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    rjenm post
Biddlebarg, June 30, 1881.
lcrtl Nown, Acq.
imvrrr Cos . f Court f
VPSii4 ptwi'.r. sia ...a.
AH communication, business let
t,ni Ac, for th it office, to secure
orompt Attention should b 1.1rm..wl
follow'. Tut -Post. MiiUllftburR.
SnvJer Cbunty, Pa. AdvertMwment
,m-runietlons 0, rawsl ,,e h"'M
n by MomUy nooa, to secure luser
lon in next lwiw
jtcost live dollars to Vill young
The wheal field r dressing up In
cld-gold colore.
Town presents ft lively eppearnce
in the evenings.
Tlie early potato crop will be 1m
mense. We have the promise of an abundant
crop of grape.
AJatn Shamory'e new house, In
Franklin, I undar roof.
The Snyder County murder caae will
not be decided till next October.
Calvin SchwenV, telegrapher, visited
hit old home last week.
Charles L Smith' little son, Homer
Burns, fell off a fenco and broke hi
Suletu will horeaflcr hare a direct
morning mail from Scliiisgr-jve and
A new U. B. church haa bcon built
two mile south of Freoburg. and will
It dedicated on Sunday, July 3,1.
Oil. A. C. Simpson hat gone to Do
Moines, Iowa, to visit hit daughter,
lira- Dr. Triettly, who ia tick. Timet.
Dr. C. C. Bower, of ristol, iiiliana,
U visiting hi parent, relative und
numerous friend at Middieburg.
Pt. iolhrock romoved a tumor from
George Sletlcr' forclicad, and (Jeorpe
is about juat m if nothing had train
Th Cake walk and -ostivnl jricn
by the I'liillisrmoiiic Society of Free
bur on SaturJay evening last m a
Fourth of July tho printer patriot
icno "Past" hope our pmroii may
Vave a good time celebrating, each in
bis and her "peculiar titylo."
J. S. Farm-worth, who ha been con
fined to hi room at the Euglo hotel fur
several day by a epcll of sickness,
we are glad to see, ia out again.
The Franklin industrial League
Lave been compelled to initiate new
gnieinher between shower on account
of waning finances and au over-stork
of dirty shirts.
All (ort of queer institution and
benevolent charities may bu found in
ilarge citic. New York haa a hospiul
for dogs, whi'o 'hiludulphiu rejoices in
n asylum for cat.
Will. Ranch, of Lebnuoii, i visiting
'.liddleburg relative and pnyinu
lomo attention to the "little school
males" who are now weiring long
ilresses and ain't ao little as they used
to was,
Advancing Medical Science Doctor
jRlank ia making a thorough, critical
piagnoHi with the view to forever set
Sling the vexed questions: "Are map
ig turtle tubject to bolly-acho, or Ui
mo of the spine T"
Ileavv rain vUltil till ttnn
Monday and Tuesday evening last j
lie recent rain have somewhat inter-
red with our farmer friendt in e -Wring
tholr grass crop. The most
t them, hewever, are pretty well
trough cutting their clovor. Next
eek the grain harvest will com
mence. . The Summer Term of the Freeburg
.Vadomy commence July 5th.
This course of eight week, com
mencing July 6th, will be more partio-
iany devoted to the Training of
acucrs for our common Schools, but
tudenU are not restricted to theie
)udies alone.
J. Frank Bilger, of Carlisle, an ex
I Irt, respectfully Informs the citiiens
of Snyder county, that he will beat
. 3ddloburg about the first of July ful
'fpropared to Repair Sewing Ma
line in the neatest, cheapest and
tit manner and furnish Afachiue sun.
es. Those residing in other parts of
county having machines requiring
fairs can address bim by postal.
Weidler Roland bat received the Re-
Jbiican nomination for Treasurer of
pion county.
.Weidler is a touare man hnn.
pable, decidedly popular and will grJ
jku wiiu a rusti. The nomination
ucn men to All the publio office
JPeak the purity, purpose and aim
f" ptrty and go far In maintaining
pt address of Col, JTcClnre, 'Take
Bunny Bide," delivered before the
'mnl Association of Lehigh Unlveu
. tt Bethlehem, Pa., June 22d, i on
Uble and it well worth a o reful
r I r iuj .xoelleno. of style, U
-- iw rounded nerioila .,
o. If tht rud Mnt
naki i m- . wi a. rwu
tia tub. !. v:
The Sunbury Newt publiahed by A.
