The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, March 10, 1881, Image 1

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    Vue-ha.'. cjia-uti. one yt-sr,
Oiia-fo'irih ttfi, Oho yur,
s'rsrv a liliri rml itmiril i,
l.'i :-:
jVoWioualanJ Ci'.i.'Vf u rl
ni'r! than A liiKW, tor yd ir. S.O..I
Alitor, EniKiitor, Administrator
w,d Aejisnco XoIicas, 2.5t j
HoaioriaJ notion per hue, F,
All tM'uelenl alve'rlUln lot thniii
' S.OIllhe I.) IWHU lin.
All mivcrliaenictit for i ebort'ir )n
rlf. than one you- are puvnhia o I (j. t
tm llia-v art ordered, and it not psiO
1ms (noo orJorin thetil will halrt;
aapuiMioie ior w iuuht
1 o o t r y
fyy Husband.
Who took ms Vrotn my chlldhood'j
home . - -To
love rue for mysolf a'.on?,
AnJ tot my saerluce atone f
My husband I
Who (rruinblfJ at the p-or bocfat-jak,
Anil bade byttcr cortca make.
And told tn greater earo to Uke ?
Mr h unban J I
"Who ewore bweaano the bfiby cried.
And to the rpsra ro3:a gaicHU hied,
While I to quit, vainly tik'J i
Who tore the button o!T Lin tOiirt,
And Ud I could tho'i ills avsrt,
If I waa more oitho alert f
ily husband !
V10 bade me rixe, the firo to make,
While he another nap should tiij,
Although I'd bden nil ulht awake t
My husband I
Who, when I ak for half n. crown,
KnitH up hie brow into' a frown,
And aoks jna whore the otbor's gono 1
My hiuibfuii r
And when I eee my mother, ilcar,
Who tries my lonely M to cliepr f
Who my itbo'e dreaJfully, drt j;u!!y
qufor T
?Jy hunbinJ 1
Who tay Out rill la: at i;rht,
Ad then fOmi'j hauw y very Vght
That I noarly die of f right f
My huibanJ f
Who breake the chlnn, elans tho door,
Leavull his clot lies upon the l!ur,
And ewearsit'e all a dread.'ul bore
ily hridbi:iiJ
And who do I, for LLi da ir sake,
'Of every nacriflce jxirtako. I hiii eo.tfl iauoo ho:i!d rti'jt f
Ky LuA'o-i i '.'
At SuisjI.
WhsA l;.Vs 1-Jw r-ua I kLjUa tlsv?
and sJ,
Ui coll nal :ibarp thj lr.;thi:ml
sboil'jwi i .ill I
Tbi-y lie projoctcd oa the err.'.;hivi
t l path,
Wiio.anarrj pctnt a fjrare -an:
end il all
. .
tk aht fttblns-a waririnjr; a ,
8o ojHinllaal e'.e.nd,jr fmr-laislo
- the light ;
And yet U is enough to dirk.n Lea
ven, Aud Mil thimotil with t.'rror and with
Thore is no tlihs for youth's !;'.
llaur of reea'.l, that k.iit tho chaia
i ue no wet ui!iy be trrtt, tuid llvs ; th 5
Uprooted once, inujt inrUh vhoro it
Oh, Life I so frruoKing ia your Rift.,
, redeem
Uycno ureal bjoni the losscj of tho
Olve ine a full, Imperlnhablu fnith,
And let the light be with mi to th
-Vurj L. PMUr, in Scribn.r.
. ; j
W o I e o t Tale.
Washing A Lover.
A rainy day in tho country t
D.-jp, drip, so m ia I the w-iUr ia
iba barrol Under tho eaves j putter,
patter trinklcd down tho rain drops
npon tbo leaves of the syrioas and
u ao D-unaa ; an I L ny Uml, ait
tiugat the wladow, bur round oh iii
.risting id her hands, aa I liar eye
fixad dreamily on tho wood, half
hidden in vapory mute, boau to
reel the least bit tho woil 1 bor
M. An oped letter hy id hor lap
letter to which aha referred every
Ww add than, with a protty, hlf
ptuzled contraction jf her brows.
Wash and woar l ' she reweated
to herself. "I wondar what Aunt
Jadith ueana f She) bopea that
Wliioh arer of nay suitors my aa.
lectraiy wish and watr. Upon uly
word that ia likoulog the lordi or
creation to a pattera of calioo, ot
kiQShAnt sun bonnet I"
And Lucy UuRhod a littlea
Wry boonnlinj proceee, whioli
brought out the dimploa around liar
charry lips, and the, dawy aparklos
4wr har lobar auburn lashes.
ufm ia tbej ara both mo lola of
te&XZ'j tui Rood'Unjpar," aaid
l kcrr-:; 'w' -t U as far aa I
rim nntil nha is uiarrie 1 tj hiih,
pst all cRcxpe.
"A'j, if oae oal.I peop boU!a I t'.ii
ocnnofi," Likj. "If oqo oa ill
only pnl a hivor oo timl f jr a moulh,
iH Aunt Ju'ii.h t iki's n smfur.t k tvl
iiiid Ji')j'mi,jH bur if elri J.jn't iivi
alisfa?lhinl Art 1 thsn l ie wii'i I
tar icit-un, wliio'i it9 Aunt
JuJiIUbj u'.tio'i tribul.iti in,
fuilily t;i'.; I. oij-b.p! I bliov
t! ni i v. Eif-u TolliiU or
Oojr.) !I iva.i. Hit th-'rVn n nn
wiiiiSdin uti u fj.-inil abut it
now i li.3) v, .,1 iiiioi ij. In tut.
t-jraulinin yliull lie lnJJclor,rJ
wc arirt.l if I Hit Uii'j d'.itriii ;t, tii
XMiK , I'iJ Jiut. li ill tlii'.itJ i,;4i r 1 J
over ti iVLl ;.:.' (.i.u.ih
.o'l.'.t l.uVj el.uL'if i'ij c.ty Ijd;;
Ujaiih in tliii f!",!nj..)j of in ji'iii.i j
Vi.t ii't:ur ;iv nj.l iliajly j it
t pror.lut, t!i it I 1 to Ulrt ol 1 F1-
!!lt :u 1 1 li i .i al l ly uno'ii.i !
