The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, June 23, 1881, Image 1

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    Alvetlln Hate
Ai flntiimn on rear. ffiO.OO
One-half, column, one year,
One-fourth column, one year,
One square (10 lines) 1 insertion
K'cry additional insertion,
ti.r.1nnl ami Husines cards ol
mwm ----
not more than 5 lines, per year, 5.00
Auditor Executor, Administrator
and Assignee Notices, . 2.50
Editorial notioee per li" 15
All transoient advertising lest than
I months 10 cents a line.
All advertisement for it shorter pe
riod than one year are payable at the
tiipv are ordered, and it not naid
the person ordering them will ue held;
4CpinsiOIO lur mo hiuiist.
The Water thathai Patted.
LUten to the water-mill,
Throngh the live long day.
How the clanking of the wheels
Wears the hours away I
languidly the autumn wind
Stirs the greenwood leaves (
From the field the reapers ring,
IHndlng up the sheaves,
And a proverb haunts my lulud,
As a spell is east :
'The mill will never irrlnd
With the water that has passed."
Take the lesson to thyself,
Living heart and true :
(lolden years are fleeting by,
Youth Is positing, too t
Learn to make the most of life,
Low no happy day ;
Time will never bring thee back
Chances swept away ;
Leave no tender word unsaid ;
' Love while life shall hint-
"The mill will never grind
With the water that hue panned."
Work while yet the daylight shines,
Man of strength and will;
Tfever does the streamlet glide
Useless by the uillL
Wait not until to-morrow's sun
Beams upon the way;
All thut thou canst cull thy own
Lies In thine to-day.
Tower, Intellect and health
May not, cannot lout;
"The mill will never grind
With the water that has passed."
Oh. the wanted hours of life
That Uave drifted by;
Oh, the good we might have done,
Lost without a sigh;
Love that we might once have saved
l)y a single wordi
Thoughts conceived but never penned,
PeriHlilng unheard.
Take the proverb to thine heart,
Take, oh I hold it fust I
"The mill will never grind
With the water that has panned."
Into Mischief.
Dancliur feet and busy fingers,
Never still the whole day through.
For the little bruin from dreamland
Hrln'H them work enough to do,
ltueing through the gorgeous purlor,
Hoinpiiig on the winding stair,
Tearing books unci breaking vuees
Into mUcliief every where.
IMrks the cukes and tastes the jelly,
KreukHthe window, slums the door.
Throws the statues from their brackets,
Scatters playthings on the door,
Tearing little coats and trowsern,
Rumpling up his curly hair
Husy, nuiighty little linger,
Into mirichief everywhere.
Spilling ink upon the carpet,
Dualling pictures from the wall;
Breaking mirrors, singing, shouting,
In the aticuud the hull;
Tracking mud ucross the entries,
Turning over desk and chair,
Cutting up the morning paper
Into inisohlef everywhere.
But no look of hate or malice
Darkens o'er those laughing eyes;
Not a thought of harm or sinning
In his little bosom lies.
For his soul Is pure and guileless,
Whate'r harm thelhiger do
Though the little feet are straying
Into mischief all day through.
H e 1
e o t T n, 1
Saved By Accident
A Detective's Story.
"Ingety, I've got a Job for yon
one, that mast be attended to iiu
meuiateiy. Are you ready to
travel ?
mi ...
mia was tue salutation I recived
from my chief one afternoon, aa I
eaterea headquarters after a bird
day's work.
"At a moment's notice." I replied
"or at least as soon as I can pnt
on a disguise, should that ba ne
cessary. "Good r said tho chief, "for that
all the lima I am able to give yon.
1 bare fast received information that
Sam Wolfe ia in this town, and tbat
ie la to leave today by tbe 0. and B.
Bailroad. I think we bate now an
opportunity of tracking bin to bia
beedqoarters, and I want yon to do
the job."
"I should like nothing better."
"Very well then start at onoe
for tbe railroad depot. I, don't
know what train be is going on bnt
yoa ean wait until yoo see bim.
Yon are sure yoa cannot mistake
bim 1
"I abonld know bim in any dis
gujse," I replied, as 1 left tbe room.