N. Btice, I3q., It on our table,
Tl I a neat 5-colmn paper devoted
to lot ill, county and legal news. IU
mechanical make-up I t xcel'ent, and
Ibrre is no doubt about the ability of
Mr. Drice at an editor.
The tchoof board of Penn township,
th it county, were arrested recently on
oatb of Vter Snyder, a tax-payer,
charged with neglect of duty In failing
to publish the annual report for the
year 1879-80. The hearing came off
before Squire J. W. Kahlor of Jughe
villa, and the result of which wa, that
the matter was settled by the Board
paying the costs, and promising to at
tend to their duties hereafter, accord
ing to law. Mr. Snyder gave bis rea
sons for taking this action, by stating
"that he wanted to know how the motl
ey of the school district had been ex
pended. Willhtnuport llannrr.
Chan9ofRailroaJ O.fblalj.
Superintendent J. B. 7itchinson,
iq., of the Sunbury and I.ewistown
Division lake charge nf the Frederick
Division, and W.M. Phillips, !'., lakes
hi p1iici.
Whilst we can only speak of the
courtesy and gnntlomanly dome mor nf
Supt. titchlnaon, the fact that ho
continues in the employ of the 'citii-
sylvauia Ruilroad Company and enjoys
their entire confidence is a aulTLient
evidence of hi capabilities as .Super
intendent. We wish him plcaiunt
social and business relation in bis
new field of labor, and sincerely hope
that tho geiilleniiiit who takes his place
may in all respects till it as ha did, Mr.
futchiuson w.u highly eUeouwi by
the people along the road.
It wnitourptiinful privilege tonttend
the funeral of J. Keuter Davis, Ksq.,
on Wednesday lut.
He wiw the oldest son of our esteem
ed eitiien, James K. Davis, of JsVlins-
rove. He reeeiveil u lilieral eduea
tion mid read law under the tuition of
Hon. John li. I'uckerof Nunliury. For
several years he remained In Mr. l'aelt
er's odlee uud sulisequeiitly went into
theofllee of the Hon. S. 1. Wolverton.
He W41, it Is coueeiled, moro familiar
with t lie several ollb'esof Nortliumber
luud county than any member of that
liar. He possessed a line legal mind
and a remarkable memory. I'l" was a
tfeiitleinan of culture- and refinement.
He ifusesseil tht veryl st social qual
ties wua hecoudllgty dinl!led,iitTalli.
uiid approachable a geulaj coinpaii
lon, a tli ni friend, Httuliously kind mid
obliging We said it was our I'AI.NKI I,
privilege-painful because of his youth
lost private and professional servi
ees lost to parents, brother, un'stl
mnb! young wife and a darling child.
The funeral was largely attended by
gentlemen of the legal profession from
adjoining comities; and notwithstand
ing the busy season the citizens of isV
HiiHgrove and 1'enti township seemed
to be nil present to pay their last tri-
butoof respect to tliedoad.
WltKHICVM, It lias ilea.sed tlo l in
his wisdom I.. id goodness to remove
from our midst, by death, our blessed
sister and christian co-laborer, Mrs.
Kli.abeth Smith, mid whereas she bin
been a faithful member and worker
in the Miibhath Seliool for many years.
Kksoi.vki), That while we humbly
and sulimUsively bow to the will of
Almighty lioil we ucKliowleilge Her
removal from our ranks a i;reat loss to
the (Muircli and Sulib.itli tSoliool.
Uk.soi.vki, That though we inourii
on iiceouiit of our loss of one so faith
ful mid willing in nil her christian du
ties, yet we rejoice ill tll't belief that
our loss Is her eternal gain.
HksoI.vkh, That we deeply sympa
thize with her surviving husband and
friends in their bereavement, and com
mend them to the Father of all mer
cies and the Hiverof all good, and that
a copy of these resolutions be present
ed to the surviving family; that they
bo published in the various riewspa
pers in the county, ami that they tie
recorded in the minutes of our sab
bath school.
