingly, a nincb as to
"Hut in this case it's differ
ent." : .
"Did yoa ever see any' him? out of
way f
"Kol wyat lf. l?t yon must know
tbat the cook and niu'a ngoin' to be
marriod, and she can be kind of free
you kuow, jn tolling me what goo
on in Ibo boiiflo i and tht says shu'e
oen the same follow about thu
Iiouho wbou ho shouldn't boeu i
Now, all this nmonntod to noth
ing. Hud .1 net overboard that
Rboi t cou vernation in the theatre, I
ebould not have givon this idle guv
sip a sccon I toulit. lint tho trilling
nutter of overbearing tlmt hIioi t.
diH0HM'ou was dentine 1 to bo tin
uniiupoi laiit ciicuiilstuiici on which
wn'M,jr fiauers.woro lo umgo.
I ilelei uiiiidl to obtain a look at
tho body of Mr. Ibistol, and tin tin
out wbo hi iindeitiikf r wiih, I gain-
ed adiiiisHion with biiu to tho
Awl 1 twtt-i im,;r,
Lens than a week after tho burial
of Mr. LiiHtol, I saw an ndvortimi-
mont in tho paper for a man a mi.l I.Ij nIT.. .. . . .1. :
" iu
toriod by tho young widow.
it. i r ... ...i ... ...
"' ' " no icritiiiiiii mm, n:iO e lieiiM lliein kl cnell olllor. f ) tl . 1
wiHhedtogitridof her old servant! when weenlr.d the r.-m m ldcnly.
and take iiow une, who have no Lbe va'w'(ling l.esid,, him. In nnu
io.-a w.nai na oce iire.J.
i.u minuiesiaier l was at my
!' " "V'T o'lcnsNion wiui our;
cook, Kato,
an iidolligcut 7,
ia i
Dressed ;ip in l:er best, and I nt
tired in a very Ion I teiif, wo pre-
iNclited ouiHclvert lit the ri sl lctico of
M,m P.. ;-.(.. 1 A .....
aii. iivoi. .1 11 11
is. l.iistol. A., wo ctiitirod hor
pre.senco, I t!i iilli!;
"I'bcro's no great sorrow in
face, anyhow.
f-lio bad an album iu her lap look
tug over sumo jiietnrt h.
' a !"
h!io said, claneing up ;'
von vo cuiiin in uiiHWer to tho ad
vel tismoiit "
"If you pi izo miiu." I
atud atoMUg. I pretnndnd to pick
up from lLo lloor a man's glove,
which I iwten led to her as
uid .'
"M.ijbo n bow yon know the
I.- ..1 ,
faith, but It stained With
1 .. ., 1 , .. ,.. ;
....!... in I :.t.t..
"uu " l,,u ,uvu 'l""'.V
from myband, glanced at it, mid
then leeoveiing her Composure, J
toHsed il ciroliieasly on tho table be.
side her. Hut sav she uovor took
I.. - t - i.
01 rocomtuenjiiiions we wero eu
I found that tho cook nnd couch
man wore already gone nnd Katy
settled down iu tho kitcheu and I
asiunod my position in the stables
at ouco. Whon my work wa liu-
isbod for the day I sat with in tho
kitchen, pretending to road, but in
reality with my oars wi lo open to
bear what transpired about mo.
The door boll rang. Coming into
the kitchen after wards the waiting
maid sid it was madam's cousin.
"Her lovor." I thought but said
I began to furtively eye tbe ffirl.
It would bo next to impossible to
take up tho espionage I proposed
without bor being aware of it ; and
yet I hardly liked to take bor into my
confidence. Ilnppily she lovod the
problem fortbe pteseut by declaring
herself very tired.
"If you will go to tbe door in
o.ibo anybody rings, I'll 30 to bod,"
sho said to Katy, who glauaing at
me, and oorroctly interpreting my
look, answered ia tlio ulllrmulivo
Onae she was fairly out of tho way.