' fta.m Wlfu
...., .( - onppery Bam,"
aa be was generally called, was, at
tha time of which I write, one of tbe
moat dangerous counterfeiters in
, - wuuiry ana tue chief of Urge
SM. - W bad for .l0Dg tiua been
VOL. 18.
in search of bia headquarters, but
without success. We ery seldom
bad a chance to "shadow" one of the
gang, and when we did they always
managed to put us oft the track be.
fore we traced them to thoir lair. It
would be a "big thing" for me if I
unearthed their den i and I felt that
the ohief paid me a high compliment
relecling me, and me alone, to do
tbe job. I hastened to my lodging,
and quickly but carefully "made
myself np" as a well-to-d farmer.
My reputation is at stako." I mut
tered tomysolf, a I strode towird
the depot, "and by Jove, I'm bound
not too lose it."
I thought it very probable tint I
should have a long wait for my man.
but in this I was agroeibly disap
pointed, for, on arriving at the do
pot almost the first man I behold
was Slippery Sum. He bad just en
tered and was ranking bis way to
ward the tickot ofTluo. I followed
bim, and saw that be bought a tick-
et for Watkin's Junction, a small
village about Gfty milos out. I
purchased a ticket for tbe same
place and followed Wolfe into tho
car, just as the train started
Throughout the journey I kept him
iu sight. Hoglnnrod at mo sovoral
times bnt showod no signs of re
cognition, and I was confl lont that
my disguiso was porfect, Sam and
I had mot more than once in the
course of my professional caroor, so
I hail beon more than usually dire
ful in my "make up," and wss cer
tain tbt it was effective. In some
thing lees than two hours the train
reached Watkin's Junction, and
soveral passongers alighted, among
them 8am Wolfo and myself. Tim
counterfeiter started up the roal.
ami I stopped up to tho dopot mas
tor and asked .
"Can you tell me who that man
is f" pointing to Wolfe.
"I don't know bis oatne," was the
reply, "but bis face is familiur
enough. Ue iftops up at Rorko's
''And where and what is Rorke's
place 7" I asked.
You're a stranger in theso parts
or you wouldn't ask that." said tho
depot uiastor. Itjrke'i pl ica in u
public house about a mile up the
road, kopt by ono Jim Koike
though bow be manages to keep it
going 1 dou't kuow, fir everybidy
iu those parts steers clear of it they
know bim too well."
"His reputation is not good, eh ?"
I asked.
'He's ad d rased," s.ti I tho do
pot mastor, "that's what bo is."
Having ascertained tbe exact loca
tion of the public house iu question.
I started up the road, determined to
make sure that I had retlly found
the counterfeiter's headquarters. It
was eight o'clock and very dark
when I paused iu frout of a miaser-
able looking hovel, over the door of
which was written the name James
Rorke. From. the inside I board
souuds of revelry, and glauoiog into
the half open window I saw four men
standing beside a bar drinking.
Sam. Wolfe was not among thorn,
but I doubted not that I bad discov
ered tbe boadquai ters of the gang.
Now nothing remained to do but to
prooure assistance and make a des
cent on tbe place i and 1 was about
turning away with the intention of
doing this wbeu I was seized from
behind, thrown to the ground and
in a twinkling bound band aud foot.
"Aha I" cried tbe voioe of Sam
Wolfe. "You will follow mo from
tbe city, eh, you cursed spy 1 Fool I
did you think I didu't know you
from tbe first .t" '
lie lifted me into his arms and
bore me into the room.
'Ilere'a a spy, boys," be cried, let's
take bim, down stairs aod deoide
what to do with bim. An ordinary
death will not do for a d--d police
spy and I have an idea to suggest
on this point.
I was carried through a long
winding hallway and down a flight
of steps.'
"Strike a light," ordered Wolfe.
His command was obeyed, and a
moment later I saw I waa in the
cellar of tbe building aud in tbe
counterfeiter's deo. Appaiatus for
the manufacture of spurious money
surrounded me on every side.
Now men," said Wolfe, address
ing bis four companions, "nothing
remains but to settle tbe "mole of
his death i and aa I soppose none of
you will objeot to letting me bave
tuj own way m tnis matter, i now
decide tbat ba shall ba tied ' to , tbe
Irailro.d track aod left t ih .U.
of the Ainrnaa ahint. ...... i .
I. "r " " 1U BOOUI
half an hour."