Adopted by the Adamsburg Reform
ed School thlsSUtli day of June A. D.
Mart A.,
Mary A. Hiiikrt,
WHKRKAS, It pleased the Almighty
to remove from our midst, by death,
Miss Maudlu Fryburger, "A tender
Lamb of the Flock," who was a mem
ber of tho St. Peters Kvangelieal
Lutheran Bunday Hchool, therefore
Hksoi,vki, That it It with feelings
of profound sorrow that we are called
upon to mourn over the death of Mau
die Fryburger.
Hksolvkii, That in the death of
Muudie the Sunday School has lost a
faithful and Interesting member.
ItKBOLVKD, That in this hour of sad
ness and sorrow by this humble, Tri
bute ot Hespeet to her memory we
hereby tender our heartfelt sympathy
to her bereaved parents w ho have lost
a faithful and obedient child.
Rksoi.vkd, That these resolutions
be placed on theminute of the Sunday
(School of which she was a member
and a copy of the same be sent to the
bereaved family of our departed
Rkholvku, That a eopy of these
resolutions be sent, for publication, to
ma uuuuiy papers.
J. C. Spkcht,
"Womtn Never Think."
If the crabbed old bachelor who ut
tered this sentiment could witness the
intense thought, deep study and thor
ough Investigation of women in deter
mining the best medicines to keep their
families well, and would note their i
gaolty and wisdom in selecting Hop
Bitters at the best, and demonstrating
It by keeping their famllleu In perpet
ual health, at a mere nominal expense.
he would be forced to acknowledge that
ualt ftMitituenta art baswlM and taito.
For "The Post."
"W. ol Indiana.
Several weeks since an article bead
ed 'From udiana," appearod In your
paper, ic writer rind fault with
some of my work as Superintendent
of Snyder count. What prompt
him to do so, I do not know, 7,i
donlly, however, he has some object
in view,' and if his purpose I a worthy
oiio amUie ia oompetcut to pass judg
ment upon the points be refers to, he
cannot object to being asked to prove
hi assertion. In order that he may
not mitundorsUud what I dosire him
to do, I will emrner.uo tho poiul
upon which should like t have
delluite information ; 1. Whore did
the mothod that some folk thought
originated in Scliusgrove from the
sagacity of Prof. Noetllng," originate?
'J. hat degree of intelligence doe it
mamtcst on the p,.rt of the teacher to
roquire hi pupil to spell thou
sand of words which they will never
use after leaving s cliool ? Superinten
dent Harrington, of Now lledl'ord,
.lass,, atk. "Can greulor perversion
ami greater wasto of school opportuni
ties bo imagined 7" 3. That a teacher
may have tbo time to do all bis work
iu tlio best possiblit maimer, lio.v ma
ny classes should bo hue? Il'ncn
most t':a hn- llnd tho 8joou I U jader
too "lougli," why should pupil usu the
h mirth 1
4. Name the teacher who hail his
pupil work interest problums, next
common I'ru.moin, nod then
propoilioii ? .", ,4 only multiplc.vtion
rules 1
. ..J
ami division (of the fundamental
aro reipiiiud in proportion, how
itiiils solve the latter without under-
stauUmg the former 7 b. How can a
problem bo explained by rauct-lhilinii'
W hut is iiiviitit by, "1'ho work was
somewhat uiiiystemalieal." 8. What
has given the schools tlio Ingu slund"
ing they have attained tvhciuvcr tbity
aro known 1 '.. Wliy is it Unit when
Snyder county teacliors go elsewhere
to tcich.tlieir wora is highly upprcci"
atud by the ii)ieriulendcnLs of the
couniict 1 1 which they go 1
I Her "W." li.n mis. vei'u.l ho abovo
lucstions, would rvspeclfiiily cull
liis attention to the grammar and
hetoric of his lorni'ir article.
bim examine the lirnt senleiice, tlien
tlio second, an so on to (lie end.
am surprised (but bo dud not
tind fault with the leaching of biig
uugo or grammar now .r.icti. e. in
the county, lor, j idiiu Itom his
kiiowledijo of tin cnuliili l.nii;ii.i. ,
ho Would be just us t'oiiin iciu. u
criticise the teiicbiliu of Kiaiiiuiar us lie
is liint ol's)tulling nadiug, mnl ntlln
mutic. Win. .NOKll .i.
