The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, February 24, 1881, Image 3

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.rrrTTTu'.m' VTa" il T I tolling of the Refonnfd church bell. I ;Z " J""' " KWU uu-
UHISSiir, vl. announcd the tad now, of tli tW.1. I '-"n-!2""1r1
U-LJ ' nf Dr T V. R!n...... wl. I.I. .... .1 I
I .T"""'"" r" Btinerintenddnt Wlclcersb.m
Rooutmiodoc! that DLifDljisr, For ! ,-, ., . ,
.i,.i... .i , . . ... i tliuttean.t four
- Hflww.l I., !,!.. C.-l. . .... .
I" --- " w nut ill
j O. Milton Moatr.. linn purchased! Haartot iovr and diphtheria ara atill
I the old home stood for 2.300. Milt In i rarrvltii. nfT mintf Hula. ia. t. .i:r.
& tin. ..TI ... . .. . I i. .1 . . i . . . . . I .
reran, part or the Slate.
HVTHIIR . .VI....... ' ' WW... VI
Deader Onset era held o the foirlh Momlfttt
Of Feliresre, .17. g.iiiwiavwr, wwiv ...owe
Monday of December.
AH cotnmunleatlons, business let
tern Ac, '"f this ollice, to secure
prompt attention should be addressed
M follows: Thr .'OsT, Midillehiirft.
rJnyder dainty, Pa. Advertisements,
oomnnnicationa Ac. mint he handed
In by Monday noon, to aecure inser
ion In next ienne
Friday. Fch. 20, Adam Wncner AA
niinistraior of Tillman Lain- will
ell vnlunble Keal Estate In Ban.
Saturday. Feh. CO, .nthraham Brnhnlcer,
Executor &a of Mennn HtaufTer
dee'd, will sell HmiX Kiitate in Un
nion two.
Tuesday, flfsrch I.Mary Lnntr will tell
If..,. (l.l I A ii l 1.1 j I lal. .-..
IIWU. m, - ..... m ... .....a....;..... h. f ' ...... . . n,
Willi Itm .. I t l . .
March 1. Samuel Winter ' r'lli,lu)- wim-ii no
the attentive ran of hla tihv.lniuii
Dr. II. Stltes, and friends, hi life wae
aeeuimgiy prolonged. Blnne n.loufc
T!iaiiklvln(t day he has, not entered
lino ncTive uie, on account or hla in
flrinltloa, griMluiilly growing weaker
until the hour of hli death. Ir. Sin
Rerwoaoneor the ollleat. tnn-t m-
sieoted and Influential dltUona of
jNewport, and many there were who
Actml 0iKn the advinn crlvun lv I.I...
- - rt - v j (iiiii,
whloh Invariably waa carried to a biio-
vHnil teniitnutlon. lie tarteit hla
career aa a physician more than fortv
. ...
yeara aince. in t i n una. a. mmr tm.n
and by dint of enterpriao, eneriryt and
hard riding over tlieao bills, accumu
lated to hlmaelf a eoinnittiin. m l.l,.l.
made him comfortable In hie declining
Veara. Dlir no ill unHira r.rtll.... I..
hU young daya, he enjoyed the lu-
crauve practice or a number of famil
ies connocted with the eevenvl furnrt.
oea above thla country the old Juni
ata l urnoce, fllonta Ui-lla and othera,
Tueedny, March 1, Samuel Wimenl"" , " l,n'
will veil Horses Cow. fWieep.Farm , JrearIjr coll,r,",1' to attend the famli.
Implements, Household Uooda, ju,, ,yr ",oir control au l oinoloy, fo
Art lii IftuvDP turn. I n. nnrtAln ttiiii1l..,.1 if . ... .1
Wednedav, March 2J. Uobert Smith.
1 t - ..1 ..: it - m.:ii -.11 f r
a certain stljiulated sum. liov well
he MlincOIllld 111 Ilia nr..r...Ml.. I-
near Tro'xelvilla, will soil .irses 1 tested by the accumulations mention-
t ows. younir -aitie, urooil sow, ,! above. He endured nmnv Inird-
Household gK)d. I will pownr that enabled him to brave
Saturday, March 5, John M. Mover the storm and eomo out more than
wi sell Horses, CViws. Fiirm lm- nr,... ir- 1 1
plemcnt,4c..o;, the premise, of j" !,,M , 1 V "' ft"v
Jahob Y. Moycr, in Adams twp. '""'"rprlHe tended tothe a-lvanee-
liaentofhls town, and lived to see
Monday .March StelTen will Newport rise from a email hamlet to
and ffhSSi'Z W:"i: iV;r-t''---ousdin,,s,oI,, ,
clenco 3 milea oulh or r recluirg. : " .....i..u, n., w as very
Tuesday, March 8, Simon and Morris 1 1',"i"nt-' "ny l'"tiu..-,.s KwUl t to
Erdlcv Adminitralors of John I N'0"0 Mi,h m Ii,,i I'o had dealings,
I' ll.... J.nM H.:il .11 11... CI. . rutlw.l. 41. nn 1 a. . . ..
iuicv. uci. ( nm puii ijivo niiK'n m vjtu.-i, nnrcHl. AT TIIC
Farm Implements and Household oriraul.nt ion of the Farmers It ink of
coods. nrm..puf nu'n 1 1 1 .
Wo.lnsiliy, Mirch 0. Win. .tnlintr,
Act. for .loliu Krsinr, will sell
Uouo and Lot in Fremont.
Saturday, March 12th, Mr. .Vary J.
yt urn nd will sell hordes, eowi, t'anii
imilemenu, Xc, lu Jiddlucreek
Thtirsdiiy. March lo, Jacob Sleinineer.
.'xe'dtor of Henry Itxiicli, will
sell Cows, hojjs. Farm I 'Utile
nienU, tlouxe hold goods mid ito,
Thursday, March, 10, at JJiseiilmrt's
Vi..i. i., vi'.i. v, 1.
i.i i.-.iiiii;v.ii n(f. oir.J'lli' ,
find Ueiclmnh icli will sell nrses. !nn'' e"tliijrs
t.allle, rami ;iii'iniin ,(c. ttv.