Kiay fit nu, vi;-i Inlf i d i.j.i i si 1 1 v
Ici'.u.iU kacjjl.'ig yuni'J over it l.k'-t
bund ui t'e;-.'. inula.
Ii'ldy IHll. D TU-!v;h;n 1
!i I not li ) i 'i'. I n .rrn', lur t 1!.
but "1;j;? 1 qu i i t l!i, l i.'J:
J -tor a j 1 r..i
roi X.
i v tj M
At h-iiD). .i'o'.I V a'i j i-'. J,
i.oil'y oi tliii
. 'IC
"Cf co n- i i' i a!.
hi) .-.
Ntll, biij'i.tlv i ; iMiiiio it.
l-'llf lil'.io I'.'H-'l l I, v i.i'v I C.I
i o t
I j isl
:i"l it
in ti ii.' 1 1 1
i3 j a'i rat t":
tcl:i f'. V m 7 lu.v pol .a.i-rtr
1 Wit.'.l j 1 !u 1 "
A.i I tiiu t.vo r' I ' i!. i
. 1 Ii iH 1V
l"i'.i i l I Of in v n: i ."i
till) f i I.
';:'..'.:,! ;:ti. i.-j ;i i 1 nil');.-'; :.'.,
nil of H ".1 1 iM. II (Illy IU .I'.w Ill'
vji..''! t'i,i hiii oii'iJ ,
" ' V'i j.V.i u y '..n-i!.fi;t. I r i,v ? I
.v i'it'iiy i r j -. r .-, ! sijii.!! 1 1 .;
y i i iv u ru n f . -.v!:-.' l .n't y
I liii.T mo i: T :i: im', .' '. ,'. f ;j I t,.
lii'ini to ib nil. 1 1V. ! :.,;!, i !
C'oiji'!, w i iJ u. .,)', t'.i' r 1 i 'io.T
ii::j ;'i ! i. ' "i I'.n fio-.v'p.i;3C-rH.
f. iir.c! ii ly ! A:.. I lo..!; e'j-irp. Jj J oa
h ..ii- r
And ih? cr wn nbnt n.i'a will'
ooiji i )nr di'.c H'lipiiti ii'i,
N-lllj I at L'lfy with a Prim.
Koiiiii;r brow. Iiiioy npi.-iied wi.l.j
i l,cr iiojiii i.i;; men.
i mil .ill. imViT
a i fi'i u mho I in i:ini'. ll a wn
loufU. i.i.t'.l. ail !u ov n-sl.t
:i.nwi It tbi i irri.'.np.
i i
, t
)i) f p.ii-.l l.iisy, bcji:in!nr to l),'oi" a 'ilt'.o wiiiii. miid ho.
i'o.iK?i inn l! a Hhiv cxiuti d in tliii
ui '.!. iliiie ilifi ii )iid t'i'il
! , ,
1 ui if "is it jMMi .Tj'-'.ied I at
At tbiii .no n. ,it fj Ulppi linrrid 1
by. Ii ivn tin piliti it an 1 ui n'i
on l l. io Mr i. l:' ii i i'.', 1,-rin ,,'i'i',' r.p
tin ir-. y of l-jiij'.und Ic.i.
"I 'ii illi'l vr i:t on a w in no,'
bi.i l I.'iry, i'l'lijji.nnily.
I'ro .ii .illy poor Mm l-Viliu'.t ri
ttiruoil, will; tlio tiay noaici-iy lui",!:
od, aud Htopp id in N'iU'n room to
rclinvu lice niicil.
v. "ilo Won't touch a inoutbfnl. bo
canao it isn't ai.iokiii hot," said nho
with a nili, "Un' crossor th in ouo
would think p''bbi, and "
1 ;t iih ohivltii 1 hi i-iiilf abruptly
at tho flight of JIsm Pirl.
'I bii0' you pir lon. m r doar I"
eaid shn. "I did net ro you."
"Ob, d. n't mill 1 !!,'' iH.ii 1 l.'R'v,
ciilorin''. '-I'm i lin i ovor li 'An.
Ilavou'g at fuw minutou to hod nbrnit
A turn aha promise 1 to iot iuo from
lha Ilnrtror 1 -vi i Is."
1 For it had occtrrcj to Miss Lucy
that thin nal un oiiu' up,) ii
tunity to tost .tho ''ivis'tio'i a'.d
woarinj" rjiinlitiuu of lim S'leun l of
her lovt'i'a. rolliull Iu 1 djj.)
woighod ia tan bal uiod un 1 f t in I
wanting. No lot Quro llnvmi
take liia c'jiuiio. The llivoo cotdi ;o
stood about an eighth of a milo f u -ilier
down the ro-iJ protty li Lt lo
honeysii)klo garlao l aXiir and Ij ny
lOarl, fiiuliu ralhor Itkm a Hpy, cioji
up the stairs, ( obuuoti 1 to b j
Iii the ball,) oud took rof jo in .Mm.
Raven' o va liulu boudoir.
Mir. Hvoo bad tbreo or four ut
ruly, ilUdieoiplinad children tl iyiuo
with bur that muoiuor tbo dul lieu
of an iuvaUd siatui' and Mia llav
on waanot riijh iu tlii3 woil l'a joo 1.4
liko tho Folimlt;
Aa Lnoy ' sat. tbero won lorir.
whether a lucky chance was about
to befriend bur, an il bad bufrionditd
t:.L..i... . .. ...i.i
uur ooioro, i a i J .1 vji i.i ujijiji.
' .' 7. Ooorya Li4 ( j ist co. an iu,
'' " " ; ).f ;' fiou t''a i'jt J
"Hull , inollier I w ia'.'-i tin .o:.
-r f Crying mi I di-oo ira I ! Vl,r
tbie will riunr & in wirll I
Uoiee, littla oim, run to l!o liurn,
evory ooo of yoo, to jilay. Tli.i lire
smokos dnuit? Well, n0or mini.