Bloomsburg, l'a. June 1H, lss.
An EvlJjnca of Prosperity.
4 n instection of the .ildi ' liuifn t
of Messrs, D.Mfii y ,t Co. cut t fail to
iuiirrss nnu with the vnsiut si of tlicjic.
piircineuts neeessnry to meet the do
mantis of bust. less men of till chine.
who biivu learned ihn value of mm e
luincr ailverlisiiiir. PliH linn hnviii'i
out grown the limits ol 'the ollic, ,
uivu iicctiiiuil many years at tin) cor
uer of Fulton and Cliuccb stni'iH,
have recently removed to '7 'ink
ilace, corner of Church street, whi le
they occupy an entile tl mr, extend-
ioe tliroO"li lltn lil. ii L- I,, '..a l .,,.1
tiy 'Md foot. Their olliccs are coiifois Jo
plete in every detail. About .10 feel .I'loTi-rses.l per lmh.t
or the Turk 7'laco front is inuliiionid ' i'KOHLX i:.
.i . .. ... it lu-rriss, illlol
oil tor tlm Counting Kooui und l'ltvite ci,,.rrlf imniitsd
Ollice, whiuii lire haiiiUjitiely and sub-
stantially lilted up. ycyond the '
Counting Kooni tho walls on both
sides are covered from lloor to ceiling
with pigeon holes for files of iiewsi.a-1
pers, and on ouosido of tiiu room are
a number of alcoves, extending 10 or
Ufcet, covered on both sides with j
pigeon-holes, furnishing place fur I
about 8,tHh) files. The intermediate
spaco is filled with desks and tables .
used by tho cxaminiiig and recording
clcrli. llio .Hurray itreet Irout is I
given up to tlio Shi)i)img Ucpiirtmeiil,
Messrs. Daithy &, Co. being also
manufacturers and dealer iu )iriu
tors' supplies of every kind. N'iui i'uik
Daily Tribune.
A $10,00 B.b!ical Prize.
JlutleJyr' Monthly for July is on tho
tablo and we find it a bright, interest'
ing liltlo Magazine. Yts publishers
offer the following easy way fur some
one, to make $10,00 :
To the person tolling us which is
tho shortest chapter in tho lMo by
July 10th, 1881, we will give 10,00 in
gold as a prize. Tho moiioy will be
forwarded to the winner July loth,
1881. Those who try Tor the pri.u
must send 10 cents with their answer,
for which they will receive the A .must
nnmberoflho .lot'Wi, an Mcellent
Magazine or 'A'i pages, in which will ho
published the name and address or tho
winner or the prize, with tho corroi t
answer therotn. Address, IIi'TI.kuuk
I'uni.isuiNU Company, Kaston, Pa.
The summer Term or tho Freeburg
tcademy will commeuco July !, to
coutinuo 8 weeks. This torm will bo
more particularly devoted to the train
ing or teachers for our common
School. The County superintendent
will deliver lecture to the clan once a
Doard from $l,7"i lo$J,0'J per week.
Tuition $7,H) for tpe term. An exam
ination will bs held at the end of the
When you feel a cough or bronchial
alleotion creeping on tlio Jung, lake
Oyer's Cherry Tectorial, and cure it
bvfon It Ucotuci Incurable,
litbllc Hale.
There w ill be disposed nf at public
snlo, iu Middieburg, Pa., by tlio under
signed, on
the following pcrsomil property, to wit:
sot of Single Harness and Fly-nets, lot
of 'oultry, Cook Stove. Vlor Stove,
Tabic, Wash Stand. Harrol Cider Vine
gar, Crock, Jnrs ic, Ac.
Sale to commence at 2 o'clock P. M.
Music School.
This noted Institution for tho study
of Vocal and insturmcntal music will
begin a session nf six weeks oil Moil.
Jay August lit, 'fl.
June 5M, 'St Freeburg.
.GraiiwCrailles cheap for e.nh bv
I. II. Martin, P,ixtonvil!o, Hiiyib r Co..
Pa, Tbo best cradle made, the old
Leidy with iron braces.