I took oil' my shoos and softly went
up stairs. Tbey. Lota and hor
cousin wore in tho sitting-room
whore I had soon bor. I mauugod
to got near enough to hoar what was
said, even though tboy convorsod in
very low tones.
"Vou've gut your now holp 1"
'Have you done well T"
"Splendidly, 1 think," she replied.
"Tbey are both as dumb as can be,
though tbey understand tboir work,
and wouldn't tumble if a bouse fell
on them."
"By the way, I have lost one of
my gloves. Have yoa teen it t"v
Yes, here it Is
1111 uo.uii,ui K tumoacii.tuo towaiM me open win low, an, I I ut-
to curry it away again. torod few words to my conipun-
She quest ioned Katy and myself ions.
at soiuii length. I tun do myself p. Tliey slarled towards him.
pear exceedingly stupid, aud Katy is face took on a desperate look,
did the same. Sho evidently want- ho suitohed out l.i ruvoboi.nid fired
ed around her people who were not to shot point blank at tho olll
ton briL'ht. nnd t 1 ia un tl.n Ul.,. .' ... I....1 r.ll.... .-. ...11.,
I pcopod through the orack of the
partially open door and saw him
take it engorly, and a look of roliof
crovsed bis faoe.
"I didn't know what had becomo
of it. Little things like tho lowing
of this glove, might do in much
damage. Hallo here' a spot on it. I
Mlood ! I didn't think ho spillud a
drop. There was none soon on
hunt" be said anxio nly.
"No,' she aiiBworod, lly (be way
Harry, did you got thai now crochut
needle V
"No, but I'll ilt so to morrow.
Where's the handle V
"la tho .vorkbox in my room."
I wailed for no more.
My opi ino w i of euortor dii..
nit inn limn I In I r en -ion to expect.
Ijc-iving tho honio I hurried to
jthn nearettt telegrapli often and sent
a dinpatcli to liciid.piiirters.
I In mid boor four ollicors were at
niy i I . I a 1 nitto I thorn to tho
houn aud led t!io way lothosittiug-
1'hey di 1 not bear u i, nnd were
talking tn tho most loving strain
! l! fairly chilled my blood t Ihink
that it wu posHiblo f .r them to tall;
I ... ...I .1. - . I t. I fl
mm urn nni. iney na i mm Mer- ichoate I j.lsl c. bv p .iioiiin the n-
;ed was bur.lly c 1 1 in bin giaveJH,
. ... .! '
about bi.r wuist. Thev tai l,.,l
I "
; ,U our ii.trnneo nnd both luriu.l
".Tobn," sai 1 Mr.t. Drisl angrily,
epeiikin.g lo me. "Ulial doc-j tins
'ii'"" '
"Si .Holy mi lam, that .you an I thi
mini In re are prifotiei."
".v ? Wliut for" she hiid in in to tho Ii.hh i in t!i i c't fi-
'fling tuiie. tcr of ii iMa.-hman, led ai you wi! 1
For 1-nir.leriug your b'in!mnd :".i o. to tho diseovoi v of a mot hi I
1 1 sternly said. "For murdering the
ikiiiil ohl man wiiii rescued you fi-oin
a lift) of ini-i.-rv and shtnio. mil
mado you hi wife. uinvoithv u
- - -- -
Jon were.
Willi a shriek she fell back
tho sofa. ,t,,d lay thero iiuiv,i .ng
nn-1 m.iitiiiig. ' -
nairv nt iI'kI lanjli, I
. i -
Hcorntuiiv nn. I Heetueil to
I bravo it out : but a bo heard my',.:tr pks nl-. ) npprovingly of
e ilinlv i-ii i.ji 11 woiM. mi l ret ie.l
1 1 ... sun'io ou'v wlint ... i,,
s,io.,o im.y wuui i.iiet 10
,l...ll.etM.II.,ael,aUgoto.,l phi
: ti 1 1 - 1 1 p
.-.1... .u never in . il,;:!! in 100 wo-
'man now j be only thought of bim-
sc'.f -of how bo could ff:lpe tl.f
penally of hit awful crime.