Tueslay, March I'), Abraham J. Hiiv
singer will sell Horne. Otws.
Farm mploiiienlH. o ali iut liall
way lititweeu Uraver Springs unil
Tbursdiy, M-s'reh 17th Y. II. We cner
will sflll Live Kinek, Faun fmple
liniit and II.i'W.Oi .! hi
rani le iion neir Ivr itturvilla.
PriJiy, Hircl'i H, Miclmnl v!g will
sell II ) I (S io Ih, Far u ,n
piciiieots, Livo Slock, Ac, in Ad
ams t'vp.
Siturdsy, March tt. Paulrl .If. Snnott
will sell Personal property, in .Id
Tuesday, .V.irch 2JmI, Genrun Kern
will sell nrMi, Cows, farm iin
pliment Ao, fit .lnldieb ir.
Wednesday, .March 21. Renjimln
Kramer will sell Horses. Cons
Farm Imrilemeuls Ao., Ao. in Mid
iiiernn'K in p
Court Ciioamenees on Mond iv next.
rs aro becoming more atuiixlant.
The thaw last week made work for
the bridge builders.
Frsnklin oonnty'a bill
last year, was f 2,130,09.
for printing
' iOonft scare Ahnnt the small pox,
vn l get vacciiiBted at once.
The J?tern Penitentiary never was
0 full of inmates as at present.
An act to prevent Cousins from in
ermarrjing has been Introiluced In
to the Pa. Leg.
n.llip 0. Rover, who has been
pending several month with finvder
ui. rriends, lea for hi home In Mich
lgn on Monday Inst '
Ladiea ehouM know that Oyer's
Hair Vigor is a superior and eennomU
eal dressing. Abas become an Imlis.
pensable article for the toilet.
Until another Installment of snow
comea.leighlng may he considered
tlayed-out In thi region of country.
Somebody isys there Are enow-drift
n iiiBAuegijonlfe sixty feet deep. If
m be true, they must be la deep ra
vine or defile.
" Si '
Officer elected on Tuesday, except
airector. will, according to law,
Maume the duties of their ofWoe on
the first Jfonday of March. Thi law
pplie to township, but not to bor
Vennor, the Canadian weather pro-
PheL Drnlfnta ..u . 1 . ..
- Kriiijr weainer,
ith heavy enowfall. from Montreal
"a.mngton, and heavy rains -thro'
Wa Southern Siatee, for the fore part
w March. ,
0 0. autuliu, lead the advance.
"Mjtwtopened a fresh dock of Goods,
Wetiperlor quality, t,le and flnlshe,
M ITodaraU priooe. Wannamaker'.
Mmpio, a unknown quantity from
r:: tz-Mvm ro.y .elect
.3r "I ff t-'r-; u!t5i in
Millerstown. he became a
stockholder, nnd, In the cotine of
time, aueeeedad in bavin a branch
Hturted In N'ewiwirt, wbliih shortly cut
lnone from the parent nod organize 1
an independent hanking house, im l.r
the name of t!ie IVoiOu'h Hank, which
iiaiiie It still retains, end of which be
whs the honored President from Its
birth uutil bis death. Dr. Singer was
nn nctlve member and F.lder of the
Keforiued clinch, which d 'nomination
iiiUh him In all their several ervlees
Tbraii'vli lit In .......
be gathered about blm quite n iiutu
berof young men nnd ladies, nnd
formed them Into a Itilile class, of the
llcfonii'i 1 school, nnd it, was hi Juv
end delight to be present regularly to
Instruct them In Divine truth. A!
most Ma lut expressions were about
his Sunday school and clas. In thi
department he will ly inlme.l more
than any plae else, etcent in his nu n
family. Ho died ns be llvdri
ted (brlhtian, loved and
all with whom be came In contact
His nge mms 71 year.v, 4 monthg mid 20
days. He 'f lives a widow nnd many
friends f mourn bis deuth. Xuw
f.iur Lk v licit.
Dictor Simmer was born In Sunbury
Xoi'tlMiinbcrlaiid eountv. Velum XI.
though poor tbianclally he was rich in
r.-Mur- .x : in la-nlalile uuibitlon j in
liMloiriilnble enerirv : in talent .if
I high or ler ; nnd If It can lie snl.1 of
any mvithat "iie wits the architect of
his own foi tiiiui" It may be truthfully
said of Doctor J. E. Singer. In e
meanor he was dignified -economic,
but not pefiurioiiH scrupulously ex
act in buslnexa but me in,.Ji..
religion dn orthodox protectant, "ond
lu politics a rational.
democrat. His wise counsel, ami Mi
personal efforts Joined with tho-io of
the Roughs, the I)o.sserm'ins and otii
er old citizens of Newport whose
riamcg we cannot nna fenull ..-
towards iimklng the thriving town of
Newnort what. It nni u ir .......
- " " mi Ulll-
mont in his profession and highly es
teemed a a cit izen. He was Identi
fied ill everv Iniiilnhl.. niM.! .....1
V r, niiii
the people of Perry county, with one
"'i ciaiiu, we nave lost a valued
mem 00 r or the community.
milium, null k flpiiritiv iii r...-ti
-. j iii
Itll wife waa lilu Iuuaih 1 ,
ivini nii iuii nun nun inrougn the ilia and ad
versities of life ; and especially did she
largely contribute to his early prog
ress wuen ne niui no other aid and
counsel rhiin hm. 11.. . 1
. v...!. oho wua me
daughter of Judure Whites!.!
ft 1 . 1 . 1 .
ouuraoumi uuerat an enuoation as the
time then afforded. Naturally intel
liirent. and refl.
wiw uie urtuig companion of hor la-
AlaV Mil iiihai t K Vti
j. ---- w..,L'n iPDV ll( jriai;e( ii is
immortal spirit has gone to it author,
God, and may we be profited by the
noble example set before us.
On Saturday afternoon at 8 o'clock
service were held in the Reformed
church. At the cemetery, Newport
Lodare. No. hsi v u,..i 1 r
ed the ceremonlc. Antuuberof em.
Inent cltlzu from Harrlnburg, BI00111
fleld and oUier adjaoenfc towi were
Futhcr Is Getting Well.