MI Iiito tl utril'it in a ihi iute,
willi a f.i !;iu i;iUH I'lu, rir;t ii.
mol!i.u yj H.t it iio u.t l wt.
Vo i ii i h , ,s C a h' o . ,
'Jiiii w.iy t tii.ij vo l t
i'Ki'r.V tiny, "
A aly. iii:ngjl I eioilo ci no iut.i
!- oy Dai i'n f.icw ah nho bi-iu j t!;e
ttlHt),'0, rt;llo.iMli VOICO (if ll-.T loVT
"" u" J vitll it. n.i.1 j f,.l a. K:irmnu in tl.o f.,l,, ., a, i ,
i-a.n.t,f. tln.1 U fc.,., curl-iinU ..fat-., pint ,U ,i v, 1 .;... !:,, , ,
lm-Ji;i.;..:,uifiiu K,.-fcii., l-l.i ;t, A.H,.,,. , I , .LUi-j ,.f
''J'"J li-'"; ':i'i.i-i uu I miVnj lin 1 t,.,.3 uf (,.,e :4,. ,
:il i ics li.i i b.. no.Mly c iptiv.uod I itiin-ium r..,,,.. . n.(1 Us b. .
''t' i.nj v'otii i i-i uliin ii i n ivoi -T.
-v.. f,-;t.. vi -.,;,t i!,:a I., ,.; for t v. ..ul..,- , M1.t of a
ii.j-i. i i...,uo hi I wuir." iioo ir liu . ;
I t I mil J .1 Ji' ;i lln-orv. '
"i -!(, so I a n . .it i.i ii.ji V.H I
1 " I . r
......... -u . .m U ,VJ. IIIH.VHI-
' I, , 11 I i. I l.)V,l- ll.L it
iVil.'ll Vol
.. II...--. I 'lull k.l.iV ivll.t I
"."ill I- iMl.,,l h:i, you.
v" '
" '"'I i-JU.l Ml Mtu.
! . . .... -
I i.i 1 -ii fi il ,i (M ,4 j, L !. itmoiMiii
, y;1 i iJ n, 1 1 1
i . H . 1 ,1 .v.i r. if.i
I "V.i,i i, i,', J..(-iy." cri -J Mr-.
! 11 " :u hIih hI Mto-j;-
I ('Villi-,' ) i .. fi .,1' .1: ,.4 ,1.14 of
Vi., Did - HV, , , . ' r ,,( ,,..,.. , ,.t (
' ! i I ji't Uro i ,'..t iio.j.l, r, .hi l.K. n vim-
' li!''.-- U-..t i'l lil.' ,S of ,., ,;,,..,.
' ' I
ed lie-1 ;
.ui ,i. .u:' ii fi .
-I en! Ii.'t
siai.-.- .li.i I.i;
!.n.l.i:-;; p.ii., ii
ii .d n.iy i 1 ') ;
, i . . .. -i . i
, l',l M .1 ' 1 . Ill
' illy cm ci .o I 1
'vf j tut coiiiii to ii "k
I'-l !'. I uV"l
I v;l' ii V ..I
) ji I.., ivo-, o; ii i. ii.ii i
.'. :u y.'il pi iiiiiho 1 .im, .lo. iliv-n."
"ii'ii H'.t ,.u i i a ;l)oi- pjt u i l.:i'J
t!n b.iclt !.,l,i'-.-:ii i:i.l.-.v. Mi 1 Mi-.i. j
n'avv'ii. r. yo.i'.i nl.iv nil d'ly '
1.1CV. 1-
u i v t i.ii y ' l .ro h.'io."
Mi.s ijii-i' ,!, I n ,t ulixn.
.':i- U I .;.:,.. ,i:i.''.t 1. ,.
i.iti' l.;if...i, i j I l j i I n iulj
b. I
Hutu iiei'ui'ii'jii f'.Hiis.
' O.'f '.ii' In. i J i I I;, r j with lot
SOOl t l Hji'.i.ill lo,'' tuid li'J
Of CM.'.) 'ill ul it I !' .ill (.is
I cm:,,.
iv.'-;-t ijiit-o.lii tim palu of
A -.1 h'. u i i . .) a-i il... - ...
- " '..ill', ill
ti'H.i a of tbi;? H'lii I ii oki . in,; J )') !) li i, ) 1 1 fir f.irrt;'?l
rn liini.y nut t',noii;,'li i.itiin,rcl-i'i'K-:ilM ivciM.y nii'iciinnl.? e frt-at t.'. i
!. tii' 1 o.i I.i. -i l.iMt u '"kti i .in, I pin- jt un. mil tie jii'ii l,i,:tijri : t n
u,,'i I"" uuui.ijii in nil I, llloU
" " '
ill:' '. Il'l . . a
I 11,1 IK i II ; OV.II- I I .ijj'g. Pari'!)
10.1 nt-:d-rt 'mil antutd .,!.
"I'l'liy ii t ?"
"iii'carie L;v:v w-m htiio tbi,
inoinii.o, r ii 1 lo-iUid you ... 1 lit ;.
pour iii.mi?.ii, ni.J bcrnsi ( axu
In-r p 1-y j if,t low villi tJ.'Urrt".'
ir.ivi-n, and thuy a'o iM'i ;u I'
' ifo v d y yo i li:i,j .'"
''.) i.iH'i il'I."
Mr I' "'.iii't inii lo a Ki ioiii'y, uii
pinn j 1 liio c.'.i-.i iii :i mil at
Tin. tma.'fotnont i'uc.nna a publio
iiT-iir tho unit d iy, an I L i.?y Dirl
rotn buck to her Aunt Judith Unit
fche aiii'uptu l nt lovor wti .in h'm
cnnl 1 ivuriuiit ui on niliclo that
would ';wash an 1 wear."
btiiiii; t'ik'in f.-o.ii the am nl tlmy aru
pri'parol 'or nxpoi t.ition for tim
Lju.Iiu mil Lcipti.-i fur innikota.
which ui'j thn ii;r.iit nt in 1 . 1 vv n'ld.