I miw him glanco about him. nnd
.... . . . .
' V.7 . K T
v,M,,UuU,i,i,m e.pmie.y
on bim, driving the breath from bis
I. .. 1 .. I ..!..!.. I- . 1..
OOO.V, ., p. teing ni.u w,r "
comrnf. till the hunduufls 011
through the frontdoor, and into tho
.... . ,
sittnifr.ronni nnnin. uhein nnn nl i in
. "" ;
two other oflleon was engaged in
pi.u,iiui.iiiiir; tiv iu ut v uuitJ I
ono of Evans' bullets bad enterod
bis eonipauiou's shoulder.
"1'ou't give yourself away !" said
Hvan's to tho guilty woman. "Tboy
can't provo nothing against it."
'Can't they T" I remarkeJ.
"Well, wa'll son."
Tbo body of Mr, lli ist ol wn ox
h 11 mod, and a coroner's jury emui n'
oiled. And there, while tho entity
pair s tood by, I sprung tbo miae,
and unravelled the history of tboir
guilty crime.
"Harry livana was at your house,
Mrs. Ui istol, the day of your bus
bunds' death. Yoa surreptitiously ad
miuistorod a small quantity of opium
to your husband, llo 0 ompLiuod
of fjnling sloipy' so in afior, an 1
you snggostod fresh air. 7e eat
in tho summer house and thero full
asleep. v
Here I bold up a handle of a
oroobot neodle, made of gold, ' and
bearing tbe words :
"Lola 1 from your husband.1 '
"Gentleman, you observe that tho
needle has beon broken. Bee ifj
you can fiud it in Mt. Dristol's j
Instantly tbe defiant manner of
Evans vanished, Ha aaw that the
game was up,
With a pair of pincers , tbo miss
ing piece of tha oroohet needlo was
drawn from tb4 old muu's bead.
Tbe present tha token of love Le
bad given UrUad bean , wadetbtfniui010PV fond ,la -814 ,n ib
instrument of bis death. Mont per
sons know that the sknll i not ouo
solid bono, but is dividod in three
parts. A pin, properly diroctod
through tho p!;eo of j i-icturo, pit n
et rating the brain, Will crxiiHO inntaut
While Mr. Hrit(d was sleeping
heavily iu tho sitininer-houso. Kvnn
had plunged tho nnn llo into bin
briins, nnd then it nIT Tin
fractnio at tho point of breaking wn
peniliar tbero conl bo no doubt
that needlj and h-indlu belongo 1 to
eio!i other.
lleidi'M, there was Li glove,
had found it not. alien I handed it
to tho woman lint, unverid day le
I :..!.... i .. ..
I !', Ml uiu K'l'll'll M .'I IO-li .l l.:ie I
: It- IS
in uncut uf puncturing tho braiMa!1'' milHt bavo bon nta l nil'iin a
Linglo drop of
l'loo I had p:irtc A
j upon it.
The gtovo vn proven to bi hi
very eauily. It a a brand ol 1 by
A. T. Stewart & Co , nn I tho ale-
man r. inemberud Hi lling (hi pair (,,
The evi l. ne,i could not bo g.i!n
waved, and I bey were committed t
mner tho charge of murder, nl
i tllll!'h Ill'f.llO till! .lilV I.T 111..! II.....
. .
1 Thin von ree 1
1 l!,.,t a Hmall t!iin:!
1 .;v. it r-ilt.
iO'.v it ia vciiii. iiif In III
( I 1 Immi ill r I'.,. ... .1 : ... I'.. I
.- 11 I I I'll
niht i the i'Mtr... no I eo-.l-v-
l ,,f I,,i.. .......... .........