Mv daughters say, "How much bet
ter father is since he used Hop Hlt-
Ters." 1 1 n l tr.ittl... ...ll 1.1.
1 . r ''''H "'11 finer ins
ong sufTerlng from a disease declared
.... ... ,,!, ws arp (, KUUI ,hlt ,10
need vonr Itlttnra A 1...1., ,.r u....i
. ....... .. j ki, 1V,11VB-
terN. Y. Utica Hkrai.ii.
From West Beaver.
Ed. PoafiHaviii rail,..! ekn
noioiaaen or thitw transtiirln . to
the "west end", I concluded to il
you a line or two. Kt. v,.i....n.. .1....
brought nbont eoiislderaldo fun. Mr
Helfrick of the firm of lIilfVir'lc A-
Smith distributed a larire tlllllllllil. nf
valentines and soiuo of them l.r,.M,.i,t
laughter, others tUiMiW and so on
and so forth.
Mr. Helfrick. however. ditrilm.l
10!K). on thet day among the farmers.
ior wuear soi.i liltu, nnd It whs really
amusing to see how ilifTeretilK' If ..r.
fected these old farmers some laugh
ed, and sonie h id great big tenrs stick
ing in the corner of their ryes others
again looked sour and crammed the
cash down deop Into the bottom of
their pocket. Mr. Helfrick hhlped
over 3 d) ) biiHhels from Met 'lure alone
wit bin the past few weeks.
A. A. Ulsh aireiit for the n.iv..r.
town Mutual Fire Insure! Company
ha traversed the township and insur
ed the uninsured, lie M
II ii Vet V Jl.r.ttO
and represents a Ib st-class company.
tare Insurance is still bootnliir. lint
people are getting more cautious in
selocting the company they will in
euro lu. Always Yours.
a. m. a
from the
Col. Harding' pet sheep chew b
bacco. Business tailed ns to Fremont
last Saturday and bavins been told
that Col. Harding owned a fherp which
is exoreiiingiy fond of tobacco we
were somewhat anxious to see for our
eelves. The Col. railed his kheeu and
when he look from bis noctet n.
plug nf tobacco the sheep went for II
ami tried to get it O ltofliand-be tore
j off from the plug a good-sized piece
and the sheep ate It with avidity. 8hc
i in the habit of visiting .Vohneo's Store
where she I liberally treated by the
proprietor, clerk and disto iters. Her
face la not sallow from the iho of the
poidunous weed, but transparent and
healthy, and a fine iloece covers hci
1 j
A valuable Hriek Hotel, locate tl In
Franklin, opposite tha hunbiiry ami
Lewisiown Ituiroad depot, is ollcnd
lor sale.
Tbisi a stiliKliinilul bul'ding built
on the most modern style, mbipied as
a ( I or private duelling; benuli
fully located ; a well of i xi cllcnl water
in the siimmer-houso ; mid ample
stabling, ico house and other iul
buililins. For furtlier particulars call on or ad
dress, Jj. F. KKK-TLrj'Kll.
Miildli-biiig. 1'a.
Til Ciibistias Oiiin aso Ham Mao.
tisa. Is on our table. U is a monthly
Mscsnos. of M rll(tM fll . win, L,fr
sry aoJ Rfllluus riiicrisinmriil for o! I
sn.l young. Il bun Mlowiiig depsrt-
Bionts 1 Lilfrsrjr ; For I he 'Jirls ; Cor-
rf-on.nrf j Mysiio Circlet for ihi
Mills li re Ones 1 llmnnroiit sn I Kun l ly
Hiliiol. Tk mailer Is all well sriii.-n
snl .elr!ic,l. Itfv. P. W. H.ll,.!,,,,,!, .
Jnutiislisi of ex.rrirnco.U ibe K.liior. sn.l
Mis Kmms VtnfWr, A- o:lii K.bnr.
We reciciiarml Hie .Vitsine to seer fsin.
I'y who bate s Je-ire 10 pl.iae in I lie bin. Is
of Hieir youih a pure literature. Ii in
f ul.lblieil si llio exirrmely low pricen uf
lit) ( . uis 1 rr enr. Lll.crsl I'reiniiiiiie are
bfirrril lu fsnvi .erB and rutiscrttiers.
Sample fniies art ent tree to all who
ill iciiJ ll.eir s.l.lresa 10 ll.e Pnblirber.
Tiv. 1'. A.NSI AIil'.
VuK, P.
Headache ruied for 2.1 rents by Dir.
DYtt'EI'.sU ILLJJ. 1'iicesaccnta.
I cb. 8,4w.
ttrr tti tnttv - a t... n- 1
i i iiii h ,ir ifrii'eni o v
lit? MCTfirii'ii Iteimeiiu
... ... . ..... ... 1 s 1 ,j L..iviir. aaif
llfJUI'lu I . .... . ..
101 Til Ol A 1 IL-liS.
. m 1
ItH-illprty every body to examine
the Immenso Stock of Furniture for
aale by the Popular Furniture man
W. II. FELIX Li wistown I'a,
Feb. a, I SSI. if.
it (tit artnl IA arl 1.1 af i.U.i.l.
... .-. s. i ii 'Miiire. iinitH,
letter, Ae , u.t "Linit.ey's llloo.l Hetob
r. Void he all d all dru..l.i..
'Or Heller's CnKh flyrup'- wi'l eh.nre
veil ron.l nlehl'a real ll I. ,k. I.--.
eoujrh nieJicine in the msrket. Pries 2f.
'sXrro. 'I'bn ii.iinn .....i ..i.t...
every ciuiirado of the 4:nii Kent. p,i
vols. nNo llin ..r .1 ..I
: ...... ,ii inf'.ii nun
p' ! ',el", '"n" "nJ address, on
a oniiu -i
( om mil fee for .Suv.ler Co.
'ciiverlinvn I'a. '
7"ierl rry-oWid. mercurial .IUe n
rs, eciolula nml eeiu.r il .I..I..I,... i
l y "Dr. I.iiubey's ilood f. archer.'
c l(' I j ilniFL'i'ls.
Jan. U. 1 vs 4
Fnis ini8i jTfisri'rn S. Op-
pridieimer of Pi .n.rroc. rnm f ti hiili.
t price f-if Mii.krnts, it moon, tie, .