My blood ran cold as those words
foil npon my ear, but I remained
The two men woro warm in thoir
approval of thoir captain's fiendish
"Well, boys, fm gla 1 yon like the
idea." said Wolfe, -but let us waste
no more time. It is several min
atoe walk to the track i so oft with
Twj of the men lifted mo on thoir
shoulders, and bore me up the stairs,
out of the bouse and along tho lone
ly road, Sam Wolfe lollowing.
l rosontly thoy paused.
"Hero we are," said one of the
mon, "now then, cup., nothing re
mains but to lie bim dowu."
"dug bim first," directed Wolfe,
tr -i
u wus uuoyen anil mon 1 was
fastened socurely to tho track.
"Ha I" exclaimed Wolfo, "I bear
the whistle of tho train. ' Tis loss
thau two miles cIT, Now, cursed i
spy. say your prayers, for your time I ' ,
i- short I Hoys," be added, turning I.. " inP'- Vf H.H0ro
to his companions, "von m, ,ln,ilbo hlU Mul tl,,ubI,! Sl4fur bi"
tnilmh.,n- I -ill ,.:. i
that the job is effectually dono."
"All right, cap," and tho men de
parted. I will not attempt to doscriho ray
feeliogsas the moments flow by, and
the rumble of the exnrosa train
grow louder and louder. 1 had not
tho slightest hopo of eaeapo from
the torriblo death that meuacod mo,
and I endeavored to compose my
foelings in some dogreo, and pre
pare for tho inevitable. Xearor c 'U9
the train, the shrill whistle soundod
in my ears, tho terrible ruiubl-, rum
ble grow loudur and louder, till it
soundod like thunder.
"Ha-ha !" laughed Woiro in
fiondisb gloo, "iu half a minute
more you'll bo sufo iu kinljin
come !"
Tho noiso of tho train became
denfeuing and the headlight Ihsbod
along tho track. The engine was
almost upon mo. I closed my oye
and waited (or the end.
Suddenly cime a succession of
short shrill whittles, I kuo thoy
mount "down brukes."
Tho speod of the benn to
slacknu. A wihl hopo sprain' np in
my ureaat.-hlowor and slower ean.oi,,,,,,,,,,,! times, and rolled over once
iuo u...a. woiiki it stop in iimo I
..ii i in . ... ......
ii ii cxciuiuieil u e. "it wi
not do to leavo you hero UursoH on
tho luck t"
Ho begau untying tho knots
which bound mo. lint be had hard
ly comineuo"d wbon the train stop
ped within six feet of the spot where
I lay. It was too litu for Wolfo to
remove mo.
"You shall not have a cbnnco to
Rive mo away, you d d spy !" hiss
ed tho villain, between bis teeth, us
he drew bis knife and raisod it in
tbe air preparatory to strike the fat
al blow.
At tbat momor.t a matt leaped
from tho engine.
"Ha I what is this.!" be exuluiuiod,
rushing towards us.
With an oath Wolfo dropped bis
knife and fled. Hut tho strauuor
pursued and in a few minutes cap.
tured bim and led bim back. In the
uiuautiiue I bad boon released by
some of the employees of the road.
In as few words as possible I gave an
account of my adventures to the
group of pavsongers wbicb assombl.
ed around mo, a number of whom
at once voiunteored to assist me in
making a descoct upon tbo counter
feitorsden. I gladly accepted tbe
offer, and in less thao fifteen minu
tes tbe bouse and coutonts wore in
my possession . It was tbe most
oom plete aud best appointed place
of the kind I evor saw. We took
five prisoners beside Wolfe, and sue
ceeded in conveying them all to tbe
city early tbe next morning. They
were soon tried aud sentenced, and
are now serving out tbeir term at
Sing Sing,
la closing, I will state tbat tbe
traiu stopped on account of a slight
defeot in tbe engine which bad to
be repaired before it could go furth
er. Had this little fuult been dis
covered one short minute later I
should bave been a dead man, fco
was really saved by aocident.
Tbe golden sovereign makes less
noise in tbe contribution box than a
penny piece, principally for the rea
son tbat it is never put in exoept by
editors, and tbey are not very punc
tual attendants.
Joth. Billings on "Dispepshv.''
I have been a practical dispeptik
for 27 years and four months, and
it would have boon munny in my
pocket, if I had beon born without
any stummuck.
I have prayed upward of one
thousand times to bo on tho iuside
like au ostrich, or a traveling col.
porter, .
I have soon traveling colporters
who could eat as much as a gooso.