'gaining eiihnn uit i fio un 1
lul.i r, win-n the i o a-cilent of
touching tho b-tlofthu ! i I man; "U'e-I," re;'t -.1 .M ;
and piieliin, my !i-i ;..-. ,r.,v.i ni..'l.,;t ri.. .1-., i-touoi
the clue, afterward in gaining al I: r .-I . v 1 . . in if in
, mm crime.
, M i:i:i5rint: n o w'iI-'i Ihn R.iukini n!
tlm R hla iK riinl
t w .j u ...
I t() n lir, , ,,,, u, , ,,.,-(,, of t'l i
Hibln IC.-v Dr. Ilvlan of St. M irl;'
j oUlc,, Nw Vi)r,, ni(r ,.,.,,., f ,
L.wjujj it..resiii;rHlat..m.-iil .up .i.t
;., . ,i... ... . i
iii hiiiimiiiii- iviif, iiriiii.i-uni hi
ih.i ,w TcHl.iment. Tho learno I
H, 1 :.. . .1... .1...
"-' ":" . "ii "1 1 i-ui ii i in" iiiiai, 1111
. . .
(,Vision wa neee.ary 111 order that
,:,,. ....
1 1
I ....... ...I ,.,;.,, ,ln,r ..1M,l v.,,i ....
,vhat ffoni,,! ih. v stoo l M1M1..1!,.
;t J,,,,, t tt,.M;;lit tlmt ov. ty w...
f t, ,,;,.. v.o-,i,,n of ll.o ltil.l,.
wim iusjiiied ; I hi belief in pasting
w,iy n peoplo l., ",ime ...IiumIcI nnd
iUow tl, ,t no work of a translator
m bo abtol itely p-.rfect. Thu an--
jlogrnpbs of tlio Apotl--i ,.IVe
!,, ;,. a.i .limtppeare I ,
I A), ,u, ,lllV0 , ,,,,.,., n fl)1.
trniisliition nro copie. ancionf ver-'
1 . . . ' .
miohs, trainiiatioiis, and tho on oil-
l,y f"',l' "flmtru t.u.M
rlllt.,.,. T.0 ,,.,.!,,, f ,,.
; New Testaments are of two kinds
,, ..m.,,,), , ol,l,.t elat of manu
uer ! tits, u r II I. .11 111 on nil ..1.1 o .i.l 1. . '
nmmi,.nt. n...i f,., , i.,..i
- - -
. . . . ..
nig wriiiou in a running lian. I that
lngm ta ,J(, so,, Ul tll(J t()llt
1 ri't .1 til 1
wnttou Odtwooti tlio fourth mil t'i:th
centurio, tbo others after t'no Until
con tury.
Of tho old Ihoro nro ID in exi.
tonco, of tho now about 1,5 H). The
very ol I and very v iloaMo m tuu-
scripts nro only fivo. Of Iheso the '
Alexandrian Codex was originally
discovered ut Alexandria, and wa
sent to King Charles I., in l'i. '8. It
is now iu tbe Uritlh Museitni.
Nothing is known of thu origin of
this, but it I usually assigned to the
middle of the fifth century, tti
much uiultilitted, twenty-four chap
tors of the first (lospi l, two of the
fourth, and oigbt of ono of tho Kpia
lies being missing. Tho uet is the
Vatican muuusuript, supp ed to
have been written ia thu fourth oen.
tury- A copy of Ibis was uovor mado
till (803, when a facsimile was issu
ed. Tbo oouditiou of this i much
more porfoct. Thu third manuscript
is that in the National library ut
Paris, wbitbor it was brought by
Catharine do' Medici. This bad
beon overwritten thut is parchment
had beeu used for other writings 1
but, spite of that, the original had
boen dooiphorod. 7t is asaignod to
tha early part of the fifth century.