Jsn -j,. aw.
Feb, ft. in Centre twp. nf pneumonia
Mary Mnrtlalene llumtlti'l, wife nf
.lobll II iiiiiiiii.l uti.l .Lin. .l.i... . i ii.
late I redcri-k Ullger, aged 00 year 10
tlWititllM aaiiil Of .1....
a sc niii n,
i-'l'll 14 n A .1 .1... . ......
- .. - w , ii.iriiie
'recse, ngetl.a yenra, V months and
nt nays.
Fell 11 nf f.. .(.... .iii -i
. . .... ,..! Mi.iii,-, iiroiieT.
fi'iry M iinhilen". wirt of u.....
'HI. ." . . "
i iioiims, iigeu tw years, 1 iitoittli and 2
AmiiNWri Ttma NDrici:.
t.'lMor,,tTOn.lfil... -n lh.l...
i,?"pr. .rr-J','" '-t"" le .-nToe
.... .. i""-""- n".in inn'nivf n.
l..ita.l In IAl.1 a. I. ,m .ll ! .
tie pifumit while thou h iln flll.n
..V. '."'"'"nenl In
r.K .i .... . "' ii. mn r.,
reb. u tssi pH. A-liiiioLirsioe,
The following we copy
Mrs. Moat was tlie relict of Mr.
(eo. Mo.itl, who pi led Ii.t to the
eternal wurld, July 3.ith. lets, at the
Mg of 7;l years. S tnonths, ',"J dnvs.
I'.i.'ether they had Joiirneve.l f lir hi'ltIi
life for forty-hit years. Having I .-..,
conni'ci'ateil in liilnic v to the church
of Christ, nnd in youth continued nml
received into mcmlierxliip with the
l.iitlu rau Church, they w i ver
known and 'iu the com
munity, n.-i true an I cousi.-.ti'iit mem.
hers of this brnnc'i of our Lord's
kingdom. Mother .Mont, was beloved
by all who knew her, and nil boiili of
nun retiring (imposition, hli..
let lierliht shin", vben poible ,,..
ing preenr nt service In (ioti's house:
never neglecting in join with (iod's
people at The Lord'a table, whenever
opportunity olTi-red. Aum ei.encc
of her faithfulness, in coiin.-i Hon witli
her tlcp.'iricii liiibnt,,l. i iil(. f.,,.t
that they raised ten'cn, ,rec
sons and seven l u-bters, nil bati"d
in iiifnnev nil I... i .
tliu l.iltii r.m clmrcli on nrrivitnr n't
; ,, jjjp , , , , , , M. r. ,, , , r. , , , f,! , 1 1, J ,J f . llHv
time, iievriy nil. with their wives nnd f Hn frrrKt ro, i a Pilor, ,lllM.
Ii' nreiietivo memlicrs of the j Hew n.cil.o l wlili nr w s.-rnn lo Nn,.
clitircli nmlliei' ;,o,itz lovrd. She n verv t, j.l.v. in.orne nn I ms'ie Mnm
mined on Christmas day. I. nlicr l.'ilii.y ..,,..1 li..i.'l."i ri, ,.i,
'..In. on w liicii (iccii'iu th" pus- Hn out snl wiiiem ..i,,e ir nni'iip.lirs
tor t,n'l pr, a.'li.d from the following : to IS H' Mbl'L.N.SAIIV, llrrria ,.n ,r
words of si. I'.imi ; i'. if .. .. I...H. . ... i m...i. ' . '
that .levis di.l utid riMii again, even ' "
so I iie-iii illso wincli sleep In Jcmim will
'.'! bring wiili him." -I 'J besh. fv. U.
Her cud was oiu of patience nn
l"'il,!J- J. V. S.
Jsensry 2'itb. -rillSEAS
rniif bt r.n by a severe rol l on
lie lnnr. whi,.i n.i.o.i i.....
heen rure.l hv one bnltle nt Hiss.
'vNur of Tas W ii.ii r'ninst n,l
oasiiiii ni. if l.iken in tune.
fee Irserleil Keal. I 1....1..1 11 .
1lirr,ucb nmnv a wesre ilse ; '
bill the one thing lli'.l nm. meheat ,
Is why the liens .lon'l Isv.
Tbu., fi'MVnis per ilntnn.-'Pehsnire."
Try a parUire of M. It. Kohkhi'. p,,n.T'sv
I'nwi.rii., prep ire I l.y Si sr." Mr a V uf .'.'Inhis. Pi f ,r,.ile l.r sIIIhsIi sn I then if Ihry i0 .i, v
sre only lit lu "e . put."
We i?e le.le.l Iho Inest'inlite ifitlilies
of ItonsHT's lliin.R 'i I'atti r. powers,
upon nur own .loeV. snl in .Initio In our'
feltnw riiien.. .loem II our iluiy to recien.
ini'inl lite ssnie In sli ownrrs nt etnelt. imt
only in on-es whi'rn elo.'k 1. sick, hut
I II very lieiirhcial lo ne
Philadelphia and Keadio?
Dull TJ...I
Arrangement of Passejigcr Train
OCT,nih, IH80.
7Vm';i rare Itrirrh'mni nn fof.iws
Kur Now York. vi.
If' a m. m l I i. M
For New Tork. ei. I'l,ll,..l..l..l.:. j
llonn.l llronk Itoute," ll.oo, 8 5 . m
tie! 1.1 1 p, m.
t oe I'hllll Ivlnllin. ft. no. S 01 r'lliemnth
ssr). I1.11U a. ni.. l.t istnl 4.'iU, "suJ e.on
p. m.
Tor It. s tlne, O.ooj "c"., t.rm. m 1.4.
J.oo girl 8 on p. ni.
Fur II. co, H n II o a. w.
iml -l.oo p ni., nn I i Schuylkill Sub
'pielisnna Pralcb si f. in. For Ail
l.iirn, fi 'to s. m.
Fit Alleninwnt f,.to snl 815, 9 00 a.m.
I 4f Allll 4.IMI p. ui. '
1 lie H.nfi s. m , sn I 14") p. m.
trsins hsee llimiigli cars fur New Vol k
via Al'.euu wo.
A rJcwTrcalmcnt.