I have soon a gooso eat till it
oouldu't staml up any more, and
then sot down and eat sum aud then
roll ovor and ea, sum more.
I have triod living on filtered
walor and going birofooto I for the
dispopHhy, and that didu't hit the
spot. 1 have soaked myself at a
water cure establishment until I
waz so limbor that I koul In't get
myself bak again inside ov my Bald
win npparel.
I bought a Raddlo horse onco, who
was got up cxpresly t i kuro tho die
pepshy iu IK) days or kill the horse.
Iln WilJ ttr.kf ritlitii.t . n.ll l...a. 1.-
, than euny other boss on tho foot
I rodo tho boss uu(il I was ov a
jelly, and thon sold him bridle and
all for sixty-eight dollars, and got
sued by tho purchaser, and bad to
pay him ninoty dollars and some
sents damago, becauso tho borso
"Nimsbys,'' a disease I knu nothing
Tho boss aud fixings cost mo 9150
in gold.
I kontraktod for eleven kords ol
bioory wood krossed grained, find as
phnll of wrinkles as nn old cow's
horn, and sawed away three months j 8(,m" families, ond is handed dowu
on it, and the pile seemed to growl'1""1" f"tiir to sou. Mr. Hummer.
Iiiirrml. Avnrn DOOr M' till. U'llil linj Iiikiii m. I.k.i.r a....-
I finally nave away tho saw and
what wood thero was left, to savo
my life, and sat dow u discouraged,
a square victim to tho dispepshy.
I have lived at tho smisido. and
gnmboled at tho saliao Hood until I
waz nz u uuinber ono salt mackrol.
I havo walked two miles before
breakfast, and (lieu olt a sack of dry
to'ist, und half tho yelk of a pullet's
en, aud felt all the time a, weak ez
a kitten that huz just como out of a
I hav laid down morn tlmn lain
tl ,I)innit i(1 r1 fli ,t ,
.... n. :..
1 like a corp-o.
their ill. In t nothin seem to ail mu j "I think II u ry must bo goiii-r to
enny whero in particular, ipieposo t me." "Why .-, niv d ing'i-
I havo rend whole librays on the ter T" (irriod tlio ni l l i ly, luy
stummuek and liver, and wheu I got j ing down her spocuclos, whilo her
thru, I knu a great deal less what , face houtiKd liko tint muon in its
wss tho matter ov ine than when I lourii euth ni-lit. "Well, he oked
1 havo drank whiskoo with roots
iu it onulr to carry ou . ny bridge or
sawmill iu the country.
I have worked on a farm for rcy
vittles and hoard, and dieted on fried
pork and ii bread until I was oz
thin az tho sermon ov a 7 day Hup.
tint preacher.
I havo dun theso things and 10
thousaud other things just as ri liki
Ins, aud hav got the old dispepshy
yet, just as natural and as thik nz
mo pimples on a Tour year old
If you got a good bolt of tbo dis
pepshy onco you can't nover loose it
entirely ; it will oonie arouud once
in a while like a ghost, and if it
uon t scare yu so much as it did
once, and make yu think yu aro co
ing to die to-morrow it will make yu
fool tust nz sorry.
A light afl'air A lump,
Tbe railroad frog can't swim.
A young fellow pressing bis own
suit frequently wrinkles tbe girl's.
He who does not strive to render
others bappy, does not deserve hap
An Iowa paper speaks of a conple
who were separated by a cold cloud
of realism. This la a new name for
tbe old man'a boot.
Owing to tbe trichina prevailing
in American pork, railway eatioir
bouses are using sole leather in
manufacturing saudwiobos.
A great mauy people's morality
resembles sign posts at tbe corners
of country roads. Thoy poiot in the
right direction, but tbey don't budge
aa inob themselves.
A well cooked breakfast will do
mora toward preserving peace ia tbe
family than will seven mottoes on
tba wall, even though tbey be fram
ed in tbo most elaborate of cilt
Sound Proverbs.
In the company of strangers si
lence is safe.
Good deeds remsiu i all things
else perish. ,
He is a slave that cannot command
A nun's best fortuno, or bis worst,
is a wife.
Chooso a wife rathur by your bar
than your evo.
1 kuow of uubjdy tint wishes to
die this year.
Ho that falls to-day may bo up
again to-morro v.
Houcst men's words arc as good as
their bonds.
Ho thut grasps at too much bol.U
uothiug fast.