Tbo fourth raauuaonpt is that now
at Cambridge, This is the least val
uable, as It Is much mutilated, It
belongs to the sixth' centnry, the
21, 18SL NO, 1,
Co u vent of St. Cnlbarino on Slonul
Sinni by TiHchondorf, and copied by
him in 185'.), i the mont valuablo of
the five, a it. contains tho Now To
t iinent complete. This is nppoed
to have been wiitlen in tho fourth
century. None of tho inot valuable
authorities were coutultnl in a'iv of
I bo L'nglihh Vereiou of tho Mible,
Avon in u: ikin j tint of Iv in Jamo'
liino Tin Latin Viitato, the p!on
tifnl cniMivo in iniixcript, and the
truiielalions were 8ed. I'rrors like
tho Dix.ilo ry at tho en I of the
Lord's Prayer bai crept, into tin
traiiHlition, even into thcSyrim,
which Wn n old a tlio Bicmivl ecu
tury. Th. i Latin Vulgato u pro
bubly mi excnliMit Irmxliitiou, a
' ":y vcars oi Hie ileal ii ol M. .lolin
J I'lio ilmnge (hat havo junt been
I made have only been ma lo ben the
'weight of authority left no doubt of
j Ibeir iieei-Hity. Tho text i not h
'plo-l ion of t asto. of like or ilihlil.o,
! but of hiMloiie testimony. I expect
do see tho c irroclod verioti win il
' WAV i',t, 'I'1' ' !ili leneo and linpoi't
of thl L:)g!ish vpelkin f penplo.
TjU Aji'O?-. 1 1 3 Fori J.s
''Y-- !" cxcLiini" I lr. M n: uii ,
.n !';. piiiae I t 'i ! i i " en I In
. I l I i." mi, I M ti!.., iI.umi , p
t le a '. I" ovi- I 'i- r.-ar Ic n.'e wi, .
Ii r n.'i.Mi 'I, Mn. I'.m il:ar. ' My
lni bmlii h iiuI. c ii ot i at, li'iihe,
I lie ljim ' o'll in iMicicIv In V
very i dii. N nv, w!i)'. my Ihim-
kind lit, u i.-cr i
1 I 11;
I! 1 1 -i ll ir, tn
tl'cii ul an
' ii'is.w, -ii..os0 hccau-.u
' to you no "
-' ,t ,., - i..i,,p..,I
b'i'a pt
Mr. M..
Im's ne pi iinte I wiih me."
Well, lu-caiae Ik'k r. little I '"lit,"
. ..,.i..,l t,j it
.. v t ... i..
n , ( n. .-I , ! iil M ,
j "He-niisi' ho uses o nincli oil ?"
I "V-l ' ' vet," repliu 1 Mrs. M.,
j wilb -milfl.
j ' it isn't t i-c no be g..t. f.i'l, is il?"
wi!, " ..v.. I ;......) w... m
. .n . ,.i
Y'l'l'lt) H iV til I Hl'lpld
1 g 1 yo.i'll have to
H.'h .nornin
V1I1 m,. "
,.i 11 ,1 1
"Mill, Hn 11. I r
!" ( j icnhited
it ! I'esene
W by i l,e lik-
"Well. n h
ncv T hliillcH
vnm l. ...., ,m," n,
'liuo walked oil wiUt
Jr-. Mm
mi air ol ti
I'tei-n- and l'io
'"l" " ';:" '"- r-'pair.l to
' '"k over age I alnna tc. she
:M "veU with Irr neigblnr
m to iiiorr.. r. - F St :, . .
)is Mj,,sly.
The .dh.-r ui-.'.t a ,. ilie.,,, an ob
" ' uli 1111 p ilionin in oU
N 1 .
man liaunin.' around th'i en
i in av.iimo hotel iu
inner u t of wav. an 1 ho usk.
,.,l lmn if In. l.,.t ..,, 1 1., 11 .!....
t'nen in notion upstair. The man
..1 - 1 . 1 .1 11 . . ...
, .....