Thr f.'ulli it I'Jhirof t.ijr, vnidrriil cures
I If veil h'ie Ciui-o 01 or 1011 . nml no.. 1. 1 I tin
kllOW llisl vclir FiiiijIi pii. I.. 1... i W..1I In II.. nt.r-il
I ' .... .. ..'... .o.r.r 1 ...............
Intel e.iy-lli'ftiie truer snl .Nijihis .Swcme 1 'tie lunsi-s mil nlluT stvck
Kiirrsni 13 ii iiuiir. 1 1 11 t-H ro 11.H 1 1 . n lukcn
I .oil ill t.uii.;s ami sir fsusce. l mice ; mi i'su tie ms ln 1,1 ysin -1 In fj
pniiml. of lieallby Hob per wri k if you
...... . ii.iiir.i. i-ts(ii.iiiiv riles II ea lurlie.
! I!rnri liiseure. I iter l'miirliil..i v.. ......
, 1 U....L.... .' 1. I 1 iiriiciilin ly ih rrtnil ilrunuiiis 1.1
uv.bJ,: Ins. ..r ""r.Pp:f::i !'- ! -le..f their eo.l. is
..rtlrou, y M,.j II L,e 'nllv I"""". )"",,1,"'1"1,,',"'ir ."."'""r V J""
lws-ll.,U w,.v I I !... .. ..... ! iniWi'fir IH'lICi- I'llC I' NCpi . lo iin.
.... 1 . ... . . . . 1 "" nils ii. the cio i.f !. Sim'.' .I.'u Co.. i.f
Fr Altunloien nn I Wr Stations
s, m.
Fnr ttes'bnff. Phil,ln .n.l U'.
Sisliun., I.l'i p. m.
Tniiin for If'ifiinlinra Imir nn fallow :
Le.e New York, via Ahentoffn. 8.4j
s. in.. 1.00 sua .i.:in p, in,
l.esee New Vrk. vis ''Pound llronk
ltiitt' sml Phils. lelphin. ".I.i s. in., l.:to
sn.l fi.Hn p. in., srrmiiff si Ilitrrishurjr
I .ho. h-.'ii p. in., sn.l a. 111,
I.e Plii.i'llibla, V.45 a m. 4.(1
sn.l 7 i'j p. m.
beiiee Pollseille, 7.o, 0.10 B. iq., snj
I. pip m.
I.enee Ilea, linR. A.M. B 00. 1 1 .6.1 a. m.,
I. In, 1IJ.1, sml I0..V1 p. in,
l.nive Poil.ville. Tin Sonuylkill & u
qiiehsiin'i Ur iimh, M,:in . m.
Leave AUeniown, 0.J5. ll.oo a.m. M. o
i.'io, and 'J.u'i p. m. '
SunJa i$
trsee New Vurk ' a.. . m Ik;n-l.
. . ... I ...n'.r-
I'lii i. 1 . 1 1 p. in.
I.eseo lii sihnir. 00 s.m. ami o,V
Lee Allriiiuwn at !i.oi p. 111.
Utl.lMvIV II.
Lrsve lliirrl.liiii'ir l'..i.. T
oliiel, sn l .sn'i.iii ,w, eXcciit Sun'iiiv.
.-. 1.. 11. 1 . .. ' . . . 1
s. to Us i ,i, ,'uh,,o sn.i !Jv :--u.-7',;in-.- '".y.
... i. . . ' : ' ."' i':'"
ii.'iurniiiK. isave vieelloil (llily. eX
ccpl Suielav, H.'o. 7..HI, lo.'.'o a. m., 2 .00
p. 111 5 daily. cX'ci S.inr.lsv end Sun
dsy.t. lo p. in,, nnl nil faiurlay only,
V lo, ti.iia, y. &o p. in.
(iou'l Mai.aior.
C. 0. llAN'coci;,
tien i I'a.s'r.v ltiket Act.
r-i. M'l vll n 4".
Trttr.lUse I.selaiowa JSniolht follt4
P!llnitf Kipreil lifts wl I
rarirtn r.xprirl
Wsr fstMnaet
! M.
10 is 1. an
in p.
lb!). i
IT f. ai
Il top ni
11 Its.
Fst Lis
M.ll r
Phi 4elphls r.pren '
Johnptosa i:inri.aa
The -st I,lna. Wsf Pst.n(Ar n1 the f sell
to Kipreea et, end lbs faellle sad Atiaatl
. ....... ..a, . . ,.il.
, ' "" " - " '
Wm Imni l..i. .1.11... la. mm. a. .1.
loliol '
tlpreta. Malt;
m. p. mi
lU it
10 41 U
love o4
l'i 1 4 M
loll a at
lo os 441
i 4 tr
M ettnwii at a 11 . . m.
srssi-Mr a tewisTowa sail nn.
TAli(l?f. Malt. Ai-rm.-. MiS-rt Mall
..wi.iii.i.; ?s a in. 1" p.m- I" 4 l"p. .dl
t ' s
wests' so.
raaa'sar Walt.
. . a. m. p. ea.
Anderenn'a 11 co 40a
M' lilt 4 to
Msnarsnli II i 4 t
Vli eysr.l m. 4 1
. Hamilton lilt 01
Ml. I'nlnn 11 M jg
I'linntlngdoa HIS a y
iTinne 1 it t
4 lionna 1 i,a to
Puifi.ur a to ij n
t u
I u
1.I1 .1. 9 9.1
it aim. .id a' 1 11
smire !M
ll.inilrl r I ;v
4'ai'iier K. a 01
Ssi Inr. a 1
'a Milia r.a .'l r. B KS
lirnvi.ri.,'. a il
Hi n! r y. s r.?
i i.i.iif.i.'r. a i.a
Mslan y, t H
k rsinip I'. la
I'an1lti0 K. o 11
Hstln..fpiiwn p
SI II. Inn It.
tnbury 11)00
1 M
a i
9 .'.7
4 na
4 ?T
4 ii
4 M
4 m
t f'T
t It
4 40
10 IV
t 41
S ;n
s n
t w
T Jl
1 14
T l
t 43
t :o
t 41
4 it
4 4S
4 It
4 to
4 It
1 ar
1 jo
a i
I es
t Ml
1 a
. n. nuTrHtxao.supt.