A good causo makes a stout heart
anl a strong arm.
(Miildruu nro certaiu cares but un
certain comforts.
As love thinks no evil, s ) envy
speaks no good.
Severity broods fears, but rough
ness cngondors lmto.
Discreet wives liuvo nl times nei
ther eyes or curs.
To suo what is right aud not to do
it is waut of courage.
I'rowns Might your cbildrou us
frosty nights blight your pluuts.
Hurke suid : "Mover despair ;
und. if you do, work in despair."
Tho bust riches is ooutoutuiout
tho worst of poverty, low spirits.
Hkiikiutaiiv Diskask. "As to be
ing iullictod with gout," Said Mrs.
1'ui tington, looking very wisely ad
sho stirred her toa, "high
docsu t always bring it on, defend
upon it, though it generally does.
sometiiiics. It is incoherent iu
""' ineoborita it from his
ttif" M Krund father," a very
i transmitted gout, in t t
Tho people of a Nov Jursev town
jnre so fum fully lay that wheu tho
wife of a minister who had j tint set'
tied in that town asked a proiiiinou t
citizen i' tho inhabitants generally
respected tho Sabbuth and refraiuud J
from biiriiuutis, ho replied .' ' C'ciu-
found it, ma'am, they don't doj
--r-:;u wu.i n tlio whole weok to
break tho SubbaU if it was all done
on that day.
"Motiior," rimurkod a h.ilath irirl,
ino tliis evening II I wasn't, liro l of
living with such it cienaerio as ymi
and dud.'
Thirteen years iil'o Mr-. Henry
Josephs, of 'inn ISIuT. Alk ; m;iI
lo wo J u iioo. lie, nl lift Tliur.Mlii.v it
wns piekol ont nf a sawlo iu liny
City . Mich. W n do uol pietend to
ai'uounl Cor it ; it is all wo c m do to
give tlm fuct.
Why is a speudthrift's purse liko
a thuuder cloud T liocanao it is
contiuually light'iiin.
A Loudon cubmun culled out after
a smart, dapper little gentleman who
affects a particularly litiv'o hat.
"Coino out of that lint, will yer T I
knows yer iu it, 'cos I sous your
A woman in oastern Pennsylvania
became crazy ou Booing her husbaud
kiss soother woman. The husband
was a rascal. No truo husbaud will
ever kiss another wouiau whuo bis
wife rs looking,
A new potato masher is made of
(ndia rubber, and the ladies can now
welcome thoir husbands home from
the lodge without incurring a doctor
Our government land, "costs one
dollar per acre on an average, and
champagne two dollars per bottle.
How many a man dies landless, who
during bis life has swallowed a fer
tile township, trees and all I"
A captain of a privateer, who bad
been in an engagement, wrote to
bia ownera that be bad received bnt
little damage, huviup; only one of bis
hau ls woauded in tbj flood.
"Never milk while tbe' cow is eat
ing." is the advice or a buoolio con
temporary. Judging from tbe char,
aoter of much of tbe mflk that comes
to market, it would be mora to tbe
point never to milk while tha oow is
drinking. I
23, 1881. NO 60,
Dings Dot May Look Drue.
Iiightuing is dor most cowardly
weapon dot der is used. Der des
truction comes first und der wai uffig
A cowurd will pntronize n gun
smith, but a her j liint seeks bis
Virtue vns somo li i like a slull iw
spring you don't want to fool mil
it much to keep it pule,
I hover S'Mi two vo ii I I 4 I) it 1 it
i pity some uddur voiuuus wjt ain't
del e.
Dor ambititn of a hont y-heo is
tvorlli oiii'ii'ttiiiii, but v.iue.Vir ' you
hold a foiODiililii argu mm I nut it bo
sure aud look biui square iu ilvi
"I'osidively no Print" was gun-
oruble hanging up in efory store as
a gm vu-st ono dot prcputilitUs doad
Hope iu midf jrliino. h po in
s r.
H .... i. .. :. ll . -i
row, tiopd iu l ilotlom, UjjiO III love,
but veu lounging iu dorl-ip of luxury
wo forgot ad about id, fir hopo is a
Htrangur to cui tuiiity uud
munt. A man can't 1 jvo moro us ono
voiuaus at a time, bih'ailne, if ho at
tuiuptud id, somu voiuaus will (,'et
uegluctud uud do mull got despised.