1 11 ' 11 w:iy ii-iii v Vll'l IT'i lill .
' '
Well, I was thiukiii" 0f jt
"lltven't boeu exiiellod.
"Oh. no."
"Aren't afraid of auybody 1"
'And you haven't lost your in
terest ?"
"I might us well toll you," bind
(lie man after beating around a while
'longer. "1 went down to Tide do a
few day ago, aud somehow tbe story
eatuo back that I was drowned My
lodge theroupou passed resolutions
to tho etVuct that I was buuet, up
right and liberal aud a shining orna
ment, aud that what wa its loss wus
my gain. 1 wasn't drowuod, us yon
sort, but I kin 1 o' bate to walk iu ou
'em and bast tho -10 resolution. I've
triud it three times, and I can't gel
higher up than tho tiflh stair bufore
I woukon." th trait Free. I'rvss.
It was tbo Burlington ruilroud
train, and polities bad givon way to
theology, and tha young man with
tho turban bat lull tbo ibor, aud
was denouncing the old- fmbiouod
idea of boll. "I toll you," ha cried,
"man was never Intended for . anuU a
fiendish ptiuUbuiout. Nature never
made 1110 for kindling wood.''
"lleckou not," said the old parson,
back near tbo stovo 1 "too groou."
He didn't go and elaborate aud ax
plan what he meant, but somehow
or other everybody aoemod to Under
ataud bim, and the eoversatieo gra
dually drifted back into polities. ,. ,
'n 113 , I'OMTtf
PiiblWicd every Tlmrsdnr Evening
Torms of Snbsnnption,
able vithin sis uionlh. or $2A9iftwt
puid within (ti i roar. No paper 4ls
contiiruoil uatll all srrcnUefe 'are
riaid unlc at the option of the pub
(Subscription out'dde of the eoontt
Wr-PerHon lifting snd lining papers
ddrccd ') oiIit lircomestiHicribers
ml re liable fortbe price oftbepspcr
Itchiny awl St'iil; lUt(ie, I hi
morn i'' the Sui!p uwl $kin
i'friwtiunll'j Cured.
i.m. W. Mrnwn. M rh 1 1 St., PtnvMort'4.
H. l .nuf. il l.jt I'tiil. iira H .i.llt .0 Bin.
"fii Horn .mot m I'm lur'nf whli-li piml
Mil nvr liU rc, iii.-S lln.l f, n1 lot $ IS
Vr rroiii'l nil klniU ul troitmtnt.
ui ijmioii
Y. tl lriit, K. i -onl f ir llirp.r a limn., Ml h., me nn nnlonl'litnx cr.nril
I hi. ( (r. r.'.lrni), niocii h ,1 ian
lrtnl. il l o n.iiCi.M"n ol .liy.llnii with,
out lirnr-ni. n I wMi'h ) r.0 1 1 y , UIU
I'itiii ii a Hk-mii vkv r Ililrrr.KlIf uni t'Cfi.
ecu nn I l'i tii rn suac ruiotn ly, 111:111.
II. A. H.iin"ii., An HIT r. w.. t. a a n.n.,
.It.-knn, Ml h.. i fi'p.l if HcnM IU11I at
uiu jr' durittlun bf tl " t'nilrur llmitl
1 l.n. w m. Taylor, li. t..o. Ms" , parmBl
ly rtirr.l of liiet.or l III tie-n mil rnlp
l crinn) lliat Ii el l.'.nn ir-4ta.l un t(ett .1 1 ft
lirtnft nr 1. 1 inmiy ol ll..ic.ira
I'loul- Inii- uu.l in.."! nnl.'il a.v -lallria, will
i iir ier 111 ...ilh ol lin
Tlll.K 4 HI sr.
Mn. r.m tj. 11 1 rllPi.n
-ril. .,1 l.r-r - .,lr'. . -1. 1 T -1 .
milk . rit.l 10. 'i 11. It.i I ;ill
SI , rinrlnnnti,
' .1 i i-iir. il of
r inn leu lor i
v.iit". A . a III i". lit-IM l.ot , on k WriUtl.