On iin'l tiffof Vnv 1 ut ia 11.1.
.... ...... .v(( . 1 1 aj si uy III II
road will run a. fnlli.w.
I.sare 1
' niilrli cow.,
stieirstics of
: it ruaia nnlv
1 1'i'iitii. 4:1 1 an ir s till ed lo tiled a cure
il (iiiou in nine.
W'v not icw th it a great many prnprio.
larr mi iicine in. r. me t'NeitiiiiK in
'iirh s rtiHinier. ss to 1.
I iiriii iilin ly ih. mail
fl.w Vnrk
Itrrla loirs
I leor.'sliisrn've
A i-rlvs sf t
1. 1 111 Ira
I e.
I '.'.'' p in
11 ta. 1 111
14! . lu
In p in
I V. a n..
t to a in
r.11 a in
4 r a in
aa 1 a in
la a m
a in
T 1" a. m a u
IM a ia
11 4 a ta
1" 17 a na
II. to am
36 p in
t.oit . m
t 30 p nt
1 1 p in t.'.o p na
12. Ik I p 01 tiiO g at
t on p m T.S5 p m
I. It p ni ti'Mt p m
!e.ioain rooata
Disapi'eahascb or a Youxo Max.
-Christlun. son of Mr fi.riM'.,
--- vuvr
lioltzer, reldlngr one mile below
UreduVUlaire, tllsanoeareJ from l.l.
home oa Wediiewlay inorninjr, the
Oth liutt. He U aged 18 years, ia about
9 feet hlirh. rati IMP 1)4411 Vila aur ii...,
t ' w.v aot, hub
dark hair, and wore a grayish ooat,
corded pants and woolen ahlrt.
Through a evere spell of ilukuesa, hi
reasdu hug been aotue-what 1iuialred
Any Information that will lead to hi
Awvurti w uis tamer win be very grate
fully received, and ahnnbl ha .i.i
4K. to Christian Oberhnluer, (ireun-
r. Jlklia Co.. Pa. lrcli.n.,
From Cenlre.
F.n. wr. -Whilst th -re Is itotltiiiu'
' f special, particular, or iimrkcl .nl
lio Interest tlllllsliii l,!.. 1,1 the Ci.iitr,.
district, it may be eonsiib'i'i'il by In-
few, of sotn.) Interest to Icuni tliat our
fellow eiti '.en, . I. K. Sivl-r his rc
ceive.l his ennnnissioti from the elec
tion i.tlleers nnd that he has it fr.i.n,. I
ill a rom.-wood frnme wirli L-ilt eilues.
and IVenelt ulnte-c-lass tl
was desiuned by an lliilinii ilesiirner
and the workniiinsbiii evecnte.l in
I'aris. Mr. Snyder now iiositivelv re-
fii)u?s to drive any tnoiv " kickliiL."
horses and infeiiils to serve his ofllelnl
term villi fidelity, and i'Uo uono i-i n-
Wo are very reliably Informed that
our worthy fellow-citizen. 1.oii
Reichly will be a cuniliilate f, l tlie
HherilTulty. He Is a staunch Repub
lican, an excellent citizen and would
make a capital officer. Peter Hart
man, our very obli-lnn landlord, Is
not eiliovlnir tba vnrv liu.r l...,.lil. l...t
is nnvertheless ne l.iu ..... i
r- .....j .. . .nn M,ni,
nnd tries and auueeods in pleosinir his
LIST-FPU 1ta.i-193l.
i ...ivli It.i.M.r as J J. Lu
tajoc It.'inr an t ,l..!m K,
! Ta.
The prevalence of dinlitbnrin
1ms eroated alarm in the mind of
parents (hat is not warranted hv the
fact. Physelana in private practice ns
well aa in oublie emnlnv unir lii it. i.lH
, , j ....j ......
most every ailment noticed in a child
it taken for diphtheria, and that dinli-
tberia treatment is often hastily ad
ministered by anxious parent in in
nocent cases nf cnlil. Th era arn frA
qtient fills at the olllca of the Hoard
or Health Tor a circular intended for
free distribution, and which contains
instruction as to what should be doue
alien diphtheria enteis a linusnlmtil.
An employee of the Hoard of ealth
nay that the moat important nart o
thi ourcular ii it description of the
earty symptom or the disease. "Give
heed," he ay in hi interpretation of
thi nan of the circular, "tba mom
enl you observe alens hi your child of
unwanted wenknees. fatigue), or physi
cal debility, nartio'ilarltf if it is an.
companie l with a tittle fever. M ike
the chll I frequently open it mouth, m
that you can ob'ei ve Its thro tt. I is
in me throat that the Uy observer will
tint discover anv ' certain sins nf
diphtheria. Nevor mind how red or
hot much inflamed the throat ap
pear. That doe hot indicate the
disaaae. But tba 'natant ami a. . I
wbitiapotaml detect a UiJ o he run
tor a uoetor. in while spot will jrinr.
Other Tl.lla poU- will ttpp-if, n.i
" ' ' ' ! r i t t la
Sulli" 1. K n'irlil a.
.1. I Im. Ii hi. i.
(Ill oi. ll''4Vr ia.
It. i.i.-..
a.H.e t', M. Maiih.iv l. B. W. Wall
Bll.l 111 11 11 SI ...Mil
Wllllahi II ri.'li la. J.,..-.U IM. hi au.t llro,
Wm. ii. r ..'::u u.o uf J.ici.ii c. Ariel.
.1 ol-ii r. Ii:.
Jai' .i. II. M r vp. fciiubury and I awi.t .wu
K. il. i' ..
J. Im M. I.iti" vs. rS'tiilnirr an.l lwntuwu li.
It. I ..
rli.V I ill It-.. IKI.I..I ttnl.r.a
! r. a. i;.n..u ta. a i .-i ii i t.
j li-puo p.-avi r a".'K" a.' .Ii.iii. I, ttouilit.
An. ..a llArtitan (Ipc. II. II. i.t.-r.
' .l.'ton K. Itiavi r s.-miiie fco Ml. Lu. l K
Miliis'l. ai tl a. li. !.... ki k.