Tlitiro, nil ii .a c)llio:iiu4 of v,ir
i oils skitift fi- na olliur count ri.m, thry
aru bold to tho nn'i'oli in t and iionU,
tn I tho soul h!;iim i to tui far
dri'sainr an I c .1 iriu mt miisli ubiiIs
of Ii indou, tlinn tlcy ondor'o tbx
pri.crHM of ilmssin..', having thu
ooiuhu buir extract.! I, wliio'i covms
or coui'K'iIh tho baiitiu.i of tho fur
bani'iitli, thrts pri'p'iriti it for a con
di:iu rii-idy for o .1 iriu r, iro lni)iiif
thonu Hjft, Kiibdiie l elia l is so K'unon
ally ud uii-iid. The inipi.rt.itiona to
thi, oo no try havo bjj i uo ijnite ox
ttiosjvi) of l.i'.o yo if 4. ail i4t yoir
Ihoro ivdi'u 'iojjivii.l uiv.u l of n
nniliin 'loilira, iriii of Um 8j,il
Ia tiifitt'o iu ti.i cmiiri-y inme
'i-Uii ) si ill-appointed mail in
ilia ui liij.iC) tin'ow a ,'!' ' bead at
mi antor. Ton Iitt-r cam lo thu
f i"l-liilit with Kreat c inlue, n,l
Sill, "ilaitl'inan, I preuDiv.) that ooo
.1' von ha 1 st riia liHid ;'t.m ba
di'e.l huv i.o riir I m wiiiu to
ratnni it in him t tba aiiiioluai.ia of
the (Mrf.)i-iuiu') I" -
, A nmriujt m ichiuo acnt hu on
' i o'fla'tmii
XJ .'4, 4
i. .... - "
Fur-Au.;it All Mjjjri.
Far U well olipto l fjr winlnr
cl'itliin;., ii. ,t inonilv by ro n 1 1 of it
inip'ii litnt qii iliti.ju (,f win mill im 1
diirabiUf y, bul n!no on -a i ru of it
Hi-cut b-'n Uy. n .ill Ci liitrim ,i,,i i
Ii ! M il . i I lii n i )!, ho i ,1 y i- t , ,
wii-.n cvicii'irr nilli wliich'-.Ul
i 1 1 Cuil'iti.l Mn i.ii u ,U alomi .j ".,;
b'H f.ui weiVi 'f tin -in- l,w nil
ii-iti-K.s inn ,r, v t, t;lt, ,, i;, ,
bf :v Tii i, i i wliV-w.;!- pirt ,if
iIjii vnrl, ih,iv an- pruc no.!,
F.ll Wl'.l I. I I . ,1 .'.I .. . I ....
lo ). i i 1 is if 1 1 Ii i' i ; ir ,il t i
U I ii, 1 : :t if (lie L.-.i i-i b ir-
t ii" f i of l.'i b, i.' iv ,14 flrt.ii.
I'ivcly i . , il ,.- ji, H, Hkin or for
tim lU.llKlf ICtliril,.. ..f f.iliri.-. in il...
f c,,ltin.v, ,;) t,,,, ,.,,..,
! f.s, 4 I,, 1 W.ii
.fii-.-u; t i;..r..p9 Tl.oHrl-f Jy.
I,.. I,... .. t
- I', .m i : 7 .
VI l . l'!:l
II tii
t wi-li o .oil uy, ,m
'f : iv. I 0 .1 '1-
wis K'Mi.Tiliy
I i i,i ii v of tlio ci iip.i Im fr,.
I" .'. ii Mil ni. oili f (ii ,n i
Hi.l ' O , S II V 1.
IV !
7 id cf t'l.-n to li,! oiiii of I
' . . i,v . ,
, tl .' 1 .1.1 11,1,,'f'll, ,.,
.pi'li'l .VI
Oil ''I 1:1 I.,
"' I, iv , ,
m,i 1 iMiti y i,i fi
i i . '..i o . i, iry. ,:,
. ui i kv m i if i.i.i i; i.i.
i II
i I.
pti'l i'l tiiSji.lo in fuui.
Ad ni 'ly ki t;i.) .li.itjo'il'i
t.'o Noi'. i V ii.'i u- m nil, -a
m n u d'iI imii i ii. .ii::, i.
' 1 1 u y
ri iii
.. " i..i I
: r n ,,
! )" .
'''' Vl' ' 1 n-s a . I llin .
ll'iit vici.iitv hi'i.-1 i.i I' ii
. k ,; 1 i i l.i.. li : ' ...m.i. i'.io i ;,
j .. MiJ V '10 ,it: ., Il l .0.1 ' .: 1.1. . I
I'M.i.i llJ .ll,j;l li pilti.tll I .'Mr 0l-
( pi-o.'' 4...i-..t;ij.i, il
j !;', li.ij', an. I Im nily r'i..ii M n tu
: i w'.i r't'C.i .liu i t , ., k ii : i ,, iii..,)
r'co.i ii j i . -I j, i -1 b, i
1 ' ' '
!''-' " l iil veco tho Ju l i..' Hii.l
I I'.i'iii'li oi'iiniio 1. l i., i
ji'i vi. el. oi'iini co I. I'l. ii i ,i j ,. i in.',)
1 .. t , ,. .. . . ..... i .
. '' i ill n I J. i -. n ', '0 io:i lor I, I to
li 'I I-i 111 III',' U l'ii; HiV u I in
I '
1 0
Rii.t. l'uu tniirii f-r f,in
ni ft-
t.'i I
tor. il in)
; Mid Ci l.-n.l Hi C iv.i to U. I' tli). !
jiu t..t l.,!:r part nf ti.o novo-itco ilii
iii'io 'l, I. nis noiv s'.ind.
177'J. li.oie a n; for li.,,!
post i-siai'lis'it'il. an I t 10 wt t, in
toriiis b .r li'i-in.'j tin) 'ii i'iit. tri!) t
:ch of liin MisHonii .ni I MihsiritipiTi
:pi'i,cd a boniidii'i'.) nil 1 r.'ii.iiut in.j
csliamtuLio I'o.ld foi tho oj.i'r.iti mi j
of the fur tin It ih. tho liosiiin tii. as
iilouo ohrfuiiiuf the ontm pri.nj. Tlio
vmiiity of was c inliim I ' . thn
deer, bttiv.T, ottur. b":ir, un 1 bnlfilo.