(ul lii-i t 01 I, nr.
I tl t nu (I !!
I'l.nk.X. II un. '.l.-.t'ii t'l'i 1 ii.'n- f, II pa
ton. w.ia t nruil o( H"l i-i'l.i of lalHiM i.l III hair
n o .: '. .i i it iu-"!. . .i i. trn.kliy tn t
II l' i i i. aiel I'll" i ha li'U' -Mi.riiitllri
..lil ll i'inili!i'la v ri-'i rS SI. l.-ilr wUtn nil
nil. I ti wi ul I I II.
a Iiiiiim.. I,, f. .'iln Irnnlir ri An., I'! Ila-lr-l
1 1. 1.i. a till. -Ir I w .1 ti .1 .in.l r ii .1. w hloh l,,r t ivani
i voiira Im.l cui-r .l 1,1. a alH Ith a. ulna one.
iinirl-1 ol itn In- Ii In tliUk ilea, o rJ bj tti
t'ntlinrii Hinn,IUa.
IliB 1-fTI' III lllKI ll T l"l.l In t ti 4
Inter:!! ua ul tli Ht'Tli-i Hhmum-h r. Hi
'"'w 1 i",r ,,cr. H"'1 r ,nl t
t -ii ii I-ii a nuii iii Te i ha miiaI', tti (Irett
Mhln fiin".
I- "r Mtn'iiirn, T,m mi. I lia Kktn na l.'rr.
'I' II V Si'M', Kit I .Ulai tollol, balll sill
niirfy a in ol o. with ,lelliiliu Sow.
ir o.lura and u.-ioln lilaaiua.
(inn it a
Homo l.- ara Mr aalo !- all I'flr
ofl'i inriiA, M-ileiial .Ml., tu.ail lino,,
full Utk'" l.-Ora, !l, lllilil Kk.itt.Vu.a r.
Ho. im r ll"0 I I'liriiL-r. fl n-r Uiiil.-, iIitiiM'iia
SiiaI- ('llA i lfe-i nl me luminal aul lulltt ania),
.do. Mmiiuhal Niiaviii t-uar,
11,-. rrtii.-ilial iIpjoi!,
l--.HH S . I'll I I Iloal.m, Hlswu
l I 'h.iiI' .1 iron on r.-lit of .rii-i.
Moro r .iitlnnoiia on. I
11. mt. tint iii--irt.'i.l a. 11, -ii
VlCAir t"" ri rrTwn i ' On- -I Ir-nn I'm 1
- k ayvsa""w t
.0 t aii Ki K. rtiiN l'i Am-
1 ..UN 11, an any liallry
l,i.i l,-. III,., ari a r-iilr
aihI i-i I imii ,-iri- I ,r I'aln t w. akoa.a i.r Hi
' l.'lhi;.. l.iv.-r, Kol'--a, an, I t'rinary lliuliiii,
I III'. Ill, 11I1. 1. . Ii iii!.i., .,.i, I' niaU
w-',-f, Nllrvooa lulna ulol WnloiVaaa
, M.ilana. an I t , i.raii.l A ia. l'rl '4.1 t-rui
j NulU 1 1 1 v I., u"
I Wl.KK k I'. TTItll, II i.t .n , Milan.
.iM- wwii-11.. m .,T i,Btl
Moik. sim,i 1 nioii.v maul. Saiai.laa
A l.lraaa, Al. li.N, J .a.An Mrrai.
Noar Von
Errors of Youth.
' A ns 1 ,,K.M N 1 ,r ,ri,"i
; l. ar.oiia HKIUI.I rf, I'Kt.a l I K), .-
I , Hlol nil llirrllaola ol yotiltilul llnll-oro-j
ll -ii, .Mil lor II, raaa nl tmitrin Iniiiian.lT.