CT( ) rent tinriialn in Carpets at H.
Wi'ls's, Hi'liiiHgrove.
T ilii' lit of Silk Laos mil
Fringes at S. Weis's,
Sn""iVoo tiik-in in exelian' for
goods nt S. Weis's, Scliusgrove.
Highest market pric -s paid for it.
C-i.V full line of Regul ir ni:t.l.' hose
for Ladl"s, children and g iit Icineii at
- Weiss. Selins-rove.
, , ,
CirAu Immensii variety of lwes
from thechenitest to the bust lit S.
Weis s, H..oi-.grnve.
!TLare mid well aelmMe l till" of
l.nwns anil lresH Uinliiuns tit S.
Weis's, Mi'linsgrove.
( is simply inai vi loiw how qnicklv
coniiiati'in, biliousness no. I sick
hendiicbe are cured by ".Sullen' I.iver
Pills." 'Jo cents.
June Pi, -liv.
It will pay every body to raniine
the immense Stork of Kniniinie for
sale by the l'oiular I'm nilurc i.i.iii
W. H.' 1KI.IX l.e isioan Pa.
Pi.i's, in ) lcs on lb" face, salt
Itlii'll 111, nl.I ."ii"., and all t iilani .cm
eriiilious iliii.'i'.ir like in. i..'ic n licit
'lr. I.ilid.-ii liliidd Si.iiilnl" Is
.bine 1'!, liv.
UllUJbbUJii J 1 luJUUou 1'iitii
O'.r.i u.'i ni ti i..i;i.y st
J. W. I i' t c m o .
I'liltilitps il"
Halter (a-r poiia I . 1 U 1 j :
Ktfa (rr .bPtl I;,
l'allun itruuu4 i,
I. sr I '..
t'hsrriiis n.
Soi'itsl IMtrrrirt
lilncklia.'rivs h
Hilerric I'.'i
Urinl Al''U i
S,.ap 4 tu I'i
II. on l:
A tiler
fiile 7toS
J J IUI St'lHJ i'tf iTSariti'l ,
rSimoiiton, llitrln'f .vc Co
; i:ix
Whrnl por Inisliol
1 o:,
1 in
" No
3 &.
)!,, iiri.l,
toa uire.l,
llaitor. riuim
Hull it, scion J-cluMi
n'Tlii '
1 .
8to I''
C j In '"
2 flu
a r, i
ti un
-I i'l'
.Tv r '
I'i.. Coal
I'hvHlntli cnl
lllacki hCoul
.June lllth, by I'ev, M'. ,. lii.ler,
Henry I'. Kielibsof Middlei'tvek, utld
Miss Supliiii kueppof Kuiiucrville,
June lilt 1 1 , by the suine, Charles P.
I'iss of Troxelvllle, and Miss sSallio.J.
Middli'swartli of Middlecreek.
.Iitne Pith, by Uev. H A. Ilais, Hen
ry . I. VVairucr f J'enn township and
Miss laniiia C fcitoover of Millnrs-
In Adamsburg, June 2'Jnd, of Scar
let Fever, Maudio l-'ryburger, ngeil 7
years, II months.
Iu Harrisbttrir, June 30th, of Con
sumption, Hiiruh C. Weiiiirek. sister of
). 1. Rhodes of tills place, uu'eil Jl
years, 1 month und I'i days.
Innn lilt It. Mahala llcachcl, widow
of Andrew lieaehel, deceased, 77
years until) days.
June tilth, Henry Alexander, son of
I'.dwurd ami Abby K. Ilertch. uged 1
year, 4 months und 0 days.
Mnv at it. in Monroe township, Pbll-
iiiHtronie, luod Hi years, 0 mouths
and 4 days.
June ?"th, In Heaver township, John
li. Smith. Uyrod tl years, il moid lis
and 17 days.
- it'- il -- aeKi.. rin'- .
" s r "-J.. A -,"
rJViito 1SHm.
liithtmtitlrroflhrwHuin. I lit Ihr Ouirf
ri( rut'ile of (I. I', l ink, 1 of Miuimou,
an intolivnt Jililor. I'lrnnn'Snij
th r ( 1.
NOTICE is brribvpivdi Hint V.