I'., l ii i i. : i i ....... i . . ....
'j i"i ni" 'niiiiiu. i ni ii ion oi nt.
LouT.s 11 1 I reached up. mi. 1 i,f !j3t)il, -
000, utid uudur tho ui ; intin op t.i-
ti ins of thatBiiti)rp!i4iii,; So v York
iiiiu chant, .Mr Astor, tin. li i.,iui)Sj
swi'lli'.l toail t'U'iriiii) is ti.ilr?.;.
JJiiiks ii'0 tim ui ' ilnublii Hiin
in I nri.tlio aim i il c it i ii:j v do -
ed at about Cl'J.O'H 15-t.fil roii'is
at this diitu'ht (jIHiJJ, aul!,
miiikiats til. Ml, wuiio Hpiintl
akiua w.ii a more'ly usud
than ti ti v ntiicr cl.iHa, llpwul'd of 3,
OJil.UOJ l.i-iii' niporio 1 to Holland. fin as tilth, mi .' I at that per
iod I'init lu ii) has Jt.vul")o 1 a doiiiin I for fui'a tl)i 1ju
aohiiiliili s of t tii enrimis of 1370 h w
mout coui'lu nviil v, ucl this country
hua biiOuino ouo of llm icitust mnrla
for ila coiisuinpliou.
Mod"i u foci havii .1 a 0 nowhit di I.
furent iHpect as they uppu.ic on t 1,1
well dionaud lady uf onr d iy, 'com
pared ' i'.ii tho niiciout gnrnKiuia
I'l'oiii tiinn I j lime the (.eniuud fjr
fit i a have va.ied acoordiu.r tii tba
cupnoo of f.i. l'iou, until Htiiilrtkin b,.'
ijau to fii"iKti the attctitiou of trud
eiB, and o.-.iti;f to tho ayft. volvot.
i!;o ujipa ii'iinaa of t.ha fur an 1 its
bountiful Nliadua ufter its nions
manipulations, it was placed on the
market, and soon biicairiqi the moat
uur-nrly souolit after, and. is 'still iu
thu iitentbat dtiniftii.K----'"- - - - 4
The prooass whioh tho skin nudar-
IfObs is ah intareating - on. 11, i
valuable fur ia obt:ii'o, prii"' "y
fin ni A'ai.'ua, Klthnii'- i tba f
1 ' -tn?' - ' t ca "
.. .
. - I I '5,5
' TatSio i Nj;o9
' Hi'H In. I Upo in I I.i) euiiiin,' tii.n
I.iot C' li i ft m c 'n bo tbo n i'
ri'-it 'ii ii hp -.
l'iiT of c i-np tiili'ui ti r ' i
pi i;.h' I n ii m i ; n" v, I v i "i i .
iii Ii in i i i ii i i I . i
i il if i , I 'i ' i r 1 1 1 1 ' villi
.1 1
'ft! II'.
II ) '
Vl'l V .1
in lo iii) n I'.m uvu'ii'i ; 1
i i.i il. o y nvi ini, woo
ii I i i
'i tivi'-.i,. ; i i:iif kii-
II l-V f i' 'lil
I'll') flVOilNl 'If' ilil' III I'M f
I i H ' w ,'l ti i n i vi ,1 ' . M .
, i: i . i!it:l ' U I in i'l I jil ili V
W hi r iImi ii,-' i. , i N -ir,. t
0 I !' l il MM',' . I i; - , Ul I I"
I..':- r I 'i in f ,rn. civ,
N" I v i n i ..-t" I I-',-.i,i :'i h i I n
hi I- ..f .;i fit. i',,. f, ,u
l !i-M 111 p OMNI Id)! I I I'M I'll ).f. i! taidi.
Voniiiiin,i4 j i'it, initial,, I wi I.
doni'is. hid worn ! t ii '.. f;-,ir.t
ilii'KH," tor I'l'i'um M.ions nfi i. -.ion i
l'"l Kill funs il ro riin.Til illi Ii!
t tin.' v.i Icy i.stint I of lli.i .lo'vn
til il Sipw Un it- nil'; i i I mli'i Hisl'i'i.
l!l iiiis if Nitin Id 'ivoii. witli
Bt.Jri - I v..'t., no t-1 ,. Pv o.ui-,-
in vi,' '. ! nr mi, i is vi l .r .11 u i
arp Hi tri n un ;s.
'A' oti' or i i! i 1 i i'n 1
: i 1 I a it i r .1 1 f ! ii '
lil il S S iiltil I III f -
o... i.-i- ;
iii if
! IM.) trt lit
ijl I' it ('-'I' II II)
'i Ii ,-.n".) c mtiii in in f iv r
f.-i- I-.-, i. i-i.' ii'i'ir (ir i',iii.; 'iiln.
un I l ie 1 1 li" i ii! i i, ,vii "i 1 1 jiu'i j in
i ;i nut i,'. ui.i.t.
J." nl'i ; vi I i v i iv ir I'litiil'iO't o'
'l.''") .' ,H . f i i'. i' i'l, 'V i III ol' Wltil
o'.lt. i,tc;,,-i f
I'l.i.'H Ml ; , I ',
ii I r u i I'M' tlio I
wi I i in wmr lai'i'i!
"ii' 'I 'ii ' i n-i iiintiii-ial, iili
ii j! ilii'.;. i'l tii.i i;iunlis.
, r " :.r t.v.i p,:!4 lo p,.,-o,,i,'l,.
.: )"'. :') B.,.1111 OI
1. 'I S'. I Mil I I l I IV.) I'.l t II I I
n. iiu Tl f ull tii in I.i iii fu n an
. ,
I, . ' ; i .. i li l ovoc t ;iu f ioo, Bijij iiij I
bv iliiui .,1 1 pun.