1 uevtir dinks any lutu is
scluuardor tlau I vas, but I am often
compelled to belief dot doy try Laid
er to hIiovv id.
How It Pays To Tako A Newspaper.
Kotno papers aro not of much aa-
,. . , u . I..J vu, Vllk a III-. II 1
living ,i .i.ii
nili.,iif .mil ll,,.! .li.l .....
ifntiiit uu I.. .IIIUIII..II.II.I l.t.t r . i. .......
W..U I,,., 11 1.1 i II1U, III
some way, moi'u th in I paid for it.
Ouo tiiuo uu old friend started a
little pnper away dowu iu South-
woriteru (ieorgi.'i, and sent it to me,
it i i . .
nun i Hiiurtcrinua jmi to (incoiiiagi)
! l'il"',U,",.!"'.ufU,i ul,i!.it VnM
a uotioo that uu adniiiiMtiutor hud
on order to sell several lots at pub-1
lie outcry, and ouo of tho lots was in
my county. So I inquired about
tlio lot, uud wrote to my friend to
, ,
intend tllO S ill) and ItlU It to llfty
i ii II i- i i i i a.
..v.i, vii i no, huh iim oil lllu
I,. , i - . , ,, . .
lot to IIIO at til 1 1 ty dollars, and I
. i i , . . ,, .
HUlil 11 in II tllollttl to a mail It joined
f I .. 1 I i ,
lol a Mill. lie. I, an. I HO 1 luado Silly.
eight dollars clear by taking that
paper. My father told inn thut
when ho was a young man ho saw
a iiotco in a paper that a school
toucher was wauled away off iu u
distant county, uud hu went
and got tho situation, und u little
girl seat 1 1 him, uud after
invliilo h!io Krrew
up mighty H'Aett
and pretty, and ho fell iu love with
bur aud married her. Now, if ho i
I hudu't tukou that paper, what dol
you recKon woui'i linvo boeoiuj of
... . ie i i r i .
me f Wolll.lllt 1 OH SOIUO olhel'
fellow, or liny not bo nt ull T I'.x
1'oiTi.A'i Kiuioiis. To tliii.k
tho moro a man eats, tho fitter
tho strongur ho will becoiuo.
To bcliuvo thut tlm moro hours
chil hou study, tLe fusttr they will
io conclude that if exerc so !h
Kuou, mo moro vioieui it is iiie more
good is dono,
To iiuagiuo that every hour taken
from sleep is ono hour gained.
To act ii pou tho proHtimptiou tbat
the smallest room' iu tho hoiiso is
largo enough to sleep iu.
loarguo thut whatever remedy
causes ouo to feel immediately but
ter is good for tho systom, without
regard to moro ulterior uffucts.
To eat without aa appetite, or to
continue to out after it has boon sut
islied, merely to gratify Iho tusto.
To eut a hearty supper for the
pleasure experienced during the brief
time it is passing down tho throut,
at tho expense of a whole uight of
disturbed bleep and of weary wuking
io the morning.
"What," asked a Gulveston Sun
day School teacher, "is that invisi
ble power tha. prevents the wicked
mac from sleeping and cuusos bim
to toss about npon bis pillow, and
what should be do to enjoy thai
peace that passeth understanding T"
"Sew up the bolo in the ruomiuito
bar," was the prompt auswer from
the bad boy a't the foot of the class.
When a young mau wants to pro
tect a young lsdy be naturally put
bis armor round ber.
Loud and boisterous talking, or
Isngbiog, should always be avoided.
Nothiog Ja'so lady dike as a low and
well-modulated voioe. -
. .A
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tn'nthf it a 'I e;iifmiri(!ti curat
tr,'.( finn'i'iitnt and nil other
tni thoU tnllnl.
ftil'rtirn tlr.nt.rnt. 1 1 Stf Hlno-l Purl.
11 r. InliTiinliy. i'itkihi.i Mli-lnl .Ullr,
''" 'v ('in i n, ki.i.ii.i. nun
Iwit Ni,f ixlrrn illy, Unit r..rm". ih.
nin-t mlri ..'i i ir.. nt lic.ln, silr n I
! riMini.iu. Hun or. T.'t runll in uiUoi
t . II I .. . aariil f.r ttrrr nn.t
I'ftlnT. Iirir II. Mh-h .! n a.i.nnhini
llc-niihl ..I 1,1. m.r I rV.r. II.. .!.,. iirrn l l.r rxn.'iltttlon of tiiij.l-
rl.n. it I,. Mil l.rtlrlll, nn.l lilvl, , n, ,., ,,
! Iu IU Cutloura KrinnlKM,
Will VrD.mnM j ,l2 llr.rl.nrn I'M.