.Inho Kl lilne r. A. A. Iluutnsl.
siuiiiiilnn N hh i sera ea. u . A. Mar'. Icy.
I M. II. Ilnlinin ra. l iry ll.iriol l.
IMiliiim lis.i:o. ve. Wm lliyer at si.
Ilarnliurt ilavnerva. .1. W. ilAUKier a J. II.
I. iriuu, Ke'ut..ra
Mr., ssr ah r i.i. rr t. CleurK and k W. A.
t ipiie r Aitu.'ra.
ItnrDlisr.l lie.ulir va. J. W. (lander,
Unruhart Hi l.l. r n. .1. W.n.ul.r.
lisnlnl ti. Iluier, Aaalsuee tie. et. Marjr
i rc.'. er 1 1 si
Kllaa Wa I A.lui'r . ea. .l.'bnH. Wolf.
.1. K. Mrl.-Ul.r ea. II. I. Ai.u.
Sail a aobouour va tllashi lb sayert 0t at.
J.t'Klll 8K. P...i:,t
Prnthv'a nnVe, Mld.tlrliius reb. lu. Inal.
Th. atn.v. va.ea art at laaue aud ler Iti.l st
lib. T. itsi.
drawn for regular term commencing
r nbruary 28th, 1881.
Adama Jamea E 'Kline, Peter Retgle,
joeefib ecnreiner Ailsm O niin,
u. . ... u ..i 1......1. v n.l....
f ranklin Juhn Ernest, Uobert Hummel,
iionen rninu.
Ml.l llel.urg- liiho V. Bhindeh
Miildleererk Juhn Lrlliel.
Mourne Joeeuh Uuual.
Penua Adsm J. r'iabtr, Frederick
Perry Lri Kepler, n.lie lninif.
Pel re Weal ..1 bnniat bbellenbergrr.
ticlio(trne..J. W. Uauglsr, Allrej Mar
Colon-.. Cbrlaioplier Fox, Thouia
Wahiinion -Kdward Pssaler,
Usruitn, Frederick K, liilbiak,
Piolic!. ll'hl'l, I'll vli.illle honf-t elinui:li
10 eth'i', tlnit im uiiiitrr hnve l.i!ihe nr.
,' li ra r i'iir ih f ir s'vni ul Tan, Wii.ii
('111 nil! nil. I lii'AHIIi.lM. Iln-V slliill nl hti
5 1 1 e-. t 1'lioir eulc. i.n thi. re'i-f ti M nn I
lei jur et ('. ul x.l Ii .it.a : thai'- r.eil.
iiisi. Ire niiiiiii ai . i a s. .-ti t m e
I liiiiil'B ) i r niiiiiiiii ; t in In Im iltii .i-t urj
i cti.i .uTur t.e niiriii. ... ilml llicre niitevcri
j I e a r in Mm-ln T.r ehi'ul.l Hie
' i a ! '. it. tii ii i I ..iiii'.iui.i i.i i Km Ihev' ran
be li i'l. Mid Ir-xtt cur e .-riein's w iili it
j na a e.itii.'h nicl I reriu-ly, we h ife nn
ibiul.t th it lit a. Us onl Sinn li idi llir
i-ls.1 U'll'ied It'lica.
S.i, . i..l. VI '. i . mt, I III. n,
..tws..a ; r... '! A iMiNiri?Tni:s XIITICK
liorae l ! l.ei, Kii.R ' Rtehard a, nki-' A IJ'.'Z.:
Iliee w'i la "n lin.wiiri It li.'l l, lie uu Miyer I... ,1'.., iie.'a-r I i..ivp ip., L-rant. t in' in-aut s hnras -ehicii hid b-en 1 i'T,.'","!'!'",";1- " ler.iu. hn.iwlua tne'o-
uM (,,.,r,.,, II : P i MW XUWuXX;:,!:,,
to Ha. ns no i.t her siminl n i.ul.l Lsfe run . anal .-t .u. tuu mo ir.aeul Iheui ur pel-v-vrd
hun In a asfe tliu' In Ih- u.i'ckf.t ,l,'u'"1" l"
t- at w i r. i- i r,.
A rMi-is-ri. rortsNoTici:"-
I I.miotp iira.l'iilnl-tra'li.n nn Ihee.lale nt
l. iui i , . s nisin I He ni I ni in tan, Sny.ter
I I'n.. ilee.l. Iiiiveli.enuranleil tn the un l.r.
alune l. ll k'li.alna lliem.Klr.. In.lsl.t.
e.l I.. .ai l e. i.ile Kill t Isaac make llniue llate
1' vox-lit while l hi.-e havlim rliilui. nualnat mi 1. 1
einiito will .roieul them Inr urtilem. r.l in
John w. km. hit.
Jan. s 'SI. A.lBJlnt-irat.r,
II off.
drawn for regular tonu commencing
February 28tb, 18 il.
t.l.n.. J V II 11......
liester Usiiiei Alter, riepbaree C. i7seh-
aim, nouuea uuuo, osiauel Uua-i1pii.ii
Ottver West Henry Dsker, Frsuklio P.
Ureter, marlea (J Ureeubnt Ueornt
lainlieil. John 0. Clili, Geor VV.
(Joker Cbsrles . amitli, Jobs W.
Troiel. T. A. W.enee.
Ceoirs Jaoob li. ilsrimaa, Samutt
Ko.iupe, Frank Bpanglee.
Cbspmsu Patrick Urusra, Jobs C.
Franklin Philip Aon. Aasph Buareraox,
JacoB w. JSatobuwtr, Utnry tlltia-
. Inif.e.
.Vlddlehurg Henry Daobtasa.
MldJIeore.k Willism H, IllokaJ, Ueor I
Krouat. J. Kotitrl Kaeltr.
Peno Val.uilne Bollg. v. II. M.i..e. 'v .
Paert Waal All. flraehllt.
fllitiinia Uidtoa Anoj. B, F. Oratory,
neltt O. Ilolasea, Jeba llaaa, aViles
lliieatael, Joaepk Lutubard, Williaut
li.Utdarly, Jueepk F. PsrkJ. Jstvt)
t -ai. i --ib it. r e.
pussili:. Hint. Puce .j I rule snl I et
tiyn here.