,, , , ' ,
.ui. ii i ,i i,i .i i i ii) t m -n n not I
I-'. Il.l il . .1" 1 IV1.4 1 ll'A It III mI.,,, I.,-
,, r . i i . - .,
i'. . .m i-i' . ii i' 'in r ii tiiii i I., v i. ii i hi
i , I, i i ,
f it 11 lo :ll'i I 1'4 pp. il If l'. .it,. 1 l,i.i
,i i t i " .. ; uiotitiou iii reply fLettui-v,L'i'l.t
I1ii-.ii. in. 1 u fal wniirin nlli a yard I ' 3 li,,i.i,.
.:. I i liiil. 'if Mhli ui. lion kuottml on' do 1-'S tliiulis that u mil is for u
. , . . ... ,,
;im :i't i.i.i.) i,t !.. i '..ii:it looks imr w.i.i ii n im ivui o .i.t'i .til ait,.!-
vi r.t m i ,'. "if .liin m, I ,- Imih.v it. j di' n t) only. lln hity.s I.ii li.ii, ben
'i'.-.u ii"'.i-i.t liiiivi iii ! Ii-h iiio.C'intW'tc'.t ovor hiujo In. iiitiirii'!
I. .'..,... i 'i.... ... . : !,u I
i i . : 1 .1 - i : . or s n
I, I lb), j
in.. In in!
si.'ii-. i-f i i ijr H'n.ili Ki..',
t'li'.i'Hl ,i. ...i, ivitii tl.) oi-,,r.nd
I ) f" v,.r-, ? . .Ni. ,v nUi inn
oiwin m.'.ti.i in!, w'.i ims a
ninn.i runnl .i.i 1 wi!,. Htiipnj of
f ul I I'ul.l. I'his ..tUlfi.S 11811,1. fj'
tiflvduu .'.in.ii.'.s. U is a cm
p'ut.. i-Ii,iiu. fi n u
.nilis won In f -.ily
tiiiuni" I '.vii.ii ol .o
.-" ilii I tartan.
'i-'.'lty ,vh '
I plush.
A l,.i!ct in I ii k oii'L"! bioi'ho, ul
, ., ,
lllil:,, in iu. i ll,ti:"l W'l'l c '.'. l il, I li
! Tin-
1 1 bis, if ii'iii't ml I corn col ic.
i.-'i'l. is fl'nd witii l fill IM'lic
i ,..'.., . i i
in " ue -i i 'iii-in i ivo i-i.i ii s in u un iuu,
i '' "' 'Impory till-i in a p unt on
1 "no i In ,i I i'l tri n im 1 ivilii l,u
t isi In m. tim otlmr aido r,
H'l iiliu;; in t!n t . ,. u'. .vo uicntionc 1
icol-ir. I'.is ! i li,-i !m Iv i nil,.
, C'at ti.l ii. ! ni i!t i ul ii ist tim
' only tiiniiiHn if uio skirt, i. is
j Vi-ry s!i 1. 1 in 17 i i:, 1 1 I ip.j.M oi'er
sort of v,.i n .1,1 i , jini-jl
" i
ooro colore 1 t U'u.
Tbo llui!), thi'il's tuaunor of
so ilinf the alla ia very ingenious.
It iii by in ii'is of a lino lizird
which tin u ici ias '.vi' .i In ui in Im
noi l in) i! l au.bios. l'u,) Iu u d
liluoh ia ()ot 4 a yard in ltn,'i'i,
ii-itU reit ci iivs and liitteua 1 find
and suction p a Ii'jj t'l.ia of a
il.v, ia um lo fust to tba d icoit by a
I ' ' 'd lindti its tail. Wiiou
the il.init is ,pu "hi!'' I nu I c jim a in
Ilia Imily lliiit t i a ivall, Lu ipiickly
t irowa bia liir 1 uior it, bol Iniif
nt t ) too ij hoc en I of t'm c ir.l.
ii.v inotiia of ill aii 'li in pi.v n i tho
iiz-iid f is:, ma hi, us ill' to the wall on
iho o.iposita. hi Jo. un 1 tlia tiiief
linns liiruHdlf to Ihe top and j lilijn
lightly dowu. JJy choking the lis
urd it i made to ralaaaa its bold.
Toafa lha i lull t. Ii's'a no ti'mr
Im li 'ma of una runt up to 21
- oVloek. - It will s-mnd odd to Say 13
a'olouk, bill in. iimi'ii aa liiari th'a Lrea-
nut uuuihora nounilad at lbs'. We
will Ion ) uJ liy rin irliiu that tbo
--nitioix r io'U i.f thia ppr la open
1 --'-mi (toca 4 ta It o'wlook.
v ft.
- - r.Tr - w.
tl m i it r.o ul - I i'i-t hi i !t
V oi I I ) i ,'.ih - l iii oi ml -s
ill. o p. ,! nn , , ,. , aIhi'h
."' I -V I'l'.'Clip'l 'inn
M i ' . - .i .v ji i: oi. I t Vi- lst.
nil T 'l i i I i f .i i il V
" I I IC )'.
' -'i .
i' r,l...l
t , v I ,1
I- i
II,. .1 I M I .,
i ii finii ! WIii-i
I ,V.I , ivlo'll f ill l
r .1
I II" l"ili!l' III I ! - -
pi : t ii 1. al .f I u .. I
M hi i' .. .-s i i t 1,
Ill '
'in. tsi:in
i,i ) i.j ,i,,, i i, Hilling.
"If voii wiii. I ill", ilmp nir) it
" ii I I i i i '. , i i i i i
V !' i'. i I.' I i iu i i I It ,h i..trMM,l
f ica-iv :i 'i u'l i i I 4 - il ti ,t
! A 'II I'l Of l ill I I V I I H tl )t
W '
ouii',1 iii ii .foul aoi'ii.ty I'liw bout-
bl u k.
A U'OO'I "Jit" is 11 1.I ,1 t!,lll;. ll,l
'I I'll I lllli lllll 1,-ul cvutl l m.i ll
" iff.
v I. lit rlii, ul, I a cli ij; ilium
pi-p.V! i ub .nl f -Ali, mi a iiii.ii td-,.
vi: iio.ii .