K. l'or of VliMlflinro, Mr,).tnr fi linlT,
I'., Iks l-n ni Ininl l.f tl .M I'mirl,
Trum umlrr tb Inaol.unt nl l ny
"I all ihf r"'P"r'T ""'I n. eta
rl sml r.9"l, ol i. I. t lnk. orfrinn
rnT'. imnhrnl dvi'lnr. All r-"in.ll,t.
lur. bt sit lniltitl lni Ini.lvsnt liiiinr,
or n hnlil trujrlr bslnnnlDir to litm, aro rs.
qlri o l f ami Hrllror all o-h nnn ol
tsioer kni proerlf dtia smt lisliiinlntr to fits
sslil liifulv.ini ilrbtnr. In inaxM Tr,,,! n i
sll era lliom of ih mi l ln.ulvnt ilaieic aro io (irMtnt lUalr rri'ctlv ao, uunu or
r. K. HOW Wl,
Jui, ttl. Irumca, ,
I.I, W Simnntnn, of Ihn firm of
Mmnntnn, Ilirlmf h tin . h. ro'i ihoi no-
I'l-s li all II iui son 'si-n Hi o I li en llil .1 y
nl, unio W I SI . i nt m ill hi; Hulo an t I ..
t.f.t la mill nnu, i!il lit i li ol .iUy A. i.
JlMlf W. NlM'IMllV,
,t . W . Mmontnn mi or n , in or (Om
otitiei, It.rn.-r i'o , liiviit .i;, i,ti Iioit.-.i
in ml I nr it II v. I, SI HON 10.". .
Imrs' y lfn In tl It mi 'inoorn tit .1 h o I
A' . I Mninntiin h 1hl iUy rn-.mii. I a a m - n
liar nl piil I nrni an I ttmi ilitt itnili-riuiis l tv il
. 1'iii.sna II a krui-nl jlnriM I - a:t I i. nn.iii.
lot lalnix, Mi ., al II ) nil rl UkI In
Ilti, tt'iilrr 11,1 linn niiua ami Hlt ui Si:!;iii
tun. l,rlT I'll.
I lilt lui, iliy nl M.iy A. II, 1st.
ni u'iNTiM, ii vuii!::t h .
,tin. ;, iiii.
ill nil lis viiii. .mh lir.m 'In s u. itly,
ehe:!ily ami pri ntip; ! y d im. i:i t I.. -i
Mil l lllKt Stll' nil. l,l til t!.l l:lti' I
I'.i-bi his. h.ilin.i.i ., ( i,,l. Wi.i;
rndi'i' -.
i ilve me a mil.
KATE . 'K'Viil.'r
Apr. 1 l.:lm. Mi.ld:.lni,-.r, I n
t MM I I v'l'l! 1 1 ll;M i I I'K f .
i.,m,..l ..t,..lM... th. ,...,-..
I i.,.. ,ft I,.., i .,.
' I'" . tn., .In,.,i. i.air i iiHriitttf I i,i ihn mi. Hi-1
,,,,.,, , ,,jr Ul, ,,.,,,...,..,.,,,., ,,.,,, i
!"' '" "" ' s o
t-tviiiirt MtiliM.r tin v ill i'l tin. i iiiil i.i. il
Uita ;;! ;.t.i.t i'i-im ir hh. t ..
il I. Oli I. W t. I Mi I
May r:
A ,.i. Oil -1 1 1 1 nr. i
- !
k-a "
' ,
f '
' .A
' ' . CO
- .in
8 u
i i
a. J
- d w
s -a
. in
1: 8 O
T. 1
' CI
- r
r I
11 1
Wlitrli rnniturs life Intnlim tout fl
uiilly ilnHiioys II, la iifriitiiiii'iilly cnri'tt
Ity this rcini'tly. hlltt unit at wail li'it
liilnts nru iuniiiie4 to tliuir uutuiul
K amnio appl tent ion uclvos relief, rus
t's of His iiiitfrmt afioiiiiiif in u isa'iiiu
uuully cniisl by aalnulu Is.lilc.
in pvery ciise. Miniey r.-fiimli-il to
nil v una unl ri llcvcl nftnr it liur Irlal.
Vut aulu ity sll Hint cluwt ttruggUU.
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