Msrri'ijtea lines Ireresae I An per rent
since v lime men lnix- barned uf ihe
a.inlhi i.a; etlcii uf Sisi.s Tl 11.11 ("urn.
hy slid IIiiasiiiiimi, u nn lnil'iea. Vuiiiiir
li nn if viU ke. p a In. tile on I su.l hir sn
i n eiti n !v, ou at tufe in briiigiiip
il.inps in ('.iinnx.
roseecisii aiKKt.r UT
.7. V. Ureene
Jan. 6, 1i.i
Onloht per hueliel
Pol sloes do
Uulier per pound
I'ist per doten
Tallow periiouiia)
CI. ...I.a
deeded C'herriet
Dried Applet
Plied Peaobet parts
15 tc i'.'
i lo ii
J her., jr invvn thai
'.'."'"''.'J' f."'"1'. li.l!l..iiir-,
H.M'I r. U..r.t.-tl.r. , r4Uk,M;
hive n!'ieirs-iiti.,nanrTsesrnlleenae with
the I lerk ..I HusrlBr ... I, m. .n y.l,.r enn v
ii n.l tliM.iiii.. n... ..-......'..- . '
,. : , r"--"'!..... i.t .iii.rui'ui nu
Mn.lar. the iiUi ilne ul K.h. ncil
"'""" '"""V llh, is:;. It la ontered
li st ihe i li rk nl the .mri in.ort In ihe ru'.ll.
rjti.m ,. h.restier siimio
tr.ntall l.i.'iiar. sralee h- the I' ,rt will I.e.
r.u I ,.ii. i, un:c.i i. e .ili..,ut .hall lilt
l ie name within llliai n .biv alter tn. lame
h:ii have ls..n sran'e I. he ihe pro lu.'i ..i a
rweii.t fi-..iuthou..unt I rei.m.r to the 4'lerk
olriiUCouri, that tba Lli-e'iPe I.a baa heen
l',J- CI ft ill AM.
J.t'HQl st:, fiork u. a.
lit thr inntt,r nf thr
llai:,ml -.'ail,' ,if
aiiiie (fiiivr.
1 no
I So ta 4 uu
80 ta b'
.Ili.ldlrlMirsr illarket.
roRSSCTKU wsiatT Ut
Simonton, Barbor ite Co.
Wheal per buektl
No. 2
Ity (!
Cora d
ll.l. dm
Cloaeraeel per hushfl
I ininlh fpeeit u
Kitokwlitat do
tlsieetd da
Annies firima
Cberrtee, pitted
Cherries, uupilttd
Dried snules
Peaohte, paired,
Duller, prime
Duller, teooadol4
rtbaulder a
Cketsaat fief buekel
NtleoHt d
fr. tie '
C0.I t.
! Ill' Ol.of of
r.uiiiiirt.i V'.m of
ShihIit CioihIii 1;,
Th.uo.ler.iitnel Aulitiraiiiitntet os th.
'""I'1 nl.. l i i i. m mm of I. s. H. aver
neaisuse, so , an.l ni.i .a ar .M,,rawi, in illsirlnuisihi tun 1. 1 . the Lao I. si
Ihe asld A.Os-e am-nS iVi.e le4.Hr emltled
I., ha .am. will ,:l l,.r th. purisi.e ol bit ao
I'.lniin.i.t, at thaiimi-enr t. .1. s,u iU In Mi l-
sst. .1 tlovls-h, A. M ., .1 whlo'n tin,, io.l
plsiwall s-r.)ni Inter s.iej are renuooal to
U.lkP hnnan il.-l. .1 ..... . .. '
pariel.iliis tn n,a I. ,n t
J. V'S1!1"1? have teen auh.liawn aa I Ihe
nuuled U0 dr
t'HAS. HOW EK, Auditor.
,'"',B1!fT on the e.tate or Ularj
ii. -, late ..f eelliirsrvre ItoMuab
sni!er Countr dee'.l tavli.c teen srani
eil tn tbt unilerlsne.l, all p.ieuna a
iheniaelva. n.i.i.i..i ... i.. ... ... .
e.l te make inine.late payment, while tbte
hamiir ."altii. will t. meal Ibeui dale tulhautl
pa ted lor.atlleiBent tn
11 M'K'lt MT14 h t,
i. . JAilfcS K. U.WIs.
'b tistt. Ksavatori.
Amlitor' Notice-
In thr ea'nte of O. I .I If f Orphans Court
A IliUnxh an d. I nf Smnlrr r.. ...
fllllb uo leraiitned Auditor appniuted if
J lbs esid Court lo distribute Ike fuoda
in Ibe bands of J. A. aa t Klia. yillti.h
Aillniui.tralors k . ill a. r... .l.
1'itrpiiae nf bie appoint meal st ihe ottic nr
.i. v., c.'iu'.un luneuneiroeeea 11e.dUAl ,
Keh. ii, 1M st loe'cluok a ea, at vblcb
lint and Discs all ner.ona haein. .lain.
si re.ue.te. ta preaeut (beta duly aa.
iheoticaiet or ha debarred from eootiac
ia oa ttld fundi.
Ftb. 1,".SI. Auditor
12. .'u p n.
B.Vi) . in
1.40 n m
I tlVl' ! I 1.'. I.' . ..
t.aaee I'ai-ihe hay Mall ' Smith.ra
... . r',:, Kxp. la,..
Niasara Fel.e 4 a m loom
Uis MO em
Wutkli ami a ui II. 9-a in l.iitpni
J rl II. .na in ........
l.'.-k Itaren a. ma ni v. tbpm T. t a in l: " p in 1 1 i6 . n. U.Utm
N'.rlli'.l e.':5sm y.or. p .u 1? t' a ni
sui.i.urr e in am s.i". p m la eta m s.tio a ni
S"lni.srnee 9 .M a in ll':"p in I! Il'i m
Ili.riul.iii lu n a m rj IKp m l.lliain ,
(l..'ir..u'n io..Ua ni K ti p in 1.5 a ui
Arrive st:
llarriaiiiim tm l.tiptn l.liim IrJant
I'hlla. a 41. pro J.-.tpm T.uii s m Tit am
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