I ..'.... ....... . I
.. ii I'll ill III II l.lli III V o i
j'li'ts to 1 1 i v I . i bis n.iH.i bi o:l0'lil t )
tin' -millstone).
ri. ...... ., .
Mill l-IIVCIopo limlj M inni'll I
win ii. it kIuiuj's iis woji tr an rea
dy !' r tlio next runic,
"I'Ii iI-'h my imprciniou," iu I ho
Viniijf lady ivin.uticjj whtu nho j;nt
"i ''" "-'"I iiinw.
Il in s i I b it leu i tii it ! in in
oni'ii bi.-coiicH doif hI,Kmu oujoyn u
iiij.jiy bni iiafd i'.
o. ta .,1v liadapnttv foot.
,t t(ll ! lt , I, j,'t
lllllllll Inlf i
nrio i i niii os ii ui on tii at t!u ol 1
U l l.'i
,,, .
pi'iis", on., in u mru ii ko up ins
' w j i nlrn.i l Lh.iuij ", J
j , . , '
, uo do not kno.v tin, iu.
Wlini a iiiiin is iiifoiuii'd LU
I wile WIHI.CH lo ppmi
ill to 1.1.11. Wlilltli. ...ii.... i. i-p .
uilioliou liiHKtudy tiib'e dues
J D u""
,ll H. J.
An iuv,'.,ti4t t n:ivn that no
'Illll.ll)l ill 0 lliliitl iu I'l, IMC. Ill)
i 'I,iioii!y H'.iiilu.'.l Ui.) fcubj..ct by ix 'amiiiiiii' tbii injpt crn-iou in idy by
! 'iisii r'a
t li ii ui Li ti uti
Wo ivdro inform d bv a".,u -
t K'tl ul V that thfra iu a f ,nnilu n..n...l
I'n !J" iii iHti'i-o 1 ovur tim Stutu of
.Vow i' .ii fiiis i omiruly wrou' ;
, tl.i'V ol'i-bt to bo ln-1 t in u f .niilv
" ' '"'I'l')
: j II .
tL danger of tal.iiiL'
Cob! Ul.lill il I'l.llll,, n ,n'o II,. o
. .. 1 i
n a
'a mioivy lirow "
A it. in I lin.
liiuio (liiii,:i r i,s when u nth-mm,
iii'liuilii a ihaft iuto n lti.h
Nho wjm it biun pyi'd
r, r. 1 I
' . i-il
K'lil, nijil u I, on hhi) uakt") ul,
.country fair. "U'linu im tim I.e.
lion thai iiinU Mm i,(rt j;,,, ,,t. i;''"'!.:
er ui till ir,.,.' rtiirt'wA h.ilf n I
ipeur iuto bia lamitii and crivtlod un.
del- a tublo to yet oul of sight.
".Mamma. I Hon l .,1, n,
- - ...w '
lllo Who linikii .lull mo ..i "
-w.j -,t un,
Niild a bttlu ;;i;l to her tnottipr
iliy. "Why lii.t, in y child ?''
Cansi! yon cnu uuvi r
I. .
IlllikO ItH-'llI
kii.'il. have always ti lav
loll d vu un Ltr St liiuoh to
her prayers.''
Somebody wbe bus littlo lo do
ii'nl pUnty of tiiuu to do it in, gays
tliore will bo iu Um next tfi'iiuto
"leven .lidiiia. Bevcii Jiiinchc. throe
Tboniiisia, nud tbrco Mallhowa. two
JoacpliN, Ibno Uoiijiiuinn, one
Zi'bulon, ouo 'li, thruo Kamnela,
ouo David and one Dmiel, making
up n li.t of thirty-six Sciiptnral
An Oil Cily Irishman having
algtied the plaila, was darned soon
after with being drunk. "Twits too
ubsent miudediieHa,"said l'sl, "u"
a habit I have of UlUu' wid turaolf.
I sad to jopsiilf, scz I, pftt; cuni iu
aud have a drink "No, sor." veil I,
' I've sworn off." Than I'll drink
ulooe, scs i." An' when ueself cuni
out faith, no' he was drunk. .
S-IL. Ui. i Mji. i
Cniill tali A Uy,a prat'la. " '
CublLsbw! evory Thur-vUr RrnU
JSntiTilKn CK0U3S, IrR of gulomitjon,
i"Wi) tKjU.AHd i! ANttVM. rVy.
b! viibiii six BiyMbs or fix) i not
pi id wiibln the yer. iVo pfvir di.
CM',tiii-l tu.t.i all triwiirairna are
f.Kii J unlws at. tin npvon of tJie pub-
Su'otoriptions onli!d of Ui4 eotxatV
"i'eisons lilting and using pprB
, irtMc-i-l ,u Oil, ji i fiX'U.uniioevi'iuanj
.1.. I no I'n Im forihu riioe of the paper
P-.U!o Creek, M.criignn,
ViKiii-irVriuj) orirtOiL kuuirS
Traction nnct Plnln Cnglrto
cr,j !-;o'f ')-Povore. (
M tVii.. I Ti,rn, h , fMurr 1 1 tfl bKehM
Iii fcr Vi . IJ. I 1H4S
I rl.. ,.....hiI rhitrro rH Mi
A. I'1 ""i ' ' i-J'-l. ir ex, ikiu. w --.. " iiw
.:;'.v-.. .--r?
-n-.u-i n f rr.?' itiiim n
( 'ITIIJlll I.. Mt,';, i)2,.,f , MM,,..fpf.
i 'J nil-, inn I. t.ft in, . i'luib IkUMlure
T. r .. ,,, I., .,. . ,.ii,.i.
. t-l'itM-t. . f . : ,r if rt, 'i i nvf lnrnmMN
I"" I" I.' 'I 'T ' .' I 'Wfi ri-r ti n in i.ifrM.
Ii.-,. . .1 1 "., .,'. , ,..,, .., l.yi.Ui. rm,km
. ii . , , i s.., ...i, , ,. i, nil a Ui IU hums
f V HI'1.