I i-oii 1 Iron ,i all W,.. i.aa.l t r.M-, an, I ill
1 ri i-iliin I t iiiaklna iimauiiila n msily i "lili-h
l.nai. i'lirn.1. !siMrtira MiatmiK t-l Hutll !,
ilia it,lvi-riii.ur'a flApr-rli-ni-a r.m it,, o.i I r ait.
0 .-- 1 ii a Hi 1 t-r .--i conn nm-, joll.M II. IHI.
I)l.., ii t.a.litr hl, 1 oik.
Jan 17, 'Hm:
I will mall 1 tr)' tha r.-i, lor aalmnia,
iMOTAiait u,at m iru.oia I V
HiKiKl.K-, I I vll'l, KS a III lll.llll'HKS,
I. hviiik On- .kin .-M. , laar an. I boaiuiiui i alio,
In-iru.-llouM tor tir.Hiuoliiir a luiariint armaan
Iriia. Inel.i-lnil 110. .tanil
1. air on a n.o.i ha a or amnion lm-.
a iu, i ll.i km. 11 St., M.
Ititi R.lvuntKDr, hatviiiK wu i-tnuftnonlly
fiiru.l tf tli i 1 .Iron 1 I.MiLf. f. ni.u -oi. I Ion In, -
a.iin le rtfuimly, la anii',iH to uijba i.. m
1,1 . .mi--.u,ii, ,i iiia-fnair 'ir. T i all
wlin ilanlra it, Iib will aun.t a ct-f ul tli rra-H,-rlitlon
iiQ,, 1 irM ol lOiaro ) wltb iht illro
iIoiib lor iirirlii ami u.lntf tlia tame,
lliay Will tl'i.l fl'KH ft IIS nr I'llKal HI-TloM,
l'.irlla wl'klnil On i'len.'f llitl m,
a.l,lr,, llsf , 1.. a WlltbO.V, 14
ar II t ulvav
fua bto
WllliaiuJi.uin, N. V.
Oountv Hut'vovor
Kratzcrvillc, Snyder County Penn'd.
SurvcTlnit 1111J Cnnrryanoinit prompilf
in I rkilirully giiriiilfj In. A bar of
.lit. j 1 1 1 I i . ' "ilron iK Aol'iiilr.l.
July i -.ill, '7, pj
f.ulilo forhoth 5LV.E8, f.w ttir tnirHmt i 4
IIiiimi rum. Iliiiil.n . i ,i ItiNihiiI. fa.'l.
loitniK li.Mik. c ! -.i 'i.i ilHoiillliouoii liralih.
Ill-i-iiao, mill iiiv l liin, ,-i i ,. Manatnl W uiiitini
inrn la liiunao, ami i-ii.'-irNo liv .ia,.i ita
...rrh,-ii. l'i ftO CO.lfB, l.'r lir. A. o.
OI.IN. i,n niil, .t Ki,aiiifL i., Uiu Nntihwi-ai,
Kloiwill in tfiQO I. r !. i i .ra el iilv.ili. or
I'liroiili-. di. i-u.-. of iIUht an li.i "mli tiBka auj
f ilia tn i-iiru si-mi I mi," ft, Cuidu to
Henltrt. Reliable Fema Pill, $8
Bo. iioi l liunio lor ir.ili.a ii i.., iuii.
ii'"" i. Rtibber Coorle an t Ii -niar n
liiiiurunl, li t ajutra, Bf) oentS,
Or. A. G. OLIN,
Kcttuclrjr niork, l 8. C'nuk St., Cbloaitu, 111.
4 lloraalai-ularatwr with.
nut lain lit Itiaiuarliaa. N,-ail
.ianii r,w uai tlaulara.Hr.HAl Ka
I i Sm th I krtiuit St., I hiran..
IVo. dtta .MurUet Hf,
IMilht lolphln. l,t