I"1"", iir.trliilly .I'knoKlxilK.. rum ol Mult
lii.rnin ..n iir.t.l. nrk, lr, Br in. m i ,t, ,.r
nrrrnlcrn in"' Ml walk ,.. i nn
IihimI. Anil In,,-.. I. r o'io riir: n.n iti,i i ,i,
liiin.rll ii.r lni,l vrnr-: trim Inm lr l i,l rrn.
; cmi-j i-.-...rii .riiiiiun' l nl i-iii. Itoimlrt.t
l nii.iioiiliy e,ir. I... u,.-uti ur Koiunlls..
tiro. W. Ilinnn, 4- V ir.lmll ilrnrt. I'm.
'" H I O'lml li iilln ir Unnr li-r ,.
HlvK...,r.n II mi ,r. not at the Inrl.c r . whl.-li
r.rr...i 1 1 v..r hi. r., ni"H n. im.i. .nu lor
M )oar . kluiliul traaiuiaot.
. A. rrlr, K..f , I IWV ., Ill.a.f. : .
will .y IIkiI Ii turn I ii..i inlliiir. lUinmli.
I In Imiriiil Mils, nl h.i slvrnniiail
! "f "Vr liatmic miy rrlml. i h.t li.
irrlnrtiir. wiiminrliii Pure l ir nil, an I il my
imn Ire will ainl accunl I rvouiuuiriiil tliaiu."
( till, urn llrmnilira rr ptrpaml hy Waica
h I'm i in, ( i.rnilM. ami I'nuKi.l.. ii Wa-le
In . iu St., in. m in, an. arn lur i all
liriiBI-l. 1'ilri ul I'uili'ura, Mallrliitl
irlly. mull ln, Mi -r lit. : lur. i,m... ii,
I'litli'iiria Ko.nhriil. tln naa III imI I urln.r,
i .rr oil a. t'ulli-iira Ma ll. lnl lotlnl S .itii
as rant. I uilnira Mnlu ln.i .siiatlna- oi,
l.'iranl-; In iar. lur hartmr. ami i.riia riintmu.
ar.. 1 ' rant All mall. I iroa n rai-aint .r
.-rn.l lur Illu.traiail Iraallra n Ilia
A g rand combination
of Elcod, Erain and
i ...... ........ iifiriTV iiirir wnn'inriiii i.iin.
I r-uulnlni( rmiartlsa Ir nil MAI. r, tbair MI.
aii'tj iH'i'.'r..iiiiiiliiK Intl'i'tiiM Imtu
Mill Hill. r. ilnrlva tlielr wnnlarful Mm.
He ir sum I I .inn. ami rar. r.iiaiiini
I'""" Ini.ii l ll.liOA. ami tlia.r 111 I-
Naurlrlilns I'rlni-li In. Ir.. . IKuX. wiiluii ra
, 1'iiir ul thr Kir.noit III i.Ml-l'ri. I iran ami I. I
. r- aimit I.Ioiikmm. r. r u iltail I one inr ll.-lna
l-nr Ho ii I ii Ki-iii iln", Nnr.Um Miluora. ami
Klrklyl till Irru Mall nutria art luirsuia.
.llalt lllllrra f niiiian)-, llnalnn, Maaa.
OLLfrVe Vih.taio
CyU fl.KI Tim I'H.TKK, CIM.
VOLTAIC 'SStELXCTRQ '"' !;' """ ir ui.
PlSCTrlW 1 '"' npi' l'lr
,7a-, Hit pin. II.'. I n. y In. lain
IV ri llev . li-i. ii.a, l.l.rri'i.iiin'.liii. vi.iarla
1 ! "".!" nX A""' "" " I rinary
l'llll"illlla nil I Hint ha mirn mar II.. ..
ir tlie kl.liiavil. up .nr all.. i.l
itl. JtIuii an n. nt. niii.i . rnrvwliar..