. " " ' i "i "Mi "'in- r' li 'n- nrn
7 f till '' '' -l"-i' (nmbn
ivinitUiit'r ,,ii lis', i, t,v., n.tiili r Inill Um U
x li,l..lJlilo wi aim Ik ui .'ill u,JillrT.
ruw Oe i'Ji lei itoie rj-.fvr. I I
a mtx-:i ? i-ij;
i. 1 . .'. . -V'j, . i. o
Fi'-t-n-rr Vinl Tlirr,'.,-ri-n nro lurllod u,
I. ri.'ujiri' m 'ir-,v A ! Ii.i
ntCHOLO, si.t pahij 4 co.
r.Mtlo Crr?!i, Wrhljren.
' PT-S
J! T.
I U '... . -'1 w .'I
A full liiiB of l'tH'OiS an,'
'Vi .. ; " .,-'! - Is. "r-Jf
- - - . A ' ' . ' V
riiUILVil:, 17.
11 "Q l 18 0 ''
j Vi'dt rclntliinp, suits. il.0(
to c'l.m.
t i. iriiiiiim iu I.HU HO li.D
1 ii
!a linen ui, -k ,,f r.r.:; rs
m ,.rt,)i i'A?H
lliU L.V.
! , ,
i (.'nil ttl.d i Vi.iiiiio or.r litC'C1
tun'uiiil piicvu bi foic jirictiiinitii.
l .
lOsl'll 100 t
l.i kijn i'l I I'. iy.
0. S. H?.iiVEV.
I M"V.
i A's .V'xMr. ''
if Py. Miiht
i i mi i I. HrtnulDi
.A''''""". l. 1.
1! I II 41 .Nplilli Mrll,
EVVflT.?- Of 'TOut-ll
.rtKMI.l- ! - ....":... .r r lo
XI irn,u. I'l rill. I I V, I-,. KU HI IKK i:.
.11 Hiil -.11 ! '..' i :l i ..f t .no r,f,l In'li.rri
itr-n, v ill .,r t p .ir'i t.ti hiiiiiftnOT,
..n I fi tm i ,i i 1 1 ii ir, r 1 u i1:. ii- -l( a in I (II
D"'l , un I" r in m il 1 1 . . I ',,' . , u. l " . i irr.l) lyrhlit
I, 0 :i. I'lOC.'. , '.! - .Im, -.ii l.ji-.iftl b)'
II. p ii -1 vi rll-nr'.i . . ( o," -1 i iilp'l
,' r.i ri Iii .r .,'! !. ., J.OIN U Oil-
1'LN, lii.el .rio, Vcw ic:.
J un S', 'iKin.
T Kill mi. il 1 1 i
rj Oi. rrr..) ,i tr.r n rim A
1 1 1 1 vll i, n 1 1 'IAN
'v,;, 1 t , ,-
1'KI I I I.I :'. Mill IS lin I I I, K'llIN
1-n " w il. . I ' d i. ii. , i, r ' i-n.1 i-ii : aim
I nor .i,'i , - r, i..r . .,.,.' luii, -1 ,,.i t run in
.1 ti i tr i " ii i.ii I I nr p . t.o't. i.r, A,.
dr.. , m,',i !,;,. .i,!ii, li..s, VaM'ELr
i. i n., s in i km oi i i ., . . v
. I ? ''."' r-. .n'"' ! '""ni-o.lj
Te innnvQily
i a- i- i:'. I. i
pi, ri"i ci i it n t ,i r. .ii in
'.' oiilmi. i.i .ii,:., Ituuw I
III. I.-ilit i,l,,.r,,!. II,., lot, o, o f i
r , ..i
ii'i irm t'. ho i.i h p.'. v if li,4 ,r.
r!.Hii upo.-,. oro- ul I'lur; - ' ultlt !', J i r.-m
I limn (nr ii ; i Ii.k .r.l u I - ' '. o. i h 'o I:
, 'tl.V lllil.l ,l ,i t I;': ,l',:u l"f I'iivic V! Hex'.
-I" I Ilii 4 . HlH M I, I T',. i '.
I 1'n 1 1 h-. ui.lii n 11 . c ,. o ,11 . . .in '.,..
''oi . lim.l. A V.l.i),, I 'l 'u 61.
W,l .,:0O,U,K. N
aiilsts w. itr i on
Cl.mpscs CI Ihii
li i. ii, r.'iiil. inini, lolil nu Jruil i
.i in. iy ,i' I' . i, I if ti,.. AltrUii . . ,ir
yilllliK ili-n "I ,l nul l) 0, n. ImM-lUr
11,1 Miini in li,- r, . cvIkid" o.ih
u ii, liy 'onlh IU' I t .lur. in, j .tot,
n. ecu Nii.1, ,r., urii,,(i. TtlK
Hi.iiK i.K 1 UU A'JK I,, r.., ti. tiiatk u(
ll. CCiir. h In lb," Hi:.. ! ti ed
k Tiu ""1 t""-Mti, A Ok,
il.l no 1 u en Mr una i i.rm. . ,i . ' , nU fr
'J A ti'l'LT. "' HiDo'd ni'ii"! rr nr. )...,(.
ii'iiaun i.tT I'bii.. '.:uu;
"Kcrit m BaTs lis Just lm'J
I'l tl, nun; fm-rri .01 I' it fevt.- rw.
ai i4 b. p In tlfci lbi U oi, t t"li
oat ru,lmis ,rli in, r$ hli;lilt iUiirrnv'
l'r,.ui lUlin, A i it. i i,.lini.r nn J.."-4irf
l vi, alilh, frmu tlo sii)-. iri'Tl! iiijl
I'lonoMol rur-i pr ,lui,. i imUsit 1. V, a,
Ii ,l.nn rii. l, w hi l.i.r tn HeJ ii
rci,.ly wli It'H hua M,,.J t, rfl lir Iu
T O il kii nlvu.,'l, mo..',, i iiiif.(,lipi
I'rlf. iv, !,. ,i, K.cHH rfc.NrO.N, HI f
hioti, Now York.
,'. Icnv oi futixi.aTl Imft
moiiitt, M'arrauli, LeAiet, filtyst
ntlt.tVO , a.
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