WKkKH 4 IVrimt, II run. Mans.
i.i:v rs
AV WTKll -Iiik ry. Mkht I In I.I..V mniit. H.m..l..
ii-". rt.niraii., . I,. Ill
,pj Mraal,
niw 1 ura .
Errors of Youth.
1 A or.M l.tM n im .utt.r i i .r vr.ri I'om
11 rmiir hMlll.irv, I'llllU A IT'KK liK.
1 ' V '"' U H" nnta i.l in.iurra-
i.'.ii. ill ilia .aka ul ruilrrllia liillliatnly,
an I Irrn 1.1 .11 wii , t aa l it tha rn-la an I ill-rri-llnti H.ukliiK tliamiii.a r.'llli' ly l.y IiMi
l-a a.. iMira.l. Miimri nimimii l-i erulii l.y
tlie'a ai. rlrn.-a r,m .i I y a f.
.La-mim In rr o"t i'.inll.lania. JollM II. II.).
lil.N, a Co lar Ml., Nani jtk.
Jud J7, '10m.
i k-iii m ill (I r.e: Hi. ronpo i.,r a imp's, ahib Hah, tl Bl ll triiima l S
f IIM'KI.I'.M, 1'HIFI.KS an.l lll.,irt'liCN,
I. avinii lli .l.ln i'lnr ami tna.uiiui : aim
i.i-.n 1-iiiin. pr .ini.ini a ar.i.tli
Tf a. i.i-h.i or ..,o.ii, i...
il"'.-, lnniii.iim ;i. .t.,, nt,M, A.Nitt,ti
I h .t vortlmr, Imvliiu I, run .atmanutly
eurii.l i r tlini lira I ili-a, tLimniiuptl in, liy a
..ini'la, In annl.iii. tn in.ika known la
M a irll.i .inn. ram tin, mom. ol enrn. 'I'.i all
tm .lo.lra n, 1,0 l I au. ii o.ii. y nf Hi. ,r.
i rlptl.m uo.. , ira-ul i-liar.i I Willi ih. illr.i.
tlmn i...arlii all I u.D His raina. wlilau
lliay will tin. I a pi'iik i'chs lur I'lisai'MprutN,
A.TIIS , llllilNi-lllTIM. ..,
I'urllo. wlnlil K tha HraaKrliitlon, will plraia
William. i, ur. N. y.
lut fauD Mt.,
Q.i:tltOK u, UEXFKU.
County Surveyor
Kratzcrvillo, Snyder County Ponn'a.
Hiirvaylnjf nj t'onrryanolnd prnmpltj
anil akilirull; in. A absrs of
ib pulillo'i (lalrunag lulioilvd.
July 'J'lih, '7H, pj
flulda for both SEXES, ror tha m.rrlrrt ana
IUii.ii r..ntrniplini.. ii.uiriit.a-a lirllium, fu.c"
initliiil 1i.nk. roiiiiarlur fur tlie mtllluu I ralin.
Dl.oaiu.iiinl tho l'b..i. .1 1.1 1.. ..r u...
pura In JniiKiiaira, anrl aiidnraua liy i hit
i'vr,,i rc. I'rl-ii, BO osnts. hi Tlr A U
ahrw-,,!"" l 'li.y NorUiwalt
hi will nav annn fur .V. r. r... nl ...1..... Z
rhriiiilo dl.i-.iii-in ,-nhar .r ba and
f.ilU tu ruro. SliiU two ilaniii. f, r,,i
Health. Reliable Femila Srri.raX
I BOX, a iini'i lor ludiua diiriuic'i ou.
limnuiil. Rubber Cn.H. ....I i .... ..,
luiuorlaut I
.Miv.uia.tuu. hi I
1'ipioaa, BO oenta.
Or. A. O. OLIN,
Clark St, Cblcagu, Ul.
Kantncky Block, S0 8
tad Snraklar rulrn rarta wltk.
'at .ala bj lhrai.rl.ra. M.-a4
II Surth tkruva SI., I klraxa.
I I M I I I IL"J " '-.-l,r.. N,.4
w a swiii
U WHUl.tSALH iiKai.rnii i
No. 333 IMarlcet Mt.
I'jiiiiitioiputtt. in;
I. ..!. ... t.
H ir.l. l-.rr-l.wi.av.kMai
"-' 'Ir.a.aawr.i i. Mak a..lkiM
t irralM, al.k I. i
a.-aaxc.a v , n ua4 auva, k laia. ,
V V i..........
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